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    Post by Mikko on Tue Jul 07, 2009 3:54 pm

    ((warthog and a rhino dressed in camouflage))

    If Chris thought he was surprised before, he was absolutely SHOCKED now. But he didn't want to show it so he smiled. "Sure thing, babe." He, slightly tentative, leaned over and kissed her lips tenderly to see what her reaction was to that.

    Surprised by the kiss, Mikko swerved the car and quickly slammed on the breaks before hitting a lamp post. She pulled away and looked at him in shock. "a little warning." But surprisingly she wasn't upset by the kiss or mad, she had no real want to push him away, in fact now that they were safely at a stop she wouldn't mind him trying that again. But then that gut wrenching feeling of guilt came back, she tried to push it away, and gave Chris a smile. "No more kissing while driving."

    Not the reaction he was expecting, but other than the small crash, not bad. He couldn't help but keep the small grin on his face. "You got it. So how was it?" His confidence level was through the roof at this point.

    Mikko pulled the car into park and turned to face him, she shrugged. "Hell if I know, I was busy trying to keep us alive."

    Chris' smile faltered now. "Sorry..." He looked down in both shame and embarrassment

    "But, maybe if I had another taste I could tell you."

    The grin was back and stronger than ever. "Really?" This time, he leaned over, once again planting a tender kiss on her lips. "Like that?"

    And this time Mikko wasn't preoccupied with controlling the car, she kissed him back, ignoring, or at lest trying to ignore the feeling of guilt. She then slowly pulled away and smiled. "Nice..very nice. could use a bit more bite though." She leaned over and kissed his cheek then popped the car back in drive and continued their trip.

    Chris chuckled. "I'll remember that, next time." He gave her a small wink

    "excellent." She drove for some time and finally made it into the city. "Hey, you want to meet my brother?" She hadn't seen Gabe in forever and really missed him, and since they were in the area anyway, maybe she could meet up with him someplace

    Chris shrugged. "Sure." Meeting the family is always a good thing, right?

    Mikko smiled and grabbed her phone, she hit speed dial and put it on speaker, then waited for Gabe to pick up

    After a long night spent out drinking with some of the guys, Gabriel was still sleeping, recovering from a hangover. The ringing of his cell finally penetrated his subconscious, earning a tired groan from the nearly comatose thug. An arm finally emerged from beneath the sheets, blindly grabbing for the phone that rested on the nightstand. Luckily, he managed to locate it, and answered tiredly. "S'up."

    And once again, Mikko woke the poor guy up, she really needed to work on her timing. "Hey babe, What you up to? Was in the area wondering if you wanna meet up."

    Gabe shifted in his bed, squinting to see the numbers on the clock, with no avail. "Whut time is it?" He slowly sat up, and rubbed tiredly at his eyes. "Where you at?"

    "It's around eleven. and I'm right outside Giovanni pizza." Mikko parked the car at the restraunt. "You still sleeping? Trying get as much rest as you can before the little ones come uh?"

    Gabe spared another confused look at his clock. "Pfft." 11 AM was still considered early for him. "Yeah. And I gotta hangover."

    "Poor baby." Mikko rolled her eyes. "You and me both, so you gonna meet us are not?"

    Gabe attempted to stand up, nearly tripping in the process. He swore beneath his breath, but luckily managed to keep his balance. "Us.. who's 'us'?

    "Me and my friend." Of course Mikko knew that past experiences would make him hesitant of meeting her with a mystery friend. But hoped for the best anyway. "Say hi friend." She held the phone up to Chris.

    Chris was just listening to the conversation, staying silent the whole time. But when Mikko spoke to him directly, he responded with a quick, "'Sup?"

    Well, it DID make Gabriel hesitant, and for good reason. Now, he wasn't so sure about this, inwardly fearing being sucked into another trap. But deep down, he wanted to believe in Mikko. That 'big brother' in him was still holding onto something that he would eventually have to let go of. "Sure." He finally responded, and replied with a quick "S'up" to the 'friend'. "Be there soon."

    Mikko smiled wide. "Great see you soon, babe. bye." She hung up and looked over at Chris. "He really is a lot nicer then he sounds." But she still hadn't got any money. She had some left over from the night before, but she was definitely going to need more. Soon.

    Chris just nodded. "If you say so." He wasn't sure if he wanted to meet this guy or not now. He seriously hoped Mikko was right about him being nicer in person. But since he was coming back from a hangover might have something to do with his irritability too. He decided to give the guy the benefit of the doubt on that.

    Thirty minutes later, Gabriel soon arrived at the pizzeria. He didn't bother removing the dark shades as he stepped inside. Obviously concerned with concealing his bloodshot eyes from the public, even though his appearance was already very thuggish. He took a seat in the more quieter par of the joint, and waited for Mikko and her friend

    Mikko watched out the window of the car waiting for Gabe, finally she saw him and tapped on Chris's shoulder. "There he is." She said pointing him out. She pulled the car round back into an ally so there was less a chance of it being taken and walked inside the pizzeria with Chris. It didn't take long for Mikko to spot Gabe, with a smile she slide in the booth across from him

    Chris looked over to where she was pointing and nodded. Then he followed her out of the car and into the restaurant. He was still nervous about meeting this guy. He was getting so sick of dealing with rude people.

    When Chris took a seat next to her she introduced the guys to each other. "This is my friend Chris, Chris this is my brother Gabriel."

    Chris nodded and gave Gabe a small wave. "Hey."

    Gabriel spared Mikko a grin as she slid into the booth across from him. He wedged a cigarette in between his lips and lit it as his skeptical gaze fixated on Chris. He was sizing him up, and casually searching for any 'marks' that would indicate he was a rival, or potential trouble. Seeing no immediate signs, his demeanor slightly softened. He gave a small nod as Mikko introduced them. "S'up. It was still too early to know what he thought of this guy. But only time would tell. "You guys hungry?"

    "Starving." Mikko dug in her bag and pulled out five dollars. She didn't want Gabe paying for everything. "We can get an appetizer." She said with a smile. casually laying her hand in Chris's, trying to get him to relax.

    Chris looked down at her hand, then back up to her face and smiled. He WAS relaxing...slowly but surely. The guy didn't seem all that bad after all. Despite whatever first impressions he had on the guy...

    But Gabe wasn't taking no for an answer. Once the waitress arrived, he ordered a pizza, and beers for all. And casually, he slid Mikko's money back towards her. "Save that for yer kid." He had noticed the tiny gesture that Mikko had given Chris. "So, what's the story with you guys?" He asked cooly.

    Chris just clammed up completely then. He wanted Mikko to answer this one, because he wasn't even sure himself.

    She took the money back with a nod and a thanks then looked at Chris, and back at Gabe. "We met at the clinic.And ummm...We're taking things slow. For now. I think." She smiled and gave Chris's hand a squeeze.

    Chris responded by squeezing back, and smiling at her. Then he looked at Gabe and nodded

    Gabriel spared them both a look. So, this guy was willing to take care of someone else's child? His hat was definitely off to the guy for that. That is, if the guy even knew of Mikko's situation. Still, he didn't voice his thoughts. And Chris wasn't giving off any immediate 'red flags', nor had he set him into 'protective big brother mode'.

    Mikko quickly took the beer that was placed in front of her and took a large swig. "So, what have you been up to, Gabe?"

    Gabe started on his own beer, giving a small shrug at her question. "Movin'.. and tryin' to prepare for.. 'fatherhood'." The words still felt so awkward to him.

    "I'm sure you'll be a great dad." Even though she knew she would probably never witness it. No way was he letting her around his kids, hell she probably shouldn't be around her own kid. "At lest yours will have a dad." She said quietly in her beer.

    Gabriel managed a small grin at that, even though he still held his uncertainties. But that smile faltered upon hearing her next words. He took a sip of his beer, and reached over to give her hand a light squeeze. "I'm sure everythin' will be alright, babe." And he gave Chris a brief look. "I doubt you'll be doin' this alone."

    She smiled a little at Gabe and looked over at Chris, she hadn't even thought about Chris taking that role. They didn't know each other long and no way would she ever ask that of him. "Maybe..."

    The thought of being a father anytime soon both sounded great and terrifying at the same time. And he wasn't sure which one had the stronger pull. He gave both Mikko and Gabe a small smile before reaching for his own beer.

    She soon brighten up and grinned at Gabe. "When I start doing tattoos you going to get one from me right?"

    "Um.." Well, Gabe would definitely have to give that some thought. He wasn't as deep into ink as some of the gang, and sometimes regretted the dragon that adorned his shoulder blade. "Sure." He replied, not wanting to hurt her feelings. Maybe something small would be okay.

    That definitely brighten her up. "Oh you can get a warthog and a rhino dressed in camouflage." Of course she was joking, but tattooing her big bro would be one of the highlights of her life for sure.
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    Post by Kendall on Thu Jul 09, 2009 3:58 pm

    ((Thanks again to Mikko for editing!))

    (Miss Daisy Driving)

    Kendall frowned deeply. Teach a seventeen-year-old how to use a gun? Was that even legal? On second thought...when has any of this been legal, he reminded himself. But he really didn't want to teach her this right away. And yet, he thought he should because if she was going to be there with him when they did the escape, she should have that advantage at least. He just hoped that she wouldn't tarnish her innocence with killing someone while being so young. She didn't need that on her conscience for sure. With a small nod and an even smaller smile, "Okay. I can do that."

    Seeing him frown caused Daisy to frown in turn. She hated to see him upset, and it briefly confused her. But then, she realized. She gently stroked his cheek, and planted another light kiss against his lips. "Awww, babe. I promise I won't use it unless I have too!" She tried to reassure him. In fact, the potential of having to kill someone certainly frightened her. But she needed to be able to defend herself. Planting another kiss against his lips, she grinned sweetly. "So, what first? Teach me to drive? Or shoot?"

    Kendall chuckled. "How 'bout driving first?" He figured that would be the easiest of the two. He planted a kiss on her lips and slowly sat up and reached for his clothes. He really didn't want to leave this spot, but it was getting late, and they needed to get things underway.

    Daisy was reluctant to leave his warm embrace, but managed to will herself to get dressed, and combed through her tangled hair with her fingers. She smiled sweetly at Kendall as she took his hand, threading her fingers through his. "Thanks for doing this for me." She pressed a kiss against his cheek. "No-one's ever had enough confidence in me before."

    "Really? Well, I have all the confidence in the world for you. I'm sure you'll do fine, babe." He gave her a kiss on the cheek

    Daisy smiled at that, genuinely grateful for the level of faith he seemed to hold for her. She proceeded to tug him towards the jeep,and slowly.. almost a bit reluctantly climbed into the driver's seat. She flashed Kendall a look for reassurance, remembering that bad things had happened the last time she attempted to drive.

    Kendall gave her a nod, letting her know it was okay. "Remember, lightly on the gas, okay?"

    Daisy nervously bit on her bottom lip as she placed her hands around the steering wheel, and waited for Kendall to work his magic with the wires.

    Kendall reached over and started the car for her, shooting a grin at her from his position across her lap. Then he sat up and buckled his seatbelt again. "Nice and slow, 'kay?"

    "Heh.. nice position!" Daisy flashed Kendall a flirtatious wink, and rubbed his noggin before he straightened up to buckle in. She nervously pressed her foot on the gas, revving the motor, but then realized that the thing was still in park. With a nervous smile, she slowly shifted it into reverse, eyes widening as it went in the wrong direction. "Dang.. why do they all do this to me!"

    'Don't panic, don't panic...' Kendall kept telling himself. "You need to put it in drive first. AFTER you have stopped the car. Then while you have your foot on the brake, you can shift gears."

    Daisy slammed on the brakes, heart beating wildly within the confines of her chest. Now, she was doubting her ability to do this. It seemed so difficult. There was soooo much she needed to remember! "Drive.. that's the 'D'?" She felt stupid for asking, but this was one of the many things that was just so foreign to her. Before she'd ran a way a few days ago, the only experience she had with cars were the few occasions that Lexi took her out for ice-cream to get her out of the clinic for a while, and her few incidents of sneaking into the back of random vehicles. Things were much different from the driver's seat! "Why don't they put Drive, before reverse? Why is it so complicated..."

    "Daisy, just relax. Yes, it's the 'D'. You just need to calm down. You can do it, I know you can."

    Daisy seriously wished she could match Kendall's confidence, but she did find strength in his words. She took a few deep, steadying breaths and slowly shifted into drive, though she was a bit reluctant to take her foot off the brake, just yet. Slowly, she eased off the brake, eyes growing wide when the vehicle actually started moving in the right direction. A shaky smile slowly formed across her lips. "Ooooh.. much better!" That certainly boosted her confidence a little. Doing her best to avoid the trees, she took to the old dirt road, noticeably swerving from overhandling the wheel.

    Kendall was trying so hard to stay relaxed. It was certainly an improvement from the last time. "You don't need to turn the wheel so hard. Just turn it slowly and not so much."

    Daisy sucked nervously on her bottom lip, eyes glued to the old dirt road. She gave a small nod, and eased her motions on the wheel. To her surprise, the swerving had stopped considerably. "Ooooh, I think I've got the hang of this! You're a good teacher!"

    Kendall grinned. "Thanks babe. You're doing great." Despite the rough start, thing had improved greatly. She was a fast learner.

    Daisy was definitely proud of herself. Now, she didn't feel so helpless. If she needed to go someplace, she had the knowledge to do so. She reached over with one hand, giving Kendall's hand a light, appreciative squeeze, before placing it back on the wheel. Slowly, she let off the accelerator, and pressed gently on the brakes, bringing the Jeep to a stop. She placed it in park, and leaned over to press a kiss against his lips. "Thanks babe." She smiled up at him. "You wanna drive? Anyplace you wanna go?"

    As much as he was enjoying watching her drive, he knew that he should take the wheel again before they went anywhere in the city. "Did you still wanna go shopping? Though I won't be able to go in with you this time." Not until he could find a convincing disguise to fool the general public.

    Daisy gave an eager nod that soon melted into a frown, remembering that he couldn't go in with her. "Maybe we can go shopping, out of town?" She gave his hand a gentle squeeze. "There's a baseball cap, and shades in the back.. we could disguise you!"

    Kendall couldn't help but chuckle. "Thought of everything, babe? That's what I love about you. of the things." He wrapped his hand around the back of her head, and pulled her in for a kiss.

    Daisy met his lips, pressing a sweet grin there. She kissed him deeply, fingers lightly stroking his cheeks. "Mmm.. and if anyone asks, your name is 'James', the vampire slayer." She flashed him a wink.

    Kendall chuckled again. "You got it." He gave her a wink of his own

    Daisy slid closer to Kendall, and slowly climbed over his lap, but straddled him long enough to steal another passionate kiss. She cupped his cheeks, gazing into those beautiful dark eyes of his. "Still driving?"

    Kendall nodded slowly, trying to get his body under control again. "Yup. But you gotta let me up." There wasn't nearly enough room for him to slide out from under her, with his very long legs.

    Daisy smiled sweetly against his lips, before planting a series of soft kisses against his neck. "Buuut, I like our current situation." She flashed him a devious smile, but slowly removed herself from his lap. "What's the nearest city from here? Or, we can go wherever you want to! A road trip sounds like fun!"

    "Yes. A roadtrip sounds like a good idea. Do you need anything back at the cabin before we go?"

    "Hmmm..." Daisy glanced around, only now realizing that her trusty pack was nowhere to be found. "I need my bag.." Even though the cash was tucked safely within her pocket, her medication might be a good thing to have.

    "Okay. So is it at the cabin or our spot?" He couldn't remember if she had it with her earlier.

    Daisy was silent for a moment, trying to remember just where she'd left it. She finally smiled, reaching over to give his hand a gentle squeeze. "Our spot, I think."

    Kendall nodded. "Okay." Then he slid into the driver's seat and buckled in. "Ready, darlin'?"

    Daisy watched as he buckled in, and almost followed his example, until her belt brushed against the sore left by Mikko's wrath. She opted against it, for now, and flashed him a sweet grin. She slid over close to him, snuggling against his side. "Mmhmm!"
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    Post by Kendall on Thu Jul 09, 2009 4:15 pm

    (Pickled Peanut Butter)

    Gabe just wrinkled his nose at that suggestion. "Eh.. somethin' a lil more ..casual" He suggested, while taking a sip of his beer. And then it hit him. Mikko was pregnant. She shouldn't be drinking. He was quick to pull the glass from in front of her. "Sorry, babe. You should stick with soda."

    "What ever you want babe." She smiled and reached for her drink, which was quickly taken from her. She looked at the empty spot in confusion for a moment then up at Gabe. She gave a pout, but soon cheered up again. "Tomorrow I find out the sex of the baby." She told Gabe then got some tea.

    Gabe managed a small smile at that. For the moment, it was like old times. Before Mikko had posed such a threat on his life. "That's good, babe. What'chu hopin' for?"

    "I don't know." Mikko took her tea from the waitress and took a sip. "I think a boy would be easer to raise, but having a girl would be cool." She was enjoying herself, finally things seemed to be ok with her and Gabe. Hopefully it stood that way. "She turned to Chris. "Wanna come with me to find out?"

    Chris nodded. "Sure." He was getting a little anxious to see the child. Especially if things continued the way they were with Mikko. Fatherhood would definitely be nice. Even if he wasn't the actual father of this child. Then he mentally slapped himself for getting too far ahead of himself. IF it happened, great. If not,, then whatever...

    Mikko's smile widen. "Great. bright an early tomorrow." She sat a little closer to Chris in hopes of getting an arm around her shoulders. The pizza finally arrived and Mikko didn't waist any time digging in. "I got names picked out....and as soon as I find out what it is, I can start getting baby stuff." She said between bites, obviously Mikko was very excited about the baby

    Gabe had noted her excitement. That was a good sign, he thought. Now, if she could just stay away from the drugs and booze. Hopefully her new 'friend' would be there to keep her in check, since he was sadly aware that he should keep his contact with Mikko limited.

    "And I want you to be little baby's godfather." She chimed to Gabe. "I'll call you tomorrow and let you know what it is....That is....If your interested." Mikko let out a sigh. "Lexi said she wants me staying away from you...And I had a run in with Jencko."

    "Cool." Chris smiled and wrapped an arm aound her shoulder until the food arrived. Then he saw her dive into her food and resisted shaking his head. 'She's gotta eat for two now, I guess.' He slowly started eating as well.

    Godfather? Gabe was deeply touched by that. He managed a small grin, honestly at a loss for words. It would be a big responsibility, but the fact that she would even ask him, after all that had happened. It was definitely confusing. Still, despite his mixture of feelings, he managed a small grin, and reached over to give her hand a light squeeze.

    Mikko squeezed his hand lightly back and smiled. Then she leaned back in the booth her head on Chris's shoulder. "I guess we should get going, before someone see you with me."

    Chris was smiling again; from all Mikko's affections towards him. And he loved every moment of it. When she laid her head on his shoulder, he snaked a hand around behind her and pulled her to him in a hug.

    "Yeah, I gotta get goin' anyway.. " Gabe reached over and gently ruffled Mikko's hair. "Take care of yerself, babe. I'm sure I'll be seein' you around." He stood up, and pulled the hoodie over his head as he spared Chris a glance. "Nice meetin' you, man. Take care of my sis."

    Chris nodded to Gabe. "You too. And will do." He smiled at him before turning back to Mikko. "Ready to go, babe?"

    Mikko smiled and straighten her hair out. "you too. and I hope that I do. Bye, Gabe." She gave Chris a light hug. She nodded" That I am."

    He gave her one last squeeze before letting go. "So who's driving?"

    "You can drive this time."

    Chris nodded. "Sure thing. So where too?" He stood up from the booth and offered his hand down to Mikko.

    Mikko took his hand and slid out the seat. " we need to go shoping for food."

    Chris gave her hand a light squeeze. "You got it, babe." He began walking out of the restaurant with her, heading towards the car.

    Mikko walked with him, quickly getting to the car and sliding in the passenger seat. She stopped Chris before he got in the car. "I'ma show you how to start the car."

    Chris nodded and let her go first. He was looking forward to learning how to hotwire a car. He never thought he would need to in the first place.

    Mikko leaned down and reached under the dash. "There's a little box under here, you just snap it open." She pulled it open and four wires fell out. "In a 'new' car these wires are connected. so you take the one closest to you, and the the one in the middle then pull them out. Then pinch the tips and peel off the plastic and touch them together." Soon the car was started, Mikko snapped everything back in place and sat up. "There ya go."

    Chris watched in absolute fascination. "Wow. Thanks." He buckled his seatbelt and pulled out, heading to the grocery store.

    "No problem." She leaned over and gave his cheek a quick kiss as they headed to the store. She was getting use to being close to Chris. It was feeling more comfortable. Though she was still feeling guilty about getting so close to him, and knew that once Spike was out this would all have to stop.

    Chris was grinning ear to ear pretty much the whole trip. Soon they were pulling up to the store and he parked in the lot, shutting the engine off.

    Mikko got out the car and walked around the front, she took Chris's hand and headed in the store, adjusting her bag so that she could more easily slip things inside of it. "lets get some cupcakes annnnnnnd I'm craving peanut butter and pickles."

    That combination did nothing for him, but he nodded. "Okay." He walked with her through certain isles.

    She stealthily slipped what she could into her bag, other things she put into a basket. Mikko knew that she would have to get a job soon, and that scared her more then having a baby. She didn't know how to work, how to even get a job, she didn't have any skills, not skills that would be useful in a job, that she knew of. But, She also didn't want to do anything till Spike was out, she didn't know what was going to happen, but was excited. Mikko looked up at Chris. "Tomorrow maybe we can head to the shelter place and see what baby stuff they have."

    Chris was aware of what Mikko was doing, but said nothing. She's done it with him around before, and he didn't think he could change her mind anyway. "Cool." He just hoped that she would pay for most (if not all) that stuff.

    Mikko tossed a few more things in the basket, zipped up her bag and headed to the register. She ran the few items that she was actually paying for through the self check out, skipping some items and just bagging them when no one was looking. paid and quickly headed out the store.

    Chris just followed her lead.

    She tossed everything in the back seat and slipped back in the passenger seat. She slipped on her sunglasses and propped her feet up on the dash. "Now to the cabin. So we can put this food up."

    Chris nodded and attempted to hotwire the car by himself this time. It took a few tries, but he finally got it. He grinned widely. "Got it!" Then he pulled out of the parking space and headed back for the cabin.

    "Congrats, babe." She flashed him a smile and gave his knee a light squeeze.

    Chris chuckled. "Thanks." He kept his hands on the wheel and eyes on the road as the cabin came into view

    The man drove fast for sure, and she wasn't complaining. As soon as the cabin came into view she sat up and reached behind her, grabbing as many things as she could, which was pretty much everything. When Chris parked the car she slipped out and waited for him

    Chris pulled into the drive and climbed out, taking Mikko's hand. With his other hand, he took one of the bags of groceries

    Mikko walked inside with Chris, she headed to the kitchen and put all the food up. Then she made herself a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. She held it out to Chris. "wanna bite?"

    Chris shook his head. "Uhh, no thanks." That was one combination that he couldn't stomach. In fact, he went over to the couch and sat down so he didn't have to watch her eat it.

    Mikko just shrugged and finished her sandwich then grabbed two beers and sat down next to Chris,she handed him one and opened her own. "I'll make cup cakes later....Or have Daisy make some."

    He took the beer from Mikko scooted closer to her once she sat down. "Sounds good, babe." He opened his beer and took a few sips. Then he put an arm around her shoulders.

    She took a swig of her beer and laid her head on his shoulder. "I forgot to pick up cigs...maaaaan."

    Chris chuckled. "I got you covered. Just gotta get 'em out of 'our' room."

    Mikko smiled. "really? You so awesome." She finished off her beer and set it down on the table. She grabbed the blanket off the back of the couch and wrapped it around them both.

    Chris snuggled into the blanket. "Thank you," he said, grinning

    Mikko laid down, using his lap as a pillow. She closed her eyes and slowly began to fall asleep
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    Post by Daisy on Fri Jul 10, 2009 3:30 pm

    ((Another log done in chat with 'The Rejects'. As always, big thankies to Miko for being the logging and editing queen!))

    (Wanna go for a riiiiide!!!)

    Chris' eyes slid closed as well.

    Kendall started the vehicle and pulled out, heading back for the cabin. He was concerned about the fact that Daisy didn't have her seatbelt on, but he was enjoying the closeness of her.

    Still snuggled closely to Kendall, Daisy reached over and flipped on the radio, but managed to keep the volume lower than usual. Well, low for her anyway. Her face lit up, hearing her most favoritest song pouring through the speakers. "Oooh!" She turned up the volume a notch, bobbing her head the 'Thriller'. She grinned sweetly at Kendall. "Can you dance like Michael Jackson??!"

    Kendall chuckled. "Not exactly. I can't moonwalk, if that's what you mean."

    Oooh, she was highly amused by this! "For serious??! I gotta see that!!" She gently squeezed his arm. "Maybe when your feet aren't busy with peddles and stuff, you can show me what'cha got!"

    He chuckled once again. "Sure thing, babe." He shook his head in amusement. There were nearing the cabin now.

    Once the cabin came into view, Daisy reluctantly untangled herself from Kendall, in order to crawl out of the Jeep. She briefly considered informing Mikko that they were about to leave for a little while, but was hesitant, fearing Mikko was still angry with her. She hopped out of the Jeep, and quickly circled to Kendall's side, swinging the door open for him. ?Maybe we should get a tent! For our spot.. that'd be kinda cool.."

    Kendall nodded. "Yeah, that would." He climbed out of the vehicle with a quick 'thanks' then took Daisy's hand leading her to their spot.

    Mikko's sleep was interrupted by hearing the nose of the jeep pulling up, she opened her eyes and looked up at Chris, who had his eyes closed. She wasn't sure if he was sleeping or not, but tried to be very carful getting up from her spot to check out who just pulled up to the house. She opened the door a crack and looked out, she was relieved to see that it was just Kendall and Daisy. Then Mikko opened the door all the way and called out to them. "Daisy! I need to talk to you."

    Kendall returned the squeeze and waited to see what Mikko wanted.

    Mikko looked back at Chris and saw that he hadn't moved, she assumed that he was a sleep. "Hang on!" She went inside and covered Chris up, tucking a pillow under his head, then left him a note in case she wasn't inside when he woke up. She then ran out to the couple. "No you didn't do anything wrong, I just wanted to talk to you."

    Daisy's grasp on Kendall was unrelenting, but she gave a small, unsure nod to Mikko, still looking much like a child who was about be severely scolded. "Okay."

    Mikko smiled. Then embraced Daisy in a light hug. "I'm sorry that hurt you. You just had me scared is all." She pulled away and looked at her. "I'm not mad at ya though."

    Daisy flinched, completely not expecting the hug, but she quickly gave into it, wholeheartedly. A small smile managed to cross her lips, though, she was a little confused by Mikko's words. Scared? She certainly had a funny way of showing fear. It looked waaaaay too much like anger to her, which in turn frightened her. "You're.. you're not gonna send me back, are you?" She asked quietly, almost submissively. "That's what people do, when they get tired of me.. they send me back.."

    "Send you back? Never. That place is horrible and I'm not tired of you. You know my first time driving I backed into a firehydrant then pulled forward into a building?" She ruffled Daisy's hair. "So you did better then me. I guess now I gotta teach you how to hotwire a car." She looked up at Kendall then over back at the cabin, then back at Daisy. "We can do that after a swim."

    Daisy was greatly relieved by that. It was certainly a weight off her chest, knowing she was in no immediate danger of being sent back. And Mikko's tale earned a quiet giggle. "Maybe because there's no fire hydrants out here for me to plow over." She smiled. "And Kendall's an awesome teacher!" She spared Kendall a wink, before once again returning her attention to Mikko. Her eyes lit up. Swimming?! She had been dying to do that! But there was just one small problem. "Um.. maybe when we get back?" She asked sweetly. "We were gonna head into the next town and pick up some stuff.. but you can come with us!"

    Mikko wouldn't have minded going into town with them, but she didn't want to leave Chris. "I might have to take a rain check on that, Chris is sleeping and I don't just wanna leave him."

    "Aww, c'mon.. just leave a post-it on his forehead!"

    "Maybe....Maybe I can pick him up something while out." She thought about for a moment and finally nodded. "Ok, let me get my bag and leave a note for Chris..." She ran inside and grabbed her bag then went to write Chris a note but still felt bad about just leaving him, and yes, she simply didn't want to go without him, though she wouldn't tell anyone else that. Mikko kissed Chris's cheek. "Babe? You awake?"

    Chris was completely out and didn't notice Mikko get up a while ago. But this time when Mikko kissed his cheek, he slowly opened his eyes. "Yeah?"

    "You wanna come with me, Kendall and Daisy to town?" She ran her fingers through his hair trying to smooth it out for him.

    Chris nodded slowly, still trying to wake up. "Yeah, sure. Just give me a few."

    "Sure." She stood by the door and waited for him

    Once Mikko disappeared back inside, Daisy squeezed Kendall's hand as they resumed the walk towards their spot to retrieve her bag. "You don't mind them coming, do you?" She asked, figuring that if Mikko was going, Chris would surely be coming too.

    Very slowly, Chris stood up from the couch and went over to where Mikko was waiting.

    Mikko wrapped an arm around his waist tucking her finger tips into the waist band of his jeans. "I think they're going to the next town over." She informed Chris as they walked out the cabin to wait for the other two

    "Not at all," Kendall replied, as they walked to their secret spot. He waited for Daisy to pick up her bag

    Chris smiled at Mikko's subtle gesture and nodded. "Cool."

    Daisy quickly retrieved her bag and flashed Kendall a knowing grin before slowly releasing his hand, and hopping up onto his back. She gently wrapped her legs around his waist, and gave his neck an affectionate squeeze as she planted a kiss against his cheek. "Ready Freddy!"

    "I wonder if Daisy is driving....Hope the seatbelts all work." She let go of Chris to lean on the jeep as they waited

    Chuckling, Kendall looped his arms around her legs and spun her around a few times. Then he trotted back up the trail with her still on his back.

    Chris also leaned against the Jeep, with his arms crossed. He was getting slightly impatient with those two

    Mikko looked over at Chris and grinned. "You look so serious."

    Daisy couldn't suppress the mad fit of giggles as Kendall trotted back up the old dirt trail. She squeezed him gently, and blew a raspberry against his cheek as they neared the Jeep where Mikko and Chris were. She flashed them both a wide smile as she slowly slid from Kendall's back, and gave his bottom a good squeeze. She flashed him a wink, before crawling into the passenger's side. "You guys ready?"

    Chris just shrugged. Then he saw the two lovebirds coming up the trail. 'Finally!' he thought. Then he climbed into the backseat and waited for Mikko.

    Mikko nodded to Daisy. "Yep!" She then climbed in the back with Chris, sitting close to him

    Kendall jumped into the driver's eat and waited for everyone else to get settled in. Then he started the car and backed out of the driveway, heading for the next town. And hopefully leave their troubles behind them for a while.

    Chris smiled at Mikko, holding her hand.

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    ((SHOPPING!part 1))

    Mikko smiled and pulled her hand away. She slipped his arm around her and snuggled close to him laying a hand on his chest.

    Daisy once again adjusted the radio, smiling happily as more MJ poured through the speakers. It seemed to be a marathon, but she certainly wasn't complaining. She snuggled closely to Kendall, slipping a hand beneath his shirt as he drove, gently caressing those toned abs of his. "So, how far's the next town?"

    Chris gave her a tight squeeze and watched her. Then he looked out the window, just watching the world pass by. Things weren't too interesting outside, but he figured they would be going through town soon enough

    "It's about an hour away. not to far." Mikko told Daisy then looked up at Chris. "See anything interesting out there, babe?"

    Kendall didn't mind the light caresses at all. He glanced over and smiled at Daisy, before turning his eyes back to the road

    Chris just shook his head. "Nope, nothing yet."

    "Wow.. an hour, huh.." Well, that certainly seemed like a loooong time, but at least she was in good company. She grinned up at Kendall, and continued rubbing and caressing his tummy. "Is the next town Florida?"

    Mikko reached over and tugged on Daisy's hair. "I wish! OH! I saw something interesting a while ago....Big, talking turtles. It was pretty cool." Of course she didn't expect anyone in the jeep to believe a word of it. But it was still a damn good conversation starter.

    Daisy gasped as her hair was suddenly pulled. She shifted just enough to look over the car seat at Mikko, eyes slightly widening at her claim. "Talking turtles? You mean like Franklin?" She looked genuinely excited, but her features soon faltered. "But Lori, the mean girl down the hall said he wasn't real.." But she quickly perked at recalling something else. "Ooooh! But Rosalie, the emo chick that roomed with me before you came to the clinic, she claimed that she saw karate turtles! And then she killed herself!"

    Mikko watched Daisy excitement then she mentioned the girl killing herself. "You...weren't there when she killed herself, were you? And ummm....I don't know about the karate, but the one was named Raph. He got me out the mental ward. then I saw three others but I didn't get their names."

    In a way he was enjoying the caresses now, but at the same time, it was a huge distraction. He was indeed surprised when Mikko mentioned 'big, talking turtles'. Pfft...there was no such thing, was there? But just to make sure... "You're kidding right?"

    "No, I'm not kidding."

    Daisy's grin slightly faltered at that, and she nodded in response. "I didn't see her do it.. but I found her." But her focus was more directed on the topic of talking turtles, then her poor unfortunate roommate. "Ralph, huh?" She wrinkled her nose at that. "Why not Franklin? And he had friends? What did they look like? Did you touch him? Did he have a tail? Was it long?"

    That sucked, definitely not something poor Daisy needed to see, though it didn't seem to be bothering her much. "I don't know, that was just his name. I did touch him and they all looked like muscular turtles, actually for reptiles they weren't bad looking. and they wore mask and carried weapons. Raph had a helmet on. I didn't see their tails so if they do have tails they're probably small."

    The others might have been new to the 'karate turtles' concept, but Chris wasn't. He often worked some later shifts and saw the occasional shadows and even silhouettes along the rooftops. He never caught any real details, but by the description Mikko had just given, it sounded like that could have been what he'd seen.

    The girl believed in vampire slayers, vampires and lycans, so giant talking turtles didn't seem that far fetched. "Ooooh, do you know where they are? Can you take me to meet him?"

    "I don't know sorry." Then Mikko remembered casey. "But I do know where one of their human friends live. Though I don't think I should go back there..."

    Kendall just rolled is eyes. That was one of the most rediculous things he'd heard. But even though he didn't believe it, there was possibly a grain of truth in it. He personally hadn't seen anything, but some of his buddies from the force had been talking about seeing these weird, mutant frogs or something

    Daisy frowned at that. "Why not? Maybe he could tell you where to find... Alf" Now, what was his name again?

    "Raph and no. I kinda kicked his ass....With his own bat." Mikko smiled at that fact. She was quiet proud that she was able to beat up a grown man, even if he was just waking up and not fully alert.

    Daisy blinked in confusion. "Why's you do that?"

    "He was crazy, it had to be done."

    Daisy frowned deeply at that. It would've been nice to meet big giant, talking turtles. But it looked like she would just have to seek them out, once the whole city wasn't looking for her. "You should've gotten his phone number.. because I'm sure he had one! I mean, he could talk! Why wouldn't he have a phone?"

    Mikko nodded. "Yeah Maybe I should have. I'm sure I'll see em around."

    "Yeah.. we could have invited him to hang at the cabin with us!" Daisy finally straightened in her seat, and smiled sweetly at Kendall. "You wanna meet the big turtle man, too? Maybe we could find him someday.. when the cops aren't looking for you anymore."

    Mikko just shrugged and began to fiddle with the bottom of Chris's shirt. She leaned her head on his chest and closed her eyes.

    Kendall was half-listening to the conversation earlier, but he was fully snapped back to it when Daisy asked him a question. To tell the truth, he wasn't to interested in meeting them - that is IF they existed in the first place. But he smiled at her instead. "Sure, babe. Sounds great." 'Yeah, great indeed...' he added silently.

    Chris just closed his eyes enjoyed feeling Mikko against him. He no longer cared about what was outside

    Daisy's hand once again returned to its previous place, and she rested her chin against his shoulder, gazing up at him. "You okay?" She nuzzled him gently. "You been kinda quiet." She shifted just enough to dig through her bag, pulling out a piece of gum. "Want some gum?" And before he could answer, she wedged it between her lips, and pressed her mouth to his.

    Mikko absentmindedly traced small circles on his bare stomach. The car ride was starting to put her back to sleep. and she was really craving some raw fish.

    Kendall eyes were as wide as saucers as she locked lips with him. In an effort to keep the car under control, he pushed her away as the car swerved suddenly. He grabbed the wheel with both hands, struggling to stay on the road. Once the danger had passed, he glanced over at Daisy. "Sorry, babe. But you can't do that while I'm driving. You nearly ran me off the fuckin' road." He was still recovering his breath from the ordeal. Luckily there weren't too many other cars on the road now.

    Daisy certainly hadn't considered the dangers of her actions, and was a bit taken aback as he shoved her away. Feelingly slightly ashamed, and scolded, she sunk in her seat, frowning deeply. "Sorry."

    Chris was enjoying Mikko's gentle caressess when the car lurched suddenly. His eyes flew open and looks just in time to see Daisy still in a lip-lock with Kendall. He shot Mikko a worried look then he saw Kendall push her away again. He couldn't believe Daisy would pull something like this. Not when the guy was DRIVING...

    Mikko was just about to fall asleep when the car suddenly swerve. She quickly sat up and saw Daisy kissing Kendall, she looked over at Chris. "I guess you're not the only one that likes kissing people while they're driving." Thankfully Kendall was fast to get the car back on the road and Mikko gave Daisy's hair another light tug. "Trying to kill us, love?"

    Sighing deeply, Daisy propped up against the door, watching the world pass them by through the windows. "Just trying to give him gum." She answered quietly to Mikko. Okay, that wasn't the whole truth. She could've just handed it to him.

    Kendall glanced over at her. "I'm not mad at you, okay. I just don't want us to crash." Then he gave her a small smile. "I'll make it up to you later, 'kay?"

    Chris just shrugged. He forgot he was guilty of that as well. Maybe he wasn't so innocent after all.

    Mikko raised a brow. "Well I feel cheated you never gave me gum like that before." She turned back to Chris and gave him a quick kiss then laid back on his chest. "We there yet?"

    Daisy glanced at Kendall, giving a faint smile at his words, and once again resumed her blank stare out the side window. This trip was beginning to feel long.

    Just when Kendall was going to say 'I don't know', the Jeep passed a sign that said, '5 more miles to go'. "Heh, does that answer your question, Mikko?"

    Of course it didn't because Mikko had her head down. ""

    Chris returned the kiss then watched out the window. He saw the sign as well. "It says 5 more miles."

    "Thank you." Mikko looked up at Chris and smiled. Then she looked back over at Daisy. "By the way sis, this is a nice jeep you picked up." She was hoping the complement would cheer her up a little.

    Daisy shifted just enough to flash Mikko a small smile. "Heh.. you really like it? It belonged to a police officer.. so we're gonna paint it, so he doesn't know it's his.. if he ever sees it."

    That earned a smile. "You took a car from a cop? That's awesome. What color are you painting it...and you know there are other ways for people to identify vehicles?"

    Daisy's faint smile gradually grew a little wider. If Mikko was proud of her, that was certainly a reason to smile. "I dunno... gonna let Kendall choose the color." And she frowned at Mikko's last bit of information. "Really? How?" Sad, because she was already fond of her new vehicle.

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    ((SHOPPING!part 2))

    Mikko leaned forward so that she could talk to Daisy better. "Vin number, license plate, make, model, and....some cars have GPS checked for that right?"

    Daisy blinked at that, and gave Kendall a questioning look. "I'm sure Kendall did.."

    "So...How do you know this belong to a cop?"

    Kendall nodded. "Yeah, that was one of the first things I checked."

    "I found is wallet with his license in it." Daisy informed, with a small smile. "Officer Adams." Of course, she had no way of knowing that was the cop responsible for Mikko's headaches. Nor could she know the man's connection with herself.

    Mikko looked at Daisy. No way was it the same cop, Adams was a pretty common name, right? "Do you have that one you? Can I see it?" She didn't want to praise Daisy too much till she was sure it was the same guy.

    With a small nod, she dug through her bag and pulled out the license. She smiled at Mikko as she handed it over the seat to her.

    Mikko took the license and sure enough, the same guy. Mikko grinned and gave Daisy a kiss on the cheek. "You. Are. Awesome. This is the same ass hole that put Spike in the hospital." She handed the license back to Daisy just as they were finally arriving to their destination.

    That got Kendall's attention. "No fucking way! He's the guy?"

    Mikko nodded. "Sure is."

    "This is just great. The perfect revenge for that asshole." He grinned widely as he pulled up into a parking spot.

    "Oh, really?" Daisy couldn't suppress a proud grin. "Heh.. guess I picked the right Jeep, then." She tucked the license back into her bag. "I got his money too." She added, and hopped out of the Jeep once they were parked. She rushed around to the bag, and after digging out the baseball cap and shades, rounded the Jeep to the driver's side. She flashed Kendall a small grin as she handed him the 'disguise'.

    Mikko got out of the jeep and stretched. Then held her hand out to Chris. "Money? How much money? You had money while I been stealing for us to eat? So uncool. ya suppose to share the wealth."

    "I didn't have a chance to tell you." Daisy replied, with a small frown. "And I thought you were mad at me."

    Mikko shrugged. "It's all good, make me some cupcakes when we get back?" She flashed Daisy a bright smile.

    Kendall climbed out of the Jeep and took the disguise from Daisy. "Thanks, babe." Then he put the items on. "So how do I look?" He flipped the shades down and gave Daisy a small wink before putting them back in place.

    Chris took Mikko's hand and climbed out of the Jeep. Then he stretched a bit. Sitting in the same position the entire ride was hard on his muscles. But after a good stretching session, and he was good to go

    Daisy returned Mikko's smile. "Heh.. will do!" And her attention was soon drawn back to Kendall. She grinned at him, gently biting her bottom lip. "Hawt.. as always." She grinned sweetly, and flashed him a small wink. She slowly reached for his hand, hoping he'd forgiven her about earlier.

    Mikko headed into the store with Chris, she let go of his hand to again put her arm around his waist and snake her finger tips in his waistband.

    Kendall grinned and took her hand. Then he looked at her. "So where to, babe?"

    Chris had gotten used to her doing this by now. The first time she did it, he wasn't sure what to think. They walked in together. "So what do we need here?"

    "Actually, we don't need anything. Daisy wanted me to come so I came." Mikko laid her head on his shoulder. "You need anything?"

    Chris shook his head. "Not that I know of. You better grab your cigs this time."

    "I thought you said you got some." Mikko put a hand on her stomach and smiled, she looked over her shoulder. "Daisy! come here!"

    Daisy could hardly retain her excitement. This was her first real shopping trip.. and the place was so big! She grinned up at Kendall and gave his hand a light squeeze. "You need clothes.. and we need a tent, and one of those air mattress thingies, cuz they're like a bed! And I'm gonna get stuff to make Mikko cupcakes... and maybe this place has a pet store!" She said, nearly all in one breath. And, she added a bit quietly. "And urm.. a preggo test."

    Kendall smiled. "All good things. So where to first?"

    "Pet store?" She grinned sweetly, and spared a glance at Mikko. "Hmmm?"

    Mikko went over to Daisy and put her hand on her stomach as the baby was kicking. "Cool uh? and store? Lets not get anything....canine.K? How much money you got anyway?"

    Diasy placed her hand on Mikko's tummy, eyes widening as she felt the little guy kick. A huge grin quickly spread across her lips. "Wow.. cool! Heh.. little Thrillah is already Moonwalking in there!" She beamed happily. She gave Mikko a thoughtful look, briefly missing her canine comment. "You think you can help me tell if I have one of those in me?" She smiled hopefully. "And I got like $1,000.. or something.."

    "I..." Mikko looked at her questionaly. "Why? You think you might? And...." And just then. as Mikko glanced around the rather large mall she noticed a sign. Her eyes lit up when she saw the tattoo shop, then she looked back at Daisy. "You know I love you right? Hows about lending me, oh. say...a hundred bucks?

    Daisy gave a small nod at Mikko's question, and lightly patted her on tummy. "Yeah.. possibly." Though, the thought was a little scary, feeling Mikko's little miracle had deeply touched her. Now, she thought it'd be kinda sweet. She dug into the pockets of her shorts, and finally unearthed the money. She grinned brightly at Mikko as she handed over $300. "I'm sure you'll see something else you want, too."

    Mikko pocketed the money and kissed Daisy squarely on the lips. "Thanks! We'll talk about this baby thing later. gets some pee sticks k?" She then grabbed Chris and made her way to the shop looking forward for some pain.

    Once Mikko and Chris had left for the tattoo shop, Daisy gave Kendall's hand a light squeeze. "Soooo, think it's a good time to get a puppy?" She asked sweetly, as she tugged him towards the pet store.

    Kendall shrugged. "You sure we should do that now? There really isn't a good place to keep a dog. It needs a fenced-in yard, you know?"

    Chris went with Mikko, feeling a little nervous. It was only a matter of time before she asked him if he wanted a tattoo. And he wasn't ready for that yet.

    Mikko walked inside and to the counter, a young, tattooed man walked up to her. She pulled out her sketch book and showed him a star pattern with a tribal background that she wanted over her shoulder and neck. After some brief negotiating on price, Mikko was lead to a chair while the guy traced out the stencil. Mikko smiled at Chris. "You gonna get something done too?"

    As they stepped inside the pet store, Daisy was overtaken by excitement. Critters everywhere! So much to touch, she really didn't know where to start! But the 'puppy room' quickly grabbed her attention. "But, it could stay in our new tent with us!" She grinned sweetly at Kendall, and gently tugged him into the puppy pen with her. Several Shepard puppies rushed to greet them, and Daisy wasted no time plopping down in the middle of the floor with them, scooping one up into her arms. "Awwww.. I want one!"

    And...there it was. He shook his head. "I'm good." Then he went over and sat down in one of the waiting chairs. Seeing a magazine on a table, he picked it up and began looking through it. The thought of what all was involved in getting a tattoo was making him queasy. So reading to take his mind off of it was the best solution.

    "You could get another piercing. Maybe the tongue that would be sexy." She grinned then turned to the tattooist when he came back, she took her shirt off and pulled her hair back. The guy put the stencil on her, and, after making sure it was what she wanted he got to work.

    Kendall chuckled. "It can't just stay in the tent all the time, babe. He needs room to roam free. But...if we found some way to corral it, then it would be okay. If we're gonna do this, we better get everything else first so we don't have to worry about taking him into other stores."

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    Post by Mikko on Mon Jul 13, 2009 3:19 pm

    ((Dressing room loooooove))

    "Was.. that a yes?" Daisy's eyes grew wide, a huge grin quickly spread across her lips. she quickly hopped up from her spot, still cradling the smallest pup in her arms. Her free arm wrapped around Kendall's neck, and she planted an eager kiss against his lips. "You're the bestest!"

    Kendall smiled, kissing her back. "So how much is he?"

    Daisy had been too caught up with the pups to even notice the price. She glanced up at the price board, frowning slightly. "Um, $200.." That frown quickly gave way to a grin. "But, we'd still have like.. $500 left!"

    Kendall wasn't sure if they could afford it right now after all. But he still stood by what he said. They would wait until they were done with all the other shopping before they even thought about purchasing the dog. "Let's see how much we have left after we get everything else we need?. 'Kay?" He leaned down and gave Daisy a kiss on the cheek, at the same time, giving the puppy a pat on the head.

    Chris continued going though the stack of magazines. He had already been through two of them. He was wondering how much longer things were going to take.

    It wasn't too much longer, and Mikko was done. She admired her new tattoo then slipped her shirt back on and paid. She walked up to Chris and tilted her head a bit. "Women's magazine? Learning anything interesting there?"

    Chris looked up and slammed the magazine closed; almost getting his hand caught in his haste. Then he stood up and dropped it face-down on the stack. "So did you get what you wanted?" he asked, trying to avoid the previous subject with a topic change.

    Mikko grinned but didn't say anything more about his reading habits. "I did. And I have $200 left. I'll save that for tomorrow though, lets go find the other two.

    Daisy gave a small nod, and planted a kiss on the runty pup's head before gently placing him back on the floor with his brother's and sisters. "I'll be back for you, don't you worry!" She promised the little guy, then took Kendall's hand. She smiled up at him as she gave it a gentle squeeze. "So, where to now? Where do they sell clothes?" She smiled sweetly. "Bet it'll be good to get out of those borrowed pants, huh?" And she briefly wondered just who's pants they were, anyway. "And I needs a preggo test... so we'll know if we need baby stuff or not!"

    "Sure." Chris took Mikko's hand and walked out of the tattoo parlor.

    Mikko walked with him. "Now where would they be?" Then she saw the pet shop. "There." She said pointing to the store. "I bet they're in there."

    Kendall returned the hand squeeze. "Just a couple doors down, I think." He walked out of the pet shop with her. As they were coming out, he spotted the other two and waved to them.

    Daisy also spotted the other two, and flashed them a bright smile. She was oh so dying to tell Mikko about her new puppy, but as difficult as it was, she decided to wait until she actually bought it. It would be a surprise! "Did you get your tattoo?"

    Mikko waved back and walked over to them, she smiled at Daisy then pulled down the top of her shirt, showing off a part of the tattoo. "Sure did. I'm saving the rest of the money for when I find out what the baby is."

    "Ooooh, that's cool! I think I'm gonna get me a tat.. someday!" And she already had one in mind. As Mikko mentioned the baby, Daisy smiled warmly, and reached over to get her tummy a light rub. "Can't you buy tests for that too?"

    Mikko smiled and shook her head. "No I have to go to the doctor and they use a machine to see the baby. And I was told that I get to keep a picture. Speaking of test, did you pick yours up yet. and why did I buy you those condoms if you weren't going to use them?"

    "Ooooh, a picture! That should be cool!: She beamed. "Does he/she still look like a tadpole?" She leaned against Kendall, gently rubbing his arm. "Not yet, but we're about to!" And Mikko's last question earned a cheeky smile. "Cuz.. it's better without. And the condoms are usually nowhere around whenever we.. do it." She gently bit her bottom lip, and glanced between Mikko and Chris, her attention once again fixating on Mikko. "You guys can have 'em!" Because honestly, she saw no reason to play it safe with Kendall. She loved the guy.

    "I don't think the baby looks like a tadpole anymore and umm Chris and I don't need em...really, thanks though." Mikko looked around but couldn't find anything that interest her. "I guess we're following you guys now.

    Daisy just gave a small shrug. "Heh.. guess I can use 'em for glow in the dark balloon animals, then!" They certainly wouldn't be going to waste! She glanced around, noticing several clothing stores, and looked up and Kendall, flashing him a sweet smile. "Take your pick, babe."

    Kendall looked between the stores then finally pointed to one. "That one." He glanced at Daisy, squeezing her hand again before heading that direction.

    Chris just wanted to avoid the whole baby conversation for now. He was half-relieved, half-disappointed when Mikko said they didn't need the condoms. He was getting mixed signals from her again. But he pushed those thoughts aside and walked with Mikko towards the next store.

    Mikko again wrapped her arm around him pulling him close to her as the followed the other two. She was glad to see that Daisy didn't pick up a pet, she really didn't feel like getting into an argument with her. Mikko traced small circles with her finger tip under Chris's shirt as she walked.

    Daisy walked closely beside him, eyeing the place thoughtfully as they entered. "Wow.. this place is pretty big! I bet they have dressing rooms, just like on the movies!" Obviously, the girl had never been shopping before. "I bet people make out in those dressing rooms, too!" She grinned cheekily at the thought of watching Kendall change. She leaned up, planting a kiss against his cheek. "You gonna model for me?"

    "What? You want to watch me try stuff on?" The thought of that didn't bother him one bit. She had already seen all of him numerous times, anyway. And he wasn't the shy type either. "Of course I can, babe," he finished, grinning.

    Chris glanced at Mikko and smiled. He was enjoying the caresses again

    Mikko looked up at Chris and smiled back. She leaned up and whispered to him. "Wanna sneak into one of the fitting rooms?"

    And the sight of him never got old. Seeing that beautiful body of his still managed to give her butterflies, just like on that fateful night, when she had set eyes on him for the first time. The guy certainly left a lasting impression. A cheeky grin ran across her lips, and she nodded eagerly. "Mmhmm.. so grab some stuff and let the show begin!"

    Chris' eyes widened as big as saucers. Was she...nah she couldn't mean THAT, could she? But either way, he was all for it. He nodded and squeezed her hand in acceptance to the offer.

    Kendall grinned. "Sure. Go find a room and I'll meet you there soon." He gave her a small wink, and went to go look through some racks.

    Mikko smiled wider and she grabbed his hand quickly making it in the dressing rooms, they could meet up with Kendall and Daisy later. She chose one of the back rooms, dragging Chris inside and locking the door.

    Daisy gave an eager nod, and quickly headed off towards the dressing rooms. She tried several, only to realize they were locked. With a cute pout, she moved on to the next, and as luck would have it, the door swung open! Unfortunately, she wasn't prepared for the sight of a large, nude man. She gasped loudly, and quickly slinked to the next room, and luckily it was empty. She plopped down on the bench, heart racing a mile a minute, trying to erase the horrible image from her head.

    Kendall soon had a few different outfits picked out and headed towards the dressing room. Once in there, he looked around seen most of the rooms taken. So he didn't draw attention to Daisy by announcing the presence of a lady in a MEN'S dressing room, he just called out to the room fairly quietly. "Whichever room you wanted me to take, please knock on the door twice." After saying that, he slowly walked down the isle listening closely to the expected knock.

    Hearing his voice, Daisy slowly pushed up from the bench, and moved closer to the door. She was reeeeally hoping poor Kendall didn't have the same misfortune as she had. She tapped twice on the door.

    Chris allowed Mikko to drag him to one of the back rooms. But once he was in there, he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do next. He wasn't sure what Mikko wanted to do in there either. So he was going to let her lead until he could figure out what she wanted.

    Kendall heard the knock a few doors down from where he was and cautiously opened the door. Once he saw Daisy, he gave her a bright smile. So which outfit you want me to try on first?" He held each one up for her to see.

    After the door was locked Mikko briefly wondered what the hell she was doing, but pushed that aside and kissed Chris deeply, she wasn't sure where this would lead to, and at the moment didn't care.

    Chris blinked in slight surprise when she moved in to kiss him. After the initial shock had worn off, he returned it passionately. He rested his hands on her shoulders, deepening the kiss.

    Mikko closed her eyes and moved his hand from her freshly inked shoulder. She leaned to him, pressing him against the wall, fingers playing along his skin under his shirt.

    Daisy bit on her bottom lip, eyeing him sweetly. "Heh.. be glad you didn't go in door number three... not a pretty sight!" She settled back on the bench, and pointed to the outfit held in his left hand. "That one!" It seemed fitting for him, and in all honesty, she just wanted to watch him strip!

    The hand that she removed from her shoulder went immediately to the back of her neck, pulling her closer to him. His other hand snaked around and slipped up under the back of her shirt.

    Mikko moaned softly, this was definitely a new experience and she wasn't sure yet if she liked it. Her kisses were usually either forced or bloody...or both. And though this was a farely nice change, she just couldn't help but wonder when the pain was going to hit. She moved her fingers inside the waist band of his jeans pulling him to her.

    Kendall grinned and hung up the other two outfits on the hooks provided in the small room. Then he handed Daisy the outfit he was getting ready to try on. Once she had everything, he backed up away from her and began a slow strip-tease for her. Always keeping the areas she went nuts over, covered.

    Daisy felt those old familiar butterflies flopping wildly within her belly once more, as she watched him perform a strip-tease for. She couldn't suppress a face-splitting grin, and it was all she could do to refrain from wolf-whistling. She was trying hard not to draw attention to the fact that there was a lady in the men's dressing room area, but he was making that extremely difficult. She reached over, slowly tracing a finger along his sides, gazing up at him with lust-filled eyes. "You tease.. lose the pants!"

    Chris kept his caresses light for now. He was waiting for some kind of signal from her that she wanted to take it to the next level. But feeling bolder, he moved his hands up even higher on her back, being mindful of her new tattoo. But even so, he lightly traced the pattern to see what her reaction was. She said she liked some pain, didn't she?

    Mikko shivered when he traced the patterns on her back. Then she started to feel slightly sick to her stomach, she closed her eyes tight trying to fight it, she really didn't want to ruin the moment, especially when things were starting to get good.
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    Post by Daisy on Tue Jul 14, 2009 5:13 pm

    (Peek show!)

    Kendall grinned and began sliding his pants down tantalizingly slow, leaving his boxers on

    Chris removed the hand from under her shirt and placed it on her cheek, stroking it lightly with his thumb.

    Mikko waited as long as she could before pushing away from Chris and quickly turning around. She took a few deep breaths trying to compose herself, but the nausea took over causing Mikko to puke in the corner of the room. She was thankful that she had turned away from him in time. "Sorry..." She said once she was done empting her stomach. She held a hand to the wall bracing herself and took a few deep breaths.

    Daisy flashed him a cheeky grin, watching in anticipation as he slowly slid down his jeans. It took every ounce of reserve not to reach over and snatch them down. "Heh.. you didn't happen to bring any boxers to try on, did you?" At least that way, she was more likely to catch a peek.

    Kendall's grin widened. "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't." He gave her a wink.

    Chris was beginning to wonder why Mikko was pushing him away so suddenly when he found out the hard way. Luckily she moved away from him before she puked all over the floor. 'Must be the baby thing again...' he thought as he turned away from the vomit. After she was finished he cautiously went back over to her and put a hand on her good shoulder. "You okay, babe?"

    Mikko nodded. "Yeah..I think so...sorry bout that, I think we need a new room. oooor maybe it's time for bed." Bed seemed more like it.

    And it was finally too much for her to take. Without warning, she reached over and hooked her fingers into his boxers, attempting to slide them down with one smooth motion

    Kendall allow her to do it, and before long, he was completely exposed to her. He grinned. "So now what?"

    "It would be nice, but we didn't drive here ourselves, remember?" He opened the door and lead Mikko out. "Should we just wait for the others?"

    Mikko walked out of the room. "Sadly we have to...I guess I could grab a car...." She shrugged and called out to the other two seeing if they were also in the fitting rooms. "Daisy? Kendall you two in here?"

    Daisy flashed him a devious grin as she thought of all the naughty little things she would just love to do to him! She ran her fingers along those toned abs of his, coming dangerously close to his member. She would've gone down on him, right then and there- but Mikko's voice soon grabbed her attention. With an inward sigh, she glanced up at Kendall, as if to ask 'Should we answer, or not?'

    Kendall gave her the nod to say 'yes'. But he had no intention of leaving that dressing room anytime soon. He leaned down and whispered into her ear. "You can answer them, but then I want you to continue what you were doing earlier." He gave her a flirtatious wink.

    Daisy couldn't suppress a cheeky little grin, as she bit gently on her bottom lip. "Heh.. naughty boy.." She whispered quietly, and returned his wink as hr fingers gently brushed his shaft, teasingly. "Yeah!" She answered Mikko. She continued to stare at Kendall with lust filled eyes as she ran her tongue over her palm, and gently curled her fingers around his length. She ran her tongue along the underside of his cock, gently flicking the head..

    Mikko heard Daisy, but instead of answering her she went into the room next to theirs, stood on the bench and peered over the top into their room. "Wow....You weren't kidding how do you even fit that in your mouth?" Mikko grinned wide. "Anyway. pregnant woman is sick and hungry, lets go."

    Kendall closed his eyes and moaned softly at her ministrations. It felt so good. Just then he heard Mikko right above him and opened his eyes, but he made no move to cover himself. He gave Mikko a grin, but frowned when she said she was sick and hungry. Guess they would have to have their fun later, after all. Which totally sucked... He gave Daisy an apologetic smile, and pulled away from her. Then he bent down and pulled his boxers back up. Finally, he began dressing in his potentially new outfits - waiting for Daisy's approval.

    Daisy certainly wasn't about to stop, just because they now had an audience of one. She continued her ministrations, only stopping when he pulled away. Feeling slightly hot and bothered, and oh so needy, she sighed inwardly, but also frowned as it registered what Mikko had said. But it also served as a reminder that she still had a few more items to grab before they could leave. She flashed Kendall a grin of approval. "You look smexy!"

    Mikko looked at Kendall's choice of cloths and shrugged. "At lest you'll stop wearing Spike's cloths now. We'll meet you two outside the dressing room." She stepped down and went back to Chris, then walked out to wait for the two.

    Kendall grinned in return. "Thanks, babe. And you'll be able to undress me later." He gave her a wink. "Cuz I'll put those clothes on just for you, later." He undressed again after Mikko left and put the clothes he had been wearing in back on. After that was done, he draped his new clothes over his arm and leaned in to kiss Daisy before he opened the door.

    Chris smiled and wrapped an arm around her. "They coming soon?"

    Mikko cuddled close to Chris. "Yeah, he just had to try something on real quick then we should be out of here."

    "Mmm... I can't wait." She flashed him a little naughty grin as she wrapped her arms around his neck, and pressed her lips to his, returning the kiss. "But.. before we go, I need to grab that test thingy.. and a tent.." She reached down, rubbing her hand over his bulge, and flashed him a cheeky grin. "But it seems you already 'popped a tent'.." She smiled sweetly, and once again took his hand as they left the privacy of the dressing room.

    Kendall chuckled at the last thing she said. "Only for you, babe." He walked out of the dressing room still holding her hand. Then he adjusted his hat and shades and walked up to the counter. "You have the money?"

    When the two walked out mikko followed. She kept an arm around Chris and leaned her head to him, closing her eyes

    Chris put a hand on her cheek. "Feeling better?"

    "Mmhmm!" Daisy pulled out a wad of money, and paid for the clothes.. then flashed Kendall a confused, questioning look. She leaned in, so only he could hear. "Um, I don't have to tip them, do I? I mean... they really didn't do anything.."

    Mikko opend her eyes and smiled a little. "A little. I just need some food."

    Kendall whispered back. "Nope. You don't do that in clothing stores. Only in eating places...sometimes."

    Chris smiled back. "Sure. What are you hungry for?"

    Mikko thought about that for a moment. "Ummm a burger and fries and a milkshake."

    "Okay. Shouldn't they have a food court around here or something?"

    Daisy flashed a sweet smile at the cashier as she grabbed the bag of clothes, and once again threaded her fingers through Kendall's. She flashed a glance over her shoulder at the other two. "I just gotta grab a couple more things, but I promise I'll make it quick!" She quickly noticed the massive food center, which contained numerous restaurants. She flashed Mikko a smile. "You could go grab a bite while I finish up.. it won't take long, promise!"

    Mikko looked over to where Daisy had pointed. That sounded like a good idea to her. Though if Mikko had known that Daisy was planning on getting a furry friend she would have tag along to make sure that didn't happen. She squeezed Chris's hand and walked to the food court. "Don't take long!" She called back to the others as she found the Arby's

    Daisy once again took Kendall's hand, and eagerly led him towards the large sporting goods store. It didn't take her long to find the desired isle, and she quickly zeroed in on a large, roomy tent. There would be enough room to walk around in.. almost like a mini house! "Oooh, this would look sooooo good in our spot!" She looked at Kendall, awaiting his approval. "We could even get one of those air mattress thingies.. that way, we'd have a bed!"

    Kendall nodded in approval. "Sounds good, babe. We got enough money left for everything?"

    Chris walked with her, letting her lead him over to the restaurant.

    Mikko ordered, and turned to Chris. "What you want, babe?"

    Chris thought a moment. "Double roast beef sandwich, curly fries and a coke, I guess." He was really hungry too. And it had been AGES since he had eaten here.

    Daisy gave an eager nod, and quickly snagged a shopping cart to place the thing in. Once it was loaded up, she quickly sought out the air mattresses, grabbing the nicest one the place had to offer. "Yep!" She replied to Kendall, and flashed him a sweet smile. She had noticed several things she would love to get for Kendall, but decided that she would make a special, secret trip later, to surprise him. And with that thought in mind, she decided to 'accidentally' forget the puppy for now, but would definitely be back later. As difficult as it would be to leave here without the little squirt, she wanted it to be a surprise. "Now, I gotta get the preggo sticks, then we should be ready to go!" She grinned up at him. "Anything else you need?"

    Mikko ordered Chris food as well, paid then waited a short time for their food. Soon they were bring the meals to a table where Mikko happily dove in

    Kendall shook his head. "Nope. I think I'm good now." He grinned at her.

    Chris picked up his own sandwich and began eating. It tasted so good. He really missed this. Arby's used to be one of his favorite places to eat growing up.

    "Heh.. guess we can test this mattress out tonight, huh?" Daisy flashed him a knowing wink. "I bet it's fun to jump on, too!" Once again taking his hand, she pushed the cart to the cash register, and after paying, headed out to look for her next essential. This place was so big, and oh so confusing! She gave Kendall a helpless look. "Urm, where would they sell preggo sticks?"

    "I would say a pharmacy would be a good place to check."
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    Post by Daisy on Tue Jul 14, 2009 5:15 pm

    (Yes! You have to pee on it!)

    With food back in her belly, Mikko was starting to feel much better, though she still wanted to curl up in bed with Chris. She smiled at him. "Maybe we can pick up where we left off at home." Really only half of her wanted to take that step with Chris, the other half, was happy that the moment was interrupted the first time.

    Now finished eating himself, he looked up at Mikko and nodded. "Did you really want to?"

    Daisy gave him a thoughtful look, and once again glanced around. Luckily it didn't take long to spot a Pharmacy. "Ooooh, there's one!" And with that, they were once again on their way, and soon within the isles that held the massive selection of pregnancy tests, which were ironically located right next to the condoms. Giving the tests a good once-over, she tossed a few into the cart, figuring it would take several to know for sure. With the essentials covered, she spared a quick glance at the condoms, flashing Kendall a cheeky grin. "Daw, babe.. you want some raspberry flavored condoms?" She winked. "I guess not, huh... not like you'd be tasting' 'em...and you taste much yummier anyway."

    Mikko nodded. "yeah." At lest that's what she kept telling herself. She did...she just didn't know how she would feel after it was over. She moved her chair around the table so that she sat close to him. "Hope those two hurry up."

    Kendall chuckled. "Well, I'm glad you think so, babe. And so do you," he finished with a wink. Then he turned serious. "But if you aren't pregnant this time, we better be more careful. So maybe I better wear the goddamn things after all." He sighed unhappily.

    Daisy reached up, and gently caressed his cheek, planting a light kiss against his lips. "But.. I'd rather feel you.. not rubber." She gave a cute pout, and ran her finger over his lips. "We can be more careful, without." She winked. In all honesty, she didn't mind the dangers, because she really couldn't comprehend the level or responsibility that came along with parenthood.

    That made Chris smile. He was hoping Mikko was feeling more up to it. But he still wasn't sure how far he was willing to go with her as of yet. He would just take it one step at a time.

    Mikko leaned over and kissed him, then laid her head to his shoulder and closed her eyes. So maybe she wasn't up to any activity tonight, she could hardly keep her eyes open

    "Yeah, I know you do, but I can't guarantee that I can pull out in time. Remember what happened last time?"

    Daisy kissed him softly, gazing at him with those big blue eyes of hers. "That's okay, too. Whatever happens, happens." She gently pinched his cheek. "Don't worry so much, babe."

    Chris returned the kiss. He was fine with kissing now. But he could tell how worn out Mikko was and he was fine with just cuddling up with her when the got back to the cabin.

    Mikko was soon falling asleep on Chris, Maybe shopping wasn't the best idea for her this night. She would be happy to be under the covers

    Kendall nodded. "Sure." But he still wasn't convinced. He'd been a father before, and he wasn't wanting to be one again anytime soon. Unless he already got her pregnant. Then he would take care of both of them the best he possibly could

    "I think you'd be an awesome daddy." Daisy gave him a warm, reassuring smile, before leading the way to the cash register. She received odd looks from the old woman behind the register, who obviously thought she'd gone overkill with the number of tests. But Daisy seemed oblivious. She just grinned in return, and after paying, pushed the now packed cart out of the pharmacy, and towards the food court where the others were.

    Chris smiled. The poor girl was exhausted. But he couldn't blame her. He slid his hand slightly under her shirt, massaging her lower back.

    Chris's massage definitely was relaxing and in no time she was out cold

    Kendall just nodded and followed her to the exit. Once they were outside the pharmacy, he spotted Chris and Mikko in the food court and waved to them. Then he took Daisy's hand in his and walked over to them.

    Chris used his other hand to wave at them. He didn't want to disturb Mikko yet

    Holding Kendall's hand tightly in hers, she pushed the cart towards the spot where Chris and Mikko were. "We're ready!" She announced, not yet realizing Mikko was out of it.

    Even Daisy's cheerful voice could not wake Mikko. And good thing, Mikko wasn't the most pleasant to people who woke her up.

    And it was only now that Daisy realized that Mikko was comatose. "Heh, just toss her over your shoulder like a big strong caveman..." She blinked. "No, wait.. didn't they drag their girls around by the hair?" Slightly confused, she shrugged. "We'll meet you guys in the jeep!" Because if it took them too long, then perhaps she and Kendall could finish what they started in the dressing room!

    Chris flinched when Daisy shouted to them. But then he relaxed when he saw that Mikko wasn't fazed by the outburst. Now the question was, how to wake her up so they could get out of there. He decided to try something. He brushed some hair out of her face and leaned down to kiss her lips, very softly.

    Of course being woken up like that wasn't bad. Coming right out of her sleep and still in her daze, Mikko wasn't expecting chris to be on the other end of the kiss, she frowned when she opened her eyes. But soon she remembered where she was and more importantly who Chris was and smiled again. "Are we ready to go yet?"

    Kendall followed Daisy outside, then they walked to the Jeep together. Once at the vehicle, he began unloading the cart into the Jeep. After that was done, he told Daisy to wait for him in the Jeep while he pushed the cart into a corral. Then he returned to the vehicle and sat down beside her in the backseat, and kissed her.

    Chris smiled, happy his plan worked. "Yeah, they're waiting for us at the car."

    "Good." She stood up a little uneasy on her feet, but managed to keep balance. She felt light headed and...fuzzy. But knew what that meant, it was only a matter of time before she started to see things that weren't there, unless they really were there and no one was telling her. She griped Chris's arm tight and headed to the jeep

    Daisy watched in a dreamy daze as Kendall loaded the Jeep, and when he slid in next to her, she eagerly returned the kiss, sliding her tongue in between his lips, and massaging his tongue with hers. She kissed him passionately, but quickly broke as she remembered the test. She was just so eager to know. "Mmm.. hold that thought!" She grinned sweetly, and pressed another light kiss against his lips, as she fished out one of the pregnancy tests. She wasted no time tearing it open, not bothering to read the instructions. "I really gotta know!" And with that, she gave the gadget a thoughtful look, before placing the end beneath her tongue, much like a thermometer. "How long do I need to keep this in?" She mumbled to Kendall.

    Kendall had to laugh at the sight. "Uhh...that's not how it's done, Daisy. Do you have to go pee now? Cuz that's how you find out." He took the stick out of her mouth. "You see this?" He pointed to the end she had in her mouth a few seconds ago. "You pee on this end and I guess it'll tell you after that. But if you really want to know how it works, you better ask Mikko." He gave her a kiss on the cheek and handed her back the stick. "Or read the instructions," he added

    Daisy blinked, eyeing him in confusion as he removed the stick. "I have to do.. what?" She gave it a questioning look. "I... pee on it? Who on earth thought of THAT!!" She shook her head, and slid it into her pocket. "Nope, don't have to go now.." And she totally planned on asking Mikko to show her how it's done

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    Post by Mikko on Wed Jul 15, 2009 6:02 pm

    ((It's A Boy!!!!!))

    Mikko woke up bright and early, even before her alarm went off. She sat up and stretched then turned her alarm off not wanting to wake Chris. She looked over at him and smiled. He was so amazing, she carefully moved a piece of hair from his face and leaned down kissing his cheek softly. She could feel a strange stirring in her stomach but chalked it up to the baby moving and nothing more. Mikko slid out of bed and decided that she wouldn't wake him to go with her, it could be a surprise what the baby is. She dressed and walked in the kitchen. She really didn't want to go alone though, then she thought about Daisy. Maybe she would want to tag along, Daisy was sure to enjoy seeing the baby and maybe even buying baby stuff. She smiled then frowned. "Now..where is she?"

    Most of the night had been spent setting up the massive tent, and air mattress. Now, Daisy was fast asleep, once again positioned on top of Kendall. The air mattress was comfy, yes- but nothing was quite as comfy as her 'teddy bear'. She had totally planned on waking early enough to make a trip back into town for Kendall's surprises, but with no alarm to wake her, she could possibly sleep well into the afternoon. That was, if no-one woke her first.

    Not seeing Daisy anywhere inside, Mikko grabbed a pickle and sighed. Looked like she was going to have to hunt the girl down. She left the cabin and headed out into the woods were Daisy had ran off after Mikko pulled her out the car. She figured that that was some kind of safe spot for the girl. She munched on her pickle, making her way through the trees. "Daisy?" She called out, then listened for any response.

    Daisy lightly shifted in her position, hearing the distant voice that had somehow managed to penetrate her subconscious. She nuzzled against Kendall, half-willing her heavy eyelids to open.

    Mikko continued walking. "Daisy? You out here?" She finished her breakfast and came to the tent. "Can't they sleep inside like normal people?" She carefully unzipped it and peeked in hoping that the two where dressed. "daisy."

    Unfortunately, Daisy wasn't dressed, but luckily for Mikko the bulky blanket covered their naked forms. Hearing Mikko, now incredibly close, Daisy finally had the motivation to open her eyes, her shifting her head just enough to look at Mikko, her cheek still resting on Kendall's chest. She smiled sweetly. "Hey!" She greeted tiredly, suppressing a sleepy yawn.

    Though Mikko was glad they were covered she oh so temped to pull the covers off of them. "Hey. you're coming to the doctor with me. So get dress and lest go."

    Daisy blinked at that. Doctor? Was Mikko sick? Then, it slowly registered. She recalled what Mikko had mentioned yesterday, back at the mall. Her look of concern was soon replaced with a sleepy smile. Slowly, she untangled herself from Kendall, tucking the covers around his resting form. She reached for her clothes, and after getting dressed, ripped a piece of paper from her diary that had been placed on a crate beside their 'bed'. She scribbled down a quick not, explaining where she had gone, and placed beside Kendall, before carefully leaning in to nuzzle and kiss his cheek. With that taken care of, she looked at Mikko, barely able to retain her excitement. "So we're gonna find out if it's Thrillah, or Billie Jean?"

    Mikko turned around to give her some privacy and waited for her. When she finally emerged from the tent and questioned her about the doctor, Mikko chuckled. "Yeah, but ummm the baby will so not be named thrillah or Billie Jean." She started the walk back to the cabin. "By the way, did you ever find out if you were pregnant?"

    "Well, can his or her middle name be MJ?" Daisy asked hopefully. And she frowned at Mikko's question. "No, because Kendall said I have to pee on it. But I think I peed on it wrong." She shrugged. "Maybe you can show me?"

    "No...I already have names picked out. But you can help me pick out baby stuff." Mikko raised a brow at Daisy's comment about peeing on the stick. She didn't even want to know what the hell Daisy was doing with it. "Ummm...yeah you have to pee on it, then it tells you." They came to the cabin and Mikko ran inside, left Chris a note, grabbed her bag then headed to the car.

    Daisy really had bad memories about this car, but she finally slid into the passenger side. "Maybe your doctor can tell or something." She frowned. "But, I really wanted Kendall to be there when I find out.. so maybe I should wait, and just pee on another one."

    Mikko slid into the drivers side and nodded. "Yeah just wait. I found out cuz I got shot. No fun." She reached down to start the car then looked up at Daisy. "You wanna learn how to start a car? Or did Kendall show you already?"

    Daisy shook her head. "No, I don't know how." And she gave a small nod, watching Mikko's hands as she reached down for the wires. "Yeah, definitely need to learn how to do that."

    Mikko went through the motions slowly, telling her each step as she went and soon the car started. "And that's all there is to it. Some vehicles are harder then others but I've done this so much I got down to a science. Now off to the doctor." She backed out. turned on Alice Cooper and headed down the road.

    Well, that certainly wasn't Daisy's preference in music, but she willed herself to keep her hands to herself, and not touch the radio. She'd already learned the hard way that Mikko didn't take to kindly to her touching her vehicle. She stared out the side window as Mikko drove, hoping that she'd see Ozzy somewhere, but that wasn't looking very likely. She once again turned her attention to Mikko. "So, what do you want more? A boy? Or a girl?"

    Mikko really didn't have a preference but thought a boy would be easer to take care of. "A boy. But really I don't care, as long as he or she is healthy. I'm worried that my kid's going to inherit he's parents mental issues." Also she did wonder what effect her drug use was having on the child, she just couldn't bring herself to quit and it really bothered her.

    Daisy listened to Mikko's concerns, but smiled in reassurance. "I'm sure it'll be fine, and perfect. And I know you'll be a great mommy." She reached over, giving Mikko's shoulder a light squeeze. "At least your baby won't have to grow up in institutions because you don't want him." She added, her tone hinting at a hidden pain that had laid dormant for so long. "That's no fun."

    Mikko smiled at her, it was certainly nice to hear. But she frowned at Daisy's tone and reached over, giving her knee a light squeeze. "I may not have grown up in institutions, but I know what's like to not be wanted. And I'm going to make damn sure my child never goes through that."

    Daisy smiled at that. There was no doubt in her mind that Mikko would do everything within her power for that kid. "Heh.. you know, I really don't know what it is to live 'normal'." She admitted, with a small shrug. "Yesterday was my first mall, and I've never been to the movies, until you took me to the drive-in." She smiled. "And Kendall has given me something that I never thought I'd have." Which was genuine love. Daisy looked at Mikko with deep sincerity. "I know you did it so you could get Spunk out of prison...but I wanna thank you for saving Kendall. He really means the world to me. And I owe you for my happy ending."

    Mikko glanced over at her with a smile. "His name is Spike, though Spunk is definitely catchy. And you're welcome. So..What else haven't you done? Maybe I can....Hey, you wanna meet my brother?"

    Spike. Daisy tried to remember that. Why was his name so difficult to remember?! "I've never been to an amusement park.. or the zoo." She replied. There was so much she has never done, but those two were at the forefront of her mind. And she gave Mikko a questioning look. "I didn't know you had a brother. Is he nice?"

    Mikko nodded. "Gabe's great. He's the nicest person ever, he's not my real brother but damn close. Maybe after the doctor I can call him and see if he wants to meet us at the zoo. then we have to get baby cloths and bottles and toys. You can help me pick out stuff." She turned into the city and headed to the hospital. "Just...what ever you do don't mention Spike around Gabe, k?"

    Daisy's face lit up with excitement. The zoo? This was too awesome! And it was just icing on the cake that Mikko wanted her to help pick out the baby stuff. She secretly hoped that she'd be sharing the same experience with Mikko, in a few months... if she was also pregnant. But Mikko's request had her very curious. "Why can't I mention him around your bro?"

    "Well...Gabe wants Spike dead and Spike wants Gabe dead. And He don't know that I plan on busting Spike out. And I don't want him to know...Ever. ok?" Mikko glanced back over at Daisy. "Just don't bring any of that up." Mikko figured she would be to busy looking at animals to remember Spike, hell she couldn't even remember the man's name. And soon they were pulling up in the hospitals parking lot.

    "But... why do they want each other dead?" Daisy was seriously confused by that. "It seems like Spunk.. um.. Spike doesn't like anyone, huh?" She added, recalling what Mikko had warned her when Spike got out. "I guess he didn't get enough hugs as a child." But then, she considered that. "Nah, I mean.. I didn't get hugs either, but I don't want to hurt everyone." She seriously couldn't wrap her mind around what could cause someone to be so full of meanness.

    Mikko shrugged and parked the car. "He hates everyone and everything. I don't know much about his childhood, but...I don't think it was that bad. Spike's just insane. And I love em." She smiled and got out the car.

    Daisy crawled out of the car, and followed closely beside Mikko. There was so much she wanted to ask about Spike, but all of that was pushed to the depths of her mind as she eyed the hospital. It made her a bit nervous. She certainly didn't have any fond memories of hospitals, since she had been hospitalized many times throughout her childhood. But at least this would be different. At least this was something positive.

    Mikko walked inside the hospital with Daisy, headed up stairs and into the doctors office. She signed in and took a seat. Daisy was being quiet. "What's on your mind?"

    Daisy took a seat beside Mikko, and quickly grabbed up a magazine as they waited. "These places scare me a little."

    "We shouldn't be here to long." And sure enough a nurse walked out and called Mikko in. "See?" She smiled at Daisy and motioned for her to follow her in the back. She hated these place too, but at lest she was here because someone was hurt or dyeing.

    Daisy followed closely behind. At least this experience was unlike any of the other she'd had with hospitals. At least it wasn't because she'd had a seizure, or was sick or injured. And at least she wasn't alone. The tension eased a bit, feeling a little more safe. "How will they know what the baby is?"

    They were lead into a room with an ultrasound machine, Mikko undressed and put on a paper gown then laid on the table. The nurse heard Daisy's question and smiled. "this machine will let the doctor see inside Mikko's stomach." She turned to Mikko. "the doctor will be in soon." Mikko nodded and thanked the nurse then laid on the cold table and waited.

    "Ooooh, coool!" Daisy replied to the doctor, and took a seat beside the table, gently taking Mikko's hand, giving a small, reassuring squeeze. "Those paper gowns suck, huh."

    Mikko smiled at Daisy and squeezed her hand back. "Ya they do. They cover nothing. Not that , that ever bothered me. The table is cold though."

    Oh, she definitely knew how much those tables sucked. Even worse than the paper gowns. She gently rubbed Mikko's knuckles with her thumb, as they waited for the doctor. "Heh. Do you think your baby's daddy's gonna be excited to know what he's having?"

    Mikko shook her head. "No..He wanted me to kill the baby..."

    Doctor: The young fairly attractive doctor walked into the room, knocking as he opened the door. "Hello." He noticed Daisy and smiled at her. "Hi I'm Doctor Drinkwater. Lets see how the little one is doing." He washed his hands then sat on a seat beside Mikko. He picked up the ultrasounds wand and squeezed a blue gel on it. "this might be a little cold." He placed it on Mikko's stomach and moved it around then stopped. "And there is your baby." He pointed out the head and arms, legs and toes. "You're having a very small boy." He looked at Mikko. "Have you been eating?"

    Mikko smiled wide. She was having a boy. She smiled at Daisy. "A boy! I'm having a boy." But she frowned when the doctor asked her about her eating. She nodded a little. "Yes...I eat..."

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    Post by Mikko on Wed Jul 15, 2009 6:03 pm

    ((Baby shopping!))

    Oh, the doctor was definitely attractive alright. But certainly no comparison to her sexy teddy bear. She greeted him with a warm smile, and nearly burst into a fit of giggles upon hearing his name. Drinkwater? That was awesome! But all of that was quickly forgotten as he announced the sex of the baby, and informed that he was small. She gave Mikko's hand another squeeze, offering her support. "It's okay, he'll grow!" She said, confidently. She once again looked at the doctor. "So, can you make him come out now?"

    Doctor: Drinkwater chuckled at Daisy's enthusiasm. "No I can't make him come out, he has a few more months." Then he turned to Mikko. "And during this last trimester I want you to eat more. ok?" He went back to the machine and printed out a picture for Mikko to keep, then cleaned her off. "Also, I want to see you more often, you've been missing appointments and with your baby being so small, we need to keep a close eye on him. ok?" he put everything away, quickly checked all of Mikko's vitals and gave both girls a warm smile. "Remember eat more. And don't miss anymore appointment. you two have a good day." He walked out the room closing the door behind him.

    Mikko took the picture and looked it over then handed it to Daisy so that she could dress. "Guess I have to stuff my face with more doughnuts!." She slipped her cloths back on then laid a hand on her stomach. "Little Travis will be juuuuust fine. Lets get out of here."

    And Daisy couldn't suppress her giggles any longer. Once the doctor had disappeared from the room, she let it out. "Wow. How would you like your last name to be a suggestion? That's kinda cute." She smiled. "And so was he, but he had no butt." She gave Mikko's hand another light squeeze, before taking the picture so she could dress. She eyed it, trying her best to make out the baby. "Wow. This is like one of those pictures that are considered art, that you have to reeeeeally stare at long and hard before you can see the image." She smiled. "But he's cute!" Travis had a nice ring to it, but she still liked Thrillah better. "And who needs doughnuts? I'm so gonna make those cupcakes for you!"

    Mikko chuckled. "Yeah it was a strange name, but he's cute and that's all that matters." She pointed out all the parts of the baby to Daisy real quick then headed out. "It's too early to call Gabe. I'll text him then he call me when he's up." She pulled out her phone and texted Gabe. 'Baby is a boy! Travis Jaden Black. I'm with my sister, wanna meet up at the zoo? call me when you get this. love Meeks.' She sent it then hung up. "Lets go shopping while we wait for him."

    "Sure!" Daisy was oh so looking forward to going to the zoo, and meeting this guy, and shopping definitely sounded like fun. "Where are we shopping at?"

    Mikko got back to the car and slid in. "We are going to some second hand stores. The neighborhood isn't that great though so just stay close ok."

    Daisy slid into the passenger side, and gave Mikko a small nod. "Do second hand stores have puppies?" She asked, hopefully

    Mikko raised a brow. "no...why?" She pulled out the parking lot and headed to the first store

    Daisy's grin dropped a little. No puppies? Well, that was just sad! "Because I've always wanted a puppy, but the clinics would never let me have one."

    Oooh.Of course she wanted a dog. Mikko frowned. "Daisy...ummm...You can't have a dog. You can have any other animal you want, just no dogs. Ok?"

    Daisy was frowning deeply now. No dog? Well, that certainly crushed her dream. "Why not? I'd take really good care of it. You wouldn't even know he's there, I promise! He could stay in the tent with me.."

    Mikko smiled a little at Daisy. "I know you would take care of it. But....I have a big fear of dogs. And you can't keep a dog locked up in a tent, they need to be able to run and play. How about a cat? Or...a ferret?"

    Daisy pouted, and flashed Mikko the pleading, puppy dog eyes. "Because a cat and a ferret aren't a puppy. I'm sure you'd get over your fear, if we had one! And you have a fear of dogs, not puppies!"

    Mikko chuckled. "Puppies turn into dogs." She really did feel bad though, the girl never had a chance to have these things and it would mean a lot to her. But on the other hand, dogs freaked her the fuck out. Maybe a tiny a Chihuahua. She sighed. "What kind of dog did you have in mind?"

    Daisy was oh so hoping Mikko would buckle. It would indeed mean a lot to her. "A cute lil cross eyed Shepard puppy that I met yesterday, at the pet store. He's smaller than his brothers and sisters.. and he reeeeeally needs me!"

    Mikko mentally face palmed. That was not a tiny dog. She glanced over at Daisy then parked the car at the store, She turned so that she faced Daisy. "I don't know....You have to get it food, and shots, and toys and it has to be potty trained and you can't keep it in your tent....Let me think about it?"

    Oooh, well that was definitely better than a flat out no! She grinned hopefully, and gave a nod in response. She totally planned on giving her a good five minutes to thing about it, before asking again. "Travis could play with him, too!"

    Mikko got out of the car and smiled. "Yeah that would be cute...I'll think about it. Right now, we shop for baby stuff."

    Daisy slid from the car, and circled around, walking closely beside Mikko. If this was a bad neighborhood, she certainly didn't want to be too far from her. And now, she recalled what Mikko had said about Spike's feelings towards the baby, right before the doctor walked in. "Why does your boyfriend wanna kill his baby?"

    Mikko walked inside then frowned at Daisy's question. "He says that we weren't meant to be parents and that we shouldn't try to be something we're not. And...I'm pretty sure he hates kids." She walked to the baby cloths. "But you know....I would love to know more about his parents, maybe they're not that bad, and maybe they would like to know that they're going to have a grandchild."

    Daisy frowned at that. Hate kids? Gah, this guy did hate everything! Daisy followed her to the baby isle. "Yeah, I'm sure the grandparents would love the little guy." She replied, and began digging through the clothes. A pretty little pink dress quickly caught her attention. She pulled it out, grinning brightly. "Awww, this is too cute! You should get it for him! I mean, he'll be too young to know you're cross dressing him!"

    Maybe taking Daisy cloths shopping was not the best idea. lest it's not going to be boring. Mikko smiled and shook her head. "Lets just stick with boy cloths." She pulled out two little outfits, one with a train on it and the other with a little skull. "This is more like it."

    The outfits were indeed cute, but the dress was still her favorite. "Maybe I'll have a girl, then I can come back for this!" She tucked it away, hiding it beneath a bunch of stuff in the hopes it would be there in the future. All of these cute baby items were certainly making her want one of her own.

    "Maybe." Mikko was concerned that Daisy was indeed pregnant, she really didn't think the girl could handle a baby, she had to learn about the world around her first. She pulled out some other small cloths that she liked then moved on to baby supplies. She didn't think she needed to much right away, she could always get more stuff later."We need baby toys and umm...a crib and maybe a playpen."

    Daisy continued to dig through the clothes, until she found something that certainly was boy-approval. Well, it definitely had her approval, anyway! Because Spider-Man was da bomb! She rushed to catch up with Mikko, placing the red and black outfit into her arms. "Spider-Man!" At Mikko's mention for toys, she perked. Maybe she could go ahead and get puppy toys in advance, just in case. Though, she would be keeping the real reason for buying toys, on the down low. "Maybe Chris could make you a crib out of his stakes?"

    Mikko looked at Daisy then down at the outfit she placed in her arms. "Nice. thanks." She looked back over at the toys then quirked a brow at the stake comment. "What stakes?" She asked turning back to face Daisy.

    Daisy gave a small shrug as she dug through the toys, picking out a few that looked fitting for a puppy. "Well, if he's not a vampire.. and not a lycan, he must be a slayer. Because something is up with him. Slayers have stakes. I'm sure he has a few to spare.."

    "Chris is a human. That's all. there are no such thing as vampires and lycans...Though I SO wish Jasper was real." Mikko shoved some toys into her basket. "The only 'stakes' in the house are Spike's spikes." She frowned at Daisy. "You haven't been playing with them. right? I found finger prints on one of them, but I'll assume that someone was just looking at them."

    Daisy still wasn't convinced. There was just something about Chris. He was too quiet to be human. Something was definitely up. "How do you know vampires and lycans aren't real? I mean, you said yourself you knew big talking turtles. Anything's possible." She picked out a few more doggie toys, then handed Mikko a old vintage Beavis plushie for the baby. And she frowned as Mikko asked about the Spikes. She now knew the harsh repercussions for touching Mikko's things. She certainly didn't need a repeat. The first incident still bothered her. She didn't answer, but tried to change the subject. "Speaking of you like him?"

    The girl had a point about the turtles. She grinned at the thought of Chris being a vampire, with luck he would at lest be into biting. Mikko looked at the plushy and put that in the basket with the other things. When Daisy didn't answer her question she let it go, sure that Daisy understood that she didn't like her things to be touched. "Yeah, I like him." She answered with a smile.

    Daisy was extremely relieved that she didn't press the spike issue. "He digs you too, I can tell." She said, with a wink. "But why is he so quiet? He never really says anything." But then again, usually when Daisy was around, Kendall was too. That could be part of the problem.

    "He's just really shy." Mikko said tossing bottles and pacifiers into the basket. "But he really is a great guy, and..I think he actually wants to be part of my kids life, and that's huge. You don't find many guys willing to take care of a kid that isn't theirs."

    Daisy grinned at that. "I think he's better for you, than Spunk." Well, at least she had remembered the guy's name for like, five minutes. She smiled sweetly, and watched as Mikko tossed more baby items into her basket. Those bottles were certainly cute! With these budding feelings between Mikko and Chris, Daisy was wondering if Mikko would back out of the whole prison break thing. But deep down, she knew she wouldn't Mikko seemed devoted to that guy. "Is Chris gonna help us get Spanky out?"

    "His name is Spike. And...As much as I hate to admit it, you're right, Chris is much better. But I love Spike...And no Chris isn't going to help. He doesn't want anything to do with it." Mikko looked around for more things but didn't see anything she liked. "Ready to get out of here?"

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    Post by Mikko on Thu Jul 16, 2009 4:30 pm

    (( Cuteist baby eva!))

    Chris didn't want to help? She was almost certain that Kendall wasn't too thrilled, either. After hearing him talk about Spike. But she knew he felt obligated, since Mikko was the only reason he was free in the first place. And of course, Daisy was aiding in this, for Kendall. She needed to keep him safe. Daisy gave one glance around the thrift store, and gave a nod at Mikko. "Yeah.. are we going to the zoo now?" She flashed Mikko a sweet smile. "Maybe we could take Kendall too?" Because as much as she was enjoying her girl time with Mikko, she was already missing him. And it probably wasn't the best idea to leave those two boys at the cabin by themselves.

    Mikko glanced around once more nodding. "Yeah, we're going to go to the zoo." Then a small knitted hat that looked like a purple mohawk caught her eye. She smiled and picked it up holding it to her stomach. "Little mini Spike is going to be stylin." She grinned at Daisy and headed to the counter to check out. Mikko wasn't sure about Kendall going with them to the zoo. She turned to Daisy once everything was on the counter. "Yeah, You sure it's a good idea for him to be at the zoo. The place is pretty public."

    Daisy grinned as Mikko held the mohawk up to her tummy. Yeah, the kid would definitely be unique. Once Mikko had paid for her things, Daisy placed the doggy toys onto the counter. Might as well get a head start. But she frowned when Mikko mentioned how public the zoo was. "Do you think it'd be too dangerous for him?" Gah, that really stunk! She really wanted him to be there with her, but not at the expense of being caught. It was heartbreaking to think that he would have to live the rest of his life in hiding. "I wish we could.. make his past disappear somehow.." Then, and idea struck her. "You think we could do that? When we bust.. what's his face out?"

    Mikko took her bags and waited for Daisy to finish paying. She frowned a little and nodded. "It would be risky, I guess if he had a good disguise." At her other question she thought Daisy was crazy, but then she started thinking. Maybe they could do that..."His name is Spike. Spppppiiikkke. And maybe. But I doubt it." Erasing someone's past was much harder then busting someone out of prison, at lest she thought so. And anyway, Kendall isn't even suppose to live through this.

    Daisy took her bag, and frowned deeply at Mikko's reply. She was determined to help him, even if it did pose a great danger on her own life. "How would I go about doing it?" She asked, obviously having no idea that Mikko intended to kill Kendall afterwards. That certainly would've crushed her. "I'll do it. I want him to be free again."

    Mikko shrugged. "I have no idea. I guess you would have to get into the city's prison main computer system, find Kendall, and change stuff around. I really don't think it's possible." Once they were both done Mikko lead them back out to the car. "But...with the city still over run by convicts maybe it'll be ok for him to come out, as long as he doesn't bring attention to him self, We can get a camera."

    It certainly sounded complicated, but Daisy held hope that it was indeed possible, and she was certainly determined to give it her best. It was still weighing heavily on her mind, but she managed a small smile when Mikko said that it should be okay for him to go.

    "So I guess we head back to the cabin now." Mikko tossed the stuff in the trunk then slipped in the drivers seat. "You need anything else before we go back?"

    "Would you help me do it?" She finally asked Mikko. And she shook her head. "Um, nothing that they sell here.."

    Mikko looked over at Daisy. "No. I can't help you with that. Sorry. Anything you need in the city before we leave the city?"

    Daisy looked at her, frowning deeply, obviously too focused on the topic at hand to register her question. "Why can't you?" She asked quietly, a little hurt by that answer. "He's helping you."

    Mikko pulled out of the parking spot and headed out of the city. "Because it's not possible. He's helping me because he owes me, I don't owe him anything."

    She was seriously trying to suppress the tears. "But.. couldn't you do it... for me?"

    Mikko glanced over at Daisy. "Daisy, it's complicated. I don't even know where to start doing that. I got him out of jail. I did enough."

    And she was grateful for that. But Daisy was under the impression that Mikko could move mountains. She just couldn't understand how complicated this really was. She wiped at the tears with the back of her hand, and stared blankly out the side window. Maybe it wasn't possible, but she couldn't just sit back, when there was even the smallest of chances

    Mikko reached over and took Daisy's hand. "Trust me, if it was possible I would do it." She gave her hand a light squeeze. "Lets just enjoy the day. You're going to the Zoo and after maybe we can get you a cat." Mikko hopped that animals would get her mind off of things.

    Daisy finally pulled her tear-filled gaze from the window, glancing over at Mikko with a small grin. She returned the hand squeeze, and once again attempted to wipe away the tears. "" That certainly made her happy, but she still wanted that other critter. "How about the puppy?"

    Mikko was so hoping that a cat would satisfy her. But she wanted a dog, Mikko bit her bottom lip then finally nodded. "ok...but...after the zoo, and you have to make sure that it's friendly, the last thing I want is to be mauled by another dog. And you have to take care of it, which means you might have to get a job."

    That certainly managed to put a smile on her face. She gave an eager nod, and once again squeezed Mikko's hand. "I promise I'll take care of it! And don't worry, he's too small to maul anyone.. and he wouldn't anyway!"

    Well at lest she was in a better mood, and maybe taking care of a puppy will give her some experience in taking care of another living being, she'll need that if she wants' a baby. Something that Mikko was sure she wasn't ready for. Once they got out the city and on the long strip of road to the cabin, Mikko stopped in the middle of the road and parked the car. "Ok you're driving."

    Daisy was completely taken aback by this. She blinked in confusion, obviously unsure of what to do. "But.. you said I wasn't supposed to touch your car.."

    "Right, but in this case I'm giving you permission, so it's ok." Mikko smiled at Daisy then got out the car and ran to the passenger side.

    Daisy was still unsure about this, but finally pushed her reluctance aside and slid over into the driver's side. She gave Mikko a look of uncertainty, and once her sis was safely in the car, She slowly put in drive. Luckily, through her nervousness, she remembered that the 'R' was bad! She accelerated slowly at first, doing a wonderful job of keeping it on the road. Kendall had taught her well. As her confidence grew, and the cabin came closer, she gradually increased the speed.

    Mikko was a bit nervous at first though she didn't let that show. But as Daisy proved that she could handle the car she relaxed. "You're doing great, Daisy." Now hopefully she didn't drive into the cabin.

    Daisy smiled at that, but was mindful not to take her eyes off the road. She wasn't that comfortable yet. "Heh.. thanks. Kendall's a good teacher!" And he'd taught her more tricks than one, but she decided to keep that bit of information to herself. And soon, they arrived at the cabin. She gently pressed on the breaks, and slowly put the car in park, then switched off the ignition. "I'll go get Kendall." She said, as she slid out of the car. "You gonna bring your boy, too?"

    Mikko let out a breath when they didn't end up in the living room. She smiled at Daisy and nodded. "Yeah, I'm going to go get him." She got out and grabbed her bags then headed inside. She put her bags up. "Chris? You up?"

    Daisy quickly sprinted down the old dirt trail, destined for their private spot. She couldn't wait to share the news of where they were going. Slowly, she unzipped the door of the tent, and quietly stepped inside. She moved closer to the mattress, and gently crawled on top of Kendall, straddling his waist. "Baby.." She leaned forward, caressing his cheeks as she planted a series of light kisses against his lips, then nuzzled against his cheek. "We're going to the zoo! Wakeywakey!"

    Kendall, still asleep, was having really nice dream; about Daisy of course. Unaware of what was happening in the real world, his subconsciousness was telling him that Daisy's sweet voice calling his name, was only in the dream. He smiled in his sleep, responding to her touches and gentle kisses. But when Daisy had raised her voice in an excited way, he startled awake, and sat halfway up. Still disoriented, he stared up at Daisy, a smile on his face. Gradually he came back down to earth. Now propped up on his elbows, he smiled at her again. "Hey babe. Did you have fun with Mikko?" he asked in a sleepy voice. Then he pulled her down for a kiss.

    Chris barely even stirred when Mikko had left earlier that morning. But he was awake now. Staring at the ceiling again - debating on what to do next. He was already cleaned up for the day. It wasn't much longer before he heard Mikko's voice call from outside the room. He smiled at the beautiful sound and slowly got up from the bed. He opened the door and walked out, meeting her in the main room. He greeted her with a quick kiss. "So how did it go?"

    Mikko smiled and kissed him back. "Great! It's a boy!" She cheered holding up the ultrasound picture. "And I got baby stuff and we're going to the zoo. Wanna come?" Of course he didn't really have a choice, Mikko would make sure that he came with them.

    Daisy giggled as he startled awake, and sat halfway up. "Dawww.." She gently caressed his cheeks, and rubbed her nose against his. "My poor baby.. did I scare you?" She leaned into the kiss, returning it whole-heartedly. "Yeah! And she's having a boy!" She answered, excitedly. "But I missed you!" She nuzzled against him, and planted another kiss against his lips. "We're going to the zoo! So you might wanna put some clothes on." She winked. "I mean, I'd definitely enjoy the view.. but we can't be bringing attention to you.."

    Chris' smile only widened. "A boy... Congrats, babe." He was indeed excited about the little one. He looked at the ultrasound and smiled again. "He's beautiful, Mikko. I know you'll be a good mom." Then he turned serious. "But, you really need to think of the baby's health. You have to stop your drugs and alcohol. And I'll help you with that, if you'll let me." He smiled again, completely sincere.

    Mikko smiled brightly, it was so nice to hear that he thought she would make a good mother. but to hear that her baby was beautiful made her even more happy. But of course her little boy was a cutie, just look at his father. "He's gonna break hearts." But her smile faded when Chris mentioned her drug use. "It's not that easy, babe. If I could quite I would have. The doctor said he's to small and I have to eat more....Looks like I'm not starting off so good with this parenthood stuff."

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    Post by Mikko on Thu Jul 16, 2009 4:31 pm

    ((The Zoo))

    Kendall smiled. "I'm happy for her, babe. But what about you? Have you found out yet?" He pulled her down for another kiss, then slowly pulled away. "The zoo, huh? Sounds like fun." He grinned up at her. "I would, babe, but you gotta get off me first." He flashed her a wink, then thrusted his hips up to make her bounce up slightly.

    Daisy leaned into the kiss, allowing it to linger for a bit. His lips were just so addicting! "Nope, not yet. I wanted to wait until you're with me." She smiled, and giggled madly as he bounced her. She flashed him a devious look, her mind obviously plunged to the deepest depth of the gutter. She leaned in, meeting his lips again. "Mmm.. but that was fun.." She whispered, and once again met his lips. She kissed him softly, before finally pulling away. As much as she wanted to violate him right then and there.. the zoo awaited! She slowly climbed off him, and sat on the bed, waiting for him to get dressed. Her eyes watching him attentively.

    Chris frowned and wrapped an arm around her waist. "Don't worry about it. I said I can help you. I want this baby to be as healthy as possible." And he hoped it wasn't already too late to change that. If he could get Mikko to drop the addictions as soon as possible, there was a good chance the baby would be okay. In theory...

    Mikko laid her head on his chest and nodded. Though it would be easer said then done. "Sure,love." She looked up at him and smiled. "So...coming to the zoo?"

    Chris returned the smile. "Sure. Haven't been to one in years. Was this Daisy's idea?" If it wasn't directly her idea, he had a feeling it had something to do with the girl.

    Mikko nodded. "Kinda, she said she never been before so I told her I would take her, and I'm also waiting for Gabe to call me back." She leaned up and kissed him.

    Kendall slowly got up and reached for his clothes. Knowing she was watching him, he decided to give her a little show, just teasing her. Once he was finally dressed, he took her hand, intertwining her fingers with his. "Let's go to the zoo, babe." He flashed her a bright smile and walked out of the tent with her.

    "Cool." Then he kissed her back. That Gabe guy seemed pretty cool, once he got to know him better. "Does Gabe know what the baby is yet?"

    "I sent him a text telling him, just waiting for him to get back with me." Mikko grinned and kissed him again

    Daisy couldn't contain a face-splitting grin as she watched him, and even hummed 'I'm Too Sexy' for him, as he treated her to a little show. The guy could totally be a stripper! He was just that yummy. Once he was dressed, she entwined her fingers with his, and walked with him, back up the path. "Have you ever been to a zoo before, babe?"

    As expected, Gabriel hadn't been awake during the early hours in which Mikko had tried contacting him. Still, he received the message, and couldn't help a small grin at reading the news. His schedule was pretty tight, and he was expected to meet up with Ezekiel later, but he saw no harm in meeting up at the zoo, and congratulating her in person. He dialed Mikko's cell, and waited for her to answer.

    Kendall shrugged. "Have. But it's been a while. What would you like to see there?" Soon they made it back up to the cabin. "We're waiting for the other two, right?" He opened the door and the first thing he saw Chris and Mikko kissing. "And you tell us to get a room." He wasn't annoyed, per se, just amused.

    And just as the kiss was getting heated, Mikko heard her phone and pulled away to answer it. "Hey, babe! Got my message?" Mikko grinned at Kendall and stuck her tongue out at him.

    "I really want to see monkies! Annnd a hippo! And wolves! And a Tiger! And of course, a bunny!" She replied sweetly, and gently squeezed his hand. She was about to ask what he hoped to see, but as he opened the cabin door, they were greeted by the sight of Mikko and Chri sucking face. Daisy couldn't suppress a giggle. "Mikko and Chris sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes a baby.. then comes marriage..."

    "Hey babe.. I did.." And before he could congratulate her, he could hear the girl in the background. "Must be your 'sis'.."

    The kiss was indeed getting heated, but they were soon interrupted for two reasons. First was Kendall and Daisy coming into the cabin and Kendall smart-ass remark. Which just made Chris roll his eyes in annoyance. Then came Mikko's phone ringing. He kept his eyes on Mikko while she talked on the phone and completely ignored Daisy's teasing.

    Mikko shook her head. "Yeah, that would be Daisy...Well, we have a long drive to get to the zoo. we'll be there in about two hours. You're not busy or anything are you?" Then she grinned and laid the ultrasound picture on the table. "Hang on." She lifted her phone up and snapped a picture of the baby, then sent it to Gabe. "I sent you a picture of Travis."

    Kendall just stood there and shook his head at Daisy's teasing. Although he was smiling the entire time.

    "Nah, I can meet up wit'chu for a while." Gabriel replied, and opened the image she had sent to his phone. Despite who the child's father was, he couldn't help but grin. "He's cute. Definitely takes that after you." If the child was lucky, he would look nothing like his father, he thought. "I'll meet you there. Anyplace you wanna meet up at? Penguin enclosure?" It was the first thing to come to mind, since that was Fal's favorite animal.

    And while they waited, Daisy hoped up onto Kendall's back, wrapping her legs around his waist. She hugged him gently, and nuzzled his cheek. "Heh.. this is my new favoritest position!" She chimed, but then considered that. She gave him a devious look. "Well, that's not entirely true.. but I like it!"

    That made Mikko smile wider. "thanks! Yeah we'll meet you by the penguins. see you soon! bye." She hung up the phone and looked at the other three. "lets go."

    Kendall grinned and held Daisy's legs to him and flashed her a sexy grin over his shoulder. When Mikko said it was time to go, he nodded and headed outside with Daisy still on his back. He really enjoyed this position too and he was happy to hear that Daisy loved it so much.

    Daisy freed one of her arms long enough to reach back, and gave his ass a good squeeze. There would probably be more room in the jeep!" She suggested. Plus, Kendall's disguise was still in there. She looked over at Mikko. "Your brother gonna meet us?"

    Mikko took Chris's hand and walked out side with them. "Taking the jeep probably isn't the best idea since it's the cops. we're trying to NOT bring attention to ourselves. And yeah he's going to meet us by the penguins."

    Chris held Mikko's hand as they walked outside, heading to the car.

    Kendall turned his head to Daisy. "She's right. We need to keep this as low profile as possible." Once they reached the car he allowed Daisy to slide off his back and opened the car door for her. "After you." He gave her a small bow and waited for her to get in before climbing in himself.

    Mikko slid in the drivers seat, though really she wanted to be in the back with Chris. But they would have plenty of time to get close tonight. Hopefully. She started the car and waited for everyone to get in.

    Yeah, they were probably right. Daisy made a mental note to paint that jeep as soon as possible. After she slid from Kendall's back, she made a quick trip to the jeep to grab Kendall's shades, and baseball hat, then sprinted back to the car. She grinned sweetly, and crawled into the seat, waiting for her knight to join her. "I got your disguise!"

    Kendall took the disguise from her. "Thanks babe." Then he slid in and slipped an arm behind her and held her close. Then he tilted her chin up and gave her a chaste kiss on the lips.

    Chris climbed in on the passenger side and gave Mikko a quick kiss before buckling in

    "We all ready?" Once everyone was in the car Mikko took off. She wanted to get to the zoo as fast as possible. She was excited to see Gabe again, but hopped that he wouldn't get in any trouble from hanging out with her.

    Chris was really looking forward to this. It had been a long time since he had been to a zoo. And he wagered that things were really different now.

    Daisy smiled sweetly, and snuggled closely to him. She planted a light kiss against his lips, and gently caressed his cheek. Her free hand took his, and pressed it against her tummy. "So, what do you think babe? Think there's anyone in there?" She smiled. "And if there is.. what do you want? Girl or boy?"

    Mikko raced down the long empty road and made it to the city in no time. She looked into rearview mirror at the two in the back then back at the road. She glanced over at Chris and smiled. "Maybe tonight we will not have any interruptions."

    Kendall felt her belly. He had no way of knowing if she was pregnant yet. It was just too soon to tell. He smiled at her, giving her a few quick kisses. "A beautiful as her mother," he whispered into her ear.

    Chris looked over at her and smiled. "That would be great."

    Daisy's heart melted at that. He always managed to make her feel special. She returned the kisses, and snuggled even closer to him, resting her head against his chest, smiling up to him. "Names?"

    Mikko over heard Daisy talking about the baby that was possible growing in her. She grinned when she asked about names and looked in the mirror. "Name it Mikko!"

    Names... He hadn't thought of any names yet. Hell, he wasn't expecting to become a father again any time soon. And one thing was for sure. He didn't want anything close to what his other two daughters had: Kelsi and Alexandra. So, to make it fair, he wanted to see what names Daisy had picked out. He just hoped to god they weren't anything really rediculous. "You got any names in mind, babe?" Then he turned to Mikko and grinned. "We'll think about it, okay?" Then he turned back to Daisy and waited for her reply.

    Daisy just grinned at Mikko's suggestion. "Heh.. but wouldn't two Mikko's get confusing?" And she returned her attention to Kendall, her hand still holding his, pressed against her tummy. She gently caressed it, snaking her fingers through his. "Hmmm.. I don't know. Aaliyah is pretty.. or Bella..or Zoie."

    Mikko pulled up to the zoo's parking lot, right in front pregnancy parking, sweet! "We're here!"

    Kendall smiled warmly at her suggestions. "Those are beautiful names, babe." He gave her a few quick kisses, only to be interrupted by Mikko's shout. He smiled at Daisy and gave her one more kiss before climbing out of the vehicle.

    Chris was in his own little world for most of the ride. He was thinking mostly about the potential future he and Mikko had. His thoughts were interrupted when Mikko's voice sneaked inside his consciousness. With a smile at Mikko, he unbuckled himself and climbed out of the car. Then he went over to the driver's side and opened the door for her.

    Daisy was happy that he seemed to like the names. She returned the kisses, and climbed out of the car, once again taking his hand. The excitement was setting in as her gaze fixated on the large sign, proof that this was finally happening! She was at a zoo! "Oh my gawd.. this place is huge! I wanna go play with the monkeys!"

    Mikko stepped out of the car and gave Chris a deep kiss. "Thanks, love." She wrapped her arm around his side, placing her fingers in their usual place then smiled at Daisy. "First we have to meet up with Gabe, then we can go were ever you want."

    Daisy was completely okay with that. He was by the penguins, right? She certainly didn't mind the goofy little birds being the first critters she saw, once inside. She wrapped an arm around Kendall's waist, walking closely beside him. "Will they let me play with the monkeys?"
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    ((Another portion of the rp done in the chatroom. Big thanks to Mikko for editing))

    (Meeting Celebrities???)

    Kendall tightened his hold on her hand, hoping she stayed by his side the entire time. "No, you can't play with the monkeys. They stay on one side of the cage, and you on the other. You can just watch them, 'kay?"

    Daisy glanced up at Kendall with those big blue eyes of hers. "But.. why can't I touch them?" She asked, gently squeezing his hand. "Michael Jackson touches his monkey.. so monkey touching must be safe.." She informed, oblivious to just how wrong that sounded.

    Chris returned the kiss and smiled as they pulled away. Then he walked with her, feeling her hands in their usual spot, while his own hand snaked behind her and around her other side. Then he whispered into her ear. "So how are we gonna do this? I assume you want to avoid paying to get in?"

    Kendall shrugged. "For safety reasons, babe. For you and for the animals. You have to promise me you'll stay right beside me and hold my hand, okay?" He gave her hand another squeeze for emphasis.

    Mikko cuddled close to Chris and nodded. Instead of walking towards the zoo's entrance she started to walk around the side of the building. She stopped by a gated wall covered in think bushes. She let go of Chris and moved the leaves and branches aside till she found a gap in the gate. "It might be a tight squeeze for Kendall. But we should all fit, surprise they haven't fixed this yet. Ok lets hurry."

    No touching the animals? Well that was a little disappointing, but she certainly wouldn't let it discourage her. At Kendall's question, she gently squeezed him and flashed a cheeky grin. "But, what if I have to go to the lil girl's room? If I can't let go of your hand, does that mean you're coming in with me?" She wiggled her brows, playfully.

    Kendall chuckled at that. "Okay, that's an exception. But I don't want anything to happen to you here." He leaned down and gave her a small kiss on the lips. "I want your first time to a zoo to be fun for you," he finished with a smile.

    Chris did what he was instructed, finding if fairly easy. Maybe even too easy. But he wasn't complaining. Mikko just never ceased to amaze him. He was so glad he had hooked up with her. Even though she still had some major faults, he was falling more in love with her every time.

    Mikko looked over at the other two. "You are doing the opposite of hurrying." She shrugged and quickly followed Chris. Once in the zoo she wrapped her arm back around him and waited for the other two. "And look. we're right by the penguins."

    "Dawww.." Daisy returned the kiss, and gently squeezed his hand. "It will be.. because you're here!" She smiled sweetly. "I know you won't let me get eaten by the crocogator!" And seeing what Mikko and Chris had done, she gave Kendall a questioning look, but a cheeky grin soon spread across her lips. She motioned for Kendall to go first, and kept a watch-out. "I got your back, homie!"

    Chris nodded, smiling. "We sure are. Now where's your brother?"

    Mikko looked around. "Ummm somewhere by the icy birds. I'm sure he'll see my chubby purple headed self.."

    Kendall attempted to slip through the hole in the gate. However, it wasn't as easy for him, just as Mikko had said. After NEARLY getting stuck, he finally squeezed through...just barely. Then he motioned to Daisy. "Your turn, darling."

    Chris quirked a brow at her. "You seriously think you're chubby? I think you're just perfect the way you are." He smiled

    "Well...Chubby-er." Mikko smiled and leaned up, planting a kiss on his lips. "You're to sweet."

    Daisy was ready to help push him through if need be, but luckily he finally made the tight squeeze. And daisy slipped through with the greatest of ease, flashing him a bright smile as she once again took his hand. "Heh.. I wonder how many animals have done that.."

    Gabriel had arrive twenty minutes ago, and was now seated on the bench, in front of the penguin enclosure. Black shades concealed his sensitive eyes, shielding them from the sun's harsh rays. Given the time of day, it wouldn't seem like much to the causal person, but the mishap months prior had left his eyes with a host of issues. He hadn't bothered checking out the rest of the zoo. He was here for one reason, and he waited patiently for her to arrive.

    Once everyone was in Mikko lead the small group closer to the penguins. It wasn't long till Mikko saw Gabriel. With a smile she ran over to him and sat on the bench next to him. "Were you waiting long?"

    Chris smiled at her and watched her go over to Gabe. He gave Gabe a small wave. "S'up, Gabe?"

    A grin tugged across his lips as Mikko finally came into sight, and he reached over, gently ruffling her hair. "Nah. Bout 20 minutes." Hearing Chris, he looked over, acknowledging him with a small nod, and a half-grin. He still wasn't sure what to make of the guy, since he hardly knew him. But he seemed alright. Especially since he seemed willing to take responsibility for a child that wasn't his. S'up, man." And he noticed the loud blonde, that looked awfully familiar. Could that be the same girl Lexi was looking for? And who was the guy? Gabe gave Mikko a questioning look. "Seems yer niche' is growin'."

    Daisy quickly noticed the guy Mikko was talking to. Was that her brother?From a distance, he looked an awful lot it couldn't be, could it! Tugging Kendall along, she quickly approached, grinning brightly. "Oh my gawd! Hi Justin!!!" She looked from Gabe, to Kendall. "It's Justin Timberlake!!!" And she refocused her attention on Mikko's big brother. "Can I have your autograph?! You can sign my shorts!"

    Mikko hadn't even thought that Gabe would know that Lexi was looking for Daisy. She grinned and smoothed out her hair. "That's Daisy and her boyfriend Kendall. We are going to have to make our way to the petting zoo soon, Daisy is itching to pet something I think." Mikko leaned over and whispered to Gabe. "She's sweet but a little off, and she's never really been outside of clinics before so she thinks that she can play with the animals. And...yeah she's just crazy, in a cute sweet kinda way." She sat up and smiled. "Everyone This....No NOT Justin Timberlake. This is Gabriel."

    As Mikko whispered to him, and mentioned the girl's name, there was no doubt in his mind that this was the girl. But before he could say anything, he was quickly advanced by the bubbly blonde, who obviously had mistaken him for someone else. Her level of enthusiasm was a little unsettling, but he couldn't help a small grin. She reminded him of someone else he was extremely close to. "Urm, not Justin. Sorry." He hoped that would lay the misunderstanding to rest. He spared a glance at the guy she was with, obviously having no idea he was an escaped convict. "S'up."

    But she wasn't convinced! "Daw, c'mon! Don't be shy! Sign my shorts, please!" Daisy batted her eyes cutely. "You know, Mr. Timberlake, I used to want to marry you... for serious! But then I met Kendall.. and I just don't think you and I were meant to be, you know? Sorry.. but I still think you're reaaaally sexy!"

    Mikko couldn't suppress a snort. This was definitely going to be interesting. She stood up and put a hand on Daisy's shoulder. "Trust me, he's not Justin." She then walked back to Chris and wrapped her arm around him. "So how about we hit the petting zoo, Daisy?" That should refocuse her attention.

    And this is exactly why Gabe avoided blonde women! It was slightly annoying, but amusing at the same time. He contemplated just signing the damn shorts and being done with it, but he didn't want to confuse the poor girl. He really wasn't sure what to say, since she didn't seem convinced a few seconds before. But luckily Mikko intervened.

    Kendall allowed Daisy to drag him over to Gabe, but he had no idea why. Then when she had mistaken Gabe for a recording artist, he had to chuckle slightly. He gave Gabe a quick nod when he greeted him. When Mikko suggested the petting zoo, he whispered into her ear. "THOSE animals you can pet." He gave her a bright smile.

    Chris smiled at Mikko, threading his fingers through hers. "I'm up for that."

    Daisy STILL wasn't convinced! "Say hello to Jessica Biel for me!" She grinned sweetly. "She was awesome in Blade! The third one!!!" And finally, with the forces of Mikko and Kendall combined, her attention was soon refocused on the petting zoo. She took hold of Kendall's hand, smiling brightly. "For serious? I can touch them? Are there crocogators in there?"

    Mikko smiled back and gave Chris's hand a squeeze. Then her attention was on Daisy. "I don't think there are such things as 'crocogators. But you can pet sheep and goats and ducks. and...what ever other non harmful critter they have." She gave Gabe an apologetic look and smiled.

    Gabriel said nothing, but simply grinned at Daisy as she rattled on. He'd learned by now that it did no good to say that he wasn't who she thought he was. Just as he pushed up from the bench, his cell began buzzing in his pocket. With a sigh, he checked the text message, then slid it back into place. "Babe, I gotta go." He called out to Mikko. He would've pulled her in for a hug, but didn't want to interrupt her closeness with Chris. "Congratulations." And that had been his whole reason for meeting up here, to give it to her in person.

    Mikko frowned deeply when Gabe said he had to go, she thought that he had time to stay hang out with her, was it because of Daisy? She glanced over at Daisy then back at Gabe. "Alright..." He might not have wanted to interrupt their closeness but Mikko didn't care. she gave Gabe a tight hug then let him go. She managed to smile when he congratulated her. "Thanks....I guess I'll see you around."

    Gabriel wrapped his arms around her, and hugged her gently. "Yeah, you will. I'd stay, but Zekie's on my ass. Gotta pick up Isabella." He gently squeezed her. "Take care of yourself, and lil' Travis, 'kay?"

    Oh well that made it better some how, He had to pick up the kid. She smiled and nodded. "I will. See ya, Gabe."

    Kendall squeezed Daisy's hand and headed towards the petting zoo. He could tell by her excitement, she would have a ball playing with the animals there. But he would still have to keep an eye on her to make sure she didn't go overboard.

    Ducks and sheep and goats? Well that certainly wasn't as exciting as a crocogator, but still animals! She walked closely beside Kendall, squeezing tightly to his hand. She was too focused to notice that 'Justin Timberlake' was leaving. "Do they have chickens?" She asked, grinning sweetly at Kendall. "Maybe little baby chicks! I've always wanted one!"

    Kendall smiled and nodded. "Most petting zoos do. But you can't take it home with you. But you can hold it, I'm sure."

    Gabe slowly released her from his embrace, oblivious to the fact that they were being spied on. Once again, he ruffled her hair. "Take care, babe." And with that, he headed back towards the spot in which he had snuck in.

    Mikko wrapped her arm around Chris again, Also not aware that a group of Dragons had been watching them sense they arrived. She smiled up at Chris and headed to the petting zoo. Unbeknownst to anyone that they were silently being stalked.

    "I can hold it? Sweet!" She wrapped her arm around Kendall's waist, giving him a tight squeeze. "Maybe someday when we get a place, we can have lots of little baby chickens, that'll never get big!"

    Chris put his arm around Mikko again and walked towards the petting zoo. He was not one bit aware that they were being followed.

    Kendall chuckled at that. "All things grow bigger at some point." He gave Daisy's hand another firm squeeze as they entered the petting zoo.

    Mikko entered the park with Chris, trying to avoid animal poop and the really scary looking billy goat. Daisy might enjoy this, but Mikko wondered what kind of diseases these monsters had. Why couldn't a petting zoo have a little kitten, or a snake. well there WAS a snake there, but he looked so sedated. She found a bench and sat down, lightly trying to kick away any animal that came by her.

    "Buuut, I'm sure there's mini-me chickies somewhere..." Daisy said, hopefully. It'd be nice to have one that stayed small! But the chicken discussion was soon forgotten as they entered the petting zoo. The first thing to catch her attention was the pen full of bunnies! She wasted no time tugging Kendall inside the enclosure. "Bunnies galore!" She plopped down on the ground with them, scooping one up into her arms. "Awwww, I wanna take him home!"

    Kendall only smiled when Daisy dragged him over to the bunnies with her. It was so adorable seeing her interact with them. He smiled and picked one up himself, holding it in his large hands. "Sorry babe. But you can't take any of these home. These have to stay here so other people can hold them too." He leaned over and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

    Daisy snuggled the little rabbit close, and scratched him behind his floppy ears. "Awww, but this one said he wanted to come home with us." She grinned sweetly, and watched him with the little rabbit. Her heart melted, seeing how gentle he was with the little guy. "Aww.. babe, you're gonna be an awesome daddy!"

    Chris smiled at Mikko and sat down next to her. "They're not gonna hurt you, you know."

    Kendall gave her a bright smile. "Thanks, babe." He stroked the small rabbit on its back very gently, then put it down with the others again. "So you ready to see what other animals are in this place, yet?"

    Mikko held her foot out to stop a fluffy sheep from getting to close, it nibbled on her boot."I'm not taking any chances." Mikko was about to kick the animal when a loud bang rang out. The nibbling sheep fell to the ground. Before Mikko had time to react another gun shot rang out, This time it felt like her leg was on fire. then another to her shoulder. By now Mikko had reacted, with adrenaline pumping she didn't even feel the second shot to her shoulder, she grabbed Chris and tugged him to the ground. Then looked over at Daisy and kendall as animals fell one by one around them. The Dragons that had been following them, hit their mark, and after disposing of all their amo they fled leaving a livestock graveyard behind them.

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    ((Rambo the killer bunny))

    When the first shots rang out, Kendall's first instinct was to push Daisy to the ground, and protect her with his arm. Luckily, his police training kicked in and he reacted in time. As far as he knew, neither of them had been hit. He kept his head down and whispered to Daisy to do the same.

    When Chris first heard the gunshots, his immediate reaction was to freeze. However that was bad idea. When he heard the second round, it was then he felt a sharp pain in his leg. He dared to look down and saw a growing blood splotch soaking his pant leg. Luckily it was only a graze, but it still hurt like hell! He glanced over at Mikko with a stricken gaze. He wasn't sure if she'd been shot yet, and he wasn't sure what to do next.

    Mikko glanced up, watching the shooter running away. She didn't know who they were but recognized one of the guys. 'son of a bitch!' she thought then sat up once everything calmed down. She looked over at Daisy and Kendall again. "Get out of here before the cops come!" She demanded then turned to Chris. "Are you alright?" She held a hand over her bleeding arm and looked him over. Seeing his leg she quickly put pressure on the wound with her other hand. "Did you get hit anywhere else?"

    Daisy was completely taken off guard by the sudden assault. If not for the fast actions of Kendall, she would've been hit several times over. She couldn't understand what was happening, and closed her eyes tightly as the loud gunshots continued to ring out, the noise reverberating throughout the area. Hearing Kendall's instructions, she faintly shook her head, still holding to the baby rabbit that she was trying hard not to squish. When the noise finally ceased, she slowly opened her tear-filled eyes, being met with the site of the bloody corpses of the animals. She took a deep. shaky breath, trying to find her voice but the fear had momentarily debilitated her. Obviously, she was unaware that Mikko had been hit.

    Chris shook his head. "No, just my leg," he said with a strained voice. "Are you okay?" He could see her arm, but couldn't tell about anything else.

    "Just my leg and arm. I HATE GUNS!" She kept her hand over his leg blood soaking her hands and cloths. She looked back over at the other two, what were they waiting for? were they shot? "Are you two ok?" By now not only were cops and paramedics coming but news crews as well. Kendall had to leave...soon.

    After things had somewhat calmed down, despite the circumstances, he whispered to Daisy. "Are you okay?" He had to know before he tried moving her. "Did you get hit anywhere?" He slowly sat up looking her over for any visible wounds. Not finding any, he breathed a sigh of relief. "We gotta get outta!" he whispered in a commanding tone.

    It took a moment for Daisy to will herself to move. But as reality settled in, and knowing the cops would be here soon, she forced herself to move. Her tear-filled gaze fixated on Kendall, fearful that he had been hit. It was a huge weight off her chest as she saw no visible injuries. She forced herself up onto shaky legs, her free hand reaching for his. The little rabbit was still held protectively in her arm, and she had no intentions of setting him down. His whole family was dead.. now, she had to take care of him. "What.. what happened?" She finally asked, once she found her voice. She walked quickly beside Kendall, destined for their exit, still oblivious to Mikko's condition.

    Mikko shook her head, "No, we don't have to leave. Just stay still, the paramedics will be here soon." unfortunately the first people to show up was the news crew. Like vultures they flocked to the petting zoo, filming the animals, Mikko, Chris and a little boy that had been shot. Mikko ducked away not wanting to be on tv, though knew that everyone would recognize her anyway.Shorty after the ambulance arrived and paramedics started to examine the injured.

    Finally they made it to the exit, and Kendall went first through the hole in the gate. "I dunno. Some fuckers just made us target practice. Didn't see any of their faces, though..." Quickly he slid between the bars and held out a hand for Daisy to take to aid her in her own escape.

    Chris saw Mikko duck away from the cameras, but he wasn't so lucky. They were on him in an instant, and the only thing he could do was clam up. He hated being in front of cameras, and with the pain he was currently in, the last thing he wanted to do was talk about the incident. All he wanted to do was get out of there. When the cameras focused solely on him, he had the classic deer-caught-in-the-headlights look. And he still said nothing.

    Mikko was quick to jump in though and carefully scooped up Chris head, cradling it away from the cameras. She laid her head close to him letting her hair cover them up as much as passable. She pushed her own pain aside, her focus now was to comfort Chris, though he was only shot in the leg, she didn't know if this was his first shooting or not, plus she didn't think he wanted so much attention on him. Once the paramedics took the little boy away they came to Mikko and Chris.

    There were so many questions racing through Daisy's confused mind right now, but she was still to shaken to voice them. Once Kendall slid through the gap in the bars, she took his hand and quickly did the same. She held to him tightly as they made a hasty retreat to the vehicle. "Are you alright?" She asked in a shaken tone, trying hard to suppress the sob-induced hiccups. He looked fine, sure- but deep down she wondered if he was holding up, for her. "You didn't get hit, did you?"

    Chris was extremely grateful for Mikko's aid from the camera's persistence. Soon after that, the paramedics came to Chris first and fixed up his wound the best they could. But unfortunately for Chris, he still needed stitches. So the paramedics assisted him to the ambulance then tended to Mikko.

    By now Mikko knew the drill, She scooted onto the gurney and let the paramedics strap her in, she gave Chris a small wave before she was lifted into the ambulance, Then turned and flipped off the camera man that was focusing on her. She needed stitches and needed the bullets taken out, but more importantly, they needed to make sure that all this action didn't cause the baby stress.

    Kendall shook his head. "No, I'm fine.'s times like this that I'm glad I'm an ex-cop." Then he looked at the bundle of fur in her hands for the first time and gave her a small smile. "Looks like you got to keep one of them after all." Then his smile faded completely. "Sorry, babe. This is not how I wanted your first experience to the zoo to go." He gave wrapped his arm around her, and gave her a light squeeze

    Chris was already in the ambulance, but a gurney wasn't necessary. He was on a small bench when Mikko's gurney was wheeled in. After everything was settled, he carefully made his way over to her and held her good hand. "Everything's gonna be alright, babe." He gave her a little smile for reassurance

    Mikko smiled back to him. "So..This your first shooting? You handle it well." She gave his hand a tight squeeze as an IV was put in her. She denied knowing anything about what happen when asked, and was grateful that Gabe had to leave when he did

    Once safely inside the vehicle, Daisy melted into his embrace. She wiped at her tears with the palm of her shaky hand, trying hard to will them away. She couldn't remember ever being that scared before. She leaned up, meeting his lips with hers, overly thankful that he was alright. "Ex- cop, huh?" That certainly explained his fast actions, and while she had questions about his former status, she was just still too shaken right now. And now, she realized they were minus two. "Where's... Mikko and Chris?"

    Kendall would have mentally kicked himself, if he wasn't so concerned about Daisy. How could he possibly forget the other two? He vaguely remembered Mikko asking them if he and Daisy were alright, but he never answered back. Shit... "I don't know," he finally said. They were all in this together. They were a team, and he let them down. He sighed heavily. "I hope they're alright..."

    "Thanks," Chris said as he squeezed her hand back. To tell the truth, he was more than a little scared, but he tried not to show it to Mikko.

    Soon Mikko and Chris were being driven to the hospital. She sighed deeply. "So the zoo was a bad idea. Hopefully our next outing will be better."

    The unknowing frightened Daisy to no end. She was just about to voice her concern until she gazed up at him. Seeing his regret and worry, she pushed her own to the depths. She reached up, gently caressing his cheek. "You were so brave back there." She managed a shaky grin, and once again wiped at her tears, sniffling quietly. "You're my hero."

    That caused Kendall to smile a little, "Thanks, babe. I'm glad I could save someone." To lighten the tension in the air, he looked at the small rabbit in her arms. "So what are you gonna name the little one there?"

    "Yeah, no kidding."

    Daisy thought about that for a moment. Lucky was the first thing to come to mind, but that seemed to cliche'. "Hmm..Rambo? He seems pretty tough." She cuddled the little bunny, who seemed oblivious to just how close he'd come to being killed. "Poor baby.. I wonder if he's gonna miss his family? They're all in Heaven now."

    Soon the ambulance pulled up by the emergency room, the paramedics jumped out and opened the back doors, pulling Mikko out of the van and into the hospital. She wondered if Daisy and Kendall made it out. And if she was already on the news, she also wondered if the ones that shot at them were sent after her, or just some idiots trying to prove something. She was rolled into a room and looked over by a small team of doctors. She recognized one of the nurses that walked by and gave her a small wave. 'This sucks.' she thought to herself as she closed her eyes and waited for all the poking and prodding to be over.

    Kendall sighed and squeezed her shoulder comfortingly. "Rambo's a nice name," he said, smiling slightly.

    Daisy snuggled closely to him, her scattered mind still struggling to make sense of it all. Clear and simple, there was no sense to be made of any of this. It was a senseless act, she thought. Why would anyone kill innocent animals, if they were the targets? And just who was the target, anyway? And most importantly, were Mikko and Chris okay? But her thoughts were soon interrupted when she caught a glimpse of black uniforms from the corner of her eye. Cops were approaching the car. She gasped slightly, her grip on Kendall tightening. "Baby.. we need to go!"

    As soon as they reached the hospital, he and Mikko were separated. A wheelchair was waiting for him and he slowly sank down into it, being wheeled to a separate room. They thoroughly cleansed the wound and wrapped it up. The whole time he was worried about Mikko. He got off considerably easy compared to her.

    Kendall nodded and climbed in. He quickly started the car and took off. But he had no intention of going far. Not until he found out Mikko and Chris were safely out of there. They would just get far enough away to get out from under the police radar.

    Finally Mikko was left with a single nurse who was there to stitch her up. She was hooked up to machines that she thought was very unnecessary and planed on leaving the hospital as soon as the nurse was done, even though someone had mentioned her staying the night. But she felt fine, she was more worried about Chris. She'd been through this before, not that she enjoyed it, but she wasn't all to freaked out. though she didn't want to be by herself in the hospital over night, plus she needed to get a hold of Daisy and Kendall. Hopefully one of them had the sense to use a pay phone to call her.

    Luckily they had managed to slip away without incident, but now Daisy was worried about how Mikko and Chris would find them. She glanced over at Kendall, reaching over to give his hand a light squeeze. "Babe.. do you know Mikko's cell number? Maybe we could find a phone, and try calling her."

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    Post by Mikko on Sun Jul 19, 2009 3:44 pm

    ((Rambo, the stylin bunny))

    Kendall looked at Daisy and smiled. "Babe, you are a genius!" Then he frowned. "The only problem with that is, I don't have the number memorized yet. The paper with it on it is back at the cabin. Think we should go back there and get it?" Not his favorite thing to do since there were so many other factors at play here. But considering the circumstances, it was probably the best next course of action.

    Going back to the cabin when Mikko and that lycan dude could be in trouble was not what Daisy wanted to do, but given their options, it was the wiser choice "Sounds like a good idea." She squeezed him gently. "And who knows, maybe they stole another car, and are on their way back!" She was trying to stay optimistic, but couldn't completely drown out the concern.

    After Chris was taken care of, he asked one of the nurses if he could see the woman he came in with. And they said yes, but he couldn't go up there alone. Not when he had to navigate a wheelchair as his mode of transportation. After getting the okay, he was wheeled up to Mikko's room. However, the nurse did let him go into the room alone, but just kept a watchful eye on him from the doorway. So Chris wheeled himself into the room and over to Mikko's bedside, taking her good hand and gave it a light squeeze. "Hey babe, can you hear me?" he asked, keeping his voice soft.

    The nurse had just finished stitching Mikko up and the pain killers she was given was making her drowsy. She heard Chris come in but didn't open her eyes until he took her hand. "Loud and clear." She said with a smile. "You doing ok?"

    Kendall gave her a weak smile. "Yeah, I hope so." And with that, he pulled out of their hiding spot and headed back to the cabin.

    Daisy snuggled up against him as he drove, absently rubbing his leg. Her mind kept drifting back to the incident. The blood and corpses. She took a deep, shuttering breath, and attempted to break the quietness. Maybe if she could keep talking-- keep him talking, her mind wouldn't have so much freedom to keep going back to that. 'So you were a cop, huh?" She gave his knee a light squeeze. "That's really sexy." She really wanted to ask what happened, and why he was no longer a cop, but didn't want to add salt to already sore wounds. He would tell her, when the time was right, she hoped. "Do you have any pictures of you in uniform?"

    Chris smiled and squeezed her hand gently again. "I'm doing better," he told her sincerely. "How are you feeling?"

    "I'm fine. They gave me so awesome pain killers.But they want me to stay the night..." She squeezed his hand back and frowned. "I'm sorry about all of this."

    Chris gave her a small smile. "Don't worry about it. Things happen..." he finished shrugging. "I'm just glad neither of us got seriously hurt or worse. Do you know what happened?"

    Mikko nodded, then looked to make sure they were alone. "I recognized one of the guys, they were dragons, no doubt I was the target." She moved over. "Think you can fit in the bed with me?"

    Kendall shook his head. "Not anymore. I really don't have anything left from my old life. Since breaking out of prison, I've felt like a new man. The only things I have from my previous life are just my memories. And even those I try to forget. They come with a lot of pain, sometimes."

    Chris didn't know how to answer that one at first. He had no idea if he could get away with that for one, and second, he would only spend the night if Mikko did. Which is what it looked like was going to happen. But sleeping in the same bed? "Is that even allowed, babe?"

    Mikko shrugged. "Dunno. don't care. If it's not they'll tell ya something." She didn't think that there was any harm in trying.

    Okay, he could go along with that. But there was one other thing. "You sure you want me to squeeze in there? Aren't you afraid that I would accidentally bump your injury or something?" He wasn't so worried about himself. But she had more serious injuries than he did and that could also be a problem.

    A small frown tugged across Daisy's lips at that. Careful not to distract him, she leaned up and pressed a gentle kiss against his cheek. "You are a new person, babe." She once again gave him a light squeeze. "This is your fresh start!" She flashed him a sweet smile. "And I'm really glad to be a part of it!"

    Mikko sighed. "You worry to much, come lay down. I'm not that fragile." She gently pulled him closer to her.

    Kendall smiled at that. "Aw, thanks, babe. I'm really happy you are too." They soon arrived back at the cabin and he parked the car. Then he turned to Daisy and gave her a sweet kiss on the lips. "You're the best thing in my life right now." He smiled at her and then climbed out of the car.

    With a small sigh, Chris eased himself out of the wheelchair and climbed into the bed carefully after dropping the railing on the bed. Then he turned to Mikko. "Is this okay?"

    Mikko covered them both up and laid her head on his shoulder. "Perfect."

    Chris smiled and intertwined his fingers with hers. He didn't want to risk hurting her with wrapping an arm around her. Content now, he let his own eyes slide closed.

    Mikko held his hand and kissed him softly. She then closed her own eyes and relaxed. "I hope the other two made it out."

    Daisy's heart melted at that. "Awww, babe. You're the best thing that ever happened to me. For serious. She returned the kiss, and climbed out of the car with little Rambo still snuggled in her arms. She followed him inside the cabin, and while Kendall looked for the number, she attempted to settle the poor rabbit into his new home. He would currently be staying in Ozzy's 'home'. And she could only hope the two would like each other, if she ever found the runaway bunny.

    It didn't take long for Kendall to find the number, and tried calling Mikko. While waiting for an answer, he looked over at Daisy and watched her get Rambo situated in his new home. He flashed her a bright smile.

    Mikko opened her eyes when she heard her phone. she looked over and around the room before realizing that it was next to Chris. "Love, can you hand me the phone?"

    And two seconds later, the little bunny was out of the cage, now resting in Daisy's lap as she attempted to wrap a hair tie around his droopy hears. Hopefully that would make them stand up a little better. She returned Kendall's smile with one of her own, and flashed him a small wink.

    "Mm," was Chris' sleepy reply. He was slowly drifting off to sleep when he heard Mikko's cellphone go off. It startled him back to full consciousness. He reached over to the table to retrieve Mikko's cellphone, handing it to her. Then he waited to see what was up

    Mikko thanked him and planted a kiss on his lips then answered. "Hello?"

    Relief flooded Kendall when he heard Mikko's voice. "Hey Mikko. Where you guys at?" Then he caught sight of what Daisy was doing and shook his head in amusement. Though he was sure the poor rabbit thought it was anything but funny...

    "Hey!" Mikko was just as relieved to hear from them. "You guys ok? We're at the hospital, gonna be here for the night."

    Kendall frowned again slightly at that. "Yeah, we're fine. But what about you? Why are you at the hospital?"

    "We got hit, but, it's nothing serious. I'm glad you two got out. How's Daisy? She doing alright?" Mikko was really worried about the effect this was having on the poor girls psyche

    Kendall looked over at Daisy briefly, then turned back to the phone. "She was a bit shaken up, but other than that, okay. And good to hear you weren't hurt too bad. Did you want us to bring anything to you? We're at the cabin now."

    Well that was good. Though Daisy could have been hiding what she was feeling, but hopefully she really was alright. "Ummm..." Mikko looked at Chris. "Babe, you need anything from the cabin?"

    Chris was also relieved to find out that his 'friends' were okay. When Mikko asked him if he wanted anything, he couldn't think of anything right at the moment. The only thing he didn't have was his ever-present bag he took everywhere with him, but he could survive the night without it. He shook his head. "I'm good. It's only gonna be one night here, right?"

    Mikko nodded to Chris then went back to the phone. "No we're good, we're only staying the night. and I'm really sorry about all of this."

    "No I'm sorry I couldn't protect the two of you in time. But at least I was able to keep Daisy safe. So I guess I'll see you tomorrow then, huh?"

    "Don't worry about it. I was the one that got us shot in the first place. But yah, we'll be home tomorrow. night Kendall, tell Daisy we're fine."

    "Night, and I will. See ya tomorrow. Tell Chris I said hello."

    "Will do." Mikko hung up and snuggled with Chris. "Kendall said hi. and they're fine." She laid her phone next to her then locked her fingers with his again. She once again closed her eyes.

    Daisy listened on to Kendall's side of the conversation, as she continued her attempts to cure the poor lop eared rabbit of his droopy ears. She could finally breathe again, knowing her big sis was alive. But how bad was it? She overheard the word 'hospital', obviously one of them had been injured. She cuddled the rabbit in her arms as she approached Kendall, eyeing him questioningly. "Are they alright? Are they coming home?"

    Chris smiled and held her hand again. "That's good to hear. So should we try sleeping again? And please tell me you aren't expecting anyone else to call. It scared the shit out of me the last time."

    Mikko grinned. "I don't think so, babe. Gabe would be the only one, but I don't think he pays to much attention to the news, so I think we can get some sleep now."

    Kendall met her down on the floor and wrapped an arm around her, pulling her closer to him. "She said nothing serious, and they're just staying the night there for precautionary reasons. They're fine." He gave her another squeeze. Then he got an amused look on his face. "And just what are you doing to that poor bunny's ears? They're supposed to look like that." He kissed the top of her head.

    Chris nodded and gave her hand another squeeze, letting his eyes slide closed again. Sleep sounded so good right now.

    Mikko kissed him again and closed her eyes, the drugs were wearing off though and the pain was seeping back. She tried to ignore it and get some sleep

    Daisy moved closer to him, placing the bunny on the floor to free up her arms, and wrapped both arms around him. She was relieved that they were indeed okay, but a little sad that they wouldn't be home tonight. At Kendall's question, she gave him a concerned look. "I don't think he could hear me, because they were drooping down to much. Plus, it's stylish!"

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    Post by Mikko on Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:57 pm

    (the loooooooooove couch))

    Mikko was woken up bright and early the following morning by her nurse. She was being released. And Mikko was relieved. The nurse took out her IV and gave her her discharge papers, she would have to come back for a check up, though Mikko didn't plan on keeping that appointment. After a few hours Mikko along with Chris were out the hospital. She had gotten another car and was heading back to the cabin. She looked over at Chris. "I think that I should stay hidden for a while, at lest be alone next time I go out. No need to put everyone in danger."

    Surprisingly, Chris slept fairly well with Mikko right beside him. He may have been slightly crammed, but he figured the company made him feel really comfortable; despite the space issue. He awoke right when the nurse came in earlier that morning. Now he and Mikko where heading back to the cabin in a 'new' car. He turned to her and nodded at her suggestion. Although he was torn on whether to let her go out alone. Getting shot again definitely wasn't high on his list of things to do, but he didn't want Mikko to go through this alone. What if it happened again or worse? And she had a baby on the way...

    Mikko looked over at Chris again and smiled. She felt so bad that he went through that. But soon they were pulling up to the cabin, she popped it in park and fully intended on making it up to the man. Maybe a massage or she can cook something for him. She turned the car off. "You alright? I managed to grab some of those pain pills they were giving me if you need them."

    Daisy had slept very little that night. The nightmares plagued her, interrupting her sleep. Despite her attempts to bury the images of the massacre, they incorporated themselves into her dreams. She had woken up in tears several times, and each time she managed to find sleep again, the images would haunt her. She remained snuggled up against Kendall, too afraid to leave his side.

    Kendall also didn't get much sleep that night. But mostly because he was trying to comfort Daisy. He noticed she had woken up several times herself, and only got closer to him. Which he didn't mind at all. He was willing to do whatever he could to comfort her. And now he was wide awake, holding Daisy close and stroking her back lovingly.

    Chris shook his head. "Nah, I'm good. I'm just glad to be outta that place. I don't like hospitals that much. Never have..."

    "I'm not a fan either." Mikko got out of the car and slowly made her way to the cabin. Her leg still hurt, even with the pills. Her arm wasn't to bad. The bullet didn't go in as deep and she needed less stitches there. She was thankful that it was just her arm and leg that got hit. "Wonder where the other two are."

    Daisy closed her eyes, soothed by Kendall's loving gestures. Despite how she was feeling, she managed a weak smile. "Heh. Who needs a teddy bear and a night light, when I have you." She gently caressed his cheek, and pressed a sweet kiss against his lips. "Love you."

    Kendall grinned and returned the kiss. "Love you too, babe." He kissed her a few more times. "And I'd do anything to protect you." He smiled at her.

    Chris shrugged. "Dunno. Probably the usual place." He didn't really know about the tent, but he knew of a special place those two constantly disappear to.

    Mikko nodded. "Yeah." She walked inside and sat down on the couch. "I think the fates are against us babe. It's looking like were never going to get a moment of peaceful aloneness."

    Daisy brushed at the tears at the corners of her eyes, and planted a lingering kiss against his lips. "I know you would, babe." She continued to caress his cheek, gazing into those beautiful eyes of his. Never in her life had she felt this loved and protected before. It was definitely nice. "Did you sleep okay?" She kinda already knew the answer to that, but hoped she hadn't kept him up all night. "I guess Mikko and Chris should be home soon, huh?"

    Chris sat down next to her. "I don't believe that. We've had lots of alone time. Just not all that long." He wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her cheek.

    Mikko cuddled up against him. "This is true. Well maybe one day we will have a longer amount of time." She smiled at him and kissed him softly on the lips.

    Kendall returned the kiss then shrugged. "It was enough. I know you didn't sleep that well." He gave her another kiss. "And yeah, probably." Another kiss.

    Chris kissed her back and pulled her closer to him, being very careful about her wounds. Soon that kiss became something more intense. If they were having some alone time now, dammit, he was gonna enjoy it to the fullest extent.

    Mikko kissed him deeper, she moved her arms around him carefully holding him close to her. She closed her eyes and hoped that the other two weren't going to be coming around any time soon.

    Chris kissed her deeper and also hoped they wouldn't get interrupted this time around. However, given their conditions, getting completely involved was probably not the best idea. But kissing would certainly do for now...

    Mikko parted her lips against his, her tongue sliding slowly across his lips. She reached down his back, lifting his shirt and sliding her nails lightly over his skin.

    Daisy nuzzled against him, savoring every second of his loving affection. Her fingers traveled around to caress the back of his neck. She was content just laying here with him, enjoying his company, but the rumbling in her tummy would soon be too great to ignore. She flashed him a sweet smile. "Hungry?"

    Kendall smiled back. "Sure. Anything you want, babe." He flashed her a bright grin.

    Chris closed his eyes and moaned softly into the kiss. His own tongue caressed hers and he slipped his hand under the back of her shirt again.

    Mikko shivered under his touch. pressing her lips hard against his, her tongue exploring his mouth. She moaned softly against his lips.

    "Hmmm.. " She snuggled against him, too content within his arms to make a move just yet. Her fingers moved further down, now caressing and rubbing his shoulders. "What are you hungry for?" It was only fair, after all. She had picked last time.

    While he thought it over, he kissed her again. After pulling away he answered, "Waffles."

    Daisy flashed him a sweet smile at that. "Mmm, that sounds really yummy!" She pressed a light kiss against his lips, and reluctantly slid her hands from his shoulders, and slowly untangled herself from him. She was already missing his warmth. She briefly thought about how nice it'd be to have breakfast in a McDonalds, since that was another thing she had yet to do. But after their public outing yesterday, it would be a while before she would feel safe leaving the cabin.

    Chris reached further up her back and traced small circles on her skin. He wasn't sure how much further to go with her injuries. But he was definitely getting in the mood to take it to the next level.

    Mikko brought her hands back down his back, sliding her fingers into his waistband and bringing her hands around his front. Her lips still pressed to his, she tugged at his jeans as she bit his bottom lip.

    With a heavy sigh, Kendall sat up and reached over for his clothes. After pulling them on he waited for Daisy to get ready then laced his fingers with hers. "Shall we?"

    Chris was indeed surprised that Mikko was feeling up to it, but hell...he wasn't complaining. He reached around and up, tentatively massaging her breasts under her shirt.

    Mikko moaned softly as she kissed his lips once more, then planted a trail of kisses along his jaw, down his neck then making her way back to his lips. Any pain that Mikko might have been feeling just moments earlier were pushed aside and almost forgotten. It took some doing but she finally got his jeans unbutton and then started to work on his zipper.

    Chris kissed her heatedly as he was trying to figure out how to get her shirt off without disturbing the wound on her arm. He could feel his breath picking up from all the excitement.

    Mikko would solve that problem for him though, as soon as his jeans were open she put her arms down and broke the kiss only long enough to slip her shirt off. She wasted no time pressing her lips against his again and tossed her shirt over the coffee table, then slid her hand down his now open jeans.

    Daisy watched with a cheeky grin as Kendall got dressed, and slowly did the same. The lack of sleep, and emotional drain was certainly taking a toll on her, but she still struggled to mask it. Once she was dressed, she threaded her fingers through Kendall's, flashing him a tired smile. "Mmhmm! Sooo, are we having home-made waffles.. or Egos?" She gently squeezed his hand, as they headed towards the cabin. "You're like, the best cook ever!"

    Kendall chuckled. "Thank you. But let's just see what we have up there first." He flashed her a small grin.

    Daisy smiled sweetly and gave his hand another gentle squeeze. As exhausted as she was, a piggy-back ride was definitely tempting right now, but they were soon at the cabin. Seeing the unfamiliar car, she gave Kendall a questioning look, both cautious and excited. It had to be Mikko, right? Still, until she knew for sure, she would approach with caution. "You think it's them?"

    Chris let out a small gasp as he felt Mikko's hand brush his growing bulge. After she had her shirt off, he resumed his recent position and kneaded her sensitive flesh. It had been so long since he had been this intimate with a girl, but he still remembered some tricks. Breaking the kiss, he moved his head down to kiss the top of her chest. still massaging further down.

    Mikko leaned her head back and gave his hardening bulge a gentle squeeze. Her other hand raised to his head, fingers tangling in his hair, her breathing coming faster. She had never had an intimate experience quiet like this. And she had to admit it was a nice change.

    Chris let out a soft moan against her skin. Then he slowly and gently laid her down on her back on the couch and kissed her again. He finished what she started and removed his jeans completely, and slipped off his shirt. Now only clad in his boxers, he carefully leaned over her and kissed her deeply again.

    Mikko let Chris push her back, she laid down and let her fingers played along his spine as she kissed him deeply back.

    Kendall looked at the car suspiciously and nodded. "Yeah, I think so." He held her hand tighter. "But just to be sure, stay close, alright?" Cautiously, he climbed up the steps and raised his hand up to the door. He shot Daisy one last glance before slowly opening the door. But when he looked inside, he saw something he wasn't expecting. With a small smirk he said, "Well, well, well...what have we got here?"

    Mikko didn't even notice Kendall had walked in, much to occupied at what was happing on the couch, it wasn't till Kendall spoke that she looked up. With a quiet gasp she reached for the blanket that was on the back of the couch and covered the two of them, as best she could anyway. "How's about knocking first?" She tried adjusting the blanket to cover more of them. "Can you give us a moment?"

    Daisy held tightly to his hand, and stayed closely beside him. Once the door was open, she cautiously peeked in, eyes growing wide at the sight before them. Her shock soon gave way to a quiet chuckle, as she greeted the two lovebirds with a big smile. "Heh. Nice to see you two are alright!"

    Kendall nodded. Even though he didn't get that much respect from Mikko when he and Daisy were basically caught in the act. But considering what those two had been through yesterday, he decided to give them their space. Then he turned to Daisy and squeezed her hand. "We'll be outside. Come on, Daisy."

    Chris was completely unaware that they had an audience until Kendall spoke up. He looked up at Kendall so shocked that he had that deer-caught-in-the-headlights look again. He was grateful for Mikko's quick thinking, but the damage had already been done. So with a sigh, after Kendall and Daisy had left again, he gave Mikko one last kiss on the lips then got dressed again. "Interrupted again..." he said with a sigh.

    Once the two had left Mikko kissed Chris back and sat up. "Yeah. Maybe we should find a special hidden place in the woods." She slipped her shirt back on and stood up, the pain that had been forgotten slowing coming back. She rubbed her sore shoulder and headed to the kitchen. "What you wanna eat babe?"

    Daisy's smile slowly turned into a frown, realizing that they weren't getting breakfast anytime soon. With a sigh, she plopped down onto the old porch swing, tugging Kendall to join her. "Sure hope they hurry."

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    Post by Mikko on Tue Jul 21, 2009 6:21 pm


    "Um, why don't you pick something while I let the other two know it's safe to come back in, 'kay?" And without waiting for an answer, he went out to the porch and called the other two back in.

    Mikko pulled out some frozen waffles and nodded to Chris. She tried to move her arm as little as possible and was carful not to put to much weight on her leg. But even through all of that. Mikko still wanted to head back to the mall and surprise Daisy with a dog...A small dog, a very small dog. With luck she could find something rat sized. But it had to be a surprise. It was the lest Mikko could do after almost getting them all killed. She put the waffles in the toaster and waited.

    After leaving cabin once more, he allowed Daisy to drag him to to the porch swing and held her while they waited. He gave her a few sweet kisses before answering her. "I hope so too." And not too much longer after that, Chris emerged from the house and told them they could join him and Mikko again. Kendall gave Chris a sincere smile and thanked him. Once Chris had disappeared into the cabin once more, he turned to Daisy and whispered, "Ask and you shall recieve, babe." He kissed her again before getting up from the swing. He offered his hand out to Daisy.

    Chris walked back in and went straight over to Mikko. "Hey, babe. Need any help?" He leaned against the counter, just waiting. And was willing to help if she needed it.

    Mikko smiled at him and leaned over giving him a kiss. "Nah it's all done." She said sticking the waffles on a plate and handing it to him. "I'm going to go for a while, babe. I'll be back in a few hours."

    Daisy returned the affectionate kisses, melting into his warm embrace as they waited for the lovebirds to finish up. And finally, Chris came out, announcing it was safe to return inside. She grinned brightly, and quickly took hold of Kendall's hand. "Ooooh, I was beginning to think we'd have to go rob Mickey D's!"

    Chris took the proffered plate and smiled, giving her a small kiss. "Thanks babe. They look great," he said, looking at the small stack of waffles. Then he looked up at her again and nodded. "Yeah, sure. See you later." He gave her another smile and a small wave.

    Well, Mikko was definitely expecting Chris to be a little more concern about where she was going and possibly her safety. Typical, he didn't get sex and compassion goes out the door. She shook her head and grabbed her bag, slinging it over her good shoulder, ruffling Daisy's hair on her way out. "See you guys later."

    Kendall chuckled. "Yeah, me too." He held her hand and gave it a light squeeze as they headed inside. He immediately took Daisy over to the kitchen area and saw Chris with a couple waffles on a plate. "Hey, are there more of those?" Kendall asked him, as he checked the freezer for any remaining ones, or possibly another box. No such luck on an unopened box, but he did find the remaining ones from the opened box. And fortunately, there were enough for both he and Daisy. As long as they were both fine with two each. He pulled out two of them and placed them in the toaster and waited for them to finish.

    It wasn't that Chris didn't care about Mikko's well-being, quite the opposite. And he was really surprised that Mikko didn't fix anything to eat herself. Chris just hadn't realized how hungry he was until Mikko gave him the plate of warm waffles. Then all he was thinking about was eating. He could have slapped himself, however, for letting Mikko go in her condition. She only had one good arm, for crying out loud! He couldn't let her go out by herself, especially DRIVING! Grabbing the two waffles off his plate, now that they were cool enough, he ran outside, hoping to catch Mikko before she took off. He would just take his breakfast to go, this time.

    Daisy grinned as Mikko ruffled her hair, but soon frowned upon realizing that she was leaving. "Where are you going?" She asked, curiously. She grabbed hold of her arm, and tugged her into the kitchen with them. She was anxious to know, but oh so hungry, too! Dragging Mikko along was the only way to kill two birds with one stone.

    Mikko was stopped and dragged by Daisy, and watched Chris scoop up his food, she guessed to come with her. That made her smile, of course. the searing pain that Daisy caused in her arm was taking center stage in her mind. "DAISY! STOP!"

    Daisy immediately relinquished her grip on Mikko, realizing that it was her injured arm. She flashed her an apologetic look, frowning deeply. "Sorry. Where are you going?"

    Mikko lightly rubbed her arm. "So'k. I'm going back to the mall, I have to get somethings and no you can't come."

    Daisy frowned deeply at that. "But, why can't I come?"

    Mikko adjusted her backpack and shook her head. "Did you already forget about the zoo trip. From now on no one is allowed to go into any town with me."

    Chris frowned at that. "But can you drive with only one arm?"

    Mikko looked over at chris and nodded. "I'll be fine."

    Chris wasn't going to be dismissed so easily. "You sure you don't want some company?"

    Oh, she had definitely not forgotten about that zoo trip. The nightmares were responsible for the deep discoloration beneath her eyes. She just pouted, obviously too tired to argue with Mikko. With a defeated sigh, she headed into the kitchen with Kendall. She slipped up behind him, snaking her arms around his waist, hugging him gently. "Mmm.. smells yummy!"

    Did no one understand that she was just trying to keep them safe? Mikko shook her head again, though it would be easer with Chris there...Who was going to hold the mutt that she planed on getting. Damn. She walked closer to Chris and nodded. "Yeah, I might need some help..." She waved to the other two and headed out the cabin.

    If Mikko didn't let him go with her, he was probably going to shut himself up in the bedroom again. Even though Kendall didn't seem so cruel to him anymore. But then his spirits brightened when Mikko said he could accompany her. He snaked an arm around Mikko's middle and pulled her in for a brief kiss. "Thanks, babe. I knew you wouldn't let me down." He threaded his fingers with hers and walked out, waving to the other two. Then he and Mikko made their way to the car. "You driving, or me?"

    Let him down? Mikko wasn't sure what he meant by that but shrugged it off. She kissed him back and held his hand as they made their way to the car. "You can drive there, I'll drive back." She said sliding into the passenger side.

    Kendall wasn't a bit surprised that Mikko didn't let Daisy go. Nor was he surprised that she allowed Chris to go with her. His attention was drawn back to the kitchen when he heard the toaster pop. He went over to it and carefully pulled the waffles from the toaster, setting them on a plate. Then he handed Daisy the plate, bottle of syrup, and butter - along with eating utensils. After she was settled, he put the two remaining waffles in the toaster, then stood by and waited once more.

    Chris nodded and climbed into the driver's seat. Remembering what Mikko had taught him, he hotwired the car without too much difficulty and pulled out of the drive. "Where to, babe?"

    Mikko smiled at him, glad to see that he remembered how to start the car. "We are headed back to that mall."

    Chris returned the smile. "Okay...the mall it is."

    Mikko leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes. "I'm going to get a dog for Daisy, the lest I can do for almost getting her killed." Though had Mikko known about the bunny Daisy kidnapped, she wouldn't be bothering to get a dog.

    Daisy plopped down at the table and immediately dove in. She was starving! "Mmmm.. there are really good, babe!" She complimented with a syrupy smile. "Why do you think Mikko went to the mall?" She asked, casting him a curious look. "And she wouldn't let me go." She pouted. "But she let Chris.. I don't get it."

    Chris glanced over at her giving her another smile. "That's really nice of you, babe. Any idea what kind you wanna get?" Then he remembered something about her. "Wait, didn't you tell me you don't like dogs?"

    Mikko opened her eyes and looked at him. "Something small. and yeah, I have a dog phobia, but, a little one shouldn't be to bad. If I was able to hang with Gabe's monster beast I can probably swing with a tiny mutt."

    Kendall shrugged. "I dunno. But as close as those two are, I'm not too surprised."

    "But.. I thought she loved Spanky?" Daisy commented, but gave a small shrug. "I don't know him, but I think Chris is better. I mean, at least Chris doesn't come with warning labels."

    Chris smiled yet again. "Cool."

    "cool indeed." Mikko rested her good leg on the dash. "and you are going to be my distraction while I stuff the little guy in my bag."

    Kendall chuckled at that. "Damn right, he doesn't. Chris don't seem that bad. I personally know how much of a pain in the ass this 'Spike' guy is." The waffles were finished now and the toaster let out another loud clang as they popped the waffles up. Grabbing another plate, he stacked the other two waffles on and took them over with him, sitting next to Daisy. After fixing up his own breakfast, he started eating.

    Spike! Spike! Why was that name so hard to remember! Probably because Spunk was way cuter. She flashed Kendall a sweet smile, happy that he was finally joining her. "Yeah, Chris seems really nice.. though he doesn't talk too much." She mumbled through a mouthful. "Maybe he only really talks when it's a full moon?"

    Chris' smile faded instantly at that. "Wait. You're gonna steal it?" He didn't like this idea at all. And she was counting on HIM to be the distraction? He was HORRIBLE at that! He swallowed hard. "I am?"

    Mikko nodded. "I am and you are. I need someone to keep the worker dude busy for me, I'll be fast no worries."She looked out the window. "We almost there?"

    Kendall chuckled again. "You think so, huh? I don't really know." He stuck another forkfull of waffle in his mouth.

    Chris nodded. "Yup." He still didn't like the idea. What the hell would he do, for one thing?

    Thank god they were almost there, Mikko really needed to stretch her leg out. "Don't worry babe. it'll be fine." Fine as long as the little fuzz ball didn't bite, piss or look at her funny.

    Daisy gave a nod, and stuffed another bite into her mouth. "Mmhmm!!" She swallowed. "But maybe he doesn't talk around us because you scare him?" She couldn't understand it. She didn't find Kendall at all scary, but she had witnessed the tension between the two boys, more than once. "You were angry at him, over Mikko huh?" She gave a small frown, and gave him a curious look. "Do you still want her?"

    Chris sighed heavily and nodded. "I hope you're right.Finally, they reached the mall. Turning into the drive, he parked the car then turned to Mikko again. "So what do I gotta do to distract the guy? Any ideas?"

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    Post by Mikko on Tue Jul 21, 2009 6:22 pm

    ((Oh my GAWD! It's a mini-dog))

    Thank god they were finally there. Mikko looked over at him and nodded. "When I find the dog I want you to go get dog food, a collar, dog bowls, toys what ever." She handed him a wad of cash she had left over. "And by the time you're done I'll have the little guy and be waiting for you outside the store."

    Kendall shook his head. "Hell, no. Not since we got together. You're so much better than her, cuz you really wanted me. Mikko didn't seem interested in me at all. No matter what I did, I couldn't impress her." He set his fork down and cupped Daisy's cheek. "You're the one I love. And I always will." Syrupy face or not, he leaned in and gave her a tender kiss on the lips.

    Chris nodded. "Sounds simple enough." He took the cash from her and stashed it into his pocket then climbed out of the car. He went over to the passenger side of the car and opened the door, helping Mikko out so she didn't put any pressure on her bad arm. Then he intertwined her fingers with his and walked up to the entrance of the mall.

    Mikko let him help her and took his hand, giving him a light squeeze then headed to the mall. Once inside she went straight to the pet store. May as well get this over with. She was happy to be doing this for Daisy, but wasn't looking forward to picking up the little dog. Once inside the pet store, she walked to the dogs. There was the larger dogs that Daisy had been talking about, but even if Mikko was ok with them it would never fit in her back pack unseen. Then her eyes fell on two very tiny puppies, the sign said they were teacup yorkies. Teacup sounded small. She looked at Chris and gave him a nod to go ahead and distract the employee.

    Those last words nearly brought tears to Daisy's eyes. Her heart melted, feeling his sincerity. "Awww, babe." Setting her fork down, she moved over to set in his lap, wanting to be closer to him. She wrapped both arms around his neck, and kissed him deeply. When she finally released, she met his gaze. "She has no idea what she passed up." She hugged him tightly. "You impress me with everything you do."

    Chris sighed and nodded. Now he just had to construct the perfect distraction. After cruising the isles a few times, he had gathered everything he needed; except for the food. Which is where the distraction came in. He casually asked the employee for some assistance on what kind of dog food he should consider...

    Kendall returned the kiss. "You're so amazing yourself, babe." He gave her a bright smile and squeezed her tightly. "I dunno how I got so lucky to end up with someone like you." He kissed her again.

    Mikko waited and watch. Once the employee was busy pointing out the different dog foods, trying to get Chris to buy the most expensive brand, some all natural vegetarian dog chow, she turned back to the puppies. She had two choices and she had to make a fast decision. One of them had a pink bow in is hair and sat, wagging it's tail at Mikko. The other, was a hyper little bastard that had taken off and killed it's bow. Mikko took a deep breath and grabbed the calmer one. If there had to be a dog in the house she didn't want it jumping all over her, and she had to admit the thing was damn cute. To cute Mikko decided. She stuffed the little runt into her back pack and zipped it up, but not all the way, she made as if she was looking at some other things before slipping out the pet shop. Now she had to wait for Chris, who was still being pressured to purchase the expensive dog food.

    Daisy flashed him a sweet grin before resting her head on his shoulder. No matter how horrible she was feeling, she always felt soothed whenever she was this close to him. "Heh.. we go good together, like waffles and strawberries, huh?" She smiled, and leaned up to plant a kiss against his cheek. "I don't know how I ever survived without you, babe." She gently caressed his cheek

    After some tough negotiating, he finally convinced the employee that he had a tight budget and had to get something that was affordable and met all the requirements. Luckily, at the same time he finally made a decision, he glanced at Mikko and saw her slip out of the store when the worker had his back turned. Then he thanked the guy for all his help and met him up at the counter to ring everything up. After paying him, he left the store and met up with Mikko. "Man, I never thought I would get outta there," he said, sighing wearily. "So did you get it?"

    Once Chris got out the store, Mikko grabbed one of the bags and started walking out, she did not want to be in the mall when the missing puppy was discovered. "Yeah I got it, she's kinda cute. Think I'll name her Snickerdoodle. Lest until Daisy names it something insane like, 'Cookie' or something." She walked quickly to the car even though her leg was killing her, better to deal with pain then to get locked up for puppynapping.

    Chris nodded and headed out of the mall with her. He would have held her hand again, but he was bogged down with bags of dog things right now. They soon arrived back at the car and he put things in the back. He couldn't wait to see Daisy's face when she saw her new puppy. He once again helped Mikko with unloading her bags. Then he paused for few seconds. Turning to her, he said, "You still wanna drive?"

    Mikko nodded and carefully handed Chris the bag with the puppy inside, then slipped in the drivers seat. She started the car and as soon as Chris was inside she drove off. "You think Daisy is going to like it? It wasn't what she wanted...but there was no way anything bigger then that little one was going to fit in my bag."

    Kendall smiled and returned the kisses again. "Me neither, neither..."

    Chris nodded. "I think so. A dog is a dog to her, right?"

    "I hope so." Mikko sped down the road, and soon the little puppy poked it's nose out of the unzipped part of the bag.

    Chris noticed it and smiled. "Hey there, little girl." He slowly raised his hand up to the puppy's nose so she could sniff it.

    Mikko reached over and unzipped the bag so the little critter could get some air. And the puppy carefully sniffed around before climbing out the bag on to Chris's lap. Mikko glanced over watching the little dog. Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad. "Were almost home. I think I'm going to leave the dog in the car, and tell Daisy that I left something in here and ask her to get it for me, then she'll see the puppy. That should surprise her."

    "Sounds good." Chris smiled, scratching the puppy behind her ears. He had to admit, she was a real cutie. He was almost certain Daisy would go nuts over her.

    Daisy snuggled against him, yawning tiredly. But as tired as she was, she refused to fall asleep. Those evil nightmares would surely be waiting for her. "Maybe when your leg heals up, we can go swimming!" She grinned up at him. "Think you can teach me?"

    Kendall wrapped both arms around her. "Sure I can, babe. No problem." He pulled her in for another deep kiss.

    And soon Mikko was pulling up to the cabin. She parked the car and shut it off. "Well guess we're going to see if this satisfies her need for a dog." She got out the car then walked to Chris side. She found a little piece of paper and wrote 'To Daisy' on it. "Ok lets leave her here on the front seat."

    Chris carefully picked the puppy up and climbed out of the car. Then after making sure she couldn't escape, he set her down on the seat. He leaned down and gave her a quick kiss on the top of her head and scratched behind her ears again. Then he carefully shut the door and took Mikko's hand, walking up to the cabin.

    After putting the paper by the dog and making sure it wasn't going to get into anything in the car, Mikko walked with Chris inside, and sat on the couch. She waited a few moments then turned to Daisy. "daisy! I left something in the front seat of the car, can you get it for me pleeeeeeeeease. My leg hurts, you know, shot and all."

    Daisy wholeheartedly returned the affectionate gestures. Feeling content and safe within Kendall's embrace, she nearly lost her struggle to remain awake. But Mikko's loud call managed to grab her attention. With a tired yawn, she slowly unwapped her arms from Kendall's neck, and slid from his lap. "Okay." With that, she sprinted outside, and opened the car door, climbing inside. It didn't take long for her to spot the tiny creature on the front seat. She blinked in surprise, a huge grin quickly forming across her lips. Was it a rat? It was way cuter than a rat, for sure! She quickly scooped up the little squirt, and raced back inside, cuddling her new pet in her arms. "Oh my gawd!!! You got me a hamster!!! How'd you know I wanted one??!"

    Mikko wasn't sure what her response would be, but that was certainly not at all what she was expecting. She quirked a brow at Daisy. "'s a dog, not a hamster. The rest of the dog stuff is in the back seat, you'll have to grab that too, I'm not moving for the rest of the day. And by the way, if I ever saw a hamster that big, I'm running for my life."

    Daisy blinked at that. It was a dog? She eyed the little thing skeptically, giving it a good once-over. And then her grin grew a little wider. "Awwww, thankyouthankyou! I shall name her Mojo!" As gently as she could, she leaned in, wrapping one arm around Mikko.

    Mikko smiled at her and returned the hug. "Your welcome. Mojo for a girl uh?" She was glad Daisy didn't go with 'Fluffy' or 'Princess' "Well we got you started, like a little doggie kit. It's in the car. But that's it, you have to take care of it. And train it to piss outside."

    "Ooooh, I will!" Daisy seriously had no idea how hard it was to potty train a puppy, but she was determined. She rushed outside the get Mojo's kit, then sprinted into the kitchen to share her excitement with Kendall. "Look babe! Mikko got me a mini-dog!" She placed it into his arms. "Meet Mojo!"

    Happy that she liked her puppy, Mikko leaned to Chris and kissed his cheek. "I think I'm going to go lay down in bed, love." She slowly stood up and made her way to the bedroom, taking her bottle of pills with her.

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    Post by Mikko on Wed Jul 22, 2009 7:40 pm

    ((Bedroom fun?))

    When Mikko had announced to Daisy that she had to do something for her, he was skeptical at first. But then after she came in with one of the biggest grins he had ever seen on the girl, he couldn't help but smile. Then he looked at what she was carrying in her arms and shot Mikko a questioning look. Was that...a dog? But Mikko said she hated dogs. Now he was just confused. But Daisy's comment about it being a 'hamster' made him laugh. When she brought the little puppy over, he patted it on her head and gave Daisy a bright smile. "She beautiful, babe." Then whispered in her ear. "Just like you."

    Daisy smiled brightly at that. She scooped the tiny pup up into her arms, and sat in Kendall's lap. "Now, whenever we get the Shepard.. he'll have someone to play with!"

    Chris nodded, but he didn't want to stick around if Mikko was going to go to sleep. At least he would be able to keep her company and followed her into the bedroom. Once there, he stood in the doorway, looking into the room; at her. "Hey."

    Mikko had laid down and with the pain pills she took was already falling asleep. She heard Chris and lifted her arm up. "Hey."

    Kendall chuckled and wrapped his arms around her. "Sure does." He grinned and kissed her cheek

    Daisy snuggled close, returning the kiss. "So you'd be okay with having two doggies?"

    Chris could tell how sleepy she was by the sound of her voice. "You want some company?"

    Mikko turned around to face him and smiled. "Mmmhmm." She held an arm out to him, and thought she heard Daisy's squeeky voice mention something about another dog. But she wasn't sure.

    Chris walked over to the bed and slid into her embrace. "How are you feeling, babe?"

    Mikko cuddled close to him and closed her eyes. "I feel tired, and high. the usual. Did I hear something about another dog?"

    Chris shrugged at her question. "Dunno. Didn't really hear anything earlier."

    "Mmm maybe I was hearing things. I'll kick her ass if she really did say that though." Mikko leaned up and kissed Chris's chin. "How's your leg?"

    Chris smiled. "It's better." He cupped her cheek and kissed her softly on the lips.

    "Sure," Kendall replied grinning. But he certainly wasn't ready to get another one anytime soon. Not when they had to train this one to do various things first.

    Mikko smiled and kissed him back. "Good. I hope that's the last time either of us get shot." She snaked her arm over his side and slid her hand under his shirt, rubbing his back.

    The tiny pup had long since fallen asleep in Daisy's arms. Her free hand reached up, gently caressing Kendall's cheek. "So, how's that leg healing?" She asked sweetly. "Think it's well enough to go swimming?"

    "Yeah, no kiddin'," Chris answered with a nod. Mikko's small touches were doing wonderful things to him. And he hoped she didn't stop any time soon. "Mmm babe...that feels so good."

    Mikko smiled and contined her soft massages over his skin. "Happy to hear that." She moved her hand up is back, sliding her fingertips down his spine.

    Chris closed his eyes, enjoying the massage. "I thought you were tired, babe."

    "Turn around so I can get your back better. And I am, but this doesn't require to much energy." Mikko ran her fingers over his side and to his chest, making her way to his back again. "and take your shirt off."

    Chris nodded and did as he was instructed. It indeed felt great, and if Mikko wanted to continue, he was fine with that.

    Once his back was to her and his shirt off, Mikko laid so that she could use both her hands, massaging and kneading his skin. She then leaned over and softly began to kiss his back, trailing her kisses over his skin as her fingers worked over him.

    Chris sighed contentedly, his eyes still closed. "Mmm babe."

    "You like that, love?" Mikko continues, her nails lightly raked down his back, her kisses trailed to his side,shoulder and neck.

    "Mmhmm. Sure do. Where'd you learn that?"

    "Ummm porn movies, acutally." Mikko smiled again as she nibbled on his ear lobe. "And Howard Stern."

    Chris felt a small shiver go down his spine at her ministrations. "Really?" He was fairly surprised at that.

    Mikko ran her hand over his chest and stomach. "Really." She slid her fingers in the waist band of his jeans

    Chris let her do whatever she wanted to do. It all felt incredible, and he would gladly return the favor sometime.

    Mikko whispered heatedly in his ear. "Turn around, babe."

    Chris once again did what he was told, beginning to get a bit excited.

    Mikko smiled at him and kissed him deeply, her hand sliding deeper in his pants, fingers toying with the waitband of his boxers.

    Chris returned the kiss and moaned softly into her mouth. He could feel his breath picking up as well.

    Mikko sliped her tongue between his lips and and slid over his tongue. She pulled her hand out of his pants only to unbutton and zip them. Honestly she wasn't sure how far she wanted to go, but there was always other ways of getting off rather then just sex. and those other things could be just as fun.

    Chris massaged her tongue with his own. He could feel her undoing the fastenings on his pants, and it only served to excite him even more. And this time...hopefully there would be NO interruptions.

    Mikko also hoped for no interruptions, and now it was time to see what Chris was working with. She grinned against his lips as she slipped her hand down his boxers, giving him a light squeeze.

    Chris let out a small gasp of surprise and his eyes opened again, looking at Mikko. The feeling of her holding him, and better yet squeezing him, was like nothing he had felt from her before. And he was holding back some serious restraint from going further right then and there. He was letting her set the pace on how fast and how far she wanted to go.

    Mikko smiled at him then released him and slid away. "This would be easer if you were undressed." Of course she didn't make any move to undress herself.

    Chris shrugged. "Sure." He got up and took off his pants, but left his boxers on for now. At least until he knew for sure what she wanted.

    Mikko watched him with a smile, once his pants where off she reached out for him again. Even Mikko wasn't sure what she wanted. What she didn't want, was to have any regrets, especially with Chris.

    Chris came towards her again, sitting down on the bed. "Can I help you take anything off you?"

    Mikko sat up. "Only if you want something off of me." She was not use to the guy asking and didn't really care for it.

    Chris grinned. "I do." He immediately went for her shirt, carefully removing it from her body. A huge grin on his face the entire time. Then he worked on the fastenings of her pants.

    Mikko lifted her arms up, making it easer for her shirt to be removed. Then laid down letting him work at her pants. She smiled up at him. Her heart beating faster,her stomach turning in knots. Both from excitement and a bit of worry and hesitation

    After getting her pants unbuttoned, he slowly slid the zipper down. He was watching her face the entire time

    Mikko bit her bottom lip and grinned at him, she then lifted her hips up so that he could slide her pants off. In place of underwear, whish Mikko hated, was three piercings. She was eager to get his reaction to her silver rings.

    Chris looked at her piercings in fascination. "Whoa...very cool, babe." He grinned, then captured her lips in a deep kiss.

    That made her smile wider. "Thanks, love. She kissed him back heatedly, arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him down on her.

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    Post by Mikko on Thu Jul 23, 2009 5:58 pm

    ((Daisy, don't talk with your mouth full..))

    Kendall nodded. "Yeah, I think so." He smiled and took her hand. "Where are you gonna put Mojo while we're there?"

    "Hmmm.. in the tent? Since it's close to the lake!" Daisy reluctantly slipped from his lap and took his hand, of so tempted to hop up on his back, but the sleeping puppy cradled in her arm would make that a little difficult. "Heh.. I've never been swimming before." She grinned up at him. "But how hard can it be, right? Besides, I have my own personal lifeguard! And you're sexier than that Baywatch dude!"

    Kendall chuckled at the compliment. "Thanks, darlin'." He leaned down and captured her lips with his own.

    Daisy met his lips, kissing him deeply. She allowed it to linger, savoring every second of it, before reluctantly breaking. She smiled sweetly at him, flashing him a wink. "Can you do the Baywatch strut?"

    Kendall chuckled again. "I dunno...never tried it." He kissed her again. "You do know that I don't have any trunks, right?" He flashed her a small wink.

    Daisy couldn't suppress a devious grin at that. "That's the beauty of 'skinny dipping'! You don't need trunks." She flashed him a flirtatious wink and gently squeezed his hand as they headed down the old dirt trail, towards their destination. Oh yes, seeing him naked again... now she definitely couldn't wait to go swimming. "No worries, I'll help ya get them pants off!"

    Kendall couldn't suppress a chuckle. "Well, alright then!" he said, grinning. "Oh and I'm counting on that, babe. As long as I can do the same to you." He gave her another wink.

    Daisy flashed him a cute grin, biting gently on her lower lip. "Mmm... I'd greatly appreciate that!" She flashed him a mock, helpless look. "Because these shorts are pretty complicated!" She said in a teasing manner. And soon, they were at the tent. After carefully placing the tiny pup inside, she quickly rejoined Kendall, but this time- she had nothing holding her back. She flashed him a wide smile before hopping up onto his back, and planted a gentle kiss against his cheek before nuzzling his neck.

    Kendall grinned and hooked his arms around her legs. Then he spun her around a few times.

    Daisy giggled madly, her arms gently tightening around his neck as he spun her. "Heh.. that was fun!" She smooched his cheek, and rubbed her fingers gingerly along the back of his neck. "I'd spin you, but I don't think you'd fit on my back." She flashed him a playful wink. "But I can ride you in other ways.."

    Kendall chuckled again. "Oh I already know that, babe. And you do a great job." He took her down to the water's edge. "I believe that's your cue." He grinned widely and let her slide off his back.

    Daisy wasted no time sliding from his back, and circled around to face him. She flashed him a cheeky grin before wrapping her arms around his neck, her lips meeting his for a deep, lingering kiss. Her hands slipped beneath his shirt, caressing the toned muscles underneath. Her hands slipped down, and slowly began removing his shirt, breaking the kiss long enough to slide it over his shoulders, and off his arms, then threw it aimlessly aside.

    Kendall returned the affections and allowed her to remove his shirt, while he did the same

    Once his shirt was removed, Daisy ran her palms along his sculpted abdomen, her lips traveling the same path, leaving a trail of kisses in her downward descent. Her lips lingered at his lower abdomen, just above the button of his jeans. Her eager fingers fumbled to unbutton him, then slowly tugged at his zipper.

    Kendall kept the grin as he watched her. She definitely had something planned, he was sure of it. He would wait to remove the rest of her clothes after she took care of him. He had a few tricks up his sleeve as well...

    Oh, she definitely had something planned alright! She continued lavishing affection against his lower abdomen, fingers hooking into the waistline of his jeans. She slowly began tugging them down, taking his boxers with them. Now, he was fully exposed, and she could hardly suppress a devious grin. She gently rubbed her palm over his sensitive bulge, before taking him within her gentle grasp. She stroked him slowly, and flicked her tongue over the head of his member, before slowly taking him in..

    Kendall's eyes slid closed and his breath hitched when she began her ministrations. And things only got better from there. "Mmmm babe."

    Daisy gently stroked him, as she took him deeper into her mouth, her tongue gently caressing the underside of his shaft. She set a slow pace, sliding him in and out of her mouth, sucking him gently at first, but applied more suction as her motions progressed

    Kendall could feel his breath picking up as Daisy continued. Her mouth just felt wonderful on him. Her skillful tongue worked him just the way he liked it. He moaned loudly as he slowly began approaching his release.

    Feeling him building up, She applied more pressure, sucking him harder and faster. She moaned softly, her eyes looking up at him, trying hard to suppress a devious grin. She was blissfully unaware of Mikko and Chris' presence.

    Not breaking the kiss, Chris moved on top of her, straddling her waist. He ran a hand through her hair.

    Mikko kissed him deeply digging her nails into his shoulders and nipping at his lips

    Chris moaned into the kiss and began massaging her breasts. He licked at her lips, asking for a deeper kiss.

    Mikko moaned softly, but was growing more hesitant about the situation. She wanted to stop before it went to far, but feared the reaction that she would get from Chris if she stopped him. From her experience, telling a guy to stop never ended well. She kissed him deeply, trying to push back her worries.

    The kiss was getting more heated now. Chris slid his tongue into her mouth and caressed hers with his own. With his hand still on her breasts, he took each of her nipples between his fingers and gave them a light squeeze at first, but slowly gained intensity.

    Mikko closed her eyes and gasped at the sudden pressure on her sensitive nipples. Still...It didn't feel right, the kissing and touching was fine. But maybe it was going to far now. She pulled away and looked up at him biting her lower lip.

    Chris looked down at her frowning. "What's wrong, babe? Weren't you liking that, just now?"

    Mikko nodded and gave him a faint smile. "I was...I am..But...I umm. I don't think I'm as ready to move on as I thought I was." She closed her eyes again and braced herself for what ever consequence that was going to happen.

    Chris sighed heavily and got up off her. "Fine." He couldn't keep the disappointment out of his voice. It seemed like maybe they weren't meant to be after all. Everytime they started getting intimate with each other, they would ALWAYS get interrupted in some way or another. And this time, she stopped it herself. So that was a sign that it wasn't gonna happen anytime soon. If it did at all. But as of now, it still wouldn't keep Chris from trying. Some other time...

    Mikko sat up and lifted the sheets over herself. She looked away from him and down. "I'm sorry..." And she really did feel bad, but better she stop it, then do something that she might regret later on. If her and Chris were ever going to take that step she wanted it to be perfect. She wanted it to feel right. She let out a heavy sigh and still wasn't able to look at him.

    Chris shrugged at her while reaching for his clothes again. "No prob. Maybe someday you'll be ready. And I'll be waiting..." He gave her a small smile. "Cuddling still okay, though?" He always enjoyed sleeping next to her, and he didn't want to do anything to jeopardize that privilege.

    Mikko was very surprised by that, she thought for sure that she had killed any relationship she had with him. She looked over at him and smiled back. "Yeah, cuddling is great." She laid back down and watched him get dress. "You wanna go swimming?"

    Chris nodded. A swim sounded like a good idea. But there was one swim gear. And after what happened just now, he didn't want to show off his entire body to Mikko. It just didn't feel right. The shyness was back and he looked down, not meeting her gaze. "I would, but I don't have any shorts." He blushed slightly.

    They just saw each other naked and he was worried about short? Mikko smiled and reached over rubbing his back softly. "Wear your boxers."

    Chris nodded. "I guess I could." Though it wasn't his first choice but considering the alternative, it would have to do

    Chris might have been shy, but Mikko wasn't, never was actually. With a smile she got out of bed and stretched, then grabbed two large towels wrapping one around her. "I don't have any swim gear either." She held out her hand to him.

    Chris blushed again. "Really?" Not that he expected her to. He always knew that she was anything but shy...especially around him. And he wished he could say the same about himself. "So you just gonna go in au naturale?" He couldn't help but grin at that. He'd love to see her without clothes again. Even though he knew he couldn't do anything.

    Mikko smiled and pulled him close then out the room. "Sure why not? But if a bug lands on me you gotta save me." She wrapped an arm around his waist and headed out the cabin.

    Chris smiled and walked with her. He tried holding her hand while they walked. He really wasn't sure how close he could get to her anymore. So maybe THAT step was taking it a little too far so soon. He could deal with that.

    Mikko had her arm around his waist but noticed that he was trying to hold her hand. She took his hand, a little confused but figured that he didn't want to be to close to her right now. She lead him into the woods, towards the lake.

    Chris smiled at her and squeezed her hand gently. ANYtime he had to spend with her, he enjoyed. He wasn't going to let what happened back in the bedroom ruin that.

    Mikko returned the squeeze as They made their way to the water only to be stopped by Kendall and Daisy. Mikko grinned and looked at Chris. "I don't think we're feeding that girl enough."

    Kendall was also too lost in pleasure to notice the audience they had recently acquired. He moaned loudly, getting oh-so-close to his climax. "Just a little...more...Daisy." He moaned again.

    Chris snickered softly at Mikko words. Of course, they were at it again.

    Mikko did nothing to interrupt the two, she leaned on a tree and waited till they were done, she also couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces when they realized that her and Chris were standing there.

    Daisy's ministrations became faster, taking him in deeper, her fingers stroking and accommodating to his base. Her free hand cupped and massaged his balls, still gazing up at him. She moaned softly, anticipating his quickly approaching release.

    Kendall squeezed his eyes shut and let out a small gasp. "Ahh! Fuck, Daisy!" And then he ejected his seed out and down her throat. He was still completely unaware of their small audience.

    Daisy's eyes slid closed as she felt him release into her mouth, and down her throat. She continued to suck him, swallowing his warm load. She moaned quietly, continuing the ministrations until he was finished, then slowly slid her lips over his shaft as she slowly released him. She looked up at him with love-filled eyes, licking a small drop of cum at the corner of her mouth. She slowly stood, meeting his lips once more.

    Chris just stood by Mikko and waited with her. After Kendall's glorious finish, he looked at Mikko, asking her if now was the right time.

    Once she saw that they were done, for now anyway, Mikko clapped her hands and gave a little cheer. "Better then the crap they have on HBO for sure! So when do we get to see the next show?" She walked closer to them as she spoke.

    Chris followed Mikko's lead and clapped along with her, but he didn't say anything. Who could possibly top what Mikko just said, anyway?

    Now Kendall looked down at her and smiled. Then he met her kiss and pulled her closer to him. He could taste himself in her kiss, but the combination was driving him wild. He was reaching down to remove her pants when he heard a slow clapping. He looked up and saw Mikko, but he mad no move to cover himself. Not that he needed to anyway. He wasn't shy and Daisy was still against him anyway. Kendall just flashed Mikko a quick grin. "Glad you liked it."

    Hearing the applause, Daisy reluctantly broke from the kiss long enough to flash them a sweet smile. She certainly wasn't shy about the act she had just committed. Sex was a gesture of love, right? And she certainly wasn't self-conscious about her body, either. What little of her was exposed. She just flashed a thumbs up at Mikko, and once again met Kendall's lips. She was feeling oh so needy, and was willing to go as far as he wanted.

    "Wow yeah, don't mind us we're just here to swim." Mikko walked to the waters edge and took of her towel tossing it to the side, then slipped in the cold water with a yelp. "COLD!"
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    ((Done in usual... Wink Thanks to Mikko for doing the editing))

    (Part 1)

    Chris shook his head and watched Mikko slip her towel off. He chuckled at her comment and slowly slipped his own clothes off, but left his boxers on. He was feeling even more self-conscious about his body with the other two there. He kept all his attention on Mikko now and didn't look to see what Kendall and Daisy were going to do next. He slowly slid into the water as well, flinching at the drastic difference in temperature. As his body slowly adjusted, he went over to Mikko and wrapped an arm around her middle. "Hi," he said softly, a small smile on his face.

    Mikko's body slowly became accustomed to the water and she let herself sink further in the lake. She smiled as Chris undressed and didn't take her eyes off of him, he was definitely way hotter then Kendall. She splashed a little water at him as he joined her in the cold water and swam to him. Mikko smiled wider when she felt him slip his arm around her, she leaned to him and kissed his cheek. "Hi."

    Now that the audience was pre-occupied with other things, Kendall began slowly removing the rest of Daisy's clothes. He knew that she wasn't shy either. Not after seeing her strip down to basically nothing right in front of all of them in the room at the clinic. After she was completely undressed, he picked her up and carried her over to the water, slowly stepping into the deeper water. He couldn't help the small shiver as his bare skin made contact with the water. When he was nearly waist-deep in water, he turned to Daisy. "You sure you want to be in here, babe? It's kinda cold right now." He kissed her cheek.

    Feeling Mikko this close to him...wet...naked...well, he couldn't help but be turned on by that. But since she wasn't ready to take that step, in a way, the cold water helped. He returned the small splash and laughed. Yeah, he could do this and not let his hormones get in the way. "So now what, babe?" he asked her, kissing her cheek.

    Mikko laid her head on his shoulder. "Dunno. I'm pretty comfy right here though." She smiled and gave him another kiss on the cheek. Then another and another, continuing giving him quick pecks all over his face.

    Daisy certainly wasn't expecting the water to be THAT cold! "Oh my gawd!" Her arms wrapped tighter around his neck, her thighs around his waist. She pressed her body closely against his trying to avoid the water as much as possible. "Why is it so cold! Is the Atlantic underneath us?!?!" She shivered uncontrollably. "It makes my nipples feel funny!"

    Kendall held her tighter and chuckled. "I told you it was." He kissed her deeply, taking her into shallower water again. Then he kneeled down into the water, sitting on his feet. The water was up to his waist again, and he slowly slid her down his legs into it. "It's a shock at first, but then it gets better. Trust me..."

    Chris nodded. "Yeah, me too." Then he smiled as she continued planting light kisses all over his face. He let his hand slide up slightly, lightly tracing the underside of one of her breasts with his finger. Though he wasn't aware that he was doing it in the first place.

    Mikko ended her kissing attack with a nibble to the tip of his nose. She smiled at him and rub his cheek with her thumb. She shivered when a slight breeze blew through and pressed herself closer to Chris. "I wonder if it's good for me to be in a dirty lack while I'm pregnant." She commented thoughtfully. Not that it would matter, with all the stuff she had already done, this late in the game she was sure the damage if any was already done.

    "Oh. my.gawd!" Daisy repeated again, still shivering from the unexpected chill of the lake. Why was it so cold?! It was summer time, yet the water was too cool for her taste. She reluctantly slid from his warmth, but quickly found she wasn't liking it one bit! Except the squishy sensation between her toes. She stood there, shivering, arms folded over her chest in an attempt to warm them. She wiggled her toes in the mud, flashing Kendall a wide grin. "Heh. water's cold, but the mud feels kinda nice!"

    Chris hadn't thought about that. But it was her idea to come here in the first place. And he was having a great time. True the lake may not have been the cleanest, but it could have been worse. And more than that, this was in such a secluded spot, that most humans probably didn't know it even existed. He smiled at her and replied, "Dunno. But as long as you don't drink it, you should be fine."

    "Don't drink the it." She grinned and kissed him deeply. But her attention was soon directed in the direction of a slithering creature making it's way to Daisy. "Sake in the water!" She called out to the other two, but as long as it wasn't bug Mikko didn't care, and she was soon turning back to Chris for another kiss.

    Chris returned the deep kiss. His hands rested on her hips, pulling her closer to him. He slowly broke it and whispered to Mikko. "Is there really something there?" Of course, he was referring to the supposed creature Mikko said she saw just now.

    Kendall grinned. "Glad you think so." He slowly moved away from her going into the deeper water once more. "Come on, Daisy! It's a lot warmer further out. Come and get me!"

    And she was suddenly torn on what to do! She oh so wanted to follow Kendall out into the deeper water, but was a little hesitant. She wouldn't let on like it, but deeper water scared her, mainly because she didn't know how to swim. Still, Kendall's presence gave her a boost of confidence. She knew he wouldn't let anything happen to her. But before she could take that first step, Mikko called out, alerting her to the approaching serpent. She was overtaken by a mixture of curiosity and fear, but she made no attempt to move. She debated reaching for the thing. "Um.. what kind is it?"

    Mikko nodded to Chris and kissed him again then turned to Daisy. "I dunno. if it bites you and you die then we know next time to stay away from it."

    Kendall shook his head and came closer to her again. He eventually reached her side and slowly began moving with her into the deeper water. "Don't worry, Daisy. I'll protect you." He leaned over and gave her a deep kiss to reassure her.

    Chris whispered to Mikko. "Jeez, babe. Do you have to scare the poor girl?"

    Mikko grinned wide and nodded. "mmhmm. I enjoy it." Her smile soon turned into a cute pout as she looked into his eyes. "Why? You don't think it's funny?"

    Chris rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Not really. But here I thought you were just trying to get her to move towards her guy. I didn't know there really WAS something there." He shrugged and reached around to her back, lightly tracing his finger up and down her back.

    "I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true,love." Mikko shivered as she felt his fingers along her back. She smiled and leaned in for a kiss. "This would actually be kinda romantic if the other two weren't here."

    Chris nodded and kissed her back. "Yeah, it would. But we can pretend the others aren't here, can't we?" He kissed her again.

    "Mmmhmm." Mikko kissed him back deeply. This guy was absolutely amazing, she was kicking herself for not being able to to take that next step with him. But as much as she thought she wanted to, she didn't want to be in a situation where she would stop again, a guy can only put up with so much.

    Hearing Mikko's words, Daisy quickly withdrew her hand, frowning deeply. It certainly did little to curb her fear of the unfamiliar creature. Though, she was intrigued enough to refrain from freaking out. Thankfully Kendall came to her rescue, and she moved with him, and away from reptile. Once in deeper water, she once again threw her arms around Kendall's neck, pressing herself firmly against him. "Mmm.. you're so warm!" She nuzzled against his neck and planted a series of light kisses there.

    Kendall chuckled and held onto her hips, pressing her closer to him. "And I'll keep you warm." He leaned down and kissed her shoulder.

    Daisy was definitely enjoying this! Their closeness. His warmth. It was nice. Suddenly, the water didn't seem so cold anymore, her mind too indulged in the thought of him. A contented smile ran across her lips as her fingertips gingerly moved along the back of his neck, gently caressing. She shifted her head to meet his gaze, and pressed her lips to his.

    Chris was severely tempted to deepen the kiss, but he held back. He didn't want to be pushed away again. But despite the cool water, he was getting turned on again by her closeness; and he he was desperately trying to ignore it. He didn't want to lose this contact with her.

    Mikko was also getting extremely turned on, his kisses were like a very addictive drug, she could never have enough. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her nails scratching lightly on back of his neck and upper back. She never broke the kiss but deepened it instead.

    Kendall returned the kiss willingly and allowed his hands to wander up and down her body. Touching every part of her he could reach, and at the same time, making sure he never let go of her.

    To Chris' utter surprise, she deepened the kiss. And he graciously reciprocated. His breath caught when her nails began digging into his skin, but he didn't care. It only excited him further.

    Mikko moaned quietly between their lips. Then pulled away and smiled at him. "You're very sexy when wet."

    Chris chuckled lightly. "And I could say the same thing about you, babe." He pulled her in for another kiss, slowly running his nails up and down her lower back, while still keeping his other hand on her waist.

    Mikko return the kiss pressing herself to him. She broke the kiss moving from his lips to his jaw. Planting light kisses along his neck, nipping lightly at his skin then returning to his lips.

    Feeling his wandering hands move along her body was definitely exciting her, only deepening that need she felt just minutes before, after taking care of him. She 'hmm'e'd quietly against his lips, deepening the kiss. Her tongue slipped in between his lips, rubbing and massaging his. Her fingers once again moved along his neck, before cupping his cheek. After a moment, she finally broke the kiss, biting gently on her lower lip. She smiled sweetly at him before whispering quietly. "Heh. Whoever said cold water would cure horniness was obviously full of it.."

    Kendall chuckled. "It was only cold when first getting in, but it just got a lot hotter with you here." He flashed her a flirtatious wink and kissed her again.

    Daisy returned the kiss wholeheartedly, though she was hoping things would go a little further. Still, she wasn't so sure how far he was willing to go with those other two here. She finally broke from the kiss, and flashed him a cute smile as she took his hand, kneading it in hers. "So, I bring the fire?" She licked at his lips, and pressed his hand against her breast. "But.. I'm still a little cold, here!"

    Chris shivered in pleasure with her nibbling at his neck. He couldn't take it anymore and moved his hand down between her legs, stroking her lightly through her moist folds. He could feel himself hardening even more and worked to remove his own boxers. Whether they actually did anything or not, he had to free himself of the somewhat restrictive
    clothing. After taking them completely off, he used his good throwing arm to launch them onto land. Luckily they weren't all that far out...

    Mikko let out a surprised gasp, but made no move to stop him. She kissed him hard moaning against his lips then slipping her tongue past them. She slid a hand down his body lightly grabbing hold of him and stroking his member.

    Chris let out a soft moan and thrusted into her hand in order to alleviate some more of the pressure. He brought his hand down to stroke her again, matching her strokes on him. He still wasn't sure how far she was willing to go, but he would let her set the pace. He would just take what he could get from her for now, though he was surprised on how fast it was progressing.

    Mikko's breathing picked up and bucked her hips to him wanting more. Any thought of regret that she thought she might have was tossed aside, temporally anyway. "Mmm babe..." She moaned softly in his ear, her hand picking up speed. She had practically forgotten that they were not alone.
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    (Part 2)

    Kendall was willing to go all the way with her if she didn't mind the fact they had some company. He glanced over at the other two and saw that they were probably too involved with each other to care. He grinned and gripped her breast in his hand, feeling her hard nipple against his palm. "Oh yeah, I can tell." He wrapped his other arm around her and pulled her in for another kiss.

    Chris' breathing quickened, along with his own pace of his stroking. His eyes slid closed and he kissed Mikko deeply and heatedly. His need for her increasing by the second.

    Mikko kissed him back with just as much passion, she slipped her hand away from him and slipped her arm behind him pushing his hips to her, hoping that he got the hint.

    Chris indeed got the hint. And it had been what he was waiting for all along. But he was waiting for her signal, and he finally recieved it. He carefully parted her legs and positioned himelf. Never breaking the kiss, he thrusted himself inside her in one swift motion. He let out a gasp as he felt her walls clench tightly around him. "Mmmm...damn, you feel so good, babe." He waited a few more moments for her to adjust to his size, then began moving fairly quick into her, holding onto her ass to guide his movements.

    Mikko was expecting a slow movement, and when Chris quickly thrust into her she broke the kiss and cried out, not in pain, but surprise. but that surprise soon subsisted and she pressed her lips against his once more, closing her eyes and greatly enjoying the feel of him. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. "Damn! You feel great." She gasped/moaned before again kissing him

    Daisy obviously didn't mind the company. In fact, she was now oblivious to their presence. She returned the deep kiss, her hand slowly moving down to grasp his member, positioning it in between her folds. She moaned quietly against his lips as she slid her hips in a downward motion, slowly taking him in.

    Kendall let out a small gasp as he felt her first touch him, then guide him into her. As she slid down onto him he moaned softly and kissed her deeply, while beginning to thrust into her.

    Chris panted heavily and moved faster. "You feel like...heaven...around my cock, babe." He returned the kiss.

    Mikko wasn't even able to speak, her breathing was heavy she broke the kiss to try and catch her breath. Then nipped at his lip, her genital biting trailing down his jaw line to his ear lobe. She moaned loudly in his ear. She couldn't believe that she had stopped this earlier.

    Chris let out a small gasp and thrusted even harder into. He was beyond words himself now. He kissed her shoulder, which gradually turned to nipping.

    Mikko felt herself tighten around him, her nails dug into his back. She felt herself getting closer to the end with each nip that he gave her. Her moaning grew louder.

    Daisy kissed him with heated passion as she slowly took him in, inch by inch. She moaned quietly against his lips as her walls accommodated to him, enveloping him within her warmth. Her breathing hitched as he made his first thrust, and she moved with his motions. Her legs tightened around his hips and she grinded against him, her fingers caressing and massaging the back of his neck, moving along his shoulders and back up to caress his cheeks.

    Kendall moaned softly and picked up the pace slightly. He wrapped his arms around her to steady her while she rode him.

    Chris' moans matched Mikko's, getting closer and closer to his release. He gave her once more burst of speed, gasping for breath now.

    Mikko's whole body shivered with her orgasm. She cried out as she felt her muscles twitch around him with every thrust. It was almost more then she could take and she collapsed on his chest breathing heavy, and feeling light headed. "damn...."

    Daisy gradually quickened her pace, taking him deep inside her. Her moans became more intense, breath becoming labored from her ministrations. She kissed him deeply, her lips traveling along his jaw line, and down the length of his neck, nipping ever so lightly. She seriously hoped he would release inside of her.. because she wanted twins! Twice meant two, right? Obviously, she had no idea how twins were really made.

    Kendall moaned louder, getting close to his climax. But in the back of his mind, he was being told to pull out very soon... "D-Daisy...oh fuck! I'm gonna...have to..." he let the sentence trail off, hoping she'd get the hint.

    But Daisy showed no signs of letting up. She got the hint alright, but chose to act oblivious. She too was drawing near, quickening her motions. She breathed heavily against his lips, kissing him deeply. The pleasure coursed through her like rapid fire, intoxicating her every sense. She moaned his name, and whispered quietly against his ear.. "It's..okay.. baby..."

    And Kendall couldn't take anymore. With a mighty cry, he spilled deep inside her again. He was fully aware of the consequences, but he didn't care anymore. Everything just felt so good and he didn't want the moment to ever end.

    Daisy matched his cry, feeling the warmth that she had been eagerly anticipating. Her slick walls pulsated around him as he orgasm took her full force. She buried her face against his shoulder as she struggled to catch her shaky breath, her warm breath caressing his skin. She slid her fingertips along his shoulders, gently caressing his wet skin. "Mmmm, baby.." She finally managed to shift her head, just enough to meet his gaze. "You're made.. of awesome!" She presses a sweet kiss against his neck, her fingers still massaging his muscular shoulders. "Guess we better... come up with two.. names now, huh?" She panted in between labored breaths, grinning sweetly."

    Mikko's orgasm brought forth his own powerful release. He spilled deeply into her and held onto her tightly, riding out his orgasm. Once he was comnpletely spent, he slowly made his way back with Mikko to shallower waters to catch his breath.

    Mikko shivered again when she felt him release inside of her, she closed her eyes and laid her head on his chest letting him bring her back to the shallow water. She was ready to get back to the cabin now and lay in the warm sheets with him. She looked up and smiled. "That was wonderful, love." She kissed him softly cupping his cheek and rubbing it with her thumb.

    Chris could only smile and nod. He was still extremely winded from earlier, but he decided to kiss her again. Everything had been and still is...absolutely perfect. He just knew that Mikko enjoyed it just as much as he did.

    Mmmm..Wanna get back to the cabin, take a warm shower, crawl under the covers?" It had not acured to Mikko that she hadn't ate all day. Though she was feeling hungry, she ignored it, the warm shower and bed sounded so much better.

    Chris nodded and took her hand. "Sure." His legs still felt like jello, but he was slowly regaining some feeling back in them. Indeed, both of those things sounded great to him, but it was a long trek back and he wanted to make sure he could completely move again first. He continued holding her close. "I'll be a few...more minutes."

    Mikko held his hand and waited for him, she looked around and made a note to come back here again when Kendall and Daisy weren't around, when ever that would be. Then it dawned her, where was the dog? "Where's Snikerdoodle?"

    Kendall held her tightly, still trying to catch his breath. His eyes widened at Daisy's comment. "Two names? Why two? Do you're pregnant with...twins? Do you...know if you're...even all?" Though he was sure if she wasn't before she certainly had to be now. And surprisingly...he was okay with that now.

    Still struggling to catch her breath, Daisy lovingly caressed his cheeks and planted a sweet kiss against his lips. "Mmmhmm.. Volcano Kendall erupted in me twice.. so.. that means twins.. right?" She gave him a hopeful look, and pressed another kiss against those irresistible lips of his. "I'd love to have two mini-yous running around.. I know you'd be an awesome daddy!"

    Chris finally regained his strength back and slowly stood up, keeping his back to the other two. After making it to shore, he pulled on his boxers again to cover himself. He felt incredible, however... He looked at Mikko and shrugged. "Dunno. Can the others hear you?" He reached down and picked up Mikko's discarded towel and wrapped it around her shoulders.

    Mikko took the towel and wrapped herself in it. She shrugged. "Dunno, but if she lost another pet I'm not getting her anymore." She took Chris's hand. "Lets head back." she yawned then smiled at him. "You wore me out."

    Kendall shook his head. "Not necessarily. But I'm pretty sure that if I didn't get you pregnant the first time, I did this time." Then he gave her a serious look. "I really hope you realize what that means, Daisy."

    Chris took Mikko's hand and scooped up his other clothes. Then he walked up the trail with her towards the cabin.

    Mikko let his hand go to wrap and arm around him, she laid her head on his shoulder as they walked. Rubbing his back gently.

    Daisy honestly couldn't fully comprehend, but she was ready to deal with whatever life threw at them. She nodded sweetly as she pressed her lips against his. "Mmhmm... it means that I'm gonna be a mommy.. and we're gonna be a family!" That concept seemed better than anything she had ever known before. Something that so many took for granted. She kissed him again. "Is it.. what you want?"

    Kendall nodded. He did want to start another family, but he wasn't planning on it so soon. He wanted to find some decent work to be able to support a family. That's what worried him the most. He had been a father before this, but there were definitely some odds to beat to bring a child into the world under these conditions. He pushed his worries aside and held her close. "Sure I do. Especially with you." He pulled her in for another deep kiss.

    Chris smiled at her. "You were so great back there," he whispered into her ear. "I love you, babe." He kissed her cheek.

    Mikko seriously felt her heart skip a beat, maybe two. she smiled at him but was honestly at a lost for words. She was definitely not ready for that. and more so not ready to tell him that. "You were great too,babe." There she said something, better then awkward silence that would have been sure to take place. She gave him a light squeeze as they came to the cabin.

    Daisy certainly hadn't considered the hardships they would face, raising a child with Kendall's current situation. Life would find a way, somehow. It always seemed to work itself out. She was happier than she had ever been, and finally felt she had found her place in life. Sadly, she tried to ignore the fact that that could all come crumbling down at any moment. If he was caught. Still, the important thing was she had him now. And because of him, she had experienced love. She met his lips, returning the kiss wholeheartedly. "I'm so lucky I found you!" She planted another loving kiss against his lips. "Soo, wanna go lounge in front of a camp fire, with Mojo?"

    Chris smiled again and walked back with her. Once reaching the cabin, he beat her up the stairs and opened the door for her.

    Mikko grinned wide and thanked him with a pinch on his ass and walked inside. She immediately went for her pills taking a few then lighting a cig. "Ready for the shower?"

    Kendall smiled at her and kissed her again quickly. "That sounds good to me." He slowly stood up and walked to the shore, stepping out. Then he turned around and held his hand out to Daisy.

    Chris let out a small gasp when she pinched him. Then once he entered the cabin, he frowned deeply. "Mikko..." He sighed heavily.

    Mikko looked at him and quirked a brow. "What?"

    Daisy quickly followed his lead. She stepped out, shivering slightly as the wind caressed her wet skin. She took hold of Kendall's hand and remained close to him as they walked. She stopped long enough to retrieve their clothes, but she made no effort to get dressed just yet. She was looking forward to snuggling with Kendall in front of the camp fire, wrapped in a big comfy blanket. She watched him dreamily as they walked the old familiar trail, destined for their private spot. "Heh.. too bad we don't have marshmallows."

    Chris sighed again. "You know what. You're pregnant, remember? You really think you should be smoking now?"

    Mikko looked at him then at the cigarette then back at him. "Well...I guess not but, I really needed a smoke." She probably could have came up with a better excuse but that would have to do.

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    Kendall shrugged. "That's not a problem, is it?" He squeezed her hand lightly as they soon arrived at their 'campsite'

    "Nah, not a problem... but.. I'm suddenly craving chocolate covered, roasted marshmallows!" Daisy returned the hand squeeze and flashed him a sweet grin. She made a mental note to pick some of those up, on their next outing. Once back at their spot, she wasted no time grabbing a blanket from their tent, and the tiny puppy who seemed overly eager to see them. She plopped down near the fire pit, giggling madly as the pup lavished her face with kisses. "Heh.. puppy breath's kinda nice!" She smiled up at Kendall, anxiously awaiting him to start the fire, and join her. She would do it herself, but she and flames were not a good combination.

    Before beginning to work on the fire, Kendall pulled on his boxers and t-shirt to protect himself. After building the fire up, he sat down next to her, smiling.

    Daisy shared the blanket with him, wrapping it around his shoulders. She snuggled up against him, allowing the curious puppy to wander over onto Kendall's lap, beneath the blanket. "Heh.. I think she likes you!" She grinned up at him with sleepy eyes. Still, she was reluctant to fall asleep.. afraid of the nightmares that awaited her. "Do you think Mojo's a good name? Or should we name her something else?"

    Kendall smiled at her, holding her close. "You look tired, babe. Go ahead and rest for a while. I won't leave your side, I promise." He kissed her cheek. "And Mojo is a fine name for her."

    Daisy's eyelids began to flutter, but she struggled against their pull. Being so close to him, and indulged within his warmth was lulling her. Her fingers gently caressed his abdomen as she suppressed a tiny yawn. "Do.. you think all those lil bunnies went to heaven?"

    Kendall smiled, giving her a light squeeze. "I'm sure they did." He kissed her lips again, very softly.

    Daisy finally allowed her heavy eyes to close, but tried to remain conscious. Her fingers continued to caress his sculpted abdomen, her mind struggling to focus on the motion to keep her mind alert, despite the fatigue. A contented grin slowly tugged across her lips as she nuzzled against his shoulder. "Love you." She whispered quietly to him.

    Kendall let his own eyes slide closed. He lightly caressed her arm and whispered back. "Love you too, babe." He slowly laid down and took her in his arms once more.

    Once they were situated, she snuggled against him, soothed by his loving embrace. Contented within those protective arms of his, she finally gave in, drifting into a peaceful slumber.

    Kendall, more tired than he originally thought, was soon following his love into a deep sleep.


    Chris didn't buy her excuse at all. He sighed and took the joint out of her mouth, then leaned over , kissing her deeply

    Mikko glared at him and opened her mouth to protest, but she was stopped but a deep kiss. This was good too. Possibly better then the cig. She closed her eyes and laid a hand on his cheek. "K..."

    Chris smiled up at her and met her lips in another quick kiss. "So no more of these for now, 'kay? So how 'bout that shower now?"

    Mikko kissed him back and nodded.Though she wasn't sure if she could actually keep her word or not. "Shower sounds good." She took his hand and lead him to the bathroom.

    Chris followed her, dropping his clothes on the the chair in the main room on his way to the bathroom.

    Mikko dropped her towel and turned on the shower. She turned to Chris with a smile and wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him deeply.

    Chris returned the kiss and worked to remove his boxers again. Once he had them off, he pulled Mikko into the shower with him, never breaking the kiss.

    Mikko walked into the shower, never leaving his embrace. she moved her hands over his sides and stomach, trailing them lower then moving back up his chest.

    Chris pulled her in for a deeper kiss, moaning into her mouth at her touches.

    Mikko kissed him back and grinned against his lips. "You ready to go again?" She was definitely worn out, plus she took more pain killers making her very tired.

    Chris shook his head. "Don't have to. I'm kinda worn out now. But if you wanted to, I could find the strength," he finished shrugging.

    "Actually I'm worn out babe." Mikko gave him another kiss then washed herself. "But I look forward to the in bed snuggling."

    Chris nodded and began washing himself as well. "Yeah, bed sounds really good."

    Mikko finished up quickly then stepped out the shower. She grabbed another towel, dried then headed to the bed room. "I'll meet you in the bed, babe."

    Chris nodded and finished up, then rinsed off. He shut the water off and pulled the curtain back, grabbing a towel. After drying off quickly, he wrapped the towel around his waist, then exited the bathroom. He went back into the main room to retrieve his clothes, then finally made his way to the bedroom. Once entering, he closed the door behind him and removed his towel, climbing into bed next to her.

    Mikko smiled to him when he walked in. She held her arms out to him and snuggled close to him when he laid down. She laid her head on his chest and ran her finger lightly over his stomach. Her eyes grew heavy and soon she was drifting to sleep, feeling secure and comfortable in Chris's embrace.

    Chris wasn't far behind her in slumber. Once getting into bed, he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheek whispering a 'love you' and a 'goodnight babe'. Then he too fell asleep.

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    ((It's a...BABY!))

    Mikko woke the next morning, her arm and leg were feeling much better and she had the best dreams. So far it seemed like the day was going to be a good one. She rolled over and laid onto of Chris's chest smiling down on him. She kissed him softly. "Wake up, sexy."

    Chris also had a peaceful night's sleep. He stayed by Mikko's side the entire night. Everything was different between them now. Now he had no reason to be shy around her. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at up at her, smiling. "Hey babe. You sleep well?"

    "yeah, did you?" Mikko leaned down and kissed him again, cupping his cheek and rubbing it with her thumb.

    "The best," Chris replied grinning. He returned the kiss. Then he took her other hand and squeezed it gently.

    Mikko smiled. "you want some breakfast?" She asked giving his hand a light squeeze back.

    That sounds great. Any ideas?" He pulled her in for a kiss again

    Mikko kissed him back and grinned against his lips. "Corn dogs." She ran her fingers through his hair. "Corn dogs and syrup." She kissed his cheek, neck moving to his shoulder. "Maybe some toast, and juice." Kisses his chest then works her way back to his mouth. "You're pretty tasty."

    Chris chuckled at that. "Thank you...I think." He kissed her back, letting out a small moan. "You're not half bad either." He grinned at her.

    "I am pretty juicy." Mikko kissed him again then got out of bed. She quickly got dressed and pulled her hair back. "Now I'm off to cook....well..warm up stuff anyway." She smiled and headed for the kitchen.

    Chris smiled back at her and watched her go. Then he grabbed for a shirt and some boxers and put them on. He was still really shy around the other two, and should one or both of them come in, he wanted to be sure he was covered enough. After he was satisfied with his attire, he exited the bedroom and met Mikko in the kitchen.

    Mikko had the corn dogs in the microwave and had set the table. She smiled to him when he came into the kitchen. She gave him a kiss then stuck some bread into the toaster. "Think the other two will be here for breakfast?" She was wondering if she should make more.

    Chris returned the kiss then shrugged. "I dunno. Who knows WHAT they did after we left?" And really, he didn't care. He was only vagely aware of what happened between them yesterday anyway. He was otherwise...occupied, himself. And he loved every moment of it.

    "Well I guess they can make their own breakfast." Mikko took the food out the microwave and set it on a plate that she put on the table along with the toast. "I didn't burn anything...I'm getting better at this." She grabbed some drinks handing him one and sat down.

    Chris took the proffered drink and sat down at the table. "Congrats, babe," he said, with a huge grin on his face. Then he took a sip of his drink.

    "thank you." Mikko smiled then started eating. She had nothing to eat in almost 24 hours, and was just now realizing how hungry she really was. She really needed to eat more. She also really needed a cigarette, but Chris wasn't going to let her smoke. She sighed and finished up her food.

    Chris began eating slowly. He was savoring every bite. It was so good, and he wanted to enjoy it for as long as he could. "It tastes great, Mikko."

    Thanks." Mikko got up and washed her dishes then walked behind him to rub his shoulders. "You wear to much clothing." She nuzzled his neck and kissed his earlobe.

    Chris chuckled. "What do you mean? You're wearing more than I am." "Right now, anyway."

    "That's only because I have to. You could lose the shirt." Mikko walked over to her bag and grabbed a cigarette, she lit it and inhaled deeply. She knew that she shouldn't but they were there and she was craving it so bad. She was sure that he would understand.

    Chris stood up and walked over next to her and took the cigarette out of her mouth. "We talked about this, remember?" He leaned in and kissed her again. After a few seconds, he pulled away, smiling. "Now isn't that better?"

    Mikko kissed him back and gave him a helpless look. "I really really REALLY need a smoke....The kiss was very nice though."

    Chris sighed heavily. "What can I do to make you forget about these?"

    Mikko thought about that. "weed?"

    Chris looked at her, shaking his head. "Nope, try again. Nothing that would hurt the baby."

    Mikko sighed heavily and shook her head. "No..." She folded her arms and walked away, back to the kitchen to eat. She needed to do something to keep her mind off the cigs. She couldn't smoke if she was eating.

    Chris sighed again, watching her. This was not going to be easy, but he hoped he could keep her away from the drugs and alcohol until the baby was born. It would be even nicer if he could kick her of the nasty habits altogether. But one step at a time...

    Mikko grabbed the ice cream and sat down on the couch with the whole tub and a spoon, she flipped the TV on and watched the news with her fudge ice cream. She didn't even like fudge or ice cream. She was also eyeing the pickles that were on the counter, but was to lazy to swap out meals at the moment. She smiled at Chris and offered him a spoon full of creamy goodness.

    Chris graciously took the spoonfull of ice cream. He closed his eyes smiling. "Mmmm thanks, babe."

    Mikko smiled and plunged the spoon back in the ice cream. "Welcome."

    Chris smiled at her. "So at least you're finally eating more, huh? That's what the doctor told you to do, right?" He leaned over and kissed her cheek.

    "Yeah I guess....Now I'm going to get all fat. And I'm blaming you I hope you know." She shoves another spoonful in her mouth.

    Chris sighed and put an arm around Mikko. "You'll be fine. As long as you don't overdo it." He kissed her cheek again. "And I can help with that."

    Mikko nodded. "You can. More sex I say. Exercise." She grinned and put another spoonful in her mouth. "Lots..."

    Chris chuckled, but wasn't sure if she was serious or not. But even if she was, he'd have no problem with that. He absolutely loved it with her the first time. It felt so right for him. "Sure, babe. I can do that for you." He smiled and kissed her cheek again.

    Mikko was very serious she put her ice cream down that was almost gone, and turned to him pressing her cold lips to his, kissing him deeply. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck pulling him close to her, moaning softly and quietly against his lips as her fingers reached up to tangle in his hair.

    Chris returned the kiss, wrapping his arms around her tightly. He moaned right along with her when she ran her fingers in his hair. She must have really enjoyed that. She seemed to pay a lot of attention to his hair anyway. He slowly pulled away and whispered to her. "You mean now?"

    Mikko smiled and nodded. "Yeah, now. You think ya up for it?" She kissed him again, laying back on the couch and dragging him on top of her. She did like playing with his hair, who know hair could be fun. She ran her fingers through it again, lightly scratching his scalp.

    Chris nodded. "Anything for you, babe." He grinned and kissed her again. Slowly he began removing her clothing.

    Mikko kissed him back only pulling away long enough to slip his shirt off of him. That fact that the other two could walk in on them didn't cross her mind, and what would it matter anyway, they were all in the same lake. She lifted her arms to help him get her shirt off then reached down moving her fingers in his waist band. She grinned against his lips then kissed him deeply again.

    Chrs returned her kisses and helped her slide his boxers down. Once he was exposed to her, is arousal was apparent. But he didn't care, he just wanted to feel her again. He reclined her on the couch, then straddled her waist, kissing her again.

    Once his boxers where off Mikko tossed them on the floor then she helped him slide her pants off, lifting her hips for him. She kissed him back, spreading her legs for him in anticipation. Her kisses getting more heated, nails scratching down his arms.


    Fortunately, Daisy had finally gotten a whole nights rest, without the interruptions of the horrific nightmares. She was one again sound asleep in her usual spot, on top of Kendall. Her legs straddled his hips, her face buried against his neck. Slowly, the overwhelming sensation began to tug away at her subconscious. She slowly willed her heavy eyelids to open, a sleepy grin forming across her lips. She nuzzled against Kendall's neck, planting a series of light kisses there. Her fingertips slowly caressed his cheek, attempting to wake him. She reeeeeally needed to pee! But first, she needed to lavish her man with some snuggletime.

    Kendall had a great night's sleep too. The whole day yesterday had been perfect. And little did he know, things were possibly going to get better. He stirred in his sleep and slowly opened his eyes, seeing Daisy in her usual spot. "Hey princess, sleep well?"

    Daisy slowly shifted her face from his neck, now gazing into those beautiful eyes of his. She smiled at him, and pressed her lips against his. "Mhmm!" She cupped his cheeks, caressing him gently. "Did you?" She squirmed a little against his hips, trying to prolong her need for a visit to the bushes..

    Kendall grinned. "As good as I always do with you." He kissed her deeply and noticed her squirming on top of him. "Everything alright, babe?" It was half concern, half amusement.

    Daisy gave him a pitiful look, smiling sweetly at him as she pressed another kiss against those luscious lips of his. "Heh... I reeeeeeally need to go pee.. but you're so comfy!"

    Kendall chuckled lightly. "Really, I'd rather you go pee now than have an accident on top of me," he replied grinning. "Uh, that's OUTSIDE the tent," he added.

    Daisy giggled quietly at that, gently biting on her bottom lip. "Heh.. you're so silly.." She nuzzled him gently before reluctantly willing herself to climb off of him. she slowly pushed herself up and reached for her clothes. After getting dressed, she flashed him a small wink. "I'll be right back!" Then, she remembered the pregnancy tests. This would be a good time to do that, since she felt like she could pee a river! After a quick trip inside the tent to grab the pee sticks, she disappeared deeper into the woods.

    Kendall watched her go, then returned to his position, closing his eyes.

    The first test was a complete failure, since she had peed on the wrong end. But she grinned victoriously after she had managed to do the second one right. Still, the little signs on the thing had her deeply confused. She tried to make sense of it, but the box was difficult for her to completely comprehend. Ah well, surely Kendall could read it! With box and test in hand, she sprinted back to their spot. Seeing Kendall with his eyes closed, she once again straddled his hips. "Baby.." She nuzzled against his cheek as she gave the thing a few good shakes, as if the action would make it a little more readable. "Think you can read this thing for me..."

    Kendall was a bit surprised when she came back and sat on his hips. Only on the account that he had his eyes closed and was tuned into nature. When Daisy had come back, he opened his eyes and smiled at her. Then she was practically shoving one of those pee sticks in his face. He took the end that she hopefully didn't go on and held it up. Then he had a huge smile on his face...

    He was grinning, this was good! Daisy stared at him with hopeful eyes, excitement building within. "Did I pee on it right? What does it say? Are you gonna be a daddy?"

    Kendall nodded slowly, still trying to get the news to sink in. "I'm gonna be a daddy," he said, still in disbelief

    Daisy's eyes grew wide, and she couldn't suppress a face-splitting grin. She cupped his cheeks, kissing him deeply. Overflowing with emotions she couldn't quite grasp, she couldn't hold back the tears of joy. Sure, deep down she was fearful, but that was buried beneath the happiness she was feeling. "Oh my gawd.. we're gonna be parents!!" She nuzzled against him, still trying to allow the news to sink in. It all felt like a dream. She seriously couldn't wait to tell Mikko! "You're gonna be the best daddy ever!" She grinned sweetly, brushing a tear from her cheek.

    Kendall kissed her back, still in disbelief. Once it finally sank in, the worry was also going to set in. But for now, he was blissfully unaware of the consequences from their actions. He brushed away Daisy's tears with his finger and thumbs. "I love you so much, Daisy." Then he kissed her deeply again.

    Daisy grinned sweetly against his lips, returning the kiss with deep passion. She allowed it to linger, sniffling quietly. Every time he said those words, her heart melted a little more. It certainly never got old. It was definitely not something she heard growing up. "I love you too, baby." She wiped the remaining tears away with the back of her hand, and snuggled against him. "You've made me soooo happy, and now you've given me a baby." She smiled at him. "I can't wait to tell Mikko.. her lil guy is gonna have someone to play with!"

    Kendall chuckled. "Yup." He snuggled up against her and kissed her cheek. The news was slowly beginning to sink in now

    Daisy was debating rushing back to the cabin to share the news with Mikko, but she was savoring this moment with Kendall. It was their moment. A time which she would surely remember for the rest of her life. "Heh.. I don't think I've ever been this happy before.." She nuzzled against him, planting light kisses against his cheek. "I mean, besides when I first laid eyes on yo!" She smiled. "Sooo, have you thought of any names yet?"

    Kendall shook his head. "Not yet, babe." He planted a few light kisses against her lips. "I'll have to think of some too."

    Daisy gently stroked his cheeks, lavishing him with affectionate kisses. "Boy or girl?" She couldn't help but ask. "Now.. I just gotta figure out how to make the cops stop wanting you.."

    Kendall looked at her, smiling. "We already had this discussion, remember? I said I wanted a girl." He kissed her cheek again, then he frowned. "And yeah..." He wasn't sure how she would pull that one off.

    "Buuut.. that was before I was actually preggo.." She grinned sweetly, once again meeting his lips. "Then again, maybe I was pregnant at that time, but just didn't know it." She winked. Honestly, she didn't care if the baby was a girl or a boy... as long as it loved her. But a girl would definitely be loads of fun. She quickly remembered that pretty dress back at that thrift store she and Mikko had gone to. Seeing his frown, she gently caressed his cheeks, kissing him deeply in reassurance. "Don't worry baby. I'm not gonna let them have you back." She smiled. "You're mine!" She was determined to erase his past somehow.. just just had to figure it out.

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