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    McKinnon's story... Empty McKinnon's story...

    Post by Mikko on Fri Feb 06, 2009 5:47 am


    It's amazing what a five year old child could pick up on, even at such a young age, Mikko knew that there wasn't any real good in the world. Her mom would often and openly announce that she never wanted the child around. That she was nothing more then a horrible mistake. It's passable that Mikko learned this harsh lesson at an even earlier age. Even her name, Mikko, didn't have the best story. She was named after a porn star. How lovely.

    There was never a real father, just many men that would come and go. Her home was a shack, she had no bed, no toys, nothing. Her mother spent any amount of money she got on drugs, they were every where in the home. Mikko was born already addicted to drugs, this made her a fussy baby, and that enraged her hateful mother.

    Her mother would often leave and, as always Mikko stood home, with nothing, just her own thoughts, she began to develop imaginary friends and would often talk to herself. Her mother would call her stupid and other names. Even threaten the child's 'friends'

    Then one day it happen, her mother went out. But, never came back. For a week Mikko lived on her own at the tender age of five. She never cried or even tried to get out the house, she stood there, with her 'friends' scared and waiting for her mother to return. It wasn't until the neighbors noticed the girl sitting in her own filth as they walked passed a window, that the cops were called, and child services.

    Mikko was frightened, she just wanted her mother, who, was never seen or heard from. To this day no one really know what happen to her mother. after some doctor visits she was settled into her first foster home. this home to, was abusive. She had simply went from bad to worse. She was beat, starved and shoved into closets for hours. She was molested and scared. This went one for a year until finally, after a teacher saw one of the children from the home beaten , the authorities were called and all the children were taken away, another family that Mikko would lose.

    She didn't have much more luck after that. at age eight. she was in yet another home. This time, however. Things were nice. Her foster parents were very caring and loving. But it seem that, Mikko found it hard to fit in, she would often beat the other children and tell her foster parents that there was screaming in her head. They didn't know how to handle a child like her, and had to give her up.

    This pattern continued for years, her mental illness getting worse and untreated, on top of that, she had never gone one day inside of a school, and was always kept away from other children, her social skills where almost non existent. A few children did suffer major injuries from Mikko's random attacks.

    She was finally committed at age twelve. Tested for every disorder there was, the doctors said that she was faking, trying to gain attention and to just ignore her, she would stop. But Mikko didn't stop.She did, however, get worse. She was kept at an orphanage for a large portion of her childhood, but always away from the other kids. Even when not attacking them, she would tell the other children stories, horrifying stories.

    At age fifteen, Mikko got one last shot. She was told that if she had any problems they would have to send her to a hospital till she could live on her own. Mikko agreed that she would behave. The family was nice, they had three other girls that were Mikko's age. For a while it looked as if everything was going to work out, but, one morning her 'parents' woke to a horrifying scream. The eldest girl had been stabbed in the arm with a knife. Mikko could not be found.

    The girl was stabbed because she had caught Mikko trying to sneak out the house. Mikko no longer wanted to be there, she thought that it would be better on the streets, though she didn't know why. It didn't take her long to figure out that being on the streets, and at her age was not fun. But she never regretted her disunion, and she was a fighter....That fighting spirit landed her a spot in the Purple dragon gang, at 15 she learned to fight, to steal,to survive....

    ((This is far from compleat, but I had to post something or I would never have the motivation to complet it ^_^ just the intro. the good stuff to come soon.))

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