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    Post by Mikko on Fri Dec 18, 2009 3:42 pm

    As Mikko pounced for him, Spike sprung backwards to avert her advances. He succeeded, but not without tripping over a shrub, and landing backwards into the thick bushes. "You crazy fuckin' bitch."

    Mikko fell forward onto the ground, not what she had planed but at lest Spike was down to. She quickly crawled in the bushes, straddling Spike and grabbing for her crying baby. She ignored his comment and fought the urge to beat the man down. "Give him to me asshole!" She was going pay for this later no doubt, but she was determined to save her baby no matter what.

    Ryuu watched everything silently, still not moving from his spot. he looked over at Chris and Kendall. "Should we...Do something?"

    Refusing to relent his hold on the infant, Spike roughly grabbed her wrist, gazing up at her with furious eyes. Still, despite the irritation that his plans hadn't gone as smoothly as he'd planned, a demonic grin raced across his lips. "In the bushes.. like old times, huh?" He said, loud enough to hopefully spark jealousy in Chris. He forcefully shoved her off him, and quickly turned the tables, now straddling her and pinning her to the ground. "D'you tell 'im I'm the best fuck you ever had?"

    At his 'in the bushes' comment Mikko pulled her arm back, ready to throw a punch at him, but then her wrist was caught and before she could do anything he was on top of her. Another situation that could have been good, but wasn't because Spike was being an asshole. She glared at him for a moment then shook her head. "Why would say that when it isn't true?" She spat back. of course...it WAS true..but she was NOT about to complement the bastard!

    Chris watched in horror as Spike took off with the baby. The baby he was supposed to protect and now rescue. However Mikko beat him to the punch and waited to see if she could get through to the maniac. Not likely... Then Spike fell backwards trying to avoid Mikko's attack and he once again watched in horror that Spike would harm the baby in his fall. Other than having Travis crying, it looked like he was okay. Now if the damn guy would put the kid down! He looked at Ryuu and nodded. But he wasn't sure what he could do. Then Spike's last comment just made his blood boil! He glared daggers at him behind his back but said nothing. He wouldn't give the bastard the satisfaction!

    "You fuckin' know it is..." Spike spat back, and gave her arm a painful twist. He was enjoying the anger she was showing, and the determination to get her baby back. It was all a fun show. He finally released her wrist, and quickly pulled a knife from his belt. He held it only inches from Travis' tiny neck, gazing down at Mikko with sinister eyes. "How would it feel?" He whispered venomously. "If I took the thing you cared for most.."

    Mikko winced when her wrist was twisted, and was about to come at him with a barrage of insults, but stopped when he pulled out a knife and held it to Travis. Her eyes widen with absolute fear. "Don't do it.." She whispered back. "I'll do anything you want, just give me my baby..." Why was no one helping her!!!?

    When Kendall rushed to her side, Daisy buried into his arms, but watched on with horror-filled eyes. She thought Mikko would be able to reason with him. After all, she always seemed to have a way with the 'monster'. But it seemed that things were getting out of hand. "We have to do something!" She whispered to Kendall, and quickly reached for the BBQ fork that was lying on the grill as she struggled to her feet.

    Chris had seen enough and he was just seeing red with fury. Fuck his meds, this girl and baby needed help! Without wasting another second, he rushed forward and tackled Spike to the ground, making sure it was Spike that hit the ground first. Then he glanced up at Mikko for help. Because he sure as hell didn't know what to do next. He just hoped that the knife was far away from Spike now. That would at least give them a fighting chance...

    Before Spike could sneer his reply to Mikko, a force suddenly struck him from behind. He found himself on the ground, his death grip still tightened around the now screaming baby. But his sick intent was soon lost as his furious glare fixated on Chris, staring deadly daggers at him. He released the baby, and focused his aggression on the man. Unfortunately he hadn't lost the knife during the scuffle. "You fuckin' queer!" Spike spat, and slashed at him with the blade, with deadly intent.

    Mikko didn't even know what had happen at first, but her screaming baby soon snapped her back, and thankfully Spike let go of poor Travis. She scrambled to her feet and scooped up the baby then ran back to Kendall, trying to comfort the baby at the same time. Now she had to break Chris and Spike up. She turned to Kendall and handed him Travis. "Can you take him and Daisy inside? I need to make sure Spike doesn't kill Chris." She looked over at Ryuu. "Go inside with them."

    She didn't have to ask him twice. Ryuu nodded and quickly walked passed the others climbing the stairs and disappearing inside the apartment.

    Kendall saw Chris' attempt to save Travis and shook his head in amazement. 'Maybe the guy had some balls after all', he thought as he took Travis from Mikko and gave him to Daisy while he wheeled both of them inside. Ryuu was long gone and he rolled his eyes. 'Figures...'

    Chris saw the knife coming at him in time and just barely moved out of the way on time. However, the knife still managed to knick his arm and he hissed in pain. He knew the knife connected but not WHERE it connected with his flesh and he didn't dare glance down to find it. Not with him still being within Spike's striking distance.

    Now with everyone safe inside, she had to rescue Chris. Mikko ran back into the bushes lunging herself at Spike again.

    Spike reached for Chris' shirt, attempting to shove him back against the tree. All the while, slashing and stabbing at him. And suddenly, there were two. He roughly shoved at Mikko with his elbow, but his attack was still heavily fixated on Chris.

    Daisy protested against being taken back inside, but when Travis was placed in her arms, she felt a silent understanding that it was her place to keep him safe now. But she was still worried about Chris and Mikko. Sniffling quietly, she looked up at Kendall. "Do you think they'll be okay? That guy's the devil."

    Mikko was shoved back by an elbow to her chest. She held her chest and took a few breaths. The hit had stung and it took a bit to get back on her feet. Once she gathered herself, she reached in her boot and pulled out her knife, then held it at Spike's throat. "Ain't you got something to do Spike?" She asked through gritted teeth.

    At least the baby was safe now. But now he was in trouble. SERIOUS trouble! Chris was trying to defend himself and it was a losing battle. He was getting tired and he had stab wounds all over him. Luckily none of them where too deep, but he was losing energy and fast! Just when Spike was about to deliver the final blow, Mikko stepped in. Chris gave her a weak, but grateful smile and slumped heavily against the tree.

    Spike didn't even cringe as he felt the cold steel pressed against his skin. It only served to stall him in his attack against Chris, and he watched with satisfaction as the man leaned back against the tree. He'd wounded him, at least. There would be plenty of opportunities to kill him later. "You won't fuckin' do it." He hissed at Mikko, and in a show of confidence, reached up to take her wrist.

    She wouldn't, and no mater how determined she seemed she knew that he knew she wouldn't either. Mikko tighten her grip on the blade and meet his stare. But she sighed heavily and dropped the knife. She couldn't even bring herself to hurt the man, and she couldn't help to be angry at herself for that fact.

    After making sure Daisy was safe, Kendall had intended to go back down to see if anyone needed any help. He looked to Ryuu. "You...watch them", he ordered. He then went over to Daisy and cupped her cheek in his large hand, leaning down to give her a small kiss. "I'll be back soon, babe. Stay here where I know you're safe." His thumb brushed against her cheek wiping, away her tears. "I love you..." And with that, he turned and headed back to where the action was.

    He was leaving Daisy alone with him. What luck, now he could make his move. Ryuu nodded to Kendall and soon as he was gone he slid an arm around Daisy. "I'm sure they're fine. How you doing?" He asked handing her a tissue.

    Just as he suspected. Spike's gaze fixated with hers, and he flashed her a taunting smile. As if to say 'I told you so'. Now with her guard down, he could've easily returned his attack on Chris, and finished the guy off. But instead, he chose to hit him where it hurt. He pulled Mikko against him, and roughly pressed his lips against hers, giving her his trademark nip.

    Mikko was bracing herself for a slap, even a punch, though Spike had never punched her before, she also never fought with him so much before. But instead she was pulled close to him and kissed! she returned the kiss, of course. No matter the situation she always welcomed Spike's attention, her eyes slid shut and she laid a hand on his chest, moaning softly against his lips as he gave her lip a nip.

    "I.. love you too." Daisy managed to reply, in a shaky tone. "Please be careful!" She pleaded, and wanted nothing more than to hold him back, but she knew the others could probably use his help. The young girl was too devastated to even consider the intent behind Ryuu's comforting gestures. She didn't pull away from him, figuring he was simply trying to soothe her. She took the tissue, wiping at her eyes as she replied quietly to his question. "I'm okay." She sniffled. "I just wish.. that Spunk guy would leave us alone."

    Ryuu gave her a light squeeze. "Well it's kinda hard when Mikko is still involved with him. Really...it's kinda her fault that he's here. Spunk?" That got a chuckle. "I'll have to use that one."

    Spike allowed it to linger, and he gazed over Mikko's shoulder at Chris. Insult to injury. He finally broke, his taunting gaze still fixated on Chris. "She'll always want me more." He teased. "Yer just her lil pacifier."

    Daisy gave him a small look of disbelief, as she once again wiped at the tears. "Why is it her fault?" She asked, partly knowing the answer. "Because she loves him?"

    Chris was barely standing now. Even if Spike and Mikko were making out if front of him, there wasn't anything he could do. Yes, it hurt and if he could have, he would have slapped that smirk off Spike's face. The only thing he could do was glare at him. Which he did, but it came out more as a grimace.

    "Well...yeah. I mean if she left him alone then he wouldn't be around, right?" Ryuu wasn't sure if that was true or not, but always enjoyed causing unneeded drama, even if he did consider Mikko a friend. "She just needs to cut all ties with him, then everyone will be safe, don't you think so?"

    That was definitely uncalled for. She shook her head and flashed Chris an apologetic look, then turned her attention back to Spike, licking the small pool of blood from her lip. "You gonna go now?"

    Spike tucked his bloodied knife back into his belt. "I think I've entertained you all enough for now." He replied. "But you can count on an encore." And just as suddenly as he'd appeared and ruined their day, he disappeared back into the bushes.

    Mikko picked up her knife and tucked it back in her boot, then went over to Chris. "Sorry bout that." She pulled his shirt off and started to inspect his wounds, none of them were life threatening but some were deep. "lets get you inside and get you patched up."

    Daisy gave a small nod in agreement at that. "Yeah. I like Chris soooo much better than that guy."

    "Now if Mikko could like Chris more.Sadly, Mikko likes a very particular kinda guy...lest from what I seen." Ryuu said, not knowing what the hell he was talking about, He had seen Mikko with two guys, one when he happen on a guy forcing himself on her, and Spike. So really the first guy didn't count..."Anyway. Maybe she'll get tired of him."

    Kendall arrived just in time to see Spike's ass disappear and he shook his head. 'Good riddance!' he thought as he saw Mikko and Chris. Mikko was examining Chris's injuries. "What the fuck just happened?" he demanded, rushing to Chris' side. He helped Mikko lift him up and carry him inside.

    Chris nodded and allowed Mikko to help him inside. He caught a glance at Kendall as he and Mikko passed by and gave him an apologetic look. It wasn't his idea to get hurt. He was just trying to help out a couple people.

    "Nothing..." Mikko answered simply and got Chris inside, then laid him on the bed. "Hold tight, babe." She quickly checked on Travis, inspecting him and making sure that he wasn't hurt, luckily he wasn't. Knowing that her baby was ok she ran to the bathroom and grabbed the first aid kit. She soon came back to Chris and laid out her medical supplies, then started to clean Chris' wounds.

    By the time Chris got inside, he was barely conscious. "I'm sorry..." he croaked out while he was being laid down on the bed. Losing the fight, he slowly slipped into unconsciousness while Mikko worked on his wounds.

    sorry? what the fuck was he sorry about? But Mikko couldn't ask him before he passed out, this wasn't good. "I think we should bring him the hospital..."

    Daisy listened, still sniffling as she tried to get her emotions under control. Ryuu didn't seem so bad, after all. He had help distract her while the others were out dealing with Spike. But before she could answer him, Mikko and Kendall came through the door with a wounded Chris. Hearing Mikko's comment, the worry once again rose its ugly head. "Is he.. okay?" She forced herself up, holding Travis protectively in her arms. Slowly and carefully, she made her way over to the bed.

    Kendall stayed by Chris' side while Mikko retrieved the medical supplies and also while Mikko cleaned his wounds. When Chris passed out, he looked at Mikko. "Maybe we should take him..." It couldn't hurt and sure, Chris' injuries may not look that bad. But looks can be deceiving.
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    Post by Daisy on Sun Dec 20, 2009 1:00 pm

    Ryuu watched the scene in front of him. Looked like the tattoo would have to wait. There wasn't much that he was able to do except offer them a ride. "You guys need a ride there?"

    Daisy sat on the edge of the sofa-bed, watching on with tear-filled eyes. She vaguely heard Ryuu's offer, but glanced at Mikko for confirmation. It did seem like a good idea, and a generous offer. And much safer than driving any of their stolen vehicles.

    Mikko looked at Ryuu and nodded. "Yeah thanks." She looked over at Daisy. "Can you stay here and watch Travis? Ryuu's little bug isn't going to fit us all."

    Daisy gave a small nod, and wiped at the tears that refused to stop falling. She wanted nothing more than to go with them, to make sure Chris would be okay. But she would stay behind, if that's what Mikko asked of her, for Travis. "Is he going to live?"

    "Yeah, he'll be fine." Mikko told Daisy, though she wasn't entirely sure about that herself. Then she looked at the boys. "Lets get him in the car." Ryuu gave a nod and opened the front door then walked to the bed and got ready to help bring him to the car, though the big guy looked like he could just lift Chris on his own. Mikko gave Travis a kiss on his forehead. "We'll be back soon, Daisy." Though she was secretly thinking that maybe Kendall should stay too...Incase Spike came back while they were gone, but she didn't want to scare Daisy more then what she was by voicing that.

    Kendall wanted to do nothing more than comfort his love, but he thought he should help Ryuu and Mikko take Chris to the hospital. Before leaving with Chris, he went over to Daisy and enveloped her in a big hug, kissing the top of her head. He hated to leave her...just HATED it. Then the fact that Daisy wasn't that mobile to begin with and having to take care of a baby by herself didn't sit well with him at all. If something should happen, Daisy had no way to reach them. He turned to Mikko--his mind made up. "I'll help him to the car, but I think I better stay here and help Daisy," he told them, flashing Daisy a small smile then turned back to the others.

    Mikko was actually relieved by Kendall's decision. She nodded to him and grabbed her back pack. "Ok lets go then. If I ever need to go to the hospital I hope that you are faster then this." She said as she ran outside to open the cars back door for them.

    Kendall rolled his eyes at her and headed back to Chris, helping Ryuu carry him out of the apartment and out to the car..

    Ryuu helped Kendall get Chris into the back seat. it was a little small, and Chris was a little squished, good thing he was passed out. After getting Chris in he closed the door and hopped in the drivers seat. "It was nice meeting you all." he said with a wave then waited for Mikko to get in the car.

    Daisy returned the hug, reluctant to let him out of her sight. She was too upset to even realize the dangers of being left here alone, with that psycho still lurking about. But fortunately for her, Kendall had considered the dangers. She was relieved that he would be staying behind, with her. She cradled Travis in her arms, rocking him to sleep as she struggled to control the tears that continued to streak her cheeks.

    Mikko really wished that they had a phone, but the shop had a phone. She went to Kendall and thanked him. "there's a phone in the shop if you need something. and a gun hidden under my mattress if you need it." With that she hopped in the car with Ryuu and took off to the hospital.

    Kendall helped get Chris settled and stepped back. He nodded to Mikko and waved to both as they took off. Then he headed back into the apartment and went back over to Daisy, hugging her again. "Shhh, I'm here, baby," he told her soothingly. It really pained Kendall to see Daisy so upset, but he knew things would probably be okay. "Need anything, princess?" he asked, stroking her hair back gently as he held her.

    Mikko glanced in the back seat at Chris then looked forward again. Luckily they weren't far from the hospital. "So...how many people know where I live?" She asked Ryuu. He didn't even have to say anything, just give her 'the look'. She sighed heavily and slunk down in her seat. She did live in the middle of gang territory in the only tattoo shop around...She really should have seen this coming.

    Careful not to disturb Travis, Daisy melted into Kendall's loving arms, and rested her head against his chest. "Just hold me." She whispered in reply. "I have what I need, right here." She gazed up at him with love-filled eyes, so thankful that he hadn't been harmed in the chaos. "I love you."

    They finally arrived at the hospital and Mikko ran into the building grabbing a nurse. As always, when they saw someone who seemed 'street' they were slow to help, but finally she managed to drag the doctors outside with a stretcher. Ryuu opened the door for them and the, with a bit of a struggle do to the small space, they got Chris on the stretcher and rushed him into the hospital. "Thanks Ryuu! See you later." She called out as she ran inside with them.

    After everyone was inside, Ryuu got back in his car and drove off. "Fuckin Spike..." He mumbled and turned up the radio as he made his way back to Turk head quarters. There was some talk about something big going down some time tonight and he didn't want to miss it.

    Kendall nodded and did just that. He smiled at her and kissed her tenderly on the lips when she looked up at him. "I love you too, babe."

    Now on the stretcher, Chris was wheeled into the ER. He was still unconscious when he went back there and throughout the time they worked on him. Really, his wounds weren't all that bad, but it was a good thing he was brought there anyway. The biggest concern was the unsure origin of the knife. Whether Chris would have received any infections from non-sterile knives--which the doctor didn't know anything about.. After admitting Chris into the ER, a doctor came out to talk to Mikko about what happened.

    And Mikko lied through her teeth. A crazed, high, man cam to the back yard and attacked Chris. Ok maybe it wasn't THAT big of a lie. But she didn't mention who the guy was. She described some generic male and refused to talk to any authorities saying that she just wanted to put the whole incident behind her. After a bunch of questions about medication that Mikko couldn't answer, and family history, that she also couldn't answer, they let her see him. He was hooked up to a few IVs. fluids, pain meds, and antibiotics. She pulled up a chair next to Chris' bed and waited for him to wake up.

    Daisy returned the kiss wholeheartedly, then once again rested her head against his chest, allowing the beating of his heart to soothe her, as it always did. Little Travis has finally fallen asleep. She debated placing him on the cushion beside them, but he felt so natural in her arms. She searched his tiny features, wondering how anything so perfect and innocent could be the product of someone as evil and cruel as the child's father. "Why do you think that man's so mean?" She asked quietly, not wanting to disturb the sleeping bundle.

    After what seemed like an eternity, Chris slowly opened his eyes. He wasn't in that much pain anymore due to the medication. He slowly turned his head towards Mikko, overjoyed inside that she stayed with him. He gave her a sleepy smile.

    Mikko smiled back at him and took his hand in hers. "hey, babe. You had us worried." She said softly giving his hand a light squeeze. "You need anything?"

    Chris smiles at her and returned her light squeeze with his own. He still couldn't really talk yet but he nodded and croaked out hoarsely, "Water..." Hopefully that would help him get his voice back.

    Kendall couldn't help but snort in disgust. He was still plenty pissed at Spike for numerous things. He shrugged, shaking his head. "Dunno, babe. He could've been the Devil incarnate for all I know..."

    Mikko nodded and got up. She had already snooped around the room and found were everything was. She took one of the Styrofoam cups and filled it with ice water, then stuck a straw in the cup and went back to Chris. "Need your bed lifted?"

    Chris looked up at her and nodded. He looked around for the remote to the bed and couldn't find it. It must have fallen off the edge and was just hanging there. He looked at Mikko pleadingly, silently asking her to do it for him.

    Mikko pushed the button on the bed, lifting his head up, then adjusted his pillow. "Good?" She asked as she held the straw to his lips.

    Daisy briefly considered that. It was possible. He had the 'horn' thing down, for sure. Though he was a little confused with the 'pattern', obviously. "Maybe he didn't get enough hugs as a child." She suggested. "But neither did I, but I don't go around hurting people." Her frown slowly melted, as she looked up at him. "But I gots lots of hugs now, because of you." She smiled. "You're huggalicious!"

    Chris gave another nod and took a few strong sips. That did the trick and he laid back down again, getting comfortable. "Thanks."

    Mikko put the cup down and took his hand again. "I think Kendall needs to teach you some fighting skills, babe. You just got lucky that Spike ran off." She smiled warmly at him and moved his hair out of his face. "Docs say you have to stay here over night. I'll stay with ya though."

    Kendall nodded and frowned when Daisy said she didn't get enough hugs. But then he brightened instantly when she told him he made up for that. He hugged her even tighter. "Aww, babe," he said, smiling brightly at her.

    "Yeah. Sorry, I got hurt. I was just trying to help you, ya know?" He gave Mikko's hand another firm squeeze. He really didn't want to spend the night there, but he knew it was probably best. He was grateful for Mikko's company and smiled at her. "Aww, thanks, babe."
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    Post by Christopher on Mon Dec 21, 2009 9:38 am

    "Don't be sorry. You probably saved Travis' life." Mikko said and kissed his cheek. "Thanks.Sorry that you became a pin cushion though." She pulled the covers up over his chest and fluffed his pillow. "You all comfy?"

    So Chris succeeded in what he was trying to do. And that's all that really mattered. But it made him feel even better to be comforted by Mikko about his decision. He smiled warmly and snuggled into the covers, nodding. "Yeah, thanks, Mikko."

    Mikko sat back down in the chair close to his bed. She pulled out her sketch book and a pencil. "Well..sense we're not going to be going anywhere for a while, why don't we work on your tattoo...and if you're hungry or anything just let me know, k?"

    Chris looked over at her and nodded. "'Kay." And now he had a decision to make. This would be his first tattoo and he wanted it to be something special. And now he finally had something in mind. "A dragon..." he answered with a smile.

    "You've given me so much." Daisy smiled, and leaned up to meet his lips. "If not for you, I'd probably still be in that awful clinic. You truly are my angel." She allowed the kiss to linger, before once again resting her head against his chest. She was trying to keep her mind distracted from the worry, but it once again reared its ugly head. "Do you think Spanky will be back?"

    Mikko smiled and nodded then put her pencil to the paper. "Tribal?" She asked while drawing lines on the paper. "or are you going for a more Chinese look?"

    Chris thought this over carefully. Finally he smiled and answered, "Tribal." With Mikko's superb talents, Chris had no doubt in his mind that she would do an awesome job. And this tattoo would truly be meaningful since it was done by someone he really cared about.

    "Cool." Mikko started drawing his tattoo on the paper, holding the sketch book so that Chris could watch the whole process. "So why a dragon?" She asked him, though it seemed like a very common tattoo to get, everyone had a different reason for wanting a dragon.

    Daisy's words just made Kendall's heart soar. He felt the exact same way and if he hadn't met her, things would be really different in his life. If he even HAD a life anymore. This girl meant everything to him and he wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. He kissed her back with all the love he had in his heart for her. When they broke apart, he could see something was bothering her. Before he could ask, she voiced her concerns. If it wasn't so serious, he would have laughed at her pronunciation of Spike's name. Instead he shook his head. "I hope not, babe, but no matter what, I'll be here to protect you. And if the bastard does find his way in here, I'll kick his ass!" he said with finality. Now he WOULDN'T leave her side for anything. He had to make sure she stayed safe at all times.

    Here was a question he knew she would be asking. But did he tell her the real reason? It's a part of his past that he had been trying to get over. "A childhood thing," he answered, shrugging. "I always loved them, growing up." Which was also true. Someday, he would tell her more about his past, but right now, it didn't seem like the appropriate time.

    Daisy certainly felt safe with Kendall there. There wasn't a doubt in her mind that her man could totally whip that Spiky guy. He was totally bad ass! She smile at him, and lightly traced a finger over his strong biceps. "That guy wouldn't have a prayer if you got a hold of him."

    Mikko was hoping for more of a story, but that was cool too. She drew the head of the dragon then worked on the body, stopping every once in a while to get his approval. "putting any color in this?"

    Chris watched intently as she brought the dragon to life on the paper. He was very impressed and barely heard her question to him about the color. He looked up from her work and smiled at her. "Nah, black is just fine." What was one more black thing on his body? He already had mostly black clothing, make-up, and now tattoo. It seemed fitting enough for him.

    Mikko nodded again and started to color it all in in black. She kicked her legs up on another chair that was neat by and held the picture out in front of her. "Looks good. Where you putting it?"

    Seeing and feeling the tension lifting from his love's expression, he felt more comfortable with his joking around. "Damn right, he wouldn't." Kendall would do anything to protect her. "His big tough-guy attitude will be down to nothing once I get done with him." Okay, hopefully he wouldn't have to go that far, but hey, he wanted to sound hard-core in front of Daisy. He wouldn't hesitate to kill the bastard if he got too close, but it would still be a last resort. No matter how much he was still pissed at the psycho...

    And Daisy was open for making light of the topic as well. Nothing could touch her, she thought. Not with her Knight by her side. "You could slay him with one of his spiky things." She grinned. "Become a real life Blade!"

    Chris shifted uncomfortably, trying not to dislodge the damn wires that seemed to be everywhere and connected to only god knows what. Then he patted his left upper arm to show her where he wanted it. "Right here, babe."

    "Can do. As soon as you get out of here." Mikko smiled and put the sketch pad down then sat herself on the bed next to him, being carful that she didn't pull anything out of him or actually sit on him. "I think I saw a pizza shop downstairs. If ya hungry I can grab you something."

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    Post by Mikko on Mon Dec 21, 2009 3:37 pm

    Chris nodded and rested a hand on Mikko's leg when she sat down on the bed next to him. "Okay...and thanks," he replied, giving her leg a small squeeze and smiled. "I really appreciate everything you've done for me, babe." Then he considered her latest offer. "Yeah, I could go for something right about now. Thanks."

    "Well..not sure what all I did..But your welcome." Mikko leaned over and planted a kiss on his forehead. "I'll be back with your pizza. anything special you want on it? Oh, and what do you want to drink with that?"

    Kendall chuckled. "You'd really like that, huh, princess?" He gave her a small wink. "Sure I could do that. Sometimes I think he really is a vampire since he likes blood so much..." he joked.

    Chris shook his head. "Nah, I'm not picky. And just surprise me for the drink," he added, giving her another smile.

    "Sure." Mikko gave him another smile then headed out the room to get food for the both of them. She wished that Daisy and Kendall had a phone so that she could know what was going on over there, and she was sure that Daisy was worried about Chris and would want to know what was going on with him. They definitely needed a phone. She ran in an elevator and took it down to the ground floor. then headed for the restaurants. She spotted a Chinese place, and decided that, that's what she wanted. She would pick up something for Chris too, just in case he didn't like the pizza and wanted an eggroll or something...

    Daisy briefly considered that. "Oooh, you're right! He could be, even though he didn't sparkle. But then again, as bad a the weather has been, maybe there wasn't enough sun." She debated. "But then again, not ALL vampires sparkle! I don't think the bad ones do."

    Kendall chuckled again. "Yeah, sure..." It seemed like Daisy was still on her vampire kick. He thought it was cute, but only she would be able to get away with it without annoying the hell out of him.

    Chris smiled back at her and watched her go. Then he laid back and relaxed while he waited for her to return.

    After a short wait, Mikko gathered her food and headed back to Chris' room. Once there, she kicked the door open then kicked it closed again. "I bring gifts!" She chimed and laid everything on the rolling table. She then went over to the side of the bed and lifted him up a little more so that he could eat. "I got you pizza with everything on it, and if you want I got fried rice and eggrolls and I even got some cake." She rolled the table over to him so that it hovered over his bed and he could reach, then laid the food out on it. "I hope coke's ok." She said handing him a large drink.

    Daisy readjusted the sleeping baby in her arms, and smiled up at Kendall. "You wanna hold him? Get some practice in? You know, you're gonna have your own reeeeally soon!"

    Chris' eyes lit up in wonderment. "Damn, babe. I didn't think you would bring the whole restaurant with you," he said, chuckling. "But thanks." He helped Mikko sit him up and dug into the food. At this point, he really didn't mind what he ate, he had worked up quite an appetite while he was out of commission. "Mmmm...so good," he said between bites.

    "Your welcome." Mikko sat down on the bed on the other side of the table and started to eat. "This is a lot better then the crap the hospital staff tries to make you eat...so how are you feeling?"

    Kendall grinned. "Sure, doll." He held his hands out to receive the sleeping Travis. "I can't wait until Zoe comes. One sec... " He leaned over and kissed Daisy softly on the lips then pulled away, smiling at her. "Okay, now I'm ready." He held out his arms to her again.

    Chris agreed whole-heartedly with that. "Damn right..." He continued eating then looked up at her and smiled. "Pretty good, right now," He answered.

    "Good." Mikko continued eating and watched as a nurse came in to give Chris more medication. After the nurse left she looked at what they were giving him and shook her head. "I have better stuff in my back pack..."

    Daisy grinned against his lips, returning the kiss. Her heart never ceased to flutter each and every time he lavished affection on her. As gently as she could, she placed little Travis into Kendall's awaiting arms, the smile stretching wide across her face. "I can't wait until she gets here, either." She felt her heart melting at the sight of him with the infant now held securely in his arms.

    After watching the nurse leave, he turned back to Mikko. "Really?" He was somewhat annoyed at the nurse. Didn't he just say he was doing fairly well? That meant he wasn't in much, if any, pain! He let it slide, however, and finished eating.

    Mikko finished eating and pulled out the cake. "Up for some desert?" After eating she wasn't sure what to do, she would probably just let Chris sleep for a while and she could chill on the chair.

    Kendall took the small child in his arms and held him gently, slowly rocking him back and forth. He looked over at Daisy and smiled brightly. "You're a natural with babies. I know you'll be a great mommy."

    Chris nodded. "Sure. Sounds good," he replied, setting his other stuff to the side, making room for a piece of cake.

    Mikko handed him a large slice of cake and a fork. She also set a carton of milk beside his plate. After giving Chris his food, she took her own slice and ate. "Hope everyone is ok back home..."

    Daisy couldn't take her eyes of them. It was the picture of perfection; the sweetest thing she had ever witnessed. It only added to her excitement about their own child. She smiled at his compliment, and leaned up to press another gentle kiss against his lips. "You're a natural, too." She smiled. "I can't wait to see you with little Zoe." And she really wished that she had a camera right now. She reached over and gently caressed the baby's tiny cheek. "It sure is taking Mikko and Chris a long time... I hope they're alright..."

    Chris nodded again, picking up his fork. "Yeah, me too. But I'm sure everyone is fine. You really think Kendall would let anything happen?" he tried to reassure her, taking a bite of his cake. Which was sooooo good. He couldn't remember the last time was he had any. Seemed like ages ago, though...

    "Nah, I know Kendall isn't going to let anything happen." She dug into her own cake and looked around the room then back at Chris and grinned. "After this I can give ya a sponge bath." She said with a wink, then as seductively as she could, took another bite of cake, slowly sliding the fork out her mouth then licking it.

    Kendall grinned at her. But then that grin slowly faded to worry. "Yeah. Chris didn't look to good when he left," he admitted, still holding the little baby in his arms. He wondered how everyone was doing and was severely tempted to go down to the shop and find out. However, he didn't want to leave Daisy, even if she would PROBABLY be fine up here by herself with the baby. It's not like he would be far, anyway.

    Chris grinned at her, catching her true intentions. And he had to admit, it sounded like a good idea. "Oh yeah... I'd love that." He watched Mikko with the fork and he was beginning to get turned on by her teasing.

    Mikko finished her cake and tossed her plate away. She then went to the side of him and lowered the guard rail. "You just let me know when you're ready."

    Daisy gave him a thoughtful look as she continued to caress the baby's cheek. " I wish there was some way we could call them." She commented softly, obviously unaware of the phone downstairs.

    Chris wasted no time and finished his cake. "Ready..." he said grinning then swallowed the last bite. "Mmm...that was good cake and so worth the wait."

    Mikko went into the bathroom with a plastic yellow bucket, and after a few moments came back with it filled with warm water and a towel. She moved the table away from the bed and closed the curtain, giving them some privacy. After getting everything set up and pulled the sheets off of him and carefully pulled his hospital gown down, leaning down and gently kissing each wound that she saw.

    Kendall smiled again. "There is a way, babe, but I gotta leave you up here for a few minutes, okay?" He leaned over and gave her cheek a small peck. "Unless you wanna make a trip downstairs with me... But we have to take the baby too."
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    Post by Kendall on Tue Dec 22, 2009 3:24 pm

    Chris allowed her to remove his gown and he leaned back against the bed, trying to get comfortable. Which wasn't hard the way Mikko was kissing his wounds. It was both comforting and disturbing at the same time. But he was really loving the attention, regardless. He closed his eyes and moaned softly, enjoying the sensations she was giving him.

    Mikko continued, trailing her lips over his wounded body, pulling the gown down further until it was completely off of him. She then kissed his forehead and grabbed the towel, dipping it in the warm water and ringing it out. He may have been patched up, but the doctors didn't bother to clean him off. So she took it upon herself to clean the dried blood off of him. gently wiping his body down. "If I hurt you, let me know and I'll stop."

    Daisy didn't even have to think about that option. She gave an eager nod, certainly not wanting to be here alone. Not even for a few minutes. "Yeah, I wanna go. But you don't have to carry me." She smiled. "I need to start walking on my own.. my leg is starting to feel like jello." Not that she minded being carried by her strong knight, but she was certainly beginning to feel the effects of not using her muscles.

    Chris nodded, keeping his eyes closed. She was gentle enough that it never hurt at all when she cleaned him. Not to mention it was pretty damn arousing, also. But there really wasn't much he could do in this current situation. He was feeling slightly self-conscious being exposed like he was. He may not be as shy as he used to be, but being in this room like this, made him feel vulnerable. But he didn't want Mikko to stop either so he pushed those thoughts out of his mind and just enjoyed Mikko's touches.

    Mikko continued, making sure that all the blood was washed off of him. She made sure that she didn't pull on any of the IV tubes that were attached to him. It looked like most of his wounds were on his chest and sides. and soon he was clean...cleaner. She put the towel back in the water then took a dry towel and started to pat him dry. "you look pretty sexy with your battle wounds,babe."

    Kendall frowned at that. That was against the doctor's orders. And he didn't want her possibly falling with the baby. It certainly would've been easier if they didn't have to take the little tyke with them but sadly, no such luck. Sure, he could hold Daisy up and carry the baby himself, but Daisy tackling the stairs wasn't a good idea yet. He sighed heavily. "You sure, babe? Do you think you should do steps yet?" It was one thing with her walking on level ground, but with stairs, it could be downright dangerous for her.

    Chris grinned broadly at that. "Thanks." That made him feel better about his body. The dry towel was a little more coarse than the wet one, therefore, a little painful on his skin. However, he still didn't want Mikko to stop. He opened his eyes and smiled at her, hopefully masking his slight discomfort.

    Mikko smiled back then unfolded a clean hospital gown. "Something clean for you to wear." She draped it over him, snapping the sleeves shut and tying it behind his neck. She made sure that nothing was bunched up, and that he was comfortable then laid the covers back over him. "Feel better?"

    After Chris was settled again, he smiled brightly at her. "Much...thanks," he answered, snuggling under the covers again. "How do you think the others are doing?" he wondered out loud.

    Mikko pulled the curtain back and sat on the bed. "Dunno. I'm sure they're fine though, Daisy might be freaking out a little, nothing Kendall can't handle I'm sure." She reached over and ran her fingers through his hair, her face close to his and smiled. The man was certainly addicting, and attractive. If only they were more compatible..."Want me to let you get some sleep?"

    Chris nodded. "Yeah." However he was reluctant to sleep. Even if Mikko said she would stay the night. "You're staying here, right?" He just wanted to make sure. It wasn't like he COULDN'T stay the night by himself, but the company was very nice. On the other hand, Mikko would probably want to get some sleep herself and the room offered little comfort for an all-night stay for guests. "Actually, If you wanted to go for the night, you can. I'll be fine." He tried to give her a reassuring smile.

    Daisy thought about that for a moment. Indeed. Stairs would be a problem. She frowned, knowing he last thing she needed right now was to fall. It would set her recovery back, for sure."Maybe I should just stay here." She replied quietly, hoping that he wouldn't be gone for too long.

    "I'll stay the night with you." Mikko laid a hand on his cheek. She couldn't think of anything that she needed to do that night, Though now she wished that she had taken Travis with her. She smiled again and kissed the tip of his nose then sat back in her chair next to the bed. "Try and get some rest."

    Then Kendall had a thought. "If you really wanna go, I could put the little one down for a few minutes to get your chair downstairs then get you into it. Then I can give you the baby. How does that sound?" He wanted to do whatever he could to get her to go with him. He really, REALLY didn't want to leave her alone up here for any length of time.

    Chris smiled back. "Okay. If you're sure." Then his eyes slowly slid closed. He really was tired, but he still didn't really want to sleep. Even if it would be best that he did. He just laid there with his eyes closed, still very alert of what was going on around him.

    Mikko took his hand, and softly rubbed the back of it with her thumb while she laid her head on the bed and closed her eyes.

    Chris smiled, opening his eyes again briefly and squeezed that hand gently. Then he closed his eyes again. That small, comforting gesture of hers was enough to lull Chris into a peaceful slumber, after all.

    Gah. He was willing to do so much just to have her with him while making a quick call. She grinned fondly, and leaned up to press a deep kiss against his lips. As she pulled away, she gave a small nod in response. "Okay."

    Kendall grinned and kissed her back. "Okay, sit here with the baby and I'll get your chair down at the bottom of the stairs for you." He got up and handed Travis back to Daisy and grabbed her wheelchair, heading out of the apartment and down the stairs, unfolding it again at the bottom. Then he returned for Daisy. "Now let's get you down there," he told her, taking Travis again and laying him down in his bed. Then he held his arms out for Daisy to pick her up.

    Daisy reached out for him, and allowed him to pick her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and pressed a kiss against his cheek. "Heh... if you ever get all 'owied' ..I'm so gonna repay you for this."

    Kendall grinned at that. "I'm sure you will, babe." He flashed her a wink and carried her down to her chair, making sure she was comfortable before going back for Travis. With Travis safely in his arms now, he made the final trip down the steps and gave the baby to Daisy and wheeled both of them to the shop. He grabbed the key and let everyone into the shop and headed over to the phone, taking out the piece of paper and dialing Mikko's cell number.

    Mikko had fallen asleep and jumped when she heard her phone go off in her pocket. She pulled it out and looked at the caller ID then answered. "Hello.."

    Daisy held the baby in her loving arms, and waited in silence for Kendall to get an answer.

    Kendall waited, holding Daisy's hand waiting for Mikko to answer. Finally, he heard her voice. "Hey babe. Was just wondering how our boy was doing..." He gave Daisy's hand a small squeeze, anxious to hear Mikko's answer.

    Mikko sat up in her chair and stretched. "He's doing good. Sleeping right now. We'll be here over night, You can come over if you like, wouldn't mind having Travis with me while I'm here."

    Kendall smiled and nodded. Very good news, indeed. "Sounds good. I'll ask Daisy and see what she wants to do." Although it was pretty much a no-brainer. Daisy always went where he did...whenever she could. Then they could also bring Travis to Mikko. He turned to Daisy quickly. "How would you like to visit Chris at the hospital?"

    No-brainer, indeed. Daisy nodded eagerly, and flashed him a huge smile. "Yeah, I wanna go see him!"

    Kendall grinned and turned back to the phone. "Looks like we're coming up. Wanna give us the details on where he is?"

    "Sure." Mikko gave him the directions on how to get to the hospital and what room they were in. She also instructed them on what baby items to bring with them. "See you soon."

    "Okay. Bye-bye." Then he hung up the phone and relayed Mikko's message to Daisy. "You wanna stay here while I get the stuff? That way we don't have to mess with the stairs again and I'll just pick you up from here."

    Mikko hung up and kissed Chris' cheek. "Daisy and Kendall are coming here with Travis, babe." She whispered.

    Daisy smiled up at him, and gave an eager nod. She was happy they would be going to see poor Chris. "Sure." She replied, once again counting the days until she could be rid of this wheelchair.

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    Post by Mikko on Thu Dec 31, 2009 3:47 pm

    Kendall nodded and pushed Daisy to the bottom of the steps. He didn't want to leave her somewhere if - god forbid - something happened. Then he gave Daisy a small kiss on her cheek and placed a hand on Travis' head briefly. "I'll be back soon." Then he headed upstairs to get everything he needed for the trip.

    Daisy waited, patiently at first. But as the seconds passed, she began to inwardly panic. What if Spike came back? Her protective arms held the baby against her chest, her gaze fixated up the stairs, waiting for Kendall's return.

    Mikko's voice barely registered with Chris. The meds he was on were still working and he kept dozing off. The only response he gave to Mikko was a small mumble, thick with sleep.

    Mikko smiled a little and sat back down letting him sleep, she was sure that when Daisy got there he wouldn't be sleeping anymore. she propped her feat up on the side of the bed and lit a cigarette.

    And Daisy didn't have to wait for long because Kendall was soon returning with his load of items he went to get. He flashed Daisy a smile as he made his way down the stairs--Travis' diaper bag slung over his shoulder and also had Daisy's bag with her meds in it in case there were there longer than expected. Once at the bottom, he pushed the wheelchair out the door and to the black SUV.

    Daisy breathed a much needed sigh of relief when Kendall returned, and wheeled her to the SUV. She glanced over her shoulder, casting him a huge smile. "Babe, do you think we can stop at the gift shop and get him a 'get well' balloon?"

    Kendall returned her smile with one of her own. "Yeah, I think we can, princess. I'll even let you pick it out." He helped her and Travis into backseat of the SUV. He would have preferred her being in the front with him, but with the baby, it was safer in the back. He made sure both were settled in before folding up the wheelchair and putting it in the way-back of the SUV--along with the two bags. Then he hurried and donned his disguise and climbed into the driver's seat, buckling in. He turned and flashed Daisy another smile and started the vehicle, driving off for the hospital.

    The back seat was roomy and comfy, but she would've much preferred to be at Kendall's side. Hopefully the ride there would be short. Separation was a hard thing to deal with. "Do you think he'll get to come home soon?" She asked, hopeful.

    Kendall nodded, glancing at Daisy in the rear-view mirror. "I think so, Daisy. They're taking good care of him, I'm sure. He'll be back before you know it." And he meant every word of that.

    "I hope so, too. " Daisy replied wholeheartedly. The family just wasn't complete without Chris.

    After a ten minute drive, the black SUV finally came to a stop in the parking lot. Kendall got out first and got the wheelchair all ready for it's occupants. Then he carefully took Travis from Daisy and laid him gently on the seat while he helped Daisy into the wheelchair. Then he placed the baby back in Daisy's arms and wheeled her to the back of the SUV to pick up the luggage. Pretty soon they were inside the hospital and in the gift shop.

    Daisy's face lit up as they entered the gift shop. Balloons and flowers galore! She motioned Kendall in the direction of the balloons, and was quick to pick out a pink sparkly one, with fluffy bunnies and a beautifully written 'Get Well Soon' gracing its center. "Oooooh, this has Chris written all over it, don't you think?"

    Kendall took one look at that balloon and shook his head. He knew where this was going. "I think we should find one that's a little more...manly for him," he said, patting Daisy on the shoulder lightly. "Besides, babe, I think that one's better for you anyway," he added, flashing her a wink.

    Mikko put her cigarette out on the bottom of her boot then walked to the large window and looked out on to the street. This was so boring. She seriously needed some action, a little excitement.

    "More manly?" Daisy considered that, and returned her attention to the collection of balloons. Her face once again lit up as her sights settled on one with her favorite Transformer. Bumblebee, in all of his bright glory. "How about that one?" Though, she was still hanging onto that pretty pink one. It did suit her better, indeed.

    Kendall smiled and nodded. "Better..." It still wasn't what he had in mind, but it was a huge improvement to the last one. He noticed Daisy was still holding onto the sparkly, pink one. "Alright. We'll get both of them," he decided taking the money out to purchase them. "After all, you're still healing," he said, grinning. And the load will be much lighter after Travis is taken by his mother so it won't be as hard to juggle things. He quickly paid for the balloons and pushed Daisy out of the gift shop and to the elevators to take them to the right floor. After a quick ride, the made their way to Chris' room.

    Luckily Kendall kept her away from the elevator buttons, otherwise the ride would've been much, much longer. Soon, they were on the floor and headed toward the room. The nervous butterflies began to flop wildly in her stomach. Hospitals always made her uneasy, but she tried to think of the silver lining. They would be seeing Chris and Mikko.

    Mikko was still looking out the window when the other two came in. She turned when she heard the door open and smiled. "hey." She walked over to them and quickly scooped her baby up. "There's my big boy." She chimed with a smile and kissed the baby's cheek.

    When entering the room, Kendall gave Mikko a huge smile and pushed Daisy over next to Chris' bed. It looked like Chris was still sleeping, but he looked much better since then last time he saw him. He turned to Mikko. "How's he doing?" he asked her quietly.

    Mikko walked back to Chris and sat on the side of the bed. "he's doing good, he can go back home tomorrow."

    Once Mikko took her baby from her, Daisy carefully pulled herself up onto the bed, settling beside Chris. She leaned over him, watching quietly as he slept. "Hey you!" She whispered against his ear, fighting back the urge to tickle him. The last thing she wanted to do was accidentally touch one of his owies. "You gots company, and a balloon!"

    Slowly Chris opened his eyes and looked at Daisy, sleepily. He had no idea how long he'd been out and he still felt extremely groggy.

    "Hey sleepyhead!" Daisy greeted, and gently threw her arms around him, embracing in a gentle hug. "We gots you something!" She informed cheerfully, and gestured for Kendall to pull the balloon closer.

    Mikko smiled at Chris "I tried to tell ya they were coming." She said as she rocked the wide eyed baby in her arms.

    Kendall was a little nervous when Daisy crawled out of her wheelchair to sit on Chris' bed. Instinctively, he stood behind her to keep her balanced. When Daisy addressed him, he took the balloon out and showed it to Chris. "How're you feeling, man?"

    Chris nodded at Daisy then Mikko, trying to sit up a little more. Then he looked at the balloon Kendall had. It was...interesting at the least. Certainly not something he would normally pick, but it was the thought that counts. He gave Daisy and Kendall a sleepy smile. "Thanks." Then he looked at Kendall and answered, "Really tired...but okay." Although he was still struggling to stay awake. He felt like he'd been sleeping for a week and could sleep for another week yet. He looked at Mikko. "How long have I been out?"

    "You've been sleeping for about two hours." Mikko answered. "So not to long." She reached over and gave his foot a light squeeze.

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    Post by Mikko on Tue Jan 05, 2010 2:55 pm

    Chris blinked a couple times. Only a couple hours? Could that be all? He nodded to Mikko and smiled at her. "Good. Though it feels like a lot longer."

    Mikko held up Travis for Chris to see him, then made his little hand wave. "say hello Chris." She giggled and planted another kiss against the smiling Childs cheek.

    Chris smiled back at Travis and gave him a little wave. "Hey there, little guy."

    Daisy curled up beside him, making herself comfortable on the bed. She had been so worried about the poor guy that just being so close to him now was soothing. She flashed him a cheeky smile. "Sooo, do you get to keep the gown? You should model it for us!"

    Mikko chuckled at that."yes Chris, you must model that sexy gown for us." She stood up to give Daisy more room and walked back over to the window, then say on the window's ledge with Travis.

    Chris frowned slightly, turning shy again. "You want me to what?" Sure, he could do that for Mikko, but considering the thing didn't close all the way in the back made him nervous in front of the others.

    Kendall chose to sit in the wheelchair while Daisy was on the bed. Of course he would gladly give it up if he needed to, but he wanted to be near Daisy at all times. And the wheelchair was just sitting there so he thought why not? He sat there silently and just listened as the two girls talked to Chris. He inwardly chuckled when Daisy mentioned that Chris should model his gown. Kendall could tell that really made the guy uncomfortable.

    Mikko looked over at Kendall. "How long are you guys staying?"

    Kendall looked at Mikko and shrugged. "Don't know," he replied, shifting a little in the chair. It wasn't as comfortable as he had hoped it would be. "How long are visiting hours, anyway?"

    "Dunno." Mikko answered, " I don't think there is set hours."

    Well, it seemed that Chris wouldn't be giving them a glimpse of his modeling skills. She smiled sweetly at him as she leaned in to ruffle his hair, then slowly slid from the bed. Though Kendall was really close, she was already feeling the separation settle in. She carefully climbed into his lap, and wrapped an arm around his shoulder, and nuzzled his cheek. "We could just chill here all night." She suggested, but then realized that it probably wasn't such a good idea for Kendall to be out in public for so long. "Or.. maybe not.."

    Kendall helped Daisy onto his lap and held her steady. Then he looked at her. "We can stay as long as you want, babe." He gave her a kiss on the cheek.

    Chris returned her smile with one of his own sleepy smiles. It was great having the company but whatever it was the nurse gave him was making it hard to keep his eyes open. After Daisy left his side, he snuggled down into the blankets once more, giving all his visitors a tired glance.

    " I think Chris just wants to sleep." Mikko got up and sat next to Chris on the bed. She laid Travis next to him, and the baby curled up beside Chris trying to get a better look at him.

    Chris smiled down at the baby then looked up at Mikko. "Don't know what the nurse gave me, but it's making me so groggy. Sorry, guys." He looked around the room at his visitors. He would still try to stay awake as long as he could.
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    Post by Daisy on Sat Jan 09, 2010 12:56 pm

    Mikko picked Travis back up and cradled him in her arms. "It's ok, babe. Get some sleep, I know getting stabbed sucks like a mother fucker."

    Daisy frowned a little. They had just gotten there, and now it seemed like they would be leaving again. But she tried to understand. Chris needed sleep. She leaned back against Kendall, kneading his hand in hers. "Looks like we're going, huh?"

    "It's the meds," Chris replied, shifting his position a little so he's somewhat on his side. He really didn't want to fall asleep again. He kept looking around between the people in the room. Anything to keep him awake.

    Kendall looked at Daisy and nodded. "We probably should but Chris will be home sometime tomorrow." He glanced over at Mikko. "Right?" he asked her hopeful.

    Mikko nodded. "That's what the doctor said. hopefully we can go first thing in the morning."

    Daisy honestly didn't want to leave her comfy spot just yet, but shifted just enough to meet Kendall's gaze. "Heh,, want me to push you in the wheelchair? It'll be fun!"

    Kendall nodded to Mikko then turned to Daisy again and chuckled. "Let's just save that for when you're all better, okay, babe?" He gave her a small kiss on the cheek then looked at Chris. "You gonna survive here if we leave for the night?" He could tell that Chris was doing everything he could to stay awake for them, but it probably wouldn't last much longer.

    Chris turned his attention back to Kendall and nodded slowly. He hated chasing his guests out of there--only because he couldn't stay awake. But those damn meds were winning again and soon he wouldn't even know anyone was there anymore. And he didn't want to be completely alone there...whether he was conscious enough to know or not. So he was extremely grateful Mikko and Travis would be staying the night with him.

    "We'll take good care of him, uh little guy?" Mikko asked the sleeping infant. She looked back up at Kendall. "Make sure everything is locked up back home. and set the alarm."

    Daisy was reluctant to move from her comfy spot, but she slowly willed herself up, being careful with her injured leg. She slowly moved over to give Chris a quick hug, and a small wave to Mikko as she waited for Kendall to hop up from the chair.

    Mikko pouted at Daisy. "I get no hug? I see how it is..."

    Kendall was quick to vacate the chair after Daisy stood up and pushed it over to her so she didn't have to walk anymore than she had to. Then he took Chris' hand and gave it a firm squeeze. "You rest well, buddy. See you tomorrow." Then he went over to Mikko and Travis. "We will," he promised, smiling at Mikko and gently laid a hand on the baby's head. "Cute little guy..." He flashed Mikko a small wink then waved to her, turning back around to go back to Daisy and stood behind the chair, hands on the handlebars. "Ready, babe?"

    Daisy flashed Mikko a huge grin as she threw her arms around her, careful not to wake the baby. "Awww, you know I love joo! I just didn't want to wake Spunk Jr.!" She smooched Mikko's cheek and ruffled her hair before settling back into her chair. She glanced over her shoulder at Kendall. "Ready when you are, babe."

    Mikko smiled back at Kendall. "You two don't have to much fun." She looked back down at Travis and pulled his little blanket up. Then she found herself being hugged. She smiled at Daisy and shook her head. "It's Spike. Not Spunk." But when ever she got that pet ferret she was totally naming it Spunk.

    Kendall waved at the three remaining people in the room and pushed Daisy out the door, heading for the elevators again.

    Chris gently returned the hug Daisy gave him and then Kendall held his hand. It was comforting to know he had people that really cared about him. As soon as the other two left, he lost the battle to stay awake and once again slipped into a peaceful slumber.

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