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    Post by Mikko on Sat Mar 14, 2009 2:31 pm

    Summary: Mikko visits Spike in prison and after learning of his exaction date, formulates a plan to break him out. She enlists the help of Kendall, an inmate that formed a fast crush on her. Little does her new friend know that she has asked of him the hardest job imaginable; keeping Spike out of trouble so that he isn't in lock down during the break.

    Characters involved: Mikko, Spike, and Kendall.

    Mikko woke up early that morning, she was finally going to be able to see Spike for the first time in a while. She didn't know what to expect, and wondered if they would... be in the same room or have that stupid glass between him, given where he was though she figured that there would be glass.  Mikko's ride pulled up, a taxi that one of the volunteers at the clinic was nice enough to get for her. she slid into the seat and quietly rode to the prison.

    She wasn't sure how the cops would respond to her being there, though she was about to find out. It didn't take long before the taxi pulled up to the big fenced in building. She stepped out of the car and walked up to the gates, waiting to be let in. The guard there let her in, she was lead to a another room by a female officer and searched. once that was over, Mikko was given the ok to go into the visiting area. Mikko sat on a chair facing the thick stained glass, a red phone was on her right that would be used to talk to him. She waited.
    Spike was finally led out, cuffs worn snuggly around his wrists and ankles. At least it was a degree of freedom from the straitjacket he'd been confined to, only a week before The guard shoved him down into the chair, and Spike's bloodshot gaze peered through the thick glass, fixating on Mikko. The guard wedged the phone between Spike's shoulder and ear, and stood close by.

    She picked up the phone, looking sadly at him. "hey."

    He looked like shit. Dark bags hung around his eyes, a hint of his lack of sleep. Various bruises from his scuffle with the cops, and a slight dazed look in his eyes from the meds they used to  'calm' him ..took you long enough..

    "Yeah...well they didn't let me just walk in here...I had to take care of something things to see ya. But I wrote you." He looked horrible it was almost hard to look at him. She was already thinking up ways to get him out of this hell hole. "They DID let you have the letters right?"

    Kendall was to the right of Spike's cell. He saw this strange woman coming into visit the fella next to him. And she was hot! It was so nice to see someone other than fellow inmates and guards for once. He wondered what the woman was here for. To talk to the guy, obviously... Having nothing better to do, he watched the exchange between the two.

    Spike tried to reach up and rub at his burning nose, but he was quickly reprimanded for his actions. The guard quickly shoved his hands down, and ordered him to keep them down. Obviously the guards were overly cautious around him, to the point of being paranoid that he may try something

    Spike growled beneath his breath, but his gaze was still fixated with Mikko. There was an emptiness there, like part of him was gone.* ..It ain't mine. He replied flatly, in regards to the question about the letters.

    She glared at the guard then turned back to Spike, she expected that kind of response. "Yes it is...But I didn't come here to argue with you about that." She looked around, there were guards watching her as well. "I'll be able to send you more letters." She wasn't sure if he even cared but it made her feel better.

    He sniffled deeply, trying to soothe that damn burning in his nostrils. "They won't let me have a pencil..and I lost my computer privileges.."

    She sighed. "Spike...." She wasn't sure what to say. "It would be nice to hear from you, can you try to be good just long enough to use the computer?""I'll be able to visit you twice a week for an hour...if you don't lose those privileges....please don't lose those privileges.And if you are good for a while, we might not have to have this glass between us."

    Kendall continued watching the girl. Damn, she was gorgeous. He wondered if she and the other guy were together. He couldn't care less if they were, but he hoped she would come back and visit again soon.Yes...a refreshing change, indeed.

    "..I broke their keyboard.."Said Spike. And how he'd managed to rip it from it's desk was anyone's guess. Since, like everything within the compound was bolted down.

    Facepalm. "oookaay." She look down, her black hair covering her face and the phone, she whispered harshly to spike.So that the guards wouldn't hear. "Look, I'm working on a way to get you out of here, no fuckin way I'm just gonna let you sit in here. But you gotta help me out here, behave, get your privileges back." "Ok..can you at lest try?" She looked back up at him.

    It seemed he was just now realizing what it was that was different about her. His mind was running slow, obviously, thanks largely to his new medication he was forced to take on a daily basis.. since he'd hospitalized several inmates and staff, and damaged equipment. "You look fuckin' sexy.." He was struggling to keep the phone wedged between his shoulder and ear, since it was slowly slipping.

    She was at a lost for words. Mikko stood silent for a bit then looked at the guard on his side and pointed to spikes slipping phone. "umm..thanks..." The comment totally caught her off guard. What Mikko did know, was that she was keeping the black hair.

    The phone finally fell from his shoulder, and the guard roughly shoved it back into place with a disgusted look worn freely on his features. Spike didn't deserve this visit, he thought. and it was a waste of his time.

    It took every thing Mikko had not to start yelling at the asshole, she tried to ignore it, taking a glance at the inmate that had been watching them, then looking back at Spike. "So...behave for a while ok?" She asked him hopeful that he would agree.

    He quirked his brows at that. Him, behave? She should know better than that. Though, that fire in him seemed to be dying. "Next April." He said, knowing she would know what he meant by that.

    Damn... Kendall thought. This guy was a total loser. She SO didn't deserve him. He continued watching the girl...actually staring at her. He would love to see her again. And maybe he could talk to her next time. Though he highly doubted it.

    She put a hand on the glass and nodded, then looked down again trying to keep it together. She whispered again to him again fighting back the emotion that.. was threatening to overwhelm her. "Not if I can help it."

    And he was secretly hoping that she would come through for him, but this time.. the security was high. It wouldn't be like the courthouse, and this time.. there would be no courthouse. His fate had already been decided.

    She looked up at him with her eyes. "When I ever let you down before, babe? Just...ya gotta help me out. and trust me..."

    And for once, he didn't have it in him to argue or doubt her. He needed to put faith in something, even if he believed such a thing was bullshit. He just gave a quiet nod. "They'll let you be there when they do it.. they still think yer my girl."

    She nodded back. "I'll come see ya every Sunday and Wednesday, and I'll still write of course." She got quiet at his comment, taking a few breaths she nodded. "I know..." But she didn't plan on being there, because she didn't plan on spike being there. She would find away, to get him out, she had to.

    He was quick to change the subject. "So what'chu gonna do about that kid.."

    "I'm gonna keep it. But don't worry, I'm not going to come after you for anything. I would like you to sign the birth certificate, but that's all."

    He wrinkled his nose at that. "You should just get rid of it.." The idea of being a father didn't settle well with him. Even if she claimed that she would ask him for nothing.

    "I don't think I can do that." Getting rid of the kid in anyway had never even crossed her mind. "What? don't think i would make a good mother? Ya probably right actually..."

    "We weren't meant to be anything other than what we are.." And parents didn't seem to be one of them. Well, he certainly didn't think so.

    She nodded and in some ways agreed with that, but still, she was keeping her kid. "Don't worry about the kid, Spike, I'll take care of it.But, child serves still want to take it from me. they are trying to come up with any excuse to take the kid after it's born."

    There was a distant look on his face, void of any emotion or hints of what he was feeling. The meds had left him empty, and he couldn't even will himself to argue with her, though he could feel the  suppressed fire burning within. "Do what'chu gotta." Though, there weren't any guarantee that he wouldn't try to get rid of the infant, if he were to ever get out.

    She nodded again. "yeah." She looked back at the inmate that was staring at her then at the clock then spike. Time was almost up for them and the cop was looking like he was ready to go. "ok...just remember what i said, help me out, and trust me...i will be here ever day that I can." She put her hand back on the glass and gave him a knowing look. "Get ya damn privileges back, and maybe soon we ain't gonna have this glass here."

    He secretly hoped she would be by often. At least it got him something to do. Soon, the time was up and the guard tugged him roughly to his feet. He placed a chained hand against the glass before he was tugged roughly away.

    She watched him leave and waited till he was out of sight before moving away from the glass, she looked at the inmate that was looking at her and gave a slight smile and wave before leaving.

    Kendall frowned when he realized the girl's time was up. He really hoped she would be back again. It was something to look forward to--the only thing in this damned place. He knew his  days were also numbered, but if he could see her one more time, he could die happy. He saw the girl smile and wave at him, and he returned the gesture.

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    Post by Mikko on Sat Mar 14, 2009 2:37 pm

    Mikko went to walk out of the prison then stopped. she didn't have a solid plan of escape yet, but figured befriending someone on the inside couldn't hurt.
    She walked up to a thin skittish looking guard and after some smooth talking was lead right back to where she was before, once again she waited.

    Kendall was sitting in his cell, still thinking about that girl he saw earlier. Then the prison guard came in and opened the door to his cell. What the... he thought, confused. Then the guard told Then the guard told him that he had a visitor. A visitor? Who the hell could that be? He stayed silent as he was lead out to the front. Where he could see his guest. He had a huge grin on his face when he saw her. He sat down and eagerly picked up the phone, waiting to hear her voice.

    mikko picked up a pen that was laying in front of her, she fiddled with it before it was quickly taken from her. She looked over at the cop. Officer Carter, same ass hole that was beating on Spike, she would be remembering him. She turned her attention to the guy that sat down and picked up the phone. "Hey." She said cheerfully. "How are you?"

    Kendall listened to her voice carefully. Not only did she looked the part, but her voice was like an angel's too. "Not bad," he replied. But a whole lot better since I saw your face." He had a huge grin on his face now.

    "You have a name?" She asked leaning back in the chair. she moved a strand of hair out of her face, tucking it behind her ear."Kendall. Kendall Laden." He continued watching her. He couldn't tear his gaze away from her if he wanted to. "What's yours?"

    "Nice to meet you. I'm Mikko. Mikko McKinnon. I noticed you staring at me.Thought I would say hi. What you in for?"

    "It's very nice to meet you too. I couldn't help but stare at you earlier. You are absolutely breathtaking! Was that your man you were visiting earlier?" He really wanted to get to know her.
    "Ah, the usual. Just your run-of-the-mill murders," he answered shrugging. He found no reason to lie to her. If she was going to trust him, he better be sure to tell the truth in the first place.

    Spike was shoved violently back into his cell, but not before catching a glimpse of Mikko visiting with that Kendall guy. WTF. It certainly made him angry, and sparked an indescribable jealousy.

    "Yeah." She grind and nodded over to Spike, who was behind him. "He's my man." She mouthed so spike would see it. "Sooooo whens ya date?"

    Spike was given another dose of his calming meds, and once he was sedated enough to be trustworthy, the guard cautiously removed the cuffs, and headed out of the cell, locking it behind him.

    "Oh." He couldn't help but be disappointed. But that was fine. If he could get to know her for the very last few days he was here, then that was okay with him. "Just about a week," he answered nonchalantly. It was nothing new for him. He had excepted his fate a long time ago. "A week?" Well THAT didn't give her much time to do anything... "Give or take." He shrugged.

    Mikko nodded and thought about that for a moment, maybe this guy wasn't going to be that helpful after all. She looked over Kendall's shoulder at Spike. Sedated again. She wondered how long Spike would last in here, she turned back to Kendall. "A week..." She repeated. she wasn't sure she could pull off what she wanted to in a week.

    "Two, at the most," he said emotionlessly. "But you have made me a happy man," he said smiling again. "I can die happy now that I have seen my angel." He winked at her.

    She wondered if she could trust this guy, he was about to die. what did he have to lose. She grind and lowered her voice. hiding her mouth with her hair. "Can I trust you with something, love?" Kendall nodded. "Sure thing, babe. What is it?" He leaned closer to the glass so he could watch her every move.

    She looked up at him with big smokey eyes. "I'm planing a bust." She waited to see his reaction to that, that would tell her how much she could trust the guy.

    He looked at her surprised, but very pleased. "Really? That's great!" Then he lowered his voice. "Do ya think you can pull it off?" It would be great to finally get out of this place. Without the Without the whole dying in here thing. He waited patiently for her to continue. He wanted to know everything about this plan. And when it was gonna take place. He hoped it would be sooner rather than later, because he knew is time was almost up here.

    "I have an idea, i still have to smooth out the details. and of course i can pull it off, I helped my man get out once I can do it again." Of course that time was in a courtroom and she was less pregnate. "I need ya help though." He sat up straighter and looked right into her eyes--showing her that she could completely trust him. "I'm listening..."

    "I'm planing on re wiring the prison's system." She whispered low into the phone. " I need someone to make sure Spike doesn't get him self stuck in the hole. and that he stays clear headed that means, he has to behave. I'm going to provide the means, but it's going to up to you two to get out."

    "Ooh...sounds promising. Yeah, I can try to keep your man out of trouble. But it's not like I can be right with him all the time." And the fact that he would probably try killing me... he added silently. "I'll do everything I can to help." The thought of freedom sounded really good right about now. And even more so if he could get some more time with this girl. This... Mikko.

    "Thanks." She said with a smile. And hoped that Spike didn't do anything stupid like try to kill this guy. She looked over at spike again to see if he was looking. the dosage they had given him had completely put him under. He was fast asleep, oblivious to the world around him, though he would certainly be remembering the jealousy once he came to.

    She looked back at Kendall. "I didn't realize i was on such a tight time frame,just be ready to run." "Yeah, sorry about that too. Up until today, I didn't think it really mattered. In fact, I was counting the days until I could leave this hellhole for good." He looked straight into her eyes again. "But then I saw you, and everything changed. You made it actually worthwhile for me being here. And yes, I know you have someone already. But seeing your face...well, it made me so happy again. A joy that I never thought I would experience again. And I thank you for it." He smiled brightly at her.

    She smiled. The guy was strange that's for sure, she had no idea how to react to him, where was the violence and anger and yelling. Mikko turned to the same thin guard and asked for paper and the pen back, the guard nodded and gave them to her, but stood close by to watch her with the potential weapon. on one piece of paper she wrote and address that Kendall could write to her while she wasn't visiting. On the other she wrote to Spike 'Spike, behave yourself, Things will be happing a lot sooner and don't hurt Kendall he's going to help. luv Mikko.' she made the letter as vague as she could and handed it to the guard who took the letters to Kendall and tossed spike's letter through the bars. Mikko watched this guard and started to think of other ways she could use him...

    Time was up and the guard cleared his throat and gave Kendall a stern look. Kendall turned towards him and gave him a scowl. Then he turned towards Mikko again. "Well, it looks like our time is up now. Thanks for the talk. You have made my day." He gave her one last bright smile before he hung up the phone and was roughly pulled to his feet by the guard, and
    unceremoniously tossed back into his cell again. He held the paper she gave him close as he thought about her escape plans. He would indeed do everything he could to get out of here. Even if he had to drag the moron out with him.

    Mikko hung up the phone and sat there for a moment, alot was going through her head. Two weeks, she had less then two weeks to pull this off. And what was up with that guy, all the smiling at her was creeping her out, and how did she make his day, they didn't do anything. he must have been drugged or something. Mikko looked over at the guard that was being so helpful to her, Officer Scott....She smiled brightly and walked up to him. looks like she had to start putting her plans into action now....

    Continued Here: Crazy Friends

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