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    Post by Kendall on Sat Jun 27, 2009 4:58 pm

    "Yeah, I guess we will," Kendall replied. They were soon at the cabin, and he was the first one up the steps. He opened the door and held it open for her. "Ladies first..." he said, bowing to her and grinning.

    "Sounds good to me. Any ideas what we can do around here?" Chris was just having fun being with Mikko. If all they did was talk all day, that would be perfectly fine with him.

    Mikko thought about that for a moment. "We can go out back to the shed, dig around, who knows what we'll find." But that would have to wait. Soon Kendall and Daisy was walking inside. Mikko sat up. "Welcome back you two."

    Daisy couldn't suppress a huge grin at that. He was certainly polite, and there was that smile again. It never ceased to make her heart skip a beat. "Heh.. thanks sexy!" She flashed him a wink, fingers still intertwined with his. She waited for him to step inside, and hopped up onto his back for a piggyback ride, wrapping her arms around his neck, and her legs around his waist. Grinning widely, she planted a kiss against his cheek, and gave a small salute to Mikko.

    "Sure," Chris agreed, smiling. Then his smile faded when he saw the other two come in. As soon as he caught sight of Kendall, he shot the tall man a small, but still noticeable, glare. He still wasn't too happy with all the shit Kendall has pulled on him in the past.

    Mikko rolled her eyes at Daisy. She wasn't sure how long she could put up with those two. But, after Spike got out, she wouldn't have to worry about that. It was just sad that Daisy got so attached to the man, but, everyone has to learn about loss sooner or later. "Daisy...I gotta talk to you about something." She said pulling out her pill bottle again.

    Kendall's grin widened as he walked in with Daisy. When she jumped on his back, he looped his arms around her legs to keep her from falling. He caught Chris' glare and returned it with a smirk. "Hold on..." he called over his shoulder to his lover. Then he spun Daisy around a couple times.But not fast enough to get either of them dizzy.

    Chris' eyes narrowed but he said nothing. He just turned his attention back to Mikko.

    Mikko watched the two guys and shook her head. She turned back to Chris and whispered to him. "Babe, I'm going to tell Daisy the plan to bust Spike out, if you don't want to hear it you can wait for my outside, I shouldn't be long."

    Daisy's attention had briefly fixated on Mikko, but that all changed when Kendall began to spin her around and around! Her hold on him tightened, and she giggled madly. Gah, this guy was sooo much fun to be around! Definitely a much needed positiveness to focus on. "Woooo, ride em cow girl! Heh heh.. you'sa my stallion!"

    Did he want to hear the plan? Sure, he was curious about it, but he had already decided that he was going to sit this one out. He finally nodded and stood up, heading outside to give the girls some privacy. Though he did already know that Kendall was involved in this as well. 'All the more reason to stay out of it,' Chris decided. He still couldn't figure out why Kendall continued teasing him. Or even worse...trying to piss him off. And he hadn't even done anything.

    She watched Chris leave then turned back to Daisy and Kendall. "Daisy, come here. I have to talk to you it's important." She said patting the seat next to her on the couch.

    Kendall couldn't keep the grin off his face at her words. His over-active imagination was hard at work and he wondered if she meant that in more ways than one. Knowing her, she probably did. She was as bad as him, and sometimes even worse when it came to perverted thoughts. He smirked again when he saw Chris leave. Then he reluctantly set Daisy down on the floor and took his seat on the couch

    Daisy reluctantly slipped from Kendall's back, and took a seat beside Mikko, but not without blowing him a kiss, and a wink. She really wasn't sure what Mikko had to tell her, but it made her slightly curious. "Are we getting a dog?" She asked Mikko, hopefully. "Or a bunny? I mean, we have our own place now.. why not?" And before Mikko could answer, Daisy flashed her a huge smile. "Kendall and I are gonna stay here together! We're gonna paint it any everything!"

    "Daisy...I hate dogs! And quiet and listen to me. First off. you can't live here, because it's not safe. Not for a long term thing anyway, the owners are buried in the back yard. But, what I wanted to talk to you about. Remember Spike? My man...I showed you a picture of him..." Mikko waited for an answer to make sure they were on the same page so far.

    Kendall would have snorted if he wasn't so close to Mikko. Of course he remembered Spike. It was thanks to him that they had to try this again. 'Fuckin' bastard... If only he didn't fight me,' he thought, rolling his eyes.

    That certainly earned a frown. Daisy honestly wasn't upset about the fact that the home owners were currently residing within the ground, but she was a little crushed that her happily ever after plans would take a slight detour. Still, she was determined to spend the rest of her life with this man. She gave a small nod at Mikko's question, her gaze drifting over to Kendall, a sweet smile crossing her lips. So much for focus! But she finally remembered that this probably had some importance to it. Her attention refocused on Mikko. "Yeah, I remember him."

    "Good! Kendall and I are going to be going to the prison soon, to break him out." She paused for a moment. "And you can't come with us...ok?" She was sure this wouldn't go as smoothly as she would like.

    Kendall sighed inwardly. 'Here it comes...' He was NOT looking forward to Daisy's reaction.

    Daisy fidgeted in her spot, but finally got up, now taking a seat in Kendall's lap. She rested back against him, her hand once again seeking his. Her slender fingers threaded through his, soothed by the contact and warmth. But her contentment was soon shattered as Mikko informed her of her plans. That care-free expression had melted away, replaced with confusion and fear. "But, he can't go back there! If they catch him, he's gonna die!"

    He looked down at the floor. He didn't really know what to say to her to comfort her. He knew that this was going to be extremely hard for her. Especially if something happened to him. According to the plan, what he was supposed to be mostly out of danger. But things happen. The last attempt was a perfect example of that. His thoughts were interrupted when she took a seat in his lap. And in response, he held her as close as he could. It was the best comfort he could think of at the moment.

    Mikko sighed and shook her head. "It'll be fine, no one will catch him. but you have to stay here with Chris." Really she didn't want Daisy there at all. Going to the prison was dangerous, what Mikko was going to do was dangerous. Hell SPIKE was dangerous. "Kendall is going to be out of danger. all he's going to do is shut the power off, and hid in the car..."

    Daisy was already in tears. The thought of losing him was suffocating. She sniffled quietly, glancing between Kendall and Mikko with pleading eyes. "Then if it's not dangerous, I can go with him!" Of course, she would go with him.. danger or not!

    "I don't want you's safe for us, not you." Of course, Mikko wasn't telling them that she was planning on killing Kendall. "We don't need to have to worry about you, you'll just be a distraction."

    Kendall sighed and finally spoke up. "She's right. It'll be safer if you stay here." And the fact that IF the plan worked, there was no telling what Spike would do to her in the confines of the car. He did NOT want to think about the consequences of that.

    And her world came crashing down. She buried her face against Kendall's chest, her body convulsing from the suffocating sobs that she wouldn't even bother trying to suppress. "Take that.. lycan guy. They're not looking for him.. he's not injured!"

    Mikko ran a hand down her face. "ugh! Daisy...It'll be fine. And Chris doesn't want to be involved." She stood up, maybe if she left them alone Kendall could talk to her. She wasn't even suppose to be here. And the thought of Spike even looking at Daisy raised a horrible jealousy within her. She glared at the young girl for just a moment before shaking it off. She looked at Kendall. "You talk to her." With that she headed out the house and walked up to Chris.
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    Post by Kendall on Sat Jun 27, 2009 5:01 pm

    Kendall sighed and held her tightly. He let her cry into his chest, but he could feel his own heart breaking. There was nothing that he could do for her now but hold her as tightly as he could. He kissed the top of her head. "Shhhhh... It's alright, baby. I'll come right back to you. I promise," he whispered gently into her ear.And hopefully he could keep that promise.

    Chris was sitting down on the porch just looking out into the yard. He heard the door and turned his head towards it. He smiled slightly when he saw Mikko come out. "So how did it go?" He figured not well, considering he could heard Daisy crying in the background.

    Mikko shrugged. "She's not happy, but...She's also not even suppose to be here." Mikko held out her hand to him. "There is a big chance no one will live through this..."

    Daisy struggled to catch her breath, to find her voice within all of the heartache. Nothing had ever crushed her this deeply. The fear was like nothing she'd ever felt before. She sniffled quietly, and tried to compose herself enough to look up at him. She whispered quietly as she pressed a kiss against his lips. "Please don't go.."

    Chris visibly paled at her words. "No-one? Not even you?" He hoped she was just being overly-dramatic. After everything, and he was possibly going to be all alone again? Well, maybe with Daisy, but they still didn't get along too well.

    Mikko simply nodded. "especially me. I'll be in the middle of the action. But, lets not worry about that right now, lets see what's in that shed." She smiled trying to ease the mood.

    Kendall gave her a small kiss and another squeeze for reassurance. He sighed sadly. "I have to, Daisy," he replied, putting a hand on her cheek and stroking it with his thumb - also trying to wipe away her tears. "I owe her and that's really the only reason I'm out of that god-damned place to begin with. But I'll be really careful, okay?" He pulled her in for a deep kiss. He seriously didn't want to go through with this anymore either. But what choice did he have? He still had a job to do.

    Right in the middle? This didn't sit well with Chris at all. He was only really friends with Mikko. If He wouldn't think about that. He nodded to her and took her hand, standing up. "Sure. Let's go."

    Mikko walked hand in hand with Chris to the old shed, she pushed open the double doors and walked into the dusty hay filed floor. Piles of wood where stacked to on side, and a work bench with old boxes underneath sat on the other. An old bike and random tools laid around. "Coooool..."

    Chris walked with her. But when he looked around the shed, he didn't see anything that really caught his attention yet.

    Daisy wrapped her arms around Kendall, squeezing him tightly. She was afraid to let go of him, fearing he would slip right through her fingers. She sniffled quietly, trying to control the tears as Kendall tried to sooth her. She leaned up, returning his kiss with meaning. Every second with him was precious, and would have to be enough to carry her through a lifetime, if something happened to him. She allowed the kiss linger, unable to control the tears, that seemed never-ending.

    Kendall noticed this as well. But he was completely out of options to get her tears to cease. So he continued holding her as if his life depended on it. But he was not going to cry in front of her. He REFUSED to cry in front of her...

    She started to go through boxes, but it didn't take long till Mikko let out a loud shriek of terror. "GET IT OFF OF MEEEE!!!!!" She cried, holding out her arm to Chris as the spider crawled up her arm.

    Daisy's hands cupped his face, as the kiss intensified. Her fingers gently stroked his cheeks, before she finally broke, tear-filled gaze meeting with his. She whispered quietly against his lips. "Who's gonna love me, if you're gone?" Her bottom lip quivered as her fingers slipped beneath his shirt, absently massaging his back. She rested her head against his chest, listening to that big heart of his. "I'm going with you."

    Chris was on the opposite side of the shed, also going through boxes, when he heard her shriek. He rushed over to her to see what was up. When she showed him why she screamed, he had to hold back a chuckle. He quickly put on a straight face and grabbed an old rag. He used it to brush off the spider and the arachnid fell to the ground. Then he took his foot and stomped down on the poor creature. "All taken care of now."

    "My hero!" She squealed, she went back to the box being more carful of bugs this time and pulled out a baseball. Mikko turned to Chris. "Heads up!" She said before tossing the ball to him.

    Kendall tried to smile, though it was mostly fake. "I told you, I'm coming back for you. How could I possibly leave you?" Then he frowned at her declaration. He had a job to do and that was all he was there for. He stroked her cheek softly, sighing. "It's not up to me, babe. But you would still be a whole lot safer here," he told her softly. IF Mikko let her come, he would have to figure out a way to keep Spike away from her. He didn't trust him AT ALL.

    Chris did chuckle out loud this time. "Anytime." He only had a split second to react before the ball came his direction. But despite the short warning, he caught it easily. Then he looked at it, his eyes widening in excitement. "Whoa..."

    "Nice catch." She was impressed and thought for sure that ball was going to hit him, she dove back in the box and pulled out a bat. She looked at Chris, stood up and grinned. "Wanna teach me how to swing a bat, never done it before." She lied. Of course she had never swung a bat at a ball before...

    Daisy tried to take comfort in his words, but she was smart enough to know that anything could happen. She continued to work her fingers into his muscles, massaging and gently kneading. "I'm not safe, if my heart is dying." She whispered quietly. "I have to go, so I can take care of you."
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    Post by Kendall on Sat Jun 27, 2009 5:04 pm

    Chris grinned. "Thanks." And if it was possible, Chris' eyes widened further when he saw the bat. And he was more than delighted to share his talent with his new friend. "Sure I can!" Oh yes, he was definitely in his element now...

    Mikko's smile widen, she rested the bat on her shoulder and took his hand leading him out into an open field. "Ok slugger, teach me, I'm all ears." She stood in a poor stance, holding the bat way to high.

    Kendall sighed sadly and closed his eyes. He couldn't do this. He couldn't deal with all this heartache. But he didn't know what else he could do. He opened them again and looked straight into her eyes. "Talk to Mikko and see if she'll let you come," he cupped her cheek again in his hand and gave her a sad smile.

    But she knew Mikko would probably try to shut her out. She was used to it. No-one ever seemed to think she was capable of anything important. She wouldn't ask. No. She shouldn't have to seek permission, when her man's life was on the line. She was determined to prove herself. She said nothing in response, but leaned up to meet his lips, finding comfort in her determination to keep him safe, no matter what. "Up for a walk?" She asked, trying to push the heartache aside, for now. Obviously, the heartache had left her in no mood for her earlier craving for ice cream.

    Chris was more than happy to acquiesce. Sure he could teach her some tricks. He shook his head at her current stance. This would be a challenge for sure. He went over to her. "First of all, you're holding the bat way too high." He corrected her. "You also need to keep your hands close together. Like this:" He showed her the correct position for that too. "Is that better?" he asked her, smiling.

    She made the corrections, enjoying his closeness. "mmhmm...Anything else, oh wise one of the bat?"

    Kendall returned the kiss and held her close. He only nodded slowly when she mentioned going for a walk. He was a bit upset at Mikko for making his girl cry. This wasn't something he could fix on his own. He finally found his voice and tried to keep it as cheerful as possible. "Lead the way, babe." He gave her more of a sincere smile this time.

    Chris chuckled. He really loved that name. "Sure. Your feet are too close too. They should be a shoulder's width apart. Like this..." He showed her how it was done. He was trying to keep this as business as much as possible. For now, at least. But he couldn't say that he didn't like her closeness as well...

    Mikko did as he said, spreading her feet out a little wider. "Like that?" She asked looking up at him over her shoulder. Mikko wasn't really caring at the moment if they kept this 'business' like or not, though if it did cross a line she would be sure to tell him..She just wasn't sure where that line was with him.

    Daisy squeezed him tightly, before reluctantly pushing up from his lap. She took his hand in hers, and gave him a gentle tug up. Her heart still ached, but she was trying hard to focus on her time with him, and forget the foreboding she felt. She had noticed that his own demeanor had changed, and she certainly didn't want to see him sad. Not even if her own heart was crumbling. "I thought I saw some old dirt paths earlier.. there might be some houses around here." Because she seriously needed to find a gun, somewhere. And then more importantly, learn how to shoot it.
    Kendall allowed Daisy to pull him up from the couch. Once he was up, he refused to let go of her hand. "Sure. Let's go." But he had no clue about the real reason why she wanted to check them out.

    Chris nodded in approval, smiling. "Perfect. Are you ready to try some pitches now?" he asked. It had been a while since he had pitched, but he was sure he could still do it. After all, he had grown up around baseball. Both watching and playing.

    Sadly that meant that he would be moving away from her, but she was ready to show off her swinging skills, after all she had a little bit of practice with swinging. "Sure, show me wha'cha got."

    Chris nodded again. "But first, do you know with pitches you should swing at and which
    to leave?"

    Mikko nodded. "I think I got this."

    He smiled. "Sure. Okay, I'll go nice and easy, alright?" He stood several feet away from her, facing her. "Ready?" He held the ball up getting ready to throw it in her direction.

    She got ready, focusing on him and the ball that was about to fly at her head. "Ok ready!"

    Chris nodded and launched the ball at her. It was heading right across the 'plate' at waist level. The perfect strike-zone.

    Daisy gave his hand a gentle squeeze, managing a weak smile, if only for his sake. As they headed out, she walked closely beside him, her hand only letting go to wrap her arm around his waist, cheek resting against his shoulder. They passed by the field where Mikko and Chris were playing baseball. Seemingly without a care in the world. Daisy spared Mikko a hurtful look, but remained silent as they passed. She couldn't deny being upset with Mikko, for potentially placing Kendall in danger. But on the other hand, Mikko was responsible for Kendall's freedom. Unfortunately Daisy was much too naive to realize that Mikko was simply using her man. And she certainly didn't think her adopted sis was capable of such a cold act, such as killing him herself. She gave him a gentle squeeze, as they disappeared into the forest. "Think you can teach me how to drive?" She asked, managing a sweet smile, despite the heartache.

    Of course Mikko clearly saw that she wasn't going to hit it she didn't swing, but she did jump out the way with a small scream. "Trying to kill me, love?" She didn't take notice of Daisy as she passed by,She was still upset that Daisy was even involved. the last thing she wanted was Daisy to even meet Spike, Yet she was going to be in the same place as him. Mikko couldn't help but feel angry at Daisy...Angry at something she didn't even do, wouldn't do. But spike wouldn't care if she was willing or not, and the thought made her blood boil.

    Chris rolled his eyes. "Of course not. That was a perfect pitch. You could've swung and hit that easily." He quickly retrieved the ball and got back in position. "You ready to try again? I promise I won't hit you." He gave her a sincere smile.

    "noooo you trying to kill me!" She said in mock fear. But his smile made her melt and she smiled back. "ok...lets try again." She got in position...wrong, but didn't care she was having fun, and with any luck he would come a little closer and show her how to stand again.

    As they were passing by the yard, he glanced over at Mikko and Chris quickly. Then he turned back to Daisy in time to catch her question. "Sure, babe. I could do that for you." He returned her smile. "You are sixteen, after all. Going on seventeen." He squeezed her hand gently as they walked.

    Chris dropped his arm and tilted his head questioningly at her. "Forgot how to stand already?" He stayed where he was...for now.

    Daisy flashed him a grin at that, and leaned up to peck his cheek. "How about now?"
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    Post by Kendall on Sat Jun 27, 2009 5:06 pm

    "Mmmhmm...Drugs make me soooo forgetful." She grinned. "Show me one more time? please?"

    Chris rolled his eyes again. He knew for SURE that she was flirting with him now. And he really didn't mind all that much. He came closer to her then helped her get
    into position again. "There, now don't move..." he told her, firmly. Though he was still smiling.

    "Right not moving." She smiled and stood as still as she could. "I can move when you throw the ball right?" She teased.

    Kendall chuckled. "Now? You sure? What about our walk?" he asked, half-joking. He really didn't mind what they long as they were together.

    "Uh, yeah...duh!" He got in position to throw the ball again. He released the ball, sending it her direction again. This time it was slightly lower, but still in the strike zone.

    Daisy hopped up into his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck, her legs once again wrapping around his waist. She rubbed her nose against his, and planted a kiss against his lips. "Weeeeell, if I knew how to drive, we could just.. you know.. drive up that trail!"

    Mikko swung the bat as hard as she could, she made contact with the ball sending it flying over head. "WOO! I kick so much baseball ass."

    As much as he wanted to teach her to drive, he didn't think it was a good idea to take it up on the trail. For one, Mikko would be PISSED. He shook his head. "Nah... I still think walking the trail would be more romantic. Don't you think?" he tried again, giving her a small wink.

    "Whoa!" Chris exclaimed, as he ducked in reflex, even though the ball didn't come anywhere close to hitting him when Mikko sent it back in his direction. After a quick recovery, he saw the ball sail over his head and he smiled. "That was great, Mikko!" he shouted as he went to retrieve the ball again.

    Mikko smiled wider and proceeded to do a small victory dance. She watched as he ran for the ball, then hid behind a tree, because what was more fun then baseball? Baseball hide-and-seek!

    Daisy gave a small nod in agreement, before slowly sliding down him, once again taking his hand in hers. "So, what's that dude like? What's his face.."

    Chris bent over to grab the ball. When he stood up again, he turned around, smiling. Then the smile disappeared when Mikko wasn't anywhere to be found. "Hello?!" he called out. "Mikko, are you still here?!" He ran back to where he last saw her and looked around somewhat frantically.

    Mikko peeked out behind the tree and lightly tossed a pinecone at him, She smiled. "So I know how to stand and bat...lets practice running!" And with that she was off. running away from him hoping that he would follow.

    "Who, Spike?" Kendall could feel his anger slightly returning, but the last thing he wanted to do was to lose his temper in front of Daisy. Especially since she didn't do anything but ask an innocent question. He took a few calming breaths, clenching the hand that wasn't holding Daisy's. "He's not a nice guy, for sure. If you did come with me to the slammer, I want you to stay as far away from him as possible," he warned. There was no telling what a maniac like him would do to a young woman like her.

    Chris was passing by a tree when he noticed a pinecone land at his feet. He smiled, then heard her voice. Running? problem. He wasn't the fastest guy in the world, but he was a decent runner. And besides being slightly underweight, he was in pretty good physical shape. He let out a small laugh and took off after her.

    Daisy could detect the anger there, though it seemed Kendall was trying to suppress it. She gave his hand a reassuring squeeze as they walked, and rested her head against his shoulder. "Okay... I'll avoid him like anchovies!" She flashed him a sweet smile. And suddenly, movement out in the brushes earned her full attention. "Ooooh, bunny!" She squeed. "Catch it for me!"

    She glanced behind him and was happy to see that he was chasseing after her. sadly in her condition the run wouldn't last long. Mikko quickly grew tired and stopped to lean back on a tree trying to catch her breath.

    Kendall let out a full-hearted laugh. "You serious?" 'No fuckin' way...' he added, silently. Even if he captured it, what would he do with it? It's not like it would enjoy being held. It was a wild animal, for cryin' out loud!

    "But it's Thumper!!!" She smiled widely, momentarily forgetting just how devastated she was, only minutes ago. She darted after it, ignoring the briars as they scraped her skin. She was on a mission! But fortunately it was quick to duck beneath some thick brush. She got down on her knees, trying to find the thing. "Heeeeeey, Thumper! Where's Bambi???"

    Chris caught up with her easily. Especially after she had to stop. He ran up to her, stopping just short of tagging her. He frowned slightly. "Hey, you okay?" He put a hand lightly on her shoulder, concern in his eyes.

    She looked up at him and nodded. "Yeah...Just...trying to ...catch breath. Running not such a good idea..." She took a deep breath and stood up straight. "Looks like you gotta carry me back."

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    Post by Mikko on Sun Jun 28, 2009 4:53 pm

    ((Bunny bites))

    Kendall shook his head and ran after her - being a bit more careful about his pursuit than she was. He wanted to make sure she didn't do something foolish. He found her down in front of a hole. "Daisy? I don't think this is such a good idea," he warned her. Why don't you come with me instead?" He offered his hand out to her, hoping she would take the hint.

    But Daisy was dead set on 'meeting' her most favorite animal! She had never been this close to a real one, and it was just at arms distance away! She reached beneath the thick brush, and quickly grasped the furry animal, but her squee of excitement was soon drown out by her startled cry. "Ouch!!!" She quickly released her hold on the frightened rabbit, and stood up, staring at her scratched and bleeding arm in disbelief. "He's got Freddy nails!" Daisy could hear Mikko calling from the distance, but was hesitant to respond. Her 'big sis' had broken her heart, earlier. And because of this, it was easy for her to assume that Mikko was angry with her, for reasons unknown. She just looked at Kendall, and returned her attention to her injured hand. "Guess he really didn't wanna be friends.."

    Kendall watched nervously as Daisy refused to listen to him. Then his blood ran cold when he heard her scream. He rushed over to her, pulling her into his arms. "You okay, sweetie?" He kissed her cheek. "And I told you it wasn't a good idea, didn't I?" he said firmly.

    Daisy gave her hand a few good shakes, as if doing so would ease the intense stinging. There was minimal bleeding, but she certainly hadn't been expecting that! She wrapped her good arm around Kendall, and flashed a sheepish grin in response. "I thought bunnies were supposed to be all sweet and stuff!" And she blinked as Mikko continued calling her. "Do you hear that?"

    Kendall could help but chuckle, squeezing her slightly in affection. "Pet bunnies, yes. Wild bunnies, no. And yes, I did. We should probably be heading back anyway. We gotta fix that arm of yours." He began walking with her back towards the cabin.

    Daisy was seriously reluctant to head back, fearing Mikko would just crush her world again, but she walked alongside Kendall, her hand holding tightly to his. Then, she flashed him a sweet grin before once again hopping onto his back, and planted a kiss against his cheek. "I'm woundeded.. carry me!" But then, she realized. He was too. He grin slightly faded with concern. "Your leg holding up?"

    Kendall walked with her, holding her hand, until she jumped up on his back. Then his arms wrapped around her legs, securing her. He nodded to her question. "Yup! No worries, Daisy. I'm fine," He gave her a gentle smile. His leg WAS feeling better. It was healing quite nicely, in fact

    "Good!" Daisy planted another kiss against his cheek, and playfully rubbed his head. "Then maybe we can go skinny dipping soon! Once it's completely healed.. that should be fun!" She rested her chin against his shoulder, but her cheerful mood slightly faltered as the cabin came back into to view, fearing that she would be yelled at.


    He didn't really want to because he wasn't sure he could support her well enough in his arms. But he reluctantly agreed. "Okay." He went to go pick her up as gently as he could.

    Mikko smiled and wrapped an arm around his neck. "Ooooh so strong." She leaned her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. "I really need to talk to Daisy..."

    He carefully carried her back up to the house - the bat and ball long-forgotten.

    Mikko enjoyed her ride to the cabin, but hopped down as soon as they got to the door. She walked inside and saw that no one was there. "Damnit." She was going to have to go soon and was hoping to catch Daisy before she left. Mikko walked back outside and cupped her hands around her mouth. "DAISY!!!"

    Chris let her get down and followed her. "What's up?"

    "I wanted to make sure Daisy was ok." She said looking at Chris. "I wonder if she can hear me.." Mikko turned back to face the woods and again cupped her hand over her mouth. "DAAAAAAAAAAISSSYYYYY!!!"

    "Damn..." Chris said, shaking his head. "Hope she is too. You don't think she's in any danger from that Kendall guy, do you?"

    She looked back at Chris and shook her head. "Nah, I'm not worried about Kendall....He's like a big teddy bear."

    Chris couldn't help but snicker at the visual his mind was projecting. Kendall a teddy bear? Big ol' Kendall? He was trying to picture Kendall with a snout, stubby tail, and two rounded ears. Then he burst out laughing.

    Mikko looked at Chris with a raised brow. "You ok?"

    Chris soon composed himself enough to answer Mikko. "Yeah. I'm fine. I was just trying to picture Kendall as a teddy bear. Very amusing image." He began snickering again, shaking his head.

    "ooookay." She smiled but was seriously wondering about this mans sanity.

    Chris sobered again, this time for good. "You okay?" he asked in concern. Did he really freak her out that much with that previous comment?

    "yeah I'm good." She grinned and gave him a playful push."Just think that you're crazy is all."

    Chris chuckled. "Me, crazy? Nah... Well, I might have my moments, know? It's a normal thing," he answered, shrugging.He remained in the cabin, getting a drink, so he was unaware of when the other two returned.

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    Post by Mikko on Sun Jun 28, 2009 4:54 pm

    ((The talk.))

    Mikko waited outside, leaning against the car with her arms folded, she smiled a little when she finally saw the two come into view and pushed herself up. "Bout time, you two keep disspering on me."

    Kendall smiled up at her and then they were reaching the cabin. He saw Mikko standing outside and lightly squeezed Daisy's legs for reassurance.

    As she spotted Mikko, Daisy buried her face against Kendall's shoulder, but peeked out, much like a child who'd been scolded. She honestly didn't know what to expect, but found comfort in Kendall's reassuring squeeze. Her arms lightly tightened around him, and she tried to will herself to look at Mikko.

    Mikko walked up to them to meet them, she held her hand up for Daisy to take. "Come on, we need to talk." She said as soothingly as she could.

    Kendall, once again, reluctantly let her down. Leave it to Mikko to ruin their fun twice that way. Even if he couldn't see or here everything that was going on between the two girls, he was going to try his best to keep Daisy from being hurt again. He made a vow to keep her safe. And he was bound determined to keep it.

    Daisy clung to Kendall like a security blanket, reluctant to take the offered hand. But after a moment, she slowly took hold of Mikko's hand, and reluctantly slipped from Kendall's back. She spared him a pitiful glance, before her gaze fixated on Mikko, but she couldn't hold eye contact with her adoptive big sister. Her gaze lowered.

    Mikko held on to her hand and walked Daisy to the back of the car, She hopped on the trunk and patted the spot next to her for Daisy to do the same. "We have to talk...You're not in trouble." She informed Daisy after noticing her glances and looks. "I just need to talk to you."

    Daisy followed, but not without casting several pitiful looks in Kendall's direction. She took a seat beside Mikko on the trunk, still unable to bring herself to look at her. The earlier news and 'rejection' still stung. She gave a faint nod in response to Mikko's question, and replied quietly. "Okay."

    "Kendall's helping me out, Daisy, doing a good thing. But...You don't know Spike, I don't want you around him, I hopped that you would never meet the guy." She put a hand on Daisys' hand. "I'll make sure nothing happens to your man. Promise. But I don't want you there with us. ok?"

    Daisy once again found herself struggling to suppress the tears, trying hard not to become weak again. She just listened in almost silence, a soft sniffle hinting upon her buried emotional state. She finally willed herself to look at Mikko, still trying to hold strong. "But.. I promise I won't get in the way." She replied quietly, her gaze almost pleading. "If it was your boyfriend doing something this dangerous, wouldn't you want to be there for him?"

    She looked at Daisy and had to nod to her question, she understood where Daisy was coming from. But, Her in the car with everyone else? And would Kendall be able to do his job with her around? So many things could go wrong with her there. But Mikko knew that Daisy would find away, sneek in the car, or beg Kendall. It would be easer to just give in, and like Daisy said, if it was her man then she would definitely want to be there with him. Finally Mikko nodded. "Ok...But there will be rules. That you HAVE to follow. Understand?"

    Well, Daisy certainly hadn't been expecting that! She blinked at Mikko's acceptance, a huge grin quickly running across those once pouty lips. She nodded eagerly as she wiped the tears from her eyes. "Okay! I can do rules!" She made a crossing gesture across her heart.

    "Right, we'll go over that later. right now I have to go." She slid off the trunk and helped Daisy down. "I'll be back tonight. and then I'll go over those rules with you."

    Daisy couldn't stop grinning. She was going, and with that peace of mind, she was convinced that she could keep death from happening, somehow. She allowed Mikko to help her down, now watching her questioningly. "Where you going?"

    "Into the city, going to see Spike again." She answered opening the car door and making sure that she had everything she needed.

    "Oh?Are there any stores close to the hospital?" Daisy asked hopefully. "Could you pick me up some stuff?"

    Mikko looked at her questioningly. "Yeah there's stores. What do you need?"

    Taking that is a yes, Daisy sprinted off inside the cabin to retrieve a piece of paper from her diary, and jotted down a list of things she oh so desperately needed. She dug through her trust backpack, pulling out a small wad of money that she had stolen from Jake, back at the clinic. It wasn't much, and certainly wouldn't cover the cost of her items, but she was sure Mikko could handle it somehow. She soon reappeared outside, and pushed the money into Mikko's hand, along with the ten bucks. "There! I need lollipops.. the long stick kinds, and clothes! Because I'm sooo not going back to the clinic for mine! Romantic type candles.." And she smiled, almost sheepishly. "Urm.. condoms...reeeeeeally big ones." She bit on her bottom lip. "Glow in the dark, if you can find them." And she lowered her voice. "I really don't like the things.. but he's super safe." Nooot that they would actually use them, but what the hell. Maybe she could make balloon animals, or something. And lastly, but certainly not least. "Annnd, 50 Cent CD.. for Kendall... because he got me roses!"

    Mikko was taken aback by Daisy handing her money and a list of items. She nodded reading off the list as Daisy rambled on the list. There was no way the money was going to cover all of this, the candy yes, nothing else. She raised a brow at the condoms "Big ones uh? Do tell.."

    Daisy couldn't suppress a quiet giggle, as she tried to give Mikko an estimate of the size of her man's package. She held her fingers a good 12" apart. Of course, that was a bit of an exaggeration, but it would give her an idea. "You know how they say you can tell a guy's size by the size of his hands?" She gave a small wink. "Oh yeah.. he's huge! And he knows how to work it, too." She informed, unable to mask that dreamy eyed look.

    Mikko couldn't help but smile. "wow...maybe I'll have to take a peek at that when he's in the shower." She teased. But her small faded when she say the claw marks left by the rabbit. "What did you do you your arm?"

    Daisy had all but forgotten her little encounter with the rabbit, until Mikko addressed her scratched arm. She spared it a look, before returning her attention to Mikko. "I met Bunny Fu Fu in the woods, but he wasn't too happy to see me." She frowned. "And I guess he only bops mice on the head, and claws everyone else."

    Mikko shook her head then ruffled Daisy's hair. "You're crazy, ya know that. Ok I got to go, I'll see what I can do about getting you your stuff." She gave Daisy a hug and got in the car. With a wave, Mikko drove off.

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    Post by Mikko on Sun Jun 28, 2009 4:55 pm

    ((Doctors and ghost?))

    Now in a much happier mood, Daisy returned to Kendall, grinning brightly. She leapt into his arms, wrapping her arm around his neck, and planted a deep kiss against his lips. "Baaaaaabe! I'm going with you!"

    Kendall had been watching the entire time. He could tell she was upset at first, and his heart went out to her. he continued watching, he could tell that things were looking up from Daisy's point-of-view. She was actually smiling! That made him smile as well, and he continued to do so when Daisy returned to his side. He caught her easily in his strong arms and held her close, kissing her back. "That's great news, darling! I told you all you needed to do was talk to her." He smiled and kissed her again.

    Daisy 'hmm'ed' quietly against his lips, still grinning happily. Her fingers gently caressed the back of his neck as she met eyes with him. "Now I can keep you safe." She whispered quietly, and planted another kiss against his lips. "You still up for that walk?"

    "Of course," Kendall replied, capturing her lips once more. Then he pulled away and looked straight into Daisy's eyes. "You still need a patch job?"

    Daisy met his gaze, giving him a playful look of helplessness. "Mmhmm.. you wanna patch me, doc?" She flashed him a playful wink.

    Kendall smiled and kissed her yet again. "Sure, babe. Just show me where it hurts."

    Daisy playfully flicked her tongue across his lips, before planting a tender kiss there. "Right here.." She said, and pointed to her forearm, which had taken most of the rabbit's assault. She planted a series of light kisses against his lips, smiling sweetly. "Mmm.. that's better than painkiller.."

    Kendall chuckled against her lips. "You think so, huh? Glad I can help. Now...let's go get you cleaned up." He carries her into the cabin, heading for the bathroom.

    Oooh, she was definitely enjoying this! Being carried within those big strong arms of his made her hear soar. She nuzzled against his neck, as he carried her inside the bathroom. It was only now that she was reminded of the fourth member of their little 'family'. She frowned slightly, meeting Kendall's gaze. "He's kind of a recluse, huh?"

    Kendall shrugged. "Guess so." He let her down gently and went to pull things out of the medicine cabinet. Then he went over to Daisy again with a wet rag to clean the wound gently.

    Daisy watched on questioningly as Kendall began pulling supplies from the cabinet. "I guess you guys really don't like each other, huh?" She really was clueless to the real reasoning, the dislike sparked over the jealousy Kendall had felt when he first witnessed Chris and Mikko together. She held out her arm for Kendall to clean, wincing in anticipation.

    Kendall kneeled down beside her, handling her wounds with extreme care. He shrugged again in response to her question. Sure, he just loved messing with the guy. Kendall received great joy every time from the man's facial expressions. He could care less if he truly pissed off the dude. He still intimidated Chris to no end. After he finished cleaning the scratches, he put a healing pad over the series of wounds, then wrapped it in white gauze. After everything was finished, he kissed her bandaged arm. "All better?" he asked, smiling up at her

    Daisy grinned sweetly at his gesture, her heart melting once more. Now how many guys would think of doing something so sweet? Yep, she definitely had one in a million. She inspected her newly bandaged arm, and grinned widely in approval. "Wow, great job! You have some made wrapping skillz!" She beamed, and once again threw her arms around his neck, squeezing him tightly. "Now lets go see if squirrels are any friendlier!"

    Kendall smiled at her again until she mentioned the 'squirrels' comment. "Whoa there, Daisy. If you thought that fluffy bunnies were bad, squirrels would be even worse. They aren't even supposed to be pets...for anyone." He hugged her tightly. "Why don't you just stick to the trail, staying next to me? Please? We don't need any more mishaps, alright?" He kissed her lightly on the cheek.

    Daisy eyes his curiously. Obviously, she had had very little contact with the outside world, and was oblivious to the nature of the 'cute and cuddly' wildlife. It was definitely a good thing that she had Kendall there to guide her. "Oh.. ninja squirrels, huh?" She grinned, and took his hand, walking alongside him. She looped an arm around his waist, once again savoring his warmth, and scent. There was something very intoxicating about this guy, and she just couldn't get enough of him! "Heh.. you know, there was this girl at the clinic once, who claimed to have seen karate turtles in the city." She made circular motions around her temple. "Carazy!" Says she, who believes in vampires, and lycans!

    "Oh REALLY? Karate turtles, huh?" Yeah, Kendall soooo didn't believe this girl whom Daisy was referring to. That was just...completely absurd! Granted, he hasn't been all that caught up in news lately, but COME ON! You gotta be totally wacko to believe that.

    "I know, right? Totally craziness!" Daisy snuggled closely against him as they walked, heading out of the old cabin. She briefly wondered where that Chris guy had gotten off to, but he was probably trying to avoid Kendall, she thought. "Sooo, when this thing is over with ..Spunk?" She blinked. That certainly didn't sound like the dude's name, but she shrugged it off. "We're gonna get a place, right?" She grinned up at him. "And we should sooo get a golden retriever. I hear they're like, insanely smart!"

    Kendall chuckled and squeezed her hand gently. "We'll just have to see, sweetie. And yes, goldies are really smart. That's one kind of dog I haven't owned yet. Sounds great, though." He smiled at her. "Oh, and his name is 'Spike', not 'Spunk'." Though that was a good nickname for the guy. And so fuckin' stubborn....

    Daisy squeezed him in return, as they headed down the old dirt path, that led to destination unknown. She couldn't suppress a smile, as she thought about their future together. Life would definitely be sweet from here on out, if only she could keep him safe from the cops. She grinned sweetly as Kendall corrected her, but that smile slowly faded away. "Babe, you and Mikko both said that I need to stay away from that guy.. is he really that bad?"

    Kendall nodded. "Yeah. He's really bad news. I should know. Though Mikko knows the guy way better than I do." He shrugged.

    Daisy slowly slid her hand beneath his shirt, gently massaging his back as they walked. They had traveled a good distance, and an old house was coming into view. It looked unkept and completely abandoned. Daisy was quick to forget her inquiries about.. what's his face. "Oooooh, a haunted house!"

    Kendall was enjoying the small backrub Daisy was giving him. It looked like things were working out fine. He smiled at that. Then he was snapped out of his musings at Daisy's exclamation. He looked ahead to where she was looking and frowned. Uh oh... What did she plan on doing this time?

    Daisy grinned widely as she tugged him along, towards the old run-down log house. It looked at least 100 years old, the windows busted out and the tattered door hanging from it's rust hinges. "Our future home!" She lightly teased. "Wanna go inside? Maybe we can find something good!"

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    Post by Mikko on Sun Jun 28, 2009 4:56 pm


    Mikko again made the long drive, listing to music and hoping that Spike was still doing ok. She really hopped that she could get him to remember something, even if it was something small. She was also not looking forward to telling him that he was going back to jail, not only going back to jail but death row. How can a person even wrap there mind around that? Soon she turned into the city, the traffic wasn't as light this time, but still flowing smoothly.

    After a quick scare when she thought a cop was following her, Mikko made it safely to the hospital with a few minuets to spare. She pulled her back pack over her shoulder and walked inside to sign in.

    Nurse: And Mikko would be met with the more familiar nurse. After signing in, She lead Mikko to Spike's room, but paused before entering. "He's becoming agitated." She informed, warning Mikko of the man's less than chipper mood.

    Mikko nodded her understanding. "Well...That's more what I'm use to." She said more to herself. Mikko thanked the nurse and walked into the room. "Hey babe, hear ya not behaving ya self." She sat on the chair setting her bag down.

    His bloodshot eyes quickly fixated on Mikko, more alert this time than before. The invasive tube was really beginning to piss him off! And the memory loss was certainly doing little to comfort him. He slightly tugged at his restraints, but luckily still lacked to strength to do much about his situation.

    She laid a hand on Spike's arm. "The nurse said that you are doing better and that tube will come out in a day or two." She leaned down and kissed his hand. "I brought you something that might help your memory loss." Mikko dugged in her bag and pulled out a red note book. She held it up so that he could see then frowned. "You want me to sit the bed up for you?" She put her hand in his and watched his eyes, doing the same 'yes/no' system as before.

    He gave her hand a firm squeeze, a hint of anger in his gesture. Obviously he was a bit confused about the system, since he was meaning it to be a yes. But the need to vent out his frustration in whatever form possible was too great to ignore.

    That was unexpected, but even though the gesture was a 'no' she knew that it would be easer for him to see the book if he sat up. She pulled her hand away and rubbed it. "Getting your strength back, that's good." She carefully and slowly lifted the head of the bed up, stopping to adjust his pillows and making sure that he was comfortable. "there..." She took the note book and sat close to Spike. "If you want me to stop, and give you more information about something squeeze my hand." She slid her hand back in his, hoping that her poor fingers made it through this, then she opened the book to the first page, there was a newspaper clipping of him, getting arrested, spikes adorned his head and he wore a smirk on his face. "This is you. You were being arrested cuz of drugs." She figured she would start small and work her way up.

    He struggled to remember, but once again his mind was met with blankness. His free hand balled in frustration, once again giving his restraints a workout. He emitted a weak snort through his nose, the first sound he'd made in weeks.

    Mikko looked over at him and turned the page. She went over his life of drug use. she talked about them, their first meeting and first 'date'. she talked about Gabe and Eze, the Purple Dragons and the Turks. She mentioned Lexi and even talked about the rooster that kept wakening them. she went through photos and clippings. hopping that something would trigger a memory. she had yet to tell him where he would be going after he left the hospital. Mikko turned another page, this one with out a picture. she read it to him, It went over that night that he kidnapped her, the warehouse and nobody. She paused for a moment.

    He listened, almost hanging to her every word. The names definitely sparked something deep within him, unearthing an unexplained hatred that he couldn't quite place. There was a distant look in those bloodshot eyes of his, but he once again wore the frustration on his features.

    Mikko went over the rest of the book then put it down. "Babe...You got shot during a prison break. you're a death row inmate. And when you leave here you'll be going back there." She leaned down closer to his ear and whispered to him. "I tried to get you out, I shut the power off, and a guy named Kendall was suppose to help you, but he didn't and officer Adams shot you. But don't worry, I'm not going to let you die, I have a better plan." She sat up and looked in his eyes. she tried so hard to think of one thing, that would be so big he had to remember. something that really made an impact in his life, but she couldn't think of anything

    That certainly grabbed his attention. He was on death row? WTF! His confusion briefly crossed his features, once again giving way to his anger. Where was the sanity in all of this? He'd been saved, just so he could die? Well, whoever this girl was, he hoped he could count on her word.

    Mikko felt bad for breaking that news to him, but knew that it would be better then having cops taking him away and he not know why. Still she couldn't think of anything else about his life that was lest that she knew, she only knew the man for four years. Mikko stuck the book in her bag then sat on the bed with him. "I'm pregnant. You're the father...." It was the only other thing she could think of telling him.

    He just continued staring at her with a mixture of confusion and anger. With an inward sigh of frustration, he allowed his eyes to close, trying to steady his irritated mood. Surely a futile feat.

    Mikko decided that maybe that was enough info for one day. But he was looking better and his personality seemed to be coming back. "I'll talk to the nurse again about the tube." She knew it would be pointless, but at lest she could do something for the guy.

    He just shot her another blank look, wishing to hell he could remember who she was. And why he held mixed feeling about her.

    Mikko stood quiet for some time. then remembered she still had Jenckos' knife. She wondered if he would even know that if he still had his memory but decided that at this point it couldn't hurt to try. She pulled it out of her bag after making sure no one was coming. "This belonged to a man named Jencko. I think he leads the Turks or, at lest is high up on the food chain." She waited to see if it sparked anything

    His eyes squinted, taking in the object before him. While the names may not have rung any bells, the object itself held his full attention. He was drawn to it, almost attracted. The weapon certainly held a huge importance in his life.

    She noticed that it had caught his attention. "The guy shot me, and I stole it." She put it closer to him so that he could see the detail. "Want to hold it?"

    His gaze remained fixated on the blade, his answer held within his deep fascination. He tried to grasp it with his restrained hand, to no avail.

    She stood up, once again looking at the door, seeing no one was around she placed the handle in his hand.

    He weakly grasped the handle, his gaze still fixated on the blade. He stared at it in awe, but his grip soon loosened, and it fell noisily to the hard floor.

    Mikko was quick to pick it up and toss it in her bag in case anyone herd the loud clang. She looked up at Spike, thankful that he seemed to at lest remember something. She sat back on the bed, waiting to see if anyone would come in to see what the noise was about.

    The nurse peeked in, but seeing nothing out of place, she spared Mikko a small grin, and disappeared once again. Spike gave his restraints a few more tugs, before finally giving up. Tired and frustrated, he spared mikko a brief glance, before allowing his eyes to slide closed.

    Mikko smiled back then looked at Spike. She wondered if it was that knife that triggered something, or just the fact that it was a shiny sharp blade. either way she figured that she was on the right track. "Tomorrow morning I'll bring in some more things for you to look at. I think I might have salvaged one of your knives, I'll have to look. I can bring in one of your spikes...." She watched his eyes closed and she kissed his forehead then slid in her chair. It was all she could do in this hour, his brain needed to process everything, who knows maybe after some sleep he'll wake up with some kind of memory.

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    Post by Mikko on Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:10 pm

    ((Moonshine and rats))

    Kendall continued being dragged by Daisy, but he didn't mind ALL that much. It annoyed him to a certain degree, but he let it go. He could tell how excited she was about checking this place out. And to be perfectly honest, so was he. Old houses could be really interesting sometimes. But...he wasn't sure about this being their future home. Once they got there, he stared up at the supposedly 'haunted' house. He couldn't help but be slightly curious about the contents inside.

    Daisy was definitely all for it, until they were actually at the old, rotten wooden steps that led up onto the porch. Now, she wasn't so sure. The place looked a little scary. But her guy was there to protect her.. what could go wrong? "Um, you think anyone still lives here?" She asked Kendall, a tinge of hesitation hinted upon her features. " I mean, like spirits and stuff?"

    Kendall shrugged. "I don't know, babe. There's only one way to find out. Do you want to?"

    "Eh.." Daisy eyed the place cautiously, and gently squeezed his hand for her own reassurance. "Sure! I mean, if Scooby Doo can go into places like this. And he didn't even have a big strong knight to protect him.." She flashed him a sweet grin, and took a nervous step up, pausing as the old board squeaked beneath her feet. She flashed Kendall a brief look, before taking another step up, finally coming to a stop on the porch. "Nah, I don't think we wanna live here... it's kinda crumbling.." But, she couldn't wait to see what was inside..

    Kendall nodded. "I totally agree." He walks up the steps right behind her, then slowly opens the door. It creaks loudly and echoes throughout the entire foyer. He looked inside the door before entering. Things were really hard to see, due to it being so dark. The windows were all boarded up preventing any daylight from entering the house. He looked back at Daisy, shrugging. It was up to her if she wanted them to proceed

    Daisy was growing increasingly reluctant as she realized just how dark it was inside. She clung tightly to Kendall's hand, giving him a questioning look. She was unsure if this was a good idea, but they could find something useful. She took a deep breath, trying to muster what courage she could, before stepping inside. "Babe.. do you have a lighter? Or matches?"

    Kendall squeezed Daisy's hand reassuringly. He could tell she was a bit apprehensive in going in. Especially since it was so dark inside. He reached into his pocket, pulling out a small lighter, then showed it to her. "I got this. But if you don't want to go in any further, then that's fine. Up to you, princess." He flashed her a bright smile, despite the darkness around them

    'You can do this!' Daisy kept telling herself, despite the strong hold that her phobia currently had on her. She squeezed Kendall's arm, and returned the gesture with a sheepish grin, before sloooowly stepping inside. The old boards of the rotting floor squeaked loudly, awaking one of the 'inhabitants' of the old log home. With a loud growl, a huge opossum came bolting out of the house, running straight in between Daisy's legs. A blood curling scream soon reverberated throughout the forest, and she leapt into Kendall's arms. "Oh my god.. that's the biggest RAT I've ever seen!"

    Everything happened so fast that Kendall hardly had any time to react when Daisy screamed and leaped into his arms. But despite the small warning, he still caught her easily. Then he whirled around, with her still in his arms, and tried to see what it was that scared her. 'A rat?' All he saw from the retreating possum's form was the long tail. He involuntarily shuddered in response, then he turned his attention back to Daisy. "You okay, babe?"

    Daisy stared wide eyed in the retreating critter's direction. She hung tightly to Kendall, jaw still dropped in disbelief. "Gah... I didn't know they could get that big! He must have fallen into some miracle grow, or something... wow." At his question, she managed a sweet grin, and gently squeezed his neck. "Mmmhmm, you saved be from the radioactive rodent! Maybe we should call area 51 about this. Not only do we have lycans.. but huuuuuge rats!"

    This amused Kendall, but he didn't show an exterior reaction. But he was definitely laughing on the inside. "Yeah, maybe..." He kissed her quickly. "Think you'll be okay if I put you down now?" What was he thinking? Finally, they didn't have any interruptions when she was in his arms, and now he wanted to set her down? What the hell was he doing? "Unless you'd like me to keep carrying you," was his attempted recovery.

    "Heh.. am I heavy?" Daisy sheepishly bit her bottom lip, and pressed a kiss against his lips. "Okay.. but if I find any more rats..get ready for round two!" She slowly slid from his arms, but continued gripping his hand, a little too tightly. Once again, she slowly proceeded. She was careful of her steps, freezing up every time the boards squeaked beneath her feet. As she continued, she nearly stumbled over an old, large trunk. Hidden within, a stash of moonshine. Unbeknownst to them, this was the 'hideout' for 'bootleggers'. "Oooh, I think I found something! Maybe it's gold!" She chirped, and knelt down beside the chest. "Do you have something we can pry this open with?"

    Kendall sighed sadly when she slid from his arms, but he still was more than fine holding her hand. But it was just a LITTLE too much. Not exactly painful, but certainly borderline. He remained right beside her the entire time. His breath caught as he nearly tripped over something. He quickly brought the lighter over to the obstacle. It sure looked...interesting. When she asked him if he had anything to pry it open, he quickly patted his clothing and shook his head. "Nothing. Let's see if we can find anything around here, shall we?"

    Daisy nodded eagerly, obviously excited over their little find. "Yesh! What if it's gold! We could live anywhere! Maybe even the Caribbean! We could be pirates!" She grinned widely, and began searching for something to pry the thing open with. As luck would have it, she spotted an old, worn knife lying on the floor. She carefully picked it up, and handed it over to Kendall. He had more muscle, after all.

    Kendall, amused once again, let his mirth spill forth in a chuckle. "Sure thing, darlin'." He carefully took the knife from her and stuck the blade in the crack that separated the top and bottom halves of the chest, pushing down on the handle. Very slowly, the trunk opened, the crack getting wider. Thankfully this thing didn't have a lock, but where were the fuckin' handles? Soon, it was pried open enough that he could get his fingers under the lid and pushed up.

    Daisy watched on in anticipation as Kendall worked his magic with the chest. She was expecting something great! But instead, bottles of what looked like... water? She couldn't mask her disappointment as she plucked one of the bottles from the chest, and eyed it questioningly. "What is that... water?" She asked, innocently. "Why would anyone hide water in a chest?"

    He shrugged. "Dunno..." He pushed the chest lid all the way open and walked over to her, wrapping his arms around her. "Sorry there was no treasure." He kissed the top of her head. "Did you wanna see what else we can find?"

    Daisy leaned into his arms, unable to suppress a grin as their bodies made contact. It never ceased to put a smile on her face. She leaned up, pressing her lips against his. "Awww, babe.. but I found my treasure!" She gave him a knowing smile, and squeezed him gently. During her shows of affection, she accidentally dropped the glass bottle, spilling it's contents onto the wooden floor. It certainly didn't smell like water.

    He knew exactly what she meant and kissed her back. He gave her a knowing wink. Then when the bottle hit the floor, a strong scent wafted up and tickled his nostrils. "What the hell? What is that?"

    Daisy yelped as the alcohol shattered onto the floor, splattering her shorts in the process. "Eh.. I dunno.. but maybe whatever it is, that's what caused that rat to get so big!!!" And that seriously frightened her! She was quick to rip off her shorts, fearing that the liquid would mutate her somehow.

    Kendall shook his head. "I don't think that's what 'mutated' the rat." He kneeled down and inspected the liquid. Boy, whatever kind of alcohol this was, it was STRONG! He wrinkled his nose in disgust. "It's just alcohol, Daisy," he told her soothingly. "But it sure as hell is some strong shit..."

    Well, that was certainly a relief! Daisy reached for her shorts, and slowly slid them back on, also wrinkling her nose at the pungent scent. Though, she couldn't resist taking a small taste, licking the liquid from her fingertips. "Oh my gawd.. that's awful!" She nearly gagged. "Maybe Mikko would like it.."

    Kendall just nodded. "Yeah, probably." Then he stood up again, trying to get away from the overwhelming stench. "I dunno about you, Daisy, but I gotta get some fresh air." He stumbled over to the door, kicking it open. Then he took some deep breaths of the outside air.

    Daisy certainly seconded that motion. The smell was overwhelming. She fallowed closely in behind Kendall, coming to a stop beside him. She eyed him in concern, slipping a hand beneath his shirt, to rub his back in a soothing manner. "You okay, babe? We can go if you wanna... we'll just tell Mikko about this, if she wants it."

    There was another reason why he made a hasty retreat to the exit, but he wasn't ready to talk about it yet. Though he intended to tell her someday. He nodded. "Yeah, sure. We should probably be getting back anyway. It's getting late." He gave her a small smile and leaned down for a kiss. Then he took her hand, squeezing it gently.

    Daisy could almost detect that there was something more there, something had bothered him. She wasn't sure what, but she figured he would talk to her, whenever he was ready. She grinned sweetly, and pressed a kiss against his lips as she took hold of his hand, entwining her fingers with his. She gave a small, comforting squeeze. "Mmhmm... maybe if we beat Mikko back, we can have the bed!"

    Kendall chuckled. "Yeah, that would be nice..." Then he looked at her and gave her a smile. "Hop on, Daisy." He bent down enough for her to jump onto his back.

    A grin quickly spread across Daisy's lips. She wasted no time hopping up onto his back, and wrapped her arms around his neck. She nuzzled a kiss against his neck, as she gave a gentle squeeze. "Heh.. I think this is my new favorite thing to do.." She flashed him a devious look, that would go unseen. "Urm, maybe second.." She smooched his cheek. "Well, actually.. everything I do with you is my most favoritest thing! You're just awesome like that."

    Kendall secured her legs against him. Then he chuckled. "Yeah? Me too. Okay...hang on! Let's see if we can beat Mikko back!" And with that, he took off, jogging down the trail, and heading back to the cabin.

    Daisy couldn't contain her laughter as he jotted off. This was soooo much fun! Her arms gently lightened around him, her thighs lightly squeezing his waist. She nuzzled against his neck, planting soft kisses there. She was too distracted, showering him with her affections to notice the 'new' car in the driveway. A sign that Mikko was indeed home

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    Post by Mikko on Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:11 pm


    And the nurse finally peeked in, giving Mikko that knowing look. "I'm sorry, dear. Time is up"

    Mikko sighed heavily and gave a nod. "Ok." She looked over at Spike, stood up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I'll see you in the morning,love." She then grabbed her bag and headed out, giving the nurse a small smile. Mikko had a lot to do before she headed home.

    He simply responded with a frustrated snort, and once again allowed his eyes to close. Sleep would definitely be better than all this confusion.

    Mikko slipped into the car and flipped open her phone, she dialed the number and drove off as she waited for the man on the other end to pick up. It was long before the phone stopped ringing and she was greeted by a gruff voice. "Hey...It's Mikko, I need a favor...I need a knife," Mikko stood on the phone. She stood on the phone while she stopped to pick up Daisy's candy, when she stopped to get Daisy's extra large glow in the dark lime flavor condoms. She was still talking as she drove to a shelter, where they gave out cloths to the homeless. Mikko made deals, and promises that she could never keep. She made call after call. and finally got what she needed, this of course, would one day come back and bite her in the ass. She hung up the phone as she was pulling up to the clinic. Daisy didn't mention it, but if she was going to be staying, then she needed her meds. Mikko parked the car and snuck inside, she creeped around making her way to the kitchen, being as quiet as possible.

    But Mikko's entrance had not gone without notice. Lexi had seen her come in, and watched her from a distance. But as she headed into the kitchen, she followed her in, trying to appear as casual as possible. "Haven't seen you around in a couple of days." She said, in a casual tone. She was almost certain that Mikko was responsible for Daisy's disappearance, but if she wanted answers, she needed to keep this as unheated as possible

    Mikko was in the process of stuffing food and drinks into her bag, she then unlocked and reached in the cabinet were the meds were kept. She didn't notice Lexi come in till she spoke. With a sharp scream, mikko twirled around dropping the pill bottle. "Holy fuck! Don't fuckin sneak up on me like that!" She caught her breath and ran her fingers through her hair. "Shit..." Mikko calmed herself and scooped up the pill bottle dropping it in her bag. "Been busy. I have to go..." Mikko said pushing her way passed Lexi.

    Lexi watched as Mikko pocketed the food, and recognized the medications. There was no doubt in her mind that Mikko knew where Daisy currently was. "Yeah, she'll need those." She said, still keeping her causal tone, though it hinted upon her concern. "I'm sure you know about the seizures. If she doesn't take her meds, any one of them could kill her."

    There was no point arguing or denying that she knew where Daisy was. Mikko nodded. "Yeah I know. S'why I got em." She walked back to the living area then faced Lexi. "Can I go now?"

    As much as she wanted to force answers out of Mikko, she knew that would be completely futile. "She's a minor." She briefly reminded. "And the clinic has guardianship over her." She added. "And she's now considered a missing person." She informed, and sighed inwardly. "Just bring her back, Mikko. She's a huge responsibility. She can't take care of herself." And Lexi definitely couldn't see Mikko taking care of the girl.

    There was no way Mikko was bring Daisy back, it had crossed her mind at one point, but she seemed happy and she seemed like she was doing fine. Mikko just shrugged. "I don't know where she is." And that wasn't a lie, Mikko had no clue that Daisy was roaming the woods freaking out over opossum-rats. "So...How's Gabe and Eze doing?"

    She certainly wasn't buying it. But what could she do? Follow the girl? That thought had definitely crossed her mind. It was the only way they would ever find her. Mikko's question had hit a sore spot, and she frowned slightly, giving a small shrug. She was beginning to lose touch with the boys, since Eze was always busy with his duty as gang leader. "They're alright." And she left it at that.

    "ain't you dating Eze?" Mikko pressed. Only asking because she noticed Lexi frown at the question.

    She sighed inwardly, and gave a small nod. "Yes." Though, she honestly didn't know how much longer it would last. She needed someone who could be there, and Eze was always needed elsewhere.

    Mikko frowned, she figured that he had got rid of the woman. "uh...Well that's nice. I'll be seeing ya." Mikko started to walk out the clinic.

    She just gave a small nod, but would certainly be keeping a keen eye on her as she left. Maybe if she could get a good look at the car and tag, it would be easier for them to track down their missing girl.

    Mikko ran out to the car, threw her bag in and left. She now had to pick up a blood stain knife. She was to meet the guy near some old apartments, close to where she use to stay. Not the best neighborhood to be sure, but she was hopping that this blade would be the key to Spikes' memory. She wasn't aware that Lexi was planning on following her, it wouldn't matter...Mikko didn't plan on going back to the cabin in the same car. The drive was short, and soon she was parked, taking her bag she slowly got out the car and carefully walked around back of one of the decrepit buildings. And there was the guy, in his hand the knife. She shuddered at the sight of it. Then walked up holding out her hand. "Thanks. I owe you one." The tall heavy set man looked down on her. "Yeah you do." A man of few words, nothing else was spoken. "The car's round front." She informed him before walking off. A quick jog out of the area and she was soon in a new car heading home.

    Mikko was just about to leave the city when she spotted a pet shop, outside was a cage, inside that cage a large smoky gray rabbit. The sign on it said 'free to good home' but the cage was twenty-five bucks. Mikko thought about daisy's arm, she had been after a rabbit. Rolling her eyes Mikko stopped at the shop and reached in her pockets, she pulled out what little money she had, and what Daisy had given her, plus what she found in the car. She was still short though. With a heavy sigh, Mikko walked in and talked to the clerk. After a bit She was putting rabbit and cage into the back seat. Mikko hopped that the vegetables at the cabin would do till they got rabbit food. No. Till Daisy, got rabbit food. She drove off again arriving at the cabin a few hours later.

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    Post by Mikko on Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:13 pm

    ((Just A little crush))

    Hours ago, Chris had retreated to the bedroom again. But not necessarily to sleep. That was the only other place, besides the bathroom where he felt safe, due to the doors. He wasn't scared of these other people...except for maybe Kendall at times. But he still liked his privacy. Now he was laying on the bed, staring at the ceiling, fairly bored out of his mind. At least with Mikko around, he felt more like socializing. Right now, he felt like he was in his bubble again. His LONELY bubble. He couldn't wait until Mikko came home

    Mikko AGAIN saw no sign of life inside. She tossed her book bag on and dragged the cage with rabbit out the back seat, closed the doors with her hip and walked inside. "Honey! I'm hoooome!" She yelled hopping that someone was there. she set the rabbit on the floor and tossed her book bag on the couch. "Anyone here?"

    But Chris heard her. He smiled and jumped off the bed, heading over to the door. Then he opened the door slowly and poked his head out. "Here, Mikko!" he shouted, giving her a little wave.

    Mikko smiled at Chris and ran to him, giving him a tight hug. "Hey babe. You miss me?"

    Chris nodded, returning the smile. "Yeah... Did you find your answers?"

    "Um...Yeah, He seemed to remember something, but." She shrugged. "I got something that should help him when I go back in the morning. I got a bunny!" She chimed..."Er..I got Daisy a bunny anyway."

    "Yeah? Cool. I'm sure she'll love it," he said smiling. Now he slowly came out of the bedroom. He looked over his shoulder. "Where is it?"

    Mikko pointed over to the living room. "on the floor in front of the couch." She walked over to where she left her things. "Was hopping that she would be home..."

    Chris looked over to where she was pointing and smiled back at her. Then he went over to the cage. "Hey little guy." He kneeled down on the floor next to the cage, watching the rabbit.
    Mikko yawned and stretched. "As soon as she gets back I'm giving her her stuff and heading to bed. You...umm...going to be joining me again?"

    Chris looked up at Mikko and smiled. "Yeah, sure. If you want me to." He slowly stood up and took a seat on the couch, patting the cushion next to him.

    " know..only if you want to." She said trying to sound like she didn't care what he did. She sat down next to him. "Sorry I keep disappearing on you. But, I want to see him when I an, ya know. I'm sure soon he'll be going back to the prison though..." She looked down for a bit then back at Chris. " So..I should be around more." She really did feel bad leaving Chris with the love birds. She suppose that he could come with her...Just, not in the room with Spike.

    Chris nodded. "Yeah sure. And don't worry about it. I know you want to spend time with him." He gave her a reassuring smile. Then he felt somewhat bold and took her hand in his, intertwining his fingers with hers.

    She looked at their hands then back at him. She squeezed his hand slightly, but was starting to worry were all this was headed. Mikko smiled at him. "Yeah...." Why? Why did she have to like the guy? Why did he have to be so damn hot? And why did he have to smell so good?

    Chris returned the smile once more, giving her hand a small squeeze in return.

    She leaned her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. She was definitely ready to head to bed. But wanted to see the look on Daisy's face when she saw the rabbit

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    Post by Mikko on Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:14 pm

    ((Bed time))

    As they rounded the corner, he spotted the car, but he didn't recognize it at all. Was that Mikko's or is someone else here? His paranoia kicked in again and he slowed his stride considerably. He silently walked up the steps and poked his head inside the door

    Mikko looked up when she saw the door open. "Hey, welcome back."

    Daisy finally looked up, seeing the new vehicle. It indeed made her nervous. What if it was someone from the clinic ..or worse! What if it was someone after Kendall? She squeezed him gently as he neared the front door, and whispered into his ear. "Uh.. maybe we should just go back to the woods..." But hearing Mikko's voice, the tension slightly eased. "Hiya! Did you get my stuff??" She had yet to notice the bunny, setting in the floor.

    Mikko nodded at Daisy. "sure did. and some extra you didn't ask for."

    He'd never felt so happy to see Mikko in his life. He immediately relaxed and came in. "Hey. Thanks. Did you get a new car or something?"

    Again Mikko nodded. "yeah, I had to give the other one up." She let go of Chris's hand and dug in her bag, she pulled out the extra large glow in the dark lime flavored condoms and tossed them to Kendall. Then took out the candy and tossed it to Daisy. "And this..." She added tossing Daisy the meds.

    Chris was just relaxing with Mikko there, then he saw the door open and he tensed up. Then he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw who it was. But he said nothing.

    Kendall quickly set Daisy down on the floor and attempted to catch whatever it was Mikko was throwing at him. But it bounced off his fingertips and clattered to the floor. He quickly picked up the box and looked at it. Then his eyes widened, and he looked straight at Mikko. "What the...?"

    And then, she finally noticed the cute little critter, watching them curiously through his wire cage. Daisy's eyes lit up with excitement. She quickly slid from Kendall's back, and rushed over to kneel down beside the cage. "Oh my gawh! A bunneh!" She squealed, and tried to reach in, but the earlier incident caused her to pause in her actions. She absently rubbed at her bandaged arm as her gaze fixated on Mikko. "Is he nice?"

    Chris tried to hide a snicker when he saw the face Kendall made. It was absolutely priceless!

    Mikko grinned at Kendall. "What? It's what she asked for." Then she looked over at Daisy. "He's nice. You can take him out the cage if you want. And Lexi is sooooo pissed that you're missing."

    Daisy placed the lollipops and meds beside her for now, and flashed poor Kendall a sheepish, apologetic grin before returning her focus on her new little friend. She reached in, ever so cautiously. The incident earlier was still fresh in her mind, but she soon relaxed as the rabbit practically hopped into her lap. She couldn't stop grinning as she stroked his soft fur. It was much softer than the cat they'd had at the clinic. "Is he mine?" She gave Mikko a hopeful look, but didn't seem too concerned that Lexi was upset. "I'm not missing.. I'm where I'm supposed to be."

    "He's all yours...And Lexi doesn't see it that way." She looked back in her bag then remembered the food that was in there, she got up and headed to the kitchen to put the food away. "You got to take care of that thing, Daisy. Feed it and stuff..."

    Kendall nodded to Mikko. "Thanks." He gave her a smile then turned his attention back to Daisy with the bunny. She looked like she was the happiest girl in the world at the moment. He quickly shoved the box into his pocket and went over to her, smiling. "Looks like you got your bunny after all, huh?"

    Chris watched the whole display in silence. But he was still smiling. He was just blown away by how much Mikko cared for this girl. And it was such a sweet gesture that she did for her 'little sis'.

    Daisy gently hugged her new pet, and nodded eagerly at Mikko. "I will!" She smooched the top of the rabbit's head. "And I'm not going back to that clinic. I'm happy right here." She flashed Kendall a sweet smile. "I have family now." At his question, she nodded happily. "Yesh! And he's not all angsty!" She held him up for Kendall to take. "Wanna hold him?"

    After putting everything away she turned to the gang. "K guys I'm heading to bed, gotta be up early. you all have fun." She smiled at Chris and made a small motion with her head for him to follow. Mikko walked in the bedroom and set her alarm clock again, undressed then slid under the covers.

    Chris willingly followed her, taking off some of his clothes too. He didn't feel comfortable just being in his boxers when she was sleeping right next to him. And he was so tired last night, that he didn't even bother undressing at all. After discarding a satisfying amount of clothing, he climbed into bed next to her.

    She smiled to him. "So...pillow or no pillow." She asked, referring to putting something between them so that she didn't climb on top of him again.

    Kendall smiled. "Sure." He held his hand out to accept the little bundle of fur. Taking him in his hands, he held it against him protectively. Then he smiled at Daisy. "Mikko made a good choice, I think."

    Well, this was a tough decision indeed. One one hand, he WANTED to feel her against his own skin. But on the other, maybe that was moving a little too fast. With a sigh, he replied, "Pillow."

    She was noticeably disappointed in his decision but nodded, she climbed out of bed, obviously not shy about her body, to get another pillow. Mikko pulled on out of the closet then went back to the bed and tucked it sideways between them. "night..."

    Daisy's heart melted, seeing how well he did with the rabbit. The guy really did have a big heart, and she certainly admired that about him. Hell, she admired everything about him. She stared at him, with that love-sick grin, and gave a small nod at his comment. "Mmhmm... heh.. I think we should call him Ozzy!" She climbed up onto the couch, and patted the spot beside her. It didn't look like they'd be getting the bed tonight, but she wasn't too crushed. She would be happy, wherever he was. She spared a glance in the bedroom's direction, and flashed Kendall a cheeky grin. "I thought people were only supposed to sleep with each other, if they.. you know.. loved each other. I think she likes that guy."

    Chris couldn't help but stare at her when she got out of bed. Then he was beginning to regret his earlier decision. When she climbed back in bed, after the pillow was in place, he put his hand on the pillow. "If you don't mind being that close to me in you know...that, then we could lose the pillow, ya know?" He could tell she was disappointed in his decision, and if she didn't have a problem, then neither did he.

    She turned around and pulled the pillow away from them. "You sure?"

    Chris turned to her and nodded. "Yup." Then he gave her a reassuring smile.He secretly was looking forward to her climbing on top of him with that hot body of hers

    She tossed the pillow on the floor and scooted closer to Chris, laying her forehead on his chest. Just some harmless cuddling. At lest, that's what she kept telling herself, not like she was sleeping with the guy...not in...THAT way anyway..

    Chris smiled again as he cuddled close to him. This was alright... He could do this, no problem. He wrapped his arm around her, and kissed the top of her head before closing his eyes. "Night, Mikko."

    She smiled and allowed herself to get closer to him. "Night, Chris."

    Kendall shrugged and sat down next to her on the couch. Then he wrapped his arms around Daisy, kissing her cheek. "Think so, huh? Well, maybe they do." He'd seen them pretty close when he first came to the clinic the other morning. Back when his jealousy spiked. Now he thought he was just being stupid for thinking that way. After all, now he had Daisy.

    Chris smiled one more time before falling into a deep sleep.

    Mikko too, fell asleep.

    Daisy snuggled up against him, and slid her hand beneath his shirt, fingers gently caressing his bare skin. She just couldn't get enough of him. She had honestly never felt this safe before, nor had she experienced this level of contentment. "Sooo, you wanna sleep here.... or camp out again?"

    Kendall shrugged. "I'll leave that up to you. You think you'll be comfortable on here?" He kissed her again

    Grinning sweetly, Daisy trailed her finger along his chest, and leaned up to meet his lips. "I'm comfy, wherever you are!" True, the couch wasn't the most comfortable spot, but she was tired, and the old tattered couch would always be special to her. "Couch?" She smooched him again. "Or do the springs hurt your butt?"

    Kendall chuckled. "Noooo, it's fine." He kissed her again, this time deeper. "We can stay here."

    After placing Ozzy back inside his cage, Daisy grabbed some pillows and a blanket, trying to arrange them on the couch in such a way, it'd be more comfortable. She then kissed him deeply, grinning cheekily against his lips as she began peeling his shirt off.

    Kendall allowed her to do just that. Then he returned the kiss.

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    Post by Mikko on Tue Jun 30, 2009 4:53 pm

    ((sexy breakfast))

    Kendall had been awake for some time now. Daisy was still ontop of him and he was just watching her sleep. Really, he hadn't been able to sleep much due to the couch. He was wondering if they could sleep outside again tonight. He stroked her hair lightly - which was occasionally tickling his cheek. Then he saw Mikko head out of the bedroom and gave her a small smile before she disappeared out of the house. Then he turned his attention back to his young love, kissing the top of her head.

    Daisy didn't seem the least bit fazed by the uncomfortable couch, since she had slept on top of her lover, the whole night. He was definitely comfortable! She slept peacefully, but Mikko's alarm had managed to penetrate her subconscious, causing her stir slightly. She buried her face against Kendall's neck, as if doing so would drown out the sound, but his warmth was also tugging at her senses, and the kiss was just icing on the cake. Her eyes finally began to flutter, and she shifted her head in order to gaze up at the source of her comfort. She smiled tiredly, and pressed a kiss against his lips. "Good, you're still here.." She smiled sweetly, and nuzzled against his neck. "It'd be a bummer if I woke up, only to realize you were just a dream." She planted several soft kisses against his neck. "How long you have been awake?"

    Kendall smiled at her. "For a while," he replied, kissing her. "How did you sleep?"

    Daisy planted soft kisses along his jaw line, moving down the length of his neck, and pressed her lips against his chest. "Mmm.. you're really comfy!" But then his comment had grabbed her attention. She looked up at him with concern. "Couldn't sleep? I didn't squish your pancreas, did I?"

    Kendall couldn't help but chuckle. "Not at all, sweetie," he said cupping her cheek. "You helped me sleep better, really." He stroked her cheek with his thumb lightly, smiling.

    Daisy melted into his touches, savoring the feel of those wonderful fingers against her face. It amazed her to no end that hands that strong could be capable of such tender affection. She smiled sweetly, and pressed another kiss against his lips, allowing it to linger. "Did the mean ol couch hurt your butt?"

    Kendall chuckled again. "Nooo, but my back is another story." He tried to hide a small wince as he shifted slightly. Then he smiled back at her.

    Daisy frowned sympathetically, caressing his cheeks with her fingers before she slowly rose. She straddled his hips, supporting her weight on her knees. "Aww, poor baby" She gently ran her palm against those toned abs of his, her big blue eyes still fixated with his. "Want me to make it allll better?"

    Kendall looked up at her and nodded. "That would be great, Daisy." He shifted slightly again, earning another sharp pain from his actions. "Just tell me what I gotta do."

    Once again witnessing his discomfort, Daisy frowned sympathetically, and slowly moved to take a seat at the edge of the couch. She patted the spot beside her, sparing his a sweet grin. "Sit up, and turn your back to me."

    And Kendall did just that. He slowly sat up and with a few twinges here and there, sat with his back to Daisy. He was anxious to see what else those hands could do. She has used them plenty of other times to make him feel good...

    Daisy planted a soft kiss against his shoulders as she moved closer, gently rubbing her palms against his stiff muscles. She couldn't help but grin as she inhaled his scent. He was definitely intoxicating to the sensed. Slowly, her fingertips gently dug into his muscles, kneading and caressing in the hopes of easing away the tenseness. She pressed another kiss against the back of his neck as she worked. "Okies, no more couch for you! Maybe we should sleep in the car tonight... or under the stars.." Since it seemed that they would never get that darn bed!

    Kendall closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of her hands kneading his sore muscles. Not a bit disappointed in her talented hands. "Mmmm, babe...that feels wonderful." Even though it overly felt good, he would still let out small groans if she hit a particularly tender spot.

    A proud grin tugged across Daisy's lips, hearing his praises. She continued to knead and massage his sore muscles, starting at his shoulders, and slowly working her way downward, lavishing every inch of him with her soothing affections. Her fingers worked in circular motions, kneading and massaging.. "Feels good, eh?" She grinned brightly, and pressed a kiss against his cheek. "Learnt it from watching t.v.!" She informed, quite pleased with herself. "Any spot hurt worse than the others?"

    Kendall let out yet another small groan. "Lower back," was all he said. This felt so good. He really owed Daisy for this. Anything she wanted, she could have. Because he loved and cared about her that much. "Ooh yeah, baby. You really got that down." He turned his head and grinned over his shoulder at her.

    Daisy was definitely enjoying this, and each time he verbalized his pleasure was like music to her ears. It was definitely nice, being good at something.. other than playdough sculptures, and annoying people. And only a few days ago, Kendall had been one of those people who she unintentionally annoyed. She was so happy that he finally warmed up to her. Most people simply pushed her away. Pressing another kiss against his neck, her fingers traveled down, concentrating on his lower back. She kneaded softly into his sore muscles with her fingers, gradually rubbing and massaging with her palms, and alternating her motions. As he turned to spare her a grin, Daisy returned it, and met his lips with hers. "Feeling better?" Though, she had no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

    Kendall returned the kiss. "Much. Thanks, babe." He smiled at her.

    Daisy continued to work her magic, fingers kneading and caressing every inch of him. She leaned into the kiss, allowing it to linger, before flashing him a sweet smile. "You're welcome! I'm just soooo glad I could do this right.. I mean, I never really had anyone to practice on." And just then, her tummy rumbled loudly, reminding her of just how log it had been since she'd last eaten. She spared Kendall a sheepish smile. "Heh.. too bad there's not a Mickey D's around here anywhere.." And that quickly brought forth a question that had always bugged her. "Is prison food really bad? It looks it! Probably as bad as what they serve in clinics.."

    "Well, it ain't no picnic, that's for sure." Oh yes, the food was bad. Even though he was serving it to the other prisoners. He didn't consider himself a bad cook. He completely blamed it on the ingredients he was forced to use. It wasn't like he had much of a voice in the matter, anyhow. "But...I WAS one of the cooks in that place. But the food choices were really limited." He shrugged. "If you're hungry now, I could make you a little something." It was the least he could do for the glorious back massage she was giving him.

    Ooooh, was this guy the total package, or what! Not only was he hella sexy, and a God in bed, but he was going to cook for her? Friggin' sweet! She grinned eagerly, but continued lavishing affection on those sore muscles of his. "Ooooh, I'd love that! I'm sure you're an awesome cook.. you rock at everything else!" She pressed another kiss against his lips. "Mmm.. I struck gold! I mean, even if Justin Timberlake was to ask me out, I'd have to decline! I have someone like, a million times sexier!"

    Kendall chuckled. "Well, I wouldn't say 'everything', but...pretty close." He gave her a small wink. "So what would you like?" He could make a basic meal, but nothing fancy.

    "Oh, I'm not picky at all!" Daisy smiled, patting her tummy in an attempt to hush its noisy rumbling. "How about pancakes, smothered in strawberries? Or french toast? Or french fries? OR Spaghetti?" Heck, it all sounded good!

    Kendall chuckled. "Okay, okay. Let's see what's in here." He slowly stood up and headed towards the kitchen. Once in the kitchen area, he started hunting around for ingredients for pancakes. That should be easy enough. Finally he found it and checked for strawberry jam. What luck! Then he got everything else in preparation for the meal.

    Daisy eagerly followed in behind him, watching over his shoulder as he gathered the ingredients for the much anticipated pancakes. "I used to make brownies and cakes and stuff at the clinic, but then they took away my easy bake oven... because I roasted a barbie doll in there." She gave a small shrug, and an innocent grin. "It had to be done.. she was cheating on Ken.. the whore." Eyeing the jar of jam hungrily, she finally snagged it from the counter, popping the top and dug a generous amount out with a finger. She made intentional naughty gestures as she licked it clean. "Anything I can help you with?"

    Kendall looked at her questioningly at her story. That was a scary thought. But he shook it off and continued getting things ready, finally getting to the cooking part. He turned to her, grinning at her 'innocent' gestures. "Nah...unless you want to get your own drink. I don't even know what you like." He turned his attention back to the stove and soon-to-be pancakes.

    Daisy placed the jar down long enough to dig through the fridge, in the hopes of unearthing some kind of soda. She finally found some rootbeer hidden near the back, and pulled out two cans. "You like root beer?" She asked sweetly. "Or, beer beer?

    Kendall returned her smile. "Rootbeer is fine." He almost had the pancakes done now. "You want anything besides pancakes, Daisy?"

    Daisy quietly slipped up behind him, struggling to suppress a mischievous grin as she wrapped one arm around his waist, and leaned up to plant a kiss against his cheek. And suddenly, a jam-covered finger slid across his lips, coating them with the sweet-tasting topping. She giggled at the sight of him, and have his ass a light squeeze. "Pancakes are good for now." She grinned sweetly, and flicked her tongue across his lips. "But I'll have you for dessert!"

    The smearing of the jam didn't go unnoticed by Kendall. He licked his lips and kissed her back. He gasped slightly in surprise when she squeezed his ass. "Well alright, then!" He was grinning ear to ear at that remark. He SO looked forward to that. Now that the pancakes were done, he put them on plates and set them on the counter. "Breakfast is served," he said, grinning. He barely noticed Mikko when she came in.

    Daisy flashed him a bright smile, and graciously pecked his cheek before smothering the mouthwatering pancakes in strawberry jam. She wasted no time digging into her meal, moaning happily as her taste buds rejoiced. "Mmmmm, babe.. there's are friggin' amazing!" She mumbled through her mouthful. And the fact that Mikko had returned had not gone unnoticed. She flashed Kendall a sweet look, batting those big blue eyes at him. "Sooo, after breakfast.. you still gonna teach me to drive?"

    Kendall took his own plate and dug in. He was surprised! These pancakes weren't half-bad. He ate several more bites before Daisy asked that question. He nodded. "Sure, babe." He just hoped that Mikko wouldn't kill him because of it.

    Ooooh, that certainly made her day! Not only was Daisy being treated to the best pancakes on the face of the planet, but she would also get to learn to drive! It was something she had been told that she would never be permitted to do, because of her health issues. But again, Kendall was giving her a chance. This man had opened so many doors for her. She owned him so much! She quickly finished off the rest of her breakfast, and licked her fingers clean. She flashed Kendall a bright smile, waiting for him to finish. "Maybe we can go to a movie or something!"

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    Post by Mikko on Tue Jun 30, 2009 4:54 pm

    ((He speeks!))

    Mikko's alarm went off with a loud annoying beeping sound. She stirred in her sleep was just to warm and comfortable to worry about the noise. It wasn't till it started making her head hurt that she finally reached over and turned her phone off, then went back to her spot, her head laying against Chris's chest. It took a moment for Mikko's brain to kick in and realize why she was waking up in the first place. "Crap...." She tossed the covers off of her, slid out of bed and started to get dress.

    Chris was startled out of his sleep with the rather loud alarm. Then he immediately relaxed again when Mikko crawled in next to him again. But the joy was short-lived because just when he was relaxing into her embrace again, she bolted up from the bed. He looked up at her in alarm, thinking he did something wrong. "Is something wrong?" his tired voice managed to get out.

    It was thin that Mikko remembered Chris was still in the room. She really needed to stop mixing her pills right before bed. She turned to him. "It's fine...just running a little late." She finished getting dressed, brushed her hair and even tossed on some make up. She smiled at Chris. "Am I sexy?"

    What could he really say to that? She was absolutely gorgeous! He felt something stir deep inside him, but he tapped it down for now. Yet he kept the stupid grin on his face. "You look great." His eyes kept taking in her whole body. Finally he was able to take his eyes off her body, and focus on her face again. He gave her a bright smile. "Just incredible..."

    Mikko smiled wide then quickly hopped back on the bed to give Chris a hug. "I'll be back soon. Don't miss me too much."

    Chris returned the hug. "Sure thing. See you later."

    Mikko grabbed her bag, headed out the door and was soon on her way back to the hospital. She was really hopping that the tube would be out of Spike's mouth, but had to admit that him not being able to talk was kinda nice. The drive seemed shorter each time that she made it, but figured it was just because she was driving faster. But, what ever the reason she was soon pulling up at the hospital. Mikko parked, grabbed her bag and headed inside to sign in.

    Chris watched her go, then settled back into the covers, falling back to sleep again.

    After she was signed in, Mikko was once again led to the room where Spike resided. And again, she was given a brief warning about his mood. Only this time,the breathing tube had been removed, and he was even more combative than before. Now with a free mouth, he'd cussed out all the nurses, and had ever bitten one so severely that it required stitches*

    Mikko rolled her eyes. "Biting..I'll take that as a good sign." She walked in the room. "Good morning Spike. Hear you're biting people." She couldn't help but grin a little at that. She sat down on the chair again. "You need anything, something to drink maybe?" She asked pressing the button to lift his head up.

    His bloodshot eyes immediately fixated on her as she entered, and he watched her with a crazed look, like a lion ready to pounce. He tugged at the restraints, and hissed as she caused the bed to move. "Don't push my fuckin' buttons!"

    Mikko wasn't fazed by his attitude. She did stop pushing the buttons though and sat back on the chair. "You remember anything today?"

    He just glared at her, and continued trying to tug himself free. Even with the soft padding of his restraints, his constant attempts had caused his wrists visible irritation. "You were here yesterday." and that was about the extent of his memory.

    Mikko nodded. "Yep. I brought you some stuff." She noticed his wrist and hesitated before laying a hand on his hand. "That's not going to do you any good, love."

    Spike tried to jerk away, eyeing her angrily. "Well if you think you know everything, take the damn things off!"

    "I would...But that wouldn't go well with my plans, and anyway, I don't think you should be let loose till you remember who you are." With that said, Mikko reached into her bag and pulled out a spike, a spike that had to be cleaned, she would talk to Daisy about that later. "This is one of your spike implants and how you got your name."

    Spike just stared at the thing, obviously some recognition there. He tried to remember more, but quickly gave into his frustration and annoyance.

    "Ok.I have something else." She assured him, stuffing the spike back in her bag. "I had to go through fuckin hoops to get this. But, months ago you asked me for a very specific knife..." She pulled out the blood stain knife. "I finally was able to get it for you." She held it up for him to see.

    And slowly, he was beginning to remember something, though only vaguely. He stared at the knife, recognizing that particular blade. He'd achieved something of great importance. "Who did I kill with that?"

    " one. but you almost killed Gabriel with it, at the warehouse." She was pleased with herself, the knife seemed to be working on triggering something.

    That name had definitely unearthed something deep within, tugging at the anger that he felt for Gabe. He couldn't explain it, and didn't know why he felt this strongly against him, since he couldn't ever place a face with that name.

    But that problem would soon be solved because at that moment Mikko had dug out a photo of Gabe. She leaned over and held the picture in front of Spike. "That's Gabe." She tossed the knife back in her bag for now, she would take it out if he asked to see it again.

    Seeing the picture, the anger soon became visible upon his features. He certainly recognize d the guy, and it had caused his blood to boil. "Why do I fuckin' hate him so much.." He asked, more to himself than Mikko.

    Mikko didn't have an answer to that. She put the picture away and shrugged. "dunno. I think you two hated each other before I met you. I never got the story though. But it's good that you remember hating him, maybe that means other memories will come back to you soon." She put everything way, and had nothing else to show him. Sitting back on the chair she looked over at him. "Looks like you remember you hate being touched too. And that you are quite the biter...Can I get you anything...OTHER then taking the straps off you?"

    Spike just stared at her. He could vaguely remember her too, but nothing solid was registering just yet. At her question, he once again pulled at his restraints. "You take these off, and I can do the rest for myself."

    She looked at him and smiled. "Told you, letting you go now would kill my plans. But you have my word that you'll be very free very soon. I never let you down before, and don't plan to start now." She leaned closer to him. "So...anything else you want?"

    Spike continued to glare at her. "The knife." He informed, quite bluntly. Keeping his tone quiet. "Slip it underneath my mattress."

    As much as Mikko would have more then loved to help the guy right now, she knew that now wasn't the time. Mikko frowned and shook her head. "Sorry, babe. I told you. I have a plan, and I can't let anything mess with that, everything has to run perfectly." She knew that he would be mad, but hopped that he would at lest cut her a little slack after he was free.

    Her reply earned an irritated snort. Well, if she was going to help him out, he wasn't going to believe it until she proved it. And soon, their time was up. The nurse peeked her head in, and announced the obvious.

    Mikko nodded to the nurse and looked back at spike, she got dangerously close to the man to whisper to him. "Look I know you don't remember me, like, tying me in a kitchen and setting it on fire, or putting me in a trunk or that time when you watched me slice that dudes face off. So I don't expect you to trust that I'll keep my word. But I WILL get you out." Knowing the risk of being injured was great, Mikko took a chance anyway and planted a kiss on his lips, hell, what other time would she have the chance to make a move on him? And anyway, worse came to worse she was already at the hospital. She just so much missed her lips pressed to his, she even missed that sharp pain that Spike would always leave her with.

    Spike started to pull away, but soon gave into the kiss for reasons unknown. He had to admit, those lips felt fucking nice. And suddenly, true to form, he gave her a painful nip.

    Mikko grinned against his lips then pulled away, she licked the small bead of blood that pooled on her bottom lip. She was more then happy to see that he didn't lose that part of himself. "See you tonight, Spike." She picked up her bag, smiled to the nurse and headed out.

    Mikko didn't head straight home this time, though she wouldn't be out long. She just needed some quiet time for herself. She parked the car in an ally and walked the short distance to a small park. She was happy that Spike was remembering some, and hopped that it wouldn't be long till everything came to him. At lest before he went back to prison. She could understand the mans frustration, She couldn't even imagine what it would be like not remembering anything. Mikko's walk soon took her to a bench under some old tree. She leaned back and closed her eyes, letting her mind drift off.

    Mikko didn't know how long she sat there, but her neck was starting to get sore. She sat up rubbing the back of her neck then got up and stretched. It was time to head home. Though she wasn't sure why she bothered with driving all the way back to the country, just to have to drive all the way back to the city a few hours later. At lest she got to hang out with Chris for a while. But was really hoping that they didn't do more outdoor activities. She finally made it back to the car and drove off. Again, the drive seemed shorter, and soon she was pulling back up to the cabin.

    Mikko walked inside and spared a quick glance at kendall and Daisy. Food sure was sounding good, she couldn't even remember the last time she ate. But, instead of getting food, Mikko walked back in the bedroom, tossed her bag down and slid back under the covers. Her lip had stopped bleeding but it was still tender and just a little swollen, nothing that wouldn't go down in the next couple of hours.

    Chris was still sound asleep when Mikko came in. He felt a slight shift of movement when she climbed in next to him, but he never opened his eyes. He just subconsciously wrapped an arm around her, pulling her closer.

    Mikko let herself be pulled closer to him, she lightly tapped on his forehead to wake him up. "Wakey wakey, Cupcake."

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    Post by Mikko on Wed Jul 01, 2009 4:38 pm

    ((learning to drive? I think not.))

    Chris slowly opened his eyes and looked at Mikko. "Hey. What time is it?"

    Mikko looked up at him and shrugged. "Last I saw it was still morning. ten-ish I think. Sleep well?"

    Chris stretched and yawned. "Yeah. I did. Did you get to do what you wanted to?"

    "mmmhmm." She sat up and stretched. "He's talking now. I'll be going back tonight, but right now. I have to dye my hair." She smiled and got up then headed to the bathroom.

    This really confused Chris. 'Dye her hair? How come? I think it looks great. No, more than that...amazing!' But she was gone before he could ask why. He sat there in bed thinking. And thinking hard...

    Mikko soon returned, she had bleached her hair to strip it of the black before she put the color in it. Wrapped in a towel she walked back in the bedroom to get her hair color.

    Chris looked up again, snapping out of it, when Mikko returned to the bedroom. "So why are you dying your hair?"

    She sat on the bed and waved the box of purple dye in front of him. "Going back to the purple. I think i'll be sexeh."

    "Purple, huh? Yeah, that would be pretty cool," he agreed.

    With another bright smile Mikko disappeared into the bathroom again. She mixed then squeezed all the dye on to her head. She had to wait fifteen minuets are longer depending on how dark she wanted it. so she waited a half hour before rinsing it out. she dried and combed her hair, dressed then walked back out to Chris. "So, what do you think?"

    Chris looked at her, smiling. "Damn. That looks great. You were right."

    Mikko spun and did a little pose. "Thank you. the tub is purple though..." She gathered her thins. "Going to get something to eat, hungry?"

    Chris nodded vigorously. "You bet I am. What's there to eat around here?" He really hadn't thought much about food since he's been here and it was beginning to show.

    "I don't know." She held her hand out for him. "lets go find out."

    Chris took her hand and got up. Then he went over and put more clothes on. Once he figured he was decent enough for the 'household' he smiled at Mikko, opening the door.

    "Awwwww. I was liking the view." She pouted as he got dressed. She walked out into the kitchen heading right for the fridge and sticking her head inside.

    Chris couldn't help the slight blush that stained his cheeks at that remark. Now he was even more confused. Did she LIKE him, like him now? The way she kept flirting with her, it certainly seemed so. With a small shrug, he left the bedroom and followed Mikko to the kitchen area. He waited while she explored the contents of the fridge. "See anything good in there?"

    Kendall frowned at the suggestion. Sure, more than anything he wanted to take the girl to the movies. But she was forgetting something. He couldn't be seen in public. At least not right away. He was sure his face was all over the news media about the escape. He gave her a smile. "We'll have to see about that. Let's just see how well you do on driving first, alright?" By now, he had finished his breakfast too.

    That frown was quickly noticed, earning one in return. It confused her slightly, but she soon remembered just how dangerous it could be for him. No movie was worth risking his life. "Awww, babe.." She slid her ams around his waist, and squeezed him tightly. "It's okay! The movies aren't that important." She lightly pecked his cheek. "Spending time with you is like, waaaay better than that!" She winked. "Heh.. maybe we can take Ozzy with us, I'm sure he'll enjoy the car ride!" She blinked. "You know.. I was thinking, the bunny needs glasses. I mean, he looks all cross eyed and stuff."

    That made Kendall laugh. That was one of the things that he loved about this young woman. She could always brighten his mood - no matter how down-in-the-dumps he seemed to be. He returned the gesture, putting an arm around her shoulders. "You think so, huh?"

    A bright smile tugged across Daisy's lips, hearing him laugh. That was more like it. She really hated to see him frown. "Mmhmm.. but maybe Mr. Potato Head's glasses will help him out some. I think they're in my bag, somewhere." She planted a kiss against his lips, as she took his hand and gently tugged him towards the main room. "Ready Mr. Sexy Pants? Got your nerves in check?"

    Kendall had to admit, he was a little nervous about this girl being behind the wheel. But he was willing to give her a chance. And he was confident enough in his own driving skills that if something happened, he would be there to correct it. So he nodded. "Sure, babe."

    Daisy grinned in excitement, eager for her first one-on-one behind the wheel of an automobile. It was funny. As many cars as she had snuck into, she had never tried to drive one. But having Kendall by her side gave her the confidence needed to pursue the dream.. something most took for granted. She made a quick stop by Ozzy's cage,and gently scooped him up, placing him into her trusty backpack. At least she was mindful enough to leave it unzipped, allowing the tiny critter to poke his head out for air. Once she was all set, she tugged Kendall out the door, and quickly climbed into the driver's seat of the stolen automobile. But realizing there was no key, she batted her eyes at Kendall. "Um, I think you need to do that wire trick! And I sooo need to learn how to do that!"

    Kendall was slightly surprised that she was serious about taking the rabbit with them. When she actually packed up the little furball, he shook his head in amusement. Then he followed her out to the car. Once there, he kneeled down beside her outside the car, attempting to start the ignition. After a few tries he had the thing going; then quickly jumped in shotgun, shutting the door. Then he turned to her, buckling in.

    Daisy was grinning ear to ear as she revved the engine, feeling the excitement settling in her stomach. She couldn't deny the nervousness there, and she flashed Kendall a look for reassurance, as she attempted to put the think in reverse. Her foot was still firmly pressed against the accelerator. She finally succeeded in putting it into reverse, but she seriously wasn't expecting it to move back that fast!

    When Kendall agreed to let her do this, he expected her to take it nice and slow. But what he got instead, was anything but. "Daisy!!! Hit the brakes!" he cried as they began practically flying backwards. His hands were gripping the dash so hard he thought he would break something - being his hand OR the dash. If not BOTH!

    Startled, Daisy suddenly slammed on the brakes, bringing the car to quick stop. A thick cloud of dust settled around the vehicle. Her shaky hands tightly gripped the stirring wheel, as she struggled to find her voice. "What am I doing wrong? How do I make it go slower.. and in the right direction?"

    Mikko heard the faint sound of a car trying to start but ignored it until the engine roared to life. She stood up and looked at Chris confused, then She turned to see everyone else gone, it clicked. She balled up her fist, stormed out of the house just to see the car going backwards. She didn't expect to see Daisy behind the wheel and it only added to her anger. She ran to the car and swung open the door glaring at the blonde. "Why the FUCK are you in my car!?" She didn't let Daisy answer but instead wrapped her hair around her hand and tried to tug the girl out of the car, unaware that she was belted in.

    Daisy had no time to react or respond, and before she even knew what hit her, she felt her hair being snatched, but the buckle wouldn't allow her to be snatched from the vehicle, which only made it worse. She let out a startled cry, and attempted to pull away, releasing her grip on the stirring wheel. Unfortunately the car was NOT in park, and began to idle backwards.

    It took Kendall a few moments to catch his breath when they finall came to an abrupt stop. "Light...on the gas," he said. Just then, he saw Mikko - a severely PISSED Mikko at that - come storming up to the car. "Oh fuck..." he mumbled. When Mikko tried yanking her out of the car, he quickly unbuckled his seatbelt. Then he noticed the car was rolling backwards and he shifted, stomping his foot on the brakes, bringing the car to a stop again. Then he put it in park and glared daggers at Mikko. "What the FUCK do you think YOU'RE doing? You could have gotten us all KILLED with that stunt!"

    But she had a tight grip on Daisy, only loosening it when the car started to roll, but as soon as Kendall put it to a stop again she tighten her grip once more. Pulling on the girl. "What were you fuckin thinking!?" She snapped at Daisy then turned to Kendall when he spoke, she glared at him still griping Daisy. "What the FUCK are YOU doing!? This is our only fuckin car! You want to go for a joy ride get your own goddamn car!"

    This outburst only fueled his anger further. "I was just trying to teach her to drive! And I was handling it until YOU came along! "Now let her go!" he commanded.

    Daisy was now in tears as she continued to pull herself free from Mikko's merciless grip. She had never expected Mikko to treat her this way. It both crushed and frightened her, leaving her at a loss for words. She winced in pain as the belt strap began to dig into her hip, trying her best to slide over towardsKendall.

    "No-one touches my car! Understand!?" She finally realized Daisy was belted in and unbuckled her, then again started to drag her out of the car by her hair. "The last thing we need is for her to wreck the thing! I thought you hade more fuckin sense then this!"

    and when Mikko pulled her from the car, she finally managed to pull free. She shot Mikko a hurtful look, and after grabbing her back from the car, she bolted off towards the woods.

    This was too much for Kendall. He quickly got out of the car and rushed over to the driver's side. But by the time he got there, Daisy had wrenched out of Mikko's grip and had taken off for the woods. He debated on going after her, but his temper got the better of him and he blew up at Mikko. "Was that FUCKIN' NECESSARY?!!! She didn't deserve that!" Then he lowered his voice dangerous. "Especially from you..." Then he used his normal voice again, calmer. "Look, if you have a problem with that, then take it up with me." With that, he turned around and headed in the direction that Daisy had gone.

    Mikko slid in the car, still fuming over their little stunt. She looked up at Kendall as he yelled at her. she wasn't fazed by it and really didn't give a damn. "Yeah it WAS." She answered. She watched Kendall run after Daisy . What were they thinking? It wouldn't have been THAT bad if Kendall was driving, but Daisy? This was their only car, the city was miles away, if anything happen to the car they were all fucked. She put it in drive and slowly pulled back up to the house, parked it then got back out. She looked out into the woods were Daisy had ran and shrugged. She would get over it. at lest she would have learned a lesson. Mikko doubt that she would see Daisy in the car again

    Mikko walked back in the house as if nothing happen. She went back to the kitchen and pulled out some eggs, smiling at Chris. "I can make some eggs and bacon if you want. Ooooh I can make green eggs."

    Chris had heard the noise to and shrugged back when she looked at him. Then he watched her go outside. Curious himself, he went over to the window, just watching. He hadn't caught anything before the car was stopped for good. Seeing Mikko's temper flare up like that, kinda scared him. But he could tell that it was justified. He couldn't see everything that was going on from his vantage point, so he wasn't aware of Mikko trying to drag Daisy from the car. But what he DID catch was that she was making a hasty retreat to the woods. And he felt bad for her. He was wondering what Mikko had done or said to her to make her leave like that. Then he saw some angry gestures coming from both Mikko and Kendall. Then Kendall took off as well. By then Mikko was pulling the car back into the drive and coming back into the house. He quickly moved back to the kitchen, acting like he hadn't seen anything. Though he basically saw everything anyway. When she came in, he couldn't keep the frown off his face. He just stood there shaking his head. "So what happened out there?"

    "That idiot Kendall thought it would be a good idea to teach Daisy to drive. what was he thinking!? It's our only car. And Daisy can't drive. If he wants to teach her he can get his own car. Anyway, Daisy isn't going to be bothering with driving anytime soon, I made sure of that." She pulled out the food and started to cook breakfast. "You didn't see any of that did you?"

    Chris shrugged nonchalantly. "I saw enough. Even though I know I would be totally pissed off about it, did you really have to hurt her?"

    She didn't answer Chris at first, truth was, she did feel a little bad about that. But she didn't want to show it. Mikko nodded. "Yeah, it's the only way she'll learn."

    "You sure 'bout that, Mikko? Looked more like abuse than discipline to me," Chris said. He hadn't seen the actual hair-pulling, but he knew more transpired than just harsh words. The way Daisy was carrying her body as she retreated told him that.

    Mikko plopped eggs on a plate and handed it to Chris. "Whatever. They should have talked to me about it first...."

    Chris took the plate and nodded. "Yeah, sure." But there was still no excuse for her acting that way. "Thanks," he said giving her a small smile. That was all she was going to get for now.

    She smiled back. "Welcome." Making her own plate she sat down and ate. "She'll get over it.." She said out loud to herself. Mikko looked up at Chris. "Feel like coming into the city with me tonight?"

    Chris began eating. He looked up at her at her mumbling. Maybe she would, but there was still no excuse for her doing that to her 'sis'. No, Kendall was the one that should be punished. Then Chris looked up again, looking at Mikko. "What happened there?" he asked, pointing to his own lip for emphasis.

    Mikko looked back up at Chris, it took her a bit to realize that he was talking about the bite. The last thing she wanted was for Chris to know that Spike had bit her. Though she saw nothing wrong with it, and actually liked it, she knew others thought differently. "It's nothing don't worry about it...."

    Obviously she was hiding something from him. But he figured it wasn't any of his business either, so he let it go for now. He still had secrets of his own he wanted to keep so why not her too? He shrugged and returned to eating.

    Mikko had mix feeling at this point, on one hand she was happy he didn't push the subject, but on the other....He didn't care that her lip was swollen and brused. It figured, they were all the same, uncareing bastards. Someone could have beat her and he wouldn't have cared. Why should he though...Whatever. She finished eating then left to go find Daisy.

    Chris continued eating, not saying a word as Mikko left the cabin to go find Daisy. But he did roll his eyes and shake his head. After finishing his breakfast, he set the plate and fork in the sink and went to the fridge to grab something to drink

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    ((heart break))

    Daisy had retreated to their spot, and only stopped to inspect the huge welt that had been left across her hip, from the leather strap digging into her flesh. She attempted to wipe the tears away as she lifted her shirt, gingerly touching the area. But the pain inflicted from the injury couldn't match that which resided within her heart. It still stunned her to no end the way Mikko had treated her. The person she looked up to and idolized. Suddenly, her attention was drown to whoever was approaching, as she started to flee. But seeing Kendall, she remained seated on the ground, still too stunned for words.

    Kendall had finally caught up with her. But he wasn't sure what to say. What he COULD say. He slowly made his way over to her, finally embracing her. "Baby, I'm so sorry," he whispered, holding her close. "She didn't hurt you much, did she?"

    Daisy watched him approach through the tears that she couldn't control. She attempted to wipe them away, torn on whether she should run, or stay. Deep down, she knew Kendall would never hurt her, but she had also thought that about Mikko, too. But all that was pushed aside as Kendall embraced her. She wrapped her arms around him, and buried her face against his chest, wincing slightly as their contact pressed against the bruising injury. Still, the comfort she found in those big arms of his alleviated some of the pain. She sniffled quietly, and squeezed him tightly, once again feeling safe in those wonderful arms of his. Yes, Mikko had hurt her deeply, but she wouldn't voice it. "I'm sorry she yelled at you."

    Kendall shrugged. "Don't be. I'd rather have her yell at me than you." He loosened his grip slightly so he wasn't hurting her. Then he kissed her cheek. "So where does it hurt?"

    Obviously, he knew. Still snuggled closely beside him, Daisy slowly lifted her shirt, and unbuttoned her shorts to reveal the large welt left by the seatbelt. She watched through tearfilled eyes as the bunny slowly hopped from the backpack, but she made no efforts to catch it. Where was she going to keep the rabbit now, anyway? The cage was back 'home', and she couldn't see herself going back to that cabin, now. Mikko hated her.

    Kendall winced at seeing the angry welts marring her perfect skin. He felt his anger coming to a boil again at Mikko. How dare she? She had no right to do this to her. "Oh baby..." He carefully embraced her again, protectively. He paid no mind to the escaping rabbit. He was too focused on Daisy, trying to make her feel better. He kissed her cheek again in comfort.

    Daisy remained unusually quiet, but was finding comfort and peace within his embrace. She rested her head against his chest, sighing sadly to herself. She had finally managed to have a family, and once again.. she had messed it all up. She was beginning to wonder if she really belonged anywhere. But she was quickly reminded that at least someone cared about her. She looked up at Kendall with tear-filled eyes, and managed a weak smile as she gently pecked his cheek. "You're proof that there's goodness in the world."

    Mikko walked into the woods, heading in the direction that she watched the other two go. She stood quiet, she didn't want Daisy to run away and she was trying to hear them so that she knew where to go. Luckily they didn't get to far and she soon walked to them. She had to admit seeing Daisy there so sad made her feel really bad. Mikko swore to herself that compassion was an emotion that she had to snuff out. She sighed heavily and looked at Kendall. "I need to talk to her...alone."

    Kendall smiled. "Aww thanks babe." Now came a big question: what to do now? But before he could dwell on that thought too long, he saw Mikko come up to them. His eyes narrowed. Mikko wanted to talk to her alone? Not on his watch. Not after what happened earlier. "I'm staying right here," he declared. He wasn't letting Daisy out of his sight from now on.

    Mikko frowned. "Alone, Kendall. That means you go away." She just wanted some one on one time with the girl, without the boyfriend watching her every move.

    Seeing Mikko approach, Daisy was torn between fleeing and staying put, but she knew Kendall wouldn't let anything happen to her. Her shaky arms tightened around him, and she buried her face against Kendall's chest, feeling the overwhelming fear take hold of her. She said nothing, but was relieved that Kendall was determined to stay, despite Mikko's request to talk to her alone.

    Kendall still refused to budge. There was no way he was letting Daisy be alone with this woman. All it takes is one time and one lost temper and it could be over for everyone. Nope, he was staying matter what. He only squeezed her tighter again in response to Daisy's own squeezes.

    Seeing that Kendall wasn't going to move, Mikko gave up and sat down, she looked at Daisy. "I'm sorry I pulled your hair...But really, what were you two thinking?"

    The hair-pulling had hurt the least. Daisy just listened to her, finally shifting her head to rest against Kendall's chest, enabling her to look at Mikko through tear-filled eyes. She sniffled quietly, unable to find her voice just yet. What do you say to that? To someone who'd hurt you so deeply? Sure, she was used to being hurt, but the pain ran deeper, coming from Mikko. She had only wanted to learn how to drive, and now she had fucked up everything.

    Kendall just sat there, stroking Daisy's back soothingly. Mikko's apology sounded sincere enough, but he was leaving it up to Daisy whether she wanted to forgive her or not

    And no one had answered her question so she continued on. "Why were you in my car? And why didn't anyone come and talk to me first?" Mikko folded her arms. "It's our only car. If something happens to it we're all fucked. And were where you going to go? And what if you didn't get back in time for me to leave? Did anyone think of any of this?"

    Daisy continued to listen in silence, soothed by Kendall's affectionate gestures. She once again wiped at the tears that continued to fall, still struggling to find her voice. "I wanted to learn how to drive." She finally spoke, sniffling quietly. But judging by Mikko's reaction, obviously her 'big sis' felt she was too stupid to learn. "Don't be mad at Kendall. It's not his fault."

    Mikko pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head. "That's it? You wanted to learn how to drive? Again I ask, Why didn't you come talk to me?" She looked over at Kendall. :And it is his fault, I'm sure he was the one that encouraged this." Mikko stood silent for a moment, then slowly nodded. "Fine. You can learn how to drive, but not in my car. We'll get you your own car." It would be good to have another car anyway, and maybe this will earn her forgivness from Daisy.

    Kendall continued the silent gesture. Then his eyes widened in surprise. That was it? It was just that easy? This changed everything. He actually had a smile on his face when he looked at Mikko. "You're serious? You're gonna let her?" This was great! And another car sounded like a good idea too.

    "Because I thought you had more faith in me." Came Daisy's quiet reply. "And Kendall didn't encourage it, he just had faith in me." Two cars. maybe that was a good idea, but it would be a while before she would have the confidence to attempt to learn again.

    "yes, I'LL drive into the city, then on the way home Daisy can drive her car back." She looked at Daisy. "I have faith in you, I just don't want anyone driving my car." There was a feeling of doom in the pit of her stomach, Daisy behind the wheel just didn't seem like a good idea no matter who's car it was. Mikko stood up. "Well lets go then."

    Kendall looked down at Daisy and smiled. It appeared that everything would be okay now. He took her hand and began to follow Mikko back.

    Daisy was still reluctant to leave their spot, but slowly stood and looped an arm around Kendall's waist, snuggled closely against him as they headed back.

    Mikko walked inside the house, she pulled her hair up in two pigtails and scooped up her bag. "Chris, you want to come into the city?"

    Chris looked over at Mikko and nodded. "Sure." He was tired of being around here - especially alone.

    Kendall gave her a gentle, reassuring squeeze as they headed back. Once back at the cabin, he glanced over at her. "Everything okay now, sweetie?"

    "Awesome, we're leaving now." She adjusted her bag then noticed that the rabbit was missing. "Daisy, where's your rabbit?"

    Daisy was still visibly upset, but at hearing Kendall's question, she managed a small smile, and squeezed him gently. She gave a faint nod, and pressed an appreciative kiss against his lips. "Thanks for being there for me." And Mikko just had to bring up the rabbit. Daisy looked at her with a saddened expression. "He ran off." Today had definitely been horrible.

    Mikko ran a hand down her face. "Of course...why was he out of the cabin...never mind whatever, we'll get a cat or something. I rather a cat anyway...Everyone ready?" She asked as she headed out the door to the car.

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    Post by Mikko on Thu Jul 02, 2009 4:41 pm

    ((The last visit part 1))

    Chris retreated to the bedroom to grab his ever-present bag. Then he followed Mikko outside.

    Miko waited for the others in the car. She figured that the first thing that they were going to have to do was pick up a new car, then Daisy and Kendall can go about there way while her and Chris did what they needed to do. She was very worried about Daisy's driving and worried about Kendall getting caught again, if that happen then she would have to try and convince Chris to help her out.

    Kendall smiled at her. Then it turned into a frown when Daisy said the rabbit ran off. He had forgotten she had it with her in the first place. But the good news is, Mikko didn't seem that upset. And he was already to go, so he began heading towards the door, holding Daisy's hand.

    Chris slid into the car next to Mikko. But he said nothing. He just buckled his seatbelt and waited for the others.

    Mikko looked over at him. "So...anywhere you want to go tonight?"

    Daisy spared one last glance towards the forest, hoping that Ozzy would magically show, but his absence earned a deep frown. She squeezed tightly to Kendall's hand, and followed him to the car, though she was a bit reluctant to climb in. She gave Kendall a look for reassurance.

    Chris shrugged. "Haven't really thought about it." Then he looked at her. "Got any ideas?"

    Mikko nodded and started the car. "Going to go to the hospital for an hour, after that, I've got nothing to do." She turned around to look behind her at Daisy and Kendall. "You two getting in?"

    Kendall gave her a look along with a small squeeze to her hand as reassurance. Then he climbed into the car. "It's alright, babe," he whispered so only she could hear him.

    Chris kept facing forward or looking at Mikko. He didn't want to even SEE Kendall.

    Mikko reached over an laid a hand on Chris's leg giving it a light squeeze. "You ok, babe?"

    Daisy was extremely hesitant, but slightly comforted by his words, she slid into the backseat beside him. She dropped her bag into the floorboard, and snuggled closely against him. Her fingers still interlocked with his. "We don't have to go, if you don't want to." She whispered softly, and gave his hand a light squeeze. True, she was anxious to get out for a bit, but not at the expense of losing her man. "I don't want you to get caught."

    Chris looked at her and nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine." He wondered if she knew the rivalry between him and Kendall.

    Kendall held Daisy close once she decided to get into the car. She seemed so worried about him getting caught. Now he was wondering if he should have told her that little fact about him. And truthfully, he was concerned too. But he had already driven Mikko back and forth from the hospital a couple times. But he decided to keep that information to himself for now. He squeezed her again and whispered, "I'll be fine, darlin...don't worry so much." He gave her a gentle smile.

    "We ready to go?" She looked behind her to make sure everyone was inside. "Please fasten your seatbelts and keep all arms, legs, finger, toes and heads, in the vehicle while car is in motion. There will be NO bathroom breaks on this flight. and here. we. go!" Mikko slammed on the gas flying backward, spinning the car around and driving out on the street, she then slowed down and started the drive into the city

    It was certainly an odd emotion. Worry. Heck, up until a few days ago, the only thing she ever had to worry about was avoiding being picked on by the more nasty patients at the many clinics she had been in. She squeezed him a little tighter, and returned the smile with one of her own, for his sake. And when Mikko instructed them to buckle up, she made no effort to do so. One had injured her only moments before, and she wouldn't be so quick to use them again. Besides, her hip was still stinging. Once they were on the road, she reached into her bag, and pulled out one of the lollipop, unwrapped it, then offered Kendall a lick.

    Chris kept his eyes squeezed shut the entire time Mikko was peeling BACKWARDS out of the drive way. He only opened them again when they were safely and much more SLOWLY going down the road.

    During Mikko's first few seconds of driving, he was wondering why she gave Daisy such a hard time with her driving when Mikko was just as bad. But he shook it off and held Daisy close during the wild ride. When she offered to share one of her lollipops, he wrapped his tongue around it, giving it a taste. Then he smiled at her. "Thanks, babe."

    Mikko flipped the radio on, My chemical romance poured out through the speakers. She drummed on the steering wheel as they made their way into the city.

    Daisy cheekily bit her bottom lip as Kendall wrapped his tongue around the lollipop. Oh, what naughty thoughts! She took it back, eyeing him deviously as she slowly slid the long pop in and out of her mouth in a suggestive manner, pulling it out just enough to give the tip a light flick, and repeating her motions.

    Chris smiled at Mikko when she turned the radio on. This brought back fond memories before the clinic.

    Mikko smiled back, her hand hadn't left his leg. She made a right turn into some heavy traffic. "damn..."

    Kendall watched her very intently as she enjoyed her treat. He tried to act like it wasn't one of the sexiest things he's seen her do. And when they were alone again... He let the thought linger.

    Daisy flashed him another cheeky grin, and continued lavishing her pop with naughty little gestures. She gave the tip another generous flick, before meeting his lips, her hand 'accidentally' brushing against the bulge of his jeans. Though, she kept within the realms of playful, knowing as much as she wanted to do naughty things to him right now, there was two other people in the car.

    Kendall gave her a little smirk at her 'slip'. "Just you wait, princess," he whispered seductively in her ear.

    Oooh, that seductive, sexy tone! Her heart shipped a beat, breathing hitched as she grinned against his lips. Her lust-filled gaze was fixated with his, conveying her anticipation. "Mmm.. daddy gonna spank me?" She whispered quietly, and gently nibbled on his bottom lip, before kissing him deeply.

    Kendall returned the kiss. He didn't care if other people were in the car or not. All he was focusing on was her right now.

    Chris continued listening to the radio, completely oblivious to what was going on behind him. And he really didn't seem to mind Mikko's hand on his leg either.

    Mikko looked in the rearview merrior and saw the two in the back, she rolled her eyes and was thankful that they were finally at the hospital. She parked the car. "Here we are."

    Daisy was quickly forgetting that Mikko and Chris were in the car with them. She was too focused on Kendall, and those feeling he had managed to cause within her. Still kissing him deeply, she slowly straddled his lap, and ran her fingers beneath his shirt, caressing those toned abs of his.

    Kendall's breath hitched when Daisy straddled his waist. He vaguely heard Mikko's voice. It was then that he remembered that other people were in the car. He moaned softly from her touches, again forgetting about everyone else.

    The kisses soon became more heated. Her fingers slid back down, once again caressing the bulge beneath the fabric of his jeans, and moving up to grasp his shirt tail. She slowly began to remove it, lips parting from his only long enough to pull it over his arms, then tossed it into the seat. She once again met his lips, grinning deviously as she grinded against his hips, fingers slipping down to work at the buttons of his jeans.

    Mikko stepped out of the car, she brushed her hair out and grabbed her bag then opened up the back door. "What the hell man? You two are like fuckin robots. NO and I mean NO sex in the car. If I find out you two fucked in my car I'll make sure you two can't fuck ever again." She closed the door then looked at Chris. "You might want to come in with me."

    Hearing Mikko's threat, he QUICKLY unbuckled his seatbelt and climbed out of the car. He wanted no part of what was going on in the backseat. He hurried over to Mikko, shaking his head. "What's up with those two?"

    Mikko shook her head, 'I don't know but they're really starting to piss me off, I'm tempted to tell the clinic where Daisy is."

    Kendall was too far gone in his passion to pay attention to Mikko. He allowed Daisy to remove SOME of his clothing, but he wasn't sure about actually fucking in the car anyway. He grabbed her wandering hands and shook his head. "Uh-uh-uh... We should wait until we're REALLY alone, don'cha think?" He gave her a little kiss on the cheek.'And a helluva lot more room,' he added silently.

    Daisy flicked her tongue across his lips, and flashed him a mischievous wink as she slowly climbed off him. "Mmhmm." She sunk back against the seat, and popped a piece of gum into her mouth, and offered one to Kendall. "I've heard making love in cars sucks, anyway. I just wanted to see your abs." She winked again.

    Mikko stood outside the car for a bit then poked her head back in. "We'll be out in an hour. DON'T go anywhere. DON'T fuck. and DON'T get gum on the seats." She stood back up, shut the door, grabbed Chris's hand and headed to the hospital.

    "Yeah? Are you really going to?" He hated to see that happen really. Sure, those two could be reeeeeally annoying, but at least they were happy. Which brought him back to the confusing thing he and Mikko had.

    Mikko shrugged. "If she keeps pissing me off I might."

    Kendall chuckled. "Then why were you going for my pants then?" He took the proffered gum from her and stuck it in his mouth. "Thanks."

    Daisy grinned, and planted another kiss against his lips. "Because I wanted to see that, too." She flashed him a small wink, choosing to shrug off Mikko's numerous warnings and threats. Just what was it with her! It confused her why Mikko always seemed to be so angry with her now. Maybe she really did hate her. But she tried to push those thoughts aside for now. "So.. we're supposed to just chill in the car.." She rolled her eyes slightly. "But at least I've got good company!"

    "Damn right, babe..." He kissed her again. He just hoped that he could control himself enough to obey Mikko's warnings. She was looking so hot sitting there...

    Chris continued following Mikko in silence as they made it to the hospital.

    Once inside the Hospital Mikko let go of Chris's hand. "You can't come in the room with me, but I'll only be an hour. Then maybe we can get dinner or something." She showed Chris to the waiting room And flashed him a smiled before heading to Spike's room.

    Chris nodded and sat down in the waiting room. An hour, huh? No prob. He could just watch some tv during that time. And that's just what he did.

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    ((The last visit part 2))

    The nurse once again led Mikko into the room, giving her the same warning. And she stopped right outside the room, peering over her thick glasses. "He's being sent off first thing tomorrow, so save your gas, hun."

    Mikko frowned and nodded her understanding then walked up to Spike's bed. "Hey babe..."

    Now free of the IV's but still restrained for the safety of the staff, Spike glared daggers at Mikko as she entered. "Get the fuck out!" He snapped. Obviously, this was not one of his good days.

    She was taken aback, not by his attitude but that he wanted her out. She didn't leave though, instead she sat in her chair. "The nurse wasn't kidding...They said you have to go back tomorrow morning.."

    The fact that she had ignored him only fueled his anger. He tugged violently at his restraints, vowing that if he got loose, this damn place would certainly have a reason to remember him. "Good." He seethed. "Anything is better than being tied down like an animal!"

    Mikko reached in her pocket and pulled out a joint, she showed it to him. "Want this? And I told you, in a few months you'll be a free man, and you can kill who ever you damn well please,"

    Anyone he damn well pleased, huh? "What makes you think yer exempt?" He asked in a cold tone. "Gimme that fuckin' thing.."

    She wedged it between his lips and lit it for him. "I don't think that all, never have."

    He took a few deep puffs, savoring that familiar burn at the back of his throat. He looked at her, almost skeptically. "I know yer not my girlfriend. But I know who you are. Who you were."

    "Oh? So you remember me then? Well...saying that I'm ya girl just makes things easer." She shrugged and sat back down. "What do you know, exactly?"

    "I know I wanna kill you."

    "That's...nice. You know, I always wandered why you want me dead. What good would my death do? I mean, I have been pretty damn useful to you. Saved your life a few times, and i'm about to do that again." She took the joint from him and put it out not wanting to get caught. "Just wondering is all.."

    "Because you fuckin' annoy me with all your carebear shit." He informed, bluntly. But obviously there was a reason he hadn't offed her yet, though he himself was still trying to figure out the reasons for her still being among the living.

    "Ahhhh..Good to know. So you would rather I just not care at all?"

    He didn't reply directly to that, but just gave an irritated snort. "Then you'd be lyin' to yerself." He tugged at his restraints, ignoring the pain that his actions would cause. "You shouldn't. I'm not the person you think I am."

    "Really? And who do you think I think you are? Because I have a very good idea of who and what you are." She watched him pull at his restraints and shook her head.

    "Then why are you here if you know? It's just a matter of time before I kill you too. Are you that eager to die?"

    "I know that you're a crazed, sick, psychotic, twisted murderer/rapist, who wouldn't hesitate to kill me. You weren't AS bad about ooooh three, four years ago. Not sure what happen and frankly I don't care. No I'm not eager to die, I'm just not afraid of it." She looked over at him. "I'm a sick, twisted, sociopath, murder, drug user, and thief. Who the hell am I to judge?"

    "I'm still more twisted." And he would leave it that that.

    "Mmmhmm." She grinned. "you win that by a land slide."

    And he was seriously running out of things to say. Frustration was good like that. He just gave a small snort at her reply, and gave up with the wrist-tugging, for now.

    "You wanna hear the plan?"

    "Somethin' tells me I'll here it anyway."

    "No. you don't wanna then the rest of this visit will be in silence."

    As tempting as that was, he sighed in frustration. "What plan."

    She was tempted to just say forget it, let it be a surprise, but sitting in silence was not why she drove three hours in a car with the kissy fish face people in the back. "It's going to be the day of your execution. The day before I'm shutting off the back up generators, then the day of I'll be inside, and I'll have some one outside. I'll act all sad, hug the cop that will be in the room with me and then the guy outside is going to cut the power off. I'll grab the cops gun, shoot my way to you, grab you, then the rest is running and shooting our way out. we run to the get a way car and head to the safe house that's set up."

    Spike just listened to her plan. Sure, it sounded all great but he wasn't getting his hopes up. Not until they pulled the thing off. "Who's the backup?" She had mentioned 'the rest', and hell. it was definitely a good idea to have reinforcements."

    "I got a dirty ex cop to help me." She didn't feel a need to give a name right now, nor was it necessary to mention Daisy or Chris since they weren't going to actually be helping any

    Dirty ex cop. Spike had a pretty good idea of who she war referring to, and was surprised that the guy had made it out, alive. "Well if it doesn't work, what do I got to lose." He snorted, almost bitterly.

    She nodded in agreement. Then looked at the clock. "I have to go soon..." She took out two delata pills and slipped them under his tongue.

    Well, he certainly wasn't going to protest against the drugs. "Guess I'll see you on that big day.." And and the nurse soon popped her head inside the room, informing her that time was up.

    "yep." She nodded to the nurse and stood up, She leaned over planting another kiss on his lips, and with his mood tonight she was hopping for a bit more of a bite from him.

    Oh, and he wouldn't disappoint. He latched onto her lips, embedding his teeth deeply into her flesh. He held her there, tasting the blood coupled with the drugs. It was complete ecstasy. After a moment, he finally released her.

    She licked her lips and stood up. "More like it. See you in a few months, babe. Try not to miss me too much." She said as she walked out the door, grabbing a towel on the way to hold against her bleeding lip, she walked back out to Chris and tapped him on the shoulder.

    Chris hadn't seen Mikko come in and he jumped slightly when he felt someone tap his shoulder. He relaxed immediately when he saw it was Mikko. "Oh hey, Mikko. How is he?"

    She took the towel away from her mouth. "He's much better, they're taking him back to prison tomorrow morning so this was my last visit." She put the towel back on her lip and headed out the hospital with Chris.

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    Post by Mikko on Thu Jul 02, 2009 4:43 pm

    (Combusted lip))

    Unaware of him watching her, Daisy began to dig through her bag, and pulled out her sketch pad and a few crayons, and began drawing a picture of her missing rabbit, adding every little detail. Including the bunny's noticeable cross-eyes. She finally glanced over at Kendall, noticing that look. She flashed him a sweet smile, and rubbed her bare leg against his thigh. "Mmm.. I'll be glad when we get home.."

    Kendall couldn't agree more. He nodded. "Me neither, babe." He had been watching her drawing what looked like a rabbit. "Is that Ozzy?" he asked softly. He wrapped his arm around her, holding her close.

    She melted into his embrace, a small frown tugging across her lips. "Yeah. Maybe if I can make a whole bunch of flyers, someone would see him." But then she remembered that she had no phone number to put on the thing, and even if she did, probably the whole city was looking for her by now. It was too dangerous. "I really miss him."

    "Aww, Daisy." He kissed the top of her head. "If we can't find him we'll get a new one for you," he said, smiling. The chances of finding Ozzy were slim to none. But when they returned to their secret place, it couldn't hurt to look for him.

    Daisy was grateful for his comforting gestures. He always knew just how to make her feel better. She snuggled into his arms, and continued coloring the picture, trying to get the fur the right shade of gray. She smiled up at him, and pressed a kiss against his cheek. "I can't wait until this deal is over, with the prison." She nuzzled against his neck. "I really wanna spend the rest of my life with you, babe." She pressed a soft kiss against his neck. "It'll all work out, I know it will. We both deserve happy endings."

    Kendall smiled brightly at her, kissing her deeply. "Me too." And that was all he said. It sounded wonderful. And he would do anything to make her happy.

    Daisy rested her head against his chest, listening to the soothing rhythm of his heart. She smiled contentedly, as she allowed her mind to wander, imagining their future. "We can have lots of rabbits, then. And hopefully Ozzy, too." She smiled up at him. "You like kitties?"

    Kendall smiled down at her. "Of course. You want one, don't you?" He stroked her cheek affectionately.

    "Mmhmm." Daisy closed her eyes, savoring his warmth as he caressed her cheek. Her palm gently cupped his cheek, and she pressed a light kiss against his lips. "And a puppy, too." She smiled. "How about you? There's gotta be something you want, too!"

    Kendall chuckled. "I'll get back to you on that one," he told her, winking. He always loved dogs. And it had been a long time since he had been around one. Other than the occasional one at the prison...

    She continued to caress his cheek. "Oooh, I knows! Puppies?" She winked at him. "What kind do you want?" And she flashed him a teasing look. "Chihuahua?"She couldn't suppress a snicker. The image of big tough Kendall with a yapping Chihuahua was just too cute!

    Kendall shook his head, chuckling. "Nah, bigger."

    Daisy bit her bottom lip, as she gave it some thought. "Great Dane? Mastiff? Puggle?"

    Kendall chuckled again when he saw her face. "You were close with the Great Dane."

    Oh, she was close! Daisy flashed him a bright grin as she tried to remember the breed's name, of that Beethoven dog. "Urm, a St. Beaufort?"

    That got a full-out laugh out of Kendall. "I think you mean Saint Bernard. And no, that wasn't what I was going for. But that one is good too."

    Daisy grinned, hearing him laugh. She gently pinched him in a tearing manner. "Yeah, that's totally what I was trying to say." She winked. "Hmm.. let's see, what's close to a Great Dane... poodle?" She flashed him a grin.

    "Nope. Not even close anymore." He gave her a wink.

    Daisy gave a small pout at that, running her fingers lightly over his stomach. "Wolfhound?"

    "Another nice one, but no." He leaned over giving her cheek a little kiss at her adorable little pout

    Gah, she was really running out of ideas. She looked up at him, grinning sweetly. Even though she really wasn't a good guesser, this game was definitely fun. Heck, anything with him was fun. "Urm.. Great Pyrenees?"

    "Nope!" This time he kissed her on the lips

    Daisy smiled as he leaned in for a kiss, and she met his lips, returning it with meaning. "Mmm.. I guess I'm really not good at this game." She gave him a playful pout. "So, what's the lucky dog?"

    Kendall grinned widely and leaned to whisper it into her ear. "German Shepard." He had plenty of experience with those with the force, but he didn't personally work with a canine unit. And even though he had mostly sore memories from that place, he still loved the dogs.

    Daisy's eyes lit up at that, and she wondered how on earth she hadn't guessed that! "Oooh, you mean like the police dogs? They're reeeeally smart, and even helped with the search on 9-11." She informed, vaguely remembering seeing the search on tv, when she was just a kid. She gently caressed his cheek. "We should totally get a Shepard, babe! And a goldie!"

    Kendall chuckled. "Sure, baby. We'll do that sometime." He kissed her on the lips again

    Daisy returned the kiss, and shifted a bit uncomfortable in her seat. "Man, I sure wish they'd hurry. My ass is getting numb!" She flashed him a pitiful look. "So, you said you like sports.. what's your favorite?"

    Kendall leaned down and whispered into her ear. "Up for more guessing games? I'll only give you three this time." He pulled away, giving her another wink.

    Ooooh, this should be fun! Daisy bit on her bottom lip, eyeing him cutely. "Hmm, lesse... you're tall, so.. basketball?"

    "Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! And here's your prize." He captured her lips once more in an intense kiss

    Chris had noticed her wound. It was the same thing as the last time she was there. But this time he wasn't going to dismiss it so quickly. "So what is really going on with that lip?"

    "It spontainously combusted." She replied dryly heading to the car.

    Chris didn't buy it...not even for a second. "Come on, Mikko. You can tell me. Hell knows I wouldn't tell anyone else."

    She opend up the car door and looked at Chris. "Spike's a biter It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have the piercings, one time he almost ripped one right out."

    Chris' eyes widened at that. "That's gotta suck. Sorry, babe." He opened the door and climbed in, still not looking into the backseat.

    She slid in the car too. "Don't be sorry, if I didn't like it I wouldn't kiss him." She glanced in the back seat. "Ok where to?"

    Daisy giggled happily at that, and was definitely satisfied with the prize. She kissed him deeply, vaguely aware that Mikko and Chris had returned. She allowed it to linger for several minutes, then looked up at Mikko, grinning brightly. "Guess what! We're gonna get a Shepard!" She beamed, happily. Momentarily forgetting just how much Mikko seemed to hate her

    "Not while you're living with me you're not....who wants Taco Bell?"

    He couldn't help but feel somewhat crushed by what she said. He guessed they weren't going to have a chance together after all. Which just left one question: why the hell was she flirting with him this whole time if she's already got someone? But he was going to wait until they were alone before he voiced that question outloud.
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    ((More rp-ing in the chat with the 'rejects'. Wink Once again, big thanks to Mikko for cleaning and editing this))

    Chris shrugged. "Sounds good to me."

    Mikko nodded and looked up in her mirror . "You two ok with Taco Bell, then I figure we can catch a movie."

    Kendall nodded then turned to Daisy. "Sound good to you, princess?"

    Well, Mcdonalds sounded better, but Taco Bell certainly sounded yummy, too. "Do they have Spaghetti?"

    " have tacos." Mikko shook her head and was soon pulling up to the window. "You two in the back, lay down or something."

    Daisy gave Kendall a questioning look, before ducking down in the back seat. She really didn't know what was up, but surely she had a plan.

    Kendall looked at Mikko and nodded. Then he scooted over so he could lay down with Daisy beside him, holding her close

    Snuggling close to him, Daisy couldn't help but flash Kendall a cheeky grin. "Heh.. it's kinda comfy back here, huh? Better than that couch.."

    With the two out of sight Mikko pulled up after giving her order, she just got a bunch of tacos and some nachos. She gave the woman at the window the money and handed Chris the food. Then drove off going to the drive in theater. "What you all want to watch?"

    Kendall wasn't so sure about that because he was still feeling very crammed back here. But since it was better than possibly being recognized, he went along with it. "Yeah, sure babe."

    Chris took the food and held it as they made their way to their next destination. He shrugged at Mikko's question. "Don't really care," he answered, shrugging. A movie did sound good, though...

    Daisy could almost detect that uncertainty in his tone. "Aw, babe.." She smiled sweetly, and pressed her lips to his. "We still have our spot!" And once the cost was clear, she slowly rose and glanced around. Mikko's question had caught her full attention. "Oh.. movies?" Her heart nearly skipped a beat.. It would be a first! "Twilight!"

    "Twilight it is. I wouldn't mind see me some Jasper on the big screen." Mikko drove the short distance to the movies, again she looked in the back seat indicating that they need to duck down, the last thing they needed was for someone to see Kendall...or Daisy.

    Kendall came up during the drive again, but then ducked down again when they arrived at the movies. 'Twilight, huh? Sounds good." He grinned widely at the thought of Daisy leaning on him for comfort. Even though she was as close as can be to him already, it was always a turn-on when a girl did that.

    Daisy couldn't contain a face splitting grin. Wow. A movie.. it seemed her dreams were coming true, one after another! First she found true love, and now.. Twilight! She snuggled against Kendall, running her fingers along his side. She planted a soft kiss against his lips. "You like vampire movies? Vampires that sparkle?"

    And soon they were parked and the car was turned off.She laid a hand on Chris's leg as the previews started.

    Kendall chuckled and wrapped an arm around Daisy. "Hell yeah, I do!" he declared, grinning.

    Daisy finally rose as she realized that they were safely within the grounds. She peered through the window, awe-struck gaze fixated on the massive screen outside. "Oh. my. gawd! It's friggin' huge!" She squeezed Kendall's hand, excitedly.

    Chris looked down at Mikko's hand on his leg, the back at her, smiling. But he was still really confused on where they stood. But he pushed those thoughts to the side and sat back, both enjoying her company, and the movie itself.

    Mikko was really wishing that she didn't have so much stuff in-between them, but it was still nice to spend the night with them, she looked in the mirror at Daisy. "You ok Daisy?"

    Daisy snuggled against Kendall, her fingers entwined with his. She rested her head against his shoulder, lost within the bliss of the moment. Here she was, at a movie.. with her guy! And her sister, though.. she was beginning to wonder if Mikko still thought of her that way. It certainly didn't feel like it. And at Mikko's question, she answered quietly., as if she was almost afraid to speak to her directly. "Yeah."

    "good." Mikko reached in the back handing the two food and drinks. "Try not to make to much of a mess back there."

    Kendall gave her hand a reassuring squeeze. Then he looked over at her and smiled warmly. After a few seconds of taking in her beauty again, he turned his attention back to the movie. When Mikko offered them the food, he took it with his free hand, then reluctantly let go of Daisy's hand to retrieve the rest. Then he distributed the stuff between the two of them. "Thanks," he told Mikko sincerely.

    Mikko took her own food and drink and ate quietly for some time, she then looked back at the mirror. "Daisy...I have a job for you when we do the prison break." The movie was defiantly not keeping her attention.

    Well, it wasn't spaghetti, but Nachos were definitely a good substitute! She released Kendall's hand only to take her food, contenting herself with their close proximity, for now. As long as she could feel him in some way. She held an extra cheesy nacho up to Kendall's lips for him to taste, her attention soon drawn to Mikko at hearing her comment. "Oh.. so I get a job, too?" Well, that certainly made her feel special! "I get to have Kendall's back?"

    Mikko nodded. "Yes, your job will be to guard the car. I'll give you a gun and anyone who isn't me, Kendall or Spike. you kill. ok?"

    Daisy frowned at that. Kill? But what if the person wasn't bad? There was confusion in her innocent gaze, but she gave a quiet nod. The last thing she wanted was for Mikko to think she couldn't pull it off

    "Good..." She watched some more of the movie, finished her food and laid her hand back on Chris's leg, giving it a light squeeze, she just couldn't keep her hands off the guy.

    The squeeze had definitely caught him off-guard and he jumped slightly. Then he looked over at Mikko and smiled again. He had finished his meal by now, but still working on his drink.

    Mikko couldn't help but chuckle at his reaction. "You ok, babe?"

    Chris nodded. "Yeah...sure." Creepy movie and someone touching you unexpectedly would make anyone jump.

    Mikko gave his leg another squeeze then turned back to the movie. "When we get home remind me to give you all the Spike rules."

    Daisy finished half of her food, and placed the rest aside. She wasn't feeling hungry for some reason, which was definitely strange for her. Probably the earlier incident, coupled with neglecting her meds. She gave a small nod at Mikko, and snuggled closer to Kendall. "Why does he have rules?"

    Mikko turned in her seat to face Daisy. "Because he's a bad bad man. And you have to know the rules so that you have a better chance of him NOT killing you."

    "Why would he want to kill me.. I didn't do anything to him..."

    "Because he kills everyone, you don't have to do anything. well...he'll probably try and sleep with you first THEN he'll kill you."

    Daisy frowned deeply at that. "But, I don't want to sleep with him.."

    "Spike isn't one to take no for an answer, Daisy."

    Daisy's frown deepened, her grip on Kendall becoming a little tighter. It scared her, but she knew Kendall wouldn't let anything bad happen to her. "Why can't you just tell him no for me?" Daisy asked Mikko in a quiet tone.

    "He doesn't listen to me. Just, when you see him, don't look at him, don't talk to him, don't even glance his way. If he ask you something keep your answer short and to the point. And what ever you do, never NEVER leave Kendall's side. If you have to go to the bathroom, make sure Kendall is out side that door. Never leave Kendall. ok?"

    Kendall had been half-listening to the conversation between Mikko and Daisy. But what he HAD caught was Daisy's nervousness. Her squeezing spoke volumes! He in turn held her tighter against him, whispering little reassurances that everything would be alright. That everything would go as planned and everyone came out of this alive.

    Now, the mental picture that Daisy had painted of Spike, only months ago was quickly being repainted. She felt a cold chill run up her spine, and she gazed up at Mikko with a hint of fear in her eyes, though she was trying hard to hide it. And they would be risking their lives to save this guy? It really didn't seem worth it. But she reminded herself, she wasn't going for Spike, but for Kendall. To make sure he made it out of this, and back to her. She gave a quiet nod in response to Mikko, and gave Kendall another light squeeze.

    Mikko nodded back and turned in her seat to face the screen again. She glanced over at Chris and this time grabbed his hand, intertwining their fingers and laying their hands on his lap

    Chris looked Mikko and smiled again, squeezing her hand gently. It seemed like he was thinking the same thing she was. And doggone it, if she was going to keep flirting with him like this, then he would too. He slowly rubbed his thumb over the back of Mikko's hand.

    She smiled over at him, then leaned over to him whispering in his ear. "What you wanna do after we drop them off?"

    Chris shrugged. "I dunno." Then he leaned over and whispered into her ear. "Would you like to go to a night club or something?"

    Mikko's smile widen. "yeah, that would be great!"

    And Kendall returned it again. But he wasn't sure what else he could do at this point to ease her fears. The truth was, he was scared too. But he wouldn't show that weakness to Daisy...not when she was afraid herself. She needed a strong support, and he took on that role himelf.

    Chris smiled and kissed her cheek before pulling away. Oh yeah...he was definitely feeling bolder now.

    Daisy was having a hard time focusing on the movie, with all that was going on. Her thumb gently caressed Kendall's fingers as she watched him. He'd been quiet, and that had her slightly worried. She leaned up, and planted a sweet kiss against his cheek. "You okay, babe? Bad nachos?"

    "Ok folks, movie is over. Know what that means?" Mikko turned to face the back seat. "Get the fuck outta my car, bitches."

    Kendall indeed had other things on his mind, therefore, not really paying much attention to the movie. But Daisy's small gesture was enough to snap him out of it. He turned and smiled at her, shaking his head. "Nah, I'm fine. Just thinking."

    Daisy was slightly taken aback by Mikko's words. She frowned deeply, definitely confused. But it all came back to the earlier incident, and her fears that Mikko no longer liked her, She looked deeply hurt, but said nothing as she grabbed her backpack, and slowly climbed from the car. She wasn't sure where they were supposed to go, but as long as Kendall was with her, they would figure it out.

    Of course Mikko didn't tell them this to be mean, Daisy wanted to drive, and she could only drive her own car. So, Mikko figured now would be a good time for them to go there separate ways for the night, Daisy and Kendall could find their own car and do what ever, while her and Chris hit the clubs.

    He sighed and rolled his eyes at Mikko's command. Guess he and Daisy were on their own for finding a ride back on their own. So he climbed out of backseat and stood up. He took Daisy's hand and gave it another reassuring squeeze. "It'll be fine, babe. We can find our own car and then I can teach you to drive." He smiled and kissed her cheek. Then he stood up and scanned the lot. Most of the cars were occupied, so this wasn't going to be as easy as he thought...

    Daisy was trying to push the hurt aside, and gave a faint grin in response too Kendall's gestures of reassurance. She entwined her fingers with his, squeezing his hand gently. Taking a deep breath, she gazed out at all the vehicles, searching for the right one. But they would need to do this quick. Even she knew just how dangerous this was, and the fact that they were both 'wanted', made it even more so. Her gaze finally settled on a lone white Jeep Wrangler. It seemed right for the picking. She gave Kendall's hand another light squeeze, and pointed it it's direction. "How about that one?"

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    Post by Mikko on Sun Jul 05, 2009 4:10 pm

    ((Take that officer jackass))

    Kendall looked over to where Daisy was pointing and smiled. "Excellent choice, Daisy. Come on, let's go check it out." He held her hand tighter and ran over to the car, acting as inconspicuous as possible.

    Mikko watched the two, she wanted to make sure that they actually got a car safely before she drove off, she was eager to get going though and was happy that it didn't take them to long to find a car. It wouldn't be her first pick, but hey, this was Daisy's deal.

    Daisy followed closely beside Kendall, squeezing gently to his hand. She kept a watchful eye out, though still trying to appear as casual as possible, despite the rush she felt; excitement and fear. Sure, she had snuck into cars before, but never stole one! This was totally different, but she couldn't suppress a grin, despite her nervousness. "Heh.. I figured white would be easier to repaint!" And she already had a color in mind.

    Kendall looked at her and chuckled. "Yeah? And what color where you thinking?" As if he didn't already know. Especially since she had wanted the cabin painted in this certain color..

    Mikko turned to Chris and shook her head. "They're too slow. Has neither of them stolen a car before, it should take thirty seconds. See the car, Run to the car, get in the car, and go. amateurs."

    Chris shrugged. "Guess not. You think they're gonna get in trouble?"

    Mikko nodded. "most likely."

    Daisy flashed him a knowing grin, and a small wink. "Um.. green!" She lightly squeezed his arm, once again glancing around to make sure the coast was clear. "Pink... with glitter and flowers painted on it." She smiled. "Is it.. stealable?"

    Kendall looked around again. Finally they were at the car and he looked inside. Everything seemed to be okay. He pulled on the handle...and the door opened! The policeman in him, however how small amount that was left, mentally shook his head. 'Don't people ever lock their cars anymore? This is one of the largest crime cities in the nation.' Someone could just come up and do this: he opened the door, looked around again, then hotwired the car. It started easily, then he motioned for Daisy to get in on the other side.

    Chris shook his head. "Hope they'll be okay." Sure, he didn't care much about Kendall. But Daisy may have been annoying, but she was growing on him. He even was amused whenever she referred to him as a vampire or lycan now.

    Ooooh, that seemed easy enough! A cheeky grin crossed Daisy's lips as she slid in on the passenger side, and once again opted against the seatbelt. She kept low in her seat, and watched Kendall in amazement. "You make that look so easy." She smiled. "Guess you have experience in grand theft auto, huh?" And that was definitely a turn-on.

    That made Kendall chuckle. "Yeah, I guess so." He climbed into the driver's seat and buckled in, shutting the door. Then he turned to Daisy, hands on the steering wheel. "Ready to go, babe?"

    Daisy leaned up to press a sweet kiss against his cheek. Kendall had filled her life with more excitement over the last few days than she had ever experienced in a lifetime. He was simply amazing. "Mmhmm." She reached over, resting her hand on top of his. "Sooo, anyplace you wanna go? We could go to someplace where everyone isn't looking for us.." She suggested sweetly. "Maybe Hawaii? We could run away together."

    Kendall smiled. Sure, babe. Anything you want is yours." He gave her a sweet kiss on the lips. "How's about we go back to our spot for the night? Then we can decide what we want to do in the morning?" He gave her a wink.

    Daisy cupped his cheeks, caressing his skin as she deepened the kiss. Her eyes slid closed, envisioning the possibilities they would have if they were to leave this city. No more living in fear of being caught. She finally opened her eyes, pressing a sweet smile against those addictive lips of his. "Okay." Her hand slowly moved down to rest on his lap. Just then, something wedged between the seats caught her attention. Upon further inspection, she quickly realized what it was, and gasped as she slid the wallet from its hiding place. "Babe.. look!" And she slowly opened it, eyes growing even wider at the sight that greeted her. "We've got fundage!"

    Kendall's eyes widened in shock. "You gotta be shitting me!" he exclaimed, shaking his head. "Nice find, darlin'!"

    Daisy propped her feet against the dashboard as she dug through the wallet, counting the folded bills that had been neatly placed inside. "Geeze.. there's nearly $1,000 here.. we should be set for a while!" She pulled the license from the plastic sleeve, and eyed it curiously. "Heh.. Officer Adams? Sorry, whoever you are.. but your misfortunes are for a good cause!"

    Kendall's smile even widened. He knew who the guy was. This couldn't be more perfect. "Yes it is! Once again, good find, babe." He kissed her deeply. She was SUCH a good match for him. And now they had both the car and a shitload of money from one of the guys he hates the most.

    Daisy returned the kiss whole-heartedly, savoring every second of the intimate gesture that meant so much to her. The day might have gotten off to a rotten start, but things were definitely turning back around. The money was already burning a hole in her pocket, but as much as she wanted to stop someplace to buy a few things, she knew it would be too dangerous. Though, she totally planned on making a trip back to the city to pick up a few things, once she learned how to drive. She smiled sweetly against his lips, as she gently caressed his thigh. "So, we have all this money.. anything you want?" The guy had been in prison for a while. Daisy was certain there had to be something he wanted.

    What did he want? Well, lots of things actually. Since he'd been in the slammer for so long, he had lost most of his possessions. But he had to get his priorities lined up. "Some new clothes would be nice." He was so sick of having to wear someone else's clothes.

    Daisy couldn't contain a cheeky grin. She bit her bottom lip, giving his the mischievous eye. "Heh.. I think you look just fine without clothes!" She flashed him a wink as she reached up to playfully pinch his cheek. "I'd suggest going on a shopping spree right now, but I'm sure Officer Adam's apple will be looking for his Jeep." Her hand dropped down to squeeze his leg. "Maybe when we leave the city tomorrow?" She smiled. "Anything else?"

    Kendall chuckled at her statement. He completely agreed, but there definitely was a time for clothes. He kissed those delicious lips that he just couldnt get enough of. "Mmmm...can't think of anything else right now, babe. Anything you want?" Really he was ready to head somewhere to spend the night. And, maybe a few other things...

    And his lips were equally addicting. Daisy returned the kiss, and gently ran her tongue over those luscious lips of his. She smiled sweetly at his question, staring up at him with love-filled eyes. She gave his hand a light squeeze. "I've got what I want." She rested her head against his shoulder as he drove. "You've made me happy."

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    (Da club)

    "bout time." She watched as the two got in the car, feeling that they were as safe as they could be with Daisy driving, Mikko pulled out of the parking lot and onto the street. "Ok, love. You got me all to yourself, where to?"

    Chris put his arm around Mikko's shoulders, giving it a light squeeze. "How about that night club I talked about earlier?"

    Mikko made a sharp turn. "Sure thing" She drove to the closet club that she knew of, the area was known for gang activity, but it's not like she was going to be roaming the streets. Soon they were coming up to a warehouse building, lights pulsated through the windows, loud techno poured outside. Mikko parked the car. "How about this place?"

    Chris gave her a large smile in response. "Perfect! Let's go!" He unbuckled his seatbelt and climbed out of the car

    Mikko also hopped out of the car, went around and wrapped an arm around his waist. She gave him a light squeeze as she walked inside with him.

    Chris smiled at her and put his arm around her shoulders as they walked into the nightclub.

    Mikko walked into the crowd of people, she looked around, mostly at back pockets. First thing she needed was money, and it didn't take long to find her target. She quickly and with grace slipped the wallet out from the drunken man's wallet. With out pausing she flipped it open, took the cash that was in it and trashed the wallet, People come into the area they should expect to be robbed. "What you want to drink babe?"

    Chris wasn't expecting her to rob anyone to get money while they were here. But at the same time, he wasn't surprised either. It was too late anyway. He shrugged at Mikko's question. "Just a beer is fine."

    Mikko ordered them both a beer, she paid and handed Chris his. "You do dance, right?"

    Chris took the beer from her saying a quick 'thanks', then took a few sips. Then he looked at Mikko and shook his head. "Not really. But I wanted to come anyway. You wanna teach me some of your moves?"

    "I might be able to do that." She quickly finished her beer then put the empty bottle on the bar, She waited till Chris was done, while she waited, she reached into her pocket pulling out a few pills. She put two under her tongue and offered two to Chris

    Chris finished his beer soon after. But when he saw what Mikko was doing and frowned deeply. Then when she offered some to him, he shook his head. "Thanks, but no thanks." He lightly pushed her hand away.

    Mikko simply shrugged and took those pills too. Then she crabbed Chris's hand and dragged him to the dance floor. She turned to face him, letting her hands slip into his back pockets. "Ready for your dance lessons?"

    Chris allowed Mikko to pull him to the dance floor. And he didn't really mind where she had put her hands. He, in turn, held onto her sides then nodded. "Show me what you got, babe."

    Mikko flashed him a grin and gave his back side a light squeeze. She pressed up against him, her hips swaying with the rhythm of the music, her hands soon left his pockets and inched under his shirt.

    Chris let out a small gasp at the squeeze, but that was his only reaction. Then he began moving in time to the music, following her lead. It proved to be easier than he thought. When Mikko pressed up against him, his hands moved down and rested on her hips, feeling her movements firsthand.

    "You're a fast learner." She smiled, her fingers playing on his bare back. this really was a good idea, and just what she needed to get her mind off of everything for a while.

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    ((interview with a vampire?))

    Mikko didn't make it to the bed that night, Instead she collapsed on the couch, drunk and full of pills. It wasn't until the sun came in through the window that Mikko opened her eyes. She laid there for a moment before jumping off the couch and running frantically around to get dress. It took some time for her brain to catch up, but she finally remembered that Spike wasn't at the hospital any more. With a heavy sigh, Mikko fell back onto the couch and closed her eyes again.

    After they had gotten home, Chris went straight to bed. But even though he was completely exhausted, he really enjoyed his time with Mikko. He had even learned to dance! And it seemed like he and Mikko were getting closer. But the confusion of her actions was still there. He slowly sat up and looked around for Mikko. She was nowhere to be found. This was the first time since they had been at the cabin that he didn't wake up right next to her. He got up and got dressed and headed out of the bedroom. He debated on calling her name in case someone else was around. But as soon as he set foot out of the bedroom, he saw her over on the couch. He wondered why she was there instead of the bedroom, but he said nothing. Instead, he headed into the kitchen area and looked around for something to eat. Being as quiet as he could as he moved things around.

    But Chris wasn't quiet enough, nor had Mikko gone back to sleep. She opened her eyes when she heard someone in the kitchen and sat up. She grinned when she saw that it was Chris. As quiet as she could she tiptoed behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist from behind. "Morning!"

    Chris was rummaging through the fridge when Mikko had came up behind him. When she embraced him, he stood up suddenly and hit his head hard on the door above him. Shaking the slight stars from his vision, he turned around and at first gave her a slight glare, which soon dissolved into a small smile. "Morning, yourself. Sleep well?" He would ask why she wasn't sleeping in the bedroom later.

    She winced when he hit his head, but still couldn't help but chuckle, must be the masochist in her. "Awww poor baby." She cooed while rubbing his head. "You ok?" She quickly pouted and played innocent when he shot her a glare, and was happy that it didn't last long. Mikko smiled back. "I'm good...stomach hurts though.."

    The glare was back when she chuckled. "I'm fine," he replied cooly. Then his glare faded again and was a fully concerned look now. "What's the matter?"

    Damn what crawled up his ass and died? "Nothin." She released him and walked back to the couch

    Chris just shrugged and went back to his search for nourishment. 'Women...' He stood up, calling over his shoulder. "Hey babe, want anything?"

    She glanced over at him and shook her head. "No. I'm going for a walk." She got up and headed to the door. She hesitated for a moment to see if he would offer to go with her/

    Chris eyed her thoughtfully. Food can wait. "'Kay. You want some company?"

    Mikko smiled and nodded. "Yes." She held her hand out to him.

    Chris went over to her and took her hand. Then he walked with her outside.

    Mikko gave his hand a light squeeze and headed out the door. She really didn't know what to do with herself now, before she would rush to the hospital or wait to rush to the hospital. Now, she had the whole day to do nothing. "Sooooo...what you wanna do today?"

    Feeling bold, he leaned over and kissed her cheek. "As long as it's with you, I don't even care. But a walk sounds nice for now."

    She allowed the kiss and flashed him a smile, she had to admit that that was nice to hear. "We could, go back into the city. We need money..."

    Chris smiled and squeezed her hand lightly. "Sure thing...after our walk." He gave her a small wink.

    "Sure." She walked into the woods with him. heading to the same spot that they where before. She stood quiet, now with Spike back in prison, this break out started to seem more real...

    "Just outta curiousity, what do you see in me?" He was just trying to make casual conversation

    She was not expecting that question. "uhhh...ummm...nothing silly. You're not transparent." Yeah that was smooth...Way to avoid awkward questions, Mikko.

    Chris chuckled slightly and rolled his eyes. "No? Okay, then. So do you really like me?" he tried again. He was still trying to stay casual, but he still really wanted to know the answer.

    She stared at her feet the whole time. "Uh, yeah...But no one has to know..."

    Chris was more than satisfied with that answer. He nodded. "Yeah? Well, in that case, Mum's the word." He squeezed her hand again, smiling.

    Mikko looked up at Chris and smiled. "Good." She gave his hand a light squeeze back. "Um...Did I drive home last night?" A question No one wants to hear the driver ask

    Chris looked at her incredulously. "What do you mean? You don't remember?"

    "No. If I did I wouldn't have asked. I was also wondering why I was on the couch and not the bed."

    Now Chris was getting worried. "You...don't remember ANYTHING? You feeling okay?And as for why you weren't in bed, that's what I'd like to know."

    "Well I remember the movie and getting to the club, I just don't remember leaving or getting home" Mikko shrugged. "Happens all the time. I probably couldn't make it to the bed, that happens a lot too. But we're ok! The car is on piece, another job well done I say."

    Chris just shrugged. "If you say so..."

    Again Mikko stood quiet. She looked back down at her feet as they walked.

    Chris looked over at her, frowning. "Everything alright, Mikko?"

    Mikko looked back up and nodded. "Yeah. I'm good."

    After walking around for a while, and very much enjoying the company, he decided it was time to do something else. "Hey, babe. You up for going to the city now?"

    Thank god. Mikko thought, she wasn't sure how much longer she could take walking in silence. "Yes. Lets go." She said practically dragging him to the car

    Chris allowed Mikko to drag him to the car. He could tell by her eagerness that she'd had enough of the walk as well. So when they reached the car, he slid into the passenger seat and buckled in. "So where are we going, babe?"

    She hopped in the drivers seat and quickly had the car started. "Well we need food and money. and gas...So we hit the streets." She was sure that the man had never had to steal for his supper or panhandle for funds, and if Mikko knew that Daisy was currently loaded with dough she wouldn't bother doing either. "Ever had to sing for your supper?" She asked as she pealed out the drive.

    The shyness that seemed to vanish as they spent more time together, came back full force. "Sing? Me? N-no..." He shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Then he looked over at her. "You're not gonna make ME sing, are you?"

    Mikko laughed and looked over at him. "No, we're not actually singing. Stealing would be a better word." She laid a hand on his leg. "But I bet you have a voice like an angel, babe." Not that she really believed that.

    Chris nodded. "Oh." He looked up and smiled at her when she put her hand on his leg again. 'Huh...I wouldn't be too sure of that, babe.'

    Mikko turned the radio on and returned her hand to his leg. She drove in silence for a while then glanced over at him. "So, Chris. What kinda thing you into? Handcuffs, ropes, strangulation, biting, slapping, pinching, hot wax." She paused for a second. "You look like a guy that's into torture. Sexy." Random, but she figured it would end the silence.

    Chris gave her a small smirk. "Would you like to find out?" Of course he was kidding, but he wanted to see her reaction to that.

    She grinned. "You know it, babe."

    Okay, THAT surprised him. Was she really into all that kinky stuff? It didn't really matter. He figured they wouldn't get their relationship to the next level, anyway. But...who knew for sure. "Do you REALLY wanna find out?" He was extremely curious whether or not she actually wanted to go through with it.

    "I really want to find out....Maybe not now. but, some time." She was more then ready to find out what this guy was like in bed, and who says she couldn't find out? She wasn't with anyone, she didn't have any commitments...To bad she couldn't convince herself of that

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    Post by Mikko on Mon Jul 06, 2009 4:17 pm

    ((Bow chicka bow wow))

    Once again in their special spot, Kendall was laying next to Daisy - or so he thought. But this time, she was laying right on top of him. When he finally was awake enough to know what was going on, he smiled at the small, naked form lying on top of him. Her head was turned away from him, so he couldn't tell whether or not she was awake yet. He very lightly rested a hand on her back, tracing small circles lightly with his finger. If she wasn't awake before, than she should be now...

    This was certainly Daisy's new favorite sleeping position! Not only was he super comfy, but the rhythmic beating of that wonderful heart of his always managed to lull her to sleep. She was lost within the bliss of sleep, but his light touches had slowly penetrated her subconscious. She wiggled slightly, and buried her face against his chest as her eyes slowly fluttered open. A muffled giggle emitted from her lips as she slowly shifted her head to look up at him. "Heh.. that tickles!" But the gesture felt pretty good, too.

    Kendall grinned. "Hey sleepy-head. Comfy enough for you?"

    "Mmhmm.." Daisy smiled sleepily at him, making no effort to move. She planted a series of kisses against his chest, before leaning up to meet his lips. "You're so comfy!" She flashed him a sweet smile as she brushed a golden lock from her face. "How'd you sleep? You comfy?"

    Kendall smiled and nodded. "Of course! How could I not with the love of my life right on top of me?" He gave her a small wink and kissed her deeply. Then, without breaking the kiss, he slowly rolled them over so he could reach her better and cupped her cheek.

    Daisy bit her bottom lip, unable to suppress a grin. Her heart melted, hearing those words. He never ceased to make her feel special, and genuinely loved. She returned the kiss with equal passion, and giggled as he rolled them. She was definitely liking their current position, her devious thoughts conveyed through those big blue eyes of hers. She wrapped her slender legs around his waist, holding him into place. "I love you too.." She reached up to caress his cheek. "More than anything."

    Kendall gave her his most sexy grin, then leaned in for a kiss again in response. Things were just perfect. He'd found that happiness he had been searching for since his escape from prison. He never dreamed he could ever be this happy again. He was happily proven wrong by this young woman. And he would do his damnedest not to screw this relationship up.

    Daisy deepened the kiss, bringing both hands up to cup his cheeks. Her legs tightened around him, giving his waist a gentle squeeze. Once the kiss broke, she grinned against his lips. "So, what you wanna do?"

    Kendall could catch the meaning behind her words but he shrugged. "Dunno. Lay here and enjoy the view?" He gave her a meaningful wink.

    Daisy gave him a cute pout as her fingers gently caressed his cheek. Her thighs tightened around his waist, and she gently grinded against him. "View, huh?" Her hands slowly traveled down the length of his back, and gently squeezed his ass. "Wanna go for a ride?" And there was double meaning in her words, but the devious wink was a clear indicator of what she had in mind

    Kendall grinned. "Lead the way, babe." Of course he knew what she was thinking.

    Daisy flashed him a devious look before once again meeting his lips, kissing him deeply. She took his hand and pressed it against her breast, as her free hand slid between them, traveling down to lightly caress his cock. How was that for 'leading'?

    Kendall began kneading her breast. He let out a small gasp and moaned into the kiss when she stroked him. It was better than he hoped for. He brought his other hand up and began massaging her other breast - occasionally pinching her nipples between his fingers. Then finally he moved on top of her, straddling her hips, never breaking the kiss.

    "Mmm... babe.." Daisy moaned against his lips, enjoying the wonderful sensations sparked by those wonderful hands against her breasts. She arched into his touch, fingers wrapping around his shaft, and stroking him gently. The feel of being pinned beneath him was definitely a turn-on. She pressed a lustful grin against his lips as her breathing quickened, and she continued her ministrations.

    Oh yes...things only got better when she did that. He applied more pressure to his massaging. He broke the kiss and began working on her neck with his tongue, moaning softly into her ear as he did so.

    Daisy melted into his touches, moaning softly as he lavished her breasts with his ministrations. His affections against her neck heightened the sensations, building her need for him. "Mmm, babe.. that feels sooo good.." She whispered against his lips, in between heated kisses. She quickened her pace, building a steady rhythm as she stroked him. Her thumb lightly brushing the sensitive skin beneath the head of his cock.

    "Ahhhhh..." Kendall bucked his hips in response, eliciting a louder moan. He was getting so close to just take her right there. Burying himself deep into her and fucking her senseless. But with her small body, he always used some restraint. And he would continue to do so.

    Daisy's body reacted to his moans, her need for him building as well. Her grip became a little firmer, and she stroked him hard. "Mmm.. you can take me, babe..I'm all yours.." She breathed quietly against his lips, almost sensing his restraint

    With the invitation she just gave him, he shifted so he was between her legs. Then he positioned himself at her entrance, slowly pushing in. He leaned down and kissed her as he made the slow descent into her body.

    Daisy moaned deeply as she felt him slowly entering her. She breathed heavily against his lips as she kissed him deeply, nails slightly digging into his shoulders. Her slick walls enveloped him, accommodating to his size. "Mmmm, babe.. you feel so good.." She moaned, in between passionate kisses.

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    ((Baby gravy))

    " do you, Daisy," he said, smiling. Once all the way in, he began moving very slowly at first, kissing her deeply again.

    Daisy's eyes slid closed, savoring the exquisite feel of him, now completely inside her. She moaned softly, and kissed him deeply as he set a slow pace. Her slender fingers caressed his shoulders, before cupping his cheeks, as her lips lingered, exploring his mouth with her tongue. Her love for him was easily conveyed in her lust-filled eyes, her body enjoying the intimate closeness. "Mmm.. I love you." She whispered against his lips, hands moving back to caress his neck.

    He began slowly building speed. She felt just wonderful around him. He wished he could stay like this forever. But his body had other plans. It demanded that he pick up the pace yet again and he did. He was enjoying the subtle caresses from her, moaning against her lips. "Love ya too, babe. More than anything."

    Daisy's heart soared with his words, breathing quickened in time his motions. Her labored breaths pressed against his lips as she continued to kiss him. Her lips slowly moved along his jaw-line, planting tender kisses against his skin, and softly nuzzled his neck. She breathed him in, in between quiet moans. "Mmm..harder.."

    And Kendall was more than happy to oblige. His moaning got louder as his breaths came shorter. But how he was feeling now, that was the furthest thing from his mind. He solely focused on bringing both him, and more importantly, his lover pleasure. He buried his face into her neck, groaning into her ear. "Oh...babe..." It wouldn't be much longer...

    "Oh god!" Daisy moaned sharply, body reacting to his intense motions. Her fingers moved along his shoulders, and up to caress the back of his head as he buried his face against her. Her slender legs wrapped around his waist, and she grinded against him with each deep thrust. Lost in complete ecstasy, her body was overtaken by the levels of pleasure he was producing. She moaned his name, in between labored breaths, her body beaded with perspiration. Her moans became more intense, as her body neared orgasm.

    He wanted to wait for her. He really did. But the forces were working far too strong against him. With a loud gasp, he released deep within her; forgetting he should have pulled out earlier. Not that Daisy's strong grip on him would have let him withdraw from her anyway. Too late now...

    Daisy lost it right then in there, feeling his warm seed deep inside her. She gasped at the unexpected sensation.. an added bonus, and moaned loudly as she was overtaken by intense orgasm. Her walls clamped tightly around him, her legs holding him close as she struggled to find her breath. Her arms slowly slid around his shoulders, caressing and kneading his muscles with her fingers. "Wow, babe.." She pressed a kiss against his lips. "That was... awesomeness!" She nuzzled against him

    Kendall just grinned at her, still coming down from his orgasmic high. He had yet to realize his latest blunder. Trying to catch his breath, he kissed her deeply again. "You were just...wonderful, babe. As usual..." he finished with a wink.

    Daisy grinned up at him, her lips lavishing him with generous amounts of affection. She continued to caress and massage his shoulders, enjoying the feel of his weight against her. Something had been different about this time, and she certainly enjoyed feeling him to the very end, but for the moment, seemed unconcerned and oblivious about the dangers of their actions. "Heh.. I've never felt you...'explode' inside me before, it felt nice!" She said innocently, her fingers now moving up to caress the back of his neck.

    Kendall's eyes widened in shock as it finally sank in. 'Explode? Aw no... SHIT!!!' Now fully aware of his actions, he ALMOST withdrew from her, but decided against it. He didn't want to worry her at the moment about the consequences of their actions. He couldn't do that to her. Not when it felt so good a few minutes ago. He smiled at her. "Yeah? You liked that, huh?" 'Just break it to her gently,' he told himself silently. He slowly withdrew from her and laid down beside her taking her in his arms. "You know what that was?" he asked her softly and carefully.

    "Mmhmm.. it felt so good!" Daisy replied in a quiet, lust-filled tone. Her fingers continued caressing his body, her legs still wrapped gently around him. She was content with their closeness, savoring every second with him. She gave an innocent nod at his question, and pressed her lips against his. "Natural lube!"

    That made Kendall smile and chuckle lightly. "Yeah, that too. But it's more than that." He leaned in to capture her lips again

    Daisy returned the kiss, grinning sweetly against his lips. "Mmm.. it definitely felt like more than that." She deepened the kiss, trying to remember what it was she heard a few girls at the clinic refer to it as. "Baby gravy?"

    Kendall nearly choked when she said that. But he recovered quickly. "That's one way of putting it, I guess. So you know what just happened, don't you?"

    Daisy was quiet for a moment, finally considering their actions. Finally, she gave a small nod, but her features still hinted at mild confusion. "That.. I 'could' be preggo?"

    Kendall nodded slowly, the smile disappearing completely, leaving behind concern. He looked down, not meeting her gaze. "Yeah. Oh god, Daisy, I'm sorry. I didn't want you to have to worry about this until a long time from now." Now he looked up at her. "But, if something did happen, I won't ever leave you." He leaned in for another kiss. "I promise," he finished, sealing it with a kiss.

    Daisy wasn't concerned until she saw that look on his face. She frowned deeply at his apology, and gently stroked his cheek. "Shhhh.. it's okay, babe." She kissed him gently. "Don't worry so much." She wrapped her arms around him, holding him within her embrace. The thought of possibly being pregnant did scare her to a small degree, but if it happened.. "I have no regrets. I know you wouldn't leave me." She grinned up at him.

    Kendall smiled at her. "I love you so much, babe. And I don't wanna do anything to hurt you." He stroked her cheek lightly.

    Daisy's heart soared each and every time she heard those words from him. She genuinely felt it. She cupped his face, meeting his gaze. "I know you'd never hurt me." And she was confident in her words, despite knowing a part of his history. She honestly felt safe with him. Felt whole. "You've got a heart of gold right there.." She gently caressed his chest, "I'm the luckiest girl in the world for having it." She grinned sweetly against his lips, before kissing him deeply. "So, once you catch your breath.. wanna teach me how to drive?"

    He was really touched by her words. God, he loved this young woman! "Awwww anything for you, Daisy," he said, smiling. But he was content to stay in her embrace for now.

    Daisy was equally content, making no efforts to move. Her hands slid along his back, once again kneading and gently massaging. She planted a series of light kisses against his lips, before nuzzling against his neck. "Mmm.. " She inhaled deeply, savoring his scent. "I want you to help me paint the jeep, too. And it doesn't have to be pink." She smiled. "We can both pick a color.. cuz it's yours too."

    Kendall chuckled. "We'll see, babe. We'll see." True, driving around in a pink vehicle wouldn't be his first choice. And...considering the fact that people were still probably looking for both of them, if they DID repaint it, it would be better to have it in a neutral color as to not draw so much attention to them. A pink vehicle would surely turn heads...

    Daisy's fingers continued to work along his shoulders as she allowed her mind to wander. Her future definitely looked brighter now. Not only was she free, but she had found her soul mate, and would soon be learning to drive. To her, this was the picture of perfection. "So, what color you think it should be?" She asked sweetly, and pressed a kiss against his forehead. "And.. I found a gun in the backseat." She mentioned, ever so casually. "I need you to teach me how to shoot it, before we rescue Spunk."

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