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    Post by Mikko on Wed Jul 29, 2009 5:39 pm

    ((I smell sex and caaaandy))

    Kendall chuckled at that. "Well, I'm glad for that, babe." He knew it wouldn't be that simple but he didn't have the heart to crush this girl's dreams. And who knows? Maybe she would be able to protect him anyway.

    Daisy wasn't sure how she would pull it off, but she was determined. He meant the world to her, and she would do anything within her power to protect him. Even if it cost her her life. Still caressing his cheeks, she planted another kiss against his lips. "You think we should go share the good news with Mikko and Chris?"

    Kendall chuckled again. "If you're ready to." He pulled her in for a deep kiss. "I love you so much, babe."

    Daisy returned the kiss wholeheartedly, then moved down to nuzzle his neck. A smile tugged across her lips, hearing his words. She met his gaze, smiling sweetly. "I love you too, babe." She planted another kiss against his lips. "More than anything! I'd do anything for you." She slowly and reluctantly climbed off him before tucking the test into the pocket of her shorts. She held out her hand, offering him a tug up.

    Kendall took her hand and stood up with her help. He gave her a quick 'thanks' and a small kiss on her lips then took her hand. "You wanna walk or ride, this time?"

    Daisy gave him a knowing grin before hopping up onto his back, she hugged him tightly, and squeezed him with her thighs. "Heh.. I wanna ride you!" She flashed a devious wink as she pressed her lips against his cheek. "Heh.. you know, before long I'm gonna be too heavy to be able to do this. My tummy will get in the I gotta live it up while I can!"

    Kendall grinned and hooked his arms over her legs...a very common position for them these days. And yes, as Daisy progressed through her pregnancy she wouldn't be able to do this anymore, but that didn't mean he couldn't find other ways to carry her. Once she was completely situated, he took off down the trail at a slowly jog. Being careful not to jostle her around too much.

    Daisy thought it was really sweet just how careful he was being. She nuzzled against his cheek, her fingers tracing lightly over the back of his neck. "Heh.. we sooo gotta get us one of those 'baby on board' signs, for our stolen Jeep!"

    Kendall looked up at her and grinned. "You think so, huh?" He then turned back to the trail. They were halfway there now.

    Chris didn't hesitate and kissed her back heatedly. Mikko scratching down his arms didn't faze him in the least. In fact, he downright enjoyed it. He reached down between them and fingered her slit making sure she was prepped enough. Satisfied that she was lubricated enough, he positioned himelf and pushed in.

    Mikko moaned loudly and bucked her hips to him as his finger slid across her sensitive skin. She caught her breath and smiled to him, her eyes slid shut as he pushed himself in her. "Mmmmm. babe." She leaned up and kissed him heatedly.

    Now all the way in, he chose to begin a med pace. He leaned down and captured her lips in a passionate kiss as he gradually increased the pace.

    Mikko moved her hips in rhythm with his thrust, kissing him deeply and nipping his bottom lip. Her hands snaked around to his back, fingers running down his spine and nails raking back up to his neck.

    Moving even faster, Chris broke the kiss and moved to the side of her neck, kissing and sucking the skin there

    Mikko wrapped her legs around him and moved her head to the side, exposing her neck to him. Breathing heavy and moaning loudly.

    Chris moaned softly, adding his teeth to the mix. He noticed her legs tightened around him and also increased his thrusting once more.

    Mikko let out a soft gasp, her breathing picked up and she sat up, kissing every part of him that she could. She felt herself getting close to the end and dug her nails into his flesh as she tighten around him.

    Chris let out a loud gasp and bit down on her neck, but not enough to draw blood. This action also caused him to become more jerky in his movements. He was also getting close, but he didn't want the sensations to end...

    Mikko reached her climax calling out Chris's name and tighten her legs around him. Her back arched slightly and it took a few moments for her body to relax and fall back on the couch. Her breathing was heavy and she slowly untangled her legs from around him.

    Feeling Mikko's release pushed him over his own limit too. He let his seed fill her and after he was finally spent, he carefully lowered himself on top of her. He was extremely tired, but it was a great kind of tired. He looked up at Mikko and kissed her deeply. "I love much, babe." He used his remaining strength to cup her cheek, and stroked it with his thumb.

    Mikko kissed him back, and then, he said those words again. Why? She just smiled and nodded, being far from ready to tell him that, mostly because she just didn't feel it. She liked him, but that's was about it. She kissed him again then closed her eyes. "We should probably get dressed before the others pop in."

    "Yeah! We needs to get all kinds of baby stuff too!" Daisy grinned happily, of course having no idea how they would afford it all. All she could see was the joy in all of this. "Our kiddo's gonna be spoiled rotten!" As the cabin came into view, she could barely contain her excitement. She just couldn't wait to share the good news with her sis!

    They were almost to the cabin now. Kendall thought her enthusiasm about the baby was really cute. But there were also many factors on how they would be able to afford it. They may have a little money left over from what they lifted off of Officer Adams, but it was only a drop in the bucket for what they really needed for this child.

    Chris' strength was slowly returning again and he nodded. Very carefully, he sat up and got off of Mikko; his deflated, but satisfied member sliding out of her. He really needed a shower, but he didn't feel like it right now. Now seated on the couch again, he pulled on his boxers first, then his shirt. And just in time too. As soon as he was decent, the other two lovebirds came strolling in.

    Mikko sat up and tugged on her pants then slipped her shirt on. She lounged back on the couch and reached for the pack of cigarettes that were on the table, not giving it a second thought.

    Once inside the cabin, Daisy greeted Mikko and Chris with a wide smile before carefully slipping off of Kendall's back. She couldn't suppress a proud grin as she approached Mikko, and plopped down beside her on the couch. And without a word, she slipped the pregnancy test from her pocket, and laid it in Mikko's lap. She bit on her bottom lip, waiting on in anticipation...

    Chris looked at her, giving her a slight glare. Then he looked at Daisy and smiled. He saw what she gave Mikko and looked at his love questioningly

    Mikko looked at Chris and set the cigs down, then right after Daisy came in, plopping down next to her and sticking a nasty piss stick on her lap. She was about to fling the thing off of her but figured if Daisy was excited she may as well not hurt the girls feelings. Mikko grabbed the corner of a blanket that was on the couch and picked up the test with it. Her eyes widen and she looked at Daisy, then Kendall, then back at Daisy. She quickly grabbed a cig, light it and inhaled deeply. "ummm...I'll make you an appointment. congrats."

    Daisy couldn't stop grinning. "You're gonna be an ANT!" But her last comment caused her to blink in confusion. "Why do I need an appointment?"

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    Post by Mikko on Wed Jul 29, 2009 5:40 pm

    ((Gabe calls...Finally))

    Mikko smiled. "Sounds like fun. You have to see a doctor, to make sure that you and the baby stay healthy. Like I have been doing...Kinda. And the doctor can give you advice on what to do and not to do to stay healthy...So I guess we got to go back for that dress uh?"

    Daisy was really happy to be sharing this moment with Mikko. She felt proud, like she had accomplished something wonderful. There was a life growing inside of her. "But I'll have to give the doctors a fake name, right?" She was afraid that they would send her back to the clinic. "And we definitely have to go back for that dress!" She was definitely looking forward to baby-shopping with Mikko. "When will I know what it is? When will she start kicking? How long before my tummy looks like I swallowed a basketball?"

    Mikko finished her AWESOME cigarette and put it out on the bottom of her shoe then wrapped an arm around Daisy. "That's a lot of questions, ok no don't use a fake name, you're pregnant that means you're an adult, so you don't have to go back to the clinic, plus you're 17 so...yeah no worries with that. And the rest of the questions idea, I think it's different for everyone."

    Not knowing what else to do, Chris took the rest of the cigarettes away from her and went to go dispose of them. He was furious that she wen't back on her word. Well, she would never find them again, he would make sure of it. But there was the little matter of preventing her from going out and buy--or even stealing--them from elsewhere.

    "Sooo, they can't make me go back?" Daisy was greatly relieved by that. She gave her tummy a light pat, and gave Mikko a thoughtful look. "How big do you think she is right now?" Yeah, obviously she was already convinced the baby would be a girl. She smiled sweetly at Mikko. "Not your lil boy will have someone to play with!"

    "Nope." Mikko looked over at Chris and flashed him her best death glare then turned back to Daisy and smiled. "Your baby is probably no bigger egg" Ok Mikko had no idea, but she wanted to at lest sound like she knew what she was talking about. "But these are all things you can ask your doctor."

    As much as she disliked doctors, Daisy was now looking forward to her visit with one.. so she could hound him with questions. She glanced over at Kendall, flashing him a sweet look. "You're going with us, aren't you babe? We can disguise you as Blade, so no-one will know who you are!" Because she reeeeeally wanted him to be there with her.

    Kendall really wanted to go with her. He wanted to be right next to her when they found out more about his child. And so far, this disguise had worked. He nodded to her and put an arm around her shoulders. "I'd love to, darlin'." He gave her cheek a small peck.

    Daisy flashed Kendall a huge grin as she hopped up and leaped into his arms, throwing her arms around his neck. She hugged him tightly, lavishing him with sweet kisses. "Thanks babe!" Still hugging him tightly, she case a quick glance over at Mikko. "When should we do it?" Blinks.. " Go I mean"

    "I'll call my doctor and see if you can see him....My appointments are being paid through the clinic. So, you'll have to find a way to pay. You could go back to the clinic just long enough for them to set you up." But Mikko doubt that Daisy would do that. No mater how good it would be for her.

    Diasy frowned at that, shaking her head in disagreement. "No, I can't g back there." She squeezed tightly to Kendall.

    Gabriel had remained oblivious to the mishap at the zoo, mainly because he wasn't a big fan of the news. But after being vaguely informed by one of the gang members, he instantly grew concerned. He dialed Mikko's cell, and waited for her to answer

    "You might have to, I'll go with you and make sure that they don't try and keep you." Mikko heard her phone and after some searching found it and answered. "Hello?"

    Gabe breathed a sigh of relief. She sounded okay, at least. "Hey babe. Heard about what happened, an' just wanted to make sure you were alright."

    Mikko had to think about what he was talking about for a moment, then it clicked, the zoo. "Yeah. more then I can say for the petting zoo. I was hit a couple of times, so was Chris but we're fine." She was upset that it took him so long to call her but didn't voice this. "I'm glad that you left when you did."

    "Just found out a few minutes ago. Rumor had it that a few rogue dragons were responsible for the deed, but Gabe was sure that she already knew this. "You need to keep a low profile for a while, Mickey. Til this shit blows over."

    Daisy gave Kendall another quick peck on the cheek before slowly releasing him from her embrace. A thought had hit her, and she really needed to find that lycan dude. "I'll be right back, babe." And with that, she slipped off, in search of Chris.

    "Yeah...I guess. Don't know how much my arm can take, Fuckers got me in the same spot Jencko did. Luckily the idiots weren't to good with a gun." Mikko sighed and went to reach for the cigs then remembered that they weren't there, she flashed Chris another glare. "I'll try to lay as low as I can, but now Daisy is pregnant and she needs to go to doctors and, I think we're running out of lest ice cream. anyway, I'll watch myself, maybe finally learn how to use a gun."

    Gabriel's brows furrowed at that. "Pregnant?" He had no idea how old the girl was, but she looked and acted too young to be a mother. Not that it was any of his business. Still, he wasn't sure how Mikko could continue taking care of her, when she could obviously barely take care of herself. He sighed deeply. "Neither of yer boys ain't taken care of you?" If they didn't have food, he was suspecting not. Obviously, he didn't know the full circumstances of their situation, and while he would've offered to bring them food, he knew that his every move was being watched closely. But then again, his life was already in danger. That would sadly never change.

    "They do what they can...Under the circumstances." Mikko wished that Gabe could come visit, but knew that that wouldn't be a good idea. "I can handle it." Though she did wish that Chris would at lest get a job, there was no real reason why he couldn't work, not that she could see anyway. "Actually I think Daisy wants to go shopping for cloths or something and I need ice cream and cigs."

    Chris had finally made it to the bedroom and gotten rid of his own cigarettes. Or at least hid them very well. But the truth was, he was trying to quit. And he thought he was doing a really good job, too. He was now sitting on the edge of his bed, trying to let his anger simmer down.

    Daisy's search finally ended, in the bedroom. She peeked inside, seeing Chris sitting on the bed's edge. He looked a little angry, though she had no idea why. It made her a little reluctant to approach, but this was for Kendall. Mustering up her bravery, she knocked gently against the door, even though it was cracked open.

    Gabe knew it wasn't the best idea, but he offered anyway. "Well if you need anythin', maybe i could meet'chu somewhere. We gotta be careful, tho."

    Mikko thought about that, she really hated taking hand outs and like to take care of herself, but she knew that she needed all the help she could get. "Yeah...ummm...I just need food" She needed a lot more then that, cloths, blankets, and she feared that she was going to need shelter soon if they had to move to a new location. But she would worry about those things herself. "Yeah, just food....We could meet at the Lutheran church on Field street."

    Chris looked up when he heard the knocking. Seeing Daisy eased his temper even more. He cracked a small smile and beckoned her over to him. "Oh hi, Daisy. Please come in..."

    "When did'chu wanna meet up?"

    "When ever you want. I can leave now though."

    Phew! She was grateful to see that smile! For a moment there, she was afraid he was about to swing into full lycan mode! She flashed him a grin in return as she stepped inside, taking a seat beside him in the bed. She really wasn't sure how to ask this, but she would never know until she tried. "Um, you're a smart guy, right? I mean, you look like you are!" She smiled. "I was.. wondering if you could help me with something?"

    Gabriel gave an unseen nod at that. "I gotta pick up some stuff, but I'll be there soon. Be careful, Mickey."

    "You too. see you soon, Gabe. Bye." She hung up and started getting ready to leave, she owed Gabe big time for this.

    Chris looked at Daisy and nodded. "I can try. What do you need?"

    After she was ready Mikko went to the bedroom and grabbed her bag. "I have to go into town, I'll see you guys later."

    Where to begin? It didn't seem so complicated in her mind, but putting it into words was proving to be a little difficult. "Well, you see.. Kendall's a wanted man, and if the cops catch him, they're gonna kill him." She paused, seriously having to fight back the tears at that. The thought of that happening was seriously overwhelming. She looked into his eyes, hoping he was following her. "I.. can't lose him. He's gonna be a daddy soon, and I was hoping maybe you could help me erase his past somehow? So the cops will leave him alone. I asked Mikko, but she won't help me." She gave him a pleading look. She was only vaguely aware as Mikko came into the room. She gave a small nod, but her attention soon refocused on Chris. Normally she would've wanted to go with Mikko, but this was really important.

    Chris nodded thoughtfully. "Erase his past, huh? I'm not sure that can really be done. And even if it can, I'm not experienced enough to try something like this." He sighed deeply and patted her shoulder. "I wish I could help you with this, but I don't know how." He gave her a sad smile. "And congrats on you two having a baby."

    "Ok going now." Mikko watched the two for a moment then quickly headed out the cabin and into her car. Soon she was headed into the city to meet with Gabe. She wished that she had something to give him, something to pay him with. Maybe she should just find a job...

    Daisy's heart sunk a little deeper at his answer. It seemed no-one could help her. But she was determined it could be done. She would just have to do it, on her own. She managed a small grin at his congratulations. "Heh.. thank you." Her tone was unusually quiet and heavy, but sincere nonetheless. "Maybe someday you'll be a daddy, too."

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    Post by Mikko on Thu Jul 30, 2009 5:35 pm

    ((Beast Dog))

    The drive was long, as always but Mikko finally made it into the city. She reached back and flipped her hood over her head and stuck a pair of sunglasses on. She went to the church were they agreed to meet and parked in the back. She glanced out the window, when she didn't see anyone she slipped out the car, taking carful steps, and keeping an eye on her surroundings. She didn't want a repeat of the zoo. Slowly she made it inside the church and finally felt safe to let some of her guard down, but she still kept the glasses and hood on, and looked around for Gabe.

    The place was empty, but left open for the citizens who needed to make their peace with God in the late night hours. The heavenly orchestra pouring quietly through the speakers gave it an eery feel, but it felt peaceful nonetheless. Gabe was seated in the back row, adorned in his hoodie and the dark shades that hid his eyes. He looked torn and emotionally drained, a testament to his own personal hardships, conflicts that very few held any knowledge of. A large pit bull lied resting at his feet, emitting a low growl as Mikko entered, warning his owner of the potential danger. But realizing who it was, Gabe was quick to call him off. He managed a faint grin at Mikko. "See you made it."

    Mikko heard the dog's growl before she saw Gabriel. She jumped backwards and away from the animal. "Y..You brought that beast with you?" It took her a bit to calm down but she made no move to get any closer to the two of them.

    Gabriel knew that Mikko held a deep fear of dogs, but with his deteriorating vision, he relied on the intimidating pit to keep him aware of his surroundings. It came and went, and obviously today was one of the worst. He could see her reluctant to come closer. "He's not gonna bother you, Mickey." Jigs was intensely watching her, but soon laid on his side, obviously no longer feeling threatened by her presence.

    Mikko hesitated then finally went around the back of Gabe, so she didn't have to step over the dog, She slowly sat next to him, carful to not touch Jigs with her feet. Now getting a closer look at him she could see that Gabe wasn't looking good at all. She laid a hand softly on his leg. "Gabe. Are you alright?" Her fear of Jigs disappearing and in it's place concern for her brother. "What's wrong?"

    Gabe deeply appreciated the concern, but he wasn't the type to talk freely about his hardships, even to people he was closest to. "I'm alright." He reached and gave her hand a light squeeze before redirecting the attention from himself. Noticing her arm, he frowned deeply. "How you holdin' up?"

    Mikko was more worried about Gabe then her arm, but figured that he didn't want to talk about it. She hated when he wouldn't let her in. But she let it drop and nodded a little." I'm as good as I can be...Trying to stay alive, take care of me and a baby and Chris and the others. I'm going to have to look for work..." She took her sunglasses off. "Maybe I can sell some of my tattoo flash."

    Gabe could only frown at that. He was still unsure of the situation back at the cabin, but it sounded like she was in a sticky situation. "Yeah. Gotta have some dough to raise your little one. Am sure the tattoo gig will work for you. "He managed a small grin. "Yer good."

    Mikko smiled back at him. "Thanks." She looked down at her hands and fiddled with the bottom of her hoodie. "I'm sure it'll all work out." She looked back up at him. "What about you? How are things going?"

    Gabe gave her hand a light squeeze. "I'm sure it will, babe." At her question, he couldn't suppress a deep frown. He sighed inwardly. "Everything's a mess right now." He replied quietly, but would leave it at that. He reached for the box of food that had been placed on his opposite side, and gently placed it in her lap. There was enough to hopefully last them for a couple of weeks, with a wide assortment of stuff. "Hope that's enough."

    Mikko felt bad, here he was dealing with his own problems and she was asking him for food. This would be the last time she bugged him for help. She took the box and glanced inside. "Yeah, It's enough." She set the box on side of her and pulled Gabe into a tight hug. "Thank you." She was trying her best not to break down in front of him, that would wait till she was back on the road.There was just to many emotions going through her, with everything she had going on. She blamed the pregnancy for her emotional weakness.

    Gabe returned the tight embrace, but remained mindful of her injured arm. "Anytime, babe." He held her for a moment before slowly releasing. "I can take it to yer car, if ya want. You shouldn't be liftin' with yer arm like that."

    Mikko reluctantly released him then nodded at his question. "Yeah, thanks." She adjusted her hood and slid the box to him. "I'm just right out back."

    Gabriel slowly stood and took the box, Jigs kept close to his owner's side as they headed out back. Once they reached the car, he slid the box into the passenger's side, then returned his attention to Mikko. He pulled her in for another gentle embrace. "Take care of yerself, babe. Keep in touch."

    Mikko followed them, keeping a watchful eye on Jigs. She opened the door for Gabe to slide the box in then returned the hug. "I will...You need a ride or something?" It was the lest she could do.

    "Nah. Need the fresh air." Gabe managed a small grin and reached up to ruffle her hair. "See you soon, babe."

    Mikko smiled and straightened her hair out. "Ok. Talk to you later." She looked down at Jigs. "Guess I'll see you soon too, beast dog." She slid in the car, gave them both a wave then drove off, her first place would be the tattoo shop, to try and sell some art.

    Chris smiled back at her. "Yeah, maybe..." Then he frowned a little. "Look, I still wanna help in any way I can." After spending more time with the other two people in the house, well kinda anyway, he grew more fond of Daisy. Her bubbly personality could still get on his nerves, but he still felt closer to her. As a possible sister, perhaps.

    That certainly earned a hopeful look. "Yeah? Soo.. you'll help me??!" She quickly threw her arms around his neck and squeezed him tightly. "Ooooh, thank you!!!" After a moment, she released him from hr death lock. "I'm thinking the best time to do it is when all heck is breaking loose, during the whole jail break thing."

    Mikko was finally on her way home, she had food, a few hundred bucks and a job. She was eager to tell the others. The only thing she was having a problem with was the commute. She was only going to be working a few days out of the week, the guy at the shop liked her work, but and offered her a temp job, she assumed because he felt sorry for her situation. She didn't go into detail or anything but certainly told him enough so that he would feel bad and give her something for her work. And, it worked better then she thought, She also got a different car. It was time to change. Hopefully they wouldn't have to change houses any time soon.

    Chris hugged her back, but with a much lighter hug. Then he nodded. "That's cool. But what did you have in mind?"

    "I'm sure thy keep that kinda stuff in their computers, right? Or in files.. kinda like the clinic. Whichever, we just go in, erase the files and presto! A second chance for him!"

    Mikko soon pulled up to the cabin and climbed out the car. She put out her cigarette then grabbed the box of food and headed inside. "I'm home!" She announced and set the box in on the kitchen counter. "and I have food. And money!"

    Chris had to admit, the idea did have appeal. But it wasn't going to be that simple. Maybe he would be able to approach Kendall at some point about the layout of the place.

    It gave Daisy more confidence in her plans, knowing that Chris was willing to help. She flashed him a hopeful smile. "So, what do you think? We should be able to do it, right?" She gently rubbed her tummy. "You have no idea how much this means to me.. to us! I'll tell Kendall to stop giving you those evil looks, because you're really nice!" Overhearing Mikko, she glanced in the door's direction. "Be right there! I'm in the bedroom with your boyfriend!"

    Chris nodded. Having Kendall off his case all the time would certainly be a refreshing change. Even if the man was better than when they first met. Kendall didn't have the jealousy excuse anymore, so they should be able to get along now, right?

    Daisy gave him another tight hug before springing to her feet. "Thanks, Chris! I really owe ya! Maybe I can do your eyeliner sometime!" It didn't seem like nearly payment enough, but one act of kindness deserved another!

    Mikko walked in the bedroom and took her shoes off,set her bag down and sat next to Daisy. "You two best not be making out on my bed."

    Chris chuckled at Daisy. "We'll talk about it later." Then he saw Mikko enter the room and he smiled at her. "We were just talking, babe. Nothing else."

    Daisy just cast a grin in Mikko's direction. She was eager to share the news with Mikko, that Chris was going to help her, but thought better of it. She knew Mikko thought it was impossible. And maybe it was, but she would never know until she tried. "Did you get cupcakes?"

    "Suuuure." Mikko grinned at Chris and briefly wondered what they were talking about. She laid back on the bed and nodded at Daisy's question. "Yeah, I got cupcakes. You have to make them though, I also got money and a job. Because it seems I'm the only one that's bothered about figuring out how to take care of all of us." She looked up at Daisy. "And where is your dog? You didn't leave em in the woods did you?"

    Daisy's grin quickly faded as Mikko asked about the puppy. She had been so overjoyed about the news that she had left the little squirt behind! "No, she's in the tent! I gotta go get her!" With that, she sprinted out of the bedroom, in search of Kendall. "Baaaaabe! We gotta go back to the tent, I lost my Mojo!"

    Chris just shrugged at Mikko, but he couldn't keep the amusment off his face. Yeah, this would definitely be interesting...

    Mikko sat up and reached over letting her fingers slide under his shirt. She massaged his lower back. "I'll be working three days a week...for now, then maybe I can work more later." She gave his cheek a light peck. "This whole, providing for the family is harder then I had anticipated."

    Kendall peeked around the corner when he heard Daisy's call. "Well, lets go get her then." He took her hand and lead her out of the cabin.

    And they were once again headed down the old familiar trail, destined for their 'home'. Once the tent came into view, Daisy sprinted to the little dog's 'rescue'. She was still on the massive air mattress, obviously too afraid to jump down. "Daw, poor baby! You needs a bungee cord!" She scooped up the tiny pup, and quickly rejoined Kendall. She smiled sweetly at him. "You gonna help me make cupcakes?" She gently placed the pup into Kendall's arms, giving him some 'cradling' practice.

    Chris smiled at her for her ministrations. Then he nodded to her to let her know he was listening to what she was saying. Then he finally asked, "Yeah? So what kind of job do you have now?"

    Mikko continued, moving further up his back. "I'm a shop manager at Papa's Tattoos, I make sure the place is clean, and I great costumers and do other little jobs, pretty much anything that needs to be done."

    Kendall smiled down at her, taking the small puppy in his large hands, cradling her carefully in his arms. "Sure, babe. If you want me to."

    Daisy's heart melted, watching him with the tiny pup. She gently squeezed his arm. "You're gonna be such an awesome daddy, babe." She smiled up at him. "And of course I want your help! You've got mad baking skillz!"

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    Post by Mikko on Fri Jul 31, 2009 3:47 pm

    ((Cupcake massage!))

    Kendall couldn't help but grin at that. "Why thank you, babe." He didn't mind bragging a little though. "I am pretty good, aren't I?" He flashed Daisy a small wink. "So what kind are you thinking of?"

    "Like, the bestest!!" Daisy flashed him a huge grin, and hugged tightly to his arm. "Hmmm... strawberry! Though, I'm reeeeally not picky! Cup-cakes are awesome, no matter what flavor!" She was oh so tempted to hop up on his back, but remembering that his hands were full, she quickly thought better of it. "What flava do you want?"

    Kendall chuckled. "I'll give you three guesses..." He patted the pup in his arms on the head, lightly.

    "Hmmm... raspberry?" Daisy lightly traced her fingers up his side. "Pumpkin-flavored chocolate?... ooooor, Strawberry?"

    Kendall raised a brow at her. "Pumpkin-flavored chocolate? Huh, never heard of that one. It sounds interesting, though..."

    "You neither, huh?" Daisy smiled up at him as they continued their short trek back to the cabin. "We could totally invent that, you think? That could be our cash cow!"

    Kendall chuckled and leaned down to his her cheek. "Think so, huh? I'm game if you are. But we just have to get the stuff first."

    Chris moaned softly and nodded. "Sounds great, Mikko. Hope you like it there."

    "I think I will." Mikko got on her knees behind Chris and started giving him a nice back massage. "You know you should be doing this for me." She kissed his cheek. "So what were you and Daisy talking about?"

    Chris let his eyes slide closed. He had to chuckle at Mikko. "If you want me to, I can." He gave her a big smile. "And we were discussing eye liner. She wants to do mine sometime. Not sure I'll let her, though." He shrugged.

    "Would love it." Mikko pulled his shirt up, trying to get it off. "Eyeliner uh? I wouldn't do it, you might go blind."

    Chris helped her remove his shirt and he chuckled. "Yeah, I don't think I'll let her do it. Too risky. And I don't wanna look like a damn raccoon either."

    Mikko tossed Chris's shirt to the side, then continued her massage. "You would be one sexy raccoon." She smiled and nibbled his neck.

    Chris chuckled again. "Uhh thank you?" He fingers felt just wonderful against his skin. And he would be sure to return the favor. He moaned again softly.

    "Welcome." Mikko moved her fingers along his skin, kneading her finger tips into his muscles. "Maybe I could be a masseuse." She reached around and rubbed his chest, gently raking her nails across his body.

    Once they had reached the cabin, Daisy sprinted up the steps and opened the door for Kendall, since his arms were loaded down with puppy cuteness. "Maybe pumpkin pie filling, mixed with chocolate icing?" It was a thought anyway. "Oooor, we could stick with strawberry for now!" She grinned. "Or whichever kindz you want, I can eat anythinng!"

    This just kept getting better and better. He nodded to her. "Yeah, you sure could. You're a pro." He moaned again.

    That made Mikko smile. "Maybe I should charge you then." She reached her hand further down, playing with the top of his boxers. Then she heard Daisy and Kendall and let out a sigh and withdrew her hand, resting them on his shoulders. "My turn."

    Kendall smiled. "Strawberry is fine." He entered the cabin and handed Mojo to her. I'll get things ready while you find somewhere for Mojo, okay?" He kissed her once on the lips then headed into the kitchen area.

    Chris sat up and switched positions with her. Then he began a deep massage through her shirt, kneading the muscles in her shoulders and upper back. Then he slowly moved downwards...

    Mikko closed her eyes and tilted her head down, that felt so good. She moaned softly, enjoying the feel of his hands on her. "that sooooooo goooood.."

    Daisy searched the house for somewhere to put the pooch while they baked. Several minutes later, she came lugging a old crate into the kitchen, padded with old clothes she had found in one of the closets. Probably belonging to the deceased owners of the cabin. Once the pup was safely placed inside her makeshift 'crib', Daisy slipped up behind Kendall, snaking her arms around his waist. "Need me to do anything?" She flashed him a cheeky smile and slowly slipped her hand beneath his shirt, running her fingers along his back. "Besides distract ya?" Of course, distracting was always fun!

    Chris smiled and continued. Very slowly he reached for the hem of her shirt, intending to remove it for better access.

    And Mikko was more then willing to get the shirt off of her. The more exposed to Chris the more his magic fingers could dance on her skin. She seriously could fall asleep sitting just like that.

    Kendall already had the mixing bowl in front of him and was adding the ingredients to make the batter. He looked up at Daisy as she entered the kitchen area, smiling. "If you want, you can help me mix everything in. But remember to wash your hands first. And distracting is good...sometimes." He flashed her a small wink.

    Chris slid her shirt up and over her head, tossing it to the side. Then he pushed back lightly on her shoulders to get her to lay down.

    Once her shirt was off Mikko shivered slightly. Feeling the light pressure Chris was giving her she laid down on her stomach and closed her eyes. She was definitely going to be falling asleep at this rate.

    "Wash my hands?" Daisy batted her eyes sweetly, and slowly slipped her hand from beneath his shirt, giving his ass a playful pinch. Oh yes, he was definitely going to be a good father, she thought. She grinned in amusement, flashing him a flirtatious wink as she washed her hands, then assisted him with mixing the ingredients. As they worked with the batter, she eyed the box full of food. "Oooh.. I think I see stuff for s'getti in there!"

    Chris could tell how relaxed Mikko was getting under his touches, and it just made his smile grow. And he didn't mind at all if she would go to sleep. He knew that she needed her rest. He moved his hands further down again.

    Mikko nuzzled her pillow and smiled, savoring the feel of his movements on her back. She could defiantly get use to this. She moaned softly her body becoming more relaxed. "Mmmm...So. Nice...."

    Things were definitely progressing nicely. Daisy was a fast learner. They had by now, mixed everything in and now were working on filling the trays and getting ready to pop them into the oven. He looked over to where Daisy was talking about. "Is that what you want, babe?"

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    Chris smiled and continued. Now at her lower back, he applied more pressure, kneading her muscles with his thumbs and palms.

    Mikko moaned softly and felt herself start to drift off. She tucked her arms under her pillow, completely relaxed she felt the world just melt away.

    Now aware that Mikko was asleep he continued the massage, but lighten the pressure. He did this for a few more minutes before stopping. Then he leaned down and kissed her shoulder lightly before getting up and pulling his shirt back on. Glancing at her one last time, he slipped out of the bedroom, closing the door softly behind him. Then he turned around and saw Kendall and Daisy in the kitchen and waved to them.

    "Yeah! I think cupcakes and spaghetti goes great together!" Daisy quickly retrieved the ingredients, placing them on the counter nearby. "I'm sure Mikko and Chris are hungry, too!"Seeing Chris, she grinned brightly and returned the wave. "You like s'getti, Chris?"

    Kendall looked up from their cooking when Daisy addressed Chris. But this time he gave Chris a friendly wave back.

    Chris looked at Daisy and put a finger up to his lips, hoping she got the idea to be quiet. "Mikko's sleeping," he whispered. "And yeah, I do."

    Oooooh, her? Be quiet? That would surely be though! She flashed him a sweet smile as she tried to whisper. "You wanna help? You could be like, the noodle tester or something!"

    "Sure." Chris nodded and went over to the table, sitting down. He needed something to do anyway. And cooking was definitely out of the question. He waited patiently while the other two worked on the meal.

    Kendall turned to Daisy. "Why don't you finish the cupcakes while I get started on the spaghetti?" He gave her a small kiss on the cheek and began working on the main course. First, he started boiling the water, then threw the pasta in, stirring it, occasionally. While that was going on, he worked on the meatballs. If he was going to cook a major meal, he might as well do it up big...

    Daisy was busying herself with preparing the meal when she felt her muscles slightly tense, accompanied by a small, sharp pain in her head. She winced slightly, but tried her best to mask her discomfort. Still, this was all too familiar and scared her to no end. Sometimes they would slowly make themselves known. Others, she wouldn't know what hit her, until it was too late. And of course, she had once again been neglecting her medication. Mainly because she simply couldn't remember it every day. She was secretly grateful when Kendall relieved her of handling the spaghetti. Gently rubbing her throbbing temple, she took a hasty step towards the exit. "I'll.. I'll be right back!" She quickly left the kitchen, in search of her bag. Sadly, she had forgotten that she had ran out of medicine, two days ago.

    Kendall looked up from his cooking and looked at Daisy worriedly. He was about to say something about it when she ran out of the kitchen. He really hoped it wasn't anything serious. Looking down at the preparations, he was almost done anyway. He turned the burner on the stove down and hurried after her, deeply concerned.

    Daisy flew out of the cabin and down the old dirt trail, her heart beating wildly within the confines of her chest. Her attempts to remain calm had all been met in vain. Once inside their tent, she dropped to her knees as she frantically searched her pack for her pill bottle, blinded by fearful tears. It only added to that fear when she discovered that the bottle was completely empty. Overcome by fear, she was completely unaware that Kendall had followed her.

    Kendall had followed her all the way out to their special spot. He saw her disappear into the tent and went to go have a look himself at what she was so frantic about. He watched as she looked through her bag, frowning. Seeing her pull out the empty bottle, he went over to her. "Is everything okay, babe? Did you need something?" He took her in his arms, holding her close.

    Daisy sunk into his arms, struggling to catch her breath. Her trembling hand still held to the empty pill bottle, wincing against the overwhelming throbbing in her head. She'd never wanted him to see her like this-- for any of them to. She was wrapped in his arms when the seizure finally took hold of her. Her body convulsed slightly as she still struggled for control. It was brief, obviously a mild incident, but surely a taste of things to come if she didn't get her meds. Sobbing quietly, she squeezed him weakly as she struggled to find her strength again. "I'm... outta meds.."

    When Daisy seizure took hold, he panicked. But at least it was quick. However, he had to get her some meds, and fast! He pulled Daisy closer and whispered to her. "Where do we get them?" He was seriously hoping they didn't have to go back to the clinic. And for sure, he couldn't be the one to do it. Unfortunately, everyone else in the group actually came from there, so he was the only one they wouldn't recognize...with his disguise, anyway.At least he hoped so...

    Daisy rested her head against Kendall's chest, still struggling to find her breath. The piercing headache was slow to go away. She was drained, completely weakened by her illness. She sniffled quietly, and nuzzled gently against his chest. "At.. the clinic." She replied, in a shaky tone. "But.. you can't go there." She paused, trying to steady her breathing. "Too dangerous."

    Kendall put a hand on her cheek. "But I have to go. I'll wear the disguise and they shouldn't recognize me. But everyone else needs to stay away from there." He stroked her cheek lightly with his thumb. "I'll be really careful, alright?" He leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

    Daisy shifted slightly, returning his soft kisses. The tears still streaked her cheeks, fearful and reluctant to let him take this risk for her. "I'm coming.. with you." She snuggled against him, still too drained to move. "..I'll stay in the car.. promise."

    The signing had lasted almost 3 agonizing hours. It never failed. The local hometown crowd had numerous questions for the fallen star. As unintentionally hurtful as some of them were, she chose to not let her weakness show. She forced a fake smile and continued the signing. Posing for pictures with the more devoted fans. There were many speculations flying about her involvement with the mysterious man that lurked ever so close, with his almost Rorschach appearance.

    Raph had gotten the call the day before to start his new bodyguard job but didn't expect anything like this. The signing was at a very active night club, he was wearing his normal disguise a trench coat, pants, dark pants with big shoes, and a fedora. The collar of his coat covered most of his face while his fedora was pulled down low enough to conceal the rest of his face. He stood a few steps behind Lexi incase of someone getting a little to friendly with the famous star. The crowd was very irratating to him along with the reporters, many were hassling him as well about the so called spectulation about thier relasionship

    Lexi was really grateful when the signing was finally over. The crowd had yet to clear out, but she wouldn't be sticking around past her requirement. There were too many shady people in the club, and she was feeling understandably paranoid. She disappeared into the backroom, trying her best to mentally block out the shouted requests and pleas for her to return. She shot Raph an apologetic look as she adjusted one of the straps of her skimpy red dress. "Sorry. I know it's a lot to take in. The crowds can be overwhelming."

    Raph closely followed her to the back room, pushing back fans when he needed to on the way. Finally they were in a more quiet privite area, he leaned his shell against the wall while placing a gloved hand on the vanitey dresser infront of Lexi.* "Ain't yer' fault babe, those reporter's are a' buncha bastards!" *He said in a slightly irratated tone

    Lexi reached over, giving his arm a light squeeze. "I'd like to say that you get used to it, but sadly I don't think you ever do. Or at least I haven't." She flashed him a sympathetic smile as she reached for her black jogging pants and a shirt to match. She would need to change before hitting the streets, and she certainly wasn't shy about doing so in front of Raph. She his a cheeky little smile as she slowly began to peel out of the red dress, pulling it over he shoulders, then draped it over Raph's arm. Of course her sexy red underwear would conceal her womanly parts, but it left little to the imagination.

    Raph nodded as she grabbed her clothes, he would have left the room if he would have been giving s warning before she took off her dress. A grin creped across his face as she draped the dress over his arm. He felt as if she were teasing him again with her beautiful body and revealing underwear.*" Where do ya want dis ta go?" * He asked as he tried hard not to stare at her below her neck

    Wow. A man that could actually maintain eye contact even as her breasts were nearly exposed. Lexi couldn't help but grin at that. "Wherever you like." Her fingers slipped into the shadows cast by his fadora, caressing his cheek in a teasing manner. She flashed him a wink, and oh so slowly began getting dressed in her street attire.

    He leaned his face into her hand as she caressed him, damn he wanted her bad! He tried to occupy himself by finding a place to put her dress while she was sliping on her street clothes. He found a chair in the coner and draped the dress over the back of it.* "All yer' guards get dis kinda show are is it jus' fer'' the good lookin' ones?" *He asked in a joking matter, as he grinned back at her.*

    Most of them don't make it past these doors." Lexi flashed him a wink as she leaned over to undo her high-heels, replacing them with snickers. "Only the special ones." She straightened herself, and spared him a genuine smile as she reached for her shades. "Are you in a hurry to get home?"

    Her comment made him feel hopeful. He nodded.* "Naw ain't nothin' fer' meh ta do there, 'sides I gotta make sure ya get back to yer' place."

    Lexi grinned at that. At least it seemed she wouldn't be spending the night alone. She flashed him a sweet look before slipping the shades over her eyes. "Up for a walk? I haven't been to Central since I came back to New York."

    He nodded at that he hadn't been there since he ran down that drug dealer about a month ago. * " Sure as hell beats stayin' 'ere." * He said as held out his arm.* " Is there a' back way outta 'ere?"

    Lexi gladly accepted his arm, her fingers slipping up to gently rub those muscular biceps of his. "Mmhmm. This way." She guided him in the back entrance's direction, only hoping there wouldn't be a mob awaiting in the back alley. "So your brothers won't send out a search party if I keep you out past your bedtime, will they?"

    He chuckled as he followed her to the back exit.* "Naw there used ta meh bein' out all night." *He hoped they could make it to the park without any trouble

    The coast was clear, earning an inward sigh of relief from Lexi. She squeezed gently to Raph's arm as they headed towards the rented vehicle. A black mustang with tented windows. She was forced to constantly switch cars to keep the reporters and stalkers off her heels. "Good." She flashed him a cheeky smile. "Then you have no excuse to not crash at my place tonight."

    He kept up a good pace as they headed for the car, to aviod running into more rabid fans. He glanced around one more time before openning the car door for her..* "Guess not." * He replied with an unseen cheeky grin of his own

    Lexi slid into the passenger's side, and waited anxiously for him to climb in. It seemed he would be accepting her invitation, that certainly gave her something to look forward to. "So I guess that means I need to restock the booze, huh?" She flashed a small wink. "And if there's anything you're hungry for, let me know."
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    ((Portion of rp done in chat. Thanks to Mikko for editing!))

    (Part one with Raph/NW and Lexi)

    He slid into the seat beside her while closing the car door behind him. He then adjusted his hat making sure the driver couldn't see his face. He nodded at her.* "I can go fer' anythin'." *He said casually as he leaned back in his seat, resting his arm on the top of it.

    After instructing the driver on where to go, Lexi returned her attention to Raph. "Anything, huh?" She flashed him a devious wink, obviously teasing him. "Italian? Mexican? Thai? Or are you a beer and pizza kinda guy?"

    He smiled at that, about the only Mexican food he's had is Taco Bell along with chinses take out. * "I've always been in ta beer an' pizza but I can always try somethin' new." *He kept his gaze down at the floor still nervous about the driver

    A small grin ran across Lexi's lips. It seemed his dietary habits were no different than a certain thug she had dated. "Mexican, then? I know this great little place, and take-out won't be a problem." Because she was certain he would feel uncomfortable dining inside a fancy, populated restaurant. She certainly felt the same. And soon, the park came into view. Lexi paid the driver and instructed him not to wait. Her apartment was a short walk from here.

    He was relieved when they finally made it to the park and quickly opened the door to get out. Once outside he waited for her .* "Sound's good." *He said in a low tone

    Lexi stepped out of the car and once again placed the shades over her eyes. She was a little nervous being out in the open like this, but she felt safe with Raph by her side. She looped her arm with his and held gently to his arm. She honestly didn't mind the speculation that were flying, regarding her involvement with the mysterious man "Do you come here often?" She asked. It seemed a hot spot for crime, and she was curious about any incidents that may have occurred.

    He gladly accepted her arm wrapped around his and began to walk her to the trail.* "Eh, sometime's last time I was 'ere I was runnin' down a' drug dealer." *He pointed over to a bench across the park and began to chuckle.* "He tripped right over dat bench an' I ended up tiein' 'em up in a' tree!"

    Lexi listened attentively, and laughed quietly at his tale. "Ah. Your signature 'gift-wrapping'." She flashed him a wink. "You know, I always figured you must be really strong to be able to hoist those guys up there." She gently caressed his well sculpted arm. "Guess I was right."

    He nodded and briefly glanced at her before awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck with his right arm.* "Yea I do lift a' lot a' weights."

    Lexi flashed him another sweet smile. "Well it certainly paid off for you." She winked. Soon, the lake was coming into view, and she guided him towards a nice secluded spot beneath the trees. Staring out across the water, a question just begged to be answered. She give him a questioning look. "Do you like to swim?" She assumed so, because he was a turtle after all. Not that she would suggest swimming here, in a populated location...

    He followed her to the tree and looked over at the beautiful moonlit lake. He had never really looked around the park before most of the time he was just racing through it. Her question seemed silly but he answered it anyway.* "Sure, do ya?"

    "Mmhmm. I love to swim." Lexi gave his arm a light squeeze before slowly slipping off her shoes, and heading down to the water's edge. She sat on the bank and dipped her toes into the water, enjoying the cool sensation. Glancing up at Raph, she patted the ground beside her. "Perhaps someday we can find a nice secluded lake somewhere."

    He stood there and watched as she sat in front of the lake. For a minute there he was afraid she was going to jump in. He just grinned and followed her lead but kept his shoes on. He thought about the lake around Casey's farm, but decided he would wait to tell her about it.* "That'd be nice, have ta wait til it gets warmer though." *He glanced at her even in a normal outfit like she looked good. He edged his hand towards hers.*

    Lexi gazed out across the water. This was nice. She couldn't remember the last time she was able to do something like this. If not for the fame robbing her of all privacy, the debilitating fear that often kept her confined inside her apartment. But there was no reason to be afraid, now. She turned her gaze towards the source of her 'freedom', and cast him a sweet smile. She noticed his hand edging towards her, and closed the gap. She slid her fingers in between his, though she seriously wished she could feel his skin against hers, instead of those damn gloves.

    He grinned at her as she threaded her fingers with his. He squeezed her hand in return and was now wishing they were in a more private place. An awkward silence soon came over him as he couldn't really think of what to talk about.He was never good at making conversation

    Lexi returned the hand squeeze, gently kneading his hand in hers. It would've had better effect if not for the material between them. "Thanks for coming out here with me." She gave a sincere smile. She was used to everyone being too busy with their own thing to keep in touch, this was certainly a nice change of pace. "People just don't seem to have time for friends anymore."

    No problem, never really spent time 'ere before." *She was kneading his hand again which was beginning to become a habit for her but he never minded it though.* "True." *He sighed he had been so into crime fighting lately that he hadn't spent time with anyone in what seemed weeks.*

    Lexi noticed that heaviness in his tone. She glanced over at him, giving his hand a gentle squeeze. "Do you have many human friends?"

    "Hmm..oh yea like two of 'em, guess that doesn't make many huh."* He replied while returning the squeeze. He then looked out and stared into the lake, he started to wonder if he would have been living in one of these if not for the mutation

    "Two huh. I guess that means we're in the same boat." It was funny. She was constantly surrounded by people, but still felt utterly alone. "What are your friends like?"

    He turned his attention back to her.* "There's Casey he's a' hotheaded mechanic, and den' there's April who goes around da world collectin' shit fer' 'er old mans antique shop." *He then started fidgeting, and was trying to get more comfortable. He never liked wearing clothes. He would have asked her what her friends were like but he got the general idea from there last conversation.*
    "Sure." *He said quickly at least he would be able to get out of these clothes but then he remembered.* "Don' cha wanna get somethin' ta eat?

    Lexi slowly pushed herself up and dusted herself off, before slipping back into her shoes. "I can have it delivered." She flashed him a wink. "Being a celebrity does have a few benefits."

    He got up after she did and offered her his arm again. He seemed to keep forgetting how big of a celebrity she was.*" Sound's like a' plan ta meh."

    Lexi once again took his arm as they walked. She ad enjoyed their time at the park, but she was certainly looking forward to them returning to the privacy of her apartment. "It's so peaceful tonight." She flashed him a smile. "But then again, maybe it's because you're here to ward away the demons."

    "Yea it's not bad out 'ere." *Her grinned at her comment and thought 'if only she knew..' They were walking back to the noisy car filled street.*He grinned at her

    Lexi walked closely beside him, and after much internal struggle, allowed herself to lean against his shoulder. "So, when you're not out kicking ass, what do you usually do to unwind?"They were soon coming up on the clinic where she volunteered. Still, she was too focused on him to notice anything unusual right away.

    He welcomed her leaning on his shoulder and was starting to feel more comfortable then he was a few moments ago.He thought for a minute before answering.*" I workout , train, an'..uh read magazines!" A cheeky grin then spread across his face. He then noticed some commotion around a nearby car but thought nothing of it as he kept walking it was New York after all

    Lexi couldn't suppress a cheeky grin at that. "You mean, you actually read them? Or just look at pictures?" She flashed him a teasing wink. As they drew closer to the clinic, she noticed the two vehicles parked inside the alley, and witnessed someone climb through the window. She couldn't be sure, but she thought the person looked familiar.
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    (Part two with the rejects)

    Kendall was too worried to argue with her. He slowly nodded and helped her up. "We have to go now, Daisy. "I'll carry you to the car, then I'll go tell the others what's going on." He carefully picked her up and carried her towards the car.

    Daisy gave a faint nod, wrapping an arm around his beck as he lifted her and carried her to the car. "You're such a gentleman.." She quietly complimented, and planted a kiss against his cheek. She settled into the front seat, and awaited his return.

    Kendall smiled and returned the kiss. "I love you. And I'll be right back." He stroked her cheek lightly with his finger before turning to head back to the cabin, and disappearing into it.

    "Love you too." Daisy quietly replied, her voice still shaken from the incident. She wiped at the tears that stained her face, watching as he disappeared into the cabin. She slouched in her seat, allowing her eyes to close as she waited.

    Chris was keeping an eye on the meal when he saw Kendall sprint off after Daisy. He debated with himself whether to follow or not, but in the end he chose not to. He was just going to keep an eye on the cooking and turn things off if he needed to. But so far, that wasn't necessary. He jumped slightly when he heard the screen door of the cabin bang closed and Kendall was standing there, looking absolutely frazzled. "Hey, is she okay?"

    Kendall gave him a small smile and nodded. "For now, but I need to get her more meds. Would you stay here and finish the stuff? Oh and tell Mikko where we are. I'll be back when I can. See ya!" He turned and gave Chris a small wave before heading out again. He made his way to the Jeep and climbed into the driver's seat. Then he took Daisy into his arms and kissed the top of her head. "How are you feeling, babe?" he asked gently. Then he gave her one last squeeze before letting her go and starting the car. He gave her a small smile, buckled in, and took off, heading for the city they've been trying to avoid this whole time. But...desperate times call for desperate measures, and Kendall was willing to do ANYTHING for his love. Even if it put himself in danger, because she was completely worth it.

    Daisy's eyes slowly slid open when Kendall took her into those comforting arms of his. Her head was still throbbing, but the symptoms were slowly coming under control. She snuggled closely as he drove. "Drained, but I'll be okay babe." She was genuinely touched by his concern for her, but she didn't want him to worry. "I don't know what I'd do without you." She glanced up at him and managed a weak smile. "You're my hero."

    Chris returned the wave and went to go check on the food again. Everything seemed to be okay still, so he went into the bedroom and crawled over onto the bed. "Hey babe...wake up," he whispered to her, putting his hand on her back

    Mikko moaned tiredly and rolled over to face him, her eyes fluttered open and she smiled up at Chris. "I fell asleep? Sorry babe." She leaned up and gave him a kiss.

    Chris returned the kiss, but kept it brief. "Kendall left with Daisy. She needed more meds."

    Mikko sat up and looked at Chris concerned. "Is she ok? And why is Kendall going? He can't go! She has to get to the clinic. what if he gets caught? Is she ok!?" Mikko was already up and getting dress. "Why didn't anyone wake me? I would've went."

    Kendall flashed her a bright smile. "Thanks, Daisy." The only reason he was allowing Daisy to go with him is because she insisted to go. He didn't want to place the others in the danger that could accompany this mission. And he was gonna do his darnedest to keep Daisy from harm.

    Chris figured she was going to react this way. After she was dressed, he put his hand lightly on her shoulder. "Easy, babe...they're fine." At least he hoped so. "And Kendall left before I could say anything else. Or even ask you if you wanted to go along." He gave Mikko's shoulder a light squeeze. "You wanna go after them, don't you?" Though the answer was obvious by her actions.

    Mikko finished getting dress and gave Chris a hug. "yes, I want to make sure Daisy's ok and Kendall don't get his ass caught." She slipped on her boots and headed out the bedroom, then she noticed the food. "You were cooking?"

    Chris returned the hug and shrugged. "Kendall was. But he turned it over to me when he left with Daisy." He finished getting dressed himself. "I'm going with you, alright?"

    Mikko nodded and quickly made sure everything was off then spotted the puppy. "This poor little thing keeps getting left alone." She picked up Mojo then grabbed his collar and leash "You can come with us this time" She then left the house with the dog and Chris and hopped in the car.

    Daisy nuzzled against him as he drove, comforted by his warmth. She wiped at the last of the tears, still trying to get her emotions under control. She knew that another one could hit at any moment, and deep down, she realized that any one of them could be fatal. But she was more concerned about Kendall getting caught. She would rather die than risk anything happening to him. Slowly, he shaky fingers settled on his thigh, giving a small squeeze. "Babe.. maybe we shouldn't do this." She glanced up at him with tear-filled eyes. "I'd die if I lost you."

    Chris followed her and climbed into the passenger seat. He buckled in and took the puppy in his arms. He had to admit...the thing was soooo cute. He smiled and scratched the small dog behind the ears.

    Once everyone was in Mikko took off, stepping on the gas and reversing at top speed. She turned and raced down the road hoping to catch up with them before Kendall did something stupid, or Daisy died...Or something...

    Kendall glanced over at her and gave her a sad smile. "We have to, Daisy. I'm not gonna let you die if I can prevent it. I love you and I'll do anything for you."

    Chris said nothing, but he was terrified of Mikko's driving habits. He knew she was worried about Daisy...and he was too. The entire time, he held the puppy, grateful that he buckled in.

    Mikko took the corners sharply and sped around other cars. She finally slowed down a bit when she cam into light traffic in the city. "Think we'll beat em there?"

    Chris shrugged, grateful to a reasonable speed again. "I dunno, but the way you're driving, I wouldn't be surprised..."

    Mikko pouted. "Don't like my driving?" And as soon as she got out the traffic she sped up once more, speeding past the park and heading to the clinic.

    And Chris held on for dear life again. "Sorry, babe. It's just a little scary. But I have to admit, you are a good driver. If I tried even half of the stuff you just did, I would've totaled the car probably."

    That made Mikko smile. "Thanks. babe." Soon the clinic was in site and she slowed down again. "I think we might have beat them." But she couldn't be sure yet, she couldn't see in the ally where they usually parked.

    "I know you would, babe." There was never a doubt in her mind that Kendall would lay his life on the line for her. She just prayed that would never have to happen. Just the thought of losing him was suffocating. Her hand still rested on his thigh, fingers trembling slightly. "I'm so sorry if I scared you, babe." She gazed up at him with apologetic eyes. "I never wanted you to have to see that."

    Kendall smiled at her, taking one hand off the steering wheel and held her hand, giving it a light squeeze. "I know you didn't. But I'm kinda glad it was me and not someone else so I could take care of you." He turned his attention back to the road. Suddenly a car came flying up on their left and Kendall let out a little curse at the driver. Then he did a double-take and looked closer at the car. "Hey Daisy...does that car look familiar to you?"

    "Awww." Daisy managed a weak smile at that. "You always take care of me." She returned the handsqueeze, and held to him like a life-line. She only vaguely noticed the car speed past them, but did manage to raise just enough to gaze out. She blinked in disbelief, and once again leaned into Kendall. She was just too drained to hold herself into a sit for very long. "Heh... looks like Mikko.." Though, she was a little confused.

    Chris was about to agree with her when he saw one of the cars that Mikko zoomed by. It looked so familar. He turned his head to get a better look. Then he turned back to Mikko and nodded. "I think we did, cuz we just passed them." He pointed to the last car they passed, wondering if Mikko could see it. He was pretty sure it was them, anyway...

    Mikko looked in the review mirror and smiled. "awesome!" She pulled into the ally by the clinic, turned off the car and got out. "Think we should wait for them, or just go in and get the meds?"

    Kendall nodded. "Yeah...that's what I thought too." Soon they were arriving at the clinic and parked close by the other stolen vehicle in their little party. He turned to Daisy and wrapped an arm around her, gently. "Doing okay, babe? We're here." He leaned down and kissed her cheek.

    Chris was about to answer her when he saw the stolen Jepp pull up and park nearby. He climbed out of the car and went directly over to the other vehicle. When he saw Kendall in the driver's seat, he asked him, "Is she doing alright?" He couldn't see Daisy from this angle.

    Mikko ran over to the jeep and went to Daisy. "Daisy are you ok? Why didn't you come and get me?" She then looked over at Kendall. "You shouldn't be here. and you shouldn't be here in this jeep. Are you crazy?"

    Daisy melted into his embrace. He always managed to make her feel better. She threaded her fingers through his, reluctant to let him leave. She gave a faint nod at Kendall's question, and shifted long enough to meet his lips, before nuzzling against his shoulder. Then, Chris and Mikko showed up. She could see their concern, but it was all happening too fast for her throbbing mind to keep up.

    "I'll get her meds." Mikko told the others then turned to a window and started to work the window frame to make her way inside. "I shouldn't be long. you all can be my look out."

    Kendall nodded to Chris. "We need to get her meds, and then she'll be fine." He hoped... He didn't want to leave Daisy's side, but he knew he had to. Just as he was getting ready to climb out of the Jeep, Mikko came up, very upset. He was about to answer her when she voluteered to go get the meds. Which, when he thought about it, it probably was the best idea anyway. Considering he wasn't exactly sure what to look for anyway without having to ask someone. And that would definitely not be a smart idea, even with his disguise, because that would just lead to more questions. So he watched Mikko slip into the building and resumed his position next to Daisy, holding her hand.

    It took her mind a moment to catch up, and Mikko was suddenly gone. It was a huge relief that Mikko had gone in for the meds. If she got caught, nothing would happen. That certainly wouldn't be the case with Kendall. She snuggled against him, resting her head against his chest. "Love you."

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    Post by Mikko on Mon Aug 03, 2009 5:24 pm

    ((A run in with the law))

    Kendall held her a little tighter, wanting her to feel as comfortable as possible. He looked over at Chris. "If you don't wanna be alone, you can stay in here until Mikko gets back. He stroked Daisy's cheek with the back of his finger.

    Mikko had easily made her way inside and headed right for the kitchen where Daisy's meds were. The whole time silently cursing Daisy for waiting so long to tell her. It was hard enough taking care of people she didn't need the added headache of Daisy going into convulsions because she didn't have meds. She finally made it to the kitchen and started going through the medicine cabinet.

    Chris was happy to hear that Daisy was doing alright. He gave Kendall a gracious 'thanks' and climbed in the back of the Jeep, waiting patiently for Mikko to reamerge from the building. He just hoped she didn't run into any trouble while she was in there.

    "They have articles?!" *He teased back, and then noticed that Lexi's attention was elsewhere.* "Somethin' da matter?"

    Though still extremely physically drained, Daisy was gradually beginning to shake the affects of her earlier seizure. She was certainly comforted by Kendall's tight embrace. Those strong arms of his always managed to sooth her. She managed a weak smile and a tiny wave at Chris, her head still resting against Kendall's chest. Then, a tiny, familiar bark managed to grab her attention. It sounded as if it was coming from the nearby vehicle. "Is that.. Mojo?"

    Lexi took a cautious step closer, but was smart enough to stay out of the darkened alleyway. At Raph's question, she spared him a quick glance, obviously concerned. "I think someone just broke into the clinic. They went in through the window." She was already reaching for her phone, prepared to call the cops.

    Mikko grabbed Daisy's drugs and a few other things for herself, a bottle of water and a few dollars that were on the counter. Then she headed back to the window she came in from. "Got it." She whispered as she rejoined the others.

    Chris' eyes widened in realization. "Oh crap! Yeah, be right back!" And with that he opened the door of the jeep and climbed out, running to the other car. Then he picked up the small pup and carried her back to the Jeep...climbing in once more. Then he reached over the seat and put Mojo on the seat next to Daisy.

    *He stood there and watched as she took a few steps toward the clinic. He walked up to her,reaching for her hand with the cell phone.* "I'll check it out." *He said in a low tone.*

    Chris let out a big sigh of relief when he saw Mikko return.

    Mikko handed Daisy her meds and the bottle of water. "Next time don't wait to let us know you were out...We should go before someone sees us."

    Raph walked into the alley he could here a lot of talking. He glanced at the broken in window and then quickly at the oddly parked jeep. 'To easy!' He thought as he smirked.* "Jus' wha do ya think yer' doin 'ere!" *He shouted making his presance known.*

    Mikko froze and looked at the others. She turned her attention to Kendall. "stay in here. You too, Daisy." She then sat up right and walked slowly took a few steeps to the they guy that just entered the ally. "Can we help you?" She asked trying to sound as treating as she could.

    Daisy grinned up at Chris as he placed the tiny yorkie in the seat beside her. She gently scooped her snuggling her in between herself and Kendall. "Aww, thanks for watching her for me, Chris!" She gently kissed the tiny pup's forehead. "You're such a good babysitter." She smiled weakly. "Whenever we have our baby, you can baby sit for us!" And then, Mikko returned with the meds. She was genuinely grateful, and quickly took the missed dose, chasing it with water. She would've informed her that she hadn't realized she was out, but the unfamiliar voice derailed her train of thought.

    Lexi watched nervously as he stepped into the shadows. What if he was outnumbered? So many things could go wrong. He was strong, yes. But she wasn't sure just how many people were hidden in that alley. Despite her better judgment, she stepped closer.

    Great not only is it a woman, but she was a complete smartass to, Two can play at this game. It was to dark for him to notice her yet her voice did seem familar to him. He quickly shook the feeling though and stoped a few steps infront of her.* "Yea I gotta problem wit' dat broken window there!"" * He said while pointing behind him with his thumb.*

    The voice definitely sounded familiar. someone from the gang? another gang? She wasn't sure. "Hey.Do I know you?" Mikko asked ignoring his question and stepping closer to the stranger.

    Chris couldn't help but be flattered by that. He gave Daisy a big smile and sat back while Mikko took care of whoever it was. He looked out the window to keep an eye on her.

    *Raph didn't budge as the women stepped closer thinking that his fedora and collar of his coat would be enough to conceal his face from her. He seriously doubted he knew her.* "No." *He said bluntly before realizing someone else walking into the alley. The footsteps sounded light .* "Hey babe." *He called back without turning around.* "Call da police." * He said casually, it just wasn't fun catching criminals without a fight and it looked like he wasn't going to get one from this robbery.*

    Mikko grew more defensive and slipped her knives out from their hiding place. "No one is looking for trouble, just came to get some meds for my sister, we'll be going." She glanced over her shoulder. "You guys get out of here." There was no need for them to get shot at again because of her, and she feared that's what was going happen. Then she heard him say something about the cops. "I wouldn't do that if I were you?" She wondered if that gun was still in the car...

    Kendall watched the small puppy between them, then looked up at Daisy. He heard a male voice bellow out something and turned to look. He saw a large figure, but couldn't see anymore details from where he was sitting. He nodded to Mikko when she said she was going to see what was up and held Daisy even tighter. He didn't want to leave yet, but if things turned ugly, then he would have no choice...

    Lexi stayed close behind him, watching cautiously as Raph spoke with the burglar. The voice sounded familiar, but it was hard to see in the dimly lit alley. At Raph's command, she hit the speed dial for the downtown precinct. She was about to inform the officer of her emergency, when suddenly she realized where she'd heard that voice before. "Mikko?"

    Mikko was still tense ready to attack or flee, whish ever one seemed fitting for the moment. She looked over at the girl who said her name and raised a brow. "Lexi?"

    Raph was ready to grab the small blade from the womans hand, when out of a strange twist of fate they seemed to know eachother...It took him a moment to realize he knew her as well.* "Mikko!" *He shouted in complete surprise

    It was a mixture of relief an anger. She had busted the window of the place that had tried to help her. "What the fuck are you doing!" She had forgotten about the officer on the other end, until his frantic 'hello?'s had managed to grab her attention. "I'll call you back." With that, she hung up. Now, her full attention was on Mikko, awaiting her to explain herself.

    Mikko put her knives up and walked right up to the two. "Raph?...Lexi.." Mikko grinned. "You fuck my man and now you're doing turtles? Talk about a downgrade." Of course Mikko didn't know if that was actually true, but any chance to piss off Lexi she was going take. "I was getting Daisy's meds, that's what the fuck I was doing." She spat at Lexi.

    She was really starting to piss him off now.* "Wha' so ya get outta da nuthouse an' start a' club?!" *He said sternly odviously refering to her friend Dasiy

    And Mikko's tactics were definitely working. "Zekie was never your man." She angrily replied. Obviously pissed off, but trying to keep her temper in check. But it was going fast. "It's none of your fucking business who I'm fucking. So fuck off." And then it registered what she had said about Daisy. "You need to bring her back. You're going to end up killing her."

    Mikko glared. "Wasn't talking about Eze, bitch, And Daisy's fine. She's seventeen she doesn't have to come back, I'm taking care of her." She then turned her attention to Raph. "Fuck you, Daisy needs her meds. I don't want her dyeing on me!"

    "If ya can't get 'er meds wit'out brakin' in ta steal 'em den ya shouldn't have 'er at all!" *He said angerily.* "Yer' gonna get caught!" *He pointed a gloved finger in her face.

    So she was referring to Spike? Now she was really pissed. It was taking every ounce of will power to refrain from punching her. "You think it's fucking cute to throw that up in my face? It just shows how low and fucked up you are." If only she knew that Daisy was only a few feet away, hidden inside that jeep, she would've attempted to talk some sense into her. "You can't take care of her. You can't even take care of yourself! You have to steal to survive."

    That made Mikko smile, if only that smile was short lived. Mikko shot her another glare. "Yeah fine, I had to steal, this time. But I got a fuckin job!" She dug in her pocket and slapped a fifty in Lexi's hand. "That should cover the meds. And NO! I didn't steal the money! I work, work fuckin hard!" That wasn't really the truth but she did work. "We'll be fine. I got this under control."

    He was finding it hard to follow their argument, about as much as he got was about this man Zeke that Lexi was so protective of and this Daisy girl that Mikko seemed to have that was also mentally unstable. He shook his head odviously not believing that she could even get a job.* "Where's Daisy?!" *He said in a low but serious tone, he knew if Lexi was worried that her problems had to be serious

    If she hadn't had reasons to hate Mikko before, she did now. But with that aside, she was concerned for Daisy. She honestly thought Mikko was too selfish to give a damn about anyone. The way she used Gabe. "Is she alright?" The money probably wouldn't even pay for the broken window. She roughly forced it back into Mikko's hand. "You keep it. And you're going to find out that it's not easy taking care of a 17 year old with Daisy's illness."

    Mikko didn't answer Raph, she took the money back and nodded. "She's my sister, and I'm going to take care of her. She's fine. More then fine, she's happy always smiling and I'm going to make sure it stays that way." She walked back to the jeep and looked at Kendall. "take her out of here, and ditch this jeep." She whispered to Kendall, still keeping an eye on Raph and Lexi.

    Hearing the commotion outside, Daisy slowly forced herself up, despite the discomfort it caused. She gazed out the window, quickly noticing Lexi, even with those shades she was wearing. A weak grin slowly spread across her lips. Lexi had always been good to her. "Hey Lexi!" She called out, through the window, giving a small wave. Obviously, she didn't realize the danger of her actions.

    *At first he thought that Mikko was simply bolting until he over heard her.* "Son of a' bitch she's in da jeep!" *He shouted at Lexi as he started running towards MIkko.*

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    Post by Mikko on Mon Aug 03, 2009 5:25 pm

    ((Dumpster diving))

    Mikko once again pulled her knives out and flashed Daisy and angry glare. "Just go!" She slammed the door of the jeep and ran to Raph, really wishing she had a gun on her. "Get away from her freak!"

    Kendall figured this was a good time to leave and started up the vehicle and drove off. But he still felt guilty for leaving Mikko behind. Once they were a safe distance away, he pulled over trying to figure out what to do...

    He quickly grabbed both her wrists as she charged at him and twisted her around. The hold looked as if she were in a stranit jacket he started twisting her wrists to get her to drop her knives.* "Cute but ain't good enough!" *He seethed in her ear from behind.

    Mikko let out a sharp cry, her knives falling to the ground with a loud metallic sound. "Fuck you. you wouldn't hurt a pregnant woman would you?"

    Seeing Daisy inside the Jeep, Lexi tried to approach, but it soon drove off. Her heart sunk, wishing she had been a little faster. The poor girl was going to end up dead, and she was powerless to stop it. But at least she had gotten a good look at the Jeep. She now turned her attention to Mikko and Raph, noticing that he had disarmed her of the blades.

    Everything was happening so fast. As they drove away, Daisy gave Kendall a look of deep confusion. "We have to go back for Mikko!"

    Only da one's dat are stupid enough ta piis meh off twice!" *He stopped twisting her wrists but kept her in the hold. That pregancy card wasn't gonna save her this time. He shouted back ta Lexi.* "Wha'd are ya waitin' fer' call da cops!" *He said in a harsh tone

    Chris wasn't a bit happy about leaving Mikko either, but he stayed put; praying to God that she would stay safe. He was fairly sure she could handle herself. But he was still VERY confused on what was happening. Just who was that other dude? The size of him really confused Chris.

    Mikko turned her head and bit his arm as hard as she could, being sure to break the skin. She had to get out of there and hopped that Kendall had enough sense to get rid of that damn jeep and head home.

    Lexi was quick to pull out her phone, and once again dialed the Sheriff's Dept. Before she could even get a word in, she was placed on hold. Fucking terrific!

    The trench coat had absorbed most of the bite, which only caused him to relese one of her arms. He had a high tolerance for pain, he then attempted to pin her against the alley wall

    That totally didn't work and Mikko only ended up hurting her jaw. "Let me go!" She screamed for help, knowing that she would have a better chance getting away if the cops thought she was the victim. "HELP! SOMEONE! HELP!"

    Lexi finally managed to get through. She quickly and very angrily informed the police of what was happening, then slid her phone back into purse. Mikko's shouts were slowly drawing attention, which made her nervous. If someone was to discover what Raph really was, this could all end badly.

    'Damn she's pullin' dis shit again?!' He thought angerily he still didn't let her go though, but he had to think fast! He say an oppertunity with an open dumpster to the left of them. He began to pick her up over his shoulder

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! What the fuck! GET OFF OF ME!" Mikko decided to bring more attention to the area, make it sound worse then what it was. "ARE YOU FROM THE PRISON! OMG! HELP!" At this point she started with the tears. crying out to anyone that could hear. but she also knew that in this city, not a lot of people liked to help others. "HE'S GONNA KILL ME!!! HELP ME PLEASE!" Hopefully that worked, because she was starting to feel sick...really sick. "I...I don't feel so good..."

    Lexi tried her best to assure the very few concerned bystanders that Mikko was the culprit behind the clinic's broken window, and that Raph was simply keeping her apprehended until the authorities arrived.

    Now that Kendall had some time to think, he turned to Daisy and nodded. "Yeah, we do." And with that, he started making his way towards the alley they left a little while ago. But he was unaware of just how much trouble Mikko hand found herself in...

    Her screams meant nothing to him,, she was about to find out how bad his temper really was. He seemed to be oblivious to the fact that they were attacting attention.He simply tossed her in the dumpster and slamed the lid down hard to jam it to prevent her from getting out. He was breathing heavily and didn't start realizing the attention he was getting until he heard the police sirens.*

    As soon as Mikko was in the dumpster she threw up, then grabbed a hold of her stomach. The pain was almost to much for her to handle. She weakly banged on the dumpster. "I need help!" She tried to focuses on her breathing, this was not couldn't be. She tried banging on the side of the bin again. " hurts!"

    Lexi certainly wasn't expecting him to toss her in the dumpster. Hearing the approaching sirens, coupled with Mikko's pained pleas for help was a bit overwhelming. One thing she was certain of, Raph could not be in the area when the police arrived. All it would take was one little mishap, for him to lose that fedora of his, and it could spell disaster for him. "Raph, we need to go now. The police can handle it from here." Still, she couldn't help but feel concern for Mikko. Well, not Mikko personally, but the unborn child she was carrying. Was she really hurt, or was it just an act?

    The think rancid air was making it hard to breath. Mikko's painful cries soon got quiet. She put her hand down only to get a sharp pain through her palm, she let out another painful cry and pulled the needle out of her hand. She tried to reach up and take the lid of the dumpster off, but her stomach hurt to much to let her straighten herself up. She was in pain and panicked. suddenly the cops coming didn't seem like such a bad idea.

    Raph took a deep breath as he kept his hand resting on the lid. The sirens were getting to close for confort , he didn't say a word as he ran back to Lexi grabbing her hand as he briskly walked with her in hand. He didn't care about Mikko's cries as far as he was concerned she deserved this and in the long run this would be better for her kid

    Lexi walked with him, sparing one last glance in the direction of the alley. Once they were safely away from the scene, she returned her full attention to Raph, giving his hand a light squeeze. "Sorry you had to get mixed up in that. She didn't hurt you, did she?"

    He seemed more concerned with walking at the moment, he wouldn't feel safe til he got back to her place.* "No!"* He said bluntly

    As Kendall was getting closer to the alley again, he heard tthe sirens and glanced at Daisy worriedly. "Shit! It's the fuckin' cops! We can't go back there now and risk them spotting us." He was really in a panic again. He couldn't go back to jail. Not with a baby on the way and there was no fucking way he was gonna leave Daisy anyway.

    Mikko was finally able to lift the lid off the dumpster, but there was no way she could climb out. She took a few deep breaths and looks down at her bleeding hand. Now a new worry, What was in that needle? Who used it? What did they have? Her thoughts where interrupted by another sharp pain in her stomach, she doubled over with another cry.

    Daisy was seriously trying to suppress the tears, overwhelmed with concern for her 'sister'. This was all her fault, she thought. If only she didn't need those stupid pills, none of this would've happened. As they neared and the sirens became obvious, her heart nearly skipped a beat. There was no way Kendall could go back there. Unknowing what else to do, she finally burst into tears.

    So many things were racing through Lexi's mind. And still, despite her deepening distaste for Mikko, she really hoped her baby was okay. She was about to say something else, but hearing Raph's blunt reply, she figured he wasn't up for talking at the moment. She walked in silence, giving his hand another light squeeze as her apartment came into view.

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    Post by Mikko on Wed Aug 05, 2009 1:24 am

    ((Talking dumpsters))

    The time had finally arrived for Mikey's 'punishment'. After the task of standing in line MUCH too long for his taste; and for getting the tickets to this show he really wanted no part of in the first place, now it was Don's turn. And he had just the thing. He never told Mike where they were going, he just said they were going out. But judging from the path they were taking it shouldn't take Mike very long to figure it out. So here they were, wandering the streets of New York, late at night. Nothing out of the ordinary for the two brothers. But this would soon change...and very soon. And Don had no way of predicting just how different things were going to go tonight.

    Luckily, Mike was blissfully unaware of his purple-clad brother's intentions. He was just happy to be spending some one-on-one time with Donnie, because he was ohhh so much fun to bug! "Soooo, where are we going? Are we going to window shop at the pet store?" Though, this definitely wasn't the way to the pet store! Or the toy store, for that matter. In fact, this route was beginning to look awfully familiar. "Annnnd, do you think Raph's gonna score tonight? I mean, he went on that bodyguard gig with that hot dudette from those nudey magazines.." And then, it suddenly hit him. He paused in his tracks, staring suspiciously at his brother. "Wait. Are we going where I think we're going?"

    Mikko was still fighting the pain in her stomach, and was still struggling to get out of the dumpster, she was still pukeing and to top it all off, she was alone. She finally gave up trying to get out, now hopping that the cops or anyone would come around soon. Hell she would even settle for the idiots that want her dead. She closed her eyes tight and held on to her stomach, with the last of her strength she called out for help again through labored breaths. "I need help over here!"

    Donatello paid little mind to his brother's series of questions until it finally dawned on the youngest turtle. Then Don's annoyance turned into a smirk as he turned to Mikey. "Oh, I don't know, Mikey. What are you thinking right now?" He was milking this for all he was worth. It was only fair for all the times Mikey did the same to him or the others.

    Mike gave his brother the helpless, pleading look. "I'm thinking I'm going home tonight, smelling like soiled diapers and rotten tomatoes.." Suddenly, he wasn't so anxious about this little outing. "Please tell me I'm wrong! Anything but the junkyard! I juuuust took a bath.. last week!" He was totally prepared to get down on his hands and knees and BEG for mercy, but the loud pleas coming from somewhere nearby managed to grab his full attention. He glanced at Don, then back towards the darkened alley below the building they were on. "Urm, I think that dumpster's talking..." How ironic. Saved from the junkyard, by a talking dumpster!

    Kendall brought the vehicle to another halt a ways from the action in the alley and shut the engine off. Then he unbuckled himself and took Daisy into his arms again to attempt to console her. "Shhhhh... It'll be alright. We'll find a way outta this." Even though he kept his voice steady and calm, deep down he was panicking.

    Don just rolled his eyes at his little brother's pleas. He had to admit, this reaction was better than he first anticipated. But there was no way he was letting Mikey back out of this deal. After all, Mikey said he would do ANYTHING Don asked of him. Just when he was about to answer his brother, and rub the facts in his face, another sound caught his attention. He nodded to Mike. "Yeah, it sounds like someone's in trouble." He started making his way toward the sound. "Come on, Mikey...let's go check it out." But just in case they ran into trouble, he pulled out his bo as he continued towards the 'shouting' dumpster.

    Daisy melted into his arms, burying her tear-soaked face against Kendall's chest, sobbing quietly. "It's.. my fault! If I didn't have to be..messed up... and need meds.. this wouldn't be happening!" The sobs had brought on the uncontrollable hiccups. She looked up at Kendall, making a half-attempt to wipe away the tears. "It's too dangerous for you.. but maybe I should go.. back for her.."

    Mike was also quick to pull his weapons, and followed his bro's lead down toward the source of the noise. Unfortunately, being the klutz he was, he miscalculated his step and fell from the roof's ledge, hitting the closed dumpster with a loud thud. A loud yelp was soon followed by a quiet 'M'okay!' as he pushed himself off the dumpster's lid, and took a defensive stance beside the old rusted dumpster. The sirens could be seen off in the distance, so this would have to be quick! He lightly tapped on the side of the thing. "'elllooooo?" He spared a cautious glance at Don. "Hopefully it's not Oscar the grouch!"

    Someone was there! Finally! Mikko took another deep breath. "Hello!"

    Kendall patted her back still trying to soothe her. He shook his head. "No...I don't want you to think that way. I love you just as you are, Daisy." He stroked the back of her head lightly. "And no, I don't think you should go out there either. It's too dangerous for you too." He pulled her face up to his and gave her a tender kiss on the lips. Now they just had to figure out how to get Mikko out of harm's way...without getting caught in the process.

    Don continued his making his way to the edge of the roof when he saw Mike fall over the edge. As a reflex, he rushed to the edge of the roof and peered over just in time to see Mikey's less than graceful landing. But he was relieve to know his brother was okay. Don shook his head at the orange-masked turtle. Then Don made the slow decent to ground level also...with a much more controlled and softer landing. He looked at Mikey in disbelief. "Oscar the--give me a break, Mikey. The voice was definitely female anyway."

    "Maybe Oscar's wife?" Mike shrugged, then returned his full attention to the talking dumpster. "Hi!!!" Mike replied to the voice inside. He was seriously a little antsy about actually opening the thing. "I reeeeeally hope it's not one of those garbage Pale Kids." He commented quietly to Donnie, as he gripped the edge of the lid, preparing to open it. "Some of those things are pretty creepy!" And slowly, he pushed the lid up, peeking inside..

    Mikko laid in the trash eyes closed trying to push away the pain, it had calmed down some, but there was still waves of horrible pain that would shoot through her stomach. She didn't know where the others were and there was no way she was going to make it home like this. and she thought that maybe seeing a doctor would be a wise choice, the fact that all her pain was focused around her stomach worried her. Once the lid open, she opened her eyes and looked up at her rescuer. "Hospital...please..." She breathed out to the man and reached out for his hand, hoping that he would comply

    Daisy rested against his chest, still struggling to get herself under control. Despite how guilty and heartbroken she was feeling, she managed a weak grin at his words. rowing up, she'd been told time and time again that she would never find love, because of her affliction. But she had proven them all wrong. She returned the tender kiss, allowing it to linger. "I love you, too." She whispered, in a choked tone. "I hope Mikko's okay.."

    Don just ignored him and readied his bo staff when Mikey opened the lid. But he was in for a surprise when he saw the inhabitant in the dumpster. 'It can't be...' he thought in utter disbelief. He recognized this girl even without much light. The grip on his weapon tighten in both shock and anger.The grip on his weapon tightened for he was in tremendous shock and anger was rolling off him in waves at the young woman. But he wasn't about to say anything yet. But his gaze aimed at her said everything already.

    Mike's heart nearly skipped a beat as he gazed down at the woman in the dumpster. There was very little lighting, but he'd recognize that face anywhere! He nearly released his grip on the lid, but seeing that she was actually injured, he was seriously torn on what to do. The police were closing in fast. He seriously considered leaving her there for the cops to deal with, but what if they didn't realize she was there? It just felt wrong to leave her there. Sure. She had badly injured Casey, but two wrongs never made a right. "I just know I'm going to regret this!" With a heavy sigh, he gently grasped her hand, attempting to pull her out of the stinky dumpster...

    Mikko grabbed on to his hand and let out a cry as Mikey tried to lift her out of the dumpster. "ok..ok..can you...just pick me up?" She heard the cops in the not so distance and wanted out of there now, she also so Don's face. then looked again at Mikey. 'crap.' She thought to herself. "I have to make sure my baby's ok." She said in one long run on sentence, hoping that they would be more incline to help if they knew her unborn child was involved, though it looked liked the orange on was willing to help she wasn't sure if he would just give up and leave her for the cops.

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    ((The Rescuers from Down Underground))

    Donatello did a double-take, eyes widening. "Wait, wait, wait...did you say baby? So you're...pregnant?" He was so not expecting her to say that. He looked at Mike. "We really need to get her out of there, then." Who knew just WHAT would be in that dumpster and could be a form of contamination.

    Mikko nodded quickly. "And...And I stabbed my hand with a needle. I really...need to ..get out of here." She curled up in a ball then tried to straighten herself out. "Like, now."

    Baby? So, she was pregnant? Suddenly, Mike wasn't as torn as he'd been only moments before. It took a moment for it to all sink in, and her request finally registered. He gently released her hand and carefully crawled into the dumpster with her in order to scoop her up into his arms. A loud pop emitted as a bottle burst beneath his foot, cutting into his skin. A loud yelp reverberated throughout the alleyway, but despite his own discomfort, he didn't release his hold on Mikko. But he was seriously going to have a difficult time climbing out with the load in his arms. He glanced at Donnie, trying hard to mask the pain in his eyes. "Here, take her so I can climb out.. it seriously stinks in here!"

    Mikko wrapped her arms around Mikey's neck and took a few more deep breaths. She was so glad to not be laying on trash anymore. "My hero." She told Mikey with a small smile, Then looked over at Don, reaching out to him for him to take her. "Your friend, Raph threw me in there. He's so mean. I told him I was sick, I told him I was in pain...but no, him and his girlfriend thought it would be funny to toss me in there then run off. bastards."

    Don took Mikko in his arms and eased her to the ground. "I'll have to look at your hand." He looked over at Mike, concerned. "Are you okay, Mikey?" Then he turned back to Mikko, eyes wide. "He did?" He shook his head. He couldn't believe Raph would do something like this. Especially to a pregnant woman. He'd have to have a talk with him about it the next time he saw him.

    Once Mikko was safely in Don's arms, he reached down to pluck the shard of glass from his bleeding foot. It had penetrated a good inch, but fortunately wasn't very wide. Still, it bled and hurt like all heck! He slowly climbed from the dumpster, careful not to bear too much weight on his injured foot. At Don's question, he gave a small nod. Normally, he would've milked the 'injured baby brother' gig for all it was worth, but the pregnant girl certainly needed his brother's undivided medical attention.

    Mikko sat on the ground rolled up in a ball. "!" This was by far the slowest rescue ever. She didn't need turtles looking at her. as far as Mikko knew she was in labor. Though it was easing up. But still! She would rather have been with a doctor then here on the ground with two reptiles and the cops coming. She glared at Don and refused to let him look at her hand. ""

    Donatello sighed deeply. "I really should look at that hand first," he insisted. "Don't want a possible infection to spread, do you?" Reaching into his ever-present bag, he pulls out the first aid kit. "It won't take long, I promise. Then we'll get you to a hospital."

    Mikko started plotting out a story in her head for the cops. She could probably say that she called, and that the broken window was her room. Actually, it WAS her room. She was pretty sure that they would by that. unless it was that jackass....or did he just work in the prison? what if he didn't...what if he was on his way right now? She heard the cops getting way to close for comfort and attempted to stand. tears rolled down her face, if THIS was what having a baby felt like she was only doing this once! "I have to go..."

    Mike kept a watchful eye in the direction of the approaching sirens. It did worry him a bit, but he knew they would be out of there before they reached the alley. It was the beauty of being ninja! Hearing Mikko's stubborn protests, he glanced in her direction. "Just let him do it, dudette! For all you know that needle could've been infected with the t-virus, and you're gonna go all Resident Evil at any moment! Do you reeeeally want that for your kid?"

    Mikko looked over at Mikey and chuckled. "This isn't Raccoon city, and I doubt umbrella is around here." She gave a defeated sigh and slowly opened her hand up, reaching it, palm side up to Don. "Just..hurry, this hurts."

    Donatello worked fast and efficiently doing what he could to disinfect the wound and bandaged it. Nothing fancy, it would get her to the hospital at least. "Alright, all finished," he said, putting the things back in the kit and placed that back in his bag. "Now, let's get out of here." He carefully picked Mikko up and disappeared further into the alley to get away from the approaching cops.

    Mike followed closely behind, limping on his bleeding foot. He was careful not to leave a blood trail as they headed to a safer location. And it certainly hadn't gone unnoticed that Mikko knew Resident Evil. "Dude! You've played? Heh.. I'd never peg you as a gamer!" He blinked. "Well, Killer Instinct, maybe.."

    Donatello turned to Mike. "Why don't you wait here while I take her to the hospital? Then I'll come back and look at your foot, alright?"

    Mikko held on to Don as he carried her. she laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. she was exhausted, and sleep was quickly tugging at her. But she did hear Mikey and smiled. "Mmmm...I play, RE and Silent Hill. also a fan of...umm..Left 4 Dead." Mikko hopped that talking would keep her mind off of the pain and keep her awake, and if turtle boy wanted to talk about horror survival games that was fine.

    "Oooh, Silent Hill gives me goosebumps.. um.. turtlebumps!" If not for the fact that this chick had tried to kill his friend, she would've been totally cool! If things could've been different, he certainly would've had a gaming buddy. But his thoughts were suddenly distracted when Don suggested that he stay put, until he returned. He would've protested, but the less walking he did at this point would be good. "Okay.. but hurry! The zombies might get me.."

    Mikko waved to Mikey. "remember, shoot em in the head." She then took some slow deep breaths and cuddled close to Don. "are we there yet?" She asked teasingly.

    Don rolled his eyes at Mikey's remark, but he nodded. "I'll be back as soon as I can." He looked at Mikko and shook his head in annoyance, then made his way to the hospital. When they were close enough, he whispered to her. "For obvious reasons, I can't go in there. So I'm going to set you down at the entrance. Did you want me to call someone to help you, or can you crawl inside on your own?"

    Mikko looked at Don in disbelief. "You want me to CRAWL in there? someone, please."

    Don shrugged and set her down on the sidewalk in front of the hospital. "I was kidding...sheesh! I was going to call someone anyway. Just give me one sec..." He slipped into the shadows and called someone. On more than one occasion, he had to do this, so he knew what to do. He quickly called the front desk in the hospital, told them the situation then hung up. "They're on their way," he told her, still keeping an eye on her until they took her in.

    Mikko was so not amused by his joke. She laid there and watched him disappear. Soon three nurses ran out and lifted her on a gurney then rolled her inside the hospital. She gave a little wave to the unseen turtle before she disappeared inside.

    Don saw the wave from his hidden spot and watched her go inside. Then he made his way back to his brother. Once he located his brother again, he whispered to him. "How are you doing, Mike?"

    Mikko was checked out from head to toe, she was given an IV drip of some sort of medication. She didn't know what it was, but the all the pain she was feeling was easing away quickly. She was defiantly going to find out the name of this stuff, especially sense it wasn't harmful to the baby...under doctor supervision anyway. A quick ultrasound showed that everything was fine with little Travis and what Mikko had experience was 'false labor' and a very helpful nurse told her that she would definitely know the difference. Mikko was not looking forward to that. She had to stay there for a day maybe two, just to relax and destress. they also wanted to up her iron levels and make sure she was eating. They took some blood test to run and make sure nothing was on the needle that stabbed her. And the put her in a room. Mikko turned on the TV and made sure her phone was next to her, in case Chris or someone called. She figured that they would...And she was eager to find out if they were ok.

    After Don had left, Mike tucked himself away inside a darkened alley. It was a little unnerving, especially after all that Resident Evil talk. He debated climbing up a nearby fire escape. At least it would be out of zombie reach, and maybe he could luck out and find an open window. One in which the inhabitants were watching something worth while. But as appealing as that thought was, he knew it wouldn't be a pleasant climb, thanks to his injury. As he sat in silent contemplation, Don returned and whispered in his ear. Mike let out a startled yelp, but realizing who it was, he shot him a sheepish grin. Then, he gave his brother a pitiful look as he held up his injured foot. "I got an owie on my tootsie!"

    Don moved closer to him and kneeled down next to him. Then he took Mikey's foot and inspected it - but it wasn't an easy task. Considering it was so dark there, he reached into his bag and pulled out a flashlight. Then he gave it to Mike. "Here, I need you to hold this still so I can see your injury, alright?"

    Mike did as he was told, taking the light for his brother and trying his best to keep it on the injury. "Is it bad? I'm not gonna need stitches, am I? Do you think I got that virus? I reeeeally don't wanna start foaming at the mouth.. that's totally Raph's bag.."

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    (band-aide and bummble bee))

    With Mikey's help, Donatello was able to fully inspect his brother's foot. It certainly didn't look as bad as it seemed to with the bleeding. He looked up at Mikey. "I'll have to do a quick patch-up job for you too. I don't have everything I need for this deep of a wound. But by the looks of it, you shouldn't need stitches. But I'll make my final diagnosis when we get home, okay?" Once again, Don took you the first-aid kit, cleaned the wound, and bandaged it enough to get home for sure. "There, all done." He gave the top of Mikey's foot a light tap affectionately, then he put his things away again.

    Mike allowed his brother to patch up his foot, but not without the over-exaggerated winces. Luckily it didn't take long, and he was all patched up. As Don put his medical supplies away, he slowly pushed himself up, once again careful not to bear too much weight on it. "Heh.. fancy foot work, Donnie! Buuut you seriously need to stock up on Spider-Man and Transformers band aids." Surely those patterned band aids designed for kids wouldn't cover such an injury. But it certainly would've been a good decorating idea. Now, he flashed his brother a faked apologetic look. "Sooo, I guess the junk-yard will have to wait, huh? I'm sooooo sorry!" Not!

    Donatello rolled his eyes at Mikey's comment about his apparent taste in band-aids. "Just be glad I don't have anything for little girls," he replied, giving the orange-masked turtle a small smirk. And of course, Don's junkyard plans were currently put on hold. But he was far from letting Mikey off the hook with that one. But first things first, he had to get his brother home now. So he stood next to Mike and threw his arm over his shoulder. "Here, lean on me, Mikey. We'll get you home now."

    "Weeeell, if you got My Little Pony band-aids, I'd have no objections!" He leaned against his brother, probably a little more than was necessary. "Sooo, I guess it's movie marathon night, since we'll be stuck at the lair, huh?" Not that it was a total loss. "I recommend Resident Evil!"

    Don KNEW Mikey was going to mention My Little Pony. He just knew it. He shook his head in amusement. Then he staggered slightly with Mikey's exaggerated weight, but he said nothing. Once he got his footing, he slowly walked Mikey home. "I guess," he answered, shrugging to Mike's question. Really, since the junkyard outting was a bust tonight, he was planning on working on something else while Mikey watched his movies. But as SOON as they got home, he was going to look at his brother's injury again, in decent lighting this time.

    Mike flashed his bro a bright smile at his 'I guess' reply. "Good! You gotta watch them with me, because.. I just don't like watching that alone.." In all honest, it gave him nightmares! He limped alongside his brother, and was oh so grateful when the man-hole cover came into view. He was certainly looking forward to getting off his throbbing foot. "Sooo, you think Raphie's home from his date, yet?" He still couldn't figure out why Raph had tossed Mikko into the dumpster, but he figured he was still fuming over the Casey incident, and didn't realize she was pregnant. Sometimes Raph's anger could block thing out, after all.

    Don let out a heavy sigh and shook his head. "Why do you want to watch something that could potentially give you nightmares later on?" He REALLY didn't want to watch that movie with him. It seemed like his perfect night just went to hell. He had to find some way to redeem what was left of it. Soon they made it to the manhole cover and he slide it over helping Mikey down it. "I have no clue, Mikey. I just can't believe Raph would do that to someone. Nevermind the fact she was pregnant. He possibly didn't know that. But enemy or not, it still wasn't right."

    "Wel, would you rather watch something else? I'm game for anything! Oooor, I could help you with .. whatever you're planning on doing! I promise not to press any shiny buttons!" He carefully climbed down the ladder, then tried to avoid the muck as they headed for the lair. "Yeah, it's not right." He agreed with his brother. "She must have done something to reeeeeally piss him off."

    Kendall stroked the back of her head lightly, then he tilted up her chin up to him and whispered, "Love you too." Then he gave her another tender kiss on the lips. "We need to find another car first, then we should see if we can get a hold of her. If we can't find payphone, then our next move would be going back to the cabin." Then he turned around and faced Chris who had been silent this entire time. "Is that okay with you? We'll find her, don't worry."

    Chris looked at Kendall and nodded, still staying silent. He was really worried about Mikko, but he understood the dangers of their situation. And he had to admit, Kendall was right. He figured he and Mikko would have to steal another car as well, since theirs was abandoned in that alley. He made sure he was buckled in and gave Kendall a wave to the mirror, letting the big guy know he was all set.

    Daisy was still fighting the tears, the emotional exertions were only adding to her physical drain. She returned the kiss, gently caressing his cheek before once again resting her head against him. "Okay." She replied quietly, though she was a little bummed that they would have to get rid of the Jeep. She really liked it.

    There was nothing on TV and the food was horrible, and surprise she had Spike's nurse tonight. The familiar face made Mikko feel a little better, not to mention the oh so nice nurse was going to sneak her in some doughnuts from downstairs. She was a little disappointed that she hadn't herd from the others yet, well, worried would be a better term actually. She hopped that they were ok. But also wanted some company and thought about calling Gabe. Of course she had bothered him enough....Still...She picked up her phone and ran her thumb over the numbers. He was probably sleeping. What time was it? She looked around but there was no clock. and the clock on her phone had been broke for a while. maybe just a text. but what to say? hey I broke into the clinic and Lexi and her turtle boyfriend beat me up? That wouldn't sound good. She didn't even break the window! what the hell was everyone's problem. she texted Gabe. 'hey, in the hospital, ran into Lexi and her boyfriend. he kinda beat me up and tossed me in a dumpster. I'm bored.' she added on some smilie faces and sent it. then put the phone down and stared at the ceiling waiting for her doughnuts and to hear from the others...and now Gabe.

    Kendall started the Jeep again and buckled in. Then he took off down the road again. Now he had to find somewhere where he could find a new ride. This late at night would not be the easiest. As he traveled down the road, heading toward the cabin, his eyes kept scanning lots. Where were all the fuckin' cars in this city? Sure, it was late at night, but come ON! There had to be something around. Kendall was beginning to get very frustrated now. He turned to Daisy. "If you see any cars or anything that we could possibly take, give a yell."

    As Kendall drove back toward the cabin, Daisy remained snuggled against his side. The tiny pup was curled up, now sleeping in Kendall's lap. Hearing Kendall's request, she rose just enough to keep an eye out for a doable vehicle. A sharp yellow camaro quickly grabbed her attention. "How about Bumble Bee over there?" She pointed in the unattended car's direction.

    Kendall looked in the direction Daisy was pointing and shook his head, chuckling. "It's a very nice car, Daisy. But we should probably find something that won't drawn much attention to us. But good try, babe."

    And soon the wonderful smell of fresh glazed doughnuts filled her room. Mikko sat up and took the plat from the nurse with much thanks and began to eat. Bt she frowned when the nurse asked if anyone was coming to visit her. Mikko just shrugged and shooke her head. Then the nurse left. She finished the doughnuts quickly and washed it down with small carton of milk. Mikko tossed everything in the trash beside her and laid back down. She still didn't know what time it was, but she was getting tired. She closed her eyes and tried to get some sleep.

    "Yeah, I guess the last thing we need if for people to be stopping us to ask the car for autographs.." Daisy wiped at her eyes and continued looking for something that would be easy, and low profile. She soon spotted a black SUV parked close to an alley. There seemed to be no-one around. "What about that one?"

    Kendall looked at the newest find and smiled in approval. "I like it! We just have to make sure there are no people around when we make our move." He slowly crept up to the vehicle with the Jeep, but still kept his distance. When they were still a safe distance away, he put the car in park but left it running in case they had to make a hasty retreat. "Okay, I'm gonna go check it out, and you guys can be the lookouts. Be back soon." He unbuckled and climbed out of the Jeep, inching his way to the SUV.

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    ((mis popularity))

    Daisy watched on in nervous anticipation as Kendall approached their new potential car. She held protectively to the small pup, who seemed oblivious to the happenings. Luckily it seemed that the coast was clear, but she would still await Kendall's signal before making a move.

    kendall kept slowly approaching the SUV, all the while keeping watch on it and his surroundings. So far, so good... Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to Kendall, he reached the vehicle. He opened the door and started the car in the regular hotwiring fashion. Then he waved to the others letting them know that the coast was clear.

    Just as Mikko had expected, Gabriel had been attempting to get some sleep when his cell began to buzz, alerting him that he had a message. He tried to ignore it, but Isabella's sweet voice kept punctuating that fact. She gently nudged her uncle, who tried to bury his throbbing head beneath the pillow, burying his face against the couch cushion. But the little girl was persistent, and with a heavy sigh, Gabe shifted just enough to take the vibrating phone from her. He squinted his eyes, straining to read the message. He was a bit taken aback by it, but it was Mikko, after all. She had a knack for getting into trouble. With a heavy sigh, he dialed her number, and waited for her to answer.

    Mikko had just fallen asleep when her phone started to ring. She rolled away from it, closing her eyes tight. "Noooo go away." But the music playing from her phone just got louder. She finally reached over and grabbed it, not looking to see who it was she answered in a sleepy voice. "Hello?"

    And there it was, the signal. Still holding to the tiny pup, Daisy scooped up her backpack, double checking to make sure her meds were inside, then turned to look at Chris. "Thundercats a go!" Then she lightly patted the dash of the Jeep. "I'm gonna miss you! You would've been so pretty in pink!" She gave it a light kiss before scooting out, and hurrying toward the passenger side, then quickly hopped inside.The SUV still held that new car smell, and it was awfully roomy! She flashed Kendall a knowing smile. "Maybe we'll get to keep this one for a while! It'll be a good family car!"

    Gabriel rubbed at his eyes, trying hard to will them to remain open. He was trying to focus on the phone, and share his attention with the little girl, that insisted for him to open the box of twinkies. In his zombified mode, he did so, completely disregarding Ezekiel's instructions-- no sweets for Isabella before bed time. When Mikko's voice finally issued through the phone, he was relieved. "Hey." He greeted, in an equally fatigued tone. Isabella could be heard in the background, insisting that he hurry up with the forbidden sweets. "You okay? Waht'chu and Lex into it about now?"

    Mikko smiled when she heard Gabe's voice and snuggled back in the bed. "It was soooo..Omg! I hate that woman! Daisy needed her meds. so we went to the clinic to get them, they locked the place up so, I went through the window of my room, got them, and then we were about to leave. I didn't take anything that wasn't mine or hers. and I didn't break anything. all of a sudden some guy rushes at me, I tried to protect Daisy and myself. he puts me in a head lock. then Lexi shows up, this guy, Raph, is her new boytoy or something. So daisy left,because I didn't want her to get hurt. she's pregnant too. so..I was looking out for her. and then Raph, picks me up and throws me in the dumpster, causing me to go into, what the doctors call, 'false labor'. And Lexi and mr idiot just leave! So now...I'm the hospital." Of course she didn't mention that the guys where there. but pretty much everything else was true...more or less.

    Chris saw the signal and waited for Daisy to go first. Then he climbed out of the Jeep and followed her to the SUV, jumping into the backseat of this vehicle. He had to admit this was much better than the Jeep. He smiled in approval. "Nice choice, Daisy."

    Kendall waited for the others to get in. Then after everyone was settled, he set course for the cabin again. There, he would call Mikko's phone and hopefully would get an answer.

    Gabriel listened as she explained things, still doing his best to entertain the restless child that was now bouncing on the couch. Mikko was alone, but he was torn about leaving Ezekiel's apartment, when he'd been left in charge of watching the little girl, while her adoptive grandmother was away. Of course, he could always take her with him, but that didn't seem wise, considering the dangers that seemed to follow him. "You sure that was Lex' boyfriend? Coulda been her bodyguard." Not that it was any of his business, but part of him expected that Lexi would wait forever for Ezekiel. Whatever the case, he was angry that a male could do that to a mother-to-be. He took another deep breath, sighing deeply. "I'll take care of it. I'm gonna talk to Lex, see what's goin' on."

    Mikko could now hear the little girl. She smiled. "Sounds like you got your hands full. Don't worry about Gabe, it's not going to solve anything, me and her just need to stay away from each other." It would have been great if he could visit her. But also knew of the danger in that. "I'll be fine...Doctors said I can leave when I get my iron up...hopefully that's in a couple of days. And I just got a job too. uhg..." Mikko got quiet for a moment, she really hated that she was alone there..."I'll let you go so you can entertain the little one."

    Daisy flashed a wide grin at Chris' compliment. She was certainly digging the new SUV. It was roomy, and the radio looked awesome! But fortunately for the two guys, her head still hurt too badly to test it out just yet. She once again snuggled close to Kendall as he drove, still deeply concerned about Mikko. Careful not to distract him, she leaned up and gently pecked his cheek, flashing him a sweet smile.

    "No, I'm gonna talk to her." Gabe replied. "What'chu two got against each other, anyway?" It was something he'd always been curious about, but now he had reason to ask , and reason to be concerned. He felt bad that he couldn't be there for her, but the least he could do was to keep her company, over the phone. "Where's yer boys at? They know where yer at?" And she had managed to get a job? That certainly earned his curiosity. "What kind of job?"

    That was a lot of questions, Mikko tried to remember them in her sleepy state. "I...umm The thing with Lexi is personal, call it jealousy I suppose. My boys are at home, and no I don't think they know that I'm here, they haven't called yet. But I'm sure they will. At lest Daisy will." Then she smiled at the job question she was very proud of herself. "Yes! I got a great job at Papa's Ink. I keep the shop clean and greet costumers plus Papa said that on slow days I can watch him work, and he would show me some techniques. So that's cool, and I already got some money for my flash work."

    Kendall flashed her his own smile. The cabin was slowly coming into view now...

    "That's good, babe. I'm happy for you." He could detect the tiredness in her tone. "Maybe you should get some rest, Mickey."

    Mikko nodded. "Yeah...Hospital is not the best place for rest, ever two hours they come in to check my vitals. But, I'll let you go so you can take care of miss. sugar high, over there." She smiled again. "Night, Gabe."

    Daisy was expecting to see an unfamiliar car parked at the cabin. A sign that Mikko was okay. Her features dropped, seeing no signs of any other vehicle here. She flashed Kendall a concerned look as she crawled out of the SUV, the tears once again forming at the corners of her eyes."You gonna call her?"

    "Yeah, I know babe. But try, at least." Gabe knew that was easier said than done. The only sleep he'd ever gotten at a hospital was when he was comatose and nearly dead. Like Mikko, he was no stranger to hospitals. It came with the territory of being a thug. "Night, Mickey." With that, he hung up, and returned his full attention to Isabella, doing his best to get her settled enough to go to sleep. Not an easy feat.

    Mikko hung up the phone and set it on the table beside her. She then snuggled down into the covers and closed her eyes, determined to get at lest an hour of sleep, though she hopped for more.

    Once parked, Kendall got out of the vehicle and held Daisy close, trying to comfort her. He nodded to her question. "That's why we're here, babe. Now do you wanna call her, or want me to?" He walked with her up the cabin's steps and went inside.

    Chris wasn't far behind the other two. He was deeply concerned about Mikko and was hoping that whoever called, would get an answer from her.

    Daisy wiped at the tears with the back of her hand, and nodded at Kendall's question. Of course she wanted to call, but she still didn't know the number. She placed Mojo onto the couch, and allowed her back pack to slide from her shoulder. "Yeah, I wanna do it."

    Kendall nodded. "The number is right by the phone, babe. I'll stay right with you, okay?"

    Daisy gave a small nod, and edged closer to the phone. She felt nervous, and scared. What if she didn't pick up? What if she was mad at her? This was her fault, after all. She swallowed thickly, and struggled to compose herself as she picked up the phone, and dialed Mikko's cell..

    Once again Mikko was awoken by her phone. She rolled over reaching for it. "Damn me and my incredible popularity." Finally getting a hold of the singing phone she answered it tiredly. "Yeah..."

    Daisy's heart nearly stopped, hearing Mikko's voice issue from the other end. "Mikko??!" And the tears finally came. "Are you okay?!" She sobbed into the phone, relieved and guilt-stricken. "I'm soooo sorry!!"

    It took Mikko a little bit to figure out who was on the other end. "Daisy?" It was all she could get out before she heard the girl crying into the phone. "Daisy..I'm fine, it's ok..stop crying. Calm...doooooown."

    But try as she might, Daisy couldn't stop crying. She felt horrible that they had been forced to leave Mikko, and couldn't shake the guilt, since it had been her illness that had gotten her into trouble in the first place. "Where.. where are you?" She managed to ask, in between sobs.

    Mikko wasn't really sure that she wanted to tell Daisy were she was, but, it would be nice to have company...if they decided to visit her that is. "I'm at the hospital...BUT! I'm fine. Promise. It's ok." She really whished that someone would take the phone from the poor girl.

    And her heart sunk even deeper, fearing the worst. "Hos..pital?!" Her sobs became louder, making it nearly impossible to breathe. "Why!!! What...happened??! Ohmygod, this is.." and the nasty onset of hiccups reared its ugly head. "allmyfault!! I'msosorry!!!"

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    Post by Mikko on Sun Aug 09, 2009 1:30 pm

    ((Honey Bun))

    Mikko shook her head. "Why are you sorry? You didn't do anything wrong." Truth was, Mikko was going to fuss at her about waving to Lexi. But it seemed Daisy was feeling guilty enough so she decided not to bring it up. Even though all of this might have been avoided if she had stayed quiet. "Daisy...put someone else on the phone."

    Daisy tried to speak, but her voice was drown out by the suffocating sobs. She gave an unseen nod as she wiped at the tears with the back of her hand, and passed the phone over to Kendall.

    Kendall had done what he had promised and stood right behind Daisy, rubbing her shoulders. But when she started crying, held her tightly against him, stroking her shoulder and upper arm. He was relieve he know that Mikko was on the other line, but Daisy's reaction made him worry deeply. He took the phone from her, still hodling her comfortingly and began speaking. He had many questions of his own, but he wanted Mikko to tell him herself. "Hey, Mikko. What's up?"

    Hey. I'm at the hospital. Had some issues after being tossed in the dumpster. But I'm fine. You all should totally come visit me. well...Not you cuz you're wanted and all. but someone should come and see me....with gifts! and maybe some food." Plus she thought that if daisy was there she wouldn't be freaking out at the cabin.

    It was relief to Kendall's ears that she was okay, but he still felt bad for abandoning her. He turned back to the phone. "Sure. And what would you want to eat?"

    Mikko thought about that for a moment. "honey buns."

    Daisy melted into Kendall's arms, her face buried against his chest as she tried to get the tears under control. She still couldn't shake the feeling of guilt,but Kendall's warm embrace was definitely soothing.

    Kendall chuckled a bit at that. "Okay, we'll bring you some." Even if Mikko didn't want him to come into the hospital, he was still gonna be in the car for Daisy. There wasn't a force in the world that would make him stay here with Daisy so upset. Yup, he was definitely going along for the ride.

    "awesome!" Mikko told him where she was and gave him some quick directions to get there then hung up. She turned on the TV again and waited for her much needed company.

    Kendall nodded and said his goodbyes, then hung up. He turned to Daisy, smiling. "How would you like to visit your little sis in the hospital now?"

    Daisy shifted her face just enough to gaze up at him, managing a weak smile through the uncontrollable. "Really?" She wiped at her tears and tried to ward away the deep hiccups. "We can.. go?" And her looks soon turned even more hopeful. "Don't they have babies there?"

    Kendall nodded. "Yeah, she wants us to visit her. And she wants 'Honey Buns'. And yeah, I'm sure they have babies there too." He gave her a little smile, then looked at Chris. "You can come too if you want."

    Daisy's grin grew a little stronger. She took a deep, steadying breath as she tried to compose herself. Maybe she would get to hold one! She leaned up, pressing a soft kiss against Kendall's lips. "I'm ready when you are!"

    Once Chris had entered the cabin, he made himself comfy on the couch; anxiously awaiting any news on his missing lover. When Daisy said her name, his heart leaped up into his throat, and he stood up. Slowly, wanting to hear better about what was going on, he crept closer. He could tell that Daisy was hysterical, and rightfully so. But despite Daisy's breakdown, he was still extremely relieved that Mikko was alright. And when Kendall told him he could go along for the hospital visit, he nodded vigorously. He really wanted to see for himself that she was okay. He still didn't know exactly what happened, but if she was put in the hospital, it couldn't have been good.

    Kendall returned the kiss then turned to Chris. "Then let's go." He took Daisy's hand and headed out of the cabin, towards the SUV. He had decided he would drive, and once in the vehicle, he put on his disguise and started the engine, waiting for Chris.

    Daisy crawled into the passenger side, and carefully fastened her seatbelt. She was unable to shake the annoying hiccups, but the prospect of seeing babies had gotten the tears under control, for now. Of course, seeing Mikko would definitely be nice, too. She flashed Kendall a hopeful look as she brushed away a stray tear. "You think they'll let me hold one?"

    Chris wasted no time and followed the others, practically running to the SUV. Once inside, he buckled in and prepared himself for yet another drive into the city. Hopefully this time it wouldn't be as eventful as the last.

    Kendall looked at her and shrugged. "'ll have to ask someone." Now that everyone was set, he pulled out of the driveway and headed for the city again.

    She quickly decided that she'd just take that as a yes! She really couldn't wait to get to the hospital, even though those places made her extremely nervous. She leaned against Kendall, resting her head against his shoulder as he drove.

    Mikko flipped through all the channels that the hospital had to offer, and finally settled on 'lock up' May as well brush up on the criminal master mind, or lack there of. She always found it amusing that these idiots got caught, it was usually because they did something horribly stupid. But still, she found it entertaining, and educational. A nurse had brought her a jello cup that she happily ate. Now she was wondering if anyone was coming to see her. She hopped so. The smurffs came on in an hour and she wanted someone to watch it with.

    Kendall smiled at her as he continued driving to the city.

    And after a lengthy ride, the hospital came into view. And not a moment too soon. Daisy was struggling to keep her eyes open.

    Kendall found a place to park not too far away from the hospital, then he turned to Chris. "Hey, can you do me a favor?"

    Chris looked up at him and nodded. "Yeah. What do you want?"

    Kendall held up a twenty dollar bill then gave it to Chris. "Can you run to the gas station down street and pick up as many "Honey Buns" as you can with that money? I don't want you to try stealing anything, so don't go any further than the money goes, alright?"

    Chris nodded and took the money. "Can do." Then he tucked the money away and got out of the SUV.

    Daisy drifted in and out of sleep, only vaguely aware that Chris had left. She snuggled even closer to Kendall, her own movements tugging at her subconscious. "Mmm.. we there yet?"

    Kendall held her close, letting her drift off to sleep until Chris returned. When she asked that question he nodded. "Yeah, but Chris is doing me an errand and we're waiting for him to get back." He looked down at her, smiling. "Go ahead and rest, Daisy. He'll be back pretty soon." He leaned down and kissed her cheek.

    Chris hurried to the convenience store and headed inside. He made a b-line for the snacks and grabbed a bunch of the 'Honey Buns' for her - after calulating how many he could get with that twenty bucks. Then as he was heading to the check-out counter, he spotted a white teddy-bear that was holding a heart in its paws. Checking the price, he found he could afford it if he put about half of the sticky treats back. Looking down into his full arms, he figured he could make that sacrifice after all. So after picking up the bear and putting the extra rolls back on the shelf, he made his way back to the check-out. He quickly paid the man behind the counter, then carried his purchase out, heading back for the SUV to collect Daisy.

    Daisy had managed to doze off, only minutes before Chris' return to the SUV. Still drained from her earlier incident, everything had eventually caught up to her. She was sleeping peacefully, her fingers tightly entwined in Kendall's shirt.

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    Post by Mikko on Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:42 pm

    ((Button pushing))

    Kendall was watching Daisy sleeping until Chris came back. As soon as he saw him he gave Daisy a small nudge. "Babe, time to wake up. Chris is back." He leaned down and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek.

    Daisy nuzzled against him, her fingers curling tighter into his shirt. The nap had been too short lived, and if not for her eagerness to see Mikko, she surely would've protested. It took her a moment, but she slowly managed to will her puffy eyes to open. She flashed him a tired smile. "They have elevators here? Or escalators?"

    Kendall looked at her, smiling. "Elevators." He kissed her lips softly.

    Daisy returned his gesture, and stretched her arms in an attempt to wake her tired muscles before sliding out of the car. Elevators.. that definitely sounded like fun! She would be sure to press every button on the way up. Hopefully, the place had a hundred floors. "Don't forget your Blade shades!"

    Chris was waiting outside the SUV for Daisy. When he saw her coming, she looked much happier than she did when he left earlier. He gave her a smile and held up the plastic bag of goodies. "I got some stuff for her. From all of us." Except for the bear. He personally wanted to give that to Mikko.

    Kendall smiled at her and out the shades on. I'm all over it, babe." He tilted the sunglasses down and gave her a small wink before placing them back up where they belonged.He waved to the two of them and watched them head inside.

    Daisy followed alongside Chris, but it was only now that she realized Kendall wasn't coming inside. Her smile quickly faded and she halted in place, a brief look of confusion gracing her features. But deep down, she knew why he couldn't. She spared him a sad wave before turning to rejoin Chris.

    Chris went with Daisy inside the hospital. He went straight up to the front desk and asked where she was being kept. The nurse told him and he gave her a quick 'thanks', then the two of them headed for the elevators.

    Daisy quietly followed him inside, still saddened that Kendall couldn't be with her. As soon as they entered the elevator, she perked a bit, eyeing the many buttons that were just begging to be pressed. She edged closer to the panel, and as stealthily as she could, pressed as many floors as she could possibly reach.

    As soon as they entered the elevator, Daisy started pushing many random buttons. 'Oh god,' Chris thought. 'There's no telling where we'll end up, or when we'll make it to Mikko's floor now...'He sent Daisy a small glare.

    Their first stop, the fifth floor. As soon as the doors slid open, they were greeted by the sight of a naked crazy man, streaking past the elevator exit. Daisy's eyes grew wide, and she giggled madly. She contemplated joining the 'chase', since the nurses seemed to be having so much fun, but before she could come to a decision, the door slid closed again. They would make numerous more random stops before finally ending up on Mikko's floor.

    Chris breathed a huge sigh of relief after they finally made it to Mikko's floor. Then he stepped out, and waited for Daisy.

    Daisy seriously didn't want to leave the elevator just yet. Sooner or later, she was bound to find the nursery. But then, it finally hit her. Mikko was somewhere on this floor. She flashed a cheeky grin at the poor souls still stuck on the elevator, and ran her palms across the button panel, ensuring the folks would get a lengthy ride before reaching their destination. Satisfied that she had made their day, she stepped off before the doors slid closed, and joined Chris as they sought out Mikko's room. It didn't take long to find it, and she wasted no time pushing through the door, not bothering to knock. The tears were once again forming, feeling that familiar guilt returning to plague her. "Mikko!!!" She rushed towards her poor big sis, and hopped into the bed with her. As gently as she could, she threw both arms around her.

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    Post by Mikko on Mon Aug 10, 2009 5:33 pm

    ((Jelly-filled babies! Yum))

    Mikko was watching a riveting episode of Dr Phil, when Daisy came running in, tears in her eyes and jumped on the bed. She gave Daisy a hug then pulled away and looked at her. "Why are you crying? I told you I'm ok." She turned the TV off and smiled at Chris. "Glad you two came." She said handing Daisy a tissue.

    Daisy was still clinging to her, unable to suppress the quiet tears. After a moment, she slightly shifted enough to take the tissue, and blew her nose, a bit loudly. "Because, you wouldn't be here.. if I didn't need those pills."

    After seeing what Daisy did to the poor people in the elevator, Chris looked at her and shook his head. Then they made their way to Mikko's room. When Daisy ran into the room and hugged Mikko, his heart really went out to Daisy. He felt so uncomfortable then. He really debated on whether or not to let the two of them have a few minutes alone. But then Mikko saw him and he gave her a small wave. He came closer to the hospital bed and opened the plastic bag of goodies, taking out the bear and holding it behind his back. Then he fully approached the bed and held out the bag to Mikko. "Hey babe. Brought you some stuff from all of us." Then he went to Mikko's other side and gave her a small kiss, finally revealing the small bear to Mikko. "And this is from me," he told her, grinning.

    Well that was true enough. "Actually I wouldn't be here if that damn turtle didn't throw me in the dumpster." Mikko gave her another hug then turned her attention to Chris and the bag-o-honey buns. With a grin Mikko took the bag and grabbed a bun. Before she could open it though Chris leaned over kissing her, whish she happily returned. When He reviled the bear, Mikko's eyes lit up, she momentarily forgot about the food and grabbed the bear hugging it close. She leaned up and gave him another kiss. "Thanks babe!"

    Chris was absolutely beaming because Mikko liked her gift. But then he looked over at Daisy and noticed she was getting ready to cry again. It was then that he realized that she was probably missing Kendall and backed off a bit, giving Daisy and Mikko some time alone time with her big sis. But he still stayed next to the bed for now. There was the discussion about giant turtles again. Now he was sure that's what he saw occasionally running along the rooftops at night.

    Mikko opened up on of her buns and started to eat, she glanced back over at daisy and shook her head. "pffft, no. I guess normal ones are. But this one wasn't. His friends are nice though, they brought me here." She finished the bun and washed it down with some water. "New rule, when we are out and you se someone you know, don't bring attention to yourself. Meaning, daisy. Next time you see Lexi, walk away from her, we don't want her to see you. ok?"

    Daisy was curious about the 'nice friends' but was still too grief-stricken to ask many questions right now. And not wave at Lexi? Why not? The woman had always been nice to her. But still, she wouldn't protest. She just gave a small nod in understanding, and once again attempted to wipe away the tears.

    "Good..Lexi is a horrible woman, I don't trust her and don't want you near her, or that turtle boyfriend of hers." She ruffled Daisy's hair and smiled. "Honey bun?" She asked handing Daisy a bun.

    Daisy frowned at that, and eyed the offered honey bun. But surprisingly, she shook her head. Her stomach was still a little unsettled from her earlier mishap. "But, she took me for ice cream before.." It seemed like a small gesture, but certainly an act of kindness that stood out in her mind. Not everyone at that clinic would go out of their way to be kind to her.

    'Don't matter, Just stay clear from her. and while you're here, you should make you an appointment with a doctor. Gotta make sure your little one is growing all healthy and stuff." Mikko laid down and pulled the covers over herself. "I should be out of here tomorrow." She nodded over to her pile of cloths that were on the chair. "Look in the front pocket, and take some money. I know you want that little dress you saw at the thrift store." Mikko hopped that, that would cheer her up some.

    Daisy managed a grin at that. She wiped at the tears and leaned down to give Mikko another gentle hug. "Heh.. thanks! But I want you to go with me when I get it."

    Mikko hugged her back. "Then you'll have to wait till tomorrow." She yawned and fought to open her eyes. " Ooooh and while we're out maybe we can get you something pierced."

    Chris watched the two of them converse while taking a seat in the chair provided in the room. But he was noticing how tired Mikko was getting and stood up from the chair. He went over to the two of them and put his hand on Daisy's shoulder. "We should let her sleep now." He looked up at Mikko and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. "See you tomorrow, babe. Get some rest, okay?" He took her hand and gave it a light squeeze.

    "Okay." Daisy replied to Mikko, giving her a sweet smile. She was seriously debating having that check-up done, but she really wanted Kendall to be present for that. She gave her another gentle hug, and turned her attention to Chris as he placed a hand on her shoulder. She was reluctant to leave, but gave a small nod in response, before giving him a hopeful look. "Can we go see the babies before we leave?"

    They were leaving her? That sucked, she thought at lest Chris would stick around. She would have protested but didn't want to seem like she needed someone to stay with her. And she didn't...Would be nice though, couldn't blame them for wanting to go. Not that SHE would leave if HER love was in the hospital.....not if she could help it anyway. Then she heard Daisy ask about babies, she raised a brow at that. But if that's what made her happy. Mikko grabbed her bear and rolled on her side to try and get some sleep.

    Chris was also reluctant to leave. But he knew Kendall was still in the vehicle and was waiting for them. If Mikko was truly coming home tomorrow, he would be sure to spend the entire day with her to make up for leaving her now. He raised a brow at Daisy, a bit taken aback by her question, but he nodded. "Yeah, sure we can. But you can ask someone where they are this time, okay?" he answered in a whisper. He gave Mikko one last kiss on the cheek then left the room with Daisy.

    Mikko was upset that Chris was leaving her, she was sure that he would stay if she said something, but she refused. If he was going to stay it would be because he wanted to, not because she wined about it. She made no more, or reaction to his kiss, only held the little bear tighter and slide further under the covers.

    Daisy leaned in once more, giving Mikko another gentle hug and a kiss against her cheek. "Love you, sis." She whispered sweetly. "I'll see you in the morning, and we'll go shopping!" She kissed her again, before slowly crawling off the bed. She seriously didn't want to leave her, but it was too dangerous for Kendall to be out in that car for long. She gave Mikko a sad little wave as she followed Chris out of the room, and cornered the first nurse she saw to ask what floor the babies were on.

    Chris went with Daisy. He still felt guilty for leaving Mikko, but he really intended to make it up to her. But for now, he was focused on following Daisy to the babies room.

    The nurse finally directed them toward the nursery, and Daisy was all too eager to drag Chris along, tugging him by the hand. Soon, it came into view and her heart practically melted as she neared the large window, seeing all the cute little babies on the other side of that glass. "Oh my gawd! They're sooo cute!" She beamed, and flashed Chris a huge grin. "I wanna hold one! You gonna come in there with me?"

    Once arriving in front of the baby room, Chris peeked through the window. He had never seen so many babies in one place before. When Daisy asked him if he wanted to go in, he wasn't sure. Were strangers supposed to go in there? Was it safe for the baby? And he wasn't sure if the parents would approve of a stranger holding their baby in the first place. He turned to Daisy and shook his head. "I don't think you're supposed to go in there if you're not a parent of one of them. But you'd have to ask to be sure. I'll wait out here."

    But Daisy had no intentions of asking the staff if she could enter. Why give them the chance to say no? "Okay, you be my look out!" She told Chris, and quietly slipped inside. She could barely contain her excitement as she tried to decide on which one to hold! There were just so many! But she soon decided on a baby girl. As gently as she could, she scooped the baby up, and cradled her in her arms. She gazed down at the little bundle, her heart melting in that instant. It was all so emotionally overwhelming to think, 9 months from now, she would be here again.. with her own.

    Chris' eyes were as wide as saucers as Daisy went into the infant room. He didn't even have time to yell at her before she disappeared. He just sighed heavily and watched out for any trouble. So far so good, but he was wondering where all of the nurses were anyway? He figured for the precious bundles of joy in that room, there would be someone close by keeping an eye on them.

    Daisy gently rocked the baby in her arms. It felt so natural to her, despite the fact that she'd never held a real one before. She couldn't stop grinning, and could barely suppress the happy tears. She really wished that Kendall could be sharing this experience with her. With that thought, she remembered her poor Kendall, stuck in the SUV. As much as she was enjoying the moment, her concern for him was growing. She planted a gentle kiss on the baby's tiny forehead, and carefully placed her back into her bed. And just as quietly as she'd slipped in, she slipped back out. She flashed Chris a sweet smile. "I so can't wait to have my own!" She reached for his hand. "Ready Freddy?"

    Chris turned his attention back to Daisy as she was holding the little one. He had to admit, he was impressed. She ws so careful while holding it. And he saw the same gentleness when she put it down again. He gave her a big smile and took her hand. "Ready when you are."

    Daisy took his hand, and walked along with him, back towards the elevator. She seemed to be glowing now. It was amazing what that brief encounter with a tiny newborn had done for her. Despite all the negativeness she had been forced to deal with today, it reminded her of hope, and the future. She flashed Chris a huge smile as they stepped onto the elevator. "I think you'll be an awesome uncle!" She squeezed his hand. "And a daddy, to Mikko's little one!"

    Chris' smile became even bigger. "Heh, thanks." He walked with her back to the elevator. "I'll let you push the button, as long as it's only one and the one that would take us back down to ground-level." He gave her hand a light squeeze back. "I think you would make a great mother too. I watched you in there."

    Daisy reeeeeally wanted to press more than one, but gave a cute nod in response. She needed to get back to that SUV ASAP, anyway. A few of the elevator's occupants were quick to vacate the premises upon seeing the familiar blonde, who'd given them a wild ride earlier. She flashed Chris a cheeky smile as she pressed the correct floor. "Really? Did I hold her right? I've never held a real one before, but I used to have one of those Jelly-filled baby dolls!"

    Now that they were in the elevator, he could give Daisy a big hug. "You were just fine, Daisy." Then he pulled away from her, raising a brow. "Jelly -filled? Never heard of those before." Soon they were on the first floor and the doors slid open. He gave her a smile. "Come on, your boyfriend is waiting for us."

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    Post by Mikko on Tue Aug 11, 2009 4:14 pm

    ((Damn cops))

    Daisy returned the hug with a tight squeeze, and flashed him a sweet smile. It really meant a lot to her, hearing praise from him. "Daw, thanks!"Once the elevator door slid opened, she slowly released him from the embrace, and gave an eager nod. "Yeah! It was all squishy and filled with some kind of gel stuff." Her grin slightly faltered a little. "But one of the boys at the old clinic cut it open. That's how I knew it was jelly." She walked closely beside him as they headed toward the SUV. But her heart nearly skipped a beat when she saw a police car, patrolling the parking lot. Probably nothing more than the night guard, but it still scared her to no end. "Oh no.." She whispered in a near panic.

    Kendall had found various things to keep him entertained. But after a while a cop car had been going around the lot. Kendall could feel his paranoia kicking in, but he stayed put. And so far no one had directly approached the vehicle. But the police car had gotten closer to the SUV than Kendall had felt comfortable, but it kept right on going. Now he was seriously wishing Chris and Daisy would come out so they could all get the hell out of there as soon as possible.

    Chris was walking right next to her when she spotted the police car. And he too was nervous about it, but he didn't let it show. He took Daisy's hand again in a comforting gesture and gave it a small, reassuring squeeze.

    Daisy clung to Chris' hand, the overwhelming fear nearly crippling. Her heart was beating wildly in her chest. She was ready to act a decoy if needed, anything to distract the cop's attention away from Kendall, but fortunately it seemed that wouldn't be necessary... for now. The patrol car kept going, but it was only a matter of time before it came down this isle again. Struggling hard to compose herself, Daisy headed toward the SUV, trying to act as casual as possible, hoping to draw no attention to their location. A difficult feat, considering she was a jumble of nerve inside. She crawled into the passenger side, relieved to see that Kendall was okay. She leaned over, squeezing him tightly as she pressed a kiss against his cheek, but the affection would have to be short-lived. She knew they needed to get out of there, and fast! "Be careful, babe."

    Chris was right behind her, although he was much more calm than she was. When they both made it to the SUV, he climbed in the backseat, buckling in quickly.

    Since he was facing the opposite direction of which way Daisy and Chris were coming from, Kendall wasn't aware that they were coming back. His focus was still on when the cop was due to make another round by the SUV any time now. So when the door first opened, he tensed up until he saw Daisy climb into the passenger seat. Pretty soon Chris followed and he breathed a huge sigh of relief. "'Bout time, guys. There's a fuckin' cop patrolling this place like a goddamn shark." He relaxed further when Daisy gave him a soft kiss on the cheek and smiled at her. "So how is she?"

    Daisy was slowly beginning to relax now that he was in her sights. She managed a smile at his question as she buckled in. "She's okay. She's gonna get out tomorrow...and she really likes the honey buns."

    Kendall smiled at her as he pulled out of the parking spot. "That's good. She said she wanted them over the phone." Soon they were back on the road towards the cabin.

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    Post by Mikko on Tue Aug 11, 2009 4:15 pm

    ((Picking up Mikko?))

    The sun had rose for another day, the day nurse woke Mikko for her meds and discharge papers. She would have to take iron pills and the put her back on her anti psychotics after her little episode caused them to take a good look at her medical history. sadly, she had no way of calling for a ride. She really wished she knew the number to the cabin. Her plan B was to grab a car and just drive home herself. Once the nurse left she gathered the left over buns, her meds and her bear. She got dressed and headed out of the hospital.

    It was early morning, and Daisy was still sleeping peacefully, snuggled closely to Kendall. Her eyelids slowly began to flutter as she struggled to wake. It was much earlier than she was used to waking, but she wanted to be there to pick up Mikko. Her heavy eyelids continued to flicker as her fingers gently caressed Kendall's cheeks, and she pressed a kiss against his lips, hoping her affectionate gestures would be enough to wake him.

    And that small gesture was indeed enough to wake him up. He slowly opened his eyes and smiled at her, returning the kiss. "Morning, babe."

    Daisy allowed the kiss to linger, her fingers continued to caress his cheeks. After a moment, she finally broke and flashed him a sweet smile. "Morning, sexy!" She gently nuzzled against his neck, planting several light kisses there. "Mmm.. we need to go pick up Mikko.."

    But Mikko was already on her way to her new car i didn't take her long to get in it, start it and head to the cabin. she was not driving back though, if Daisy wanted to go shopping she would have to drive back.

    Chris hadn't slept well since Mikko wasn't sleeping next to him. He had fully intended on going back to the hospital to visit her alone later last night, but sadly he had returned too late and they wouldn't let him in the building. So he had gone back to the cabin and fell into an uneasy sleep. He woke up earlier that morning and quickly got ready so he was ready when the others were to go pick up Mikko. He would be so happy to see her and hold her in his arms again.

    Kendall nodded and reached for his clothes, giving Daisy another quick kiss before pulling them on.

    Mikko was finally out of the city, she was very eager to get home and may have raced pace a few stop signs and one or two red lights. Luckily there weren't any cops around. and now she was on the long stretch of road headed to the cabin. She slowed down and lit a cig as she drove, she turned on the radio to find out that slipknot was in the CD player. Happy with that choice of music, she drummed to the songs and even sang a few on the way to the cabin.

    Daisy watched on with a devious smile as Kendall got dressed, oh so wanting to distract him from doing so. But she knew Mikko was probably waiting on them. After gathering her clothes that were strewn throughout the tent, she got dressed. "I guess we better go wake Chris, huh?" She smiled. "Maybe I can do his eyeliner, if he's still sleeping."

    Kendall looked at her and chuckled, shaking his head. "I'm sure he'll really appreciate that, Daisy," he said sarcastically, but with a smile still on his face.

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    Post by Mikko on Wed Aug 12, 2009 5:13 pm

    ((Speak to me Bumble Bee! Speak!))

    Daisy didn't seem to catch his sarcasm. She just flashed him a sweet smile as they walked along the old dirt trail. "I know, right? I'll save him like a good five minutes, since guys aren't as swift about applying make up as girls are.." She flashed him a wink. "You ever thought about wearing eye-liner?"

    Kendall rolled his eyes but smiled. "Yeah, sure. And nooo I haven't. And I'm not gonna either."

    Just when Mikko thought she was going to absolutely die of boredom, she glanced out the window to her side and came to a complete stop. "Is that..Bumble Bee? I soooo must have that." With her mind made up about the car change, even though something in the back of her mind told her it was a bad idea, she drove up to it anyway. This would be a great car to get Spike in. Though the car proved tricky to get in and get started, and she defiantly didn't break any record times, and just to add some confusion for the cops if they were checking plates, she switched them out with the other car and then she was finally in and cruising down the road.

    Ooooh, she would definitely have to change that, then. Of course, she would have to wait until he was sleeping. "Awww, but you'd look cute!" She smiled up at him, giving his hand a light squeeze. "But seriously, you don't need make-up, you're sexy enough all natural!"

    Kendall chuckled. "Damn right, I am!" Soon they were going up the steps to the cabin

    And Mikko was just pulling in. sliding in, actually. Almost hitting a tree as she tried to show off her mad driving skills to the woodland animals. She didn't see Kendall or Daisy, to preoccupied with staying alive and not scratching the yellow paint. She came safely to a stopped and hopped out the car.

    Daisy was just about to open the cabin door when Mikko made her 'entrance'. Her eyes slightly widened. Not only was Mikko home, but she'd gotten that yellow Camaro! "Oooooh, Bumble Bee!!" She darted back down the steps, and after giving Mikko a gentle hug, she dropped to her knees beside the car to be at 'ear-shot' with her favorite transformer. "Hiyas, Bumble Bee!" She greeted the car, and gave it's tire a gentle pat. "It's okay.. don't be shy! I'm like, your biggest fan!"

    Mikko hugged Daisy back and gave her a questioning look. "Daisy, you know the car can't actually talk right?"

    Daisy spared Mikko a quick glance, briefly frowning at that. "Oh yeah.. his vocal thingy was damaged in battle, but he can speak through the radio!"

    Kendall couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the car drive up. First of all, it was the car that Daisy had wanted when they were looking for a car as a replacement for the Jeep. But the most surprising fact, was the person driving it. "Mikko?" He stared at her in disbelief. "I thought we were coming to get you this morning."

    "You have fun talking to the car." Mikko walked up to the cabin and shrugged at kendall. "You took to long." With that she walked inside and looked for Chris. "Babe? Where you at?" She set her things down on the couch and head for the kitchen to have herself a real meal.

    Chris also did a double-take when he saw Mikko come in the door. At first, he thought that maybe Kendall and Daisy went to go get her until he saw the new car. He was grinning from ear to ear and hurried over to Mikko, giving her a gentle hug and a quick kiss on the lips. "Glad to see ya, babe. How are you feeling today?"

    Mikko wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back. "I'm ok. tired and really craving some Chinese food. Like the new car? daisy is trying to communicate with it."

    Chris looked at her, confused. "Okaaaaay..." Leave it to Daisy to do something like that. He shook his head and smiled at her. "That's good. And the car is really nice. Chinese food, huh? That does sound good."

    "Mmmhmm." Mikko answered as she looked through the fridge. "And we don't have anything that come close to that." And she really didn't want to drive all the way back to the city. "Did that mall have a place?"

    Chris looked at her and nodded. "Yeah, I think they did. Why, did you want me to go get you some?"

    Mikko closed the fridge and once again wrapped her arms around Chris's waist. "That would be great. I was living off of honey buns the whole night." Then she remembered, she was still mad at Chris. She let him go and put her hands on her hips. "But I'm still upset with you."

    He nodded but frowned. "Why are you upset at me? You JUST got home, for crying out loud."

    "Right, but you left me alone at the hospital. I kinda had some issues and was giving happy drugs...but they don't call em happy drugs at the hospital. POINT IS! You left me. Why didn't you stay?" Mikko asked folding her arms.

    Chris sighed. "I didn't want to, believe me. But Kendall was waiting for us. And I tried to go back later, but they wouldn't let me inside the building again." He looked down at the floor and sighed again. "I'm sorry, babe."

    "You could have stood while Daisy and kendall went back home." Mikko relaxed her arms. "If you stood I probably wouldn't have tried to strangle that nurse with the oxygen tube...But then again, she DID have it coming. Ok you're forgive. lets get the others and get something to eat."

    Chris smiled again and nodded. "Thanks babe. And yeah, I'm starving too." He took her hand and headed for the door.

    Kendall was watching in amusement while Daisy tried to communicate with the new car. He stood there on the porch, his arms folded, and smiling.

    Mikko grabbed Chris's hand and walked outside. "You two wanna go get something to eat?"

    Daisy frowned when she got no response from the camaro. Obviously Bumble Bee had let the fame go to his head. He was too stuck up to speak to her. Or maybe his radio was messed up, too. Poor guy was completely mute.

    Kendall looked over towards the door when he heard Mikko's voice. Oh yeah, he could sure go for something. He called over to Daisy. "Hey babe! Are you hungry?"

    Daisy slowly stood, dusting he dirt off her sun dress before giving the car's quarter panel a sympathetic pat. "Don't worry, Bee. We'll find Ratchet and Optimus and have you talking in no time!" Hearing Kendall's question, she gave a small nod. "Mmhmm.."

    "Then stop talking to the car and get in it." Mikko shouted as she walked to 'Bee'

    Daisy wasted no time crawling into the backseat, and waited for Kendall. She glanced out at Mikko. "Where are we going? McDonalds?'

    Mikko hoped in the drivers seat and glanced over at daisy. "Naw we're gonna get some Chinese. Going back to that mall." She waited for the boys and handed daisy a hundred bucks. "Never to early to start getting baby things."

    That certainly put a smile on Daisy's face! "Ooooh, thank you!" She carefully tucked the money away inside her pack, and gave Mikko a thoughtful look. "Speaking of baby things.. we for seriously need a baby room, because the cabin just doesn't have one! Are we gonna move anytime soon?"

    Mikko nodded. "Yeah, we're gonna have to leave the cabin but...we can't go anywhere till we get Spike out. and after that. I'm not really sure...."

    Chris entered the new vehicle and looked around, before buckling up in the front-passenger seat. "Sweet ride, babe." He definitely approved of this one.

    Kendall slid into the car next to Daisy and buckled in. He also thought this car was really cool.

    Once Kendall was in, Daisy slid over and snuggled up against him. She was looking forward to actually having a room to decorate for the baby, but as excited as she was about the prospect of moving, she would definitely miss their special spot by the lake. So many good memories.

    Once everyone was in Mikko took off, she hit the road and headed for the drive to the mall, another long drive...She would have made Daisy drive but she just go the car...though it was a straight run, really, what could she possibly do to it? Mikko stopped the car. "Daisy's driving, I'm way to tired."

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