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    Post by Mikko on Mon Mar 16, 2009 5:11 pm

    Mikko returns to the clinic after her visit with Spike, and hangs out with her bubbly roomate, Daisy. She tells the young girl all about her boyfriend, and confirms the rumors that Daisy has heard regarding her pregnancy. In turn, Daisy tells Mikko about Jake, the boy she has a crush on and how he prefers whores with playdough. They have an insane heart to heart about boys and finding that 'one' that makes you search no further, and Daisy informs Mikko that her one and only is Justin Timberlake.They befriend Candice, and Mikko invites the girl back to her room for a 'story'.

    Continued from: Long time, no see

    Mikko walked back into the clinic, she had just returned from visiting Spike and that other guy. She walked into the kitchen area, trying to avoid the other people there. She grabbed a coke, though what she really wanted was a beer. but that, sadly, wasn't allowed at the clinic. Mikko then headed back to her room. Plopping on her top bunk she leaned back and started to plan out Spike's escape.

    And a sudden thump would issue from beneath Mikko's mattress.. The insane one was buried beneath her blankets, and kicking the bunk above her. After all, if Mikko couldn't see her.. she couldn't kill her... right?

    Great SHE was here. "Stop that!" Yelled Mikko not amused with her room mates antics.

    Candice was sitting at one of the tables, staring off into space. She noticed Mikko enter, but didn't do anything but watch her until she disappeared into the kitchen.

    "I'm not home.. daddy!" She squealed from beneath her sheets. Daisy was new here. A 16 year old with the mindset of a child.  

    Mikko put up with the kicking for as long as she could and raised a brow at the daddy comment. With a heavy sigh Mikko hung upside down to look at the lump under the covers. "You don't want me to tell you another bed time story, do you?" She took great joy in scaring the girl with true stories of her crimes.

    "Eww.. No. And I'm not home!" She repeated herself, but poked her head out from beneath the covers, big blue doll eyes peering up at Mikko. She suddenly crawled out from her hiding spot, and climbed onto the top bunk with Mikko. "What are you doing?"

    Mikko sat up and looked at the girl now next to her. "Nothing. Just got back from seeing my man." She said with a smile.

    That certainly had her interest. Daisy liked boys. She reeeeeally liked them! "Ooooh, is he as hot as Justin Timberlake? Back when he had curly hair?"

    "He's hotter! And, he don't have hair. He use to have metal spikes. but being locked up he had to give 'em up....I have a picture!"

    Daisy sprawled out beside Mikko, almost seductively, batting her big doe eyes. "I like boys....and how did he get spikes on his head?"

    Mikko had scrounged up a picture of spike with his 'hair do' when he was in the paper getting arrested. ok not the best picture. but Spike didn't seem like on to take many picutres. She handed it to Daisy. "He has a metal plate in his head, and the spikes screw into the plate."

    Daisy took the photo, and straightened as she eyed it attentively. Her brows furrowed, and a frown tugged across her plump lips. "He looks like that baaad man, that did all of those bad things! But he's cute!"

    Mikko took the picture back. "That's because he IS the baaaad man that did all of the bad things. and hell yes he is!"
    She reached over, and gave Mikko's tummy a light pat. "You know what I've heard? Laura, the girl that builds playdough forts said that you've got a baby in there..."

    Mikko smiled and nodded. "Yep. That I do.And stay away from Laura..something wrong with that girl."

    Daisy pressed her face closer to Mikko's tummy, lips smushed against her. "Helllllooooo in there, little baby with spikes!" Mikko laughed. "Well..no spikes yet..maybe when he's older. So! what are YOU doing?"

    "Me?" She finally pulled up, and gave Mikko a half-confused look. "Nothing. I was gonna go be friendly with Jake down the hall, but that preacher guy said I couldn't be walking around naked" At least now, she was wearing clothes. But only barely

    "Well...maybe you should stayed clothed...around the public. People might get the wrong idea." She gave Daisy a smile. "So you like Jake?"

    A pout pursed across her lips. "Yeeeah. But he likes Laura, and her playdough..that whore"

    "Yeah...the filthy bitch...I guess." She really didn't know any of these people well, Mikko just stood out of everyone's way and kept to herself.  "Well...maybe you should start playing with plaudough."

    She just nodded cheerfully at that. Though, her playdough privileges had been taken away last week for trying to eat it. "So, did you go to have sex with your boyfriend?" She wiggled her brows.

    She was not expecting that question and raised a brow at her. "No. they don't let you do that at the prison. sadly...And he's not REALLY my boyfriend..." She thought about that and figured it was to complicated for her to explain.
    "Then, you should go out with Jake.."

    "um no...I'm going to stick with Spike. thanks for the suggestion though." She finished her coke and lit a cig.

    She gave a thoughtful look, and finally nodded in agreement. "Yeah.. daddy always told me that a girl should find one guy, and then stick with him.. but I always liked too many guys at once..So I could never choose." And she took the cig from Mikko, taking a huge drag... and nearly choking.

    Mikko took the cig back and patted Daisy on the back. "You alright? No smoking for you.and you might find that one guy, one day. someone that you can't be with out.And you ain't going to want anyone else."

    "I want Justin." She commented seriously. "And I'm plotting to kill his girlfriend to get him.Then, I'll make him grow his hair curly again"

    She chuckled. "Oh? Tell me ya plan?"

    "I'm gonna tie her in the trunk of some old beat up car, and roll it off a cliff.." Despite how determined she sounded, a sweet smile tugged across her lips. She certainly didn't look like the type that would be capable of murder.
    "Sounds like a plan...Hey! Did i ever tell you the story of when I riped some guys face off?" She asked with a twisted smirk.

    She blinked at that. "I don't think I wanna hear that story!"

    "Oh but it was so awesome!"

    "C'mon.. let's go bug Candice.." She certainly didn't want to hear that story. She grabbed hold of Mikko's hand, and tugged her anxiously. "C'mon"

    "Ok fine." She tossed the cig inside the empty coke can and hoped off the bed. "Where is she?"
    "She was in the kitchen, earlier" ..and Jake was there, too..
    Candice was in her late 20s and fairly short. She had been here for almost ten years now. The people here always kept her heavily medicated. She was still sitting at that table, but she was thinking about heading back to her room. She was so bored! No one would talk to her. In fact, no one would even come near her. How she wished she had SOMEONE to talk to. Her family barely visited her. She sighed and stood up, slowly making her way to her room.

    "Ah ok." Mikko walked with Daisy walking up to Candice as she was heading out the kitchen. "Hello...you person." Mikko greeted Candice.

    Candice looked up at the person who seemed to be speaking to her. "Hello," she greeted Mikko with a small smile.
    Daisy smiled brightly at Candice. "HI!" She greeted. "Mooki has a spiked baby in her tummy!" Obviously, she had a little trouble with her roomate's name.

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    Post by Mikko on Mon Mar 16, 2009 5:11 pm

    "It's mikko. me-key-co, pronounced like that." She told Daisy then looked back at Candice. "How those voices treating ya?" She noticed that the two were on some of the same meds. so assumed that they had some of the same problems.
    Candice nodded and her smile widened slightly. "That's nice." She looked over at 'Mooki' and shrugged. "Okay, I guess. They tell me some things. But I can't really understand them anymore."

    "how sad...stay of the meds, you'll feel better, trust me. so instead of standing in the hall lets go somewhere." She suggested to the two of them. "Like..out..or something."

    Daisy tried to wrap her brain around that, but she would forever be Mooki to her.

    "And my baby isn't spiked..." Though the though did amuse her. "That would be painful."

    Candice frowned slightly. "But I gotta take them. The people here say I have to." She studied Mikko carefully. "Don't you gotta take them too?"

    "HA! as if. they ain't useing those damn mind control pills on me..No way." She said glaring over at one of the nurses near by. "Lets go back to my room."  No matter who she shared a room with, it would always be HER room.
    Candice nodded again. "Okay. Where is your room?" She ignored Mikko's statement about not taking her meds. Candice fully intended on keeping up on her meds. She was glad the meds kept the voices at bay. Some of them where really scary. And she didn't want to get in trouble with the caretakers here.

    Mikko turned and walked back in her room, assumeing the two would follow her. She hoped back on her top bunk and lit another cig.

    Daisy once again climbed onto the top bunk with Mikko, and once again plucked the cig, trying her best to get the hang of it.

    Mikko took it back. "I told ya no. don't make me MAKE you one of my bed time stories."

    Candice followed the two to Mikko's room. Once in there, she just stood there awkwardly in the doorway.

    Mikko looked at Candice and motioned for her to come in and close the door. "Don't just stand there. Come in...I don't...ok I DO bite. but i think ya safe."

    "Okay." Candice shut the door behind her and inched her way slowly over towards Mikko. She still wasn't too sure about this woman. But she was desperate to have someone to talk to, so that part in her won. She stood in front of Mikko.

    Mikko grined at her, then looked over at Daisy, who had made her self comfortable on mikko's pillow and fell asleep. "Damn it..." She looked at Candice. "You seem nervous. You wanna hear a bed time story?"

    Candice nodded and looked up at Mikko. " Where should I sit?" she asked timidly. Little did she know, this so-called "bedtime story" was only going to give her nightmares.

    "You can sit anywhere you like." Mikko pointed to a chair. "There is good." She was so happy to finally have someone listen to one of her stories. though if this girl had been in the some of the group meetings she probably wouldn't have been so eager to say yes.

    Candice nodded again and sat down in the chair she was offered. She brought her knees up to her chest and hugged her legs tightly against her, waiting patiently for Mikko to start.

    She leaned back against the wall and cleared her throat. "It was a wet night, had been raining for days. around two in the morning. Rain, you would be surprised at how many people let their guard down, think that criminals don't want to be out. Anyway, There was this girl, she was comeing out of a restraunt, she worked there as cook. Opening her umbrella she walked into the rain, whish had become nothing more then a light sprinkle at this point. She was headed to her car that was out in the far end of the parking lot. Little did she know, someone had been watching her. following her from within the dark shadows. A wicked hunter who had their sights on the young girl. But, this predator wouldn't stay hidden for long. She crept from the shadows, blood stained blades drawn. She snuk up on the poor girl grabbing her by her hair and tilting her head back. The girl tried to scream but the hunter wasn't going to have that, the cold blade slide easily along the flesh of the girls neck. the girl, she let out a muffled gurgle.

    Candice shut her eyes and let out a small shriek.

    Blood pooled at their feet. and the woman fell in heap on the ground." Mikko leaned forward. "Then i licked the fresh blood from the knife, took the woman's money and ran off to find my next kill." She smiled satisfied that she had scared poor Candice. "you like? true story"

    Candice looked up fearfully and Mikko and covered her ears. "Stop!" she cried as tears poured down her cheeks.

    Mikko rolled her eyes. "Hey you said you wanted a story. And that was one of my nicer ones."

    She looked up at Mikko. "You're horrible! Stay away from me!" She was so scared that instead of running out of the room, she stayed where she was and curled into a ball, sobbing.
    "Of course I am. pffft. I could have told you a story about when Spike and I would go out." She leaned back again and looked at the girl. She really didn't think the story would have effected her this much."So...you have a story?"
    She looked up at Mikko and sat up in the chair, wiping her tears away. "Maybe," she admitted, sniffling. "But I'm not going to tell you." She looked around the room wildly. "I...I have to get out of here!"

    Mikko looked sad at her, she liked having the company. "Awww..But I like having someone to talk to. Come on...tell me a story."

    Candice's wild blue eyes, wandering the room, finally landed back on Mikko. "I...I don't know which one to tell. I haven't really talked to anyone lately." She rubbed her arms up and down nervously, while rocking back and forth in the chair.

    "Well i'm all ears. what's on ya mind..and look at me. a homicidal maniac that is off her meds and in love with a another homicidal manic/raspiest. I'm not gonna judge."
    Okay, this woman was really scaring her. Candice's eyes darted to the door. Should she leave now? This Mikko lady was insane, indeed! But if she tried to leave, would Mikko come after her? She debated on her choices and looked at Mikko again. "I'm scared."

    Mikko raised a brow. "Of me?"

    Candice nodded slightly.

    That kind of surprised her. "Wow...Well, I'm not gonna hurt ya. promised."

    Candice still didn't take her eyes off her. 'She looks sincere enough. But can I really trust her?' She looked over at the door again, the turned back to Mikko. She nodded. "Okay, I believe you."

    Mikko smiled brightly at Candice. "Awesome. and you know, not all my stories are bad...oh! you know I use to have purple hair?" She was trying her best to make the room feel not so tense.

    Candice smiled a little at that. "Really? I like purple. Though, I'm not too sure about having purple hair." She glanced down at her medium length, strawberry blonde hair. Then looked back at Mikko and smiled. "I think you would look pretty with it."

    Mikko smiled back then digging in some of her clippings found a news clipping of her with purple hair, she handed it to Candice.

    Candice took it into her hand and held it. Her smiled widened. "Very cool." She gave it back to Mikko.

    She took it back. "thanks. Not as cool as my man's hair though." She handed her the pic of Spike.

    Candice took the picture next and looked at it. "He looks...very interesting." She didn't dare say what she actually thought. The picture of Spike was really creepy. She really didn't want to meet him.

    "He IS intrusting and sexy." She said with a smile. "But...He's locked up right now." She looked down sadly. "He's set to die next year.." Of course she wasn't going to tell Candice that she was planing on breaking him out.
    She looked up at Mikko. "Really?" 'I can see why,' she added silently. "Sorry to hear that." She gave the picture one last look before shaking her head and giving it back to Mikko.

    "Yeah." She said taking the picture and tucking it away. "My stories are chilrdens books compared to his stories."
    She gulped and gave Mikko a small smile. "I can imagine."

    Mikko was quiet for a bit. "So...other then voices. what else you on meds for?"

    She shrugged. "Just a lot of different things. I have a lot of medical problems...not just mental." She looked up at Mikko.

    "Oh...I have a few different problems to, none medical. but I don't trust the meds." Said Mikko.

    "Really? Why not? Meds are supposed to help you."

    "They make me feel fuzzy, like I can't think clearly. And I sleep alot while on them, They make me feel empty and...I just don't like knowing that doctors are controlling my thoughts. And my moods." She said with a sigh. "I use to do some heavy drugs that helped. But haven't taken anything since getting pregnant."

    "Oh, well that's good. You don't want anything to happen to your baby." Candice told Mikko, nodding.

    She nodded back. "That is true....Well...I guess I'm going to try and sleep. Have to move her first." She said looking at Daisy. "And if you ever feel like telling me one of ya stories then I'll be all ready to listen."

    Candice smiled at her. "Sure thing. Thanks for inviting me to your room. It was getting lonely around here. It's nice to have someone to talk to." With that, she stood up from the chair, and headed towards the door. She opened the door and looked back at Mikko, before walking out of the room and closing the door behind her.

    Mikko gave her one last smile then carefully moved Daisy before climbing into bed to think of her plan to get Spike out of jail.

    She then made the trek back to her room...in a much better mood. Even though that girl was freaky, she was still pretty nice. Even if she was a killer. Candice banished those thoughts and  thought about how nice it was to talk to someone again. She just might have made a new friend. And her first one in this place. FINALLY! With that final thought, she made her way over to her  bed and climbed in...falling into a deep restful sleep. It would be time for her next round of meds soon enough.

    Continues here:Trial and Error

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