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    Post by Mikko on Fri Sep 11, 2009 5:10 pm

    "Mmm.. so I'm like potato chips, then?" Daisy smiled against his lips, returning his affections. "I can't get enough of you, either. You're soooo much better than Lay's and Pringles!" She ran a finger over his well-sculpted arms. "Sooo, Disney Marathon, or are you sleepy?"

    Kendall chuckled at that. Funny that she mentioned "Lays". But to answer her question, it wasn't a hard decision to make. Especially their recent activities had only tired him out more than he was previously. He was afraid if he did attempt watching the movie, he would be out within the first few minutes of it. "I dunno about you, but I'm really sleepy now." He proved that with a small yawn that he tried to cover...mostly unsuccessful.

    Daisy gave him a playful pout, but she couldn't deny just how tired she was, too. "Dawww, okay." She continued caressing his arm, moving up to rub his shoulders. She nuzzled his neck, and planted a few gentle kisses there. "I guess we'll have to do the Disney thing in the morning, huh?" She yawned tiredly, and grinned against his neck. "Annnd, decorate the room! We need to start getting baby stuff, too. Maybe Mikko can get me a job downstairs.. cuz I wanna take care of you, and lil Zoe."

    Kendall smiled at her and nodded. "Sounds good," he replied with another yawn. He was nearly ready to fall asleep so he quickly shifted his position and laid down next to Daisy; eyelids were getting heavier by the second. "Love you...Daisy..." was the last thing he could get out before he drifted off, cuddling close to her.

    "I love you too, babe." Daisy planted a kiss against his cheek, and cuddled close to him. She was briefly tempted to go see if Chris would be interested in a movie night with her, but quickly remembered that moving was against doctor's orders. And besides, her eyelids were growing heavy. She found deep contentment in watching him sleep, and soon, she too drifted off.

    Quiet sniffling emitted from the back floor board, but would probably go unheard, drown out by the loudness of the vulgar Rap. The small child was huddled in a ball, to scared to move, after witnessing the Spike-headed man take over his mother's car. Scared for his life, he hid. But now, desperately missing his mother, staying hidden would prove difficult. "Mmm.. Mommy?" The tiny voice called out, but he remained in his hiding spot.

    Mikko drummed the steering wheel to the song, getting loss in the music. But when she heard the quiet voice in the back she quickly turned the radio off. "Hello?" She asked, uncertain if she was just hearing voices again or not.

    The voice sounded an awful lot like his mother's He clung tightly to his old ragged teddy bear, his big brown eyes daring to peer out from the safety of his protective 'ball'. "Mommy?" He repeated, sniffling quietly. "You otay?"

    Mikko, still on the long country road, pulled over and stopped the car. After reaching up and turning on the light above her, she turned around in her seat. Her eyes widen at the site of the young boy, she silently cursed at Spike, but was also glad that spike didn't know about the kid. This was defiantly going to complicate things..."Hi." She said softly. "Who are you?"

    He gazed up at her with tear-filled eyes, the tears once again streaking his cheeks as he realized the woman wasn't his mother. Still, the woman didn't seem anything like the horrible man that had shoved his mother around. Her tone was soft, and unthreatening. "Aden." He managed to say, in between convulsing sobs. He wiped at his tears with the back of his tiny hand, his big brown eyes never straying from the purple-haired woman. "Where's my mommy?"

    Mikko had no idea how to answer the Childs question, but her heart went out to him. She smiled warmly at the child and climbed in the back with him. "Hi Aden. I'm Mickey. Your mom is...She had to go away. Do you have and other family"

    Aden watched as she climbed into the back with him, and stared at her in deep confusion. "Where.. she go?" He managed to ask, in between sobs. He wasted no time climbing into her lap, and gazed up at her with questioning eyes. "She come back?" He clung tighter to his old bear, shaking his head at her question. "Daddy.. gone.." And he pointed skywards.. "Heaven. He gone last week."

    Damn this kid had some bad luck. Mikko was surprised that he was so quick to warm up to her and climb in her lap. She put her arms protectively around him and shook her head. "No...you're mommy's not coming back, sweetie. I'm sorry. Do you have an aunt or uncle? Anyone?"

    Aden was too confused by Mikko's reply to even register her question. "Why she no come back? She said she would!"

    Mikko sighed deeply, what could she say? She decided to go with the truth. "because...Your mommy is in heaven with your dad." She hoped that the kid understood that. "How about you come in the front seat with me so we can get out of here."

    Aden could only stare at her for a moment, not fully understanding. He had just lost his father, and now his mommy had gone away too? But, his mother had promised she would never leave! The little boy burst into uncontrollable tears, one arm releasing the bear and clinging to Mikko. "I.. want.. my mommy!"

    Mikko hugged the boy tighter. "I know you do..." She let him cry on her while she rubbed his back, trying her best to sooth the child. She still wanted to know if he had any family that he could drop him off with. "Aden, hon, you have someone to go to?"

    Still hugging the bear in his arm, the little boy stuck his thumb into his mouth, and leaned against Mikko. He gazed up at her with tear-filled eyes, shaking his head at her question. Any family that he might have had, were all hundreds of miles away. They were back in New York, to bury his father. After a moment, he finally pulled his thumb from his mouth, in order to answer her. "Can... I go be with my mommy and daddy?" Of course, he had no concept of just what that meant. He only knew he wanted to be where they were at.

    Mikko leaned back in the back seat, her arms still around Aden. She continued to softly rub his back. She frowned at his question and shook her head. "No...You can't be with them. I'm sorry." She answered, running a thumb lightly under his eye to wipe away his tears. "You hungry?"

    Aden rested his little head against Mikko's chest, his tiny fingers entangling into her shirt. He shook his head at first, but the ache in his tummy begged to differ. After a moment, he gazed up at her, once again trying to wipe the tears from his eyes. "You has cookies?"

    Mikko gave him a smile and ruffled his hair a little. "No..but...We can go get you a happy meal."

    Aden managed a small nod at that. It wasn't cookies, but happy meals were good, too.

    "Ok lets go get you some chicken nuggets." Mikko moved out the seat, picking Aden up and gently placing him in the front passenger seat. She then climbed into the drivers seat, and after getting the kid situated, she drove off to the city.

    All the crying had exhausted the little boy. Not to mention, it was way past his bed time. He curled up beside Mikko, once again curling his little fingers into her shirt. And in a matter of minutes, he drifted off to sleep.

    Mikko glanced down at the boy and put her arm around him. She really needed to figure out what to do with him. But nothing was coming to mind. She could call Gabe, maybe get Lexi's number. But it was late, or early. Once in the city, she stopped and got the happy meal, plus food for everyone in the house. She decided to let the kid stay with her for the night, she would figure something out in the morning. And if the kid had no family, she might not have to worry about a missing person's report going out for a while. After an hour, Mikko pulled up to the apartment. She opened her door and picked up Aden. Holding him with one arm and the food in the other, she made her way inside.

    Not even the faint movement would be enough to wake the sleeping child. He subconsciously clung to her, burying his tiny face against her shoulder, as she carried him into the unfamiliar place.

    Mikko laid Aden on the couch bed, next to Chris. She put the food in the fridge while eating the fries, and took out the happy meal toy. She checked on Travis who was still sleeping peacefully. Then finally after locking everything up. she crawled in the bed, laying between Chris and Aden and closed her eyes, hoping that she could finally get some sleep.

    ((next morning))

    The first person to wake that next morning was Travis. He started with a whimper, but when that went unheard he went into a full tantrum. Mikko's eyes flew open but jumping right of bed would be hard, Aden was still curled up against her. She pried herself away from the young boy and scooped up Travis.

    Chris was sleeping peacefully until he heard Travis shrieking. His eyes flew open. By that time Mikko was up, but he was in quite the shock seeing the little boy that was on the other side of her. He looked at Mikko in confusion. "Hey babe, who's this?" he asked, pointing to the smaller sleeping form.

    Mikko rocked Travis and was on her way to the bathroom to change him, when she heard Chris's question. She turned to him with a smile. "Morning, that's Aden...looong story. There are hamburgers in the fridge, and I'll be right back" She said then disappeared in the bathroom.

    Chris was still confused. He couldn't wait to hear the story when she returned. He wasn't all that hungry at the moment, so he just watched the little boy sleep instead.

    Mikko quickly changed Travis and headed back out to Chris and Aden. She sat down next to the boy and ran her hand over his head. "His mother was killed." She told Chris then headed to the kitchen to get everyone breakfast. "Gabe should be coming over to take Travis soon."

    When Mikko returned, Chris couldn't be sure, but he thought he saw something different about Mikko. he shook it off and got dressed. Then he went into the kitchen and now he could see it clearly. There were at least bruises all over her neck. "Whoa, Mikko. What happened to you?" He had yet to notice her lip. But looking at the marks again, he frowned. Were those actually what he thought they were? And if so, how did she get 'em?

    Mikko was warming up Travis bottle when Chris walked in the kitchen. She smiled at him, but that smile soon dropped when she saw him looking at her. No doubt he saw the marks. And judging by his face she was sure that's what he was looking at. "Dog bites." She said simply and walked back to the bed to feed Travis.

    Chris looked at her incredulously. Dog bites? He wasn't sure he could believe that or not. The thing was, he had no idea where she went last night after he went to sleep. But they didn't look like dog bites to him. The looked much more controlled in the patterns. He sighed heavily. "Where did you go last night?" He had to know because when she had left, he was in no condition to ask questions then.

    Mikko covered little Aden up and fed Travis.She looked up at Chris and sighed. "Spike called. I had to head over there."

    Now Chris was really confused...and feeling a pang of jealousy again. Now he was pretty sure who gave her those marks. "I see," was his reply. "So how did we end up with the kid?" He was almost fearing the answer to that question.

    Mikko walked back to the kitchen, while burping Travis. She kept her voice low so that Aden wouldn't hear if he happen to wake up. "Spike was at the cabin. He called wanting to know where I was. I told him I would just go over there, then after a bit of an argument over who was screwing who. I left. When I got there, Spike had already raped and killed some woman. He wanted me to take the woman's car. I did..and the kid was hiding in the back seat. I have no idea what to do with him, he said he has no family and that his dad died just last week. I was tired and felt bad for the kid, so I brought him here. No biggie."

    Now that explanation sounded fairly reasonable. And if that was the truth, then he was really proud of her for saving him. He had a ghost of a smile on his features as he nodded. "That's great, babe." Now his smile was fully returning. "So, have you figured out what we're going to do with him yet?" To take on another child so soon...especially not knowing anything about his background was overwhelming. Possibly the best choice for him would be taking him to an orphanage.

    Mikko was happy that he wasn't asking about her marks, and wouldn't Spike be so sad that they didn't cause any trouble at all. She shook her head at his question. "I don't know. I hate to stick him with child serves, but, I'm pretty sure that what's going on can be qualified as kidnapping. I might call Lexi from the clinic, see if she can help."

    Chris nodded. "Okay." He really didn't want to have to deal with Child Services, either. Not after the hell they put Mikko through in order to keep Travis. And the very last thing they needed was to be accused of kidnapping. He just hoped that poor little boy would find a good home. Losing both of his parents early in his childhood was something Chris could relate to.
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    Post by Christopher on Sun Sep 13, 2009 5:16 am

    ((Short session, this one. Thanks to Mikko for logging and editing))

    Mikko cradled little Travis in her arms and smiled at Chris. "Maybe he can stay here till someone finds his family. I'm sure there has to be someone. annnnd. We have to go to the junk yard and see if we can't find a bed, and crib. And! Halloween is coming up, our little Travis needs a costume." She looked over at Aden who had rolled over and was snuggling with his pillow."Maybe find a costume for him too."

    Chris blinked in surprise. Mikko seemed to be taking this parenthood thing to a whole new level. Not that that was a bad thing. In fact, he was happy for her. He just hoped that the plan for Travis would work in their favor. He shrugged in response. "Junkyard, huh? We'll have to be sure to wash everything we can." The thought of getting baby things from the junkyard of all places didn't sit well with Chris. But what else could they do? They needed money to get nice things.

    Mikko nodded in response. "Yes, wash and probably paint the stuff too. I whish that we could get nicer things..." She looked up at Chris. "You know...we're not going to be able to live on my salary alone....You thinking of getting a job?"

    Getting a job? Hell, yeah, he would. And finding one shouldn't be too hard, Chris hoped. With any luck, he could find one just like his old one. He really missed that music store. It wasn't the best job in the world, but hey, it paid the bills. "Yeah, I could look for one," he replied, nodding.

    "Great!" Mikko walked back to the pulled out bed and sat down next to Aden. She laid Travis down, and started to tickle him. Travis wiggled around a little and gave her a bright smile. She smiled back at him then laid down next to the two kids. "Well wait to the others wake up before we go anywhere,"

    "Cool," Chris said sitting down on the bed again. He watched Mikko play with Travis and smiled. Then he laid down next to Mikko. "You look tired, babe," he said quietly as he brushed a strand of hair out of her face. "Why don't you just rest for a while longer?"

    Mikko blinked a few times, trying to keep her eyes open. "I'm fine..." She yawned. "Maybe I won't get any phone calls tonight."

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    Post by Mikko on Sun Sep 13, 2009 3:32 pm

    It felt wonderful, sleeping in a real bed for once. Despite the discomfort of her mangled leg, Daisy had slept peacefully throughout the morning, oblivious to the tiny 'guest' Mikko had brought home. Snuggled closely to Kendall, her eyes slowly began to flicker open, and she nuzzled against his neck. A faint grin tugged across her lips as she watched him. He was definitely a wonderful sight to wake to. After planting several light kisses against his neck, her lips traveled down to lavish his tummy with equal affection. And then, she blew loud raspberries against his toned abs.

    Chris saw her trying to stay awake and rolled his eyes. "Yeah...suuuure you're not. It's okay. Just relax," he told her reassuringly. He stroked her cheek gently with his finger. Then he nodded. "I hope not either." And it sure as hell better not be the psycho again.

    "No...I have to be up when Aden wakes. Don't need him freaking out." Mikko said then sat up again, picking up Travis and laying his head on her shoulder. "I'll try and take a nap later."

    As soon as Kendall fell asleep, he slept straight through the rest of the night. Now he was feeling something tickling his belly and slowly started coming back to the real world. He opened his eyes and watched as Daisy kissed down his torso. He grinned and actually laughed when she became much more playful. "Good morning to you too," he said in a mock-sarcastic tone. The truth is, he loved seeing Daisy's playful side. Especially after everything that happened the day before.

    She had a point. When the kid woke up, the only one that he would know would be Mikko. Chris smiled and nodded in response, kissing her cheek.

    Mikko smiled to Chris and leaned back on the bed. She looked down at the sleeping child, still unsure what to do with him. She would see if Gabe had any ideas when he came over for Travis. "I think I'll go to the store and get some food for a nice big dinner."

    Daisy's eyes rose to meet his, but her lips remained planted against his stomach, kissing her way up to meet his lips. She smiled sweetly as she kissed him again, her fingers running lightly up his sides. "Mmm.. morning sexaaay!" Her fingers moved up to caress his cheeks as she continued to plant light kisses against his lips. "Sleep well?"

    Chris nodded. That sounded like a good idea. But he was still worried about her not getting enough sleep. "Sound good, but can I help you with anything?"

    Mikko shook her head. "Nope. I can handle it."

    Kendall returned all her kisses and nodded. "Like a rock," he replied, grinning. He continued his light kisses. "And how about you?" Though judging by her mood, he could already tell it had to be pretty pleasant.

    "Mmhmm..." Daisy replied, in between affectionate kisses. She took Kendall's hand, and placed it against her tummy. "Buuut, I think lil Zoe is trying to tell me that she's hungry.."

    Chris mentally rolled his eyes this time. He didn't want to let Mikko know how much he was against that idea. Instead, he looked over at her and put a hand on her arm. "If you're sure."

    Mikko looked at him and nodded. "Yeah...it's cooking, how hard can it be?"

    Kendall felt her tummy and nodded. "Ohh I can tell SOMEONE'S hungry, " he stated, grinning. "So any ideas what you want?"

    Daisy caressed his hand, as it rest against her stomach, and pressed a sweet smile against his lips. "Mmhmm! Fried pickles, and M&M pizza!"

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    Post by Mikko on Tue Sep 15, 2009 4:26 pm

    Chris refrained from rolling his eyes again. "I meant with the store. You did say you were going there, right? Well, I can go for you if you give me a list or something," he offered. With as little sleep as he thought Mikko received, he really didn't want her driving anywhere.

    Kendall chuckled at her list of foods she wanted. Interesting choices to be sure. He looked over at her and smiled. "Why don't we just see what's around her first, okay?" He gave her a tender kiss on the lips then got up to get dressed.

    "oh. Sure if you want." Mikko looked around the area and grabbed a piece of paper and a pen. She jotted down the things she would need and handed it to him. "There's money in my bag, and if you can think of anything else that's cool."

    Chris smiled that she took him up on his offer. He took the small paper and folded it up, tucking it safely away. "Thanks," he said giving her a small kiss. Then he went to finish getting ready. A few minutes later, he was completely ready and headed out telling Mikko that he would be back as soon as he could and he loved her. Now he was on his way.

    Mikko Smiled and kissed him back, then gave him a wave as he left. Once he was gone she let out a huge sigh and glanced over at Aden, then looked around. She was going to need to get a TV. It was way to quiet in here.

    "Okay.." Daisy replied, returning the kiss. She was really hoping there were pickles around, anyway. Though, that would probably be unlikely, since they had just moved into the place last night. There probably wasn't any food. It was certainly a good thing that she didn't consider any of this. She watched on with a cheeky little smile as Kendall got dressed, then finally forced herself to scoot to the edge of the bed, and slid into a sundress, then attempted to stand. The surging pain that shot up her leg was a quick reminder of the doctor's orders. With a pained hiss, she flopped back onto the bed, now looking at him with pitiful eyes. "I.. think I need a hand.."

    It didn't take Chris long to get to the grocery store. He quickly found the items on Mikko's list and briskly scanned the rest of the store to see if he could find anything else they would need. Now with everything gathered, he headed for the checkout.

    As soon as he was dressed he turned to see Daisy dressed as well. But then she tried to get up and he didn't see that working too well. He rushed over to her in case she fell and it didn't take too long, but thankfully she fell back on the bed. He shook his head. "I think you need more than a hand," he told her, grinning. Then without warning, he picked her up with both of his strong arms and carried her out of the bedroom.

    Sitting cross legged, Mikko laid Travis down in her lap, tickling his little belly and talking to him. Every once in a while looking over to check on Aden. "Who's my handsome little boy? You are!" She chimed to the infant. She looked up when she heard the bedroom door open and smiled at the other couple when they walked in. "Morning! There's burger king in the fridge if you want it."

    Daisy giggled as she was suddenly picked up, and carried out of the bedroom. She wrapped her arms around Kendall's neck, resting her head against his shoulder. Seeing Mikko was already up, and playing with her son, Daisy greeted her with a bright smile, but before she could express her enthusiasm over cheeseburgers, the tiny newcomer managed to grab her attention. She blinked in confusion, giving Mikko a questioning look. "Ooooh, you got another one? How'd that happen? The stork get mixed up?"

    Mikko shook her head. " That's a long and very sad story. He's only staying till I can find somewhere else for him to go."

    After paying for everything, Chris left the store and loaded all the bags into the vehicle. He hoped he had enough for everyone for at least a week. After making sure everything was secure in the back, he closed the doors and hopped in the driver's seat. He started the engine and drove off, heading for home again.

    After leaving the bedroom with Daisy he saw Mikko with not one, but TWO kids. What the fuck... But then Mikko explained what was going on, yet not all the details. But he nodded in response. "What's his name?" he asked Mikko softly.

    "Aden" Mikko answered, rubbing a hand over the boys head. "I saved him from Spike. Kinda..."

    Now Kendall was really confused. "Spike, huh? When the hell did you see him, cuz this boy wasn't with us last night before we got here."

    "None of your damn business when I saw him." Mikko glared at Kendall. "Food's in the fridge." She wasn't going to talk anymore about the issue.

    Daisy was curious to know what had happened, but hearing Mikko snap and Kendall, she figured the issue as not open for discussion. Oh well. If it involved Spike, did she seriously want to know? Probably not.

    Mikko returned her attention back to Travis and smiled. She picked him up and pressed kisses on the baby's cheek. "You are the cutest baby in the world!" She chimed proudly, gently blowing raspberries against his tiny cheeks. Travis's eyes grew wide with each kiss, only to be followed with a laugh.

    It took Kendall everything he had to not snap back at Mikko. Why the hell did she take it so offensively anyway? It was just a fuckin' innocent question for god's sake! But whatever. "Come on, Daisy. Let's get something to eat." He shot Mikko a small glare and headed to the kitchen. Now in there he asked Daisy, "You want me to set you down in a chair now?"

    Daisy flashed Kendall a sweet smile. Did she want him to put her down? "Nooo... never!" She playfully nibbled on his earlobe, before pressing a kiss against his cheek. But as much as she was enjoying being held in those strong arms of his, she knew he couldn't hold her all day. She planted a deep kiss against his lips, then gave a small nod. "Okay. But only if I can have the Burger King crown."

    Finally, Chris made it back to the apartment and carried in a couple bags. "Hello everyone! he announced as he entered. The first thing he did was sitting the bags on the counter, waved to Kendall and Daisy, then went over to Mikko."Hey babe." He kissed her cheek and patted Travis' head. "I've got another few things to get. Be right back." Then he left again to grab the rest of the bags from the vehicle.

    "Hi!" Mikko greeted Chris. She gave him a smile when he kissed her cheek. "Sure." Travis looked up at Chris when he felt the hand on his head, then returned his attention to Mikko, who started planting more kisses against his cheek. She looked back over at Aden and rubbed his cheek. "Aden, sweetie. time to get up."

    Kendall chuckled and grinned. He'd hold her all day if he could, but it just wasn't possible. He chuckled further when she mentioned the crown. He smiled at her and said. "Awww babe. You don't have to wear a crown to be my princess." He kissed her cheek. Then he saw Chris come in and nodded to him, considering he couldn't wave back at that point.

    Soon Chris returned with another full load of groceries and set the bags down next to the other ones. Then he went about trying to put things away.

    Daisy melted at his comment. "Awww... " She pressed a kiss against his lips, managing to catch a glimpse of Chris from the corner of his eye. She waved at him, then returned her full attention on Kendall. "Okies.. I don't need a crown, to be put down..heh.. that rhymed."

    Still curled in a ball, Aden's big brown eyes slowly began to open. But as soon as the realization began to settle in.. his mother was gone, he immediately began to sob. "Mommy.."

    Mikko moved Travis to her shoulder and pulled Aden closer to her. "Shhhh..It's ok." She told the boy softly, rubbing his cheek. "You should eat something, hon. Want me to warm up those chicken nuggets for you?"
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    Post by Gabriel on Thu Sep 17, 2009 12:18 am

    Now that the groceries were put away, he could focus on other things. The current thing was Aden. He had woken up and was very upset. Chris' heart really went out to him. He watched Mikko and Aden, staying by the counter.

    Kendall returned the kiss and finally sat her down in a chair. Then he went over to the fridge and pulled out the BK stuff. He took the bag over to the table and set it in front of Daisy. "Pick what you want, babe, then I'll warm it up for you."

    Daisy was quick to pick out what she wanted; a double cheeseburger and fries. With a baby 'on board', her appetite had greatly increased, but as tempting as it was to claim everything for herself, she remained mindful of the others. She smiled up at Kendall as she snagged one of the cold fries, too hungry to wait for them to be warmed. "Sooo, what's on the agenda for the day? Wanna paint our room?"

    Aden was starving, but he refused Mikko's offer, burying his face against her side. He was in a strange place, with strange people, and he wanted to go home. "I ..want my mommy!"

    With a heavy sigh, Mikko scooped Aden into her lap then reached over for her phone. She dialed Gabriel's number then wedged the phone between her ear and shoulder. She held both boys close as she waited for Gabe to answer.

    Kendall chuckled. "You're ready to do that already, babe?" He grinned and kissed her. "If that's what you want, but you can't do much yet. You sure you don't wanna wait until you can walk again?"

    But it wouldn't be Gabriel answering the call. Lexi had dropped in last night to check on her ex after several calls had gone unanswered. Since the thug's world had come crumbling down, she had made it a habit to keep an eye on him, knowing his tendencies to slip into deep depression, and drinking himself nearly to death. Someone had to watch over him, since Ezekiel was no longer around to do it. She could try saving him from himself, but unfortunately there was little she could do to protect him from the gang. After learning of his run in with the Turks last night, she insisted on staying the night, to make sure his wounds were properly cared for. She was resting on the couch, when Gabe's cell began to buzz on the end table. She was tempted to ignore it, but finally plucked it from its resting place. She glanced at the caller name before answering. Her blood pressure slightly increased. 'Mickey'. She knew damn well who that was. Still, she answered with a causal tone, seeming oblivious. "Hello?"

    Mikko was quiet for a bit. She thought she recognized the voice, but couldn't be sure. "Um..Hi. I'm looking for Gabriel. Who the hell is this? and what the fuck you doin answering Gabe's phone?"

    Daisy plucked another cold fry from the packet, giving him a small pout. "Yeah.. I guess we should wait. I don't wanna miss out on the fun!" She soon managed a grin, that soon melted as she heard the little boy sobbing in the other room. She gave Kendall a sad look. "Poor guy. I wonder what happened to his mommy?"

    Lexi slowly pushed herself upright on the couch, brows knotting in irritation. "None of your business. Who the hell is this, and what are you doing calling him?" Yeah, she was playing the jealous girlfriend act. If her prior threats hadn't detoured Mikko from Gabriel, maybe this would. She wasn't sure if Mikko had recognized her voice, but no need to blow her cover just yet.

    Mikko wondered if Gabe had snagged himself a girl for the night. She frowned at the thought. "He was suppose to be here an hour ago to pick up his kid" She figured that would scare who ever this girl was and she was just give Gabe the phone.

    Kendall shook his head. "Don't know. Mikko didn't tell me anything." He sat down next to Daisy and fished a sandwich out of the bag. He was really hungry too, but he still decided he wanted to warm it up first. He stood up again. "You want me to warm up anything for you, babe?"

    Lexi knew that Mikko was trying to play mind games with her. It was almost amusing, if she hadn't been so angered by the fact that the girl was still calling him. "Nice try. But that's not going to work." She replied flatly. "What do you want, Mikko. I thought I told you to stay away from him." Despite her anger, her voice remained calm, for now.

    Daisy handed him her cold cheese burger, and the half-eaten packet of fries. "Sure! was watching Animal Planet.. and if you eat meat that isn't cooked right, you get worms in your gut!" She informed Kendall, as she shoved another fry into her mouth. "So yeah.. might wanna warm it up.."

    Now Mikko was sure she recognized the voice. Great. "I told you bitch." Looking at the two boys she quickly collected herself and tried to at lest tone down her language and voice. "Gabe needs to come pick up Travis. Now what the hell are you doing over there? Put Gabe on the phone!'

    Bitch! Oh, Lexi was fuming now! Still, she was trying hard not to wake Gabe, who was sleeping in the other room. She glanced over her shoulder when she heard movement in the background, but seeing Jigs pawing at his food bowl, her attention returned to the 'conversation'. What was she doing here? She couldn't believe that Mikko had the nerve to ask that. She started to brush her off, but she was fuming. "In case you haven't noticed, Gabe isn't doing too good right now. His brother is gone.. his fiancee, and he has a gang out for his blood. Which, by the way, tried to kill him last night. But no-one seems to care about any of that because they're too damn focused on how they can use him!" She answered in a hushed, but angry tone. "Who the hell is Travis?"

    Well Mikko certainly didn't know all of that. Her features dropped and she hugged the boys tighter. "Sorry, I didn't know all of that was going on...is he ok?" She ask quietly in deep concern. "Does he need anything? look..tell him not to worry about Travis. I doubt child services will show up. Have him call me when can, ok...Oh and...does the clinic take three year olds?"

    "He's alive, if that's what you're asking." Lexi replied, but felt she didn't have the right to say that he was 'okay'. In her opinion, he wasn't. When she mentioned child services, Lexi got a pretty good idea of who Travis was, and then the picture all started falling together. Had Gabriel agreed to take on that child?! He certainly was in no condition. And then, she was taken aback by Mikko's question about the three year old. "Depends on the circumstances.." Before she could say anything more, the phone was suddenly plucked from her grasp. She hadn't even heard Gabriel slip up behind her. He'd heard enough of the conversation to know that Mikko was on the phone. Bruised and sore from last nights ordeal, it was all he could do to remain standing. "Mickey?"

    "Gabe! Are you ok? What happen? Do you need anything? And I can't believe you still hang around that woman." Mikko paused for a second. "Don't worry about Travis, Babe. You just rest up. Actually...Would you like to come over and hang out? We're going to do some grillin."

    Kendall nodded to Daisy and took her bag of fries and cheeseburger over to the microwave; along with his own. He reheated each item separately. Then he brought them back over to the table, sitting down again. He handed Daisy hers. "Here you go, babe. You want anything to drink?"

    Gabe wasn't sure just how much Lexi had told her, but it seemed she knew about last night. "Pffft. I got more 'than nine lives." He replied casually, despite how roughed up he'd gotten. He didn't want her to worry. Lexi just rolled her eyes, overhearing his reply. Watching him stagger from his injuries, she pulled him down, forcing him to sit on the couch. Gabe shot her a frustrated look, but didn't protest. "Yeah, well.. she's family." He replied, in regards to Mikko's comment about Lexi. All the while, shooting his ex a glare. "I wish I could, babe." He genuinely replied, but knew that his injuries would make it difficult to leave for a few days. "But, you could come hang out here, if you want to. You and yer friends." Hearing this, Lexi shot him a glare that went ignored. She sighed inwardly, and decided to head into the kitchen to feed the poor hungry dog. Gabe glanced over his shoulder, making sure that Lexi was out of earshot, and dropped his tone. "Lex will prolly still be here. But I think you girls need to make amends." Fat chance of that happening, but it would certainly make his life a little easier.

    Chris shook his head and watched the exchange between the mystery person and Mikko. He still felt so bad for the kid. He decided to try and help by feeding the kid. He took Aden's chicken nuggets and warmed them up. Then he went over to the two boys and Mikko, kneeling down by Aden--hoping maybe the boy wouldn't feel as intimidated if Chris came down to his level. He held the chicken nuggets up as a peace offering, waiting to see if Aden would take them. "Here you go, Aden. I warmed them up for you," Chris told him gently.

    Daisy quickly tore into her food, as if she'd been starving for days. She gave a nod at Kendall's question, flashing him a ketchupy smile. "Mmhmm.. do we have chocolate milk?"

    Mikko thought about that for a moment then slowly nodded. "Yeah...Ok we can do that. Ummm...Are you still living in the same place?" Mikko was not happy about having to face Lexi, every time she saw the woman, Mikko would in vision all the creative ways she could kill her. "I think Lexi and I can chill for a few hours. When would be a good time to come over?" She asked, relesing Aden so that he could eat the chicken.

    Aden could only stare at the man with tear-filled eyes. He had no idea who the guy was, and would've found him intimidating, if Chris had not kneeled to be at eye-level with him. He wanted to refuse the offering, but hunger was quickly resolving his stubborn protests. He slowly untangled his tiny fingers from Mikko's shirt, and slipped off the couch, now crawling into Chris' lap. He gazed up at him with big brown eyes, and shyly took the nuggets from him.

    "No, too many memories there." Gabe replied in a saddened tone, but was quick to catch himself, and gave her the address of his small home. He was seriously worried about having Mikko and Lexi under the same roof, but both women were a part of his life. And both would need to learn to co-exist. "Any time is good." Overhearing the conversation, Lexi shouted in the background. "HE NEEDS HIS REST!" Gabe shot her a look as he covered the mouthpiece. "I'll see you soon, babe."

    Mikko quickly grabbed a pen and paper and jotted down his address. She rolled her eyes when she heard Lexi yelling. "Can't get much rest with her yelling like that. Ok babe, we'll be there...probably in an hour then. Bye." She hung up and turned to everyone else. "We;re going to spend the day with Gabe today."

    Kendall shrugged. "Don't know, babe, But I can go look." He stood up and went over to the fridge, looking inside. "Don't have chocolate milk, per se, but we have chocolate syrup we can put in regular milk to make chocolate milk. How does that sound?"

    "Mmmm.. sounds nummy!" Daisy replied, but then overheard Mikko's announcement. "Oooh, is that Justin Timberlake?"

    Mikko ruffled Adens hair and stood up. "We leave in twenty minuets. Sadly Lexi might be there...Oh how I want to kill that woman...Anyway. If you guys don't want to go, I'll head over there myself." She grinned at Daisy and nodded. "mmhmm. But you can't run up and shower him with affection, he got his ass beat lest night, so he does need to relax. I figure we bring some food and pick up a few beers."

    Chris smiled and held the boy while he ate his meal. He still kept one ear open on the phone conversation. It sounded like whoever Mikko was talking to had turned the phone over to Gabe. And Mikko sounded concerned. He frowned and looked up at Mikko trying to catch more of the conversation now. When Mikko finally hung up he looked at her, asking the unspoken question. But he was soon informed that they were going over go Gabe's. He smiled at Mikko and nodded. "Sounds good." He glanced down at the small boy in his lap and gave him a smile.[/

    Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." - Bob Marley

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