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    Post by Mikko on Mon Nov 02, 2009 4:02 pm

    ((Next day~After a long night Mikko goes back home for the day))

    Mikko finally managed to get some sleep that night. Her and lexi talked for a while longer about girl stuff and lifestyle choices, seems they both where living with some pretty bad decisions in their life. But Mikko eventually went back to Gabe's room and crawled into bed. When she woke, she found her pillow replaced by Gabe's cheat and her body wrapped around him. She really needed to learn to stay on her side of the bed. Slowly she untangled herself from him and quietly slipped out of bed and left the room. She went right to the kid's room and picked up Travis who was also just waking up, changed him then went to the kitchen to feed him.

    Chris awakened that next morning, hoping to see Mikko sleeping beside him. But no such luck. He sighed and got out of bed, taking his bag with him. He had to get this extra make-up off as soon as possible. He'd have to show Mikko another time, it appeared. Okay, he could do that. He headed for the bathroom and went over to the sink. Then he turned the water on and started washing his face--along with the assistance of some make-up remover.

    After her long chat with Mikko, Lexi had finally convinced herself to attempt to get some sleep. She was physically exhausted, and that pull finally won out over her overworked mind. She settled back into the couch, once again falling into a restless sleep. Only a few short hours passed when she heard movement in the kitchen. She had always been a light sleeper- a fact that she was inwardly curing right now. With a heavy sigh, she pushed herself upright on the couch, and began rummaging through her duffle bag for a change of clothes. It seemed her day would be starting early.

    Mikko warmed up Travis' bottle and looked over at Lexi. "Morning. I didn't wake you did I?" She asked feeding the hungry baby. "Want some breakfast or something?"

    Kendall had done exactly as he thought he would; after the movie he crashed. But at least he made it to the bed first. And Daisy sleeping right next to him. But he was so tired he didn't even bother undressing first. So here it was, in the morning. He had managed to tangle himself in both the blankets and her. Not that that was a bad thing... He smiled and stroked the back of Daisy's head gently, trying to wake her up.

    Lexi slid out of her nightgown, and proceeded to get dressed, sparing Mikko a glance upon hearing her question. "No, you didn't wake me." Well, it was a half-truth. "And thanks, but I really don't do breakfast." She replied, as she slid into her black dress, and reached for her sandals. "I have to watch what I eat." Though, she had intended on making something for Gabe and his company, but seeing no sign of him, it didn't take long to draw the conclusion that he had yet to get up. Not that it surprised her. She had known him long enough to know that the thug was nocturnal. And considering his emotional state as of late, it wouldn't surprise her if he slept well into the night. But she'd be damned if that happened. She had put her personal life on hold to get him back on track, and come hell or high water.. that's what she was going to do.

    "ok. then I'll get ready real quick and we can leave when ever you like." Mikko told Lexi as she finished feeding Travis and started to grab her things while holding the baby with one arm. She left Gabe a note and stuck it on the fridge, telling him that she didn't want to wake him but she had to go home, and that she hoped to see him again really soon. She was already dressed and only needed to grab Travis' things, and get Aden.

    The gentle stroking finally managed to penetrate Daisy's subconscious, and after much struggling with heavy eyelids, she finally willed them to open. Her gaze was met with the sight of Kendall, instantly earning a groggy smile. She made no effort to untangle herself from him, drawing comfort from his closeness and warmth. She snuggled closer, pressing a soft kiss against his neck as she tried to suppress a yawn. Having fallen asleep during the movie marathon, she didn't remember how she'd gotten to the bed last night, but it didn't take much to figure that one out. "Morning!"

    Lexi glanced over her shoulder at Mikko, and gave a small nod. "Aren't you going to eat something first?" With a newborn, she was sure Mikko would need the energy later.

    "I'm not hungry." Fact was, Mikko had hardly ate at all since Spike got out, She figured it was due to nerves.

    Lexi was sure Mikko would regret that choice later. After grabbing her purse, she dug out her keys, preparing to head out. She'd briefly considered leaving Gabe a note, but figured it would be pointless. She was certain she would be back before he woke, and Mikko had already left one. As gently as she could, she collected Aden, and spared Mikko another quick glance. "Anything you need me to help you with?"

    Mikko shifted Travis in her arm and the bag on her shoulder. "Nope I'm good. Autobots roll out."

    Lexi held the door open and once they were out, locked it behind them. She was careful in her movements, trying her best not to wake the sleeping child in her arms, but upon hearing the mention of autobots, he mumbled something about ice-cream trucks, and once again drifted off to sleep. Lexi led them to her black corvette, unlocking the passenger's side and opening it for Mikko, then after gently lying Aden in the back seat, climbed into the driver's seat. "You'll have to give me directions."

    Mikko slipped into the car and examined the interior, it was a nice car, definitely something she would have picked up quickly. She ran a hand over the dash. "Nice ride you have here." She commented then buckled in. At the mention of directions and raised a brow. "Lost the ones I gave you already?"

    Lexi slid the key into the ignition. "No, but it'd be much easier for you to just point the way, than for me to dig them out of my purse." She replied, as she pulled out of the small drive-way, and pulled out onto the street, heading for the main highway.

    "Ah ok." Mikko gave her directions as they went, leading her to the shady neighborhood where she was sure some drug deal was going down on the side walk. She pointed out where to turn to get to the tattoo shop, passing a woman screaming that her purse was stolen and onlookers sparing her a glance but taking no action. " it's just right up ahead."

    Kendall continued stroking her head with his finger. Finally she started to come around and he smiled back at her with his own. She looked so beautiful today. He could melt into those intense blue eyes of hers. He planted a tender kiss against her lips. "Hey there, gorgeous. How did you sleep?"

    Okay, Lexi was NOT comfortable with the idea of parking her car anywhere NEAR this neighborhood. And this was where Mikko was raising her baby? And Daisy would be raising hers? It wasn't a good situation at all. The crime definitely seemed to be up in this part of town. And she briefly thought the Nightwatcher could whip the place back into shape.. but now knowing the masked vigilante on a very personal an intimate level, she didn't want him risking himself for a town that would feed him to the wolves. "Is there a safe place to park around here?"

    "You can park behind the shop." Mikko had yet to have any car stolen from her, not that she would mind, it would help take her stolen car off her hands. "If you have an alarm on this baby you're safe. Most thieves around here don't know what the hell they're doing and will just leave when an alarm goes off...But the car should be safe in the back."

    Daisy giggled at that, and leaned closer to meet his lips, returning his tender kiss. "Heh.. on my side!" She replied to his question, and slid her fingers along his ribs, nuzzling against his neck. "All snuggled up to you!" She left a trail of light kisses against his neck as she took one of his hands, resting it against her tummy. As if on cue, her stomach emitted a loud grumble, earning a sheepish grin from Daisy. "Heh.. I think Zoe's hungry.."

    Lexi was still uncomfortable with the idea of leaving her car unattended, but gave a quiet nod at Mikko's assurances. She wouldn't be in there long, she thought. Just long enough to help Mikko inside, and pay Daisy a quick visit. She was curious to see what the conditions were inside, hoping it would put her mind at ease. She drove the car around pack, parking as close to the building as possible.

    Once the car was parked. Mikko slipped out the car with Travis and picked up the baby bag. She glanced around then headed upstairs to her apartment. She left the door open for Lexi and laid Travis in his play-pen. After he was situated she headed back to the kitchen, opened the fridge only to find that there was nothing in it, there was some food that had gone bad that she tossed out. But nothing to eat. Angry that it seemed no one cared to bring food into the house, though managed to get a nice TV! Mikko forcefully slammed the fridge door. "That's it! Everyone is paying fuckin rent, or you can get your asses out!"

    After climbing from the car and gently collecting Aden from the backseat, Lexi locked her car doors and activated the alarm before following Mikko inside. Once inside, her gaze drifted over the tiny apartment, taking it all in. Of course, the place didn't meet her standards, but she had to admit, it was a little nicer than what she had anticipated. But Mikko's sudden bellowing briefly startled her. She searched for any signs of Daisy, and the young girl's boyfriend.

    It took some doing, but he finally got all the make-up off. And just in time to hear Mikko's bellowing. He sighed and looked in the mirror. He no longer had any make-up on and now everyone could see his pale complexion. But after Mikko's tone, he had forgotten about it and came running out of the bathroom. "Welcome back," he greeted a bit shyly, but tried not to show it. He had also taken his meds for the day and they were already working on his attitude. And Mikko's harsh tone didn't help. Eventually working up the courage, he strode over to her. "What's the problem?"

    Mikko spun around on Chris and as much as she tried to fight it she couldn't keep the faint smile from spreading across her lips when she saw him. "The problem is that There is nothing to eat, and I want to start seeing rent money." She paused for a second then shook her head. "Not from you, you watch Travis and that's payment enough, but the other two better start paying their way around here!" She looked Chris over, picking up on his mild shyness. "You took your meds again?" She asked with a small pout.

    Kendall couldn't help but chuckle at that. "At least someone is..." he stated, his hand still on her belly and gave it a few light pats. "So shall we see what we can scrounge up for 'her'?" Of course, he was also referring to Zoe's mother as well. Just then he heard Mikko's shouting and rolled his eyes. "Guess who's back..." With a heavy sigh, he detangled himself from her and the sheets and headed for the door, opening it up and peeking out. He heard about the money and frowned. Sure, he could give her a little of their money; but that was soon running out. He turned and looked back at Daisy. "Shall we give the lady what she wants?"

    Chris looked at Mikko and shrugged, nodding. "Yeah. I have to." Though he really didn't want to. But then her 'no food' comment rang in his ear. "Sure we do, babe. Remember? We went to the store a few days ago and got plenty of food." And just to prove his point, he went over to the fridge and opened the door. Not EVERYTHING was still there, but there was enough to get them through a couple more days, at least. He stood out of the way so she could see the contents. "See?" Then he frowned. "You feeling okay?" he asked out of sheer concern. Something just seemed a little off about her.

    Overhearing Mikko's words, Daisy frowned deeply. Mikko wanted them out? Did that mean she didn't want her around anymore? Daisy tried not to let it show, but that hurt her deeply. It was something she was unfortunately used to. People not wanting her around. And she had thought that finally, she was where she belonged. Rubbing her aching stomach, she pushed up from the bed and reached for her shoes. "Maybe we should just... go.." Of course, she had no idea where they would go, but Mikko was angry, and that scared her.

    Mikko was still fuming but at this point she wasn't even sure what she was mad about. Maybe it was being back in the house, knowing that she had to be responsible for everyone, and even if that wasn't true, she felt like it was. She glanced in the fridge and shook her head. "Yeah I'm fine...just need to lay down." She walked to the kitchen table and sat down. "Still want rent!" She managed to yell before laying her head on the table. "I don't feel good..."

    Chris nodded then went over to her, putting his hand on her shoulder. "Would you want some help, Mikko?" He was either not expecting an answer or just have her yelling again. Maybe not directly towards HIM, however.

    What I want..." Mikko started. "is a doughnut and a shot of whisky" She slowly lifted her head from the table.

    Kendall didn't really want to leave. Maybe he could work out something with Mikko. It was worth a shot, anyway. With Daisy's due date slowly approaching, he didn't think that they would be able to be established in time without Mikko's help. But the way Daisy said that upset him. He sat down next to her and put an arm around her shoulders. "You sure, babe? I think we can work something out with her. You wanna at least try?" He was wondering why Daisy was so willing to give up so quickly. "Is everything alright, princess?" He began rubbing her back in small, soothing circles.

    Chris sighed. Unfortunately, they didn't have either of those things. They had beer, but he didn't think that was a good idea. "Fresh out, babe. What would your second choice be?"

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    Post by Mikko on Tue Nov 03, 2009 5:15 pm

    Mikko looked at Chris and smiled. "Nah I'm good now." She pushed herself away from the table and dug around in the fridge. "I'm making breakfast! Who's hungry?" She called out to the house. Though she was still wanting rent from every one, but maybe she would approach that in a different way.

    After sliding into her shoes, Daisy leaned against Kendall, soothed by his comforting gestures. In truth, she didn't understand why she was feeling this way, and so flighty over Mikko's raised tone. Perhaps it was the anger that she detected, and fearing a repeat of the car incident, and the feelings of rejection that she had often felt back at the clinic, when she was forced to move from room to room, because no-one wanted to room with her. And now Mikko wanted her out. Obviously her hormones were making the situation worse, and she was already near the point of crying. Was everything alright? She wished that she could answer that. "She's mad at me.." She replied in a quiet tone. "She doesn't want me here anymore."

    It seemed Mikko was already feeling the pressure of being the responsible adult here. And this is why she should've sent Daisy back to the clinic, Lexi thought. The situation here was nothing short of a mess, and the atmosphere was making her uneasy. With a deep sigh, she glanced down at the sleeping boy in her arms, once again finding her in the situation of fixing someone else's mistake.

    Chris smiled back. "Okay." He couldn't deny that he was hungry. "I am," he answered Mikko. He followed her over to the fridge. "Need any help, babe?"

    Mikko started to fry the eggs and she smiled at Chris, feeling much more relaxed then she did a few moments ago. She gave his cheek a quick peck. "Can you see if the other two are up for me?" She asked him then went back to cooking. "lexi you can make yourself at home."

    Kendall frowned at that and held her close. "Nah, I don't think so. She's probably just in a bad mood, that's all." Although he had no clue why that would be. But either way, it didn't sound like it was directed towards only her. He carefully lifted her into his lap and just held her--trying to reassure her that everything was fine.

    Daisy rested her head against Kendall's chest, trying hard to compose herself. The rhythmic beating of his heart had always been soothing to her. After a moment, she rose her head just enough to look up at him, and pressed a light kiss against his lips. "You always make me feel better." She managed a faint grin as she squeezed him. "I wish I coulda known you my whole life."

    Chris smiled at the subtle affection and nodded. "You got it." He went over to Kendall and Daisy's room and knocked on the door. "You guys want something to eat?" There was no way in hell he was just going to walk in there, so he waited for a response on the other side of the door.

    That made Kendall really smile. He just fell more and more in love with this girl everyday; if that was even possible. Just then someone knocked on the door. He could tell it was Chris' voice. "Come in!" Kendall called through the door.

    Mikko continued cooking as she set the table. She looked at Lexi and motioned for her to sit down. "Maybe Aden wants some breakfast." She suggested as she went back to the stove. "FOOD'S ALMOST READY!"

    Hearing Chris' voice at the door, Daisy brushed away the few tears that had managed to squeeze past her attempts. Food really sounded good right about now, but she was reluctant to leave this room, afraid of Mikko's temper.

    At Mikko's invite, Lexi took a seat at the table, feeling it would be rude to just walk out, as she was oh so tempted to do. Aden was still fast asleep in her arms, which secretly worried her. Was it normal for a kid to sleep this much? Then again, the little boy had gone through a lot. Losing both parents would certainly take its tole on anyone

    Chris heard Kendall and opened the door slowly. He saw Daisy on his lap and he nearly backed out, fearing they were in the middle of something that he had interrupted. Just as he was getting ready to repeat his earlier announcement, Mikko's voice sounded. Then he looked at Kendall with a sheepish smile. "That's what I wanted to tell you. Are you two ready to eat?"

    Daisy greeted Chris with a small grin and a tiny little wave, but made no effort to remove herself from Kendall's lap, despite how tempting food was. Her tummy was beginning to ache, but she tried to ignore it-- for now. Her big doe eyes fixated on Chris, a frown tugging across her pouty lips. "Is Mikko angry?"

    Chris looked at her with a gentle smile on his face. "No, she's not. She was just in a bad mood when she got home. But she's cooled down now now so it's all good," he reassured her. And Mikko's latest tone sounded more like an invitation anyway. "So come on, you two. The food's waiting." And with that said, he turned and left the bedroom, joining Mikko and Lexi in the kitchen again.

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    Post by Mikko on Wed Nov 04, 2009 5:34 pm

    Hearing Chris' reassurances, Daisy spared Kendall a look, still reluctant to stray from the safety of their room just yet. But she was starving, her stomach already aching from a lack of food. After a moment, she slowly slid from Kendall's lap, being mindful of her injured leg and avoiding placing too much weight on it. She still clung to Kendall's hand, giving a small squeeze. "I guess if she's still mad, we can go to Mcdonalds or something.."

    Mikko put the food on the table and smiled at Chris when he came back. "They coming?" She asked as she poured juice in a glass for Chris and handed it to him. She then looked at Lexi. "You sure you don't want anything to eat. You know getting a little chubby might be a way out of that contract of yours."

    Kendall stood up and helped Daisy out of the room. He had just stayed silent the whole time, listening as Chris and Daisy conversed. Basically Chris had told him the same thing he had earlier. But the reassurances of Chris' were also appreciated. He chuckled at her comment. Although he was sure that wouldn't be necessary. He slowly and carefully lead her to the table.

    Lexi managed a small grin at that, though it was out of habit, too. "Thanks, but I've never been a fan of breakfast. Eating that early makes me feel sluggish." Seeing Daisy entering the kitchen, she greeted the blonde, and her boyfriend with a small smile, though it faltered slightly, seeing Daisy was still visibly upset.

    Mikko smiled cheerfully at the other two. "Bout time you two got up." She poured juice for both of them then sat down to her own plate. "Daisy, I think me and you need to try and find you some kind of income today."

    Daisy wasn't expecting company, but a small smile slowly tugged across her lips as she saw Lexi. She was still guarded, fearing that Mikko would go off on her at any moment, but at least she was smiling. Hearing Mikko's comment, she just gave a small nod and took a seat at the table. Her gaze once again fixating on Lex. "Do you think you can get me a job with you? I can do what you do.." She asked in almost a pleading tone. With a baby on the way, and the high risk of finding herself on the streets.. she needed something.. anything.. now.

    Just when Chris was getting ready to reply, Daisy and Kendall emerged from the bedroom. "Yup," he replied, grinning. He waved at the couple as they made their way to the table. Chris helped himself to breakfast and sat down with the others.

    Lexi was completely taken aback by Daisy's request. Why would Daisy even consider that! "No. You don't want to do what I do, Daisy. Believe me." Truth be told, if she had her life to do all over again, that's a mistake she never would've made. "Besides, you're too young. There are other options out there." Ones that didn't require your soul.

    "you're NOT being a model, Daisy. Lest not THAT kind." Mikko shook her head and ate. "I might be able to get you something working with kids. There's a daycare down the street, I saw a help wanted sign." She informed. She figured that working with kids or animals would be great for Daisy. and working would kids would give her practice with her own little one. "We can go there today if you're interested. Also we have to see about getting you on disability so that you have insurance."

    After making sure Daisy was settled, Kendall made his own plate then sat down next to her. He listened to the girls and when Mikko mentioned that Daisy could work with children. He smiled broadly at that. "That sounds like fun, Daisy." He dug into his food.

    Hearing Lexi's rejection, Daisy frowned deeply. Of course, she couldn't understand how horrible that choice was, and what would be required of her. She just took it as she wasn't pretty enough. But her pout soon faltered a little at Mikko's suggestion about the daycare. She didn't even have to consider that. "Oooh, I'd love to work with kids!" Being a big kid herself, she would fit right in!

    Remaining quiet, Lexi just listened in. She agreed, Daisy would do well with working with kids, but there was no way she could qualify for disability if she was working. Still, she felt it wasn't her place to burst their bubble. She adjusted Aden in her arms, trying to relive some of the stiffness his weight was causing. "I think you'll do well with working in a day care." She quietly commented, sparing a small smile. "But since you're pregnant, you'll have to be really careful."

    Mikko finished her food and started to clean the kitchen up some. "I'm thinking that fifty bucks a week towards rent would help a lot...." Mikko casually mentioned. "We still need cribs, and baby cloths, bottles..and..Daisy, do your pets still have food?"

    Wow.. fifty buck seemed like an awful lot of money! Well, of course it did to her, because she'd never really had any, until she'd found her dad's wallet in that Jeep, months ago. But she would do her best to give Mikko what she wanted. She really wanted to stay here. It was the first time she'd actually felt like she belonged somewhere. She gave a small nod at Mikko's question. "Yeah.. but it's running low."

    Mikko sat next to Daisy and sighed heavily. "You need to start thinking about what you need, not what you want. That means no more TVs, radios, animals, or anything else that's unnecessary. We have to focuses on things we need. Food, cloths, baby supplies. Ok. And I need help with the rent. No more living for free Daisy, welcome to the real world. You'll hate it in no time."

    Daisy finally fixed her plate, and dug in like she hadn't eaten in days. Being pregnant was a lot of hard work, she thought. Hearing Mikko's words, she gave a small nod though not completely understanding. "But.. we already have a TV.. so we won't have to buy another one." She chimed.

    Mikko chuckled at that and ruffled her hair. "Yeah, we really didn't need it but yeah we already got one. I'm just letting you know. no more fun stuff. You got to work hard to take care of yourself and your baby." She hoped that Daisy got the picture that this wasn't going to be easy. "Speaking of work, I have to do that tonight, So we're going to have to get everything done early."

    Daisy gave another nod. She knew she would have to start taking care of herself.. as ell as their baby.. and Kendall. She had never had responsibilities before, but was really hoping she didn't mess this up. Still, she couldn't even imagine how difficult it would be. She slowly slid closer to Kendall, and carefully climbed into his lap. He was much more comfortable than that darn chair. "What kinds of stuff?" She asked Mikko.

    Mikko looked at her and shrugged. "well it's not that you can never have fun. but we need to save up for a car, I think right now that's our most important thing. Don't worry about it ok. I'll take care of everything, I just need some help is all." She gave Daisy a smile.

    Kendall was nearly done eating by the time Daisy crawled up into his lap. He rested his hands on her hips to keep her steady while she finished eating. It seemed like the girl was in a better mood than she was when she first came to the table. And Kendall was grateful for that.
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    Post by Daisy on Mon Nov 09, 2009 8:25 pm

    "But, we have a car." Daisy replied, referring to the stolen SUV. She didn't understand that they couldn't keep it, forever.

    Mikko shook her head. "We need one that's NOT stolen. Something that we can keep." She scooped up Travis and sat back down. "Just...Let me worry about it I guess."

    Daisy frowned at Mikko's comment. "Buut.. you said you needed a little help! I could totally pick out the car and stuff, that's one less thing you'd have to do!" Oh yes, she planned on something fast and blinging. Hopefully another BumbleBee...

    "First we have to have money, then you can help pick out a car. A car that can fit everyone...So, probably a van or something." Mikko smiled at Travis and tickled his cheek. "We'll worry about that later." She looked up at Daisy and grinned. "Wanna get your tattoo today?"

    A.. van? Wow, how boring was that! Well, they could get a van, THEN! She was totally going to save up and get the car of her dreams! It would transform into a robot, and be cute as hell! She just gave a half nod in understanding, but the mention of a tattoo definitely perked her up a bit. "Ooooh, sure!" Because she already had one in mind.

    "Great, when ever you're ready then. I managed to piece together a gun and got some ink from the boss. So you know what you want to get?" Mikko asked, keeping her full attention on her baby.

    Lexi just listened in silence, unable to suppress a deep frown as Mikko mentioned the stolen car. So this was the life Mikko was subjecting the young girl to? Deep down, she knew it shouldn't have come as a surprise. But at least, Mikko seemed to be trying to get them on the right path. After a moment, she quietly stood from her seat, still cradling the sleeping Aden in her arms. "I should be going." She needed to leave the child with an agency, then attend other priorities. One, being lone overdue. Raph had been so patient with her hectic schedule, and her 'baby-sitting' a depressed ex-boyfriend. Today was his day.

    Daisy gave an eager nod at Mikko, but frowned at Lexi's announcement. "Daw, bu-bye Lex! You'll have to drop back in and see my tattoo!" And then, her attention returned to Mikko, flashing a wide smile. "Mmhmm! I wanna get my smexy-pants name tattooed on me! Oooh, and a cute widdle sea turtle...Squirt!"

    Mikko looked up at Lexi and nodded. "Bye Lex. Be careful when you leave." She then looked back at Daisy. "Ok...How about you watch Travis while I draw something up for you?"

    Kendall had just been, once again, listening to the girl talk. But the last thing Daisy had said made him smile. He was both flattered and surprised slightly. He turned at Lexi's announcement and waved to the girl. "Bye." Then he turned to Daisy again and smiled at her. God, he loved this girl.

    Chris was also silently observing. But half of the time he was also watching the small baby in Mikko's arms. Now would be the chance to hold him again. "I can do it," Chris spoke up.

    Mikko looked over at Chris and smiled. "Thanks, babe." She handed Chris the little one then grabbed her sketchbook and started to draw out Daisy's tattoo/ Kendall's name and a sea turtle. She had no idea who Squirt was, but figured it was something cute and cartoony so she went with that. Putting Kendall's name in old english writing in a banner under a cartoon turtle.

    Lexi gave a small nod in response to Daisy and Mikko, and returned Kendall's wave. She still wasn't sure what to make of the guy. He seemed so quiet, as was Chris. But the man seemed to adore Daisy. Perhaps Mikko was right-- the girl was lucky. Senses on high alert, Lexi slipped out out of the building, and quickly headed for the safety of her car. Once inside, she placed Aden on the seat beside her, and quickly locked the car doors, then reached for her cell. She dialed Raph's cell number, and wedged the phone between her ear and shoulder as she pulled out and headed back onto the main road. It was still early, and she doubted her nocturnal boyfriend would be awake, but it was worth a shot.

    Raphael was asleep in his room, last night had proven to be quite eventful. He had a few new bruises but nothing serious he began to toss and turn as his cell phone rang. He ignored it for a few rings and then reached his arm out to blindly feel for it. Once he had it he answered it without checking the caller I.D "What?!"

    Wow, Daisy was impressed! For Mikko to not know who Squirt was, she did a heck of a job with the sketch! It looked exactly like him! She grinned brightly. "Aww, I likes! Can you put the banner around a heart? I want that tattooed right here.." And she tapped the area just above her own heart. "Squirt can go on my shoulder."

    Well, Lexi was partly expecting that response. Obviously, she had interrupted his sleep. "Hey babe. I didn't wake you, did I?"

    "wow..you want your first tattoo there? and two at once uh? Tough girl." Following Daisy's instructions, Mikko re-drew Kendall's name on a banner that was wrapped around a heart. First a normal valentines heart, then a replica of a human heart. She then drew up the turtle in a small wave. Of course if Daisy didn't like the wave she could just omit it. "What colors are we using for this?"

    Chris took the baby in his arms and rocked him gently. The little guy kept getting cuter and cuter in his opinion. He wondered if Gabe was still going to keep the Travis for awhile. If not, Chris would be happy to do it. He smiled at the little one.

    He sat up rubbing his eyes and glanced over at his digital clock it was still early. *"I'm up.." *He said sounding fast asleep.* "Did somethin' happen?"

    Daisy blinked at the human heart. Definitely not what she had in mind! "I like this one!" She replied with a bright smile, pointing to the Valentines version. And of course, she loved the revamp with Squirt and the wave! "Green and brown for the turtle..and red for the heart!" But, she was stuck on what color to use for the banner. "What color would go good with red?"

    Lexi couldn't suppress an amused grin. Raph sounded... cute.. when he was half asleep. "No, just wanted to see if we were still on for tonight." She made a turn on the small street that would lead to the orphanage. Her heart was feeling heavy already. "Or, we could meet up earlier if you wanted to. It's your day, babe."

    Mikko pulled out her markers and started coloring as Daisy instructed. When Daisy asked about the banner she thought for a bit. "Usually banners are just brown or something. pink goes with red, and it would let the black letters of the name pop." She glanced over at Chris and saw Travis looking back at the man with a huge smile on his face. She smiled at the scene then went back to Daisy.

    Daisy watched on as Mikko colored the designs, and smiled brightly at her suggestion. "Pink! It goes good with anything!"

    "Pink it is." Mikko finished up the coloring and showed the finish product to Daisy. "There you go. How big are these things gonna be?"

    He layed back down feeling relieved that it wasn't an emergency. He yawned as he tried to pay attention to what she was saying.* "huh..yea yea we're still on fer' tonight wouldn't miss it. If ya wanna meet up earlier den' I'm cool wit' it." *He wasn't thrilled about getting out of bed but if she wanted to he wouldn't protest. Besides it had been quite some time since their last date

    Kendall sneaked a peek of his own at the design. It indeed was really cool. And to see that on Daisy's body would be the greatest thing in the world to him. He smiled in approval and looked at Daisy.

    Lexi finally parked her car in front of the large building, and spared a glance at the sleeping form beside her. She was not looking forward to this. At least Raph was keeping her mind partly distracted from what she was about to have to do. She reached over, gently caressing the little boy's cheek. He would be better of with a solid family. With 'normal' people. Her life was anything but, considering the company she kept. "Earlier, if that's okay." She lowered her voice to a sweet and sincere whisper. "I really miss you."

    Daisy flashed Kendall a bright smile, and pressed a sweet kiss against his cheek before returning her attention to Mikko. "Hmm.. about yay big?" She splayed her fingers a good four inches apart, then glanced over her shoulder at Kendall. "What do you think, baby?"

    Mikko got up and went to her bag, grabbing transfer paper, her gun and ink, gloves, soap and napkins. She came back and laid everything out on the table, including the long needles that laid in an unopened package. She sat back down and traced everything on the transfer paper, the size that Daisy showed. "Ok, Daisy. What one are you doing first?"

    He rested one of his arms over his face while holding the phone with the other. Yep earlier it is just like he expected but even through his sleepy haze he manages to grin at her last comment.* "I miss ya to babe, jus' name the time an' place an' I'll be there."

    Kendall only grinned wider. "Sounds great, princess." He returned her earlier kiss to the cheek. When Mikko went to go get her supplies for the inking, he became a little nervous. But if Daisy was fine with it, then so would he. He would be right there to hold and comfort her if she needed it.

    "Is two hours from now too early?" Lexi asked, a little unsure. She knew this was much too early for him, and felt a little guilty for asking this of him. "Unless you need more sleep." She continued to caress Aden's tiny cheek, and lightly brushed his hair with her slender fingers. She couldn't deny the maternal pull that she felt, and the tinge of pain that caused. "I was thinking we could meet up at the Park."

    Daisy's eyes widened as Mikko returned with the needles. She was suddenly feeling really nervous about this, but drew comfort from Kendall's closeness. She took his hand in hers, giving it a firm squeeze. "Um.. the heart!" With her free hand, she lowered the left strap of her shirt, exposing the area that would soon bear the evidence of her undying love for the one who'd stolen her heart.

    Raphael raised his arm just high enough to glance at the clock again damn two hours wasn't a lot of time. He sighed but agreed she obviously needed his company and he really wanted to see her.* "Eh..alright guess I'll see ya den' babe." *He yawned again he most likely would sleep for another hour and then get ready.*

    Mikko nodded and snapped her gloves on, she pulled the needles from their package and fitted them in the gun, she then snapped a rubber band around the gun to keep the needles from shifting and finally connected it to a foot peddle. That done, Mikko then cleaned the area that Daisy wanted tattooed and pressed the heart pattern from the transfer paper to her skin. "Wanna go make sure it's in the right spot before I start?"

    "I'll see you soon, babe. Get some rest." With that, Lexi closed the phone and slid it back into her handbag. Now, there was no distraction from the task that she would have to do. Her heart felt heavy as she gently gathered the sleeping child into her arms, and slowly and carefully stepped out of the car with him. "I'm so sorry, sweetie. But you;re better off here." She whispered to him, as she reluctantly carried him inside.

    Daisy mustered up enough courage to look down where Mikko had placed the design. She gave a small nod and a squeaked reply, and squeezed the hell out of Kendall's poor hand.

    He didn't have time to say anything else before she hung up but yawned as he tried to toss it back on the side table. The phone made a loud thud as it hit the floor, Raphael just grumbled as he pulled the pillow over his head for a nap. It was going to be a long day..*

    With everything set, Mikko started. She pushed the pedal of the gun and it came to life with a loud buzzing sound. "I'm going to start with the outline." She said, then dipped the moving needles in the black ink. "I need you to be very very still. And remember to breath, if you need me to stop tell me ok?" With those instructions Mikko started the outline of the heart.

    Kendall felt the small squeeze at first and returned it with one of his own. But soon the squeezes became slightly painful. Kendall didn't want Daisy to know that so he kept his discomfort from his facial expressions to a minimum. He gave her a reassuring squeeze back in return and put his other hand over hers to let her know he wasn't going anywhere until this was over. Even then, it might be a while before he would leave her side.

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    Home sweet home Empty Re: Home sweet home

    Post by Mikko on Tue Nov 10, 2009 5:22 pm

    Okay, now the buzzing was definitely unnerving! Daisy hadn't been expecting that! She gave a small nod in response to Mikko's instructions, and continued to cling to Kendall's hand. She winces as the needle made contact with her skin, but suppressed the whimper that threatened to escape. She was trying hard to be brave! She could do this! "It.. won't hurt my baby.. will it?"

    Mikko hadn't thought about that. But she had got two tattoos while she was pregnant and everything turned out fine. "No the baby will be fine." She assured Daisy. "You doing ok, we're almost done the outline." luckily Daisy had picked a really simple pattern and it wouldn't take to long, the turtle on the other hand...that one might be harder for her to get through.

    The whole process took longer than Lexi would've liked. So much paper-work needed to be filled out, all of which was done with the little boy still cradled in her arm. She wanted to offer him what comfort she could, while she could. But soon, the process was complete, and Aden was now the responsibility of the orphanage. She felt her heart sink as she signed her name on the last line, and with a heavy sigh, looked at the lady who sat across the desk, her thick bottle-cap glasses sliding down her long nose. She had obviously done so many of these things that she was completely unfazed by it. But Lexi's heart was breaking. As one of the staff reached to take the little boy from her, Aden woke up, his little eyes widening at the sight of the stranger that was reaching for him. His tiny fingers entwined in the top of Lexi's dress, clinging to the woman he'd come to trust. "No!" He sobbed, tear filled eyes shifting from the intruder to Lexi. "I'ma stay wif'joo!" He managed to say, in between choked breaths. "It's okay, sweetie... you'll soon have a wonderful family that'll love you like the treasure you are." She tried hard to soothe, on the verge of her own tears. This wasn't supposed to be this hard! "Butbut.. I want'joo be my new mommy!" He sobbed, his fingers slowly being pried open by the staff. Lexi's strong front finally broke as they pulled the little boy away from her, the tears finally rolling down her cheeks. "You'll be okay baby.. I'm sorry!"She whispered, and turned to quickly leave the place. She brushed at her tears, ignoring the two male staff that had recognized her, and were now following her out, requesting autographs. She didn't even spare them a parting glance as she climbed into her car, and quickly drove away.

    Squinting hard, Daisy nodded at Mikko and slowly entwined her fingers with Kendall's. It definitely hurt, but not nearly as bad as the wound she'd received during Spike's rescue. "It feels like bees!"

    The outline finally done, Mikko turned off the gun to change the needles. "That was the worse part, the shading isn't going to be as bad. You are going to be one hot tattooed momma!"

    Kendall continued to be right with her the entire time, giving her hand reassuring squeezes as the process continued. "You're doing great, babe," he cheered her on. Mikko was doing a great job on the inking. He looked up at Mikko and smiled. "You're gonna work downstairs, right?" If this work on his girl didn't convince them that she could do the job, nothing will.

    "Oh, you really think so?" Well, that certainly earned a smile from Daisy, giving her a little more confidence to endure the rest of the process... and the second tattoo.

    Mikko smiled at Kendall and nodded. "I hope I can tattoo for the shop, but I have to have something for my portfolio first, which means tattooing everyone I can and building up my scrap book with pictures of my work. I'm going to have to go to other shops to nab some more ink though." She smiled at Daisy then started to shade in the red.

    At first, Daisy couldn't watch the process, but finally gathered the courage to look as the needle colored her skin red. She was getting used to the feel of the tiny needle pricks, and now.. it wasn't so bad. "Heh.. well, once Zoe isn't in my tummy no more.. I want you to do glittery stars around my belly button!"

    Mikko smiled at that. "Will do. You going to get Zoe's name on you too?" She asked then glanced up at Kendall. "And you're next." she grinned as she finished up the red.

    Kendall nodded to Mikko. That would be really cool. So she needed some more willing customers, huh? He could help her out. Though put on the spot as he was when Mikko said that he was next, he didn't have anything really creative in mind. But matching tattoos with Daisy (except for the name) sounded like a great idea

    Daisy gave an eager nod in response to Mikko. "Yeah! But, I'll have to think of where to put it.." And she glanced at Kendall, flashing him a bright smile. She wasn't sure if Kendall would go for a tattoo, but she thought it would look sexy on him! But it should be his choice.. he would be sexy either way.

    Mikko spent the rest of the time in silence, shading in the pink banner then carefully outlining Kendall's name. She then cleaned off any blood and excess ink from Daisy's skin. "All done."

    Daisy smiled brightly as she gave it a good once-over. "Oooh, it's awesome! Thankies!"

    "welcome." Mikko tapped a bandage over the tattoo. "Make sure you keep it clean, and use lots of lotion on it. Ready for the turtle now?"

    "You bet!" Daisy gave an enthusiastic nod, and turned just enough to give Mikko access to her shoulder blade, where the cute little turtle would soon be inked.

    Mikko cleaned the needles and her skin before pressing the pattern on her. Just like before she let Daisy check out the placement before starting on the outline. She was happy that Daisy wanted color, most of the things she did was black and gray shading, this gave her a chance to expand her self. She wondered who else would get a tattoo from her, she was after all offering them for free. She would send Spike a text...but that would mean telling the man were she lived...And that wasn't something she was prepared to do. "Doing ok?"

    Daisy braced herself for the next tattoo, mentally preparing herself for a repeat of what she had just endured, but this time the area wasn't as sensitive as her chest. She gave a thumbs up, signaling she was doing just fine. "10-4, rubber ducky!"

    Mikko raised a brow at that. "ok then...you're actually doing better then I thought you would. My first tattoo was my dragon, four hours with out rest." Then it occurred to her. If she made it into the Turks gang, they wouldn't want her massive purple dragon tattoo on her. What were they going to do? She saw what happen to Gabriel. She swallowed thickly at the thought, but pushed it out of mind. Maybe she could just get it covered. "Chris! What you getting tattooed on you?"

    Chris still sat at the table watching Mikko work. He was quite impressed with what she could do. But her asking him what tattoo he wanted caught him off guard. He wasn't ready to have one yet and hadn't even thought about what he wanted in the first place. But it was looking like she could do practically anything! He looked at Mikko and shrugged. An idea would have to come to him later.

    Daisy blinked at that. "Four hours.. wow. I don't think I could sit still that long..." She was surprising even herself with just how well she was handling the pain, but she had experienced worse. "Heh.. I hope giving birth is on the same pain level as this..." Wishful thinking!

    "HA!" Mikko paused long enough to give Daisy a grin. "This is like being tickled with feathers compared to giving birth. Imagine trying to get a watermelon through a hole the size of an apple. yeah..NOT pleasant." After putting that thought in Daisy's head, she continued the tattoo.

    Daisy's eyes widened at that. That definitely scared her! "Do they.. like.. give you some kind of pain medication?" She asked, hopefully. "And where the heck is that darn stork?! If he could just deliver her.. then I wouldn't have to!"

    Mikko chuckled. "Stork? no you're gonna have to do it all. I think that they give you some drugs, but Not sure that it would help much." She smiled at Daisy. "But it's worth it." She added some shading in the tattoo and after a good twenty minutes she was done. "There you go Daisy, all inked up and looking sexy."

    Daisy thanked Mikko with a peck on her cheek, and a gentle hug, though she was careful not to make contact with her sore chest. "Thankies!" She then looked back at Kendall. "Your turn, babe!"

    Mikko hugged her back and smiled at Kendall. But first she picked up her phone and sent out a mass message to all her contacts that she was giving out free tattoos. She hopped that someone would answer her. She REALLY hoped that Gabe would call her back about the offer. After she checked up on Travis who was laying quietly in Chris's arms, trying to fight off sleep.

    Mikko's second piece of work didn't disappoint either. He smiled in approval at first Daisy then Mikko. He knew Daisy wanted him to get one. But the only one he could thing of at the moment was the heart with Daisy's name. Not very original... He looked back at Daisy to see if she had any suggestions for a potential tattoo for him. "Got any ideas for me, darlin'?"

    Daisy smiled at him. "Hmmmm..." Well, she knew what she would like for him to have. The same thing he had in mind. But she didn't want him to feel pressured or put on the spot, if he didn't like the idea. "It's up to you, smexy! You don't have to get one if you don't want to.."

    "Yeah. it's best you really know what you want. Because once it's there it ain't coming off. And I just put out a bulletin. so hopefully I get some willing victims that want free tats." Mikko said with a smile as she started to pick things up.

    Kendall smiled at Daisy then turned to Mikko. "Then I have one in mind, if you wanna do another one now."

    Mikko stopped picking up and sat back down. "Sure! what you want?"

    Kendall flashed Daisy another bright smile and a small wink. Then he rolled up his sleeve his his shoulder, showing Mikko where he wanted it. "Right here, I want a heart like Daisy's...with her name in it," he told Mikko with a point to first Daisy's heart tattoo, then to his own arm where he wanted it placed.

    "You..You want the same thing?" Mikko frowned at that. She couldn't use two of the same tattoo on her portfolio. She should make Kendall pay for his. Would that be wrong? She figured it would be and shrugged it off. Fine she would give him the same thing, but vamp it up a little. "I'ma put white angel wings on the heart K? Because I can't use the same tattoo twice for my scrap book. That would be pointless."

    Kendall nodded at the added suggestion. "That's fine with me. I didn't expect to get one todays so I didn't think of a design ahead of time. So that's cool with me." He gave her a smile. The angel wings would be fitting anyway. Daisy was his true angel. His piece of heaven in his complicated life...

    Mikko set her things back up, and again cleaned everything and and pressed the pattern on Kendall. But this time she decided to draw directly on his arm for the wings. After the pattern was done, she started inking the outline.

    Daisy couldn't suppress a huge grin, deeply flattered by what Kendall was getting. She gently pecked his cheek, and remained in his lap, there to offer any support he may need. Not that he would need it, he was her tough sexy convict, after all... with a heart of pure gold.

    Kendall kept his arm as relaxed as he could while Mikko did the inking. He also kept a firm grip on Daisy hand with his free one, giving it an occasional squeeze. It had been a long time since he had one done. It took some getting used to again.

    Mikko finished the heart part pretty quickly, then started shading the white wings, which was looking really nice against his skin tone. "I still say getting names on ya is stupid, hope you two don't break up."

    Daisy returned each of Kendall's gentle squeezes, and gave a look of disbelief at Mikko's last comment. "Break up? Why would we do that? Our looove is like whoa!"

    "Yeah that's what everyone thinks..till it ends horribly with the your man leaving you. They all hurt you in the end, Daisy. You just have to make sure the guy you're with is worth the pain." Mikko added some details to the wings making it look as if the wings were coming off Kendall's skin then turned the gun off. "all done."

    Break up? Kendall could never break up with her. And he was sure she couldn't either. And they were about to start a family. Of course he'd stay with Daisy...no matter what. Soon Mikko was finished with the tattoo and he look at her work. "Cool. Very nice. Thanks, Mikko," he told her sincerely with a large smile. He turned to Daisy and showed it off to her. "What do you think, babe? We're stuck with each other now." And he wouldn't have it any other way.

    Daisy frowned deeply at that. Kendall was Daisy's first real love, so she couldn't comprehend the pain that Mikko was talking about. She squeezed tighter to Kendall's hand, still unable to bring herself to believe that Kendall could ever cause her pain. He'd given her nothing but happiness. "Not all guys are like that." Despite the heaviness of their topic, she managed a wide grin at the finished product. "Wow.. that looks awesome!" She pressed a kiss against Kendall's lips. "You look sexy, babe! And we're stuck like glue!"

    "How romantic. I'm glad that everyone is happy!" Mikko smiled, her first two clients where happy, so far her tattooing career was looking promising, she checked her phone real quick, no one responded to her free tattoo message. She started to pick everything up again.
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    Home sweet home Empty Re: Home sweet home

    Post by Kendall on Wed Nov 11, 2009 4:27 pm

    Kendall returned the kiss then smiled at her. "We sure are." He gave her hand another light squeeze then turned to Mikko. "Keep up the great work, Mikko. You should get accepted for sure."

    And Mikko would finally receive a text from her big brother. "I'll definitely take you up on that. Wink Somethin' came up, but I'll catch up wit'u 2nite, promise.See you soon. Luv ya. xXxGabexXx

    Mikko picked up her phone when she heard it buzz on the table. She read the text and smiled. "Awesome! Gabe's gonna come over tonight!" She texted him a quick message back. 'C ya then! ^___^' Then snapped her phone closed and finished cleaning.

    "You mean, JT?" Daisy flashed Mikko a bright smile. Maybe now she could get the guy's autograph. "Tell him to bring his doggie!"

    "His name is Gabriel. Not JT. And that dog isn't allowed in here. anyway it would probably eat Mojo." Mikko told Daisy as she wedged a cigarette between her lips and lit it. "So I guess the rest of the day will be spent doing a whole lot of nothing."

    Daisy frowned in response. No JT, no dog.. and nothing to do! She sighed deeply. "Can't we at least go to the park or something?"

    We could. But Kendall can't." Mikko informed.

    "But.. he could disguise himself!" She pouted.

    "You want to take that chance? I'm sure the cops were ordered to shoot on sight." Mikko didn't want to freak out the girl but she had to know that it wasn't safe for Kendall to just be walking around in the public in broad daylight.

    Daisy's frown deepened. Just the thought of possibly losing Kendall brought her to the verge of tears. She shook her head. "No, I don't wanna take that chance." She hugged tightly to Kendall. "Then, maybe we could rent a movie or something?"

    That was a better idea. Mikko nodded. "Ok what movie is everyone interested in?" She wasn't thrilled about spending the money to rent a movie, but knew that Daisy was getting restless and needed something to do. "And I need money."

    Finding Nemo!" Daisy quickly replied, with a bright smile. "I have a little money, in by turtle backpack. Maybe I can get that babysitting job soon."

    Mikko rolled her eyes. Not the movie she had in mind but she wouldn't argue it. "Ok! and yes. as soon as that leg of yours is better. You get a job." She grabbed Daisy's turtle bag and handed it to her. "ten bucks should cover a movie and maybe some popcorn."

    Daisy quickly dug through her bag, and pulled out a small wad of money. She counted out the amount that Mikko had asked for, but gave a little extra. "There.. maybe you can get a good slasher flick, too!"

    "Now you're talking. ok so finding emo and a slasher." Mikko took the money and pocketed it. "Be back soon!" She grabbed her phone and headed out.

    Kendall wished he had more to contribute to the conversation but he was glad to see Daisy and Mikko getting along so well. Especially after the scare earlier that morning. He still had her hand in his and gave it another squeeze. The movie choice wasn't exactly what he expected, but it was a decent movie. He just hoped that it didn't bring up bad memories from his past. His two now-deceased daughters loved that movie as well. It would probably be bittersweet for sure. But then when Daisy mentioned the slasher flick, that seemed to improve his mood. He watched Mikko go then turned to Daisy. "Where do you wanna be to watch it?"

    Daisy didn't have to give that question much thought. She smiled sweetly at Kendall, and gently pecked his lap. "Anywhere, snuggled close to you!"

    deciding against taking the stolen van, Mikko walked to the movie store. it wasn't to far and it would give her some time to herself. She ducked passed a small group of Turks and slipped down an ally, that she hoped was a short cut to her destination.

    Sadly the short cut would not be any faster or safer for the matter. Waiting for Mikko was pack of guys. She ignored them at first, till she realized that they were following her. 'what to do? what to do?' She didn't know if they were Dragons or Turks or just some kids looking for trouble. She walked a little faster, if she could get to a more populated area she might be able to lose these guys.

    Mikko was cut off though, one of the guys jumped in front of her, and the four boys surrounded her. Though it was morning, the ally didn't offer much light. "What the fuck you want? Money? Fine take it!" She yelled tossing what she had at the group. She was sure that Daisy would understand why she came home empty handed. But the boys didn't bother with the cash. Instead they pounced on her, pining her to the brick wall. It was then that she saw the group were dragons. "What the fuck you want?" She spat. Though she could guess what the answer was...

    Travis was still sleeping in Chris' arms when Mikko left to go get the entertainment of the day. He gently cradled the boy in his arms and glanced at the others; but he mostly stayed to himself and just listened. He was very impressed with Mikko's inking skills and would definitely take her up on that offer when he thought of something he wanted on him. But one thing was for sure: It had to be special. Travis had started stirring a little now and was a bit fussy. He picked the baby up and took him over to where Travis' diaper bag was. With the child in one arm, he scooped the bag up with his other one and took him over to get him changed.

    Kendall grinned at that. Not that he was surprised. Without any real furniture they would all have to pile up on the pulled out bed or sit on the floor. And the floor was definitely not an option for Daisy. So maybe he could sit next to her and she could be in her wheelchair. That could work...

    With a guy at each arm holding her tightly to the wall. A third man walked up to Mikko, knife drawn. "Rumor has it that you don't like us anymore. So we thought that we would just help your transition." the blond hissed in her ear. Mikko watched him eyes wide with fear of what this guy was going to do. She struggled to free herself only to get a painful slap across the face. The forth guy pressed herself against her and held a hand tightly over her mouth. Mikko couldn't believe this was happing. Things like this didn't happen to her. This is what SHE did to OTHER people. Karma was a bitch...

    "We could pull out the couch bed!" Daisy spoke up, as if she could read his mind. "It'll be more comfy!"

    Mikko tried again to get free, but the guy holding her mouth only slammed her head into the wall. Before she could even feel the pain in her head, a sharp burn ran through her arm. She managed to move her head enough to see what the pain was coming from. The one with the blade had sliced into her tattooed arm. Slowly he started to cut away the large dragon. At first the pain was tolerable. but soon it was becoming to much. She screamed against the boys hand. Trying to jerk her arm free as tears fell down her face. The pain then moved to a different part of her arm as the knife moved around. She started to feel sick.

    The process seemed to take forever, she was sure that she had passed out a few times as chucks of time just seemed to be missing. But soon the guy with the knife stepped back. He looked his work over and shook his head. "I can still see some of the ink." He said as he took his knife back to her arm. Blood and skinned laid at her feet. and when the guy was satisfied he moved out the way. Mikko thought that it was over, they did what they came to do, But she didn't see the first punch that hit her gut. She did see the second, third and forth. they all took turns hitting her till she fell to her knees on the ground coughing up blood. The blonde leaned down next to her and whispered heatedly in her ear. "Don't chu' think this over, bitch!" With that the four boys fled leaving her bleeding. her purple skin laying in slivers on the ground. not being able to hold it in any more she got sick on the pavement and sat there for a while.Daisy wouldn't be getting her movies...

    After a while, Mikko willed herself to stand. The boys had taken her money not that it matter, though she did feel bad that Daisy lost her money and wasn't getting a movie. Her arm stinging she picked up the shirt that the boys had ripped off of her, and wrapped it around her bleeding arm. She didn't have anyone to call to help her. But she could make it back home on her own. It wasn't to far...With a heavy sigh she started to walk back home.

    What is this girl, a mind-reader?. In any case, it COULD work. Though Kendall wasn't sure if Mikko would want all those people in her bed, so to speak. It would just have to wait until they could ask her personally. He smiled at Daisy. "Anything you need or wanna do while we wait?"

    Soon Chris returned with Travis. Freshly changed and much happier. He laid the baby in his little bed and gave in one of his soft toys to cuddle with. Then he leaned over and kissed the boy's small forehead and returned to the table to start cleaning up from breakfast.

    'How the fuck did they even know that she wanted to leave the gang?' Mikko asked herself as she slowly made her way back home. Her arm stung like all hell. She wasn't worried about scars she could just tattoo over that, but the pain...gah! And what did that guy mean it wasn't over? She needed some kind of protection, she thought that living in Turk territory was good enough, but apparently not! She wondered if they had got to Spike? After all, he left the gang. killed members of the Dragons and was still after Gabe. She tried to shrug off the thought but was concerned for his safety. She stopped on top of the steps and text him, or at lest the last phone that he had. 'Hey, what you up to?' She didn't want it to sound like she was checking up on him, and figured if he text back then he was fine enough. After she sent him the text she closed the phone and walked inside. "I couldn't get the movie...sorry..."

    Daisy gave Kendall a naughty little look. Oh yeah, there was definitely something she wanted to do while they waited! But just as her lips met Kendall's, the front door opened and a badly bloodied Mikko walked through the door. Daisy's eyes widened in horror. "Oh my god, Mikko! What happened!" She would've sprinted over to check on her sister, but it was nearly impossible to do so with her injured leg.

    Mikko peeled the shirt off of her arm and ran her bloody limb under the facet of the sink. "Oh...Gang wanted their tattoo back." She winced as the cold water hit her arm, and pulled away when the burning became to much. "We have any bandages?"

    Chris had his back to the door when Mikko first came in. As soon as Daisy cried out he turned around and saw Mikko, he jaw dropping. "Oh my god!" He was getting ready to help her when she made her way over to the sink. He looked at her arm and winced; it looked really bad. Chris nodded to her question. "I'll get 'em." And with that, he hurried off to the bathroom to retrieve the bandages.

    Mikko nodded at Chris and sat next to Daisy. "Sorry I couldn't get your movie, Daisy. They took your money too." She sighed deeply and looked over her arm. "This is not going to heal up pretty."

    Chris came back with the bandages and handed them off to Kendall, assuming he was better with first aid stuff than he was. He sat next to Mikko and held her good hand, squeezing it gently and reassuringly.

    Mikko smiled at Chris when he came back, but frowned when he passed the bandages off to Kendall. Great, the guy couldn't even bandage her arm up. She didn't return the hand squeeze and instead rolled her eyes and looked at Kendall. "Don't like the sight of blood, Chris?" She said as she braced herself for Kendall's bandage job.

    Kendall looked over and saw Mikko enter the apartment and his eyes immediately gravitated to her injuries. He carefully picked Daisy up and set her down on the chair he just vacated and hurried to assist her. By that point she was already at the sink. He waited patiently while Chris went to go get the bandages. As soon as Chris exited the bathroom, Chris had handed off the bandages to him and Kendall graciously took them. It looked like his medical services were requested yet again. He went over to Mikko and started to get to work.
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    Post by Gabriel on Thu Nov 12, 2009 3:58 pm

    Chris saw the disappointment in Mikko's eyes and frowned. He had done it again. Now he was really considering ditching the meds. It seemed like that would be the only way to impress Mikko now. But losing the meds was supposed to be a last resort. He, himself, wasn't exactly sure how he would be without them. He'd been taking them for almost a year now. But he so badly wanted to keep Mikko. So it came down to two choices: lose the pills or lose the girl he'd latched onto. The decision was an easy one... He shook his head at Mikko's question. "Nope. Just thought I should turn it over to someone that has more experience with this kind of stuff," he answered with a shrug. That excuse was wimpy to even HIS ears. With an internal groan he turned his attention to Kendall and his work. He wanted to learn this stuff to so he could again impress the girl he loved. So he paid close attention to Kendall and took mental notes on how it was done.

    Mikko shook her head. "It's just wrapping up an arm, I don't think it's something to need experience for." She winced as Kendall started patching her up. "Hopefully I never need you to remove a bullet or stitch up a cut uh?" This was why Mikko needed a thug boyfriend, someone who would just jump in and take care of her. who would insist on taking care of her, maybe go after the bastards that did this. She looked at her arm. She probably should have gone to the hospital...

    The movies were the LAST thing on Daisy's mind at the moment. She was too concerned for Mikko. She watched on through tear-filled eyes as Kendall worked his magic, wrapping the horrific wound with a doctor's precision. "Are you okay?" She asked, giving Mikko's hand a gentle squeeze.

    Mikko looked at Daisy and nodded. She didn't want to worry the girl more then she was. "I'll be fine. It's just skin it'll grow back." At lest she hoped that it would, she never had a wound this bad before. Or one that hurt quite this much. She returned Daisy's hand squeeze. "Don't you worry about me. I'll live."

    Kendall continued wrapping Mikko's arm but it was seeming like a never-ending battle with the constant blood flow. It kept soaking into the bandages after he'd applied them. Finally after finishing the job the best to his abilities, he stood back and shook his head. "You sure you don't need to go to the hospital? You've lost a lot of blood," he told her.

    Mikko laid down on the back, closing her eyes and laying her good arm over them. "No...It'll be fine." But she couldn't deny that she wasn't feeling so good.

    Against Lexi's warnings and pleas for him to keep a low profile in his condition, Gabriel had gone out to make a few final preparations for Fal's homecoming tonight. For the first time in months, he felt hopeful again. Thing were going to be okay, he thought. On his way back to his old home, he happened to pass the old tattoo shop where Mikko was living. Might as well drop in and see her new place. After parking his car in back, and ordering Jigs to wait there, Gabriel entered the old building, and made his way to the top where Mikko lived. Unaware of what poor Mikko had just gone through, he knocked quietly against the door.

    Kendall wasn't really buying it. Mikko was looking deathly pale. "You sure? We could call 911 if we need to." Although that would mean that Kendall would have to stay out of sight while the paramedics were there. The only other alternative would be driving, but Kendall wasn't sure if they could get there in time before it was too late. He did NOT think it was wise to just brush it off like she was.

    "I said I'm fine!" Mikko insisted as she felt herself slip in and out of sleep. but the knocking at the door woke her. she moved her arm from her eyes and looked up at the others. "WHO IS IT!?" She asked in her most threatening voice, whish was pretty pathetic sounding in the state that she was in.

    Now Chris was scared...for Mikko. He could tell that she wasn't looking well. He knew if they DID drive her to the hospital, he would have to be the one to do it. Suddenly he heard a small knock and decided to make himself useful and open the door. Then he heard Mikko's bellow, although it was very weak. They had to get her some help. "I'll go see," he said as he stood up and slowly approached the door. "Who is it?" he asked, repeating Mikko's words but much calmer, stronger, and closer to the person in question.

    Gabriel could barely detect Mikko's 'threatening' question, but a much stronger, calmer voice soon issued through the safety of the door. "S'Gabe."

    Mikko groaned. Why did Chris have to speak up, she didn't want anyone knowing that she was living with other people. Luckily it was Gabe and she relaxed a bit. "Chris!" She hissed but didn't have the energy to do much else. She would be having a talk with him later.

    Chris heard her and could tell that she wasn't pleased. Well hell, it wasn't like he could read her mind or anything. He just thought he was helping. After hearing Gabe's voice, he forgot about that and answered the door. He greeted Gabe with a small wave and a smile and let him in. He would let the thug take in the scene himself since apparently Mikko wasn't happy with whatever he did anymore. Oh-fuckin-well...

    Damn. He could already detect the tension as he stepped in the door. Now, he wondered if his visit had been such a good idea, but the sight of Mikko soon pushed any regret from his mind. The first thing to grab him was just how sickly pale she was, and the bloodied bandage on her arm. He approached her, the concern shown in his every feature. "Damn babe, what the fuck happened to you?"

    Mikko smiled at Gabe then closed her eyes again. "Hun wanted his tattoo back." She informed him. "I'm ok though...Just need to sleep it off." She moved her arm and winced in pain. "Can someone get me my pills out of my bag?" She forced her eyes open again. "Came for your tattoo?"

    Gabriel winced in sympathy, knowing dam well hat she was referring to by 'wanted his tattoo back'. He'd experienced the same torture almost a year ago, when the Turk gang lord attempted to do the same. Luckily he was interrupted, but Gabe was left with a large scar just above his tribal dragon tattoo. "Damn.. I need to get you to a hospital, babe." He informed, but he knew Mikko was like him. Thugs hated hospitals. So he need to convince her it was crucial to her survival. "If the blood loss don't kill you, that shit's gonna get infected.. you could lose yer arm, Mickey."

    Well that certainly didn't sit well with her. She needed her arm. especially her right arm! But she didn't want to go to the hospital either. Mikko groaned and shook her head. "Noooooo I have to stay here and do stuff. The baby! Who's going to watch the baby?" Of course she knew that Chris or Kendall or Daisy would, but she was pulling at straws finding excuses not to go to the hospital. But in her condition they could just scoop her up and bring her and there wouldn't be much she could do about it.

    "There's three people here. I'm sure yer baby will be fine. And I'm sure he'd like to grow up havin' a mom..." Was Gabriel's reply. He didn't have time to argue with her. As gently as he could, he scooped her up into his arms. She could hate him later, as long as she was alive, that's all that mattered.

    It was looking like she didn't have much of a choice here. Mikko nodded and laid her head on Gabe's shoulder. "Fine...I'll go...But only if Chris comes with me." She was sure that Kendall and Daisy could handle Travis, they needed practice anyway.

    Chris had followed Gabe back over to Mikko. Just when things were looking like they weren't going to work out, then Gabe was insistent on getting her to the hospital. And Chris was grateful for that. But the most shocking thing was that she WANTED him to go with her. Wasn't she pissed at him a few minutes ago? In any case, sure he would go. "Yeah, I'll come, Mikko," he told her, taking her good hand again and gave it a light squeeze then let go again. The last thing he wanted to do was set her off when she was in this condition. "I'm ready when you guys are."

    "Then lets go.." With that, Gabriel wasted no more time with words. He carried Mikko down the steps, and out to the car. Given his own condition, the task was a little difficult. But thugs had a high pain threshold, he was used to it. Once they were outside, Gabe ordered the pit bull to stay in the front of the camaro, and he gently placed Mikko in the backseat.

    Mikko was to out of it to even notice the dog. It was amazing how much am arm wound could mess you up. She was still saying that she was going to be alright, trying to convince them that she just needed to sleep it off. "Mmmm...I'm good..." She laid back in her seat. "Just a little cut." She mumbled.

    Chris gave the other two a small wave and headed out with Gabe. Once at the car, he waited until Mikko was settled then climbed in beside her. She was looking worse by the minute. He was hoping they would make it in time. He buckled in and helped to comfort Mikko in any way he could on the ride over there.

    Jigsaw wanted nothing more than to jump into the backseat, and inspect what was going on. But a stern look from his master was all it took to erase those thoughts from his mind. Gabriel climbed into the driver's seat, and they were soon on their way. At the speed he was going, they would make it there in no time.

    Mikko fought to stay awake, but soon she lost the fight. Leaning on Chris she closed her eyes and passed out.

    They soon arrived, and Gabriel quickly parked by the hospital's entrance, close to the ambulance bay. Once again ordering the dog to stay, he hopped from the car, and quickly opened the side door. As gently as he could, he scooped Mikko up into his arms, expecting Chris would follow. He rushed through the ambulance doors, growing irritated as the ER doctors informed him that the area was for emergencies only. "This IS a fuckin' emergency!"

    Mikko woke when Gabe picked her up, but she was slipping back to sleep quickly. And from what she could catch it seemed that no one in the hospital wanted to see her. Maybe Travis could sew the place when he was older...If she died of course.

    As soon as Gabe took off for the hospital, he was sure the ride was going to be somewhat reckless. But considering the circumstances, he couldn't blame Gabe one bit. During the ride, he noticed Mikko had passed out and he held her gently, hoping the wild ride would be over soon and praying that they would all make it there in one piece. Soon they did and after Gabe had Mikko out of the car, Chris followed. After seeing Gabe not getting anywhere with the doctor's Chris decided to try. He walked up to the desk and told them the situation--although he didn't have all the details himself and Mikko was too out of it to add any input. After FINALLY convincing them what happened with a few little embellishments (which he really hated to do) the nurse at the desk finally admitted her. Chris breathed a huge sigh of relief and motioned for Gabe to follow with Mikko to one of the rooms.

    Gabriel's temper was obviously flaring, irritated by the fact that these bozo's could smell thugs a mile off, and felt them unworthy of treatment. Of course, that wasn't the case. Well, not the entire case anyway. But luckily Chris was able to persuade them, and they were soon led to a room. "Hang in there, babe. They'll have you all patched up in no time." He quietly tried to soothe, all the while his glare fixated on the young ER doctor, silently conveying that he'd BETTER treat her to the best of his abilities.

    Mikko laid on the bed that she was placed on and looked around as the doctor unwrapped her arm and looked over her wound. He shook his head and didn't want to admit that he had no idea how to take care of something this bad. "Let me go grab someone." He said and quickly left. Luckly a nurse came in and seeing Mikko. Quickly hooked her up to an IV with flueds and put pressure gauzes on her arm to stop her bleeding. "Looks like you might need a little more then stitches here, dead." The nurse smiled at the two boys. "A doctor will be here soon."

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    Post by Christopher on Fri Nov 13, 2009 3:25 pm

    Gabriel rolled his eyes at the doctor that didn't seem to know what he was doing. He stayed close to Mikko's bed, giving her hand a light squeeze and offering what support he could. "You need anything, babe?"

    Mikko shook her head. "No..I'm good...Tired." Just then the same doctor came in, this time with someone else. They glanced at the two guys then looked over Mikko's arm, seemingly not caring about just how much more pain they were causing her. The new doctor, a red head, looked back at the guys. "Ok.." He started sounding uninterested. "What drugs is she on? and what exactly happen?"

    After entering the room, Chris took to the back of the room again and watched them work. It really looked bad and the doctors didn't seem to care on how much this was hurting her. Finally not able to take it anymore, he went over to her other side with Gabe to be close to her. At least he and Gabe cared about her and Chris hoped that would offer her some comfort. When the doctors asked them what drugs she was on, he didn't have a definite answer. He looked to Gabe for help since she'd been over at his place quite often lately.

    The doctor's lack of interest only added to Gabriel's annoyance. And what the fuck! Copper top was unwrapping her like she was a lifeless piece of meat. "She's not a corpse.." He hissed at the doctor, his threatening gaze making eye contact with him. "Treat her with some fuckin' respect!" And now the guy was questioning about drugs? And Chris was looking to him to answer. How the hell was he supposed to know! He knew it was important to prevent giving her something that may react badly to whatever she ma have taken, but he couldn't possibly know what all Mikko was taking. "..Where's doctor Jordan?" Was Gabriel's reply. She had been the doctor who'd saved him when all else would've given up on him. She treated all patients equally, and seemed to value life. Unlike this fuckwad. "She's in surgery.." The stone-faced doctor replied...

    Mikko was also getting annoyed, now with some fluids in her she was more awake and alert. "I'm not on any fuckin drugs." She snapped. The doctor gave her look of disbelief. "So what happen?" He asked. Mikko rolled her eyes and sighed. "I hurt my arm..fix it." With a nod the doctor wrote something down and handed it off to the nurse. "Have a nice day" Obviously that would be the last they saw of him. The nurse took the paper and read it over. She smiled kindly to everyone in the room and let the other doctor that was in there leave. "I'll get you all fixed up. First we're going to slip you into a gown."

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    Post by Mikko on Sat Nov 14, 2009 3:54 pm

    Still too irritated by the treatment, or lack thereof, that his sister was receiving, it didn't occur to Gabe that maybe he should step outside, while Mikko got undressed.

    Chris stood there while Gabe gave the doctor hell with his annoyance. Not that he couldn't blame the guy. This whole situation could and SHOULD have been treated definitely. Chris himself was on edge from the carelessness that was displayed from the man who called himself a doctor. 'A doctor in what?' Chris wondered. Aren't they supposed to be as gentle as possible? Apparently not this one. Finally when things looked like they wouldn't get any better, this nurse came in that seemed much more considerate of the situation. Now they just had to wait for the next step. When the nurse said that Mikko needed to be put in a gown first, Chris wasn't sure whether she wanted his help or Gabe's? Of course, he had to be the one to speak up. "Want some help changing, babe?" Chris offered.

    Mikko nodded to the nurse and before She could answer Chris, the nurse pulled the white curtain around the bed, separating her from the guys. "My name is ginger." The nurse finally introduced herself as she helped Mikko undress and get into her gown. Mikko just smiled at the nurse and laid back down on the bed, then the nurse pulled the curtain back again. She left for a moment then came back with an IV bag of pain medication. She hooked it up to Mikko then went to her arm. "I'll try to make this a painless as I can." With that the nurse pulled a table close by with a small bowl of water and some thin clear wraps. Along with her tools she would need.

    The next thing Chris knew was he was staring at a curtain. So much for assisting her. Oh well. He waited until the curtain opened before he moved again. Mikko was looking much more comfortable and he felt more confident that this new person would do a good job. At least he hoped so.

    At least the nurse seemed more compassionate than that fuckwad of a doctor. He could relax a little, feeling that Mikko was in capable hands. Figuring that Chris would want to step up to the plate and be there for his girl, Gabriel sunk back into one of the chairs, waiting close by- but kept out of their way.

    Feeling much better with the medication coursing through her body, Mikko relaxed and closed her eyes as the nurse worked. Nurse Ginger, first cleaned Mikko's arm then carefully dried the area. She glanced up at the two men and, having heard and saw how protective the two seemed to be of the young woman, she told them what she was doing as she did it. "First.." She began. "I need to make sure her arm is clean then I'm going to put on a synthetic skin." She held up the thing clear bandages. "This will act like her skin till her kin starts healing, and it'll dissolve as her body patches up her arm." She dipped the 'faux skin' in the warm water and started to wrap her arm up. Mikko laid there listing to the nurse, she opened her eyes and looked over at her. "Then I can go home today?" The nurse nodded. "As soon as you're strong enough to leave."

    Well, that was certainly a relief. Considering how pale Mikko was earlier. Chris listened carefully while the nurse explained the procedure and nodded at the appropriate times. He stayed right by Mikko's side the whole time, taking her hand and gently squeezing it. He hoped it offered her some added comfort. He flashed Gabe a thankful smile for the opportunity to get closer to her.

    Gabriel just listened on in silence, watching from a distance as the nurse worked at placing the synthetic skin on Mikko's wound. He was sure it would leave a nasty scar, but Mikko would most likely disguise it behind another tattoo. At least Mikko didn't have to go through this alone.

    The process really didn't take long at all, and wit the medication is was pretty painless. After the skin was on, the nurse wrapped her arm in a plastic then in a light ace bandage. "Ok we're all done. You just need to rest up for a few hours and you should be able to leave soon." The nurse smiled at the room, cleaned and left. Mikko sighed, glad that it was over, and gave Chris a smile. She really did appreciate that he stood by her side. But then she remembered that Gabe's dog was in the car with them. Was the dog still in the car? She hated that thing and had threaten it's life more then once but didn't really want the monster to die. "Gabe...Is your dog still in the car?"

    Gabriel's mind began to drift, thinking about the night that awaited him. While he was excited that he would be seeing Fal again, a part of him was nervous-- uncertain of whatever it was she needed to talk to him about. And his twins. They were four months old now, and he would be meeting them for the first time.. and if Fal left again, possibly the last. His heart was heavy. Deep down, he knew things would never be okay again. The life he'd been looking forward to had been ripped away from him before he'd gotten a chance to experience it. A cruel joke. Mikko's question pulled him from his thoughts, and it took a moment to wrap his brain around what she was actually asking. "Yeah."

    Mikko sat up and grabbed her pants. "Well..is he ok in there?" She asked pulling her pants on then working on her shirt. She was ready to leave now. Of course she would see about getting more pain meds but she didn't feel like she needed to stay there. Once she changed her cloths, not bothering to hid her body from either boys, she started to peek the tape on her arm, that was keeping her IV from falling out her arm.

    Chris stayed right by her side and returned her smile with one of his own. When she was ready to get dressed he stood back and let her. She seemed to be doing fine on her own but Chris would be there if she did need any help. Soon she was dressed and he returned to her side. "You okay now, Mikko?" he asked, although judging from her movements she was much better. He could imagine that she would feel more comfortable back home again, anyway.

    "Yeah I'm good...Just a little dizzy." Mikko answered, grabbing Chris' arm to help steady herself. She finally got the IVs out of her arm and grabbed some bandages to wrap on the wounds. "I just need something to eat and drink." Finding her footing, she slipped her shoes on then managed a grin at Gabe. "Ready for your tattoo?" Of course she felt that she was still clear headed enough to ink her brother and it was an opportunity that she didn't want to pass up.

    Gabriel blinked at that. Why would Mikko be asking if Jigs was okay? He thought she hated the dog. Probably the blood loss, he thought. Or maybe she was just fishing for an excuse to get out of here. Not that he blamed her. He himself was infamous for leaving AMA. And his last 'stay', he'd left in his gown, the IV bag being dragged behind him. Indeed. He could definitely understand Mikko's need to get out of here. At her last question, a small smile tugged across his lips as he stood from the chair, preparing to leave. "I think you need to rest up, babe. But we can at least go over the design." He flashed her a wink.

    Mikko was a little disappointed that Gabe didn't want his tattoo today, or at lest not when they got home, she had been looking forward to it! But she totally understood his concern, so she smiled and nodded. "Definitely!" Still leaning on Chris for support she started to make her way out of the hospital.

    Chris kept a firm hold on her while they headed to the exit. All this talk about Jigs had him a little worried too. Being shut up in a car was not good for him, but really they weren't in there all that long; even though it felt like an eternity since they first walked through those doors.

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    Post by Mikko on Sun Nov 15, 2009 2:59 pm

    With Chris' help, Mikko made it to the car and leaned against it holding her head. She seriously needed something to eat. "Gabe...sweetie...can we go to taco bell?"

    Gabriel was relieved to be leaving the hospital. Definitely not his favorite place. He led the way back out to the car, and unlocked the doors. Once again, he had to order the excited pit bull to stay in the vehicle as he opened the back door for Mikko. Hearing her request, he gave a slight nod. "Sure." Hopefully it had been reopened after the near fatal stabbing of the poor window employee.

    Mikko hopped in the car, more aware of the dog now, she dragged Chris in with her and stood close to him. With any luck if the dog attacked she could just toss Chris to it and run. She smiled at Gabe when he said that he would take her. "Thanks...I wonder if that girl is working there still..man that was brutal and all because he didn't like guacamole...I got a free drink out of it though!" She chimed cheerfully and a little slurred.

    Chris helped Mikko back to the car and inside, finding himself being dragged in as well. Of course he didn't really know why she was acting that way. Then he saw her eying the dog and Chris mentally rolled his eyes. The dog had been nothing but an angel since he'd been in the car, from what he could see, anyway. But still, he liked the fact that she wanted him near her for protection. The next thing Mikko said disturbed him. He really didn't want to know the details of that tragic event. He shrugged it off for now and just held Mikko close as they rode to their next destination.

    Gabriel really didn't care to hear anything about Spike, and knew she was referring to him in the Taco Bell incident. He may not watch a lot of the news, but the rumors, but it had become a popular subject at Dragon headquarters. Once Chris and Mikko were inside the car, Gabe climbed into the driver's eat, and they were soon on their way to the nearest Taco Bell. Jigs' attentive gaze watched out the passenger side window as the vehicle moved along, his tail thumping gently against the seat. He seemed to know that food was in the near future, and Taco Bell was always a favorite. Slowly, the dog's attention was soon pulled towards the back seat, and fixated on Chris. He placed his large paws on the headrest of the seat, leading over as far as he possibly could to give the man a good sniff.

    Everything was calm in the back seat, Mikko had been rattling on about, god only knows what but it most likely had something to do with killing something (it had been a while and she was itchen to end someone's life) But she finally stopped talking and closed her eyes, using Chris' chest as a pillow. Then...The best from the front seat got to close for comfort. She opened her eyes and stared in absolute terror at the dog, it's muzzle just inches from her face, horrible flash back of being attack played in her head, she opened her mouth to scream, but luckily for everyone in the car, nothing was coming out. She laid as still as she could, clinging to Chris' shirt and hoping the animal would go back to his seat.

    Instead of coming unglued like Mikko did with the dog in his face, he stayed calm and smiled at Jigs - talking softly to him. He wasn't sure if the canine trusted him enough to pet him yet so using words instead of actions seemed like the best way to go. He held on tightly to Mikko to try comforting her.

    "Jigs.. front seat." Gabriel sternly ordered the curious canine, knowing that Mikko was terrified of dogs. Of course, Jigs had always detected that fear in her, which in turn made him untrusting. But Chris on the other hand. The guy seemed harmless. After coming to that conclusion, he leaned in close enough to lick the man's hand, and sniffed around for treats, or any kind of food....nada.

    Why couldn't Gabe have a tiny dog like Daisy? Mikko wondered as she squeezed her eyes shut and hid her face in Chris' shirt. Thankfully Taco bell wasn't far, nor was the tattoo shop, soon she would be out of the car and away from the dog of evil.

    Chris' smile widened even more when the dog licked his hand. "Sorry, fella--no food right now," Chris told him, giving him a slight pat on the head. He wasn't sure if Jigs would partake in this upcoming meal or not.
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    Post by Christopher on Mon Nov 16, 2009 6:00 pm

    No food? It was almost as if Jigs could understand this, and was visibly disappointed. With a light snort, the dog finally turned around in his seat, but only when Taco Bell came into view. His tail thumped loudly against the seat, knowing that good things were soon to come. Gabriel pulled through the drive-thru, glancing over his shoulder at the two in the back. "What'chu guys want?"

    With the dog finally not looming over head, Mikko untangled herself from Chris and looked up. "Ummm...lets get that meal that comes with like twenty tacos. then we can bring em home for the others too." She dug through her pockets looking for money but came up empty. She then looked over at Chris. "You have money, babe?" She asked quietly not wanting Gabe to know that she was, once again, broke.

    Chris nodded and took out ten bucks, showing Mikko what he had. "This is it, though." He had a little bit more back at the apartment, but he was saving that for something special.

    It wasn't a lot and she hated taking his money. With a frown Mikko took the ten bucks and reached over Gabe's shoulder. "This should cover it."

    Gabriel refused the money, knowing they probably didn't have much. "I got it." And without giving Mikko any time to protest, he placed the order, with three extra steak burritos for the expectant canine beside him, then pulled around to the window to receive the large order. Jigs was growing excited, which made the young lady at the window extremely nervous. he quickly handed over the bags, and quickly closed the window, not bothering to take the funds. She sure as hell wasn't going to risk getting mauled! Not after her co-worker had been attacked at this very same window only months ago. With a shrug, Gabe fished out the burritos for the pit bull, unwrapped them and presented them one at a time to the hungry dog, then handed the rest of the bags over two Mikko and Chris.

    And oh was Mikko going to protest, Gabe had done more then enough for her already it was time that she helped herself. But she didn't even get a chance to say anything as Gabe placed their order then drove to the window. She sat back down and handed Chris back his money. But when the woman at the window handed them their food with out bothering with the money she felt a little better. "Dog's good for something after all." She comment as she took the bag from Gabe with a thanks.

    "No problem." Gabriel replied as he unwrapped and handed over the last of the goodies to the hungry dog. "You holdin' up okay back there?" He asked Mikko as he pulled out of the parking lot and hit the main road, destined for Mikko's place.

    "mmmhmm..." Mikko answered as she laid back on Chris' chest, munching on a taco and getting crumbs all over the poor guys lap. "Just tired. But I'm still totally up for drawing out your tattoo design."

    Chris took the money back then grabbed a taco from the bag. Unwrapping it, he bit into it and relaxed into the seat, enjoying both his meal and Mikko's company beside him. He really didn't care about the mess she was making on his lap.

    Gabriel was concerned about her using that arm until she was on the mend, but didn't want to hurt her feelings by insisting that she wait. Besides, it was just the design. A pencil was less laborious than a tattoo gun. Glancing at her through the mirror, he flashed her a wink.

    Mikko smiled at Gabe then went back to her taco, after finishing on she grabbed another. But her pain meds were starting to wear off, and the pain in her arm was coming back full force. She shifted herself, trying not to lay on her arm, and trying not to look like she was in pain. She just needed to get home and get to her stash.

    Chris frown at Mikko, seeing her shift in her seat. "You okay, babe?" he whispered. He had finished eating by now and was just cuddling with Mikko.

    Mikko looked up at Chris and nodded. "Yeah, fine..I'm good..." She moved around again until she just had to sit up. She looked at her arm then leaned her head back. "I need druuuuuugs."

    Chris gently laid his hand on the side of her head, massaging her temple. "Shhh...we're almost home," he told her in a gentle whisper. He was hoping the drugs she was referring to were helpful ones.

    Mikko batted Chris' hand away. She really didn't want to be touched right now and her pain had nothing to do with her head. "I said I'm fine..." She said in a grumpy tone. It wasn't that She didn't appreciate the attention or the help that Chris was trying to give, it was just that she didn't want it. Not now anyway.

    Chris sighed and backed off. She was pushing him away again, it seemed. Even so, he had no intention of leaving her side. She may not WANT the help, but that didn't mean she couldn't have it if she NEEDED it.

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    And soon, the old building came into view. Once again, Gabriel parked around back and slowly climbed from the car. With the urgency now gone, the adrenaline had melted away. The soreness from his own injuries were making itself known, but he masked his pain- as he always had. Anxious to be at his master's side, Jigs started to jump from the car, but Gabriel knew that Mikko wouldn't allow the dog inside her apartment. Once again, his stern orders were met with sorrow-filled eyes. He hated leaving the pit all the time, but not every place was dog friendly. With a heavy sigh, he tried to comfort the pooch, then moved around to open Mikko's door for her. "I can't stay long. Jigs' spent most of the day inside the car.. ain't good for him."

    Mikko was thankful to finally be back home, with the taco bell bag still in hand she slid from the car. "Thanks." She winced as she stood up and slowly moved to the building. Hearing Gabe's concern for his dog, she too held some concern. She didn't want to risk someone seeing and recognizing the dog. She wasn't sure anyone would recognize the car, but the dog..."He can come in...But he HAS to stay in the kitchen." She told Gabe as she tried to force her heavy legs to go up the steps to her place.

    Once they arrived back in front of the apartment, Chris got out and assisted Mikko up the steps as much as she would allow him to.

    Gabriel was a little reluctant, knowing full well that Mikko would probably be uncomfortable with the dog inside her apartment. Still, he was appreciative of the gesture. After a moment, he gave a small nod, and opened the door to allow the dog outside the car. With the pit bull lingering close to his side, Gabe followed them up the steps, prepared to assist Mikko inside, but Chris seemed to have it under control.

    Mikko let Chris help her up the stairs and inside. Once inside she went to the living room and set the food down on the end table. "We got food guys." She called to the others then sat on the bed taking out her sketch pad.

    Chris sat down next to her and waited. "Did you need anything, babe?" He wondered if she still needed those pain meds, but he wasn't exactly sure where she kept them.

    Mikko nodded over to her bag. "in there, there's a crown royal bag, can you get it for me?" She asked Chris with a small smile

    Chris nodded and went to retrieve the bag. Then he returned to her side. "Wonder where the others are..."

    Mikko took the bag and and pulled out a needle and some meds. After getting everything ready, she strapped on a tourniquet and gave herself the meds. She put everything up and closed her eyes as the drugs took effect. "Mmmmm better. Ok I'm all set to draw!"

    Once inside, Gabriel ordered Jigs to stay in the kitchen. The pit seemed to listen.. for now. He sniffed the air, taking in his surroundings. Quickly his senses detected something that caught his interest. Another dog. And soon, the little furry 'rat' made herself known as she scurried into the kitchen to investigate the intruder. Jigs cocked his head to the side, obviously confused by the sight before him. It looked like a furry squeaky toy, and her tiny bark sounded much the same, rather than an intimidating warning. Meanwhile Gabe headed into the den where the others were, but before he could make himself comfortable, Jigs came darting from the kitchen, with a yapping yorkie on his heels. He wasn't sure what the fuck was after him, but whatever it was.. it wasn't normal!

    Mikko smiled at Gabe and was thankful that the dog was listing to him. She got worried as Mojo ran into the kitchen seeming to try and defend his kitchen. It was kind of cute. She went to say something to Gabe when both dogs came running in the small living room. She was going to freak out but the sight of the little dog chasing jig was hilarious. She laughed at the two dogs. "Omg. That's the funniest thing I ever seen"
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    Chris sat down by her side and watched her take her drugs with a heavy frown. He wasn't sure exactly what she was taking, but it didn't look like normal pain meds. He heard racket coming from the kitchen and turned in time to see the dogs. Mikko's laughter was contagious and soon Chris joined in from witnessing the scene in front of them. It was too funny seeing this tiny little dog behind this massive one and the big one was scared to death of Mojo. Poor Jigs... Chris couldn't help but feel slightly sorry for the Pit.

    Gabriel blinked at the commotion, and was prepared to scold the pit bull until he realized what was going on. Obviously poor Jigs was confused as to what was chasing after him, since it probably looked so alien in nature. It certainly didn't look or act like any other dog he'd ever seen! Though, it definitely smelled canine. Gabe quietly chuckled at the sight. "Jigs.. back to the kitchen.." He tried to order, but the pit was still too busy trying to avert the advances of his pint size 'attacker'. The dog ran around Chris' legs, through them... and headed towards Mikko..

    Mikko pulled herself together and watched the dogs run around. She was a little unsettled by the fact that Jigs wasn't obeying Gabe. And when Jigs ran around Chris, it was a little to close for comfort. But then he ran for her. Mikko's eyes grew and everything seemed to be in slow motion. She was sure that this was it. She was going to die. Not having time to move out the way, she quickly curled into a ball, pressed against Chris and screeched in fright.

    Even if Chris really liked dogs, the fact that Jigs was coming at nearly full speed at them--with him being somewhat uncontrollable at the time--was enough to make Chris nervous. And of course Mikko wouldn't be too happy about it. After seeing Mikko curl up in a fetal position, Chris knew he had to draw the line. "Jigs! Stop!" he cried, wrapping his arms protectively around Mikko. He watched as the mighty pit-bull kept getting closer and closer...

    But the pit had no intentions of ripping her to shreds. Unfazed by Chris' firm command, he leapt completely over Mikko, crawling over the couch-bed, giving him a slight advantage over the yorkie. Mojo looked around in disbelief.. the intruder had suddenly vanished! Seeing Mikko's obvious fright, Gabriel's order became more stern. "Jigs!" The pit stared at him with pleading eyes as if to say 'but.. that thing's gonna eat me!'. Still, he climbed down from the bed and headed back to the kitchen, tail tucked between his legs. Gabe now glanced at Mikko, giving her an apologetic look, and gently squeezed her good shoulder. "Sorry."

    She didn't see the dog jump over her but felt him land behind her, she let out a soft yelp and moved closer to Chris. When Gabe spoke up and the dog finally moved, she slowly uncurled and scooped up Mojo. Mikko looked over at Gabe and nodded. "It's ok..I think...Just need to get my heart back in my chest..." She took a few deep breaths and grabbed her sketch book again. "Ok...So, where were we?"

    Gabriel took a seat beside her on the bed, opposite of Chris. She had the sketch pad so he figured she was in the preparing to sketch when the wayward pit bull distracted her. "..sure yer up to doin' that now?" He asked in concern.

    "I'm sure. I'm always up for some sketch'in." Mikko smiled though the drugs she took were taking effect. "Ok so...what are you looking to get?"

    Chris had closed his eyes, bracing for impact. After he didn't feel the collision he was expecting, he opened his eyes and looked around. He breathed a big sigh of relief when he saw the dog behind them. Jigs still had that terrified look in his eyes. Finally Gabe's command got through to him and Chris watched the pit retreat back into the kitchen. He then felt Mikko relax immediately after the dog left. Slowly he released her from his protective hold and sat comfortably beside her again--eyes on her sketchbook--waiting to see her next beautiful piece.

    Gabriel was silent for a moment, honestly not knowing what he wanted to get. The first thing that came to mind was Fal's name. But she had ripped out his heart, and their future together was looking bleak. It just seemed unwise to have a visual permanent reminder of all the pain, His heart was damaged enough. "Hmm.. I dunno.. somethin' tribal.." He finally answered, still trying to think of something that would have meaning. He thought long and hard, until finally it came to him. Gabe had always been a survivor. And after his near fatal attack a year ago, some of the Dragons had joked around with him, referring to him as the Phoenix. Reborn from the ashes. But the mythological bird ironically would hold an even deeper meaning. It's tears were said to be magical and healing. "How 'bout a Phoenix?" He suggested, "Sheddin' three tears.."

    Mikko waited patently as Gabe thought of what he wanted to get, indeed it was an important decision, one that would stick with him forever. When he spoke up, she put her pencil to the paper and started to draw. Her hand flowed smoothly along the paper drawing the tribal bird, wings spread proudly, head reaching up to the heavens as it came out of the flames. Then three tears falling from it's eye. After the rough sketch was down, she slowed down her movements. carefully drawing detail in the picture.

    Gabriel watched attentively as she worked, impressed with how things were progressing. Her portrayal of the bird was beautiful. He flashed hr a small smile. "Lookin' good, babe."

    "Thanks!" Mikko pulled out her markers and started to color it in. "Where are you going to put it?"

    It would've been tempting to have the tattoo inked on his chest, to mask some of the scars that made him feel self-conscious, but he wasn't so sure about having tattoos on his front. "Left upper arm." He finally answered.

    "Sounds good." How Mikko wished she could just slap this on him and tattoo him, but knew he wouldn't let her and knew that she wouldn't be able to give him the best tattoo she could, hell holding the pencil was proving to be difficult. "Come back early tomorrow and I can put it on ya."

    Gabriel smiled and flashed her a small wink. "Will do." At least that small gesture would give him motivation for the day to come. A reason to will himself out of bed. He leaned in and carefully wrapped his arm around her, giving her a gentle squeeze. "You should probably get some rest, babe."

    Mikko returned the hug and laid her head on his shoulder. "yeah...Drugs are starting to hit me pretty hard." She pulled away from him and set her sketch pad down. "Thanks for getting me to the hospital, and for the food."

    Chris watched as the phoenix came to life on the paper. Once it was finished, he was just wowed. Mikko had outdone herself yet again. He couldn't wait to see how it actually looked on Gabe's arm. But that would have to wait for tomorrow. Whenever it actually got done, it would be so worth the wait to see the finished product. Chris stood up when Gabe did. After he hugged Mikko, he held out his hand to the thug to shake his hand. "Thanks for everything, man. See you tomorrow, I guess."

    "What are big bro's for." Gabriel gave her another gentle squeeze before standing, preparing to leave. When Chris thanked him, he flashed a small smile and accepted the proffered hand, giving a gentle shake, and a firm squeeze. "No problem, man. Take good care of my sis." He released Chris' hand and called for Jigs as he headed towards the door. "See you soon."

    Mikko waved to Gabe and smiled. After watching him leave she laid down and closed her eyes. "I get to tattoo my big bro! That's so awesome!" She snuggled in the pillow and pulled the bloody covers over herself.

    Chris gave Gabe a smile of his own as he shook his hand. After watching him leave he turned back to Mikko. She sounded so excited to tattoo her 'big bro'. It also solidified Chris' decision on whether he would get one or not. He would...soon. He really wanted to see the joy on Mikko's face again when he finally told her what he wanted. That too would have to wait for tomorrow. He would sleep on it and possibly have something in mind by tomorrow morning. He smiled at Mikko and climbed into bed, cuddling up with her. "How are you feeling? Better?" He lightly kissed her cheek.

    Mikko moved away from him some, wanting some space but stood close enough to touch him. The kiss on the cheek made her a bit uncomfty and she slipped the covers up over her more. "Mmmmhmmm. It's still early. I don't even think it's the after noon yet, you don't have to lay in bed with me you know."

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    Post by Mikko on Fri Nov 20, 2009 3:50 pm

    Chris noticed she moved away from him a bit and he frowned. He was hoping he didn't hurt her. He should have known better than to get that close to her while she was still injured. However he was glad that she still wanted some contact with him. He laid there quietly next to her.

    Mikko gave him a faint smile and it was soon that the drugs pulled her into a deep sleep. Of course once she is was asleep, she slowly gravitated to Chris, seeking his warmth and the soothing feel of his heartbeat. She laid her head under his chin and her hand lightly rested on his chest.

    Chris was a bit surprised when Mikko kept getting closer and closer in her sleep; but it was still welcomed, nonetheless. He slipped his arm carefully around her and closed his eyes. Not sleeping, just resting. He was exactly where he wanted to be...in her embrace.

    Kendall had forgotten how demanding parenting could be. And here he was--months away from having to do this full-time. FINALLY they had gotten the little tyke to go to sleep and that gave both he and Daisy some alone time. However that alone time was spent sleeping part of the time. They had ended up getting up earlier than originally planned that day anyway. So a few hours of sleep was a good thing. Though he doubted how much sleep Daisy was actually getting after seeing the aftermath of Mikko's 'accident'. Now Kendall found himself laying comfortably next to Daisy, slowly waking up again. His eyes cracked open and he looked at his sleeping love next to him. He loved watching her sleep. She looked so beautiful and peaceful whenever she did. He smiled at her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. Not intending to wake her up.

    Indeed, caring for a small baby was tiring! But Daisy had enjoyed her time with little Travis, and adored watching Kendall as he displayed all his experience and just how tender he could be- had always been. She felt damn lucky that her daughter would have such a wonderful and caring father. Naturally she was nervous about their own pending bundle of joy, but it helped to ease some of her worry that Kendall was already experienced. Hours passed, and little Travis finally settled down. Daisy was really hoping for some alone time with Kendall, but unfortunately she had dozed off before she could lavish him with her naughtiness. She was feeling reeeeally needy, but the sandman proved to be more demanding. She slept for hours, cuddled up next to Kendall, lost in the bliss of his warmth, and sleep. But his affections slowly began to tug at her subconscious, causing her eyes to flutter. A small smile tugged across her lips at the sight of him. "Mmm.. hiya sexy..." She sleepily greeted him, as she lavished him with soft kisses.

    Looks like she woke up anyway. Not that he was surprised. He grinned back and returned all her kisses. "Morning again, babe." He gently pulled her on top of him and continued the kiss-fest...kissing all over her face.

    Oooh she could hardly suppress the naughty thoughts as Kendall pulled her on top of him, and began lavishing her with kisses. She giggled madly, and returned them all with equal affection, her fingers gently caressing his cheeks. "Mmm.. I could just do all kindsa naughty things to you right now..." She whispered seductively,once again meeting his lips in a deep and passionate kiss. But something else was tugging at her senses, the scent of tacos tickling her nose. "Mmmm... I think I smell fooduh.."

    Kendall returned the passionate kiss with the same vigor as hers. He had those exact same thoughts running through his head, but he had no idea whether they could be carried out or not. Especially when Daisy caught the whiff of food in the air. Then all thoughts of naughtiness would have to be put on hold. He grinned widely at her. "So that means you want to eat now, huh?" He gave her suggestive wink, already knowing the answer to that.

    Daisy flashed him a cheeky grin, as she pressed another kiss upon his lips. "Mmhmm... then afterwards, maybe we can have.. heh... 'dessert'.." She gave a suggestive, naughty brow wiggle, then sniffed the air. "Mmmm.. Zoe says she smells tacos!"

    "Then by all means...let's get your--uh, I mean Zoe's tacos." Kendall flashed her another wink and slowly sat up, holding Daisy steady against him so he didn't accidentally hit her leg.

    "Let's do it!" And with Kendall's assistance, the two headed towards the kitchen, but Daisy stopped short as she noticed Mikko and Chris sleeping in the den. A huge grin tugged across her lips. They were home! As carefully as she could, Daisy eased herself onto the edge of the bed, and gently tapped Mikko's leg. "Mikko.. wakey wakey..."

    Mikko moved a little in her sleep, moaning in annoyance and kicking lightly at what ever was touching her. "mmmm no..."

    Chris' eyes opened slowly when Daisy approached the bed since he wasn't sleeping in the first place. Then he whispered to her. "Better let her sleep. She took some stuff to help with that." Chris knew how cranky Mikko could get if someone woke her up before she was ready. It wouldn't be pretty...

    Not getting the desired response, Daisy was about to tickle Mikko, obviously not considering the consequences of her actions- until Chris spoke up. She frowned at that, and gave Mikko's leg a light pat before carefully forcing herself up. "Aww.. okay. But I smell tacos.. and JT! He was here, wasn't he! I smell his cologne!" She asked Chris, while reaching for Kendall for support. "JT was here.. and I missed him!"

    Daisy's voice was slowly pulling her out of her sleep, she pulled the covers over her head. "Yes....you missed him and his dog...and the crazy orgy we had." Mikko mumbled from under her sheets. "He'll be back tomorrow..."

    Chris nodded slowly, then his eyes widened when Mikko spoke up. Clearly she was still under the drug's influence. But that comment would certainly make Daisy think for a while, so he let it go. He just hoped her torrent of questions didn't land on him again.

    Kendall reached down to help Daisy back in her wheelchair. It was probably better that Daisy left Mikko alone for now. There would be plenty of time for questions later. "Let's go get something to eat now, babe." Hopefully that would spare Chris from the questions she would surely ask next. He knew her that well...

    Daisy blinked at that. "Orgy? ZOMG, you humped JT.. please tell me you Youtubed it!" She managed to call out, as Kendall carted her away. She glanced over her shoulder, giving Kendall a confused look. "How did we sleep through an orgy?"

    That made Mikko grin. "Oh yeah, I tapped that ass!" She called out a little more awake now. She pulled the covers off her head and sat up, wincing a little from the pain in her arm."Don't worry. he'll be back for his tattoo tomorrow."

    Kendall looked at her and chuckled as he pushed her towards the kitchen. "We were just that tired, I guess," he answered, grinning. Of course he didn't believe Mikko's story himself, but it was still fun to play along. Not that Daisy would let it go anytime soon, anyway.

    Chris was quite amused that Mikko was playing along with this. He flashed her a small wink. He was relieved that she was coming out of--whatever drugs she had taken--just fine. Mikko's wince hadn't gone unnoticed, however, and he frowned. "You need some more pain meds, Mikko?"

    Mikko looked at Chris and nodded. "mmmhmm... But not right now." She moved her face closer to his. "You didn't get all your make up off..."

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    Post by Mikko on Sat Nov 21, 2009 3:03 pm

    Daisy's big doe eyes held their gaze, an innocent look of confusion. "Orgy.. that means more than two people, right? Sooo, that means Chris got jiggy with Justin and Mikko, too? Or would that be a threesome?" Whatever the case, Daisy was a little bummed. Not because she had missed the sex-fest, but she had really been hoping to get the guy's autograph. "I wanted him to sign me!"

    Chris became both excited and nervous with Mikko's sudden close proximity. He wasn't quite sure what to make of it. "I did?" That couldn't be possible, could it? Was she expecting something else from him? A kiss, perhaps? He was definitely getting mixed signals..

    "Mmmmhmm" Mikko backed off a little. "You got made up and I missed it!?" She was definitely upset about that, she gave a little pout. "Go put it back on" She demanded eagerly. This was something she SO had to see!

    Kendall chuckled. He just knew that Daisy wouldn't let it go. And clearly, distracting her didn't work either. By now he was in the kitchen with her and went over to the counter, grabbing the bag of tacos. Then he pushed Daisy to the table and set a taco in front of her. If food didn't deter her, nothing would.

    Chris nodded and scrambled off the bed to do her bidding...willingly. He wanted her to see it, anyway. It may not be exactly the same as Daisy had originally done, but he could come the closest he could. He had most of the things he would need in his bag he'd scooped up. He shut the bathroom door behind him upon entering and got to work.

    Mikko grinned widely and leaned against the head board. She looked over across the room at her sleeping baby. He was so cute, probably the cutest baby ever born. He DID have the sexiest parents in the world after all, and she was sure that her boy would get all the ladies. She just hoped that he didn't become another Gabe with the ladies. She waited for Chris to come out the bathroom, eager to see him in his make up. Then she glanced over at Daisy and Kendall in the kitchen. Depending on what Chris looked like when he got out of there, she might have to ask the other two to go back in their room...

    Chris carefully reapplied his make-up. After he was finished, he looked in the mirror carefully. He had to admit it didn't look ALL that far off. When he was satisfied with his 'new' look, he opened the bathroom door and looked straight at Mikko, grinning. "So...what do you think?" He made his way closer to Mikko so she could get a good look at him; hoping to meet her approval.

    A wide grin spread across Mikko's lips. She felt like a kid in a candy store....Or like Daisy in a candy store. She held out her hands to him. "You look sexy! Damn sexy." Now he just needed an attitude a adjustment and hell this could be the guy to help her move on.

    Chris' grin only broadened when he saw Mikko's. Apparently she liked it. Her next words even confirmed it. He began a slow, sexy strut as he closed the remaining distance between them. "Glad you like it, babe." He took her in his arms and kissed her. He let it linger as long as she wished then asked, "So what'll it be?"

    Mikko certainly wasn't expecting the kiss, but loved the confidence and control he seemed to have now. She really liked that he took her like that! Maybe she was wrong about the guy, but only time would tell. This could be just some fluke. She returned the kiss fully, ignoring the pain and wrapping both arms around him. She let it linger till she had to let her arms drop. "I dunno." She answered him. She still wasn't sure about a relationship with him, and didn't want to lead him on. But...Damn he was looking sexy!

    Chris had to admit he was a bit surprised she returned his kiss, but milked it for all it was worth. He still knew she was injured and didn't want to press the issue, but her responses definitely did wonders for his confidence. So she didn't know what he should do next? That was fine with him. She probably wanted him to lead anyway. He kissed her again a little more forcefully. He, himself, wasn't sure how far he would take it yet. The fact that others were in the room, however, didn't influence his choices at all. It was all just him and her right now...

    Mikko kissed him back, her uninjured arm reaching around to lay a hand behind his head. Her fingers raked under his hair. "Mmmmmm...." She moaned softly against his lips, but then pulled away a little. "You know...I still don't think you and I would work out..." She started, whispering against his mouth. "But...we can maybe..be friends with benefits?" She grind and gave him a wink then bit his bottom lip. And hell, later down the road who knows what could happen.

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    Post by Mikko on Sun Nov 22, 2009 5:49 pm

    The deter obviously wasn't effective enough. Daisy quickly dug into her greasy and now soggy tacos, still giving Kendall that questioning look. "Sooo, is it.. or no? What's the difference, huh?"

    Chris was more than happy with the 'friends with benefits' thing for now. He was hoping for more but willing to take baby steps. He nodded. "Yeah, sure. That'd be great." Then he sealed it with another kiss. Daisy's voice pierced through his own little bubble. He mentally rolled his eyes. She was STILL going on about that? The damn thing didn't even happen in the first place. Though the part with just Mikko and him sounded good.

    Mikko kissed him back. She laid back sinking into the bed as she tugged him down with her. She heard Daisy in the kitchen but didn't worry to much about it. She was sure that Kendall could handle any naughty questions that the girl may have. Slowly Mikko broke the kiss, then let her lips trail along his jaw line to Chris' neck. She nipped roughly at his skin, her hands starting to find their way under his shirt and nails scratching his back.

    Kendall shook his head and sat down next to her, taking his own taco. "There really isn't one, babe. The only thing is a threesome is just that...three people," he answered and dug into his taco.

    Gah. Why did group sex have to be so confusing?! "Sooo.. have you ever had a threesome before?" She managed to mumble through her mouthful of artery-clogging goodness. "I haven't.." She admitted innocently, but then flashed him a huge grin. "But you already know that, since you deflowered da Daisy!"

    Since Chris was once again aware of other people in the room, he tried to keep his noises of pleasure down to a minimum. However, a small moan did slip out from her ministrations. He tilted his head to the side to give her better access and at the same time, his finger traced along the hem of the bottom of her shirt and slipped underneath, caressing the skin lightly...for now. He knew she liked it rough and if they did take it further, he wouldn't be as gentle as he had in the past.

    Of course Mikko didn't care about the other two in the room. and made no efforts to keep quite though she did try and to stay off of her injured arm. Her lips soon found their way back to his. She kissed him hard, nipping at his lips. It was a little different kissing without getting bit. She pulled away a little and looked at him. "Bite me." How was he going to know what to do if she didn't tell him, right?

    Kendall shrugged and shook his head. "I haven't either," he said between mouthfuls."And I know I did." He gave her a small flirtatious wink. He was definitely due to deliver some naughtiness to her. Then maybe she would drop the subject they were having at the table. Not that he really minded the discussion, but there were more appropriate places for it.

    Yeah, obviously the girl had sex on the brain. It had been a while, and the additional hormones from her pregnancy only served in making her more 'needy'. She returned the flirtatious wink, and finished up her taco. The noises emitting from the den certainly hadn't gone undetected. It seemed someone was about to get some action, at least. Of course, all the drama and fatigue as of late had been healthy contributors in Daisy's lack of 'action'. But the emotional part of her couldn't help but be a little self-conscious. She rubbed her pregnant belly, and flashed Kendall a pouty look. "Am.. I getting fat or something?"

    Chris wasn't all that surprised when she bit his lip, but the feeling was still foreign to him yet not that unpleasant. In fact, it felt pretty damn good. He responded back with a few experimental nips of his own then dug his nails into her stomach. Not especially hard, but enough to leave a temporary mark. By now he'd forgotten about everyone else in the room and was solely focused on her. And getting seriously turned on.

    Chris' nips were definitely turning her on. Mikko moaned against his mouth, she grabbed the bottom of his shirt and began to pull it off of him. Course she wanted a little more roughness to his actions. But instead of constantly informing him of her needs she decided to show him. Anyway, if he wanted to continue this 'relationship' he was going to have to learn what she wanted. She kissed him then again bit his bottom lip, this time drawing a little blood. She knew that Chris had seen the marks on her after seeing Spike, and was certain that he would get the hint. She ran her tongue over his bleeding lip then kissed him hard again.

    Kendall looked right at her with a serious expression. "Of course not, babe. You're still as beautiful as always." Then he gave her a sexy grin and reached over and put a hand over hers that was on her bulging tummy. "Actually, you look even sexier with Zoe showing there. I can't wait to meet her in person, though." He leaned over and captured her lips in a small, gentle kiss.

    Daisy managed a small grin at that, and returned the gentle kiss. Her free hand caressed the one he'd placed on her tummy, gently tracing the veins of his large hand. "Heh.. I can't wait to meet her too." She grinned. "I wonder what she'll be like?"

    This whole 'pain equals pleasure' thing was an entirely new concept for Chris. Especially to this extent, and it wasn't easy for him to follow through. But he would certainly try. He did remember the bruises and other marks Spike left in his wake on her. And it sort of scared him that she was into it as much as she was. But at the same time, it was thrilling...in a good way. Something Chris never thought he would do--or COULD do. He let out a short, loud moan when she bit his lip, drawing blood. He knew it wasn't that bad but still somewhat alarming. He kissed her back with just as much force as she showed him then quickly broke away and latched onto her neck--leaving his own mark on her. It may not be QUITE as hard as Spike had done, but it definitely would leave a bruise. He was indeed learning quickly on what he needed to do to please her.

    Mikko let out a loud low moan as he bit on to her neck. He was a fast learner, good. She managed to get his shirt off and quickly went for his pants, unbuttoning them and tugging them off of him. This was still new, the fact that she was still allowed a good bit of control. She liked that. That coupled with Chris being a lot more rough with her was refreshing and damn it, why did jeans have be so hard to get off?!

    Chris let her remove his shirt and saw her fumble with his jeans so he decided to help her along. Then he made quick work of her clothes. Now clad in only his boxers, he straddled her waist and kissed her hard, shoving his tongue inside her mouth, hungrily seeking out her tongue.

    With his jeans finally removed, Mikko helped him with her cloths. Once they were both mostly nude she reached down, lightly grabbing his bulge and giving him a gentle squeeze. When his lips met hers she eagerly kissed him back, her double pierced tongue gliding over his. Her hand then slipped inside his boxers, wrapping her fingers around his member. "Mmmmm..."

    Feeling Mikko's hands on him again just urged him on. He felt her tongue piercings press against his own tongue and moaned loudly. As soon as she touched him inside his boxers, that did it. He quickly stood up and pulled them down, letting them drop around his ankles. Then he stepped out of them and resumed his position on top of her. He leaned down and took one of her nipples into his mouth and squeezed the other one between his fingers, gradually applying more and more pressure.

    Mikko watched him as he got up. The boy was definitely not shy. She grinned at him as her eyes wondered over his body. When he got back on top of her, the pain in her arms was just about forgotten. And even more so when she felt his hot mouth on her sensitive nipples. More piercings, two actually that he was more then welcomed to play with, hell she encouraged it. "Ooooh..." She moaned closing her eyes and gabbing his hair. The more pressure she felt the more she wanted.

    Chris may have been shy in the beginning but now he was as horny as hell! He sucked and squeezed even harder, twisting his tongue around her piercing and through the center, giving it a gentle pull.

    Mikko let out a loud gasp as he squeezed harder. She could feel herself getting wet from his actions. this was amazing and all, but she wasn't sure how much longer she could wait. She needed him. But, she also wanted to see what else he had planed for her. "Mmm, babe. That feels great." She whispered breathlessly. Her hands moving along his skin, raking up his back, leaving red claw marks on his skin.

    Oh this was too much! He couldn't go on with this foreplay much longer. But he did have one more thing he needed to do. He quickly got off of her and forcefully spread her legs, then he got in between them and put his face between them, taking in her scent. He left one more mark on the inside of her right thigh before plunging himself deep into her. Still with some control so he didn't do permanent damage. Then he latched onto her neck again on the opposite side as the first mark and made another one as he began to move.

    When he pulled himself away Mikko whimpered a little, but was excited about what he was going to do next. She watched him as he spread her legs and went down on her, And a low moan escaped her lips when he left his marks. She expected a bit more foreplay from him, but was a bit relieved when he entered her. It was rougher then she had expected him to be, and damn what an awesome surprise. she turned her head for him, exposing her neck. And held on to his shoulders. "Ah!" With any luck, Chris would leave marks that would last for days, those were the best, pleasant reminders, naughty badges that she enjoyed wearing.

    Chris let go of her neck and kissed her hard, moving faster and harder with each thrust. He was becoming accustomed to her need for abuse and could tell she was really enjoying it--as was he. He was panting now in exertion and moaning into the kiss, going as fast and hard as he could. In the back of his mind, he was hoping he wasn't going too far with his violent actions.

    Mikko's moans became louder, though she was still aware that others were close by, and she certainly didn't want to wake the baby. Luckily he muffled her cries and a hard kiss, that she returned just as forcefully. She wouldn't ask Chris to go father with his abuse, not that she couldn't handle it, or that she wouldn't enjoy it. But, she didn't want to take Chris to far out of his comfort zone, not yet anyway. So being held down, strangled, slapped and thrown around would have to wait. At lest until she felt he was more comfortable with everything.

    As Chris was rapidly approaching orgasm, another thought occurred to him. He broke the kiss and swore loudly. "I don't have any rubbers!" he grunted out between pants. There was no way in hell he was gonna give Mikko a kid this soon after having her first. Travis would be enough to keep them both busy for a while. Though down the road, who knows? He was holding off on his release as long as possible until he could figure out where to empty. He wasn't sure if Mikko would be up for sucking him off. But whatever happened, it would have to be soon...

    Mikko was also getting very close. When Chris spoke up about his concerns she shrugged it off at first. She JUST had a baby, she wasn't sure she could get pregnant this soon after having her first. But then again...Better to be safe. She gave him a nod and whispered in his ear. "Hold of...Just a little bit...I'll suck you off..." He wouldn't have to hold of long though.

    Chris nodded and kissed her heatedly, still pounding into her. He was getting so close, but he still kept that shred of self-control. He just HAD to bring her over the edge before he pulled out. Panting and sweating, he gave it everything he had. 'Oh god, not much longer...'

    But Chris wouldn't have to worry, Mikko soon hit her orgasm, her nails dug into his shoulders her body tightened around him as she cried out. But she didn't let it ling long, knowing that, that might have taken the poor guy over the edge, she quickly went to push him off of her so that she could, hopefully make him scream.

    Now Chris was desperate. Especially after Mikko hit her orgasm. But he was strong enough to resist, as long as he didn't have to wait long. When she pushed him off he quickly laid down next to her, tired out, but throbbing like crazy. He'd never had such a painful boner before in his life. But he knew it would be so worth it in the end.

    As soon as Chris was on his back, Mikko was quick to go down on him, taking his throbbing member in her mouth, sucking and twirling her tongue over him. She moaned against him, sliding him as far down her throat as she could.

    And that was the end of Chris' restraint and he climaxed hard inside her mouth, with a sharp cry. The feeling of her hot mouth around him was wonderful though, getting his long pent-up release. He gently laid a hand on her head as he struggled to catch his breath. "Damn..." he panted out. "That was amazing!"

    Mikko swallowed everything that he gave her. Even after his climax had ended, she teased him by flicking her tongue over the head of his member. Wiping her mouth she grinned at him then crawled back up and laid next to him, pulling the covers over both of them. "Mmmm It sure was." She kissed his cheek and laid her head on his shoulder. Sure the day was still fairly young, but Mikko was quite content with spending the rest of the day curled up in bed with Chris...At lest until Travis woke up.

    Chris' hips jerked up involuntarily when she teased the head of his cock, but he was far too spent to act on it. When she climbed up next to him, he snuggled up in the covers and next to her. For his first time on doing the more rough lovemaking, he didn't think he did too bad. Of course there was more to learn but a few things at a time was enough for him. He was sure Mikko enjoyed it and he would be glad to experiment like this again. But he wasn't sure he could ever do as much as Spike had...that man was just out of control. Apparently, Mikko liked it, though, so Chris would have to see how far his own limitations took him. He looked over at Mikko and gave her a sleepy smile before closing his eyes and drifting off into a peaceful slumber. It was time to regenerate his body from his recent activities. Very fun, but tiring as hell.
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    Post by Christopher on Tue Nov 24, 2009 6:58 am

    Mikko stayed snuggled up against Chris' chest. She wasn't tired but she also didn't have anything else to do that day. She could go for a walk maybe....Take Travis out? She was pretty sure that there was a park around the area. Maybe she could hang out there, bond with her son and get some fresh air...

    Kendall smiled at her and shrugged. "I bet she'll be just as beautiful as you," he said as he cupped her cheek in his large, chocolate-brown hand and flashed her a wink.

    Still exhausted, Chris remained in deep slumber. Though it was just a nap. With it still being morning, he wouldn't be sleeping much longer. He was already beginning to feel the tug of consciousness slipping through, though he kept is eyes closed. He was very content to stay where he was.

    Deciding that she did indeed want to get out, even though she was just attacked only hours earlier, Mikko carefully slipped away from Chris' arms. She shivered at the chill that hit her once she was away from his warmth, and quickly pulled on her cloths. She figured that if she stood away from alleys and kept in the public that she would be fine. She pulled on her shoes and stood up to grab Travis.

    Chris stirred a little when Mikko moved away from her and his eyes opened halfway. "Is everything okay?" he asked sleepily, looking at her.

    Mikko looked over at him and nodded. "Mmmhmm. Just going to take Travis out for a walk." She picked up the baby and laid him on the bed to dress him in some warmer cloths and to put his little hat on. She grabbed the baby stroller with her injured arm and held Travis in her other arm. "We'll be back."

    Daisy smiled brightly at that. This guy never ceased to make her feel special. "I'm sure she's gonna have you wrapped around her lil fingers!" Daisy chimed as she carefully stood from her chair, and climbed into Kendall's lap. She pressed a series of sweet kisses against his lips, her fingertips slowly slipping beneath his shirt, caressing the toned muscles beneath. "She'll be so lucky to have such an awesome dad.." She quietly complimented as her fingertips continued to explore him, edging towards the waistline of his jeans. A devious little grin ran across her lips as she lavished him with sweet kisses.

    "Yep," he answered. "Then I'll have two girls that way." He grinned widely at that. When Daisy climbed up into his lap, his concern immediately went to her. He held onto her firmly until she was situated. Then she started playing with the top of his jeans and Kendall knew what was coming and he smirked. It had been far too long since they did anything together like that. However, in the kitchen area wasn't the best choice. He gave her a sly grin. "Wouldn't it be better doing this in the bedroom, babe?"

    Chris nodded slowly and sat up. "Okay." He reached for his own clothes and slow got dressed. "Did you want some company?"

    "well...since you're already awake I guess I could use some company." Mikko said and put the baby stroller down. "Think you can carry that for me?"

    Yeah, sure," Chris said, picking up the stroller and leading the other two out of the apartment. Once at the bottom of the stairs, he set it down and waited for Mikko and Travis to join him.

    Mikko held the smiling baby close, with a wave to the other two in the kitchen she followed Chris outside and down the stairs. Once down she placed Travis in the stroller and and began to push him towards the park. It wasn't to far, maybe a block or so down the street. And she did feel a little safer with Chris with her, if anything she was less likely to be attacked if she had someone close by.

    Ohhh.. he was suggesting the bedroom, eh? Daisy's devious little grin became more obvious. Her lips traveled along his jaw-line, and down the length of his neck. Her fingers continued their downward decent, gently caressing his lower abdomen before fumbling with his button. "Mmhmmm.." She hummed against his lips in response..

    Chris walked down the street with Mikko and Travis. It was nice doing a little outing like this. Something a family would do. Even if Mikko never thought of Chris as more than just the 'friends with benefits' thing. He just liked being around her. And he would do his darnest to protect her if the need should arise. Hopefully...it wouldn't.

    It was a short walk to the park. Mikko kept an eye out for any dragons that may have been lurking around. her arm started to itch from the fake skin that was put on her. She headed to the trail that led around a small pond. "Today certainly has been eventful."

    Clearly Daisy didn't care where their next lovemaking session took place. Although his only reason for doing it in the bedroom in the first place was so it would be more comfortable for her. The last thing he wanted to happen was she somehow aggravated that injured leg of hers. He gave her another sly grin and allowed her to unbutton his jeans. They could move to the bedroom anytime they needed to.

    Chris nodded. "You're telling me, babe." He was somewhat surprised that Mikko was up for going outside after the last time had ended so badly. 'Then again, Mikko is a really tough chick and don't take crap from anyone,' he reminded himself. So far, so good. And hopefully it would stay that way.

    Daisy gave his neck a light nip as her fingers finally reached their destination, gently caressing and teasing his bulge. "We can move to the bedroom, if you want to.." She whispered against his lips, and continued caressing him. Indeed, it would be more comfortable, but she just couldn't find the will or self control to stop herself just yet. He was like an addiction, a constant need that drove at her every sense.

    Noticing them from the streets, Spike had stalked the couple into the park, keeping a low profile. His signature metal spikes had been removed to help conceal his identity, replaced with a black hoodie that cast his pale features in deep shadows. This was all a game to him, like stalking his next victim. And his sights were already set. But the time was not now, despite his strong urge to eliminate his offspring. Spike snorted beneath his breath, recognizing the male that Mikko was with. And what the fuck was on his face... make-up? After a moment of observing them from the bushes, Spike finally stepped out behind them. "Well well well. Look whut we got here. Mikko and the clown." He snorted, referring to Chris' make-over. He cut his eyes over at Mikko. "You always had a thing for fags. First Gabriella.. and now this.."

    Mikko didn't notice that they were being follow, When Spike jumped out behind them she jumped with a small startled scream and spun around. "Fuckin Christ, Spike. Don't DO that!" She looked him over, missing spikes. "Looks like you got a new look too. and what? you jealous you don't look as hot with make up on?" She grinned at him and moved Travis over to Chris. If she had to she could distract Spike while Chris went somewhere safer with the baby. "and I told ya I never had a thing for Gabe. I was always after Eze."

    Kendall nodded. "The bedroom it is." He needed to stop this before it went any further. If things progressed too quickly, they would never make it to the bedroom. Carefully, he lifted Daisy up and carried her to the bedroom; being very careful his pants stayed up until the move was completed. Once in the bedroom, Kendall deposited her on the bed and slowly began to undress her, finally letting his own jeans fall down around his ankles.

    Daisy continued to lavish Kendall with her undying affection as he picked her up, and moved her into the bedroom. She felt a rush of excitement, the same serge that always overcame her each and every time they were about to become intimate. Her lust filled eyes watched his every move as he undressed her, and dropped his jeans. She wasted no time removing the rest of his clothing, her fingers running the length of his sides as her arms journeyed up to wrap around his neck, pulling him down with her..

    Spike was still sizing Chris up, his focus too drawn to the man to notice Mikko's injury, and love marks just yet. He snorted at Mikko's comment. "Yeah, Ezekiel's a fuckin' fag too...you tell 'im I said that, if the lil coward ever has the balls to come back to the city..."

    "No thanks, after earlier I'm avoiding all dragons." Mikko informed rubbing her itching, sore arm. "So what are you up to?" She asked trying to change the subject. Then a smile grin spread over her lips. "Wanna get a tattoo? I'm doing em for free."

    The sudden voice behind Chris startled him. But it didn't take him long to figure it out--withOUT turning around. He stiffened and swore silently. This was not good. Not in Mikko's condition. Chris took Travis from her and stayed close, not backing down this time. He needed to suck up his fear and face the man. Slowly he turned around and stared right at the man. He watched the exchange between Spike and Mikko, making sure he stayed out of the way. Not only for his safety but for Travis' as well. But he would NOT run this time...

    Spike's cruel gaze was unfaltering. He watched Chris closely, and was deeply irritated when the man didn't retort back, nor did he run. Fine. He would just have to kill him, later. His list was steadily growing. He would've fucked with him some more, but his attention was soon drawn to Mikko. It was only now that he noticed her arm. "What the fuck happened to you." He asked, but his tone was devoid of any concern. His eyes traveled upwards, now noticing the bitemarks on her neck. An instant serge of anger and jealousy was building within. Mikko was HIS property!

    Mikko lifted the bandages enough for Spike to see deep wounds where her dragon use to be. "I guess Hun found out about my little transfer." She said pulling the bandages down again. She noticed that he noticed the marks on her, but decided not to bring it up, not to talk about it. "So..."She had to think of something to talk about. "So, you doing anything tonight?" She mentally face palmed. that was lame...

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    Post by Spike on Tue Nov 24, 2009 7:29 pm

    But while Spike didn't address the issue verbally, it was something he wouldn't be quick to let go. He was inwardly fuming, irritated by the fact that this bozo had marked HIS territory. Obviously he wasn't too concerned over the fact that Mikko was 'skinned' of her dragon tattoo. She was alive, obviously. Suddenly, without any warning, Spike roughly shoved Mikko back against a large oak tree, pinning her there. If Chris hadn't given him a reaction before, this was a test to see what the guy was made of. Would he stand up and fight for the girl that he had marked as his, or would he tuck his tail and run when the bigger dog challenged his territory? Spike's eyes peered from beneath his hoodie, piercing into Mikko's. "What'chu think I'm doin' tonight..."

    Mikko was waiting for something to happen, he was being to quiet and that was never a good thing. then she felt a sharp pain in her arm, she let out a painful cry as spike grabbed her and pushed her against the tree. She took a few very deep breaths trying to suppress the pain, but couldn't help her eyes from watering. She looked back into Spike's eyes and took one final deep breath. Her arm felt like it was on fire and had even started to bleed a little, but she forced the pain down. When he asked her the question, even through the pain she couldn't stop a small grin. She bit her bottom lip seductively. "Bloody threesome?"

    Kendall moved with her. He was being careful that there was some control in his descent so he didn't hurt her. Returning all her affectionate kisses, he slowly prepared himself for entry. Knowing neither of them could take much foreplay this time.

    Indeed, Daisy was way too needy for much foreplay this time. She wanted him. BAD. She kissed him heatedly, her fingers running along his toned body, nails raking his skin. Her heart was racing, anticipating and excited as she prepared herself for his entry...

    Chris gasped when he saw Mikko shoved against the tree. So far, he hadn't backed down to Spike. And he was somewhat amazed by it. He also wasn't letting his fear show. Now torn between wanting to say something to the psycho or protecting the child, he decided he needed to speak up. That's what Mikko wanted, right? "Hey!" he shouted. "Leave her alone! Can't you see she's already hurt?" Chris was getting angry now. Mikko didn't need this treatment after everything else she had been through this morning. Chris was shaking in adrenaline, anger, and a tinge of fear after he realized what he just did. But he would NOT back down...

    Spike was unable to suppress a twisted grin of amusement. Was this guy actually speaking? He chuckled at the sudden bout of bravery, and gave the guy the old middle finger salute, over his shoulder. But his grip on Mikko was unrelenting. He even gave her arm a firm squeeze for good measure, his mouth advancing towards her neck. "Bloody threesome, eh? You, me.. and the little blonde. Then you gotta deal..."

    Kendall kissed her back with just as much passion as he finished the last if the preparations. Her ministrations were only making him want her even more. Finally he climbed between her legs and slowly sunk down into her with a loud groan. He couldn't believe how good it felt to be encased in her warmth once more. Slipping in inch by inch, he finally pushed the rest of the way in and waited a few seconds for her body to adjust to his girth again.

    Mikko looked over Spike's shoulder giving him a 'wtf are you doing' looking then turned back to Spike. She buckled in pain when he squeezed her arm but quickly recovered. She tilted her head to the side and closed her eyes. "Mmmmmm....you don't want her. She's full of baby. but I'll go find you another blonde. maybe two. sisters" She grinned enjoying his closeness, and swallowing the pain. "Make one watch the other..."

    It was probably a good thing that the other two weren't home at the moment. Daisy made no attempt to muffle a loud, pleasured moan as Kendall penetrated her, and pushed himself in, inch by inch. "Mmmm...you feel so amazing.." She moaned against his lips, her nails digging into his shoulders. Her uninjured leg wrapped around his waist, and she gently grinded against him..

    The uni-digit salute didn't calm his temper, but he caught the look Mikko shot him and eased off. He really needed to think about what was good for Travis. He still held his ground but was once again silent. Several scenarios of possible outcomes were running through his head--and none of them had a pleasant ending. He watched in horror, holding Travis against him protectively, as he watched the events unfold in front of his eyes. He had to think of something, and soon...

    It seemed Mikko's little fuck-buddy had wised up and decided to remain quiet. Spike grinned to himself, feeling that he had put the boy in his place, with little effort at all. He loved the power he felt from this, being in complete control of not one.. but two. His teeth finally met their mark, cutting into the already sore flesh of her neck. He bit down hard, only easing his pressure when he tasted the metallic on his tongue. He ran his tongue over the wound, savoring the taste. "Full of baby, eh? You think that would stop me?" In fact, it only added to his horrific fanaticizes of the carnage he would inflict.

    Spike's mouth on her neck, his teeth breaking her skin and the feel of her own blood trickling down her neck. It was definitely a turn on. Mikko moaned with pleasure. "Mmmhmm..." She answered him, finally opening her eyes to look at him. "No...but I don't want to be with a pregnant woman..." Not that he cared what she wanted, but she was never going to let him touch Daisy. "I can't get her anyway...sorry, handsome."

    "Maybe you can't.." Spike's now bloody lips whispered against her ear, "..but I can.."

    Mikko turned her head, her lips lingering dangerously close to him. "You think so? Then you call me when you do." She licked her lips. "In the mean time...how's about you let me put some more ink on that fuckin hot body of yours?" Something Mikko had been dyeing to do, tattoo Spike. Her art amongst others. That would be fuckin sweet.

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    Post by Mikko on Wed Nov 25, 2009 2:20 pm

    Spike cut his eye over his shoulder at Chris, hoping that the bozo was observing every second of this, Hoping he would feel jealousy and anger over the feelings that Mikko obviously still held for him. His full attention was soon on Mikko, still pinning her to the tree. "I might just take you up on that.." He whispered, with a hint of devious intent against her ear. "..gimme yer address..."

    The pain in her arm was almost forgotten as her lips practically brushed against his. His hot breath so close to her made her weak in the knees. She closed her eyes for a second to savor it all. Then looked back at him when he said that he would. A grin spread across Mikko's lips, but faltered some when he asked for her address. She really didn't want Spike knowing where she lived. Though she was almost certain that some of the Turks had already seen her going home and working at the shop, it was only a matter of time before Spike found out anyway. Still...."I'm doing them out of my work place. papa's tattoos. about a block from here. Just call me when you come, but the offer is only for today and tomorrow." She whispered almost seductively back. Though she would tattoo Spike any time he wanted for free.

    Spike flicked his tongue across her lips, then allowed his lips to linger at her neck once more. His body pressed firmly against hers, warm breath caressing her bruised and bloodied skin. "You know public places are forbidden for me.." He reminded, his tone still holding an air of lust. "I can't go in yer shop..."

    "Mmmhmm.." Mikko was finding it hard to even form words at this point. She swallowed thickly and closed her eyes again. " Mmmmm...You can come when the shop's close." She said breathlessly. "No one will be there..."

    Spike may have thought that, but this was far from over as far as Chris was concerned. He just needed to find a safe place for Travis then he could really say and do what he was itching so badly to do. He watched the scene in front of him with growing anger and disgust. Finally he couldn't take anymore and made up his mind. He would take Travis home and then come back and deal with the psycho. Even if it wasn't the smartest thing to do. So without another word he headed back to the apartment, taking a different way so if Spike decided to follow, hopefully he would lose him before he got to his destination.

    "Mmmm...so are you," Kendall said and began to move slowly, gradually picking up speed. He leaned down and kissed her passionately, moaning against her lips.

    It wasn't the answer that Spike was hoping for. He was sure that he still held his power of persuasion over her, and his every wish would be her command. But no.She was avoiding his intent of getting her address, and with good reason. Fine, he thought. Pressing the issue would only make her more hesitant. He would just have to play along for now, and catch her with her guard down. But it seemed that he'd succeeded in driving Chris away. Sweet victory. Spike finally loosened his grip on Mikko's arm, but not without giving her neck another rough nip before completely releasing her. "What the fuck do you see in that guy?"

    Anymore of this and Mikko was just moments away from telling him where she lived, little did he know, she actually DID tell him. Another moan escaped her lips when he bit her again. But when he let her go, all the pain that had been forgotten suddenly came back. She winced a little and rubbed her sore arm. she shrugged at his question. "Ain't like you're giving me any. Got to get it from somewhere."

    Daisy returned each kiss with equal passion , moaning against his addictive lips as his pace quickened. "Mmmm..." Her nails raked against his shoulders, moving down his muscular arms and back up again. The pleasure coursing through her body like an intoxicating drug. "..harder.."

    And Kendall was more than willing to comply to that request. He moved swiftly, but still enjoyed every second of it. He had really missed this. How the fuck were you supposed to get through a few days without sex? He and Daisy had done it nearly everyday. There was one positive thing about waiting for a short amount of time between sessions. It just made the whole experience more enjoyable. Not that it wasn't before, but it seemed more appreciated on both of their parts. He continued to lavish her with sweet kisses as he grunted with every thrust.

    And in that lied the problem. She wanted it. After experiencing the rush he felt after his first rape, consensual sex had became bland. And Mikko never feared him, nor had she ever rejected him. She seemed to accept the monster for what he was, a trait that he should've been grateful for. But Spike was incapable of being gracious. "Pfft. So he's just yer piece of meat?" The thought of her just using the guy certainly earned a small, twisted grin. "He just left you here.. all alone." Spike once again closed in, and just as before, roughly pushed her against the tree. "He threw you to the wolves. You know how to pick 'em.."

    Mikko once again found herself against the tree. she winced again. After this was over she was seriously going to need some ice and drugs for her arm. But through it all, she managed a small smile. "Mmmmhmmm...You know you're the only man that can 'own me' I don't need another." At his comment she finally looked around, sure enough Chris was gone. Good...He got Travis out and didn't interfere with her and Spike. She shrugged. "Maybe he just knew not to fuck with the alpha male. babe. Can't blame him for tucking tail. And I can handle myself. I don't need a some man to come save me."
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    Post by Daisy on Thu Nov 26, 2009 2:43 pm

    "Mmm'hmm. Fuckin' right.. my dick's bigger than his.." He could've killed her right then, to prove a point. Leave Chris to live with the regret of abandoning her. It would be fun to fuck with the boy's emotions. However, he once again opted against the notion. One day Mikko's luck would run out, but not this day. Spike once again loosened his grip on her, and eventually released her. "I'ma take you up on that offer. Maybe tomorrow night." Because tonight, he would once again be Dragon hunting. Well, for one in particular, anyway.

    "Mmmhmm." Mikko agreed. Though it wasn't actually true.She kept her eye contact, waiting for his next move. To her surprise he let her go. She rubbed her arm and nodded to him. "Sure just call so that I can meet you there." She was a little disappointed that he wouldn't be getting it tonight, but was excited that he might be taking her up on her offer at all. She got to tattoo Gabe and Spike. This was to good to be true. But she was torn from her thoughts when out of the corner of her eye she saw two off duty cops in the distance, but walking towards them. "I think you should get out of here, babe. See ya tomorrow." She said with a lustful grin.

    Daisy moaned in unison with each pleasurable thrust, enjoying every second of this. Indeed, the absence had made it much more intense. Of course, her raging hormones had a lot to do with that, also. Her body was much more sensitive than before. "Mmm.. babe.." She moaned loudly, in between deep passionate kisses. Her fingers gently caressed his cheeks, then slid along his toned back, continuing a downward decent. She gave his ass a firm squeeze, and pressed a cheeky smile against his lips.

    "Fuckin' shit..." Spike hissed as he too noticed the off duty cops. He instinctively reached for his knife, flipping the switchblade open with one fluid motion. He contemplated stalking and killing the bastards, but decided that he would take no action unless they came too close. "I'll catch you later." He replied to Mikko, then disappeared into the thick bushes.

    She nodded to him and watched him disappear into the bushes. Mikko flipped her hoddie over her head and headed home. She was concerned about Spike following her, but tomorrow he would be there anyway, so what did it matter? She walked slowly, not in any real rush to get back home.

    Kendall let out a loud moan when he felt Daisy's hands on his ass. It caused him to thrust even harder, yet still had his movements under control. He grinned against her lips before capturing her lips once more, getting nearer to his climax.

    Mikko inhaled the last of her cigarette and put it out under her boot before heading up the metal steps to her apartment. "Wonder where Chris went off to..." She thought to herself as she made it to the door. She opened it up but once she heard the loud moaning coming from inside, she backed back out and shut the door. "Ok then...I'll give em a moment.." She sat on the top step and lite another cig.

    Daisy kissed him heatedly, moaning loudly against his lips. It just felt THAT good, and the whole world should know it! She had always been a noisy love-maker, but today- even moreso. Her heart was racing, chest rising and falling with each heavy breath, body beaded with perspiration. She felt herself drawing near, and gave his ass cheeks another firm squeeze through the intensity of it all. And finally, she reached her orgasm. Another loud, sensual moan escaped her lips as he walls tightened around him. "OH GOD!!"

    Chris had been back in the apartment and out again already. After hearing the pleasuring moans reverberating around the whole damn place, he was quick to leave. He just went in there long enough to grab a couple things for Travis and he was off again. He had been walking down the street again since he didn't really have anywhere else to go, still keeping an eye for any unwanted company. Travis had started becoming fussy again so Chris started making his way back to the apartment...or rather their stolen vehicle in front of the place. He spotted Mikko heading inside and he smiled in complete relief that she was safe. He started foor the actual apartment again and went inside, spotting Mikko on the top step. "Psst..." he whispered, trying to get her attention.

    Mikko had her back to the door, she looked over the parking lot and street, half expecting to see Spike pop out of one of the bushes. When he didn't she smiled to herself, looked like he got didn't follow her after all. Then she heard Chris behind her and jumped a little. She spun around and smile, holding out her arms for Travis. "Why are you letting my child in there with all that noise? That's SO not what I want him to be exposed to."

    Chris couldn't help but chuckle at that and shook his head. "Believe me, babe. When I heard all that noise in there, I got the hell outta there." He gave Travis to Mikko. "He sounds happier than he did a few minutes ago. I was just getting ready to feed him before I saw you," he said with a gentle smile. He sighed heavily, letting the smile fade a bit. "Any ideas on what to do until it's 'safe' to go back in there?"

    Mikko took her baby and rocked him in her arms. She held her hand out for his bottle assuming that he had it ready. "thanks for getting him out of there and not messing with Spike to much." She shrugged at his question. "We sit here and wait..."

    Feeling Daisy near her end, Kendall sped up a little bit more, going as hard and fast as he could. It didn't last long before she climaxed with him right behind her. "AH FUCK!" After coming down from his orgasmic high, he slowly withdrew from her and laid down beside her, trying to catch his breath. It was just as good as every other time with her. Even though every experience was something really special to him.

    Struggling to catch her breath, and steady her racing heart, Daisy cuddled up beside him. "Wow.." She panted as she leaned up, and pressed a kiss against his lips. "That was supernova." She smiled, and rested her head against him. "I wonder when the others are coming home?"

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    Post by Mikko on Sat Nov 28, 2009 2:18 pm

    "Mm-hmm," Kendall agreed, pressing a kiss to her lips. Everything was just perfect. He couldn't possibly as for anything to make it even more so. He shrugged at her question. "Dunno..." was the short reply. And he really didn't care at the moment. His focus was fixed solely on her.

    Chris nodded and sat down next to Mikko and Travis. It wasn't like they could do anything else anyway. However, Chris didn't want to have to wait forever to get back into HIS home. It wasn't right that two people could prevent him from doing so because of their 'extra curricular' activities...

    But then everything got quiet. "I think they're done." Mikko said as she stood up. She carefully opened the front door, and not hearing anything walked in. She smiled and motioned to Chris to follow. "Oooooooh Daisy! I got a surprise for yooooou!"

    Chris got up and followed Mikko and Travis in. It was about time! He couldn't help but think those two where part-rabbit, in a way. Although part of that was because of Daisy's pregnancy, he knew. Even so, he as glad it was over. He went over to their 'bed' and sat down.

    With a lust-filled grin, Daisy nuzzled against Kendall, content with spending the rest of the day right here, by his side. But then, she heard Mikko in the other room, calling her name. She leaned up and glanced down at Kendall as she reached for her sun-dress. "Ooooh, a surprise!" She wasted no time pulling the dress over her head, then quickly slid into her underwear, then scooted toward the edge of the bed. "I'ma cummin!"

    "I'm sure you are.." Mikko responded and placed Travis in his play pen. "You little one need a crib...soon." She then placed some toys in with him and his blanket then went into the kitchen. She took out her tattoo equipment and set everything up on the kitchen table, then waited for her.

    As carefully as she could, Daisy forced herself upright, taking a moment to find her balance. She winced as a slight pain shot up her leg, but she was determined to start walking on her own. Slowly but steadily, she made her way into the kitchen, using the wall and random furniture for support. Seeing Mikko, a huge grin spread across her lips. "What'cha get me?"

    Mikko turned and saw Daisy trying to walk to her, with a deep sigh she went over to the girl and helped her into the kitchen and into a chair. "I got you nothing. you're giving me a tattoo."

    Daisy didn't protest the help, but didn't want to admit that she actually needed it. She flopped down into the chair, and gave Mikko a questioning look, as if the girl had suddenly sprouted another head! Had she heard her correctly? Had Mikko just asked her to tattoo her? That certainly earned a huge grin! "Ooooh, I'd love to! What do you want? Spider-Man? Michael Jackson? President Obama?"

    Now it was Mikko who gave Daisy that look. "What? no. You're going to give me a Daisy on the side of my thumb." She put her hand on the table and showed Daisy where it would be. "First you need to draw it out, you can draw it on paper or you can put it right on my hand if you want." She handed Daisy gloves, a pen, towels and a spray bottle full of soap.

    Kendall grinned when he heard Mikko and helped Daisy sit up. Then she took off on her own. Kendall also sat up and quickly pulled some clothes on and joined the others in the other room. He watched as Mikko helped her along a little. When Mikko told her the 'surprise', he sat down next to Daisy to support her in her upcoming task. Though he knew she would do a great job.

    Daisy couldn't be more flattered that Mikko wanted a Daisy on her! Maybe it had nothing to do with her, but Daisy was content in that belief, and she wouldn't be convinced otherwise. She smiled at Mikko, happy tears burning at the back of her eyes. "This is like.. more awesome than awesome!" She pecked Mikko's cheek, then got to work on drawing the best damn daisy she had ever drawn! It was going on her sister, after all.. It had to be perfect! Once she was done, she showed it to Mikko, hoping for her approval before inking it onto her thumb.

    Mikko watched her draw, no matter what it looked like she would get it it on her, this was all Daisy's thing. When she she showed her the finish product, Mikko gave her a thumbs up. "Looks good. ok. first you want to clean the area with the soap then wipe it off...actually first you want to put those gloves on..."

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    Post by Mikko on Tue Dec 01, 2009 5:26 pm

    Daisy gave a small nod in understanding, and eagerly snapped the gloves into place. She then took the soap, cleaning the area where the tattoo would soon be. Gah, she couldn't believe that she was actually doing this! As she wiped the area, she gave Mikko a hopeful look. "You think maybe your boss will give me a job, too? Maybe I can do piercings or something.." Though in all reality, shoving metal through someone's flesh would certainly make her vomit..

    Mikko watched her and gave her directions as she went. She had already set the fun up for her, she just hoped that the vibration of the gun wasn't to much for Daisy. When she asked about a job, Mikko shook her head. "I don't think that's the job for you, you should stick with watching kids."

    Indeed, the vibrations were a bit much at first, but Daisy became comfortable with it before moving the needle closer toward Mikko's skin. She hesitated for a moment, but listened to Mikko's instructions, and carefully and steadily began the process, giving the project her entire focus. "Yeah.. maybe you're right.."

    For never having held a tattoo gun before she wasn't doing bad. "This will be my favorite tattoo ever." Mikko said,trying to encourage Daisy.

    Daisy flashed her a huge grin at that, deeply touched by her words. "Dawww, really?" There was no words to convey just how much this meant to her. To know that Mikko trusted her enough to allow her to do this. The action was strong proof that Mikko had confidence in her- something that very few people had in her.

    Mikko watched the rest of the process. showing her how to clean off her needles for a new color and how to add a bit of shadowing. Daisy was taking to tattooing pretty well. "Maybe after this I can attempt to get those movies again." Though it seemed every time she left the apartment something went wrong.

    Daisy continued to work, doing her best to make this tattoo look awesome! She wanted to give Mikko her very best, as she deserved. Hearing her last comment, she frowned slightly. She did NOT want to be the cause of Mikko getting jumped again. "No, that's okay. Maybe we can find something else to do."

    Mikko nodded to her. "Sure...Not sure what there is to do though. we can curl Mojo's hair."

    Daisy giggled at that. "Or, maybe we can give her pig-tails and dye them pink!"

    "That would be interesting." Mikko said. "Though, I think she might try and eat us alive if we did that."

    Daisy flashed her a cheeky grin. "Then, we can have Chris do it!"

    "Where is Chris?" Mikko looked over her shoulder into the living room. "But yeah..no...Don't you have a rabbit too?"

    Chris was still sitting on the bed, keeping an eye on Travis while the girls were in the kitchen. He couldn't wait to see Mikko's new tattoo but he kept his distance for now to keep Daisy focused on her job. When Mikko glanced over to him he gave her a small wave and a smile.

    "I think he's in the living room." Daisy replied to Mikko's question as she finished the last touched of Mikko's new tattoo. At her last question, she flashed Mikko a bright smile. "Yeah! Rambo, the bunneh from the zoo! He's chillin' in our room."

    Mikko smiled back at Chris then returned her attention to Daisy. "Right, right Rambo...you know what I want? A ferret. I would name it Killa." Once Daisy was done the tattoo Mikko looked at her handy work. "That's full of awesome! Maybe I should get you a sketch pad and stuff, you can practice your drawing skills."

    A huge grin tugged across her lips at that. "Aw, that would be awesome! " She chimed, as she placed the tattoo gun down on the table. She was overly happy, feeling a sense of accomplishment. She had given her very first tattoo! "And I think you should totally get a ferret!"

    "Maybe one day I will. When we're not to scraped for cash." Mikko cleaned everything up and put it all away then returned and ruffled Daisy's hair. "Now to go find something else to do." She went over to Travis and picked him up, cradling him in her arms she sat on the bed next to Chris. "Check it out." She said showing him her new tattoo.

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    Post by Mikko on Tue Dec 15, 2009 3:25 pm

    Chris glanced over at Mikko's tattoo when she sat down next to him and grinned. "Looks great, babe." He looked over into the kitchen area and gave Daisy a big thumbs-up then returned his attention back to Mikko. "Little guy's been sleeping the whole time," he said, resting his hand on Travis' head.

    Mikko smiled and looked over at Daisy. "She's a natural." She then returned her attention to Travis and smiled brighter, picking the baby up and holding him close. "So glad that he's a quiet baby....So how do you guys feel about grilling out today? I think it's safe to be out in the back."

    Grilling? Daisy's face lit up at the thought of that. "Oooh, that sounds awesome!" She grinned, and flashed a glance over at Kendall. He'd been so quiet that she had almost forgotten that he was there. "Kendall's like, the most awesomest cook, ever! I'm sure he has some mad grillin' skillz!"

    Chris smiled and nodded. "I like it. Who's gonna be cooking?" Because he certainly wasn't. Cooking was definitely not Chris' strong suits. But he knew there were people around here that could... Then Daisy seemed to have read his mind. So it was settled. Now here was hoping that Kendall would agree...

    Mikko got up and dressed Travis in a little jacket with his little hat. "I'll bring the playpen out there with us..." After little Travis was dressed she looked over at Chris. "grab the play pen." Her orders given she headed to the kitchen with Travis and looked around in the fridge. They had some hamburger and hotdogs and corn, she pulled everything out then looked at the others. "The grill and charcoal is in the shop, you guys can meet me out back if you want." She said handing Travis to Daisy.

    Kendall didn't do anything to show his modesty. He grinned broadly at Daisy's praise. "Sure I can, princess!" He got up from his seat and pushed Daisy's wheelchair over to her, waiting for her to get in.

    Chris nodded and did as he was instructed, folding it and setting it by the door. Then he met Mikko in the kitchen. "Anything else you need, babe?" he offered. The playpen was easy to carry so he could carry something else--fairly light--as well.

    Daisy cradled the baby in one arm as she carefully moved to the wheelchair, trying to mask her distaste for the chair. She really wished that she could start moving on her own. Obviously, the 'fun' of the chair had worn off. She hated feeling crippled. Still, despite the small touch of frustration she felt over her predicament, she smiled up at Kendall, and repositioned the baby in her arms. "I'm ready when you are!"

    With Daisy watching Travis Mikko headed to the door, but stopped when Chris spoke to her. She thought about that for a moment them nodded over to the kitchen. "You can grab the food."

    That wasn't what Chris had in mind when he asked to help. The food could be quite heavy and bulky and possibly knock him off balance. But he wanted to prove himself to Mikko so he would manage...somehow. He nodded and grabbed a bag and started placing the food inside then headed for the door.

    Mikko headed outside and down the stairs, wedging a joint between her lips and lighting it. She made her way inside the shop, and nodded to the other artist there. Wordlessly she went into the supply closet and pulled out the round grill and charcoal, then dragged it all out back. There were think bushes that blocked the view from the street, and offered a surprising amount of privacy. Once in the back she set everything up then waited for the others to come out.

    Kendall returned her smile and glanced down at the baby in her arms. In a few months, that would be their own little one. Kendall was counting down the days until Zoe arrived. His thoughts focused on Daisy again, he pushed her out the door and carefully made their way out back. He kept checking that Daisy was comfortable with the small, unavoidable jars as he moved her past the doors. Finally, they made it out back and he parked Daisy near him while he went over to where Mikko was.

    Surprisingly, without too much trouble, Chris navigated his way outside with the food and the playpen. He propped the playpen against the table and went over to Mikko and Kendall, setting the bag of food down near them. Then he went back to the playpen and set it up.

    "It's all yours" Mikko told Kendall when Chris came with he food. She left him to it then went over to Daisy and took the, now awake, baby from her. She smiled at the little boy, and he smiled back, then stick his fist in his mouth. Assuming that he was hungry he set Travis in the play pen once it was set up and went back inside to get him a bottle.

    Daisy almost reluctantly handed the baby back over to his mother. It was still hard to believe that in a few months, she would have one of her own. She lovingly rubbed her tummy as her mind drifted, imagining what little Zoe would be like. She just knew the little girl would be close to her father, and was thankful that her little girl would have it better than she had. Sure, little Zoe's daddy was an escaped convict, but at least he would be a loving father-- something she herself never had.

    Mikko warmed up Travis' bottle and grabbed a few toys for him. After she came back outside and laid the toys in the pen then picked up little Travis and sat on the grass with him. Cradling him in her arms she gave Travis his bottle which he eagerly took. She smiled at the little boy and rocked him softly while he ate.

    Kendall nodded and gave thank yous to both Mikko and Chris then got down to work, first starting up the grill.

    Ryuu had heard that Mikko was living above the tattoo shop from the other Turks. He didn't really believe it though, no way was she that crazy to live so close to a gang that would kill her and that kid of hers. But then finding out that she wanted to join the Turks, that just blew his mind, and he wondered if it had anything to do with Spike joining. Why couldn't he find a devoted chick like that, that would be fuckin sweet. He finally came up on the shop and went around back. He grinned. "Food? Looks like I cam just in time." He walked into the back yard sizing everyone up, The big black dude defiantly looked like someone to not be messed with, The skinny white boy however, he could take them...and then there was the cute blonde in the chair. He smiled at Daisy as he made his way to Mikko and sat next to her.

    Mikko didn't pay much mind to the new comer at first, Not until he spoke. She looked up in shock and held Travis closer. She didn't say anything but watched him very closely. Honestly Ryuu wasn't a threat. He was another one that was scared of Spike. and Mikko was learning that any guy scared of Spike, is harmless. Kendall could easily break Ryuu with his little finger. But that still did nothing to put her at ease. and when he sat next to her she just glared at him. "What are you doing here?"

    Chris was happily watching Mikko and Travis with a simple smile on his face. But it was short-lived when this new person came over and sat next to Mikko. Chris blinked in confusion and glared at the newcomer. "Hey! What's the big idea here? Where the hell did you come from?" he shouted. This guy was way too close to Mikko for Chris' comfort.

    Daisy was lost in her daydreaming, and watching Kendall work his magic, when suddenly an unexpected guest showed up. She blinked in confusion, briefly concerned that Kendall would be exposed if this guy was a snitch. But as he settled next to Mikko, she relaxed a little. Maybe the guy was someone Mikko knew? She returned the man's grin with one of her own, and gave a small wave. "Hi there!"

    Ryuu ignored Chris and gave Daisy a flirty wink. "Well ain't you gonna introduce me to ya friends?" He asked Mikko, wrapping an arm around her shoulder.

    With a heavy sigh Mikko rolled her eyes, everyone Ryuu, Ryuu. that's Daisy, Chris and Kendall." She introduced everyone as she pointed to them. She knew that soon people would catch on to where she was, she just didn't think that it would be so soon. She shrugged his arm off of her. "Hands off...remember last time?" She asked nodding to the scar on his hand from the last time he touched her. He quickly took his hand away, yeah mikko scared him too and she was glad for that. She turned her attention back to Travis , laying him on a blanket in the grass and tickling his belly, then laughing at his little squeaky laugh.

    Daisy studied the guy, and grinned up at him as Mikko introduced him. "Ryuu?" She asked with a tinge of misplaced recognition. "Like, the guy off Street Fighter?"

    "pfft Street Fighter." Ryuu flexed his muscles and grinned. "I'm better then any of those Fuckin street fighter pussys." No sooner had he said that sentence, he felt a sharp slap across his face. "You watch your fuckin mouth around my baby." Mikko spat then went back to playing with Travis. Ryuu rubbed his face then got up and sat next to Daisy. "So Daisy...You're a lot prettier then any Daisy I ever seen."

    Daisy giggled as the guy flexed his muscles for her, then moved to take a seat next to her. He seemed harmless, and friendly enough... except for his potty mouth. But he quickly made up for that with his flattery. She grinned brightly, her cheeks lightly flushing with color. "Awww, you're so sweet!" She giggled again. "You're a smooth one, aren't you." She flashed him a wink.

    "You know it sweet cheeks." Ryuu looked her over and her bulging tummy didn't go unnoticed. He grinned. "Looks like you're gonna explode soon. and how you get in the chair? Yer man beat you are something? What is it with woman going after abusive men...All chicks are crazy."

    Everything was going smoothly. Kendall had the grill fired up and was now cooking the food. Then this other person showed up and ruined his good mood. The guy looked harmless enough, but he was not comfortable with this guy so close to Daisy. While he worked, he kept a close eye on the person. When this Ryuu was flirting with Daisy, then Kendall nearly lost it. He growled low in his throat and was about to say 'fuck the food' and protect Daisy. No one should be near his girl and this guys shady intentions had him really on edge...And then Ryuu set him off! With another gutteral growl, Kendall abandoned his post and came over to Daisy and Ryuu! "Who the FUCK do you think you are, accusing me of that?! Get out...NOW!!!!" If that didn't get the guy moving, then physical action must be taken. How DARE he?!

    That certainly got Ryuu's attention. He jumped to his feet but instead of leaving he moved back to Mikko. "From what I hear this ain't your place, you can't kick me out, and from where I'm standing you seem like a guy that would beat his woman. So how about you put yer little apron back on get to cooking like a good little bitch." Of course all this was said behind Mikko, hoping that she would protect him from any violence this guy might want to do to him.

    Daisy's grin faltered at Ryuu's accusation, and she blinked in disbelief. But before she could answer or defend her man, Kendall was over there in a flash. And she had to admit, the temper was damn sexy!

    Mikko looked up when Kendall started shouting at Ryuu, as far as she could see the boy hadn't done anything wrong. Though it was cool to see Kendall get all mad like that. She glanced over at Chris and shook her head. Nope she would never see that from him. Then Ryuu came behind her and started to insult Kendall! It was like waving a red flag in front of a raging bull. "Would you two stop! Ryuu shut up! and Kendall get back to cooking!"

    But Kendall wasn't backing down. Not until he had this person out of here...one way or another. He stood there, still glaring daggers at the man. One more move and Kendall would break him. The food was long forgotten.

    This was getting ridicules,Mikko calmly stood up, She placed Travis in his play pen with his teddy bear and passed her joint to ryuu then walked up to Kendall. "Back down solder! He's harmless and anyway this is MY place, he stays."

    Of course Ryuu had to get a last remark in, he stuck his tongue out at Kendall. "Yeah so get your ass back in the kitchen where it belongs."

    Wanting nothing more than to soothe him, Daisy carefully forced herself up from her chair, and limped up to Kendall, wrapping her arms around him. She squeezed him gently, and rested her head against his chest, listening to the erratic beating of his heart. "It's okay, babe." She soothed. "Calm down." She whispered quietly, and flashed a glare over her shoulder, toward Ryuu. "You shouldn't tease people, it's not nice!"

    Kendall growled again, but managed to keep his temper in check. But he was NOT on any circumstance going to let this guy order him around. And he better stay the hell away from Daisy or else this guy was gone whether it was against Mikko's wishes or not.Having Daisy next to him did indeed calm him down. He wanted nothing more than to have her by his side the whole time, but he knew she shouldn't be up on that leg for long. He gently picked her up and held her, kissing her softly before going over and putting her back in her chair. But for a little reassurance, he wheeled her closer to him and AWAY from Ryuu. Then he got back to work in front of the grill, stealing small glances at his young love.

    Ok so Kendall was not a man to be messed with. So Ryuu turned his attention to Chris. "So what's your deal, you some kinda mime?"

    Chris found this guy extremely annoying. And it certainly didn't help matters that he was taunting Kendall like that. He couldn't blame the guy for going off on Ryuu like that. There was once a time when Chris would have done the same. Thanks to his meds, temper flares were few and far between. He looked back at the unwanted guest, narrowing his eyes. What was it with him wanting to piss people off? "None of your fuckin' business..." he told him, his voice low. Chris was reaching his last level of tolerance for Ryuu.
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    Post by Ryuu on Wed Dec 16, 2009 4:06 pm

    Ryuu grinned at the Chris, was this guy for real he looked like a freak, he glanced over at Mikko then back at Chris and wondered if they were together. He wouldn't be surprise. Well..maybe a little surprise, surprise that she actually moved on. He went up to Chris and sized him up. Yeah he could probably take him. But instead of starting a fight in Mikko's back yard he shrugged and walked inside the apartment.

    Mikko just watched Chris and Ryuu. She didn't really think either of them would stat fighting so didn't feel a need to step in. Then she watched Ryuu go inside her place. With a heavy sigh she light a cigarette and picked Travis back up. "I'm sure we have enough food for one more person." Hopefully no more unwanted guess showed up. Just who knew where she lived anyway?

    Daisy grinned as Kendall scooped her up, and returned his kisses with equal affection. Though, she was a little reluctant to return to that darn chair, but was somewhat distracted from her dismay as Kendall moved her closer to where he worked. Her loving gaze remained fixated on him, observing his every move as he worked his magic. She spared a quick glance at the newcomer as he headed into the apartment, torn on how she felt about him. At first, he seemed alright. But when he started badmouthing Kendall, well, that certainly didn't settle well with her.

    Chris stood his ground, just glaring at the man. Even after he went inside. 'Good riddance...' he thought before turning his attention back to Mikko and the baby.

    But Ryuu wouldn't stay inside for long, after doing a little digging he found Mikko's drug stash and grabbed a few pills, then walked back outside. "Doing tattoos yet, knives? I could use a new one. They are still free right? Your message said they were free." He walked to Mikko and held out his arms for the baby. "He's kinda cute...you know, for being a minie spike and all."

    Mikko was hesitant at first but slowly handed Ryuu the baby. "Yeah, I'll go get my stuff." She said and hurried into the apartment to get her things.

    Kendall's thoughts mirrored Chris' when the guy went back to the house. Kendall returned to his cooking again, feeling more relaxed again without Ryuu hanging out...especially around Daisy! But then Ryuu returned and Kendall tensed up in response. If this guy make one more wise-crack about him, he was going to pop him one, majorly...

    Ryuu rocked the baby in his arms while he waited for Mikko to return. He looked over at Kendall and Daisy. "Soooo you two gonna have a runt of your own? Or does the baby belong to someone else?" The big guy couldn't kick his ass with a baby in his arms right?

    This time, Kendall decided to ignore it. As long as he stayed away from Daisy, that was all Kendall cared about. He did, however, shoot Ryuu a glare.

    Daisy had tried to ignore Ryuu's return, and kept her focus on Kendall, as if the gesture would soothe him. But then the guy addressed them, and despite her previous irritation with the man, she grinned at his question, all too willing to share her joy of her little one. She lovingly caressed her stomach, and nodded eagerly. "Yeah, we are! Her name's Zoe." She informed, too caught up in her joy to consider the accusation he'd tacked on at the end of his question.

    Before Ryuu could come back with any kind of smart remark, Mikko came back outside and set on the grass, laying her things out on a piece of cardboard. "Ok sit down." She told Ryuu, he nodded and laid the baby back in the play pen then slipped of his shirt, though it was freezing outside, he hoped that the cold would numb the area that was about to be inked. Mikko just found it as an annoyance. "You better not start shivering on me. So what are you getting?" She asked while putting her gun together. She wouldn't bother drawing up a stencil this time and just draw what he wanted right on his skin.

    Ryuu knew exactly what he wanted. he reached in his back pocket and pulled out his wallet, he opened his wallet and pulled out a picture of a half naked geisha girl" I want her on my shoulder blade." He informed then told her how big to make it. Mikko took the picture and nodded. She then took out a marker and started drawing.

    When Ryuu returned again, Chris was less than thrilled, but he didn't let it show. When Mikko started working on Ryuu's tattoo, Chris busied himself with Travis. In a way, he was glad Ryuu was here so Mikko could once again express her talent. But only if he wasn't so damn annoying! Chris looked between the two then back at Travis and picked him up, cradling the baby in his arms.

    When Ryuu didn't respond, Daisy's enthusiastic smile slowly began to fade. Her attention returned to Kendall, and she inhaled deeply, taking in the heavenly aroma of his hard work. "Mmmm... smells good, babe!"

    Ryuu wasn't to interested in Daisy's kid. and was bummed out that she didn't get all upset over his comment.Though he wasn't done with that flower. But right now he was getting his tattoo. for free! He looked up at Chris with the baby. "So you and Mikko are together then?" He asked.

    Kendall still kept a watchful eye on Ryuu, making sure he didn't try anything funny. It looked like Ryuu was occupied again so he turned his attention back to Daisy, grinning at the compliment she gave him. "Aw, thanks, babe. They're almost done now," he told her, finishing the grilling and setting things on plates. "In fact, they're done now," he corrected and flashed Daisy a wink. "So what'll it be, princess?"

    Mikko drew the woman on Ryuu, making her as detailed as possible. This was going to be her first realistic human tattoo and she was a little nervous but didn't let it show. She ignored Ryuu's question to Chris, being fully focused on what she was doing...Until she heard Kendall say that the food was ready. She looked up at Kendall. "Oooooh I want two hotdogs and a burger! with cheese! and mayo."

    It was a good thing that the food was already done! Once again, Daisy was starving. It seemed little Zoe was requiring a lot of nutrients. She flashed him a huge smile, and replied eagerly. "Mmm.. hot dogs!"
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    Kendall nodded. "Comin' right up!" he called out, filling Mikko's order first and set it aside for pick-up. Then he got Daisy's and personally gave it to her with a small wink. "Here you go, babe." Then he went back to the grill and frowned slightly. It appeared that the intruder was staying. He called out to the other two men. "What you guys want?"

    Aww he wasn't bringing it to her? bastard. Mikko didn't bother getting up, to focused on her work. And when Kendall asked the other two what the wanted Ryuu just shook his head. "Nah nothing for me. Just came to see my girl." Mikko grinned a little at that, it was always nice to know that she still had allies. the drawing was just about done, and she was now just adding little details, but soon she would start inking.

    Daisy flashed him a grateful smile, and wasted no time digging into her food. She chewed slowly, savoring the taste of the exquisite hot dogs. "Mmmmm.." She moaned graciously, and grinned up at Kendall. "These are awesome, babe!" She took a few more bites, then removed the hot dog from the bun, eying it thoughtfully. A devious little grin ran across her features, and she flashed Kendall a wink as she slid it in and out of her mouth, in a suggestive manner.

    But Ryuu wouldn't be the only party crasher. Spike had been watching on from the concealment of the thick bushes, sizing up the situation. He saw Mikko, and it appeared she was tattooing Ryuu. Kendall was distracted with the grill, and the little blonde was giving a hot dog a blow job. Damn, what he would do to her. And he was certain that he would have that chance, soon. His gaze slowly shifted, now fixating on the Emo guy, who was holding his son. He was waiting patiently, knowing the man would have to put the kid down, sooner or later.

    Chris wasn't a bit aware that he was being watched. Which was all well and good, otherwise he would have freaked. He still sat there holding the baby. When Kendall addressed him, he told Kendall what he wanted. Which was only a hotdog, but then after seeing what Daisy was doing, he decided against it and changed his order to a burger instead. Seriously...ewww.

    Once Mikko was done the outline and he heard the buzzing of her gun he cringed. He seriously hated needles and pain, and he really hated when those two things where combined. It was also good that Ryuu didn't know about Spike watching them, or he would have jetted whether the tattoo was done or not. He soon felt the sting of the needles and gritted his teeth. being cold was not helping like he thought it would, in fact it seemed to be making it worse. "So...Mikko. got any plans for tonight?" He asked trying to take his mind off of the tattoo.

    Mikko grinned at that. "Nope, I'm free why?" She asked trying not to laugh at his pain, though it was amusing. "We can go do something if you want." Course depending on if she could get someone to babysit would determine what they ended up doing. But she was sure that Daisy or Chris would take little Travis for the night.

    Kendall grinned and flashed her another wink. Then he turned to Ryuu and nodded. He saw Mikko wasn't getting her meal and rolled his eyes. There was no fuckin' way he was doing EVERYTHING! People could get their own damn food! When Chris told him what he wanted, Kendall fulfilled his request as well. Then he set it aside and called to both Chris and Mikko. "Hey! Your food's gonna get cold if you don't get your asses over here!"

    Mikko didn't even spare Kendall a glance. "What the fuck I say about using that language around the baby?" She yelled back. "I'll eat later." Ryuu seemed happy that Mikko took him up on his offer and started rattling on the places that they could go. She had to stop and reminded him to be still a few times but over all he wasn't doing to bad. "I can't go to Turk HQ babe." She comment at one of his suggestions. "I barely made it out last time I was in there. Not going back till Jencko calls. But we can do any of the other stuff." She looked up at Chris and smiled. "You're next..."

    Daisy flashed Kendall a cheeky grin before finally biting down into her hot dog. She was really enjoying this, being with her 'family' and just hanging out all together. Obviously, she was also unaware of the danger lurking just beyond the bushes.

    Okay, Spike's patience were wearing thin. Considering his little stunt, it would've been ideal for Chris to place the baby back inside the play pen, but it wasn't entirely necessary. He shifted silently behind the bushes, positioning himself directly behind where Chris was sitting. If the man didn't leave the infant unattended soon, he would take more drastic measures.

    After hearing Kendall's bellow, Chris wasted no time getting up to get his plate. Not wanting to disturb Travis, he kept the sleeping baby in one arm and grabbed his plate with the other.

    That was it-- his patience were up! Still stalking Chris from behind the bushes, Spike waited for the perfect moment, when his 'prey' was busy grabbing his plate. As stealthily as a predatory feline, Spike slipped up from behind, and attempted to snatch the baby away from him.

    Mikko didn't see Spike, not at first. To busy with the tattoo to take noticed of anything around her, it wasn't till Ryuu whispered to her that Spike was there that She stopped and looked up. She saw exactly what was happing and started going through plays in her head. She could tell Chris to watch out, or tackle spike to the ground. She kind of like the idea of tackling him. But instead she went for the smooth approach. "Hey Spike! Came to get your tattoo? I'm almost done here if ya want a burger and to wait a bit." There. now everyone would know he was there and she didn't have to make a big scene.

    Chris was so busy trying to juggle the baby and his plate of food, he didn't notice Spike until it was too late. At first site of the psycho, his eyes widened and let out a surprised yell, dropping the plate of food with a loud clatter as it hit the ground.

    But even as attention was drawn to him, Spike's attempt was unrelenting. He violently grabbed for Travis again, too distracted to acknowledge Mikko's question, for now.

    And there was nothing he could do. Before Chris could even blink, Spike had ripped Travis right out of his arms. Now Chris had a real dilemma on his hands. To protect himself, or save the baby. The obvious choice would be to rescue Travis and Chris would sure as hell try. The question was, how to do it? But every second counted...

    Mikko watched the small tug-o-war go on with her baby and stood up. She walked over to the boys but by the time she got there Spike had Travis, she felt her blood run cold and watched Spike's every move., "Give em back, Spike!" She hissed with a rare tone of bravery and confidence, that she had never used on Spike before. "You want some food, fine, a tat, fine. But you ain't gettin Travis."

    Ryuu was so not getting into this, yeah he felt bad for the kid and Mikko, but Spike creeped him the fuck out. He wanted to just head out but hated to leave without getting his tat down, though Mikko did say that it was almost done. With a heavy sigh he stood where he was, if he had to step in he would.

    Sweet fucking victory! Once the baby was freed from Chris' grasp, Spike clutched Travis closer to him, taking a step back. He edged closet to the bushes, a sinister grin tugging across his features. Now, what to do. He could easily make a run for it, but where was the fun in that? Or, he could kill the baby right there in front of everyone. That thought sent a surge of excitement coursing through him. His gaze shifted to the infant in his arms who, surprisingly, wasn't crying at the sight of him. In fact, the boy didn't seem afraid. In fact, the child was gazing up at him with curious eyes. WTF. Spike's gaze shifted from the baby, now to Mikko as she made her strong demands. "I think you fuckin' forgot.. I'm his father. I can do whatever the fuck I wanna!"

    Oh so NOW he was the father! But he had a point and Travis seemed ok with him. Mikko looked around at every one and gave a small nod. "Fine, you want to bond with your son, I have no problem with that. but you do it here. Where I can watch you."

    Daisy watched on with horror-filled eyes, not knowing what to do. Her gaze shifted between Mikko and Spike, scared of what the psycho would do to poor little Travis. She tried to push herself up, determined to do whatever she could to help save him. She couldn't just sit there, if something bad was going to happen!But it seemed that Mikko was consenting to a supervised visit. She eased back into her chair, but was determined to spring into action if things turned bad.

    Bond? Spike visibly cringed at the thought of that. Still, he didn't appear too far out of his element the way he cradled the baby in his arm, and how well Travis seemed to respond to him. It was as if the boy knew he was his father. Despite how casual the scene would appear, he was still contemplating his next move. "It would be so easy," Spike spoke, his attentive gaze fixated on the cooing baby. "I could just snap his fuckin' neck without even tryin.."

    Mikko tried to stay calm. She took a few breaths and forced to keep her voice low, not wanting to excite Spike and more then he seemed to be. She knew that there wasn't any reasoning with him. but maybe bargingin. it was odd how natural it looked, Spike holding his baby close. "Look...." She stopped. what was she going say? Give me the baby and take what ever you want? He would do that anyway. "yeah...but not today. Just give him to me." She said in a softer tone, holding her arm out to him. "I'll give you some food, some drugs, a tattoo...whatever, but you have to give him back to me." Ok so she went with the barging thing after all, she was also inching her hand closer to her concealed weapon...

    A crooked grin spread across Spike's lips as he gave her a look of mock consideration. "No." He replied flatly, and edged closer to the bushes.

    As soon as Kendall saw Spike, he made a mad dash over to Daisy's side, holding her protectively in his arms, watching every move Spike made. When Spike made a grab for the kid and succeeded, Kendall was ready to step in. He watched Spike carefully while he held the baby. Could he really be stupid enough to kill the baby in front of everyone? From seeing this guy's track record, it wouldn't be a total shock. But then seeing Mikko making the first move somewhat put Kendall's mind at ease, but he was still a bit on edge. They just had to wait and see what happened. But Kendall would definitely protect Daisy at all costs. He remembered the looks the madman had shot Daisy in the past and there was NO WAY he would let him touch her. Not even over his fuckin' DEAD body!

    Mikko SO saw that coming. "Uhg! don't make me chase you!" She ran to him and in a moment of not thinking and parental instincts she threw all of her weight on him. Yes, if she had been thinking a little clearly it wouldn't have been her first move of choice, she certainly wouldn't have put her baby in that kind of danger. But she wasn't thinking clearly, she just knew she had to get the baby away from Spike, and knocking him down seemed like the best move at that moment. Now, hopefully he actually fell..and not on Travis.

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