Hangin at Gabe's crib (day after Spike's escape)

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    Post by Lexi on Sat Oct 24, 2009 3:21 am

    The clinic. Lexi thought the man looked familiar, but with so many patients there, it was hard to be on a one-on-one basis with everyone. "Yeah, the 'L' word can be a little scary... especially if you haven't been with the person that long." And it really didn't surprise her that Chris hadn't stood up to Spike. Not too many people would. The man was dangerous and intimidating. "Maybe he's afraid of conflict. He probably doesn't know how to react since he knows you have feelings for..Spike." Which, she still didn't understand how anyone could see anything worth loving in the man. He was horrible. "Still, he should've stood up for you."

    "No one has ever told me they loved me before...I don't know how to take it." Mikko comment and looked away slightly. "Spike scares Chris. Now...It might be just me, but I don't see the man as very frightening. Just don't show any fear and he'll get bored and go away. Why Spike doesn't really...ya know...touch me. He doesn't scare me, I think it turns him off." She shrugged a little. "Anyway. Yeah The boy needs to grow a pair, seriously. He says that he's on some meds that chill him out. And I do wonder what he's like not on these drugs."

    Lexi was really craving a beer, but she didn't want to disturb the sleeping child in her lap. "Yeah. I never was afraid of Spike, until he gave me a reason." She replied quietly. "I think your vantage point is he knows he can't 'force' himself on you." But she still wasn't sure why Spike hadn't killed Mikko yet. Maybe he saw no sport in her. Whatever the reason, Lexi really didn't want to think about anything that had to do with Timothy Black. "I know you probably can't see it this way, but I think you're fortunate that he doesn't crave you. You have your son to think about." She really wasn't sure what to say in regards to Chris and his medication. "I'm sure he's on it for something. If it's mellowing him out, I'm assuming he either has anger issues, or severely depressed."

    Mikko nodded at that. "maybe you're right." She smiled and glanced down at her son. "Lest one good thing came from him." She rocked the child in her arms and looked over at Lexi. "I'm trying to move on. It's hard though..." She carefully stood up and went to the fridge and grabbed a soda. "Hey...you know if Eze still has his kids crib? I don't have one and my job isn't paying all that well."

    Well, that was something she could certainly relate to. Moving on was definitely hard in some instances. At Mikko's question, she shook her head. "I don't think so. But then again, it could be in storage." She was quiet for a moment. "Gabriel has one, I'm sure. Back at his old place." She was certain he wouldn't be needing that, now. Her features then dropped. "But, I don't think it'd be a good idea to ask."

    Mikko sat back down with her soda and let out a deep sigh. "No i'm not going to ask him. He finally told me what's been going on. He should have told me from the start, I wouldn't have been so quick to volunteer him to watch Travis."She look at Lexi. "You know, what ever you think I did to him...I didn't. I do care about him." She took a sip of her drink. "I'll figure out the bed situation later I guess."

    Well, Lexi certainly had a solution. But actions always spoke louder than words. She really wasn't sure how to respond to Mikko's last comment. Did she think Mikko had done something to Gabe? Well, maybe not directly, but her actions could've gotten him killed. "Ezekiel said that you let Spike to his house. That's why I didn't want you around either of them, I thought you were trying to play them into Spike's grasp." And part of her still thought that, but it seemed Gabriel was determined to believe that Mikko had been forced. Denial, perhaps.

    "I did." Mikko started. "It was me and Spike. No gang or anything. He wanted to go Eze's so I took him. I mean come on. when was the last time Spike won a fight against either of those guys? Never. Spike is nothing with out his pack. I didn't want Spike to get hurt, and I didn't want the boys to get hurt. But I did want this stupid fight to end." In all honesty none of that was true. The truth was, what Spike wanted, Spike got. And she wasn't really thinking of any consequence. Plus to her. Gabe, Eze and Spike were like gods among men. They could fight all they wanted but none of them could ever die. Her mind couldn't even wrap it's self around the concept of any of them dying. "But...That's over with now. Spike's already tried to get me to to bring Gabe to him. And I convinced him that Gabe and I aren't speaking anymore. He let it drop and hasn't brought it back up. I'm not screwing up like that again..."

    It was obvious to her that Mikko hadn't thought out the possible consequences of her actions, and that angered her. She had to know that Ezekiel's little girl was there, and bullets didn't have eyes. Perhaps Mikko was incapable of thinking ahead, but this wasn't a game. "It's never going to be over, Mikko. Not until one or all of them are dead. I hope you'll remember that the next time he tries to persuade you. It's a blood feud." At least now, Ezekiel was safe. He was away from this mess, and the gang-war that seemed to be brewing. But she wasn't so sure how well Gabe would fair in all of this, without his brother to have his back. "Just remember, those two love you. Which is more than I can say for Spike."

    Mikko nodded again. "I know. well...Gabe does. Don't know about Eze. But in any case, I'm not getting involved any more. It's not my fight and I have so many of my own problems to deal with now. Taking care of Travis is my first priority. then taking care of the rest of the household. and..trying to not get killed in the process. I was already attacked once at the zoo." She frowned deeply. "Chris got hit. and Daisy was there, if it wouldn't have been for Kendall I don't know what would have happen to her...A little boy was killed. and all those animals...It must have gave Daisy nightmares for days." She finished her drink and tossed it in the trash. "And that's why I don't like them coming out with me anymore."

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    Post by Mikko on Sat Oct 24, 2009 3:16 pm

    And that is why Lexi had been concerned about Daisy being under the care of Mikko and her crowd. It wasn't safe. But how could you rip a pregnant 17 year old away from the family she had come to know? Even if she had the legal power to do so, it would be difficult. "Yeah. She needs to be careful, especially with a baby on the way. I assume that her boyfriend is taking care of her financially?"

    "Ummmm Kendall's situation is complicated...and confidential. But she's being takin care of, yes." Mikko wasn't really sure how else to answer that one. "I'll probably bring Daisy to the social security office with me soon, so that she can apply for disability and food stamps and stuff. Don't worry about her, she's fine."

    But Lexi was curious now. Complicated? Was he just another dead-beat that was going to flake out on the mother of his child? She gave Mikko a questioning look. "Complicated? How so?"

    Mikko raised a brow at lexi. "I think you didn't hear the 'confidential' part. I can't talk about it. Though I can say that he's an ex cop. and very good with Daisy. Never leaves her side."

    And she should've never said 'confidential'. Lexi would just have to find out for herself, one way or another. But it was obvious that Mikko wasn't going to shed any light... or dirt on this guy. "As long as he's good to her. Those kind of men are hard to find."

    "He is good to her.She's lucky." Mikko smiled a little and hoped that this topic would drop. "Actually I think we're all pretty lucky, lucky that my boss had an apartment above the shop...." She got up again and grabbed a beer from the fridge. "Maybe one day I'll actually be tattooing instead of just cleaning and greeting people."

    "You're an artist, huh?" Somehow, that didn't come as a surprise. And it was pretty obvious that Mikko had a thing for ink. "I'm sure it'd pay well. I mean, this is New York. People love their ink." And on first glance, one would never think Lexi had gone under 'the needle'. But she had two, both meaningful and currently covered beneath the thin fabric of her gown.

    "Mmmhmm. I do gray and white work mostly. I need to work on my lettering but I think I'm pretty good. I can show you my sketch book if you want." Mikko sat back down and handed Lexi a beer. "One day I'll own my own shop. Not sure what to call it yet...You have any ink?"

    Lexi gladly accepted the beer with a quiet thanks. Careful not to wake Aden, she opened it and took a long sip. "Yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing your work." And she gave a small nod at Mikko's question. "Nothing really big or artistic, but I have a small hart right above my ass, with Gabriel's name in it. I had that done when we got engaged. I was going to have it removed, but I think ink is like scars. Each tell a story." She commented quietly, and took another sip of her beer. "And my newest. I've always been a fan of the Nightwatcher." Lexi wasn't sure if Mikko was aware of the Nightwatcher's true identity, but kept quiet for now. "He came to my rescue not too long ago, and he was kind enough to sign my shoulder blade, and I had it permanently inked."

    Mikko was always happy to show of her work, and quickly and quietly grabbed her sketchbook. Sadly the last thing in there was from when she stood in the hospital with Spike, and that was all copied from his arm, nothing original. She handed Lexi the sketch book and sat back down. She grinned at the mention of the heart tattoo. "I would never. ever get a man's named tattooed on me." Then she mentioned the nightwtcher, Mikko chuckled at that. "You got Raph to sign ya? Cute. Yeah he's saved my life too. how we met. course I don't think he was in the nightwatcher get up. I thought he was just a hallucination. I was pretty messed up that night...kinda like every night.." She took a sip of her drink. "Soooo you two are together now uh?"

    Lexi flipped through the sketchpad, and had to admit the girl had talent. "These are nice. I really don't think you'll have much of a problem getting a job as an inker." But then, she came to the last sketch and her stomach nearly turned. Those tattoos had been permanently burned into her mind. She glanced up only when Mikko mentioned Raph. Obviously she knew who the Nightwatcher really was. And her last question... she really didn't know how to answer that. After a moment, she gave a small nod, and took another sip of her booze. "Yeah." She finally admitted, deciding she would take any ridicule for this later, if Mikko decided to use it as ammo in their next big brawl. "It's.. complicated."

    Mikko noticed the slight change in Lexi's expression as she got to the last sketch, she reached over and took the book back. "Sorry...should have warned ya..or..yeah but thanks. I still want to take some classes or something." Mikko shifted Travis and took another sip of her drink. "Complicated? Liiiiike you like a giant reptile complicated? He is pretty cute...for a turtle. You do realize that his friend is probably the ass that's been beating the crap out of Gabe's boys, right? and I'm pretty sure 'Nightwatcher' does the same thing."

    Lexi gave a small nod at that as she took another sip of her beer. "Yeah. 'That' kind of complicated." She replied, with a hint of a small grin. She was definitely aware that both Raph and his friend were probably responsible for kicking the Dragon's ass, but her heart didn't rest within the whole gang. "Yeah. What they do is their business, as long as Gabe or Ezekiel aren't hurt, I really don't have any special feeling for the Dragons. Hun's an ass."

    Mikko smiled and raised her bottle. "Hun's an ass. Something that we can agree on." She took another swig and set the bottle down. "Raph's kind of an ass too though. But hey, Who am I to talk about being with asses, right?"

    Lexi quirked a brow at that. She had been with Raph for three months, and hadn't seen that side of him... yet. "I think you just piss him off."

    "That I did. A lot. He's scary when he's mad. just a little FYI." Mikko tossed her empty beer away and grabbed another. "This talking thing is so much better then trying to kill each other. Not that, that doesn't have it's perks...So lets see...what else don't I know about you? Is that your natural hair color?"
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    Post by Lexi on Mon Oct 26, 2009 8:53 pm

    Lexi quirked a brow at that. Funny, she thought. An angry Raphael, Mikko found 'scary'. Yet, Spike seemed unthreatening in the eyes of Mikko. And there was lots that Mikko didn't know about her, but some information certainly wouldn't be forthcoming. Hair color, well that seemed like a harmless subject. She gave a nod at the question, and took another sip of her beer. "Yeah, I'm all natural. No dye, implants or the like." She replied, figuring the 'implant' question would make its way into Mikko's inquiries sooner or later. She gave Mikko a thoughtful look, as if in deep concentration. "And judging by your complexion, and tone of your hair, I'm assuming you're a natural blonde."

    Mikko grinned at her and nodded. "I am. I think I'm due for another dye job soon." She took a sip of her beer and frowned inwardly that Lexi had already answered her next questions, implants. Though she still held her doubt, she was sure that Lexi had ass implants or something. She looked Lexi over, checking her out, maybe lip implants...did they put implants in lips? She had no idea. "soooooo...what did yer boss want you to do that you are so against?" The question was eating away at her

    Yeah, Lexi was sure that Mikko doubted her statement about implants, but it didn't matter. Most didn't believe her. She frowned deeply at the next question, and was quiet for a moment, visibly disgusted by the mere thought of it. "He pretty much wants me to do actual porno shots, rather than just nude posing. Penetration shots...oral.." She wrinkled her nose, and took another sip of her drink. "You get the picture. I signed a contract for posing nude. None of this was ever brought up, and now he's claiming it's in the contract." She shook her head. "I'm not fucking someone for money. I'm not a whore."

    Mikko couldn't blame her for making that choice, she took another swig of her drink. "Tell em you'll only do girls, no penetration." She grinned at Lexi. "Girl on girl stuff is way hotter anyway."

    Lexi managed a small grin at that. "Yeah, I have to agree. I'd much rather kiss some random girl than have some strange man go down on me... or have to blow him." She cringed. "I seriously wouldn't recommend this 'profession' to anyone. Most agents try to turn adult modeling into a gateway thing. You live and learn I guess."

    "I'll keep that in mind." though Mikko could never be an adult entertainer. she had thought about trying to join the suicide girls but couldn't get over the stripping naked part. "I think I'm running out of things to ask you...ummm.." She thought for a moment, not wanting to ask something that might set the woman off. "You gonna let me tattoo you one day right?"

    Lexi would have to give that one much serious thought. Would she actually trust Mikko with a needle? "Maybe." She finally replied. "If I ever live another experience work setting in ink."

    "Awesome. I'm sure you'll be wanting to get someone's name on you soon." Mikko teased. it seemed to be the only thing the woman got. She finished her beer but didn't bother getting up for another one, she grabbed her phone and looked it over, out of habit and to see the time. "You have a car or something here?"

    "Pfft." Lexi lightly rolled her eyes at that. She quirked a brow at Mikko's next question. "Yeah."

    "great" Mikko chimed. "You mind taking me and Travis home tomorrow?"

    "No, I don't mind." Lexi replied quietly, and finished off the rest of her beer. She gently shifted Aden, repositioning to give her tired arm a rest. "Should probably take him to child services, too." She commented quietly, glancing down at the sleeping child.

    Mikko frowned deeply at that. "Yeah...I guess...Poor kid, good thing I went to visit Spike. Lest the kids alive." She looked sadly at Aden then glanced back at Lexi. "I wish I could keep him...Wish you could keep him...Anything is better then being stuck in child services. I'm dealing with them right now actually. Pain the ass is what they are."

    Lexi sighed deeply. Part of her wished she could keep him too. But she wasn't ready for this, and it wasn't fair to for the kid to be caught up in the chaotic nature of her unsteady life. He needed something secure, with a stable family that could provide for him. "I'll make sure they do an intense and thorough screening of potential adopters before they place him."

    Well that definitely helped put Mikko's mind at easy. Though she still hated that the kid had to go through all this. She gave Lexi a slight smile and nodded. "Good." She moved Travis off her shoulder and cradled him in her arms. "I think I should put this little guy to bed. And try to get back in bed with out waking Gabe."

    "That should be easy." Lexi quietly commented, though she wasn't too keen on the thought of Mikko going back in there with Gabe. But she had decided not to get bent out of shape about it. There was nothing romantic between them. "The boy sleeps like a rock when he's sick." She should know. She had lived with him for two years. "But you can have the couch if you want it." Lexi offered, and slowly rose with Aden in her arms, preparing to take him back to the spare room. "I don't think I'll be getting any sleep tonight."

    Mikko stood up and nodded again. "If you want some company or something, I can stay up. Not really tired anyway. And I think I would rather Gabe's bed then the couch. More comfy...Though that dog is in there." She said out loud, but more to herself. "Anywho. I can stay up with'cha and bug ya some more." She grinned widely at Lexi before heading to the room to lay Travis in his small bed.

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