Nightwatcher's true identity revealed. (several days after the rescue)

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    Nightwatcher's true identity revealed. (several days after the rescue) Empty Nightwatcher's true identity revealed. (several days after the rescue)

    Post by Lexi on Tue Jul 28, 2009 7:02 pm

    ((A few days after Raph saves the local celebrity, he drops in to check up on her, and finally reveals his true identity.))


    It was dark and the Nightwatcher was out but not for the usual criminals. It had been a few days since he had meet Lexi and he was eager to see her again. He drove his motorcycle to her street and parked in the same alley as last time. He climbed off his bike and took a quick look around before entering her building.

    Days had past since Lexi had her encounter with the infamous Nightwatcher. She couldn't stop thinking about that night... about him. She was intrigued with him, now more than ever before. But still, she wouldn't allow her fascination turn into a silly infatuation. She was almost certain she would never see him again. As difficult as it was, she tried to allow that night to sink into the depths of her mind, and move on. Still, her lonely existence gave her too much time to think. No word from Ezekiel. According to Gabe, her boyfriend has simply left town for a 'job' without so much as a goodbye. It was late, and Lexi was in the process of getting ready for bed. She certainly wasn't expecting company.

    He was nervous about taking the hallway, he could be spotted very easily. Hell even the hallway looked fancy! He cautiously made his way to the stairway, and immediately pressed himself against the wall when he heard a voice coming from further up. Some guy on a cell phone no doubt, the voice quickly faded away behind the sound of a door closing shut. "phew dat was close!" he thought to himself as he made his way up the rest of the stairs to Lexi's door. He knocked lightly.

    Lexi had managed to slip into her black silk nightgown when the unexpected knock earned her full attention. It sent her nerves on end, and naturally she expected the worst. Was it reporters? Or an attacker? Or someone to deliver the bad news that her boyfriend had been killed in the middle of some gang war? So many negative scenarios were racing through her mind. Cautiously, she moved towards the door and carefully glanced out the peek-hole. Seeing the familiar mask, she released a sigh of relief, and slowly unlocked the door. She opened it cautiously, and greeted him with a small grin. "Didn't think I'd see you again." She opened it a little further, an invite for him to enter. "Come in?"

    Raph nodded as she invited him in he didn't expect her to be so cautious. He walked into her apartment without a word and waited for her to close the door.

    Lexi quickly closed and locked the door behind him. Now, her full attention was fixated on him. She stood there, barefoot, her sleek nightgown leaving little to the imagination. She obviously wasn't too shy about her lack of clothing, and made no offer to cover herself with the housecoat that laid nearby. She gave him a curious look, that small grin still worn on her lips. Despite the lateness, it was certainly refreshing to have company. "So, what do I owe the honors?" She flashed him a small wink. "Would you like something to drink." And then, she remembered that he didn't trust her enough to remove his mask. "Or not."

    Raph's eyes were glued to her as he looked her over her nightgown was definitely to his liking. He couldn't stop himself from staring at her chest, it seem that his helmet had saved him yet again.'ahem..' was the sound he made to clear his throat.* "None fer' meh thanks, jus' wanted ta see how ya were." *Was a half truth he was actually worried about her and was there to see if she was alright.

    Lexi seemed oblivious to the fact that he was staring at her chest. Even if she could tell, she certainly wouldn't mind. Hell, she would've considered it an honor. Was she alright? The last couple of months had been lived in fear. And on top of all that, and being afraid to step outside her own apartment, she was now dealing with heartbreak. She gave a small shrug. "Yeah." But despite how strong she tried to sound, the uncertainty was held within her tone. "How've you been?" She asked, hoping he would stay for a while. "Out saving damsels in distress?" She gave a small wink, and led him towards the coach. "Have a seat?"

    Raph allowed her to lead him to the couch and sat down, she puts up a good act but felt her tone and body language said otherwise.. She obviously didn't want to be alone. He shrugged* "Been alright." *He grinned.* "Saved a' few none as cute as ya though." *He said a bit awkwardly, he really wasn't the best at flirting. He found himself wishing she'd bend over for something as he kept staring at her cleavage. He was starting to feel like a total cad.

    Lexi settled beside him on the couch, placing herself oh so close to him. She couldn't help taking him in once more. Freely allowing her eyes to wander over that heavy armor of his. She lightly bit on her bottom lip, wondering just what he was hiding under there. Her eyes finally fixated on where his eyes would be, wishing she could meet his gaze. Suddenly she remembered what she had been so eager to show him.

    "Oh, I wanted you to see something.." And without further ado, she stood up, kneeling in front of him with her back turned to him. She slowly lowered the straps of her skimpy nightgown, allowing it to fall down her shoulders. One hand held the front in place, to prevent her cleavage from being exposed, the other brushed her long dark hair aside, exposing the tattoo. She glanced over her shoulder, flashing him a flirtatious grin and a small wink.

    "Told you I was going to do it."

    Raph's face blushed furiously as she turned around and lowered her straps. He started to calm down a little as he realized she wasn't taking off her night gown. He nodded and brushed his thick fingered gloves over the new tattoo as if to see if it would rub off.* ' I'll be damned ya really did it! Looks good.'* He grinned and thought he'd really enjoy taunting Mikey with this later. He then took his hand slowly off her shoulder and thought he needed to tell her why he was really here before the swelling that he felt in his pants got any worse.* "Any assholes been botherin' ya lately?"

    The area was still a little tender, but Lexi didn't even flinch as his gloved hand made contact with her shoulder. She closed her eyes, savoring the feel of contact. Though, she would've much preferred to feel his skin against hers, instead of that disguise. Even as he withdrew his hand, she made no attempt to move, nor did she pull her straps back up. With a deep sigh, she faintly nodded. But hell, she was used to the ass holes bothering her.

    "Yeah. Guess it comes with the territory." Lexi gave a small shrug, then glanced over her shoulder at him. She flashed him a sweet smile. "Um, ever given a massage before?" She asked, a bit shyly. "It's okay.. you can take your gloves off. I can turn out the light if you're still feeling self-conscious.. "

    Damn she certainly wasn't shy was she, her proposal was so tempting. Raph looked down at her ass to up to her shoulders she really was beautiful. He found it funny he had seen her naked about a hundred times in his magazine but still desired more. Finally the temptation was to much for him to refuse, but he had to make sure it was COMPLETLY dark.*" Guess I can help ya wit' dat." *He grinned.*" But no lights an' I mean it!" *He said sternly, he had to make sure she understood that.

    Lexi couldn't suppress a grin. She certainly wasn't expecting him to agree. This all seemed surreal. How many girls could honestly say that they'd been given a massage by the Nightwatcher? "Deal." She flashed him a wink over her shoulder as she snapped her fingers, triggering the lights sound activation. The den was soon cast in darkness, and she slowly slipped the nightgown over her shoulders, tossing it onto the couch beside him. Now, she was almost completely naked, save for the g-string that left little to the imagination. It was funny indeed. Her naked picture had been placed in magazines worldwide, and yet.. she couldn't suppress the nervous butterflies flopping within her stomach. She anxiously awaited the initial contact..

    Raph had nearly jumped as the lights went off, she really was rich. He couldn't see anything and felt comfortable enough to remove his stuffy helmet and gloves and placed them on the coffee table. He felt the gown hit him and instantly felt nervous . He didn't expect her to strip and now he was really blushing! He gulped* "Is it meh are is it gettin' hot in 'ere?"

    Lexi snickered quietly. It helped to relieve some of the tension she was feeling. "I can't see you.. you can't see me, remember? Let your fingers be your vision." She whispered, almost seductively. She could hear him place that cumbersome helmet on the coffee table, and now her curiosity was at an all time high. It would be so easy to activate the lights and turn to get a glimpse of him. But despite how much she yearned to lay eyes on him, she would honor her promise. "Now, show me what you got, big boy."

    Raphael chuckled at the 'big boy' comment and did as he was told for once. He slowly put his rough hands on her back, her skin was so soft to the touch. He moved his hands up her back then slowly down, he almost went to far and corrected himself quickly. His armor restricted his movement some, which made some parts of her back not easy to reach.

    Lexi could feel his near slip, and couldn't suppress an unseen grin. "Heh.. you're such a gentleman." She commented quietly. Feeling his restrictions, she decided to make it a little easier for him, by sitting in his lap. "Mmmm.. you're so hard." She gently teased in a seductive tone, flashing a playful wink. "Your armor, I mean. You can take it off, you know. I can't see you.. remember?"

    Raph's body stiffened up as she sat on his lap, it was getting harder to control himself. He almost burst right out of his shell when she said how hard he was a low 'unnnn..' came from his throat. It hadn't meant for things to go this far and knew if they went any further she would find out what he was for sure. 'Damn this fuckin' shell!' he thought silently as she urged him to go forward. * "We need ta slow it down babe.." *He breathed, he knew there was something he wanted to talk to her about but for some reason couldn't remember what that was.

    Lexi frowned deeply at that. Was she moving too fast for him? She suddenly felt self-conscious. She debated ending the massage session right there, but his hands felt like heaven against her skin. "I'm sorry." She whispered quietly. "What you must think of me.." She slowly reached for her gown. "You wanna quit? It's okay if you do.."

    Great now she felt bad, which hadn't been Raphs intention. If only she knew how bad he wanted her, he didn't want any of it to end! He grabbed her hand before she touched her gown, his breathing was getting more shallow. "Naw babe ya don' understand.." *He allowed his hand to hold her's rubbing his thumb on the back of her hand. She most certainly would notice he only had three fingers.

    When he took her hand in his, Lexi released her gown. She sighed deeply as he once again voiced his opinion that she wouldn't understand. "..if only you would let me..." She allowed him to rub her hand, definitely noticing the abnormalities of his large hands. Two fingers and a thumb, from what she could feel. And his fingers were bulky. Still, she didn't seem fazed by this, figuring it was all due to this disfiguration he claimed to have. She gently kneaded his hand in hers, now better feeling the thick calluses on his fingers and knuckles. "Maybe someday you'll trust me.."

    Raphael was shocked that that didn't faze her at all, he closed his eyes enjoying her touch. He had never been this close to anyone before and the feeling was almost overwhelming. Everytime a women had gotten a glimpse of his face, they'd scream in horror and it dug at him every time it happened. He just didn't want her to go away. His other hand slid up her back as he took a deep breath, 'its now 'er never..' He thought reluctantly.* "Ok..." *He said in almost a whisper.* "Jus' promise ya won't scream." *He said in a shaky tone, he'd never been more afraid in his life..

    Lexi certainly wasn't expecting him to drop his guard, but it was certainly a welcomed pace. She gave a sincere nod that would go unseen, squeezing his hand for reassurance. "You won't scare me, Raph." She tried to assure him, still kneading his hand in hers. "I've never felt so safe with anyone before, I doubt your appearance can change that..." She would activate the lights, but only when he was ready...

    The anticipation was killing him, he took a deep breath, his heart pounded hard in his plastron. He knew he'd never be ready and that this had to be the stupidest thing he's done a while. He squeezed her hand back and savored it for the last time.* "Ready..." *He said quickly before he changed his mind.*
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    Post by Lexi on Tue Jul 28, 2009 7:03 pm

    Lexi continued to knead his hand, offering support in her gestures. She seriously wished she could put him at ease, but knew this wasn't easy for him. The guy was probably used to people judging him and fearing him for his deformities. Her heart broke for him, but if they were ever going to move past all this, she needed him to see that she didn't care about his abnormalities. "It'll be okay, I promise." She whispered quietly, before snapping her fingers. The room was soon lit, allowing her to lay eyes on him for the first time. What met her gaze was something she definitely had not been expecting. She was anticipating Elephant Man, or Jason Voorhees. She wasn't expecting.. green skin? Her eyes slightly widened, mouth hanging slightly agape. How could she not be shocked by this? But still, she didn't scream, nor did she make no move to release his hand, or move away. After she gathered herself, she gave his hand another light squeeze, and slowly reached up to caress his cheek. Her hand was shaking, but she eventually met her goal. So many questions were racing through her mind, yet.. she couldn't issue a sound.. she was simply amazed.

    The light came on so quickly that it hurt his eyes, he winced but kept his eyes on her. She looked surprised but he heard no screams. He didn't move away when she reached for his face, but instead reached up pressing her hand to his face. That was the hard part, now he knew he had a lot of explaining to do, he just hoped she was able to believe him.*"I'm a' mutant turtle." He said bluntly thinking it was best not to beat around the bush.

    It was only now that Lexi realized that his skin was cool to the touch. Her fingers gently caressed his skin, as her eyes continued to take him in. Her gaze finally met with those deep brown eyes of his, still struggling to find her voice. And now, she remembered that she was practically naked. She quickly reached for her gown, slipping it over her shoulders. She flashed him a sheepish grin.

    "Sorry.. but it's not like you haven't seen my breasts before.." Only, not in the flesh. She was trying to lighten the mood, to put him more at ease. Still, it was difficult to mask her curiosity. "A.. mutant.. turtle?" She blinked at that, now eyeing the rest of his armor. "So you have a shell under there? And now, the inevitable question. "Were you born like this, or was there an accident?"

    *He half heartedly chuckled at her awkward joke, he was disappointed that she had covered them up. It was for the best at least he wouldn't be staring at them..He nodded at her.* "If ya mean I was hatched dis' way den' there was an' accident den ya." *He would be prepared to take off his suit if she wanted him to. It would at least prove that he was a turtle.*

    "Were you zapped with radioactive waves or something?" Lexi cocked her head curiously. And of course, she wanted him to lose the suit. "May I... see the rest of you?" She briefly wondered if he was.. 'exposed' under there, but figured if he was, he would object to her request. "Please?"

    "Some fucked up green ooze, got on meh an' my bro's when we were hatchlin's." 8He said hoping it was enough to answer he question it was all he knew about it anyway. He grinned as she pleaded him to take off his suit and stood up. Without a word he undid the front buckles exposing his plastron. He peeled off the heavy armor with ease and it made a loud thud as it hit the floor. He then bent over to slip out of his boots. He looked completely naked , his arms and legs were very muscular with his dark green skin. He felt like an ugly beast compared to her , but he didn't shy away and stood there waiting for her to take it all in.*

    Lexi watched in complete awe as he peeled out of his armor. What she saw certainly didn't appall her. He deeply amazed and fascinated her to no end. And there was more like him? She vaguely recalled him mentioning brothers, but that was lost on her right now. She flashed him a small grin of approval. "Damn, you're buff." She reached over, running her fingers over his muscular arms. Was it wrong that she found him.. attractive? She was struggling to comprehend her thoughts and feelings. It was certainly a lot to take in. She gave his arm a gentle pinch. "With a bod like that, you'd put Vin Diesel to shame." She complimented him, flashing a small wink.

    She never failed to amaze him, he thought for sure she would find him disgusting or just not her type which he would have understood but this? She was actually complimenting him and he wasn't sure quite how to take. He smiled at her playfulness.* "Ain't to bad yer'self!" *He played back, he suddenly didn't feel like such a freak.*

    Lexi winked at him, and allowed her fingers to slide along his reptilian skin, feeling the solid muscle beneath. His skin felt nice, the texture resembling that of the Burmese python sue used to dance with on stage, during her stripping days. And just like the python, he wasn't slimy or rigidly scaled as most would surely think. And yet, there was something very human residing within his skin. A slight warmth, which sparked her curiosity. Was he in between cold blooded and warm blooded? But that could wait for now. She gazed up at him as her fingers slipped down to trace along his knuckles. "So, now that you're not hiding your face.. care for a beer? Or do turtles not drink?"

    Raph stood still allowing her to touch his body. He wanted her even more now and snuck in another glance at her breasts. It took him a moment to process her question.*"huh, oh a' beer would be good."

    Lexi noticed him staring at her covered cleavage, but didn't object. She just flashed him a cheeky look. Obviously it didn't matter if you were human or turtle. Breasts were a universal attraction. Maybe one day, she'd give him a private dance. She suppressed a devious grin at that thought, and slowly stood from her place. "Want anything in particular?"

    He was slightly embarrassed by her cheeky look, he had forgotten that he had lost the safety of his helmet.* "Budlight's good if ya got any."

    "Ooooh, bud light man." She flashed him a wink as she headed into the kitchen. It wasn't her poison, but she did keep a few on hand for whenever Gabe dropped in, since he was supposedly trying to cut back. Like she ever saw that happening! After grabbing a light and vodka for herself, she returned to the couch, offering the bottle to him. She sat closely beside him, her bare feet tucked beneath her. She gently brushed her toes against his thigh. "So, you have brothers?"

    Raph sat down and generously took the beer, it had been a long time since he's had one. He took a big swig then leaned a little closer to her.*" Ya three of 'em."* He knew that Leo and Don were gonna kill him for telling their secret, but he felt that she could be trusted even thought the reasons why he did were questionable.*

    "Wow, three huh?" Lexi sipped on her vodka, still caressing his outer thigh with her toes. "What are their names?" She was deeply curious about them. "What are they like?" She flashed him a grin. "Are they all charmers like you?"

    Her gesture hadn't gone unnoticed and Raph put his hand on her foot giving it a light squeeze.* " There name's? Leonardo is da' smart ass know it all leader clean freak. Donatello's is a' genius he know's all 'bout computer's an' shit like dat. Michelangelo thinks he's some kinda super hero, and pulls a' lot of stupid ass pranks!"

    Lexi lightly snickered at his description of them. "They sound interesting. Maybe someday I'll get to meet them." She flashed him a wink. She continued to massage his thigh with her toes, grinning as he squeezed her foot. "Your skin feels really good."
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    Post by Lexi on Wed Jul 29, 2009 4:23 pm

    Raphael's beer was nearly gone now as he took another sip, damn it tasted good.He gave Lexi an odd look* "Well Mikey wants ta meet 'cha but lets jus' say I'm not supposed ta be tellin' ya all dis." *He grinned back at her as she continued to flirt.* "Yer's does to."

    Lexi looked sincerely amused by this. "Oh, is he a fan?" She would've been glad to invite Raph to bring him, but hearing his comment, she gave a small nod of understanding. "Yeah, I guess you guys have to be really careful, huh?" She could only imagine how horrible that must be. Constantly living in hiding. Hell, she lived much the same these days, but at least she didn't run the risk of becoming some scientific experiment. She took a swig of her drink, still running her toes along his skin. "I guess wherever you live must be heavily secured, huh?"

    Raph made a shaking motion with his hand.* "Eh, kinda nobody goes down there an' we have camera's an' shit like dat around ta warn us anyway." *He finished off his beer and set it on the `coffee table next to his helmet.

    "Down there?" Lexi asked, highly curious. She would love to know exactly where it was, but knew he probably wanted to keep that secret. She wouldn't press, but the opening was there if he wanted to tell. She noticed him place the bottle on the table. "Care for another?"

    Raph nodded at her but wasn't about to tell her where, he still had a responsibility to keep that a secret.*" Hell yea, been a' while since I had these." He briefly glanced at the empty bottle on the table.

    Lexi pushed herself up off the couch and after a quick trip into the kitchen, returned with two more beers. She placed one on the coffee table, and handed him the other before turning to her previous spot beside him. "I hope you know your limit." She lightly teased. "I'd hate to be responsible for the Nightwatcher getting a ticket for DUI."

    Raphael: *He chuckled.* "It 'll take more den three beer's ta get meh wasted.' *He said as he took the beer, making sure to take another big sip before speaking again.* "So what a' bout ya got any family?"

    Lexi gave a small nod as she took another sip of her drink. "Yeah. All of which aren't too happy with me." She shrugged slightly. "Dad's a highly respected lawyer. My parents never agreed with my choice in boys. And I was too much of a rebel, which my dad feared would ruin his reputation." She flashed a faint grin, briefly recalling the memories . "I hung with the wrong crowds. Thugs mostly, but I never forgot who I was. I never tried to be them, even though one had my heart." Apparently it wasn't all good memories. She sighed deeply, and took another sip of her alcohol. "My parents are in California now. We lost touch some time ago. And I have no idea where my older brother got off to."

    "That's rough." Raph said while looking down at his beer. She was a rebel huh that explained why she'd be interested in him. He wondered if this so called 'thug that had her heart' was still around and hoped for her sake that he wasn't.* "So ya still hangin' out wit' those thugs?" *He asked not meaning any inpaticular.*

    Lexi gave a small nod at that. "Well, not really 'hang out' anymore." She finished off her drink, and placed the empty glass onto the coffee table. "I was dating one, but he never really bothered keeping in touch. It was always me." She frowned. "And now I find out he left for a job without even saying anything. So I guess I never really meant anything to him." She sighed deeply, trying to shake the feeling of rejection. "But Gabe, the one I was engaged to a few years ago, still drops in from time to time. He's about the only 'family' I really have."

    "Shit babe don' think it was ya, dis guy sounds like a' real prick!" *He said hoping it would make her feel a little better. he nodded at the part about Gabe he didn't like it but it wasn't his place to say so.*

    Lexi managed a small grin at that. It did make her feel a little better, mainly because she had someone to talk to, to get this stuff off her chest. It felt nice. "No, Ezekiel's a great guy. But he went through a lot. His wife was gunned down a few years ago." She frowned deeply. "She was my best friend. After that happened, I was scared and heartbroken... and I did something really stupid. I left the city, hurting someone deeply in the process." It was a painful subject, and she was quick to avert the attention from herself. "I'm sure you've broken a lot of hearts before, huh?" She flashed a small wink. "All those fan girls out there.."

    Raph looked at her and noticed the pain in her eyes as she spoke. He moved his hand to hers and gave it a light squeeze.*"Sorry ta hear dat." * 'Thats thug life 'fer ya.' He thought but knew better then to say it, besides he felt she already knew.* "Meh breakin' hearts?" *He said as if it were the biggest joke in the world.* "Yer' da only 'fan girl' I've met." Face to face anyway.

    Lexi: Lexi managed an appreciative smile, and returned the handsqueeze. "Heh. Why can't all men be like you? You're such a good listener." She flashed him a small wink, still holding to his hand. His last comment earned a small look of disbelief. "Aw, I'm sure you have quite the following. But I'm sure all you're used to is the negative attention." She have his hand a gentle squeeze. "I can totally relate."

    " 'bout the only attention I get's from da police." *Took another swig of beer before turning back to her it was her last comment that made him remember why he was there in the first place.* " Now there's somethin'; I came 'ere ta talk ta ya a'bout, til I got distracted." *He grinned*

    Lexi flashed him a cheeky look, kneading his large knuckles between her fingers. "Moi, a distraction?" She spared him a teasing wink, but was curious to know what he wanted to speak with her about. "Oh?"

    Raph grin got wider as she kneaded his hand, yet again he had to keep himself from being distracted. He drank the last of his beer and set it down before looking back at her.* " I was thinkin' since those assholes got away, an' da streets are fucked up from dat jail break dat I could ya know.." *He rubbed the back of his neck.* " yer' bodyguard, Since all da human one's are complete dumbass's!"

    Lexi certainly wasn't expecting that. She was deeply touched by his offer, but certainly didn't want to be a bother. "Awww, really?" She gave his hand a light squeeze, conveying her deep gratitude. "You'd.. do that?" She smiled at him, but there was a slight hesitation there. "I just, don't want to be an inconvenience.."

    "Naw it's cool in a' way you'd be helpin' meh out." *He didn't mean the way it sounded*

    Lexi flashed him a look of amusement. "Really? How?" She absently threaded her fingers through his, still admiring their bulk. Everything about him was simply amazing. And that accent.. she'd always been a sucker for it. It wasn't much different than the boys she usually hung with. "I'd pay you. I just don't want to put your life in any more danger than it already is. But I do need someone I can trust.. and I trust you.."

    Raph didn't mind her holding his hand infact he really liked it. He looked over at the full bottle of beer on the coffee table but decided against grabbing it for now.* "Well yer' famous an' dat make's ya a' big target fer' fucker's like dat!" *He didn't expect her to pay him but perhaps it would work out after all Donatello has been complaining about their finances lately.* "Ya won't be putin' meh in danger I do dis fer' a livin' remember?" *He flashed her a wink.*

    Lexi briefly considered that. He was right. He would find danger, with or without her. She gave him a small grin, still kneading his hand in hers. "You're hired." She winked. "And the job comes with benefits.." She gave him a cheeky, flirtatious look, though she hadn't meant it the way she had intentionally made it sound. "Backstage, whenever you like. And if you ever need a place to crash, I'd welcome your company."

    Raph's mind instantly went in the gutter as she mentioned 'benefits'. He nodded. "Deal."

    Lexi smiled at his acceptance, and offered him that other beer. "And speaking of crashing, if you wanted to.. you could stay here tonight." She offered, seriously hoping he would accept.

    He took the other beer and thought about her offer.* "Wha' time is it?" *It would certainly play a big part in his decision.*

    Lexi briefly glanced at her watch. "Going on 2 AM." She gave him a hopeful look.

    Raph sighed it wasn't as late as he thought it was, infact this was actually early for him. He took a swig of his beer before answering.*" I don' know it'd be kinda hard ta get outta 'ere durin' the day."

    Lexi couldn't mask her disappointment, but gave a nod in understanding. The last thing she wanted was to cause him more trouble.

    *He didn't mean to make her sad, if it had been closer to daylight he would have had to stay. He squeezed her hand.* "Sorry babe but I have a' feelin' I'll be seein' ya soon." He placed the rest of his beer on the coffee table and started to get dressed.*

    Lexi managed a small grin at that, giving his hand one final squeeze before he stood to get dressed. She pushed herself up off the couch, collecting the empty beer bottles and preparing to take them into the kitchen. But she paused, and after much internal debate, she leaned in and pressed a small kiss against his cheek. A friendly gesture, for all he had done. "You're welcome here anytime, Raph." She flashed him a small wink. "Don't be a stranger."

    Raph had had his suit on and was buckling the front when she pecked him on the cheek. A huge grin spread across his face as she winked at him.* "Jus' call meh when ya need meh, still got my number right?"

    "Sure do." Lexi grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down her cell number. She folded it, and tucked it into his suit. "If you ever need to get in touch.. or just talk." She winked.

    *He nodded and grabbed his helmet off the table and placed it on his head. He really wanted to stay with her longer but thought against it , it wasn't like he was never going to see her again. He headed for the door .* "See ya."* He said before quickly disappearing behind the door and down the hallway.*

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