Good morning sunshines.


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    Good morning sunshines. Empty Good morning sunshines.

    Post by Mikko on Thu Aug 13, 2009 9:37 pm

    Mikko woke up sick, like she had been doing in the past few weeks. after her quick trip to the bathroom, she cleaned up and made her way to the kitchen. She couldn't understand how she could be so sick yet so hungry at the same time. She took out eggs, bacon, biscuits, juice. May as well make breakfast for everyone. She was also cooking to try and steady her nerves, that was probably making her sick, the closer the break out was, the worse she felt. and the break out was tomorrow...They had some serious planning to do today.

    Daisy was once again sleeping peacefully on top of Kendall. Her slender legs straddled his hip, her head resting against her chest. The steady rhythm of his beating heart had always managed to sooth her, lulling her to sleep. As the dangerous date grew nearer, Daisy found it increasingly difficult to sleep. She feared for everyone. She feared for Mikko, but most of all, she feared for Kendall. If he got caught, she knew she could lose him forever. The mere thought was suffocating. Now, two and a half months pregnant, she found herself dealing with emotions in addition to her fears. Needless to say, she'd shed countless tears over the course of the last several weeks. Still lost in the bliss of sleep, she nuzzled gently against his chest, a small, contented smile tugging across her lips.

    Chris had found himself as close as ever to Mikko lately. With the big date drawing nearer and nearer, he wanted to do whatever he could for her. Sadly, morning sickness wasn't one of those things. But he was always there for support, and this morning was no exception. He had woken up when he heard the unmistakable sounds of her sickness taking hold. He jumped up from the bed and rushed to the bathroom, putting a hand on Mikko's back and making sure her hair stayed out of the way during her retching. After she was finished, he followed her to the kitchen, ready to assist her with whatever she needed.

    And Mikko was really thankful to Chris for that. As she fried the eggs she handed Chris the container of biscuits to put on pan and stick them in the oven, she smiled at him and gave his cheek a quick kiss. "So, you're gonna wait for us here tomorrow?"

    As the big day came closer, Kendall only became more nervous and worried. But he tried his best not to let it show in front of Daisy. With her having a baby on the way, stress was the last thing she needed. He figured she had enough of that on her own, he didn't want to burden her with his as well. So here it was...the day before Spike's planned breakout, and no matter how much he and Mikko went over the details, it never seemed to be enough. He was going to be directly putting himself in harm's way and he was about to become a father again. That was the worst thought. If something happened to him, what would happen to Daisy and their baby? He HAD to survive this for them. And that would be his main motivation to never give up on life. He WOULD make it out of there alive. Now he was just beginning to come back to the real world, feeling Daisy stir on top of him. He slowly opened his eyes and smiled at her, putting a hand on her back lightly.

    Chris took care of the biscuits and nodded. "Yeah. But I still dont like you going out there in your condition," he said frowning. "You'll be really careful, right?"

    "Promise, Nothing is going to happen, I'll be in and out and back here in no time. You're not even gonna have time to miss me" Mikko spoke in confidence though she was a little unsure about how smooth this was really going to go, with Spike nothing ever went smoothly.

    Feeling his light touch, Daisy slowly willed her heavy eyelids to open, shifting just enough to meet his gaze. She brushed a golden lock from her face, and spared him a sweet smile. "Mmm. Morning, sexy!" She whispered quietly, and planted a series of light kisses against his chest, working her way up to nuzzle and kiss his neck. She was trying hard to distance her mind from her fears, but it was always there, waiting to take hold. "Sleep well?"

    Chris sighed and nodded. "Alright. But you know, even if you're gone for only five minutes, I still miss you." He leaned over and kissed her cheek.

    Mikko placed a pile of eggs on a plate and placed it on the table, then started with the toast and bacon. "Awwww that's so sweet....Why don't you just come then? You can make sure Daisy doesn't do anything, like, run after Kendall or something."

    Kendall accepted the kisses and returned them. Then he looked up at her and nodded. "Yeah, I always do with you." Which was basically the truth. However the last few days, he'd been more than restless worrying about all the possible outcomes that could happen. But he still slept better with Daisy than without her. Whenever he was letting the anxiety get to him, he'd just give Daisy a small squeeze to calm him. And it really worked wonders.

    Daisy's lips traveled along his neck, across his jaw-line, soon meeting his lips. She kissed him deeply, savoring every second of it. Her palms cupped his cheeks, fingers gently caressing his warm skin. A weak smile formed across her lips, hearing his words. The emotions were beginning to set in, and overwhelming fear once again rearing it's ugly head. She continued to kiss him, the tears burning at the back of her eyes. She was unable to suppress them, but she did her best to keep from having an emotional meltdowm. She sniffled quietly, and wiped at the tears with the back of her hand as she managed a weak smile. "Heh.. in a few more months, I'm not gonna be able to so this.." She commented with a shaky tone, referring to her sleeping position. "My tummy's gonna be too big.."

    Now Chris was really torn. Could he really go with them? He had decided a while back that he was going to stay at the cabin while the others went on this dangerous mission. Well, except for Daisy. Then her question came forth in his mind again. He still wished he could have helped her. But...he will make the final decision tomorrow. For now, he was just going to spend as much time as he could with Mikko. Suddenly the oven's timer went off and interrupted his thought. Grabbing a hotpad, he opened the oven door and pulled out the biscuits. After letting them cool a few minutes, he pulled them off the pan and placed them on a plate, taking them over to the table.

    Mikko watched him, still waiting for his answer, she took the silence as he wasn't going to go with them. She was happy that he would be out of danger, but she could use all the help she could get, especially with Daisy. Hopefully the girl just stood in the car, and didn't shoot herself. She put the rest of the food on the table. "Wonder if the other two are going to be here soon."

    Kendall returned every kiss she gave him. This is right where he wanted to her arms. He tried his best to wipe away her tears. This had been a growing trend lately. He knew it was because of her pregnancy mostly. The other part had to be the uncertainty. And he did his best to comfort her in that too. He gave her a smile at her comment. "Then we'll just have to think of something else, babe. But it would still be right next to you." He pulled her in for another deep kiss, wiping more of her tears away.

    Chris shrugged. "I dunno. Do you think Daisy will be okay? She's been kinda moody lately."

    That's to be expected I guess. She's having a criminals baby, and her baby's daddy could easily get killed this scenario seems familiar...anyway. it's to be expected, what she needs it more food and to stop sleeping outside." Mikko walked out the cabin and called out to them. " DAISY! KENDALL! BREAKFAST!!!!"

    And this was also where Daisy wanted to be. His arms were comforting, even though her heart was breaking. She would be so glad when all of this was over, as long as he would be there, by her side. She couldn't imagine life without him. She managed a weak smile as he wiped at her tears, and planted another deep kiss against his lips. Once she broke, she forced a smile, despite how she was feeling. "In a few weeks, we can go find out what our lil' stinker is gonna be!" And then she heard Mikko call out, announcing breakfast. She was reluctant to move, she was savoring the moment, but she tried to remain mindful that he was probably hungry. She was too, but she was enjoying her closeness with him. "You hungry?"
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    Post by Daisy on Fri Aug 14, 2009 1:59 am

    (I wanna make Love na na na na..)

    Kendall smiled at that. It would be great to know what the mystery child is. He shrugged at her question. "I'm good if you are." He flashed her a bright smile, trying to cheer her up. Then he pulled her in for another kiss. "You know you're eating for two now, right?" He flashed her a small wink and another smile.

    She became lost within his gaze, that bright smile doing wonders to brighten her mood. She returned each kiss, then rested her head against his chest, allowing the rhythmic beating of his heart to sooth her. She couldn't suppress a cheeky grin as she once again raised up to meet his lips. "Mmhmm.. or possibly even three.."

    Kendall looked up at her, raising a brow. "Three? You really think so?" This was potential news to him. But even though taking care of ONE would be difficult enough in their situation, IF there were more, he'd love them just the same. All that mattered was that they were a part of her as well as him. And he couldn't be happier with that fact.

    Daisy gave him a sweet smile as her hand caressed his cheek, gently stroking it with her thumb. She had no way of knowing just how many were in there, but she certainly loved the idea of two. "Heh.. I wouldn't mind having one of each.. I'm sure they'll be beautiful, just like their daddy." She pressed another kiss against his lips, moving down to leave a trail of kisses along his neck and chest. She lingered for a moment, before continuing her decent..

    Kendall was absolutely touched by her comment. "And of course just like their mommy, too," he added as he watched her trail kisses down his body. His breath was beginning to pick up in anticipation of what she was going to do next.

    Through her devious acts, she managed a sweet smile at that, and continued lavishing his skin with teasing kisses. She lingered at his navel, gazing up at his with lust-filled eyes before proceeding. She hovered just above his member, once again casting him that cheeky little look as her fingers slid down, gently rubbing his sensitive bulge..

    Kendall continued watching her, his own lustful gaze capturing every movement...kiss...touch? 'Oh god...' he thought as she caressed his sensitive bundle of nerves. He moaned softly, his eyes sliding closed.

    Daisy: His moan was music to her ears. She flashed him a sweet smile that leaked dripped with naughty intent as she continued to kiss the sensitive area just above his bulge, her fingers rubbing and caressing him. She gently took him into her grasp, stroking him lightly as her lips drifted down to kiss and lick at the base of his cock. She flashed him a wink as her tongue slid up his length, and slowly, she began to take him into her mouth..

    At Daisy's first contact with his member, it took everything Kendall had not to buck his hips. He let out a louder moan and lightly put his hand on top of her head as she took him into her mouth. "Mmmm...damn, babe," he moaned out, breathing picking up once more.

    This was definitely one of her most favorite things, pleasing him. She took great satisfaction in knowing she was doing just that, momentarily forgetting all their grief in the moment of bliss. She made eye contact with him as she slowly took him in, accommodating him as much as possible. Her hand gently grasped the base of his shaft, stroking him gently as she set a slow rhythm, her lips gliding over his sensitive skin, tongue pressed against the underside of his cock. She slowly slid him out of her mouth, flicking her tongue over the head of his cock, before taking him in again..

    Kendall moaned loudly and began squirming under her. He gripped the sheets in his hands, trying to control his breathing.

    She kept her eyes on him as she continued to please him, her own need becoming too great to ignore. With one, final stroke, she reluctantly released him from her suction, and moved up to meet his lips. She kissed him deeply as she gently tugged him up. She leaned back, gently pulling him on top of her. She continued to kiss him with eager passion, her lustful tone whispering into his ear. "Mmm.. make love to me.."

    He wasn't sure how much more he could take. Her mouth was driving him absolutely wild. After she released him and came up his body again to kiss him, he kissed her back. Then his body moved with hers until he was now on top. He nodded to her request and prepared himself for entry. Making love would be exactly what he would do, full and passionate. Now ready, he slowly pushed into her body, loving the tightness of her warm cove as it enveloped him.

    Daisy moaned loudly at the exquisite feel of him as he slowly pushed inside of her. Her tight walls slowly accommodated to his girth, enveloping him in her warmth. "Mmm, babe.." Her fingers gently raked against his skin, moving along his shoulders as her lips met his. "You feel so good.."

    And of course, the feeling was mutual. He let out a soft groan against her lips as he continued descending into her. Once he was all the way in, he paused for a few seconds to let her adjust before he began moving slowly. "Mmmm...Daisy. Damn, you feel good, too." He let his eyes slide closed again and moaned a little louder. Picking up a little more speed, he leaned down and kissed her again, sliding his tongue between her lips.

    Daisy's breathing quickened in time with his thrusts, her heart beating wildly within the confines of her chest. Her sensual moans filled the small tent, complimenting his every move. Her slender legs slowly wrapped around his waist, pulling herself closer to him. She grinded against him as her fingers continued playing along his skin. She breathed heavily against his lips, her tongue caressing and massaging his. She couldn't imagine ever living without this-- his love. She almost found herself crying again, but struggled to keep the tears at bay. She gently caressed his cheeks as he made love to her. Her love for him shown through in those big blue eyes of hers as she met his gaze. "I love you, baby." She managed to whisper, in between heated breaths.

    As he was approaching his climax, his movements became more jerky and erratic...along with his breathing. With every thrust, he could feel the love he felt for this person...his Daisy. He struggled to keep his eyes open and on her as he picked up the pace once again. He kissed her lovingly and whispered back, between his pants, "Love you too, darlin'." And he sealed it with another kiss.

    Daisy moaned against his lips as she deepened the kiss. The overwhelming pleasure coursed through her body as she drew near. She held on for as long as she possibly could, not wanting this to ever end. But it was inevitable. An intense wave of pleasure suddenly washed through her. Her walls tightened around his shaft, her back arching as she once again wrapped her thighs around him, pulling him close. She cupped his cheeks, kissing him deeply as she struggled to find her breath.
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    Post by Daisy on Fri Aug 14, 2009 9:46 pm

    (Gun shy)

    Feeling Daisy constrict around his member brought him over the edge, climaxing hard. He rode out his release still kissing her. Damn that felt good. Just like it did every time with her. And every time was special to him. And he didn't see that changing anytime soon. Gradually he slowed his thrusting, eventually stopping altogether. He slowly pulled out of her and laid down beside her, holding her close. "Damn, babe...that felt great." He pulled her into another kiss.

    Mikko waited for the other two, but it didn't look like they were going to be coming and the food was getting cold anyway. She started to pick everything up, hopping that daisy wasn't following in her footsteps with he not eating, lest Daisy was clean she guessed. Things would be a lot easer if they just stood in the cabin, then she wouldn't have to yell for them, and they wouldn't waste so much food. "Guess their not coming...They can cook their own damn breakfast."

    Chris nodded, getting tired of waiting for them too. So he sat down and began eating, keeping an eye on Mikko. He wanted to make sure she was getting enough to eat.

    "Mmmhmm.." Daisy snuggled against him, her fingers running lightly up his side. Her eyes slid closed as she continued to catch her breath, savoring the moment. Indeed, every time was special with him. She simply couldn't get enough of him. After a moment, she willed her eyes to open and met his gaze, flashing him a sweet smile. "You're so amazing!" She pressed a loving kiss against his lips as she cuddled closer to him.

    Mikko finished cleaning then grinned. "I know what will get them up." She reached down and pulled a hand gun from it's hiding place then went outside again. She didn't bother calling for them this time but aimed the gun and the air and fired three shots. That should get them running...hopefully here.

    Kendall felt small shivers going down his spine at her touches. But he was too tired to act on them. He just wanted to stay here all day with her. Suddenly, there was a series of noises that sounded like gunshots. But he had no idea where they were coming from. He frowned, shooting Daisy a worried glance and told her to be quiet while he got up, covering her with a blanket. He, himself, found his pants and pulled them on, then tossed Daisy some of her clothes so at least she would be decent if someone came their direction.

    Finding contentment in their closeness, Daisy once again allowed her eyes to close, but the sudden gunshots spoiled the moment. Her eyes flew open, her heart nearly skipping a beat. A million thoughts were racing through her head. She pulled the blanket around her, and reached for the clothes Kendall had tossed to her. Luckily the pink sundress was little fuss, and she managed to get dressed in record time. She wasn't about to let Kendall go out there by himself. After grabbing the hidden pistol from beneath the small crate that served as their nightstand, she slipped closer beside him. She was still clueless about how to use the thing, but would do everything within her power to protect him.

    Mikko fired one more shot then went inside. "That should get their attention." A little scare first thing in the morning was healthy, kept you on your toes. She just hopped that they thought to come here and not run away.

    Chris was curious at to what she had in mind to get the other two's attention. When she came out with the gun, he just shook his head. He was thinking that might be overkill. And it also might do more harm than good. He knew that Kendall had been shot before. Hell, so had he. So yeah, he thought that the gunshots was a bad idea - even IF they weren't doing and physical harm.

    Kendall cautiously climbed out of the tent and looked around. He gave Daisy the sign that she should stay in the tent until he found out what was up. Then he heard the noise again, but it didn't sound any closer this time. And he was internally grateful for that. He turned around and looked at Daisy, shrugging. He wasn't sure if they should make the trek back up to the cabin for more protection or not. The way up there could be just as dangerous as if they stayed in the tent. He looked around again, asking her without looking at her. "What do you think, babe. Should we go up to the cabin now?"

    Daisy was honestly too scared to think properly. She came up beside Kendall, her free hand gently taking his, seeking comfort. She still held to the pistol as her gaze traveled up to look at him. "Do you think it's safe to go to the cabin? What if they're out there?" She squeezed his hand. "But what if Mikko and Chris are in trouble.."

    Mikko sat down on the couch and waited for the others, she needed to go back over the rules with Daisy and Chris, and go over the plan again with Kendall. there could never be too much planning.

    Chris sighed and stood up. "I'll get 'em." He went into the bedroom, quickly get dressed, then came out. He went over to the couch and leaned down to give Mikko a kiss on the lips. "Be back soon." He turned and headed for the door, heading outside.

    Mikko kissed him back and nodded. "ok, babe. And tell them not to forget that dog this time."

    Kendall squeezed her hand back and shrugged. "I dunno, Daisy. But we should probably head up there. Those gunshots didn't seem to be any closer." Yet, he was still trying to convince himself that this was a good idea.

    Chris heard her request and nodded, giving her a small wave. Then he went outside and down the trail that he and Mikko traveled down that one day. He still had pleasant memories of that time. He called out Daisy's and Kendall's name a few times as he headed their direction.

    Daisy was still torn on what to do. Her heart was racing, her hand still holding tightly to his. Needless to say, her nerves were on end. As Chris called out, she quickly wielded the gun in the direction of the noise, trying hard to steady her shaky hand. It took a moment for the voice to register, and she lowered the weapon, but still remained cautious. She gave Kendall a questioning look before carefully peeking outside the tent. "Chris?" She whispered in an urgent tone. "Get in here!" She was certainly afraid for his safety. Whoever was shooting would surely pick him off, if he remained outside.

    Soon Chris could see the tent and Kendall. He ran up to them, slightly out of breath. "There you guys are. Did the gunshots scare you?" Judging by their reactions he figured that was what happened. "Yeah, that was Mikko. She thought that would be a good idea to get you two moving," he added, rolling his eyes. "You missed breakfast, you know.?"

    Daisy was still visibly shaken, so even is she wanted to deny being scared, it wouldn't have worked. She breathed a much needed sigh of relief when Chris informed them of Mikko's intentions. "Eh.. it didn't work. She carefully tucked the pistol away in its hiding spot. She would be sure to take it along with her tomorrow night. She rejoined Kendall, once again taking his hand in hers. She couldn't suppress a cheeky grin as Chris informed them about breakfast. What she had was waaaay better! Still, she couldn't deny that she was in fact hungry. "Oh..any left-overs?"

    At the new information and Chris' sudden appearance, Kendall just shook his head. "She fuckin' nuts. She knows that we are nervous around guns." He closed his hand over Daisy's, flashing her a quick smile. Then he turned back to Chris. "You tell her that the next time she tries that, I'll shove that fuckin' gun up her ass. You got that?"

    Chris shrugged at Daisy's question. "She says you guys gotta fix your own breakfast." He looked at Kendall, nodding. But there was no way in HELL he was going to tell her that. If he's that pissed at Mikko, he can tell her himself.

    No left-overs? Daisy frowned a little at that. Hearing Kendall's obvious anger over Mikko's little stunt, she gave his hand a tight squeeze and gently rubbed his arm, trying to sooth him. She was highly curious to know why Chris was paying them a visit. Surely he didn't come all this way just to inform them they had missed breakfast. "Did you come to go swimming with us?"

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    Post by Mikko on Sat Aug 15, 2009 10:54 pm

    ((Da plan))

    Kendall felt Daisy's tight squeeze on his hand and squeezed back. It wasn't that he was totally pissed at Mikko, but he was slightly ticked off at her actions. After being shot, hearing ANY gunshot, no matter how far away it is, is cause for alarm.

    Chris shook his head at Daisy's question. "Maybe later. Just wanted to tell you guys that was Mikko with the gun."

    Daisy gave Kendall's hand another light squeeze, thankful that Chris had been kind enough to come out and let them know what was going on. "Heh.. thanks. That really.. scared me.." She frowned. "I thought it was the police or something."

    Chris couldn't help but chuckle. "Nope. Just Mikko and her impatience. Which reminds me. Are you two coming up now?"

    At Chris' question, Daisy gazed up at Kendall, once again squeezing his hand. Part of her was reluctant, knowing that they would probably be discussing tomorrow's plans. Her heart would break all over again. Still, she knew the better their strategy, the better their chances of coming out of this alive. "Babe?"

    Kendall sighed heavily and nodded. "Yeah, we're coming." He looked at Daisy and smiled, squeezing her hand again. "We better go before Mikko starts shooting again."

    Daisy gave a faint nod, her reluctance worn freely on her features. With a deep sigh, she gathered the tiny pup into her arms, then once again took Kendall's hand in hers as they accompanied Chris, destined for the cabin.

    Chris nodded to the two of them and turned to head back up the trail. He knew the other reason why Mikko wanted them up there. He sighed heavily as the cabin slowly came into view for him.

    Daisy was not looking forward to going inside. As the cabin came into view, she felt the dreaded butterflies in the pit of her stomach. She gently leaned against Kendall's arm, frowning sadly as they made their way up the steps. "I'll be glad when this is over with.." She whispered quietly to him.

    Kendall looked down at Daisy and frowned. He hated seeing her upset. They slowly made their way up the trail back to the cabin. He had his strong arm wrapped tightly around her as they walked. He nodded to Daisy's statement. "Yeah, me too." He walked with her into the cabin behind Chris.

    Mikko had been waiting for the others, sitting on the couch watching TV. But sitting turned into laying, which in turned, turned into sleeping. Blanket pulled over her and arm tucked under her head, Mikko was sleeping soundly on the couch while C.O.P.S played on the TV screen.

    Chris had already entered the cabin and saw Mikko laying on the couch. She looked so peaceful sleeping there. But he couldn't resist and laid a soft kiss against her lips.

    Mikko opened her eyes and smiled against Chris' lips. She looked up and saw the others then sat up. "Bout' time you two got here. You missed breakfast."

    Once they were inside, Daisy placed the pup onto the floor, freeing up her arms. She wrapped her arms around Kendall's waist, resting her head against him. It appeared Mikko was asleep.. maybe she would sleep through the night.. and through the execution! But deep down, she knew that wouldn't happen. She squeezed Kendall tightly as she gazed up at him. "How about some Froot Loops?"She couldn't deny that she was hungry, her growling tummy reminding her of her neglect. Then, Mikko finally woke and Diasy spared her a half-grin. "Yeah, sorry.. was having.. um... 'dessert..." She gave Mikko a knowing wink.

    Chris smiled back at Mikko and sat down next to her. "Feeling better, babe?" He leaned in and gave her another tender kiss, ignoring Daisy's small excuse.

    Mikko nodded and leaned her head to his shoulder, she rolled her eyes at Daisy. "No excuse. If I call you it's for a reason. We need to get things together today. Go over the rule and plans again. Everything has to run smoothly, and that's not going to happen if you two can't stay in this cabin for more five fuckin minuets."

    Kendall stayed silent and just nodded at Daisy's reason for them missing breakfast. Then he gave Daisy one last squeeze before going into the kitchen area to make her bowl of cereal. Oh yes...what he and Daisy shared back in the tent was way better than actual food. But the baby wouldn't think so, for sure. After making the bowl of cereal, he motioned Daisy over to the table.

    Daisy frowned at Mikko's last comment. There was just no room for them to sleep in the cabin, unless they wanted to take the bloody couch, or sleep on the floor. The tent was much more comfortable, and was special to her. But she was just to mentally exhausted to argue any of this with Mikko. She just sighed, and headed into the kitchen, flashing Kendall a grateful smile as she sat at the table to enjoy her breakfast. She was still within earshot to hear anything Mikko had to say regarding plans. She was just too hungry to wait any longer.

    Mikko pulled a cigarette from the pack that was in her bag and lit it. She was to focused to even notice what she was doing. "Ok...Someone needs to teach Daisy how to use a gun without killing herself. and Daisy, You remember the 'Spike rules?'"

    Oblivious to her milk mustache, Daisy gave a small nod at Mikko's question, frowning deeply. "I think so. Stay close to Kendall, and away from him."

    Chris frowned, rolling his eyes. He quickly snatched the cigarette from her, shaking his head. Then he extinguished it quickly and disposed of it. Then he looked at Mikko again. "Not with the baby, babe."

    Mikko raised a brow at her but said nothing about the milk. "Right and don't call him Spunk..." She then looked over at Chris as he took the cig from her, she simply nodded and flashed him an appoligetic look. That's when it hit her, she needed to give Chris his rules.... "Don't think we went over your Spike rules yet, have we?"

    Chris shook his head. "Nope. All I know about the guy is that he's really creepy."

    As famished as she was, it didn't take Daisy long to finish up her cereal. She couldn't will away the tightness in her chest as she was being reminded once again that tomorrow, and all of its dangers was quickly approaching. Seeking comfort, she climbed into Kendall's lap, snuggling up against him. She rested her head against his chest as she listened on, but more focused on the soothing beating of his heart. She was unusually quiet as she sat there, gently entwining her fingers with his. She planted a loving kiss against his knuckles as she caressed his hand with her thumb.

    Mikko faced Chris and sighed. "Your 'rules' are simple. This here, with us." She motioned between the to of them. "He can't know about. Ummm...actually...You might not want to pay that much attention to me with him around..." She hoped that she didn't come off as mean, she was just trying to look out for every ones safety, and while Spike made it clear that they were not together, she couldn't help feel that he would still be pissed over her relationship with Chris, and just wanted to avoid the whole mess...and yes, Mikko still wanted her spike to believe that she was being faithful, though she was starting to wonder why it mattered so much.

    Kendall was waiting for Mikko to go over the details of the plan again with him, when Daisy climbed up into his lap. Having her there was both comforting and also made him uneasy. He wasn't sure if Daisy should be present while they discussed his potential fate. The last thing he wanted to do was upset her like that. He gave her a comforting squeeze as he listened in.

    Chris listened intently as she told him the rules. But soon his expression of understanding turned to one of confusion. "Uh...okay..." Now he was really confused. She still didn't have real feelings for this guy did she? He didn't want to sound accusatory, but he had to know for sure. "You still like him, don't you?"

    Mikko was hoping for a nod and then they could move on, but noooo he had to ask questions. damn him. " Yes, Chris. I wouldn't be risking my life for someone I didn't like." She gave him a small smile then turned to Kendall. "Ok..So, the execution is going to happen at 12pm. I have to be in side by 11:30. this whole plan is riding on there being a cop in that room with me, and you, Kendall, cutting those wires on time. These things happen, everything should go smoothly." There really wasn't much more planning then that. "remember, the lights have to go out at 11:55, no later." She then looked at Daisy. "you stay in the car and kill anyone who isn't us. K?"

    Daisy listened on, still unable to understand why this was worth all the risks that came along. Why couldn't things just stay the way they were? They were all happy, right? But it felt like that world would be ending tomorrow. Even if they did survive, they would be 'prisoners' around this Spike guy. This wasn't worth her possibly losing Kendall over. She felt the tears burning at the back of her eyes, trying to shake that thought. She had never known her father. She didn't want her baby to have the same fate. She squeezed Kendall tightly, and gave a faint nod in response to Mikko. Though, she had no intentions of staying in that car. She would be accompanying Kendall into whatever hell storm he was being dragged into.

    Kendall only nodded in response. There really wasn't anything else he needed to know. But he could tell that Daisy was struggling with her emotions again. He gave her a firm squeeze
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    Post by Christopher on Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:08 am

    ((Big thanks to Mikko for editing))

    Chris rolled his eyes at her comment and smile, but pushed it no further. It wasn't worth getting upset over. Mikko had already told him that she wanted him to be the father figure to this child. And for that he was grateful. But he still wasn't fond of the idea of this guy being ANYWHERE near him. From what Chris had heard from Mikko about this guy, he was one you did NOT want to all.

    Mikko gave Chris' knee a squeeze and kissed his cheek. "Don't worry about it, babe. I'm just trying to keep the peace..." Then she looked over at Daisy sternly. "and you! Better not leave that car tomorrow, if I found out you did I will personally kick your ass...Understand?"

    As they discussed the plans, Daisy kept quiet, finding comfort in Kendall's strong arms. She squeezed him gently, and focused on the sound of his beating heart. It had to be the most beautiful thing she'd ever heard. But as Mikko addressed her, she gazed at her with tear filled eyes. "But.. why do I have to stay in the car? Someone needs to look out for you guys.. why can't I do that?"

    Mikko knew she wasn't going to cooperate she just knew it! "Because. I don't need to be worrying about you while I'm in there, I have enough to worry about and someone HAS to stay by the car to make sure no one takes it. That's why. Everyone has a job to do, and as long as we do those jobs this should go smoothly. So..Don't. Leave. The car. Understand? I let you come along cuz you said you would listen. Why are you arguing with me?"

    Kendall gave her another firm squeeze. "It's all gonna be okay, Daisy. I'll come back to you...I promise."

    "Because I.. can't.. lose him!" Daisy replied, finally bursting into tears. She buried her face against Kendall's chest, deciding it was no use arguing her need with Mikko. She couldn't understand, though she obviously felt a strong drive to protect this Spike guy. Would Mikko just wait in the car while the fate of her man rested on someone else?

    Mikko sighed deeply. She could in fact sympathize with her, but this wasn't going to work if she didn't listen. She soften her voice and sat next to Daisy, rubbing her shoulder. "I get that, trust me. But, for everyone to stay safe, and to come out of this alive. We have to concentrate on our jobs. Kendall just has to cut some wires and he's back in the isn't going to take more then five minuet. if it was Kendall in prison wouldn't you want everyone listing to you? So that you can make sure everything went perfectly?"

    Daisy listened through choked sobs, giving a small nod at Mikko's question. Still, it was going to be extremely difficult for her to just sit there, when everyone she loved was in danger.

    "Good." Mikko gave her shoulder a comforting squeeze. "it's going to be ok...he's not even going to be in the place. fifteen minuets tops and we are all going home." She sat back down by Chris and looked at him. "Can you come to make sure she don't leave the car?"

    Kendall didn't know how else he could comfort her. And the worst thing about tomorrow would be the uncertainties. And there were plenty of them. He only could hope that everything would go according to plan and they all came out of this unscathed. He rubbed Daisy's back soothingly as he held her close.

    Chris who had been just listening for awhile now, looked at Mikko and nodded. He could do this, right? All he had to do was keep an eye on the car, and keep Daisy INSIDE it. Yeah, he could do that. And then he would be closer to Mikko as well. Sitting alone here would probably just drive him crazy. At least he would have Daisy to talk to. Assuming she wasn't hysterical the entire time.

    "GREAT! I'm glad we are all finally on the same page." Mikko got up and headed to the kitchen, she pulled out cake mix and frosting. "Who wants muffins!?"

    Daisy was still too emotional to consider Mikko's offer at the moment. She was trying to get herself under control. She hated feeling like this! The fear of loss was something she had never experienced before. Simply because she never had anything to lose, back at the clinic. But now with a baby on the way, a big sis, and a man that could see past her flaws, and love her anyway, her future looked brighter. She was so afraid of losing all that. She finally pulled her tear-soaked face from Kendall's chest and gazed up at him, leaning up to meet his lips. "You.. gonna teach me how to shoot?" Even if she was ordered to stay in the car, she still needed to have a means of defending herself.

    Kendall kissed her lips softly and nodded. "Of course I will." Even though he didn't like the idea of her using it at all, she should have the option to defend herself."Just pick the time and place, babe," he whispered, kissing her cheek.

    Daisy really didn't like the idea of having to use one, either. But she would feel a little more safe if she could protect herself, and protect those around her if the situation called for it. She met his lips again, lingering for a moment. "Now?"

    Chris went to Mikko in the kitchen to help her. And to get a taste of the profits.

    Mikko looked over at Chris and grinned. She put the batter in the oven then turned around smearing frosting on his nose.

    Kendall pressed another kiss to her lips and nodded. "Sure. Let's go get your gun," he whispered into her ear. He wasn't sure if the others knew about her having one, and he wanted to keep it low profile in case didn't. Especially from Mikko, because she's so damn protective over Daisy. Not that he could blame her...

    Chris wasn't expecting that at all. But he started laughing anyway. It was nice to have some of the tension go away. He wiped his nose off with a hand and attempted to smear it on one of her cheeks as revenge.

    Daisy reluctantly untangled herself from him, and slowly stood up. Who knew crying so much could be so exhausting? She had shed more than her fair share of tears over the last several days, and was looking forward to when things got back to 'normal' again. She just wanted everyone to be safe and happy like they used to be. She wiped at the tears, and managed a small grin as she reached for his hand.

    Mikko chuckled and wipped the frosting off her cheek. She stuck her tongue out then sprayed water on him from the hose in the sink.

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    ((Smoken lovens))

    Chris did his best to block as many water droplets as possible, but the end result was still him being soaked. With a playful growl he tried to wrestle the hose away from her, spraying everything within its range...including himself again.

    Mikko let out a shriek and attempted to gain control of the hose, but failed. She dropped it and looked at herself and him then laughed. "Awwwww my poor love muffin's all wet." She grinned and planted kisses on his lips. "Guess we need to get out of these cloths...."

    Chris looked down at himself then back up at her, chuckling. "Guess so..." He was just daring her to add something naughty to that statement. Considering her playful mood right now. He grinned and started making his way to the bedroom, stripping out of his wet clothes as he went.

    Mikko grinned wider and followed him to the bedroom, She didn't bother with taking her cloths off yet, but pressed herself against him, wrapping her arms around him from behind and kissing over his back lightly. Her fingers moved across his stomach and chest, lightly scratching him.

    Chris couldn't hold back the small moan as he felt her fingers lightly rake across his skin. Not painful at all...but still arousing. He rested one of his hands on one of her arms, turning his head to kiss her cheek since that was all he could reach at the moment.

    Mikko smiled at that, she liked that she could please him with a simple touch. She moved in front of him, leaning up to kiss his lips. Who knows when they would be able to have a peaceful moment alone again after tomorrow. She wanted to spend every waking moment today in his arms.

    Chris happily returned the kiss, working on removing her own drenched shirt. He himself had only gotten his shirt off before she stopped him. Still working on removing his own clothing, he pulled her over to the bed, gently pushing her down to sit while he still worked on removing her shirt. Never once, breaking the kiss.

    Muffins long forgotten, Mikko let him push her to the bed, she sat down and broke the kiss only long enough to let him rid her of her shirt. She reached down, fumbling with the button of his jeans, finally managing it, she slipped his jeans off, letting them fall to the ground.

    As soon as Mikko had her shirt off, he reached behind her working on her bra. He noticed his pants were now down around his ankles and quickly stepped out of them, kicking them out of the way. Then he kissed her passionately when he finally had her bra undone and was slowly sliding it down her arms.

    Mikko moaned softly against his lips, her eyes slid closed and she dropped her arms to let her bra fall to the floor. She then reached up, grabbing a hold of his waist and laying down as she dragged him on top of her.

    Chris moved with her onto the bed, but was careful about putting too much weight on her stomach. He broke the kiss, slowly kissing his way down to her chest. He brought both hands up and kneaded her large mounds firmly. Even though he knew it wouldn't last, he loved the feeling of her larger breasts in his hands. He removed one of his hands and kissed around her nipple. He was a little nervous about taking it into his mouth due to the fact she was probably lactating.

    Her eyes closed, low quiet moans left her lips as her hands wondered over his shoulders. She felt her body react to his touches, and her breathing picked up as his lips hovered around her sensitive nipples. "Mmmmm...."

    Chris circled her nipple a few more times before going over to the other, giving it the same treatment. Then he sat up and worked on removing her pants, his fingers fumbling with the fastenings...

    Mikko opened her eyes and looked down at him. She watched as he tried to get her jeans off. eagerly waiting to rid herself of the pesky denim.

    Finally, he had her jeans undone and slid them down her slender legs, pulling them all the way off. Then he moved up and kissed her passionately again before working on removing the last barrier from himself. Leaving them both with nothing but skin-to-skin contact. He reached down between them and pressed a finger between her slick folds, stroking her gently.

    Mikko kissed him back heatedly, Arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer to her. She slid her tongue along his lips looking for an entry.Eyes closed, and breathing picking up, she opened her eyes and let out a soft gasp when she felt his finger pressed against her. She caught his lips again in another deep kiss, again closing her eyes and enjoying the feel of his actions.

    Chris deepened the kiss himself as his finger slid into her warmth. Feeling just a preview of what he was about to experience with another appendage soon. It seemed like forever since he'd been this intimate with her. And the last thing he wanted to do was rush things. He wanted to savor every moment he could, temporarily forgetting the events planned for tomorrow, and the stress and worry that would go with it.

    Mikko moaned loudly, her walls clamped around his finger drenching it in her wetness. Her tongue finally finding it's way into his mouth and playing over his tongue. any worry or trouble she had before had now melted away. Even the combustible muffins that were still in the oven, were a faded memory, the small puffs of smoke seeping from the oven door currently going unnoticed as she slightly bucked her hips, wanting more.

    Feeling Mikko's walls clamp down on his finger made his member ache with need, and the bucking of her hips didn't help either. He moaned against her lips, sliding his finger out of her wetness, preparing to replace it with something bigger and much more satisfying...for both of them, hopefully...

    Mikko's breathing picked up as did her need for him with each thrust of his finger. She moved her arms as far down his back as she could, coming back up with her nails. Her kisses left his lips to travel along his jaw, to his neck and chest, then slowly made their way back to his lips.

    Chris moaned louder with her touches. He kissed her back, rubbing the head of his member through her slick folds, sliding down to meet her entrance, but not pushing in yet.

    Mikko spread her legs wider for him, her lips pressing hard against his as her hot tongue snaked against his own. The wait for him was torture, the tingling sensation he was causing between her legs was aching to be relieved.

    Not being able to take much more himself, he slowly slid his throbbing cock into her warmth, moaning loudly at the sensation hitting his sensitive flesh. He missed this for far too long. After she had adjusted, he began moving in her in slow even strokes to start off with.

    Mikko closed her eyes and laid her head back, savoring the feel of him as he entered her. a low, soft moan escaped her lips, her hands found their way to his shoulders, inching along the back of his neck up to his hair. "Mmmm...."

    Chris moaned loudly, not being able to keep his slow, steady pace much longer. He kissed her deeper and with everything he had as he continued to increase the intensity of his movements further down.

    Mikko held on to him, kissing him back then braking the kiss to try and catch her breath. "You Feel so good..." She moaned the words in his ear panting. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him closer to her.

    As Chris continued setting the pace, he kissed her deeply, loving how everything about her felt. He moaned against her lips. " do you babe." He was breathing heavier, but there was no way he was going to stop. Not until they were both completely sated. However, he was getting a brief smell, of something burning, but it wasn't registering to him as that at the moment. All he was focused on was her now. Giving her everything he had.

    Mikko also thought she smelled something, but paid no mind, nothing could be important enough to stop what they were doing. She kissed him back savoring the feel of his lips pressed against hers. She moaned loudly, gripping onto his shoulders tightly as she felt herself nearing the end.

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    ((Bang Bang))

    Kendall took her hand and stood up, giving her a gentle smile. "Ready to go?" He glanced over at what was going on in the kitchen and shook his head, amused. "Come on, they won't miss us right away," he whispered as he squeezed her hand gently, leading her outside.

    Daisy figured little Mojo would be way safer inside, then out with then while she learned how to shoot. She gave the tiny pup a light pat on the head, and left her to wander. She returned Kendall's squeeze, threading her fingers through his. "Yep." She walked closely beside him as they exited he cabin, destined for the tent to retrieve the pistol. She flashed him a small smile as she wrapped an arm around his waist. "I'm really lucky to have an awesome teacher."

    Kendall's smile broadened. "Aw thanks, Daisy. But we haven't even started yet," he reminded her as they approached the tent. No doubt that he could do it, however. It's just that she's never seen him in action. But once again, he was grateful for his training in the force. Even though he cursed that place up one side and down the other for all the shit they put him through.

    "Yeah, buuut.. you've taught me sooo many other things, like how to drive! So I know you'll be great at this, too!" Once the tent came into view, she sprinted inside the quickly retrieve the small pistol, then rejoined Kendall outside. She handed it over to him, figuring he would want to give her a demonstration first. "Do we need, like, beer cans or something as targets?"

    Kendall watched her as she retrieved the gun, wondering where she got it in the first place. But that didn't really matter right now. Not if it could possibly save her life in a tight situation. But he still didn't like the idea of her killing...even in self defense...and so young... He shook himself out of this thoughts at her question. "Whatever you wanna use, babe. As long as it's safe," he replied, looking over the gun she gave him. He had to admit, it was a nice one. And should be reliable if it comes to her actually using it.

    Daisy grinned as he gave the pistol a good once-over. "Nice, huh? I found it in the pack of that policeman's Jeep!" She informed, quite proud of herself. She had kept it hidden for months, saving it for that dreadful day. After quickly gathering some old cans and glass bottles, she lined them up on an old fallen log, then moved over to stand beside Kendall. She gently squeezed his arm, and flashed him a toothy smile. "Show me how it's done, sexy!"

    Kendall smiled and nodded. "Nice job, Daisy." He kept studying it while Daisy went to go find some targets. When she returned, he watched her, smiling as she set them up. After he had the 'go ahead' from her, he nodded and took aim. He had gotten everything ready for the gun while she was away. "Cover your ears, Daisy," he instructed. Without missing a beat, he shot at three of the targets, making them all. After he was done, he grinned at her. "So what do you think?"

    Daisy quickly covered her ears, but the sound was enough to make her heart skip a beat. She hated that sound, but she certainly needed to overcome that, and sadly, get used to this lifestyle. But she wouldn't have it any other way. She loved her new 'family' dearly. She marveled at his skill, and slowly uncovered her ears, flashing him a proud smile."Wow, you're sooo awesome! You could probably be a sharp shooter with skillz like that!" She reached for the gun, though a little nervous about actually shooting it. "Heh.. if I can do at least half that good, that would be great!"

    Kendall was beaming after her compliments, but kept the bragging to a minimum. "Yeah, I was pretty good in the force." Okay, a LITTLE bragging was okay. And he was kinda showing off for her earlier anyway . He carefully gave her the gun. "Do you have any other questions before you try it?"

    And he had every right to brag! Daisy just stared at him in admiration, the man never ceased to amaze her. She smiled at him, and gave his ass a playful pinch before taking aim. She did her best to hold it just as he had, lining a bottle up in her sights. "Yeah.." She was a little hesitant, since she knew it was probably a touchy subject, and it had nothing to do with instructions itself. She glanced over at him, giving him a sincere look. "Why did they let you go from the force?" She asked in quiet tone. It was something she had always wanted to ask him, but was afraid that it would hurt him somehow. But they had been together for months, and would soon be parents. She hoped he would trust her enough to talk to her about it. "It's okay if you don't wanna talk about it, I just... wanted to know."

    Kendall's smile faded instantly, but for her sake, he didn't let it completely drop from his features. "I was caught with an illegal substance," he answered truthfully. "And they found out and canned me." Then he looked up at her. "And don't feel bad for asking. It was bound to come up sooner or later." He shrugged. It was a touchy subject for sure, but she had a right to know.

    Daisy was glad that he was willing to talk. She gave him a sympathetic smile as she freed one of her hands long enough to reach over and rub his arm. "Aww, babe. They just don't know what a good thing they threw away.. their loss." She leaned in to peck his cheek, before once again resuming her stance, and taking aim. "Weed?" She squinted her eyes, building herself up enough to actually pull the trigger. "Heh.. you might wanna cover your ears.."

    Kendall chuckled lightly and nodded, responding to both statement and question the same way. "Yeah..." Then he covered his ears as he has instructed her earlier, as she is instructing him now. He watched her form, smiling. Very impressive and at the same time...oh so hot!

    Daisy spared a quick glance at him to make sure that he had complied, and flashed him a wink before focusing her full attention on her target. Finally, she pulled the trigger firmly instead of squeezing, causing the weapon to kick back slightly. The action startled her, but her grip remained firm to the pistol. She had missed her target, though not by much. She pouted, but wasn't about to give up. She once again looked at Kendall. "Did I do that wrong?"

    Kendall looked at her. "Not bad at all for your first time." He went over to her, showing her the proper way to move the trigger, then stood back again. "Now let's see how well you do for your second time." He grinned and watched her anxiously.

    Daisy was determined to get this right. After Kendall showed her the proper way to work the trigger, she once again took aim. She slowly squeezed the trigger, this time having better control over the weapon as it fired, The bullet ripped through the glass bottle, shattering upon contact. She blinked in disbelief, a huge grin quickly tugged across her lips. "Oh my god.. I did it!"

    Kendall's grin was as wide as hers now. He went over, put the safety on the gun and gave her a congratulatory kiss. "Great job, babe! I knew you could do it." He pulled her in for another kiss.

    Daisy was quite pleased with herself. The pistol no longer felt so foreign within her grasp, and it was certainly a useful skill to have. She returned his kisses, pressing a grin against those wonderful lips of his. "Mm.. thanks for teaching me, babe. You're the best!" Her free hand slowly slid beneath his shirt, her fingers caressing his back. She couldn't help noticing how tense his muscles felt. No doubt caused by all the stress over his dangerous task tomorrow. "Aww, babe.. you need a massage!" She once again met his lips, kissing him deeply. "I can help you with that!"

    Kendall's grin was as wide as ever from her praise. And she was offering a massage? How could he possibly turn that down? Those wonderful hands were so good at so many things, he was sure she'd give him a great massage. He nodded. "A massage sounds real good, babe." He returned her kiss with everything she was giving him.

    Daisy smiled against his lips as her fingers slowly slid down his back. Maybe it was a good way to distract her mind by keeping her hands busy. Reluctantly, she broke from the kiss and took his hand, tugging him into the tent. Once inside she placed the pistol back beneath its hiding place and wasted no time removing his shirt. She gently tugged him to sit on the mattress.

    Kendall was really enjoying her subtle touches. Oh yeah, she definitely had talented hands. If a small caress like that could make him feel totally at ease, the a massage would be like an utopia for him. He allowed her to lead him to the tent and after his shirt was removed, sat down on the mattress. He waited in anticipation on what she was going to do. Whatever it was, he was sure he would enjoy it.

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    (Noooo not the muffins!!!)

    It wasn't taking Chris long to reach his own peak. In fact, after a few more hard thrusts, he felt himself let go, yelling out her name. While he rode through his climax, he kept up his pace...determined to bring her to her own release. By the way she was spasming around him, it wouldn't be long, he figured.

    And it was long till Mikko let out a yell of her own, nails digging in his flesh and toes curling, it took her a moment before her body finally relaxed and she collapsed back on the bed. She kissed him and rubbed his shoulders where her nails had dug into him.

    Now spent, Chris slowly pulled out of her and laid down beside her, trying to catch his breath. He closed his eyes and enjoyed her gentle caresses. kissing her back

    Mikko's cuddling quickly came to end when the burnt smell could no longer be ignored. She sat up and looked at Chris. "the muffins!" She grabbed her cloths and dressed as she ran to the kitchen.

    Chris' eyes widened in alarm and he also jumped up, pulling on clothes as he went. But as he entered the kitchen area, all he could see was smoke...and lots of it.

    Mikko grabbed a towel and opened the oven while trying not to breath in to much of the thick smoke. she pulled the muffins out, burning her arm in the process and tossed them in the sink. Then ran to the front door and opened it. She heard a little yelp, looking down she saw the little fuzz ball staggering around. She scooped him up and went outside, expecting Chris to follow.

    Just by luck alone, he found his way to the door. But unfortunatly in his hesitation, he breathed in quite a bit of smoke. As soon as he was outside, he doubled over and felt as if he was coughing his lungs out. And he didn't even think he was in there and exposed to it all THAT long.

    Mikko ran over to him, her own small coughing fit had ended before he got out there. She rubbed his back and sat him down on the hood of the car. "You ok, babe? want me to get you some water?"

    Chris could only give her a small nod in response as he continued gasping for breath.

    Mikko couldn't get back in the house yet, but there was a hose. she ran to the side of the cabin and found it, she turned it on. At first hot muddy water came out, but soon cool clear water followed. She dragged the hose to Chris. "this will have to do for now, Chris."

    As soon as he stopped his hacking, he took a few deep breaths to calm his raging lungs then took the hose from her, drinking deeply.

    Mikko rubbed his back, and watched him worriedly. "Do you need a hospital?" She glanced at the little dog that seemed to be doing fine now and then looked back at Chris. "I can go right now."

    Chris honestly didn't know how bad it was. He'd never reacted that strongly to smoke before. Hell, he used to smoke cigarettes, but not anymore. But this latest attack scared him. He finished with the hose and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, slowly standing up again. He turned to face Mikko and shook his head slowly. "No, I'm alright," he answered hoarsely from his major coughing fit.

    Mikko opened the door to the backseat of the car. "lay down." She told Chris pointing to the car. She very worried. He wasn't in there that long. She really wanted to take him to the doctor, but if he said he was fine then she would let it go...for now

    Chris thought it might be a good idea to at least get things checked out. He did as he was told and laid down. He looked up at her and nodded. "Maybe I should get checked out, just in case..." he whispered, his voice still not back to normal yet.

    Mikko nodded and closed the door once he was in, she got in the drivers seat tosses the dog in the passenger seat and was quickly off. She she sped to the hospital as fast as that yellow car would go. of course once in the city she would be forced to slow down. Hopefully Daisy didn't miss her dog to much.

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    (I'ma moose!)

    Once Kendall was situated on the mattress, Daisy slipped in behind him. After applying a generous amount of spice-scented body lotion to her hands, she rubbed her palms together, warming her palms and the liquid. Grinning deviously, she pressed her lips against his shoulder and neck, lavishing him with light kisses. "Mmm.. you're gonna smell all cinnamony!" She whispered against his ear, before gently nibbling his earlobe. Her palms gently pressed against his shoulder blades, working the lotion into his skin, then applying to the rest of his back. Once the lotion was distributed, her fingers worked their way up, gently kneading and massaging the muscles in his shoulders...

    Kendall just sat there enjoying the sensations from the combination of the oil and her hands. "Mmm...damn, babe. That feels great." He closed his eyes and leaned forward for her to get better access.

    Hearing his praise, Daisy was quite pleased with herself. She continued her ministrations, working her fingers along his upper back, massaging every inch of him. She kneaded the taunt muscles, and rubbed her palms along his skin. She continued to plant loving kisses against his neck,nuzzling against him as she worked. As he leaned forward, she worked her way down, giving his lower back the same amount of attention. "So, how's my mad moose skills?" Obviously, moose and masseuse were easy to get confused.

    Man, Daisy's fingers where absolute HEAVEN on his muscles. Every gentle kiss, firmly touch, softly spoken words, all helped him completely relax. He chuckled lightly at her question. "It's feels awesome, babe. But it's masseuse, not moose," he corrected her, grinning.

    Daisy continued to work her magic on him, feeling his muscles relaxing beneath her touch. It made her feel good to know that she could put him at ease. Her lips traveled from his neck, across his shoulders, and down between his shoulder blades before making their way back up again. "Heh.. masseuse, that's such a silly word!" She grinned. Obviously her mind had drifted from her despair, for now. Her lips made their way back up his neck, now hovering close to his ear. "Any spot need more attention than the rest?"

    Kendall stll had his eyes closed, and moaned softly to her touches. It was relaxing, however, not arousing. Though that could change in a heartbeat if he let it. But for now, he was content to just let every muscle relax under her ministrations. Though her kisses WERE being a bit of a distraction, but he still wouldn't have it any other way. He shook his head at her question. "Nah, babe. Anything you do feels fine."

    Daisy's palms slid along his skin, kneading and caressing. Hearing his reply, she flashed a cute grin, one hand slipping around to cup his cheek. She leaned over his shoulder, pressing her lips against his. She allowed it to linger for a moment before flashing him a grin. "Mmm.. I think those are definitely underworked.." She flashed him a wink, and met his lips again. Her free hand slipped around his waist, squeezing him gently. "I love you, sexy." It was something she could never say enough. This guy definitely had her heart.

    Kendall returned every kiss he gave him. And he gave her a few more of his own. He grinned against her lips, reaching behind him to hold the back of her neck, deepening the kiss.

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    ((Bad, smoke. Baaaad))

    Chris was a little more aware now and was hoping he didn't scare Mikko too bad with his own little scare. Hopefully this little trip to the hospital would be nothing more than a precautionary visit.

    Mikko glanced back at Chris as she made it to the city. "Were almost there, Babe." unfortunately she had to slow down once she hit the city,but she could see the hospital up ahead.

    Nodding at hearing her voice, Chris slowly sat up and sat right in the seat, buckling in. He was feeling much better now. The only thing that was a downer was that he still had to get things checked out. But he didn't want Mikko to worry about him over this. So yes, he decided he would go through with it.

    Mikko pulled up then parked at the hospital. she grabbed the dog then rushed out to open the door for Chris. "You doing ok? You want me to get you a wheel chair?"

    Chris looked at her and shook his head. "No, I'm good," he answered, unbuckling the seatbelt and climbing out. "Were you gonna go with me, or are you dog-sitting, babe?"

    "I'm coming with you. The dog can come too." Mikko didn't know if that was true or not, but she didn't care. Holding the mutt in on arm, she wrapped her other arm around Chris and walked him to the hospital.

    Chris was relieved to hear that. He really didn't want to go into this place alone. Not for this. Although he was sure he was fine. But having a reaction that bad to smoke, he was NEVER touching another cigarette again. He had mostly quit smoking by now anyway...but now he was done for sure. He walked with Mikko into the hospital and went up to the front desk, giving the nurse his information. Since he was no longer in any immediate danger, he could wait until his name came up on the list. He went with Mikko to sit down and wait.

    Luckily little snikerdoodle was a quiet dog and no one paid much mind to him. Mikko sat down close to the front desk and waited for Chris to come back, once he did she grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze. She was relieved that he seemed to be doing better, Mikko would never bake again.

    Soon, Chris' name turned up and he stood up, giving Mikko a small smile to reassure her. He was leaving it up to her if she wanted to come with him. But sadly, he didn't think she could with the small puppy in her arms.

    Puppy or not Mikko was going with him. She stood up cradling the small sleeping pup in her arms and followed Chris to his room.

    Chris smiled at Mikko as he followed the nurse down the narrow hallway and into one of the rooms. Then he was given a few tests and had to wait for the actual doctor to come in. He soon did and looked over the results for the tests. It looked as if Chris had a mild case of asthma and was given an inhaler. Then after given a few instructions was released again and left the hospital with Mikko.

    Asthma? No more smoking around Chris then. Mikko was just happy that he was ok and didn't have to stay in the hospital. It was also kind of neat seeing his X-ray. She could totally make a tattoo of that. But soon they were off and headed back to Bumble bee. The dog had finally woke up and was ready to play. she handed the fluff ball to Chris and got in the drivers seat.

    Chris took the pup from Mikko and climbed into the front passenger seat, buckling in after securing the dog. Once the door was shut, he breathed a huge sigh of relief. "You know, Mikko, I was just wondering if I had some breathing problems...this asthma or whatever. I've read a little about that." He chuckled bitterly. "It's all those damn cigs I smoked back then." He leaned heavily against the seat. "Ugh...remind me to never touch the things again, okay, babe?"

    Mikko pulled out her parking lot and started to head home. "Sure, you touch a cig and I'll kick your ass." She grinned over at him. "And I'll make sure I take my cigarette usage away from you."

    He looked at her questioningly. "And the kid?" He knew enough about kids that a parent shouldn't be smoking around one. Or when the mother was pregnant... He'd still have to get on her case about that one.

    Mikko nodded. "And anyone seen smoking, drinking, shooting up, popping pills around my kid is getting their asses kicked. I don't want him exposed to that...As for now...I know I need to quite. I think I've been doing pretty damn good. Not one smoke in a month and half." She smiled at her accomplishment, though the cravings where still sometimes over whelming.

    Chris smiled at her. And was a bit surprised at the news. "Aww really, babe? That's totally awesome!"

    Mikko's smile grew. "Thanks!" She turned off the road and started down the long country road. Then she suddenly pulled off and drove behind another house. "I wonder if that rooster is still here..." She was also wanting to get some more supplies from the place.

    Chris looked at her confused, not sure where they were heading yet. And a rooster? What the hell was she talking about? As the got closer and closer to the house he asked her. "Uh...what is this place? And what rooster?"

    Mikko parked and unbuckled. "This is where the bloody couch came from...and there was a rooster that liked to wake us up. But we are here to get more blankets and pillows and cloths...It's getting colder, at lest, I've been colder. So I thought it was a good idea to get more stuff." She hoped out the car and waited for Chris.

    Chris nodded. The details were still a bit shady about the situation, but he went along with it. Getting some other things sounded like a good idea. And anything to help Mikko, he would be willing to comply. As long as no MAJOR law-breaking occured in the process... He climbed out of the car and went with her.

    Mikko peeked inside, seeing that no one was there she rushed in and went straight to the bedrooms. she pulled blankets and pillows off the bed, cloths and coats out the closets. Then went back out to the car to pile them in the back seat, and once again going inside to gather more things.

    Chris was willing to help, but Mikko was moving just too fast for him. So when she came back the second time, he jumped in gathering things that he thought would be useful for the cabin.

    Mikko looked around once more. "I think that's all we need, babe." She made a quick trip to the kitchen but any food that had been useful she had already got. "Yep...that's it." She walked back outside and saw no sign of any rooster or chicken.

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    Good morning sunshines. Empty Re: Good morning sunshines.

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    ((Me love you long time))

    Daisy's eyes slid closed as he deepened the kiss, savoring the feel of those luscious lips of his. She returned it with meaning as her arms tightened around him. And in a burst of cheekiness, she suddenly ran a finger along his ribs, attempting to tickle him

    Still in the kiss, he caught her intentions and grabbed her wrist to prevent further motion in that way. He held her wrist firmly, the loosened the grip as he held it in his, threading his fingers through hers.

    Even though her plan had been foiled, Daisy grinned against his lips as she continued to kiss him. Her tongue slipped past his lips to massage his, enjoying every second of this moment with him. As he threaded fingers with hers, she gave his hand a light squeeze. "Mmmm.. I'll get you...when you least expect it!" She managed to say, in between heated kisses.

    Kendall grinned between their lips. "Oh yeah? We'll just see about that." He was so planning on returning the favor. And there was nothing she could do to get out of it, he would make sure of it.

    "Mmmhmm... oh yeah.." Daisy replied through heated kisses. She broke long enough to move around him, now straddling his lap. Her free hand slipped up to cup his cheek as she once again met his lips, unaware of his cheeky little plan.

    Kendall released her hand and allowed her to be in this new position. He rested both hands on her hips to support her as he deepened the kiss once more.

    Lips still locked with his, Daisy's hand moved along those toned abs of his, caressing his skin. She attempted to guide him back to lay on the mattress, not once breaking the kiss.

    Kendall leaned back on the mattress taking her with him. This massage was a definite turn on...apparently for both of them. He started tugging on her clothes gently.

    Daisy pressed a cheeky grin against his lips as he tugged at her clothes. Oh yeah, definitely a turn-on. HE was a major turn on, no matter what he did. She allowed him to fumble with her clothing as her lips ventured from his, moving along his jaw-line, her nails raking lightly over his skin..

    With some difficulty, Kendall managed to get her dress off, bring his hand up to knead her sensitive flesh. He moved his mouth, trailing light kisses along her shoulders and neck. Then he slid his hands up over her back, rubbing her gently with his large hands.

    Daisy's eyes slid closed, enjoying the heavenly feels he was igniting. She moaned against his neck as he kneaded her sensitive flesh, and gently nipped at his skin. She planted a trail of kisses along his body, her hands making their way down to fumble with the fastenings of his jeans. She planted teasing kisses just below his navel as she finally succeeded, and eagerly disrobed him of his pants. She flashed him a cheeky grin as her lips made their way back up to meet his, her hand caressing the bulge beneath the fabric of his boxers.
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    ((Big thanks to Mikko for logging and editing))

    Chris followed Mikko outside with his load in his arms. Then he dropped things off to the car and met up with her again. "You sure we got everything we need, babe?"

    Mikko nodded to Chris. "yeah. there isn't anything else here. Lets head home." She gave him a soft kiss and went back to the car, plopping the puppy from the front seat to the back seat with all the blankets. After sliding into the drivers seat she waited for Chris.

    Chris returned the kiss and went over to the passenger front seat, sliding in and buckling up.

    And soon they were off again. Heading to the cabin with their warm blankets. "The cabin should be clear of smoke by now."

    Chris nodded. "Good." He would be grateful for that because even though he had an inhaler now, he didn't want to take any chances. And he was hoping he wouldn't have any lingering effects from smoke damage.

    Mikko pulled up to the cabin and parked. "looks like it all cleared up." She got out and pulled a pile of blankets out the car, with the puppy still on top if them. "And how's my little Sinkerdoodle? dodododod..." she rubbed her nose against the dogs while she continued with her annoying baby talk and headed inside the cabin.

    Chris couldn't help but be amused at the display between the dog and Mikko. It was really cute. It seemed like she really was bonding with it after all. He opened his side of the backseat and loaded up his arms, carrying things into the cabin.

    Mikko set the dog down and spread out the blankets on the couch then brought the rest to the bedroom. She set them down and headed to the kitchen to toss out the muffins and the pan.

    Not knowing exactly where things should go at the moment, he just unloaded everything on the couch for later sorting. He watched Mikko and shook his head. "Sorry about your muffins, babe."

    "It's ok..." Mikko headed back to the living room and plopped down on the couch, scooping up the puppy placing it on her stomach.

    Chris moved a few things out of the way and sat down next to her, bringing a hand up to pet the dog. He looked over at Mikko and smiled. "You're getting attached to this little gal, aren't you?"

    Mikko looked up at him and smiled. "Maybe...Someone has to take care of the fuzz ball, Daisy doesn't seem to care to much. Hope she's more attentive with her kid..."

    Chris nodded to that , hoping the same thing. But in her defense, he was sure the smoking cabin wasn't in her plans. And in a way, it was his fault anyway. He shouldn't have distracted Mikko like that in the first place.

    Mikko closed her eyes, there wasn't much more for them to do, at lest that she could think of. And she was content to just lay on the couch for the rest of the day anyway. She reached over grabbing the remote for the TV and turned it on, Jerry Springer came on.

    Chris relaxed right along with her, slumping back against the couch. But he was tired and started dozing off sitting there.

    Mikko set the remote down, she wasn't even looking at the TV, instead she too, started to drift off to sleep. She was going to need the rest, tomorrow was sure to be nerve wrecking and hectic.

    Kendall let out a small moan against her lips when she caressed his most sensitive part. There was no turning back now. He worked to pull the rest of her clothes off and gave Daisy the okay to remove his boxers. Once everything was removed, he pulled her in for a deep kiss, caressing her upper arms.

    Hearing his moan, Daisy pressed a cheeky grin against his lips and continued to tease him through the thin fabric of his boxers. She wanted to tease him, to make it almost unbearable for him, but she never was that good with patience. She slowly moved down his body, hooking her fingers into the waistband of his shorts, and slowly edged them off. Now, her warm palm made contact with his cock, rubbing and stroking as her lips ventured upwards, once again meeting his lips. "Mmmm.. tell me what you want, babe.."

    What did he want? What did he want? Well of course he wanted her. And oh god, her teasing him was driving him wild. He caught her lips in another kiss as he kneaded her shoulders. "I want to feel you around me," he finally answered, his voice coated with lust. The request was vague, but he wanted her to do whatever she felt like. He was not a bit picky when it came to sexual positions with her.

    Daisy kissed him deeply, her hand still stroking his member. She smiled deviously, and once again allowed her lips to travel. Now making their downward decent. She teased the area just above his need, kissing and gently licking, coming dangerously close to his sensitive area. And slowly, she moved down, flicking her tongue across the head of his erection. She sucked him gently, just enough to lubricate the object of her need, then slowly straddled his hips. She flashed him a cute smile as she rubbed the head of his cock between her sleek folds, and slowly pushed him inside her.. "Mmmm.."

    Kendall closed his eyes and moaned and squirmed under her at her ministrations. Then when he felt her slide onto him, he opened his eyes to watch her. Though it wasn't easy with all the sensations he was feeling at the moment. He rested his hands on her hips to help guide her.

    Daisy slowly took him in, allowing her walls to accommodate to his size. She moaned softly, indulged in the heavenly feel of him. Once she had taken him in completely, she set a slow pace, grinding against him as she leaned down to meet his lips. She guided his hand to rest against her breasts as she kissed him deeply. "Mmm.. babe. I think this pregnancy thing.. is making me even more hornier than usual.." She breathed against his lips."..and you're just too dang irresistible!"

    Kendall returned the kiss, moaning against her lips as she began to move. And her voice only turned him on more. He could never get enough of her anyway. So this pregnancy thing was an added bonus for him.

    Daisy gradually quickened her pace, moaning softly against his lips. She massaged his tongue with hers, nails gently raking against his skin. Her lips traveled down, planting heated kisses against his neck as she nuzzled and gently nipped him. "Mmm.. babe.. you feel like Heaven.."

    Kendall continued moaning against her lips. She was MORE than just Heaven to him. He didn't even have a word to properly describe what that feeling was. And he was beyond words at this point anyway. He kissed her deeply once more, raising his hands to her breasts as she rode him, squeezing them firmly in his hands.

    Daisy arched her back, enjoying the exquisite feel his hands were producing against her sensitive breasts. Her lips moved up, training kisses along his jaw line before once again meeting his. She was drawing close, but steadied her pace, determined to make him lose it first...

    Kendall's release was coming faster than he expected. With a loud groan against her lips, he let go, spilling his seed deep inside her. He looked up at her waiting for her to do the same, giving her very sensitive nipples and firm squeeze. He knew she was close...

    Feeling him release inside of her sent Daisy over the edge. She climaxed hard, moaning his name against his lips. Her walls spasmed around his shaft as she rode out the waves of her intense orgasm. She collapsed against him, a contented grin tugging across her lips. "Wow, babe.." She planted several kisses against his lips, and slowly slid him out of her. She continued to rest on him, snuggling against his chest. "Your.. supernova!"

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