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    Post by Lexi on Fri Mar 13, 2009 5:58 pm

    Lexi had been mulling over this for days now. She could tell that Gabriel was hesitant to get her involved, and rightfully so. She herself was still highly uncertain, but the more she thought about it, the more she needed to at least talk to the girl. She stared at the number that Gabriel had given her, and her finger traced the numbers on her cell. With a deep sigh, she finally dialed the number, her heart beating wildly in her chest, anxiously as she waited for an answer.

    Mikko had finally gotten away from that horrible farm and that damn rooster, she was now. for the moment, hiding out in some apartment complex. She was sitting on the couch trying to figure out where to go to next and what to do when the phone rang, only Gabe had the number as far as she knew. Mikko answered. "Yeah?"

    But it wasn't Gabriel's voice that issued through the phone. "Is this Mikko?" The soft, feminine voice was probably familiar, since they had met on Christmas.

    The voice did sound familiar but she couldn't quiet place it. "Yeah..who's this? and how did you get this number?"

    "I'm Lexi." She informed. "I met you at Ezekiel's, remember?" She certainly remembered Mikko, and had detected the detaste that Mikko seemed to hold for her. But she had shrugged it off, figuring it had something to do with the fact that she was dating Ezekiel. "Gabriel gave me your number.."

    "Oh, yeah I remember." Mikko said sounding less then thrilled to hear from the girl. Mikko didn't like her, she seemed too stuck up. and there was just something about her. Mikko shrugged it off. "Yeah? why'd he do that?" She asked impatiently.

    "Because he thought that I could help you." She informed, once again detecting that familiar feeling from Mikko's tone. Hell, she was used to being hated. The whole damn city had all but turned their back on her. "But I can't help anyone who doesn't want it."

    "And HOW may I ask, can you help me?" No could help her. Mikko felt that she had gone way beyond help.

    "..because I work with troubled youth, and volunteer at a clinic that helps young people get themselves back onto their feet, and away from a life on the streets." And she honestly believed that Mikko was well beyond help, too. And certainly had mixed feelings about even making this call, after the purple-haired girl's actions had nearly killed two people she held dear. But it was that innocent life that she was carrying, that finally made up her mind to at least try.

    "Soooo what? You want to meet some place or something? Lunch maybe?" She hoped for the lunch part, it had been over a day since she ate. Mikko know that wasn't
    good for the baby.

    "Yes. As a matter of fact, that's what I was hoping for. We could talk in person, but you have to meet me half way on this." She paused, and took a deep breath. What the hell was she getting herself into?

    Mikko.: "Sure..where you wanna meet?"

    "Meet me at Luigi's Italian Restaurant. We can talk more there."

    Food, thank god! "Sure see you in a bit." Mikko hung up and tossed on her coat, she pulled her hoodie over her black hair and made her way to the restaurant.

    Lexi put away her phone, and began getting ready for their meeting. She honestly didn't know what to expect, and now half wished that she hadn't declined Gabriel's earlier offer to accompany her if they met up. But she didn't want Gabriel involved in this. She knew that if the wrong person saw Gabe in the same proximity as Mikko, it could have fatal consequences for him.Once she was dressed, heavily disguised to hide her identity, she grabbed her dark shades and headed out the door. Mikko wasn't the only one who needed to hide who she was, after all.

    Mikko finally made it to the restaurant, the walk wasn't that far, but mikko's need to keep ducking and hideing mad it longer. She stepped inside and quickly sat in a booth in the back to wait for Lexi. She wasn't sure what Lexi thought she could do for her. but at lest she would hear the woman out.

    Lexi finally arrived, and soon found Mikko setting near the back. Even though she was heavily disguised, Lexi felt like all eyes were on her. Passing their silent stones of judgment at their fallen local celebrity. "Follow me." She told Mikko, as Luigi waited close by, to grant them access to the back room. He was on friendly terms with the woman, and knew of her hardships, as far as public places were concerned.

    Mikko looked at Lexi and hesitated for a moment before following her into the back room. "Why so secretive?" Mikko wasn't aware of who she was and what had happened.

    Mikko was probably one of the last people in the city to know of her status, and her fall from grace. Still, she wasn't in the mental state to talk about it, especially to someone she hardly knew, and surely wouldn't care. "I'm sure you'll know soon enough." She informed quietly, as she took a seat at the booth in the back room. "Then, you'll have even more reason to hold ill judgement of me."

    Mikko sat across from Lexi, and looked at her with blood shot eyes. "Oh?" It was all Mikko could ask, Lexi's statement just made her confused and curious. ""

    "I'm here to offer you help. But before I waste my breath.. do you want it?" She knew little of Mikko, but what little she had gathered from their meeting at Ezekiel's, the girl didn't seem to want anything from anyone. And she definitely held bitter feelings towards Mikko, having learned that she was responsible for luring Gabe into Spike's trap, and nearly getting her boys killed, only weeks ago. But this all came down to the innocent life she was carrying. And the sympathy she felt for the unborn child.

    She took her hood off and shook out her hair, leaning back in her seat mikko sighed deeply. "Depends. what kinda help are you offering?" Mikko looked around wondering when they were going to be eating. "And why you helping me anyway? You are aware that i helped Spike? right?" She was more then confused as to why anyone would want to help her.

    A waitress soon arrived at the table, placing the menus in front of the two. "Yes, I am aware of that. And I shouldn't be helping you because of that.".."You do realize that you could've gotten Gabe and Eze killed, don't you?"

    Mikko placed her order then pressed a cigarette between her lips and lite it. "Yes." She said mater-o-factly. "I am aware...but when it was going on. i didn't.. Not's complicated"

    "Did you care?" Lexi placed her usual order, and returned her attention to Mikko. "And what if Spike had gotten his way? If he had killed them, would you care?"

    "I wouldn't have had time to care. Spike was going to kill me, he made that perfectly clear and I accepted it."

    Lexi was seriously having trouble understanding Mikko's line of reasoning. "Yes, but you also aided in his escape. You must've known that he would go after them. And I'm aware that you gave him Ezekiel's address... why?"

    "I didn't help him so that he could do that... I couldn't let Spike die, I had to help for why I told him where Eze was...Don't know, the docs say that something is
    wrong with my brain. .I can't think things through..or predict consequences...I'm not sure if i believe that but whatever."

    Lexi didn't appear sympathetic with that answer. In fact, her dark shades would hide any trace of emotion. Even the anger she was feeling."I just can't understand how you could care for Spike, when he would have no problem killing you."

    "Him killing me doesn't worry me, in fact, i would rather go that way. But, that's not something you would understand. I could explain it. but i don't want to bore you."
    She thought for a moment. she did care for Spike, more then she cared for anyone else, but she couldn't quiet place what she was feeling. she didn't know what to call it.

    "Yes, Because if you tell me that you love him, I'd seriously puke."

    Maybe that's what you call it...Love had never been in Mikko's vocabulary, she had no idea what it was to feel love or to feel loved by someone else. Maybe she did Love Spike. "Maybe I do."

    Lexi just rolled her eyes beneath her shades. "You'll wake up, someday." Perhaps she was being a little blunt, but Lexi was never one to hold back with what she was feeling. She would never sugar coat anything.

    Mikko glared at her, who was she to judge her or what she felt? She had no right to judge. "So, you came to talk about my love life then?"

    "No." Lexi replied flatly. "I've come to offer you help, only because I feel that your child deserves a decent chance. And you can't offer him that on the streets." She pulled a card from her purse, that contained and address of a place that helped people like Mikko. But before she would offer it to her, she had a request to make.

    "If you care anything about Ezekiel and Gabe, you'll stay away from them. Eze wants nothing more to do with you, but I fear that Gabe's softness will leave him vulnerable again. Just stay away from them. I'm not trying to sound mean or hateful.. but you've said yourself that you can't help it."

    Mikko was growing very angry with this woman. She looked at Lexi as if she was ready to jump over the table and pounce on her. "Whatever...I thought you came to help me. Not give me demands to stay away from your fuck buddies!"

    Mikko clamed herself enough to sit back in her seat...She took a few breaths then looked back at Lexi.

    "I am here to help you, if you'll listen."

    "no! That's NOT what I need..All I have been doing is listening to other people, but not one goddamn person ever thought to just listen to me."

    Lexi didn't seem fazed by the girl's anger. She had been expecting it. But her demand was reasonable, she thought. And if Mikko did care about the boys, she would heed her words."I have listened to you. And if there's something you would like for me to hear you out on, I'm all ears."

    "I just...Everytime I talked about a subject no one liked, they gave me pills and locked me up. No-one cares, they just tell me how I should be feeling. And..I mean, the docs, they yell at me when i talk about Spike in group. We are suppose to talk about things and then I get yels at."

    "Everyone says that they can't understand, then when I try to tell them they say things like "Because if you tell me that you love him, I'd seriously puke." She lit another cig and rested her head on the table.

    Lexi finally placed the card on the table, beside Mikko. "This is a wonderful group of people, who are seriously in it to help people. They won't yell at you, or tell you how to feel.They're there to help you get back on your feet. You wouldn't have to run anymore."

    Mikko looked up then at the card. "Great." She said with a frown. "You send me to people who will call the cops to bring me back to the nut house. I thought you wanted
    to help, not pawn me off on others."

    "No, if you go to them, I assure you that the cops won't bother you. You'll be under their care."

    "Who...exactly, are these people?"

    "It's Doctor founded, and funded by youth ministries. Most of the volunteers there are church goers, so they're a good bunch of people with morals, who wouldn't pawn you off. But you have to want help, before they can give it to you."

    She picked up the card and looked it over. "Ya sending a homicidal psychopath to a bunch of church goers. volunteer there?" She asked looking at Lexi.

    Lexi sighed inwardly at her response, and gave a quiet nod. "Yes. Because despite all that you've put him through. Gabriel thinks there's good in you. Don't prove him wrong."

    "There isn't...Not that I can find." She put her hand on her stomach. "This is the only good i have in me...But, i'm not even sure I can trust myself. I'll think about going to this place...."

    Lexi gave a disappointed look at that. "Before anyone can help you, you must have faith in yourself." She informed. "You have to believe in yourself, first and foremost. Don't give a damn about what everyone else says. If I allowed this town to dictate what I felt about myself.." She shrugged. "I would crawl into a dark hole, and never come out again."
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    Post by Lexi on Fri Mar 13, 2009 5:59 pm

    "Will I be locked up? I mean..I can come and go as I please in this place?" She asked thoughtfully.

    Lexi nodded. "Yes. This is an at will clinic."

    She looked up at Lexi when she mentioned the town. And was growing more curious, but decided that she had more questions about this clinic first. "And I can talk about ANYTHING with out people threatening to puke?" She glared at Lexi as she asked her question.

    "Yes." Lexi nodded again. "None of them have had the 'experience' with Spike that I have, so none of it will be on a personal level with them."

    Mikko raised a brow. "Experience?"

    Lexi quirked a brow at that. "You mean.. you don't know?"

    "no...Should I?"

    Lexi was never comfortable talking about it, but the whole damn town knew about it. "Maybe. I was his one.. victim.. that got away." And she wouldn't have, if not for the mysterious person that had come to her rescue.

    Mikko leaned back and folded her arms, she looked at Lexi, a large amount of jealousy grew then anger, Mikko knew what she meant, and it was no secret that Spike raped many woman. But HER? why her? She took a breath and remained quiet and surprisingly calm. She got away though, Spike had to have let her go, no way she just escaped. Then it occurred to her, that Spike probably did it to piss off Eze and Gabe. At lest that's what she reasoned and it was enough for the jealousy and anger to subside.

    Mikko's eyes softened a bit if only for a moment, she herself had been raped more times then she cared to remember, and could sympathize on some level. "Sorry.." She said quietly.

    She figured Mikko had been down that road before. And silently wondered if that had been the case with how she had come to be pregnant. Had Spike raped her too? But she knew better. Mikko seemed too fond of the man.

    It was almost funny, that one of the only men who hadn't raped her was Spike. She looked away for a bit then ate when the food was placed in front of her. "Well..I can understand your puke comment at least,"

    Lexi just gave a small nod at that. "I wasn't trying to sound insensitive. But I can't detach my personal feelings when something regards him." She picked idly at her food. "I've been summonsed to witness his exaction. But I don't think I can attend. I can't see his face."

    She stopped eating and looked up at Lexi. "Exaction?"

    Lexi looked up, and gave a small nod. "Yes. They're giving him the injection in mid April."

    "I thought death sentences took years before they were carried out?"

    Lexi wasn't sure how they carried things out, only what she was informed. "Then, perhaps it's mid April of next year. I only glanced briefly at the summons, since I have no desire to have any part of it"

    "You don't know for sure? Do you have it with you?" Mikko closed her eyes, injection.."They're going to put him down like some fuckin dog." She has seen documentaries on death sentences and knew what went into lethal injection, the thought of Spike strapped to a table with IVs in his arm made her sick.

    Lexi dug through her purse, and found the piece of paper,. "Yeah, you're right. It's next year."She looked up at Mikko. "Once you get situated with the people I've told you about, you could inform the court that you're carrying his child. As the mother of his baby, you have the right.. to say goodbye." And she would ony mention this, because it was a hig security prison, with no chance of her aiding in his escape again.

    "They know...The knows so, I imagine that the court knows.Spke knows...everyone knows." She was still trying to stop the room from spinning.

    "Then, they should let you see him."

    Mikko quietly nodded. "Yeah..." She mumbled still being hit with the reality of Spike's sentence.

    Lexi couldn't be sympathetic for what would happen to Spike, but she could for what Mikko was feeling. She could only imagine if it was Ezekiel in that situation. But then again, she certainly wouldn't love Eze if he was a heartless rapist and murderer. Lexi reached over, and gave the girl's hand a gentle squeeze. And that simple gesture was enough to make Mikko break down. She tried to quickly gather herself but it was no use.

    Mikko knew that Spike was sentence to death, but she didn't know it was going to be so soon. And she had never given herself time to let it sink in. And now, everything was hitting her all at once. She let Lexi try and comfort her while she slowly collected herself.

    Lexi wished there was something she could say that would ease the pain that she was feeling, but knew such words didn't exist. Reality could be a cold hard bitch, and only time could ease that pain. But Spike was finally getting what he deserved.

    Mikko had gathered herself enough to finally speak, she fiddled with the card Lexi gave her. "If I don't take this offer, the cops will still be after me, i will not be able to see him.."She thought on that.

    Lexi gave a nod at that. "That's right. But if you let these people help you, they'll also help you when it comes time for your baby."

    Mikko wiped her face off with the sleeve of her sweater. "Do they have beds there?" It had been days since she got any real sleep, and her body was exhausted. Lexi managed a small grin. It seemed that Mikko had accepted, in her own way. "Yeah. You would have your own room."

    Mikko smiled a little at that. "Really?" She taped the card on the table a few times and nodded. "Ok...I'll go."

    "You won't regret it." And she hoped, she wouldn't either.

    Mikko sighed deeply and lit a cigarette. "I hope not. it sounds nice there...Thank you." Two words that were heard by very few from her.

    "You're welcome, Mikko. I hope everything works out for you..and your little one."

    "Me too." Mikko finished eating and stood up, tossing her hood back on. ", I guess I'll see you around then."

    Lexi gave a nod at that. "Yeah, I volunteer two days a week, so you'll be seeing me often."

    "good....ya not as bad as I thought. tell Gabe I said thanks...for...everything." She gave a small grin and walked out the back room to head someplace safe to finally sleep.

    Not as bad as she thought? She gave a soft chuckle at that, and flashed her a small wink. "I'll be sure and tell him."

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