Hangin at Gabe's crib (day after Spike's escape)


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    Hangin at Gabe's crib (day after Spike's escape) Empty Hangin at Gabe's crib (day after Spike's escape)

    Post by Mikko on Thu Sep 17, 2009 5:42 pm

    Kendall grinned and nodded, going back over to the fridge to gather the milk and chocolate syrup. He placed the items on the counter and got to work. He found some large plastic cups and poured some milk into one then added a generous amount of syrup. Then he stirred the contents with a plastic spoon and finally served it to Daisy. "Here you are, babe." He placed it in front of her then sat down again to eat his own meal.

    "Mmm... thanks!" Daisy managed to mumble through her mouthful. She couldn't believe just how hungry she was! Obviously her appetite was making up for lost time. The days before the planned break, she had been too much of a nervous wreck to eat. Her attention once again shifted towards Mikko as she spoke, a huge smile running across her lips. "Oooh, Lexi's gonna be there? Sweet! Maybe she'll have ice-cream!" She really didn't understand why Mikko and Lexi disliked each other, but decided not to ask. Now, her attention once again fixated on Kendall. "Babe? You wanna go?"

    "maybe I'll shove that ice cream down her fuckin throat." Mikko mumbled as she started to gather all of Travis's things. She tucked everything in a large blue baby bag then laid Travis down to dress him. A little once piece with a skull on it, and of course his little blue mohawk hat. Mikko smiled at her son. "Who says punk is dead. Rock on little dude!"

    Kendall shrugged. "Sure, princess. If you wanna go," he replied, smiling. He just needed to finish his sandwich and then he would be ready to go.

    Since it looked like everyone was getting ready to leave, Chris decided to do the same. The problem was he still had Aden in his lap and apparently had fallen asleep after finishing his nuggets. Chris looked down at the small boy and smiled again. Then he glanced over at Mikko. He chuckled at her comment about Travis' hat. And Chris had to admit, it was a very cute look for the little tyke. But now he had to get up; hopefully without disturbing Aden. So he carefully picked the sleeping child up, laid him up against his shoulder, and slowly stood up. Luckily, the boy stayed asleep.

    It didn't take long for Daisy to finish up her meal. She made short work of the chocolate milk, and waited patiently for Kendall to do the same. Hearing Mikko's comment, she glanced in her direction, watching as she got Travis ready to leave. "Daww, why don't you like Lexi? She's really nice.." Or, at least she had always been nice to her.

    Mikko picked up Travis and the bag and looked at Daisy. "Because she's a horrible person that thinks she's better then everyone else, and enjoys sleeping with all the guys that I like." She glanced over at Chris. "So watch ya self."

    Kendall quickly finished his meal as well--now that he had time to actually sit down and eat. Then he stood up and took his and Daisy's wrappers, stuffed them in the bag and threw it away. Then he got ready to carry Daisy outside when everyone else was completely ready. "Need anything before we go, Daisy?"

    Chris didn't like the sound of that, but he didn't let it show. "Right. I sure will." There was no way he would let anything come between him and Mikko. He still held Aden protectively in his arms, waiting for the others.

    "You all ready to go. we got pick up a few things on the way." Mikko put Travis bottles and formula in the baby bag and waited by the door for the others.

    Hearing Kendall's question, Daisy thought for a moment, then flashed him a smile. "Just you!" And she nodded at Mikko's question. It seemed they would have something to do today, after all.

    Kendall chuckled and carefully picked Daisy up, kissing her lips softly. "Maybe later," he whispered seductively in her ear. He carried her over to the door.

    And here he was, bringing up the rear. And he was the first one ready. How did that make sense? He shrugged it off and joined the others, still carrying the sleeping Aden in his arms.

    Mikko headed out the house and locked up once everyone was out. She walked to the van and turned to Daisy. "Can you hold Travis while I drive?" She was really going to need to get a car seat. and a car....

    "Mmm.. I'm so gonna hold you to it.." Daisy whispered against his lips, returning the devious smile. Once they were outside and situated inside the SUV, Daisy nodded at Mikko, thrilled over the chance to hold Travis. "Sure!"

    Once Daisy was all settled, she handed her Travis. "Thanks." Mikko put the baby bag on the floor then hopped in the drivers seat and waited for everyone else to get in.

    Chris carried Aden out to the car but he was having trouble getting in. He asked Kendall if he could help just long enough so Chris could climb in the front passenger side seat. Then he buckled up and took Aden back. The boy whimpered a little in his sleep during the transition between Chris and Kendall but was soon quiet once more.

    After making sure Daisy was secured, he helped Chris by taking the small boy until he could climb in the seat. Then he handed the child back and climbed in the backseat behind Chris, buckling in. He shot Daisy a small wink when he saw Travis in her arms. In a few months, that would be little Zoe.

    When everyone was in Mikko took off. She made a quick stop at the store, picking up food and booze. Then made another quick stop to grab weed, for after the kids were in bed, of course. the whole trip took about thirty minuets, and soon they ere pulling up to Gabriel's place. "Here we are." She announced as they parked.

    Daisy was enjoying her time with little Travis. She watched his series of involuntary expressions, and the way his cubby little arms moved in strange motions. It was still hard to wrap her mind around it, but she grinned at the thought that Kendall was also sharing. Before long, it would be her own baby nestled within her arms. Her thoughts were soon shattered as Mikko announced their arrival. Despite the terrible things Mikko had said about the woman, she was really looking forward to seeing Lexi again, and sharing with her the good news!

    Mikko hopped out the vehicle and grabbed the baby bag from the floor. She took Travis back and grabbed one of the grocery bags. With a bright smile and no free arm she kicked the bottom of Gabe's door

    Throughout the entire car ride, he kept glancing over at Daisy and Travis, smiling at them. When Mikko announced that they had arrived, he unbuckled and grinned at Daisy, picking her up and carrying her to Gabe's doorstep.

    Chris held the small boy the entire time for the ride. Every once in a while, Aden would stir or mumble in his sleep, but never woke up. Soon they were at their destination and he carefully shifted the boy so he could get out. Then he walked up to Gabe's door.

    Gabriel had dozed off on the couch, the task of answering the door would be left to Lexi. The short black dress clung to her shapely form, complimenting her long, slender legs as she walked across the floor, stopping at the door. She already knew who would be waiting on the other side of that wooden barrier, but with all the threats that loomed overhead, she couldn't be too careful. Though, she considered Mikko one of those threats, but Gabriel continued to ignore her pleas to sever the ties of friendship. The young woman was reluctant to open it, but it seemed the noise had woke Gabe. He pushed himself up on the couch, watching her expectantly. "It's just Avon." Lexi informed flatly, and returned her attention to the door. "We're not buying." She called out, but Gabe wasn't convinced. He shot her a knowing glare. "Lex. We talked about this. Be nice."

    Mikko frowned deeply. "let me in whore!" She kicked the door again

    Hearing Mikko's insult, Lexi shot Gabriel a look. "Me be nice? What about her!" She glared through the peep hole. "The only whore here is you." And she refused to undo the locks now. Mikko had pissed her off.

    "Me?! I'm not the one ripping my cloths off for a buck!" Mikko shot back.

    Lexi managed a sarcastic grin at that. "No, you do it for free, bitch."

    Mikko growled "Oh when i get in there I'm SO kicking your ass"

    Hearing the language that these two girls were trading back and forth, Chris decided to step away from the door to protect Aden. And to keep him from waking up from all the shouting. He just stood there shaking his head, observing from a distance. He shifted his weight from foot to foot, rocking the boy gently.

    Gabriel was already seeing just how much of a bad idea this was. He was growing frustrated, hearing the two go at it through the door. With great effort, he managed to push himself up, wincing from the discomfort. Bandages covered the stab wound to his ribs, multiple bruises, and a large gash starting over his left eye and ending beneath it, held together by butterfly bandages. Trying to steady his breath, he shot Lexi a warning glare, and pulled her away from the door before she could backlash at Mikko's threat. "Just let it go." He said, placing himself between the door and Lexi, just in case Mikko tried to attack. He wouldn't let that happen. After removing the chains from the door, he slowly opened it, giving Mikko the same warning look. "Cool it. Both of you."

    She waited for Lexi's come back, but was relieved to see that instead, Gabe opened the door. But the smile that was on her face soon dropped. "Damn babe, they really got you good. Sure, I'll be good." Mikko steeped in the home and looked around. "Cozy." She looked over at Lexi. "You can go home now, I got it from here." She went to the kitchen and started to put the food up. "Gabe I got some food and booze, and a little something for later."

    Kendall had also backed away from the door. He couldn't really step in between them while he was holding Daisy. And he really needed to keep her in his arms unless things turned ugly. There was no telling just what type of arsenal Mikko carried on her nowadays. When Gabe finally came to the door, he smiled at him and entered Gabe's home.

    Lexi shot Gabriel a look. Mikko had started it, not her! But seeing how much Gabriel was struggling, she was trying to drop it, for his sake. She gently took hold of his arm, and guided him back towards the couch, making him sit. Hearing Mikko's 'orders', she shot her an angered glare. "Oh, so you can finish him off? I don't fucking think so." She was still convinced that Mikko was working with Spike, and had been a willing participant in Spike's plans that had nearly gotten Gabriel killed months ago. She was too furious to notice Daisy just yet.

    Seeing the action was over for now between the two girls, Chris decided it was okay to join the others inside. He flashed Gabe a concerned look, but said nothing else about his injuries. Instead, he asked, "We have a little guy here, as you can see. Where should we let him crash?"

    Mikko finished putting everything away and sat by Gabe, handing him a beer and putting the baby bag down. She looked back over at Lexi. "Don't you have some clients to entertain?" She looked back over at Gabe. "Actually I was thinking I could hang here for a day or two, don't want to just leave you with Travis." Hearing Chris she looked at him. and held her free arm out for the little boy.

    Daisy's excitement over seeing Lexi soon turned into fear, hearing the two women go at it. But thankfully it seemed to be over, for now. She hugged Kendall tightly, and motioned him over towards a reclining chair. She knew his poor arms had to be getting tired.

    Waiting until Gabriel wasn't looking, Lexi shot Mikko a bird for her little remark. But overhearing the 'offer' to Gabe, she was once again at that boiling point. "Oh no you're not. I'm keeping an eye on him until those wounds start healing, and you and I obviously can't be under the same roof with one another."

    Mikko leaned over to Gabe. "Seriously...Why do you hang out with this woman." She then looked back at Lexi. "You're right. shame....bye now." Mikko gave Lexi a little wave. "Though I would put something on, it is cold out there."

    Gabe's head was spinning. He closed his eyes tightly, trying to steady his frayed nerves, but their casual bickering was only making it worse. Hearing Chris' question, he finally looked up with bloodshot eyes, and pointed in the direction of his bedroom, but it seemed Mikko was already taking him. And the two were still at it. With a heavy sigh, he glared at both of them. "Is it seriously too much to ask for?"

    Mikko got quiet. She wouldn't argue about ay more. But she also fully intended to stay with Gabe for a few days. She leaned back on the couch and laid her head on Gabe's shoulder. "Wanna back rub?" She asked looking up at him with her big gray eyes. "I give an awesome massage."

    Chris looked at Mikko, then Aden, and finally Mikko once more and nodded. He started to give the sleeping child to Mikko then held back. She already had her hands full and she and Lexi were still going at it. He opted to hold him for now. But then Gabe pointed to another room and he nodded to Gabe. "Thanks, Gabe." Then he turned on his heel and took Aden to the bedroom. Once in there, he gently laid the small boy on the mattress and covered him up. Then he smiled at Aden and left the room again. Back to the catfight. Oh, joy...

    Kendall took the hint and went over to the reclining chair, setting Daisy down in it and he sat down next to her. He half-listened to what was going on between Mikko and the other girl.

    Once again trying to honor Gabriel's earlier request, Lexi just shot Mikko a glare, and quietly mouthed the words 'fuck you.' And oh, she had caught Mikko's offer to Gabe. That only added to her anger. Mikko was trying to make her jealous, she just knew it. She shot her another glare as if to say 'Don't fucking touch him!', but she refrained from opening her mouth. It didn't take her long to notice Daisy, but the grin that had managed to find her lips quickly dropped, seeing the girl's wrapped leg. "Daisy.." She greeted, as she approached. She briefly acknowledged the guy sitting by her side. Easy on the eyes, for sure. But she would only pay him a moment of her attention, before refocusing on the girl. "What happened to you?"

    A back rub. Damn, that did sound nice, but he wouldn't feel comfortable with all these people around, namely Lexi. He gave her an appreciative smile and gently squeezed her hand. Maybe later.

    Mikko completely ignored every look Lexi gave her and smiled back. "Just let me know when. Oh, when do you guys wanna eat so I know when to start cooking?" She sat up and rocked little Travis, who was starting to wake up, and was already sounding cranky. "Gabe, where's your bathroom?"

    Daisy grinned as she saw Lexi coming towards her. Even as the woman's features dropped, Daisy couldn't contain her happiness over seeing her again. "Hi Lexi!" She threw one arm around Lexi's shoulders, hugging her tightly. "I got attackted by a dog, trying to save Kendall.." And then it dawned on her. She hadn't introduced the two. "Lexi, this is Kendall.. my boyfriend! Kendall, Lexi.. she used to take me out for ice-cream, when I was at that awful clinic."

    Gabriel was grateful that Lexi's attention now seemed to be focused away from Mikko. He seriously wished those two would learn to get along, but that wasn't looking too likely. "Whenever you guys are hungry." He replied to Mikko's first question. His stomach would certainly protest against food right now, but he couldn't let her down. As she asked about the bathroom, he pointed in its direction.

    "Ok I'll start cooking in a while then, everyone already had breakfast." Mikko nodded at Gabe when he showed her the bathroom and took Travis in there with a fresh diaper. After a few moments she came back out, with a less grumpy baby. She looked over at Gabe and bit her bottom lip. "Hey...I really came here to hang out with you...ummm...is there anywhere we can just talk with out HER giving me looks?"

    Hearing Daisy's reply, Lexi was deeply curious about just how that had happened, but the questions would have to wait until she could get the girl alone. Soon, Daisy was introducing them, and she was a little taken aback by that. Her boyfriend? Did he know of Daisy's health issues? How was he taking care of her? And just how old was he? He looked older than Daisy. Despite the numerous questions racing through her mind, she spared Kendall a smile. "Nice to meet you, Kendall."

    Kendall gave Lexi a small nod in response. "Likewise, Lexi." Even though she and Mikko were at odds with each other, he still wanted to remain polite towards these people. But considering his 'status', he wanted to stay in as low of a profile as possible.

    Gabriel sighed at that. He wished they could just talk, but he couldn't run Lexi off, after everything she'd done for him. There was always outside, but getting there would be a challenge. He glanced over at Lexi, Daisy and Kendall, then back at Mikko. "I think she's distracted right now.. what's on yer mind?"

    Mikko frowned deeply. "I am going to stay with you. Travis is suppose to be here, and I'm not letting Lexi touch him." She sighed, "Actually I wanted to talk about Chris...And Spike...and the dragons...and..." She looked around. "I guess we can talk some other time."

    Daisy snuggled against Kendall's side, resting her head against his shoulder, still grinning at Lexi. "Heh.. we're gonna have a baby!"

    Gabriel sighed at Mikko's unfaltering opinion of his ex. "She's not a bad person, Mikko. Sure, she has her damage. But we all do." He gently squeezed her hand. He would definitely be asking hr about her distaste towards Lexi, but later. "We could go to the kitchen.. or outside.. if you wanted to talk.." He added quietly.

    Mikko squeezed his hand back and nodded. "Will momma let you outside?" She teasingly with a small grin. "Let me just get a bottle for Travis and we can go outside"

    It was morning and Rapheal wouldn't normally be up this early but Leonardo had wanted a training scesion and he had been forced out of bed hours ago. He couldn't think of anything to do and soon found Lexi on his mind. It had been over a day or two since he last checked up with her so he decided to give her a call. He went to his room and reached for his shell cell before dailing her number on the over sized buttons and waited anxiously for her to pick up

    Lexi certainly wasn't expecting that. Her eyes conveyed her shock. Daisy was going to have a baby? She was just a baby herself! And would always have that innocent mindset. She had so many concerns, but how could she possibly convey that to a mentally challenged young girl, without hurting her feelings? But she hoped for the opportunity to have a word with the father, alone. Still, despite her concern, she managed a small grin, for Daisy's sake, and gently squeezed her hand. The girl was so happy. She didn't have the heart to crush that. And soon, her ringing cell soon grabbed her attention. Still holding to Daisy's hand, she glanced at the screen of her cell, a smile crossing her lips as she saw his number. It certainly put her in a better mood. "Hey babe."

    He smiled as he heard her voice. "Hey baby wha'cha up to?"

    Lexi gave Daisy's hand a gentle squeeze before releasing. Opting for some privacy, she headed into the kitchen. "Taking care of a friend that got himself into some trouble." And her serious tone soon turned flirtatious. "And, thinking about you. So, what's up?"

    That definatly caught his attention "An' wha' kinda trouble would dat' be? Ya need my help?" He asked concerned about her he knew she was friends with a few Dragons and the trouble with gangs on the street lately made him nervous.

    "Maybe." Thankfully Lexi soon disappeared into the kitchen. He slowly pushed himself up off the couch, and headed outside to wait for Mikko.

    Mikko quickly got up and fixed Travis's bottled then went outside with Gabe. She sat down, cradling her child and feeding him. This was much better then being in there with everyone. "Just not sure how you stand her. I mean...You know she's has slept with every guy I liked. every one. sept for Chris. But she hasn't gotten to him yet." Mikko shook her head. "I don't trust her...anyway...other then my hattin Lexi, I got the dragons out to kill me...I feel kinda lost not having a gang..."

    Lexi glanced over her shoulder, making sure Gabe hadn't slipped up behind her to listen in. Finding no-one, she returned her attention to the conversation, keeping her tone low. "It's complicated. But do you remember my ex-fiance, the Purple Dragon? Well, another gang is out for him. For breaking the blood oath when he was 12. They jumped him up last night, and ruffed him up pretty good." She sighed deeply. It was a never ending thing. "I stayed the night with him to make sure he was taken care of. He's too damn stubborn to see a doctor." She took a deep breath, once again managing a small smile. Just the thought of him had been much needed tension release. "I miss you."

    Gabriel took a seat on the old porch swing, listening to Mikko. "Slept with everyone you like? Like who?" He was curious, and hoped he could get at the bottom of whatever it was that was causing so much friction between the two women. He completely acknowledged her comment about the gang. But one thing at a time.

    "well..." Mikko started, but wasn't sure she really wanted to tell him she had a thing for Eze. But she did want to talk to him so she continued. "Well...She slept with Eze. and this new guy that she's seeing...and I know she didn't want to. But she did screw Spike. And it's not just that. She looks down on me. Thinks she's better then me or something."

    He frowned at hearing that he hated that she put herself in that situation but she had been upfront about it from when they met so he could complain,,to much that is.* "Miss ya to babe, ya sure ya know wha' yer' doin', I ain't to interested in gettin' in ta blood fudes."* He slumped down on his mattress.* "But ya know I'll come help ya if ya need it, ya shoulda called meh! Ya have any idea wha' could happen ta ya?!" *He said becoming frustrated but he couldn't help it he was the protective type

    Gabriel frowned at her reply. It was no secret that Mikko had a thing for Eze. Hell, even his ex-fiancee did. But hearing her comment about Spike made his stomach turn. He gave her a look of disbelief. "Spike raped her, Mikko. He nearly killed her. Do you have any idea what kind of effect that still has on her? She didn't want it." He glanced over at her. "What has she done to make you feel that she's lookin' down on you?"

    Lexi sighed inwardly, listening to his concerns. She ran her fingers through her long dark hair, and leaned back against the counter. "Yeah, I know babe. But I know what I'm doing. I've been hanging with thugs since I was a teenager, remember?" Still, she knew that would do little to ease his mind. And she had a pretty good idea of what could happen to her, for being involved. She was still living with the lingering emotional effects of Spike's attack. "I know you have a lot to deal with, babe.. but maybe.. you could start keeping an eye on him when he's out? He really doesn't have anyone to have his back, with his brother gone."

    "I know Gabe..That's why I said 'she didn't want to' I got that...and no I don't know what effect it's had on her. I have had lots of guys force themselves on me, and you don't see me wining about it...Anyway.." Mikko set the bottle down and begun to burp Travis. "I went to visit Eze. and she was there. She gave me these looks of disgust. then, when she found out I was homeless, she looked at me like I was nothing. Then was pitting me! I think..I started disliking on that day."

    And there it was the inevitable question he was waiting for, its not that he didn't feel for the guy but he was once her fiance which made him self consious.* "Well if I'm watchin' him den' whose gonna keep an' eye on ya?!" He asked in a gruff voice. He cared way more about her safty then this bums
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    Hangin at Gabe's crib (day after Spike's escape) Empty Re: Hangin at Gabe's crib (day after Spike's escape)

    Post by Lexi on Fri Sep 18, 2009 3:03 pm

    Lexi was expecting that. Realistically she knew it would be impossible for him to be at two places at once. He couldn't watch everyone, but she would've given up her own protection if it meant keeping those she cared about safe. Still, she was sure that wouldn't fly over too well with him. She sighed inwardly, not knowing who else to turn to with this. Besides, it would be a huge undertaking for just one person, against a gang. She was quiet for a moment, unsure of what to say. "It's okay.. I'll figure something out." She finally said, as she moved towards the table to gather the stack of fan letters she had been in the process of reading. "So, any plans for tonight?"

    Gabriel just listened in silence. It didn't sound like Lexi, but he wasn't there. He had no idea how she had reacted to Mikko on that night. "I'll take care of it." He replied, fully intending on confronting Lexi about it. "I just need you two to at least try toleratin' each other." Because his life would be a living hell if not. Both were a part of his life, and he wouldn't turn one away just to please the other. "So, the Dragons are after you?" He asked, casting her a look of concern.

    Mikko nodded. "I'll try to, Gabe." She cradled Travis and kissed his cheek before turning back to Gabe. "Yeah, They attacked me at the Zoo. And word on the street is that they want me dead. I don't know if that's the whole gang, or just a few of the guys. But, as far as I know, my death hasn't been ordered. But you would know if it was or wasn't...right?"

    Raph was releaved that she dropped the subject, but her 'figuring something out' made him a little uneasy but he was keeping an eye on her so he figured he'd be there when she ran into trouble..He then smiled at her question.* "Da' usual kickin' ass an' takin' names, but I may be able ta swing by if ya like."

    After leaving the bedroom, Chris had found out that the dispute between Mikko and Lexi had subsided...temporarily, anyway. He knew it was only a matter of time. Then when the girls split into different directions, Chris made his way over to the couch and sat down. He wondered what Gabe and Mikko were discussing outside but didn't dare to eavesdrop. Instead he sat there quietly, waiting for Mikko and Gabe to return.

    Gabriel honestly hadn't heard anything about it, other than what Mikko had told him about the zoo. "I think it's just rogues." He shrugged. "It hasn't been ordered, otherwise I'd prolly know about it. Hun's been too busy trying' to get his greedy hands on a much loot as possible, while the escaped convicts are runnin' interference." He reached over and gently squeezed Mikko's shoulder. He felt bad for her. "I know how it feels, Mickey. Hell, I've been hunted ever since I was 12. Cheated death more times than I care to remember." But deep down, he knew it was simply a matter of time before his luck ran out. With Ezekiel gone, it seemed the 'vultures' had detected how vulnerable he was. How alone he was. Still, through his thoughts, he managed a faint, reassuring grin. "Don't worry. You got a source on the inside. I'll do what I can to protect you. You know that." But there was only so much he could do. He was only one person, with the wolves at his throat, too.

    Mikko smiled and gave him a one arm hug. Truthfully, she was almost tempted to leave the Dragons all together, join another gang. But she wasn't sure where to go. "And I think the only reason the Turks don't go after me is cuz Jencko has a thing for me...Speaking of thing for me, Chris likes me a little too much."

    A small grin tugged across Lexi's lips at that. "That would be great. I could give you the address to where I'm at." And her features slightly dropped. "But I have to warn you. That bitch Mikko is here, and she brought some friends. I'm afraid to leave him alone with that girl. She nearly got him killed once, but he's too damn foolish to see she's only using him."

    Oh, so she wanted to talk boys now. Gabe couldn't help but grin at that. He reached over and gently ruffled her hair, inwardly thankful for a more light-hearted topic.. or so he thought. "He seems like a good guy." He gave her a questioning look. "What, you don't like him?"

    Mikko grinned and smoothed her hair out. "He's nice..but he's a push over. and...I don't know..He didn't stick up for me when Spike was screaming at me. and..He didn't seem to care that I disappeared last night and came home with bite marks on me. He's just not my type. And he keeps saying that he loves me. It's kinda freaking me out. I don't know what to tell him."

    "Mikko?!" *He said surprised why was it that he couldn't shake away from that women! He wasn't sure about the cowrd of people at the house especially since Mikko knew he was a turtle and would most likely make sure everyone else did. In the back of his mind he knew it would be wrong to expose himself like that but Lexi could be in over her head. He was silent for a minute before finally speaking.* " Dat' bitch knows I'm a' turtle remember, jus' how many people are we talkin' 'ere? Ya know she won't keep 'er mouth shut!"

    'So much for a low profile,' Kendall thought, sighing inwardly. True, he was excited about this little child too, but telling too many people could end up being a bad thing; considering their situation. He took Daisy's other hand in his squeezing it gently. He would be sure to let her know not to tell many more people but that could come later. Then Lexi went to answer her phone so it was just Chris, Daisy and him in the room. Now would be a good time to tell her. "Daisy, sweetie..." he whispered to her, squeezing her hand again. "Better not tell everyone about us having a kid right now. People might start asking the wrong questions." He gave her a smile and squeezed her hand again, letting her know that he wasn't mad at her. "We just gotta be careful who we tell, okay?" He leaned his head down and captured her lips in a tender kiss.

    Lexi's hopeful expression soon faded away, hearing his concerns. And he was right, she was certain that Mikko would make sure everyone knew what Raph really was. She sighed deeply. As much as she would have enjoyed his company, she couldn't let him risk his safety. "There's 5, including Gabriel. Most of Mikko's friends are from the clinic, so I doubt anyone would listen to any of them, if they were to tell.." She breathed another sigh. "But yeah. It's too dangerous for you, babe."

    Hearing Spike's name, Gabriel's features dropped. He couldn't deny just how much it upset him that she was still involved with that man. Especially after Spike had persuaded her to take him to Ezekiel's house that night. "Just.. tell him how you feel, Mickey. It isn't fair to either of you to lead him on." Damn, he couldn't believe he was actually giving advice on this. He was the last person that should be touching on this subject, since he obviously couldn't hold a real relationship. But looking back at everything he'd ever thought was real, everything had fallen apart. Indeed. He wasn't the person to be giving advice, in matters of the heart. A distant look soon crossed his features, a sadness settling in. "You know what. Don't listen to me. I think everyone has to figure that out for themselves."

    Mikko frowned at him. She agreed that she needed to tell Chris how she felt. But something was obviously wrong. She laid a hand on Gabe's leg. "ok...Your turn. What's wrong?"

    That definatly made him want to go after her, what the hell was she thinking! His temper was raising at the thought of it, but after a few deep breaths he spoke.* " Gim'meh da adress!"

    Daisy obviously couldn't see the dangers in telling Lexi about what she considered to be the best news ever. Still, she grinned up at Kendall, caressing his cheeks as she returned the kiss. "Okay." She grinned sweetly. "But, it's okay to tell Lexi!" Or, at least she thought. She just wanted to share the news with somebody! She snuggled against him, running her finger up his chest. "Soooo, I was thinking. Maybe after my leg heals, I can get her to teach me some of those sexy dance moves, for you!"

    Lexi blinked at his sudden request, but was still unsure if it was such a good idea. The last thing she wanted was for him to be revealed in front of everyone. After a few moments of hesitation, she finally gave him the address.

    He didn't mean to be so abrupt but he wasn't playing around and wanted her to know that!* "I'll be there soon!" *He said as he got off the bed and was ready to hang up the phone at any second

    Gabe was silent for a moment, struggling to inwardly compose himself. "It'd be easier to count the things that're right." He replied in a quiet tone. He'd foolishly thought that he had a shot normalcy, but he was once again proven wrong. Some people were just meant to go through life, drifting and alone. The pain reflected in his eyes, but he couldn't bring himself to talk about it.

    "Okay." Lexi replied, as she continued gathering her things from the kitchen table. "I'll see you soon. Be careful."

    "You know I'm here if you need me. Anything at all. You just let me know." Mikko lightly cupped his cheek and turned his head so that he faced her. She gave him a little smile. "Anything at all. Hey, how about I give Travis to Chris and give you that back massage?" She really wanted to know what was going on with him, but wasn't going to push it. If he wanted to talk to her, he would.

    On that note he hung up and began to get dressed in his disguise, not that it would do him much good. He decided his bodyguard outfit would be less odvious besides it was daytime and would blend in better. After he got dressed he wasted no time getting to the garge to get his motorcycle it was the only vehicle he owned and was a lot faster then that clunky van. He glanced at the piece of paper he had wrote the address on one more time before tucking it into one of his trench coat pockets. His fedora became the only issue so he decided to put it in a pouch on his motorcycle and slipped on his helmet before getting on. He revved his engine loudly as it came to life and quickly speed off into the direction of this strange place

    Now Kendall was a bit confused but he didn't let it show. But Daisy dancing held definite appeal to him and he grinned. "That would be sooo awesome, babe." He gave her a series of small kisses against her lips.

    Gabriel met her gaze, conveying his gratitude. He knew that she was there to listen, but he'd always had a hard time opening up for people. Everyone but Eze. He gave a small nod, but let it drop, now considering that other offer. Still, he wasn't sure if it was such a good idea. "Sure yer boy ain't gonna get jealous?" Considering what she had just told him, he seriously doubted she would care. But still, he didn't want to cause unneeded friction between the two.

    "Pffft. No." Mikko pointed to her neck. "Chris didn't do this. and he didn't care. Anyway...I just want to do something for you. Wait here." She went inside and handed Travis to Chris. "Watch him for me ok? Thanks. I'll be in soon." after making sure Travis was taken care of she want back out to Gabe. "Ok, babe. You ready to be soothed?"

    Daisy grinned proudly, feeling she had already accomplished something grand. She returned each of his kisses with one of her own. "Have you ever seen nudie magazines?" She asked him in an innocent tone. "She's in them! Jake had a stash of them in his closet..."

    Gabriel watched as she returned, and gave a small nod in response. He was still a little concerned over the consequences, of both Chris and Lexi, but he tried to shrug it off. How could he say no to this? He was already shirtless, so all that was left was to shift into a position that would make this easier for her. "Ready when you are."

    Mikko sat behind him, looking him over quickly to make sure she didn't injure him more by opening a wound. After the quick inspection she placed her hands on his shoulders and started to rub them, moving her thumb in a circular motion over his neck. "If I hit a sore stop let me know and I'll move."

    Chris was still sitting there quietly, trying to block out the make-out session next to him when Mikko came in. He took Travis back into his arms and was about to ask her where she was going, but she saw already gone. Instead, he sighed and rocked the small baby gently.

    Gabe's muscles tensed at first, feeling the initial contact. But as she progressed, he melted into her touches, his breathing and heartbeat slowly relaxing. His eyes slid closed, savoring the feel of physical contact. "Yer good with those hands." He quietly complimented her.

    Mikko smiled at the compliment and moved her hands over his back. "Thanks." She very lightly ran her nails back up his back and again massaged his shoulders, working his arms then back to to his neck, applying more pressure

    It took Raphael a while to find the place due to it's location, he was in the outskirts of New York. There were many trees around this remote neighborhood and he couldn't recall ever being here before, the houses were very spaced apart which eased his mind. He drove slowly down the street looking at the address numbers til he found the one he was looking for, but he didn't feel comfortable just pulling up and drove past it. He drove a little ways til he ended up in a well treed area and parked his bike. He had to change out of his helmet and into his fedora to avoid looking to suspicious. The sunlight felt strange on his skin and was hurting his eyes it was just to damn bright out here! After securing his hat he placed his gloved hands in his coat pockets before walking towards the street again.*

    As Raphael walked up the street he saw the house but to his surprise saw Mikko giving a really injured guy a back rub..'Son of a' fuckin' bitch!!' He thought he didn't want to run into her just yet but seriously what choice did he have? He slowly made his way towards the porch and hoped it wouldn't cause any trouble

    Once everything was gathered, Lexi disappeared into Gabriel's bedroom to place them safely away, then headed back through the den area. She saw Daisy with her boyfriend. The girl certainly seemed to be head over heels for this guy, and him for her. Still, she was hoping to catch the man alone soon, so that she could talk to him, make sure he was aware of what he was getting into. She also noticed the other guy, which no-one had bothered introducing her to. She would've done it herself, but he seemed so quiet. Maybe he was mute. Or maybe, like everyone else, he held a low opinion of her. Whatever the case, she spared him a small grin in passing, and headed out towards the porch. "Gabe.." She called out, but halted in her tracks, seeing Mikko with her hands all over him. That certainly sent her blood pressure boiling. "I have... a friend coming over..." She informed, as causal as she could, trying oh so hard to mask the anger in her tone. But she just couldn't help herself. She glared daggers at Mikko. "Just can't keep your hands off him, can you.."

    Mikko looked over at Lexi and shrugged. But she didn't stop her rub down on Gabe. "Friend? Not The guy that threw me in the dumpster and has that friend with the hockey mask and bats in his closet? Because that would be pretty stupid of you to bring him here." Mikko said calmly, determined to not cause any more problems for Gabe's sake. She had yet to notice Raph coming to the house.

    Had he see nudie magazines? Hell yeah, he has. Only it's been a long time. He looked at Daisy in disbelief. "You gotta be shittin' me! She really is?!" he whispered to her, with wide eyes. Oh man, it was so cool to talk to a supermodel. She had the looks, but he already had a girl. And he wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. "Don't worry, babe. You're still prettier," he said, flashing her a wink.

    Yep he definatly wasn't depending on NOT causing any trouble..as soon as he saw Lexi his pace got quicker and soon he was in the front yard walking towards them.* "Hey babe." *He called out to Lexi odviously ignoring Mikko for the moment

    Despite how much Mikko's little comment angered her, Lexi flashed her a forced smile that was leaking of sarcasm. "Not nearly as stupid as it was for you to come here, darling." She replied in a mockingly sweet tone. And she would ignore any backlash. Instead, she met Raphael in the yard, giving him a quick hug. "Thanks for coming." She whispered in his ear. "I'm seriously about to pull my hair out."

    Mikko looked at Gabe. "Babe. That's the guy. He's the one that threw me in the dumpster and put me in the hospital. He's not really going to stay here is he?" She whispered to Gabe in a frighten tone.

    He grinned as she ran up and hugged him, he gave her a quick sqeeze before hearing her whisper to him. He could feel the tension in the air he whispered back while holding her close.* "Ya I thought so..don' worry I won't let er' get 'cha." *He teased he wasn't about to attack Mikko last time she was commiting a crime but now she was just being a bitch which wasn't a good enough reason

    Daisy's heart melted at that. She smiled up at him. "Aww... you think I'm prettier than her?" She leaned up and met his lips. "Heh.. maybe I could land a job modeling then? I mean, how hard can it be?"

    Gabriel only vaguely acknowledged the exchange between Lexi and Mikko. He was too lost within the bliss of the pleasurable massage. "M'kay." He managed to reply when Lexi informed him of her friend. But then, Mikko informed him that this was the guy responsible for tossing her in that dumpster. He straightened up and cast a glance in the newcomer's direction. "This is the guy?" He asked, and was already pushing himself up off the swing, staggering slightly from the vertigo.

    Mikko stood up with Gabe and folded her arms. "I have a gun on me if you need it Gabe."

    Lexi squeezed him tightly, snorting at his comment about not letting Mikko get her. "Pffft." But then, from the corner of her eye she noticed Gabriel trying to come towards them, and Mikko egging it on and mentioning something about a gun. 'That fucking bitch!' She seethed beneath her breath, and quickly untangled herself from Raph's embrace. She gave his arm a light squeeze. "Just wait here a sec.." With that, she headed towards the porch, stopping Gabriel before he could make his descent down the steps. "Whatever she told you, I think you should hear our side of it." And she cast Mikko a glare over his shoulder. "How dare you! He's barely able to stand, and you're trying to get him into a fight? How fucking low can you possibly go?"

    Fuck you. I never said anything about fighting. Just shooting. I can't believe you brought him here! What the hell is wrong with you!" Mikko spat back and pushed her away. "Gabe. I'm sorry all I wanted was to spend some time with you." She started almost in tears. "But she's obviously not going to let that happen. And you really wonder why I hate her? I'll tell the other we're leaving." Mikko tried to collect herself then walked back inside.

    Okay. So standing so quickly had not been such a good idea. It took a moment for him to catch his balance, and rebound from the sudden onset of dizziness. By then, Lexi and Mikko were going at it... again. Their words where all melting together, forming one big blob of confusion. Next thing he knew, Mikko was nearly in tears and mentioned something about leaving. He would've followed, but motion was not the best idea right now. Defeated, he slumped back down onto the swing. It wasn't doing one damn bit of good trying to get through to either of these girls. He was wasting his breath. They were hell bent on hating each other, and there was nothing he could do to change that.

    Mikko walked inside and looked at everyone. She was going to leave. But didn't want Gabe there with Raph and that Bitch. She took a very deep breath and wiped her face. "Daisy! Omg! Lexi invited one of those turtle guys here. Every go out side and check him out!" She took Travis back and sat next to Gabe. "I'm sorry...You should come back inside." Mikko told Gabe softly. "I'll make you some soup or something."

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    Hangin at Gabe's crib (day after Spike's escape) Empty Re: Hangin at Gabe's crib (day after Spike's escape)

    Post by Mikko on Sat Sep 19, 2009 4:56 pm

    Kendall grinned at the thought and nodded. "Go for it, babe. Only don't let anyone tell you're not pretty enough, 'cuz it's not true at all." He smiled at her then saw Mikko come back in. She started talking about those giant turtles again. He refrained from rolling his eyes and waited for Daisy's reaction. He knew that she would be excited so he didn't want to crush her hopes...even if he didn't believe Mikko, himself.

    Daisy wrapped both arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. "Awww.. you're sooo sweet!" She met his lips, lavishing him with 'appreciation' when Mikko came in, announcing that there was a turtle man outside! She rose up to look at Mikko, but she was already gone. Now, her attention was fixated on Kendall. "OMG!.. I wanna go see!"

    Everything these girls were bitching about was going a little over his head, things were happening so fast. Raph was getting annoyed by Mikko and was surprised to see her just storm into the house instead of flailing daggers at him. He then glanced at the man on the porch for a moment it looked like he was gonna try to pick a fight but knew the man was in no shape to do so. 'Was dis da man that Lexi almost married?!' he silently questioned himself. He took a few steps closer to Lexi and glanced over at Mikko as she came back out as if things were fine ,she didn't look much better then Gab either

    This didn't surprise Kendall one bit. He chuckled and rose from his seat. "Alright. Let's take a look." Very carefully, he picked up Daisy and carried her to the door--slowly opening it. And sure enough, there was a bulky fella standing there in the yard, but he couldn't see any details. "What do you see, babe?" he whispered to her, still not seeing much 'turtle' in this newcomer.

    When Mikko came back in and told them about the large turtle outside, Chris was also curious. He rose from the couch and peeked through an opening between Kendall and the door. He saw what looked to be a really large guy, but couldn't tell if he was turtle or not. However, with what he had seen running along the rooftops periodically, this guy definitely looked the right shape for one of them.

    Gabriel only looked at Mikko, growing increasingly frustrated with how things were going. And the situation was going from bad to worse. Despite his requests, both girls continued to go at it. He sighed deeply, and pushed up from the swing, now heading back inside. "If all you two are gonna do is bitch, I'm goin' to bed. I can't put up with this shit right now."

    Mikko just sat for a moment and watched Gabe go inside. At lest he was going back in. But what the hell. Lexi was the one that started all of this! She got up and gently took Gabe's arm, still holding Travis in her other arm. "I'm sorry, No more fighting. Promise." She told him as she opened the door and helped him inside.

    He sighed as Mikko and Gab walked inside, at least all the arguing has stopped for now. He then looked curiously at the strange people who were walking outside, a black guy carrying a blonde and equally injured women. Damn what was this place general hospital?! These must have been some of those friends he's been warned about he took a few steps closer grabbing Lexi's hand tugging her down a step towards him.* "Ya sure ya wanna stay 'ere?"

    Lexi watched on in mild amusement at what she felt was Mikko's staged attempt at emotions. Pfft. It was clear that Gabe had had enough, and was retreating back inside. She would've assisted him, but Mikko was once again at his side like some crazed fan girl. Lexi rolled her eyes, obviously oblivious to the fact that Mikko had informed the others of Raph's identity. She gave his hand a light squeeze, and tugged him to sit on the steps with her. "Sorry. I wanted to introduce you to him. But maybe after Mikko is done drooling all over him. I don't know what the fuck she's trying to prove." And then, she noticed Daisy and Kendall out of the corner of her eye.

    He reluctantly sat next to her on the step and was feeling uneasy with these strange people staring at them.* "I'm a' lil' confused wha' exactly is goin' on around 'ere?" *He said as he kept a firm grip on her hand

    Daisy wasn't sure what she was seeing. But yeah! She was convinced there was a turtle lurking under that disguise. She flashed a huge smile in the newcomer's direction, freeing up one of her hands to spare him a tiny wave. "HI FRANKLIN!"

    Gabe was almost tempted to pull away. But he didn't. Still, he wasn't sticking around when those two seemed determined to tear into each other at any given opportunity. He said nothing, but continued his long and painful trek into his room.

    Mikko couldn't believe this. Now he wasn't even going to talk to her? She helped him to his room then picked up Aden. She looked at Gabe with tearful eyes. "I'm sorry. You're not going to talk to me now?"

    Raph suddenly turned his head and looked back at the eccentric women, he looked around wondering if she was referring to him.* "Franklin?! Who da' hell is Franklin?!" * He said obviously not getting the connection between him and the famous cartoon turtle

    Completely spent, Gabe took a seat on the edge of the bed and met her gaze. Seeing her upset, he sighed deeply. He hated seeing that look on her. "You two keep ignorin' me, so what else is there for me to say?" He replied in a defeated tone. "It's obviously too much to ask for that you two chill." Naturally, he had so many questions about the newcomer outside, that was apparently Lexi's friend.. and Mikko's attacker. But who's version of the story was he really ready to listen to? It was only fair to hear both sides, but he certainly was in no condition to draw 'court' at the moment. He honestly wanted nothing more than to disappear.

    Daisy blinked at that. Well, he certainly didn't sound like Franklin. But that would do little to detour her. "Ooookay, so... HI CRUSH!"

    Mikko adjusted the boys in her arms and sat next to Gabe. "I'm not ignoring you. I was trying. Really hard. I was going to leave her be. Still am! But...I just don't know why she brought that turtle here. Granted the first time I met Raph he saved me from Jencko. But, he also tossed me in a dumpster. And..I think it's kinda crappy that she brought her new man here. It's just wrong." She managed to put a hand on Gabe's shoulder. "But I came here to hang with you. Not to fight with her. So...Is it ok if I hang in here with you for a while?"

    He yet again glanced around in confusion wondering who she was talking about he decided to look at Lexi for help.*" Wha' da hell is wrong wit' 'er?"

    Lexi could only listen on in confusion, but then it suddenly dawned on her. Daisy was calling Raph by the names of some of the more famous animated turtles. Obviously, 'someone' had informed the girl of her friend's identity. She would've been pissed, but couldn't deny how amusing the situation was. She suppressed a small grin as she looked at Raph, and whispered against his 'ear'. "She's calling you the names of cartoon turtles." She gave his hand a small squeeze. "Don't worry, she's harmless."

    Well now he knew he was found out and he had a good idea about who it was that revealed his identity. He could feel the vein nearly pop in his forehead especially after Lexi told him about the cartoon turtle nicknames! He decided to end her guessing and looked back at her nearly shouting his name.* "Raphael!"

    Turtle? Gabriel blinked at that, but honestly didn't find that in the least bit strange. He'd met Tobi some months ago, back at Fal's old loft. But what connection was he to Lexi? obviously he was way out of the loop about a lot of things, and would have to question Lexi about it, later. Now was not the time. He slumped back against the bed, trying to steady his spinning head. It was so hard to think, and that massive headache was growing worse. "If you want." He replied to Mikko.

    "I do...I don't want the kids around Raph." Mikko looked at Gabe concerned. "You need something for pain, babe. You know, I have some stuff in my backpack..." She knew that he never took her up on her offers of drugs. But felt she should try anyway. "Got something that will help you sleep."

    Daisy wasn't at all fazed by the near shouting. She was just happy the turtle man had spoken to her! She flashed him a huge grin. "Heh.. nice to meet you, Rufflles?" Ooookay, weird name for a turtle.. but hey! "I'm Daisy!" She attempted to climb down from Kendall's arms. "Can I see your tail?"

    Gabriel was no stranger to drugs, but had always tried to stay away from the more hardcore stuff that Mikko had been known to dabble in. But at this point, he had to ask himself. What did he have to lose? The pain was immense, and more so was his inner emotional turmoil. He was quiet for a moment, but finally spoke, tone quiet but free of any hesitation. "What'chu got?"

    Mikko was actually glad that he finally accepted. She laid Aden down, got up and got her bag then sat back down and started digging. "Ok pills I have. Vicodin...But that's not going to do you any good. Ummmmm....Ok I have Dalada. But that, I'm sure you know, goes in a vain. But, it'll take all your pain away, let you sleep for about two hours. and it doesn't have any bad side effects. If you want something a less hard core...I have oxy. your pick."

    Lexi listened to the exchange in complete silence, unable to mask the amusement on her face. It was certainly a welcomed change from the drama with Mikko. She was, however, a little concerned about Daisy's boyfriend knowing of Raph's existence. While Daisy didn't pose a potential threat, what dangers could this guy bring? Knowing absolutely nothing about him made her extremely nervous.

    He quirked a brow at her what was it with her and needing to call him something ridiculous, 'Ruffles'..he was a buff fighting ninja fighter not a potato chip!!* "Its Raph-a-el! *He tried to pronounce to her.* "No ya can't see my tail!" *What was she coming on to him to? This women was very bizarre to him and wondered if she was high are something

    The whole exchange between the turtle and Daisy was very amusing. But unfortunately the 'turtle man' didn't find it that way at all. Then when the turtle shouted his name he started feeling a little nervous. He whispered to Daisy that she probably shouldn't antagonize the guy anymore. But then she tried to get out of his arms and that definitely didn't sound like a good idea. So he tightened his grip and eyed 'Raphael' warily.Just to make sure he wasn't going to hurt her.

    Gabe had never been one to 'shoot up' anything. But for once, he was seriously considering it. If it could dull the pain, and put his mind at ease, he was willing to go that route. Still, there was reluctance tugging within. A sense of moral that couldn't be completely drown within the debilitating sea of pain. Still... what did he have to lose. "Dalada".

    Daisy still wasn't fazed by his attitude. But still, she flashed him a cute pout as he denied her the privileges of seeing his tail. And it seemed Kendall was not letting her go. "Aww,, then.. can I see your shell?" She batted her eyes sweetly. "Pweeeease?"

    Mikko didn't think he would take the stronger of the drugs, but nodded and, after setting Travis down, quickly grabbed a fresh needle. She opened it in front of him, to show that he was the only one that it was clean, then filled it with half of what she was use to taking. She figured that he could survive more, but since his body wasn't use to this stuff she didn't want to push it. After wrapping the tourniquet on his arm, she quickly pushed the needle in his vain and slowly gave him the drug then stuck a band-aid on the wound and put everything up. "There. you should start feeling the effects immediately." She laid a hand on his cheek. " Have a nice nap, babe. I'll see you in a few hours." She then picked up the boys, turned out the lights and headed out the bedroom.

    Chris was also highly amused by the exchange between Daisy and this turtle called Raphael. He couldn't help himself and got closer to the door to get a better look. But he still refused to get any closer than Kendall and Daisy were.

    Luckily it didn't take long for the drugs to take affect, easing the pain and tugging him into a peaceful sleep.

    He had almost had enough of her teasing it was like a female incarnation of Mikey! He then noticed yet another guy peaking out behind them, he's wasn't there to be part of some big show and he wasn't about to reveal himself if there was a chance to convince these guys that he wasn't a turtle.* "No, I ain't got no shell ta show." *He said confidently hoping to get everyone to stop focusing on him*

    Mikko walked up behind Chris and had heard Raph, she grinned and shook her head. "Awww come on Raph, don't be shy, we don't bite. I'm going to start cooking. Pizza ok with everyone?" Mikko asked still trying to juggle the two boys in her arms.

    Lexi could tell he had had enough, and the last thing she wanted was for him to feel uncomfortable. Her slender fingers entwined with his, and she gave his hand a comforting squeeze as she looked towards the girl. "There's strawberry ice-cream in the freezer, Daisy. And other stuff too. You guys are welcome to help yourselves." She offered, hoping it would be enough to distract the blonde's attention away from Raph. And then Mikko approached, offering pizza. She felt that old tension sneaking up once more, but despite her personal feelings, she was trying hard to behave, as long as Mikko was.

    Ooooh, pizza and ice-cream! That definitely was enough to distract her from the shy turtle-man... for now. She gave Kendall a tight squeeze. "Oooh, ice-cream and pizza! All we need now is fried pickles, and we're all set!"

    Chris gave Mikko a smile when he found out she was behind him. "Sounds good, Mikko." Then he noticed she had not one but TWO kids in her arms. "Need some help with the little tykes, babe?"

    Mikko smiled at Daisy. "I have pickles, Daisy. I'll fry you up some." Then she turned to Chris and handed him Travis. "Thanks, babe. I'm going to lay Aden on the couch. Ummm..Gabe is sleeping. He was having a massive headache, so don't make to much noise...Daisy." She added ruffling Daisy's hair. "And leave Raph be. He'll show you his shell later I'm sure...maybe he'll even let you paint it." She grinned wide then took Chris's hand. "I wanna talk to you bout something. Help me with the food?"

    Chris took the baby from her and bounced him gently. Then he smiled at Mikko again. "Sure I can. Where should I put the little one?"

    Much to Lexi's relief, it seemed the crowd was heading back inside. She gave Raph's hand another light squeeze. "You okay?"

    Mikko took Chris away from the others. Ummmm..." She looked around for a bit. and found another room. She slowly opened the door and called over to Chris. "We can put the kids in this room for now. I have the baby monitors so we can hear if they wake. She laid Aden on the bed and pulled out Travis's little bed, or, what he was using for a bed. "Lay him in here babe."

    Kendall smiled at Daisy and nodded. "Well, then...let's go." He turned around and headed back into the living room, back to the recliner and sat Daisy down again. "Need anything while we're waiting, Daisy?" It was nice to have his own arms back again.

    Raphael was thankful that the crowd was gone even though Mikko was trying to egg it on. His attention was drawn back to Lexi as she entwined their hands and he squeezed her's back through his three fingered gloves.* "Guess there's no way ta drug test da food eh babe." *He half teased her he really wasn't sure why Mikko turned into Miss Mary Sunshine all of a sudden but he wasn't buying it. Perhaps it was because she has dirt on him for the moment but he hoped he would be long gone before she could convice everyone. He looked over at Lexi raising his fedora a bit to get a better at her, she was gorgeous as always.* "Wha's up wit' dat girl Daisy?" *He asked curiously

    Chris went over to the room Mikko opened for him and he took Travis inside. He gently laid the baby down in his bed then leaned down and kissed Travis' forehead. He smiled at the baby and glanced over at Aden. "Poor kid..." he said, looking at Aden. Then he turned back to Mikko. "Is that woman gonna take him?"

    Mikko smiled at Chris then shrugged at his question. "I don't know...Kinda wish I could keep him though. I'll talk to her later about it. Actually I want to talk to Lexi about a few things. But first I want to talk to you." She set up the baby monitor and then led him into the kitchen and started to warm up the oil for the fried pickles

    Chris had to admit he was warming up to the little boy too. But he wasn't sure they could afford two kids. It was hard enough for one. He nodded and followed her out to the kitchen. "What is it?" He wasn't sure if he should look forward to this conversation or dread it.

    It was nice to have a causal moment for once, without all the tension and drama. Lexi kneaded his fingers in between hers, a small sincere grin hinting at her lips. For the moment, she felt at peace, eased by his presence. It was still hard to wrap her mind around just what it was she felt for him, but she couldn't deny just how she felt each time she spent time with him. Even though things had gotten off to a quick start, she was content with taking things slow and seeing where it would lead them. Lost within those deep brown eyes of his, it took a moment for the question to register. "Daisy's... mentally challenged." She replied quietly. "She got into some narcotics when she was four, and she's still living with the effects of that. Her brain suffered permanent damage." A small frown tugged at the corners of her lips. "She got mixed up with Mikko and her crowd.. and now she's pregnant." She sighed deeply. "She's not ready to be a mother."

    Mikko took a breath and started on the pizza while the oil warmed up. "Well...It's about us. Ummmm...I just...I'm not sure if I'm good for you. Or. vice versa. Ya know?"

    Daisy thought about that for a moment. "Mmm.. ice-cream!" She answered sweetly. And Mikko was going to hook her up with some fried pickles? Sweet!

    Chris nodded in understanding. They had their issues, that was true--but he hadn't felt that strong of an attraction to any other girl except for Mikko. It saddened him that it came down to this. He sighed heavily. "Oh. Does this have anything to do with that Spike guy?" He really didn't mean to ask that but it kinda slipped out. But he still needed to know what was going on between those two. He wasn't sure exactly what happened after the cabin and there were many different scenarios that could have taken place. Then was the whole 'marks on her neck' thing when she returned last night. And he still wasn't sure what that was all about.

    "Yes and No." Mikko started finally turning to look at him. "It has more to do with you. You are super nice. To nice." She really wasn't sure how to continue this. "When Spike was yelling at me back at the cabin, you just stood there. I have teeth marks on my neck, and it didn't cause any conflict with you. What I'm trying to say is. I need someone who's a little more...of an asshole. someone who won't hesitate to kick someone's ass. Someone who...is...Dominant." She bit her bottom lip, she really didn't want to hurt his feelings but it's how she felt.

    Kendall chuckled. "Okay, but just a little bit or you'll spoil your lunch." He leaned down and kissed her lips. "Be right back," he whispered against her lips before pulling away. Then he quickly went into the kitchen and searched around for a bowl and spoon. He finally found it and pulled out the ice cream and gave her a scoop of the delicious frozen treat. He didn't want to hang around in the kitchen too long with the current discussion going on. But he did catch a little of it anyway and he felt bad for Chris. As soon as he was done he put things away and took the bowl and spoon out to the living room and back to Daisy. "Here you go, Daisy," he said, handing her the bowl.

    She was doing that thing with his hand again and he would hesitate to admit that he loved it, even more so with his gloves off. He listened as she told him about Daisy and he was starting to feel bad about snaping on her, he just didn't know. The fact that she was pregnant was another blow he didn't understand how any creep could take advantage of someone like that..well then again he knew better. He vaguely remembered her being mentioned in the last run in with Mikko.* "Damn, poor girl." *Was all he could think to say about it

    Chris listened carefully to Mikko. When she was finished, he couldn't help but chuckle at her preferences. "You should've met me before the clinic, then. I was a real son-of-a-bitch from what I was told. I got into a lot of trouble in school, my grandparents we usually furious with the way I acted. I cussed out my boss on several occasions..." Though that last one, he deeply regretted. He nearly got fired a few times. Then shortly after that, things started falling apart and he fell into a deep depression that soon landed him in the clinic.

    Mikko battered the pickles and dropped them in the oil as she listened to Chris. She turned back to him when he stopped talking and gave him a questioning look. "So...what changed you?"

    Chris shrugged. "Mostly my meds," he answered. "But some of this stuff was for the better. But it's not really who I am. But I'm not sure how to get all of that back." Of course he could get off the meds and see how that goes, but that probably wouldn't be a good idea for a majority of his problems.

    Mikko nodded and went back to the pickles. "I never took the damn meds. I didn't need the clinic trying to turn me into something I wasn't. Ever thought of getting off those meds?" She asked as she took the pickles out the oil to cool.

    Daisy graciously accepted the ice-cream and wasted no time digging in. She seemed to be a bottomless pit since the stress of the whole prison break had lifted. It seemed little Zoe had a hard-core craving for sweets. "Mmmm..." She glanced up at Kendall, flashing him an ice-creamy smile. "What.. you're not hungry? Where's yours?"

    "I have, but I don't know if it's a good idea to ditch all of them. I gotta have something for depression or I could turn suicidal again," Chris explained. And that was a feeling he never wanted to go back to.

    Well Mikko certainly didn't want that. "Ever tried other kinds of drugs for that? I know of a few things that could help with out altering your personality." She informed shoving the pizza in the oven then sitting at the kitchen table. "I still want you around though. I still think you would be a great male role model for Travis."

    "Yeah. Poor girl indeed." Lexi added quietly, sighing deeply. "I wish I could get her back to the clinic. But if she doesn't want to be there, she's not going to stay. She seems pretty head over heels about that guy." She slowly began removing the glove from Raph's hand, longing to feel his cool skin against hers. She craved the physical contact, but kept her actions slow and unforced. He could object, if he wished to. Besides, it was just one hand. He could quickly hide it if the others decided to pop back outside. "I'm hoping to be able to speak with that man in private. I need to know that he can take care of her, and that baby. I need to know that to put my mind at ease." Of course, she had no idea of Kendall's history, luckily for her.

    Raph sat there and allowed her to remove his glove, although he moved his body closer to her's so that it wouldn't be seen incase someone decided to come back outside. He enjoyed the touch of her skin and wished they had more privacy even though she hadn't allowed him to go all the way with her since the first time they slept together. He didn't like it but he decided he could wait till she was ready again, which he secretly hoped was soon. He barely listened to what she was saying and began kneading her hand between his fingers. He only nodded at what she said only to hear the last bit of it.* "Good idea."

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    Post by Mikko on Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:14 pm

    The small gestures were definitely easing some of the tension she was feeling since Mikko's arrival. Once he moved closer, Lexi rested her head against his shoulder, sighing deeply. It was good to have someone to talk to, that would actually listen. Little did she know, he wasn't actually paying that much attention to her words. "Yeah. I'll talk to him, and no matter how nice I'll try to be. I'm sure I'll have one more person to add to that neverending list of people who hate me." She frowned. "No matter what I do. No matter how good my intentions are. I'm always the bad guy. I tried to be nice to Mikko when we first met, but she's hated me from day one."

    He leaned into her and tried to lower his shoulder a bit so it would be less awkward for him. He once again snapped to attention to her words as she mentioned Mikko.* "Babe she's fuckin' nuts! I tried bein' nice ta 'er but it didn't do no good all it did was get my buddy Casey beatin'" * He couldn't help but raise his voice at the memory of it, he was just thankful that Casey finally forgave him

    Chris shook his head. "No, I haven't. You really think so?" Chris wondered out loud. Then what Mikko said next really crushed him. "Oh," he said sadly. "I guess if you still want me around. But what can I do to make it up to you? I can try to get off some of my meds and see how it goes. Would you like that?"

    "Yeah. She seems to have a knack for getting people injured. She nearly got Gabe killed, which is why I can't leave here with her still here." Lexi continued to work her fingers against his, and gently caressing his palm. The more she thought about Mikko, the angrier she got. It was best to find another topic for discussion. "So, when do I get to meet your brothers?" She spared him a sweet smile, and flashed a teasing wink. "You know, you could always bring them to one of my shows." Of course she wasn't serious. Well, not completely anyway.

    Mikko reached over and took his hand. "Not if it's going to make you all depressed. and of course I still want you around. You don't think I would just kick you out the apartment do you?" She gave him a smile and squeezed his hand.

    It didn't take Daisy long to make short work of the bowl of ice-cream. She was just that hungry! She couldn't wait for that pizza, and fried pickles. "So, when do you think we're going home?" She asked Kendall. Visiting was nice, but she was already missing her dog, and bunny. It was nice to have an actual home to be 'homesick' for.

    Chris gave her a weak smile and shook his head. "No, I didn't. But what about us sleeping together anymore?" Of course he meant sleeping next to her as in a position. And he was still hoping to change Mikko's mind...somehow. He just had to figure that part out. So dropping meds was out of the question. So now he had to come up with a plan 'b'--whatever the hell that was.

    Mikko shrugged at his question. "I don't mind still sharing a bed with you." She gave his hand another squeeze then stood up to get Daisy a pickle. She wrapped one up in a paper towel and walked over to her. "Here ya go."

    So there was still hope? He smiled a little wider at her answer and nodded. "Cool." Chris could live with that and take it slow. But he would still try to win her heart back when he could. He turned around and watched her give Daisy her pickle. He wasn't so sure about fried pickles, but hey--to each their own.

    He grinned at the change of topic and began rubbing the back of her hand with his thumb. He had thought about this before but wasn't sure how his brothers would take. Leonardo had high morals, and he had never seen Donatello have much interest for those kinda shows but Mikey was still a possibility. He thought for a moment trying to choose his words carefully.* "Well I ain't sure if all my brothers are into dat sorta thing but my bro Mikey's a big fan of yer's." *He knew Mikey would be thrilled and what better way to prove that him and Lexi were actually together then to show him

    Lexi couldn't suppress a small grin at that. Raph had actually taken her serious about bringing is brothers to her show? Not that she minded. And it flattered her that at least one of them was a fan. "You should bring him, then." She winked. "And for your more moralistic siblings, you could always swing them by my place. Just let me know ahead of time and I'll have plenty of booze and pizza." She smiled, but then gave him a thoughtful look. Obviously she was used to stocking such things for her thug friends. "Or, do they drink? I could get soda instead."

    Kendall sat down next to her again and shrugged. "No idea." He carefully moved Daisy into his lap and smiled at Mikko when she came in. "There's your pickle, Daisy."

    Daisy was much happier in Kendall's lap. She leaned back against him, wrapping one arm abound his neck. Then finally, Mikko appeared with pickle in hand. "Ooooh, thanks!" She wasted no time digging in, now flashing Mikko that same questioning look. "How long are we staying? I miss my doggie.."

    Mikko smiled back then shrugged. "You guys can leave when ever you want. I'm gonna hang here for a day or two. Gabe can't take care of Travis alone right now." She paused for a moment and looked over at the front door. She really needed to just talk to lexi, if only for Gabe's sake. He done so much for her, she was sure that she could suck it up and talk to the woman. She looked back at Daisy and ruffled her hair. "Pizza's almost done. you can leave after you eat if you want. right now I have to talk to someone." With that she slowly made her way to the door and opened enough to stick her head out. "Ummm...Pizza is almost done. And..I need to talk to Lexi."

    He gave her a devious grin and nodded.* "Jus' lemme know when yer' next show is.'* He listened as she mentioned the pizza and beer and had no objections to that although his two brothers might.* "Yea maybe some soda or tea would be good." *Suddenly the conversation was interrupted by Mikko he looked back at her and gave her a slight nod before looking at Lexi to see if she was okay with it. He didn't feel good about leaving these two alone

    The moment Mikko peeked her head outside the door, Lexi could feel the tension settling in once more. She pulled her head from Raph's shoulder, already feeling herself going on the defensive again. But the purple-haired girl's demeanor seemed different this time. She gave Raph's hand a small squeeze before slowly untangling he fingers from his. "It's okay. Go get you some pizza." She wasn't sure what Mikko wanted to talk to her about, but she certainly wasn't afraid to be alone with her. She certainly didn't owe the girl anything, but decided to hear her out.

    Mikko was happy that Lexi was wiling to talk to her. So far so good. She walked outside and lit a cig while she waited to see if Raph was going to head inside or not.

    Raphael put his glove back on as soon as Lexi let go of his hand he didn't have to hide from Mikko but he still was wary of her so called 'friends'. He stood up walking towards the door and pulled his fedora down.* "You girls play nice, I'll be inside if ya need meh." *And he defiantly would be close by incase Mikko tried anything although he didn't think she was stupid enough to do so or at least he hoped. He glanced at Mikko before going inside

    Daisy was almost finished with her pickle when she saw that heavily dressed turtle-man entering the house. Ooooh, she could hardly contain her excitement! "Hi Ruffles!" She greeted, and held out her half-eaten treat. "You want some of my pickle? Do turtles even eat pickles? Even if you don't, you can still eat it, tis goood!"

    Lexi watched as Raphael headed inside the house, sighing inwardly. What could Mikko possibly have to say to her? She wasn't expecting it to be good. She remained seated on the steps, quietly waiting for Mikko to say whatever it was that was on her mind.

    Here it was again only this time Raphael had to force himself to remember the girl was mentally disabled. This time he didn't correct her and gave her a little wave.*"Nah ain't dat hungry, ya can jus' uhh..keep eatin' it." *He couldn't help but feel strange around her he never had to deal with anyone with a disability before. He walked further into the living room and wasn't to sure about what to do with himself.*

    Chris was once again lost in his thoughts. He was thinking about the discussion earlier and what he should do now. But then things were interrupted when the stove announced the pizza was done. Chris stood up and washed his hands quickly, then found the hot pad and pulled out the pizza--setting it down on top of the stove. There he let it cool . Then he headed out of the kitchen to tell the others it was ready. "Pizza's ready!" he announced from the doorway. He was about to go back into the kitchen when he spotted the turtle man. He smiled at Raph and waved to him. "Hi...Raphael," he greeted the hot-tempered turtle shyly then headed back into the kitchen to cut the pizza into slices. He thought it was pretty cool to meet one of the turtles personally, though he'd hate to admit it to anyone else.

    Mikko watched Raph leave then sat next to Lexi on the steps, she snuffed out her cigarette and stared across the street. "we're fine you know. Daisy, everyone. She's well taken care of. Kendall knows about her problems. We live in a nice apartment. You don't have to worry about her." Mikko finally looked over at Lexi. Her plan was to just get everything out, then Lexi could decided what subject she wanted to start with. "I'm not working with Spike...I told him that Gabe and I don't talk anymore. He believed it and hasn't mentioned it since." Not that he wouldn't just that he hadn't. She looked away once more. "And hate that you look down on me so much. Just because you can afford nicer things, doesn't make you a better person." Of course Lexi wasn't a scizo paranoid, homicidal lunatic either. But that wasn't the point.

    Ooooh, he waved! Sweet! Daisy tried her best to slide from Kendall's lap, oh so needing to follow this guy around, despite her injuries and the doctor's orders. It all seemed doable, until she actually made it onto her feet, and was quickly reminded of just how bad that idea was. She flopped back down in Kendall's lap, but wouldn't let that detour her from her will to help this guy. "Are you looking for the bathroom? I could show ya!" She beamed, but then blinked. "Urm, well. I really don't know where it is, but I'm sure I could help you find it!"

    Suddenly he was briefly greeted by some strange looking white guy he didn't know his name and said nothing to him. He could still see inside the kitchen from where he was standing and winced as Daisy tried to stand up on her injured leg. He wasn't sure how to respond to her, the more she spoke the more far out she seemed.* "Nah I'm fine jus' don' move anymore."* Geeze this was awkward for him he didn't want the girl killing herself over him. He walked slowly into the kitchen doorway to prevent her from trying to walk across the room again. He had to remember to get Mikko back for this later

    Lexi really wasn't expecting Mikko to sit beside her, but at least now they were on the same level. She allowed Mikko to speak, deciding to wait until she was finished to address any of the issues she had mentioned. But she was taken aback by the girl's last comment. "What have I ever done that made you think I look down on you?" She asked, trying hard to keep the frustration from her tone.

    It slowly registered that Chris had announced the pizza. But right now she was too focused on Ruffles, and helping him with whatever it was he needed. "Ooooh, so turtles eat pizza? That's good to know! Now I'll know what to feed mine.. if I ever get one!" She smiled at him. "You can chill in here with us!"

    Mikko took a deep breath, she wasn't even sure if this was worth it. Lexi would hate her no mater what. But, She couldn't say she didn't try. "remember. When I went to visit Eze. You were there and...It was more of a feeling at got, it wasn't till you found out I was homeless that I noticed your whole body language change. Like. How dare I even be talking to you. And even now. I know I fucked up... a lot. But I am trying. and it's not just me it's Daisy too. You look at her like she's a little kid. She's not, she's stronger then you give her credit for." This wasn't about Daisy, but still. Mikko felt a need to stand up for a little sister best she could.

    What the hell. Lexi certainly couldn't remember giving her 'that' look, or looking down on her. "If I gave you any look, Mikko, it was because I had no fucking idea who you were." She replied as calmly as she could, trying hard to keep the frustration at bay. She too wasn't sure why she was even bothering with this. Mikko had her mind made up about her from day one, it seemed. "Zekie's a gangster. Do you have any idea how many shady people he deals with? You could've very well been one of them. I didn't know you. And when I found out you were homeless, I tried to help. But you left." She took a deep breath. "If anything, you're the one looking down on me. You seem to take great pleasure in throwing the rape up into my face whenever you can." And despite how much she tried to hide it, that hurt. Every time. "And I've done nothing but try to help Daisy. But whatever. You've already made up your mind about me, and I can see that's not going to change."

    He took a long breath this was going to be one of those days. He felt that correcting her was useless and the funny thing was he didn't really know what real turtles ate. He kept his gaze down hoping that these guys weren't buying the story about him being a turtle. He leaned against the door frame not wanting to come in

    "well now that's not true." Mikko started. "Yes I do throw that in your face, and I shouldn't. I'm sorry. It's just. You know I don't have much ammo to go against you with. And I find it hard to sympathize with you. Not just you, with anyone I guess. It's not like I don't know what it's like. I was raped at age seven. and it never stopped. Not until I hooked up with Spike. I got with him and other guys left me alone." *she looked over at Lexi with sincerity. "I won't bring it up again. And...I guess I could have miss read you back at Eze's." She got quiet for a moment. "I know you helped Daisy. I think..I'm scared you'll take her away from me...."

    Lexi was aware that Mikko had problems sympathizing with her. And at first, she felt it was because Mikko was like her critics, felt she deserved it because of her career. But the attack had been more personal than that. Spike had went after her to get at Ezekiel and Gabe. But she had never asked for sympathy. In fact, it was nearly impossible to speak with the press about it. Instead, she had always snubbed them, leaving them to guess. It was just too personal and painful. She managed a small look of gratitude when Mikko said she wouldn't bring it up again. She could only hope she actually meant it. It was so hard reading this girl, and knowing when she was actually sincere, since Mikko had given her the impression that she had gotten through to her, months back at the pizzeria. Unfortunately she was proven wrong when Mikko verbally attacked her soon after. So it was only natural for her to still be guarded. And now, they were back to Daisy. Again, it wasn't a very good situation, in her opinion. "Daisy seems happy." Lexi replied, in a quiet tone. "Even if I had the authority to make her go back, what good would it do? I've seen her with her boyfriend, and I know it would be wasted effort to try parting them." Something she knew all too well, from her years as a rebellious teen. Hell nor high water could keep her from her thug boyfriend, despite her father's threats. "It's just not a good situation, Mikko. She's 17. And yes, I know she's stronger than most give her credit for, but what's going to happen if this guy flakes out on her? I'm sure she has this perfect vision of the American dream in her head, but sadly things don't always go that way." She wasn't sue if Mikko would understand what she was trying to get at or not, but she was trying to explain her concerns. "Is Kendall able and honestly willing to take care of her?"

    "Kendall is a great guy, he honestly loves that girl and has proven it over and over again. Daisy's lucky." Mikko assured her. "I'm not sure what you mean by 'not a good situation.' Like I said, we live in a nice apartment. She got a doctor that she sees regularly. She's healthy and happy. I even got her puppy. And you should see her with Travis. She's very motherly. I think she'll do fine. Would you feel better if you knew where she was living?" Mikko wanted to ease her mind and drop this subject for a while.
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    Post by Kendall on Mon Sep 21, 2009 4:35 pm

    ((Big thanks to Mikko for logging and editing))

    "Because it's all happening so fast for her." Lexi replied. Obviously Daisy had gotten pregnant only weeks after leaving the clinic. How well had she known this guy before they had 'hooked up'? But the deed was done, and the questions would do little good. And now Mikko was offering to show her where Daisy would be staying? Lexi was having difficulty understanding Mikko's sudden 360. It was confusing, and she wondered at what point the girl would lash out again. After a moment, she gave a small nod, unsure if Mikko was genuine with her offer.

    Mikko could agree with that, Daisy did move fast with the man but really, she had no right to tell Daisy that she was wrong. When Lexi said she would take the address, Mikko quickly jotted it down. "We live above papa's tattoo shop. I don't want anyone else knowing, so don't tell Raph. So....anything else we need to talk about? any questions before we head back inside?"

    Kendall was once again amused by Daisy's enthusiasm with this guy but he had to hold her firmly so she wouldn't try standing up again. One time she did manage to attempt to stand up. And he knew she immediately regretted the move. Then Kendall held her tighter so she wouldn't try doing that again. He watched Raphael from his seat. He still couldn't believe his eyes. Even though he still couldn't see much of the turtle man, he still noticed some non-human features on the guy. He vaguely heard Chris announce to everyone that the pizza was ready. All he did was nod in response and turned his attention towards Daisy and Raph again. He had to admit the whole exchange was very cute--even if it was at poor Raph's expense. And he kinda felt bad for the guy. If Daisy continued bugging the turtle, Kendall would say something about it.

    Oh, but Daisy was buying it! This guy was a turtle, she was convinced of that. Seeing that he was making no move to join them, she flashed him a cute pout, only vaguely feeling Kendall's hold on her tighten. "Awww, c'mon! You don't have to be shy! We don't bite!"

    Lexi took the address, quickly glancing over it before folding the piece of paper. Hearing Mikko's question, she responded with a faint nod, her brows furrowing in obvious confusion. "Yeah," She began, shifting her gaze to look at Mikko. "Why are you suddenly being civil?"

    Mikko was almost expecting that question, she shrugged and looked at Lexi. "Honestly, I'm being nice for Gabe's sake. The guy has done so much for me, and this is the only thing he's asking of me. If it wasn't for the fact that I love that guy to death, I probably would have already skinned you alive. well...I might have been more creative then that." She smiled at the woman. "So...how about we kiss and make up?"

    "I ain't shy." *He grumbled he didn't want to get to know any of them personally, he thought he would be here for a while today then leave and that would be the end of that! He stayed in the doorway and was seriously thinking about seeing if Lexi and Mikko had killed each other yet. He was board and there seemed to be nothing else to do in this place besides being gawked at by weirdo's

    Mikko claimed to love Gabe to death, and yet she still got the suspicion that Mikko would assist Spike in taking his life if the psycho asked that of her, despite the purple-haired girl's earlier claims. Lexi was having an extremely hard time with this, but if Mikko was trying, she would also make a decent attempt, if only for Gabe's sake. Because he obviously wouldn't listen to her pleas for him to cut all ties with her. At Mikko's question, she quirked a brow at the girl, but managed a faint amused grin. "I'm not that easy." She winked at her, the reply holding more meaning that just Mikko's unserious request. While Lexi was trying to be less hostile with the girl for Gabe's sake, it was difficult to drop her guard. Still, she reached over and gave Mikko's arm a light squeeze, a sign that she was making an attempt. "I'm trying, Mikko." She added quietly, in a more sincere tone. She still couldn't shake the fact that Mikko had willingly led Spike to Ezekiel's place, and nearly had them both killed. "I'm not trying to be difficult, but I can't help being protective of what few friends I do have." She added. "We'll take this slow."

    Mikko smiled and nodded. "Yeah..." She pulled out her cigarettes and offered her one. "Is there anyway I can keep Aden...until a something more permanent is found for him. I'm not sure how to go about that."

    And now, that playful pout turned genuine, seeing that he obviously wanted nothing to do with her. That stung a little. This guy was proving to be like all those less than friendly people back at the clinic, who wanted absolutely nothing to do with her.

    Kendall frowned at seeing Daisy's pout. Now he thought it was time to step in. "Oh, Daisy," he whispered, brushing a strand of hair out of her face. "Why don't you leave the poor turtle alone for now and let's go get something to eat? The food's ready." He hoped that would deter her from thinking she had to get this guy's attention. Some people just wanted to be alone. Especially in a strange place. He still felt bad for the guy, though. "Maybe he'll come around later," he suggested, kissing her cheek. Not likely, but who knows?

    Lexi glanced at Mikko as she offered her the cigarette. "Thanks, but I stopped smoking." Of course, the occasional joint was an entirely different matter. She listened as Mikko asked about Aden, curious to know how she'd come to have the boy. "Where's his parents?" She asked, seeing no reason to beat around the bush. "And I think you would need to speak with child services about that, in order to obtain guardianship." She informed. In her honest opinion, Mikko did NOT need another kid,but she refrained from saying that, only because she didn't think the woman had a real shot of adopting the boy anyway. "I just volunteer at the clinic, I have no real sway there."

    Mikko put the cigs up and pouted a little. She was already dealing with child services about one child. But she felt so bad for the boy, she figured she would at lest try to keep him. "He said his dad passed away last week. And...Spike killed his mother last night."

    Even as Kendall tried to comfort her, Daisy stared at the turtle with hurt-filled eyes, but finally pulled her attention away from him. She just gave a sad nod in response to Kendall's question, now remembering just how hungry she was. "Okay." And she wondered where Lexi and Mikko had gotten off to, and that Justin Timberlake guy.

    Her stomach turned at that. Just his name was enough to cause upset. And that poor kid. Her heart really went out for him. "I thought you and Spike were finished." Of course, deep down she would never buy that. But unless the two still had some form of contact, how else had Mikko come to have the little boy?

    "Well, we're not a couple...But...we're , uh...I don't really know." Mikko said as she ran her fingers through her hair. "He called me and, I heard a woman with him. I got pissed and went over there to...well...I went over there. By the time I got there the woman was dead. Spike told me to take the woman's car, and when I did, I found Aden in the back seat."

    Kendall smiled at her and carefully slid out from under her and stood up. "I'll be right back, babe." He leaned down to kiss her cheek then headed into the kitchen to get some pizza for Daisy and him.

    Lexi sighed inwardly. She knew that if Spike still held any sway over Mikko, the woman would still be a threat to Gabe and Ezekiel. Spike will always hold that power of persuasion over her. "That poor baby." She seriously hoped the boy hadn't witnessed his mother's death. It was bad enough as it was. "Losing everyone he had within a weeks span.." She trailed off. It was a horrible situation, and now the kid was facing the possibilities of being placed in an orphanage. And if psychological damage had been done- he would probably be placed in a clinic. "I know you want to keep him, Mikko. But it's not safe for the kid. Especially if you still have ties with that fucking asshole. He'll kill him, and your son to."

    Daisy gave a small nod, and managed a grin as Kendall planted a kiss against her cheek. That man always knew just how to cheer her up. "Okay. Drag Chris back with you... I think he got lost." She sunk back against the recliner, sparing a glance towards the front door. She thought that was the direction Mikko had gone to, but wasn't quite sure.

    Mikko already knew this of course. She sighed deeply and nodded. "I know. That's why Spike doesn't know where I live. and isn't ever going to know where I live." Of course what Mikko hadn't thought about at the time was, she worked and lived at a tattoo shop. Turks and Dragons both went there to get ink. She just hopped that no one put it together that she didn't just work there. "I hate to think that he's going to be thrown to foster parents that are just going to hurt him." She looked over at Lexi. "you have no idea what it was like. No child should go through that..." She looked down at her feet and got quiet.

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    Chris had been leaning against the counter wait patiently for someone to come in. He had already grabbed a slice while standing there. "It's about time, dude. The pizza's probably getting cold now," he told Kendall when he walked in. And he sure as hell wasn't about to warm it up again for people. Well...except for maybe Mikko. Maybe...

    Lexi was doubtful that Mikko's location would remain a secret from Spike. Surely it would only be a matter of time until the psycho used his power of persuasion to pollute Mikko's mind. Besides, it didn't take rocket science to know that gang members frequent tattoo shops. It was simply a matter of time. Lexi listened as Mikko spoke about foster homes, detecting the pain there. She was right. Lexi had been fortunate enough to have good parents, even though they were extremely strict and overbearing. But she had witnessed the impact that bad foster homes could have on people, and even moreso how life on the streets could be permanently damaging, leading to gang involvement. Her relationship with Gabe had been the driving force which prompted her involvement with working with troubled youths. "Not all foster homes are like that, Mikko." She finally answered, hoping it would put the girl's mind at ease.

    Mikko simply nodded. She had stood in two good ones, and would have stood in them if it hadn't been for her need to either injure or kill other family members. She ran her fingers through her hair again, feeling a little twitchy as she recalled some of the homes she had been in. She didn't remember some of them to well. But her last one, before she ran away, that one still haunted her. "Yeah...I guess...But you really wouldn't know, would you?" She asked, wedging a cigarette between her lips.

    Raphael moved out of Kendalls way as he headed for the kitchen, he felt sorry for Daisy but was glad that she had finally left him alone. He then decided to walk across the living to look out the window just to check if Lexi and Mikko were behaving. He moved the curtains just enough to peak outside. They seemed like they were doing alright

    So, it all boiled down to 'you were never in a foster home, you wouldn't understand.' Lexi wasn't even about to compare 'wounds' with someone that she couldn't trust. "I guess not in the way that you do." She replied. "But I do know that no all foster homes are bad. I also know that little boy is going to need a stable home, and lots of emotional support. Who knows what psychological damage this will have on him. Losing both parents within such a short time span is something that will surely stay with him." She added. Bottom line was, she knew this child would need more than Mikko could give. She had her own son, that apparently she was leaving Gabe in charge of. She was still angry over the fact that Mikko was leaving her son with someone who was in no mindset to take on such a responsibility.

    Mikko just nodded again. "Yeah...I'll look into it." She looked over at Lexi. "you're right. I don't remember it clearly. But when I was locked up in the asylum, my therapist went over my history with me. I had a chance at a decent life apparently. But I killed the little girl that was living there." She put out her cig. "I don't blame the ass holes at the other homes for how I turned out. you know what's sick though. The things that still haunt me, gave me nightmares and traumatized me. It's the same things I get off on now...." She stood up and brushed herself off. "Lets go get some pizza before it's gone." She said and walked inside without another word.

    Kendall spared a quick glance at Raphael as he passed him but said nothing. He looked at Chris and shrugged. "Just got distracted, that's all. I'm sure it's still good," he reassured Chris. He pulled down two plates and took two slices of pizza each, putting them on the plates. Then he took them back out to the living room and handed Daisy hers. "Here you go, babe. What do you want to drink?"

    Lexi said nothing in response of what Mikko had just told her. If nothing else, it was just proof that Mikko herself was not ready to be without some form of therapy. After Mikko disappeared inside, Lexi stood and headed up the steps, but she wasn't interested in pizza or food for that matter. She was concerned for Raph, and hoped he was fairing okay among the group of strangers.

    Daisy eagerly accepted the pizza, and once again wasted no time digging in. At Kendall's question, she gave him a thoughtful look, and finally answered. "Hmm.. banana juice?"

    Once inside, Mikko walked to the kitchen and grabbed herself a slice of pizza. She then took another slice and cut it up into pieces for Aden. She grabbed a drink and headed in the bedroom with the two boys. She switched on the lamp and gently shook Aden. "Aden, I got some pizza for you."

    Raphael backed away from the window as Mikko walked in things seem to be going better then he had expected before he rushed over here. He waited for Lexi to walk inside and steped closer towards her.* "How'd it go babe?" *He asked in a hushed tone

    Kendall was taken aback by that request. "Uh...banana juice? I don't think Gabe has that. So what would be your second choice?" He hoped it wouldn't be something as equally off the wall.

    Well, at least Raph was still in one piece. She gave a small shrug at his question. "She's attempting to be civil for Gabe's sake." She informed. "I give it two hours." She glanced around, but saw no signs of Gabriel. She was really hoping to give the two a proper introduction. Now, her attention returned to Raph. "They didn't torture you too bad, did they?"

    Daisy frowned, but gave his question some thought. "Hmmm... strawberry milkshake?"

    He chuckled at her estimation and made a waving gesture with his gloved hand.* "Eh, two en' a' half." *He then got serious.* "Yea Daisy was botherin' meh fer' a' while."

    "Two and a half, huh?" Lexi gave him a mock look of disbelief. "Wow. Someone's optimistic." She flashed him a small wink. And it didn't surprise her that Daisy had bugged him. If anyone was to believe Mikko's claim, it was her. "Hopefully she didn't molest you too badly. You still look in one piece." She had noticed that he hadn't taken Mikko up on the pizza offer. "Aren't you hungry?"

    So much for that wishful thinking. Kendall shook his head and took Daisy's hand in his with one hand while balancing his plate with his other. "Daisy...babe...you only have three choices. Gabe doesn't have a lot of that stuff you want. But you can have water, milk, or OJ." He smiled and gave her hand a light squeeze.

    Aden had woke up, but only glanced at her then laid back on his pillow. This was so frustrating. Why wouldn't the kid at lest eat something. Obviously Mikko could only show so much compassion before she ran out. With a heavy sigh Mikko walked back out to the others and tossed the cut up pizza away. "Kid ain't eating. What am I suppose to do?"

    He gave her a playful grin and placed his arm around her waist.* "Pfft.. if anyone's gonna molest meh it better be you!" *He thought about the food offer.* "Ya a' lil but I ain't to sure 'bout what she cooks.."

    Daisy wrinkled her nose at those choices. Gah, how boring. She gave those three some seriousy thought, before finally answering. "OJ." Overhearing Mikko, she had the perfect solution. "Give him banana juice!" She replied to her. "Too bad that JT doesn't have any."

    Mikko wrinkled her nose at Daisy. "I doubt that...and His name is Gabriel. Why can't you remember names?" She asked Daisy, ruffling her hair and sitting on the couch. "a child under my care starving to death, will NOT look good. Lexi he's yours now. there taken care of."

    Lexi had also overheard Mikko. This was exactly why she felt the kid needed to be with someone else; someone with experience dealing with children that had undergone emotional trauma. Maybe now Mikko would see. Her attention once again shifted to Raph, and she flashed him a cheeky grin at his molesting comment. She reached beneath the deep shadows of his fedora to playfully pinch his cheek, but kept her flirting to a minimal since they were in the presence of others. "Well, there's other stuff in the fridge if you'd prefer." She replied quietly. "I'd say we'd go out and grab something, but I'm still not comfortable leaving Gabe alone just yet." Especially with the person that had nearly gotten him killed before. And now it seemed Mikko was pawning him off on her. She quirked a brow in the girl's direction, but said nothing. At least she could help place the boy with people better suited for dealing with this sort of thing.

    Kendall grinned and kissed her cheek before leaving to get her some orange juice. Her comment to Mikko about giving the small boy banana juice didn't go unnoticed. He shook his head and headed into the kitchen again. He once again saw Chris. "Why don't you come and join us in the other room? There's plenty of room for ya." He went over to the fridge and pulled out the jug of orange juice and a glass from the cupboard. Then he filled it and took it out to Daisy again after he put the jug back in the fridge. He had yet to decide what he wanted to drink, but he knew his choices weren't as limited as Daisy's were.

    Daisy giggled as Mikko ruffled her hair. "Buuuut, I can remember names! Gabe is just his alias. He's really a reformed boyband member in disguise." She winked at Mikko.

    Daisy graciously accepted the juice, though it was a far cry from what she actually wanted. She thanked Kendall with a kiss against the cheek, half-wondering why he hadn't gotten any for himself. "I guess you wanted banana juice too, huh?"

    Mikko raised a brow at that. "I don't even think he can sing. I'll ask em when he wakes up though." Hearing Travis had woken from the baby monotor, Mikko pushed herself off the couch and went in the bedroom to get him. She picked up the wimpering baby an cradled him in her arms as she went back out to the others. She laid down on the couch, laying Travis on her chest and gently rubbed his back. It didn't take long for Travis to settle down and once again drift off to sleep.

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    Kendall chuckled and shook his head. "Nah, I'm good for now," he told her, sitting on the floor next to the recliner. Then he dug into his own pizza.

    Now finished with her pizza, Daisy took a few drinks of her OJ, then offered Kendall the glass. "Here.. it's not as nummy as banana juice, but you gotta have something!"

    He grinned as she pinched his cheek and grabbed her hand.*" Sure wha'cha got?" *He knew they were in the presence of company although he wished they weren't and would behave. Lexi didn't want to leave and he couldn't understand why its not like she could protect this Gabe guy if trouble were to start but decided to wait till later to discuss that with her

    Thought Mikko tried to fight it, sleep finally won. She closed her eyes and listened to the others, their words becoming jumbled as she drifted off to sleep on the couch, her hand lightly resting on Travis' back.

    Kendall took the glass and smiled at her. "Thanks, babe." He took a few sips and set the glass down beside him to finish his pizza first.

    Lexi took his hand, and tugged him off into the kitchen. At least there was a little more privacy there. "There's Chinese take-out, as well as some organic stuff." She opened the fridge, and began digging through it's contents. "Beer.. of course.." She added, rolling her eyes. In fact, when she had arrived here last night, that was practically all the thug had in his fridge. She had stocked some groceries earlier that morning, but he refused to touch anything. "TV dinners.. frozen lasagna.."

    He followed her into the kitchen and watched her as she bent over to look in the fridge, he wanted something although it wasn't in the fridge.* "Ehh..ya can keep da chinses food how's 'bout a' beer an' a' TV dinner."* He couldn't stand chinses food

    Lexi noticed him watching her from the corner of her eye, but suppressed a cheeky little grin. She leaned a little further, deciding to give him a good show. The silk black dress clung to her shapely backside. Hearing his request, she grabbed a beer, and slowly straightened to pull a tv dinner from the freezer. "Beer and TV dinner.." She gave him a look as she pulled the meal from its cardboard packing, and after cutting the plastic film, popped it into the microwave. "I guess a males taste is pretty universal, despite species." She winked, and after popping the tab on the beer, offered him the can.

    Daisy was about to set her plate of pizza crust on the floor, when she noticed a massive dog come trotting towards the main room. Her eyes widened in both excitement and fear, for her last encounter with a large dog had gone horrible. "Oooh..puppy dog.." She reached down and grabbed Kendall's shoulder. Seeing the strangers, Jigs froze in place, staring in their direction.

    Soon Kendall was done with his pizza and was now downing the rest of the glass of orange juice. Just then, he felt Daisy's hand on his shoulder and saw a large dog over the rim of the glass. He slowly lowered it and watched it carefully. If he got too close, Kendall was going to protect Daisy with anything he could.

    He was mesmerized by her movements and found himself staring at her ass and then down her long legs. He took the beer, taking a big swig before looking up at her face.* "Guess so, da same goes fer' women." *He replied obviously referring to her attraction towards him

    As the dog froze, so did Daisy. She wasn't about to make any fast movements while this animal was giving them that skeptical glare. Jugs sniffled the air, trying to determine if these people were a threat or not. And suddenly, a loud bone-chilling growl emitted from the depths of the pit-bull's throat.

    Soon, the timer on the microwave went off and Lexi pulled out the tray and placed it on the table. She gave Raph a devious look, hearing his comment. "Oh? Why do you say that?" She asked him, as she grabbed a beer for herself, and was about to take a seat at the table. That's when she heard the dog in the other room, obviously not too thrilled about the strangers in his territory. She sighed deeply, and placed her beer on the table. "Maybe I should go rescue them."

    Mikko was slowly being pulled from her sleep by the faint sounds of a growl. She didn't register it at first. but as she woke she soon became aware of that was going on. She opened her eyes and looked over, just enough to see the dog growling. Her eyes grew and she let out a scream that could no doubt wake the whole neighborhood. lucky she still remained mindful of Travis as she climbed over the back of the couch and headed to the kitchen.

    Raphael sat at the table where the meal was placed and glanced at her across the table. He was about to reply but also heard the dog in the other room it sounded big. He winced at hearing the loud screaming coming from the living room.*"Yea sounds like ya better." *He said as he quickly got up from the table

    Kendall still kept a close eye on the dog. When it started growling, he stayed where he was, though he was seriously tempted to pick up Daisy and take her out of there. But one thing that he learned about dogs was not to make any sudden moves. So he eyed the dog warily, making sure not to make direct eye contact. He reached his hand up slowly and took Daisy's hand, squeezing it reassuringly*

    Just as Lexi was heading into the main room to save the 'guests' from Gabriel's dog, Mikko came running past, with the dog close on her heels. He wasn't chasing her in an aggressive manner, but she had been the first to move, therefore she demanded 'investigation'. Her scent was familiar, but that scent had always been accompanied with her fear of him. Before he could get too close, Lexi reached and snagged him by the collar, giving him a firm tug back. "Jigs, No!" She said in a stern voice, which was enough to get the animal's attention. He glanced up at her with confused eyes, but his sights were once again fixated on Mikko. He would be watching this one closely.

    Daisy breathed a huge sigh of relief when the dog disappeared into the kitchen, but she was concerned for Mikko. She clung to Kendall's hand, returning his reassuring squeeze. "Heh. I was gonna give him my pizza crust, but I think he likes Mikko."

    "Keep that monster away from me!" Mikko screamed as she slowly inched her way to one of the bedrooms. If she could just make it inside then the dog couldn't get to her. Travis had also woken from the commotion and started to cry. She tried to comfort the baby as she quickly slipped inside one of the bedrooms and shut the door.

    Mikko's sudden appearance in the kitchen was unexpected and he thought the dog had her for sure till Lexi grabbed its collar. Raph had seen that bread before a pit which was one of the more common dogs used for fighting. He walked closer towards Lexi to get a better look. Then just as suddenly as Mikko appeared she disappeared he couldn't blame her though.* "We got 'em!" *He shouted

    The dog's determined gaze followed the retreating girl as she disappeared into the bedroom. But despite his overpowering urge to chase after her, he knew better. Lexi was still holding to his collar. While he could often get by with things with his master, he knew better than to disobey this woman. As Raph drew closer, his attention shifted in his direction. And once again, he emitted a growl in warning. The pit was usually peaceful and gentle, but after all the attacks against his master, he'd grown very protective. And now all these strangers in his home was very confusing. They were potential threats. "No." Lexi once again reprehended the animal, giving his collar another firm tug. He once again gazed up at her, his deep brown eyes still holding that deep confusion. Lexi knew the pit was simply trying to be loyal to Gabe, but the last thing she needed right now was for an accident to happen. She ordered the canine to lay down, which he was quick to obey.

    Chris bypassed Kendall's offer and headed out the back door some time ago. He needed more time to think. After a while he decided to come back in, but he had already missed the action. Now he was just staring at everyone in confusion. "What happened here?" If he had heard Mikko's screams, he would have been in a lot sooner. He looked over at Lexi and the big dog, but he made no moves to go towards it.

    Kendall was so relieved when Lexi came to the rescue. After everything had settled down he looked over at Daisy and smiled. Even though the dog was under control, he still didn't want to make any sudden moves that could set this Jigs off again. So he would wait until Lexi took the dog away before he rose to get rid of their plates and glass.

    "That big doggie chased Mikko, and she ran into JT's bedroom!!" Daisy was quick to inform Chris.

    Mikko finally calmed Travis down and looked around. after her eyes adjusted to the dim light she could tell that she was back in Gabriel's room. She sighed and sat on the bed, rocking Travis in her arms. When the baby went back to sleep, she laid down, once again placing Travis on her chest. She closed her eyes, and felt herself slowly being pulled back to sleep.
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    He wasn't fazed by the dogs growling and was expecting it.* "Ya should probably put 'em in a' room til everyone's gone." * He said looking up at Lexi, the dog seemed very protective but didn't seem to vicious. Well at least it obeyed Lexi

    Lexi gave that some thought. She knew if she did that, they would be forced to listen to howling-- unless she placed the dog inside the bedroom with his master. Obviously, she had no idea that's the room Mikko had retreated to. She gave a nod before once again reaching for the pit bull's collar. "Yeah. I'll should probably stick him in there with Gabe."

    At first, Chris just looked at Daisy confused. 'JT? Who the f--' Then it hit him. She was talking about Gabe. She called him Justin-something at the zoo. "Did he now?" He smiled at Daisy and went over to Gabe's room. Normally he would knock, and he had no idea that not only Mikko was in there, but Gabe as well. Slowly he opened the door and looked inside. There was Mikko BESIDE Gabe??? What the hell? Then he saw Travis on top of Mikko. He smiled at the two of them but he knew that Mikko could possibly crush the baby by her just rolling over. And that would NOT be good. So he went over to the bed and gently picked up Travis from his mother and carried him out of the room. He then shut the door behind him again softly. When Mikko awoke, he would tell her.

    A very tired Mikko didn't wake when Chris took Travis. which was unusual, she was always a light sleeper, unless she was on something. Once her hands were free, she rolled over and slowly gravitated toward Gabe.

    He noded at Lexi and was unaware that Mikko was in the room with Gabe

    Jigs put up little fuss as Lexi led him towards the bedroom. Mindful that Gabe was sleeping, she quietly cracked the door just enough to allow the pit bull to slip inside, then just as quietly closed it behind him. Unfortunately she was oblivious to the 'situation' inside, otherwise she and Mikko would be back to square one. Now with that taken care of, Lexi headed back into the kitchen, and finally took a seat at the table. She glanced up at Raph as she pulled back the tab on her beer. "Aren't you going to eat? It's gonna get.." Her words were interrupted by the loud and threatening barks emitting from Gabe's room.

    And once again Mikko was awoken by the sounds of the large dog. This time it wasn't just a growl but a dangerous sounding barking. She woke with a scream but had no where to run. Not only that but Travis was gone. Mikko instantly thought the worse and started screaming hysterically that the dog had ate her child.

    He once again grinned at Lexi but was startled by the yelling and barking coming from the other room. He thought the dog situation was solved but obviously wasn't it sounded as if the dog was once again after Mikko. He immediately ran to the room at hearing her yelling about it eating the baby and quickly opened the door

    Chris had taken the baby into the other bedroom and laid Travis down on his little bed. Just then he heard vicious sounding barking and screaming coming from the next room, he quickly slipped out of the room, closed the door, and headed back out into the main room. "Mikko!" he shouted as soon as he found out where the barking was coming from. He met Raph at the door.

    Lexi blinked at the sudden screaming, and quickly stood from her chair, following Raph to the bedroom. As he swung open the door, she was taken aback by the sight before her. Mikko was in bed with him! Jigs had the woman 'treed' on the bed, and the fact that Gabe wasn't even budging despite the ruckus had not gone unnoticed. "Jigs!" She sternly called out as she entered the room, and took the dog by the collar.

    Mikko sat in a ball on the bed. she looked at everyone standing by the door with tearful eyes. "HE ATE TRAVIS!" She screamed and started sobbing uncontrollably. "He ate my baby!!!" She stood on the bed even after Lexi had gotten the dog under control, staying curled up by Gabe though she knew he wouldn't wake till the drug ran it's course. "H...He killed my baby!" She repeated, rocking slightly.

    Raphs eyes widened at her allegation but he couldn't smell or see any blood and the dog had only been put there a minute ago which certainly wasn't enough time. He thought she had finally snapped.* "Calm down he didn't eat yer kid!" *He started looking around the room but saw no kid in sight

    Chris passed everyone and went over to the hysterical Mikko. "Travis is fine, babe. I took him out of here earlier so you wouldn't squash him if you rolled over," Chris explained to her, rubbing her back soothingly. "He's in his bed in the next room."

    Mikko looked up at Chris and wrapped her arms around him, holding on to him tightly. "I wanna see my baby!" She cried tearfully and hoped that Chris could carry her pass the dog and to Travis.

    Chris took the hint and picked her up, carrying her out of the room. "It's okay," he told her soothingly as they made their way into the other bedroom. With a little difficulty, he managed to get the door open and walked inside. "See? Safe and sound," Chris whispered, as he set her down again.

    Mikko held on to him as he carried her to the other room. Once he set her down she ran to Travis to see for herself that he was ok. *she wiped her face and picked up the little baby, crawling back on the bed and cradling him close. She looked up at Chris. "Thanks..."

    Chris smiled at her and sat down next to her. "No problem." Although he was really grateful that he went into retrieve the baby before the dog was let inside. He shuddered to think what could have happened if he didn't.

    Mikko leaned on Chris and closed her eyes. She just wanted a few hours of sleep. Last night was defiantly catching up with her.

    Now with the others safely out of Gabriel's room, Lexi released her grip on the dog's collar, giving him a stern look. Jigs hopped up onto the bed and laid down, now wagging his tail, almost victoriously even though his eyes were searching for forgiveness. With a deep sigh, Lexi moved around the bed, and gently shook Gabe, quietly calling his name. When her efforts went unnoticed, she shook him harder. "GABE!" It took a moment, but he finally showed signs of life, shifting only slightly but still didn't wake. That's when she noticed the Band-Aid, and after pulling it away, noticed the small needle mark. She instantly saw red, assuming he had shot up. She had no idea what drug he had taken, but it would be a lost cause trying to wake him right now. But oh, she planned on having a talk with him whenever he woke. It seemed to be in no immediate threat from the drugs. His breathing looked normal, so she would wait. Angry, she slapped his cheek, then turned to head out of the room.

    Daisy had no idea what was going on. First growling, and screaming, Chris moving from one room the next with Mikko, then Lexi storming out of that JT's room, looking awfully pissed. She gave Kendall a confused look, and snuggled up against him. "Somehow, I think we're missing something. Stupid bum leg."

    Kendall looked at Daisy. "Aww it's alright, babe. At least I know you're safe. And it looks like everyone else is too."

    Raph had stepped out in the hallway as Chris carried Mikko off into another room he felt better now that he knew the baby wasn't in danger. Well not from the dog that is. He went back to the doorway of Gabs room as he heard Lexi saying his name.but by the time he got there she was already on her way out.* "Wha's da matter babe?!" *He said concerned he then glanced behind her at him, he couldn't believe he had slept through all that and he had a hunch about what was wrong with him

    "He's been fucking shooting up.." Lexi replied to Raph's question, the anger obvious in her tone. She headed back into the kitchen and flopped down into her chair, reaching for her beer. "He wouldn't be doing this shit if Ezekiel was around, he fucking knows better!"

    True, she was safe. But Daisy was quickly beginning to get bored. She wasn't sure just how long she was going to be able to follow doctor's orders. She reached for Kendall's hand, threading her fingers through his. "Hmmm.. I guess we could see what's on the tube! It's October.. so I'm sure there will be tons of spooky movies on!"

    Mikko set Travis back in his bed. She didn't want to take the chance of her squishing him, and if the dog was going to stay with Gabe then it should be safe back on the couch. She slowly got up and peeked out the door. Not seeing Jigs she stepped out the room. "That dog isn't coming back out is he?"

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    Kendall allowed her to hold his hand and he squeezed her hand gently before slowly standing up. "Yeah." He let her hand go and grabbed the remote off the table and handed it to her. "Here you go. Find us a good one," he said, grinning. "Is there anything else you need babe before I sit down again?"

    Daisy gave that some thought, but thinking of nothing... for now, she shook her head. "Nope! Just need my comfy, snuggly huggle-bunny back!" She smiled at him, and flipped on the TV. As luck would have it, they were running a Friday the 13th Marathon. "Ooooh, boobs and blooduh!"

    He followed her back into the kitchen and sat at the table again, he hadn't even touched his food yet. He knew she was upset but what did she expect Gabe was a thug after all he would even bet good money that it wasn't the first time.* "Wha'd ya expect he's in dat kinda life style doubt dis Eze guy could do anythin' a'bout it!" *He wasn't sympathetic towards Gab in the lease the only thing he hated was that Lexi was so hurt by him

    Kendall chuckled and carefully slid under her, holding her close. He looked at her and smiled. "You like scary movies, huh Daisy?" He pulled her closer to him and kissed her cheek.

    Lexi finally started in on her beer. After the last couple of day she had, she certainly needed it. Hearing Raph's comment, she glanced over at him. "Pot, pills and booze, yeah. I expect that from him, but this.. he fucking knows better." She was struggling to get the anger under control, but was oh so tempted to march back in there a pour a cold bucket of water over his head. "I wish Ezekiel was here. He would beat some sense into him." She sighed deeply, and took another swig of her alcohol. She knew someone must have had a bad influence on him. "I know he's still struggling with his losses, but he needs to just get over it. People leave, nothing ever stays the same. Of all people, he should know that by now."

    Daisy snuggled against him, and turned up the volume a few notches. "Yesh!" She replied, and pressed a kiss against his cheek. But horror flicks gave her nightmares. REALLY bad ones! She would surely regret this later. "Do you? Or.. do you just like the boobs?" She asked playfully, winking at him.

    Not getting an answer about the dog, Mikko sighed, but didn't see him around so figured it was safe. Then she herd Lexi and Raph talking about Gabe. She shook her head. "Gabe doesn't shoot up, you know that. I just gave him something to help him sleep. And your sympathy is over whelming...really." She said matter of factly then started for the door. She seriously needed some air.

    Kendall grinned and nodded. "Yeah," he answered. Then he whispered into her ear, "But the only boobs I'm interested in, are yours."

    "Obviously not." *He said grabbing his beer, he was grateful that Ezekiel hadn't returned he wasn't ready to lose Lexi just yet. Life changing was something he could relate to Splinter was still gone on his journey while April had just returned a day ago. It seems the only thing that never changed was his brothers and deep down he hoped that wouldn't never change.* "Yea." *He said as he reached over grabbing her hand.* "But I ain't goin' anywhere."

    Lex's attention was soon drawn to Mikko, hearing her 'confession'. Now, she was furious! Her eye slightly twitched, and it took every ounce of reserve to keep from throwing her beer can at the purple-haired girl. Whatever Mikko had given Gabe had probably come from the streets. And the needle.. she cringed to think. "Yeah. That's really a way to show your sympathy. Toss a drowning man an anchor." It wasn't that Lexi wasn't sympathetic with Gabe, she was. Her heart really went out for him. But there was a time for grief, and a time to pick yourself up again. And Gabe was simply continuing his downward spiral towards self-destruction. She struggled to focus her attention elsewhere. Otherwise, she would end up snapping. Feeling Raph's hand against hers was a much needed distraction, and she returned the hand squeeze. A faint, sincere smile slowly tugged across her lips. Having him around during her own whirlwind of change had been a huge comfort, but only time would tell if time would erase that too.

    Mikko glanced over at her once more and shrugged. "He'll be up soon. if Chris ask tell him I went for a walk." Of course Lexi had no way of knowing that She didn't do the drugs that were on the street and that the needle was new. It didn't matter, she was just helping her brother as far as she was concerned. She walked out the door and headed to the street to start her walk.

    Daisy couldn't suppress a cheeky grin at that. "Oh yeah?" She whispered softly, in a seductive tone, biting her bottom lip in a devious manner. She lowered the straps of her sundress to give him a good peek, flashing him a playful wink.

    Raph had expected Mikko's confession to become a big brawl but gave a sigh of relief when Lexi let it go. He didn't think much of it, it didn't matter where the drugs came from he still took them. He sqeezed her hand back.* "So how long are ya expectin' ta stay 'ere?"

    'Maybe she'll get lost.' Lexi thought to herself, as Mikko headed out for her walk. She took another swig of her beer, still trying to compose herself from her near outburst. The situation was really draining her, and not bringing out the best in her, for sure. Hearing Raph's question, she sighed deeply, and gave a small shrug as she ran her fingers over his callused knuckles. "I'm not sure." She began. "I canceled my appearances and shows for the next few days, because I wanted to be here for him. To help him back on his feet." A sad look crossed her features, but she was quick to mask it once more, taking another swig of her beer. "But I don't know what else to do. And now, Mikko is leaving him in charge of her son." She shook her head. "Yeah, like he's in any condition."

    Kendall didn't hesitate at all to take the slight peek she offered him. "Uh-huh...yup...very nice." Then he looked up at her and grinned. He couldn't wait to see them - and her whole body - again in all its glory. But this was definitely a nice teaser.

    Mikko's walk didn't go far, she just needed to get out that house, there was way to many people in there. Really she would have liked if everyone left and it was just her and Gabe. Maybe she could get some sleep, though now she wasn't even tired, the dog had made sure of that. Stupid dog...She thought to herself.

    But Daisy wasn't content with simply having him look at them.. Oh no. She was the touchy feely type. She took his hand, and pressed it against one of her boobs, squeezing his fingers around it. "Sooo, what do you think? Are they getting bigger, since I'm preggo?"

    Raph was a little disappointed that she had canceled her appearances it seemed like that was the only time he could see her. He was just to busy any other time, he had to keep up his alter ego now more then ever before. He didn't like her staying here but doubt there was much he could say to convince her otherwise. He sighed.* "Jus' don' make dis a' regular thing. Ya can't protect 'em from himself ya know." *He frowned at hearing that Mikko was leaving her kid with this guy.* "Poor kid never had a' chance."

    Mikko made her way back to Gabe's house and walked through the door. "You all ready to head back home, I'll drop you off then come back here later." She told Daisy, trying hard to ignore that she was undressing in the living room.

    Lexi could almost sense his disappointment. She entwined her fingers with his, giving his hand a light squeeze. "I know, babe." She replied in a quiet tone. "I'll probably stay here just for tonight." She knew she couldn't save him from himself, but was determined to keep a check in on him, at least until his brother returned. "So, what are your plans for tonight?" She once again slid her fingers over his knuckles. "If the Nightwatcher isn't busy tomorrow night, I think I owe him some one on one time." She winked at him.

    That definitely cheered him up and would be something he would look forward to. It would be a nice break from the constant battle on the streets. He grinned at her.* "I'm sure da Nightwatcher could spare some time fer' his number one fan." *He then started kneading her hand.* " Probably head out wit' Casey tonight he's been real pissy lately."

    Kendall would have taken the opportunity to touch those wonderful breasts of her right then, but he was being courteous to the rest of the house. But apparently Daisy had the same idea. "I would say so," he told her giving one of them a firm squeeze. Mikko's sudden reappearance barely registered but he looked at Daisy. "What do you say, babe? Are you ready to go home now?"

    It would also give Lexi something to look forward to as well. She smiled when he accepted, and slid a little closer to plant a light kiss against his hidden cheek. "Then it's a date." She winked at him, and gave him a questioning look at his last comment. "Oh, what's up with him? Not getting any?" Because that was usually the source behind all male pissiness.

    Daisy didn't even flinch as Mikko reappeared. Because there was no wrong or right in 'Daisyland'. She flashed her big sis a big smile, still holding Kendall's hand against her breast. "Yep! Gotta feed Mojo!" And she reached for Mikko's hand. "Here.. I want you to feel and tell me if you think they're bigger!"

    Mikko quirked a brow at the girl but shrugged. What the hell She gently grabbed her breast. "I don't know..." She reached out and fondled the other one lightly. "Might need some more opinions on this...let me get Chris." She grinned then let go of her.

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    Post by Mikko on Sat Sep 26, 2009 3:39 pm

    He grinned as she kissed his cheek but despite wanting more he left it at that. He then snickered as she said 'getting any' he thought it was cute she put it that way. He shook his head.* "Nah he ain't but dats not it. See uh April came back an' he's all bent outta shape a'bout it."

    Oblivious to the fact that Mikko was implying that another guy should squeeze her breast, she flashed a cute smile and an eager nod. "Okay!"

    Mikko grinned widely at that . "Hey Chris! Come out here and feel Daisy's tits!" She couldn't believe that Daisy had just agreed to that.

    Lexi indulged herself in the blissfulness of her beer. It was too bad that it wasn't wine, but seeing that Gabriel had none, she would have to make do. She was a little confused by what Raph was saying. Came back, but wouldn't that make him happy? Of course, she didn't know the circumstances. "Something bad happen between them?"

    This whole thing was starting to make Kendall a bit uncomfortable. He shook his head and pulled Mikko's hand away from her boob. "I think that's enough of the tests for now." He removed his own hand and started sliding Daisy's straps up her shoulders again, smiling at her.

    Had Chris heard Mikko right? Did she just ask if he wanted to feel up Daisy? What the hell? He was still in the room with Travis watching the baby sleep, sitting on the bed. There was no way in HELL he was going to leave the room just for that. He sighed and stood up, opening the door just a crack. He wasn't sure what to expect when he heard that request from Mikko. Luckily by the time he caught sight of Daisy, her dress was back up where it belonged. He decided to come out and mingle with the others and sat down on the couch.

    Raphael picked his beer up off the table and took a big swig.* "Eh, I guess she left suddenly a' long time ago an' didn't really give anyone any notice fer' a' few months. Den' next thin' we knew she came back no one seemed ta mind 'cept 'em." *He paused a moment resting his elbow on the table.* "Whatever she does is her own business."

    Mikko went back in the room and grabbed Travis and his things, and carried them back out to Chris. She handed the baby to Chris and went back in the room grabbing Aden. She walked back. "Ok guys you ready to go?"

    Well, that certainly reminded Lexi of her own situation with Ezekiel. It was a 'business' trip, that had extended what even Ezekiel himself wasn't expecting. Still, it didn't make it any easier to swallow. She finished off the rest of her beer, and debated a second. "Well, hopefully things will work out for them." Was all she could say about that. She wasn't too good with giving advice in these situations, since she herself had always been fast at moving on, and past things she couldn't change. "I'm sure she had a reason for doing what she did."

    Daisy smiled up at Kendall as he slid the straps back up her shoulder, and wrapped an arm around his neck. Hearing Mikko's question, that cute little grin soon melted away, now replaced with a deep pout. She was asking the 'guys' if they were ready? What about her! She wasn't a guy! "Buuut, can I come too?"

    Mikko raised a brow at Daisy. "Yes." She ruffled Daisy's hair. "Sometimes I worry about you, and we're gonna need to get you a wheelchair so Kendall doesn't have to carry you everywhere." She adjusted Aden in her arms and wrote a note for Gabe say that she would be back later that night. She waved at the two in the kitchen and headed for the door.

    Chris took the things and Travis and stood up, going over to the door to wait on the others.

    He nodded and figured it would just be a matter of time before that happened or for his own sake he hoped so. A miserable Casey wasn't exactly a good fighting partner. He left the subject at that and noticed that the others seemed to be leaving. He didn't wave back at Mikko

    Even if he DID enjoy carrying her, he knew he couldn't keep it up. He smiled at Daisy and slid out from under her. Then he carefully picked her up and carried her towards the door after waving to Raph and Lexi.

    Oooh, A wheelchair sounded like fun! She wrapped her arms around Kendall as he picked her up, and spared a wave at the two in the kitchen. "Bu-bye Lexi, and Ruffles!" She was seriously hoping that next time, she could see his tail!

    They were leaving? Thanks God! Well, not that she minded Daisy and the boys, but Mikko on the other hand.. despite all her attempts to tolerate the girl, she WAS a threat. And had proven that by the whole 'shooting Gabe up' incident. "Take care of yourself, Daisy." She replied, with a small wave and watched them head out the door. Now, her full attention returned to Raph. A huge weight had been lifted from her chest. "So, it looks like just you and me now, huh." She flashed him a wink as she finally stood, and plucked another beer from the fridge. "If Gabe would ever wake, I'd introduce you boys."

    Mikko put Aden in the back seat and took Travis baby bag, putting that in the back as well. She then hopped in the drivers seat and waited for the others.

    He waved back at Daisy he felt it was the least he could do and was glad he didn't have to deal with her anymore. He turned his attention back to Lexi and grinned.* "Guess so." * He really didn't feel the need to be introduced to Gabe and didn't want to know him either he seemed like a complete bum to him. He finished off his beer and placed the empty can next to his untouched TV dinner.*" Oh got any forks?"

    Chris followed Mikko out and carefully climbed into the passenger seat with Travis. Then he buckled himself up and looked over at Mikko, smiling at her. Even if they weren't a couple anymore, he still was very loyal to her and wanted to help her in any way he could.

    Kendall carried Daisy outside and took her over to the car. He carefully set her down on the seat and climbed in next to her. Then he buckled both of them in and prepared for the ride. He smiled over at Daisy. "Did you have a good time, princess?"

    Lexi grabbed a fork from the counter drawer and handed it to him, along with another beer before returning to her chair. She could tell Raph was less than enthused by the prospect of meeting her ex-fiance. She frowned at that. It would've been good if the two could get acquainted. But what was she thinking. She ran her fingers through her hair as she started in on her second beer. "It's okay. He's not exactly the social type. Gabe's pretty reclusive unless he trusts a person."

    Daisy smiled up at him as she cuddled beside him on the seat. "Mmhmm!" Well, at least she thought she did. Even if she couldn't do much, and that turtle-man wasn't very friendly. At least Kendall was there, so it hadn't been a total loss. "Did you?"

    Once everyone was secured in the vehicle, Mikko drove back to the apartment. She fiddled with the radio and stopped on an Offspring song. She smiled back at Chris, then looked back at the road.

    He took the fork and placed it in the mashed potatoes in his tray. He then opened the beer and took a sip before placing it back on the table. He then scooped up a fork full of potatoes.* "Looks like he needs ta be." * He said with his mouth full he had forgotten how hungry he was

    Kendall nodded. "It's always fun with you." Then he whispered into her ear, "But the last part was my favorite." He grinned widely at the memory and flashed Daisy a flirtatious wink.

    Lexi quirked a brow, watching him dig into the tv dinner. She really didn't know how anyone could eat that processed stuff. Definitely a guy thing. She was determined to take him out for some 'real' food, soon. "Obviously." She replied to his comment. "I don't get it. He's so damn guarded that it's not even funny. And yet, he trusts Mikko. A girl that has proven to be a danger time and time again." She sighed deeply, and took another swig of her drink, deciding to change the subject. "So, anything in particular you've been craving?" She asked, with a hint of deviousness in her tone. She was referring to food, of course, but left that open for his imagination.

    Daisy flashed him a cheeky grin as she reached for his hand. "Oh yeah?" She placed it over her boob, wiggling her brows as she pressed his fingers against her. "Wanna check me for.. lumps?"

    Mikko glanced at the mirror at the two in the back. "Not with Aden back there, keep your lady lumps to yourself. We're almost home."

    Kendall rolled his eyes at Mikko and took his hand away from Daisy's chest. "Let's just wait until we get home again," he whispered into her ear, kissing her cheek.

    "Dawww." Daisy flashed Mikko a pout in the rearview mirror. "Buut, that kid's a sleep! He doesn't care about my... humps.. my humps my humps my humps!" She sang, and snuggled back against Kendall, "My lovely laaaady lumps!" Oooh, tha song was sooo much fun! "What'chu gonna do with all that junk.. allll that junk in side yo trunk!"

    Mikko stepped on the gas and soon was pulling up to the apartment. "OK! we're here everyone out." She parked and slipped out the car grabbing Aden and the baby bag

    The potential naughtiness in the back-seat hadn't gone unnoticed by Chris either. But only because Mikko had called them on it. He rolled his eyes at the other two's actions. Did they always have to do public displays? It was getting old really quick and he was glad when they finally reached the apartment. He climbed out of the car with Travis and hurried away from the two lovebirds, soon joining Mikko.

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    Living in the sewers his whole life made it hard to be picky about food. He continued to eat as he listened to her go on about Gabe and Mikko. He really couldn't say much there he himself was stupid enough to give her a chance and was something he would not allow to happen to him again. The conversation got lighter by Lexi question and didn't know why she was referring to food when he was already eating. Just her tone alone made him think of naughty things he'd love to do to her. A grin crept across his face as he put down his fork.* "Depends if yer' offerin' free samples." *He teased.

    As Mikko walked up the stars to their little apartment, she saw an old baby crib playpen sitting on the porch. there was no note and she didn't know where it came from but wasn't complaining. finally Travis had something better to sleep in. She pushed it to the side so that she could open the door then grabbed it while still holding Aden and the bag and dragged it inside to the living room. She laid Aden on the couch/bed and unfolded the playpen. "cool! wonder where it came from..."

    Kendall was quite amused by that song Daisy was singing. If it was anyone else, it would have come across as just annoying--rather than amusing. Soon they had made it back to the apartment. He unbuckled himself and slid from the seat, climbing out. Then he carefully picked Daisy up again and carried her inside the apartment behind the others. He looked at Daisy and asked her, "Where did you wanna sit, babe?"

    Free samples? That comment was a little sobering. Lexi's devious grin slightly faltered, feeling the slight onset of self-consciousness settling in. That night still plagued her mind. Things had gone too fast, and she had given into her need for a sense of security, a need for physical comfort. It wasn't like her to give into her urges so easily, and that frightened her. Of course, deep down she knew Raph hadn't meant anything by that comment, and she tried to bury those self-conscious feelings that were so foreign to her. A small grin finally crossed her lips as she reached over and gently pinched his arm. "Nothing in this world comes for free." She winked at him. "Things worth having are worth working for." Even though she had already given him a taste of her. "I meant food. Tomorrow night?"

    Daisy gave that some thought. "Hmmm.. set me someplace where I can see the TV?" She batted her eyes at him. "My world is pretty limited right now, you know." She was reeeeally beginning to hate this whole injured thing. So boring.

    After Mikko set up the playpen she took Travis from Chris and laid him in it with a blanket, pillow and a stuff bear. She smiled at the sleeping baby, but knew that at some point she was going to have to bring him back to Gabe. She would probably do that later tonight. She quickly checked on Aden then fished her cigs and phone from her pocket. "Gotta make a phone call I'll be back in soon. And I'll see if Papa has a wheelchair for you, Daisy." She kissed every member in the house on the cheek then stepped outside. She lit her cigarette and called Spike, hoping that he was still using the same phone as last night.

    Raphael caught her sudden falter and mentally kicked himself he was still learning about her. She would flirt with him a lot of the time but when he tried to flirt back her she would sometimes pull away which drove him crazy! She was just so hard to read although sometimes he was able to say something right. He nodded at her comment as his grin faded to a smile. * "Oh uh anythin's good, hows 'bout Mexican?" *He said as he sunk back in his chair and continued to eat his food

    Chris had followed closely behind Mikko and saw the crib as well. It was a really nice gesture from someone, but they had no way of knowing who brought it. Most people didn't even know where they lived. He walked inside with Mikko and watched her set the playpen up. Then he gave Travis to Mikko and went over to the fridge to get something to drink. Then Mikko announced that she was heading outside again and he nodded to her. A phone call was nothing to worry about. However if only he knew who she was calling then he would have a reason to worry. He smiled at her when she kissed his cheek--even if everyone got the same kiss-- which he thought was still kind of weird, but he let it go. He went back to see what he could find in the fridge and settled for a beer. It had been a while since he had one and he needed to calm some nerves of his down anyway.

    Lexi could sense that she was causing him confusion, which wasn't intentional. She never had a problem toying with guys before, but Raph was different. She once again reached for his hand, sliding her fingers along his before giving a small, reassuring squeeze. "Sounds good." She winked. "I know this great little restaurant not far from my place, the manager is a great guy. He always takes me back to the VIP room so I don't have to deal with the crowds." And speaking of privacy, she knew the poor guy had to be uncomfortable in all those bulky clothing. "Babe, it's safe to take that off, if you want. I'm sure Gabe will be out for the rest of the day." She said, confidently. "Even without those drugs, whenever he slips into these funks, he sleeps. So you're safe."

    Spike was out, searching for his latest fix, or victim. Whichever came first. Hearing the cell phone, he reached for it and answered in an angered tone. "What the fuck do you want!"

    Mikko really didn't expect him to answer and hesitated a moment, she really needed to start thinking these things through more. "Hey, babe. Why so pissed? I'm just looking to get out and do something, was looking for some company." Yeah, ok so she just asked Spike out. No doubt this wasn't going to end how she would like, but what's the worse he could do over the phone?

    Kendall hated to crush her hopes but the TV thing wasn't happening. On the account of there wasn't one. He looked at Daisy and shook his head. Might as well get it over with since she would find out anyway. "There's no TV, babe."

    Spike gave a demonic, sarcastic laugh at that as he passed by a woman and her young daughter. He snatched the little girl's lollipop from her grasp and continued on his way, paying no mind to the saddened cries of his latest 'victim', or the angry shouts from the mother. He would be sure to track down the bitch and kill her later. "Where the fuck you at?"

    Daisy flashed him a sad little pout at that. No tv? Now what was she supposed to do! "I guess our room. Really wish we could go out or something."

    Mikko listened in at what was going on, she frowned deeply when she heard the cries of a child, but hearing the mothers angry screams and not any screams of bloodshed she let out a silent relieved sigh. "I'm..." She looked around quickly, no way she could tell him where she was. "I'm headed to the tick tock cafe." The place was still dangerously close to where she lived, but she could make it there in two minuets if she ran.

    This gave Kendall a thought and he carried her into their room to talk. He shut the door behind him and set her down on the bed, then sat down next to her. He took her hand in his and squeezed it. "Hey, Daisy. How much of that money do we have left?" If there wasn't a TV yet, maybe they could buy one with some of that money left over.

    Tick Tock Cafe? Was she fucking serious? Spike wasn't stupid enough to be seen in public. No doubt his face was plastered all over countless news broadcasts by now. "Meet me at the docks."

    "Sure, I'm on my way." Mikko told him and hung up. First thing Mikko did was head into the shop to see if Papa had a wheelchair, with luck he did and she dragged it back into the apartment.Once inside she opened the chair and rolled it to Daisy, then grabbed her backpack. "Guys I have to go for a bit, I'll try to not be out late. See ya." She gave everyone another kiss and ran out the door. Jogging to the docks.

    As Raph reentered in all his muscular glory, Lexi couldn't help but take every inch of him in. Damn. There was no denying the boy was hot, and she couldn't kid herself. She was deeply attracted to him. She gave a quiet 'wolf-whistle' and flashed him a flirtatious wink as he rejoined her, and once again rested her hand over his, but that sigh hadn't gone unnoticed. "Something on your mind?"

    With great effort, Daisy managed to grab her backpack, which was sitting on the nightstand. After digging around and pulling out random objects, she finally unearthed the wad of funds. "Urm, about 150?" She handed the money over to him to recount. She blinked as Mikko appeared with the wheelchair, and disappeared almost as quickly. She would've asked her a gazillion questions, but wasn't given the chance. Now, her attention returned to Kendall.

    He couldn't help but grin at her 'wolf whistle' he still couldn't understand why she found him so attractive while others who got a glimpse of him found him hideous. He held onto her hand and took a drink of his beer with the other.* "I don' know.." *He shifted forward in his seat before continuing.* "It's jus' dis whole city war thing, it's like no matter how many I take out there's always more. Da police don' even give a' shit anymore! Meh an' Casey have gone out almost every night but it doesn't do any damn good!" *He said becoming frustrated
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    Post by Kendall on Mon Sep 28, 2009 3:58 pm

    ((Big thanks to Mikko for logging and editing))

    Lexi listened to his frustrations, wishing she could say that things would get better, but New York was gradually getting worse. "I think the authorities are too overwhelmed to care anymore." She commented quietly. "With the prison break, and now this gang war that Gabe is inadvertently in the center of." It seemed a futile battle, for sure. But could she honestly suggest to him to give up? One thing she knew about Raphael was, he was determined to do his part to keep as much 'trash' off the streets as possible. "Just.. be careful out there when you guys go out, okay?" Her concerned gaze met his, and she gave his hand another light squeeze.

    Kendall frowned at that. That wasn't what he wanted to hear. Not only that would take care of the rest of the money they found, but it still wasn't enough for a decent television. He took the money from her and counted it again, hoping there was some mistake. Unfortunately, there wasn't. The only thing they could do is check to see if they could find a used one somewhere. Which wasn't all that much a bad thing, but they'd have to see what they came across. He looked at Daisy and shook his head. "Not quite enough for what I had planned. But we can see what we can find." And he left it at that. He was attempting to surprise Daisy, but she would have to go with him. If there was a choice, he wanted her there to help pick one out.

    Spike had already arrived at the docks, gravitating towards the old familiar section of the secluded harbor. The once bright yellow crime scene tape was now tarnished in grime, torn and flapping eerily in the night's chilled breeze. The dried bloodstains still painted the rotten timber of the pier, faded by time and the harsh elements. Still, he drew comfort from this place, a degree of accomplishment and near victory. A reminder of just how close he'd come to his ultimate goal. He stood at the edge of the pier, a joint wedged between his chapped lips. His soulless gaze fixated out across the dark waters, admiring the endless possibilities the location presented. His demonic mind wandered.

    Mikko finally made it to the docks. She stopped just behind a pile of boxes and decided to try and pretty herself up some. She dug in her bag and pulled out some make up, and using a broken mirror applied the black lipstick and eye shadow. Once done she put everything up and adjusted her shirt and shorts, and pulled up her knee high socks. she pulled her hair in two ponytails on either side of her head then swung the bag on her shoulder and headed to meet Spike. It didn't take her long to find him and she walked up behind him. "Hey."

    Prison break.." *He grumbled as if he were thinking hard about it.* "That's da second one dis' year!" *He wondered who in the hell could of been behind it but it was still under investigation by the authorities. He gave her a weak smile as she met his gaze.* "Ya know meh I'm always careful." * Which wasn't entirely true.*

    Spike had heard her approach, and spared her a brief glance over his shoulder as he inhaled deeply, slowly breathing out the intoxicating smoke. "What the fuck you want." He asked, deciding that whatever this was about, might as well get right to the point. He'd had a rough night, and had quickly discovered that the Turks wouldn't exactly welcome him back with open arms. He had to earn his way in, again. And once again, Gabriel was his meal ticket.

    Mikko quirked a brow at that, she thought that she had gone over that on the phone. "Was bored figured I would see what you were up to." She said with a shrug and light a cigarette. "Got a new supply of some medical drugs if your interested. and I thought you might want your knife...But mostly I was bored."

    And Lexi had a hunch just how untrue that was. "Well then, be extra careful." She knew she didn't need to tell him that he had so much to lose, including his freedom and life, if the wrong people were to know of his true identity. It just didn't seem fair that he had to risk it all for people that would no doubt scream in fear if they ever laid eyes on him. Still, despite her concerns she managed a small grin. "This Casey guy sounds a lot like you." She figured he must be fond of the guy, since he often mentioned the man.

    Ooooh, now Daisy was highly curious. "Oooh. Planned? What'cha got planned?"

    Kendall pulled her to him and kissed her softly on the lips. He figured there was no way to hide his true intentions anyway. "TV. I was thinking we could buy one for us," he replied, smiling. "But you have to come with me when we go. I want you to pick one out."

    Was she wanting to hang out? Spike wasn't too enthused by that notion, but his mind was too distracted to protest. Hell, he could've just killed her and got that bothersome prospect out of the way, for good. But he was feeling less than creative. He'd come here to think, and draw inspiration and drive from the place that had almost marked his victory. An evil grin slowly tugged across his lips as he stepped closer to the faded stains that marked the pier. "Remember this spot?" Of course, he knew she did. "I watched you cry yer fuckin' heart out. What, almost a year ago?" He gave a sarcastic tisk. "So convincin'. Almost seemed like you cared."

    That certainly put a smile on Daisy's face. Her eyes lit up, excited over the prospect of having an actual TV! "Oooh, can we go now??!" She batted her eyes sweetly, and planted a kiss against his lips. "Please?" Even if they didn't have enough money, at least 'window shopping' would be getting them out of the house for a bit.

    Mikko leaned against the building and looked around, she definitely remembered the place. "The crying was real, dear. You fuckin kidnapped me and tied me up, killed your driver then stuck me in a warehouse with a bunch of Turks....I was a little more then freaked out." Of course that wasn't the case. She cried for Gabe, she thought that she was going to lose him and it was not something she wanted to go through again. But for some reason she liked the fact that Spike thought she didn't really care. "You know you didn't have to kidnap me." She dug in her bag and pulled out the very knife that was used on Gabe, she stabbed it in wooden board and walked around. "Turks let you back in?"

    Kendall chuckled at her excitement. "Sure we can. And we can try out your new wheelchair too," he said, grinning.

    "Yeah, so next time should be a lot easier." Spike said, matter of factly. That knife was definitely a beautiful sight to behold, and he wasted no time pulling it from the board, holding it under his nose as if he could still smell the lingering scent of metallic. The blade was marvelous, indeed. It was responsible for inflicting almost fatal damage, and would surely prove useful again. After a moment, he tucked it into his belt. Next time, he would be the one driving the blade into the heart of his victim. Next time, there would be no mistakes. Hearing Mikko's question, he slightly shook his head, obviously frustrated. "No. But once I finish the job, I'm all set. Repetitive, I know. But this time, I'll be the one deliverin' the fatal strike. There won't be no fuckin' mistakes." He took another hit from the joint, and passed it to Mikko. "Should be easy, too. I hear his fuckbuddy Zekie is away on business. Ain't nobody gonna have the faggot's back."

    Daisy's grin grew a little wider at that. "Woot! Okay, then lets go! Maybe we can find a kitten along the way!" Because she totally needed one of those, too!

    Mikko turned to him and watched him, she had to admit it was rather hot seeing him so determined like that, even if he was determined to kill Gabe. She nodded at his answer and took the joint. "That's what I hear." she said simply, taking a hit and passing it back. "Don't keep in touch with them anymore. Dragons are even after me...." She paused for a moment then looked at Spike. "Let me ask you...Turks accept female members?" She figured it would be good information to know...Just in case.
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    Post by Spike on Tue Sep 29, 2009 3:26 pm

    Spike took the joint from her, taking another long drawl. Hearing her question, he shrugged. "They let Jencko in, didn't they?" Obviously, he wasn't fond of the leader, and the feeling was mutual , since Spike had attempted to overthrow him as pending leader, when Kodiak was still in charge.

    Mikko grinned at that and nodded. "Good to know." She walked around the warehouse till she came to the couch that she had been placed on before. She sat down and leaned back. "Well...Good luck." She left it at that laying her head back and closing her eyes

    Kendall raised a brow at that. "Kitten? Don't you think you have enough pets, Daisy?" It was hard enough taking care of the ones she had as it was.

    So, that's what this was about. She wanted in. That would probably be a difficult feat. "You could always help me rip Gabe to pieces." He suggested, even though he already had a posse that planned on assisting him in his re-initiation, tomorrow night.

    Daisy smiled sweetly at his question. What was one more? "Um, but Mojo needs someone to play with! Rambo doesn't like her."

    "Pass." Mikko said waving her hand. She looked up at him and grinned. "Maybe I'ma just go talk to that stud, Jencko." She stood up and adding an a little more ass shaking to her walk, stepped passed him. "Maybe He can find someway of letting me in." She looked at Spike over her shoulder and smirked. "Know where I can find him, love?"

    Kendall chuckled at that. "What's to say this kitten would like her any better. Cat's don't normally get along with dogs." But it really depended on the cat too. And of course the age might contribute to that too. But either way, he couldn't say no to her request. "Okay. We'll see what we can find." He stood up from the bed and pushed the chair over to her, locking the wheels in place. "But first we gotta get you in this."

    Pass? It seemed she would be more willing to fuck Jencko, then help with the killing. Maybe she still had feelings for Juvanni after all. He felt a tinge of jealousy over her question, but decided not to let that show. "What, you gonna fuck yer way in?" He shot her a disgusted look. "Fifth Avenue. The old abandoned mill." He answered flatly

    That's exactly what Daisy wanted to hear! She wasted no time scooting off the bed, and into the wheelchair. "Ready when you are!"

    "lets hope it doesn't come to that." Mikko turned around and walked up to Spike, She was definitely feeling daring and a bit fearless tonight. She grabbed his belt loops and without hesitation in her movement, pulled him against her and kissed him. She didn't dare let the kiss linger and quickly moved away from him. "Don't worry, Spike. I'm still all yours." She told him with a wave as she headed away from the docks, and started her way to Jencko.

    Raphael nodded*"Yea he is, only a lil' crazier den meh." *He chuckled.* "But he's da one I can count on in a' fight, my bro's don' fight crime like we do." *He didn't count his Turtle Titan brother he wasn't as vigilant and only occasionally went out

    Spike didn't have time to react to her move. Before he could turn it into something more aggressive, she had pulled away, and was now heading away from the docks. He wasn't about to follow her. He'd had enough of Jencko for one night, and he had no desire to see what levels Mikko would stoop to in order to join the organization. Soon after she left, Spike left the docks, in search of something worth his time.

    Kendall smiled, unlocked the chair's brakes, and pushed her out of the bedroom. Then he pushed her all the way out of the apartment and stopped at the top of the steps. "I better carry you down these so I don't accidentally dump you out," he told her, putting the brakes back on and lifting her out of the chair. Then he headed down the stairs with her and outside to the SUV, helping her into the front passenger seat. He smiled at her and gave her a little kiss before going back inside to grab the chair. Which he folded up and carried it down the stairs with ease. He took it out to the SUV and put it in the back. Then he climbed into the driver's seat.

    "Then you're lucky to have a friend like him." Lexi quietly replied, with a small smile. "People like that are few and far between. " She took another sip of her beer. "So, what about your brothers? Do they just stay hidden away all the time?"

    Once inside the SUV, Daisy buckled in and reached for the radio, flipping through the channels. A huge smile ran across her lips as she settled on a station, playing Justin Timberlake's 'Cry Me A river'. "Ooooh, it's Mikko's friend!"

    Kendall chuckled and shook his head at Daisy. "Yeah..." He didn't really think Gabe looked that much like him but whatever... He pulled out of the parking space and headed into town...keeping an eye out for any pawn shops - or the like - for a potential place to find televisions.

    "Eh, yea pretty much well Donnie does anyway. Leo will get out an' train sometimes." He wasn't sure what all Leonardo did with his time out he assumed it was just training. "Mikey get's out da most he'll actually go ta store's an' buy comic books an' shit. He also likes ta think he's a' super hero an' calls 'em self Turtle Titan." He would never fully understand why and thought it was stupid. He grabbed his beer and decided not to finish his TV dinner.

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    Post by Mikko on Wed Sep 30, 2009 4:39 pm

    Mikko finally made it to Jencko, or at lest where he was suppose to be. Before going in she took a few breaths. Hopefully this went better then what it had in her head. After a few calming breaths, She walked in and started to look for Jencko.

    Lexi listened on with an amused grin. "Aww, well maybe he just wants to be like his big brother." She flashed him a smile. "And good for him for not letting what he is keep him from the things he likes. As long as he's being careful. But then again, I'm sure those geeks at the comic book stores would probably just think he's in disguise if his identity were to be accidentally revealed."

    Daisy tried to make herself comfortable in the seat, humming along to the music. She was excited! A tv.. and possibly a kitty! What more could a girl ask for! She glanced over at Kendall, and smiled sweetly. "Sooo, you think maybe we can luck up and find one of those reeeeeeally big tv's for what we have?"

    Mikko would be greeted by the sounds of loud thugs, playing pool and engaging in other 'off duty' activities. The place was poorly lit. A definite downgrade compared to the Dragons' headquarters. The thick scent of cigarette and marijuana hug thickly in the air. Jencko was tucked away in his office, dealing with the documents he had been left with, after Kodiak's downfall.

    Kendall looked at her and shook his head. "I really don't think we will. Unless we find something really inexpensive." But the chances of that happening were very slim--if not next to impossible. But they would just have to see. So far, the search for a decent store was really dismal, but Kendall refused to give up. "Hey babe. Can you help me look for a good place to look?" Sure there were little shops all over, but most of them only carried little trinkets or antiques...nothing even remotely close to what they were searching for.

    Mikko looked around, trying to seem like she belonged. She couldn't help but wrinkle her nose at the conditions this gang lived in. Hun was defiantly cleaner. She slowly approached the pool table and watched a guy get that white ball in the pocket. She didn't know anything about pool, but figured by the reaction that, that wasn't what you were suppose to do. She took the ball out and handed it to the guy. "Is Jencko around?" She asked, not taking her eyes off the others that had seem to surround her.

    "Okay!" Daisy glanced out the window, searching for anything that might have what they were looking for. It didn't take her long to locate a small pawn shop, with televisions displayed in the heavily barred picture window. "Oooh, there!!"

    One of the men glanced over at her, his features soon turning into an intense glare. "Who the fuck are you, and what'chu doin' in here, little girly?"

    Mikko swallowed thickly as her focused turned to the one who spoke, still she forced herself to stay calm. "Mikko. And I'm here to talk to Jencko...and don't call me 'little girly'."

    The large thug was already rounding the table, his glare displaying a hint of malicious lust. "Mmm. Big girl, huh? Then let me see what'chu got underneath them clothes.." He said, and moved to pin her against the table. The thugs that were accompanying him in the game just stopped and watched on, expecting a good show.

    And what'da ya know, it WAS going just as Mikko envisioned it in her head. Not that that was a good thing. And soon she was watching the guy round the table, and saw the other guys stopping to watch. She reached for a pool stick that was laid across the table. "Trust me, you can't handle me." She said just as she gripped the pool stick and swung it at the thugs head.

    Kendall looked over where Daisy was and smiled. "Good eye, babe. Shall we go check it out?" Of course he already knew the answer and was pulling into a parking spot. Now with the vehicle stopped, he reached behind him on the floor and found his disguise and slipped it on. "Are you ready, princess?"

    "Yesh!" Daisy was more than ready. She pecked Kendall's cheek, giving him her stamp of approval as he slipped on his disguise. "Mmm. You look SO sexy. As you always do!" She smiled sweetly, and wasted no time opening her door.

    The thug was quick to block the attack, grabbing hold of the stick with one hand, and countered her move with a powerful backhand, aimed at her face. The gathering thugs were growing loud, excited over the fight that had just broken out. The commotion was enough to draw Jencko from his office. From his spot on the balcony, and the gathering crowds, it was hard to make out the identity of the 'intruder' just yet. He figured it was simply just another case of hot tempers flaring. "That's enough! Don't fuckin' make me come down there.."

    Kendall grinned at her and climbed out of the vehicle. Then he went to be back and pulled out the chair, unfolded it, and pushed it over to her, locking the brakes. He smiled at Daisy as he carefully picked her up from her seat and sat her down in the wheelchair. Then he pushed her to the entrance of the store. Luckily it was a light-weight door, so he could just pull it open and brace himself against it to keep it open while he pushed Daisy inside.

    Mikko's eyes widen as the man grabbed the pool stick. And soon after she felt the sting of the mans heavy hand against her face. The blow caused her stumble into the pool table. She held on to her face and looked up at the men that were surrounding her. Her heart beat wildly in her chest. She wasn't sure what theses guys had planed but could bet it was nothing nice. When she heard Jencko's voice she let out a sigh of relief. She stood up straight and pushed a guy away from her. "Jencko! It's been to long!" She called out, attempting to appear as if the two were long time friends.
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    Post by Daisy on Fri Oct 02, 2009 11:12 am

    The man roughly grabbed the purple-haired girl by her shirt, preparing for another forceful strike, but the familiar tone of the gang leader broke his angered concentration. "I said knock it off!" Jencko repeated himself, seeing the crowd was slow in obeying his command. With a rough shove, Mikko's attacker released her from his grasp, as Jencko descended from the balcony steps, and advanced towards the crowd. Now, he could see the object of their commotion. It was HER! An angered glare peered out from his long dreadlocks. "What the fuck are YOU doin' here!"

    Mikko's only thought at that moment was that she was going to die. Luckily Jencko yelled again causing the thug to let her go. She rubbed her side that had hit the pool table. But before she had time to take a calming breath, Jencko was yelling at her. This was defiantly not what she planed. But still she brushed herself off and looked at the gang leader in the eyes. "I came to talk to you about something."

    Jencko stepped closer, gripping her firmly by the shirt. He pulled her close enough to feel the warmth of his breath against her face. "Then you better get talkin'! It better be fuckin' good, or else yer gonna suffer the same fate as Juvanni!"

    It was the first time Daisy had ever been inside a pawn shop before, and this one certainly didn't disappoint! The place had a little bit of everything. "OMG, I feel like Alice in Wonderland!" She chimed. "Heh.. all we need is a kitten with a huge grin, and we're all set!"

    Mikko let out a sharp gasp as he gripped her shirt and pulled her close to him. She kept her voice low, soft, trying to keep this meeting as peaceful as she could. She tucked a stray hair behind her ear and nodded. "Ok...I'm looking to join." She said getting straight to the point.

    Kendall chuckled and pushed her around the store. "Is there anything else you wanna see besides the TV?"

    Jencko blinked at that, and emitted a sarcastic chuckle. "What the fuck thinks I'm gonna let YOU join? It's not as simple as walkin' up in this motherfucker, and askin' to sign up. We ain't the motherfuckin' boyscouts, like yer little Dragon clan."

    Now that was a loaded question! Was there anything she didn't want to look at? "Hmm..." She seriously didn't know where to start, but the display of gently used stuffed teletubbies soon demanded her full attention. "Oooooh! There!" But since she was already within reach, she snagged the little red one, and squeezed on his tummy. She exploded into a mad fit of giggles as the toy mumbled a word that sounded an awful lot like 'faggot' and 'bite my butt'. "Awww, I gotta have this one!"

    Mikko mentally rolled her eyes, like she didn't know this already, this was not her first time in this kind of situation. "I'm well aware of that, I didn't think this would be easy at all. You're gonna let me join because I'm gonna prove my self worthy to be part of your fine establishment.Dragons are trying to kill me, probably because I help YOUR gang grab Gabriel the first time, which, by the way, Spike would have never would have seceded in without MY help. Hell, you get ride of me without giving me a shot, you'll be tossing out a great asset." She told him confidently. "Can we talk more about this in privet, babe? Alone, away from the prying eyes of your boys? Please?"

    Now when Kendall had said 'see', that's all he was expecting. But he couldn't deny Daisy's request from her reaction to the toy. With an amused shake of his head he took the toy from her, looking it over. "If you're sure that's what you want." He gave it back to her. "But we have to be careful how much we spend here, okay?"

    Yeah, Jencko was well aware of the fact that Spike was incapable of pulling off that task alone. And he was counting on a repeat of that failure. Spike was unworthy, and if the Dragons had thrown this girl away, then she probably was, also. He started to deny her the simple request, but decided to at least hear her out. Still, he was certain she couldn't make the cut, and whatever the task she was assigned to would probably lead to her death. Problem solved.He finally released her from his grasp, and pointed her up towards the balcony steps. "Step into my office."

    Mikko straighten her self out and nodded. "Thank you." She quickly headed up the steps and inside the office. She sat down on a tattered chair and waited for him.

    "Aww, but two bucks isn't a lot for a barrel of laughs! You gotta admit, that's damn funny!" She squeezed the stuffed toy's tummy again, and held it up to Kendall's ear. "Heh... see, this poor little guy was forced to live with the purple one, that had a genderly confused! He carries a purse and everything!" She winked, and cuddled the toy close. "Okay, no more toys.. we can move onto the tv's now!"

    Once the two disappeared, the group of thugs were quick to resume their game of pool, acting as if nothing had never happened. But the one was still fuming. Was Jencko seriously planning on allowing this bitch to join! Back inside the office, Jencko took a seat on the desk, glaring down at Mikko. He wedged a fat blunt between his lips and lit it. "So, you want in, do you." Despite his distaste of her, he couldn't suppressed an amused look. The girl was bold to just come walking in here in the first place. "What attributes could you offer this gang?"

    And that's what Kendall wanted to hear. So that's where he pushed Daisy next. He stopped her in front of the group of televisions; of all different sizes and shapes. "Okay, Daisy. I want you to pick out a nice one for us," he told her grinning. "What one really grabs you?

    This was like a job interview from hell! Mikko sat up straight in her chair and tried to ignore the overwhelming feeling to throw up. "I'm the best thief you'll ever meet. I can get anything, from anyone, from anywhere. I also have pretty good medical skills." She paused for a moment and thought about what other talents she had. "I'm a tattoo artist...and ummm...I'm fearless, committed, strong, I follow orders well....Ummmm...That's al I can think of right now." She looked up at him, again moving her hair from her face.

    Reach out and grab her? For a fleeting moment, Daisy actually expected the darn things to reach out and grab her. Just what kind of tv's were these anyway! But then, she realized what he was saying. "Hmmm.." She gave each one a thorough once over. "Well".. She pointed to a 22" screen. "This one touches me.." And then, she gestured towards a nice 33" "This once tickles me..." And then, she pointed to the one she really liked. A 44" flat screen. "And that one molests me! I want it!"

    Jencko listened to her 'resume' , trying hard not to laugh in mock amusement. It was the same thing they ALL said. But he decided to put her through the tests and let her abilities speak for themselves. "Tell you what I'm gonna do. I'll have a job for you in three days. It'll be yer initiation test. You pass that without gettin' yerself killed or arrested, then we'll talk."

    Mikko managed a faint grin at that. "Fine." She jotted down her cell number and slid it across the desk to him, then stood up. "I guess I'll talk to you then." She said and started to head out the office. Though she wasn't looking forward to going back out there with those guys.

    Jencko tucked the number away in one of his desk drawers and watched her head out. He had briefly considered seeing her out, but if she was to survive in this gang, she would have to survive her fellow gang members. Might as well start now.

    Mikko headed back down the stairs, trying to avoid any eye contact with the guys. Though she could feel them staring her down as she walked passed them trying to make it to the exit as quickly as possible, without seeming like she was nervous there.

    Indeed, they were staring her down. Especially the one she had already seemed to make 'friends' with. Still, he made no move, knowing his leader was not too far away, and wouldn't take too kindly to him disobeying his earlier orders.

    It wasn't until Mikko was out of there that she realized she had been holding her breath. She let it out in, savoring the pain of the sudden amount of air in her lungs. She savored that pain. She was alive, she had went into the lions den and came out alive. sadly not unhurt. She thought as she rubbed her face. She then started a quick jog back to the apartment, not stopping till she was inside. She closed the door and leaned against it panting. "Wow it's quiet in here."

    Chris ended up falling asleep on the couch shortly after he arrived back there. He wasn't even aware of the other two going out TV shopping. He didn't become aware of his surroundings again until he heard Mikko's voice. As soon as he did, his eyes fluttered open and he looked sleepily up at Mikko. "Hey, babe. How's it going?"

    "Good! Fine! Great!." Mikko responded as she started gathering Travis' things. "Where's the other two? I need to get Travis back to Gabe's place." Thought she was wondering how good of an idea that was now.

    Kendall had to really struggle to keep his laughing under control. Once he did, he leaned down and whispered seductively into her ear. "Nah. The only one that will molest you...would be me." He grinned and gave her cheek a small kiss. Then he checked out the price on the big one...just for the hell of it. For one thing, it was WAY too big for that little space they had. Second...he looked at the price. They didn't have enough. He turned to Daisy and shook his head. "We can't afford this one, babe. But we can do one of the other two. Which one did you want? And you gotta remember how much room we have." Not that either of the other two would be a problem, size-wise...

    Daisy gave him a seductive look at that. She oh so couldn't wait to be 'molested' again, for sure. But that look soon faltered as she discovered that the tv she really wanted was out of their budget. "Aww.. okay, then that one!" She said, pointing to the bigger of the two. Because bigger was definitely better, she thought.

    Chris looked towards Daisy and Kendall's bedroom and saw the door wide open. That must mean no one was in there. "Uh...I dunno," he replied scratching his head. "And did you need some help?"

    Mikko sighed and shook her head. "Is just staying put really to much to ask? Where the hell did they go?" She looked over at Chris and shrugged. "can you get me a car so I can get to Gabe's?"

    And that was the one Kendall figured she would pick. "Alright, then. Let's go talk to the clerk." He pushed Daisy up to the counter and talked to the older man behind it. Then after paying for it, he told the clerk he needed to go pick up the SUV, but Daisy would stay with it while he was gone. It would only be a couple minutes at the most. And he felt comfortable enough to leave her there for that long. He leaned down and kissed her cheek again before leaving to get the vehicle and pulled it up in front of the store for easy loading. First he pushed Daisy out the door and helped her inside, then came back for the television. And soon they were on their way back to the apartment.

    Chris sat up and looked at her, much more awake now. "You mean lifting one off someone, right?" He still wasn't too comfortable with that, but he'd do his best. He was definitely still a rookie. But he saw Daisy do it, so why couldn't he? He pulled his shoes on and got ready to leave.

    Mikko nodded. "I guess you can put it that way." She grabbed Travis and scooped up Aden. "Ok all set." She said and headed out the door to look for a car herself, unsure if Chris could actually pull a car jacking off.

    Chris left right after her and scanned the street before taking off in another direction. He looked down the street a ways and blinked a few times. Is that...? "You gotta be shitting me..." And sure enough, it was. It was the SUV...THEIRS! Chris wasn't sure whether to be relieved or pissed off at that. Though he was somewhat relieved that maybe he didn't have to car-jack after all. But at the same time, he was upset because he was hoping to prove himself to Mikko. He sighed and went back to her side. "Look who showed up..." he said pointing at the approaching SUV.

    Mikko held on to the two kids and watched as Chris scanned the streets. She was sure that she would have to step in and help him. But then he came back, and pointed to the SUV that was pulling up. She would have rather a new vehicle, they couldn't keep using this one. She mentally rolled her eyes. "Lucky for you uh? Though I would still like to see what you got."

    And soon they were on their way home. Once they drew closer to the old tattoo shop, she quickly spotted Mikko and Chris. She really couldn't wait to share her excitement with them!

    Chris was afraid she was going to say that. He sighed inwardly and nodded. He would do his best. He took off down the street again and checked every vehicle. Finally he spotted an abandoned blue and white pick-up truck and hurried over to it. After getting the door open he looked at the wiring. It was an older truck, so it would be an easy one to start by means of hot-wiring. After a few attempts, he finally got it started and began driving it back to the apartment to show Mikko. He felt damn proud of himself. The vehicle may not have looked the best, with rust in several places, but still not in all that bad of shape.

    Kendall slowly approached the apartment and put the SUV in park when they arrived there. He also noticed Chris and Mikko but never said anything about it. And he reeeeeally didn't want to hear Mikko bitch at them for leaving in the first place. What the hell was the reason for having the vehicle if he couldn't take Daisy out sometimes. Yeah, okay...there was the whole exposure thing, but still... He climbed out of the vehicle and went over to Daisy's side and carefully removed her from the SUV.

    Once Kendall helped her out of the SUV, Daisy was quick to announce the good news. "Mikko! We gots a TV!"

    Mikko looked at the old pick up and gave Chris a questioning look as he pulled up. How were they going to fit the car seat in there? and what about Aden? Was she suppose to sit in the bed of the truck. This was really not the best choice. But she didn't want to hurt his feelings. Then she was detracted by Daisy saying something about a TV. She smiled at her and nodded. "Cool. But...you know we really could have used a baby bed...and another bed for the other bedroom.....and...food..." She sighed deeply. really was she the only one who was thinking of this stuff? She was suppose to be the unreliable insane druggy. Yet she was the only one taking care of everyone, now she had to prove herself to a new gang, hope that she didn't caught hanging with Gabe. and hold a job! and she was probably going to have take up a second job. It was starting to feel overwhelming.

    Chris was grinning from ear-to-ear as he pulled up to Mikko. "So...how did I do?"

    Mikko tried to be as nice as she could, though she was annoyed. Then she thought, Chris didn't have to come with her. He was just going to drop her off anyway. They would fit if she booted Chris out the truck. "It's fine, babe. But it's not going to fit us all. so I'll just take the kids. And I'll see you tomorrow ok." She told him as she put the boys in the truck.

    And Chris was okay with that. He didn't expect everyone to fit in there anyway. It was just enough to get Mikko and the boys where they needed to go. "Sure. See you tomorrow." Then he grinned. "And thanks!" He climbed out of the truck and held it open for Mikko. "It's all yours."
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    Post by Lexi on Fri Oct 02, 2009 4:27 pm

    Well, yeah...it would be nice to have those things too. But all he was thinking about was Daisy and her happiness. And considering she was pretty immobile for the time being, it would give her something to do. And they still had some money left over, anyway. He just figured Mikko and Chris would take care of their own things. Mikko WAS supposed to get a job downstairs, wasn't she? Granted, after this money ran out, then they would have to worry about more important things. And with a daughter on the way...he'd have to think of something quick. He carried Daisy over to the others. He overheard a little about the origins of this truck Chris just climbed out of. Not bad for the kid's first time...though it was...small.

    Daisy clung to Kendall, eyeing the 'new' truck. It was just as good as any other vehicle, she thought. Though, she reeeeally missed 'Bee'. She didn't seem fazed by Mikko's list of things they could've gotten instead, she was just so darn happy with the TV! But before she could ask Mikko if she wanted to have a movie night, her sis had announced her departure. She couldn't suppress a tiny pout at that. But all was not lost! She still had Kendall, and Chris. "Soooo, Scary movie night?" She asked the two boys

    "idiots.." Mikko mumbled as she got into the truck. They were no help she was probably better off just living by herself, then she would only have to worry about her and Travis...and Aden for the moment. She backed out and was soon on her way to Gabes.

    *He rolled his eyes at her big brother comment.* "Nah he's been Turtle Titan longer den I've been da Nightwatcher." *He listened as she went on about comic book store and how Mikey would fit in even if he had an accident in revealing himself. Raph just shrugged at that he didn't know much about comic book mutants other then they seemed to never get the life style quite right. Well it was his opinion anyway.* "I guess they'd probably shit dem selves!" *He took another big swig of his beer and wasn't keeping track about how much he was drinking.*

    Hours had passed, and the drugs were slowly losing their effect on him. That, and the overwhelming need to take a piss. It took every ounce of energy left within him to will his heavy eyelids open, but after a good half-hour, he finally managed and slowly crawled from beneath the comforts of the sheets. After staggering to the bathroom and taking care of business, Gabe made his way into the kitchen, seemingly oblivious to the appearance of Lexi's friend. Paying no mind to their small talk, he plucked the half-gallon jug of milk from the fridge and chugged it. It was only then that he caught a glimpse of Raph from the corner of his eye. He blinked, figuring it was the lingering effects of the drugs, but as his gaze settled on the giant reptile, he lost his grip on the jug of milk. It splattered against the floor, but he was just too stunned to pick the thing up...

    it didn't take Mikko long to get to Gabe's place. The trip seemed faster this time for some reason. She decided to park a ways from Gabe's place and ditch the truck. She turned into someone's drive and quickly got the her and the kids out and walked the rest of the way to Gabe's. Once she got to Gabe's place she kicked the door hoping someone was still around to answer the door.

    Lexi was about to comment on that when Gabriel suddenly appeared, and grabbed the milk from the fridge. At first, it appeared that just maybe Gabriel wouldn't even notice. He did still appear to be 'out of it'. But then, she watched as the scene played out, almost in slow motion. Gabriel was looking dead at Raph, obviously stunned. Oh boy. Here was the awkward moment she had been waiting for. "Um.. Gabe.. this is Raph.. Raph... Gabe..." And she had heard the 'kicking' at the door, but she was too worried about the situation at hand to leave the boys alone right now.

    What? No thank you or goodbye? This didn't sit well with Chris and he frowned. Lucky for him, he didn't catch what she mumbled in her hasty departure. He sighed and turned to the other two. "So you got a TV, huh?" Maybe this night wouldn't be so boring after all.

    'Damn it!' he thought needless to say that this would be the last time he would listen to Lexi about taking his disguise off in a strange place. He glared back at the frightened looking man and then briefly glared at Lexi as she attempted to introduce them it hardly seemed the right time to do so. The kicking at the door was another strange and he found himself wanting to get up and hide he had no idea who was at the door.* "Go see who dat is babe I'd like ta end da day without getting spotted by another fuckin' person!" * He was frustrated and didn't like Gabe gawking at him.* "What?!" *He said defensively

    Gabe was stunned, to say the least. His exhausted mind was in no condition to deal with this right now. He suddenly felt nauseous. Not from the sight of the huge reptile, but the milk that had reached his deprived stomach. The neglect was making itself known with a vengeance. He briefly recalled his meeting with Fal's reptilian room-mate, the cute little sea turtle, Tobi. But this one, was anything but friendly looking. And his defensive demeanor was quickly causing Gabe's to rise. He glared back at him. "Whut'tha fuck you mean, what! Don't go.." He briefly paused, tying to suppress the overwhelming need to vomit. "cockin' a motha'fuckin' attitude.. greenie!"

    Lexi quickly stood from her spot, trying to come in between the two. The last thing she needed was for a fight to break out. And the door. Dammit! She was suddenly feeling overwhelmed. "Just a minute!" She called out towards the door, then glanced back at Gabe, and Raph. "Behave, you two."

    Mikko started kicking the door harder. "Anyone in there!?"

    "Yeah!" Daisy beamed proudly, flashing Chris a huge smile. "It's ginormous!"

    Raphael stood up while meeting Gabes glare with one of his own his temper was close to the boiling point and he was about to yell a smart remark of his own until Lexi intervened.* "I will if he does!" *He said grinding his teeth

    Lexi sighed deeply, mentally face-palming. She had hoped that things would've gone better than this. "You two... don't kill each other. I have to answer the door before Mikko kicks it in." With that, she gave both a scolding glare before disappearing from the kitchen. After undoing the numerous locks, she slid the door open just enough for Mikko to enter, and locked it behind her. "If you'll excuse me, I'm trying to keep the boys from killing each other."

    "What.. I didn't start it.." Gabriel replied to Lexi, but she was soon gone. Now, it was just him and the turtle-man. He still held his gaze, his defensive glare unfaltering.

    Mikko walked inside, handing Aden to Lexi as she did. She looked over at Lexi and raised a brow. "Of course they are. Why would you bring your boyfriend to your Ex's house. That's just ...horrible." She set the baby bag down on the couch and headed into the kitchen. "Hey, babe." She greeted Gabe.

    Kendall grinned at Daisy then turned to Chris. "Yeah, it's pretty big." Then he shot Daisy an apologetic look. "I don't think this place has cable, Daisy. We'll have to see what we can find locally." Sometimes they had some really good programs on...and being primetime, there had to be some kind of movie on. He turned to Chris again. "You wanna help me bring it in?" I have to take Daisy in first then I'll be back." And without waiting for Chris' answer, he headed up to the apartment. He opened the door and carried Daisy over to the couch and sat her on the edge of the pull-out bed. Then he pressed a small kiss against her lips and told her he would be back...with the TV! And he left to go help Chris bring it in. He knew he had to make yet another trip to bring in Daisy's wheelchair in, but first, they would get the TV hooked up.

    Lexi's brows narrowed at Mikko's comment. Who ever said that Raph was her boyfriend? The girl was just jumping to conclusions. Honestly, she didn't know what she and Raph were, but she knew it was something more than casual friendship. After taking Aden into the dog's room and placing him on the bed, she returned to the kitchen. She wasn't sure how much longer Gabriel's legs would support him. He looked completely unsteady, despite his display. And did he not realize that he was standing in a puddle of cold milk? "Gabe.." She gently took hold of his arm, trying to direct him towards one of the chair. "Sit down before you fall down."

    Daisy waited anxiously for the other two to return with the tv. She scooped up the tiny pup and cradled her in her arms, and it was only then that she realized they had forgotten to get a kitten! Oh well, there was always next time!

    Chris' mood had lifted somewhat after hearing that they had a TV now. He nodded to Daisy and grinned at her. "Cool." Then he nodded at Kendall's question. Sure he would help. And since they were stuck with only local stations, it would be a lot harder to find something to watch. But still, it was entertainment. He headed to the back of the SUV while he waited for Kendall to return, but he opened the door. "Whoa..." His eyes lit up even more at the sight of the television. Definitely cool.

    Raphael gaze remaned on Gabe even as Mikko walked in he didn't have to look to know it was her as he recognized her voice. He wasn't thrilled that she had returned but kept that to himself. He watched as Lexi helped Gabe to the table

    Gabriel was determined to stand his ground, but couldn't deny that the fatigue and injuries were weighing on him. After a moment, he finally gave in, taking a seat in the chair closest to him. It was only now that he realized that Mikko had entered the kitchen. "Hey babe." He greeted, unaware that she had left, and had just returned. And once again, his attention was drawn to this newcomer that was in his kitchen. "So.. you from some alternate planet?" He assumed so, because that's where Tobi was from.

    Mikko would have helped clean the milk off the floor, but Travis had woken and was demanding his mothers attention. Anyway, Lexi was more use to being on her knees then Mikko. She looked over at Raph and shook her head, she was really hoping that he would have been gone by now. As the baby became more fussy, she quickly went into the living room and grabbed the baby bag, then disappeared into the bathroom.

    Raphael crossed his arms over his plastron and quirked a brow at his question.* "Nah born an' raised in NYC!" *He snorted.and figured Gabe was still coming down from the drugs

    Soon Kendall returned and helped Chris carry in the television. Having to go up steps, it was definitely easier to have a second person help him carry it. Soon they made it to the apartment and Kendall looked around for an available power outlet. Finding one, he directed Chris in that direction and they both set it on the floor in front of the outlet. When they could, they would have to get a TV stand for elevation, but the floor would do for now. Kendall quickly plugged it in. Sadly, they would have to change the channel from the button on side of the TV since there was no remote. That was one of the drawbacks of getting a used television set, but only a minor inconvenience. Once that was done, he returned to Daisy's side and smiled at her. "Now I just gotta go get your chair and we're all set." And soon he was off again to do just that.

    Gabe quirked a brow at that. Did he seriously expect him to believe that? "Sure you were... and I'm from Mars." He winked, and grabbed for Lexi's beer, but she was quick to snatch it away from him, giving him a scolding glare. She had no idea what drugs he was coming down from, and the last thing he needed was to add alcohol to the mix. She threw a towel into the puddle of milk, allowing it to absorb, but the pit bull was doing a commendable job of cleaning up the rest. Gabe was still oblivious to the mess he'd made. His attention was still fixated on Raph. Well, if this guy wasn't going to answer his first question, might as well ask a new one. "So. You Lexi's new squeeze." He couldn't believe this shit, here he was, having a conversation with a huge ass turtle. Yeah, it was definitely the drugs, and soon it would all go away. For now, he would just.. go with it.

    Soon Mikko came out the bathroom and was on her way to the kitchen to warm up a bottle. Then she saw the dog. Why was it in the house anyway? Didn't these kinda dogs live outside? She very slowly backed away from the kitchen, holding her hungry baby close. She was going to have to get in there. She looked to Lexi for help.

    Lexi took a seat between Gabriel and Raph, keeping her beer safely within her hands. She noticed Mikko from the corner of her eye, seeing the girl's obvious fear of the dog. "He's not going to hurt you." She said, gesturing towards Gabe. "He'll behave as long as Gabe's around."

    Mars? Now he knew Gabe was still high, he rolled his eyes.* "Really?!" *He said as he took a seat, leaning his shell on the back of the chair. He didn't like Gabes new question and felt that it was an insult.* "Whats it ta ya?!" *He himself wasn't sure what he was to Lexi they never really talked about it before

    Still cuddling with the puppy, Daisy gave an eager nod and waited for him to return. She seemed unfazed by the fact that their channels would be limited. They had a tv! That's all that mattered.

    Mikko wasn't buying that. That dog was just waiting for a chance to maul her. And she had to think of Travis. The baby was nothing more then a tick-tack for that dog. "Can you please put him somewhere...I have to feed Travis."

    It wasn't long before Kendall returned with the chair. He opened it and wheeled it over to Daisy. "Did you wanna get in it now or just sit where you are? Probably more comfortable up there."

    It seemed someone was on the defensive again. Gabriel shrugged his shoulders. "Ain't shit to me. But if you can't answer, then obviously yer hidin' somethin'.." Well, that was only partly true. He did care. He cared about his brother possibly being hurt. But then, he reminded himself that this was all his mind playing tricks on him. It would soon fade, and he would be left in reality once more. Jigs' was still at his master's feet, lapping up the rest of the milk. The canine could detect Mikko's fear, which in turn, put him on edge. He gave a low, warning growl as his eyes fixated on the purple-haired woman. But Gabe was quick to give the dog a gentle nudge with his foot, signaling for him to hush.

    "Mmm.. I'm comfy right here!" And she patted the space beside her. "Join me!" Of course, she would remain mindful to 'behave', despite her desire to do naughty things to him. They were in the presence of Chris, after all. She didn't want to run him off with her x-rated'ness.

    With a massive roll of her eyes, Lexi finally got up from her chair, and gently grabbed the pit bull by the collar. After placing him inside Gabe's room, she returned to her seat.

    "That wasn't so hard was it?" Mikko remarked as she went into the kitchen to fix Travis his bottle. "Sooooo Raph. how's your friend..Casey, was it?"

    Kendall grinned and sat down next to her. He wrapped his arm around Daisy and held her close, then looked over at Chris since he was still over by the TV. "Find us something good, would you?"

    Raphael crossed his arms again and glared at Gabe. It wasn't that he was hiding something it was just that he didn't know.Sure he had told his brothers and Casey that they were together but Lexi had never officially called him her boyfriend. It would be something he would discus with her later though. His gaze then went to Mikko as she mentioned Casey.* "He's fine no thank ta ya!" *He sneered

    Chris nodded and assumed his duty as official channel changer. He had to hold back an eye roll at the order, but he complied anyway. He personally didn't care what they watched and turned on the TV, flipping through the small amount of channels they had available. Finally finding something worth watching, he climbed up on the couch/bed and leaned back against the couch's back cushions. It was a horror movie, but he wasn't sure which one it was. Hopefully Daisy and Kendall would approve. If not...too bad. Kendall would have to do it, then.

    Mikko just smiled at Raph. "Just doing my part to protect the streets from crazy people."

    Raphael gave her his most sarcastic grin.* "Well den all ya'd have ta do is jump off a' high bridge an' problem solved!"

    "awww now that's just rude. save anymore helpless girls from the nut house?" Mikko asked with a sarcastic laugh. With bottle ready she began feeding Travis.

    She was really trying to get her little digs in now!.* "Nah yer' da only one. Ever thought a'bout vacationin' there again?!"

    Daisy cuddled against Kendall, definitely approving of the movie Chris had selected. "Ooooh... Dawn of the Dead! I haven't seen this one!" And she was sure to have nightmares afterwards

    "Nah once was enough." That's when Mikko's lips twisted into a wicked smirk. Holding Travis close in one arm she put the bottle down, reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. She opened it and pointed it at Raph. "Say cheese, freak." She hit the button to take his picture.

    That was it he had been nice long enough! His expression changed to anger as she took the flip phone out and snapped his picture. With his quick reflexes he snatched the phone out of her hand.* "Still playin' game's eh bitch!" *He seethed

    Oh crap. She could NOT lose that phone. Mikko glared at him. "Gimmie my phone. and don't cus in front of my child!"

    Angered by Mikko's actions, she was quick to grab the phone from Raph, and wasted no time deleting the pictures. But she wasn't about to give it back just yet. "If you're going to invade someone's privacy, you're not getting it back until you leave."

    And the nausea soon hit full force. Gabriel suddenly stood, and made a bee-line to the bathroom.

    Well at lest it wasn't getting broken. "Your turtle boy decided to come prancing in here. I'll be here for a few days and I need my phone." She watched Gabe go to the bathroom. "Poor guy..." She then turned back to Lexi. "He wants to stay hidden then he shouldn't be parading around in the open. Now give me my phone!"

    Lexi glared at her. "Keep it up, and I'll break it. He has every right to be here as you do. If you can't respect that, then there's the door."

    "Hang on." Mikko left the kitchen and laid Travis in the bedroom with Aden then went back to the kitchen. "I.NEED. My.Phone bitch!. Either give it to me, or I'll take it from your cold dead hand. Doesn't matter to me!"

    Kendall snuggled up to Daisy and watched the movie. He also had to admit it was a good choice for the night. He grinned and turned to Chris. "Nice find," he complimented him. Then he turned his attention back to Daisy and the movie.

    Oh, now she was definitely seeing red. "What, are you fucking threatening me?!" Lexi quickly stood from her chair, and roughly grabbed Mikko by the shirt, shoving her back against the wall. She tossed the phone back to Raph, and her attention returned to the purple-haired girl. "You can lose the fucking attitude, or I'll adjust it for you, bitch!"

    Chris was already starting to fall asleep, but he heard the small praise from Kendall and waved his hand in response. Then soon after, he dozed off again

    Mikko glared at Lexi. But as she was tossed against the wall a twisted smile formed across her lips. "How'd you know I like it rough? You gonna kiss me now?" She in no way wanted to fight Lexi, didn't want Gabe to find a dead playmate in his house. So she tried to ease the tension, plus. she needed that phone back.

    It wasn't working. Mikko had crossed that fine line with Lexi. She was pissed, and there was no cut and dry way to ease that tension now. She wanted nothing more than to send her fist smashing into her pierced face. "All you do is cause trouble. I don't know what the fuck Gabe sees in you."

    Raphael allowed Lexi to take the phone but in no way trusted Mikko if she got it back she would just snap another picture of him! He stood up glaring at Mikko and then his gaze softened as he looked at Lexi. He hated to do it but he could no longer stay if Mikko was going to try to exploit him. He had more then just himself to worry about here. He caught the phone as Lexi tossed it to him and his eyes widened as she jumped Mikko. He griped the phone with one hand and rushed to pull Lexi back with the other. He then glared at Mikko* " Ya better stop tryin' ta start shit ya can't finsh!"

    Mikko shrugged at that. "My pretty eyes? My fine ass? My plump lips. My awesome personality!" She grinned at Lexi as Raph pulled her back. "I would like my phone back, I'm waiting for, what's probably a life or death call." She held out her hand. "Gimmie my phone and I'll stay in the room with the kids for the rest of the night, how's that sound, love?" She asked Lexi.

    Lexi just glared at her. She had tried so hard to get along with this girl, and it seemed Mikko was finding every way she could to burn down those bridges. At this particular moment, she could feel nothing but hatred for her, because she knew Mikko felt the same. She gave up. There was no reaching out to this girl. She was hopeless. She didn't answer Mikko. Since Raph had been the one she had violated, it would be his decision about the phone. But personally, Lexi would have smashed it against the wall. She was just that angry.

    Daisy hid her face against Kendall as a particularly gory scene graced their new TV set. She gently squeezed him, and gave a nervous giggle. "Ewww.. their brains look like lasagna!"

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    Raphael's hand still grasped Lexi's arm as Mikko spoke to her. Every word she said seemed to ooze with venom as Raph glared at her from his side of the table. The fact that she mentioned that the phone meant life or death to her amused him she obviously wasn't in her right mind otherwise she would have known better then to flash it in his face. He griped the phone in his hand tightly and was thinking about snapping it in half just to teach her a lesson. He flipped the phone open and put his fingers in the middle where the hinge was

    Mikko swallowed thickly. If Raph broke her phone, she would find some way of getting back at him...She might not be able to hurt Raph, but he seemed to care for Lexi. Brake her things she brakes your things, that's how it worked, in her mind anyway. She watched Raph carefully then looked at Lexi. "I don't think Gabe would take kindly to you getting me killed. Give me. My phone!"

    Lasagna, huh? That was a new one for him. But now that she mentioned it...eww--he could never look at lasagna the same way again. He quickly turned his disgusted expression to one of amusement. "Think so, huh?" He grinned and held Daisy close, letting her bury her face in his arm when it became too gruesome for her.

    "You should have thought of that shit before you came in here, flashing your damn camera." Lexi retorted. She wasn't sure how a phone could get her killed, and frankly didn't give a damn. She was asking for it when she teased Raph with it. She attempted to move forward, but it was only then that she realized that Raph was holding her back. It took a moment for her to cool off enough to refrain from turning this physical. Still, it wouldn't take much. "I've tried getting along with you, but if you fucking insist on making me the enemy, you got it."

    "What! no!" Mikko shouted. "I thought we were getting along. I was glad we had that talk. I didn't have any problem with you, in fact, I was glad that we had made some progress. So I took a picture. My fuckin god, I was playing around! it's not a big deal!"

    After a moment, Daisy dared to look up-- just in time to see a zombie get his head blown off. "Ewww..this is kinda gross... in a good way!" But soon the sleeping Chris grabbed her full attention. She couldn't suppress a cheeky little smile as she leaned closer to Kendall and whispered against his ear. "Think we should give him a glitter make-over? I've been dying to do his eyeliner..."

    "Not a big deal?" Lexi glared at her. "Maybe not for you, but what if that picture got into the wrong hands? Did you ever think about that? Is 'just playing around' worth that risk? Of course it isn't to you, because you don't care!"

    Mikko sighed. "I'm sorry ok? I didn't think it was a big deal, No one sees the pictures on my phone. Anyway you erased it. So problem solved. Can I PLEASE have my phone back?"

    Kendall looked in Chris' direction and grinned. "Maybe..." Of course Chris would kill them later for it. But Kendall was definitely in a playful mood, so what the hell? He whispered back into her ear, "Go for it, babe. I'll just watch."

    That cheeky little grin grew a little wider, hearing Kendall's approval. She untangled herself from Kendall, and after grabbing her trusty backpack, she pulled out the eyeliner, and the pretty silver glitter. It was all she could do to keep from giggling as she applied the thick black liner to his eyelids, giving him a very goth appearance. Once that was done, she paid his lips the same amount of attention, lining them beautifully with the eyeliner, and filling them in. Next, lip gloss to give his now black lips a beautiful shine. After eyeing her handy work, she began the final stage in the make-over.. the oh so pretty glitter!

    Frustrated and angry, Lexi finally stepped away, leaving Raph to make the final call about the phone. Even Mikko's apology did little to ease her mood. The girl just didn't get it. And it didn't help matters any that Mikko continued to call her names, even after their little talk, that apparently meant nothing. She disappeared briefly to check on Gabe ,then returned to the kitchen, resuming her spot at the table to finish her beer, and keep an eye on Raph and the psycho.

    Mikko looked at both of them. "I don't think you fucking get it! Child serves requires me to have a phone. that phone! You put me a step behind to get my son back, I swear you'll both live to regret it. Not to mention if a certain someone calls, it's better he don't have to hunt me down. Ya know. Now do I have to go in there and tell Gabe that you two are going to be the cause of him babysitting Travis for a few more weeks?" Mikko's next move was to take Lexi hostage for the phone. But she would wait and see what Raph did first.

    At first Chris made no response to what Daisy was doing. But as soon as Daisy began applying the make up to his lips, his eyes fluttered open, still somewhat out of it. When his surroundings became more in-focus, he blinked a few times, looking straight at Daisy. But still he wasn't with it enough to form a complete sentence. Finally it registered what was happening and before Daisy could apply the final touches, he bolted up. "What the hell? What did you think you were doing?" He was more shocked than angry at this point.

    Raphael kept the phone pinched between his fingers and let Lexi go as she left the room for the moment. His gaze remand on Mikko and breifly went back to Lexi as she sat down it seemed that she didn't care one way or the other. Raph listened at Mikko's explanation and pleas to get her phone back, she must really want this thing although he didn't go for Social Services bit in fact he thought the baby would be better off without her! He sighed as he flipped the phone shut.* "Hey Lex come 'ere fer' a sec." *He said as he turned for the living room with the phone still in hand. He wasn't about to give it to her while he was still there and besides if she was that desperate for it she may be willing to do something nuts. As he remembers well with what happened to Casey

    Lexi stood from her chair, and followed Raphael into the living room. Still angered by Mikko's actions, she managed an apologetic look in his direction. "I'm sorry, Raph." She apologized, in regards to making him feel it was safe to remove his disguise. "I didn't know she was coming back." She reached over, and gently squeezed his arm. "What is it, babe?"

    Daisy gasped in surprise as Chris suddenly sprung to life, but she was unable to suppress a mad fit of giggles. "Aww.. I was making you look sexy!" She grinned up at him. "You look like a rock star!"

    Mikko watched the two leave with her phone. She followed behind, not to close. But close enough to see what the hell was going on. She seriously didn't think this was all a big deal, not like the camera was going to eat his soul or something. Raph was obviously just looking for trouble.

    Chris looked at Daisy questioningly. "What's the matter with how I look?" He had yet to see her handiwork and wanted to see for himself the job she did on him. "You got a mirror on you?"

    "Awww, nothing! You're cuuuute! But, I wanted to add a little flare to you!" She smiled at him, and nodded at his question. After digging through her bag, she pulled out a small mirror, and handed it over to him. "Edward, eat your heart out! You pull off the glitter waaaaay better than he does!"

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    He griped the phone at his side as he turned around to face Lexi. He made sure to keep his voice down incase Mikko would try to listen. He didn't say anything when Lexi tried to apologize to him he wasn't really in the mood for it. * "Lemme take ya home!" *He said in a low but forceful tone.* " Dis' shit wit' 'er phone make's meh think she's fuckin' around wit' dangerous people!" *He had to at least try to get Lexi to go with him he was extremely suspicious of Mikko

    Chris took the mirror and looked at her work. And he had to admit, it didn't look too bad. He lowered the mirror and smiled at her. "Not too bad, Daisy." He raised the mirror in front of his face again. "But next time," he began, lowering the mirror again and looking at her. "Please ask me first." He smiled at her and gave her the mirror back. He knew that Mikko liked him in make up. So he hoped she came back in the morning so he could show her.

    Lexi sighed deeply at that. She knew Raph was just concerned for her, but how could she leave Gabriel in the condition he was in? "I know, Raph. But if I go home, I'm just going to worry." Besides, it was lonely back at her apartment. Too much time to think, something she really didn't need. She gave his hand a gentle squeeze. "But, you could stay here with me..."

    "Soooo, you like?" Daisy grinned proudly at that, and gave him a salute. "Sure thing! So, can I do your make-up more often now?"

    This was driving Mikko mad. She needed that phone back. She walked up to the two of them. "Can I have my phone back now?" She just wanted to get her phone and hang out with Gabe. But it seemed asshole and bitch was going to make that difficult.

    Chris nodded to Daisy. Sure, it was okay occasionally, but he still would rather do it himself. "We'll see..." was his response. Then he leaned back against the couch again. He was really tired, but he didn't want to mess up Daisy's wonderful job. So propping up himself sounded like the best solution. It didn't take him long to start dozing off once more.

    Raphael frowned at her reply he figured it would be better for her to worry then end up dead! He was about to yell something to that affect to her until she grabbed his hand she was making this difficult for him. Didn't she know that he wanted to stay with her? And she had to be aware of why he shouldn't he had his family to protect he wasn't hiding his identity for his heath! But of course Mikko had to butt in before he could explain that much to Lexi. He glared at her for a moment before letting go of Lexi's hand and headed over to the couch to grab his disguise. Without a word he went towards the hallway and roughly tossed her phone in the living room. He then quickly made his way to the bathroom to change

    Her phone! Thank god! Mikko ran to the living room and grabbed it. she looked it over to make sure he didn't do anything to it then tucked it back in her pocket. Lest that was over with. She then headed to where Gabe was and lightly knocked on the door.

    Lexi's heart sunk as Raph turned and headed off to the bathroom to change, without so much as an explanation. She could tell that he was upset, and that did little for her own state of mind. She felt torn in a million directions. And it all came down to Mikko. Because of her, Raph felt he had to leave. Because of her, he couldn't even express himself to her.. and he felt too uncomfortable to just be himself. The whole situation stung like hell. Not only had Mikko continuously thrown any progress they made back at her, now Raph was leaving. And she felt protective over someone she wished she could just let go. This whole situation was weighing on her. She would've cried, if not for her solid determination to be strong.Last night, she felt she was needed here. And now, she felt unneeded anywhere. With a heavy heart, she slipped out the front door and settled on the porch swing.

    He must've spent a good thirty minutes inside that bathroom, trying to rid his stomach of contents that didn't exist. The whole thing was exhausting. Soon after, he had returned to his room, obviously too sick to put up with the bickering that was going on inside the kitchen. He had fallen asleep, but that didn't last long. Soon, the knocking at his bedroom door slowly grabbed his attention. It took great effort, but he finally willed his heavy eyelids to open, but made no effort to move from his position on the bed, just yet. "S'unlocked."

    Mikko had completely forgotten that lexi has tossed Jigs in Gabe's room. She opened the door and stepped inside closing the door behind her. She didn't bother turning on the lights, and sat on Gabes bed, feeling her away around. "How ya doing babe?" She asked lightly rubbing his leg. "Need anything? Soup maybe?"

    Jigs was curled up on the other side of the bed. He gave a low growl as Mikko entered the room, but hushed when Gabriel sternly said his name. Squinting in the dark, he reached over and flipped on the small end-table lamp, illuminating the room in a soft glow. He looked at her, his tired features managing a hint of an appreciative look. But even the thought of food was nauseating. "Thanks. But I don't think it'd stay down." He slowly pushed himself into a sit, wincing from the sharp pain that coursed through his ribs, "How's yer son doin'?"

    Raphael managed to get in and out of the bathroom without a fuss. He was now covered from head to toe in his disguise and quietly slipped out of the bathroom he looked around and didn't see Mikko in sight. He then walked down the hallway while pulling his fedora further down over his face. When he got to the living room he noticed that Lexi was also gone his mind wandered thinking that Mikko might of done something. He quickly checked the kitchen and glanced around the living room again until he caught sight of her through the window. He was relieved and stepped out onto the front porch and went over to the porch swing.* "There ya are." *He said as he sat next to her

    Mikko tensed at the sound of the dog, but when he was quickly hushed, she pulled her legs on the bed and relaxed a bit. She scooted a little closer to him, adjusting herself so that she faced him. "I was going to ask if you wanted to continue that back massage..but maybe that's not such a good idea." She said seeing the pain that he was in. She smiled a little at his question. "Travis is doing great. That boys already got me wrapped around his finger."

    Kendall watched Daisy as she did her job. He was wondering what Chris' reaction was going to be when he woke up. Surprisingly enough, he didn't seem that upset. In fact, he took it really well. But he knew Chris was somewhat out of it during the whole session. But still, Kendall was pretty shocked. He gave Daisy a disbelieving look when Chris slipped off to slumberland again. He nodded in approval to her and gave her a thumbs up--a silent signal for a job well done.

    Lost in thought, the heartache was worn freely on Lexi's features. And suddenly, she wasn't alone anymore. She tried to compose herself, trying so desperately to seem unfazed by anything.. an act she had mastered over the years. But even the strong had to break sometime. At first, she said nothing as Raph joined her on the swing. He was going to leave, just like everyone else. But as much as she wanted to keep herself at a distance because of that fear-- she couldn't. After a moment, she slid closer to him, and rested her cheek against his shoulder. Her fingers once again entwined with his. A quiet, apologetic gesture. A plea, that she was too proud to voice. She didn't want him to leave, but knew she couldn't make him stay. He had a life to get back to.

    Gabe reached over and gently squeezed Mikko's hand. "Don't worry bout me, babe. I've had worse." He tried to assure. But still, he couldn't deny just how painful just sitting was. He leaned back against the headboard as he listened to Mikko talk about her son. Just her expression spoke volumes for the love she already felt for the kid. There was no doubt in his mind that she would make a good mother. "He's lucky to have you."

    And Kendall would be next! Daisy thought, with a cheeky smile. He'd better sleep with one eye open! She snuggled back against him, and once again gave the movie her full attention. "If you were a zombie, would you eat my brains?"

    Mikko smiled and gave his hand a squeeze in return. she took one of the pillows that rested beside Gabe and used it to lean on the headboard beside him. "Yeah...Right now it's so hard though. He has no bed, no toys...I just can't afford it. We don't have food...I have a job but...Travis' diapers and formula and then Daisy and her damn pets. and now Aden...There just isn't enough money. And I'm the only one working. Then Daisy and Kendall come home with this big ass TV." She sighed heavily. "If this continues...I might have to ask Kendall and Daisy to move out."

    Raphael saw the sadness in her features and allowed her to lean against him. He put his arm around her shoulders giving her a gentle squeeze while holding onto her hand. He wasn't sure what was wrong other then Mikko and wished she would say something. After a few minutes of quiet he broke the silence.* "Wha's wrong?"

    What was wrong? Lexi hardly knew where to start. She gently squeezed Raph's gloved hand, and caressed his knuckles with her thumb, wishing she could feel his reptilian skin beneath her fingertips. But she had asked so much of him tonight, and that could've cost him greatly. "I know I can't save him. And that hurts me." She answered quietly. And she wouldn't even voice her thoughts on Mikko. How the girl seemed dead set on hating her. No. That was no longer worth her breath. She leaned up to press a gentle kiss against his cheek. "Thanks for coming over here tonight. It means a lot."

    Gabriel could only listen on, really not knowing what to say. Of course, he didn't understand the circumstances, of why the other two couldn't get jobs. He just gave a faint nod, and gave her hand a supportive squeeze. "Soon as I heal up, I'm gonna have to come check out yer crib." He flashed her a wink. "Throw you a proper house warmin' party, gangsta' style."

    That made mikko smile, she planted a kiss against his cheek. "Gabe I seriously don't know what I would do with out you. Oh, and I talked to Chris...and..We're not together anymore. He seems ok with it. and still wants to live in the apartment and help me with Travis. He really is a sweet guy...to bad I'm not a big fan of sweet guys uh?"

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    Post by Mikko on Sun Oct 04, 2009 3:53 pm

    "I think a nice guy's what you need, Mickey." Though Gabe knew it wasn't the type she usually went for. And with Spike out now, he didn't even have to guess as to why Mikko had decided that Chris wasn't for her. Gabe was concerned for the baby's safety, and for Mikko's. But he knew those concerns would fall on deaf ears. He was almost certain he had expressed them before, and he was just too drained to repeat himself. He could only hope that someday, Mikko would get over the psychopath, and move on.

    "You're probably right..." Mikko smiled at Gabe "So..all these years we've known each other. How come you never tried to hook up with me? To crazy for ya?" She teased him. Playfully ruffling his hair. "Or did ya not want to put Spike to shame?" She laughed at that last part, and gave his hand another squeeze.

    Gabe managed a weak grin, and returned the hand squeeze. "Cuz, I always figured what we had was better than that." He reached over and gave her a brotherly noogie. "Why ruin a good thing?" And his grin slightly faltered. "Cuz you prolly know as good as I do, relationships don't last. But family, that's forever." Though, after the recent months, and Ezekiel's departure, he was beginning to question that. But he tried to mask his own uncertainties behind a faint smile. "So hurry up and settle for a nice guy, so yer big bro can quit beatin' the snot outta those losers who disrespect you."

    Kendall held her close and brought his full attention back to the movie. That is...until she asked him a question. He looked at her and shook his head. "Now what kinda question is that, darlin? You know I would never hurt you." He gave her a tight squeeze. Of course if he was a zombie, he may not have any control over his actions. An interesting theory to be sure...

    That defiantly made Mikko feel special. She smiled brightly at him and nodded. "I have to agree with you. And I'm looking. Thought I had something with Chris but then situations came up and I got a taste of his personality. So the search goes on I guess. Not going to be easy, ya know having a baby and all."

    "Awww, I know you wouldn't babe." She planted a few light kisses against his neck, and nuzzled against him. "But if I was a zombie, I'd eat you all up." She flashed him a devious grin. "Cuz you're yummy." She flashed him a wink, and ran her finger gently over his chest. "So, what do you think causes people to become zombies? Is it rabies? And why do they have to eat lasagna brains, if they're dead?"

    It was getting dark outside and he knew he had to leave soon if he was going to meet Casey in time. He listened as Lexi spoke about not being able to save Gabe and it seemed she was taking it pretty hard which he didn't understand why. Sure her and Gabe used to be together but she should be over him by now right? He sighed not really knowing what to say counseling was not one of his better skills so he left that topic alone. He was enjoying her touch and returned it with a light squeeze he then nodded as she thanked him.* "It's no problem ya know ya can call meh whenever. Ya gonna be ok?"

    "Maybe yer just lookin' in the wrong places." Gabe adjusted the pillow behind him, trying to get comfortable. "Hell. Maybe yer lookin' in the wrong gender." He flashed her a teasing wink. "Should just hook up with some hot girl."

    Mikko chuckled. "Thought about it." She gave him a wink. "Maybe that's Lexi and I's problem, to much sexual tension."

    Kendall grinned at that. "Now wait a minute, you just said me eating your brains. Then you come up with that hell of a comeback. That's not fair." He stuck out his tongue then kissed her. "And about the zombie thing, I dunno. But I don't think it's rabies. And they need to eat brains cuz they need to keep up their strength or something. And they are monsters after all. So they gotta eat something."

    Lexi felt anything but okay, and it only dampened her spirits to know he would be leaving soon, but she gave a small nod in reply." Yeah. And I promise tomorrow night, you'll have me all to yourself." She shifted her head just enough to grin up at him.

    "Mmhmm. You two need to just make out, and get it over with." Gabe suggested, with a small wink. Like that was going to happen. The two seemed to hate each other. "Or you two could duke it out in mud wrestlin'. I'm sure we could rig up a pit out back.. throw on some barbeque, and crank up the rap." He winked. "Good times."

    "Sounds like fun, Don't think she'll go for it. She don't seem like one that likes to get dirty." Mikko remarked. "Maybe a pool of jello. Actually we did sit down and talk. and things were better...Until she over reacted to something." Mikko rolled her eyes. "That girl needs to lighten up."

    He grinned at her comment and looked in her eyes through the shadow of his fedora.* "As long as ya promise." *He said while rubbing her shoulder he would sit with her a few more minutes to make sure she was alright

    "Oh, you don't think my brains are sexy enough to eat?" Daisy gave him a cheeky look. "And maybe they eat brains, because they don't have none of their own?"" She blinked. "Dang, who'da thought that zombies were so complicated!" She shook her head. "And even vampires! I mean, how do they get an erection, when they don't even have any blood!"

    What was with all these questions? Most of them Kendall had no clue about. Mainly because they never crossed his mind before. Giving up on trying to find a reason to the never-ending series of questions he just threw his hands up in the air and shrugged. "I really don't know why. Never thought about it before." But he had to admit, some of these were very good questions.

    Gabriel quirked a brow at that. "Not like to get dirty? I think you'd be surprised, actually." He gave a small, cheeky wink. But hearing her comment about her over-reacting to something, his features turned more serious. He wasn't sure what had happened, but had heard small bits of their heated shouting as he headed back into his bedroom. "Yeah, she does need to lighten up. She wasn't always this uptight, but after she got famous, and the paparazzi and crazed fans started followin' her, invadin' her privacy and flashin' cameras in her face... she changed. Now she's always on the defensive."

    Lexi could sit all night like this. She was genuinely comforted by his closeness, and didn't want it to end. But she also knew he had a life and a family to go home to. She grinned at him, and moved closet to press a gentle kiss against his lips. "I promise."

    Mikko lifted a brow "I sooo don't wanna know." Then Gabe mentioned the paparazzi and it kinda made sense why Lexi would hate cameras. "Ooooh." She sighed. "I tried Gabe...Buuuut then I saw Raph and, well..I took a picture of him. then things kinda blew up. Raph grabbed my phone, Lexi grabbed me." She looked over at Gabe. "Not sure why she got involved. But. I got my phone back and everyone is fine. So I guess no harm done. But man, don't piss her off, she turns all demon-y"

    Daw, poor Kendall. Well, Maybe she would just have to ask Chris about the erection thing when he woke. Since he looked like the type that would know that kind of stuff. Daisy smiled up at Kendall, and playfully pinched his cheek. "Okays, new question! Why are you so irresistible?" She smiled sweetly at him. "I swear, you're better than a room full of bunnies... I just can't keep my hands off ya!"

    He kissed her back as that familiar warm feeling came over him and hoped that tomorrow night he could get a few more. He then smiled at her, she seemed to be okay now and he really had to leave. He let go of her as he stood up.* "Guess I'll see ya den." *He didn't make any more pleas for her to leave with him she had already made it clear that she wasn't.*

    Gabriel managed a faint grin at that. "Yeah, I lived with her for two years. She has a bit of a temper." Indeed. Lexi was nothing like the care-free and light spirited young woman that had managed to steal his heart, after he had vowed to never be broken again. Funny how life came back full circle. And here he was again, grieving over his losses. His features hinted at the tinge of sadness he had been trying to suppress.

    Mikko looked at Gabe and listened to him, she had no idea how he lived with that woman, or why he bothered staying friends with her. Then she noticed that his expression seemed to change. She knew that Gabe wouldn't talk to her about it, he never did. But it couldn't hurt to try and get him to open up. She laid a hand on his knee. "What's going on with you Gabe, Lexi mentioned that things weren't going to good for you. Talk to me...We're family right? You can tell me anything."

    Lexi still held to his hand long after he had stood from his place, her fingers wrapping around his hand and giving a small squeeze before reluctantly letting go. She wished she could go with him, but knew she would only worry about the situation back here. And besides, even if she left, Raph had plans. It wasn't like he could just drop everything and keep her company. She flashed him a small smile, and folded her arms against her chest, already feeling the chill of the night air without his touch. "I'll see you, babe. Stay out of trouble." She winked at him.

    Kendall grinned at that. "Why am I so irresistible? I think you have the answer for that one." He planted several kisses against her lips. "And you're like a sweet candy to me." He flashed her a small wink.

    He squeezed her hand back and felt a bad about leaving her in this situation but Mikko had already made him staying there nearly impossible. He then put both his hands in his pockets and walked down the porch stairs.* "Take care of yer'self." *He breifly turned around.* "Trouble, com'on babe ya know meh better den that!" *He grinned as he turned back around walking to the street and out of sight

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    Post by Mikko on Tue Oct 06, 2009 2:30 pm

    Gabriel sighed deeply, torn between clamming up again, or finally getting it off his chest. But opening up was never easy for him. He always kept his heartaches locked away inside. "She did, huh." He said quietly. Leave it to Lexi to tell the world. He fell silent again, really not knowing if he should bleed out his soul for her. It seemed any time he made himself vulnerable like that, he always lived to regret it. But after a moment, he finally spoke, his voice quiet and conveying the intense pain that he was trying so hard to mask. "I was stupid, Mikko." He lowered his eyes, trying to hide the hurt. "Someone once told me I was too damaged to love... guess they were right." He paused for a moment, trying to compose himself. "Fal's gone. I have four-month old twins that I've never met. Don't even know if they're alright."

    Mikko was not expecting that at all. She wasn't sure what to say at first so she just pulled him in for a hug. Careful not to hurt him. "Awww babe...I'm so sorry." She finally managed to say. "You weren't stupid and you're not to damage to love. You just...picked some real bitches." She pulled away and took his hand, giving it a squeeze. "Seems we both have relationship issues...You ever thought of going after your kids? Getting some legal help or something? I'm sure there's something you can do.."

    "Hmmm, because you're supa'sexy and delicious, a sex god and oh so cuddly?" Daisy grinned up at him, returning the gestures of affection. "Awwww, candy huh? Like Life Savers, or Everlasting Gobstoppers?"

    Kendall grinned at her. "Life Savers...definitely. You wanna know why?" He cuddled her close and kissed her cheek before continuing. "Because that's what you did. You gave me a reason to live. A second chance at life." He smiled and kissed her again.

    Gabriel gave a quiet nod in response, returning her hand squeeze. "Yeah. But I know I can't take care of 'em by myself. And it's really not fair to them to drag them into this lifestyle. It's too dangerous. They're better off with her." He said quietly. Maybe Fal had done the right thing, but it didn't make it hurt any less. "I just... wanted them to know me. Know that I love 'em. But they're half a world away."

    Mikko shook her head. "You would be a wonderful father. and those children have every right to know you...This woman is just fuckin selfish. and who the hell said you were too damaged to love anyway. I'll kick their ass."

    Daisy's heart melted at that. "Awww, I think that's like the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me!" She met his lips, kissing him deeply. How could she possibly top that! After a moment, she reluctantly broke from the kiss, meeting his gaze. "Well, if there was a candy that turned your whole world around, and made it a gazillion times better... that's what you are! You're so much better than a lolli pop!"

    Gabriel managed a weak smile at her praise. It had been something he had been looking forward to. That, along with starting his life anew with Fal. He was committed to her, and had left behind his promiscuous lifestyle. Now, he found himself in the same position he'd been in two years ago, when Lexi had left after Sally's death. Hearing Mikko's 'protectiveness', he couldn't help feeling a little touched by that. Still, he knew better than to tell Mikko who. The last thing he needed was someone's blood on his hands. He just gave her hand another light squeeze, and tried to avert the attention away from himself. "So, how are you enjoyin' motherhood so far?"

    Kendall grinned at that. "So what do you wanna do after the movie?" He had undertones of a little seductiveness in his voice. Even if he was really tired.

    Mikko laid her head on his shoulder, when he changed the subject she let it go, she was just happy that he finally opened up to her, it made her feel closer to him. She smiled at his question then slowly frowned. "It's nice..but...with everything going on, I worry about his safety. And I worry about getting my custody back...it's so tiring. and I've slept probably all of three hours sense he was born. between Travis' needs and Spike's..." She sighed deeply. "But. all that aside. I'm enjoying it. to have something so little and innocent depend on you for so much...it's nice. Just wish I could do more for him...Kinda wish his fuckin sperm donor would at lest not threaten his life, or tell me how I wasn't born to be a mother. That I shouldn't try to be anymore then what I am...." She looked down for a moment. "Sometimes I think he's right though....what if I'm not a good mother? I've only had Travis for two days...I'm scared i'll screw motherhood up like I do everything else."
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    Post by Gabriel on Thu Oct 08, 2009 1:06 am

    Gabriel listened to her, and gave her a small squeeze as she doubted her own abilities. "You'll do fine, babe. And I dunno why yer even talkin' to that asshole, especially when he's threatenin' yer kid. You gotta break away from him, Mickey." He knew his words would probably fall on deaf ears, but he hoped that Mikko would realize that her son was far more important than any feelings she may have for Spike. "Blood is always thicker than water."

    "Hmmmm... I don't know..." Daisy flashed him a cute look, trying her best to appear innocent as she casually ran her hand over the bulge in his jeans. "What do you want to do?"

    Okay, he was really tired. And maybe they shouldn't. But Daisy's 'innocent' touches weren't helping him decide on passing, tonight. He grinned at her, trying to keep her from reading his mind. "Aren't you tired, babe?"

    Mikko nodded and looked at Gabe. "I know...and Travis definitely comes first. I think Spike knows that...probably one of the reasons he hates him so much. And I know I should stop talking to him but...He's, he's not always mean to me. And we often have normal conversations, and...." She sighed heavily. "I just like being around him...makes me feel...less alone, like, there's someone else out there like me...I mean fuck. if the guy was just a little sane we would have a pretty good relationship. We talk with out speaking, we understand each other...." She trailed off. she knew that Gabe didn't know half the crap that she's done, hell he still didn't know about her peeling that guys face off, she she had done that more then once. She hid that from him...all of her sick thoughts and twisted fantasies. Only spike knew about them, because he had the same thoughts...Though he was, by far, more twisted...And a part of her was glad for that.

    What, was that a pass? Daisy pouted inwardly, but maybe she was too tired, too. If she actually thought about it. Still, that wouldn't stop her from teasing him. She slowly slid her hand into his jeans, slipping beneath the fabric of his boxers to make contact with his sensitive bulge. "Yeah... too bad, huh.."

    Of course, being one of Spike's most hated enemies, it was hard for Gabriel to understand Mikko's attraction to the prick. But still, he said nothing, knowing the girl was obviously still in love with him. Sometimes this was hard, being protective of someone who was infatuated with one of the most dangerous men that New York had to offer. What could he say to that? He had seriously been hoping that Mikko and that Chris guy would hit it off, so she would forget about Spike. But obviously, that wasn't happening. "You deserve better, babe."

    Mikko shook her head and pulled her knees up. "No I don't..."

    "Yeah ya do." Gabriel reached over, and gently ruffled her hair. "I'm yer big bro. I know these things, don't argue."

    Mikko couldn't help but smile a little at that. She straighten her hair back out then reached over and ruffled his hair. "Don't worry, Spike and I...We hang out, but we're far from together, And...I'm looking." She grinned. "I just need to find a nice thug like you is all."

    Gabriel smiled a little at that, but quirked a questioning brow at her. "Thought you didn't like nice guys."

    Kendall's breath hitched when Daisy's teased his sensitive flesh. He had half a mind to remove her hand before it was too late, but he didn't have the heart to do it. "Yeah..." he replied, his voice slightly strained from the pleasure he was trying to hold back.

    Mikko shrugged. "Eh. All thugs have their bad boy side."

    "No doubt." Gabe replied, with a small wink. "You should just forget men. Get a dog."

    "No...I really don't think that'll help me." Mikko said shaking her head. "Chris wouldn't be so bad if he was more...ummm...dominating. I'm quite the masochist. I need someone who will, push me around, tell me what to do, be...dominate, whips, chains, gags, strangulation, biting.... But Chris is very submissive. it's a turn off. He just waaaaay to nice. Hot as all hell. but to nice." She grinned at Gabe. "nice to learn something new about ya little sis uh?"

    Daisy hid a small, cheeky grin as she continued to caress him, and gave his flesh a gentle squeeze. "Mmhmm." She continued her teasing massage, then slowly slid her hand from his jeans, determined to stop before she herself became too needy. "Too bad we don't have a DVD player." She commented randomly. "I'd introduce you to Twilight.. but of course, we'd have to buy the movie, too.." She snuggled closer, and gazed up at him. "Speaking of needing money.. I think I should try to get a job, since you can't work... for obvious reasons.." Though, she had no way of knowing just how hard that would be. Given her health issues, and the fact that she was pregnant. But she was at least going to try, dangit! "Maybe Lexi could help me out... she's got the hook ups.."

    Yeah, definitely things a big brother didn't need to know! He gave her a look, but couldn't suppress an amused grin. "Maybe you should fill him in on what you like. Most girls like it gentle.. maybe he just assumes you do too, and just needs a lil communication?"

    Mikko thought on that for a moment and slowly nodded. "Yah...Maybe. I don't know. Dude's terrified of Spike. He's kinda wimpy. Really don't need anyone that's wimpy. He is good with Travis though, and even welcomed Aden with open arms. So...That's good." Mikko shrugged a little. "He said he's on some happy pills that like, chill him out. Wonder what he's like off of them..."

    "Well, he's probably on 'em for a reason." Gabriel replied, figuring it was for depression, or something of that nature.

    "Yeah, brain washing him. S'why I toss anything those damn shrinks give me. And I've been doing pretty good." Mikko said matter-of-factly. "Haven't killed anyone in..like...a day!" She smiled victoriously. "So...yah. damn doctors and their damn drugs..."

    "Mmmm," Kendall moaned out at the squeeze. This was definitely not helping at all. Then Daisy removed her hand and he felt both relieved and disappointed at the loss of contact. But really it was better if they waited. He grinned at her. "Maybe sometime, Daisy." Then his expression really fell when she mentioned getting a job. The first thing that crossed his mind was she was still too young to work in most places. And if she found something, she would have to be really careful around any chemicals, since she was pregnant. And all Kendall knew about her health problems for sure was that she was prone to seizures. "Awww, babe...you should really take it easy for a while." He gave her a sweet kiss on the lips. "You gotta be so careful on what you get into."

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    Post by Mikko on Thu Oct 08, 2009 3:27 pm

    Gabriel managed a weak grin at that. "Then yer doin' good, huh." He flashed her a small wink.

    "Well. I think so." Mikko stated. "Gotta tell ya..it's hard...some people are just...ugh! some people just beg to get hurt." She got quiet but only for a moment then suddenly her mood change. She smiled brightly at Gabe and chuckled. "But enough about my homicidal needs."

    Gabriel could only listen to that, obviously not fully understanding. Well, there was at least one person that he knew of that just begged to be hurt, and he was seriously surprised that Mikko hadn't beat Spike's head in. "Well. It's good to know you have some restraint." He winked.

    "Mmmhmm." Mostly her restraint came from not having any opportunity, Though she figured that hanging with Spike and the now the Turks, opportunity would be coming to her pretty soon. And she was seriously wanting to tell her big bro about everything. The killings, the twisted thoughts. She needed to get it off her chest to someone she trusted. But the fear of Gabe judging her was still there, she would tell him if he asked, and only then, she decided. Mikko shoved her hand in her pocket and pulled out a joint. "Smoke?"

    "Like I'm gonna turn that down." Gabriel gently ruffled her hair. "Sure."

    Lighting it, Mikko inhaled deeply then passed it to Gabe before slowly exhaling. "This is nice. Sitting here and talking like this. Can't remember the last time we just hung out together."

    Gabe took the joint, taking a long drawl before passing it back to her. He slowly exhaled the intoxicating smoke as he nodded in response. "Yeah, it is." And he knew he shouldn't be hanging with her. Not only would Ezekiel be highly pissed, but a few of the Dragons were probably after her. But he needed a friend, now more than ever. Sure, he had Lexi, but she was so focused with dishing out tough love, and didn't seem to understand that he needed time to grieve.

    "I know ya girl isn't gonna like it but, I'm gonna stay here for a day or two. You don't need to be taking care of my kid by yourself, especially in your condition." Mikko adjusted her pillow and again slowly inhaled deeply, then passed it back. "You know..I wouldn't have asked ya if I knew you had so much crap going on. Lexi thinks I'm some selfish bitch. You know I only let her live because I love ya so much." She grinned at him. "I brought over some beer too but you REALLY should eat something if you wanna get drunk and high tonight."

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    Post by Mikko on Sat Oct 10, 2009 3:24 pm

    Gabe took another hit, then passed the joint back to Mikko. He was both relieved and concerned that she planned on staying a night or two. He certainly needed all the help he could get as far as looking after her baby was concerned, but it had been made bluntly obvious time and time again that Mikko and Lexi couldn't co-exist. And the last thing he needed was to listen to those two bitch at each other. "Well, I dunno how long Lexi plans on stayin'.. so, you two need to chill out." He gave her that same scolding look he would've given Lexi, had she been present. "It's nerve-wreckin', listenin' to you two.." And he playfully rolled his eyes at her last suggestion. "What, so yer Mom now? Yer gettin' as bad as Lexi."

    Mikko took a hit off the joint and listened to Gabe's concerns. She nodded to him then shrugged. "I told ya, we talked. But it didn't seem to do no good. I told the woman I was sorry, but no mater how hard I try, she's hell bent on hating me." Of course Lexi probably saw it the other way around. But Mikko knew the truth. "And no I'm not getting like Lexi. Think I need to wash me ears out just hearing that. Lexi thinks she can save the world, then gets pissed when she finds out the world don't need nor want her help. And as far as I can tell, she ain't trying to help you at all. She's just bitching that you need to get over shit...You know, she thought that you were shooting up. Was going on and on bout that. I told her what happen, then she yelled at me.." She passed the joint back to Gabe. "You would think she's never been around the streets before...and as for the eating...I just don't want ya puking all over me." She grinned and gave him a gentle, playful push.

    Gabe could only listen to her. He knew it was too much to ask that the two like each other. He knew that would never happen. But for the two to just tolerate each other would be helpful. And Lexi hadn't helped him any? He frowned at that, but said nothing. There was no way Mikko could possibly know about the near fatal accidental overdose a few nights back. Lexi had been the one to get him through it.She had been the first person he'd thought to call.. and she came. She had also been there to patch him up after he'd gotten jumped. He seriously didn't know why she wasted her time, and while the nagging and bitching did get annoying at times, he was inwardly thankful that someone cared enough to stick around while his world was spinning out of control. And now there were two. Two that obviously hated one another. Still, he said nothing. Those two could just continue having ill opinions of each other, since they both seemed hell-bent on it. He just wanted piece. "Yeah. Just don't think food's such a good idea right now, babe. If you wanna avoid the whole pukin' thing."

    Daisy placed a hand on her tummy, as if to caress the tiny life inside. "Awww, I'm sure I can find something that's.. kid-friendly." She winked at him, and planted several light kisses along his jaw-line, then snuggled closer to him. "Maybe could like, become Lexi's own personal designer, and make her some sexy undies? That way, she wouldn't have to be all naked on those magazine covers... poor girl..."

    And Mikko didn't know all that Lexi had done for him, and part of her didn't care, didn't want to know. She was already jealous of the woman. To know that she was the first person he thought of when he was in pain and needed help, that would have hurt Mikko deeply. Mikko looked over at Gabe and noticed his frown, she just looked away. "yeah...I guess you shouldn't eat then. Maybe I'll let you get some sleep...The kids have the spare room, I'll crash on the couch." And if Lexi was staying, she could just sleep outside on the swing.

    Okay, Kendall really had to keep it down with his laughter on that one. Daisy sooo didn't get the whole purpose behind 'Playboy' models. He wrapped his arms around her tightly and was still chuckling. "Daisy. You get paid for posing nude in those mags. Guys love that sort of thing," he explained, stroking her arm lightly. He still wasn't sure about her finding a job. But they had to get money somehow. They just couldn't keep lifting off of people. Kendall had some serious thinking to do on how to make this work...literally.

    Indeed, he was getting tired and sleep sounded good right about now. Hell, that's all he felt like doing for the last several days. His motivation and drive was gone. Fate had given him no time to rebound, and his body and emotional sense of being seriously needed the rest. He gave a small nod at Mikko, and gently squeezed her hand. "Thanks, babe. For listenin'."

    Mikko gave him a smile. "You know you ever need something, or someone...I'll always be here for ya babe." She gave his hand a squeeze then slid out the bed, But as soon as she opened the door she noticed Lexi already on the couch. "Son of a...." Her first thought was to just flip the couch over. But no, Gabe wanted them to get along. She sighed heavily. "She took the couch..." She turned to Gabe and gave him her best pouty puppy dog eyes. "Can I sleep with you tonight? That is, if you don't mind my cuddling."

    Daisy blinked at Kendall, really not understanding what was so funny. But then, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. "Ooooh, heh... I knew that!" Sure! "Well then, maybe I could answer her fan letters for her? I'm sure she'd pay good money for that!" She was really trying to think of ways to earn money for herself and Kendall, and their daughter. "Or, maybe Mikko can talk to that tattoo guy and see if there's anything I can do. I can totally tattoo cute little pink bunnies!"

    Gabriel blinked at that, really not knowing what to say. The last thing he needed right now was to be cuddled. He'd vowed to never let a woman get that personal and close with him again. it had taken forever for him to allow himself to be touched.. since touches were lies, and had proven that theory once again. He felt put on the spot. It was awkward, indeed. But this was Mikko. She was his little sister, there was nothing sexual about their relationship, and that made things way less complicated. After a moment, he managed a faint grin. "Sure."

    Mikko smiled brightly and quietly shut the door. She slipped back in the bed, crawling under the covers. "I'll try not to crowed you." Thought it wasn't something she could really control. "Thanks.." She said tiredly as she closed her eyes and snuggled into the pillow. This was the most comfortable bed she had slept in since...well..probably since forever, and she was looking foreword to a good nights sleep.

    Kendall pressed a few kisses against her lips when she blushed. Then he shrugged. "I dunno, Daisy. You'll have to ask them, I guess." He didn't think the fan letter thing would fly, but maybe Mikko COULD get her a job in the shop. But she would have to ask her first. "Good luck with that, babe."

    Gabriel tried to make himself comfortable, which was a little difficult due to his injuries. But once settled on his uninjured side, it didn't take him long to drift into a slumber.

    Mikko was also quick to fall asleep, and quick to gravitate toward him, subconcesly seeking the warmth and comfort of another human being. She laid her head against him, the steady rhythm of his heart beat putting her in a deep slumber.

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    Post by Mikko on Wed Oct 21, 2009 4:13 pm

    Lexi had been restless the whole night, finding sleep nearly impossible to achieve. Her mind was laden, overwhelmed with not only the situation here, but her own life as well. She tossed and turned on the old couch, already missing the comforts of her own bed. But hat were friends for? She was determined to tuff it out and be there for Gabe. But now that Mikko was there, she wondered why she even bothered. Her ex obviously wouldn't take heed to her warnings that Mikko was too dangerous for him to be around. But she found it nearly impossible to walk away, as she had only two years ago. Pushing all thoughts to the depths of her consciousness, Lexi soon drifted back off, but her slumber would be short lived. Tiny fingers were tugging at her gown, tearfilled eyes helplessly watching the still form on the couch. With a deep sigh, Lexi slowly pushed herself up, deciding that sleep just wasn't happening. But seeing the sadness etched into Aden's tiny features, her own softened as the child climbed into her lap, his grumbling stomach betraying his earlier protests.She made a quiet stop by Gabriel's room to make sure he was alright, but wasn't prepared for what she saw behind that door. What the fuck! Her blood was boiling, hands slightly shaking in anger. But what could she do? If Gabriel wanted to sleep with everything that came around, she was powerless to stop it. But still, snatching Mikko out of the bed certainly would've made her feel better! But she soon remembered the little boy, clinging to her. Despite her anger, she tried to soften her mood, for Aden. She carried him into the kitchen, and after making him a bowl of cereal, took a seat at the table. Aden refused to leave her lap, which Lexi didn't seem to mind. But her demeanor soon changed when her cell-phone demanded her attention. After checking the caller ID, she answered in a heated tone. She was NOT in the mood to be dealing with her agent, at 3 in the morning...

    Mikko had been sleeping peacefully for a while, curled up against Gabe, his soft covers enveloping her. It was the best rest she had had in days. But she soon found herself pulled from her sleep by a distant crying. Travis had woken and was hungry, or needed changing or maybe he just wanted his mother. What ever the reason, Mikko wasn't about to make her child wait. She reluctantly pulled herself away from Gabe and slipped out of bed. After taking a few seconds to wake up enough to walk, she quietly left the room and hurried to Travis. She pulled the the crying child closely to her he didn't need changing so food was next on the list. She walked to the kitchen and nodded a greeting to Lexi and smiled at Aden. Holding Travis in one arm she prepared his bottle. "Couldn't sleep either?" She asked then heard her phone go off. She was so tempted to make a crude remark about having calls so late at night but held her tongue. Once the bottle was ready she sat at the table and fed Travis.

    Lexi was not expecting company, and certainly didn't need any eavesdroppers on her conversation. Her mind was torn, but as much as she wanted to yell at Mikko to get out, seeing the hungry infant in her arms, she couldn't bring herself to do it. And she was too angry to just hang up on the man on the other line. "Do you have any fucking idea what time it is?" She seethed down the phone, but felt Aden bury his face against her. She tried hard to soften her tone, despite how pissed she was. "No, I told you I won't do that kind of shots. I don't want some strange man touching me..." And she was cut off by her employer. "I told you, I want out. After I was attacked, I told you I wanted out of this business, but you have me trapped with a fucking contract. It's bullshit."

    Mikko glanced at Lexi every now and then, listing to her end of the conversation. Sounded like the woman was starting to regret her career choice. She shook her head and smiled down at Travis, planting a light kiss on his forehead. "Just hang up on him..." She commented to Lexi with out looking at her. "What's the worse they gonna do? fire you?"

    But Lexi was the type that needed to have the last word, no matter how pig-headed and egotistical her employer was. This man had her trapped, had exploited her, and had even released her story to the tabloids, after the rape. Anything for money. She hated him with a passion, and looked forward to the day the contract was up, and she could move on. But now, he was trying to convince her there was fine print that she had overlooked, and now was demanding more racier photo shoots, which Lexi angrily declined. But she was growing tired of the conversation. With an angry 'Fuck you!' She slammed the phone closed. "Fucking pig." She seethed, more to herself. And now, she found herself sitting at the table with someone who made her extremely uncomfortable. Someone who was determined to hate her. How the hell do you initiate casual conversation with someone like that? She sighed deeply, and tried to assist Aden with his cereal, but the child was making a mess of her sleek black gown.

    Mikko was quiet for a moment. Then spoke up. "You need an attorney. Every contract has a loop hole." Then she saw the mess that Aden was making and chuckled to herself. "Need a hand?" She asked, nodding to Aden and setting the bottle down

    What, Mikko was giving advice without some smartass remark about how she deserved this? That certainly wasn't expected, and Lexi honestly didn't know how to take it. "I've tried. No-one will touch the case." She sighed deeply. It was all very frustrating, and now Mikko was offering to help with Aden. That did little for her confidence with children. Not only could Mikko have children, she seemed to be good with them, too. Things that all made Lexi secretly envious. After a moment, she gave a defeated nod. Maybe she wasn't cut out for this, after all.

    Mikko paused a moment and took a very deep breath. She was determined to make friends with this woman on way or another. She handed Travis to Lexi. "here, just let him rest over your shoulder and lightly pat his back." She then went over to Aden and helped him with his food. "You know...They attorney that defended Spike was...REALLY good...I mean...superb. I don't know if the guy does contracts but..I got his card, took it in case I ever needed some good defense. If you're interested I can give it to you." She glanced up at Lexi then went back to Aden.

    Lexi wasn't so sure about taking Travis. It had been a while since she had held one so small, but vividly remembered the overwhelming feeling that filled her when she held Isabella, all those years ago. The maternal pull had been strong. Thinking back on that, she really didn't need the emotional slap in the face, and the painful reminder of something she could never be. Every woman's God given right. Yet, she had been denied. Despite the reluctance, she slowly took Travis, doing as Mikko instructed. Her heart felt heavy, but she tried hard to mask it. She gently patted and rubbed the infant's back, secretly enjoying this small experience. She just gave a nod at Mikko's offer, though she was seriously wondering why the sudden change. Was she up to something? "Thanks." But it surprised her that this attorney was still alive. He had dealt with Spike, after all. She watched Mikko with Aden, wondering what would happen to the child once he was placed in foster care. It was a heartbreaking situation, for sure. The little boy glanced up at Mikko, half tempted to make his way back over to Lexi, but he was just too hungry. The spoon was now on the floor, and he resorted to shoveling the froot loops in with his tiny hand.

    Mikko managed a faint smile at Lexi. "You're not to bad with kids. Guess you just needed to start with a smaller model." Then she noticed that Aden was trying to get back to Lexi. She shook her head and took the food away from the boy. "I'll make you a hot meal ok buddy." She got back down to Aden's level and picked up the spoon. "You sit with Lexi ok. ummm...do you like mac and cheese? or...maybe hot dogs?"

    Lexi was still slightly taken aback by the fact that Mikko was actually being civil with her. But she wondered how long it would take for all of that to change? It never seemed to fail. Every time they made any progress in actually tolerating each other, a setback always ensued. The yo-yo effect was definitely tiring. "How'd you get so good with kids?" She quietly asked. If Mikko was making an attempt to be social, she could at least do the same. Careful not to disturb Travis, she helped Aden back into her lap. But the little boy's attention was soon drawn to Mikko as she asked his preference in food. He just nodded at both.

    Mikko smiled at Aden and ruffled his hair then went straight to cooking. She glanced over at Lexi when she asked her a question and shrugged. " I guess it just comes naturally. I think the instincts really kicked in when I had Travis. I wasn't very good with kids when I was a kid though..." She smiled at Aden. "Just a few more minuets little man."

    Lexi just gave a faint nod. She knew the pull was a natural thing, she had felt it so many times before. But she always tried to push it from her mind, distracting herself with work and her career. Aden flashed a smile in Mikko's direction, then gave her a questioning look. "Then, can you take me to my mommy?" It was just so hard for one so young to comprehend that his mother wasn't coming back.

    Mikko put the mac and cheese in a bowl and cut up the hotdog. She placed the food in front of the boy with a spoon and sat close to him. "Aden...remember when I said your mommy is in heaven with your dad now? sweetie...A very bad man..."She stopped for a moment unsure of what to say to make him understand and not upset him to much. "I can't take you to your mommy. A very evil man took her. and she can't come back. But you know what? She's happy now, with your dad. and I'm sure that they are both watching over you, and that they both want you to live a long and happy life. understand?"

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    Post by Mikko on Thu Oct 22, 2009 4:47 pm

    Lexi could only listen in as Mikko tried to explain things to Aden, so he would understand. But how could you possibly make a three year old understand why his mother couldn't come back to him? Her heart honestly broke for him, and if she ever needed another reason to hate Spike, this would be it. But her hatred of the man had already passed all limitations. Aden stared at Mikko in confusion and sadness, and eventually gave a small nod, though he couldn't completely comprehend it. His mom would come back, he was certain of it. She just had to. After a moment, he slowly began to dig into his food. Lexi gently caressed the boy's tiny cheek with her free hand, wishing there was some way she could help him, and knew it would be left up to her to take him to an orphanage. Something she seriously didn't look forward to

    Mikko took Travis from Lexi and leaned back in her chair. she figured that the Aden probably didn't fully understand, but he would as he got older. She gently rocked Travis and turned her attention back to Lexi. "Maybe you could keep him." She said nodding to Aden. "better then being thrown into some orphanage. "Soooo....how did you get into the modeling business? And why chose it if you hate it so much?"

    Lexi blinked at Mikko's suggestion. Deep down, a part of her had considered that, but right now her own life was too much of a mess to bring a child into it. It wouldn't be fair to him, especially since she had a hectic schedule and was rarely home. She frowned deeply. "I... don't think I'm cut out for that." She answered quietly, but there was a hint of uncertainty in her tone. And now Mikko was asking about her choice in career? She really didn't know if she should answer, since she was sure anything that she said would be used as ammo against her, whenever Mikko's niceness wore off, and she chose to verbally attack her again. She gave a shrug of her shoulders, as she gently stroked Aden's back. "I was rebelling against my parents, who thought I was 'too good' to be dating a thug." She began. "I wanted to pay my own way through med school, and it pays good." She sighed. "But, the more involved I became with Gabriel, I lost my focus with school, and decided to make a full career out of adult modeling. I had more free-time that way, and it paid more that I would've made as a pediatrician." She paused again, wondering is she should go any further with this. She doubted that Mikko was genuinely interested. "But after the ...after I was attacked and nearly killed, it became harder for me." Because now, every time she took her clothes off for the camera, she felt all anyone could see was 'the victim'.

    Mikko listened to her, hanging on every word. she frowned at the thought of Aden being thrown into the system and hopped the child was treated better then she had been. Then she nodded a little in understanding. "Got to go where the money is I guess. No shame in that. Lest you never had to kill someone for five bucks." Then she frowned again when Lexi mentioned the attack. she shook her head. "Lex...you have to stop focusing on that. you think everyone is judging you because you were 'attacked'? the truth is. people don't care that much." Mikko reached over and put a hand lightly on her arm. "This is something I can relate to. I've been attacked so many times I've become desensitized to it. but you can't walk around being a victim. if you do then he's won. you have to know that you didn't do a damn thing to ask for that. I don't want to say get over it but, you have to move on from it. chalk it up as a horrible experience, grow from it. and be a stronger person. don't be a victim." She leaned back again.

    Lexi gave a small nod at that, for once-- completely agreeing with Mikko's words. She was inwardly grateful for Mikko's small gesture, but she couldn't help feeling a little guarded, wondering when this would all back-fire. "Yeah. I've always tried to be strong, in everything. But unfortunately when the spotlight's on you and you become some big name, people love it when you take that fall from grace." She paused, taking a deep breath, still feeling she would regret this conversation, later. But it did feel good to have another female to talk to, and one who had been through the same experience. "I remember a reporter got into my hospital room. My larynx was crushed, and still... all he was concerned with was asking questions I couldn't answer.. about what happened. My agent sold my story to the tabloids, and even months after the incident... my bloodied face still graced the covers of magazines. It's just.. been hard to move past that. Even now, I get apologies from fans.. and I don't want that." She paused again, giving Mikko an apologetic look. This girl had gone through it so many times, and seemed unfazed. She felt somewhat ashamed for even getting this out. But unfortunately she didn't have many female friends. "Sorry, I know this all probably bores you."

    Mikko simply shook her head. "I'm not bored at all. actually it's nice to talk to someone." She adjusted Travis on her shoulder. "I didn't see the papers or anything with you in it. But you know...I would start worrying when people stop talking about ya. because then you know your career is over. I had hard time getting past my last foster home experience. I still suffer from it. So I guess in that way I can understand where you're coming from." She shook her head in deep thought. "And Spike..I don't know what changed him...He wasn't this bad...Then one day he told me he had to go do some things and he would be back...Didn't see him for months..not until the night he kidnapped me..." Mikko sighed deeply. "Anyway. yeah...my last foster home. my 'father' started rapping me. Then one day that wasn't enough. I was locked in a small closet for days. I couldn't leave to eat or go to the bathroom...Then I was chained under his bed. my 'mother knew about all this of course but didn't do anything about it. He burned me with one of those fire pokers... strangled me...made me live in a dog house for a few days...and the days he thought I was bad...I got beaten till I couldn't move. never went to the hospital...." She looked at Lexi and shrugged. "Now I'm boring you uh?"

    Lexi listened attentively, frowning deeply at Mikko's story. Aden had long since finished his meal, and had snuggled against Lexi. His cheesy fingers entwined in her expensive gown, but she didn't seem to mind. "No, it's not boring me. No-one should have to go through that." She commented quietly, returning Mikko's earlier gesture. No wonder Mikko was so.. psychotic. Hell, after those experiences, she wondered how the girl was sane at all. "And Spike, I remember when he wasn't this bad. Though, he seemed to hold a deep hatred for Gabe from day one. I guess people like that really don't need a reason." She gave a small shrug, and continued stroking Aden's back, soothing him to sleep. And since she was on the subject of Gabe, she dared to ask. "So, I guess you and Gabe are a little closer than just friends, huh." She asked, referring to what she had seen earlier. Despite her earlier mood over the situation, she didn't seem angry.. just concerned, and maybe a little jealous.

    Mikko nodded and smiled at her. then shrugged about Spike. "Yeah never understood why....I think Spike's just jealous of Gabe." She smiled at little Aden and then glanced at her own sleeping child. but then, Lexi mentioned Gabe again and this time it caught her off guard. She let out a small laugh and shook her head. "What? What gave you that idea? Nooooo I've never seen Gabe as anymore then a brother...Eze on the other hand. I'd hit that. Not that Gabe isn't attractive just...it would be like screwing my brother ew..."

    Well, Lexi was certainly relieved by that. Though, she was a little jealous over the fact that Mikko would fuck Ezekiel. Obviously, she still had feelings for both boys, but knew she had to let them go. But she would always care for the two, like family. They had been a constant in her life as a teenager. God how she missed those days. "Yeah, Gabe's always been too much of a sweetheart for his own good. He was always guarded, but when he cares about someone, he'd give you the shirt off his back." She gave a faint smile. "Zekie on the other hand.. he's hard to crack."

    "yeah...Pretty sure Eze wants to kill me...But then again, so do a lot of people." Mikko comment as if it was no big deal. "So...you've been with both of em uh? Who's better in bed?"

    Wow. Now that was a personal question, and again-- could've been used in Mikko's next attack, but she was sure it was no secret she had slept with both Gabriel and Ezekiel. She couldn't suppress a small grin. "They're both pretty amazing." She answered quietly. "I know you probably think that because of what I do, I sleep with a lot of guys, but I don't. Posing nude is one thing, but sleeping with someone.. for me, it's always been an act of love. I know that probably sounds corny as hell, but it's the truth."

    Well it didn't really answer her question but it did put a grin on Mikko's face. "I never thought that. well..I did..at first. but then I found out what you did..then I didn't...yeah. Sleeping with someone you love. interesting concept. I agree...somewhat. I've been with two guys. and both I was..rather still am, strongly attracted to...though I can't say I love Chris..."

    "Chris, is that the black-haired guy that was here yesterday?" Lexi asked, honestly not knowing since no-one had bothered to introduce him to her. She knew little of the man, but figured anyone was better than Spike. Or, at least she assumed that who else Mikko was referring to.

    Mikko grinned and nodded. "Yeah that's him. he lived in the clinic. we ran into each one night there and pretty much haven't left each others side. Until Spike got out, now I don't see much of him. We were together, kind of. But he started saying that he loved me, and that kind of freaked me out. Plus, he's sooo nice. To nice. I think the turning point though was when, he was next to me and Spike was in my face screaming. I was holding Travis and Chris, He didn't make any move to help me or Travis. I need someone a little tougher. But. He's a good man."

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