Sweet evil (A Spike and Mikko story)


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    Sweet evil (A Spike and Mikko story) Empty Sweet evil (A Spike and Mikko story)

    Post by Mikko on Mon Nov 09, 2009 9:53 am

    ((rated R for, sex, violence, blood, gore...come on people it's Spike and Mikko what do you think is in it? ))

    Sweet evil (A Spike and Mikko story) TATTOO-1

    ~~Just a random date with everyones favorite psycotic couple~~

    Mikko was relaxing in her apartment, night was falling and she had had a mostly uneventful day. Now, sitting across the couch in her skull thong and black tank top, Mikko was ready to settle down for a quiet evening of drugs and booze. Of course, unbeknownst to her, this wasn't how her night was destined to be...

    Just as she started on her second beer of the night, Spike came through the door. Mikko was use to this by now, and had even gave him a key to the place a few months ago. Not that he needed it, she almost always kept her door unlocked when she was home. He looked her over with a wicked smirk tugging at his lips. She flipped her long purple hair and flashed him a flirtatious smile. She was always happy to see her man, even if his visits weren't always pleasant.

    Spike went right to her drug stash grabbing a handful of pills and pocketing some of her stronger stuff. "Get yer ass dress, we're goin out." Spike told her as he sat down grabbing her legs and moving them off the couch.

    Mikko wasted no time doing as he said. When the two had first met, Spike had given her two rules. Share and obey without question. Of course she learned the hard way that the sharing rule only applied to him when she was caught giving some other guy a single pill, that was for a headache he had. Spike ended up beating up the guy and she didn't get out unharmed either. That was the day he clamed her as his property. She shared only with him, she did things only for him, and she especially did things only TO him.

    Mikko wouldn't have it any other way. She pulled her shorts on and plopped down on the couch to tug her boots on. Spike spared a glance over in her direction. "I liked you better the other way." He commented as he popped two pills.

    "I could change, babe. But you wouldn't want the other guys to get jealous of you, would you?"

    That earned Mikko a smile. It was no secret that up until Spike, Mikko had turned down every guy that came her way. But she latched on to Spike the moment she saw him. No one understood the attraction and as far as she was concerned no one had to.

    "Naw,I wouldn't want that." Spike answered breaking the silence. "Lets go."

    Mikko stood up and followed Spike out her apartment, locked up then went downstairs with him. She wondered if this was a date or a job, But didn't bother asking, she would find out soon enough and either way she got to spend time with her boyfriend!

    Both of them walked down the warm dark streets. There was no holding hands or friendly chit-chat, just the swapping of cigarettes and pills and the occasional sentence or two, and Spike slipping his hand in her back pocket to give her ass a squeeze. To anyone who saw them, they looked like a semi-normal happy couple.

    The two made their way to city park and came to a stop. Happy couples walked closely together laughing about nothing, men and women walked their pets one last time before calling it a night. Teens hung out on the play ground, and another small group sat by the pond. It didn't take Mikko long to figure out that this wasn't a gang related job, it was a date. Or as close as a date as they would ever get.

    They were on the hunt. This went one of a few ways. one; Mikko was used as bait, once she got a guy alone Spike would jump the guy. Two; They would go after a woman, usually Spike would handle that on his own, Mikko would come in after to take what she wanted off the body. Three; They went for a couple. Again, using Mikko as bait. The victim was usually his choice, though there were cases that Spike would just want to watch and she got to pick.

    Spike inhaled deeply on his cigarette, slowly exhaling the smoke through his nose then flicking the butt into the grass.Mikko waited in silence as he sized up everyone close by. His eyes fixated on a girl sitting under a lamp post reading a book. And just like a predator picking out the weakest pray he striked.

    Mikko followed suite, admittedly she hated when he went after other girls, he would always flirt with them until their very last breath. Some times she wondered if he did it partly to make her jealous. But still she followed his lead, thinking it daring to make a move in the light. She stood behind watching from the distance until he motioned to her. Spike wrapped an arm around Mikko's shoulder and whispered heatedly in her ear.

    "Get her for me." He instructed before giving her gauged earlobe a painful nip.

    Mikko got week in the knees when his hot breath hit her, she nodded wordlessly and walked up to the girl, Spike giving her ass a firm slap as she went. Mikko sat down next to the girl, she was wearing a t-shirt with a with some unknown band name on is, blue jeans and glasses, her red hair pulled up in a bun. As far as Mikko could tell this girl had nothing that she was interested in.

    The red head looked up from her book and turned to Mikko. "Ummm..hi?" She said shyly to Mikko. Mikko smiled as sweetly as she could. "Hi. I know this is kinda strange, but can you help me with something?" The girl closed her book and turned her full attention towards Mikko. It was instantly clear that this girl was pretty trusting, this would be easy. "My boyfriend and I want a picture with those trees over there." Mikko pointed to a group of trees that were hidden in the darkness. "we're the horror movie type and we go to a photography class, and we have to do a photo manipulation thing. And we like that area over there but we need someone to take the picture for us." Mikko smiled brightly. "And I see that you're reading about photography so I'm sure you understand our predicament."

    The red head glanced over at the dark area, it was indeed a creepy, ominous looking place, tall trees hovered over muddy ground. It was away from the others in the park and far from any available light. But still, this unknowing girl was more then happy to help fellow photography lovers. "Sure!"

    Spike watched on from the distance, he didn't know what Mikko had told the girl but from where he stood, it looked like things were going well. He would have normally taken down the woman himself, but tonight he was feeling a little playful. this wouldn't be their only victim, so he'd let her grab this one. And anyway, if anyone saw the red head with someone, they would see Mikko not him, putting him in the clear.

    He watched as Mikko and the girl stood from their spot and headed to the dark area, she waved to Spike motioning him to join them, which he quickly did. The red head wasn't to sure about the new comer who Mikko introduced as her boyfriend, but going to art school she saw all kind of people everyday and shrugged his appearance off.

    Once in the darken area she smiled at the couple who where now standing side by side. "So how do you two want to do this?"

    She barely got the sentence out when Spike pounced on her, pining her against a tree with his hand over her mouth. Mikko stood back and watched on, she personally wouldn't have picked this girl to go after, the red head didn't look like she had money, and there was nothing visible on her that was useful. But this was Spike's thing, and he just enjoyed scaring the shit out of people.

    And the red head was definitely scared, tears started to run down her cheeks as she mumbled something against the palm of Spike's hand.Spike grinned at the red head, his face close to hers. "Shhhh..." He hushed her, placing a finger against his lips. His hand traveling from the woman's mouth to her throat, he slowly began to squeeze and with every noise that came from the woman's lips, he squeezed harder.

    Mikko leaned against a tree next to them and watched on. "You're just going to choke her?" Mikko asked. Spike shook his head and licked the girl's cheek. this almost immediately sent Mikko into a jealous rage, and he knew it. "If you have something better in mind, then lets see it." He said in his best unamused tone.

    Mikko grinned and approached closer, the red head looking at Mikko with frighten eyes, she tried to make a sound but Spike only gripped her neck tighter. But it wasn't till Mikko pulled out a long, blood stained knife from her boot that the red head began to struggle against Spike. This only added to the excitement for him.

    Mikko pressed her blade against the girls cheek. Mikko wasn't one to play around with her victims, unless she was trying to get information from someone and unless she was trying to empress Spike. With Spike still holding on to the girls throat, Mikko slipped her hand under the frightened woman's shirt. Her fingers brushing the woman's sides. This earned Mikko a whimper as the woman again tried to move away. But with Spike's firm grip it was quickly becoming clear that she wasn't getting away.

    Mikko's knife slid over the woman's cheek, to the corner of her mouth as her finger tips ran over the woman's body. "You have really pretty eyes." Mikko whispered closely to the woman's ear. "Mind if I borrow them?" Spike couldn't help but be turned on by the sight in front of him. He kept his grip on the woman, but moved enough to let Mikko do her thing.

    At Mikko's request the woman became more frantic. She attempted wiggle away, but only got strangled more and Mikko's nails dug into her flesh. "This is going to be really painful." Mikko grinned madly has she placed the tip of her knife against the bottom of the girls eye and slowly, carefully, painfully dug and twisted the knife, popping the girl's eye out. "There's one."

    The woman would have yelled if it hadn't been for Spike's hold, and as just an added precaution Mikko removed her hand from the woman's body and held it to her mouth. But just as Mikko was going for the woman's other emerald color eye, the red head became desperate to save herself and bit down on Mikko's hand as hard as she could.

    "Bitch!" Mikko hissed slapping the girl across the face. "She bit me!"

    Spike looked at Mikko's hand then at the now one eyed girl. "tch, shouldn't have done that." Spike said cooly while using his free hand to wedge a cigarette between his lips then leaning over for Mikko to light it, which she quickly did.

    He held his hand out to Mikko, motioning for her to give him her knife. She did knowing that she probably wasn't going to get it back. Once the knife was handed to him he taped the side of her face with it, attempting to wake the woman who was starting to pass out. The woman opened her eye back up only to see Spike shoving the knife in it,mimicking Mikko's movements, his other hand over her mouth as he pulled her other eye out and tossed it to Mikko. "There, don't say I never gave ya nothin."

    Mikko caught it and held it to her like a prized possetion. "You're the best, babe." She complemented with a bright smile. Spike finally let the red head fall to the ground. The woman laid motionless by their feet for a few seconds before blindly trying to crawl away from the two psychopaths. Mikko was quick to react, dropping the eye and grabbing the woman by her hair.

    Spike too ran over, pushing Mikko out the way and flipping the woman on her back, he pressed his heavy boot down on the woman's throat, crushing her larynx. Suffocating, the woman struggled to free herself, to breath, though her will to live was slowly slipping as she started to wish for death to end her torment.

    Spike gave Mikko her knife back. "finish her off...Slowly." He instructed as he flicked the butt of his cigarette onto the woman. Mikko nodded and smiled happy to follow his instructions. She cut the woman's shirt off and slowly began to cut into the woman's chest. Mikko knew that she had to be quick, the woman was losing air and wasn't going to make it to much longer. Once she was done cutting, Mikko grabbed the woman's flesh, peeling it off of her, skinning the woman alive. Of course the fun was quickly ended as the woman took her last breath.

    Mikko stood up and tucked her knife back into her boot. She smiled at Spike who stood there unfazed by what he just saw.

    "So now what?" Mikko asked, tucking her bloody fingers in the waist band of his jeans and tugging him close to her. He grinned down at her, and with out a word grabbed her arms and pushed her back against the now bloody tree. She smiled at him, her fingers finding their way under his shirt. He kissed her hard and heatedly, shoving his tongue in her mouth, his hand slipping under her shirt and finding her breast.

    She moaned against his lips, her double pierced tongue sliding over his. Her hands traveled over his body as he continued kissing her and giving her painful nips on her pierced lip, tugging at her loops then trailing his teeth over her jaw line to her neck and shoulder. Working her way to his paints, she tugged at them, trying to unfasten them as her breathing picked up. He kneaded her breast in his hand, his other hand pulling her paints off and letting them fall to her feet, next to the dead woman.

    She succeeded and getting his jeans off and let them fall next to hers. She then reached down and rubbed is growing bulge. Spike looped his fingers on the thin strings of her underwear and pulled, easily ripping them off. They were Mikko's favorites but she wasn't worried about that, next time she'll just have to remember no to wear undies.

    It wasn't long before they both were naked, kissing headily against the tree, the dead woman still bleeding by their feet. Spike leaned down latching his teeth on her sensitive nipple, drawing blood then tugging at her piercing, he then slipped his fingers between her legs flicking and pinching her bundle of nerves.

    She responded by spreading her legs for him and leaning her head back moaning in pleasure. Her hands explored ever inch of his tattooed body. He then moved to her other breast giving it the same treatment.

    "Mmmm..Babe..." Mikko moaned, her eyes sliding close. Spike then pulled away, roughly grabbing her sides and pulling her to the ground, making her lay on her back next to her victim. Spike pounced on top of her biting her skin, leaving new marks on her body that she would later wear proudly.

    Wasting no more time, Spike buried himself in her with one quick motion. Mikko held on to his shoulders and let out a sharp gasp. "Like that?" Spike asked heatedly in her ear as he pounded her mercilessly. "Fuck, yes..." She responded, trying to keep her breathing steady. she wrapped her arms around him holding him close.

    Spike pulled himself out of Mikko's grasp to sit up and get more leverage. He rocked against her hips, breathing heavy as sweat pooled on his skin. His hands ran over her bloody breast smearing her pale flesh in crimson as he reached for her throat.

    once his hands reached her throat she gripped his wrist and took one last deep breath knowing that breathing would be difficult till he was done. But it didn't bother her, in fact, it only brought her closer to her own climax. laying there in a public park, next to her still fresh victim. A man that could easily snap and decide to kill her, fucking her to the point that it was painful. All of it, turned Mikko on.

    She looked up at Spike, every few seconds trying to pull air into her lungs. He looked back down at her, kissing and biting her lips, licking the blood that seeped from her torn and sore bottom lip.

    Her body then started to spasm around his member as she reached her orgasm, her back arched and a strangled cry escaped her lips. nails dug in the lose dirt. Her orgasm pushed Spike over the edge, he spilled deeply inside her with an animistic growl. He rode out his climax before slowly letting her neck go, leaving blue and purple hands prints on her.

    He laid on top of her, catching his breath while Mikko did the same, filling her burning lungs with much needed air and lightly running her fingers over Spike's sweaty skin. It was these moments that the cherished. Laying there together, her arms wrapped around him. But these moments never lasted. Even in the privacy of her apartment, it didn't last. Spike soon broke free from her warm embraced and got dressed. Mikko stood up, and, after finding her balance also got dressed.

    They both light a cigarette and walked away from the park, making sure that no one seen them come out of the area. Mikko brushed out her hair then pulled it up in a pony-tail.

    "Hungry?" Mikko asked nodding to a hotdog vender.


    They both headed to the vender and helped themselves to what they wanted, much to the venders dismay. But when he threaten to call the cops on them, Spike took action. Pulling the vender from his stand and shoving one hot dog after another down the venders throat. "You want you're hotdogs back? Then take em, mother fucker!"

    Luckily no one was around to witness the scene, and the vender eventually fell limp. Spike dropped the guy to the ground, Mikko watched as she ate her dinner. "I ever tell you how fuckin sexy you are?"

    Spike grabbed his dinner and shook his head at Mikko. "Pffft, Like I don't know that already."

    Spike put a heavy arm around Mikko's shoulders and walked away with her. She buckled from the sudden weight but quickly regain her balance. "So...Back home?"

    "Ain't got nothin else to do." Spike answered.

    As the headed back to her apartment they heard the sounds of sirens in the distance near the park, no doubt someone found the body.

    They hurried to Mikko's apartment, and after a half hour walk arrived and went inside. Once inside Spike turned on the TV while Mikko grabbed two beers. She sat next to him, and sure enough, their crime was already on the news.

    Spike smiled as the detective being interviewed called the killer a monster, someone who would be caught and punished. But Mikko and Spike knew that they would never be caught. The only thing that always bothered Mikko, was when the authorities would say the killer was male. Why couldn't the killer be female? She also didn't care for when Spike took credit for her crimes. But if he wanted to take the fall for her, so be it.

    The couple leaned back on the couch. Tonight was fun, it had been a few days since they last did this. Hopefully Spike wouldn't wait a few days to do it again. "I need a shower..."

    Mikko got up and headed to the bathroom. She took a quick shower while Spike had his fill of pills and drugs. By the time she came out the bathroom, Spike had fallen asleep on the couch. With a heavy sigh she covered him up and laid next to him.

    In the morning he would toss her off the couch, yelling about how he doesn't snuggle. She guessed that he didn't realize that in his sleep, he didn't seem to mind it at all. She turned the TV off and covered herself up, took a few of the same pills Spike had gotten into, and no wonder he fell asleep so fast. He really needed to pay more attention of what he took.

    But, soon the couple was fast asleep, and the city would be able to rest easy for a while.

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