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    Suspicions and Truth Empty Suspicions and Truth

    Post by Gabriel on Thu Feb 26, 2009 11:33 am

    (Summary: A few days after Mikko 'moves in' with Casey, she calls Gabe for some company. During his brief visit at the vigilante's apartment, he notices the hockey mask, which raises his suspicions about the man's identity. He steals the mask, figuring it would be key in his quest for answers. Raph arrives, and eavesdrops at Casey's door, and soon learns of Mikko's affiliation with the Purple Dragons.)

    It had been a few days past since Mikko had come to stay with Casey. He mostly kept to himself, but knew hardly anything about her. They have been getting along ok except for a few arguments here and there. Wasn't it about time she was leaving anyway? He started to think he was suckered into a longer stay then he bargained for. It was almost noon as he was awaken by his alarm clock for about the fifth time. He should really lay off the snooze button! He had to work later that afternoon and stretched as he got up from his bed. He was wearing nothing but a pair of boxers and a sleeveless white undershirt. He walked out of his room to the kitchen as if he had forgotten someone was there.

    Mikko was starting to grow tired of staying in Casey's place, she wanted to get out and walk the streets, get some fresh air...see other people...But that was the many 'other people' were after her. She had to stay hidden, but wasn't sure how much Casey could take of her, or her of him. She had tried to do some things around the place, clean up here and there, something to contribute...but she was no homemaker. Mikko looked over as Casey walked into the kitchen. "Looking good babe." She said making cat calls at him.

    He was very groggy and it took him a moment to register her comment. "Oh sorry..!" *He said a little cranky, he couldn't even walk around in his underwear anymore and it bothered him a lot. He quickly ran towards his bedroom and grabbed a pair of jeans off the floor. He was still buttoning them as he walked out again. He then ignored her as he went back to what he was doing

    Casey went to the fridge and noticed that the milk was gone. There goes the idea of cereal..He checked in the cupboard for some pop tarts, but only found one left. He was odiously irritated. He grabbed it and tore it open as he headed towards the couch.

    Mikko had been sitting on the couch and watching him. He didn't seem to happy, but the man never seemed to be happy. and having a conversation with him was like talking to a wall...she may as well talk to the voices in her head. Mikko looked over at him. "So...umm..we need milk." She said with a smile.

    Casey decided to sit in the armchair after he saw that her blanket was still sprawled all over it. He sat down heavily as he took a bite of the strawberry pop tart, getting crumbs all over him. He looked at her and with a sarcastic grin he said. "Yep!"

    "Ok just makeing sure you knew...." Mikko went back to what she was doing. sitting down pen and paper in hand. she was trying to figure out how to write this letter and get it to Spike without anyone knowing it was her who wrote it..."You have work today?"

    Casey now was laid back with his bare feet resting on the coffee table. He was pretty much done with his pop tart and tossed the crust on the table in front of him. "Yea.. I hate that damn job.."

    "Then quit." Mikko said, tucking the letter in an envelope. Now to get to the post office...unharmed.

    "I can't quit!" He said looking at her as if she were crazy. "I'm behind on rent as it is, an' if I don' come up wit' the money soon, Mr.Willson's gonna kick my ass out."

    Mikko scribbled the address down and set the pen on the table. "Then look for a better job...what skills do you have?"

    Casey was slightly amused that she thought it was that easy. "The hell if I know..sports, cars...all I got." He sat up, putting his feet on the floor. "How 'bout you? Ya gotta start lookin'. Wit' the baby an' ya livin' 'ere that is." He rested his elbows on his knees as he leaned forward.

    "Well..." She thought hard about this, she couldn't get a job..not with her..situation. "I'm good with mechanics...motors and car wiring. That's about it...are you trying to tell me something?" She asked, looking at him.

    Casey had thought he had made it obvious but was proven wrong. He knew what she was hinting at and wasn't about to go for it. "Yea like gettin' a job ta support yer' self, or did ya forget?" He grinned at her sarcastically again.

    Yes it was obvious, it was also obvious that he had no clue who or what she was...Mikko looked at the clock then back at Casey. She propped herself up on the back out the couch. "You don't mind if i invite a friend over do you?"

    Casey wasn't too keen on company, especially when he had to leave soon. He had no idea who this girl was inviting over. "Like who?!" He stared back at her.

    "Like my brother." She figured it was easer then say friend, less explaining had to be done, less questions. and it was KINDA least at one time it was.

    Brother?! "Then why don' 'cha go stay wit' 'em then?"

    "Can't..." Mikko was going to leave it at that, anyway, she only asked Casey to be nice, not that it really mattered what he said. Casey chuckled as he ran his hand over his face, she was just full of mysteries. "Might I ask why?!"

    "You can ask all you want..i personally don't wanna talk about. it's ummm..personal." She went to the phone and started dialing Gabe's number.

    "It ain't personal if yer' livin' 'ere eatin' my food!" He countered. "Who are ya callin.?" He got up.

    Mikko was not about to be bullied by this loser. "I told ya, my brother." She waited for Gabriel to answer. Casey sighed heavily as he just gave up. He had to leave soon and stormed off to his room to get ready. "Well tell I'm ta send some fuckin' money den!!" He said, before slamming his door.

    Gabriel was attempting to sleep off a massive headache, when his cell phone suddenly vibrated on the nightstand, managing to grab his attention. Wincing from the disturbance, he reached blindly for the cell, and answered sleepily, not bothering to check the caller ID. "Yeah..?"

    "Gabe..hey I didn't wake ya did I?" She ALWAYS woke him up, the the hell was wrong with her timing?

    "It's okay.." Gabe slowly rose, and squinted in the clock's direction, but his blurred vision prevented him from seeing the red digital numbers, illuminated from its face. "Everything okay?" He assumed she was calling from the psyche ward, and figured she needed something.. or was once again in trouble. It seemed to be the only times she bothered keeping in touch.

    "Yeah...hey I got out the nut house. Wanna come visit me in a non crazy place?" She hoped that he said yes..she needed company other then Casey..who she was REALLY close to putting him out of his misery.

    Gabriel blinked at that, untrusting his ears. Her time wasn't up, and it didn't take rocket science to figure out what had happened. "You what?"

    "I got out!" She was so happy. "And I need some sane company for once."

    With a heavy sigh, Gabriel reluctantly untangled himself from his sleeping fiancee. "Where you at?"

    Mikko gave him the address and the number of the apartment where she was staying. "It's only a temp thing...until things are..safer."

    Casey kept the jeans he had on and looked around the room for his work shirt. He found it on the dresser. It had grease stains, short sleeves, and was pale blue with his name sown in the corner. He slipped it on as he sat on his bed to put on his boots. He pulled the laces tightly and tied them quickly. He still couldn't believe this shit.

    Gabe was frustrated with her. What the hell was she thinking?! The clinic could've helped her straighten her life out. Part of him was reluctant to go, but despite the frustration, he needed to make sure she was alright. "Okay.. I'll be there soon."

    "Thanks so much..see you soon!" Mikko hung up and sat back down to wait for him. Casey slipped his wallet into his back pocket as he left his room. " Be back in a' few hours." He said flatly, seeming to be looking forward to work today.

    "Alright...have fun, stay out of trouble." Mikko said after him. Casey paused for a moment as he got to the door. He didn't look back at her. "Don' 'cha be lettin' everyone in 'ere ya got that?! Yer' brother an' that's it!"

    "Yeah of course, I don't know anyone else anyway..." Mikko thought for a second.."What if Raph stops by?"

    "Still debatin' if I want that bastard in 'ere! If ya see 'em tell 'em ta call meh!" And with that he walked out slamming the door behind him. "Ooookaay.." Mikko said and settled back into the couch, she propped her feet up on the coffee table and turned the TV on to Jerry Springer.

    After the call was ended, Gabe reached for his jeans, and a baggy hoodie, then left a note for Fal, although writing was more difficult than it should've been, thanks to the pounding headache. But after much frustration and several failed attempts, he finally managed a couple of lines, that seemed sloppy in comparison to his normal handwriting. He placed the note on the bed, beside Fal, and headed out the door.

    Raphael got up surprisingly early today, he hasn't been able to sleep since this whole thing happened. He decided he needed to leave and was on his way to Casey's with his hat and trench coat on. He kept his head down and was nervous about getting spotted. But as he came towards the apartment he saw Casey storming down the street. He then picked up his pace, hoping to catch him. "Yo Case wait up!"He yelled, to get his attention .Casey was surprised to hear his name and glanced back. It was Raph, and right now he didn't really care instead he just kept walking up the sidewalk.

    Raphael noticed Casey wasn't in the best mood and backed off. He wasn't in the mood to be bitched out again. "Screw you!" He yelled into the air. Casey was already out of range anyway, oh well he could always catch him after work. He went for the alley door and tried not to cause any attention to himself as a lady dragged her laundry through the hall right past him*

    It took longer than it should have, but Gabriel finally arrived, and knocked against the door. Mikko got up and opened the door, smiling brightly, she stepped aside to let him in. "Hey, come in."

    Gabriel was hesitant at first, but slowly stepped inside. His gaze was fixated on her, questioning and guarded. " Who's place is this?"

    "Some guy named Casey..a real asshole. but I stay here for it's not TO bad I guess...make ya self at home. Want something?" She asked as she headed towards the kitchen.

    Raphael climbed a few flights of stairs before arriving at room 304. He noticed the strange man walking inside and stopped and stood at the side of the door. "Who the hell could that be!?" he thought as he tried to listen through the door.

    Gabe took a seat on the couch, and watched as she headed off towards the kitchen. "Got beer?" It probably wasn't the best idea to combine alcohol with the pain meds he was currently taking for the headache, but anything to dull the pain. Mikko dug in the fridge and pulled out a beer. "That I do. Here." She handed him the beer and sat in the chair. Gabe took it with a silent thanks, completely unaware of the guy who was eavesdropping from outside the door. Mikko wasn't sure what to talk about...this seemed easer when she was locked up.. "So, how are you?"

    "I'm fine." He answered quietly, and took a sip of his brew. "You shoulda stayed put, Mickey. Those people coulda helped you."

    Mikko took a deep sigh, she could tell that he wasn't fine, he appeared unwell, but let it go. "Yeah..maybe...I mean, they did kinda...but, I couldn't stay locked up."... "And what if they took my baby away? I couldn't chance that."

    Raphael leaned against the door, good thing these walls were thin! As long as the neighbors kept quiet, he could hear perfectly. Wow she actually cares 'bout the lil' thing! He was a little surprised since she hadn't talked much about the baby since she had gotten here.

    Gabriel sighed deeply, unsure of what to say to that, and honestly too exhausted to get into an argument with her. "So, is this Casey guy gonna help you out, or what?" Despite the blurred vision, his eyes scanned the small apartment, taking in his surroundings. His gaze fixated on the hokey mask that was placed on one of the end tables. He picked it up, giving it a good once-over. Despite the fact that most hockey masks appeared very similar, this one seemed unique somehow. The deep nicks and scratches were deeper and more 'aggressive' than what would've been sustained from even the most violent game of hockey. The damned thing looked awfully familiar.

    " fact he wants me to get a job or leave...but, there is no way i can work..I'm sure the dragons are after me, and the cops..and who knows who else." She noticed him looking at the mask. "He said he plays hockey.."

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    Suspicions and Truth Empty Re: Suspicions and Truth

    Post by Gabriel on Thu Feb 26, 2009 11:50 am

    Raphael was getting a little antsy as her male friend mentioned the hockey mask. The guy didn't set right with him but he continued to listen.

    For a brief moment, Gabriel wondered if this Casey guy could be the infamous vigilante.. but what were the chances? Still, something about it wasn't settling right with him. Then again, that could be the combined alcohol and pain killers talking. Mikko looked Gabe in the eyes. "So..Who is after me? Do you know?"

    Gabriel still held to the mask, but kept his growing suspicions to himself. He would definitely be finding out more about this Casey guy. "Hun ain't happy, but he ain't said much. Still, you need to keep a low profile, Mickey."

    "Yeah..That's what I figured. " Mikko leaned back and closed her eyes... "I have to get out off this apartment though...before I..kill this guy."

    " Hun!!Fuckin' Hun!! Son of a bitch!!" Raph's mind raced as he let that soak in. Casey is going to kill him for this, he needed to get her out of here before he found that out! Problem was that he had to wait til she was alone before talking her straight! That Gabe guy would see through this disguise easy.

    "Well, you need to play it cool until you've gotta place." Gabriel flashed her a knowing look. "He's lettin' you stay here, so be nice."

    Mikko_: "I'm trying, Gabe. I really am..but he's like..UGH! It's no wonder he don't have a girl." Mikko got up and went back to the kitchen, coming back with the last coke. "I need to get to the post office...and..I have to get some hair dye..." She said, looking at the door.

    Gabriel flashed her another knowing look, obviously having his suspicions about why she needed to get to the post office.

    "So..I was wondering if you could maybe come with a body guard or something."

    "If Hun or the Dragons see me with you, my ass is toast." Gabriel sighed deeply. Being one of the more rebellious of the group, he normally wouldn't think twice about risking his neck for what he felt was right, but he still couldn't trust Mikko, and couldn't continue placing himself on the line, knowing her history and the fact that she had nearly gotten him killed, more than once. "You like puttin' me in sticky situations, don't'chu."

    "No..I don't....If you don't want to I will understand." Mikko put on a baggie coat and slipped the hood over her head.

    "Why do you need to go to the post office so badly that yer willin' to risk yerself?" He felt he at least deserved an answer to that, since she was so willing to get him involved.

    Always questions, why couldn't people just Do with out asking anything...fine..he should know WHY he was risking his life. Mikko looked at him, tucking the letter in her coat. "Look. Gabe. He has a right to know that he has a kid on the way..he's not going to care..but he still has a right to know."

    Gabriel's features deepened, obviously disturbed despite already knowing the answer... it still slammed into him like a ton of bricks. At least she was honest, but that wasn't enough to erase what had been done to him. He was concerned for her, despite the shit she had put him through, but he wasn't stupid, and sure as shit wouldn't be involved in anything to do with Spike. "Sorry I can't be sympathetic with that asshole. But if yer riskin' yerself for him.. then yer on your own." He was obviously angry. But if this is what she wanted, he couldn't stop her.

    Mikko nodded. "I understand..thanks for stopping by, and thinking about going with me." She didn't know what else to say, the air suddenly grew tense. she just wanted to be outside. Raphael heard footsteps getting closer to the door, and walked quickly around the corner leaning his back against the wall with his hands deep in his pockets and hat low covering most of his face.

    That brief moment of consideration that Gabriel had given her only infuriated him towards himself, for being so fucking gullible. He just gave a quiet nod, feeling slightly used.. unsure of what to say to her. While her back was turned to him, he securely tucked the hockey mask underneath the baggie fabric of his hoodie, and also headed for the door.

    Raphael tensed up as he heard the door open and stood quietly. Mikko silently watched after him, then after a few moments head out herself. Gabe had silently acknowledged the guy who was standing by the door, but figured it was this Casey guy. He said nothing as he passed, the frustration radiating off him like warm vapor. Mikko didn't pay any attention to anyone, keeping her head down and her face covered she slipped outside. Raph waited as they passed, he was radiating an anger of his own, he couldn't believe it could all get this bad..But still he needed to have a word with Mikko..He silently followed her outside and kept his distance. He already knew where she was headed but wanted to see if she would attract attention.

    So far so good, no one seemed to even be looking at Mikko, she walked as quickly as she could to the post office, trying not to bring attention to herself. Raph waited outside the post office not bothering to follow her in, it was to small. He waited in an alley while keeping his eyes on the entrance. Mikko mailed her letter and hoped that it got to him then headed back out to find some hair dye.

    Raphael looked around "So far so good." He thought as he began following her again although this time he wasn't sure where she was headed. Mikko turned a few corners trying to get lost in the crowd of people, she managed to get some money from two wallets she pick pocketed. Good, since she had no money for the hair dye. Soon she found her way into a small store. As much as Raph hated it he followed her through the crowd. She was pretty quick but he kept his eyes on her. The pick pocketing didn't go unnoticed, he was somewhat impressed at how good she was at it. Once again he found himself waiting outside for her. Outdoors he was fine, but it was indoors where he felt as if he were trapped.

    Raph watched the entrance carefully while trying to blend in with the crowd. Mikko ran through the store, grabbing the cheapest box of black hair dye they had and checked out, she walked back outside with her bag. all she had to do was make it back home...this wasn't so bad. Raph saw her carrying a small bag, he then waited til she passed him to start following her again. Mikko started to get the feeling she was being followed, but shrugged it off as paranoia. The walk back home wasn't that long, but it seemed to take forever.

    Finally!!!! Raph thought as they made it back to the building in one piece, with the way her and Gabe were talking he thought she might have a mark on her head! Mikko ran inside and closed the door then striped her coat off. "Now to make a few changes." She mumbled to herself, taking out the dye. It wasn't something she wanted to do, but felt it was necessary. Purple hair was to easy to noticed in a crowd.

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    Suspicions and Truth Empty Re: Suspicions and Truth

    Post by Gabriel on Thu Feb 26, 2009 12:21 pm

    Raphael tried to make it to the front door but was too late. She had already locked it. He waited a few minutes before knocking on the door. Mikko set her stuff on the table and opened the door enough to peek out, she was relieved to see it was Raph and let him in. "Hey."

    Raphael watched as she peeked before opening the door, at least she was being a little cautious..He walked in saying nothing and waited for her to close the door. Mikko closed the door and locked it. "Casey told me to tell you to call him." She said taking a seat on the couch.

    "I call 'em later." Raph said in a low voice. He wasn't sure how to start off, he walked to the couch but didn't sit instead he stood and looked down at her.* Ya need ta find some place else ta stay. Mikko looked up at him, confused. "Why? Does Casey want me out..I don't have anywhere else to go!"

    Raphael took a deep breath before sitting down, there was a big gap between them on the couch. "Look.." He paused a moment. "Ya can't stay 'ere. Ya don't know what hell it's gonna cause when he finds out!"

    "Finds out what? What the hell are you talking about Raph?"

    "I heard everythin' an' if yer' in the Purple Dragons then ya need ta leave now!" He couldn't make it any clearer then that.

    "The Dragons are after me! everyone is looking for my ass. where am I supposed to go? and why would he care anyway?"

    "Him 'carin' is the problem!" Raph didn't know what to say to her but he understood that some of the gang could be after her. Maybe he had to think more about this. "I can't say.."

    "Fine! Whatever..." Mikko got up and grabbed her dye, a bottle of water and some rice cake. She didn't even bother looking at Raph as she packed. Where was she suppose to go? How was she suppose to stay safe? What did he expect her to do? She couldn't believe that she was being tossed back into the streets.Well..she could believe it actually.

    "Wait!" Raphael yelled. He obviously hadn't thought anything through. All he knew is that Casey would literally kill him if he were to find all this out..But if she didn't say anything then... "Damn it! Jus' hold up! Ya can stay if ya don't say a word 'bout this ta Casey!! An' I mean not a' word! Ya jus' have ta find another place fast!" He didn't mean to yell but couldn't help it. He'd never been in this kind of situation before and was getting nervous.He rubbed the back of his neck.

    Mikko was growing concerned about just who this Casey guy was, and why Raph was this freaked out about her being a Dragon. "Is he some kinda cop?"

    After what seemed to be a long day of work, Casey trudged down the sidewalk, he swore if someone asked him to rotate another tire he was going to punch someone.

    Raphael tried to calm himself down as he answered her. "Well sometimes...he has a lot of cop friends!"He lied What was he supposed to tell her?

    "Great! Just brought me to a Nark?" Mikko picked her things up again. Raph rolled his eyes, if only she knew..! "No I'm jus' sayin' he has a' kinda grudge against them an' if ya wanna prevent holy hell from breakin' loose you'll keep yer' mouth shut!"

    Casey was now at the building and unlike Raph he took the front door and began his long climb up the stairs..

    "And what do I do if he finds out..through..I don't know, the tv?" Mikko asked. "Shit." Raph muttered. He now really wished he would have planned this through. He mentally cursed himself for even telling him her real name. "I' don' know I'll think of somethin'! Do they even know yer' in dat' gang?"He asked hastily.

    "Of course they know." Mikko pulled up her sleeve to show a rather large dragon tattoo. "Kinda hard to hide that. The cops know, the nuthouse's no secret really."

    "Fuck!" Was all Raph could say.

    "Who is this man Raph?"

    Casey was now almost to his door. He turned the corner in the hallway and was exhausted. Finally, he made it to his door and used his key to unlock it. Raph had no time to answer as his face turned towards the door. "Put yer' sleeve down." He warned as Casey emerged through the door. Mikko quickly did and looked at the door, still wanting answers.

    Casey lazily dragged himself in and dropped his keys on a nearby stand. He hadn't even noticed Mikko and Raph standing there until he was halfway through the living room. He put his hand on his chest. "Damn ya both scared the hell outta meh!" He said as he looked up.

    "Wow and that time i wasn't even trying." Mikko said with an amused grin. Casey grinned back at her and didn't seem to remember being pissed off earlier. "Well ya did catch meh off guard."

    Raphael was relieved that Casey hadn't overheard anything and was almost starting to sweat. He didn't want to speak with Mikko anymore. He had warned her and that's all he needed to tell her. "Jus' on my way out." Raph said as he headed for the door. Casey watched as Raph tried to leave. "Come on Raph why don' 'cha stay a while?" He seemed to be in a better mood then earlier. Raph shrugged at him. "Sorry man, no can do, see Donnie needs my help wit' some stuff so I better get goin'.."

    "Since when have ya ever help out the egghead?!" Casey teased before sounding more serious. "Alright then, take care man." He said as he turned to sit on the couch.

    "Ya too." Raph then gave Mikko a stern look before turning and leaving through the door. Mikko looked at Casey then sat next to him. "Ummm..I cleaned ya kitchen." Casey hadn't even looked over there yet. "Ya did? Thanks doll, uh.." He looked at her head. "Ya doin' somethin' new wit' yer' hair there?" He asked.

    " like it?" Mikko asked, flashing him a smile. Casey nodded. "Looks nice, kinda weird seein' ya wit' out all the purple though." He said before grabbing the remote and turning on the T.V. "Could ya get meh a beer?"

    "Thanks! Yeah..well..can't be walking around with a baby and purple hair right?" She nodded at his beer request and got up and grabbed him one, then sat back down. "Here."

    Casey gladly accepted it and opened it with a loud snap, and took a big gulp. "Ahhh..hits the spot." He leaned back into the couch before he nodded thanks at her. "No problem." Mikko stood quiet and watched the tv. Still wondering just who this guy was that Raph left her with. And why the hush hush over her lifestyle.

    Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." - Bob Marley

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