It's all Raph's fault!


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    It's all Raph's fault! Empty It's all Raph's fault!

    Post by Michelangelo on Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:05 pm

    ((Summary: Don and Mike inform Leo of Raph's little mishap, and prepares to head to Noho.))

    Huge thanks to Mikko, for helping me with the log!

    Leonardo finally found the energy to get out of bed...he'd listened to his brothers as best he could through the fog of fever and fatigue, but was for all intents and purposes clueless as to the events at the moment, he was in the kitchen, brewing seems the lair was empty...quiet. Not bad, but still on the lonely side.

    But that quietness would soon be disrupted. Mike and Don were headed home to fill him in on the latest happenings. Mike still held mixed feelings. Sure, the farm could be fun.. but only in small doses, before boredom would take hold... They soon arrived at the lair, and Mike spared Don a nervous look, but had decided to let him do the explaining.. oh the honors! I think you should tell him! Mike suggested to Don, because he seriously didn't want to be the bringer of bad news. Besides, Don was the brainy one! Surely he could make the information a little easier to swallow!

    Oh, now that piqued his interest...he steps out of the warm light of the kitchen...he still sounded awfully congested "...tell him what, Mike?"

    Mike yelped as if he'd suddenly been hit with a 2X4, totally not expecting for Leo to be up and about. He grinned a bit sheepishly up at his brother, as if he'd done something super naughty. Leo his youngest brother a stern, yet partly amused look. "I know that look. What did you do?"

    "..urm, I didn't do anything! *He answered honestly*'s all Raph's fault!"

    "...uh huh. Just like all the other times you didn't do anything?" Leo glances over at Donnie for verification.

    Donatello nodded. "Yes, it's true. We followed him to make sure he stayed out of trouble. Only...we found out he was in even more trouble than we first realized." Leo frowns* So, what did he do? *takes a sip of his tea.

    Don sighed. "He...broke a patient out of the mental hospital. Only, what he told me, was that she tricked him into doing it in the first place." "I guess he was just going to visit her, but then things went south from there."

    Leo sighs, and shakes his head, but listens. "Typical Raph. So where are they now?"

    Don rubbed the back of his head nervously. "Raph is with Casey at Casey's apartment. And the girl...who knows? She left a while ago. After she beat the shell out of Casey." Leo's eyes widen "What! Is Casey alright? She didn't hurt anyone else, did she?"

    "No, Leo. Everyone else is fine. And Casey WILL be. I checked his injuries before we left, and they were doing well. So don't worry," he reassured Leo. The truth was, he was still worried about having that girl on the loose. Who knew what she was still capable of? Casey was proof enough of some of the things she could do. But he wouldn't put anything at all past her.

    Leo scowls...anger and exasperation simmering. "I think we need to find this girl before she does any more damage. There was a reason she was put in that place in the first place.Donatello nodded. "I fully agree with that, Leo. But I don't have a clue where she is anymore. What's to say she's even in the same state or even country anymore? We have absolutely NO leads." He gave Leo a stern look. "And what about you? You're still in no condition to be out chasing down criminals."

    Leo rubbed his forehead, and sighs, which turns into a cough, which he hastily covers* I suppose those points are both true. Why did she attack Casey like that? "I...really don't know, Leo. Casey didn't do anything to her. It appears she just snapped for some reason." he answered. That was the most unsettling fact. That she would attack innocent people. No provoking necessary.

    Leo nods. "I'd like to hear Raph and Casey's side of the story...and if she's likely to come after him again, maybe it's a good idea to get out of the city for a while.."

    "That's what we were thinking to. We considered going to Casey's grandparents farmhouse for the time being. Because she knows EXACTLY where Casey lives now. Thanks to Raph..." Don added silently.

    Leo mutters. "I need to have a long talk with him." And by "talk", he meant "lecture", of course.

    Mike knew that Raph was in for a long lecture. Poor Raphie, it definitely sucked to be him right now.Mike was already looking for Klunk, if they would be leaving soon, he definitely needed to track down the furball.

    Donatello nodded and sighed deeply. "And what about you, Leo? Are you up for coming with us? I think it's important for all of us to stick together. And who knows how long we'll be gone? Probably Casey would be there until this woman is caught again. If she's ever found, that is." He shook his head. He hoped things would be resolved soon enough. And things could get back to normal. He knew Casey would like to get back to his place as soon as possible. Things were very primitive there at best. And Mikey wouldn't be able to be without his video games too long. He chuckled at that. Poor Mikey... And Don himself, would have to find things to keep himself busy too.

    Poor Mikey indeed! And poor brothers, for having to put up with a bored Mike.

    Leo nodded quietly. "I can go with you guys..." In truth, he was pretty tired of being time would be a good thing, as far as he's concerned.Don smiled at Leo. "That's great. It wouldn't be the same without you, Leo. Do you need any help with packing? We're going to be leaving here as soon as we can. We can tell you the rest on the way if you have anymore questions."

    Leo nods. "I won't need much...let's get at it, then.." He turns to head back into the clean up the mug and whatnot quickly before immerging again. Donatello hurried to get the things he needed, and stuffed the items all into a bag. It was a good thing he always traveled light. He pulled the zipper and slinged the bag over his shoulder.

    But Mike, however, wasn't a very light packer. Klunk was now sitting on his bed, watching curiously as his 'daddy' piled his bags with comics and gameboy games.. and anything he thought that he couldn't live without.likewise, Leo gathers up what he needs...always packing light and practical. Semper Paradus is indeed his motto.

    Don walked out of his room. "All ready!" he called out to the room. Leo's there shortly as well, his bag slung over his shoulder.*"Same here."...pause..."Mikey?"

    Don looked over to Leo and shrugged. "Mikey!" he called louder.

    "I'll be ready in like, two seconds! I can't find my wireless CD player!" He dug deeper into the abyss of his messy bedroom, slinging random objects in his quest to unearth the long lost player.And finally! Success.. but unfortunately, it was broken. With a pout, he packed it anyway. Surely it would give Don something to do.

    Don shook he head in amusement. No doubt Mike was packing every little thing he could. He knew that Mike NEVER packed light. Leo palmed his face. "Some things never change, do they.."

    Once Mike was all packed up and ready to roll, he slung the three large duffels over his shoulders, nearly throwing him off balance. He gently scooped up Klunk, and rejoined his brothers in the main room. "All set!" Leo shakes his head. "Oh, brother...ok. Let's get going..."

    Don's eyes widened in shock when he saw Mike carrying not one, nor two, but THREE bags. Of course... he thought shaking his head. He nodded to Leo and headed for the door. He kinda waddled along, following his less ladened brothers. "Urm.. a little help here?" Leo goes with him, then, glancing back at Mikey. "I don't you REALLY need all of that?"

    Don chuckled at the youngest turtle and goes over and pick up on of the bag. He staggered under its weight. "Jeez, Mikey! What in the world do you have in this thing?" Truthfully, he didn't care. No doubt it was something to keep him busy. And less of a chance of Mike constantly bugging him.

    "Yeah, I need it!" he assured Leo, and was really grateful for Don relieving some of the weight. Poor sucker had gotten the heavier bag.. too sweet! "Urm, a little bit of everything?"

    Leo rolls his eyes. "Sure...whatever, Mikey. So how long ago did Raph break this girl out of the hospital?"

    Don rolled his eyes at Mike and made his way towards the door again. With all the extra weight. "A few days ago." he answered as he headed out of the lair. It was a good thing that they were driving there. Otherwise Mike would be carrying ALL his bags himself. He grumbled under his breath about not wanting to be Mike's pack-mule ever again!

    Leo nods, but smirks as he heads for the hidden garage where he assumes the van is. "I see.."

    Mike was happy to be stuck with the two lighter bags, that's combined weight weighed less than the one Don had taken. He really was looking forward to playing with the neighbor's chickens!

    Once arriving back to the van Don set Mike's bag heavily on the floor of the van. Then he stretched before climbing in himself. He set his bag on the floor next to him and buckled in. He left shotgun to Mike because he was sure he would want that seat. So he sat quietly in the back. Leo set his back inside as well, then assumed the driver's seat, starting up the engine.

    And as expected, Mike hopped into the front seat, and began playing with the radio, settling on an oddly catchy, yet slightly annoying song. "Ooooh, Spice Girls!""If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends!" He sung along, a bit too loudly..

    "...ohhh no." Leo pulled out of the garage, heading for Casey's place...and quickly snaps the radio over to something a little more palpable...Beach Boys are playing on one of the Oldies stations.

    Don sighed heavily. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to give him that seat, after all. Oh well, too late now. He would just try to tune out Mike's singing and his choice of music the best he could. He was glad when Leo finally took control of the radio. It was better...not great. But it was certainly more tolerable.

    Mike whined as his brother changed the station, but at least it was something he could handle.. at least it was noise! "

    " Spice Girls, Mikey." said Leo.

    "Daw, but I'm gonna marry Baby Spice someday!"

    "I can just imagine the about terrifying."

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