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    Post by Michelangelo on Tue Mar 03, 2009 11:06 pm

    (Summary: After leaving Casey's, Mikko meets her next victim.)

    Natalie made, what she thought, was her 4th left turn. This is what she gets for trying to take a short cut from the rush hour traffic. Now she was utterly lost. She sighed and stopped her white civic to pull out her map. She swore she saw that same pitbull 3 times already.

    Mikko looked around quickly, she saw a white civic stopped and some woman looking at a map, Mikko ran over and jumped in the passenger side of the car. "You should keep ya doors locked around here."

    Natalie used her finger to trace her path on the map and dropped her jaw when she realized where she ended up. Oh, it was going to take her forever to get back and she was going to be late to work for sure. The icing of the cake came when some wild looking woman invited herself into Natalie's car. "What the hell do you think you're doing! Get out of my car!"

    A twisted grin tugged at Mikko's lips, she pulled the blade out on the woman. "Fuckin drive!" She commanded pressing the knife to the girl's throat.

    Nice job, she went and pissed off the crazy woman that really needed a bath. Natalie was too stubborn for her own good. Sure she lived in NYC but greenwich was a much nicer area and she probably could get away with more of an attitude. That didn't stop her from trying. "Or what? You're going to slit my throat right in the middle of the road where people can see you?"

    "YES!" Mikko yelled pressing the knife harder to the girls flesh. "Look lady, I'm pregnant, I'm hungry, I'm now homeless. just a little crazy..and my man is gonna die..I

    Natalie closed her eyes as she got yelled at. The knife pressed painfully into her throat. She was imaging her blood running down her neck as she wished she stayed on the freeway. She took her car out of park and drove forward slowly, afraid of saying anything to further anger the person.

    Mikko waited a moment, then relaxed a bit."Out of the city."

    Natalie's hands trembled on the steering wheel, trying to think of ways of getting out of this. Her cellphone was next to her by the door in it's cradle. Maybe she could pass by a police station? She muttered something barely audible to her passenger.

    Mikko looked at the girl's shaking hands, she seemed terrified and mikko just had to know if it was true, she smeared the girl's blood on her fingers and licked them clean. "uh..he was right." She turned to the girl. "you have a name?"

    Stealing a quick look at her kidnapper. Great not only is this girl going to probably kill her but she wants her name too?! Softly, since she was afraid the knife would go deeper "Natalie."

    "It's nice to meet you Nat. I'm sure you know who I am...we are going to a little farm house. ok?" She smiled sweetly to Natalie. "promise not to do anything stupid?"

    Shaking her head slightly she didn't want to give the woman reason to be angry with her. "Should...I know you?"

    "Well...yes, but you don't and that's ok. it makes things easer, you can just call me Meeks." She moved the knife away from the girl's neck, but kept close watch on her every move. "you have any family, friends, work?" She was trying to make conversation.

    Visibly relaxing when the knife was taken away. Nat rubbed her neck idly making sure she didn't have a gapping hole. She grasped the wheel tightly as she humored the girl. "I work in Manhattan."

    "That's nice." Mikko began to instruct Natalie on where to turn and were to go.

    "Yeah...what about you?" Nat followed her instructions occasionally looking around for someone..anyone to turn and look at them. Where's the damn cops in this place?!

    "Me..I'm just your average homicidal maniac, nuthouse escapee." She sighed deeply. "I have no idea where my life took a wrong turn."

    Oh great. She really is crazy...certified crazy. "It's never too late to change. You know...just saying." She added quickly.

    "Yeah I know, I thought about going back to the nuthouse. I mean, I don't want to lose my kid ya know." Mikko was alot calmer now and had tucked the knife away. She was still watching the driver closely.

    "Oh um...being pregnant is a big job. Lots of doctor visits and what not to make sure the baby is ok. Not that I have kids of my own but...my co-workers tell me all the time."
    Natalie was rambling like an idiot like she normally did when she got nervous.

    Mikko sat and listened, nodding every now and then. "Yeah..I know. guess I just wish I had like, a man ya know. to help me and stuff..." She shrugged. "Not that I NEED a man..Just saying...You have a guy?"

    "No...kinda married to my job." Sshe tried to steer the conversation back to her unborn baby. That might be Natalie's ticket out of this. "Anyone to help you take care of the kid at the farmhouse?"

    "Nope. I'm going there to do some thinking." She answered.

    Quietly as not to offend Mikko, Nat offered a suggestion. "That place probably has things to help with your baby...make sure it's growing healthy."

    "I know. but there is some thing i have to just, work out first. like, what am I going to do with the baby, i have nothing..no home or job. And..how the hell am I gonna break someone out of jail." She leaned back in her seat and pointed down a road. "Follow this road."

    The gas gauge was starting to get low as she turned onto the road. She wondered how she was going to break that news. "The hospital would give you a home?"

    "Lets not talk about the hospital anymore. ok? Just keep driving."

    Damn, she knew she pushed to hard. "Sure."

    Mikko sat quietly in the seat. "It's not too far from here."

    Nat looked at the road and back at the gauge. Even if they're close it wouldn't get them there in time. The gas light had come on. She kept looking back and forth repeatatively.

    Mikko. looked over. "Something wrong?"

    Natalie gave a nervous laugh. "Low on gas..."

    "Mmm..I see." Mikko looked over. "So we are. Get as far as you can, We'll walk the rest of the way." It really wasn't far, maybe two or three miles down the road.

    At least in the car she had some hope of being rescued. If they started walking there was nothing to stop Mikko from just getting rid of her now that she's done her job.

    "How far you think we can go?"

    "Not very far. Look a gas station ahead! It'll just be quick." Nat turned quickly before Mikko could say anything and parked at the gas station.

    Mikko quickly threw her hoodie on. "Crazy bitch." She watched Nat from the window, ducking down as low as she could.

    Natalie tucked her keys into her pocket and started filling up the tank. Another thing that happens when Natalie was nervous/scared was her bladder would fill really quickly. She had to pee like no other She had to pee like no other.

    Mikko waited impatiently. She taped on the window. "Hurry up!" She glared at Nat. "You can go when we get to the house. get back in the car!"

    Natalie hurried off to the bathroom as Mikko yelled something at her. She closed the door behind her and turned the light on. The bathroom was filthy. It looked like it had never been cleaned .There were bugs crawling out of the toilet. She put a hand to her mouth to stop her from hurling as she collected her thoughts. What the hell was she going to do? Her heart beat quickly in her chest as she held her keys. Didn't really matter. That girl probably could hotwire her car. Could she just stay in here? Shit...her purse was in the car still.

    She had two minuets then Mikko was taking the car and leaving her ass. Mikko slid over to the drivers side and bent down to hot wire the car. She spotted the purse but figured she could go through that later.

    Natalie was stuck there in indecision. Without her purse she didn't have anything to prove who she was. She still had to pay off the car too. She tried to move but couldn't will her legs.

    The car was soon started. "I'll give her two seconds." Mikko said to herself looking at the door to the store.

    In the distance, she could hear the familiar rumble of her car getting started. Her mind panicked but her legs felt like they were cemented down to this dirty, smelly disgusting bathroom.

    It looked as if she wasn't coming, Mikko took off, she knew that she was going to have to ditch the car soon. This was not how she wanted to spend her night. She made her way to the farm house and parked in the back garage, attempting to hide the car at lest for the night. She kicked a chicken on her way inside.

    As Nat heard the car take off she suddenly regained her legs and pulled the door open. It was too late. All that was left was the dirt that was kicked up. She fell down to her knees and cried into her hands.She was overwhelmed with everything that had happened and frightened. She was stuck in a rundown gas station without any money.

    Mikko sat down with the girl's purse and started to go through it. She was feeling a little bad about leaving the girl there, but Mikko did tell her to wait till they got home. She lit a cig and plopped down on the couch, turning it on the news. Inside her purse was her wallet with 20 dollars in cash, a packet of gum, hand sanitizer, and her work badge. Natalie's work badge had a picture of her face with Natalie Hatsumi on the bottom and Stocktronics with it's emblem on the top of the badge.

    "Ooooh she was loaded." Mikko said sarcastically rolling her eyes, she looked over the work badge, fancy. She looked back up at the tv.There was nothing on, not even her story. no way it blew over that quickly. She leaned back and closed her eyes. "Think, think.." Mikko sat, eyes closed..mumbling something about setting the jail on fire as she fell asleep.

    Natalie picked herself up finally and walked into the gas station. She was greeted by a balding man with a couple strands of white hair left and looking pregnant himself. He had a off white shirt with grease stains and holes in it. He sat behind the counter swatting flies.

    "Hey toots. What's got you down?" The gas station guy greeted.

    Natalie plopped herself on a nearby stool completely numb at this point. She answered him dully. "My car was stolen with my purse in it."

    The man used last week's paper to swat a fly by the register. "Sorry babe. I'd let ya use the phone but it's broken."

    Natalie shrugged, starring into her hands. "It's ok."

    "Hey, sugarbuns. You know you still have to pay for that gas."

    Natalie just leaned forward and put her head on the counter with a loud thud.

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