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    Post by Mikko on Tue Jun 16, 2009 5:52 pm

    ((The next day, At the clinic.))

    She finally fell asleep, but it seemed just as her eyes closed they were forced open again, the sun shown threw the window, she had forgot to close the curtains and was regretting that at the moment. Mikko stretched and hung upside down to look at the bunk below hers. Daisy was still gone, She was starting to worry about the girl, then she mentally slapped herself for worrying.

    Sitting up, mikko reached blindly for her hair brush, found it, and brushed out her hair then jumped down from the bed. She was still wearing the cloths from yesterday and decided that changing would be a good idea. Torn jeans, An old t-shirt. 'looking hot.' she told herself sarcastically as she looked in the merror. Not that it mattered, who was she trying to impress?

    Finally satisfied with her outfit-that she changed at lest three times, finally sticking with the jeans and a tank top- she went back to her bed, tugged her knee high boots on and picked up her phone.

    She called the hospital to get an update on Spike's condition...

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    Post by Mikko on Wed Jun 17, 2009 5:22 pm

    A young nurse at the front desk finally answered the ringing phone. "May I help you?"

    Mikko sat on Daisys bed still wondering where the girl was, but her thoughts were brought back to her phone call when someone finally answered. "yes, I'm calling to check up on Timothy Black."

    "One moment please, I'll connect you to ICU." And she did so. Mikko was soon greeted by another female voice. This one would be familiar. "He made it through the night." She answered, in almost a hushed tone. If the officer knew that she was giving out information, he would certainly lose his temper. "But he's still in critical condition."

    She let out a sigh of relief. "Thank god...Can I see him yet?" Mikko figured the answer to that would be no, but thought she would ask anyway, and the fact that he was still in critical condition worried her a great deal. But Spike was tough and she knew that he'd pull throught this.

    "I'm sorry. He's under tight security, and they're not letting anyone see him." She replied, genuinely regretful that she couldn't give her a better answer.

    "ok...if anything changes you will call? right?"

    The nurse checked over he shoulder, making sure the guard was oblivious to the conversation. "Definitely."

    "thank you....bye." She hung up the phone and laid back on the bed. Mikko pushed herself up from the bed, tucked her phone back in her pocket and headed out. She hoped that she would run into Chris again. Really hoped she would. but that hope was soon gone when she laid eyes on the glazed doughnuts in the kitchen, she waisted no time grabbing a few and surching for some milk. Mikko took her milk and doughnuts to the couch and sat down, legs folded under her. She was still looking around for the guy that she met last night, but sadly wasn't seeing him. Mikko looked around and slowly sliped a throw pillow over the wet spot on the couch where she spilled her milk. She placed the plate on an end table and got up, She wondered if Kendall would call or just show up...she left the window unlocked just in case...

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    Post by Mikko on Wed Jun 17, 2009 5:22 pm

    After an uneventful drive to the cabin, he went straight to bed. Several hours later, Kendall awakened feeling fairly rested. He really enjoyed his time with Mikko last night. And it showed in his sleeping habits. He slowly got up from the bed and headed into the bathroom to get ready for the day.

    The night before had definitely been eventful. The young blonde had struggled hard to suppress mad fits of giggles as she had hidden away in the back floorboard of Kendall's stolen car. She had laid low until she was certain that the man had fallen asleep, and snuck inside the old shabby cabin, quietly making herself at home. But much to her disappointment, there wasn't much to do. And whoever lived here was definitely a slob, she thought. The 'ketchup' that had stained the couch was definitely proof of that. As Kendall made his way into the bathroom, she slipped into one of the darkened corners of the house, a firm hand held over her mouth to help calm the giggles that threatened to escape. She was still dressed in her 'baby dollish' PJ's, sporting a pair of fuzzy bunny house slippers to match. Her blonde hair was pulled into pigtails, giving her that 'baby spice' look. Daisy slinked closer to the bathroom door, pressing her ear and listening inside. The guy was definitely interesting, and oh so attractive!

    Once Kendall finished in the bathroom, he came out with only a towel wrapped around his waist. He figured he was alone so he didn't bother to take any clean clothes in with him. He was in complete shock when he opened the door and saw this blonde chick looking up at him. "What the hell? Who are you? How the fuck did you get in here?!" he demanded. He made no move to cover himself further since he wasn't the shy type.

    ooooh! Nearly nude, woot! She nearly fell into him when the door suddenly opened, but ended up falling back on her ass, and grinned up at him, despite his firm demands. "Hi!" Her big blue eyes traveled down, staring curiously at that towel of his. Damn, if he just accidentally dropped it... she could die happy! And she once again made eye contact with him. "I came in through your door, because it was unlocked." She chirped, and held out a hand.. hoping he would be a gentleman and give her a tug up. Nah, she just wanted him to touch her! "You know, you reeeeeally need to lock your doors, crazy people may wander in... it happens!" She flashed him a big grin. Though, she would never consider herself one of those 'crazy people'.

    Kendall just stared at her in disbelief, shaking his head. He could have sworn that he locked that door last night. Considering he was a fugitive of the law, he didn't want to take any chances of someone recognizing him and following him here. He rolled his eyes and offered her his hand, making sure to keep the towel wrapped tightly around him.

    The simple gesture made her heart skip a beat, practically melting at the feel of his very manly hand. She still held to it long after she was on her feet, and gave it a gentle shake. "Nice crib you got here!" Though, it was definitely shabby. She flashed him a sweet smile, still staring doe-eyed at him. He was the most beautiful thing she had ever laid eyes on. Even prettier than Jake! "Gotta name?"

    "You can say that. My name's James," he answered, giving her a small handshake. He didn't trust her enough to give her his real name. And he figured that he should have an alias name anyway since he was an escaped convict. "What's yours?"

    She bit on her bottom lip. James... that was her new favorite name! "I'm Da.." She quickly caught herself. If the clinic found out she was gone, her name would be all over the news. "Angelina!" Well, it was the best she could come up with, on the spot. .."But you can call me Britney"

    Kendall had caught her slip, but let it go. Maybe she didn't trust him enough to give him her real name yet either--for whatever the reason. And that was really fine with him. He gave her a bright smile "Nice to meet you, 'Britney'?" He was trying to figure out how to get her out of the room so he could finish getting dressed. He may not be shy, but that still didn't mean he wanted an audience.

    Ooooh, that smile! She couldn't suppress a quiet giggle, feeling the butterflies flopping wildly within her tummy. She found herself staring at him, taking him in.. inch by inch, but once again met his gaze. "I really like your towel.. it's... nice." She grinned cutely, and didn't seem too anxious to move from her spot.Hell, she definitely wouldn't mind watching him change. and DEFINITELY wasn't shy about her curiosity. "You have ketchup on your couch." She added, randomly.

    Kendall chuckled lightly. He knew that she was thinking of something beyond the towel. "Thanks. Say...would you like to get something to eat in the kitchen? There's plenty of food in there. I'm sure you can find something you would like." He was hoping she would take the hint and leave him alone. "Oh yeah, about the couch? Yeah, there was an accident on there I was told." He didn't want to explain further on the subject.

    Well, food was definitely sounding nice, but she was certainly hoping for a peek of just what he was hiding under there. "Yeah, accident... that's why you're not supposed to eat on your couch.." She answered innocently. "They don't allow us to eat on the furniture, at the clinic.." And there it was. Her first slip. "Club." She corrected. And was quick to change the subject, hoping he wouldn't hoping he wouldn't notice. "Got any cookies?"

    Kendall sighed. "Yeah, yeah, sure. But this place isn't mine. I'm watching it for a friend of mine. If you want to discuss this with them, be my guest." His patience was wearing thin. But then he noticed the second slip of hers. 'Clinic? She couldn't be... No, that's impossible' He waved the thought away and smiled at her again. Maybe this would work to get her out. "Sure do They're in the kitchen. On the counter. You can't miss 'em." By now he was practically shoving her outside the room.

    She finally left, heading into the kitchen in search of cookies. She wrinkled her nose at just how dirty the space was, but it ddefinitely beat the confines of the clinic. definitely more freedom. Daisy munched happily on her snack, and ventured back into the main room, and plopped down onto the 'ketchupy' couch, hoping that her new friend would hurry. She pulled out the spikes that she had discovered last night, twirling one between her crumby fingers. They were nice and shiny! And then, it suddenly hit her what James really was! She could barely contain her excitement.

    Kendall quickly shut the door after the girl was safely out of the room. Then he hurried and got dressed in some jeans, black t-shirt, and his black jacket and left the room. He saw "Britney on the couch and sat down next to her. He saw what she had in her hands and his eyes widened in alarm. "Where did you get those?" Oh, boy... Mikko was going to be so pissed.

    She flashed him a wide smile. "I found them behind the couch." Seeing his alarm, she flashed him a wink. "It's okay. I won't tell anyone what you really are, James. Your secret is safe with me!" She made a zipping motion across her lips for effect, and gave a small salute, before offering him a bite of her cookie. "We can't have all the vampires hunting you down, now can we?" "Especially Edward. He might sparkle you to death."

    Okay, now he was just confused. Who did she think he was? Obviously she was wrong because those spikes weren't even his to begin with. Then when she explained further, he just shook his head in amusment A vampire slayer? Yeah right... He gave her a big smile and played along for now. "Yeah, sure. And thanks." Then he looked her in the eyes. "How'd you guess?" Like anyone would believe her anyway.

    Oooooh! She was right! Sweet! It wasn't every day that you met a real live vampire slayer! And here she was, on the same couch as him. "You're soooo much hotter than Blade!" She blinked. "Well, equally hot, anyway." She couldn't suppress the star-struck grin. "Because not everyone has silver-bullet platted vampire stakes... but you gots them!" Strange, they looked an awful lot like those things on the head of Mikko's 'squeeze'. but nah. Vampire stakes were definitely the more logical explanation!

    Kendall chuckled again. "Thank you. And yeah, I got 'em." Even though this girl was really annoying at times, her naive-ness was really cute. "Here. Why don't you give that to me before you hurt yourself with it?" he asked her softly, reaching out to gently take the 'vampire stake' from her. Then he laid it in the box with the other ones. He would have to find a place to put them so she wouldn't find them again. He know how much those things neant to Mikko. It was bad enough that 'Britney' had found and touched them in the first place. "So where do you live from here?" Then he looked at her again. "So where do you live from here?"

    She gave up the spike with little protest, and finished her cookie, placing half in 'James' lap.. because even vampire slayers needed to eat, too! "I'm homeless." She licked the crumbs from her finger "But, I could stay with you!" She gave him a hopeful smile. "I'm not messy or anything!" Says she, who left crumbs all over the couch. "You won't even know that I'm here!"

    'Huh...I seriously doubt that.' So she was homeless. Now how was he supposed to get away from her? He had to go pick up Mikko and he seriously doubted that she would want the unexpected company. And further more, he said that he didn't live here, when he clearly was. He had no home to go to either. He was only hoping to stay here long enough to figure out what his next move was. And right now, he had no clue on what to do. But the bottom line was, this girl couldn't stay here. So what was he he going to do? "Sorry, darling. But you'll have to take it up with my friends first. They're the ones that are letting me stay here for the time being."

    There was now something desperate in that innocent gaze of hers. She certainly didn't want to go back to the clinic. "Buuut! You slay vampires! Just slay your friends too. Then, I can stay here with you. I can be your side-kick! I don't think there's ever been a vampire slayer in the history of slayers to have a side-kick! It'll be a first!"

    Kendall sighed heavily. Who knew that this one little act of his would end him up in so much trouble? He had to think of a way out of this. She could NOT stay here. Even if she was allowed to stay here, her bubbly personality would annoy him to no end! 'Come on, think Kendall! How can I get rid of her without her still following me around like a fuckin' lost puppy?' The answer was simple really. But could he really bring himself to kill this girl? Maybe at one time, but not anymore. So what were the other options? Maybe Mikko might have some ideas. He glanced at the clock and sighed. He had to go pick Mikko up really soon. He might as well take the girl with him and then he could decide what to do later. "Alright. You can stay with me. But you have to come with me when I leave soon. I have to go pick someone up." There was too much that she could get into here, so he couldn't leave her here by herself. "Go get ready. We'll be leaving in about fifteen minutes." And he left no room for argument.

    She grinned happily at that. It was definitely better than a 'no'. "I promise you won't regret it, James! I'll be really good, promise!" "Were we going? Who are you picking up?" She pushed herself up off the couch, and grinned brightly at him. "And I'm ready already! These are all the clothes I got!" Though, if they were off to slay vampires... she really hoped that she wouldn't be getting her fuzzy bunny slippers bloody.

    "Alright, alright. But you need to promise me that you will stay still and not talk on the way there." He was NOT looking forward to this drive with the bubbly teenager. "Not one word, got it?" He looked down and finally saw half of a cookie that she had set down on his leg earlier. He looked up again and smiled at her. "Thanks for the cookie, by the way," he said. He ate it quickly, then put on his shoes. He then stood up from the couch and looked at her again. "You ready to go?"

    No talking? That would definitely be difficult, but she gave an eager nod, anyway. "Buuut, if I can't talk to you.. could you at least talk to me? Silence is really.. depressing." She gave another nod "Ready Freddy...urm, I mean James!"

    He only nodded to her and opened the door, heading outside. He waited for 'Britney' to come out of the house as well before he shut the door and locked it. He already had the keys in his pocket. He headed towards the car and opened the door, getting in. He hurried and hotwired the car.

    She climbed into the front seat, and watched curiously as he hotwired the car. Poor guy must've lost his keys. She chuckled to herself. Guess vampire slayers were only human, too. "No worries, I lose things all the time, too." .." Like one time.. I misplaced Mr. Potatoe head's lips... but they were in his ass the WHOLE time.."

    Kendall looked up at her confused. "Huh? Oh. Oh yeah. I lost them a while ago," he replied. Then he listened to her small story. This girl was definitely a few sandwiches short of a picnic. He was really beginning to wonder if this was Mikko's room mate after all. Putting together the girl's two slips earlier, it seemed apparent that it was true. He couldn't remember exactly what her name was, but he knew it started with a "D". Then it hit him. 'Oh my fuckin''s Daisy! But how the hell did she get here? She couldn't have snuck in here without me knowing about it.' The questions kept coming as he pulled out of the driveway and headed towards the city. Now that he knew who she was, him placing her somewhere seem a bit easier.

    She sunk into her seat, slipping off the house shoes and placed her feet on the dash. She wiggled her brightly painted toes, and reached for the dial on the radio. "What kinda music do you like?"

    Mikko was still wandering around, looking for Chris, but trying to make it seem that she wasn't acutally looking for anyone.

    Kendall just shrugged. "Don't really care. Pick whatever you want." He just hoped that she would pick something that he could tolerate, at least. But on the bright side, this would hopefully keep her occupied enough that he didn't have to listen to her incessant questions.

    Giving up her search Mikko frowned and headed back to her room, but not before stoping to grab one more doughnut.

    Daisy finally settled on a rock station, grinning brightly as she recognized Kid Rock. She gave 'James' a hopeful look, hoping he would approve.

    Kendall nodded in approval and glanced over at Daisy, giving her a smile. Rock was alright. But he didn't pay much attention to it as he came closer and closer to his destination.

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    Post by Mikko on Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:45 pm

    Mikko slunk in a chair in the corner of her room, she couldn't find Chris and she couldn't see Spike and Kendall wasn't calling....what a wonderful start to the day. she thought to herself. though it was Spike that was mostly on her mind. she would call again later. she would probably call a few times...

    Daisy seemed content with the radio ... for now. Though, she couldn't decide on just one channel. She flipped back and forth, alternating between rock and rap... and finally... boy bands! But her chipper mood suddenly began to fade the moment that their surrounding became more and more familiar. They were closing in on the clinic. A frown tugged across her perky lips, quivering sadly. "Please don't take me back there!" Her saddened gaze fixated on him, pleading.

    Kendall kept his focus on the road. Daisy's constant need of changing the radio stations did get a little on his nerves. But it was still better then her constant chattering. He was startled out of his thought by her outburst. Now he was one-hundred percent sure that this was Mikko's room mate. He gave her a quick glance. "Take you back where?" he asked her, even though he already knew the answer.

    Mikko pushed herself up and walked to the door to take one last peek outside. She didn't know why she was so determin to see this guy again, maybe it was because she hadn't seen him in the light yet, other then the dim room.

    The tears were now threatening to fall, but she wiped them away with the back of her hand. "That.. place. No-one likes me there." And Daisy didn't even wonder how he knew where she'd escaped from, if that was even the case.

    That didn't really answer his question, so he tried again. "Just what place are you talking about, girl?" Kendall was beginning to lose his patience again.

    "The clinic." She finally answered, sobbing quietly. "That's where you're going, isn't it?" There, he cover was blown, but she was afraid that it was where he was taking her.

    Kendall just stared at her. Since she had just revealed her secret identity to him he tried to tap down his annoyance. He hated seeing girls cry. He softened his voice and gave her a small smile. "You're Mikko's room mate, aren't you?"

    She sniffled quietly, and tried to wipe away the tears, smearing the eye-liner in the process. She just gave a small nod in response, and sunk a little lower into her seat. "Yeah..." "Don't take me back.. I promise to leave your radio alone... and your stakes!"

    Kendall couldn't help but chuckle. "Don't worry about the radio...Daisy," he said giving her a small wink. "And no, I wasn't planning on taking you back there." At least, not at first. But now that he knew exactly who she was...well, he wasn't sure what to do with her. "I'm picking up Mikko from there. You'll have to talk to her if you wanna stay."

    "Mikko?" She looked a little disappointed. "Is... she your girlfriend?" She curled up in her seat, filled with a mixture of emotions. Hopefully Mikko would let her stay.. but she was reeeeally hoping she and the vampire slayer weren't involved.

    Kendall shook his head. "Nah...we're just friends. She helped me a while ago." He didn't want to go any further into it. The last thing he wanted was this girl to be afraid of him because of his past.

    Well, that certainly was a relief. The last thing she needed was to be crushing on a guy that was already taken, especially if that guy was involved with what she considered her bestest friend or probably, her only friend. Though, the feeling was probably not shared. The tears were slowly fading. "She helped you out, huh?" She figured it was something innocent. "Did she help you fid your keys? Or your puppy?" She blinked. "Do vampire slayers have puppies?"

    Kendall just sighed. He reeeally didn't want to discuss this now. He was seriously wishing that he never said anything about that. 'Too late now.' Now to find some sort of explanation... easier said than done. Taking the plunge, he sighed deeply. "I got injured a while back and she patched me up," he decided to tell her. Which was basically the truth. She had done that...and MUCH more too.

    And it was a good opening for many other questions. Her big blue eyes were glued to him, marveling over just how hot he was. "Oooh, you got an owie, huh? How that happen? Did you fall on a stake? Or down the stairs?"

    Shit... This was exactly what Kendall was trying to avoid. He could feel his temper flare up again. Taking a few deep, hopefully calming, breaths, he gave her his best explanation. "I was shot, okay? Someone fuckin' shot me! You happy now?! Now can we PLEASE...drop it?" The last two words he half hissed, half whispered. They were almost there now...

    She blinked at his sudden outburst, and sunk even deeper in her seat, giving him a hurtful look. Gah, someone musta pissed in his cherios! But it seemed to do the trick, for now. She remained quiet, and stared almost blankly out the window. Though, she was highly curious as to how and why he was shot. Vampires usually didn't carry guns, did they?

    Kendall immediately regretted his shouting after seeing Daisy's face. 'Good going, man. You really need to do something about that temper of yours...' he chided himself. He looked over at Daisy. "Sorry... But I just don't want to talk about it now," he said in a much more gentle voice. By now, they had reached their destination. He parked the car in the same place he did the last two times then stepped out. He bent down and spoke softly to Daisy. "You can come if you want. Otherwise, wait right here. I'll be right back."

    Well, at least he was talking to her, so maybe he wasn't too mad. She managed a small grin at his apology. Seriously, she was used to being yelled at. It was just different coming from him. "It's okay!" She was quick to forgive. "I'll just... stay here. Guard the car for you!" Seriously, she was afraid that if she went inside, they would make her stay.

    Kendall nodded and shut the door. Then he made his way up to the same window he had escaped from the previous night.

    Now that he was gone, she was really regretting not tagging alone. She didn't do so well, alone. Still, the trheat of being kept at the clinic kept her in place. She would just have to use the radio for a sorce of company.

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    Post by Mikko on Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:45 pm

    Chris was once again wandering the halls. His undetermined path was taking him closer and closer to Mikko's room. And to be honest, he really did want to see her again. She was the only person thatonly person that he could really consider a friend since he had been there.

    And as luck would have it she saw him walking toward her room again. Mikko smiled brightly and walked out to meet him in the hall "Hey. Get any sleep last night?"

    Chris looked up at Mikko and gave her a small smile. "Yeah, a little. How about you?"

    Mikko shruged. "an hour tops." She walked back to her room hoping that he would follow and opend the door for him.

    Chris nodded. "Yeah, me too." Then he saw Mikko head back into her room. He debated on whether to follow her or not. Seeing that she seemed so willingly to let him follow her, he went inside. Then he sat down in the same chair that he did the other night.

    Mikko closed the door behind him, and grabbed the doughnut that she took from the kitchen and offered it to him. "Hungry?"

    Chris took the doughnut from her without hesitation. "Thanks," he said smiling. He took a few small bites.

    "Your welcome." She sat on the bottom bunk across from Chris. And damn he was hot in the dark, he was ten times as hot in the light. She coudldn't help but stare. "You want some milk or something? I can go get you something." She chimed suddenly, trying to stop looking at the man.

    Chris just grinned and nodded. "Sure. Just surprise me. I ain't that picky."

    "Ok!." She hopped up and left the room heading to the kitchen. She rumaged through the fridge and grabbed the milk and a tall glass. Pouring Chris and herself a drink she took that and two muffins back to her room. "Here you go." She handed him the milk and a muffin.

    Chris gave her a small 'thanks' and graciously took the items from her. It didn't take him long to dive into the muffin. It had been a while since he had eaten and this muffin seemed to do the trick to do the trick nicely. After finishing it down fairly quickly, he downed his milk. After setting his glass down, he smiled at Mikko again. "Thanks, I needed that."

    "Your welcome." Mikko sat down on the bed and was at lost to what to talk about, finally she patted the spot beside her again. "You know I don't bite, and that chair can't be comftorable."

    Chris finally took up her up on the offer and sat down beside her. But he didn't say anything.

    He smelled so good. Mikko looked up at him trying to come up with something to say. "Soooooo...You got any plans for today?" It was the only thing she could think of on the spot.

    Chris just shrugged and shook his head. "Nope. How about you?"

    "No I don't think so." She leaned back aginst the wall. "Maybe i'll take a nap or something."

    Chris nodded. Too bad he couldn't sleep that well anymore. Otherwise a nap would sound good. But since he started coming to the clinic, he hardly ever slept. Most of the time he just wandered the wandered the halls aimlessly.

    "Maybe you can take a nap too." She shruged and looked down then pulled the covers over both of them

    Chris nodded and settled down next to her. He would certainly try for sure. He closed his eyes, hoping that sleep would come eventually.

    She looked at him again. she hesitated. it was a really REALLY long time since she been this close to a guy, and there was still Spike. she felt guilty for even sitting this close to Chris. Mikko sighed and rested her head on chris shoulder. what the hell. It wasn't like she was screwing the guy. Mikko found herself drifting off to sleep, pulling the covers higher over them both and cuddling up to Chris.

    Kendall had reached the window and looked in. There she was...his angel...asleep. Then he frowned. Who the fuck is that? And why is he sleeping with her? He could feel anger and jealousy boiling in him. How dare he?! He climbed all the way in and stood there in the room staring and somewhat glaring at Mikko. But he was quiet enough the whole time so no one knew that he was there.

    Kendall may have thought that no one could hear him. But Chris was a very light sleeper. He heard the slightest shuffle of Kendall's shoes and slowly opened his eyes. Then they widened in alarm as he saw the man glaring absolutely daggers at him. And he had no idea why. Was this someone that Mikko even knew? To be sure he tapped Mikko's arm to wake her up.

    Mikko slowly opened her eyes and looked up at Chris with a smile, she hadn't noticed Kendall standing there yet, having tunnel vision at the moment. "Can't sleep?"

    Chris shook his head, still not taking his eyes off of Kendall. "No, there's a guy here. A very tall guy." His voice was a bit shakey.

    "Uh?" She looked over and saw Kendall. She frowned irritated at him. "Seriously, it's called knocking. try it." She looked back at Chris. "It's just Kendall, no worries."

    Kendall still didn't say anything at first. He just continued glaring at the two of them in full-blown jealousy. "So who is he?" he hissed. He was not in the mood to play games.

    Chris just nodded. But he still didn't take his eyes off the man. Considering how tall this guy was, he knew better than to mess around with him. His voice was a bit stronger now and he answered Kendall's question. "I'm Chris...Mikko's friend. Who're you?"

    "She just said what my name is," he said pointing to Mikko. "And that's all you need to know."

    Mikko rolled her eyes and climed out the bed. "What the hell is wrong with you?" She said walking up to Kendall. "It's none of your goddamn buissnes who I sleep with!"

    Oh no...he just angered his angel. Not good... Kendall's temper faded away instantly. "Sorry, babe. But I just wanted to make sure that you were safe." Not that he would ever admit that his hostillity towards Chris was fueled by jealousy alone. He still wouldn't look at Chris with anything but a glare. Which he still shot the man occasionally.

    Chris, however, had completely gotten over his fear of Kendall and shot a glare at the man himself. "Is she YOUR girlfriend?" Touchy subject, he knew. But he was really enjoying his time with Mikko and this guy wanted to take that away from him? Not that he expected that anything would actually happen between them. Heck he'd be tickled to death to call Mikko his. But it was still to early to even think about that.

    "WHAT!? Noooo nononononononono noooooo..." Mikko said maybe a little to quick, she sat back down on the bed. "no we're just fri..." Mikko looked out the window. "Daisy?" "Why is Daisy in my car?!" She went to the window and stuck her head out. "DAISY!"

    Noticing Mikko, Daisy flashed her a huge grin and an eager wave, but she certainly wasn't leaving that car. Though, she was reeeeeally hoping her new friend would return, soon.

    "Daisy, get in here!"

    The girl couldn't hear her, since the car windo was rolled up. So she just grinned happily, oblivious to the 'sparks' that were going on, inside.

    'Ohhh FUCK!' Kendall thought as he looked out the window. 'Shit, shit, shit...' This was NOT good.

    Mikko looked back at Kendall. "What is she doing?"

    Seeing Kendall, Daisy flashed a wink, and blew him a kiss..

    Chris tried to see past the two of them to see what all the fuss was about. All he could see was a girl in the car, and...hitting on KENDALL?! What the hell? And he was giving Chris all kinds of grief? When his potential girlfriend was waiting just outside?

    Kendall turned back to Mikko and shrugged, trying to keep it cool. "I dunno. She just followed me, I guess." It was pretty clear to him that Mikko didn't want Daisy to stay with them. And now he was completely torn. After her display in the car, he wasn't so willing to bring her back in here...

    "Ok..Go bring her in here so that I can CHOKE THE..I mean..I was worried about her, I want to talk to her." She took a step closer to chris. "please." She flashed him a smile.

    Oh boy... That didn't help at all. Kendall had caught Mikko's slip alright. And he was really beginning to wonder if Daisy DID stay with them, would she be safe with Mikko around? That just made another problem rear it's ugly head. Daisy didn't want to stay here. Mikko didn't want her with them. But if they did take her, then Miiko could kill her easily. Tough choice indeed... But first, he had to deal with the current matter...bringing Daisy in. Then he had a thought. What if Daisy stayed outside and just talked through the window? That way he could monitor Mikko's behavior towards her, and he could get her out of there if he needed to. Finally making a decision, he went over to the window and motioned Daisy to come closer.

    She was reluctant to leave the car, but okay. She would do it for HIM. She stepped out of the vehicle, moving cautiously closer to the window, keeping a watchful eye for any clinic staff. She would be quick to retreat to her 'safe spot' if any of the staff came too close. "Hey! Are we leaving yet?"

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    Post by Mikko on Fri Jun 19, 2009 4:30 pm

    Kendall shook his head. "Not yet. There's someone that wants to talk to you first." At least that all he hoped was going to happen. With Mikko, you never knew, sadly...

    She blinked at that. Ooooh.. someone, that could be anyone! She certainly didn't want to be talking to any clinic staff. She cautiously stepped closer, but still kept a watchful eye out. "Urm, who? Is this close enough?"

    Mikko walked back over to the window and glared at Daisy. "Get. Over. Here. Now."

    She couldn't suppress a face-splitting grin when she saw Mikko. She waved cutely, but didn't seem too eager to move from her spot. "But, it's niiice outside those walls... there's sunlight and stuff..

    Mikko was going to yell at the girl but stopped herself and grinned. "Ok...then I'll keep these two guys for myself, and we'll use your bed." With that she shut the window and walked away hoping that Daisy would come inside.

    Well that certainly earned a pout! That was so not fair! She seriously wondered what they would need a bed for, but quickly shrugged that off. It would've surely hit her, if she had thought hard enough.Whatever her intentions, she didn't want them having all the fun without her. Reluctantly, she moved towards the window, and slowly climbed inside, smiling sweetly as she came to stand beside 'James'.. hovering oh so close to him. "This is my new friend!" She announced, and reached for 'James' hand. "His name is James.. and he's a vampire slayer!" And she quickly noticed the pale dude with the black hair. Could it be? A vampire! Her gaze was fixated on Chris. "You might wanna run.. Mr. Vampire.."

    Kendall just stood there watching the exchange between the two girls. Of course, Mikko had to be the stubborn one and refuse to talk to Daisy outside the window. When Daisy came through the window, he watched to make sure that he stayed between her and Mikko. Kendall took her hand and held it protectively in his. He was really beginning to get attached to the girl. But not the way that Daisy saw him for sure. More like a kid sister, or even a daughter. And he would do everything he could to protect her from harm. He almost laughed at her next statement. About Chris being a vampire. Hell, the dude kinda looked like one. And maybe...that would be the ticket to get him away from Mikko. He gave Chris a sly grin.

    "James the vampire slayer uh? Cute." Mikko rolled her eyes and walked to Chris. "This is Chris, Chris that's Daisy." With introductions done Mikko turned her full attention back to Daisy. "now YOU! What were you doing in my car? why were you in my house? And most importantly you didn't touch anything, did you!?" She stalked closer to the girl.

    Her heart melted as 'James' too her hand. She squeed inwardly, and her expression made it bluntly obvious just how much she was crushing on the guy. But her expression faltered slightly as Mikko stalked closer, that irritated look worn on her features. "I touched the cookies.."

    There was cookies? why didn't she know about these cookies? "And that's all?"

    Chris felt a slight fear bubbling up to the surface again the way Kendall was looking at him. A vampire? Him??? He had never thought about it like that before. But now that they mentioned it, he could kind of see their point. He just stayed silent and tried to stay out of the way.

    Daisy seriously had to think on that for a moment. "I touched your couch... actually... I setted on your couch.." She blinked. "Or, is it 'sit'?" Shrugs. "I was on your couch..." "Whiiiiich has ketchup stains on it, btw... but I didn't do it!"

    "Ketchup? Oh! you mean the blood. That's fine...I know who did that." Mikko was feeling much calmer it seemed nothing bad happen and Daisy was safe back at the clinic. It did dawn her that Daisy asked Kendall if they were leaving, so she intended on staying with them then, great. She looked at Daisy then Kendall. They seemed to be hitting it off. Hell maybe this would be a great way to keep Kendall off of her. She grabbed Daisy and turned her so that she faced the closet. "Get some cloths on so we can go." Mikko told her with a pat on the ass.

    Oooooh, so Mikko was gonna let her tag along? Sweet! She wasted no time digging through the closet, pulling out a tight fitting baby-doll tee with a low cut v-neck, and a pair of daisy-duke style shorts. Uncaring of the audience, she ripped off her PJ top, breasts exposed without a care in the world. Mother nature had definitely blessed her in the chest department, and she lacked the mental capacity to realize that it wasn't appropriate to be nude in front of strange guys..

    Kendall was completely shock that Mikko agreed to let Daisy come with them. In a way he was happy, and another he was already annoyed. He seriously hoped that he would be able to keep his temper in check around the girl. She had tried his patience several times already. Then he had an even bigger surprise when Daisy had stripped off her top...right in front of EVERYONE! This girl was definitely not shy about her body either. And he had to admit, she looked reeeeeally good...

    Mikko wasn't to surprised that Daisy decided to give everyone a show, she shook her head and turned to Chris. "So Edward, you can come too. just don't get glitter on me."

    Daisy took her time in getting dressed, since it took several attempts to get the shirt just right. Inside out, and inside in... why did it have to be so complicated! Finally, she got it just right.. the Super Man symbol resting right across her breast. Now...the even trickier part... the shorts. Without further ado, she stripped of the PJ bottoms, revealing the black thongs that she had surely stolen from someone. It took less time with the shorts, and soon, she was ready to go.

    Chris, however, didn't seem so eager to go with these people. Sure, he would like to stay with Mikko, but the other two made him feel really uneasy. Especially Kendall... He quickly weighed his options and decided that getting out of her seemed to have way more pros. And if Mikko was going to leave him, he wouldn't have ANYONE to talk to again. Yes, he would like to tag along as well. He paid Daisy no mind when she stripped in front of everyone. The girl looked way to young for him anyway. But Mikko...she was a different story. And he was very interested in finding out more about her.

    When she heard that Daisy was ready to go, Mikko grabbed her bag, quickly checking to make sure she had everything then took Chris's hand. "Ok lets get out of here." She lead them all out of the window to that car.

    It was then that Chris decided to speak up. "W-wait! How long will we be gone?" He didn't have anything with him. All his possessions were still in his room.

    Daisy was quick to grab a few essentials. Gum, CD's.. and glitter lip gloss. She then threaded her finger's through Kendall's, flashing him a sweet smile, and a flirty wink.

    Mikko quickly stopped and turned to him. "Well..I'm usually back before seven so that people don't come looking for me, but...if you have some stuff to get we'll wait for you."

    Chris nodded. "Okay, be right back." And with that, he went back in the same way he came out. He hurried into his room and gathered a few things, then came out, carrying a small bag that had some essentials. It wasn't long before he joined them again. "Ready!"

    Kendall just stood back and watched everything. But he was keeping a really close eye on Mikko and Daisy. When Daisy approached him and took his hand again, he returned the favor. Then gave her a bright smile. "I guess you'll be staying with me, after all," he whispered as he lead Daisy out of the room.

    And there was that smile again. Her heart skipped a beat just then, and she squeezed his hand. "Mmhmm... I'm allll yours, James!"

    Mikko opened the cars door and tossed her bag in before sliding in the back seat. She moved some stuff on the floor so Chris could slide in beside her.

    Kendall squeezed it back. He knew what she meant, but didn't reply to it. He lead her to the car and climbed in the driver's seat, waiting for everyone else.

    Chris followed suit with Mikko and slid in beside her.

    Daisy was all too eager to join Kendall in the front, sliding over as close to him as humanly possible. She pulled out her CD's, and began flipping through, finally popping N'sync into the player.

    Luckily Mikko was prepared for such music and pulled out her shuffle and ear pods. "You wanna listen?" She asked scooting closer to Chris and offering him one of the pods. "Anything is better then what we're listing to now."

    Chris nodded and took it graciously. "Thanks." Yeah, he really didn't want to listen to boy bands anymore. He got enough of that as a CD store worker.

    Kendall sighed and started the car. Daisy was a liiiiiittle too close for comfort. But he didn't say anything as he put the gearshift in 'drive' and took off down the road. Towards the cabin...

    Daisy seemed mesmerized as she watched 'James' work that stick. She gently caressed his hand with a fingertip, tracing the veins. "You have nice hands.." She complimented sweetly. "Want some gum?"

    Mikko popped in a techno CD. hoping the Chris would approve. it was going to be a looong drive. and it seemed that the A/C was broke..great. She kicked her shoes off and lifted her legs on the seat.

    Kendall glanced at her and smiled. "Thanks. And sure." This girl seem completely infatuated with him. Not that he was complaining. Frankly he was enjoying the attention. At least someone seemed think he was more than just a tool for getting some guy out of the slammer...

    Chris bobbed his head to the steady beats, and smiled at Mikko. So far, he was enjoying himself.

    She eagerly began digging through her stuffed turtle backpack, pulling out several packs of gum. "What's your favorite flavor? Strawberry? Raspberry? Root Beer?"

    It wasn't long after they were finally out of the city limits that Mikko started to feel sick, they still had a long way to go but this couldn't wait. She plucked the pod from her ear and. tapped on Kendall's shoulder. "Pull over! I gotta puke." She should have picked a closer cabin...

    Kendall looked at her again briefly. "How 'bout strawberry?" Then he noticed someone was tapping on his shoulder and quickly complied to Mikko's request. He already knew what this was about. But he highly doubted the others did.

    Daisy flashed him a sweet smile as she unwrapped the gum, seemingly unfazed by Mikko's request. Probably bad taco Bell, she thought. A cheeky grin crossed her perky lips as she wedged the piece of gum between her lips, and without warning, pressed her mouth against Kendall's, pressing the gum into his lips with her tongue..

    She leaped out the car as soon as it came to a stop and not a moment to soon. She doubled over getting sick in front of the car. She was really hoping she didn't have to have the I'm pregnant talk to Chris so soon. Finally done, she wiped her mouth and slid back in the car without a word, she just put the pod back in her ear and closed the car door.

    Chris just chalked it up to motion sickness, nothing more. When she returned to the car, he gave her a smile. Then as another form of comfort, he put his arm around her shoulders.

    It was a good thing that the car was stopped or a crash would have been imminent. Kendall didn't expect the 'kiss' at all. His eyes widened in shock as he felt her slide the gum into his mouth. He still took it, but this was definitely awkward for him. After Mikko had returned to the car, he took off once again...still trying to shake off his utter surprise.

    Mikko pulled away from Chris only slightly, still unsure about how close she wanted to get be to the guy. But she reasoned that she wasn't doing anything wrong, she was single after all. even though she didn't see herself that way, it's not like Spike was ever faithful, even when there WERE together. Mikko relaxed and scooted back to Chris. She laid her head on his shoulder and just hoped that she didn't do something she was going to regret with the guy.

    She really didn't seem to notice the poor guy's shock. She smiled sweetly at him, and popped a piece of raspberry into her mouth. "How's the gum? You know, I never woulda thought you'd like strawberry... it's a good thing I have a ton of it!" And she glanced over her shoulder at Mikko.. and that vampire guy. "Want gum?" She eyed Chris skeptically. "Sorry, bud. I don't have anything blood flavored... but I have glitter...Glitter lip gloss, that is..And why are you out in the sunlight? Won't that turn you into a crispy critter?" She blinked. "Well, Edward didn't go poofies when he walked in daylight.. so maybe you're safe..BUT I dunno how you pull that off.."
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    Post by Christopher on Sat Jun 20, 2009 5:43 pm

    ((Yet another portion of this rp done in chat. Once again, thanks to Mikko for editing))

    Kendall happened to glance into the rear-view mirror RIGHT when Chris tried to put his arm around Mikko. The jealousy bug hit him full-force again, but he said nothing. He only narrowed his eyes in irritation at Chris' advances. But he really couldn't worry about this right now. His main priority was his driving. He could always thrash Chris later...

    Chris was a little hurt when Mikko pulled away from him. He didn't mean anything by it. He was just trying to comfort her when she was sick...oh well. But then she returned to him. He gave her a smile then looked up at Daisy when she addressed him, rolling his eyes. 'Again, with the vampire thing...' "I have a name you's Chris," he said in irritation. Then he softened his tone. "And sure, I'll take some. Raspberry, please? But I'm not a vampire. I don't even believe in them." He was hoping that would close the subject once and for all.

    She seriously wasn't buying it. The guy was obviously denying what he was, just so James wouldn't slay him. He sooooo wasn't fooling her. But okay, she'd play along.. for now. She just flashed him a wink, as if to say 'your secret's safe with me', and offered him a piece of raspberry gum. At least he didn't want the strawberry, cuz that was alllll for her sexy vampire slayer.

    Mikko smiled back at Chris then looked over at Daisy, She couldn't understand how she even got the idea that Kendall was a slayer. "Daisy, Why do you think Chris is a vampire, I mean, I'm pale and have dark hair too...And how in the world did you get it in your head that ke...'James' is a slayer?"

    Chris just rolled his eyes again and took the gum from her. Then he mumbled a 'thanks' and popped it in his mouth.

    "Because I played with his stick!" She beamed, and popped a piece of gum into her mouth. "Annnnd, James knew just where to find 'Chris'.. because slayers are just good like that!"

    Mikko grinned and leaned forward in her seat, inching closer to Daisy. "He didn't know where to find Chris, He knew where to find me." Then Mikko suddenly, but gently bit Daisy's neck.

    Kendall had to hold back a snicker when Mikko addressed the vampire issue. But his mirth faded immediately when she first made the slip, and the question itself. If Daisy said anything about the spikes - which he was sure she would, his goose was seriously cooked... 'Shit...' And just as he expected, Daisy told Mikko about them. But not in the way he thought she would. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all...

    Chris' eyes widened in surprise with Mikko's actions. 'What the...?' This was indeed weird. But he was sure it was still all a ruse. And he wondered what Kendall was thinking right now...

    Her eyes widened in shock as Mikko bit her neck. She quickly pulled away, hand pressed over the bite. For a split second, she was fearful that she would turn into a blood sucker... and THAT would surely ruin any chance she never had with the slayer guy.

    Mikko sat back again with a chuckle. "So you were playing with his stick uh? kinky..." She rummaged through her backpack and pulled put a honey bun, wasting no time she dove into it.

    Kendall was too occupied with his driving and his own thoughts to notice anything Mikko did. But he almost laughed when Mikko caught the innuendo. Instead he snickered quietly and tried to focus on the driving again. They were about five minutes from the cabin now...

    Mikko finished her honey bun just as they were pulling up to the cabin, she was so glad to be off the road not to mention she seriously had to pee.

    It took a few minutes for Daisy to realize that she wasn't transforming into a blood-sucking vampire. She blinked at Mikko, oblivious to the fact that they had arrived at the cabin. "Heeeey.. vampires don't eat honey buns!"

    Kendall pulled into the drive and shut the engine off. He was grateful to be back to the cabin, but hopefully things wouldn't be too crowded in there.

    Chris, too, was glad to be out of the stuffy car. He was never one to like tight spaces. He wasn't claustrophobic, he just hated it. And with all these strange people to boot...

    Before Mikko hoped out of the car, she reached into hr bag, pulling out her last honey bun and handing it to Chris. "Eat this so she'll shut up." Mikko then left the car and ran inside the house. Finally inside she made a beeline to the bathroom. 'much better'. then she cleaned up and headed back out into the living room.

    Chris took the sticky bun and looked confused at Mikko, but she was long gone. Then he caught on to what she was saying. He turned to Daisy and grinned at her before taking an exaggerated bite. Now hopefully Daisy would lay off the vampire stuff.

    Daisy watched him carefully. "Mmhmm... now, lemme see you swallow!" Cuz that was the real trick! Anyone could bite a bun!

    Chris rolled his eyes. Then he chewed and chewed, and finally swallowed. He looked up and Daisy again, shooting her another grin. "Satisfied now?"

    Mikko sat down on the couch, curled up in the corner. She turned the tv on and waited for the others to come inside.

    Deep down, she was kinda disappointed. It woulda been cool to know a real live vampire. But then, her sexy friend would have to slay him. "Yeah.. okay. Then you're a Lycan."

    Chris stared at the girl incredulously. "A Lycan? What the f-okay...what makes you think I'm a Lycan?"

    She gave a small shrug at that. "Because you're obviously not a vampire." "Let me know how that change goes at moon-o'clock!"

    Kendall was the last one to leave the vehicle. But he still caught the exchange between Chris and Daisy. As he was walking by the two of them, he growled at Chris, then laughed as he went into the house.

    Chris flinched only in surprise and glared at the man as he disappeared into the house. Then he turned back to Daisy, scoffing. "Whatever, little girl." And with that, he went into the house as well.

    Mikko looked up at the two guys and smiled. "Bout time. what were you all doing out there?" She looked over at Chris. "Make yourself at home,babe."

    "Soooo, are we going to throw a party, or what?" She asked, hovering oh so close to Kendall.

    Chris didn't say anything and went over to the couch. He had heard the story, and that it wasn't actually 'ketchup'. So he sat down on one of the cleaner cushions. In all the frustration with Daisy, he had forgotten to get his things out of the car. "Shit..." he mumbled and wordlessly headed outside again to grab his things out of the vehicle. It wasn't long before he returned again, shutting the cabin's door behind him. Then he resumed his place on the couch again, setting his bag on his lap.

    Mikko leaned over to chris, he seemed irritated and she was wondering if it was a good idea to bring Chris along. " wanna go for a walk in the woods?" Maybe some fresh air would help.

    The first thing Kendall did after walking in the door was grab a beer out of the fridge. He opened it and by the time he had joined the others, Daisy was practically clinging onto him like a lost puppy. It both flattered and annoyed him that she gravitated towards him so much. And...just to annoy the boy even more, he sat down next to Chris, giving him a sly grin.

    Weeeeell, if James was drinking, Daisy was gonna drink, too! She quickly grabbed a booze from the fridge, and rejoined the others, taking a seat on the couch's arm, close to Kendall. She nearly gagged at the taste of it, but was determined to be 'cool'.

    Chris shifted uncomfortably in his seat, feeling very uneasy about Kendall's close proximity. What was with this guy anyway? Why was he always acting this way around him? He hadn't really said anything to the guy, and Chris felt like he was on his 'shit list' already, for whatever the reason... When Mikko came over to him, that gave him some comfort. He nodded to her question before getting up from the couch, still clutching his bag like his life depended on it. Then he shot Kendall a quick glare of his own before joining Mikko.

    Mikko knew what Kendall's problem was, though she didn't understand why, even if chris wasn't around Kendall still didn't stand a chance, did he just forget about Spike? She smiled at Chris, then frowned at Daisy. Mikko plucked the drink from Daisy's hand. "None for you." She took the beer and Chris hand then headed out into the woods.

    Kendall just chuckled and leaned back against the back of the couch, sipping his beer.

    Dasiy had witnessed the glares between Chris and 'James', and figured it was a slayer/lycan thing, but she got the impression that it was something else, too. She frowned as Mikko took her drink and watched as the two disappeared from the house. She just shrugged her shoulders, and headed back into the kitchen to grab another beer, and returned to the living room. She plopped down beside Kendall, giving him a thoughtful look."You like her, don't you?" It was probably the most serious thing that had left her lips all evening. and there was a sadness in her words.

    Kendall turned to Daisy and nodded. "Yeah...I do. But I really don't think anything would happen between us. She's already got someone, I guess," he finished dejectedly. He knew that he already probably crushed this girl's dreams. And that made him feel even worse. But he figured that personally, he would stand a better chance with Mikko than Daisy, anyway. Then he turned to her again. "But don'chu worry your pretty little head...I still care for you," he said smiling and ruffling her hair slightly.

    Daisy couldn't mask just how crushed she felt. Mikko was so lucky. The guys all loved her, she thought. Still, she managed a faint grin.

    Chris let Mikko lead him out of the house and towards the woods. It felt good to be out of the chaos. Heck, things had been in chaos the whole day. Some alone time with Mikko would be refreshing.

    Daisy's disappointment didn't pass by Kendall so easily. He cupped her cheek with his large hands. "Look... I know you have feelings for me. And I'm sorry I hurt you. But wouldn't it be better to be with someone closer to your age? Just how old are you, anyway?"

    Mikko let go of Chris's hand as soon as they were away from the cabin and in the woods. She poured the beer out and tossed the can, then reached down plucking a flower . she turned to Chris and tucked the little flower in his hair with a grin. "So pretty."

    Chris couldn't help but chuckle. They had just met the other night, and he was already starting to fall for her. And he got the impression that she was doing the same...

    Her heart had broken into a million pieces, though she was trying hard to mask it, with little success. "The boys my age don't like me." She answered quietly, and tried to take a drink of the nasty booze. "I'll be 17 next month.."

    and she was falling for him, she took a step back and frowned, she had to let him know about spike, she didn't want to lead this guy on. "Ummm...I'm pregnant." She said trying not to meet his eyes.

    'Wow, she's younger than I thought....' But it still didn't change the facts. She was way too young for him. And what was worse was he'd caused her to cry again. Kendall sighed heavily and took her in his arms, trying his best to comfort her. "I'm sorry, darlin' But I'm too old for you. And when I say I care for you, I meant as a little sister, or even a daughter." He sighed again, stroking her cheek. "I just don't see any way we can be together the way you want," he told her gently.

    She was seriously trying to suppress the tears, but they came anyway. She just clung to him, resting her head against his chest, lulled by the beating of his heart. "What if I was older? Or wasn't dumb.. or blonde?" Really, all things that she couldn't help. Well, maybe the blonde thing, there was always hair dye..

    Kendall was getting ready to answer her but then he was silenced by what she said next. "Whoa, hang on... I don't have any problem with your looks. Hell, you look really good. But can you really love someone who's more than ten years older than you?" He hugged her again. "If you can say 'yes', then I'll consider it. But just know that this is against the law... If you can wait a couple more years...then maybe...just maybe it would work." He gave her a bright smile.

    Chris looked at her in disbelief. "You're shitting me...really?" He was really surprised and a little crushed. "So who's the lucky guy?"

    "Ummm..well that's complicated. His name's Spike, buuuut. we're not actually together..." She finally looked up at him. "we use to be, years ago. but not anymore. I helped him get out of court house. Don't know if you read about that or not...." She left it at that, waiting for his response.

    Daisy sniffled quietly, the mascara now streaking her pretty face. She rubbed at her eyes, only making it worse. Her head was still resting against his chest, her fingers entwined into his shirt. "The law sucks."

    Truthfully...Chris hadn't heard anything. He was too busy wandering down the halls of the clinic to really pay attention to the news. And it was a good thing too. Otherwise he probably wouldn't want to be so close to Mikko... But still, he looked past that. "Nope. Can't say I have," he answered casually.

    Well that was good. She thought. At lest he didn't already have any ideas about her. "well... I helped him and we got caught, he's on death row right now..."She wasn't sure if she could yet trust him with anymore info, so she just shrugged. "And umm yeah. that's about it...kinda.."
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    Post by Christopher on Sat Jun 20, 2009 5:46 pm

    ((Part two of this chat rp session...))

    'I'll take that as a yes,' Kendall thought grimly, sighing. "Sure it does." He began rocking the girl back and forth while she was still in his arms. "So you really like me, huh?" He had a slight grin on his face. "Do you know why?"

    Chris nodded. It was a lot of information to take in for sure. "So, do you still have feelings for this guy?"

    Of course he has to ask that. Why did he have to ask that? She slowly nodded. "Yeah...but...I really like you too." She almost blurted the last part of that sentence out. She looked down again. "You probably wanna go back now, right?"

    Oh, there were a million reasons why she was attracted to the man. His beautiful dark complexion... his sexy features. That toned body and muscular arms. But there was something more that she was drawn to. Something that might not seem so obvious to most. And maybe something that Kendall hadn't really realized about himself. "Because you're nice to me." and of course, he looked damn hot in that towel upon their first meeting. "I'll wait for you." She breathed quietly, and planted a kiss against his cheek.

    Chris brought his hand up to Mikko's chin and tilted it up towards him, giving her a gentle smile. "Are you kiddin' me? This is the most excitement I've had in I dunno how long. And just so you know..." He pulled her closer and whispered into her ear. "I like you a lot too." Then he pulled away and talked at normal volume again, still holding her chin. "You were my first real friend in that place..." he said, looking straight into her eyes. The smile never leaving his face.

    Mikko smiled back, she fought back tears and thankfully won. The last thing she needed was to seem like an emotional wreck in front of the guy. She picked up another flower and tucked it in her hair. "Do you dance?"

    Kendall could only smile in response. "You got it...Daisy."

    Chris' smile faded slightly and he looked away. "Not really..."

    "Oh...buuut we're alone. Who would see?" She flashed him a bright smile. Yeah, talk about the spike's break out would have to wait, she didn't want to scare the man away.

    Dasiy was unusually quiet, still dealing with the emotions that dwelled within. Still, there was something comforting in their closeness, something she had never experienced before. Head still resting against his chest, she allowed her fingers to absently trace the tone muscle of his abdomen, trying hard to will away the tears and feeling of rejection.

    Chris shrugged and shook his head. "Don't know how..." he whispered quietly.

    Mikko let it drop and took his hand. "That's ok." She sat down under a large tree, pulling him down with her. "How about you tell me more about yourself?"

    Kendall felt terrible about having to reject someone who practically worshiped the ground he walked on. He sighed and held her close again. "I'm really sorry..." he finally said. That was the only thing he could think of at the moment. Then he was thinking about the consideration. Could he really let himself think of her in that way? Sure, the thing that held him back the most was the age thing. But putting that aside, the tried to think of other things that he liked about this young woman. She was very pretty, her bubbly personality - even though it could seriously get on his nerves at times - was something he could use more of...a more positive influence. And she was also very caring. Yeah, the list could go on and on...

    Chris sat down next to her and shrugged. "There's really not that much to tell. My life is pretty boring..." He still didn't feel like he should share much information with her yet. And when he did he did finally open up to her, where should he even BEGIN?

    Mikko nodded. There was so much that she wanted to tell him, she finally had someone to talk to, to open up to, yeah she hadn't known him that long, and she did feel pretty silly getting so attached to him like she was. But, something told her that she could trust him, of course that same something kept telling her to trust Spike, bottom-line, she couldn't really trust her feelings. "Well...My life isn't all that boring.." There she left it open, if he asked questions she would answer them. that would work...At lest that's what she told herself.

    "She's only four years older than me, you know." Daisy finally spoke, but her tone was still quiet and laden with heartbreak. "Well, three... soon." She added, still tracing his muscles with soft fingertips. "How did you meet her?" She was seriously interested in knowing more about him, despite how tired and broken she was feeling.

    Chris looked at her curiously. "Yeah? How so?" He wondered how much he was going to get out of her. He kept thinking about the fact that the had JUST met. So if many things didn't come out in the open just yet, that was okay.

    That was a vague answer...Then mikko decided that she just met the guy, yes she liked him, for the first time since Spike she actually liked someone..a lot. But who cares if he ran off. So what if she never heard from him again, she still had Spike..kinda...sorta...It's not like she was emotionally attached to the man. Decideding that she was just going to come out and tell him everything Mikko took a deep breath. "I'm a cerafiably insane homicidal maniac, gang banger who is about to break someone out of jail." She held her breath and waited.

    There it was again...his shady past. But Kendall couldn't tell her everything. Not yet, anyway. But the real question was, just how much should he tell her. The last thing he wanted to do was scare her off. He gave her another smile. "I met her when she came to visit a friend of hers. I happened to be in the same place as him. Then she saw me and wanted to talk to me. We for a little while, then our time was up. We met like that one more time before we got 'together'. And we ended up helping each other." Then he frowned. "But I don't see us getting together." He sighed heavily. "Guess we're both living a lie, huh?"

    Time was up? That bit certainly didn't slip past her. Her fingers slowly slipped beneath the fabric of his shirt, now making contact with his bare skin. "What, were you in a clinic, too?" "You don't seem... 'damaged'.." In fact, he was the picture of perfection to her.

    Out of all the things she could have said, this was definitely NOT what he was expecting. The pregnant thing was bad enough, but this was just too much. 'Okay, Chris...calm down. Sure, this is a lot to take in all at once, but you can do this. You wanted to know more about this girl, so maybe you should give her a chance first,' he told himself. "Wow..." was all he could say to her.

    "Yeah...But good news is that, I'm slowly stopping the drugs." Just as she said that she remembered that in all that talking she didn't mention the drugs. Mikko took his hand. "I'm really not that bad of a person...really." Actually she was completely shocked that he was still sitting beside her.

    "Kinda...but it was more like a community service thing," Kendall confessed. It was sort of true. He spent some time there actually working as a cook in the prison's kitchen.

    Community service? She was a little confused by that, since it really didn't sound like something related to the nut house. "Did you get into some kind of trouble? Steal a candy bar from the store? It's okay... your secret is safe with me." She flashed him a sweet smile.

    Chris just nodded. "That's good, drugs are bad for you." He let Mikko take his hand and he squeezed it slightly. God, she was pretty. But why did all that baggage have to come with her? "Thanks for telling me," he said sincerely, giving her a small smile. He would have to do some serious thinking for sure on this. But for now, he would still enjoy her company.

    Kendall returned the smile with one of his own. "Thanks." And hopefully the subject would be dropped for now.

    Mikko nodded again and squeezed his hand back, she was so happy that he wasn't running off, and happy that he wasn't asking for any details. She thought maybe she could ease the tension With some more, not so serious facts. "I'm scared of dogs.." She said randomly as she laid her head on his shoulder.

    "Yeah? And I dunno if you could tell earlier, but I hate small spaces. But I'm not, I repeat, am NOT...claustrophobic. I just don't like 'em," Chris said, shrugging.

    She moved, laying down, using Chris' leg as a pillow and looked up at him. "Small place don't bother me, I'm use to being in them..." She thought of something else to tell him. "I'm a tattoo artist."

    Daisy's fingers were still busy, caressing and tracing the 'wonderland' that was Kendall's tummy, her head still resting against his chest. "Do you like to swim? There's a lake, not far from here.."

    Kendall was well aware that Daisy was caressing his bare stomach. And he allowed it. This girl really, REALLY liked him. So he was willing to give her a or no law. He placed his hand behind her head. "You know what?" he said out loud. "Screw the law..." And with that, he pulled her in for a kiss.

    She was completely taken aback by the kiss, eyes widening in complete shock! But she was quick to relax into it, returning with depth and feeling, allowing it to linger for as long as he would allow She cupped his cheeks, pulling him closer, kissing him deeper with a heated passion.

    Kendall was surprised on how right, and how wrong, this felt at the same time. 'What are you doing man? You weren't supposed to kiss her!' he scolded himself. But he just couldn't help himself. This girl's kiss was amazing. So fuckin' amazing! He returned the kiss with as much vigor as she gave him.

    And if she hadn't been in love with the guy before, he woulda certainly had her now. His lips were like heaven, sending a serge racing through her body. Her hands eagerly fumbled with his shirt,attempting to pull it over his shoulders. Her lips were still locked with his, heart racing within the confines of her chest. There was no wrong for her, she couldn't see past what felt right.

    Kendall allowed her to remove his shirt, still deep into the kiss. He only broke it long enough to pull it over his head. Once discarding it on the floor, he laid her back gently on the couch, leaning over her, before he captured her lips once more...

    Her breathing quickened, consumed with excitement and the mixture of feelings that filled her. Her lips once again met his, kissing him with a passion that would rival any love novel.. Her slinder thighs wrapped around his hips, pulling herself closer in anticipation, her fingers slipped down, fumbling with the button of his jeans..
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    ((This portion was done in chat. And also divided into two separate storylines thanks to Mikko. Smile ))

    He was fine with the kissing, and even the removal of his shirt. Hell, it wasn't anything that she hadn't seen already. But when she started working on the fastenings of his jeans, he grew a bit uncomfortable. He broke the kiss and put his hand on one of hers that was working on the buttons. "Whoa, whoa, easy darlin'. Moving a bit fast here, aren't we?"

    Daisy blinked in confusion as he suddenly broke the kiss, her gaze fixating with his, questioning. She had never been this far with anyone before, and was letting instinct guide her, without the 'pollution' of morals, or what some may consider right or wrong. She just knew what her heart wanted, so it couldn't be bad. "Is that.. bad?" Her lips once again met his, kissing him softly, as she awaited his answer. Her heart was practically on needles.

    Kendall shrugged. "It depends. Are you sure you know what you're doing? What we would be doing? Cuz once you lose it, you can't get it back," he told her. The thing that was mostly on his mind was the fact that this was moving WAY too fast! He just met her, and now he wanted to screw her? There had to be a line drawn somewhere. Then he thought about their first meeting and smirked. "Or are you still thinking about back when we first met?"

    She lightly sucked on his bottom lip, listening as he spoke. Oh yeah, she knew what she was doing, and knew what she wanted, naive or not. Her hand once again traveled down, gently caressing the bulge in his jeans. Her lust-filled gaze was still fixated with his, and she kissed him deeply. "Mmhmm.. I can't think of anyone else I'd rather lose it to." Well, aside from Blade.. but he was probably taken.

    Kendall sighed, his lust growing more every second that she touched him. Could he really do this? Could he really give into his desires for this young woman? This was crazy! Just several minutes ago, he wasn't even thinking about stuff like this...with her. But now...oh boy... Now he was doing a complete 180 degree turn, and that scared him a bit. If and ONLY if he allowed her to remove his jeans, then they would be back to square one, practically. She had basically seen everything but the one thing she wanted... He gave her a few more kisses on the lips before whispering into her ear. "You wanna see what I have, don't you?" He kissed her again. "Just my pants now...and then well see...about going further..."

    Daisy was lost within the bliss of the moment, totally indulged in those gorgeous eyes of his. The world around them had seemingly faded away. There was only him and her, and these feelings that she tried so hard to grasp. Her lips trailed along his neck, planting soft kisses against his skin. Her heart raced with excitement, hearing his words, and feeling the anticipation. A smile slowly tugged across her lips, a hint of shyness reflecting through those big blue eyes of hers. She took it as an invite, fingers once again trailing down to work with the button of his jeans.

    Kendall allowed her to undo his pants, then he helped her slip them off his legs. His gunshot wound was fully visible. Well, the bandages were anyway. He hoped that Daisy wouldn't ask him too many questions about that. Now that his jeans were removed, he was only clad in his black boxers. Which he hoped would hide enough for now... And he was still unsure about removing her clothing...even though he'd seen pretty much everything earlier.

    The bandages had definitely earned her attention, but only briefly for now. Though, she made a mental not to go back to that, later. Right now, there were bigger things.. no pun intended. Her gaze fixated on his boxers, and she gingerly ran a finger in between the waistline, then slowly moving down to gently rub what was hidden underneath. She glanced up, flashing him a sweet smile. "Heh. This is like that box inside a box prank.. you open the present, only to be met with another box. "She continued caressing the bulge, hoping the gesture would 'loosen' him up, and make him more willing to lose those boxers.

    This was NOT helping at all. She kept touching him through his shorts. To keep her wandering hands from going any further, he grabbed a hold of it. "Ah-ah-ah, little girl. You can look, but don't touch," he said giving her a small wink. Then he leaned in for a kiss again, cupping her cheek

    Gaaaah! She wasn't sure how much more she could take. She was absolutely dying to see what resided beneath those shorts. She gave a cute pout, in between kisses. Her fingers caressed the back of his head, but causally moved down, and slowly began peeling off her shirt. She broke the kiss long enough to pull it over her arms, one again meeting his gaze. She felt slightly self-conscious, for the simple fact that he would probably reject her, since all of her previous advances had failed. "I'm not so little.." She breathed seductively against his mouth, before pressing her lips against his.

    Kendall broke the kiss and chuckled. "'re a very beautiful young woman," he said smiling, still cupping her cheek. Now that she was topless, it was making it even harder to control those urges that he was so desperately trying to hold back. It was only a matter of time before he would have to surrender to them...

    And Daisy certainly had no intentions of making his inner struggle easy for him. So she couldn't touch him? Ooookay, well.. he'd just have to touch her. She took his hand, slowly pressing his palm against her breast, and praying that he wouldn't pull away. There was a shyness in her features, despite her blunt actions. "I don't have a 'no touch' policy on me anywhere.." She flashed him a small wink.

    Kendall was quite amused at this display. He didn't pull away at all when she placed his hand on her breast. In fact, he kneaded it lightly, enjoying the feel of it under his hand. Then he looked up at her and smiled. "Very nice..."

    Daisy's eyes slid closed, savoring the exquisite feel and warmth as he kneaded her breast. A soft 'mmm' emitted from between her perky lips, and she leaned closer to nuzzled his cheek. Her free hand lightly caressed his chiseled abs, moving dangerously close to the forbidden zone, and slowly trailing back up again.

    Kendall was getting to the point that it wouldn't matter if he left his shorts on or not. Pretty soon, his arousal would be apparent. But he still wanted to keep that little part of himself hidden for as long as he could. He continued kneading her sensitive flesh, adding his other hand to the mix, giving her other breast the same treatment. He had noticed how close she had gotten to touching him again. But by now his desire was winning out and would allow it, even encourage it. But he was not ready to lose the boxers yet.

    Daisy moaned softly, arching into his touch. Her perky nipples became erect beneath his palms, the desire growing dangerously within. Her heart was racing, breathing quickened in anticipation. Her lips once again met his, her intoxicated mind soon forgetting his 'no-touch' rule. Her desire growing to dangerous levels, her fingers once again found themselves against his erection, gently stroking and caressing.

    Kendall grinned and gave each nipple a light squeeze. He moaned softly in response to her touches. He could feel his erection growing and a slight throb accompanying it. He was only hanging on to a thread of self control now. Soon he wouldn't even have that. But if he did lose control, he was hoping that he wouldn't do something he would regret later. He kissed her back again, closing his eyes.

    "Mmmm, you feel so good.." She whispered against his lips, before planting a trail of kisses along his jaw line, and along the length of his neck. She was highly aroused, her body craving him like nothing she had ever felt before. This was certainly different than the innocent feelings she had had for the guys back at the clinic. 'James' had awakened something deep within her, steering feelings that were so foreign to her. But the pleasure was something she could definitely get used too, and he body was craving more. Still caressing his throbbing erection, Daisy slowly moved closer, carefully straddling his lap. She pressed her body closer to his, meeting his lips as she lightly grinded against him.

    Kendall couldn't hold back a moan as she moved against him. And it was gone. Everything he'd worked so hard for vanished in that instant. Now his overwhelming lust was apparent. Without warning, he pushed Daisy back against the couch, and stood up, finally removing his boxers. Now he was completely exposed to her. Then he moved over her and began taking her shorts off, fumbling with the fastenings with shaky fingers. Even if he didn't really hold himself back from doing anything to her, he still was going to be careful. Especially since this was her first time. He leaned down kissing her again, still working on removing her shorts.

    Finally! His exposed erection had earned Daisy's full attention. And despite just how ready she was feeling, she couldn't suppress a blush. The guy was big! The young woman tried to grasp her mixture of feelings, the excitement and desire, and the tinge of nervousness. She assisted him in removing the shorts and the thong in one go, a shy smile tugging across her lips as she kissed him.

    Once she was completely disrobed, he eyed her hungrily. 'Man, she is so...fine!' he thought. He sat back and smirked at her. "How much do you want me, Daisy?" he asked her, his voice full of lust.
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    ((Part two of this extremely long chat rp))

    Tease! But his antics were only adding fuel to the already blazing inferno. Her thighs were spread, awaiting him, her lust-filled gaze meeting with his. She ran a palm over her sensitive mound, sliding a finger in between her folds, coating it with her wetness. "Mmmm, more than words can say..More than I've wanted anything, before.." And that in itself was saying a lot!

    Kendall watched her intently as she touched herself. He felt the immediate response to his own body. There was just ONE problem here. Condoms. Where the fuck were the condoms? The last thing he wanted to do was get a sixteen - almost seventeen - year old girl pregnant. Even if she didn't care. He couldn't handle being a father now, or anytime soon. Sighing, he said, "Be right back. I gotta do something quick." And with that he picked up his shorts and held them against him as he went to go search for some condoms. Luckily, it didn't take him that long to find them and he quickly slipped one on. It was a little snug, but it would do. Then he returned to the main room and to her side again. He still held the shorts against his erection. "Now...where were we?" he said grinning.

    She blinked in confusion as Kendall suddenly disappeared. Was it something she said? She was beginning to feel reeeeeallly self-conscious, but then, he reappeared, with shorts held over the object of her desire. She flashed him a devious grin as she reached out, pulling him down to join her on the couch, lips once again meeting his. "Forget the 'rain-coat'? Isn't that thing kinda... constricting? I think your guy needs air.."

    Kendall looked down at himself and blushed slightly. But then he was able to hide it right away. "Yeah, but I don't want you getting knocked up yet." He threw the boxers down on the floor again, and let her pull him down again. He kissed her back forcefully...fueled by his lust. He had just about enough of his self-restraint now. It was time to get down to business...

    Daisy couldn't suppress a soft giggle. Condoms looked sooo much like balloons, she thought. If she hadn't been so filled with lust and the burning need for intimacy, she probably would've pulled the thing off, and made a balloon animal out of it. His member had surely already stretched it enough to act as a giraffe's neck. She met his lips, kissing him deeply as she tried to steady her racing heart. Deep down, she was slightly concerned about just how big he was, but she was ready for this. Despite having only known the guy for a little over a day, it felt right. He was the one.

    Kendall spread her legs wider, then got in between them. Looking down at her, it seemed like she was already making enough lubrication to slide in easily. Which meant that he didn't need to get some for himself. He positioned himself at her entrance and slowly descended into her, watching her face for any discomfort.

    The moment had finally arrived. The nervous butterflies began to flop as he spread her wider. Daisy had definitely produced enough lubricant to help ease him in. She was practically holding her breath in anticipation as he began to enter, wincing as he penetrated and broke the hymen. She hissed in discomfort, nails digging into his shoulders, but the pain wasn't enough to detour her from her desire

    Kendall continued slowly entering her, he could see that she was in some pain. But that was normal. He leaned down and kissed her lips, trying to alleviate some of the pain from her features.

    The tears stung at the back of her eyes, induced by the intense pain and the mixture of emotions that she was feeling. Gah, she hadn't been expecting it to hurt so bad! It was worse than scraping your knee on the side-walk, but she held no regrets. He was definitely worth it, and the kisses were doing wonders at distracting her from the discomfort. She moaned against his lips, oblivious to the scratches she had left against his shoulders.

    Kendall was also oblivious to those scratches as well. He was completely focused on her. How she was feeling, and how he was feeling as well. She felt really good to him, but he still frowned at seeing her discomfort. He broke the kiss and whispered into her ear. "You want me to stop?" Then he kissed her again. He hoped she would tell him if it was too much for her to handle. If HE was too much for her to handle.

    "No, I'm okay." She whispered against his lips, deeply touched by his concern. While she wasn't exactly the smartest girl in the world, even she knew that such traits were hard to find... according to everyone she'd ever listened to, who babbled on about their experiences. At least the pain was easing, and slowly giving into the pleasure produced by the feel of his thickness and movements. The love she was already feeling for him probably reflected in her big blue eyes. She caressed his cheek, kissing him deeply as she wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling herself closer as he thrusts.

    Kendall could tell by her body's responses that the pain was finally subsiding now. Now he felt more at ease too as he began thrusting into her...slow and steady for now.

    Daisy's breathing quickened with his thrusts, the pain slowly fading away. She was slowly accommodating to his size, hands moving over his shoulders, and down to squeeze his ass. "'re amazing.." She breathed quietly against his lips.

    Kendall let out a small gasp of surprise, but didn't falter on his pace. He looked her straight in the eyes. "Tell me what you want. You want me to go faster?" He leaned down and kissed her lips again, his breathing a little heavier now.

    Her skin was beaded with perspiration, chest rising and falling with each quickened breath. She kissed him deeply, sliding her tongue in between his lips to massage his tongue. She gave his ass another light squeeze, before sliding her palms along his back, up to caress his shoulders. "Yeah.."

    Kendall couldn't suppress his groan when she squeezed him again. But he took that as an invitation to keep going. He increased his pace slightly, making sure she was still okay.

    Oh, definitely an invitation. She just couldn't help herself. The guy was bootylicious, for sure. Though, judging by that groan, she got the impression that he wouldn't be too thrilled to hear that, and she certainly didn't want to ruin the mood. She kissed him deeply, tightening her legs around his waist, walls tightening around him as she felt herself draw close. She moaned loudly, calling out his name.. though, it wasn't really his name.. She gently nipped at his neck, sucking and leaving her mark, for all the world to see.

    Kendall felt her tightening around him and he slammed his eyes shut. He was so close now. He moved even faster, then moaned loudly as he reached his completion. He might have called out her name as he did, but he wasn't sure. And he definitely was too far gone to hear her call out his 'temporary' name.

    The strong wave of pleasure washed over her, nails once again digging into his muscular shoulders. Her walls tightened around him as she reached her first orgasm, a loud moan filling the otherwise quiet room. "Wow.." She panted heavily against his neck, leaving a trail of soft kisses against his skin. "That was... amazing." She flashed him a sweet smile, before nuzzling against his neck, allowing herself to come down from the orgasmic high

    Kendall smiled back at her, still trying to catch his breath. "Yeah..." He slowly removed himself from her and sat down on the couch. He was really to tired to move right now. But he knew that he had to soon so he could get things cleaned up before the others returned. He slumped back on the couch for a few minute's breather.

    Daisy didn't seem too concerned with getting redressed right now. She snuggled close to him, threading her fingers through his, head resting against his shoulder. She smiled sweetly at him, and reached up to peck his cheek. "You rock my world."

    Kendall smiled at her. "Thanks, babe." He leaned over and kissed her lips again. "You're not so bad yourself." He gave her a bright smile, squeezing her hand gently in his.

    And there it was again. That smile that could melt the entire Atlantic. She returned the kiss, gently kneading his hand. "Does this mean I don't have to wait for you?" She asked sweetly, giving him a hopeful look.

    Kendall shook his head, chuckling. "Nah...not anymore. I mean we crossed the line anyway, so there's no going back." He kissed her again, holding her close.
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    ((Part three...also the first part of the second storyline))

    Mikko looked over at the bag that Chris was holding on to, she knew what it was like to hold a bag close, her own backpack held her whole life. She wondered what Chris held. "What's in the bag? if you don't mind me asking."

    Chris was deep in thought until Mikko spoke to him. "Huh? Oh, this?" He held up the bag slightly. "Lots of stuff. Things that mean a lot to me. Things that were a part of me before I came to that horrible place. Things that I just can't let go of, yet," he answered, shrugging. His grip on his bag never loosened a bit. And he didn't intend on showing her the contents yet. Not until he got to know her better...

    She nodded. But was really wanting to know what was in that bag. But she wouldn't push it. Instead she ajusted herself and grabbed another flower, holing it up tickling his nose with it. "I have my backpack, holds pretty much everything I own, pictures, a diery...nothing to intresting I suppose." Obviously she was a lot more willing to open up then he was.

    Chris chuckled and took the flower from her, returning the favor. "Yeah? Cool. Is it cool if I don't tell you what's in mine right now?" he asked her, looking straight into her eyes.

    "Yeah, that's fine...You seem like a man with a lot of secrets. I think I told you all of mine." And she was wondering if she should have, He didn't seem like he was going to be opening up, why should she come out and be all vonarable and He gets to keep his secrets? It didn't seem fair. She took the flower and got quiet

    Chris just nodded, relieved that she didn't mind. He would tell her more eventually. He just had to get to know her better first. He had never been that trusting of a person, when he just met someone. It was something he would have to get used to. Mikko didn't seem like the kind of girl that would stay that patient for long. Of course, he still didn't know her that well...

    "You have any ink?" She asked tring to break the silence.

    "You mean as a pen? Yeah, sure..." He opened his bag and fished around for it. Finally finding it, he pulled it out and handed it to her. "Here."

    "I'm going to take that answer as a no." She said with a smile taking the pen. "I ment tattoos...Do you have any tattoos?"

    "Oh..." he said chuckling, running a hand through his short hair. "Not yet. But maybe someday." He smiled at her, trying to hide is embarrassment.

    Mikko sat up and held her out her hand. "Let me see your arm."

    Chris looked at her confused, but he did as she instructed.

    Mikko grinned and lifted up his sleave, then useing the pen that he handed her started to draw on his shoulder. She started with small lines, her hand gliding smoothly across his skin. "Your pale complection is a perfect canvas." She commented as her lines became bigger and bolder.

    Chris just looked at her and smiled. He was very curious to see what she was drawing. Even though it would wash off within a few days, it was still something really special "Thanks," he replied.

    Soon a tribal spider in a web was forming. "Welcome, maybe one day I can give you a real one."

    Chris looked at her astonished. "You really do them? The real thing?" Then his grin got wider. "I'm sure you're really good." He looked down at his shoulder trying to see what she was making. From this angle, he couldn't see much. But he did notice the spider and web. "Whoa... That's so cool," he beamed.

    "I'm not lisenced to do them...I draw flash though, have a whole artbook if you wanna see. Oneday I would like to be a tattooist though." She filed in as much as the pen would allow before it wouldn't write anymore. "Guess i'm done." She smiled. "Thanks."

    "That's so cool. I know that you'll do a good job." He looked down at his shoulder, then back at her. "Wow! Definitely should go pro," he said, smiling.

    Mikko's smile couldn't get any bigger. "Really...No one's ever told me that before." Not that she doubted her ablitys but it was so nice to actually hear someone tell her that she was good. She handed him back his pen. "You might need a new one.."

    Chris took the pen from her, still smiling. "That's no problem. I have tons in here, anyway."

    She really wanted to get this guy to open up to her, for no other reason then because she opened up to him, it was only fair for him to spill some dirt on himself. "Why were you at the clinic? You seem fine to me." She was almost certain that she wasn't going to get an answer.

    Chris' smile faltered and he sighed. He knew this was coming. And he really didn't need to keep this as a secret anyway. "I lost one of my childhood friends a while ago. And..." He sighed again, looking away. "...I tried to commit suicide...cuz I was so depressed," he finally confessed. He still didn't want to look at her in case she looked disappointed. Little by little, she would get the information out of him.

    Mikko frowned. "I'm sorry to hear that." She was reeeeeally bad at these situations. She bit her lower lip and sat closer to him. Now what did one do in these siuations? She knew she wanted to show comfort, but wasn't sure how to go about doing that, so she simply gave him a hug and hoped that that was the right thing to do.

    Chris readily returned the hug, giving her a firm squeeze. He hadn't even thought about this event for a while now. The meds he was on were the only thing keeping him back from sinking into the abyss that once consumed him.

    She pulled away from him. She wasn't sure what else to say now, "I've lost friends too.." She decided to share, though friends wouldn't be the word she would actually use to describe her fellow gang members, other then Eze and Gabe of course.

    "Yeah? So you know how it feels. How did you deal with it?" He put an arm around her shoulders.

    She nodded. "Yeah. How? Well....I do a lot of drugs. And I really don't...That is..The voices help..." She nodded again. "I can block things things out." She let him put an arm around her shoulder. "I've had to..."

    Chris frowned. "Sorry you had to go through that too." He gave her shoulder a light squeeze in comfort.

    "It's ok..." She looked up at him and smiled a little. "Trust me, my life is a mess...I am, however, hoping to get all straighten out soon. " She leaned to him. "You know...This is the most conftable i've been with a guy in a really long time."

    He smiled a little at that. "Really? So I'm not boring you?"

    "Not at all...So, you going to stay with us then?"

    Chris nodded. "Yeah, sure. I've had lots of fun with you," he said, still smiling.

    "awesome." She smiled wide then frowned. If he was going to hang out then he should know about Kendall, and she already said she was breaking someone out of jail, she wasn't going to say more on that unless he asked. and maybe she shouldn't say anything about Kendall right now. "Sorry about Daisy and her crazyness. See what i've had to live with for the past couple of months?"

    Chris chuckled lightly. "Yeah. She's really weird...weirder than most. How do you even stand her?"

    "She's only alive because she has a charm about her. She amuses me and is the only one that listens to my stories and my talk about spike...which usally Spike and the stories go hand in hand."

    He chuckled again. "Sounds like she's a lucky girl then..."

    Mikko nodded. "I would say so." She grinned. "Wanna head back to the cabin?"

    Chris thought about it for a few seconds. It was so nice out here. And he was away from his two least favorite people. And he also wanted to spend more alone time with Mikko...even if they didn't say much. Just her presence and hers alone was enough for him. He looked at her and shrugged. "Only if you want to. But I was really enjoying the time with you. Why? Are you in a hurry to go back?"

    Mikko shook her head. "Nope. but you have to do something for me, ok?" She asked as she slowly backed away from him

    Chris looked at her confused but nodded. "Uh, okay... What is it?"

    'You gotta kill that spider." Mikko squeeled pointing to a larg spider on the tree they were leaning on.

    Chris rolled his eyes and sighed. "Fine..." He went up to the tree and took his shoe off, then squashed it. "Stupid things..." he mumbled as he wiped his shoe off in the grass and put it back on. Then he returned to Mikko's side. "All taken care of." Then he put his arm around Mikko again. "Don't like 'em either, huh?"

    "My hero!" She leaned aginst him again. "Not at all, they are creepy little bastards. To many legs...and eyes! Only something spawned from the devil has that many eyes."

    Chris chuckled. "You got that right."

    "Were I use to live there was so many of them, and roaches too, luckly the rats took care of most of them." She frowned for a moment then smiled again. "They were so cute. The rats I mean."

    He shuddered at the thought. Then he quirked a brow at her. "You like rats?" He wasn't much for any of the creepy crawlies himself. And that dislike extended to the rodent family as well.

    "Yeah, I think the're cute." She looked up at him. "I'm guessing you are not a fan of rodents..So what DO you like?" Mikko Cuddled closer to him, letting her hand rest on his knee.

    He shrugged. "I like do-olphins..." he corrected himself. He remembered Mikko hated dogs, so he really didn't want to mention them again. And truthfully, marine life had always interested him anyway. "And sharks. I think they're so cool," he said smiling. "Actually, I wanted to be a marine biologist. So I could study all these fascinating creatures."

    Mikko couldn't surpres a chuckle. "You don't seem like a dolphin kinda guy, But yeah, Sharks are bad ass, I always wanted to go in those cages and be put in the water with the big sharks...That would be awesome." She looked at him questionily about him wanting to be a marine biologist. "Why didn't you? I'm sure you're smart enough."

    Chris just shrugged, frowning again. This was another touchy subject for him. He looked down and away from her. "Cuz I dropped out of school. I had to..."

    "well..Atlest you went to school. I've never been to school. Taught myself how to read and crap...Why didn't you finish?" She figured that that was a touchy subject from his change in expersions, but she wanted to know about the guy, and the only way to know is to ask questions.

    "Really? As for me, it was family matters." He looked at her again. "Remember I told you my grandparents raised me? Well, that was the start of my downfall...and how I ended up there." He took a deep breath and let it out slowly before he continued. "I loved my grandparents. They were real good to me. But I was kinda a brat in my teen years." He chuckled bitterly. "My grandpa suffered heart attack and they couldn't save him..." He looked away again, his eyes stinging with tears. But he would not let Mikko see them.

    "Oh..." She lightly squeezed his knee. "You don't have to talk about it...We can talk about something else." She was kicking herself for bring up so many negitive things, Just becaus she was able to handle loss well didn't mean others could.

    He took a few deep breaths to try to get his emotions back under control again. When he thought he was good he turned back to her. He had succeeded in not let any of those tears fall. He smiled slightly. "You said that you wanted to be a tattoo artist. Well, I think you would be a great one! What other stuff interests you?" He asked, grinning once more.

    She smiled back and had to really think about that. "Well...I like knives..."

    "Yeah? Cool. Do you collect them or something?"

    "Yeah." She pulled out a silver blade that was hidden, tucked away in her boot. "I'm never without one, it's how I got my of my nicknames.

    Chris' eyes shined with wonder. "Whoa... It's beautiful," he said first looking at the blade, then back at her.

    "Thank you. So you like knives too then?" She tucked the knife back in her boot, she wondered if he was putting it together, that she said she was homicidal and is now flashing knives around, if he did he wasn't saying anything and that was fine by her.

    Oh no, Chris hadn't forgotten about her confession. But he was seriously hoping that it was for self-defense only. Even though she was flashing that knife around like it was no big deal, he still felt safe around her. He shrugged in response. "They're alright... But it's not really my thing. But it's still cool that you like them." He smiled up at her again, after watching her put it away in its hiding place.

    Mikko grinned. "I have to say, you're pretty kick ass. Not offten I meet nice guys that intrest me. So! you smoke? Drink? Anything like that?"The conversation of her sins could wait...a really long time, Allthough, she was going to need to tell Chris about Kendall, it wasn't right for the man to be with people and not know who they really were, and she would probably fill Chris in on her plan to get spike out of prison...something else that might have to wait.

    "Drink yes...smoke no," he answered casually.

    Mikko nodded. "That's cool...I pretty much do anything, but like I said, i'm trying to quit..."

    "And I'm very glad for that," Chris said smiling. He held Mikko close again.
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    Post by Christopher on Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:32 pm

    ((And finally, part four...second part of the second storyline. Again...BIG thanks to Mikko for all the editing))

    Agin she let him pull her close, snuggling close to him. "You smell really good." She commented randomly.

    He chuckled but didn't move away. "Thanks."

    "Soooo I should tell you something, if you will be around us...Because it's not right for you not to know what's going on." She looked up at him, again leting her hand fall on his knee.

    "Uhh, sure... What's up?" he asked curiously.

    Mikko sat up pulling away from him and looking him in the eyes. "It's really serious and I need to know I can trust you with this."

    Chris nodded. "Sure," he said sincerely. If it was that important, then he would definitely take it seriously

    Mikko cupped his face in her hands. "Really improtaint that this dosn't get out." She let her hands drop into his and took a breath. "Ok, remember my rambling earler I mentioned something about breaking someone out of prison? That's because the first attempt, the guy didn't get out, he only got shot and is in the hospital, however, other death row inmates did escape...Kendall is one of them. But he's harmless...Anyway, Kendall and I are planing a second attempt to get the guy that was suppose to get out, out. Now, I'm not asking nor do I want you to get involved in this, or Daisy, so I hope that she dosn't get to close to the guy. But I thought that you should know....Any queations?"

    Chris' eyes widened in shock, but he still nodded. "Not right now, I don't." He was still trying to digest all this new information.

    "Ok...Well..if you have any questions...Just ask." She looked down and away then curled back up beside him.She played with his fingers, interlocking them and lightly pinching his finger tips. Her head rested on his chest. "Thanks for not running off."

    Chris nodded and settled down with Mikko. He watched their hands intertwining. Then he smiled at her. "No problem. I still really like you."

    Mikko smiled at that. " I really like you too..." And that was a problem...She had never had this issue, from the moment she laid eyes on Spike, he was the only guy she saw, she never even thought about another guy. Everything was about Spike, But now Chris, he slithered into her life and started to mess with her head. But no matter what her feelings were for the guy that she sat close to right now , she was not going to betray lest she hoped that she wouldn't.

    Even though she said she liked him, he knew that she still liked that 'Spike' guy. And he didn't see any way around that. He just accepted the fact that they couldn't be together, together. And he was okay with that... But what was really confusing him, was Mikko's advances. It didn't seem like her behavior towards him was a 'friendship' thing. What was up with that?

    Mikko closed her eyes and let the steady beat of his heart clam her, He hadn't run off...yet, but she wasn't sure just how much more he could take. Then her stomach rummbled. Mikko opend her eyes and sat up. "you wouldn't happen to have food in that bag, uh?"

    Chris shook his head. "No, sorry..." He may carry a lot of things in that bag of his, but food wasn't one of them.

    She didn't really want to go back to the cabin just yet, she laied back down. " I'll eat later."

    "You sure?" Chris asked her.

    "Yeah..i'm good." She said as her stomach made an even louder noise.

    "Uh-huh...okay. If you say so," he said, shrugging. He tried to hold back a small snicker at the noise. Her stomach definitely had different ideas...

    She smiled up at him then sat up. "Yeah...I'm going to head back. You can stay out here if you want." She said standing up.

    Chris stood up as well. "No, it's alright. I can go back too." He smiled at her and took her hand.

    She held his hand and walked back to the cabin with him. "poor kendall, Daisy is probably driving him nuts."

    "Yeah, probably. Do you know why that girl thinks I'm a vampire? And why Kendall is a slayer? And why Kendall hates my guts?"

    "ummm I know Kendall hates you, because he thinks that he's going to hook up with me and he knows that you're waaaaaay hotter then he is. He's jealous...the other stuff, no idea." The cabin came into vew, Mikko couldn't wait to head to the kitchen.
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    Post by Kendall on Mon Jun 22, 2009 5:57 pm

    ((Part one...))

    A huge grin tugged across Daisy's lips at that. She snuggled closer to him, nuzzling against his neck. "Does this mean I can stay with you now?"

    Kendall smiled at her. "Looks like it," he said, pulling her in for another kiss.

    Chris just nodded and followed Mikko. They would discuss this later. He was a bit hungry as well.

    Daisy met his lips and kissed him deeply, allowing it to linger. Her fingers gently trailed over his toned abs, enjoying the feel of him beneath her fingertips. To her, he was a god. Guys this beautiful only existed in magazines, and movies. But here he was, and she had him. Soon, she remembered the bandages, and reluctantly broke from the kiss, now eying him in concern. "Does your leg hurt? I could change those bandages for you... I'm not so bad at fixing owies, because I get them all the time!"

    Finally coming to the cabin Mikko let go of Chris's hand and rubbed her eyes, the drugs that she was given earlier were starting to ware off. Mikko walked inside the cabin and was stunned by the sight in front of her. "What the fuck are you doing!?" She hissed as she quickly walked to the couch, she pulled Daisy away and glared at Kendall. "She's only sixteen, fuckin perv!" She snapped, then balled her fist up reached back, and with as much force as she could gather aimed at Kendall's chin.

    And before he could answer, Mikko and her new friend had suddenly reappeared. Daisy blinked in confusion when she was suddenly pulled away from him, eyes widening as Mikko threw a punch in 'James' direction. She tried to grab hold of Mikko's arm, attempting to pull her away. "Stop!"

    Kendall had completely forgotten about the fact that there were other people staying here. He was so focused into the kiss that he hadn't noticed Mikko come in until she was roughly pulling Daisy away from him. "What the..." Then he was cut off by the punch that connected with his jaw. He hadn't expected that at all coming from his angel. But was she his angel anymore? He had no more feelings for the woman. He stared up at Mikko in shock as he recovered from the blow. One thing that was on his side was that he had managed to pull his shorts back on before anyone could see what had really transpired. But there was still enough evidence that Mikko could probably still connect the dots.

    With Daisy nude on the couch and seeing their heated kiss she definitely put it together, though she wasn't 100% sure, She ignored Daisy's pleas for her to stop and after the hit connected, boy did Mikko's hand hurt, though she wasn't about to let that show. She looked at Daisy. "What the hell were you thinking!?"

    Chris followed Mikko in and stayed silent as he watched the scene in front of him. And boy, was Mikko ever pissed. He wondered if she had this temper all the time. She sure didn't show any of it around him earlier.

    Once Mikko's attention had shifted from Kendall, Daisy briefly released her long enough to frantically grab her clothes, only bothering with the baby-doll tee, and the thongs, for now. She then placed herself between Kendall and Mikko, trying to protect him from any further blows. "Don't hit him.. it wasn't his fault!" She was almost in tears. "I love him."

    "What? Daisy. You just met him, you can't sleep with people you just met, you can't have feelings for a guy you just met. You don't even know his real name!" Obviously Mikko didn't practice what she preached. She did notice Daisy's expression and took a deep breath then grabbed Daisys shoulders and looked her in the eyes. "Did he hurt you? You know you can tell me...I'll make sure he dosn't do it again." She growled quickly glancing at Kendall then looking back at Daisy.

    Kendall was ready to tell Mikko off when Daisy stepped in between them. He was amazed that she took the fall for him. That made him love her even more. He smiled at her slightly, before his smile turned into a glare...aimed at Mikko.

    Daisy was slightly confused by that. Not his real name? But she was quick to shrug that off. "His name is James!" She said, almost confidently, despite the tears that were now falling. "Can't love someone I just met?" She was certainly confused by that bit of information. There was no other words do describe what she already felt for this man. The girl shook her head at Mikko's question, wiping at the tears. "Of course he didn't!" She protested, "He's been nothing but sweet to me!"

    truthfully, Mikko believed her. Mikko nodded. "Ok..." She reached out wiping her face off. "Don't cry." She backed away but was still pissed at Kendall. "His name isn't James." She said then headed to the kitchen. anyway...Mikko didn't have much room to talk. She just hoped Daisy knew what she was doing. and she was really pissed that Kendall never told her who he was first.

    Kendall was really torn now. The truth was out...well kinda. And it would be only a matter of time before Daisy approached him about it. And now he figured that he could tell her anyway. He just kicked himself for not telling her earlier. That wasn't fair to her. He sighed heavily and looked down at the floor.

    As Mikko disappeared, Daisy took a deep breath, trying to gather her composure. She wiped at her eyes, smudging the eyeliner. After grabbing her shorts, she plopped back down beside 'James', and gingerly touched his chin, frowning sympathetically. "You okay? She took a deep breath, eyeing him questioningly. "Is it.. true?"

    Kendall looked up at her, nodding. "Yeah. And she's right. My name isn't James. I just didn't have a chance to tell you after you told me yours." He sighed and caressed her cheek. "I'm sorry, darlin'."

    Mikko made a sandwich, grabbed a beer, needle and her drug of the day then sat down in the living room on a chair close to the coffee table.

    Chris had just been in observance of the entire scene. He just stood there shaking his head. Then he thought of the perfect revenge for Kendall. He shouted out to the room, tauntingly. "Hey Kendall! How does it feel to have the vampire beat you?" Of course he was referring to himself in this case. He wanted to see what Daisy's reaction would be to that.

    Daisy was a little crushed by that, but tried to understand his reasoning. Besides, she had also given him an alias name upon their meeting, for the fear of being returned to the nut house. Maybe he was fearing something to? But what? Vampires? Whatever it was, she was determined to unravel his mysteries. After a moment, she spared him a faint grin, and gently squeezed his hand. "It's okay. We're all afraid of something." She was quick to forgive. "So, what's your real name?" And she just blinked at that Chris guy, her attention returning to her man. "Kendall, huh?" She smiled. "That's really sexy...And.. the vampire beat you?" She was definitely confused by that. She shot a glare at the emo dude. "Nu uh.. you didn't beat him. And you're not a vampire.. you're a Lycan!"

    Mikko laid her plat on the table and snickered at Chris comment. Then wrapped and tighten a belt around her arm, filled the needle with the faint yellow liquid and shoved it into her veins. she then put the needle down and took the belt off. Mikko closed her eyes as the drug coursed through her blood stream. Then she dove into her food downing it with the beer. She looked over at Daisy. "He escaped prison." She said casually.

    Well, shit! That didn't work. Chris grumbled and went over to the fridge to pull out a beer. Then he went back over to Mikko. His eyes widened when he saw what Mikko was doing. "Hey, I thought you were quitting," he said, frowning. He didn't hear Daisy's comeback at all.

    Mikko looked over at Chris. "Didn't say when I was quitting, did I?" She shot back.

    Prison? Daisy blinked in confusion. Okay, so obviously there was a lot she was left in the dark about. Her big blue eyes fixated on Kendall, questioningly. "Is it true?"

    Kendall was relieved that she accepted his real name. But that relief dissolved into sadness again as he looked Daisy straight in the eyes. "Yeah. I was sentence to death and Mikko helped me escape. In exchange that I would get her man out of prison too." He waited for Daisy's response.

    Chris just rolled his eyes and shrugged. Mikko's testiness was getting on his nerves. He was seriously beginning to wonder who the real Mikko was...

    So he wasn't really a vampire slayer, either? It took a moment to take it all in, but it certainly made sense now. There were so many questions she wanted to ask, but was smart enough to realize that he probably wasn't so comfortable unveiling his past in front of so many people. Though, it seemed that Mikko knew quite a lot about him. Deep down, she couldn't help but feel jealousy over that fact. Still, despite her racing thoughts, she flashed him a reassuring grin, and gently caressed his cheek. "Death row, huh? That's kinda hot." She flashed him a wink, and pressed her lips against hers. "It's okay, babe. We'll learn each other as we go." She whispered quietly to him.

    Mikko looked back at Chris after she was finished her a food and pointed to her bag that was on the floor by his feet. "Hand that to me will ya?"

    If Kendall was shocked before, he was REALLY shocked now! How could she just accept his information as if it was no big deal? Could it really be that easy? She was the most understanding person he had ever met. He gave her a smile of is own. "Thanks," he whispered to her.

    Daisy flashed him another small wink, and grinned sweetly at him. Still, she knew that if she was ever going to get anything out of him, she needed to drag him off to someplace more private. She gently squeezed his hand, conveying her genuine acceptance. What could he have possibly done to earn him condiment and unworthy of love? She certainly didn't know the whole story, but everyone deserved a second chance. She leaned in, whispering against his ear. "You wanna go check out that lake I was telling you about?"

    Chris looked down at where she was pointing and nodded. Then he went to go retrieve the bag for her. "Here."

    "Thanks." Mikko took the bag and dug out a bag of cigarettes, she wedged on loosely between her lips and lit it, then pulled out the newspaper clipping with Spikes picture and held it up for Chris to see. He may as well know who the hell the guy was. "That's Spike."

    Chris nodded. "Okay. So you need to get him out of the slammer, huh?"

    Kendall gave her a bright smile. "Sure," he whispered back.

    "Yep." She tucked it back in her bag. "He's in the hospital right now. bastards ain't letting me see him, But, everything's gonna happen the day of his execution..."

    Daisy flashed him a huge grin, before pushing up from the couch, and retrieving the stuffed turtle back-pack, which had seen it's better days. The plushie's head had been poorly sewn back on, his button eyes crossed in a goofy display, from all the years of abuse. While it looked almost 'cute', and completely harmless to some, the pack contained many essentials that the young woman needed to keep close at all times, and a few other, less essential necessities as well. She flashed Mikko a look, before heading towards the kitchen. "Do we have any food up in here?" Might as well pack some things, just in case they decided to stay out for a while.

    Kendall followed her out the the kitchen after retrieving his discarded clothes from the floor. "Yeah," he answered. "There's plenty of stuff in there." He slowly pulled his clothes back on, but left his jacket off. It was way too hot for that.

    Chris nodded. "Sure." He was wondering how she was going to pull that off...even with Kendall's help.

    Mikko ignored Daisys look, she would let the subject drop, best not to piss of the guy that was gonna help her save her loves life. She finished her cigarette and put it out, then dove back in her bag pulling out an unlabeled pill bottle and shoved two under her tongue then put everything away. "Yeah, we have a plan...Hopefully it works better then the last time..."

    Chris nodded again. "Mind filling me in?"

    She blinked, clearing her vision. "I don't know....You really want to be involved?"

    Daisy began rummaging through the fridge, packing a few beers, chips and cold sandwiches, then moved on to find some matches. It was getting kinda late, and a campfire definitely sounded romantic, though.. she hadn't the first idea how to make one. Live and learn! And now that she was free from the clinic, she planned on doing just that. Once everything was safely packed inside 'Mr'. Turtle', she took Kendall's hand, and headed for the door. "Be back later!" She called out to Mikko, and flashed a small wink. "Don't do anything I wouldn't.."

    Mikko looked up at Daisy. "Don't do anything I would."

    Kendall allowed her to take his hand and he walked out with her. He shot Mikko a small look then headed outside with Daisy

    She couldn't suppress a chuckle. "Then life would be no fun." With that, she tugged Kendall out the door, and took to the old dirt trail she had discovered the night before. "Sooooo, are you a woodsy kinda guy?"
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    Post by Kendall on Mon Jun 22, 2009 6:02 pm

    ((Part two...))

    Kendall shrugged. "I guess you can say that. So where are we going? And you're not bothered at all by my past?" He was still in disbelief about that.

    "The lake, silly!" Daisy grinned sweetly at him as they walked, kneading his hand in hers. "It's not too far from here. I found it last night, after I snuck out of your back seat. "She flashed him a wink, then causally shrugged at his next question. She slowed long enough to pick a bright yellow sunflower, placing it in her hair. "Well, I don't know much about your past, babe." She gave another small shrug, and leaned in to plant a kiss against his cheek. "But I'm hoping that'll change. Whenever you're ready to tell me." Daisy really hoped Kendall would open up to her. "We all do wrong.. I mean, it's human nature. Just some of us do it worse than others."

    Kendall followed closely behind her. Then he flashed her a sweet smile back at her. "Lead the way, princess," he said with a small wink. "And you're right. And I really regret mine," he said sadly.

    Princess? Well, that certainly made her day! A radiating smile formed across Daisy's lips, as she gave his hand another light squeeze. And soon, they had arrived. The location was beautiful. Nothing but trees and nature. It seemed the perfect place to get to know her new beau a little better. The sun was already disappearing behind the tall mountains, almost ready to trade off with the moon's nightly illumination. She picked a spot beneath a huge willow tree, close to the lake's shoreline. She plopped down on the ground, tugging Kendall to join her. Her grin faded as she detected the sadness in his tone. "Whatever you did, you can tell me... I won't judge you."

    Is this girl perfect, or what? She was better than he could have hoped for. And for once, he felt comfortable enough to tell her anything she wanted to know. "It was an accident," he began. Then he relayed the tale of the death of his first family.

    Daisy listened attentively, still holding his hand in hers. She couldn't deny that she was slightly taken aback by his tragic past, but she tried hard not to let that show. He didn't need to be judged by his past, that was never fair to anyone who was regretful and held remorse for their sins.She rested her head against his shoulder, a sign that she wouldn't turn him away. "Did something trigger it?" She was certain there had to be a reason behind his actions. He was just too sweet..something must have driven him.

    Kendall snorted. "Yeah, the drugs. That;s what started this whole fucking mess," he said, trying not to raise his voice at her. Once he had his emotions back under control, he looked at her. "I never ment to kill them. I really don't know what came over me that night. But I can promise you, Daisy. I would never do that to you." He smiled and cupped her cheek.

    Drugs.. that certainly didn't surprise her. She'd seen first hand what they could do to a person, and she was living proof of their lasting affect, even on the innocent. The years had past, but the damage was permanent. She leaned into his touch, savoring the simple gesture. "I know you wouldn't. I know you're not a bad person." She leaned in, pressing her lips against his. "I don't think any less of you. You're still a prince to me."

    Kendall smiled at her and kissed her back. If he hadn't scared her away by now, he wouldn't ever. And he was grateful for that. When they first met, he probably would tell her anything to drive her off. But now, he would hate to do anything to upset her.

    Daisy deepened the kiss, savoring every second of the intimate gesture. She could definitely get used to this... it was nice. She allowed it to linger, before reluctantly breaking to meet his gaze. "Pull off your pants."

    Kendall complied this time without hesitation. Hell, he was even looking forward to it. He quickly slipped his pants off and stood there in his boxers again.

    But this time, her intentions were completely innocent. Well, maaaaybe not completely. Seeing him in his boxers earned a cheeky grin, but she forced her attention to the bandages that clearly needed to be changed. She began rummaging through her pack, pulling out ointments and Spider-Man printed band-aids. "That needs to be cleaned... does it hurt?"

    Kendall looked down at his wound and shook his head. "Not really. But you want to change them, huh? Alright...I'll let'cha." He gave her a bright smile and stood in front of her.

    Daisy looked up at him, grinning sweetly as she 'accidentally' brushed against what was hidden beneath his boxers. She flashed him a flirtatious wink, before fixating her attention on the shabby bandages. She gently began peeling them away, exposing the wound underneath. She winced in sympathy, and soon realized that it would take more than what her little Spider-Man bandages could cover. Luckily she had a few supplies tucked away inside her pack, and began fishing them out. Her medications were among the things that were placed on the ground, while she dug deeper for the medical wrap and gauze.

    Kendall smiled at her at her seemingly innocent gesture then just watched in fascination. He had no idea that this girl would have that much of a clue about serious wounds. Yet another thing to like about her. And he would never underestimate her abilities again. He winced slightly himself as he saw his wound again. It definitely looked better than it used to. He happened to glance over at her as she emptied the contents of her bag. "What all do you have in that thing," he asked curiously.

    Daisy began cleaning the wound as best she could, and applied the ointment with one of the sterile gauze. She then gently pressed a clean dressing over the wound, and began wrapping his leg with the medical wrap. She flashed him a small grin at his question. "Just about everything I own!" Which wasn't a whole lot, but she was sure that would change, now that she was free. "You know how I said I get a lot of owies?" She asked, flashing him a brief glance, as she finished wrapping his leg. "Sometimes I have seizures, due to my accidental overdose that happened when I was like, 5 or something." She mentioned causally, giving a small shrug. "Sometimes those things lead to owies, so I have to know a little." And the wound was now fully bandaged. She gave his leg a gentle pat, and grinned up at him. "All done!"

    Kendall felt really bad for her as he listened to her story. He rested his hand on her cheek and stroked it lightly with his thumb. Then he gave her a bright smile when she was finished. "Thanks, babe." Then he pulled her up for a kiss.

    Daisy met his lips, and pulled him closer to her. Her fingers tugged at the waistline of his boxers, a teasing grin slowly spreading across her lips. "Heh.. I'd ask if you wanted to go skinny dipping.. but you can't. Not with that leg... but that's not to say that we can't have some fun on land." She winked.

    Kendall chuckled. "True. So what did you have in mind, exactly?"

    Daisy flashed him a devious look, hand stealthily slipping around, and suddenly squeezing his ass. "You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals, so lets.. do it like they do on the discovery channel.." She quietly sung against his ear, lips traveling down the length of his neck, down his chest...leaving a trail of kisses along his abdomen. And the downward journey continued, descending towards the object of her desire.

    Her touches were turning him on faster than he could think. And when she whispered into his ear, he felt it all the way down to his groin. But he was determine to keep his cool and take it slow. But her kissing down his body made that task especially more ways than one.

    Mmhmm. It was definitely hard for him to play it cool, when Mr. Happy was already responding to her advances. Daisy suppressed a satisfied grin, and continued working him like a pro. Who woulda thought all those bad romance novels would eventually pay off??! She hovered dangerously close, pressing teasing kisses against his inner thigh. Her warm breath brushing his erection.

    Kendall let out a soft moan in response. Oh yeah, he was definitely having a hard time. He was so far gone now that he didn't really care what she did with him. He would let her be in control tonight. And she deserved nothing less...
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    Post by Kendall on Mon Jun 22, 2009 6:07 pm

    ((And finally, part three. And big thanks to Mikko for doing all the editing))

    She looked back over at Chris. "Well...How involved do you really want to be?" She asked standing. "Want a beer?"

    Chris smiled and held up his unopened beer. "Already got one, thanks." Then his demeanor changed again. He shrugged. "I dunno... Haven't really thought about it, I guess." If he wanted the details he would have to become involved. And he really didn't want to. He didn't really know the first thing about prisons anyway. "I think I'm gonna sit this one out," he finally answered.

    She got herself another beer and sat back down, she nodded. "Good...cuz...I don't really want you to get involved." She opened her beer and took a big swig.

    Mikko picked up her phone and looked at it intensely, she wondered if anything had changed in Spike's condition, or if she could see him yet. She wasn't aware that a certain cop was keeping her from him. She flipped open the phone a few times before finally decideding to call the hospital...

    Nurse: And the same voice finally greeted Mikko. recognizing the number, she immediately put the woman through to the ICU ward. Mikko was greeted by the same feminine tone.

    Mikko was pleased that they knew who she was. "How is he?" She asked not bothering with hellos.

    Nurse: "His condition is still the same." She briefly answered, watching over her shoulder as the guard closed in. The phone was finally snatched from her, and a husky voice issued through the line. "Only immediate family may inquire about Mr. Black's condition." He firmly informed, and slammed the phone down. Mikko would probably recognize that voice. the same officer responsible for Spike's current condition.

    Mikko was speechless, if only for a moment. then she recognized the voice. Anger grew within her, she threw the phone across the room. "THAT FUCKIN SON OF A BITCH!!" She stood up and started grabbing her things stuffing them into her bag. She was going to be there, She wasn't going to just sit around, that cop had to go home at some point, She could sneak in, that's what she did, that's what she was known for, getting in places, not like she never snuck into a hospital before. She ran around flustered and angry. Then finally looked at Chris. "I have to go." She picked up her phone that luckily wasn't broke and tucked it into her pocket before heading to the door

    Chris jumped in surprise by her sudden actions. Then he nodded. He would be fine here alone. That's how he usually was anyway. "See you later," he said, waving.

    Mikko walked out the door, then seconds later walked back in. "Can you drive me?" She asked Chris

    Chris nodded. "Yeah, I can do that for you. Where to?"

    "Thank you." She ran back out side. "We're going to the hospital." She said then jumped in the passenger seat.

    Chris followed her and climbed into the driver's seat. Then he looked over at Mikko. "There are no keys, are there..."

    "Nope...Not a problem is it?"

    Chris ran a hand through his short hair. "Only problem is: don't know how to start a car without keys. Do you?"

    She put her bag on the floor between her legs. "Yeah hang on..." She said as she leaned over his lap reaching down to grab the wires and rub them together. Soon the car roared to life and she sat up. "Ok let go."

    He gave her a grateful smile, the put the car in reverse, backing out of the driveway.
    She smiled back and frowned as Daisys CD played from the speakers, she quickly turned off the radio and started to tell Chris were to go. " Bastard. Only family can see know about his condition...I'm pregnant with his kid! That's family."

    Chris nodded, now putting the car in drive. "True." Then he took off heading for the hospital.

    "It's that cop...But he can't keep me out the hospital. Maybe if I can talk to the nurse....find out when the bastard goes home..." She looked over at Chris..."Don't know how long I'll be..."

    Chris shrugged. "No prob. Take your time."

    Mikko nodded and picked her bag up hugging it. "Thanks" She pointed where Chris was to turn and the fast shortest roads to take. it wasn't as far as the clinic, but still a little ways, to far for Mikko's taste.

    Chris did as he was instructed. He could tell that Mikko was a bit antsy, but he stayed quiet and just drove.

    She had no plan she just hoped that everything worked in her favor. "Ok turn here and just keep going straight till you reach the hospital."

    Chris finally made it to the hospital and parked the car. He would wait while she went in.

    She looked over at him and gave him a hug. "Thanks again." Then she tossed her bag over her shoulder and ran inside. She was carful to make sure there were no cops around, though she had no idea what she was going to do now, or how she was going to get any kind of information. She made her way to the front desk keeping an eye out on her surroundings.

    Chris hugged her in return and watched her go. While he waited, he decided to listen to the radio.

    Mikko walked up to the desk, going over in her head what she was going to say, which honestly she had no idea, but then she saw the nurse, the nurse that had actually been talking to her and helping her out, Mikko quickly moved away from the front desk and walked up to the nurse. "Hey." She said still making sure there wasn't any ass hole cop lurking around.

    Nurse: She quickly recognized the young lady, and the fact that she was here definitely made her nervous, since Officer Adams was still lurking the halls. "Hello." She replied, in a quiet tone.

    Mikko pulled the nurse to one of the tall chairs in the waiting area. "When is he not here?"

    Nurse: She quickly glanced around, making sure that no-one was listening, then spoke quietly. "His shift ends in an hour." She informed. But another officer will be on duty until the shift change."

    Mikko nodded. she could wait. then she looked into the nurses eyes. "I'm the only family he has. Were engaged, I'm carrying his child. he has no one else." Ok so not all of that was true, but engaged sounded better then girlfriend or some girl that just obsess over him. "I can wait." She would probably go back out to Chris and tell him he didn't have to wait for her. "I have to see him...please."

    Nurse: She had no reason not to believe her. The young nurse gave a quiet nod, her eyes meeting with Mikko's. "Come back in an hour." She whispered.

    Mikko quickly nodded and was almost tearful. "thank you. thank you so much." She said as she gathered her things up. "I'll be back." Mikko thanked her again before slipping out of the hospital, but she wouldn't go to far, in an hour she would be back, hopefully she would be able to see him.

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    Post by Mikko on Tue Jun 23, 2009 4:43 pm

    And slowly, Daisy moved in for the kill. Her tongue gently flicked across the head of his erection, lightly teasing, as her fingers wrapped around his shaft. Despite her concentration, the warmth soon spread across her cheeks, blushing at her actions. This was definitely a first, and she could only hope she could do it right. Her tongue gently flicked the sensitive area on the underside of his head, hand slowly moving back and forth as she gradually took him into her mouth..

    Kendall gasped at the contact. Hell yeah, she was doing it right. He let out another soft moan, and put his hand lightly on the top of her head. "Oh yeah, baby..." He closed his eyes.

    She gazed up, watching for his reactions. Hearing his moans were definitely encouraging, an indicator that she was definitely doing something right. Still working his shaft with her hand, she took him in deeper, mindful to avoid teeth.. since she'd heard they certainly didn't want a gal to bite them.. there. Applying a gentle suction, she bobbed her head, taking him in as deeply as she could, but there was just sooo much of him! Still, her hand tried to make up for what she couldn't accommodate to

    She was doing absolute WONDERS with that mouth of hers! He did everything he could to keep from bucking his hips up. He let out a louder moan. "Ahhh...Daisy..." he whispered, his eyes still closed.

    Daisy kept her pace slow, her 'innocent' blue gaze still peering up at him. Her free hand rubbed and caressed his well toned abdomen, as she began to build momentum, bobbing faster, and deep-throating him..

    He squeezed his eyes tighter in response. 'Damn! Where did she learn that?' His breathing was picking up slightly. "Ohhhhh...f-fuck, that's good."

    His reactions to her 'affection' was definitely praise, giving her confidence a much-needed boost.She suppressed a proud grin, increasing her pace, free hand moving downward to gently caress his scrotum

    Kendall moaned even louder. He could be as loud as he wanted here. But even if someone, besides Daisy, could hear him, he couldn't care less. He was seriously fighting an inner struggle to remain standing. The pleasure was taking over, and his legs were beginning to feel like jello. They trembled uncontrollably.

    His moans were driving her on. The feel of his thickness inside her mouth was definitely arousing, and she was wanting him more and more with each passing second. She gently gripped his hips, taking him in as deeply as she could. His trembling legs had not gone unnoticed, and she would've suggested for him to lie down, if her mouth wasn't currently full. Instead, she gently tugged his hips downwards, hoping he would get the hint.

    He did indeed get the hint, and he was very grateful for her consideration. He slowly lowered himself to the ground, laying down on the grass. Finally he opened his eyes and smiled at her, urging her on.

    Her gaze was fixated with his as she worked, flashing him a devious wink as her lips continued to glide over his shaft, coating him with her saliva. As awesome as this was, pleasing him.. she certainly didn't know how much she could take. Her need for him was becoming unbearable. She moaned quietly as her free hand moved down to rub against her mound. Reluctantly, she finally released him from her suction, and straddled his hips, moving herself into position over his erection. She met his lips as she rubbed the head of his cock between her folds, and slowly took him in. She moaned loudly, without the fear of being heard. The boonies were just cool like that.

    Kendall was more than happy to return the favor. But when she mounted him, his eyes widened in shock. She just...with no protection! He certainly didn't want her to get pregnant. Just when he was getting ready to say something, she moved in for a kiss, silencing him. Her kisses were incredibly intoxicating to him, and he had forgotten what he was going to say in the first place. He kissed her again passionately.

    Daisy certainly wasn't in the state of mind to worry about protection, or realize just how risky it was to have unprotected sex. All she knew was just how much she wanted him... needed him. She moaned against his lips as she kissed him deeply, thrusting her hips downwards to take him in deeper..

    Kendall's breath hitched and he moaned loudly between their lips. He ran his hands up and down her back, massaging them at the same time.

    Daisy gently nipped at his lips, in between kisses as she slowly took him in, inch by inch, allowing her walls to accommodate to his size. A loud moan emitted as she completely took him in. Fingers lightly digging into his chest, she rocked her hips, grinding against him. Her eyes slid closed, savoring the feel of those big hands as they slid along her back. "Mmmm.."

    He moved his hands further up, massaging her shoulders. He moaned again as she started to move. Damn, she felt so good around him. "Fuck, Daisy! Mmmmm..." He closed his eyes again.

    Daisy leaned in to nuzzle against his neck, rocking her hips back and forth before slowly moving upwards, enjoying the sensations conjured by his thickness. She couldn't imagine ANYTHING feeling better than this. It was certainly heaven, and Kendall was her new favorite addiction. Building a steady rhythm, she rode him, a sensual moan emitting with each downward thrust.. "Mmm, babe.. you feel soooo good!"

    It went without saying that he felt the same way. His own moans spoke pun intended. His hands continued wandering all over her upper body, and he touched everything on her that he could possibly reach. His own breathing was becoming heavier again. This was total bliss. To Kendall, nothing else in the world mattered to him now. Just him and her...together...

    Daisy's lips continued planting heated kisses against his neck, slowly moving in to meet his lips, kissing him deeply. Her heart pounded within the confines of her chest that rose and fell with each quickened breath. Her sensual moans reverberated throughout the forest. Good thing there weren't any neighbors for miles. She moaned his name in between heated kisses, her thrusts slowly building momentum. Panting heavily, she leaned in to lick and nip at his nipples..

    Kendall's moans matched Daisy's. Along with panting heavily. He kissed her back with just as much intensity. Her moaning his name was pushing him closer and closer to the edge. He had nearly lost it a while ago when she first started moving. And he was so far gone now that he didn't care if he filled her with his seed anymore. It wouldn't be much longer...

    The ecstasy coursed through her veins like liquid fire, the pleasure building and intensifying with each thrust. She rocked her hips back and forth as she rode him, tongue slipping in between his lips to massage his tongue. Her breathing quickened, feeling herself drawing near. She was too intoxicated by the pleasure he was producing to acknowledge what was about to happen..

    Kendall was indeed close. And getting closer by the second. Just when he thought that he didn't care about getting her pregnant anymore, a little voice chimed in. What the fuck was he thinking? There was no way in hell, that he was going to be a father again anytime soon. Not until he got his life back on track. "Ahhhh...fuck! I'm sorry!" Using his remaining strength, he shot up, pulling her straight off him. And a few seconds later, he climaxed hard, with a loud groan.

    Just as she reached her climax, Kendall suddenly shot up and pulled her off him. Still trying to catch her breath, she looked up at him in sheer confusion, as she reached for her clothes. "Did.. I do something wrong?"

    Kendall fell back against the grass, trying to catch his breath. With another surge of strength he pulled her down for a quick kiss. Breaking away, he looked at her, cupping her cheek. " didn't do...anything wrong. Not at all. It was better than I expected... Way better," he finished, grinning.

    Slowly coming down from the orgasmic high, Daisy slowly got dressed and returned the kiss. She pressed a grin against his lips, and snuggled up beside him. She was still trying to figure out his actions, and it slowly began to register. "Heh.. sorry, I wasn't thinking about the 'balloons'." She flashed a cute, sheepish grin. "But I gotta admit, it feels better without them."

    Kendall couldn't help but laugh at that. "That's what you call those things, huh?" he said, giving her a bright smile. "And yeah, it does. But it helps to prevent something that I know you're not ready for. And neither am I." He pulled her in for another kiss. He was a little disappointed that she wanted to get dressed right away. He would have enjoyed spending more time out barriers. But it didn't look like that was going to happen, so he retrieved his boxers first and put them on.

    But Daisy had no intentions of heading back just yet. She was perfectly content out here with her man. After he retrieved his boxers, she tugged him back down to join her beneath the willow tree . "Yeah.. babies are super cute and stuff, but I don't think I'm ready for that, either." She flashed him a small grin. "But whenever I do throw a spawn, I want it to be yours." She winked.

    He smiled and returned her wink with one of his own. "You got it." He sat down beside her and he took her in his arms again, cuddling her.

    Daisy rested her head against Kendall's chest, listening to the steady rhythm of his beating heart. It was soothing, and had to be the most beautiful sound she'd ever heard. She looked up at him, flashing him a sweet smile. "You've got a big heart.. I can hear it." She gently caressed his cheek, gaze fixating out across the lake. "So, what kinda stuff do you like to do?"

    "I'm really into sports. I did a lot of those in school," he replied with a smile. "I really haven't had much of a chance to have 'fun' since I got out of the slammer. That is...until you." He smiled and gave her a small wink, followed by a tender kiss on the cheek. Then he turned the tables on her. "And what do you like to do?"

    "Sports, huh?" Her fingers gently caressed his toned abs. "So that's where that killer bod came from, huh?" She smiled sweetly, and gave a small shrug at his question. "I really don't know. I mean, there's not much you can get into when you grow up in clinics. I used to pass time making stuff out of play dough... but there's a lot of crazy people that thinks it's funny to eat your hard work." She frowned. "But there's tons of stuff that I'm sure I'll enjoy doing, now that I'm free. Maybe you can help me find my niche?" She cast him a sweet grin.

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    Post by Mikko on Tue Jun 23, 2009 4:43 pm

    It was the longest hour of Mikko's life, but finally it was time to head back to the hospital. She hadn't gone far, just right across the street, she had some dinner with Chris and told him that he didn't have to wait for her. She didn't know where he ended up going and wasn't worried about that at the moment. Mikko finally walked back in the hospital looking around for the nurse.

    And just as she had expected, Mikko had returned, right on the hour. Despite the fact that officer Adams had returned home for the night, she still felt nervous about all of this, and could surely lose her job. Getting Mikko's attention, she quietly led her into the private room. Spike still looked the same. He was still hooked to the invasive machines, medical tape holding his eyes shut, to prevent them from drying out. IVs hung closely to the bed, supplying fluids and pain medications. He looked like death, but his chest faintly rose and fell, the only proof of life.

    Mikko silently followed the nurse to the room. She knew that she wasn't going to have much time but was grateful for what she got. Mikko was quick to walk to spikes side, she leaned down and kissed his forehead. He looked horrible, She found it hard to look at him without tearing up. Mikko moved a chair close by and sat down, taking his hand in hers she leaned forward. "Spike, babe..." She started hoping that he could still hear her. "They're not letting me stay...But get better ok, I'm not giving up on you." She whispered softly to him, running a cool palm over his head.

    The nurse remained out of the way, standing at the far end of the room. She would've given the two their privacy, but if anything went wrong, she would be held responsible. Mikko's gentle touch had penetrated the depths of Spike's consciousness, his fingers faintly squeezing hers in reflex. His eyes rolled beneath their lids, a small sign of recognition, but he was just too weak to wake.

    Mikko squeezed his hand back and planted a lingering kiss on his cheek, attention that, any other time would have been rejected. Mikko wasn't going to go anywhere until the nurse said she had to, hopefully that wasn't going to be to soon. She whispered in his ear again, still unsure if he was actually hearing her. "I got you something for when you get out of here and out of that prison..." She wished that he would wake, but it wasn't looking like that was going to be the case.

    His free hand twitched and faintly jerked within the restraints that had been put in place for his own safety, to prevent him from pulling out the life-saving IV's. A faint look of frustration graced his ghostly features, before relaxing once more. He could indeed hear her, but his brain was still too tired to process the words.

    Mikko gave his hand another squeeze. She sat as close to him as she could without actually being in the bed. She glanced at the nurse. "Is he awake?" He was moving, it seemed that he was awake.

    She shook her head at Mikko's question, frowning in response. "I don't think so hun. But I think he hears you."

    Mikko nodded, that was good at lest. She turned back to Spike rubbing his cheek with the back of her hand. "Wish I could stay..." She said more to herself then to anyone in the room. Then she turned back to the nurse. "Can't I be put down as family?"

    "I'll see what I can do, but Officer Adams is being.. difficult about who comes in this room. " She informed. "They're wanting to get him back to the prison as soon as he is stable enough to be transported."

    With a sigh mikko nodded again. She held on to Spikes hand and laid her head on his chest.

    She watched the two, and occasionally peeked outside to make sure that no-one was coming.

    Mikko just laid there, her fingers interlocked with his, her other hand fiddling with the top of his covers. She closed her eyes, concentrating on his steady breathing.

    his chest continued to faintly rise and fall, the steady beeps of the many machines feeling the small room. Time was quick to pass, and a new guard was about to make his nightly check-in. It certainly wouldn't do for him to notice Mikko.

    Mikko was not aware of the guard that was soon to check in. Though it had crossed her mind to just duck into another room till she could slink back to Spike, not that that would actually work. But the Spikes steady breathing was slowly lulling Mikko to sleep.

    And unfortunately for the young nurse, the guard finally peeped in. He blinked in surprise as he noticed Mikko. "Hey! No visitors!" He scolded, gaze alternating between the nurse, and Mikko. "Out!"

    That certainly got Mikko's attention, she snapped out of her sleep and looked at the guard trying to register what he was telling her, it didn't take long for it to hit her though, "But...I'm his...wife." She berted out. "I have a right to be here, and what does it matter anyway? In a few days he'll be in prison again, and soon after that executed, is it really that big of a deal that I'm here?"

    But he certainly was in no mood to cut her any slack. He could care less. "Visiting hours are over!"

    Ok they were over...did that mean she could come back. Mikko figured it couldn't hurt to ask. "Ok..I'm sorry...when does the next visiting hours start?" She asked Still holding on to Spike's hand

    "Tomorrow. 7 A.M." He replied, obviously he half-bought that she was his wife. Not that it really mattered. In a few days, the inmate would hopefully be out of here, and out of his hair.

    Mikko nodded and leaned down giving Spike a quick kiss to the corner of his mouth. "I'll be back." She whispered then headed out, but not before stopping by the nurse. "I'll be back. if I need to sign something, be put on some list. whatever, just tell me."

    She gave a small nod, and disappeared long enough to retrieve a piece of paper, and offered it for Mikko to sign. Unfortunately she had no way of knowing that Adams would be on duty, tomorrow morning.

    Mikko quickly signed it then handed it back with a thanks, "I'll see you tomorrow morning, love." She said to spike then headed out the hospital.

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    Post by Mikko on Tue Jun 23, 2009 4:43 pm

    Chris saw Mikko head out of the hospital and started the car. He had kept himself fairly occupied while he waited. Switching between radio stations mostly... He gave her a small smile when she returned to the vehicle.

    She slid into the car with a small smile. "Sorry about the wait. good news, I can see him again tomorrow morning....But now lets head home..oh we need to stop and get cake and ice cream."

    Chris nodded and pulled out. " did it go?" He couldn't help the small pang of jealousy that was forming. Even though he knew that he didn't really have a chance with her. He just hoped that she wasn't just using him like she was Kendall.

    And surprisingly she wasn't, Mikko smiled. "As well as could be expected, he's still really pale...erm...more pale...but he seems to be getting better, though that could just be my wishful thinking."

    Chris nodded again, not saying anything more about the subject. He HAD to ask... Pretty soon they were pulling up to a grocery store. "So...who's the party for?" he asked, turning the car off.

    Mikko smiled brightly. "Daisy. Her birthday is next month." She slid out the car tugging her book bag on her shoulder.

    Chris smiled as well. "Daisy, huh? You DO like her, don't you?" He didn't really know the girl that much, but what he saw of her, he was really surprised that she cared that much. But then there was the whole thing back in the cabin... He still couldn't figure this woman out. But he figured the drugs played some kind of role.

    "Of course I do, She's my little sister...adopted little sister...even though she's taller then me..." Mikko locked arms with Chris and headed into the store, she was in a good mood despite the condition spike was in, she got to see him, he was doing better and tomorrow morning she could go back. And now, she was going to surprise Daisy with a small party.

    Chris walked in with her. Deep inside, he was touched that Mikko considered that young woman a sister. Even if they've only known each other for a few months at the most.

    She pulled away from him. "Ok we need cake I have nooooo idea what she likes, I'm just going to find something with a cute animal on it or something." She said heading for the cakes, getting distracted by the doughnuts.

    Chris nodded. "Sounds good." He had no idea what she liked either. But she did seem like quite the animal lover. He stopped when she did in front of the donuts. "Just like old times, huh?" He gave her a small wink.

    Mikko grinned. "Yeah...buuuut I don't have a lot of money,." She went back to the cakes and found one with pink frosting and bunnies on it. "Ok this one will work." She picked it up.

    "Yup," Chris agreed. It looked perfect to him. He remembered Daisy's sleepwear, and smiled. Definitely perfect...

    Mikko passed up the one make-up row that was in the store and slipped some glitter eye shadow in her pocket. "Ice-cream. we need it."

    Mikko probably had no idea that she and her new friend were being stalked. Jencko had recognized her from a few isles over, and keeping a distance for now, he watched the two closely.

    The small make-up snatch didn't get past Chris, but he didn't say anything either. He hoped there weren't any security cameras around to catch her in the act. He hated the thought of being arrested. He shook it off and nodded to her. "Sure."

    Mikko wasn't aware at all that she was being followed. She bee-lined it to the ice cream then snagged a buggy that was empty, she put the cake in it then grabbed a tub of strawberry ice cream. "annnnd flowers...oh and balloons." She chimed happily

    Chris nodded again. And now he felt like he was being watched. And not by cameras either. He looked around, what he hoped was casually, to see if he could find the culprit. Finding nothing, he sighed and followed her again.

    Mikko ran with the buggy then jumped on it, ridding the rest of the way to the flowers and balloons.
    And Jencko was getting closer. He tried to size them up, but seriously didn't see the new guy as much of a threat. He didn't look like a fighter, it was probably a hint that had been given off in his demeanor And suddenly, Mikko's path was blocked. A familiar face now glared at her, behind the long black dreadlocks. "Wellwellwell, you Dragons are making it a habit to stray outside your territory. Not wise."

    Mikko fell forward on the buggy and slowly looked up, the feeling of terror was sure to have been all over her face. "Jencko...Hi, handsome." She said taking her buggy and backing away. "I was just leaving..."

    Chris watched her amused when she took off. But his mirth finally gave way to panic as he saw this person seemingly threaten Mikko. 'I KNEW I felt someone watching us," he thought, mentally kicking himself for not acting on it. He watched from a distance, fearfully. How he wished he was a bit braver. It was just one guy. For once, he wished the big guy was around. His size alone would be enough to scare most people off. It nearly happened to himself...

    "Hey yourself." Jencko's sinister gaze was slowly taking her in, almost hungrily. "Good. Because I'd hate to have to kill you. I kinda enjoy looking at you." His glare soon fixated on the male she was with, and like blood in dangerous shark-infested waters, he could detect the man's nervousness. As much as he wanted to fuck with them both, there was way too many people. Still, he stared Chris down..

    Mikko kept backing up, keeping the buggy in front of her ready to use it as a shield if she had to. Soon she was on side of Chris. Mikko Flashed a small smile at Jencko. "Yeah...I'd hate that too...well I'll be seeing ya..." With that Mikko turned and whispered to Chris. "Walk faster..."

    Chris just turned the other way, trying to ignore the man. But he could still feel Jencko's glare fixed on him. By then Mikko returned to his side, and then he looked that direction again. He nodded and did as he was told, walking faster in the other direction

    He watched the two, grinning victoriously to himself. What cowards, he thought. Too bad their little run in hadn't taken place out on the streets. "Kill you next time, chickens... and your little Spike, too." He shouted out, as the two headed in the other direction.

    That got Mikko's attention she wiped around facing Jencko. "Fuck you, ya fuckin prick, you ain't fucking touching him! "Oh! by the way! thanks for the knife!" She flipped him off and turned back around heading for the register.

    Jencko chuckled inwardly at her little outburst. He knew Spike was a touchy subject with her, and it had earned the desired effect. But he blinked at the bit about the knife, recalling that night, not so long ago. 'Fuckin bitch!' he thought to himself. She would definitely pay for taking his weapon. All in due time. She would get hers.

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    Post by Mikko on Wed Jun 24, 2009 5:14 pm

    Shopping and heading home

    Chris' eyes widened in shock when Mikko shouted out like that to Jencko. And just when he thought that they got off easy. Though that comment of his WAS uncalled for. The could feel his temper slowly boiling at this man. But it cooled down to a slow simmer as he watched the guy leave. Not that he would do anything. He wasn't a violent person much anymore. His meds helped greatly with that.

    Mikko was so pissed. and she made no effort to hide it as she slammed the ice cream on the register. "That's son-of-a-bitch...." She mumbled pulling out a wad of money "Who's he think he is?"

    Chris just shook his head. He could totally understand why she was upset. Hell, he was still steaming too; though he didn't try to show it. He helped Mikko set things up on the counter to be rung up. It was the least he could do...

    Mikko tossed the money at the girl behind the register and gathered up the cake letting Chris take the ice cream. She looked around seeing if Jencko was still watching them, not seeing him worried her, what if he was waiting out in the parking lot? She looked up at Chris silently telling him that they needed to get to the car quickly, and then ran out the store.

    Chris silently picked up the ice cream and followed her. He was also on watch for the bastard that ruined Mikko's good mood. Her temper freaked him out...just a little. But he was sure that she wouldn't do anything to him. He just figured that he had to ride it out.

    She made it to the car without trouble, but wasn't taking her guard down. Mikko swung open the car door, tossed her bad on the floor and slid in the seat. She didn't wait for Chris to get in as she leaned over to start the car. She just wanted to get out of the area fast

    But the gangster was nowhere to be seen. Though, that didn't mean that he wasn't around. It wasn't the time for him to make his move, but he was sure their paths would cross again.

    Chris climbed in the car shortly after she started it. He hurried and pulled out. "What the hell was that about," he asked. He was still fairly angry at the interruption earlier.

    "He's from another gang..." She explained. "We had a run in a few months ago and I stabbed him he shot me, I stole something from him." She lit a cig and calmed herself. They would just have to stop somewhere else for the rest of the stuff before they went back to the cabin.

    Chris nodded, then turned his attention back to the road. "I see..."

    "mmmhmmm..." She stood quiet the rest of the ride, and after a few more quick stops to get balloons, flowers and some other party supplies, they were on their way back to the cabin. Mikko finally broke the silence as they were on the long road to the house. "Sorry you got involved in that back there...."

    Chris shrugged. "Eh...don't worry about it. It wasn't your fault..."

    "I hope that those two are still in the woods. and if we're really lucky, Kendall wouldn't have killed her, chopped up her body rapped her skull and buried her in shallow grave!" Mikko grind wide at Chris. "Woo! Party!"

    Chris reeeeeeally hoped she was kidding about that. Even though he didn't really know Kendall that well, it didn't seem like he would be capable of doing that. He loved her, right? Well, what he had seen, it looked sincere. He smiled widely at Mikko. "Let's do it!"

    Mikko's grin turned into a look of confusion. "Do it? Now, when you say 'lets do it.' Do you mean YOU want US to kill Daisy. or that you want to park right here and get in my pants ooooor you're excited about the party? Because 'it' can mean lots of things here."

    Chris' eyes widened in shock. He reeeeeally should have been more specific. He tried to hide the small blush that was forming, feeling like a complete idiot for his outburst. He cleared his throat. "No, I mean I wanna party."

    Mikko's grin came back. "Good, because I doubt that you would fit in my pants." Soon they were pulling up to the cabin, she saw no sign of life inside, and assumed that they were still in the woods. "Ok, lets try and set up fast."

    Chris hid another blush, and nodded. Finally, he pulled up to the cabin, then shut the engine off. Then he quickly got out and waited for Mikko.

    Mikko slid out the car with the cake, she put it on top of the roof and grabbed her back pack, balloons and 'happy birthday banners along with party hats, she decided to go with the pink rabbit theme. After gathering everything she followed Chris inside and immediately got to work.

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    Post by Mikko on Wed Jun 24, 2009 5:15 pm

    Romance in the woods

    Kendall chuckled. "Sure thing, babe," he said, wrapping his arm around her neck, pulling her in for a kiss. Wow, being in a clinic sure didn't sound fun. Now he was determined to find a place to stay so she could live with him. He wanted her to be be with him...

    Daisy flashed him a toothy grin, and melted into the kiss, returning it deeply. Damn, those lips of his were toxic... soooo addicting! "Have you ever seen a movie in theaters?" She asked him, genuinely curious. It seemed the norm for most people, but it was something she had never done, and seriously wanted to experience, soon.

    Kendall nodded. "Sure. But it's been a while... Why?"

    Daisy's amazement was reflected within her sweet features. "What'd you see?" She snuggled against him. "What's it like? I've never been to one.. but I've always wanted to!"

    Oh boy... What HADN'T he seen? He used to love going to the movies. So he just settled for the vaguest answer. "Lots," he said smiling. "And you haven't, huh? Wow..." 'Just how long has this girl been going to the clinic, anyway?' he wondered.

    "Maybe we can go someday, that'd be awesome! I hear the popcorn and milk duds are like a million times better there, than anywhere else!" To her, it seemed like a magical place, and she was certainly excited about the prospect of experiencing it, soon. She rested her head against his chest, her content gaze drifting off across the darkening water. It was getting late. "Urm, babe? Do you know how to make a fire? I'd try, but Smokey the Bear would surely hate me, if I burnt his forest down."

    Kendall full-heartedly laughed this time. "Sure I can. But can you help me gather some sticks? Please?" He gave her a bright smile.

    Daisy bit her bottom lip, flashing him a devious grin as she ran her palm over the bulge in his shorts. "Oopsie, wrong stick.. and that's more like a log, anyway.." She flashed him a wink, before reluctantly leaving the comforts of his arms to look for twigs. "Do we need rocks too?"

    Kendall's breath hitched slightly then he chuckled at the small 'innocent' gesture. Then he let her go and began to pull the rest of his clothes on. Messing with fire, he wanted to have as much protection as possible. "Yeah, sure," he called over his shoulder as he looked around for something to dig the firepit. He settled on a large stick to loosen the soil, then use his hands to actually dig with. That was one thing that he benefited from playing sports: you didn't really mind getting dirty. And it was only going to be his hands this time....

    Daisy soon disappeared deeper into the woods, gathering as many sticks and twigs that her arms would allow. She managed to find a few nice sized rocks, but decided it was best to locate some a little closer, since they were probably heavy. Minutes passed, and she returned to their spot, pausing to watch Kendall dig in the dirt. For reasons unknown... that was seriously hawt! She could imagine that toned and sculpted body of his, laden with dirt. Sexy! It took her a moment to snap out of her trance, and she placed the stick on the ground beside him. "Now, I'm off to find rocks.." She flashed him a sweet grin. "I never thought hole-digging could be so sexy! You pull it off beautifully"

    Kendall chuckled. "Thanks, babe." He had the firepit dug now and stood up, brushing his hands together. "And you don't have to go for the stones, alone...I'll go with you," he said smiling.

    Daisy returned the grin as she reached for his hand, but before her fingers could entwine with his, she felt something moving across her shoulder. Her eyes fixated on the tiny 'intruder', and she gasped as she realized what it was. "A spider!" But instead of screaming bloody murder, she reached for the tiny critter, careful not to squish it. Luckily for her it was a harmless wood spider. She held it in the palm of her hand, flashing a toothy grin at Kendall. "I shall call him Hoss!"

    Kendall hadn't noticed the spider at all until she said something. He smiled at the affection she was showing the critter. Then he put his arm around the smaller young woman, playing along. "Sure. And what is 'Hoss' gonna do while we're gathering rocks, hmm?" He gave her shoulder a small squeeze.

    Daisy leaned against him as they walked, enjoying the feel of him so closely against her. She grinned up at him, then leaned down, as if she was listening to the spider. "Oh.. okay!" She commented to the tiny critter, and once again grinned up at Kendall. "Hoss says he wants to ride on the big guy's shoulder!"

    Kendall couldn't help but be amused by that. "Oh, he does, does he? Alright then." He bent down a little so she could put the little guy on his shoulder.

    As gently as she could, Daisy placed the spider onto Kendall's shoulder, watching as it scurried around to his opposite arm. Now with her hands free, she entwined her fingers with Kendall's and gave his hand a gentle squeeze. She was definitely impressed that he wasn't squeamish of the arachnid. Daisy flashed him a sweet grin. "So, you like animals?"

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    Happy Birthday Daisy

    Chris helped Mikko carry some of the stuff and headed in the house behind her. "Alright, where do we start?"

    Mikko put the ice cream in the freezer and the beer she snatched in the fridge, she laid the cake on the coffee table then handed Chris some balloons. "Can you blow these up?" Then grabbed some streamers and the banner. "I'll hang these up."

    Chris nodded and took the balloons, setting down to work. It was times like this that he was really glad that he wasn't a smoker. He blew the balloons up with ease - tying them shut. Then he added strings to them.

    Mikko threw streamers aimlessly around, then taped the banner up on the door. She then went outside and tied up the balloons that she bought already blown up to a stake. Mikko walked back inside and sat down by Chris with a grin. "You're a very good blower."

    Chris, slightly winded and light-headed, chuckled. "Thanks." He looked around at what had been decorated so far and he smiled. "Looks good."

    Mikko took the balloons that were done and started to hang them up. "Thanks. I think that's all the balloons we need, Just..don't pass out on me." She smiled at him over her shoulder then finished up.

    He chuckled again, shaking the dizziness away. "I'm good," he said, grinning. Then he stood up and went over to Mikko. "Got everything under control now? Or do you still need help?"

    She hoped off the chair she was useing and looked around. "I think everything is done. Not much but I'm sure she'll like it...Now to get them back home." She looked up at Chris. "How loud can you yell?"

    Chris was somewhat amused, but he still looked at her incredulously. "You're kidding me, right? You think they could actually hear me from clear up here? Just how far is this lake anyway?"

    Mikko shrugged. "Didn't know there was a lake. I just stood in the cabin and the hill in the back." She got quiet trying to see if she could hear them. Then she took a deep breath and let out a shout. "CRAZY DAISY! ICE CREAM!!!!"

    Daisy vaguely heard Mikko's call, but wondered if she was hearing things. They were gone to the city, right? She looked up and Kendall, giving him a questioning look. "Did you hear that?"

    Kendall flashed her a bright smile. "Of course." He squeezed her hand gently in return. Then he thought he heard a small shout, and he nodded. "Yeah, I think so. But I'm not sure what she said. So, should we head back and see what she wants?" He squeezed her hand again, smiling.

    Chris winced slightly from the volume of Mikko's call. He had sensitive ears for several years now. And he didn't know why... "Think they heard you?"

    "I hope so, don't really want to do that again." She said rubbing her throat. "And I'm NOT going in the woods after them."

    Daisy was reluctant to leave the forest just yet, since that campfire thing seemed sooo romantic! But on the other hand, she was anxious to introduce her little pet to Mikko. She returned the hand squeeze, flashing him a warm smile. "Sure.. we can do it later..." She winked at him. "The fire, that is." For the moment, she hadn't realized that the little spider had disappeared, taking refuge in Kendall's shirt.

    Kendall let out a gasp of surprise as he felt something reeeeeeally ticklish inside his shirt. He wasn't one to be tickled easily, but this little guy was weakening his resolve. He let out a small snort. "I think you're little friend found a new hiding place..." And he may not have minded having the thing crawling on him on top of clothing, but this was a little too much! "Can you get him out...please?" he asked in his calmest voice, considering the situation.

    Chris nodded. "I don't blame you. I wouldn't either." Seeing the state that he and Mikko had caught them in earlier, he didn't want to be anywhere NEAR the lovebirds alone.

    Mikko hoped on the hood of the car. "Ya know..I think I'm going to have to get a new car soon..." She looked into the woods hoping that the two are one their way back.

    "Yeah? So how long have you had this one?"

    "To long, a month maybe, time to switch out."

    Daisy couldn't suppress a giggle at the situation. She certainly couldn't pass up the opportunity to remove his shirt! "Heh.. okay, hold still!" She slowly began to peel the shirt off of him, momentarily distracted by that beautiful bod of his. Luckily she managed to snap back to her senses, and stood on the tips of her toes to pull the shirt up and over his arms. Now with the article of clothing removed, she gave it a few gentle shakes, until 'Hoss' came tumbling out. "Naughty boy!" She gently scolded as she scooped him up. She eyed the thing thoughtfully, then grinned at Kendall. "Heh.. maybe it's a girl, and that's why she was so anxious to get in your shirt! She knows sexy when she sees it!"

    Kendall laughed again. "Could be," he agreed, giving her a small wink. Now that he was shirtless, he could feel Daisy taking him in again. Not that he minded. "Thanks, by the way. Now can I have my shirt back?" He held out his hand, smiling.

    Chris nodded. "Oh. Why do you have to switch out so soon?" Now he was beginning to wonder how Mikko got the car in the first place...

    "Because it's stolen." She said slowly. "So is this cabin. and most of the food in there, that the couch, and the drugs and the guns." She sighed, tired of waiting on the two in the woods. "DAISY!!!!!! KENDALL!!!"

    Daisy flashed him a teasing grin. "No, I'm enjoying the view." She flashed him a wink, but finally handed it back. It was just too bad that Hoss hadn't gone down his pants, too. Her free hand once again took his, as they headed back towards the cabin. "We're a Cummin'!" She called out to Mikko, as they drew near.

    Kendall walked with her. He chuckled and took the shirt back from her. "Glad you're enjoying it. I'll take it off again for you in a little while," he promised, sending her another wink. He just couldn't get enough of this girl. What he used to think was totally annoying about her, he absolutely adored about her now. He finally pulled his shirt on as Daisy yelled back to them, taking her hand again.

    Chris looked at her shocked. "S-stolen?" And she didn't stop there. 'All of this had been stolen? Just who are these people you're hanging out with Christopher?' he scolded himself. But with all the confessions that Mikko told him earlier, he wasn't all that surprised. "I see..."

    Mikko jumped down from the car. "Don't look so shocked." She smiled when she heard Daisy. "Better hurry or I'll eat ALL the ice cream!" She called back.

    "I'm gonna hold you to it, sexy." Daisy flashed him a wink, giving his hand a gentle squeeze as she pushed up to peck his cheek. And soon, they came into view. She spotted Mikko on the hood of the old stolen car, and shot her a grin. "Heya sis!"

    "Took you to long enough. Got a surprise for you." She told Daisy, nodding to the balloons that were floating by the house.

    Daisy was oh so eager to introduce her eight-legged friend to Mikko, but the word ice cream was all it took. The introduction was quickly forgotten. "Ooooh, ice cream!!!" And she was quick to spot the balloons. Her face lit up with excitement. "Awesomeness!!"

    "Go inside, there's more." She said, lightly pushing Daisy to the house. She looked over her shoulder at Kendall and pointed to the car. Inside the back seat was three red roses. Not the freshest flowers but still pretty nice.

    Kendall watched her go with a big smile on his face. He saw how excited Daisy was with the display. And it made his heart swell to see her so happy. He stayed behind a little ways before heading into the house. But not before he shot Chris a smug grin.

    Daisy quickly sprinted towards the house, eyes widening at the huge banner Mikko had placed on the door. It deeply touched her that her adopted sister had gone to such extremes for her. No-one had ever thrown her a party before. It seemed the last several days were full of firsts! As she entered the house, she squeed happily upon seeing the stringers and balloons.. and cake!

    Chris, however, didn't pay attention to Kendall at all. He was busy watching the teenager admiring all their hard work. He followed Kendall into the house.

    Mikko followed them all inside. "Like it?" She asked Daisy

    "Oh my gosh, like it? I LOVE it! You're the bestest!" Carefully cupping Hoss in one hand, Daisy gave Mikko a tight hug, and a smooch on the cheek. "thank you sooo much! No-one's ever given me a party before.. this is friggin' awesome!"

    Mikko returned the hug, unaware of the spider in her hand. "Good. oh I got you this too." Mikko pulled out the silver glitter eye shadow. "Thought it would match that lip stick."

    Chris silently shook his head. 'So that's why she took that.' In a way he was touched by how much Mikko cared for this girl. But it was still very wrong to steal.

    Ooooh, thankies!" Daisy gave Mikko another tight hug, as she took the silver glittery eye shadow. The color was awesome, and she secretly wondered how good it would look on Kendall, since glittery guys seemed to be the latest fad, now. "You really didn't have to do all this, sis.. but I'm soooooo glad ya did!"

    "Your welcome, Now lets have cake!" Mikko handed Daisy a knife to cut the cake with and snapped a pointy party hat on her head.

    Daisy made a quick trip into the kitchen to place Hoss in a glass jar, writing his name on his new home with a black magic marker. She certainly didn't won't the little guy getting squished during all the excitement. Once she returned, she eagerly took the knife from Mikko, though she was slightly reluctant to ruin that pretty pink bunny cake. It was so pretty! Eventually, she sliced into the cake, cutting generous slices for everyone. "Who wants an ear??"

    Mikko walked up to Kendall and whispered to him. "You got the flowers out the car?"

    Kendall looked at Mikko surprised. "I do, huh? Okay. Thanks," he whispered back. He smiled at her and hurried out to the car to retrieve them. He came back a minute later and had a beautiful bouquet of flowers. He hid them the best he could and whispered again into Mikko's ear. "Thanks. I owe you one..."

    Mikko smiled and nodded then took the ear cake from Daisy. "Thanks!"

    Daisy didn't notice as Kendall disappeared. She was too focused on cutting the cake, and placed the 'ear' on a paper plate for Mikko. "Heh.. you know what would be reeeeeally cool? If that ear had like, candy 'way' in it or something, for earwax!"

    He stood up again and walked over to Daisy. "I'll take one too. And I got something for you," he said, grinning and pulled the flowers out from behind his back. "Happy birthday, princess..."

    Gah, was this guy the best or what! Daisy's heart melted at the gesture. A huge grin graced her features as she took the flowers, giving them a sniff before hopping up, wrapping her arms around Kendall's neck. "Awwww, thanks babe! They're beautiful!" She pressed her lips against his, kissing him deeply.

    Mikko rolled her eyes at the two love birds and sat down at the end of the couch to eat her cake. "You two get a room, and not my room, and no more sex on the couch."

    Kendall, graciously accepted the kiss and returned it quickly. "No prob. Glad you like them." Secretly, he wished that he was on the inside on this party. He would had loved to participate in the prep-work. But then he realized that he DID a big way. He had kept her happy while the others got things ready. He REALLY owed Mikko for this.

    Mikko grabbed her phone and set the alarm on it, she sat it and her empty plate on the table. "Just a heads up, I'm taking the car tomorrow. early, like, three or four o'clock early."

    Daisy gave Kendall a tight squeeze, and a peck on the cheek before sliding from him, then headed over to grab him a piece of cake. "How about the head?" She asked Kendall, and blinked at Mikko. "Why?"

    Mikko smiled. "I'm going to go see Spike tomorrow. Visiting hours start at seven, and I'm going to milk every second I can get with him...Hopefully I'm not going to have to fight anyone, like a certain cop."

    Kendall smiled. "Sure."

    "I wanna go!" Daisy replied to Mikko, and handed Kendall the cake. But how much fun could it be, waiting in a car?Unless Kendall tagged along, and she wondered if he would, considering how dangerous it would be for him, since the cops were surely looking for him.

    "You can't go. Stay here with the guys." She told Daisy as she laid out a blanket on the couch then laid on top of the blanket.

    Well, Daisy really wouldn't argue or plead. She was happy wherever her knight would be. She watched Mikko as she laid on the couch, and flashed her a wide grin. "I lost my virginity there!" She informed, a bit proudly.

    Mikko really didn't think Daisy was still intact, not the way she was all over the guys. But this bit of info certainly made her rethink where she was going to be sleeping. She stood up with a look of disgusted. "You just HAD to ruin my couch didn't you. I'm taking the'll fit two if someone don't mind sharing, but warning I move around a lot." She took the phone and headed to the bedroom.

    Chris watched everything from a distance. To tell the truth, he was exhausted. This had been one hell of a day and he was ready for it to end. He hoped no one minded him sleeping the bedroom. He walked in there and collapsed on the bed; he was out like a light by the time his head hit the pillow.

    But unknown to Chris he was about to have company. Mikko took off her shirt and pants and slide beneath the covers, she pulled the covers over her, closed her eyes and tried to get some sleep, she didn't want to be tired when she went to see spike in the morning.

    Daisy blinked at Mikko's words, and watched as she headed into the bedroom. It just made the couch that much more special, she thought. She gave a small shrug, and looked at Kendall, flashing him a sweet smile. "I'm sure we could both squeeze on the couch..." She moved in, wrapping her arms around him. "Or you wanna camp out under the stars?"

    Kendall smiled. "Whatever you wanna do, birthday girl," he said, giving her a small wink. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders again, kissing the top of her head.

    "Hmmm... more privacy at the lake.." She flashed him a wink, and planted a kiss against his cheek. "It'd be a shame to let that hole go to waste!"

    "True. Alright, then...let's go!" Which was what he was hoping for anyway. It would be much more comfortable laying on the ground, than the hard cabin floor. And that couch was ANYTHING but comfy. Sure, fucking on it was fine. But way! The car would be more comfortable than that damn couch!

    Daisy once again headed into the kitchen to place the beautiful flowers in water, and after retrieving a few blankets, pillows, and her trusty pack, she rejoined Kendall, and took his hand in hers. "Okay, sexy! Lets go start a fire!" And she meant that, in more ways than one!

    Kendall took her hand and lead her out of the cabin. Towards their special spot...

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    Hospital visit

    Surprisingly, Chris had slept fairly well the night before. The only hitch was when he woke up a few times, feeling someone next to him. And the first time, he nearly pissed his pants! He was NOT expecting Mikko of all people to be sleeping right next to him. When she had first grabbed him, he had jumped up from that bed so fast that he would have rivaled some of the world's fastest speeding records. He briefly turned the light on and relaxed right away when he saw it was Mikko. He had cuddled with her before so it didn't bother him now. However, this time, he got to see a lot more of her. And he had to admit he REALLY liked what he saw. With a relieved sigh, and a slightly grin, he climbed back into bed lying down next to her again. And that's the way he remained the rest of the her embrace.

    What many people don't know about Mikko, is she's a snuggler. As soon as Mikko fell asleep, she gravitated towards Chris, Wrapping an arm around him and nuzzling against him. She didn't wake when Chris jumped up but stirred a little, whimpering slightly at the loss of the warmth that was next to her. When he got back in the bed Mikko returned to her spot next to Chris. She stood that way, happily till her phone alarm went off. Mikko opened her eyes and saw that she was on top of Chris, She grinned and slowly pulled away from him trying not to wake him, though the alarm on her phone could wake the dead.

    Chris was only vaguely aware that Mikko ended up on top of him. He was just THAT exhausted. In his sub-consciousness he thought he heard an alarm somewhere, but he ignored it. He only stirred when Mikko climbed off him. Feeling a weight being lifted, LITERALLY, he woke up and slowly opened his eyes, watching her.

    Mikko turned the alarm off then looked back at Chris, she laid down next to him. "Sorry I woke you." She whispered. She lightly brushed a hair from his face. "You can go back to sleep, babe."

    Chris nodded and did just that.

    Mikko jumped out of bed, she took a quick shower, got dressed and grabbed a slice of cake and her book bag on the way out of the house. She got in the car and soon was on her way to the hospital Mikko pulled a cig out of the glove-box and lit it, she inhaled deeply before blowing smoke from her nose. She reached forward and turned up the radio, Orgy poured through the speakers, she drummed on the steering wheel to the music as she sped down the road.

    Finally getting into the city Mikko flipped through the CD turning it to song five and started to sing, enjoying the light traffic on the road. She would be at the hospital in no time.

    Reaching the hospital she parked the car, grabbed her backpack and headed inside the building. She stopped in the bathroom quickly, to comb her hair and make sure she looked as nice as possible, just for on the off chance Spike woke. She still had a few minuets but was worried that her visit would be delayed by officer jackass. The thought made her angry. She shook it off and walked to the floor that Spike was on and made her way to his room.

    A different nurse was on duty, but she had been around enough to recognize Mikko, and had been informed by the nightshift nurse that she was expected at visiting hours. She was far less friendly than her co-worker, but still tolerable. She greeted Mikko with a half-smile, and asked her to sign in. Luckily for them, Officer Adams wasn't on duty at the moment.

    Mikko sighed happly when she saw that officer Adams wasn't there, she greeted the new nurse and signed in. Remembering that she had told the story of her and Spike being married she signed the paper 'Mikko Black' , handed the clip board back to the nurse with a thanks and walked into the room, she took a seat next to the bed and laid her bag on the floor.

    There would be noticeable changes this time. Spike's eyes were now open, though glazed and hazy. The invasive tubes were still in place, supplying his weak lungs with oxygen. His gaze briefly acknowledged Mikko, and while he was somewhat aware, he had no idea who she was.

    Mikko was surprised to see him awake. to say she was happy would have been an understatement. She smiled to him and stroked his cheek. "Hey, babe. Told you I would be back." She said softly to him, then planted a kiss on his forehead.

    Spike only blinked at the affection this woman was giving him. Just who the hell was she? Obviously his brain had yet to reboot after waking. He tried to watch her, as much as the breathing tube would allow.

    Mikko stood up only to sit on the side of the bed, being careful not to pull anything lose. she looked down on him a soft smile spread on her face. She ran her fingers through is short hair. "You need a shave, love." She said and moved her hand, running a cool palm over his cheek.

    Fortunately for him, Spike couldn't remember just how much he hated to be touched! Indeed, the affection felt kind of nice, but this was all very confusing to him. He could only listen to her, his lost gaze trying hard to keep their focus.

    Mikko wished that the tube in his throat could come out, but understood it's importance. She pulled her hand away and grabbed his hand. "Oh I got you something." She leaned over and dugged in her bag. "No I know you're not a flower kinda guy but..." She sat back up to show him a small cactus with a red flower super glued to the top. "It just screamed you." She set it on the shelf above his head then returned to her spot by the bed and again took his hand in hers

    He was trying to take it all in, struggling to remember who this girl was.. or hell, at least who HE was! The cactus only briefly held his attention, before she placed it on the shelf. His gaze drifted down, watching as she took his hand. Now, he looked at her. A hint of confusion crossing his otherwise expressionless features.

    And Mikko caught on to that confusion. She looked at him sadly. "You don't know who I am do you?"

    With no way of answering, he could only stare at her, his confused expression being the only reply he could give.

    She was sad, what girl wouldn't be? But she wasn't to broken up by the fact, it wouldn't be the first time Spike forgot who she was in a drugged up state. She smiled again. "I'm Mikko, your girlfriend." Not true, of course, but a much easer explanation. Then she thought she better let him in on the whole wife thing in case someone asked him. She leaned down, lips brushing his ear lob. "But to see you I had to tell them that we are married," She sat back up and wondered what else he couldn't remember, the fact that he didn't flinsh from her touches didn't go unnoticed...She had to admit it was kinda nice, but even Mikko knew that, when Spike could remember again he was going to have words with her.

    Girlfriend? He seriously wished he could remember. It was becoming frustrating, and even more so that he had no means to show that. He felt trapped within his own body, unable to speak, and too weak to move, even if his wrists hadn't been restrained for his own safety.

    That frustration showed. she kissed his forehead. "Don't worry babe, you'll remember soon. And hopefully that tube can come out." She moved a little so that he could see her better. She wanted to find some kind of way to communicate. she squeezed his hand. "Ok if the answer is no. squeeze my hand ok? Do you know who you are?"

    It took his tired brain a moment to register what she was saying, but he finally understood. The frustration slightly eased from his features, a slight look of helplessness briefly took its place. He weakly squeezed her hand.

    She felt so bad for him, but tried not to let that show, the last thing Spike would want is someone feeling sorry for him. "Your name is Timothy Black, but everyone just calls you Spike. Which I think is pretty sexy." She decided to keep her answers short and simple not wanting to flood him with to much information. "You know where you are?"

    He tried to take it all in, but it was seriously too much for his brain to process at the moment. At her next question, he gave her hand another light squeeze.

    "You're in the hospital, You were shot but I don't know who shot you. You been asleep for almost a week." Mikko felt a chill from the vent above the bed. "Are you cold?"

    Shot. He tried to remember, but again, his mind was completely blank. At her next question, he once again squeezed her hand.

    Mikko nodded but couldn't really think of anything else to ask, though she was sure he had lots of questions. "When the nurse comes in I'll ask her when you can get that breathing tube out."

    And the nurse finally came in, but unfortunately her arrival would mean something that Mikko would surely be unhappy with. She peeked in, frowning in the young woman's direction. "Visiting hours are over, dear." And officer Adams would be returning soon.

    Mikko turned to the nurse with a frown. "Over? I haven't been here that long. When can I come back?"

    "Tomorrow morning." She replied, just giving a sympathetic grin in response to her complaint.

    Mikko was not understanding this, she hadn't been there long. She looked at Spike then back at the nurse. "Tomorrow? Last time I stood longer. Is that cop making me leave?"

    She couldn't reply to that, but Adams was definitely a huge factor of why she couldn't stay longer. He would be there soon, and he had given the hospital strict orders that Mr. Black have little contact with the outside world. He was a risk, that needed to be contained.

    Mikko took the silence as a yes, she nodded, but something didn't seem right, Mikko might not be the sharpest tool in the shed but she could feel that this cop was up to something. And she was going to find out. Mikko took out her phone then turned to Spike and kissed the corner of his mouth. "I'm going to be back, love." She took her bag and left as she dialed the number to the prison. Mikko ducked into the next room, which turned out to be the bathroom, that worked too. she waited and finally got an answer. "Hello I'm calling to enquire about officer Adams that is watching Timothy Black." She was put on hold then female voice picked up, Mikko repeated why she was calling. After a few moments Mikko found out the Officer Adams wasn't suppose to be around Spike due to an investigation about spike being shot. Mikko could feel her face turning red. 'so HE was the ass that shot Spike...' She listened to the woman some more. "Well...he's here at the hospital, and saying that he has authority over his care." The lady assured Mikko that it would be handled imidetly . Mikko smiled at that, thanked the lady and hung up, officer Adams would soon be getting a phone call. she hoped that he got that call while he was close by so that she could hear officer jackasss' reaction to having to leave the hospital.

    And he finally showed up, just in time to receive a call from his precinct, informing him that he was being taken off duty at the hospital. His anger could be heard throughout the ICU ward, furious over the call. Another cop was currently on duty, and he tried to calm his superior, to no avail. Officer Adams was soon ushered outside.

    Mikko grinned at the sound of the angry officer. She pushed open the door and walked out the bathroom not wanting to miss the look on his face. and sure enough, it was priceless. she glanced at him as she passed him up to make her way back to Spikes room. "Busted..." She said under her breath not caring if he heard or not. She looked at the nurse and smiled. "So sorry for the confusion I was just told I could finish out the day here." Mikko shrugged as if she had no idea what was going on and walked back to Spike. Sitting on the bed, taking his hand. "Told ya i'd be back."

    and Spike, having nooo idea of what was going on, could only blink at the woman... the woman who was supposedly his girlfriend.

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    Post by Mikko on Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:04 pm

    Morning in the woods

    The night had been made of nothing short of perfection. Spending the night under the stars had definitely been romantic, and a far better option than the old bloody couch. They had privacy here, and it was nice to experience the outdoors, with someone she felt so close to. Her naked form pressed against Kendall's, beneath the blanket, Daisy had slept through most of the night. Well, the occasional odd sound would wake her, but she felt safe with Kendall beside her. The soft illumination from the campfire still held it sway, casting a glow on the two lovebirds. Daisy woke when the high pitched call of a screech owl reverberated through the night. The sound had startled her, but she soon relaxed, feeling Kendall beside her. She grinned warmly as she watched him sleep, and planted a light kiss against his lips, gingerly tracing his jawline with her finger.

    Kendall had an absolutely wonderful night with his new love. Things couldn't have been more perfect. The weather, the place, the person he was with...all perfect. After they had finally fallen asleep for the night, Kendall held her protectively in his arms all night. Everytime that there was a small noise, and he felt his lover flinch, he was right there to comfort her. Now he was feeling something tracing along his jawline. He had already been awakened by the tender kiss she had given him earlier. He kept his eyes closed, feigning sleep.

    Daisy pressed closer, nuzzling against his neck as her fingers traveled along his sides, gradually moving around. She pressed a devious smile against his neck as she gave his ass a light squeeze.

    Kendall was trying so hard to keep his composure, but she was making it very difficult. Especially when she went in for the kill and sqeezed his ass. He made a small noise and his face scrunched up slightly. Then came the part he was desperately trying to hide. A small smile was creeping onto his features. Figuring the ruse was up, his eyes flew open, and he bolted up tackling her to the ground. "Morning, babe," he said grinning fully now.

    Startled, Daisy gasped and squealed as Kendall suddenly sprung to life, and now had her in his grasp. Her wide eyed expression soon eased, giving way to her amusement. She couldn't suppress a giggle as she gazed up at him, her slender legs wrapping around his waist. "Heh..morning, smexy!" She leaned up, pressing her lips against his. "How long you been awake?"

    Kendall chuckled. "Since you kissed me earlier," he replied, returning the favor.

    Daisy gently squeezed him with her legs, her toes caressing the back of his legs. The soft kiss intensified, lingering as her fingers caressed his cheeks. After a moment, she finally broke, eyes meeting with his. She gently bit on her bottom lip as she took him in. This guy was definitely addicting. "Heh.. so my lips are magical, huh? One kiss will wake the dead?" She flashed him a wink, her small hands gently cupping his face, fingers caressing his skin. "Sleep well?"

    Could she read his mind or what? Well, one thing was for certain: he had NO complaints, whatsoever. How could he? Everything was beyond amazing. Kendall smiled. "Better than you can imagine, princess. How about you?" He kissed her again, lightly on the lips waiting for her answer.

    Daisy smiled sweetly, meeting his lips once more. She flicked her tongue lightly across his lips before kissing him deeply. Her heart fluttered at his words. He certainly had a way of making her feel special, and loved. It was things she certainly wasn't accustomed to. "Mmm...I don't think I've ever slept that good before.." She blinked. "And I didn't even have a nightlight!" She smiled. "I feel so safe with you."

    Kendall chuckled. "I'm proud of you, babe." He put his hand behind her head and pulled her in for another deep kiss. He began massaging her shoulders and back again while doing so. "So how much longer do you want to stay out here?" He was in no hurry to go back, though. Going back meant getting back into the chaos which his life was. Out here, he could forget about everything about his past and just focus on the present.

    Daisy returned the kiss whole-heartedly, allowing it to linger. Her eyes slid closed as he massaged her shoulders and back... gah, his hands felt amazing! "Mmm, babe.. you've got magic fingers!" Indeed, everything about this guy was magical. He was complete perfection to her, despite his horrible past. She opened her eyes and looked at him as he asked about going back. "You mean.. back to the cabin, or to the city?" She gently pecked his cheek. "I'm happy wherever you are!" She flashed him a bright smile, that slightly faded with her thoughts. "Babe, I don't think you should go back to the city. I mean, if they catch you.. they're going to kill you." Her eyes swelled with tears. "I don't want to lose you."

    Oh no... He didn't want to see her cry again. Not when everything had been so perfect a minute ago. And worse, he was the one that did it...unintentionally this time. 'Way to go, Kendall...' "Awww no...don't cry. I meant back to the cabin." He brought up a hand to her cheek and brushed away her tears with his thumb, giving her a small smile. "And I'm not going anywhere." He pulled her down for another kiss. "I promise you, babe," he whispered, before their lips met again.

    Daisy took a deep steadying breath, trying to compose herself, but the thought of something happening to him was suffocating. It was a weight off her chest when he informed her that he was referring to the cabin. She took him at his word, comforted by that promise. Unfortunately she had no idea that Mikko was planning to use Kendall in her next jail break attempt. Daisy allowed him to brush away the tears, and managed a small smile as she returned the kiss. "We can stay here.. unless you wanna go bug that emo dude." She grinned. "We could cover him in glitter or something."

    Kendall chuckled at that. The thought was extremely tempting. For some reason, it was so much fun trying to scare Chris. Or even ultimately piss the guy off. Even though Kendall didn't think of Mikko as a potential partner anymore. Not in the romantic sense, anyway. At best, they were still business partners. But then another thought hit him. The only reason Mikko wanted him out in the first place, was because they were trying to break Spike out of the prison. And that being around that place again could put Kendall in some serious danger. But there was NO WAY he was going to tell Daisy that ..not yet, anyway. Seeing how she reacted a minute ago, he didn't want to put her through that pain if he could fuckin' help it! She meant way too much to him. He shoved all those negative thoughts away and smiled at her. "I'm fine staying here with you - as long as you want, darling."

    Daisy was perfectly content with that. She snuggled against him, leaning in to peck his cheek. "Maybe we could live here.." She said, almost dreamily. "I mean, we could fix the cabin up.. paint it bright pink and stuff." She cast him a glance, wondering what his reaction would be to that! As much as she liked pink, she was smart enough to know that it wasn't a very manly color

    Kendall just laughed... The idea of fixing up the cabin had appeal, but pink?? He wrapped his arms around her again once he composed himself. "Sure thing, Daisy. But can we rethink the pink? I mean MAYBE we can do one room, but not the whole house...please?" He gave her a bright smile to bribe her into reconsidering.

    Oh, he would be willing to have at least one pink room? Daisy grinned sweetly at that, and gently pinched his cheek. "Okay, we'll do the den in pink.. so we can always see it!" She teased. "What's your favorite color?"

    Kendall chuckled. "Tell you what. We'll discuss the pink thing when it actually happens, okay?" He gave her a quick peck on the cheek,smiling. Then he shrugged. "I dunno... I've always liked green. But black and red are good too." He took her hand, intertwining his fingers with hers. "And what about you? Besides pink?"

    Daisy entwined fingers with him, and gave his hand a small squeeze. Her thumb lightly caressed his hand, marveling over how big they were. Everything about him was fascinating to her, and she was having a hard time believing that someone so special was capable of what he'd claimed. But deep down, she felt it was the drugs that had taken those lives that night. Kendall was too much of a sweetheart. A grin spread across her lips, and she looked up at his with those big blue eyes. "Oooh, I like green, too! And neon colors... and purple. So maybe we can paint the cabin tye-dye!"

    Chuckles came from Kendall once again. "Like I said before, darlin...we'll see." Kendall moved in for a deep kiss again. He just couldn't get enough of her. She was everything he could hope for...and more. But despite his feelings for her, his first family still held a special place in his heart. What happened to them was horrible, and he made solemn vow to NEVER let that happen again. Whatever demons he was dealing with that night, were long gone now. He felt like this was a brand new start in life...a second chance. And he damn well better not screw this up too!

    Daisy was deeply curious about Kendall's first family, but she didn't want to hurt him by bringing it up. Hopefully he would talk to her, once he was ready. For now, she wouldn't pry. She leaned into the kiss, returning it with heated passion. When they finally broke, she looked up at him, smiling sweetly. "What's your most favoritest animal?"Because she needed 'pet' ideas, for whenever they got a place to stay.

    Kendall returned the smile. "I've always loved dogs. I had lots of 'em growing up."

    "Oh?" She was deeply curious. "What kind of dogs did you have?" It was something she had always wanted, along with rabbits.

    "Well, I had lots of different ones. But my favorite was the one that I had when I was about ten years old. And would you believe her name was Daisy? She was a Border Collie." He pulled her down for another kiss. "I have had the two most beautiful 'Daisies' in the world," he said, grinning. Then he kissed her passionately.

    Daisy flashed him a sweet grin, her heart melting at that. Kendall never failed at making her feel special. No wonder she was already deeply in love with the guy. She returned the kiss with equal passion, 'hmm'ing' quietly against his lips. Her fingers lightly brushed against his sides, and she pressed a grin against his lips as she whispered against them. "You're so sweet.. I'm really glad I climbed into your back seat! Of all the cars in the world.. I picked yours!"
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    Post by Daisy on Fri Jun 26, 2009 7:06 pm


    And as much as he resented that fact at first, he took it all back now. He grinned when she touched his sides, trying to keep the ticklish feeling from his mind. "Yeah, how 'bout that? And I'm glad you did too." He kissed her again. They could just spend the whole day in each other's arms, and he would be just fine with that.

    Daisy returned the kiss, doing her best to hide a cheeky grin as her fingers continued to glide along his side, lightly brushing along his skin. She was on a mission. If this guy had a ticklish spot, she was determined to find it, before the day was over. Still, she kept her intentions 'hidden', as best she could. Though, that mischievous grin was becoming difficult to hide

    Kendall deepened the kiss. He knew what she was trying to do, but he was trying his darnedest to ignore it. She had only found one of just a few tickle spots, but there was no way in hell he was going to let her catch onto those. But if she insisted, he could just return the favor. As 'giggle-y' as she already was, it shouldn't be that hard to find one.

    Lips still locked with his, her hands continued to wander. Her fingers once again moved across his ribs, and lightly stroked back down. As casually as she could, she reached down, and ran a finger lightly across the bottom of his foot, her mischievous gaze still watching his reaction.

    ...and that was another one. An even bigger one. He let out a little snicker, though he still tried to hide it in the kiss. He let his own hands wander up and down her sides lightly, seeing what her reaction would be.

    Oh, she had found it! Bingo! Daisy lightly giggled against his lips at her victory, but before she could pour on the torture, his fingers had found on of her many spots, which honestly wasn't that hard to do. Hell, she was ticklish all over! She snorted loudly, trying desperately to squirm away from his mischievous fingers.

    Ah-ha! Found one. And he decided to tickle her mercilessly. He ran is fingers - oh so lightly - over her skin. Finally thinking she had enough, he stopped and resumed moving his fingers in a deep massage.

    Daisy couldn't contain her giggles any longer. The kiss was finally interrupted by a loud fit of giggles, and she squirmed franticly in an attempt to get away. "Ahhh... I'm gonna pee myself! No fair!!" Thankfully he was quick to show mercy, and she relaxed into his massages, wiping away the laughter-induced tears. She flashed him a sweet grin, playfully sticking her tongue out at him. "Heh.. I know yours! You ish doomed.. when you least expect it!"

    Kendall laughed. "Bring it on, sweet cheeks!" This was fun. Just the two of them, and not another care in the world at the moment. He moved up and straddled her waist, once again, capturing her lips in a kiss.

    Daisy was savoring every moment with him. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. For the first time, on the outside of the confines of clinics, her affliction for once, not dictating her life. So this was what it meant to be completely care free? She could certainly get used to this.. to him. His playfulness was definitely a turn on. She grinned up at him as he straddled her, and pressed a cheeky grin against his lip, before kissing him deeply. "Soooo.. what'cha wanna do now?" She gave him an innocent look, that soon gave way to her devious intentions.

    Kendall just chuckled, looking down at her. "You know I'm still hot for you, darlin. So show me what you got." And with that , he brought a hand to her breast, kneading it with his palm.

    Daisy's breathing hitched as that wonderful hand of his made contact with her sensitive breast, and began kneading it within his palm. Her eyes slid closed, back slightly arching as the pleasure flowed through her body. "Mmmm.." She quietly hummed, her hands stroking and rubbing his toned abdomen, gradually slipping down to caress his bulge, lightly at first..

    Kendall slowly closed his eyes at the contact she was making with him. He continued his massage, eventually bringing his other hand into the mix. He moaned softly in pleasure.

    Oh gosh, the sensations he was producing was nothing short of amazing! She moaned quietly against his lips, her hips gently bucking beneath him, as her fingers gingerly rubbed the head of his cock, caressing the underside before slipping further to gently grasp him, and stroked him.. slowly.

    Kendall let out a small gasp between their lips when she first grasped him, then stroked the very sensitive flesh on his member. He increased his pressure to her breasts, pinching her nipples between his fingers. He could feel himself hardening from both sensations.

    "Mmmm, babe.. those hands are so amazing!" She managed to moan against his lips, in between heated kisses. The sensations he was producing had traveled to her very core, sending every nerve on end. Highly aroused by his warmth, closeness and ministrations, she was already becoming wet, yearning for his thickness. Her gentle strokes gradually became faster, feeling his thickness becoming hard within her grasp. She moaned against his lips, hips bucking beneath his weight.

    By now, he was more than ready for her. He pulled out of her grasp gently, then scooted down and got in-between her legs. He spread them slowly and prepared to enter her.

    Daisy's breathing hitched with anticipation, watching him with lust-filled eyes as he moved into position. She spread her legs wider, lips once again meting with his, and kissing him with heated passion. "Mmm.. make love to me." She whispered, longingly against his lips

    And that's what he fully intended to do. He returned the kiss with just as much passion as she showed him. Then he began slowly pushing himself into her, kissing her the entire time.

    Daisy gasped against his lips, feeling him slowly enter her. Her slick walls stretching to accommodate to him, enveloping him within her warmth. She moaned softly in between kisses, her fingers caressing and cupping his cheeks. "Mmm, babe.. you feel sooo good!"

    Kendall couldn't agree more. "Oh, babe. You have no idea," he groaned out as he continued his slow descent into her. She felt absolutely amazing! Soon, he was all the way in and he began a slow and steady rhythm

    Daisy's breathing quickened, moans becoming more intent as he set a steady rhythm. She kissed him deeply, tongue flicking across his lips, before slowly sliding inside to massage his. Her lust-filled gaze met with his, conveying the genuine love that she already held for him. "I you." She whispered quietly, in between labored breaths.

    That just made Kendall's heart soar every time those three words passed her lips. "," he said, one word for every thrust. He moaned loudly, matching hers perfectly. Everything felt so good. It didn't matter how many times they did this; every time it was something special to him.

    Daisy could feel her heart melting, hearing those words from him. They meant so much to her. Her lips briefly strayed from his, traveling down to plant heated kisses against his neck, sucking and lightly nipping at his skin. She nuzzled against him, moaning with each pleasurable thrust. "Mmm.. harder.."

    Kendall could feel the sweat rolling of him in waves - just like the pleasure he was feeling. His breathing pace quickened and he willingly acquiesced to her demands. His senses went into overload as he poured every ounce of controlled power into his thrusts. He buried his face into her neck, moaning into her ear.

    The pleasure he was producing had completely taken over her intoxicating her every sense. The world around them had faded away, and there was only him, and her.. and these feeling that were all so new to her. Her loud moans echoed throughout the forest, and she occasionally called his name. All praises to his perfection. Her nails dug into his shoulders as the pleasure intensified, washing over her in intoxicating waves. She bucked her hips, grinding against him each time he buried himself inside her. "Oh.. my..gawwd!" She squealed, lips pressing a kiss against his cheek, as he buried his face against her,, "Mmmm.. that feels amazing!" Indeed, this was much better than ice cream!

    Kendall could feel his climax rapidly approaching, but he was determined to let her go first. Then as fast, and gently, as he can, pull out so he can release outside of her. He had gotten the hang of doing that by now. But as soon as he could he wanted to get some of those damn, constricting condoms. He seriously hated the things, but he really didn't want to take any chances with accidentally getting her pregnant.

    And Daisy was quickly approaching her climax. Her breathing quickened, heart beating wildly within the confines of her heaving chest. Her skin was beaded with perspiration. Then suddenly, it hit her full force, and she moaned his name as she reached orgasm, her walls clamping tightly around him.

    He almost lost it right there. Seeing her climax gave him that feeling of completion. Like he had done his job right. Now there was this SMALL matter of pulling out... He could do this, he could do this... "Ahhhh! Fuck, Daisy!!!" As soon as she released him he pulled out, spilling forcefully on the grass next to her. Feeling spent, he collapsed on her other side and held her close, trying to catch his breath. "Damn..."

    Struggling to catch her breath, Daisy snuggled up against him, and planted a tender kiss against his lips. She couldn't stop grinning.. this guy was everything she could possibly hope for. "Mmm.. that's better than a hot fudge sundae." She whispered quietly against his lips. But the thought of food was making her hungry. "Speaking of ice cream... I reeeeeally want some right now." She gave him a doe eyed look. "We could go back long enough to get some!"

    Kendall raised himself up enough to prop up on his elbows and chuckled. "Sure, princess. I could go for some too." He put his hand behind her head and pulled her in for a small kiss. "We gotta find our clothes first in case someone is there." He gave her a small wink.

    Daisy grinned sweetly, and leaned into the kiss, allowing it to linger as she absently reached for her clothes. She rested her forehead against his, grinning as she inhaled his scent. "Mmmm." Everything about this guy was pleasuring to her senses. After a moment, she finally mustered up enough self control to reluctantly stand, and began getting dressed. "So, what's your favorite flavor?" She flashed him a devious wink. She definitely knew what her favorite flavor was.. and it wasn't something you could get at some ice cream joint..

    Kendall stood up as well, fishing for his clothes. Finally spotting them, he pulled them on quickly. "Favorite flavor of ice cream, gotta be chocolate," he replied, grinning. Once he was fully dressed again, he pulled Daisy over to him and gave her a kiss. "Shall we go now?"

    Daisy returned the kiss, a cheeky grin worn across her lips. "Mmm.. I like chocolate, too!" She winked, and reached around to give his bottom a light pinch. She flashed him a flirty wink as she took his hand, fingers entwining with his. "Mmhmm!" She gave his hand a light squeeze. "I wonder if lycan dude has woke up yet? Maybe he realllly is a lycan, and is only active at night.."

    Kendall let out a small grunt when she pinched his ass again. It was a move that she must have really enjoyed, considering how many times she's done it already. He laced his fingers with hers, smiling. "I don' know. As late as it is, I would be very surprised if he was still sleeping." He still thought it was really adorable that she thought Chris was a lycan. And that at first, she thought he was a vampire slayer. But now some of his past was out in the open and he felt SO much better. And the best part was, it didn't scare Daisy away.

    Indeed. It was a move Daisy thoroughly enjoyed, because that ass of his was definitely a work of art. She walked closely beside him, hand gently squeezing his. She pushed a stray lock of golden curl behind her ear, making a mental note to redo her pigtails, soon. All the activity had left them ravaged. "I guess we'll see his true colors when the moon comes out, huh?" She chirped sweetly, as the cabin soon came into view.
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    Post by Daisy on Fri Jun 26, 2009 7:10 pm

    (Returning 'home')

    Mikko sat back in the chair on side of the bed. She lightly began to massage Spike's palms. "I'm going to have to go soon, but I'll be back tonight, try and rest, babe. You don't have to worry about that cop anymore, who, I found out, was the one that shot you." She lightly massaged his fingers then moved back to his palm making small circular motions.

    He could only listen on with that same blank expression, but couldn't deny that her affections were strangely soothing. He wished that he could remember this woman..remember the cop, or being shot. But his past was completely forgotten.

    Mikko looked up at his face, still nothing. She glanced at the clock. "Before I leave I'll ask the nurse about that breathing tube." She left his side to drag her chair to his other side and started to massage that hand.She noticed that his head was leaned back and it looked horribly uncomftable " You want another pillow?"

    His brows knotted, slowly registering her words. It took him a moment to realize that he was, indeed uncomfortable, and gave her hand another weak squeeze in response.

    Mikko stood up and after some searching, walked over to a draw that blankets and pillows where kept. She pulled out a pillow and fluffed up before gently lifting Spike's head and tucking the pillow under him. she adjusted it so that his neck was in a better position. Mikko slid her hand in his. "Better?"

    And she hadn't given him a signal for 'yes', so he simply blinked his eyes.

    She pulled the covers up over him and returned to her spot, massaging his hand. "Tonight I'll give you a nice foot massage." Through all of this Mikko knew that if or when he got his memory back, she was doomed. But she wasn't worried about what he would do or say about her attention to him later on. she was worried about the here and now, and now he needed her. at lest, that's how she felt. And she would do what ever she could to make him as comfortable as possible. She just really wished that he could talk to her.

    Spike continued to listen to her, his tired brain still trying to unearth the truth, to remember who he was. With a defeated sigh, his heavy eyelids began to flutter

    She sat back on the bed. "Sorry, spike. I wish there was something I could say that would jar your memory. Our first night together you gave me the nickname Mouse." She didn't want to tell him that he was on death row, she didn't want to tell him that he's a rapist and a killer. She wasn't sure if he could handle that kind of info. "Ummmm....I use to have purple hair."

    None of it was ringing any bells. Spike just blinked at her, giving her hand a light squeeze as his eyes continued to flutter. He was drifting fast, despite his attempts to remain awake.

    "It's ok babe, it'll come to you." She noticed that he was having problems keeping his eyes open. She leaned over and planted a lingering kiss to his forehead. "Get some sleep."

    Spike finally lost his battle, and soon drifted off to sleep. His weak grip finally loosened from her hand, dropping to his side.

    Mikko slipped back in the chair, her hand still in his. quietly sitting thought the rest of her hour there.

    And time was now up. The nurse finally slipped back into the room, giving Mikko a slight sympathetic look as she gestured towards the clock. "Time's up, dear."

    Mikko looked up and nodded, this time without protest, She got up grabbing her book bag and giving Spike a light kiss on his cheek. She turned to the nurse as she adjusted the bag strap. "Do you know when he will be able to get the breathing tube out?"

    "If he continues to improve, within the next few days ,sometime." She replied.

    She smiled at that. "thanks," Then her smile faded. "What about the memory loss? Is that normal?"

    She gave a small nod at that. It is, considering how close to death he was, and how long his brain was deprived of oxygen. His comatose state also factors into it."

    "Buuut he'll..I mean it'll all come back to him right?"

    As much as she wanted to give her a definite, positive answer, she couldn't lie. "It's too early to tell. I'm sorry."

    Mikko nodded. "ok. thanks." She looked over her shoulder at Spike. "I'll see you tonight,love." She gave the nurse another small smile and headed out the hospital. She was wondering what she could do to jog his memory, the thought of him being taken away and brought back to death row, and not know what the hell was going on didn't settle well with her. She got in the car and drove off. Maybe a scrap book of some kind. she had some paper clippings of him and herself. and she could maybe look through her journal for important bits of information, or at lest something big that happen, bottom line, she was going to heave to tell the poor guy that he's in jail....and why. This stayed on Mikko's mind when she dropped off the car to be brought to a chop shop and when she picked up her new car. Then she headed home, the whole drive was in silence. A small scrap book type thing seemed to be the best way to organize the information for him...Yeah that's what she would do. she finally made it back to the cabin and saw no movement inside. 'don't tell me those two are still in the woods...and where is Chris?' She thought as she walked inside.

    Chris was up and around now. He had been for a while. He was sitting on one of the clean cushions of the couch, just staring at the television - not really paying attention to it. He had woken up to an empty house. And not that it bothered him much, but he was still wondering where everyone was? Was Mikko still at the hospital? And where did Kendall and Daisy go? He hadn't seen them at all this morning. Suddenly he saw the door open and in walked Mikko. "Hey," he greeted her.

    Mikko smiled to him, tossed her bad aside and hoped on the couch next to him. "Hey. You been up long?"

    "A while now..." Chris replied, shrugging. "How did it go at the hospital?"

    Mikko frowned and looked at the ground. "He don't remember me..."

    Chris frowned and put his arm around her in comfort. "Oh. Sorry to hear that."

    She looked at him. "Yeah...well...I have this idea to help him....and...what are you wearing you smell so good."

    He had never seen her look that sad before. He really wished there was something more he could do. But the 'smell' thing caught him off-guard. But he soon grinned. "Like it?"

    She leaned closer to him and inhaled him deeply. "Mmmhmm."

    His grin only widened. "Cool. Glad you like it."

    Mikko smiled up at him. "you should darken that eyeliner, you can never have to much and it's sexy....seeeeexyyyyyyy." She then leaned down and grabbed her bag. "Anyway, my idea. I'm thinking of putting together a little scrap book of sorts with important info and dates. Honestly I don't think it'll help his memory, but maybe he'll have less questions."

    "Sounds good," Chris agreed. "Oh, and about the eyeliner, I'll think about it."

    "Don't think. do." She said giving his knee a light squeeze. She then poured out newspaper clippings and her diary, and sketch book. "Here wanna see my tattoos?" She asked handing him the sketch book.

    Chris took the sketchbook and set it down on his lap, slowly flipping through the pages. Her work was out of sight! How he would love to have one of these someday. He looked up and smiled at her. "These look good. You see any that you wouldn't mind giving me sometime?"

    "Thanks." She said spreading out the newspaper clippings on the table. "You can have anyone you want babe."

    Chris' smile broadened. "Cool." Then he turned his attention back to the sketchbook. There were so many of them to choose from. And they were all really cool, so it would be a hard decision to make...

    She looked over at him. "You know I could draw you up one just for you." She started putting the clippings in order, and writing little notes.

    Really? I'll have to think about that. Thanks." He gave her a bright smile. He watched as she put together those notes of hers. He really felt for her. One of the hardest things to do is to walk into a room of a loved one, and they don't even know who you are.

    No problem." She pulled out one of the clippings and handed it to him. "That's me handcuffed to the stretcher. I was shot three times that night."

    Chris took one look at the picture and winced. "Damn..."

    "Yeah that wasn't a fun night." She took it back and put it in the pile then took her diary and started tapping things in it. "I have to some how break it to Spike who he is...and that he has to go to jail....hopefully he's more awake tonight."

    Chris nodded. "Hope so too." But he was still feeling slightly jealous about this whole thing with Spike. Just WHAT did she see in this guy anyway?

    When happy with the little scrap book she tucked it away. "I'm so tired..."

    Chris chuckled. "Of course. It's no wonder since you got up so early."

    She leaned against him. "I'm going to have to tell Daisy that I'm using her man to get Spike out of jail, and that she can't come..." Mikko looked up at Chris. "You think that's going to go well?"

    Considering how inseparable those two were, probably not. Even he could see that. It was like she worshiped the guy or something. He would bet almost anything that Daisy would try EVERYTHING she could to go along. Instead he shrugged. "Dunno... She seems really attached to the guy."

    "Yeah well...I don't want her there, and I'm sure Kendall will agree with that....And I'll have to give her the 'Spike rules' but...that can wait. anyway..." She grinned. "Sorry I slept on top of you last night."

    Chris shrugged. "S'alright. Didn't bother me much." Actually it did. Well, maybe not bothered him, but it did make him slightly first. Then he didn't mind at all - and rather enjoyed it. But he was still really confused about his feelings towards her.

    He wasn't the only one confused, but Mikko tried to push that aside. " you know what to expect next time. Maybe we put a pillow between us so I don't squish ya."

    Chris couldn't help but chuckle at that. "Sure thing." Even though he'd rather feel her than a pillow. He mentally smacked himself for the thought. 'What the hell? She's with that Spike guy, Chris,' he scolded himself. At least he thought she was. But she was making some major advances towards himself...

    Not that she minded being close to the guy. in fact she was pretty close to him right now. and my god did he smell good. Spike always smelled good too, but more in that tobacco, heroine kinda way, Chris was more. divine. She stretched out on the couch kicking her boots off and propping her feet on Chris's legs.

    So maybe she was only friends with this guy after all. It was an afterthought, really. He smiled at her and put a hand on her feet when she put them on his legs. He could handle this...yeah...

    Mikko smiled at him and wiggled her toes. "So what are we doing today,babe?"

    Chris shrugged. "No clue. Haven't really thought about it."

    Mikko reached into her bag and pulled out her pill bottle, she shoved two brown gel caps under her tongue and let them dissolve. "We can just chill here I guess."

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