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    Post by Mikko on Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:53 pm

    ((The day!.....thanks to Kitty for the thread name))

    It was finally here, Spikes execution. Mikko was excited, scared, hungry, but mostly sick. She woke up earlier then usual running to the bathroom. She cleaned up and dressed. She was going to cook breakfast, but after the muffin accident, she didn't want to touch the stove. Instead Mikko went to the box of Spikes', spikes and in there placed a gun, two knives,some drugs, and five hundred dollars. She wasn't sure what Spike was going to do when he got out and to the cabin, but she had things ready for him in case he wanted to split from the group. She placed the box of goodies on the coffee table and labeled it 'Spike' then sat on the couch trying to calm her nervous stomach.

    To say Chris had a rough night was the understatement of the year. He was just a jumble of nerves and worry. And he was praying that things would go as planned and Mikko would return back safely to him. But then there was this whole Spike guy. And he was REALLY worried about that. And...also feeling slight jealousy over what this man might do to his Mikko. That's right, HIS Mikko. He claimed her and made her his. And threatening or not, this guy was NOT going to take her away from him. Finally after finally getting to sleep, albeit troubled, he didn't wake up in time for Mikko's morning 'routine'. But he did, however, wake up after hearing her come out of the bathroom. He got up himself and joined her on the couch, holding her close...not saying anything. He wanted to tell her that he would be there for her, but he couldn't find the proper words for it. So he settled for actions instead.

    Kendall also had a restless night. The day was here. The day when he would be taking his life in his own hands, hoping everything would work out the way it was supposed to. But most of all, he was worried about Daisy. Her emotional instability was foremost in his mind. As much as he tried to comfort her, he couldn't get her to relax. Which brought him to now. He was cuddled up with her in their usual position, but Daisy's head was turned away from him so he wasn't sure she was awake or not. Though occasionally, he would hear small sniffles come from her. He gently laid a hand on her back, rubbing it slightly, hoping it soothed her

    Mikko leaned to Chris. She didn't have much to say at the moment either. part of her hoped that Spike would leave once he got his box-o-goodies. the other part, well of course she wanted him to stick around. Problem was, she had so many other people to worry about now. And as much as Mikko hated to admit it. Spike was a danger...to everyone. She loved the guy, but knew it was best they didn't stick around each other. She leaned up and planted a kiss on Chris' cheek, then glanced at the clock. It was still early. They didn't have to leave for another three hours at lest. "It's going to be fine...." She said out loud to herself.

    Too filled with dread and fear of the pending day, Daisy hadn't slept well that night. Nausea had settled in, earning several trips outside the tent to relieve her stomach of its non existing contents. It was her first taste of morning sickness, coupled with jumbled nerves. Now, she was once again in her usual spot, resting on top of him. She had finally found sleep, but unfortunately it wouldn't be long lived. The nightmares would rob her of that. Her eyes suddenly fluttered open, panicked and breathing heavily, but seeing that Kendall was alright, she slowly began to calm. She relaxed against him, making no effort to move just yet. She wished the moment could last forever, but knew it would be over all too soon. She finally shifted enough to meet his lips, placing a lingering kiss there. "I love you, babe." She whispered quietly, as she caressed his cheek.

    Chris smiled at her and gave her another gentle squeeze in response. He nodded to her figuring she was talking to at least him, maybe herself too. And he was so hoping she was right in any case.

    Mikko looked back over at the clock. She really wished that the two would have stood in the cabin last night, but she figured she let it go. After all, it might have been their last night together. But, she still wanted them there now. Wanted to go over the plan again, and again in the car. She had to. It was her way of convincing herself that this would work.

    Kendall met her eyes as soon as she looked up at him. His heart really went out to her...in more ways than one. He met her lips in that kiss and wrapped both arms around her as he deepened it.

    Chris took her hand in his and threaded his finger though hers. He could tell how nervous she was but he wasn't sure how he could alleviate that stress. His eyes traveled down to the box of Spikes things and he looked at Mikko questioningly.

    Mikko gave his hand a squeeze and noticed Chris looking at the box. "It's kind of a subtle way of telling Spike, 'your welcome,here's your shit now go'." Even though part of her hoped that he would stick around a little while.

    Chris couldn't help but chuckle at that. And also it made him feel better that maybe Mikko didn't want this guy to stick around after all. He returned the squeeze and nodded. "Good."

    Daisy returned it wholeheartedly, trying hard to fight back the tears. She was trying so hard to be strong for him, but she was breaking inside. Her lips moved down to plant several light kisses against his neck, and she forced a weak smile. "I think next week we should be able to find out what the baby is.." She was trying so hard to see life past this day, and was determined that Kendall would be a part of that, despite her fears. She was trying to give him something positive to look forward to. "Buut, think it's a girl!"

    Kendall chuckles lightly. "Think so, babe? Just a feeling you have, huh?" He grinned and hoped that it would cheer her up a bit. "Do you remember what names you were thinking of?"

    Mikko laid her head on Chris' shoulder, and a hand on his chest. "You're coming with us right?"

    "Mmhmm." Daisy smiled, her fingers once again caressing his cheek. She leaned up to plant another tender kiss against his lips. "I like Bella.. or Zoie, or Raven, like the bird. Aaliyah. Or Pink! After... Pink, the singer." She gently teased. "What names do you like, babe? I want you to name her." She added, sincerely.

    Chris nodded. Even though he was terrified to possibly be put in danger, he HAD to go...for Mikko. To support her. "Yeah, of course I will, babe." He pulled her in for a gentle kiss.

    Mikko was happy to hear that, she kissed him back, softly laying a hand on his cheek and deepening the kiss. "Good..Now if only the other two will get back here. We'll have to put the puppy in the bathroom while we're gone...." It had just crossed her mind that the dog was going to be left alone. But they couldn't bring it along with them this time.

    Kendall smiled and thought for a few seconds. "Hmm...well, I've always liked the names Jenna or Michaela. Natasha..." Of course he still had others. He gave her a bright smile. "I really like Zoe too."

    "Ooooh, I like Michaela too! And Jenna.." Daisy planted several light kisses against his lips, too lost in the moment to find the will to move just yet. "Michaela Zoe Laden... what do ya think?"

    Chris nodded. "Yeah, I know. Maybe we should go get them. Or I could again so you don't have to walk so far." He smiled and laid a hand on her bulging tummy.

    Mikko grinned and shook her head. "I can walk it." She stood up and stretched. "Need to stretch out, in a few hours I'm sure I'll be running." She headed to the door and opened it for Chris. "After you..."

    He returned all her kisses and nodded. "Yeah...I like it. Has a nice ring to it." He pulled her in for another deep kiss. He wasn't ready to go anywhere either.

    Daisy snuggled back against him, pulling the blanket a little tighter around them. It would be a few hours before they left. She saw no need to rush. The longer she could distract her mind from it, the better. She continued to kiss and nuzzle him, enjoying every second of him she could. "Heh.. I really can't wait to meet her."

    Chris got up and walked out of the cabin, waiting for her to close the door first. Then he took her hand and walked down the small trail with her.

    Mikko interlocked their fingers and walked close to him. A grin spread over her lips and she began to sing. "Daisy! Daisy! give me your answer do! I'm half crazy! All for the love of you!......"

    He returned every one of her sweet gestures, sometimes giving back a bit stronger. He grinned and nodded. "Me neither, Daisy. He reached between them and pushed lightly against her stomach. "Of course, you get to meet her before I do."

    Chris looked at her and shook his head in amusement. It seemed like she was feeling better, and that was good! He squeezed her hand as they approached the tent the other two in their small little family shared.

    Daisy also squeezed a hand between them, resting it atop his. "You're gonna be such an awesome daddy, I just know it!" She beamed. But soon the sudden, unexpected noise slightly startled her, but quickly recognizing the voice and the fact that Mikko was singing, she giggled quietly against Kendall's neck. But her heart was beginning to sink again. If she had come for them, that probably meant what she was dreading.

    Mikko went to the front of the tent and kneeled down. "Knock knock. This is your wake up call. You to need to get read we leave in less then an hour......Can I come in?" She had never been in a tent before, and by god it was time to fix that. Plus she wanted to make sure the two of them actually got up.

    Kendall looked at Daisy, sighing. It looked like their fun was going to be interrupted after all. When Mikko asked if she could enter, he looked at Daisy again. Considering their state of undress, he didn't think she would be interested in entering at that point. Not that either of them were shy, far from it. "Just a minute," he called out. Then he carefully detangled himself from Daisy and reached for his clothes, handing Daisy hers in the process. Then quickly got dressed.

    Less than an hour? All the feelings of fear that she had tried so hard to bury was once again tugging away at her. She buried her face against Kendall's neck, trying to wish it all away. Her sad gaze finally shifted in Mikko's direction, and she gave a small nod, inviting her in. She wasn't dressed, but the covers were currently hiding her naked form. Besides, Daisy had never been shy about her body. The tent was spacious enough for the two to live in, and amazingly kept tidy. Save for the cloths strewn carelessly about. She pouted as Kendall began to untangle himself, reaching for her clothes. She slowly slid into her clothes, then waited for Kendall to give Mikko the all clear.

    Mikko waited outside the tent. "We're going to have to do something with Snikerdoodle." She called to them, referring to the Mojo, who as far as Mikko was concerned, was Snikerdoodle. "Might have to lock her in the bathroom while we're gone."

    Snickerdoodle? Why, she must have meant Mojo. And of course they couldn't take her with them. Now fully dressed, he gave Mikko the signal. "You can come in, Mikko," he called out, then went back over to Daisy, holding her close. The last thing he wanted to do was leave the tent. Because out there, he would have to worry about all the potential danger.

    Once Mikko got the ok, she unzipped the tent and crawled inside. "ooooh roomy. So you two just about ready, I have to be in the jail at eleven thirty. Prison rules. So...you two have about twenty minuets to do what ever you need to do before we leave." She glanced over at daisy and ruffled her hair. "We;ll be back here in no time, promise." She gave her an encouraging smile. "No worries ok?"

    Daisy instantly knew who Mikko was referring to, and naturally she wanted to take the dog with her. Still, she was trying hard to keep a handle on her emotional state, and speaking right now would surely shatter all of her efforts. She remained close to Kendall, resting her head against his shoulder. Despite her emotional state, she managed a weak grin as Mikko ruffled her hair, gazing at her with pleading eyes. "You.. won't let anything happen to him, right?" She managed in a shaky tone. She always felt that Mikko could move mountains.

    Mikko smiled at her again and wrapped an arm around Kendall's shoulder. "Nah. He's much to valuable to let die." That was about as good as a guarantee that she could give. "Now come on, got to get back to the cabin and get Snikerdodle settled in before we go."
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    Post by Daisy on Mon Aug 24, 2009 5:23 pm

    Kendall looked up at Mikko and smiled. He was relieved to hear that, actually. His gaze shifted to Daisy then he took her hand in his, giving it a gentle squeeze.

    It wasn't the answer she was looking for, but it did earn a weak smile from Daisy. She would just have to protect him herself. She leaned against Kendall, her fingers entwining with his. She returned the hand-squeeze, still fighting back the tears that threatened to fall.

    Mikko smiled back and scooped up the little puppy, flipping it on it's back and cradling it like a baby. "ten minuets till we leave." She informed them, having no intention of getting out the tent till they did. She was going to make sure that the two made it to the cabin on time.

    Kendall, still holding her hand, stood up from the mattress and waited for Daisy. It was a little unnerving to have Mikko there the entire time. He was beginning to feel like a little kid. Not a pleasant feeling when things could go seriously wrong at any given time. He wanted to spend every second with his love while he had the chance. He shot Mikko a small glare but said nothing as he helped Daisy up.

    Ten minutes.. their time was ticking away. Daisy seriously wished she could turn back time, or freeze it somehow. She still couldn't understand why this Spunk guy was so important. Was he really worth risking all their lives over? All of their happiness? Life was so perfect before. And now, even if they did survive, could things go back to the way they were with that man around? She allowed Kendall to help her up, taking every once of will she could muster. She felt sick, but was doing her best to suppress the nausea, for now. She wrapped an arm around Kendall's waist, holding him close for as long as she could. Luckily her trusty pack was already packed, the pistol stored safely inside. She would be ready to move out, when the time finally came.

    Seeing them finally leaving the tent, Mikko took the dog and climbed out, rejoining Chris. By the time they all got back to the cabin it'll be time to go. She acted like nothing was bothering her, but inside she was a jumble of nerves. they were all going to be outside, away from any real danger. She was going to be inside. And though she couldn't process exactly what horrible things could happen inside the prison. She was aware that bad things could happen.

    Chris had waited inside the tent while Mikko joined the other two. When she emerged from the tent again, he wrapped his arm around her and held her close while walking back up the small path. He didn't know what to say to her anymore. He just hoped everything worked out and she got out of there safely.

    Kendall walked with Daisy, his arm wrapped firmly around her; as if he was afraid to let go of her. Soon they were back up at the cabin and he still refused to relinquish his firm hold on Daisy. He wanted all this to go smoothly and be back in Daisy's warm embrace as soon as possible.

    Even as they reached the cabin, Daisy remained snuggled against his side, her arm wrapped tightly around his waist. She too was afraid to let go. Afraid to lose him. She was afraid for Mikko, too. But at least Mikko wasn't wanted by the cops. She stood a better chance of not being shot on sight. Despite how frightened she was, she looked up at Kendall, trying her best to give him a reassuring smile. She knew he was nervous, and wanted nothing more than to comfort him. "It's going to be okay, babe." She squeezed him tightly, still fighting back the tears.

    Kendall gave Daisy a weak smile and squeezed her tighter. "I know it will, babe. I know..." Yeah, he just had to keep telling himself that. Think positive and all that...

    Mikko went inside the cabin, she grabbed a blanket and stuff animal then set them all in the bathroom, making a little bed and laying the puppy on it. She gave the pup water and food, once last pat on the head and closed the door. She walked back out to the others and smiled. "Everyone ready to go?"

    Daisy tightened her embrace, and leaned up to plant a kiss against his cheek. Soon, Mikko reappeared, asking the inevitable question. No, she would never be ready for this. But she knew there was no avoiding it. She gazed up at Kendall, awaiting him to answer. Words just wouldn't come to her right now.

    Kendall looked up at Mikko and nodded. "As I'll ever be," he replied, giving Daisy another squeeze. He slowly walked Daisy to the SUV, figuring they needed something more discrete than the bright yellow car.

    "Good." Mikko took a deep breath and slid into the back of the SUV moving over so Chris could slid next to her.

    Chris followed Mikko and climbed in next to her, buckling in, but sliding close to her. He took her hand in his and stroked the back of it with his thumb, reaching behind her to put his other arm around her shoulders.

    Daisy reluctantly slid into the front passenger seat, placing her pack into the floorboard of the vehicle. She wasn't sure how far the prison was, but the further.. the better. She sunk back against the seat, waiting for Kendall to join her. Every second without him was suffocating.

    Mikko snuggled against Chris, nuzzling his neck happily. She gave his neck a light kiss then turned to Daisy. "You remember his name right?" Referring to Spike. She hopped the two wouldn't speak to each other, but if it did happen it was best that she called him by the right name. It was a small worry. But with Spike nothing was small..Mikko started laughing at the naughtiness of that thought.

    Kendall hopped into the driver's seat and rested a hand on Daisy's knee, squeezing it lightly. Then he gave her a reassuring smile and started the engine, getting ready to head out.

    Chris was grateful for the attention Mikko was giving him at the moment. He gave her several kisses in response. But then he heard Mikko laughing and looked at her confused. "What's so funny?" he whispered.

    Once Kendall was in, Daisy slid closer to him, snuggling against his side. She glanced over her shoulder at Mikko, replying with a sad little nod. "Spunk." She replied, sniffling quietly

    Mikko looked up at Chris and shook her head. "Nothing..." She kissed his cheek and got her laughing fit under control as Daisy answered her. "Noooooooooo It's Spike. S.P.I.K.E. Spike!" Why was that so hard for her, she can remember Mikko but not Spike?

    Figuring everyone was as settled in as they could be, Kendall took off, heading for the prison again. The hell he'd thought he escaped all those months ago.

    Spike, Spunk, Spanky..it was all the same. It was hard for her to remember, mainly because it sounded so close to so many other words. She just gave a small nod, and sunk back next to Kendall.

    Mikko knew that she wasn't going to remember, and hell maybe it wouldn't even matter. She leaned against Chris and nibbled on his ear lobe then kissed his cheek.

    Chris nerves were already on edge and Mikko's ministrations made them even more so...but in a good way. He felt shivers go down his spine and he kissed her...hard and passionate. He really didn't want her to leave the vehicle when they got there...

    Mikko kissed him back, her arms finding there way around his neck. She pulled away leaning her forehead against his. "I'll be ok, babe. promise."

    Kendall kept his mind and eyes on the road. He couldn't let anything else distract him at this point. If he had even the slightest mind change, he wouldn't be able to go through with this. So while he was driving, he didn't think about the actual destination...just the road ahead of him.

    Still snuggled against him, Daisy slid a hand beneath Kendall's shirt, resting her palm against his stomach. The nausea was becoming overwhelming, but like the tears that burned at the back of her eyes, she struggled to suppress it. Her fingers lightly traced his toned muscles. She wasn't trying to distract him, but attempting to soothe herself through physical contact.

    Chris gave her a small nod and a weak smile. "Yeah..." He strengthened his smile and wrapped both arms around her, hugging her tightly. "Just be careful in there, babe."

    Mikko smiled and melted in his arms. "I will." She glanced out the window and saw the city up ahead. She was eager to get this over with and get back to the cabin.

    They were almost there now. Still with his mind and eyes on the road, he vaguely felt Daisy's subtle touches. Pulling his eyes away from the road for a brief second, he flashed Daisy a quick smile and then turned his attention back to the road. Knowing the inevitable was coming he turned to his rear-view mirror. "Hey Mikko? Where do you want me to park?"

    Mikko looked over at Kendall. "Same place as before, when I got you...Remember? drop me off at the front of the prison then drive there."

    "Got it," he answered and did just that. As soon as he was parked, he turned around and nodded to Mikko. "Be careful in there. I won't let you down."

    And this was it. It suddenly seemed real. Mikko nodded at Kendall and flashed him a smile then turned to Chris. "I'll see you soon k?" She kissed him, reached over ruffled Daisy's hair and stepped out the van. "Daisy...Don't leave this van..." She looked over at Chris on last time then headed inside the prison.

    Chris returned the kiss and watching her go. It was his job to make sure Daisy stayed in the vehicle. Ohhh boy...this would not be as easy as he thought after watching how clingy she was to Kendall. But still, he was determined to follow Mikko's instructions. When Mikko turned around one last time, he gave her a wave and a reassuring smile. Everything would work out fine...
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    Post by Daisy on Mon Aug 24, 2009 5:24 pm

    After watching Mikko disappear, he moved the SUV into the other meeting place. Now all that was left to do was wait for Mikko's signal. He looked down at Daisy and gave her and firm squeeze. "I love you, Daisy. I'll be back as soon as I can." He pulled her into a deep kiss then got ready for Mikko's next instructions.

    The moment that Mikko stepped out of the SUV, the tears began to flow. She watched with tear-filled eyes as Mikko disappeared into the prison, knowing it was simply a matter of time before Kendall would be out of her sights. "I love you too." She managed to say, in between sobs. "Please.. come back to me." She held him tightly, returning the kiss with deep passion, as if it were their last. She clung to him, unable to will herself to release him.

    Once Mikko was inside, she was patted down and checked for weapons. Having none on her she was taken to another room. The viewing room. A line of chairs sat in the center of the room, in the front a large window that looked into the execution chamber. In the chamber was a bed, and what looked like medical IVs. What wasn't there was the cop. The cop that was going to make everything work. the cop who's gun she was going to take, with out the cop there was no plan. Mikko started to panic, but tried not to let it show. Maybe the cop would come in, in a bit. She sat in one of the chairs, heart racing and hands shaking. She waited...

    And soon, the cop entered the room. He took his position and waited, seemingly unfazed by the fact that someone's life was about to be taken. A veteran in the force, he'd witnessed his share of exactions and had hardened to them. He watched on with a stone expression as Timothy Black was escorted into the room, adorned in handcuffs and being guided by two officers. It took that many to control him, and even then, the convict was proving to be a handful. Spike glared out through the window, showing no signs of fear. Nothing but anger and hate. He screamed obscenities at the onlookers, but their ears would be spared thanks to the soundproof glass. His gaze soon fixated on Mikko, and he made an obscene gesture with his tongue, before flashing her a wink. Hell, he wasn't counting on her actually pulling this off, but if she did, he would live to kill another day.

    Mikko managed to stay stone faced as Spike was walked in, She didn't want him to know that all her plans just died with the lack of one cop. She had failed him, and it was eating her up inside. Little did Mikko know, the whole prison was electronic. Including Spikes table restraints. If she had known she might not be feeling this sick. right now the only hope that she had was that the power outage would delay the execution a few more days.

    He reluctantly broke the kiss and held her tightly. "I promise I will, babe." He slowly pulled himself out of Daisy's grip, giving her an apologetic smile. After he was done with this, he was SO making this up to her. With a heavy sigh, he climbed out of the vehicle and carefully made his way to his station.

    After several minutes and a violent scuffle, the guards had finally managed to shove Spike against the bed, and activated the electronic straps that would hold him into place. Even though it seemed futile, Spike struggled with his restraints, managing to bite one of the medical staff as she moved in to insert the needle, that would later be attached to the lethal IV.

    Mikko glanced at the clock and her heart sunk lower. Kendall would be cutting the power any moment now, and she still had no way of getting a gun. She thought of just charging in there anyway and hoping to be able to grab a gun from the cops in there, but knew that they would have their weapons out before she could make in the chamber. She sighed heavily and watched as they stuck the needle in his arm. or at lest tried to. She hated that she didn't have a plan B. she hated that she had lost control of the situation.

    The moment that Kendall stepped out of the SUV, Daisy's heart shattered into a million pieces. She no longer had any reason to hold back the tears. Crying her heart out, she watched him until he disappeared from her line of sight. The separation and fear she was feeling was nearly suffocating. She was trying hard to respect their wishes.. to remain in the car. But what if something happened to him? Her shaky hand was already placed on the door handle, attempting to quietly open it..

    Now in position, Kendall glanced at his watch. Everything was riding on his timing. He inhaled deeply and exhaled. It was now or never. With his mind set on his task, he pulled the lever that would shut off all the power to the building. Now it was up to Mikko to carry out the rest of the plan.

    Chris was keeping a careful eye on Daisy. When she completely broke down, he was making his way to the front of the SUV, embracing her and whispering reassurances to her while they waited...on pins and needles, it felt like. In this current position, however, he couldn't see what Daisy was up to.

    And suddenly the lights where off, casting everyone in blackness. She stood unsure of what to do. If she ran in the chamber, she wouldn't be able to get a weapon in time. if she stood here, she would leave knowing that she had failed without even trying. The five seconds of complete darkness was quickly ticking away, and there was nothing Mikko could do.

    Soon, the preacher stepped into the room, clinching the bible in his right hand. He said a prayer for the soul that was about to be passed into whatever afterlife there may be, ignoring the vulgar language of the restrained prisoner. As the preacher prayed, the room was suddenly cast in an eery darkness. The electronic restraints hissed noisily as they released. Spike was able to grab a gun from one of the cops, showing no mercy to anyone in that exaction chamber. They were all gunned down in a matter of seconds, and by the time the back-up power had kicked in, he was on the other side of that glass, taking Mikko as his 'hostage'. He pulled her tight against his body, gun held against her temple. "No one fuckin' move! You follow me, the bitch gets it!!"

    Mikko didn't have to much longer to think about what she was going to do when she heard the gun shots. She jumped at the sound and had taken one step back when she was suddenly grabbed. By now the battery powered lights had come on, it wasn't much, like the small lights on the floor of a movie theater. Just enough to see where you're going. Mikko looked around at the faces that looked back at them. She was in a panic. It wasn't that she had never been in this situation before, hell she was glad that he was able to get out even. But she wasn't in control. Her whole plan had her in control. And now, Spike was in control. and that worried her. A lot. She didn't fight him, and only moved when he moved her. Hopefully they both made it out of this alive.

    Daisy melted into Chris' arms, sobbing against his shoulder. She was grateful for his kindness, but she couldn't wait around here while her Angel was in danger. As stealthily as she could, she reached for the gun that was hidden in her pack, and untangled herself from his warm embrace. She gave him an apologetic look as she slid from the now open door. "I'm ..sorry... but I have to go!" With that, she sprinted away from the vehicle, heading in the direction Kendall had gone.

    By now the whole prison was on alert. Kendall had been spotted on surveillance, and officer Adams would be the first one on the scene, aided by the powerful noses of the K-9 unit. The large dogs were quick to pick up his scent, and rushed in Kendall's direction. Daisy had arrived in time to see the scene unfolding, her heart sinking. She screamed out, trying to draw the German Shepard's attention to herself, but they seemed dead focused. Daisy seriously didn't want to shoot a dog, but they were a threat to Kendall. She took aim, but before her finger could pull the trigger, she was suddenly jerked back..

    And that was all he needed to know when things started spiraling out of control. He opened the door and chased after her. But it didn't take him long to lose her. Rather than getting caught himself, he hurried back to the vehicle...since he wasn't too far away from it anyway, and just looked on in horror. He'd failed Mikko, he knew that. The one thing that he was supposed to do and he let her slip out of his grasp...literally. Things were NOT good at all...

    Once they were out of the room, Spike made his way towards the exit with Mikko still held firmly within his grasp. This would've gone a whole lot smoother if there weren't so many damn cops, but luckily the dim lighting would work in their favor. He ducked into the shadows whenever someone came too near, only resuming once he was sure the coast was clear. "I knew you couldn't stay away from me." He whispered in a sarcastic tone. "Took you long enough."

    Mikko didn't respond to him, more concerned with he flying bullets. It wasn't just Spike that had got free, but the whole damn prison. They were doing ok, ducking in the shadows. she moved when he moved, where he moved. But their almost fluid movement was halted when one of the stray bullets ripped through her leg. She buckled from the pain, only being held up by Spike's tight grasp on her. She gritted her teeth together, tears forming at the corner of her eyes. She had to go on But every step was more painful then the last.

    "No.. let me go!!" Daisy struggled against the person who had grabbed her from behind. She was doing her best to keep her weapon, even as the strong man tried to wrestle it away from her, bruising her wrists in the process. The officer certainly had the upper hand, but Daisy had speed on her side. She managed to elbow him hard in the gut, causing him to lose his grip on her, and the weapon. She quickly spun, aiming the pistol at her attacker. Her arms were shaky, heart racing wildly within the confines of her chest, but she stood her ground. "Call your fucking dog off!" She hissed at the officer, who was now holding his hands up slightly, in a none threatening display. His eyes grew wide, unbelieving the girl that now stood before him. He'd kept watch over her, from a distance. She wouldn't recognize him, but he certainly knew who she was. "Drop the gun, Daisy... you don't know what you're getting yourself into.."

    The bullets were flying, and Spike was doing his part to contribute to that. He would claim more victims before this night was over. He cursed when Mikko got hit, knowing this was only going to slow them down. He was tempted to just leave her there, but he knew he needed a hostage, if he was to get out of this alive. It was as close to a thank you as she would get. "Look'it'you. Can't fuckin' take you anywhere!" He hissed, and pulled her arm around his shoulder, helping her support her weight. "I should leave yer ass."

    It didn't go unnoticed that Spike was in fact NOT leaving her ass. Mikko was grateful of that, she nodded in response to him and bit back the pain walking as quickly as she could. They were almost out, she could see the exit, it helped to push her forward, knowing how close they were to freedom. Then another shot, This time the bullet didn't exactly hit her, more like, it cut her. From the corner of her mouth to her earlobe, the bullet slashed through her skin. It was fast. She hardly noticed till she put a hand to her face and saw the blood. She held on to him. "Just a few more feet...."
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    Kendall once again tried to get away from the dog when he heard Daisy's yell. But it was no use. "Daisy!" He was scared for both of them now. He couldn't be caught again...he just couldn't! Then he remembered he had a fuckin' GUN tucked away. 'You IDIOT!!!' he scolded himself. In his panic, he had forgotten he was armed after all. With a shakey hand, he pulled it out and prepared to kill his only obstacle that kept him from getting to Daisy...

    Indeed, they were coming close to the exit. Spike was contemplating his next move. He shot anyone dumb enough to come too close, his grip still held firmly to Mikko. He knew if he released her, he was a dead man. Perhaps it was his only reason for not abandoning her all together. But soon his luck would run out. One of the officers finally fired a successful shot. The bullet ripped through his shoulder, causing him to release his grip on Mikko. He winced in pain, angered gaze fixating on the one responsible. He fired several shots, claiming yet another victim. But unbeknownst to him, he was now in the cross hairs of another vengeful officer...

    Mikko ran with him, the adrenalin pumping through her helped with the pain in her leg and face. She was thankful for Spike's tight grip on her, it helped steady her making her able to run with out her leg fully giving out on her. But once Spike was shot and his grip loosened she stumbled a bit but was able to remain standing. She looked at the cop that had shot Spike then turned her head in time to see another officer taking aim. With no time to think she acted, pulling Spike roughly away and stepping in front of him. He was NOT going to get killed, not after all the shit she had to go through to save his ass.

    Daisy could only stare at the man through tear-filled eyes. Scared to death and in a near panic, she kept her aim on the man, completely confused by his words. "H..how do you.. know me?" She managed to ask, through a shaky tone. She could hear the dog snarling and barking viciously in the background. Her heard nearly sank, fearing the animal was about to rip Kendall to shreds. She glanced over her shoulder, and that was all the distraction the officer would need. He quickly grabbed the girl's wrist, pulling her firmly against him. He struggled with her, trying to disarm her of the pistol, but even as she was restrained, she refused to relinquish her firm hold on her life-line. She kicked and scratched at him violently, trying to break free. "Because I'm your father! Now drop the fucking gun!"

    The loud sound of gunfire once again reverberated throughout the halls. However, the bullet would not hit its intended target. The officer's features dropped as his bullet tore through what he perceived as the hostage..

    The bullet pierced through her flesh, just above her stomach. Mikko fells to her knees, holding on to the bleeding wound. Her breathing got heavy as another pain started to hit her. She wasn't sure if she could go on, she glanced over at Spike, not for help, but to make sure that he was ok.

    Kendall tried a quick defensive maneuver and pointed the gun straight above him, but out of the shed and fired. He was attempting to scare the dog away before actually shooting it. This was his favorite kind of dog...he couldn't shoot it unless he had to. But either way, it would be his last resort if the dog didn't get spooked by the gunfire.

    Daisy's heart nearly skipped a beat, hearing those words. Her father? Then why couldn't she remember him?? She would've probably recognized him as the occasional guest that had dropped by the clinics, but always kept his distance- if she wasn't fearing for Kendall's life. Still, his claim didn't extinguish her desire to get away from him. She continued to struggle, biting and scratching at him as she tried her best to repeat her earlier maneuver. Unfortunately the officer had learned from his mistakes, and avoided a painful repeat. Daisy was breathing heavily at this point, her exertions becoming exhausting, but she wouldn't give up. "You're not my father!" She screamed through labored breaths. "Let go of me!"

    Meanwhile, the dog was still holding his guard, keeping Kendall at bay. The animal had been highly trained to not become distracted by gunfire. However, the scuffle happening a short distance behind him had earned the dog's attention. His master was in danger. Now, the canine's sights were dead set on the blonde, and he charged with intent to kill...

    Just when Kendall was getting ready to take aim for the dog, he dog's attention was drawn away from him. It didn't take Kendall long to catch on to what was happening. He started panicking again and now that he was free, he charged out of his hiding spot, screaming at the top of his lungs. "DAISY! LOOK OUT!!!" He had the gun out and ready to shoot again.

    Mikko knew damn well that he would leave her, she was surprised that he bothered to help her and would try to help herself as much as she could. She stood and tried to support herself, she wasn't doing to bad of a job. One hand holding on to him the other over her stomach. "I was thinking I would save your ass." She finally answered one of his questions through labored breaths. They finally made it to the doors that would lead them outside. She reached for it to pull the heavy door open.

    Daisy could only watch on in horror as the dog came charging at her, his large jaws snarling and snapping with vicious intent, too focused to hear his master's command to halt. Panicked, Daisy continued her desperate struggle. She released a pained cry as the sharp teeth ripped into her leg. Now, the officer had two points of distraction. His K-9 partner, who threatened to rip the girl to shreds, and the man who was coming from the shed. He quickly recognized him as one of the escaped convicts. Wasting no time, he freed one hand to pull his gun, and took several shots in Kendall's direction..

    By forces unknown, they had made it to the exit. Spike assisted her with opening the door, once again entertaining the thought of leaving her. But once again, he assisted her, helping her away from the grounds. "Where the fuck you parked at?"

    They were out finally! Now to make it to the van. "Round back, in the woods." Mikko took the lead, briskly walking to where the van was, still leaning on Spike, but supporting herself mostly on her own. And if everyone did what they were suppose to, they should all be in the van waiting.

    Thinking quickly, and dodging the first few bullets fired in his direction, Kendall took cover behind a wall. He would have fired back without hesitation if Daisy wasn't in the way. 'Dammit Daisy!' he thought. Why didn't she wait in the car like she was supposed to? Oh well, too late now. Now, trying to keep as much as of his body behind that wall as possible, he took careful aim at the dog and pulled the trigger...hoping to only hit his mark.

    Spike allowed her to lead the way, keeping a watchful eye behind them. It seemed they were in the clear now, and once again, he had cheated death. A crooked grin tugged across his lips at that thought. The devil was afraid to let him in, no doubt. Afraid he would take over.

    Mikko looked over at him and caught the grin, damn he had a nice smile. But there was no time to admire Spike's smile. They were almost to the van when she stopped and dodged behind some bushes. She wasn't sure if the cop had seen them or not. She looked back at Spike and whispered to him. "You have any bullets left?"

    The shot rang out, followed by a loud yelp. The bullet had hit its intended mark, ripping through the dog's shoulders. The animal's jaws released their victim, and he limped away, dropping a few feet away. He wasn't dead, but too injured to be involved any longer. Daisy was in a fit of tears, both from the crippling pain shooting through her leg, and the fear that Kendall had possibly been hit. She continued to struggle, though she was quickly losing strength. But mustering up every last ounce of energy she had, she elbowed the man hard in his groin, causing him to double over in pain. Finally free, Daisy quickly ran in Kendall's direction, trying hard to ignore each agonizing step..

    Spike quickly checked the clip, and spared a nod at Mikko. "A few." It was just too bad that officer Adams was nowhere in his sights. He would love to settle up some old scores.

    Mikko heard a gun shot. and dog yelp. At lest they wouldn't have to worry about that. She nodded back. "Ok." Her plan? To go out there and hopefully take care of the cop, leaving spike out of any danger. But knew that Spike probably wasn't going to give her the gun and probably wanted to kill the cop himself. "I'll go out and distract him..."

    Breathing a huge sigh of relief that he only hit the dog, he dropped the gun at his side. Then he saw Daisy limping towards her. Not worrying about his cover anymore, he rushed to Daisy and picked her up, quickly making his way back to the van as fast as he could, hoping there wouldn't be anymore trouble.

    It was a huge weight off her chest the moment she saw that Kendall was unharmed. As he picked her up, she wrapped both arms around his neck, squeezing him tightly. She buried her face against his neck, sobbing uncontrollably. She knew she'd messed up, but she was just so afraid of losing him.

    It didn't take long for Spike's attention to be drawn in the direction of the noise. From a distance, he could see the officer who was now trying to attend the injured canine. He radioed for back-up, informing them of Kendall and Daisy, giving them the orders to kill the escaped convict on sight. The girl was not to be harmed, he instructed. Spike spared a glance at Mikko, and simply shrugged his shoulders. He tossed her the gun. "Show me how much you fuckin' love me."

    He actually gave her the gun? Mikko didn't expect that but nodded and, after a brief crippling pain in her stomach stopped enough for her to stand she walked up to the cop. Gun aimed at his head. she waited till he noticed her before firing, she never liked to kill anyone that wasn't looking at her, wasn't as fun she supposed.

    Kendall made his way to the woods with Daisy, trying to deter anyone that could be following them. He could hear gunshots being fired in the background as a few of the bullets whizzed by his head, and hit trees nearby. He kept his focus on getting to the SUV with Daisy, and nothing else.

    Spike only watched on in amusement. The officer turned only to be met with the sight of Mikko, and he quickly reached for his gun, attempting to take aim.

    But the officer wouldn't have time to fire. The second her eyes met with his she shot. She had never actually fired a gun at anyone before. and the gun had a surprisingly strong kick, but she held her hand steady. It was a close range shot to the head. No doubt the cop was dead. but Mikko still held the gun in front of her ready to fire again if she needed to.

    Daisy's heart nearly skipped a beat, each and every time she heard a gun shot. She clung to Kendall, doing her best to steady her breathing. She was trembling beyond control, blood gushing from the deep puncture wounds in her leg. Her face was still buried against Kendall's neck as the SUV came into view. She squeezed him tightly, still trying to get her suffocating sobs under control.

    Chris had been watching things through every window in the SUV. He had been extremely on edge. Especially after he started hearing gunshots. And...because he was too far away, he couldn't tell what was happening. Only just now, he caught sight of Kendall and Daisy. Not being able to sit still anymore, he wrenched open the door and rushed over to them. He immediately saw Daisy's leg and the blood seeping from the wound. "What happened?!" Now he KNEW he would be in for it when Mikko found out.

    Spike was seriously hoping she would at least torture the guy first, make him beg for mercy. But of well. At least the fucker was dead. Now with that taken care of, he was ready to get the hell out of here.

    Mikko grabbed the cops gun and went back to Spike, She leaned against a tree, holding her stomach as another wave of pain hit her. A few deep breaths later she was a little better, though the blood loss was starting to get to her. She handed Spike the new gun and leaned on him for support. "The van's just right over that hill." She informed nodding straight ahead of them.

    There were nearly there. Just then, Chris emerged from the vehicle and rushed over to them. "A fuckin' dog bit her!" he seethed in reply, trying to keep his own emotions in check. It wasn't easy after everything that happened. The plan certainly didn't go off without a hitch. "Here, help me get her to the van!" He could still hear gunshots in the distance, but luckily they weren't as close anymore.But he still wasn't taking any chances.

    Spike allowed her to lean against him for support, but not without voicing his distaste. She was slowing him down. And now he was once again thinking about leaving her behind. But she had the vehicle, and probably already had a 'safe' house set up. She was still of use to him, luckily for her.

    It had crossed Mikko's mind that she was slowing him down. her whole purpose for doing this was to get him safely away and that was difficult to do with her hanging on him. She let him go. She could make it to the van on her own, just not as fast. "The van's over the hill, I'll catch up." She told Spike and slowed down her own pace. There was no doubt in her mind that once he got to the van he would want to just leave. her hope was that the others would make him wait for her.

    Daisy's color had slightly paled, due to the blood loss and overwhelming nausea that had taken hold. She slightly shifted her gaze once she heard Chris' voice approach them. She stared at him with tear-filled eyes, giving him an apologetic look before once again resting her head against Kendall.

    Chris complied without hesitation and opened the back doors for Kendall, then carefully helped him carry Daisy to the vehicle. He couldn't help wondering: if Daisy was this bad, then what would Mikko's condition be? He really didn't want to think about it. He was just hoping she got out of this unscathed.

    "Don't be fuckin' stupid." Spike roughly grabbed her, tugging her along. Sure, he wanted to leave her ass right there, but knew none of this would work without her. He was unaware of the 'posse' she had brought along, but even if he had free range of the car, it would take some time to establish a safe hiding spot on his own. Mikko no doubt had all of that set up. No, he wouldn't leave her here for his own selfish reasons, but he showed her no mercy as he tugged her towards the car.
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    Mikko fully expected Spike to just leave, but her actions caused her more pain then she was prepared for. She fought back tears as she willed herself to keep up with Spike. Again she managed to get an arm around his shoulder, she leaned on him again as the van finally came into view. thank god, she thought. Her pace quickened, the thought of finally laying down and not moving for a few hours gave her the extra push she needed to make it to the van.

    With Chris' help, they finally made it! He gently laid Daisy down on the seat in the back and climbed in, shutting the door behind him. THen he took off his shirt and ripped it into strips to cover Daisy's wound. He wadded up a second strip to press against it. "We gotta get you to the hospital, babe," he said in the calmest voice he could muster. Inside, he was in sheer panic. But he couldn't focus on that, he had to help Daisy in anyway he could. After wrapping her leg up the best he could, he laid a hand on her forehead, trying to calm her. "Stay with me, Daisy."

    Daisy winced as she was gently placed into the back seat of the van. Even the slightest movement was agonizing. Her mind was racing with the words that the officer had said to her, and the fear of the unknown. But despite everything she was feeling, at least her Kendall was safe. Still trying to find her voice from the heart-wrenching sobs, she wrapped both arms around his neck as he tended to her wounds, and pressed her lips against his. "I'm... so sorry.. babe." She managed to say through a choked tone. "I couldn't risk.. losing you.."

    They had finally made it to the van, but upon discovering that they weren't alone, he halted in his tracks, giving Mikko an angered look. "What the fuck's this?!"

    Mikko looked at Spike. "This is the people I convinced to risk their lives getting you out of here, I couldn't do this on my own, Spike. Now lets go. a cabin is waiting for us with a razor and other goodies for ya." she said, glancing at his not so bald head. With that she pressed on. Once she was close enough to the van she shouted to Chris. "Chris! Start the van! Lets get the hell out of here." She slid in the middle seat and moved over for Spike.

    Spike certainly wasn't happy with these arrangements. He shot the black-haired guy an evil glare. He had no idea who the man was, but he'd never needed a reason to hate anyone before. He climbed into the seat with Mikko, quickly noticing the two in the back. It was HIM!! The one he held responsible for being shot during the first jail break. He would definitely be dealing with this guy later. And the blonde, bleeding in the guy's arms. He watched her struggle with hungry eyes. The blood and the fear that seemed to be emitting from her had awakened his primal senses. She too would be dealt with, all in due time.

    Chris heard the order and climbed into the driver's seat, starting up the vehicle. Then carefully drove out of there. Things had not gone well. Two people were hurt, this other guy that they 'rescued' scared the shit out of him with just one glare, and worst of all, he feared for the baby's health. He had caught a small glimpse of Mikko's wound.

    Mikko leaned back in her seat, hand over her wound, the pains were coming on more often now. And it finally hit her what was happing. She looked back at Kendall..."Hey Kendall? You ever delivered a baby before?" But she was going to try her damndest to wait till they got to the cabin. She took some deep breaths, trying to calm her nerves and help with the pain.

    Kendall returned the kiss. As much as he wanted to yell at her for why she left the van in the first place, he couldn't. Not when she was suffering. He took a few calming breaths and nodded. "Yeah, I know." That was all he could say. It wasn't long before Mikko and that bastard Spike came back. He had all is attention focused on Daisy and ignored every little reaction Spike had given everyone. He only looked up when Mikko addressed him; and his eyes widened in alarm. "Oh no... You're no--" He shook his head. "No, I haven't. But Daisy needs to get to the hospital. One of those fuckin'd dogs attacked her." He looked at Daisy again, taking her hand in his, giving it a gentle squeeze.

    A dog? How the fuck did that happen!? She was suppose to stay in the fucking van! We're NOT going to the hospital, she's going to have to suck it up!" Mikko sat back, her sudden anger triggered another painful attack, she doubled over, a painful cry leaving her throat.

    The femoral artery had been nicked, causing Daisy to lose a lot of blood, but thanks to the pressure Kendall had applied, the bleeding was beginning to slow. Still, she had lost a significant amount, causing her to drift in and out of consciousness. She fought to remain awake, scared out of her mind. Even a simple task like breathing hurt, but she was trying hard to calm herself. The last thing she needed right now was to go into a panic-induced seizure. She met Kendall's eyes, making him her point of focus. Mikko's comment had not gone on deaf ears. Still, she was confident in Kendall's abilities. Her shaky hand returned his squeeze, as she tried to fight back the tears. "It's okay.." She leaned up to meet his lips. "You'll.. make it all better.."

    Spike seriously didn't know how much more of this shit he could take. He nearly slapped Mikko as she screamed out in pain. That, coupled with the sniffling that was emitting from the back was driving him insane!

    Mikko took a few breaths and straighten herself out, she glanced over at Spike and noticed his irritation. She looked over at Kendall, giving him the 'you need to shut Daisy up' look, then started her own bandage job on herself, Taking her shirt off and tying it around her leg, then grabbing a water bottle from the floor and using it to wash away the blood from her stomach. Each waved of pain she felt she gritted her teeth, the last thing she wanted to do was piss Spike off more. "We're almost there..."

    Kendall seriously didn't know what to do. He didn't have this kind of medical training, but Daisy had such high hopes that he would fix everything. With a small nod, he whispered, "I'll do the best I can." He caught Mikko's look and rolled his eyes, knowing how the fucker was with this kind of stuff. He leaned closer to Daisy and started whispering soothing words to her again, then finally captured her lips in a kiss to muffle her cries.

    Daisy clung to his every word, finding comfort in his loving gestures. Her cries were momentarily muffled by his kisses. She focused on that, trying to will the pain from her mind. She returned it with meaning, savoring the feel of his warmth against her slightly chilled lips. "I.. love you." She managed to whisper against his lips.

    Indeed they were. As soon as Chris found out that the hospital was out of the question, he tried to find the quickest route back to the cabin. He still didn't like the idea of skipping out of the hospital visit, but what could he do? Mikko was furious with the fact Daisy was out in danger. And Chris was entirely to blame for that. At least, that's what he thought. Even though Daisy slipped by him and there was nothing he could do about it at the time. They were soon arriving to the cabin and Chris parked and shut the engine off. He didn't dare look behind him with Spike in the vehicle.

    Spike shot Mikko a glare. "Don't you dare push that thing out on me." He seethed, referring to her unborn child. If she did, he would certainly kill it. Hell, he'd kill it anyhow. Still, he didn't want her bleeding all over him. He shot her a disgusted look, then climbed into the front passenger seat, now sitting next to Chris. He glared at the man, quietly sizing him up as he pulled out his pocket knife, then began cleaning the dried blood from beneath his nails. Luckily for Chris, they were now at the cabin and he wouldn't have to deal with sitting beside the psychopath for long.

    Mikko just gave Spike a look of disbelief. HE'S the one that did this to her. But she didn't argue. Once they pulled up at the cabin she started giving out instructions. "Kendall I need you to stay in here with me for a bit and grab the blanket back there, Chris go inside and get the dog, and just get what ever Spike needs, if he needs anything. Spike....Like I said before. there's a box with drugs, weapons, money, a razor, and spikes. and cloths in the closet." She then laid down and hoped that this baby would get the hell out of her soon. it was the most painful fucking thing ever. She would rather get shot again then this. Oh yeah..she was NOT doing the baby thing ever again.

    Just when Chris thought he was safe, the psychopath just HAD to sit down next to him. But Chris still didn't look his direction. He would be so glad to get away from this guy. But then he heard Mikko's instructions and he menally jaw-dropped. First, she told him to stay away from this guy and now she wants him to actually interact with him?! Of course, it wasn't the first change of plans today. With a quick 'sure' as a reply, he opened the door and stepped out, heading for the cabin. He didn't look back in case the madman was following him. He swiftly entered the cabin and headed for the bathroom, grabbing the dog. And then he chanced a glance to see if Spike had actually followed him inside.

    And Spike was indeed following. There was no way in hell he was sticking around to witness the birth. Too fucking noisy. Though, if everyone would be busy catering to Mikko during her birthing thing. That would leave the little blonde all alone. He couldn't suppress a devious thought at that. It seemed opportunity would present itself much sooner than he'd thought. He walked into the cabin, and just for the sheer enjoyment of it, he followed Chris, flashing him a twisted grin.

    With everyone out of the Van but Kendall and Daisy, Mikko slipped her pants off and started breathing hard. Her plan was to have the kid, go in the cabin grab what she needed for the baby and leave. It seemed that today was nothing but coming up with new plans on the spot. She didn't want to stay in the tent with the baby, but she also didn't want to risk Spike getting to him. This was definitely a mess. She would see what Spike would say, and figure out where to stay with Travis then. She looked over at Kendall. "I think...umm...it's time......"

    "I love you too, Daisy," he whispered back. Now that they were back at the cabin, he could tend to her properly. But then Mikko was seemingly going into labor. Now it just became much more difficult. He looked at Daisy and whispered to stay right there, he would be with her as soon as he could. This baby thing shouldn't take too long, right? With a heavy sigh he stood up an moved into the seat in front of him after grabbing the blanket. He settled down in front of Mikko getting ready for the baby's arrival. He wasn't exactly sure what to do, but he had a vague idea. "Okay, take deep breaths, Mikko. You need to try to relax."

    Mikko nodded and relaxed. she took a few deep breaths and followed kendalls instructions. The twenty minuets that it took seemed like forever, but finally, exhausted, messy and still in pain, she was handed her little boy, wrapped in the blanket and crying. There was no way she was going in the cabin with little Travis crying. At first she wasn't sure what to do, then she started to gently rock the little one. It calmed him and he quieted. She looked back at Kendall with a smile. "thanks...You should take Daisy back to the tent...I didn't like the way Spike was eyeing her." She sat up and carefully slipped out the van, so as not to wake the now sleeping baby, and grabbed her pants. she needed a shower...and some strong pain pills.

    Still drifting in and out of consciousness, Daisy was unaware of what was going on in the row in front of her. She held to Kendall for as long as she could, frowning as he left, but within a matter of seconds, she had once again drifted off, oblivious to the miracle happening, only feet away.

    Chris was NOT liking the company he was sharing with this guy. He didn't want to look at him, and yet at the same time, didn't want to take his eyes off him. Chris was worried about him trying something when he was least expecting it. He was very excited/scared for Mikko. He really WANTED to be out there with her during the birthing process, but here he was 'babysitting' the insane criminal. Joy...

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    Post by Mikko on Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:18 pm

    Spike was taking great pleasure in this. He knew the guy wasn't too comfortable with his presence, and that gave him great satisfaction. He quickly noticed the tiny puppy, and shot a look of distaste. He would certainly be doing away with that rat , too. He said nothing, but continued to watch Chris with a psychotic glare, a small twisted grin running across his dry lips.

    Mikko slid her pants on and quietly headed in the cabin. she looked around and noticed Spike freaking out Chris, that definitely made her chuckle. After she gathered herself she went right to Chris, pulling him to the side and handing him Travis. "I need a shower. can you watch him. I'm not going to be long. there are diapers in the bedroom." She then looked over at Spike. "I'm gonna need you..."

    After everything was taken care of and the baby was delivered safely, Kendall let out a huge sigh of relief. "He's beautiful, Mikko," he said smiling. Hopefully this kid would grow up to be more like his mother than the father. From the sound of it, the father didn't even want it. That was pretty absurd considering it was partially his too. But he didn't know much about these two's past either. So he guessed this is where Chris would come in. After cleaning himself up the best he could, he nodded to Mikko. If this Spike dude DID try anything to hurt Daisy, Kendall would be there to bash his skull in. After making sure Mikko was alright, he went back into the way-back to Daisy again. He took her hand in his and whispered her name softly. "Daisy...can you hear me?" He put his hand on her forehead again, a bit alarmed about her unconscious state. He shook her gently. "Daisy...wake up, please..."

    Chris continued discretely watching Spike. He figured if he didn't look right at him, then he wouldn't feel so intimidated by him. In theory...but the madman still scared the living daylights out of Chris. When Mikko finally entered the cabin he breathed a sigh of relief. But that relief soon turned to alarm again as she pulled him aside. But when he saw the little one up close, he smiled warmly. So this was the little guy that they had been waiting for. He was sure a cutie. He smiled at Mikko and headed into the bedroom with the baby.

    Daisy's skin was still slightly chilled to the touch, her complexion still paled from the blood loss. Kendall's voice and touches slowly tugged at her subconscious, causing her to shift slightly, curling into him. She was just too physically drained to wake, but the gentle shaking caused her eyes to flutter. After a moment, they slowly opened, and she gazed up at him. She was slightly disorientated, and the overwhelming pain that she was met with nearly caused her to cry out. Keeping her movements to a minimal, she wrapped her arms around Kendall's neck, hugging him as tightly as she could. She buried her face against his neck, trying to hide the tears. She was so glad he was alright. It was a huge weight off her chest. After a moment, she finally found her voice. "Are.. we home yet?"

    Spike watched with distaste as Chris disappeared with the baby. That damn thing would have to go, and he was sure he would get his chance. They couldn't watch it all the time, he thought. As Mikko informed him she would need him, he shot her a look as if to say 'the hell you do!'. "What the fuck you need me for?"

    Mikko was happy that Chris didn't protest, she headed to the bathroom then turned back to Spike. "I need you get this bullet out my leg....please?" She tried to remember if she had ever actually asked Spike for anything....And as far as she could remember she hadn't. "I'll be in the shower." She walked in the bathroom and undressed. if he was going to help he would follow her, if not..She would see if Chris could stomach helping her with it.

    Surprisingly enough, Spike followed. Though, he didn't try to mask his distaste. Still, it would give him the opportunity to use his newly acquired pocket knife. He pulled it from his pants, and with one smooth move of his hand, extracted the stainless still blade. "You sure you won't my help?" He asked, flashing her a twisted grin.

    Kendall held her close and nodded. "Yeah, we're home. But I still think I should take you to the hospital. Everyone else is inside now." He leaned down to kiss her cheek. "So will you let me take you?" He took her hand and squeeze it gently. He wanted to know what she thought about it before he did anything.

    Mikko turned the shower on and was able to rinse herself off a little before Spike walked in and flashed her his knife. She turned the water off and straddled the side of the tub, injured leg facing him. And that grin. She just melted when he flashed that grin. "Mmmhmm...." Yeah she was in for a world of hurt, but she knew where the good pain killers were, and with no more baby living in her, she was free to use them. though she would be carful not to get fucked up....to much...

    Daisy frowned at his question. The hospital always scared her, but as much pain as she was in, and how nauseous she was feeling, she was seriously considering it. Still, she didn't want to be there alone, and knew Kendall probably couldn't be with her. Unless he disguised himself really well. She squeezed him gently, and shifted just enough to meet his gaze. "But, I'd be all alone there.."

    Kendall couldn't help but smile a little. "Are you kidding me? I'd never leave you, Daisy."

    Spike was so going to enjoy this. He fished through the medicine cabinet, and after finding a bottle of alcohol, he soaked the blade, before moving closer to her. He couldn't deny that seeing that much of her flesh, coupled with still being slightly bloody, was a bit arousing. But she still lacked the fear. That had always been the drawback for him, in their 'relationship.' After kneeling down, he firmly gripped her leg, pulling her closer to him. And without warning, he stuck the blade into her wound, and began to dig around..

    Deep down, Daisy knew Kendall wouldn't let her do this alone, but she still feared for his safety. But still, she would be there and wouldn't let anything bad happen to him. She tightened her embrace as she met his lips, kissing him softly. Despite her pain, she couldn't help but smile at him. He was just so sweet. "Yeah.. I think I better." She finally answered, the smile fading away. "I'm not feeling so hot."

    Mikko watched his every move trying to prepare herself for what was to come. When he knelt down next to her, she let him move her leg and still, keeping a watchful eye on what he was doing, clenched her teeth together. She figured after just giving birth this wouldn't be that bad. And somehow pain was never...painful, when Spike was the one administering it. And then she felt it, the hot searing pain that shot up her leg when the blade went in. He had caused more damage, whish was to be expected, and took deep calming breaths as she watched the blood flow from her leg. As he worked she couldn't suppress a moan. and closed her eyes tight. "So...did you...find your things?" She asked trying not to thinking about what was going on with her leg.

    And there it was. The blood. Just the scent of it was intoxicating. He breathed it in, feeling a serge rush through his body. He was causing more damage than necessary, but he couldn't suppress that urge. Finally, the bullet was extracted from the wound, and he tossed her a towel to clean herself up with. "Nope." He replied simply, regarding her question about the stuff. Though, he would be looking for it soon. He planned on going out later, to settle up some old scores. With the deed now done, he closed the blade and slid the knife back into his pocket, not bothering to clean it.

    Kendall returned her kiss and gave her a few of his own, then nodded. "Okay. Do you think you could sit up so I can buckle you in?"He didn't think it would be save for her to lay back here without someone to hold her in place. And he couldn't do that and drive at the same time.

    Ok now he was just messing around. With her leg! Fuck! Mikko had about as much as she could take, thankfully Spike finally got the bullet out and tossed her towel. She stood up, dabbing her leg with the towel, it was still to sore to hold much pressure on to. "Thanks....Stuffs on the coffee table..." She leaned over and turned the water on and washed her leg off, then she moved passed him to the first aid get to wrap a bandage around the wound. She looked him over and saw that his shoulder had been hit. "Want me to bandage up that shoulder?"

    Just the thought of moving was agonizing. Still, Daisy responded with a slight nod. "I.. think so." She reluctantly slipped her arms from around his neck, then did her best to slide herself upright, wincing as the pain shot through her leg.

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    "You just can't keep yer hands off me, can you." Spike shot her a smug grin as he pulled the shirt over his shoulders, exposing the wound underneath. At least it was nothing more than a graze, but still deep enough to need stitches, something he would certainly refuse.

    Kendall helped into a sitting position and once she was upright, he kissed her deeply as he buckled her in. "I'm sorry, babe, but I want to make sure you're safe when the car is in motion. I can't stay back here with you." He kissed her sweetly again before turning to head back to the front of the vehicle.

    Mikko couldn't help but grin at that. "Yes Spike. this was nothing but a ploy so that I can put my hands on your sexy body." She rolled her eyes and grabbed the last of the bandages from the first aid kit. She carefully cleaned the wound then wrapped the bandage on him. She was glad that he wasn't seriously injured. "Ok..." With out bothering to dress, why bother when everyone in the house had seen her naked before, she walked out the bathroom to meet back up with Chris.

    Daisy seriously wished that he could in fact stay back here with her, but she knew that would be impossible. She managed a sweet grin at his comment. "Aww, I'm so lucky to have you, babe. You're such a care bear!" She planted one more kiss against his lips before he moved towards the front of the vehicle. She tried her best to get comfortable, but the surging pain would make that impossible. But without anything to distract her, she would soon drift off once more.

    Once the wound was bandaged and Mikko had left the bathroom, Spike finally went in search of the 'gift' she had prepared for him. He opened the box and plundered inside. Nice. There was enough weapons for him to get back to his old ways. And his spikes. She had thought of everything. But before he could literally paint the town red, he needed to take care of his appearance. After gathering the box, he headed into the bathroom to do just that.

    Mikko walked in the bedroom and got dressed, she smiled at Chris and walked up to him. "You doing ok, babe?" She whispered,knowing that Spike had gone in the bathroom, and that the bathroom was inside the bedroom she had to keep it down.

    Chris was still in the same position as he was when she had gone into the bathroom. He had been gently rocking the baby, who for the most part, had stayed quiet. But Travis was asleep by the time his mother returned. "Hey, babe. How's it going? Are you okay?" he whispered, asking in concern. He nodded to her question. "Yeah, I'm okay. But that Spike guy is a real creep," he continued whispering.

    Mikko took Travis from him and laid the baby on the bed. She dressed the baby in a one piece and put the small mohawk hat on his head. Travis woke but quickly went back to sleep. She held him close to her and nodded at Chris. "Sorry bout that..Spike I mean. He's just sizing you up. don't show fear." She whispered. it was really her only advice. "I really need to get to a hospital....I'm not sure what Spike's doing yet though." In other words. would Spike just let them leave? She didn't see why he wouldn't it's not like he needed them anymore. but Spike was way to unpredictable to really tell.

    After making sure Daisy was secure, he sat down in the driver's seat and started the engine. He glanced at her one more time through the rear-view mirror and frowned. He had to hurry. So he pulled out of the drive and headed back to the city as fast as he dared to go. Being a wanted man, and all...

    Chris watched as Mikko took care of Travis. He nodded. "Yeah...easier said than done." With someone looking like that, who WOULDN'T be afraid? He again nodded. "Okay. Is everything okay?" He wasn't sure why she needed to get to the hospital yet.

    Daisy continued to sleep through their trip to the hospital. She was just too exhausted to force herself to remain awake. At least this way, she would be spared from some of the pain.

    Mikko grinned and shook her head. "You think he's scary now? Wait till he has those spikes on his head." She whispered. "Don't let him get to you. the more fear you show, the more he'll mess with you...And I'm ok...in pain but ok, I think Travis is ok....but he's so tiny...I just want to make sure he's alright, but I don't think either of us are in any immediate danger." from illness anyway...Mikko knew, however that Travis was in danger as long as Spike was still around. She got up, baby resting on her shoulder and went to the kitchen.

    Chris followed her without hesitation. He didn't want to be the the same room as the psychopath for sure...for ANY length of time. And Mikko wanted him to stay calm around Spike? He would have laughed at the absurdity of the thought. But maybe she WAS right after all. He'd just have to suck it up. But he still couldn't wait for him to leave.

    After an agonizing slow drive, to him anyway, they finally made it to the hospital. After parking, he quickly put his disguise on and went to the back of the SUV again. He once again tried to gently shake Daisy awake. "We're here, Daisy. Wake up," he said softly, a small kiss to her lips accompanying his efforts.

    It took several minutes, but Daisy finally managed to will her heavy eyelids open. And there it was again. The overwhelming pain surging through her body. The tears were once again falling, despite her best effort to stay strong. It was just too much to take. She once again wrapped her shaky arms around Kendall, burying her face against his neck.

    Spike had spent a good twenty minutes inside the bathroom. Once his scruffy appearance had been cut away, the spikes were screwed back into their rightful place atop his head. He grabbed his trusty knife, and slipped into the kitchen where the other two were. He wondered where that little blonde had gotten off to, but he would be sure to find her later. He glanced at Mikko as he shoved the knife into his belt look. "I'm takin' yer car." He said, matter of factly. "I'm goin' Juvanni huntin."

    Mikko had found an apple and had taken a bite when Spike came into the kitchen. She couldn't stop herself from checking him out. At first it didn't even register what he had said, but then it finally hit her. "Ummm..ok...can we come?" She thought this would be a good time as any to get to the hospital. And oh yes...she would be sure to warn Gabe as soon as she could of Spike's new found freedom....

    Spike quirked a brow at that. "Whut. You two gonna help? If you come, yer helpin'."

    "No...I need to get to a hospital, Spike." Mikko sighed deeply. "Is there anything else I can do to get a ride?"

    Kendall held her against him. He hated to see her this way, but hopefully the people in the hospital could help her. "Daisy? We have to go in now. But I'll be as careful as I can moving you, okay?"

    Daisy clung to him, giving a small nod in response. She just wanted the pain and nausea to go away. If that meant facing her fear of hospitals, she would just have to do it. "Okay." She sniffled quietly. "I'm.. ready as I'll ever be."

    Spike just glared at her. "Whut the fuck you need a hospital for? I dug the fuckin' bullet out of yer ass.."

    Mikko glared back. this might very well be the first time she had ever stood up to Spike. She hoped that it wouldn't be her last. "I need to make sure the kid's ok. What the fuck is it gonna hurt to give me a fuckin ride!?"

    And that was as much as he expected out of her. As carefully as he could, he carried her out of the SUV and inside the hospital. He told the one of the nurses at the front desk what had happened...well, at least about a dog attacking her and soon someone came to take Daisy away. He was just hoping he could go back with her.

    Oh, Daisy would definitely make sure that Kendall was allowed back with her! The moment the nurse tried to wheel her away without him, she cried out for him, insisting that her 'fiance' be allowed to be with her. It took every ounce of strength she had to protest, but it eventually paid off. To prevent her of going into a full fledge panic, the nurse motioned for Kendall to follow.

    Spike glared back, his anger quickly rising. He stepped closer to her, now only inches from her face. "What the fuck do you think I owe you, huh?!" He seethed. "That fuckin' baby ain't even supposed to be alive, do you think I fuckin' care?!"

    Mikko was determined to stand her ground. she did manage to pass the now awake baby to Chris and motioned for him to go outside with Travis. She then turned her attention back to Spike. She was NOT going to show this man fear. Instead she took a step closer attempting to seem just as threatening, though her heart was pounding in her chest and she was feeling a bit sick. "I know you don't care. I didn't ask you to care. I just need a fuckin ride! and fuck yes you owe me!" Ok...that was it..Something was going to happen and yes...she was scared...

    That was it! Now, his anger was at the breaking point. He roughly shoved her, now pinning her against the wall. His grip constricting around her wrists. "I don't owe you shit, bitch!" He hissed, his hot breath brushing her skin.

    Chris was getting a front-row seat for the exchange between Mikko and Spike. He was sooo tempted to tell Spike off a few times the way he was talking to the woman he loves. Chris honestly didn't see what Mikko even saw in this guy. He was cruel, selfish, obnoxious...the list went on. Then Mikko handed him the baby and despite the overwhelming urge to stay and protect her the best he could, he knew that he had to also protect the kid. So reluctantly he left the cabin with the now-crying baby in his arms. And this only served to send Chris into a further panic. For the first time in his life, he was absolutely TERRIFIED! He was scared for Mikko, for Travis, and even for Kendall and Daisy. No one was safe with this lunatic loose.

    Mikko struggled against him. But knew that it was pointless. She looked him in the eyes, still trying her best not to show fear, but was failing. Why did she even argue with him? What possessed her to go against him like that? "Come on, babe. I...I didn't mean it.."

    Thanks to Daisy, he was able to go back with her. It made his heart soar when she referred to him as her fiancee - even if it was just a ruse. Hopefully eventually they would be engaged...possibly even married. But he knew that was a ways down the road from now. He followed Daisy and the nurse, slightly nervous about being somewhere this public since he was an escaped convict.
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    ((More chat rp action. Wink Thanks to Mikko for logging and editing))

    But unfortunately for her, Spike was never the type to accept apologies. His anger had already hit the boiling point. One hand released her wrist, only to relocate around her neck. He glared at her as his grip began to tighten enough to cause discomfort, and possibly scare her. "So yer the big shot now, are you?"

    Mikko knew that a simple apology wouldn't work, when his hand squeezed around her neck she quickly took in as much air as she could. "No..." She answered him in a whisper. "I..I'll go with you...I'll help...ok?" With her free hand she held on to his wrist as a poor attempt to get him to let her go.

    Not wanting him out of her sights, Daisy reached for Kendall's hand as she was being wheeled into one of the ER rooms. The nurse helped her onto the bed, and after handing her a gown to change into, she did a quick examination of the wound. It looked deep, and she quickly suspected that the femoral artery had been damaged, due to the amount of dried blood that adorned her skin. "The doctor will be with you immediately." She informed. "Just lay back ,and don't move around too much." With that, she disappeared to retrieve the doctor. Now that they were alone, Daisy flashed Kendall a helpless, sweet look. "Um.. can you help me undress?"

    "Damn right yer gonna help." He spat. "You have that fag wrapped around yer little finger. He's stupid enough to fall for yer damsel in distress act again." He finally released his grip on her, and smacked her roughly across the cheek. "Yer all gonna learn yer fuckin' places around here."

    As soon as Mikko was able to take a breath, she felt the sting of Spike's hand on her face. The force of the hit was enough to jerk her head to the side. She laid a hand over her cheek and nodded to Spike. "let me..Just get some things first. two minuets..." And with that she moved fast. Grabbing her bag and pulling out her usual weapons, tucking them in there usual places on her body. This included Jencko's knife, that was quickly placed in her boot. After that she pulled her hair up put on her long coat, and ran outside to Chris. "I have to go. stay here."

    As they headed to the room, he graciously took Daisy's hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. Then while the nurses checked her over, he stood back far enough for them to examine her but still close enough to let Daisy see him clearly. When she asked him to help her undress after the nurses left, he let out a small chuckle. Same ol' Daisy... And for that, he was grateful. "Sure I will, babe." He gave her a sweet kiss on the lips and carefully began to remove her clothing. When she meant 'help', he was pretty sure she really meant to completely undress her...which he had absolutely no complaints about that. Soon he had all her clothes off and slipped the gown on her. Once securing the ties on the back, he stepped back to admire his work. "Now don't you look sexy in that?" he joked. Really she looked beautiful in anything she would wear, but he was going for the cheer-up approach...

    Chris just stood there, holding Travis, scared out of his mind. But when he saw Mikko come out of the cabin, he breathed a huge sigh of relief. Smiling, he walked towards her. "Thank god you're--" was all he got out before she told him he needed to stay here. Stay here? But where was she going? But instead of asking her why, he nodded to her. He would stay here...with the baby...all alone. The problem was, he hadn't been around babies much in his life, but he would do his best. It looked like either way, he was about to get a crash-course in parenting. But since Travis was so little, what would he feed him? He was pretty sure at this age, babies needed the milk from their mothers. Did Mikko already have something worked out? He figured he wouldn't have a chance to ask her that before she had to leave. Not if she had to go with that psycho.

    Oh, she was definitely enjoying this. She couldn't suppress a grin as he undressed her, and once the gown was tied into place, she leaned back against the bed, doing her best not to shift too much. Kendall's efforts were definitely working. She flashed a sweet smile at his comment. "Oh, you really think so? I wonder if they have it in pink?" Before she could say anything else, the doctor came into the room. He briefly introduced himself, and quickly got down to business, examining the gaping wound. Daisy cringed as he cold fingers poked around on her tender flesh, and she once again sought Kendall's hand for comfort. The doctor's features reflected the concern as he discovered just how serious the injury was. "Hmm. Your femoral artery has been damaged." He informed, now making eye contact with the blonde. "I'm amazed you didn't lose more blood than you did. An injury of this sort can be fatal. Someone did a decent job of getting the bleeding under control. But you're going to need stitches, and some fluids to rehydrate you."

    Mikko pulled him away from the cabin and glanced back real quick. with a smooth quick motion she tucked a piece of paper with Gabe's number on it in Chris's pocket. "Call Gabe." She whispered trying to make this exchange look as innocent as possible from Spike's view. "Call Gabe tell him Spike's looking for him, and that you have the baby and you need to get to the hospital. and tell him...tell him if I call him it's a trap, tell him no matter how I sound...don't listen..it's a trap. ok." She took a breath and talked in a normal tone. "Ok Chris we're leaving I'll see you later." She gave Travis a kiss on his head and started towards the car.

    Spike was already outside, trying his best to get the damn car hot wired. He'd never been too good at this, mainly because he lacked the patience. But finally he was successful. He hopped into the driver's side, and impatiently waited for Mikko.

    Chris listened carefully to Mikk's instructions and nodded when she was finished. He felt a bit better with Gabe being involved in this too. Not in the 'Spike is after him' way, but with helping him with the baby. He gave Mikko a small wave and watched her head for the car. Once again, he was worried about Mikko. If she was alone with the guy, there's no telling what he would do to her. And the chances of her getting out of this whatever-it-was alive, was slim to none. But still he was confident enough in her abilities. If anyone could do it, she could...he hoped...

    Mikko hopped that Chris had enough sense to not tell Gabe every little detail. She finally slid in the car and closed the door. She didn't say a word but pulled a pack of cigs from the glove compartment and lit one. "Smoke?" She asked Spike pulling one out for him.

    Spike took the cig, and wedged it in between his lips as he sped out of the old dirt driveway, kicking up dirt and rocks. He leaned closer for her to light it. "Give yer boy a call." He ordered. "Convince him to meet you at the docks."

    When the doctor came into the room, he stood back out of the way, but stayed near the bed and held her hand. He gave it firm squeezes periodically during the examination. He felt proud of himself when the doctor said that the one that took care of her wound at first did such a good job. And he hadn't even done anything like that before. Must be that beginner's luck stuff...

    Mikko lit his cig and leaned back in her seat. "The docks? You have a plan this time?" She knew that Chris wouldn't have called Gabe yet, she needed to give him some time.

    Chris watched worriedly as he saw the car speed off. Then taking a few calming breaths, he entered the cabin again. Taking Travis into the bedroom, he laid him gently down on the bed and hurried over to the phone, pulling the slip of paper out and reading it. "Gotta call Gabe," he mumbled, trying to get his nerves under control again. With a shaky hand, he picked up the receiver and dialed Gabe's number. He took a few more deep breaths while he waited for Gabe to pick up.

    Daisy flashed Kendall a knowing grin as the doctor complimented Kendall's skills. "Mmhmm.. my man's made of awesome!" She flashed him a grin, and weakly squeezed his hand. But as the Doctor informed that she would need stitches, and fluids, her smile quickly began to melt away. Seeing her obvious fear, the doctor gave a reassuring smile. "Don't worry. I'll numb the area so you won't even feel it." He hoped that would at least put her at ease. But the thought of drugs cause another reason for concern. "But, I'm pregnant! That won't hurt my baby, will it?" The doctor looked at her, certainly not expecting that. That also caused him concern. She had lost a lot of blood, and that could've affected the baby already. "No, the injections would be safe. But I will need to run some tests, to make sure your baby is okay. You've lost a lot of blood."

    It took a few moments, but Gabe finally willed his eyes to open, shifting on the couch to reach for the vibrating phone. With a deep sigh, he plucked it from the end table, and answered with a very tired 'S'up.'

    After hearing the tired voice on the other end, Chris felt really bad for waking him up. But he had a reason to. Gathering up his courage, he answered back. "Gabe? It's me...Chris." He was hoping he remembered him. "Mikko's friend," he added quickly.

    "I always got a friggin' plan." Okay, so that wasn't the complete truth, but Spike always felt he was in control of any situation, no matter how little thought out it may be.

    "Yeah, I remember you. S'up, man? Everything okay?" Gabriel figured if Chris was calling him instead of Mikko, something must be up.

    Mikko didn't by that. "I'm just saying, he doesn't trust me as much as you think he does. And telling him to meet me by the docks sounds suspicious. and even more so if he knows there was a prison break." She tried to sounds as unfeeling and uncaring as she could. "He'll probably show up with a whole gang. My suggestion. wait. Go reunite with your boys. Put together a good solid plan..." She so hopped that he took that into consideration. Of course...She didn't want to be around his boys...but better that then pulling Gabe into another trap.

    Here it was. All laid out in front of him. And he had no time to lose. "Actually no. Mikko had her baby. But he needs to go to the hospital. And Mikko was wondering if you could pick us up so I can get the baby to the hospital." He paused to let that sink in before telling Gabe the worst news.

    And it took a moment to sink in. "Is she okay?" Gabriel figured that something was wrong with her, otherwise she would've called herself. "Yeah. Where you at?"

    Actually, Spike knew that he stood better chances of succeeding if he had his gang with him. Still, he wasn't about to tell Mikko that she was right. But he would do so when Mikko was no longer with him. He was sure that showing up with a former Dragon member wouldn't blow over too well.

    Mikko waited for Spike to say something. When he didn't she wasn't sure if he agreed with her, or he still wanted her to call. "Not that I want to be around those guys...." She was sure that Jencko was waiting for the chance to get her back for the knife thing. But if Spike did think she had a point, and she wasn't going to call Gabe now, where were they going?

    And then Chris decided to drop the bomb on him. "I dunno if she is or not. She and this Spike guy took off a while ago. And he's coming after you, I guess." He hated telling him this way but if Spike was on his way, he wanted to get the information out as quickly as possible. Then he briefly told Gabe the instructions for finding the cabin. "I'll explain more when you get here, but now you're in danger. And if Mikko calls you, she says it is a trap. No matter what it sounds like, you can't listen to her, man."

    Spike had no fucking clue where he was going, but wasn't about to admit that, either. His plans would have to wait. So he just drove, enjoying his freedom. "So. Who's the fuckin' emo?" He asked, referring to Chris. "And the cute lil blonde.." He glanced over at her, licking his lips. "I'm so gonna get me some of that."

    Mikko was so happy she didn't have to call Gabe. But she didn't let that show. Instead she flicked her cig out of the window and looked over at him. "Chris. He's the fall guy." A lie, but she was NOT going to tell Spike the truth. "And the blond is Daisy, Kendalls girl....we might have to change out cars...This one is to noticeable."

    Gabriel was completely taken aback by that. Spike was out? And Mikko was with him? He wondered if she was taken hostage, but deep down, he knew that probably wasn't likely. Mikko had always had a thing for the psychopath. And for a moment, he wondered if Mikko had anything to do with Spike's escape. But he pushed that all aside for now. "Okay, I'm on my way." He informed Chris, as he finally pushed off the couch and began getting dressed. "I'll be there soon."

    Chris breathed out a sigh of relief. "Thanks, Gabe. See you soon."

    Well, that would probably make his quest a little more difficult. But Kendall surely couldn't watch the girl forever. "I don't give a fuck who's girl she is. Ain't never stopped me before." Without warning, he quickly pulled the car over, and hopped out. Indeed, it was time for a new ride.

    Gabe slid the phone back into his pocket as he headed out to the black camaro. And soon, he was on his way

    Mikko opened her mouth to say something when Spike pulled over. She hopped out with him and went over to Spike's side. She looked around for another car. "See anything you like?"

    Chris waited for Gabe to hang up. When he did, Chris hung up himself and went back into the bedroom to get Travis ready. After taking a few minutes to prepare, both he and the baby were waiting outside on the cabin's porch...waiting for Gabe.

    Spike's sights quickly settled on a Hummer. "Mmhmm. Now make yerself useful!" Because he couldn't admit that he sucked at hotwiring.

    Mikko looked over where Spike's gaze was and saw the Hummer. This would be a little harder then she was use to. these things usually had alarms and GPS systems and all kinda of anti theft crap. But she didn't want Spike to think that she couldn't do it. With a deep breath she ran over to the vehicle and slid under it. the first thing she had to do was kill the alarm. She had done this once before, but on a less complicated car. When she thought she had the right wires she cut them then slid out and carefully opened the door. The alarm didn't go off. with a smile she got in and killed the GPS and started the thing.

    Kendall once again grinned at the praise, but that grin soon faded when hers did. He was also worried about the baby. During this whole mess, he'd only been worried about Daisy. He hadn't even thought about the life growing inside of her. It wasn't foremost in his mind anyway. He gave her hand another squeeze. He hoped everything would turn out okay. And he would remain by her side whenever he could.

    Spike was secretly impressed. But he didn't let that show. Once she had taken care of everything, he approached the car. "Took you long enough."

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    Mikko sat in the drivers seat and looked over at Spike. "We're gonna get something to eat ok?" She totally ignored his statement, she would like to see him start a car. oh that's right he can't cuz he sucks. She smiled to herself knowing that.

    After a long drive from the city, Gabriel finally arrived at the old cabin. He would've wondered why they were so far from civilization, but deep down, he already knew that answer. He sighed inwardly, knowing he would never hear the end of it from Lexi if she ever found out he was once again getting involved. And considering that Mikko had such close ties with Spike, maybe he was being foolish. But how could he say no when an innocent baby was involved? After turning off the ignition, Gabe climbed out of the camaro and cautiously approached, but seeing Chris on the front porch, he slowly dropped his guard.

    Daisy's free hand reached up to caress her tummy, the concern worn freely on her pale features. That's just something she was NOT prepared to deal with, if something happened to the tiny life inside her. She glanced over at Kendall, but also seeing his concern, she gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. Their baby was going to be okay. It just had to be! Seeing the fear in the young girl's eyes, he placed a hand on her shoulder and gave a small squeeze. "I'm sure everything is fine. The tests are just a precaution. I'll be back with you in a moment." With that, the doctor disappeared from the room, leaving the two alone. Now, Daisy's full attention turned to Kendall, and she was trying so hard to mask the pain and fear in her eyes. Her thumb caressed his knuckles as she gave his hand a light squeeze. "You okay?"

    Surprisingly, Spike hopped into the passenger's side with little protest. Mainly because of the drugs coursing through his system, putting him in a temporary state of relax. But it would do little to curve his annoyance. He had already claimed the radio, blasting ICP as loud as the loud woofers would go. "Whatever."

    At lest he put on some decent music. Once Spike was inside Mikko took off heading to get something to eat. "tacos sound good to you?" She asked as she was pulling into taco bell that was right across the street. When she got closer to the drive through window she looked over at Spike. "babe. duck down."

    Spike just shrugged at her question, and shot her a glare at her last comment. "Stop fuckin' tellin' me what to do!!!" He seethed, as he ducked down in the seat. He gave the girl at the window a good middle finger salute from his hiding spot

    Mikko rolled her eyes and gave the girl money and took the food from her. Then she sped off, handing Spike his food. She wasn't sure where she was going now and wondered what Chris was doing, and how her baby was. She took out her taco, eating as she drove. "Where am I going now?"

    While Chris was waiting for Gabe, his mind went elsewhere again. He was thinking about everything that happened today. And how no matter how many times the plan was gone over with everyone, things still turned out not-so-good. He was snapped out of his thoughts again as he saw a Camaro pull up. He figured it must be Gabe, even if he didn't know what he drove. But his suspicions were confirmed when he saw the man climb out to the vehicle. Holding baby Travis in one arm, he approached Gabe with a smile. "Good to see you again, Gabe," he said, giving him a handshake.

    Kendall was listening to everything the doctor was saying. And it did make him feel better. He gave Daisy's hand another squeeze and he nodded to her question. "Yeah, babe, I'm fine." He gave her a reassuring smile.

    "To hell." Spike bluntly replied as he dove into his taco. It certainly beat prison food, he had to give it that. But that was until he bit into the nasty green stuff. He spat out his mouthful, and slung the taco against the windshield. "Fuckin' guacamole!" He spat several times, to rid his mouth of the nasty taste, pulling his knife out in the process. "TURN BACK!!! That bitch is gonna die!!!"

    To hell ok. Mikko nodded and started toward hell. or as others liked to call it, wal-mart. But then Spike freaked out. It definitely startled the hell out of her and she looked over at Spike confused, until he finally shouted his reason for his out burst. Well, she had never had an issue with killing someone for no reason, and it was better then going to 'hell'. Mikko quickly made a u-turn and headed back to the Taco Bell. They hadn't drove far so it didn't take long to get back to the place.

    Daisy managed a smile at him, just as the doctor returned, accompanied by two nurses and equipment that made Daisy extremely nervous. She watched in concern as one of them moved closer, and prepped her for the IV, but before she could utter her question, the young woman explained to her what was going on. Her drained body desperately needed fluids. The sonogram machine was being hooked up to her opposite side, but the procedure would wait until her wounds were properly cared for. Daisy's hand still held to Kendall's, seeking the comfort that he always managed to provide. Now, the doctor moved into position, and after numbing the area and scrubbing away the blood, he began suturing the wound. Thankfully Daisy was spared from some of the pain, but each time the needle threaded her skin, she winced in pain. She pulled Kendall closer to her, burying her face against his arm.

    As he approached, Gabe couldn't suppress a faint grin at the sight, seeing Mikko's baby snuggled in Chris' arms. But it awoke a sadness within him, something he was quick to suppress and he took the offered hand, giving a gentle shake. "Yeah, you too." He reached over, gently caressing the baby's cheek with his thumb, but wouldn't allow the contact to linger. It was too painful. He cleared his throat, and gave Chris a concerned look. "Where'd Spike take Mikko?"

    Chris shrugged at the question. "Dunno. All I know about was they were coming your way. But Mikko said she wanted us to take this little guy to the hospital. She said just for a check-up, but I'm not so sure. He's sure sleeping a lot. Even more than a baby should..."

    Kendall continued holding Daisy's hand throughout the procedure, giving her gentle little squeezes here and there. At one point when the pain was too much for her, he carefully wrapped his other arm around her, being careful not to disrupt the wires attached to her body.

    "Almost done." The doctor said, seeing the girl's discomfort. And soon enough, the once gaping wound was closed, but the thick line of black stitches told the tale of her misfortune. "I'm going to write you a prescription for antibiotics. Are you on any other medication?" It was only now that Daisy braved a glance out from the safety of Kendall's embrace, looking at the doctor with tear-filled eyes. "Yeah.. for my seizures.." With that, she fished the small bottle out of her short's pocket, and handed it over to the doctor. She wasn't even about to attempt to announce that name. It had always left her tongue tied. The doctor gave the bottle a brief inspection, and spared her a concerned look. Seizures. That would certainly throw more obstacles in the way of her pregnancy. His concerned look didn't go unnoticed, but he didn't give her time to question. First things first, he needed to see if the child was even alive, before he gave her potentially useless news. The sonogram machine was rolled into place, and after the gown had been lifted enough to expose her abdomen, a cold gel was applied. Her muscles tensed at the coldness, and she once again squeezed Kendall's hand as the wand was placed against her skin. The monitor was activated, and as the device moved along her tummy, the black and white images soon began to come to life. The small silhouette of the tiny life soon took form, causing a small grin from the otherwise stone face doctor. He pointed to the screen, showing the parents-to-be their baby's heartbeat. "And there she is." He announced, a bit proudly.

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    Post by Mikko on Fri Aug 28, 2009 4:55 pm

    And soon they were there. Spike instructed her to pull back through the drive-thru. Once they were at the window, they were greeted by the same blonde bimbo that Spike would hold accountable for his displeasure only moments before. Without warning, he shoved Mikko back against the seat and leaned over, slashing wildly at the woman's face. "Did I ask for fuckin' guacamole, bitch?! DID. I. ASK. FOR. IT!!!!"

    Gabriel gave a concerned nod at that, and circled around to open the passenger's side for him. "Yeah, we better get movin', then." Once Chris was inside, Gabe climbed behind the wheel, and soon they were on their way.

    Mikko pulled at the drive through and tried to quickly move her seat back, but Spike leaped over her before she could. She stood still looking over at the screaming girl, worrying about the scene he was causing. They had to get out of there and change cars again. She sighed and watched the the blood shed before her waiting for Spike to get finish. Just like old times.

    Once he was satisfied that the woman was badly maimed, the rampage was over. He would've finished her off, but this should be a lesson to fast food workers everywhere. Therefore, she must live to tell the tale. Still highly agitated, he sank back into his seat, twitching spastically as he eyed his now blood soaked blade. "Stupid bitch."

    Kendall continued staying as close to Daisy as he possibly could. Then the doctor brought out the sonogram and hooked it up to her, he just watched in fascination. Then his smile grew even more when he saw the tiny life on the screen. He looked at Daisy with tear-filled eyes, smiling. "A daughter... We're gonna have a daughter!" He was so overwhelmed with emotion, he allowed a few tears to fall down his cheeks. And at the same time, gave Daisy a big hug.

    Once he was done Mikko grabbed the now bloody drink that was sitting on the counter and took off, sipping the coke. She had to get rid of the hummer, but she was not about to suggest that with Spike still being so pissed. Instead she quickly drove away putting as much distance as she could from the scene and hopping that the cops were to busy with escaped convicts to come around any time soon. After a few miles were drove she relaxed slightly still sipping her drink in silence. Only nodding in agreement to Spike's comment.

    Chris nodded and got in the passenger side of the Camaro. He carefully buckled himself in and held the baby as carefully as he could. He was definitely worried about the little one...in more ways than one. Then his thoughts turned back to Mikko. He sure hoped she was alright.

    Daisy was also in awe, watching the screen come to life, and finally seeing their first image of their baby. And then, it finally registered. She? They were having a girl! She couldn't suppress her tears of joy, and seeing Kendall's reaction only made her heart sore. She reached up to cup his cheek, and planted a deep lingering kiss against his lips. The pain from her injuries were long forgotten, replaced with the joy and the deep love she felt for him. "Heh.. sooo.. Zoe Makayla.. or Makayla Zoe?"

    Kendall returned the kiss, still feeling the tears of happiness sliding down his cheeks. He gave her a bright smile. "Zoe Makayla...definitely."

    Gabe wasted no time getting to the hospital, though he did remain mindful that there was a baby in the car. He drove as carefully as he could, considering the circumstances. But the entire time, he couldn't help fearing the thing would break right before his eyes. Once they had arrived, he let Chris out at the front entrance, then went to find a parking spot.

    Spike just sunk back, feeling the anger still dwelling within. He just wanted to punch something. And he did just that, slamming his fist hard into the dash. The adrenaline would mask any discomfort from his actions. At least the pills were taking their toll, and he was slowly beginning to fade. But each little bump sent him on wide alert, only to fade once again.

    Mikko continued driving, everyone few seconds glancing over at him. She didn't react to his punch and was just happy it was the dash he hit. But she did notice that he was falling asleep. She made her way onto smoother roads, heading back out the city. Hopefully he would fall asleep then she could get in touch with Gabe and find out what was going on.

    The doctor watched the exchange between the proud parents to be, the pending bad news still lying in the depths of his mind. But he didn't have the heart to ruin their moment. There would be time to discuss his fears with them. But this was their time. He couldn't destroy it. He reached over, giving Daisy's shoulder a small squeeze, before turning towards the door. "I'll give you two some time alone, but I'll be back to see how your condition's progressing." With that, he headed out of the room, accompanied by his two nurses. Daisy's full attention was fixated on Kendall, and she continued to lavish his lips with loving affection, the tears still rolling down her cheeks. "Heh, that's beautiful.. she's gonna be so perfect, like her daddy!" She grinned brightly, planting more kisses against his lips. "Sooo, that means when we get a baby room.. it's sooo gonna be pink!"

    And it finally happened. The smoother roads definitely did the trick, and within a matter of minutes, the psychopath was out cold.

    Mikko looked over and smiled, finally. But she was still cautious with everything she did. She was tempted to pull over but worried about the sudden stopping waking him up, instead she slowed down, wiggled out of her coat and carefully draped it over him. The more comfortable he was the longer he would sleep she figured. Then she took out her phone, fearing that he might wake from her talking, she text Gabe. 'Did Chris call you?'

    When they arrived at the hospital, Chris got out and gave Gabe a quick 'thanks' before heading inside. He went up to the front desk, putting his name down. Then he went over to sit down while he waited. He had no clue just how serious Travis' condition was.

    Gabriel had finally managed to find a parking place, when suddenly his phone began to vibrate. After turning off the ignition, he pulled it from his pocket and read the text, relieved that it was Mikko. At least she was alive. He wasted no time returning her text. 'Yeah. At the hospital now. Where U at?'

    A nurse soon rushed to Chris. She took the infant and motioned Chris to follow her. As she walked she started to ask Chris questions. "what seems to be the problem?" She laid the little boy down on a table. Travis was now awake and sobbing for comfort. "What's his name?"

    Mikko quickly texted him back. 'out. do you have the baby? is he ok? please tell me he's ok?' Mikko slowed down the car more. testing to see if Spike would stay asleep. If so she might be able to just park somewhere, making this texting a lot easer

    Kendall continued returning Daisy's affections. He was just so happy to find out more about their baby. He gave Daisy another squeeze and chuckled at her question. "Whatever you want, babe. Whatever you want." He kissed her again.

    'We just got here. Chris is in there with him now.' Gabe text back. 'Prolly still waitin'. You okay? Need me to come get u?'

    'No! I'm fine. Don't come after me, no matter what. Spike already tried getting me to call you. No matter what I say or how I sound, don't come for me.' Mikko paused a moment. 'Just make sure my baby is ok.'

    Daisy's lips never strayed far from his. She continued to lavish him with her love, so relieved how things had turned out. The night had started out horrible. But now, she couldn't see past the joy and warmth she was feeling. "Heh.. see? There's always a silver lining.." She once again met his lips, gently caressing his cheek. She gave him a cheeky little look at his comment. "Whatever I want, huh? Just as soon as I'm not so owie.. I'm gonna show you exactly what I want.." She said, in her best seductive tone.

    Gabriel sighed at that. Yeah, he figured Spike would be using her for bait again. He had so many questions that were eating away at him, but he would have to ask them in person. 'I will. Be safe, Mickey.'

    'I'm trying. He's not letting me go to the hospital though.' Mikko finally stopped the car and leaned back. 'Stay safe Gabe. and thanks for helping Chris.' Mikko wiped her face, she just wanted to be with her kid.

    Chris answered the questions the best he could. "This was just supposed to be check-up for the baby. But I think he's sleeping way more than he should. His name is Travis Black."

    Nurse: The nurse nodded and undressed the baby, handing the tiny cloths to Chris. She started to check the squirming baby's vitals. " You're the father?" It seemed like an obvious answer but you never knew. After a moment she quickly hooked Travis to a little oxygen tank, and wrote his name out on a little hospital bracelet. "And his age?"

    Chris stood back and watched everything. Then came the inevitable question. He slowly shook his head, not knowing if the nurse was watching him at that point. But he was hoping she wasn't. When she asked him how old Travis was, he answered, "About five hours old."

    The nurse didn't see Chris shaking his head but did turn around when he answered her age question. "Where's his mother?" She asked while she wrote down the rest of Travis's information then slid the bracelet on the baby's wrist.

    Kendall got it, alright. And of course he would be willing to do anything for her. He continued kissing her and holding her, never wanting to let go of this moment. It didn't matter if it was in the hospital or not. They saw their daughter for the first time. Now he couldn't wait to meet this little girl in person.

    What to say? What to say? He didn't know WHERE his mother was at this time. So he went for the vague approach. "I don't know where she is right now. They were separated." He hoped that she didn't press the issue.

    The nurse frowned at that. But was still assuming that he was the father. She gave him a sympathetic look. It wasn't the first time she had seen the father come in after the mother ran off. She couldn't understand how a woman could just leave her child. Of course she didn't realize that Travis's mother left to protect her child. "Ok...The doctor will be right with you Mr. Black." She left the room. Little Travis laid in the small plastic crib crying softly.

    Chris watched poor little Travis and nodded to the nurse. "Thanks," he said as she left the room. He went over to where Travis lay and watched him sadly.

    The Doctor didn't take long to come in. He sat in a chair and addressed Chris. "We have to run some test on him. So far we think that his lung are a bit under developed, which is probably the cause of his sleeping so much." The doctor handing him papers to sign. "We need you to fill out these papers while we take Travis to the back and run the test. any questions?"

    Chris looked up again when the doctor entered the room. He listened to him and frowned at what he heard. Then he took the papers he needed to sign. This was not going to be easy since they thought HE was the father. And he couldn't lie in the paperwork on who he was. So he decided he would fill them out truthfully and if anyone asked, he would also tell them the truth. When the doctor asked him if he had any questions he hesitated. Of course he had questions. But not all of them could be addressed at once. But with Travis' condition, one question stuck in his mind above the rest. "Will he be okay?"

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    Post by Mikko on Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:30 pm

    Gabriel slid his cell phone back into his pocket, sighing deeply. So Spike was once again out to kill him. Hell, there was a long list of people who were out for his blood. This dance was becoming exhausting. Pushing those thoughts aside for now, he climbed out of the car and headed inside the hospital. Not seeing Chris in the lobby, he figured he had already been called back. Finding a more isolated area of the waiting room, he took a seat and waited.

    Daisy was overwhelmed with happiness. She couldn't wait to share the news with Mikko. Still, she had no idea that her sister had some pretty exciting news, too. She continued lavishing her affections on Kendall, melting into those strong arms of his. The IV's, pain and nausea was almost completely lost on her, all outweighed by the love she already felt for this child. She squeezed Kendall, her big blue eyes gazing into his. "Heh.. you really are my angel, babe.." She smiled against his lips, her fingers gently caressing the back of his neck. "You've made me the happiest girl in the world!"

    Mikko closed her phone and slid it in her pocket. She looked back over at Spike and wondered what to do with him. She couldn't just leave him some where. And she didn't want him back at the cabin. And she didn't want him with out a car. Finally she drove off again heading back to the city. "Spike wake up." She turned down the radio and gave him a gentle shove. "Wake up, babe."

    The doctor looked over at Chris and nodded. "I'm sure he will be. his stats have already risen. He'll be taken back for test and a check up shortly." With that the doctor left Chris to fill out his paper work.

    Kendall returned every loving gesture she gave him. He still refused to let go of her. He grinned at her comment. There was such sweet irony to those words. That's what he used to call Mikko when he had a crush on her a while back. But that crush faded away pretty much the day Daisy came into his life. And he never looked back. She was his everything. Oh and their daughter, as well...

    Even in his unconscious state, her action had deeply irritated him. Not bothering to open his eyes, Spike swatted at her.

    Daisy continued caressing him, a contented little smile worn on her lips. She now had a future, with the promise of all the things she had been told she would never experience. All thanks to him, and his abilities to see past her flaws. Even though odd circumstances had brought them together, it all felt heaven-set. After a while, the doctor returned to check on her progress, though he really hated to interrupt the moment. "Your condition is stabilizing," he informed the young girl. "But I'd like to keep you over night, to make sure." Daisy finally looked at him, her smile now slightly fading. She knew it wasn't safe for Kendall to be here all night. "But, I gotta get home! My doggie is all by herself!" She protested. The Doctor would've chuckled at that, but seeing the seriousness in her features, he thought better of it. As much as he wanted to keep her here, he knew he couldn't make her stay. "Alright, fair enough. Just a few more hours, then. Then you can go." He approached the sonogram machine, and pulled the picture from the small printer. He flashed a smile at Kendall as he handed it to the proud father-to-be. "Here, your very first picture of your daughter."

    Mikko sighed deeply. "Spike wake up! I'm dropping you off with your gang. you just need to tell me where that's at." With a grin she aimed the car for a large pot hole and hit it, jolting the the hummer around roughly

    That did the trick, alright. The psychopath suddenly sprung to life, his look of bewilderment quickly giving into anger as his gaze settled on Mikko. "You fuckin' crazy bitch!" He snapped. "Stop the fuckin car, I'm better off walkin' there!"

    It took everything Mikko had not to laugh at him. She glanced over at him. "Walk...You sure that's safe? You get your ass caught I can't save you again." She continued into the darker streets, around where she had ran into Jencko. "here...." She pulled Jencko's knife out of her boot and handed it to him then pulled over. "Send Jencko my love." She also handed him her cell number. "Need anything, just call, i'll come."

    Kendall was relieved to hear Daisy was progressing nicely. And even better news that they would be keeping her over night just as a precaution. But then the best news was when Daisy convinced the doctor to let her go home later today. Then he had the biggest grin on his face when he took the picture of his daughter from the doctor's hands. He couldn't keep the emotions back as he looks at the picture. She was so beautiful... He showed the picture to Daisy, the tears of joy falling down his face again. "This is our Zoe," he whispered to her, kissing her cheek.

    "Don't question me! I know what the fuck I'm doin'!" Spike snapped as he hopped from the car. He took the knife and number, flashing a twisted grin at her last comment. She was certainly an obedient little dog. Without any further words, he slammed the door, and disappeared into the darkness.

    Mikko waited till he was out of sight and headed to the hospital. She was very surprised that she had gotten away with so much with him. And thankful. She also wondered what Jencko would say when he saw Spike. She almost whished she could be there to see his face. Soon Mikko pulled into the hospitals' paring lot and ran inside the lobby, her face covered in dried blood, and her shirt soaked from her still weeping wound in her stomach. She saw Gabe and quickly walked over to him. "Hey!"

    Daisy looked at the photo, a huge grin quickly running across her lips. Their very first photo of their precious little daughter. It was more precious than gold to her. She gently caressed Kendall's cheek, once again meeting his lips. Witnessing the emotions and love he already felt for this little life inside her, there was no doubt in her mind that he would be an awesome dad, something she never had. "Heh.. she's gonna have you wrapped around her little finger!" Daisy grinned warmly against his lips. "We'll have to frame this, and put it on the wall."

    Gabe did a double-take as a very bloody Mikko approached him. But that look of shock quickly turned into concern. He stood, and gently embraced her. "Hey babe. What the hell happened to you? Did Spike do this?"

    Mikko melted in his arms, her legs gave out and she had to sit down. Once she gathered herself she shrugged. "Kinda...human shield..I'm fine, where's Travis and Chris?"

    Kendall chuckled at that. "She already has," he replied, giving Daisy another light squeeze. "And yes, we're definitely gonna frame it."

    Gabriel supported her, and helped ease her down into the chair. He was quick to motion for one of the nurses to come attend to her. "In the back, I think. Where you need to be." He was deeply concerned for her, but couldn't suppress his need to reprimand her. "When you gonna learn that asshole is just usin' you, Mickey?"

    Mikko batted away the nurse but soon gave up. She shook her head. "I didn't help him...I just want you to know that...There was an electrical outage...I was grabbed and shot up, I went into labor...Then he said something about the baby should be dead. So I got him to leave the cabin...I had to protect my baby..." Her eyes started to flutter close as medicine was given to her."You know..How I feel about em..." She said tiredly. "I have to see my baby...." She was helped into a wheel chair but she never let go of Gabe's hand.

    The doctor silently watched the two, deeply touched that the photo meant so much to them. Still, the concerns were still weighing in the back of his mind. Still, there would be time to discuss all that, later. This was their moment. They should be happy. "I'll be back in an hour to discharge you." He informed, and turned to exit the room. Daisy gently nuzzled against Kendall, the bright smile still gracing her pale features. "So little Travis is gonna have someone to play with now!" She kissed him deeply. "I'm sure those two will be like peas and carrots!"

    Gabriel sighed deeply. Yeah, he knew how Mikko felt about Spike. And that had always troubled him. As the nurse helped her into the chair, he contemplated untangling himself from her, figuring he was no longer needed here. But as she held to him. he couldn't bring himself to do that. Instead, he gave her hand a reassuring squeeze, a silent gesture that he was there for her. His gaze soon fixated on the nurse. "Travis Black. Wherever her son is, that's where she needs to go."

    Kendall returned the kiss and chuckled at her next comment. "I think you mean 'two peas in a pod', Daisy." He shook his head in amusement and placed a series of kisses against her lips.

    Mikko took comfort in his gesture. The nurse nodded but was uncertain, The woman in the wheelchair looked like she needed some serious medical attention. But being a mother herself she knew how Mikko felt. Soon she was being wheeled into the room that Chris and Travis where in. "I'll have a doctor come in to look her over." The nurse informed to the small group then left the room, closing the door behind her. Mikko rolled herself over to Travis's bed, and carefully picked up the small baby, cradling him close with tears treating to fall from the corner of her eyes.

    Chris breathed a sigh of relief. He was probably going to be okay! That was great news. He hardly knew the little one, but he already loved him. He took the papers from the nurse and read through them before he filled out anything. Some of these questions...he had no idea how he should answer them. Not that he couldn't, but in these circumstances, he wasn't sure just HOW to answer them. Then he looked up and saw...Mikko?! He expected maybe Gabe but her??? Forgetting what he was supposed to be doing, he went over to Mikko and Travis. "Mikko? Thank god you're alright." He put a hand lightly on her shoulder, giving it a light squeeze.

    Daisy blinked at that. "Pod? So peas come from those storage building things?" Se asked, referring to those Pod infomercials she had seen time and time again. But despite her slight confusion she couldn't stop grinning. She took Kendall's hand, guiding it beneath her shirt and pressing it against her tummy. "I wonder how long it'll be before she starts kicking? I'm really looking forward to that!"

    Once they were in the room, Gabe stepped aside and watched on from a distance. It was heartwarming to see the love that Mikko had for her child, but he couldn't deny just how painful this was for him. The mere sight of the baby once again unearthed a pain that he couldn't bury. He remained quiet, but was there for them if thy needed him.

    Mikko leaned her head to Chris and closed her eyes. Travis was awake and was finally looking alert. Sadly, Their peaceful moment would be interrupted as the doctor walked in. He went to Mikko and without a word took the baby from her, and placed him back in the bed. "You need to get fixed up. And Travis needs to be looked after. I also should warn you, you will have to talk to child services as soon as we fix you up." Mikko reached for her baby and a look of horror shown on her pale face. She looked over at Chris and Gabe for some kind of help. She was not letting anyone take her baby from her.

    Kendall chuckled again. "Not exactly, Daisy." He placed his hand on her bare tummy when she guided his hand there. He was also grinning at the feeling and could also not wait to feel little Zoe kicking. "Me neither, babe. Me neither." He grinned and kissed her deeply while rubbing her slowly expanding belly.

    Chris watched the doctor snatch the baby right out of his mother's arms. When Mikko looked at him pleadingly, he noticed Gabe was also in the room now. He shot him his own concerned look. "It's all gonna be alright, babe," he said as calmly as he could, trying to comfort her. He didn't know what to do either. The living conditions they were in wouldn't be proper for baby raising. And since the father was definitely out of the picture, it just made things worse...

    Daisy's eyes slid closed, enjoying the feel of his large hand against her tummy. "Mmm.. she'll probably be a hard kicker, too. Like kangaroo Jack or something." She grinned as she slid her fingers along the back of his hand, tracing the large veins there. She was definitely feeling a lot better than she had a few hours ago. Thanks to the merciful meds, and the comfort that Kendall had always provided. A thought soon hit her. She couldn't remember seeing Mikko after they had escaped the prison, mainly because she kept fading in and out of consciousness. She glanced at Kendall in concern. "Is Mikko okay?"

    At first, Gabriel was confused, but that confusion soon gave way to annoyance. They were taking her baby without even giving the poor mother an explanation? That certainly didn't settle well with him. He glared at the doctor. "Whut, yer just gonna take her kid without even givin' her a fuckin' chance to be a mom? There's kids dyin' in the streets, and child services don't do shit about it!" And once upon a time, he was one of those unfortunate souls wasting away in the streets, until gang life intervened. "You at least owe her an explanation.."

    The doctor looked at Gabe and shook his head. "All I know, is that she wasn't here with the baby. The child didn't make it to the hospital till he was a few hours old. They just need to talk to her." Mikko stood up and went back over to her baby, picking him up and holding him protectively. Then she handed Travis to Chris. "He's the father. He was here. We were hours away and I couldn't make it here." Though she didn't want to say why she couldn't make it there. "They can talk to me now..." She really didn't want to be alone when she had to talk to these people.
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    Chris took Travis back into his arms while Mikko talked to the doctor. This was certainly a sticky situation they were in. But it made his heart soar to hear Mikko refer to him as Travis' father. Even if he wasn't. And she was also trying to keep Travis away from the child services people. He seriously hoped that she would be able to convince them to let her keep him...but maybe not KEEP him, keep him herself...but close enough that regular visitation rights were granted.

    Not wanting to argue this further. The doctor nodded and left the room. Mikko was still feeling shaky and trying to come up with something to tell the child serves people, it wasn't like her background was very child friendly. She didn't have long to think as a well dressed woman came into the room and sat down. She glanced at the two men then at Mikko, motioning for her to have a seat. Mikko sat down and immediately had to answer simple questions: Her name, age, occupation, living situation, the baby's name and who the father was. Mikko answered each question truthfully and then the woman, who had introduced herself as Tina, walked back out the room, saying she had to go get something and that she would be back. Mikko looked over at Gabe and Chris and waited for Tine to return.

    Still irritated, Gabriel allowed the doctor to explain himself. Then the woman from Child Services came and left. All the while, Gabe remained quiet, just listening in. He knew that the odds were probably stacked against Mikko, and his heart went out to her for that. The odds hadn't been to friendly to him, either. He reached over, giving her shoulder a light squeeze. A silent gesture of support.

    How could he answer that? He and Daisy left after Mikko left the SUV. He wasn't aware of Spike and Mikko's trip to the city or the chaos that took place at that Taco Bell. And he certainly didn't know that the rest of their 'family' was in the same building as they were. He shrugged in response. "I don't know, Daisy," he answered truthfully. "But I hope everyone can survive with that psycho around." Lucky for them, Spike jumped ship a while back.

    Chris was a jumble of nerves again. He held the baby gently as he listened to the woman from services, known as Tina, talking to Mikko. He also lent a gesture of support after the woman left. He leaned down and let Mikko see her baby again while they waited for Tina to return. But Chris stayed silent the whole time.

    It seemed like forever that Mikko was waiting there, comforted by Gabe and Chris's presence. She seriously didn't know if she could handle this if they weren't there. Tina finally came back in and sat back down, she had a look of concerned as she went through her papers. She had left to grab Mikko's files and wasn't happy with what she saw. " You're a gang member,drug addict, you helped Timothy Black get out of prison, you broke out of the mental institution, you never completed your parenting courses at the clinic and even disappeared from there." Tina looked at Mikko. "And what makes you think that you're a fit parent?" Mikko wasn't sure what to say, but tried to chose her words carefully. "I'm an ex gang member." She started. but really she was actually upset about that...."I made some mistakes...but I have a job, I'm looking at an apartment right now...I'm getting things together. and I'm clean."

    Daisy was growing worried about Mikko, but was trying to keep herself from becoming too upset. She knew in her condition, too much stress could send her in a downward spiral. She continued to caress Kendall's hand, still soothed by the feel of his palm against her belly. "Yeah, that... Spanky? He scares me." She frowned, giving his hand a gentle squeeze. But she managed a grin with her next words. "But I have you to protect me."

    Gabriel continued to listen in silence, frowning deeply as the woman explained things to Mikko. Indeed, things weren't looking too good. But maybe she could convince them that she had turned over a new leaf on life.

    Tina nodded to Mikko. The woman did feel bad for the mother. And if she really was trying...She had seen woman before turn their life around when a baby was in the picture. "You have family that your baby can stay with? I can not in good conscience let you take Travis home with you today. You are going to have to complete some requirements. But if you have a family member with a stable environment for the child, you could temporarily give parental control over to them" Mikko perked up and nodded. there was a chance she could keep her child...or at lest keep him from becoming a victim of the system. "Yeah...Gabriel." Mikko quickly answered pulling Gabe closer. "My brother."

    Kendall did all he could to comfort her. He couldn't help but grin at her question. "Of course I'll protect you, babe. Without hesitation." He pulled her in for another kiss against her lips, patting her belly lightly.

    Gabriel was completely taken aback. He was NOT expecting that! He felt like a deer caught in the headlights of pending doom. Stable living condition? Hell, HE wasn't even stable. But how could Mikko possibly know any of this. He'd kept his deteriorating existence a secret. He gave Mikko a silent look, as if to say 'I can't do this.' Surely the Child Service woman would understand that they needed time to discuss this in private.

    Luckily, Tina did understand that. She glanced over at Gabriel and nodded. "I'll let you all talk this over and make some arrangements, I'll be back in a few minuets." With that she left. Mikko looked up at Gabe with pleading eyes. "Gabe...I can't just let him fall into the system, we both know how that ends up. And it's only going to be for a little bit. Chris will help I'm sure." She looked over at Chris hopping for his agreement.

    And just then, Daisy's tummy loudly grumbled. Her eyes widened, and she giggled quietly. "Oooh. I don't know if that was me or little Zoe.." She smiled, threading her fingers through his. She met his lips, planting several sweet kisses there. "Buuuut, whenever we leave this place, we soo gotta stop by a doughnut joint. I'm having some mad cravings for double glazed, raspberry filled, sugary goodness!"

    Chris nodded and smiled in approval at Mikko's solution for who she suggested to take Travis for a while. But then his smile faded slowly when Gabe didn't seem so enthused. He wasn't entirely sure why, but of course Chris would help him. He nodded vigorously in response. "Sure I will, Gabe. After you did this last favor for us, it's the least I can do." The smile was back for reassurance for Gabe.

    Kendall chuckled. "Sure we can do that, Daisy." He returned her sweet kisses. "Anything else you want?"

    Gabriel seriously felt trapped. There was no way he could do this. And yet, he was finding it difficult to turn her down. But how could he possibly take care of a child, when he was barely taking care of himself? He was seriously torn. But the, Chris agreed to help. Gabe sighed inwardly, completely defeated. "I can't do it for long, Mickey." He finally answered, his tone heavy with reluctance. "It ain't safe for him to be around me. You know that."

    Daisy looked thoughtful for a moment, and pressed a sweet grin against his lips. "Mmhmm. Warm bubble bath.." She placed a series of light kisses against his lips, "Ice cream.." She flashed him a playful grin, and gently nibbled his lip. "And.. you.."

    He said yes. Mikko tearfully hugged him. "thank you Gabe! And don't worry it's not going to be for long. I promise." Tina walked back in the room and saw the two, she smiled. "So I assume that your brother agreed." She started to take out some forms. "You will both have to sign these forms. saying that, Mikko gives Gabriel full custody till her requirements are meant." She handed them each the form and a pen. then looked at Mikko. "Before you can have your child back, I need to see, proof of employment, proof of stable housing, a clean drug test, and you must finish two weeks of parenting classes, and be psychologically evaluated. ok?" Mikko nodded and signed where she was told too. She already had the job, she was clean and She was looking into getting the apartment above the tattoo shop. So this wouldn't take long at all...She hopped.

    Gabriel attempted to read over the forms, but that seemingly simple task was becoming increasingly difficult these days. Still, he managed. Gah. If Ezekiel found out about this, he would never hear the end of it. Or Lexi, for that matter. His ex had already tore into him on several occasions for being so 'foolish'. He still had strong doubts about all this, but hopefully it wouldn't take Mikko long to get back on her feet. And hopefully that Chris guy would hold up to his end of the deal, because Gabe would need all the help he could get.

    Mikko was soon done filling everything out, and handed the paper work back to the woman. Tina explained that this didn't mean mikko couldn't be with her child, just that the child couldn't live with her, and all finally decisions regarding Travis was up to Gabriel. Mikko was fine with that, and had total trust in Gabe's abilities. Tina also explained to Gabe that there was a small chance child services would pop in once or twice, just to make sure everything was ok. But this was Child serves. They never just popped in. once paper work is taken care of, they leave and are never heard from again. Soon everything was done. and the doctor came back in, now being more persistent about Mikko getting fixed up, She nodded until the nurse came in with a bottle. She was not missing the chance to feed her child. so once again, going against doctors orders, she stood. still bleeding, and fed her baby.

    Kendall grinned at the thought. "All at once?" He flashed her a small wink and returned all her kisses. It was possible to do all those things at once. But the tub was going to be the biggest issue. He couldn't chance bringing her in the cabin with Spike possibly being there...just waiting for his chance to get Daisy. He frowned at the thought. He wouldn't let that madman even LOOK at her.

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    Post by Gabriel on Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:10 pm

    Daisy kissed him deeply, her free hand moving up to caress his cheek. "Mmhmm.. all at once!" She grinned against his lips, oblivious to just how dangerous a bubble bath would actually be, with that psychopath around. "annnd! A massage.." She added sweetly. "And lots of cuddle time.. and more.." She flashed him a devious wink. Just then, the doctor made an appearance. He'd overheard it all, and couldn't suppress an amused smile. "I'm sorry, Miss Daisy. But no bubble baths for a while." He informed, as he removed the pen from his lab coat, and began filling out her prescription. "You need to keep that injury nice and dry." He pulled the piece of paper from the note pad, and handed it over to Kendall. After reviewing the young woman's chart, he didn't think she was fully capable of taking care of herself, when it came to meds. "She needs to take those, every four hours. They're antibiotics to keep infection at bay, and mild pain killers." He pulled some dressings from one of the drawers, and after padding the stitched area with sterilized gauze, he began wrapping it with bright pink medical bandage. "This seems to suit you." He winked at her, and once again fixated his attention on Kendall. "She'll need to be immobile for a few days. Give that artery time to strengthen. And I need to see her back in a week."

    Now that the paper work was done, Gabriel sat in silence. What had he just done? Hopefully he wouldn't live to regret this, like everything else in his life. He watched as Mikko fed her baby, so many thoughts going through his mind. He briefly wondered how things would've been, if fate hadn't cheated him again. But he'd come to accept that he was never meant to be a father.

    By now the doctor was insistent. Mikko HAD to be taken care of. He walked up to her and laid a hand on her shoulder. "I have to take a look at you. I at lest need to stop your bleeding." Finally Mikko agreed and reluctantly handed Travis to Gabe. "I'll see you both soon." She waved and was brought out into the hall, to finally be taken care of.

    Gabriel was reluctant to take the baby, but knew Mikko needed medical attention. With a deep sigh, he took the child, and the bottle, feeling extremely awkward. Luckily he did have some experience with babies, due to his involvement with Isabella. As he gazed down at those tiny features, his heart ached. Indeed. This was going to be extremely difficult for him. Thankfully the infant gave him little fuss, and eagerly accepted the bottle.

    Chris just observed the scene in front of him. It looked like things might work out in their favor after all. He'd just have to get some information about Gabe's living quarters before they departed. He would indeed keep his end of the bargain. And maybe he could get a few pointers from him as well. He watched Mikko feed her baby, a small smile on his face. He had the utmost confidence that Mikko would be a great mother when she got the chance.

    Chris went over to Gabe when Travis was passed over to him. He smiled at him and patted his shoulder. "You'll do a great job, Gabe."

    Mikko finally let the doctor wheel her out. It was hard to have to leave her baby again, but at lest she knew that he was in good hands. She was happy that, that was taken care of. As they got to the end of the hall, Mikko glanced in one of the open doors and saw, Kendall? She threw her arm out and stopped herself at the door way. "Kendall?"

    Despite his nervousness, and feelings of uncertainty, he managed a faint grin at Chris' words. "Thanks, man." He glanced down at the small bundle in his arms, then back at Chris. "Here, you wanna take a swing at it? Ain't hard.."

    Kendall smiled at all her requests. It was a lot, but he was more than willing to do them...for her. Then the doctor came in again and gave out instructions. He listened carefully and took the prescription slip from him and nodded. "Sure thing." Well, it looked like the bubble bath would have to wait...but everything else seemed to still be in order. Now he just had to make sure Daisy kept up with her meds. Just then he heard a familiar voice and turned around. "Mikko? Are you alright?" He flashed Daisy a concerned look.

    Mikko wheeled herself into Daisy's room as the doctor threw his hands up in the air. "Just call me when you're ready." He said and walked off to look after patents that actually wanted his help. She went over to Daisy's bed. "Hey you. How are you doing?"

    Chris nodded. "Sure." He carefully took Travis from Gabe's arms and held him in his own. Then he took the bottle and started feeding the baby. He smiled at the little bundle in his arms. How could something so beautiful and innocent come from such a horrible man? And Mikko...of course he thought that she was alright. It was just the father...the REAL father...he had a problem with.

    A face-splitting grin quickly tugged across her lips as she heard that familiar voice. It was a great relief to know Mikko was okay, but as she wheeled closer, that frown faltered a little in concern. Plus, she was fearful that Mikko would scold her for leaving that car. "Hey sis!" She reached out to take Mikko's hand. "Mean ol doggie tried to rip my leg off, but I'm okay now." She squeezed her hand. "How about you? Are you okay?" She asked, tone laden with concern. And then, she noticed the huge change in Mikko's tummy. Her eyes grew as wide as saucers. "Oh my god.. someone deflated your baby!"

    And oh how Mikko was tempted to fuss at her, but she didn't see the point, and anyway being attacked by a dog was sure to have taught her a lesson. "Yes well...next time stay in the car, dear." She laughed when Daisy commented on her stomach. "Umm no..I had my baby. in the van while you were asleep." Of course she knew that Daisy would want to meet the little guy. But, there was a problem, Travis was with Gabe. And she was worried that Daisy would let it slip about the prison break, Gabe was sure to ask about her leg. No, Daisy would just have to wait to see him.

    "Buuut, I had to! Or that mean ol nasty doggie woulda eaten Kendall!" Daisy explained, as the doctor proceeded to unhook her from the IVs, and wrap the injection sights with bandages. Her face lit up as Mikko informed her that she had actually had her baby. "Ooooh, can I see him?? Please??" And before Mikko could answer, Daisy remembered that oh so important information that she was dying to share with her sister. "I'm having a girl!!" She beamed proudly. "And, we even have a picture of her!" She gently tugged on Kendall's arm, gesturing for him to show her the photo. "Show her, babe!"

    Watching Chris with the baby, Gabriel flashed the man a reassuring smile. "See, ain't nothin' to it. Yer doin' it like a pro."

    Kendall also was very amused by Daisy's comment about Mikko's stomach. But he wanted Mikko to be the one to tell her the news. Then his expression matched Daisy as she told Mikko about their daughter. He walked over to Mikko and showed her the photo. "This is our little Zoe, Mikko."

    Mikko took the picture and smiled. "Awww she's so cute." She handed the picture back to Kendall. "And that's a pretty name. So...Do you two know what you're going to do about housing yet?"

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    Post by Mikko on Mon Aug 31, 2009 3:58 pm

    Chris glanced up at Gabe and smiled. "Thanks." Then he turned his attention to Travis again. Travis' sucking slowed and his eyelids began to droop again. Chris smiled down at him and set the bottle aside. He knew that Travis couldn't go back to sleep until he was burped. Spotting a clean rag nearby, he grabbed it and draped it over his shoulder. Then he laid Travis against that shoulder and gently patted his back. He glanced back over at Gabe and smiled at him.

    Oh, Daisy had given it plenty of thought alright. Everything would work out perfectly, in her head. They would have a stable home with a beautiful pink nursery. But unfortunately, the reality of it all was a little more difficult to come by, given their situation. She nodded eagerly at Mikko. "Yeah.. but until that happens, can we stay with you, in the cabin?" She always wanted Mikko to be close. But sadly, she couldn't comprehend just how dangerous it would be for them to stay there for long.

    Mikko smiled but shook her head. "No...But you can live with me. The guy I work for said that he could rent me the apartment above his shop. Three bedrooms, a bath, kitchen living room. It's not much and the rooms are small...but it'll be safe and permanent. If you're both interested. the babies could share a room." She leaned back in her chair fighting to keep her eyes open. "Look..Spike isn't at the cabin. You two should go back, take care of your puppy and just relax. I'll talk to papa tomorrow about the apartment."

    Gabriel watched on in silence, impressed with how well Chris was handling the baby. Travis would be much better off with that guy, Gabe thought. At least Chris seemed emotionally stable, unlike himself. The guy also didn't have a gang out for his blood. Just why Mikko hadn't chosen him had left him confused. "Yer really good with kids." Gabe quietly complimented, sparing him another grin. "He'd be safer with you. That's for sure."

    Kendall smiled and took the photo back from Mikko, once again looking at it like the proud daddy-to-be again he was. He listened to Mikko with wide eyes. She was offering them to live with her? That offer was just to good too be true. Either that, or the fact that Mikko was a mother now had changed her for the better. He looked at Daisy to see what she thought of that very

    Jenny was making her way through the corridors; after a talk with her instructor that she wanted more challenge she had been chosen to try to talk to a mother that had arrived earlier. It was much better than being trapped with all journals, going through paper work. She peeked inside the room where the mother's newborn child was, seeing two men in there, but no purple haired woman. "Hi." she greeted as she entered. "..where's the mother?"

    Chris smiled at Gabe again at the compliment. "Thanks," he said as he continued lightly patting the baby on the back. But what Gabe said about Travis being safer with Chris concerned him. He wasn't THAT up with baby care. And the fact that that Spike guy would come back without warning, scared Chris to no end. He already knew that Spike cared nothing for the child, and was terrified to find out what would happen to Travis with Spike around anyway. Just then a nurse came in. "She getting her wounds treated," he answered.

    Daisy's eyes lit up at Mikko's offer. A huge grin quickly spread across her lips. "Oooh, that would be great!" She glanced at Kendall, figuring he would also approve. "Babe?"

    Of course, Gabriel had no idea that Spike was actually staying with them. Soon, another woman entered the room, but Gabriel remained silent as Chris answered.

    Approve? Hell, it still sounded too good to be true. But who was he to turn down something like this? He saw this as a chance in a lifetime. He grinned at Mikko and nodded. "That would be so great, Mikko. Thank you." He went over to her and placed a hand lightly on her shoulder. "You should probably get those wounds looked at now," he said in complete concern for her health. He loved the fact she was here with them, but he knew she still needed help of her own.

    "She is?" Jenny frowned a little; so someone had already talked some sense into her. Damn. The young woman sighed inwardly; she did not want to go back to the nurse station and be sent back doing journals. "Good." she added, then shrugged a little as to excuse herself. "I'm sorry. Those news had not reached me yet. Everything's ok here?" She looked over at the baby the father was holding.

    Mikko just shrugged. "I'm fine...I have to get back to Chris, se you two soon." She rolled closer to Daisy and ruffled her hair then waved to Kendall and rolled herself back in the room with Chris and Gabe. "I think my doctor abandon me...."

    Chris nodded to the nurse. Soon, Travis was burped and was beginning to fall asleep again. He was turning to lay him down on the bed again when Mikko came back. He turned back around to face her when he heard her voice. Then he took baby Travis over to his mother again. "He's all fed now, babe," he said, smiling. He soon frowned when he heard her next statement. "Really? Where did he go? And why did he leave you in the first place, Mikko?"

    Kendall waved back to Mikko then turned to Daisy. He walked over to her again and hugged her gently. "How are you feeling now, babe?" He gave her a soft kiss on the cheek.

    Mikko took her baby and cradled him. "He had other patents, some emergency or something. He'll be back" Then Mikko saw the lady standing there and gave her a quick smile before looking back at Travis. "Don't I have to fill out a birth certificate or something?" She wasn't really sure how that worked. then once again she was being asked to get medical attention. "Fine!" Mikko gave the baby back to Chris and allowed herself to be wheeled out, this time she wouldn't stop the nurse.

    It seemed their future was all set! Daisy giggled as Mikko ruffled her hair, and managed a quick hand squeeze before her sister rolled herself out of the room. She smiled up at Kendall, and returned his warm embrace. "Mmm..a lot better. Thanks to my Knight!" She answered sweetly. "I think everything's gonna work out just fine!" She leaned up to peck his cheek. "You ready to go home, handsome? .. after we grab some doughnuts?" The doctor had left a wheelchair beside Daisy's bed, with the instructions that she should use it, when leaving the hospital. He didn't want her up, walking on her injured leg.

    Chris just watched her worriedly. She really needed to get herself taken care of. Just then, his silent prayers were answered and he took Travis back from Mikko when she handed him back to him. He watched Mikko leave again and shot Gabe a worried look. Why did Mikko have to be so stubborn about this?

    Gabriel was also concerned for Mikko, but he knew of her stubborn nature. Typical thug. Luckily the young nurse was successful in prying her from the room. Seeing Chris' worried look, Gabe flashed a small look of reassurance. "She's tough. She'll be fine."

    Kendall grinned at the compliment. And yes...he thought things would be fine too...eventually. He nodded to Daisy, smiling again. "Ready when you are." He went over to her clothes and grabbed them, handing them to her. "Shall I dress you too?" he asking her, giving her a playful wink.

    Chris smiled back. "Yeah, I know she will." He went over to Gabe and held Travis up to him. "Would you like to hold him again before I put him down on the bed?" He knew the doctor still wanted to do some more tests on Travis. And better to get it done while Mikko was getting treated for her wounds. He didn't want a repeat of last time.

    Mikko was rolled into a room and helped onto a bed. They first addressed her bleeding wound on her stomach. She would need some minor surgery to get the bullet out, but it wasn't anything to life treating. While she was under for that they stitched up her leg and face. The whole process took a mere twenty minuets. though Mikko would sleep for far longer. She was placed back into the room she had came from and left to get some rest.

    Oh, she certainly liked the thought of that! Daisy flashed him her most pitiful look, batting her eyes sweetly. "Yesh! The doctor said I needed to be... immobile... soooo, that means you get to do it!" She smiled at him. "Besides, it's much more fun that way.. especially the undressing part!" She added, flashing him a playful wink.

    In truth, Gabriel's heart broke a little more each time he held Travis. But he would just have to push that pain aside, and get used to it. Still, it would take small steps. This was all still awkward for him. "Nah. Lil Squirt needs his rest." He replied. The doctors still needed to run tests. And after that, Gabe still didn't know how well he'd fair with this child on his own. He certainly wasn't looking forward to it.

    Kendall grinned. "Well alright!" He began slowly undressing her. First he untied the strings in the back and slowly slid the gown down her arms. Then quickly he kissed her exposed tummy and looked up at her grinning. Finally after doing a little more teasing, he got down to business and dressed her. After that was done, he helped Daisy down into the wheelchair.

    Chris shrugged and nodded. "Okay." Then he took Travis over to the bed and gently laid him down on it. The baby was once again sound asleep. Chris stood back and watched him until a doctor come in to take him to get some tests taken.

    Daisy was certainly enjoying every moment of this! Her heart fluttered when he slowly untied her strings, then completely melted as he planted a kiss against her tummy. Sooo sweet! Gah, she still couldn't believe how lucky she was to have this guy. Not only was he super sexy, but also had a heart of gold. She smiled up at him as he settled her into the wheelchair. "Heh.. I'm so lucky to have you.."

    Once the doctor came and took the baby away, Gabriel finally took a seat, figuring this would take a while. He sighed inwardly. This certainly wasn't how he expected his day to turn out. Now, he was stuck her for only god knew how long. There was still so many doubts racing through his mind, regret and uncertainty. But he was trying to distract himself from that, for now. There would be plenty of time for that later. He glanced over at Chris. Really not sure what to say. He was never good at small talk, or starting conversations. His silent and reclusive nature had handicapped him in that way. Still, he would make an attempt. "Guess you and Mickey are pretty close, huh."

    Kendall smiled big at that. "And the same goes for you." He leaned down and planted a kiss on her lips before handing her the things they accumulated during their stay here. "Lets go home, darlin'." He made sure everything was secure before wheeling her out of the room.

    After watching Travis disappear behind another set of doors, he decided to sit down as well. He was in his own thoughts until Gabe addressed him. "Yeah..." was his reply with a nod. "She and I got real close the last several months."

    And soon they were on their way. Daisy grinned as Kendall wheeled her through the hospital, destined for the exit. She was certainly looking forward to getting out of this place, and back 'home' to her poor puppy. She could only hope that psychopath hadn't returned. She glanced over her shoulder, smiling sweetly at Kendall. "Think we should take the chair with us? It's kinda fun!"
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    Post by Kendall on Wed Sep 02, 2009 1:29 pm

    ((Once again, big thanks to Mikko for logging and editing))

    Mikko was sleeping peacefully in her hospital bed. But sadly a nurse came in and woke her. She didn't mean to wake the patent, but it seemed even with meds, Mikko was a light sleeper. She looked at the nurse, eyes half closed and grabbed the covers pulling them over her nose. "Go away..." She told the nurse tiredly and rolled over. The nurse didn't respond to her but checked her vitals and then left the room. Mikko looked over her shoulder and watched the nurse leave. "that's right...better...go." Her eyes slid close once again.

    Kendall grinned. "Awwww you don't want me to carry you everywhere?" he teased as they finally made it through the exit.

    Daisy certainly liked that idea, better than stealing the wheelchair. She flashed him a sweet smile. "Aww, you wanna carry me now?"

    Kendall flashed her another grin. "Better get you to the SUV first. Don't want me to hurt your leg by accidentally bumping it now, do you?"

    Gabriel flashed Chris a small grin. "S'good." He replied, a sincerity in his tone. From what little he knew of Chris, the man had his approval. Something that wasn't easy to come by, especially regarding his 'sis'- someone he was protective of. "Maybe once she realizes what a good thing is, she'll see Spike for what he is."

    Daisy gave a cute pout at that, but soon enough, they were back at the SUV. Once again, she glanced over her shoulder, batting her eyes sweetly at him.

    Chris fully wanted to agree with that. "I really hope so. That Spike dude is a really terrifying guy. I don't know what Mikko sees in him."

    As soon as the got to they SUV, he opened the door and carefully picked up Daisy, setting her in the middle seat. He leaned in and kissed her on the lips before buckling her in.

    Gabriel certainly didn't think Spike was terrifying, but he did understand how dangerous and psychotic he was. "He's fuckin' crazy. Don't show 'im fear, but watch yer back around him." He glanced at his watch, wondering what was taking so long with Travis. Not that he was in any hurry to be stranded with a newborn, alone. His attention once again returned to Chris. "Lemme guess. She had somethin' to do with his escape, huh."

    "Yeah...that's what Mikko said too." Then came the question Chris was hoping to avoid. But if this guy trusted him with everything else, it would make it so hard to lie to him about this. He slowly nodded in response.

    Daisy returned his affectionate gesture, and grinned at him as he buckled her in. She still looked drained, and pale, but her spirits were definitely high. She had so much to look forward to! Kendall was safe, and all the nightmares that had surrounded the whole prison break had been just that- nothing but bad dreams. And now it seemed their future was secure, thanks to Mikko's generous offer regarding the apartment. And they were having a daughter! Her stomach soon growled again, and she flashed Kendall a sheepish smile. "Yeah.. we definitely need to raid the doughnut shop.."

    Gabriel sighed deeply at that. Deep down, he already knew. Hell, it didn't take rocket science to figure that one out, but he needed confirmation. He gave Chris a concerned look. "Better watch that lil blonde around him. Son'of a bitch rapes and kills women without even flinchin'." He certainly didn't know what the hell Mikko was thinking, especially if she cared for this family of hers, as much as it seemed. But then again, he knew just how blinded by love Mikko was to Spike's nature.

    Soon a nurse walked into the room, she smiled at the two guys as she rocked the little baby. "Who's this handsome fellow belong to?" She asked then proceeded to tell them that Mikko was out of surgery and doing fine, she was a little fussy but both mother and child would be ready to go soon. then told them what room Mikko was in

    Kendall grinned. "Then let's go. I just need to return this chair and we can go get your doughnut." He gave her a series of small kisses on her lips again before closing the door and pushing the chair back into the hospital.

    This wasn't really news to Chris, but he nodded anyway. Soon Travis came back from the testings and Chris raised his hand, stating he was the father. He didn't think Gabe would mind him claiming that title. Even if the man was the current legal caretaker of the child. Now holding little Travis in his arms again, he listened carefully to further instructions; including Mikko's whereabouts. Then he glanced over at Gabe.

    Gabe was relieved that Mikko was alright, and certainly didn't mind that Chris claimed the baby. The man was a natural with the little guy. It was just a shame that due to the circumstances, the one who desired to be the father was prevented from that. Fuckin' Spike.If only Mikko hadn't helped the asshole escape. Chris could step up to the plate, and there would be no need for him to be involved. Once the nurse informed them of Mikko's whereabouts, he also looked at Chris, as he slowly stood. "After you." He figured he should say goodbye before heading out.

    Daisy tried to make herself comfortable as Kendall returned the wheelchair. Her stomach was still reminding her of just how hungry she was. Obviously she hadn't been eating like she should have, but with the stress over the whole prison break, food had been the least of her thoughts.

    Chris nodded and lead the way to Mikko's room. Travis was getting a little fussy in his arms and Chris bounced him gently trying to calm him. Soon they were to Mikko's room and Chris went over to her bed.

    Mikko was still facing the wall, but felt the presence of someone by her bed. Assuming that it was another nurse, she groaned and put the cover over her head. "I said leave me the fuck alone." She was sick of them coming in. Why tell you to 'get some rest' if they plan on waking you every hour. and then have the nerve to tell you to get some sleep! After they wake you!

    Soon Kendall was returning to the SUV. He had taken the wheelchair back without any trouble. He climbed into the driver's seat and glanced back at Daisy. "Ready to go now, babe?" He started the engine by means of hotwiring and shut the door. He quickly buckled in himself and they were soon on their way.

    Daisy flashed Kendall a grin as he returned. "Mmhmm!" But she was NOT content with being in that middle seat! She wanted to be closer to him, even if that meant going against doctor's orders. As carefully as she could, she climbed across the barrier, wincing slightly from her motions. But soon, she was in the seat beside him. She flashed him a sweet smile as she cuddled close. "Hi!"

    Gabriel followed Chris inside, but kept his distance as Chris approached the bed, figuring he'd want a degree of privacy with her, for now.

    Kendall wasn't aware of what Daisy was doing until she was climbing over the seat. His eyes caught her motion and his eyes widened. "Daisy! What--" When she settled in next to him, he shook his head. "You're crazy...you know that?" he stated, grinning. He shot her once more glance before turning his eyes to the road once more.

    He was a little taken aback by Mikko's tone, but he figured she didn't know who was there. "Hey babe, look who's here," he said smiling. He held Travis out to her, still cradled safely in his arms.

    with a smile Mikko finally turned around and sat up. She held out her arms for the baby and looked at the boys. "What did the doctor say? Is he ok?"

    Daisy grinned up at him, as she snuggled closer against his side. "I had to be closer to you."

    Chris smiled and handed her Travis. "He fine."

    Kendall grinned at that. "I just wish you would have told me. I could've helped you up here. Are you okay now?"

    Mikko smiled and looked at her sleeping baby. "That's cuz he's tough like his mother...yeah...definitely got that from me." She rubbed his cheek with her thumb. "And you got defiantly got ya looks from ya father...My handsome little boy." She was glowing with joy and pride as she rocked Travis in her arms, then she looked at Gabe. "There's some money in my jeans in the corner. And...if one of you wants to, there is cloths, bottles, diapers and anything else you might need back at the cabin."

    As much as Chris tried to fight it, he couldn't mask the sadness he felt at her comment about Travis' father. Even if he was acting as Travis' father, he knew that he could never BE Travis' father. Those rights belonged to that ungrateful, horrible man. But still, he loved Travis as his own. There was just the matter of paperwork. He wanted no reference to the psycho at all.

    "Mmhmm.." Daisy leaned up to peck his cheek, then rested her head against his shoulder. "Because I can snuggle with you now!" And she couldn't wait to get 'home', for more intense snuggle time. "You know, I'm really gonna miss that tent when we move.. but it's gonna be sooo nice to have a real room, and a bed!"

    Gabriel watched Mikko with her baby, still unsure of what he was going to do once he left this place. The more he thought about it, the more he was wondering what he'd gotten himself into. The baby wasn't even a day old. How the hell was he going to care for it? He sighed deeply as he approached the bed. "Babe, I think Travis needs to be with you, at least for tonight. If you can get discharged. You should take him home with you." He kept his tone low, so the nurses couldn't hear. "Chris can help you, and keep that fuckwad away from him. I can pick 'im up tomorrow, before child services knows what's up."

    That sounded good to her, but she frowned at Gabe. "You don't want him do you?" She hated to think that she was forcing this on him. That wasn't her intention at all. "we don't have a home..." She stated with a heavy sigh, but, she thought that, if she could get out of here fast enough, she might be able to head to the shop and maybe start staying in that apartment as soon as tonight. It was a nice thought and a long shot. But, Mikko seemed to always have luck on her side. She nodded to Gabe. "Yeah..I think I can work something out...But, I need to get going soon, so I can talk to papa."

    Kendall couldn't agree more. True, he would also miss the tent, but a sturdy building would be much safer. And a bed...that would be really nice. The mattress was okay in the tent, but it would be nice to have some elevation...the kind a mattress and springs would provide. "You're right. It would be really nice."

    Gabriel sighed deeply as he reached over, running a finger across the baby's cheek. "No, it's not that, babe. I'll do this for you,you know that. But I jus' think the lil guy should be with his mom on the first night of his life." And yet, he knew Mikko needed her rest. There was no easy way of doing this. "I just.. have no idea what I'm doin. I've only been around Isabella when she was this small, but I never had to take care of her alone, at that age." It was the first clue that things in his own life hadn't gone as expected. He should've been a father by now, should've had that experience. But yet, he was clueless. "But.. you should rest. I'll.. figure it out." Because, there was always Lexi. Surely she could give him a few pointers.

    Mikko grabbed Gabe's hand. "Gabe. You're not doing this by yourself. Chris is going to be there. I'M going to be there. I just needed someone with a home to take him for a few weeks, that doesn't mean I was just going to disappear and leave you to take care of him. Travis is my responsibility. You don't have to worry." She smiled and let him go. "Don't worry. Like I said. The guy I work for is offering me his place. If I can get out of here soon, I can talk to him to night..But all of Travis' stuff is in the cabin...I'll have to drive up there and get it."

    Daisy slid her hand beneath his shirt, fingers gently caressing his side. She flashed him a devious grin. "You know.. we've never got jiggy on a REAL bed before..oooh... that's gonna be fun! I hope it has good springs!"

    Everyone always disappeared in his life. Deep down, that was Gabriel's worst fear, but he tried to find comfort in her words. He wasn't doing this alone, he had to convince himself of that. He squeezed her hand, before slowly releasing. "I know, babe." He exhaled slowly. "You should prolly stay here tonight. Get some rest.. you've been through hell." And all for an unworthy cause, but he'd be wasting his breath to say that.

    "Rest? Here? I'm better off sleeping in the park." Mikko laughed. Nurses coming in ever hour, no she needed to get out. "I'm fine...I've had worse.: In fact Mikko was ready to leave right then, she slipped out of bed and gently laid Travis on the bed so that she could start getting dress. "I'm so not staying in here...I've have stayed at this hospital so many times, I'm starting to learn everyone's name."

    Kendall chuckled. That would be quite the experience for her. And he was sure she would love it. Pretty soon, they arrived at the donut shop.

    Gabriel managed a small grin. He was not about to argue with her, since he himself had issues with hospitals. "Okay. I'm gonna step outside so you can get dressed." With that, he slipped out of the room, but remained close.

    Daisy's eyes lit up as the doughnut shop came into view. Luckily they had a drive-thru, so there would be no need to leave the safety of the vehicle. "Oooh, get a dozen double glazed raspberry, with sprinkles! ..No.. two dozen!"

    It didn't take long for Mikko to dress and detach herself from the IV's. After some digging around she found bandages and wrapped them around the injection site. She combed out her hair and looked over the stitches on her face. "I look like the fuckin joker...and not the attractive cartoon one either.." She shrugged it off,nothing make up couldn't fix. After getting herself together she grabbed Travis and started to head out.

    Chris had been silently observing the scene in front of him. Then when Gabe left, he was staying to assist her if she needed it. He saw no need to turn around while she dressed. After she was done, he carefully wrapped an arm around her and headed out. "Need help with anything, babe?"

    Mikko held Travis close and cuddled next to Chris as they walked out. "nah...well..food, for me and for Travis. and we need to head to the tattoo shop." She wondered if Daisy and Kendall were still there, and if not, how to get in touch with them, looks like a trip to the cabin was inevitable.

    Kendall chuckled at that. "I think a dozen is plenty. Maybe even a half-dozen. You need more than just sweets, you know..." he reminded her. "Where else would you wanna go for an actual meal?"
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    Post by Daisy on Wed Sep 02, 2009 10:35 pm

    Chris was silently wondering why Mikko had to get to the tattoo parlor tonight, but he nodded. "So we need to go to a store or do we already have everything we need?"

    Mikko walked up to Gabriel then turned to Chris. "We can go to the store...Or back to the cabin. Like I said, all Travis's baby stuff is at the cabin. But first we have to stop at the tattoo shop...I have to get new car though...there was a...incident with the other one."

    Chris nodded. "Sure, babe. But I'll let you handle that, okay? Since I have no clue how to do it," he whispered, giving her a small kiss on the cheek.

    An actual meal? Daisy had to think on that, because there was too many places that came to mind. "Hmmm... Mcdonalds? Oooor, Pizza Hut? And I want a chili dog, too.." She smiled up at him. "And a dozen doughnuts." She pressed a sweet kiss against his cheek. "What are you hungry for?"

    Gabriel just listened in silence. He wasn't sure if he was up for going to several different places, and certainly had no desire to go back to the cabin, especially if there was a chance of having an encounter with Spike, because it wouldn't end well. But he figured they would need transportation, until he overheard Mikko mentioning getting another car. He didn't even have to ask, knowing what she meant.

    Mikko nodded to Chris and turned to Gabe. "Wanna come with us, hang out or something? I dropped Spike off, soooo he's not going to be anywhere were we're going. But we have to leave now cuz I have to get to the tattoo shop." She started to walk off expecting both boys to follow.

    Kendall thought this over quickly. "McDonalds is fine with me," he replied, shrugging. It may not be the healthiest for her but after the day she had, she deserved it. "Okay, sounds good." He gave her a smile and soon pulled up to the donut shop's drive-thru speaker. He gave them the order and pulled around to pay pick up the order. Once he paid and got the food, he handed it off to Daisy and headed for McDonalds next.

    Despite his earlier reluctance, Gabriel gave her offer some thought. The last several weeks had been spent in near isolation. May 'hangin' out' was what he needed. Then again, he was sure these two wanted some privacy, even if Mikko had offered. He certainly didn't want to be a third wheel. "I should prolly be goin'. But I could give you a ride to the tattoo place, if you want."

    Once the doughnuts were within her grasp, Daisy wasted no time tearing into one. "Mmmm.. these are soooo good!" She mumbled through her mouthful. Her tummy was definitely thanking her for it. She flashed Kendall a sweet smile as she held it up, offering him a bite. "It's like.. an orgasm in your mouth.. you soooo gotta try it!"

    Mikko was definitely disappointed. "you sure?" She looked at him with big gray puppy dog eyes. But when he offered to take them to the tattoo shop she nodded eagerly. "Yes that would be great! Thanks."

    Gabriel frowned as she flashed him those puppy dog eyes. He didn't like disappointing her. With a sigh, he finally gave in. "Okay. But I gotta warn you. If that asshole shows up, I can't promise that I won't kill 'im."

    Mikko's smiled brightened at that, she would definitely take that chance. "Deal!" She moved Travis so that his head rested on her shoulder, and grabbed Chris's hand. "I'm all ready if you two are."

    Chris was more than ready to go. He took her hand and walked with her. He was both relieved and worried about what would happen if Spike showed up. About what Gabe just said. But he decided to put that aside for now. They would cross that bridge when they came to it. He squeezes Mikko's hand and smiled at her. Then he turned his attention to Gabe. "Thanks for everything, Gabe. You've been so helpful." He gave him a smile.

    Kendall chuckled at her exclamation. He glanced at her, smiling. "Just wait until I get parked, okay Daisy?" Soon he pulled into a parking space in the McDonalds lot and took a bite of the donut she offered him. "Mmmm...that is good," he said smiling. "Excellent choice, babe."

    Gabriel gave a small nod at Mikko, and followed them out. He spared a faint grin at Chris. "No prob." Though, it was certain to cause problems if Ezekiel or Lexi ever found out.

    "Gabe's the best. he's like...my guardian angel or something." Mikko looked over her shoulder and smiled at Gabriel as they walked out the hospital. She then waited for Gabe to take the lead so they could follow him to his car.

    Daisy grinned at his approval. "See, told ya!" Now, her focus was directed at the well lit McDonalds. She felt excited, but that slowly began to deflate as she realized that she would be unable to go inside, and play in their inside playground. Those tunnels were just screaming her name! She pouted, finishing off the rest of her doughnut. "Stupid leg." She glanced over at Kendall, giving him the sad eyes. "I guess it's safer to drive-thru anyway, huh?" She asked, as she reached for another doughnut. "I wanna Happy Meal!"

    Gabriel flashed Mikko a small grin as he took the lead, directing them towards his car. Once there, he opened the doors for them, then climbed into the driver's seat. "Okay. Where's this tattoo shop at?"

    Chris followed them still holding Mikko's hand. He only let go when he climbed into Gabe's car. He quickly buckled in and waited for them to get on the road.

    Mikko slipped in the front seat and buckled in as Travis laid on her lap. She picked up the baby and held him close again. "Papa's Tattoos is on Rose street. Though the street sign is never up. You know where the old little Carlos pizza and the indoor shooting range is? right across the street from there."

    Kendall chuckled again. He was wondering why she wanted a Happy Meal at her age. And...it probably would be a good idea if she found something a little more filling. But, since he was getting her whatever she wanted today, he decided to go with it. He pulled out of the parking spot and headed for the drive-thru. Once at the speakers, he ordered their meals and drove ahead to pay and pick them up. Once again, he passed everything over to Daisy and headed back to the cabin. She was free to eat on the way, but Kendall opted to get back before digging in. He really wanted to get back to the safety of the cabin again ASAP.

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    Post by Mikko on Thu Sep 03, 2009 4:38 pm

    And Daisy wasted no time digging into her Happy Meal. She leaned back in the seat, munching happily on her fries as she dug inside the box for the toy. "Ooooh, cool! GI Joe!" She smiled up at Kendall. "Heh.. I guess they thought this Happy Meal was for you." She placed the poorly painted camouflaged man on the dash, and continued enjoying her meal. "We could give it to lil Travis." She smiled, but then gave Kendall a questioning look. "Aren't you hungry? I could feed you, you know.."

    "Yeah, I know where that's at." Once everyone was situated, Gabriel pulled out of the parking space, and hit the main road, destined for the tattoo shop.

    Kendall smiled at her enthusiasm and shook his head. "Nah, I'm good until we get home. Thanks anyway." They continued on their way down the long stretch of road to the cabin.

    Mikko sat in silence for a bit then finally turned to Gabe. "What have you been up to? I don't see you much anymore."

    "Buuut, these fries are off the chain!" Daisy tried to persuade, but wouldn't push it too much. She knew how focus he was when driving. Nothing would break his concentration. At least, it wouldn't be long now. The old dirt path soon came into view. She was both excited, though a bit fearful of what may be lurking back at the cabin.

    "Not much." Gabe replied to Mikko's question. It wasn't the complete truth, but he still wasn't able to speak openly about what he'd been dealing with. He was quick to direct the attention on her. "How bout you?"

    Mikko just shrugged. "Not much either...been pretty quiet till today." They were soon making it onto the street, and sure enough, the street sign had been taken down, some of the street lamps were busted, and colorful graffiti covered the brick buildings.

    Kendall was also on edge about what they might find when they get there. If not for Daisy's safety alone, then for her furry friends. If this bastard didn't want the baby around, then pets were a definitely no-no in his book. And Kendall was already aware of how Spike was eying Daisy when they were coming back from the prison. Kendall would take no chances of that psycho getting near her at all. He made that solemn vow. Finally, they arrived at the cabin. He pulled into the drive and put the vehicle in park, cutting the engine. Then he turned to Daisy. "I can eat my stuff now, I guess." He wasn't ready to go into the cabin just yet.

    The fact that Kendall wasn't anxious about going inside had not been lost on her. Still, she said nothing regarding that fact. Now finished with her own meal, She passed the bag over to Kendall, and snuggled closer beside him. "I really hope Mojo's okay."

    Gabriel seemed unfazed by the appearance of Mikko's new neighborhood. Hell, it was something they were all used to. At her comment, he was tempted to ask her about her involvement in the prison break, but what good would it do? Even if she admitted it, nothing he could say would ever change how she felt about Spike. She would have to learn him on her own time.

    Kendall immediately dug into his food as soon as she handed him the bag. He nodded to her comment. "Hope so too, but I'm sure she's fine." Better to reassure her than to scare her, he thought.

    "The place is actually nicer then it looks" She comment as she looked out the window. As soon as they came to the shop Mikko instructed him to pull up in the back. "this shouldn't take long."

    As Daisy waited for him to finish, she rested her head against his shoulder, allowing her mind to wonder. Her thoughts drifted back to the prison break, and the man who had captured her. A small frown tugged across her lips. "Babe, do you think that man was telling the truth?" She shifter her head, now looking up at him. "Do you think he was my daddy?"

    Gabriel did as he was instructed, pulling the car into the back. He turned off the ignition, and gave a small nod in response. "Good luck, babe."

    Kendall looks at her and shrugged. "I dunno, babe. I've never really paid attention to that guy before. What do you think?" He took another bite his sandwich.

    "Thanks." Mikko unbuckled and handed the baby to Gabe then left the car. She ran inside and saw the owner, Papa, cleaning before heading home. He greeted her and she sat on one of the stools. After a brief summery of what had happen, it was agreed that she could stay tonight, then tomorrow everything would be made official. her monthly payments would come right out of her checks. Papa then gave her the apartment rules. No gang activities, no late night parties, No dealing drugs from the place and No big pets. rules that Mikko was more then willing to live by. She was given the keys to both the shop and the apartment and headed outside to the car, wiggling her keys and motioning for the boys to come see the place with her.

    Daisy shrugged her shoulders, still lost in thought. "I don't know. But.. how else would he know my name?" She gazed up at him, a hint of sadness in her features. Ever since her mother died, she had always dreamed of the day when she would meet her father. And sadly, none of it had happened as it had in her dreams. "He.. looks familiar. Like, I think I've seen him at the clinic before, but he never approached me." She snuggled closer. "Do.. I look like him?"

    It seemed things had gone well. Seeing Mikko return with keys in hand, Gabe flashed her a grin and climbed from the car. "Congrats. We'll have ta throw you a house warmin' party." He winked.

    Mikko grinned and nodded, she was excited, this would be her first home...ever. It was almost over whelming, she got a baby and a home in one night. what else could possible happen tonight? She led the two inside the apartment. it was small but not so much so that it was suffocating. The front door lead to the kitchen. The kitchen was connected to the living room, and it was already some what furnished, with a couch and table. A hall led to the three bedroom and bathroom. and a walk in closet was in the living room as well. "And here it is. home sweet home!"

    Chris just stayed silent the whole time, lost in his own thoughts. He vaguely heard the casual conversation between Mikko and Gabe. When Mikko pointed out their potential new home, he stiffened. It didn't look very safe and the area certainly didn't. Then she informed them that it looked nicer inside. Well, Chris certainly hoped so. When he saw Mikko disappear into the building again, his thoughts immediately went to how they were going to raise a baby in this kind of place. Of course, Gabe would still take him for a while, and Chris would be more than happy to help. Finally Mikko emerged from the building and motioned for he and Gabe to follow. He quickly climbed out and followed Gabe and Mikko inside the building. Mikko was right. The place DID look better on the inside. He looked around as Mikko showed them around. Finally, he spoke up. "Not bad, babe. Not bad..." he said, smiling in approval.

    Gabriel followed them inside. Indeed, the place was much nicer on the inside. "It's nice, babe. You did good." He complimented her. "Definitely not bad for a first time deal."

    Mikko smiled proudly and took Travis back. "Thanks, I think Daisy and Kendall will like it too. Just need to let them know. Those two need a phone..."

    Now finished with his meal, he could hold her close, comforting her. "I really don't know. I guess it's possible. And if you said he looks real familiar to you, then he probably is."

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    Post by Mikko on Fri Sep 04, 2009 5:01 pm

    Daisy seriously wasn't sure how she felt about that. Was it better to know the truth, and have so many questions that she could never have the answers to, or continue holding this ideal image of her father in her head? If only their meeting had been under different circumstances, perhaps she would've gotten the answers she had longed for her whole life. She snuggled closer to Kendall, trying desperately to bury her thoughts. "Officer Adams.. why does that sound familiar?" And then it dawned on her. They had stolen the man's Jeep.

    Gabriel was secretly relieved when she took the infant back. It would definitely take some getting used to. He just gave a nod in agreement to her comment, having no idea why the two didn't have a cell phone in the first place. But then again, his had caused him nothing but trouble. Maybe they were the smarts ones

    Mikko walked over to the couch and sat down with the baby. She really didn't feel like leaving again but knew that she was going to need to get the stuff for Travis. She had taken the baby cloths that the nurses had to remove from him in the hospital, and redressed him, in the blue one piece and mohawk hat. She smiled at him when the baby opened his eyes and looked around. With a sigh she turned back to the boys. "Guess we got to head back to the cabin. Wanna come, Gabe?"

    Kendall held her closer as well. "Why does that guy sound so familiar, Daisy? Remember what I told you about him? When you read the name off that license to me, do you remember what I said?" Actually, come to think of it, he didn't recall what he said then, himself. Other than extreme surprise...

    Daisy glanced up at him as she struggled to recall exactly what he had say. "Um, good job?" That was about the extent of her recollection, but she did remember his distaste for that name. "Did you know him? Were you on the force with him? Or did you meet him while you were in prison?"

    Gabe was quiet for a moment. He really needed to be heading home. But then how would they get to the cabin? Sure, Mikko could hot wire a car, but was that really safe in her condition. "I can take you. If you need me to."

    Mikko thought about that for a moment. Getting a car wasn't a problem, and she didn't want Gabe to feel obligated to chofer her around. But, getting a ride from Gabe would be safer....But what if Spike called for some reason? though....If Daisy and Kendall were at the cabin, then there would be a car there she could take if she HAD to leave. Finally she nodded then smiled. "That would be great. But only if you really don't mind."

    Kendall smiled. "Yeah, that was basically it," he replied, giving her another light squeeze. But he shook his head. "Nope, met him while I was in prison. And he was anything but friendly since I've know him." Now that he possibly knew the truth, he probably shouldn't have told Daisy that he was that horrible of a person. But given it was a prison, that's what made the difference. Maybe he was completely different outside of work. But then Kendall remembered that Daisy told him she thought she remembered seeing him, but she never got near her.

    Daisy nuzzled against him, and slid a hand beneath his shirt. She ran her fingers along his toned muscle. She gazed up at him, frowning deeply. "He was mean to you?" She ran her palm along his skin, soothed by the warm contact. "So I guess he's just a horrible person, huh? It'd take an awful person, to be mean to someone like you."

    "Nah. I don't mind." Gabe gently ruffled Mikko's hair. "But I gotta head home, afterwards. Jigs' is gonna tear my place upside down if I'm gone too long."

    "That's an evil dog I tell ya." Mikko said standing and heading for the door. "You make sure it don't eat Travis." Really she wasn't to worried, the dog had never did anything to Eze's kid so she felt Travis was safe. Still the animal frightened her to no end. She opened the door for the boys.

    Kendall looked down at her, shrugging. "Don't know if it was just at work or he's like that with everyone." He looked at the cabin again. It seemed empty enough. He thought that they've been out there long enough. "So what do you say? Should we head inside now?"

    "Pfft. He's not that bad." Gabe followed them out the door, and back down towards the car. "You need to get over yer fear of dogs, Mickey."

    "Well...I got Daisy a little dog, so I guess that's a start right?" Mikko locked up and headed to the car with the others, slipping back in the front seat.

    Daisy spared a glance in the cabin's direction, then gazed up at Kendall. "Yeah, I need to make sure Rambo and Mojo are alright. Then, I say we have a movie marathon!" She gently ran her finger along his ribs. "Disney, or horror?"

    Gabe was definitely surprised by that. He climbed into the driver's seat, and flashed her a questioning look. "What kinda dog?" He was guessing it was some toy breed. Had to be.

    Chris had again stayed in the background during the conversation between Mikko and Gabe. When it was time to leave he followed the other two. He liked having Gabe there. He was great in Chris' book. But it would be nice when it was just the two of them again. He and Mikko hadn't had much alone time with the baby. And, considering the day they all had, a little downtime would be a good thing.

    Mikko buckled up and rocked Travis, who was starting to get fussy. "It's a little mutt...bout the size of a rat. well..maybe a little bigger, She's cute though. Daisy lost her bunny..and it was kinda my fault so to make it up to her, I got her the dog."

    Gabe managed a small grin at that. "Figures. Shoulda gotten her a real dog." Soon, they were on their way, destined for the cabin.

    "It's a real dog." Mikko shook her head. "You get chased down and mauled by a dog, and see if that don't traumatize you. Small is all I can do."

    "Yeah. Well, I've been mauled by worse. People will hurt you a lot quicker."

    "Maybe...But I'm not afraid of people biting me." Mikko grinned at him. "anyway. Big dogs, big teeth..."

    Kendall shrugged. "Don't care. All I care about is it's with you." He enjoyed every small caress she gave him. And he returned them with a few of his own. The first one was cupping her cheek and pulling her in for a kiss. "After the day you had, I'm letting you call the shots. But only for today and tonight," he added with a small wink. Of course he was kidding about that part. They needed to take turns on what they did.

    Chris just listened to the dog discussion between Mikko and Gabe, shaking his head in amusement. With all the tension between these two earlier, he was happy to see a more light-hearted debate.

    Daisy leaned into the kiss, returning it wholeheartedly. She pressed a sweet grin against his lips. "Oooh, so does that mean this extends into tomorrow night?" She winked at him. "I mean, it was after dark when I was bitten." She kissed him again, and slowly slid her hand from beneath his shirt. "I'm ready when you are, handsome!"

    Gabriel flashed her an amused look. "Well, you should be. Not all human bites are nice, you know." He flashed a small wink, and reached over to ruffle her hair. "Fair enough. But you and Jigs need some one on one time together. He likes you."

    "I haven't had a bad bite yet...from a human anyway. And Jigs is just sizing me up, figuring out what part of me to eat first." She chuckled when Gabe ruffled her hair, then straitened her hair out. They were finally out of the city, and she was eager to get to the cabin, get her stuff and leave.

    Gabe flashed her an amused smile, and returned his full attention to the road. Soon, the blacktop gave way to old dirt roads as they made their way deeper into the country side.

    Kendall chuckled. "We'll see, Daisy." He pressed another kiss to her lips and opened his door, climbing out. Then he went over to Daisy's side carefully taking her out of the SUV. Once she was settled in his arms he carried her inside the cabin.

    Mikko looked out the window in silence for the rest of the ride. Travis had settled down, and was falling asleep again. She glanced over at Chris a few times and flashed him a smile.

    Chris glanced over at Mikko a few times when he was aware that she was looking at him and smiled back. Other than that, he just stared out the window.

    Daisy wrapped her arms around his neck as he carried her inside. She pressed a sweet kiss against his lips as she caressed his cheek. "You know.. someday, I hope you'll be carrying me over that threshold." She smiled sweetly at him. She didn't care how long it took, but this was the guy she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Once inside, she was relieved to see that Spunk guy was nowhere around. "Looks like we have it all to ourselves!"

    Kendall nodded, grinning. "Looks like. And that's just the way we like it, right babe?" He gently sat her down on the couch then sat down next to her. He gave her another sweet kiss against her lips, wrapping an arm around her. "Why don't you wait right here and I'll get Mojo, okay?" He gave her another quick kiss before standing up.

    Daisy flashed him a sweet, helpless look. "Okay. But don't be gone too long, okay? I'm missing you already!" She tried to make herself comfortable, and began digging around for the remote, between the cushions of the couch.

    And soon they arrived at the cabin

    When they finally got to the cabin, and parked. Mikko stepped out of the car,and after a quick surveillance of the area, walked inside not waiting for the other two. Her focus was now on feeding Travis. Once she stepped inside she smiled at Daisy, and sat down next to her. "You two been here long?"

    Daisy tensed when she heard the front door open, but seeing Mikko, she quickly relaxed. And as luck would have it, she managed to unearth the remote. She flashed Mikko a grin as she sat beside her. "Nope, just got here.. like a minute ago." She was about to ask why Mikko was home so early, but that's when she noticed the little bundle cradled in her arms. Daisy's eyes grew wide. " Oh my gawd! He looks just like my jelly baby!! Can I hold him??"

    Before Gabe could climb from the car, his cell phone began to buzz. He was reluctant to answer it, since it had done nothing but lead him to trouble. But seeing a familiar number on the small screen, he answered. After a brief and quiet conversation with a fellow gang member, he closed the phone, and slid it back into his pocket. It seemed this trip would be cut shorter than expected. Seeing the black SUV parked out front, he didn't feel as bad. At least Mikko had a means of transportation. He climbed from the car, and headed inside the cabin. Quickly spotting the girl that had given him such a hard time at the zoo, his full attention soon fixated on Mikko. "Babe, I gotta go. You can get back to the city, right?" He asked, just to make sure.

    Mikko's smile soon turned when Gabe informed her that he had to leave. She stood up and gave him a tight hug. He always had to leave, just when she thought they could finally just hang out, he had to go. "Yeah...I can get back. Thanks for everything tonight Gabe."

    Daisy's heart melted as she took the baby into her arms, doing her best to cradle him just right. Luckily for Gabe, she was too focused on the baby to even notice him right away. "Oh my god, he's sooo cute!" She gently ran a thumb along the baby's cheek. "Hi there, little Travis!"

    Gabriel returned her tight embrace. "Sorry, babe. Give me a call when you get back in town. Maybe I can drop in."

    Mikko smiled a little at that and nodded. " I will...Maybe next time we can make a whole day of it." She waved to him then, with a heavy sigh, turned to get Travis his bottle.

    Gabe pressed a kiss against her cheek before turning and disappearing out the door. He hated to see Mikko disappointed, but hopefully next time would go without any interruptions. After climbing back into his car, he pulled out of the old dirt drive-way, once again destined for the city.

    Kendall turned around grinning at her then he went to go find the puppy. All around the cabin there were the puppy's little 'gifts'. Kendall sighed. They had to at least paper-train her. Finally he wandered into the bedroom and found her under the bed. With a little bit of coaxing, she finally came out and he carried her back to Daisy. "Here she is..." Then he stopped in his tracks when he saw the others. He gave all of them a small wave "Hi, guys. Glad to see you." Though he didn't recognize Gabe at first. And he didn't stay long either. With a small shrug, Kendall continued the journey to the couch with the puppy. Then he saw Daisy holding the baby and he smiled. She had the maternal instinct alright. But time would only tell just how good she would be. But he had much confidence in her.

    Little Travis looked up at Daisy with his big brown eyes, while Mikko got the formula together. She read the directions on the back of the can a few times, hoping that she was mixing this right. At lest she didn't have to bake anything. When the baby's food was finally ready she walked over to Daisy. "Wanna learn how to feed a baby?"

    Now at the cabin, he followed Mikko inside. Once in there, he saw the other two and smiled at them. He was grateful that they were alright considering he hadn't seen them at all since they were all in the SUV; coming back from the prison. And that ride was anything but relaxing with Spike around. He watched Daisy with the baby, smiling. He waved to Kendall as the tall man emerged from the bedroom.
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    ((Special thanks to Mikko for logging and editing))

    (Moving Out: Part 1)

    Daisy felt her heart melt as little Travis gazed up at her with those big brown eyes. "Dawww, I sooo want one of these!" She gently ran a finger along the baby's cheek. "Heh.. I cant wait for you to meet Zoe, I'm sure you guys are gonna be best buds!" She cooed quietly to the little guy. At Mikko's question, she glanced over at her. "Sure.. you just stick the nipple into his mouth, right? And don't hold it straight up.."

    Mikko nodded, as far as she knew that's all there was to it. She handed the bottle to Daisy, making sure that she didn't drown the kid then turned to her and Kendall. "The apartment is ready for us to move into tonight. We just need to pack everything up and head over there."

    Daisy very carefully placed the nipple against the baby's lips, and slowly slid it into his mouth. A huge, proud grin quickly spread across her lips as little Travis began making suckling noises as he indulged in the formula. This was just too precious! It only added to her excitement about becoming a mother herself. Hearing Mikko's news, she spared a glance in her direction. "Oooh, really? So, we don't have to stay here with Spanky tonight?" That would certainly be a relief. "He's not coming with us, is he?"

    Mikko smiled as she watched Daisy feed Travis. She ran the back of her fingers lightly over the baby's cheek. At Daisy's question she shook her head. "It's Spike and no. I dropped him off with his gang. He doesn't know where the apartment is or even that I have it. So it's safe.There's only one bed right now, but the couch folds out into another bed...I figured you and Kendall can take the room with the bed."

    Kendall's attention remained on Daisy and the baby. But then Mikko had addressed him and his gaze turned to her. He nodded to her. "Sounds good. Thanks, Mikko," he said smiling at her. By now the puppy was getting restless in his arms and he set her down. She immediately went to Daisy, Mikko and Travis. But since she was so small, she couldn't make the leap onto the couch yet.

    Daisy was deeply relieved that Spike wouldn't know where they were. And Mikko was giving them the bed? She couldn't suppress an excited grin at that. A room, AND a bed! She certainly felt like the luckiest girl on earth! She flashed Kendall a bright smile, before returning her attention to Mikko. "Awww, thank you!! But are you sure?" And she acknowledged the poor pup who was struggling to climb onto the couch. Unfortunately her arms were full at the moment, but she gave the tiny creature a sympathetic look. "Aww.. can someone give my Mojo a boost?"

    "Yeah I'm sure." Mikko doubt she would be getting much sleep anyway. She scooped up the puppy and let her on the couch. The puppy sniffed a the baby for a little bit then rolled on her back, begging for a belly scratch. Mikko rubbed the pups belly. "Just let me know when you guys are ready."

    After the night she had, Daisy would've protested another long car ride, but this was a good thing! A new home would definitely be worth another long ride. "I'm ready!" It wouldn't take her long to pack, since she didn't own much, and most of her stuff was safely packed away inside her backpack. She glanced over at Kendall. "Babe?"

    Kendall thought about everything they had to pack. Well, it wouldn't be all that much. But it would take a little bit to get everything gathered. But he decided he would get things together while the girls talked. Then he looked over at Daisy. "Why don't you and Mikko stay up here and I'll go get our stuff, okay?" Then he glanced over at Chris. "Hey Chris, wanna help me get stuff together?" It would give them a chance to have some guy talk.

    Still using great care to feed little Travis, Daisy smiled sweetly at Kendall. "Okay." Normally she would've worried about those two boys being together without some kind of supervision, but it seemed they got along so much better these days, much to Daisy's relief.

    That sounded good to Mikko, and anyway, her stuff was already packed up. They just needed to put it all in the truck. Once Daisy was done feeding Travis, she showed her how to burp the baby. And they wanted her to take parenting classes. pffft. She knew what she was doing. Mikko smiled at Daisy. "I can see that you're gonna be a pretty good mom."

    Chris had been watching the interaction between Daisy and Travis and smiled. For things being so shakey earlier, they really turned around now. They were all going to be living together - under the same roof once more. Only this time, there would be more room. He nodded to Kendall. "YEah, sure." Several months ago he wouldn't have been so willing to spend time with the much taller man, but since things had been smoothed out and resolved some time ago, he and Kendall became pretty close friends.

    Mikko's compliment definitely meant the world to Daisy. She smiled up at her as she held little Travis against her shoulder, gently rubbing his back. "Aww, thanks! I can't wait.." Then her tone dropped a bit. "I'm a little scared, though. But I'm definitely looking forward to it!" Once she was certain the little guy had no more burps left in him, she gently cradled him once more, now softly rocking him. "You'll be an awesome mom too. Travis is lucky to have you." Her free hand gently traced the baby's tiny fingers. All this talk about moms got her to thinking about her own. "I wish I could remember my mom. But she was killed when I was little." Her smile faltered a little, but she was quick to change the subject. "Sooo, why aren't you boob feeding?"

    Mikko smiled "Awww don't be scared. you have a whole family to help you." She ruffled Daisy's hair and smiled wider at Daisy's complement. But with the talk of moms her smile dropped. She was going to share her mother story, but Daisy changed the subject. She decided not to press the issue of her mother further. But Daisy's question certainly earned a chuckle. "I'm pierced." Mikko sat in silence for a moment then finally spoke up. "What about your father?" She hopped the question wasn't to painful for her.

    Ooooh. That made sense. Surely Mikko didn't want to drown her poor baby by squirting milk from multiple holes. That certainly left a funny image in her head, but her thoughts were soon pulled elsewhere when Mikko inquired about her father. Normally the question wouldn't have been such a big deal, but tonight's events would certainly change that forever. She frowned deeply at that question. "I.. never really met him." She pulled her gaze from tiny Travis, her big blue eyes now fixated on Mikko. There was a sadness there, and a deep uncertainty. "Until tonight. I met him, for the first time..."

    Kendall smiled. "Great. I'll meet you outside." Seeing the girls engaged in their conversation, he decided to not interrupt them and headed outside, starting down the narrow trail to their campsite. He didn't have a flashlight with him, but there was one at the tent. But he didn't go too far yet so Chris could catch up with him.

    "Really? Where at?" Mikko was definitely curious now. The only place Daisy had been, as far as she knew, was the prison and the hospital. "Was he one of the doctors?"

    And Chris wasn't far behind. He gave the girls a quick wave and headed out. It didn't take him too long to catch up with Kendall. Together, they walked down the dark trail. This was the first time Chris had come down here at night, so he was a little spooked by the night-time noises. So he just stayed close to Kendall the whole time. Soon they reached the campsite.

    Daisy sadly shook her head at that. She could only wish her father was a doctor. Then maybe he would've been friendlier. Maybe he wouldn't have stuck her away at some clinic to be forgotten. "No, he's an officer at the prison. His dog tried to get Kendall, and he grabbed me when I tried to draw attention away from him. He tried to restrain me, and started saying he was my dad." Her tone was growing shaky now, the tears burning at the back of her eyes. It certainly wasn't the way she wanted to meet her father.

    Mikko listened to her story, wrapping a comforting arm around her. When she mentioned that her father was at the prison and had a dog, it didn't take long for her to put it all together. She had no idea what to say, she certainly didn't want to say that she shot her father in the head. that was sure to not go well. "Well...he sounds like an ass. you're better off without him." She said giving Daisy a squeeze.

    Careful not to disturb the now sleeping baby, Daisy leaned into Mikko's embrace, finding comfort and strength there. Obviously ,she had no idea what fate had befallen her father, and was better off not knowing. "I wish I coulda known him, you know? I wish I could ask him why he never wanted me, until now." She gazed down at little Travis, and gently caressed his cheek. "I wish I could tell him he's gonna be a grand-daddy." And despite the heartbreak within, she managed a faint smile. "I don't think he'd be too thrilled that his grand baby's daddy is an escaped convict."

    She felt bad for the girl, even more so knowing that she killed her dad. But she didn't have much of a choice as far as she was concerned. Mikko smiled back at Daisy. "Yeah I don't think he would have been to happy with that." She tried to redirect the conversation. "What color are you going to paint your room?"

    The change of topic was definitely successful, and it was a question she didn't have to think too hard on. "Heh.. pink!" She flashed a weak grin, slowly rebounding from her emotional turmoil. "Well, I would go with pink, but that wouldn't be fair to Kendall. Sooo, maybe purple with glitter or something."

    Mikko grinned and shook her head. "Why don't you leave it white, and you and Kendall can just stick posters up everywhere. That way there is a little bit of both of you in the room."

    "Oooh, that works too." Daisy smiled at the suggestion. "If he could stomach Twilight posters." She winked. "But, Kendall is like a gazillion times hotter than Edward, so he has nothing to worry about."
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    (Moving Out: Part 2)

    Kendall immediately went into the tent and gathered things up. He made sure he had Daisy's things and cleaned up the small living space. After all the tent had to come down. Maybe there would be a time down the road when they could use it again. Although he hoped that it didn't have to become their only living quarters again. He motioned Chris to come in and passed things off to him to set outside. Then they would work on deflating the mattress.

    Mikko held out her hands for Travis. "I have to agree with you on that." She glanced over at the door. "Wonder what's taking the boys so long."

    Chris came closer when Kendall motioned for him to help. He took the items in small bundles and set them outside the tent. Then he and Kendall together pushed the air out of the mattress. With Kendall's help they carried it out and set it down. Now all that was left was to dismantle the tent. With the two of them together, they made quick work on it.

    Daisy gave the sleeping baby a gentle hug before passing him over to his mother. "I don't know. Maybe they're having guy talk. Or maybe Kendall wants to bring the tent with us." That was certainly a good idea, she thought. That tent had a lot of fond memories, and it couldn't hurt to keep it stored in the SUV. Never know when it would come in use again. "So, are you gonna have more kids?" Daisy smiled at Mikko, and wiggled her brows. "With Chris?"

    Now with the tent down, Kendall bundled it up and picked up the bundle. He asked Chris if he could take a few things up, but Kendall would take the biggest items himself. Namely the tent and mattress...in separate trips, of course.

    Mikko cradled Travis and leaned back on the couch, "Maybe." She comment. "Still wish they would hurry. it'll be nice to live in the city again." She looked over at Daisy and shook her head at Daisy's question. "No more kids. and I don't know what's up with Chris and I....I'm still not sure about him."

    Daisy gave her a confused look at that. "Not sure?" Well, that must have been a confused feeling. "Doesn't he make your heart flutter every time you see him?"

    Mikko shook her head again. "No not really....He's a nice guy...But, we don't seem to have anything in common."

    Chris nodded and picked up as much as he could carry, walking back up the trail again. Once arriving at the SUV, he waited for Kendall, but went ahead and started loading the vehicle up.

    "Daw, but you two seem so good together." Daisy leaned back against the couch, rubbing absently at her bandaged leg. The pain killers were beginning to fade, but still spared her of the soreness she was sure to feel tomorrow. "Sometimes opposites attract, you know?" She smiled. "I mean, you really don't have to have anything in common to love someone."

    Mikko watched her rub her leg, and would have offered her something for the pain, but didn't think it was safe for her baby. She sighed and shrugged at Daisy's comment. "I think you should have stuff in common. Like...Spike and I. We have a lot in common. I don't know, we'll see how it goes."

    Kendall headed up the trail with one of the two massive items and set it in the back of the SUV. Then he turned to Chris. "How much more you got?"

    Chris looked at Kendall, shrugging. "Just a few more things." He and Kendall once again made the trek down the dark trail to the ex-campsite and picked up the rest of the items. After they both made it back to the SUV and dropped their loads off, Kendall had given him a quick thanks which Chris replied with 'anytime'. Then they closed up the vehicle and walked back inside.

    Surprisingly not much guy talk happened. They did chat a little bit while walking back and forth between the car and the campsite but that was it. Now they were heading back in, Kendall leading. Once inside he announced to the girls that they were all set.

    "I'm sure you have something in common. Maybe you just haven't discovered it yet." Daisy flashed a small smile. "Chris is way better than that other guy." And soon, the boys returned and Daisy smiled at Kendall's announcement. She was so looking forward to seeing their new home.

    Mikko just shrugged at that too. It would take a lot for her to get over Spike. At lest enough to really be able to move on. When the guys finally arrived she stood and grabbed her bag, and Travis's bag. "Bout time." She mumbled heading out the door with the baby and bags.She was so ready to get back to the apartment.

    As soon as they went inside, Chris made a beeline for the bedroom. He had one more thing to grab and that was his own bag. He picked it up and headed out of the room again. Then he followed Mikko outside.Chris went on ahead and opened the door for Mikko

    Mikko hopped into the back of the SUV and moved over for Chris, they really needed to get a baby seat and she still wasn't sure where Travis was suppose to sleep. She had a little baby pillow bed, it kinda looked like a dog bed but for a baby, Travis could sleep on that for now. But she would make a mental note to get him a proper bed. Now they just had to wait for Kendall and Daisy

    Daisy was too caught up in her excitement to remember her injured leg. After scooping little Mojo up into her arms, she made an attempt to stand, but the surging pain coursing up her leg quickly reminded her of the doctor's orders. She dropped back onto the couch, giving Kendall a pitiful look.

    Kendall smiled at her and went over to her, sitting down on the couch. He gave her a few quick kisses on her lips. "Ready to go to your new palace, princess?" He gave her a small wink.

    Daisy returned each of his quick kisses with one of her own, the last one lingering as she smiled at him. "Mmhmm. But does my Knight think he can grab my bunny?"

    Chris waited for Mikko to climb in then climbed in beside her. He flashed both Mikko and Travis a bright smile then shut the door.

    Mikko looked over at Chris and grinned. "I think later you're gonna learn how to change a diaper."

    Kendall smiled at her and nodded. "I can, but not when I'm carrying you. I'll take you out first, then I'll come back in here and grab him, okay?" He stood up again and carefully picked her up, carrying her outside and too the SUV.

    Chris looked at her in disbelief. "You gotta be kidding me." Then he shook his head. "Great..." he said in a sarcastic tone. But then he dropped the act and gave her a bright smile. "No seriously, not a problem."

    Daisy squeezed Kendall gently as he carried her out, and planted several deep kisses against his lips. Soon, she was situated in the front seat of the SUV, with Mojo resting in her lap.

    Wow, a guy that was actually ok with changing diapers. He must have been some kinda robot drone. But no matter, She scooted closer to Chris and laid her head on his shoulder. Once Daisy was in the SUV Mikko smiled brightly. Alright we're finally out of here!"
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    ((Big thanks to Mikko for doing the logging and editing))

    Kendall returned the kiss then turned to Mikko. "Almost. I gotta get Rambo quick. Be right back." Then he winked at Daisy and shut her door. He turned and went back in the house to retrieve the bunny. Soon he emerged from the cabin again and shut the door behind him, carrying the small cage with the bunny inside. He took it over to the SUV, secured the rabbit in the back, and climbed into the driver's seat. "Okay, Mikko. Now we're ready," he said, shutting the door. Then he started the engine and took off.

    Chris smiled at Mikko and rested his head on top of hers, preparing for the long car ride ahead.

    Mikko was happy to be on the road again, She gave kendall some directions to the place and looked up at Chris with a smile. "So...when you met me at the clinic, did you think you would end up with a home and kid?"

    Once Kendall returned to the SUV, Daisy snuggled up beside him, her hand finding its usual spot beneath his shirt, caressing the toned muscles there. This closeness had always soothed her. The night had definitely been eventful, and her mishap had left her fatigued, but she was struggling to remain awake, too anxious to see their new home to fall asleep just yet

    Chris thought about that a few seconds. It was a dream of his for sure. But the reality of it happening back when he was in that situation was slim to none. But he was happy to be proven wrong. He shook his head in response. "Not at all. Especially not this soon"

    Kendall listened carefully to Mikko's instructions and nodded. "Got it." Then he glanced over at Daisy and smiled, enjoying her small caresses. He was actually looking forward to seeing this new place. He had no idea just how generous Mikko was being to him and Daisy.

    "Good think you couldn't sleep that night." Mikko stretched her legs out on the seat, back leaning on Chris and the baby laying, sleeping, on her lap. "I think I'm gonna paint the baby's room black...With tattoo art. skulls and cross bones." She glanced up at Chris. "You like?"

    Daisy's fingers continued to work against his muscles, her palm caressing against his skin. She was vaguely listening to the conversation behind her, trying hard to find a focus point. Still, the fatigue was tugging away at her, causing her heavy eyelids to flutter. After a moment, she finally gave in, allowing them to slide closed.

    Chris looked over at her again. Well he DID love black. He smiled and nodded. "Sure. I think that would look really cool." He really didn't favor the traditional 'baby blue' color. And with Mikko's artistic skills, he figured she would do a great job. He carefully wrapped an arm around her and held her close to him. He glanced down at the sleeping Travis and used his other hand to lightly stroke the baby's cheek.

    Mikko was happy that he liked her color of choice. she closed her eyes and, just like Daisy, she fell asleep.

    Kendall glanced over once more and saw Daisy nodding off. He knew that she needed her sleep and let her while they continued on their way.

    After a what seemed like forever, they finally arrived at the apartment. He parked the SUV in front of the tattoo shop and cut the engine. "Rise and shine everyone! We're here!" he announced to the sleeping occupants of the vehicle. He was just glad to be somewhere for the night. This day had certainly had it's up and downs. But now things were looking up again. He just had to be careful when carrying Daisy up the stairs.

    Mikko opened her eyes when she heard Kendall. She yawned and sat up, looking outside the window. "Great! You mind parking round back though, that's where the stairs are anyway."

    Normally a deep sleeper, somehow Kendall's announcement had managed to penetrate her subconscious, and she slowly willed her heavy eyelids to open. Still, she made no immediate effort to move just yet, still a little disorientated from her brief, but deep nap.

    Besides Kendall, Chris had been the only other one awake during the ride. It was dark now, but Chris still stared out the window. Actually he alternated his gaze between the window, to Mikko, down to Travis, then back to the window again. Kendall's announcement didn't really shock him, but it still made him jump slightly at the suddenness. He gave Mikko a smile and kissed her forehead when she awoke.

    Kendall nodded and started the engine again, pulling around back. After he parked, he turned to Mikko. "This okay, now?"

    Mikko smiled at Chris and nodded at Kendall. "Perfect." She picked up Travis and slid out the SUV, grabbing hers and Travis's bags. After gathering everything that she could hold, she lead waited for Kendall to grab Daisy so that she could lead them to the apartment.

    Chris gathered his bag and assisted Mikko with her load after he exited the SUV. Then he followed Mikko and Travis to the entrance of the building.

    Kendall cut the engine once again and turned to Daisy smiling. "Wait right here, babe." He gave her a quick kiss on the lips then climbed out of his side and went over to hers. He opened the door and as carefully as he could, pulled Daisy out of the vehicle and carried her to the apartment, following Mikko and Chris.

    Mikko lead the group upstairs and unlocked the door. She pushed it open and stepped in, moving so that everyone else could come in. "Here it is!" She announced excitedly. Hoping that Daisy and Kendall would be as excited as she was.

    Daisy wrapped her arms around Kendall's neck, nuzzling sleepily against him as he carried her up the stairs, and into the apartment. She couldn't suppress a huge grin as Mikko stepped aside, revealing the place as she announced with excitement. "Oh wow...this is sooo awesome!" Daisy exclaimed, matching Mikko's excitement. True, it probably wasn't the nicest place on earth, but it was the first actual 'home' that Daisy would know, aside from the cabin. And that made it better than any mansion. "It's all warm and cozy and stuff.. I love it!"

    Chris set a few things on the floor by his feet and wrapped an arm around Mikko again, smiling. "It's wonderful, babe." Of course he had seen it already, but the compliment bared repeating. "So which room are we staying in? I was going to drop some stuff off in there."

    Kendall's reaction mirrored Daisy's perfectly. "Very nice," he complicated as he let his eyes wander around the room. Yes, this definitely beat the tent by a long shot. "Where would you like to go, Daisy?" he whispered into her ear.

    Mikko's smile grew when Daisy and Kendall said she liked the place. She set her bags down on the couch and grinned when she felt Chris' arms around her. "Well, I told Daisy that her and Kendall can take the bed. and the other two bedrooms are bedless. So. tonight we sleep on the fold out couch.You can put the things anywhere, Tonight we sleep. Then worry about item placement in the morning."

    Daisy pressed an eager kiss against Kendall's lips, and squeezed him tightly. The night had certainly turned out nicely, considering all the misfortunes they had encountered only hours earlier. They were all safe, and it felt like a new start for her. "I wanna see our room!" Of course, she wanted to see it all, but first things first!

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    Chris nodded and picked up the bags again, setting them by the couch. Then he sat down on the couch, and moved a few of Mikko's things down by his so she could join him. He motioned her over to him.

    Mikko sat down next to Chris. Pulling out the small baby bed/pillow, She lifted up the top, that held up some plastic stars by strings, and laid Travis down. Once the baby was set up, she pealed her shoes off and got comfy on the couch.

    Kendall returned the kiss and nodded. "As you wish. Then he headed into their room with her. "Here it is, babe," he said grinning. Then he carefully set Daisy down on the bed. "I'll let you be the official mattress tester." He gave her a small wink and a huge grin.

    Chris smiled and wrapped his arm around Mikko once more. "Think we should hit the hay now?"

    Mikko glanced at the clock and frowned at Chris. "Kinda early don't you think?" She kissed his cheek and smiled. 'and we have to turn the couch into a bed first anyway."

    Daisy's eyes lit up as Kendall carried her into their new bedroom. Their own personal space! There was no way she could ever thank Mikko enough for this-- for everything her adoptive sister had done for her. Her once reluctant room-mate had given her the life she had always dreamed of. Because of her, she had met the most wonderful man on the face of the planet. And because of that, she would be a mom soon. And now, she had a room to call her own! "Gah.. this is just... soooo cool!" She glanced around at what little furnishings they had. An old chest of drawers and a night stand with an old dusty lamp. Still, this seemed like a palace to her. "I don't think I can ever repay her enough.." She gripped Kendall's hand, and gently pulled him down to meet her lips. "Mmm.. because of her.. I have you.." She kissed him deeply..

    "Don't you think you need to rest? This has been such a long day. And I'm not sure how much sleep we'll be getting tonight anyway with Travis," Chris tried reasoning with her, shrugging. Even if Mikko wasn't ready to get some sleep he was. He knew Mikko had taken various naps today. Or knocked out for the surgery. But Chris had been awake the entire time. "Can we at least pull the bed out now so when we're ready to sleep, we don't have to worry about it then?"

    Mikko nodded and hopped of the couch, scooping up Travis and his little bed. "Sure, we can pull it out now. I brought some sheets and things from the cabin. You need help? Or can you handle it?"

    Kendall grinned widely and kissed her back. It would indeed be nice to live here. He felt much safer already. "Mmm, you too," he said between kisses. Yes, there was much to be thankful for now.

    Chris stood up and looked at her. "Nah, I should be alright." He leaned down in front of the couch, tossing cushions to the floor and reached around under the back cushions for the release. Finally he found it and grabbed the strap. "Stand back!" he commanded as he pulled the release and the bed started unfolding out of the couch. After adjusting everything and putting the legs of the foot of the bed down, he looked up at her, smiling. "There. Piece of cake!" It was harder than he was letting on, though but he didn't let that show. But he was still really proud of himself. "Where is the bedding stuff?"

    Daisy continued to kiss him as her fingers caressed the back of his neck. "Soo, what color do you think we should paint the room?" She asked sweetly, and gently pulled him down to rest beside her. "I'm gonna plaster my side of the wall with Twilight posters.." She quietly teased.

    Mikko had placed Travis down and grabbed the sheet. She clapped when he pulled out the bed then started to make the bed. "I'll try and get a bed as soon as I can, then we can sleep in a bedroom." Once the bed was made she pulled Travis closer to them then settled in on the bed.

    Chris smiled wide at her applause. Then he helped Mikko put the bedding on. With two people working on it, the task was soon done. He pulled off his shoes and pants, leaving him only clad in his shirt and boxers and climbed in the bed.

    Mikko watched Chris undress, then he stopped. "Awwwww..." Once he climbed into bed she thought she would finish the job. She grabbed the bottom of his shirt and attempted to lift it over his head.

    Kendall sat beside her still lavishing her with kisses. He had to think of an answer to her question. "Green and pink?" He knew how much Daisy loved pink. And he loved green. And green could go either way for the baby's gender, even though he knew they were having a daughter.

    "Pink and green, huh?" Daisy ran her fingertips gingerly over his shoulders as she nuzzled against him. "That sounds pretty!" Her lips never strayed far from his. Her wandering hands slowly slipped beneath his shirt, caressing his warm skin. "You sleepy?"

    Chris grinned and let her remove his shirt. Then he laid back again, wondering if she meant to undress him the rest of the way. Sure, he wouldn't mind, but the fact that other people were around brought out the shyness in him again. He would have to remain under the covers for sure.

    And Mikko definitely meant to finish undressing him. Once his shirt was off and tossed on the floor, she inched her fingers in the waist band of his boxers, slowly tugging them off of him while flashing him flirtatious looks. "Sooooo...How tired are you?"

    Kendall continued returning her kisses. He was tired...very VERY tired. Not only the prison-break itself, but all the driving he had to do. And the waiting around at the hospital for a while. All those things added up to his fatigue. But seeing Daisy's possible intentions, he gave her a small smirk. "What's on your mind?"

    As stated before, he was really tired. But he was catching Mikko's subtle signals and shrugged. "Not ALL that tired yet." He gave her his own flirtatious wink. "What did you have in mind?"

    "I don't know." Mikko whispered softly, leaning down to kiss him. She let her eyes fall close as her lips softly at first, brushed against his. Her hand raised up and rested on his cheek, while her other hand lightly trailed down his side.

    Chris returned the gesture with a tender kiss to her lips at first. He let his hands wander over her still-clothed body, occasionally tugging on her clothing while he deepened the kiss.

    Mikko hummed against his lips, pulling away only long enough to rid herself of her shirt. Still with pants and a bra on, she leaned back down kissing him more eagerly. Her lips then traveled over his jaw, nibbling on his ear then continuing down his neck. Her lips made their way across his shoulder, then backtracked to his lips once more.

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    Post by Mikko on Tue Sep 08, 2009 4:35 pm

    Daisy continued to lavish him with kisses, her wandering fingers slowly venturing downwards , slipping beneath the waistline of his jeans. Despite her devious intentions, she gave him an innocent look. "What's on my mind?" She nibbled softly on his bottom lip as she continued to caress him, just below his navel. "I was thinking of showing you some appreciation.." She hummed quietly against his lips, her palm sliding over the bulge in his jeans. "But.. if you're too tired.." She flashed him her big blue eyes, pouting sweetly.

    All the while when Mikko's kisses were traveling across his shoulders, he was working on removing her bra. After fumbling with the clasp for a few seconds, he finally had it undone and slid the straps down her arms. He kissed her deeply again, sliding his tongue over her lips.

    Mikko looked down at him and ran her fingers through his hair. "You have rubbers right?" After having one child, she was suddenly a lot more aware of the need for protection.

    Kendall returned her kisses, feeling her wandering hands. "Appreciation, huh? Sounds good." He brought his hand up and stroked her arms, letting her know she could continue if she wanted to. "As long as you're up for it," he added with a small wink.

    Chris' eyes widened at that. "You sure you're ready for that? You just had a baby come from there, you know?" Then if she was really serious about it, he decided to answer her question. "Yeah, they're in my bag." He couldn't help but blush slightly at that.

    "ooooh they are huh? Were you expecting to get some?" Mikko rolled so that she laid next to him. Yeah she was tired and sore. But she wasn't really ready to go to sleep..."Mmmhmm." But just as she lavishing Chris with more kisses, Travis woke crying. "guess it'll have to wait."

    Chris shrugged. "Well, ya never know." He returned her kisses and then Travis started crying. He expected not much will happen for a while. And surprisingly, he was okay with that. As long as he could stay by Mikko's side and help her take care of Travis, everything was good.

    Mikko tossed on a night gown and scooped up Travis. Though she wasn't sure exactly what to do, she was easily able to tell the kid needed a diaper change. She grabbed the bag and headed to the bathroom, where she quickly got to it. Why they made diapers so complicated she would never know, but after some doing she got everything under control. She tossed the soiled diaper away and headed back out to Chris. "So....I should give him another bottle now right? I changed him...ummmm...He's not crying anymore." How often did babies eat?

    Daisy h'mmed' against Kendall's lips as her hands traveled up, now tugging at his shirt. She broke from the kiss only long enough to pull it up, and over his shoulders, then once again met his lips. Her fingers once again traveled along his sculpted abs, admiring every inch of him. "Oh yeah.. I'm up for it.." She whispered against his lips.

    Chris watched her and shrugged. "Depends. When was the last time he ate? I think it's every few hours or something."

    Kendall grinned and kissed her heatedly, working on removing her shirt. "I love you," he mumbled against her lips. Once he had her shirt off, he carefully rolled them over and straddled her waist; being careful to not put all his weight on her. He leaned down and kissed her deeply again

    "Every few hours?" Mikko looked down at little Travis. "How's all that food fit in that little tummy?" She handed the baby to Chris while she got another bottle ready for Travis. She yawned and reached for a cigarette while the formula warmed up.

    Chris looks at Travis and shrugged. "Dunno. But he doesn't take it all at once." He looked over at Mikko and shook his head. "I hope you're planning on taking that outside with Travis around."

    Mikko looked over at Chris and nodded. " Yep." She walked over to Chris and handed him the bottle. "Be back." Grabbing her lighter, Mikko headed out the door to bask in her nicotine high. While outside, she looked around the neighborhood, listing to the familiar sounds of cop cars and gun shots. She couldn't help but wonder if Spike was the cause of some of those sounds...

    Daisy's heart soared, hearing those three little words. Who would've known words could pack such depth and meaning? She melted each and every time he said them, genuinely feeling his sincerity. "Awww, baby. I love you too.. more than anything.." She managed to say, in between heated kisses. She assisted him with removing her shirt, and giggled softly as he rolled. Her heart raced in excitement, feeling him on top of her. She absolutely loved it when he took control. "Mmmm.. I could just eat you up.." She whispered against his lips, in between passionate kisses. Her fingers fumbled with the fastenings of his jeans..

    Chris took the bottle from her and watched her go, shaking his head. Then Travis became fussy and he took the little baby in his arms. He tested the temperature of the bottle then started feeding him.

    Mikko took her time smoking her cigarette. But she was soon finished and headed back inside, away from the city sounds. She locked the door and sat next to Chris, holding her arms out for Travis.

    Kendall continued lavishing Daisy with kisses, assisting her with the removal of his pants. Once they were off, he resumed his position on top of her. Pretty soon he was tugging the rest of her clothes off, being very careful around her injury.

    By the time Mikko returned, Chris had finished feeding Travis. Now he was in the process of burping him. When he saw Mikko come back in he said, "'Bout time, babe." He gave the baby back to Mikko when she sat down next to him. "He's about to go back to sleep, I think."

    Mikko took Travis, tossed a towel over her shoulder, and continued burping the baby. "Awwww my poor sleepy baby." She cooed.

    Daisy's affection never faltered , even as Kendall worked with removing her clothing. She gazed at him with loving eyes, her hands cupping his cheeks. She pressed a grin against his lips as her hand slowly traveled down, now lightly brushing his inner thighs. Her fingers came dangerously close to the object of her desire, and eventually brushed over the sensitive area, teasing..

    Chris smiled at Mikko as he watched her burp Travis. He thought she would be a good mom. Even better once she got her shit together...

    Kendall looked down at her wandering hand and grinned. Just the subtle touches were turning him on faster than anything. He shifted slightly so she had better access to that sensitive part of his body.

    It wasn't long before Travis was once again peacefully sleeping. But instead of putting him back down, Mikko leaned back and cradled her baby. She looked down at the sleeping infant and ran a finger lightly over his cheek. "I hope that he never has to know the world that I grew up in...."

    Chris scooted closer to Mikko and put an arm around her. "Hope not either." He watched Travis sleeping for a little bit. "He sure is cute."

    Mikko leaned her head to Chris' shoulder. "yeah he is..." She smiled at the baby, gently running her hand over his tiny head.

    Daisy flashed him a devious grin as her fingers made contact once again, lightly and teasing at first. She gently rubbed his growing bulge with the palm of her hand, before gently taking him into her grasp. She kissed him deeply as she slowly began to stroke him.

    Chris smiled and reached over to stroke the baby's cheek. Hopefully as the baby got older, he would look more like his mommy and less like the psycho. But even so, Chris would still love him.

    Finally Mikko was able to tare herself away from the baby and lay him back on his bed. She covered him up then snuggled under her own covers. "Guess I should grab some sleep while I can." She said kissing Chris.

    Kendall returned the kiss and stroked her sides gently. He moaned into the kiss when he felt her gentle caresses.

    Chris nodded and snuggled up next to her. "Yeah. I have a feeling it'll be lots of sleepless nights ahead for us." He kisses her back, cupping her cheek. "Love you, babe."

    Mikko just smiled and nodded in response then laid close to Chris, head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. Arm lightly laying over him and exhausted from the day she had, she quickly fell asleep.

    Daisy continued her gentle ministrations, gradually picking up the pace, and applying more pressure. Her free hand took hold of one of his, and slowly pulled it upwards. She pressed a devious kiss against his lips before reluctantly breaking. She flashed him a sweet smile, before taking his index finger into her mouth, sucking it in a suggestive manner. Her opposite hand continued its attentions, stroking his growing shaft.
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    Post by Spike on Thu Sep 10, 2009 1:03 am

    Kendall wasn't sure how much more he could take of this teasing. The way Daisy was sucking on his finger just made his cock ache, growing harder by the second. He moaned loudly, capturing Daisy's lips in a heated kiss.

    Chris wasn't too far behind her, but he made sure Travis was okay first. Then he closed his eyes and fell asleep. Glad the day was finally over.

    Daisy couldn't suppress a cheeky little grin, hearing his moan. She continued her ministrations against his finger, applying more suction as she stroked his aching cock. Her thumb gently glided along the head, finally releasing his finger to catch his lips in a kiss. She gently squirmed beneath his legs, feeling her own need growing with each passing second...

    Things had not gone as he had planned. Now with Jencko as the active leader of the Turks, Spike would once again need to prove himself worthy. The same task had been placed before him, something he wouldn't consider a 'job' at all. Still, given his intoxicated state, and lacking the knowledge of his target's whereabouts, re-initiation would have to wait. Spike had succeeded in finding a 'ride' back to the cabin, and now had the frightened driver of the vehicle bound to a chair. Her muffled cries could still be heard even with the gag, that was cutting into her mouth. Spike paced the almost vacant cabin, anger building within. Where the fuck was everyone? With an angered glare, he dug the woman's cell phone from her bloodied purse, and punched in Mikko's number.

    Mikko was sleeping peacefully against Chris when her phone started to ring. she ignored it at first, but when she heard Travis whimper from the noise, she quickly reaches over for her pants, grabbed the phone and answered it before the baby actually woke. "Hello?" She whispered.

    Kendall was reading the signs clearly. He broke the kiss, sat up and shifted positions. So now he was between her legs. He decided to do some of his own teasing and pressed the tip of his member through her slick folds, but didn't go any further than that. He wanted to see her reaction first. Of course, he couldn't keep it up for much longer.

    His angered tone came strongly through the receiver. "WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!!!" The frightened whimpers of his latest victim could be heard in the background.

    Mikko pulled the phone away from her ear then quickly got out of bed and went outside. "I'm...In the city. where are you?"

    Kendall's teasing was definitely driving Daisy wild. She moaned at the exquisite feel of his cock as he pushed the head between her slick folds, but halted in his actions. "Mmmm... you tease.." She moaned in between heated kisses, and gently bucked her hips, urging him to proceed. "I need you..now.."

    "WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I'M AT!!!!" Spike fumed, his loudness causing the frightened woman to whimper out in fear. Her cries were rewarded with a hard slap across her bloodied face.

    And that's what Kendall was waiting for. Without further hesitation, he slowly entered her, kissing her deeply while he did so.

    Mikko really didn't think that he would go back to the cabin. "You want me to head back over there? Pick you up something?" She wasn't to sure why he called. he had food, drugs, a bed, what the hell did he want?

    Daisy moaned loudly against his lips as he slowly entered her. She spread her legs wider for him. "Mmmm...babe.." Her walls accommodated to him, enveloping him within her warmth. Her fingers ran along his shoulders, and moved up to cup his cheeks. She pressed deep, passionate kisses against his lips..

    "What the fuck you doin' in the city!!" Was his only reply.

    "I was sleeping...Now I'm on the phone and smoking. That cabin was yours, Spike. Didn't think you wanted a bunch of people crowding you we left everyone went their separate ways." Mikko replied. "Who's that in the back ground? You ain't fuckin someone I'm gonna have to kill later are you?"

    It didn't take long for Kendall to enter her completely; Daisy's walls were adjusting to him rapidly enough. Now all the way in, he started moving slowly...still kissing her and moaning against her lips.

    Of course he didn't want a bunch of people crowding him, but that was beside the point. "It's someone I'm gonna be fuckin' later." Spike replied into the phone, eyeing his victim hungrily. "What, you jealous?"

    Of course Mikko was jealous, Very jealous.And if she some how did find out who the girl was, she would make sure Spike couldn't get to her again...But maybe it was best not to admit this to Spike. "Whatever, you're not the only getting laid tonight, so unless you need something from me, I'm going to get back to what I was doing."

    Daisy's tongue caressed and massaged his, flicking lightly over his lips. A sensual moan emitted with each pleasure-inducing thrust, her body lost within the depths of the wonderful sensations he always managed to produce. "Mmm.. babe. You feel sooo good.." She whispered against his lips, her hands slipping down to give his ass a generous squeeze. She planted a trail of kisses along his jaw-line, and down his neck, nipping lightly.

    "Who the fuck you fuckin'!" Yeah. Spike was jealous too, even though he would never admit it. He didn't need Mikko, nor did he desire anything romantic with the woman. But he didn't want to see her with anyone, either. Probably because he didn't want to see her happy. It was somewhat empowering to have her as his devoted 'puppet'. Whoever the guy was, he'd have to kill him later. Not that he ever needed a reason to kill someone. "Yeah. You go do that. I don't give a fuck."

    Spike's tone made Mikko smile. He wouldn't admit it, but there sounded like some jealousy in his voice. She knew that spike would never see her in a romantic way. But as property, that was different. And she knew the man didn't like to share his things. But most of all. Mikko knew that Spike would hate to think that he was losing his control over her. and though that may not have been totally true, sense she still was very devoted to the man, She was finding it fun to fuck with him. And it was that reason that she decided to actually answer him. " I'm fuckin my boyfriend....You have and your whore have fun....I'm sure I'll talk to you later, night, love."

    Gradually, Kendall increased his thrusting...both in speed and intensity. "Mmmm... babe...so are ...you," he moaned out with every powerful stroke. He kissed her heatedly as he continued his controlled thrusting.

    Daisy's lips continued to lavish him with her affections, her toes gently caressing the back of his legs. Her sensual moans reverberated throughout the room, leaking through the thin walls. "Oh God.." She moaned in between labored breaths, as his pace quickened. She gripped tightly to his ass, lips once again meeting his. "Harder.."

    Her reply certainly made Spike angry. Indeed, he felt he was losing his control over her. "Fuck you." With that, he hung up, and slung the phone against his victim. Now, with no further distractions, he could finish his deed.

    And harder he did. Her moans urged him on and he wanted to do nothing but please her. But he still kept his control so he didn't hurt her. He was getting close to his release. He moaned loudly and kissed her again to muffle both of their moans.

    Mikko hung up and felt great about herself...for at lest five whole seconds. Then she started wondering if she should just head to the cabin anyway. But what would that do? Get her ass kicked, see some woman get raped...But she also knew that she was going to lose sleep over this. With a heavy, almost defeated sigh, she decided to just go to the cabin, just for a few hours then come back. She finished her cig then went inside to tell Chris

    Daisy was also reaching her climax. "Oh God!" Her pleasure-filled moan cried out, her body reacting to his intense thrusts. It felt wonderful. The pleasure had completely overtaken her. Her nails dug into his flesh as she finally reached her climax, her body tensing beneath his. "Mmmmm.." Her toes went numb, heart beating wildly within the confines of her chest. She breathed heavily against his lips, her love-filled gaze fixating with his. "Wow..that was... amazing.."

    Mikko sat on the bed beside Chris. she smiled down on him then leaned over and planted a linger kiss against his cheek. "Babe..." She whispered, trying to wake him and not the baby. With any luck Travis would just sleep for the rest of the night. "Wake up hon."

    Kendall wasn't far behind her. He buried his face into her shoulder to muffle his cries of release. As soon as he came down from his orgasmic high, he kissed her once more. He was still trying to regulate his breathing. It was intense, but he loved it.

    The phone ringing, Travis whimpering, even the noises from the activity going on in the other room, Chris had slept through it all. He was just that tired. When Mikko started trying to wake him up, it didn't register at all. But then her voice started leaking through his subconsciousness and he slowly opened his eyes. "What?" he asked sleepily.

    "I have to leave for a few hours, Travis will probably sleep through the night. You think you can hold down the fort for a few hours?" Mikko asked rubbing his cheek.

    Still trying to wrap his mind around what she was saying, he only nodded. "Mmhmm. Love you," was his only reply before he started drifting off to sleep again.

    Well that was easy, Mikko gave him another quick kiss to his cheek, dressed and was soon off. Instead of taking their only car, she decided to grab something else. She didn't want to leave them with out a vehicle. Once out onto the street she set her sights on a black motorcycle. She had to have it! Running over to her target, she got the thing started, but not without some minor difficulty. After a rough start with trying to keep the thing steady, she was soon off, headed to back out the city and to the cabin.

    with the bike it didn't take her long at all to make it to the cabin. If only these things carried more then two people, it would have made traveling back and forth a hell of a lot easer. Mikko parked the in the drive on side of Spike's car and turned it off. No doubt that he heard her pulling up. She was defiantly nervous about going in there with him. Why did she keep doing this? Why did she suddenly have this need to piss off Spike. It made no since and was only causing her more problems. Finally with a deep breath, she got off the bike and walked inside the cabin. "Spike?"

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    Post by Mikko on Thu Sep 10, 2009 4:36 pm

    The walls and floor was decorated in crimson blood splatters, the woman's naked and lifeless body splayed out in the living room floor. Her neck had been slit wide open, her mouth cut into a permanent 'smile' , eyes gouged out. True to form, Spike had tortured and raped his victim, before relieving her of her torment. Now, he was resting on the couch. adorned in his victim's blood. He seemed unfazed by the drying blood spatters on his face, and had obviously made no efforts to clean himself afterwards. He loved to bask in the filth of his deeds, and so he did. He had fallen into a deep sleep, bloodied knife still clinched tightly in his hand. Mikko's calls would go unanswered, for now.

    Mikko looked around the room,She never did understand why he had to be so messy about everything. She walked through the gore, heading to the kitchen. Seeing him sleeping on the couch, knife still in hand, made her decided to not go up to him and wake him. Instead she grabbed a beer and sat at the kitchen table. She would probably just leave soon, she had come to kill the woman...He already did that. No reason for her to stick around.

    The faint movements in the cabin soon began to tug at his subconscious, causing his eyes to fly open.He hopped up from the couch and cautiously approached the kitchen, knife still held tightly within his grasp. He would be more than willing to add more blood to his collection, if someone had dared to trespass. But seeing Mikko, his defenses quickly dropped. "What the fuck you doin' here."

    Mikko took a sip of her beer, Not bothering to look at him. "Came to kill the woman you were fuckin. Didn't I mention that on the phone?" She took another sip of her drink then finally looked at him. "But you beat me to it...sorry I missed the show." Mikko plucked one of the woman's eyes off the floor and inspected it. "She had pretty eyes." She commented flicking the bloody ball across the room. "Don't worry, I'm going to go in a minuet."

    Spike dropped the knife in the sink, not bothering to clean it. "Thought you were fuckin' yer lil rockstar boyfriend." Spike seethed in a low tone, turning to shoot her a look. He could never quite wrap his brain around just why he even cared. But it all came back to him losing his control over her. "Pfft. You think I'm gonna let a bitch live when I'm done with her? Thought you knew me better than that." And perhaps she was better off dead. her face would've been permanently disfigured. Fortunately for the woman's young son, Spike was unaware that the 3 year old was currently hiding in the back seat of the stolen vehicle. "What'chu really here for.."

    "There is no 'rockstar' boyfriend." And that was true. As far as Mikko knew Chris wasn't a 'rockstar'. She shrugged at his question. "Maybe I was hoping for a good time." She smirked then stood up, going to the fridge for another beer.

    Spike plucked a beer from the fridge, and joined her at the table. He gave her a look of disbelief as she informed that her boyfriend wasn't the 'rockstar'. Of course, he was being sarcastic. "Then, you must be fuckin' Kendall." He took a sip of his drink, wiping at his mouth with the back of his arm. "Lookin' for a good time. What, you wanted to join?" He shot her a devilish, cheeky grin at that. "Have a good ol' bloody threesome."

    Mikko choked on her beer when he suggested that she was screwing Kendall. After gathering herself she shook her head. "No...NOT with Kendall." She sat back down across from Spike. "A bloody threesome. Can't say I've ever done that before...But...It looks like you're done with her. So we'll have to think of something else to do." She flashed him a flirtatious grin and chugged her beer.

    "There's always next time." Spike flashed her a wink, and took another sip of his beer. "Maybe when I do the little blonde. You can join in." The very thought of that caused a surge of excitement shooting throughout his corrupted body. "Or, you could make out with that corpse." He gestured in the dead woman's direction. "I'd love to watch."

    "I....wait what?" Mikko looked at him in disbelief. "That's a whole new level of kink...How bout I start with the living for my first 'bloody threesome' then go from there." She finished her beer and tossed it in the trash before getting another one.

    "You know. Right before I slit her throat, the bitch started babblin' about the things she needed to do before meetin' Jesus." Spike rolled his eyes, and took another swig of his brew. "Makin' out with a bitch wasn't one of 'em, but I know that's what she was thinkin'." He cut his eyes at Mikko. "Why is it that people try to make themselves out to be fuckin' saints, right before they die? They never confess the dirt. Ain't that how you fuckin' get into heaven? Pfft. Fuckin' whore." He finished off his drink, and looked over at Mikko. "So. If yer not gonna give me a good show, you could get rid of that bitch."

    Mikko listened to him as she sipped her drink, never taking her eyes off of him. She nodded in response as he talked. "Damn if that's how you get into heaven I ain't got a shot." She had way to much she would have to confess to. when Spike told her that she could get rid of the body if she wasn't going to put on a show she just nodded. "Sure. I'll put her out back with the others...then when I get back in I'm sure I can give you some kinda show." She said with a wink then stood up from her chair.

    "You can get rid of that car, too." As much as he needed transportation, he was smart enough to realize that a missing person would surely cause a full fledge search. And a show? Unless she could show him some genuine fear, he doubted he'd be interested. That had always been his biggest drawback with Mikko.

    Mikko nodded. "I'll take the car when I leave. I came on a bike, hope that's fine with you." She went over to the woman and grabbed her legs, thankfully she wasn't that heavy and dragging her outside was easy. She tossed her in the back of the shed with the other bodies then came back inside. "Ok. I'm gettin out of here unless there something else you need me for." She said with just a hint of seduction in her voice.

    Spike had picked up that seduction in her tone. He finished up his beer, and shot her a glare. And without warning, he stood from his chair, and quickly approached her. He shoved her against the wall, his hand moving up and fixating around her throat. It seemed useless to test her 'fear reflex' since it seemed nonexisting with her.

    When Spike didn't answer her Mikko started toward the door, but was quickly stopped, shoved against the wall and once again his hand found her throat. She wasn't sure if this would lead to more, or if he was just trying to scare her again. Her eyes traveled over his bloody body then met his eyes, biting her bottom lip, she softly laid a hand on his wrist and waited to see what he would do.

    Spikes fingers tightly constricted around Mikko's throat, and he glared at her with evil intent. He could've killed her in that instant, but held a degree of reserve. And without warning, he pressed his lips firmly against hers, kissing her roughly. He bit her bottom lip, once again drawing blood.

    Mikko's eyes closed as she felt his fingers tighten around her throat. She let out a sharp gasp before he pressed his lips against his. She kissed him back. moaning softly when she felt the sharp pain of his bite. But that pain and the warm wet feel of her blood dripping from her a lip, not to mention the feel of his hand around her neck, greatly turned her on.

    Spike's hand moved down, caressing her sex through the fabric of her pants. He gave her lip another rough nip, before relocating his own against her neck. His teeth bit into her skin, and he left a series of deep bruises against her flesh. Hickeys that would surely stand out, and cause conflict with the man in Mikko's life. With that deed now done, he once again captured her lips in a deep, bloody kiss before pulling away. "Now. Take that back to your boyfriend."

    Mikko moaned from the attention that he was giving her, each touch, nip and bite, sent shivers through her body. She kissed him back once more. Her eyes slid close as she enjoyed the feel of lips, the heat of his breath, everything about this man turned her on like no one could. She wasn't worried about the marks he would leave, honestly it hadn't even crossed her mind. That was, until Spike pulled away and mentioned it. But she didn't want to leave. She wanted more of him. "You fuckin tease." She said, but couldn't hold back a small grin. "Yeah...I'll let ya know how it went." No way was she going to appear upset about this in front of him. "Night, sexy." She said with a waves as she headed out the door.

    Perhaps if Spike hadn't just gotten 'laid', things would've gone differently. That, coupled with the fact that she had just given birth made his interest barely existing. There would always be next time. And now, after witnessing her catering to his every demand, he was confident that he still held some control over her. He watched her go, a wicked little grin forming across his lips. Surely there would be trouble in the heartland for Mikko, considering the love marks he'd left her with.

    Mikko slid in the car, unaware of the small passenger in the back, and drove away from the cabin. Once on the road she looked at the marks that were left on her in the mirror, She had definitely had worse from him, but explaining this to Chris might be troublesome. though she still wasn't sure if Chris would work out anyway. On one hand, he was nice and attractive, and was willing to step in as father to her child. On the other hand, he was too nice. And she didn't see him as someone who would protect her, or stand up for her. Hell even with Spike she felt a level of safety. Not so much with Chris. She took her time driving down the long country road, flipping through radio stations till she stopped on a rap station playing Eminem, and sang to the radio, trying to calm her body down from Spike's teasing.


    Still reeling from her orgasmic high, Daisy wrapped her arms around him, holding him close. "Mmmm.. you are a sex God.." She quietly complimented, still struggling to catch her breath. Indeed, She gently caressed the back of his neck, and nuzzled against his cheek. "Mmmm... I love you... soooooo much.."

    Now with his breath still slightly short but much better, he pulled her in for a tender kiss. Then he pulled away and smiled at her. "I love you too, babe. More than you can imagine. And now we can move on-- with this prison stuff behind us."

    Daisy returned the tender kiss, and smiled sweetly at him. Now with the prison thing behind them, a huge weight had been taken off her chest.She was so thankful that Kendall had made it out off all this, completely unscathed. "Yeah.." She nuzzled against his neck, still holding him close. "Nothing but blue skies from here. And now, I don't think we'll even have to worry about that... Sp.. Spike? ..guy.." She could only hope they had seen the last of him. "Sooo, what are you looking forward to the most?"

    Kendall also hoped they've seen the last of Spike. Especially the way he was eying her back in the SUV after the prison break. And what was he looking forward to the most? That was a tough question, indeed. He smiled at her gently. "I look forward to us starting a family; all three of us." He pressed another few kisses against her lips. "I can't wait to meet little Zoe in person."

    "Awwww." Daisy's heart melted, hearing his response. She kissed him deeply, her fingers still rubbing and caressing the back of his neck and shoulders. "Me too.." She kissed him again, and flashed him a sweet smile. Their future seemed secure now. But there would always be that lingering fear at the back of her mind. Kendall was still a wanted man, but she was determined to change that somehow. She couldn't lose him. "Sooo, when you first met me, did you ever think we'd be right here, right now?" She asked sweetly, knowing full well she had gotten on his nerves during their initial meeting. She kissed him again. "I loved you from the first moment I laid eyes on you."

    Kendall couldn't help but chuckle at that. "Not at all, Daisy. I know you had a fascination with me at first, but I didn't know it was love," he replied, shrugging. "But I'm glad things turned out they way the did." He smiled and kissed her sweetly again.

    Daisy smiled at that, returning each of his kisses. "Mmm.. I'm sooo glad I lost it to you." She whispered against his lips. She smuggled against him, enjoying the deep contentment that had settled round her. It was long overdue, with all the stress and sleepless nights that had accompanied the pending prison break. Now, the nightmares could leave her in peace. "Sooo, how many little rugrats do you want, babe?"

    Kendall chuckled again. "Let's just settle for one now and we'll see how it goes." He kissed her again then grinned against her lips. "'Kay?"

    Daisy smiled at that, and gave a small nod. But she had every intentions of having him a son someday, too. A little 'Kendall', he was sure to be the cutest thing ever! And of course, so would little Zoe. "Okay." She grinned. "I know you're gonna have her wrapped around your little finger." She met his lips again.

    Kendall grinned against her lips again. "No doubt!" He captured Daisy's lips in a deep kiss again. "Mmmm. I can never get enough of you, Daisy." He smiled up down at her and and cupped her cheek.

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