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    Post by Donatello on Mon Dec 21, 2009 1:05 pm

    Lexi drove aimlessly for a while before finally heading to the park. She would be early, but there was nowhere else for her to be at the moment.. not in her emotional state. She sat in her car until the tears were under control, then grabbed her shades from the glove compartment, and slid them over her eyes. She hoped it would be enough to disguise her identity. After exiting the car, she headed into the park, destined for the pond. It was peaceful there, and hopefully the atmosphere would help soothe her aching heart.

    Raphael had overslept and woke almost startled, he glanced again at the clock and saw that he only had a half hour to get ready! He quickly got out of his hammock putting on his street clothes which was the same outfit he normally wore when he worked for Lexi. He finished buttoning his coat and grabbed his fedora as he left out the door. He wouldn't be taking his motorcycle this time it was to noticeable during the day, so instead he walked through the sewers and came up the closest manhole to the park. He really hated coming to the surface during the day the sunlight always hurt his eyes and he squinted getting a better look at where he was he was only about two blocks away from the park. So he stuck his gloved hands deep in his pockets and walked swiftly down the street. He was afraid of being late and was now regretting that nap. Soon he arrived at the park but he had a problem finding her he remembered that they hadn't exactly said 'where' in the park to meet. He sighed but didn't panic if she was there he would find her so he began to walk around and grinned as he saw her sitting at the pond. He walked up behind her placing a hand on her shoulder.* "Been lookin' all over fer' ya babe."

    Lexi took a seat on one of the benches beneath a large willow tree, and stared out across the water. It was so pretty here, and brought back so many memories. She used to visit this spot with Gabriel, back when her thug ex-boyfriend had saved a young pit bull from a fighting ring. They had brought the dog here on walks, getting him used to a life outside of the cruelty he'd endured. The whole dog experience had been filled with trial and error, with so much of her expensive belongings being ripped to shreds by the destructive animal. She had never wanted to beast, but seeing how much the damn thing meant to Gabe, she did her best to tolerate him. It took a while, but Jigs eventually grew on her. With Gabe on her mind, Lexi pulled out her cell and attempted to call him, but received no answer. That came as no surprise. Probably still asleep, she figured. She hung up before his answering machine could pick up, then dialed Raph. But before she would receive an answer, she felt a hand suddenly placed on her shoulder. She jumped, obviously startled but relaxed as she heard his voice. She glanced over her shoulder, greeting him with a weak smile. Even with the shades, it would be easy to tell that she had been crying. "Hey babe.. I was just trying to call you.."

    His grin slowly faded as he saw her face she looked as if she had been crying and she was wearing the same dress she was yesterday when he visited her. He figured she must of had a bad night being with Mikko and all, although he felt she would have been a lot better off if she would have taken his offer to take her home last night. He walked around the bench and sat next to her.* "Wha's wrong?" *He asked concerned.

    Lexi patted the spot beside her on the bench, and managed a stronger grin, drawing strength from his presence. "My day got off to a bad start." She told him, feeling the heaviness once more. "I took Aden to the orphanage, and..." She shook her head, trying hard to compose herself. She had always been the strong one, why was she breaking now. "I don't think I'll ever forget that look on his little face." She frowned, but tried to change the subject. "Sleep well?"

    He frowned at that and didn't completely understand why she was the one who had to do that. She seemed to be taking it pretty hard, this was the first time he had ever seen her this upset and didn't really know what to say. He placed a hand on hers.* "Sorry babe but I'm sure he'll be ok." *He ducked his head lower as a couple passed.* " Wha' sleep?" *He asked sarcastically.* "Trackin' down those bastards took long enough!" *He wasn't really in the mood to give her a play by play, in fact he thought Casey was just crazy half the night till they found the prisoners they were searching for.

    Lexi was aware that Raph wasn't good with these situations, and didn't fault him for that. He just needed more experience with the opposite sex, she thought. But his simple gesture was enough to put her at ease. She removed her shades long enough to wipe away the remaining tears, then slid them back into place. "Yeah, I'm sure he'll be fine. He's a tough kid." She listened to him as he explained his night, and she masked the worry that she always felt when he went out to 'bash some skulls' with his human friend. "You didn't get hurt, did you?" She asked in concern. It was hard to tell with the heavy disguise he was wearing.

    It'd been a long time since she was in town, so Tobi had gotten a little lost on her way to the sewer entrance that would take her down to the lair. Clothed in her usual human garb, she ended up passing the orphanage, not too long after Lexi had driven off.

    He hated to see her like this and would feel more able to comfort her if they weren't in such a public place. Instead he gave her hand a tight squeeze. He brushed off her question.* "Nah a' few bruises but nothin' serious. How 'bout that bonehead ex of yer's?" It wasn't a secret that Raphael wasn't a big fan of the guy.

    Yeah, it was definitely no secret that Raph didn't like Gabriel. She figured it had something to do with the fact that he was her ex boyfriend, and that she had nearly married the guy. Or, it could be because he was a Purple Dragon. Or, all of the above. Unable to suppress a small, amused grin, she playfully pinched his covered arm. "Aren't jealous of a Dragon, are you?"

    Raphael grinned and placed a hand over the spot she pinched while lightly rubbing it acting as if it hurt. he was glad that she seemed to be in a lighter mood now.* "Pfft..meh? Hell no."*He said although he would never admit that he was a little jealous of how much she still cared for him.*

    The caretaker had placed Aden in the playroom with the other orphans, but the little boy wasn't interested in playing. He was more interested in finding Lexi again. His little brain just couldn't begin to comprehend that she'd left him behind on purpose! So when the caretaker wasn't looking he slipped out of the play room and down the hall. He'd toddled all the way out onto the sidewalk before he was finally stopped - by walking face first right into Tobi's legs.

    Tobi blinked in surprise down at the tiny human that was looking at her with a near identical look of bewilderment. "Hey little guy," she smiled, kneeling down, "Where are you off to?" Tobi'd never seen a human so young on their own before. It wasn't unusual for sea turtles to leave their hatchlings unattended, but Tobi had been under the impression that human offspring needed a lot more supervision. Either this one had wandered off or he'd been abandoned.

    Lexi flashed him a lop-sided grin, and a small look of disbelief. She just knew there had to be some jealousy there. "Mmhmm." She flashed him a small wink. "He's not going to take me from you, babe." She tried to assure him. Maybe it was wishful thinking, but she really hoped that someday Raph and Gabe could get along. It would make her life much easier. "You know, I think it would be good if maybe you, Casey and Gabe could hang out sometime. Have some male bonding." She couldn't suppress an amused grin. "With Ezekiel gone, I don't think he has any male friends."

    "M'lookin f'my new mommy," the boy replied as Tobi helped him to his feet. He could tell the stranger was different, but he wasn't scared or even shy. If anything he was curious about her. Why was her face green? Tobi glanced at the orphanage and frowned; it seemed clear to her that the child had been abandoned. She knew logically that the orphanage was the best place for an unwanted human hatchling, but Tobi's gentle heart just couldn't stand to leave the poor kid alone. So she smiled brightly, lifting the little boy in her arms,Well then, let's find your new mommy together. My name's Tobi, what's yours?" "Aden!", he grinned.

    Tobi giggled, Aden was a rather cute name. She unzipped her hoodie and tucked the boy inside, holding him close to her plastron. She zipped him in, feeling him cuddling close to her smooth scales. She was trying to keep him warm, but feeling the little human snuggle against her was sending a warm feeling all the way through her. Oh how she loved kids! She resolved there and then to take care of her little Aden, no matter what happened.

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    It was much too early for any sane turtle to be awake, but the faint noises made by his red-clad brother had managed to tug at his subconscious. Mike pressed the pillow firmly over his head, trying hard to get back to sleep. But no such luck. Well, might as well start the day, he thought. At least his numerous video games would keep him busy! Crawling out of bed, he made a pit stop by Raph's room, hoping to flip him out of his hammock. As he snuck inside, he quickly noticed that Raph was nowhere to be seen. How odd! His hotheaded brother was usually the last of them to wake. Heh, probably had a booty call, he thought to himself, and headed into the kitchen to pour himself some fruity pebbles. The lair was a little too quiet for his liking.

    Tobi didn't want to take her new charge down into the sewers. Not that the sewers were that dangerous to a person's health, but they were dank and dark and would probably scare Aden a bit. Tobi knew enough about kids to know that she should let Aden learn to trust her a bit more before she tried to make him go through something he might consider scary. So instead she hugged Aden close with one arm while her other hand fished around in her pocket for her cell phone.

    Mike sat down at the table and quickly dug in, but couldn't shake just how quiet it seemed around here. Don and Leo were both no doubt still sleeping. He briefly thought back to when Master Splinter was still here, and they all spent breakfast time together. He really missed those times. Feeling overly lonesome, he pulled his cell from his belt, and dialed Tobi's cell..

    Tobi was surprised when her cell phone started buzzing as soon as her hand closed over it. Aden made a curious noise at the sound and she smiled reassuringly down at him as she pulled the phone out of her pocket. She checked the caller ID and grinned to herself. What a coincidence! "Hi Mikey," she chirped, after she'd flipped open the phone to answer it.

    Mike was really relieved that she was awake and able to answer it. "Hey Wobs!" He greeted through his mouthful of fruity goodness. "Guess I'm wot the only wurtle up whis early, eh? Whazzzup?"

    "I just got back into town," she replied, "Actually... I'm surprised that YOU'RE awake. It's not even noon yet." Aden made a curious grab for the phone, "Who's dat??" "It's my friend Mikey," Tobi replied, putting the phone close to the child's mouth, "Say 'hi' Aden!" "Hi Aden!" the boy giggled.

    Okay, Mike was not expecting the little kiddy voice that soon issued through the phone, but it certainly made him giggle. "Aww, Aden huh? Who's he?"

    Tobi reclaimed the cell phone from Aden's eager hands, "He's a new friend of mine. He was..." She didn't want to say 'abandoned' in front of Aden. "Ah, I found him... In front of the orphanage..." She hoped that Mikey would get her meaning.

    "Awww, poor little guy." Mike frowned, as he slurped down his milk. He wasn't sure how anyone could just abandon a baby like that. "Sooo, are you going to keep him?" He asked hopefully. "Where are you? I wanna meet the little stinker!" Mike really liked kids, save for the ones that were old enough to wield blunt objects, and used him for a pinata. He still had nightmares about that! But this one sounded completely harmless!

    "I can't just leave him," she said, and there was a lot more tenderness and maturity in her voice then was normal for Tobi. She actually sounded like a grown up. ...She actually sounded like a mom. "We're actually heading for the lair, but I didn't want to take him down below just yet. Do you want to meet in the abandoned garage?"

    Well, Mike was really hoping that Tobi would end up keeping the little one. It would be cool to know at least one kid that couldn't maul him! "Okay, old abandoned garage it is... I'll see ya there!"

    "Tides!" Tobi smiled into the phone before she hung up. 'Good tides' was 'goodbye' for sea turtles, and just like humans had shortened 'goodbye' to 'bye', sea turtles had shorted their version to 'tides'. She grinned down at Aden as she dropped the phone back into her pocket. "We're gonna go meet my best buddy Mikey!" she said. "He's geen like joo?" Aden asked, sticking his fingers in his mouth. Tobi laughed and nodded as she carried the boy down the street and into a secluded alley.

    Mike wasted no time heading up into the old garage. He made himself comfortable and waited for Tobi to arrive with her new charge.

    Tobi arrived a little while later, since sneaking around with a three year old was pretty difficult, especially for someone who wasn't a ninja. Aden was dozing off, although he'd wake every few minutes and look around, asking where they were and where they were going.

    Mike was in the process of lighting up the old garage when Tobi finally made her appearance. He greeted her with a bright smile, and moved closer to give the bundle a good once-over, his smile growing even wider. "Awww, he's really cute!" He reached over, and ran a gentle finger over the little boy's cheek, careful not to wake him.

    "Yea well he better not if he know's wha's good fer' 'em.." *He said with a hint of seriousness in his tone, he was very protective of Lexi and didn't want to see her ruin her life that way even if it meant her not being with him either. Her high status and his mutation caused him to worry about it often. He snorted at her suggestion, Casey and him being guy friends with Gabe?! In some other lifetime perhaps but at the rate the thug was going he was certain Gabe would lead himself to an early grave.* "Ain't so sure thats a' good idea."

    Aden was dozing in Tobi's arm, tucked safely under her hoodie and close to her pale plastron. His eyes fluttered open at the sound of Mikey's voice and the gentle touch on his cheek. His eyes widened a little at the sight of Mikey, but he wasn't scared, just... confused. "Whysee geen??" he asked, looking up at Tobi. Tobi laughed and lifted him in her arms to nuzzle her snout against the boy's nose. "He's a turtle," she explained, "Like me." Aden looked up at Mikey and yawned. Apparently that little revelation wasn't all that exciting to the kid.

    Lexi frowned at that reply. Part of her had been hoping that if Gabe could get mixed in with a better crowd, he could find a better path in life. But it was becoming more obvious that Raph wasn't so willing to help, and that Casey guy probably wouldn't either. Seeing how he hunted Dragons and all. "Yeah, probably not." She replied, and just let the topic drop. It wasn't her business to be playing 'friendmaker' after all. But it was a nice thought. "So, when are you going to introduce me to this Casey guy? He sounds interesting."

    Mike smiled warmly at the little boy, trying his best not to seem threatening. He'd noticed the way Tobi was treating the little guy. Gah, she would make an excellent mother! "Hi there, squirt!" He chirped, and gently ruffled the little boy's hair. "I'm Mikey!"

    He chuckled.* "Yea he's interestin' alright." *He wasn't sure how that little introduction would go but knew it was going to come up sooner or later. Raphael shrugged.* "I dunno guess whenever ya got some time ta kill, been meanin' ta introduce ya ta the family."

    The boy made an unhappy noise as Mikey ruffled his hair and pushed his face against Tobi's plastron. Tobi chuckled and smoothed the boy's hair down again before she set him on his feet. Aden looked around curiously, although he kept a tight grip on Tobi's spotted hand. "Weer we?" he asked. "This is.. uhm... a secret hide out, for me and my friends," Tobi explained.

    "I have time to kill today." Lexi replied with a sweet smile. "I really do want to meet your brothers. They all sound amazing."

    "Today?" *Well that was sudden, he thought for a minute maybe it wasn't that bad Mikey would probably gawk at her and Donnie would most likely say hi then go back to his own business. Leo on the other hand may give him a harder time about it but hell he had been out a lot lately..Gahh!* 'Sure." *He finally managed to say, anything would be better then sitting around all these people.*

    Lexi was glad that he seemed willing, but she wondered if his brothers shared the same late sleeping habits. "So I'm finally going to get to meet them, huh?" She winked at him. "What time would be a good time?" And more important.. where. She was aware how secretive his family had to be because of who they were. The last thing she wanted to do was to intrude.

    He grinned at her then nodded.* "Well there up by now." *With Mikey being the only exception most of the time but he sure as hell would drag himself out of bed if he knew Lexi was coming over! The problem would probably be getting there no doubt she wasn't used to traveling through the sewers but even though he trusted Lexi his brothers probably wouldn't. he was starting to think that maybe he should talk this over with them.

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    As much as Lexi wanted to meet Raph's brothers, she certainly didn't want to intrude on their privacy. She gave him a thoughtful look, as if she could read his mind. "Perhaps we should find a mutual 'meeting ground'? I would want to drop in on them unexpectedly.." She tried to think of possible locations, but all seemed too risky. "But, they're always welcome at my apartment. At least it's safe."

    Mike watched on in amusement as Tobi stood little Aden on his feet. He gave a small wave, and pulled a few goofy faces at the little boy before turning his attention to the new 'adoptive mother'. "Aww, he's really cute! I don't think I've ever seen one this small before... not up close, anyway." And his look of amusement faltered slightly, "What do you think happened to his mom and dad?"

    Aden giggled at the strange faces the green man was giving him, then sucked on his fingers while he looked around. He half-listened to the adults talking, but since they weren't doing anything funny he wasn't really interested. Tobi shrugged helplessly, "I don't know. I'd like to think that they're... gone. I mean, I couldn't imagine anyone leaving their offspring on the steps of an orphanage."

    He nodded at her it seemed like a good place and the paparazzi haven't caught on to her apartment yet at least not that he's ever seen..* "Yea that could work, I could give my bro's a call an' set somethin' up." He shrugged knowing that it was a slim chance to get all his brothers at once. They always seemed to be going different directions.

    Mike would also like to think that humans wouldn't just abandon their babies on the steps of some orphanage. But this was New York, worse things happened. It wasn't unheard of for humans to leave their babies in dumpsters, or bathroom stalls. It was a cruel world they lived in. The orange clad turtle tried to push those thoughts from his mind, and flashed a warm smile at Tobi. "Heh... at least he's safe now! He has you!"

    Lexi grinned at him. "Great. Anytime today is fine with me." Though, part of her was feeling a little self-conscious. Would they even want to meet her? How much did they know about her? Apparently the youngest brother was a fan, but the older two sounded so reserved.

    Tobi nodded happily and looked down at her little charge. He was still clinging to her hand, with his other hand tucked halfway in his mouth and looking around the dark garage curiously. When he noticed them looking at him he looked back up and grinned around his mouthful of fingers. "M'hungee!" he said suddenly.

    Mike smiled sweetly at the little boy, then glanced at Tobi as Aden mumbled that he was hungry. Glancing around, he found a stash of candy-corn he'd hidden here a week or so ago, away from Raph. "Heh.. I have these!" He beamed proudly as he knelt down to present the bag to the little boy. "They're super nummy!"

    Aden's eyes brightened in delight, but Tobi's face paled a little in panic. "Just a few, Aden," she said, mostly to Mikey to warn him not to over-sugar her kid, "If you're hungry we need to get you some REAL food." Aden nodded eagerly, mostly because he was just anxious to get his hands on some yummy candy. With that bag of candy corn in his face he' agree to practically anything.

    He grinned back at her and began to think about who it was he would call first. Well the obvious choice he thought of was Mikey seeing as how much he wanted to meet her plus it would give him a good opportunity to gloat. He reached for his cell phone in his pocket and pulled it out. He glanced over at Lexi before dialing.* "I'll try Mikey." * He said as he dialed the number and wondered if he would answer.

    Mike allowed the little boy to reach into the bag, and take whatever he wanted. "Daw, it's fine Tobs! It'll give him energy! Make him grow up all strong and stuff!" He tried to reassure her. And suddenly, his cell phone grabbed his attention. Still holding to the bag with one hand, he reached for the phone, snapping it open with one fluid motion. "Mikey's Mansion of Loooove!" He answered in his usual bubbly tone. "Speak to me, you sexy beast!"

    Aden eagerly put his hand in the bag and tried to grab as many as he could while Tobi frowned unhappily at Mikey. "That's enough, Aden," she said quietly, after the little boy stuffed a handful of candies in his mouth and went to reach for another mouthful. Tobi caught his hand and lifted him up into her arms and away from Mikey's bag of sugary hyper-pills. "Wafs'sa sexy beast?" he asked through a mouthful of half chewed candy corn.

    Raphael was taken a little of guard by Mikey's 'sexy beast' greeting he gritted his teeth before speaking.* "Wha' da hell is wrong wit' you!?" *He asked before remembering why he called him.* "I was wonderin' if ya wanted ta stop by Lexi's later, but ya better keep that sexy beast shit to yer'self!"

    "That's just how Mikey answers his phone," she explained. Mentally she face palmed, but the expression she wore on her face was calm and cheerful, as if it didn't matter if Aden knew what a 'sexy beast' was. The fact that Tobi didn't seem upset made Aden uninterested in the words.

    Overhearing little Aden's question, Mike flashed Tobi a sheepish smile, before returning his attention to his hot-tempered brother. It took him a moment for him to register what Raph as actually asking. A huge grin quickly spread across his lips. "Ooooh, sure!" He was dying to meet the girl in person! "I'll bring Tobs, too!"

    Tobi titled her head curiously. She could hear Raph on the other end of the phone, but she had no idea who Lexi was.

    He was glad that Mikey had no problem coming over but mentioning Tobi caught him by surprise.* "Tobs, she's back in the city?" * He didn't think Lexi would have a problem with another turtle stopping by.* "I guess ya can bring 'er along." *He didn't sound to excited about it.

    Tobi caught the less then enthusiastic tone that Raphael had used and it hurt her just a little. She didn't expect Raph to jump for joy at the mention of her, but at the very least he could be nicer about it. "Gee, I missed you too, Raphael!" she said loud enough for him to hear her over the phone.

    He winced as he heard Tobi over the phone, he had no idea she was listening in. He rolled his eyes.* "Wha' it she so pissed a'bout I said she could come!?" *He asked Mikey knowing Tobi was listening.*

    "Yeah, she got back a few days ago..." Mike managed to answer, before the two began shouting back and forth to each other. Pffft. Some things never changed! "Great! So, what time should we be there? And where's her place?"

    Tobi grumbled unhappily and cuddled Aden close. The little boy could sense Tobi's annoyance and shifted uncomfortably in her arms. The little sea turtle quickly forced her anger at Raph away and smiled reassuringly down at the boy.

    "Hold on a' sec." *He said before turning back to Lexi.* "Wha' time babe?"

    Wow, well at least one had accepted so far. But this was the 'easy going' one. "Hm, about an hour and a half?"

    He nodded at Lexi and then went back to his conversation with Mikey.* " 'bout an hour an' a' half." *He said before giving Mikey Lexi's apartment address it shouldn't be to hard for him to find.

    Mikey quickly jotted it all down. "Awesome! Okay then, we'll meet you in an hour and a half!" And he briefly wondered what the two of them would be doing in that time. He chuckled to himself. "See you then, bro. Behave yourself!"

    "I don't think we'll be going," Tobi said, adjusting Aden in her arms. "I doubt Raph really wants to see me, besides, I have to find a safe place for me and Aden to stay."

    He grinned* 'Later." *He then hung up and turned back to Lexi again.* "Mikey's comin' but he's bringin' a' friend, hope ya don't mind."

    "Bubye!" Mike hung up. excited about the meeting with his brother's alleged girlfriend. But his smile quickly melted away upon hearing Tobi's comment. "Aww, you know how he is, Tobs! Of course he wants to see you!" He gave her the sad, puppy dog eyes. "Please?I reeeeally want you to go with me!" He pleaded. "And, you have a place to stay! You and little Aden can stay with me! My room's big enough!"

    A friend? Lexi was extremely curious. "No, I don't mind at all." She smiled. "Who is it?"

    Tobi smiled gently. She didn't mind staying in Mikey's room, but now that she was responsible for a little human boy... "Yeah but... Your room is a little messy," she said, "What if Aden hurts himself?" She hugged the child a little closer, as if the very thought scared her a little. She didn't say anything about joining him to visit Raphael however. She DID know how Raphael was, and she was getting a little tired of being treated like an outsider and an inconvenience to have around.

    "Her name's Tobi.." *He paused for a minute trying to think about how to say this.* "She's a' lil' sea turtle from another world of reptiles..It's a lil' hard fer' meh ta believe but I go wit' it."

    Well, Lexi certainly wasn't expecting that. But it really didn't shock her. Hell, after meeting Raphael, she believed anything was possible. "Oh? What is she like?" She asked, genuinely curious.

    He crossed his arms and looked as if he were pouting.* "She's over sensitive and very cheery." *He didn't hate her he just had a hard time understanding her and it seemed to him that she took offence to almost everything he said to her.* "You'll probably like 'er." *He added.

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    Over sensitive and cheery, Lexi was sure she could handle both traits. "Sounds kind of like Daisy." She flashed him a wink, knowing Raph probably felt the same for Daisy as he did for Tobi. "So, there's females of your species..and you're not sexually drawn to her?"

    He perked up.* "Meh sexually attracted ta her?!" He said as if it was completely unbelievable, sure the thought had crossed his mind a few times. But since he grew up seeing human females he felt more attracted to them.* "Nah babe, don' even know how that would work."

    Well, Lexi was inwardly relieved by that. She gave him an amused look. "Don't know how it'd work?" She ran her fingers playfully along his covered thigh. "Male.. female...unstoppable urges and's really pretty simple..." She flashed him a wink. "So, what about the rest of your brothers?"

    He tensed a bit as Lexi ran her fingers along his thigh and grinned. She was very good at teasing him and he knew she knew that. Though the mood suddenly changed as she mentioned his other brothers.* "Oh.."* He said as he picked up his cell phone again and dialed Leonardo's number. He held the phone to his ear for what seemed like a minute until he got his voice mail. Raphael hung up not leaving a message he was probably mediating or something he thought.* "No answer.." * He then dialed Donatello's number and waited for him to answer..

    Donatello was working hard in his lab on the computer, still trying to perfect the security system. He paused a moment when he heard his phone ring off to the side of the computer's keyboard where it was laying. He reached over and picked it up, flipping it open. "Hello?" he asked as he waited for the voice on the other line.

    " Sup' Donnie." *He shifted the way he was sitting on the bench.* "Wondered if ya wanted ta stop by Lexi's later?"

    Don honestly hadn't been up-to-date on his brother's love life so he was extremely confused on who Raph was talking about. "Lexi? Lexi who?"

    Raph shook his head he didn't want to say her last name out loud, not in such a public place anyway. he even doubted that Donnie ever heard of her playboy pictures.* "My girlfriend." *he said bluntly.* "She wanted ta meet the family an' Mikey an' Tobs will be there..So are ya comin' 'er what?"

    That explained things a little better. Don smiled, happy his brother found a potential mate. "That's great, Raph." However, there was still something that was bothering him. "She's not a turtle, is she?" Don wanted to be sure to get all the important facts before a final decision was made.

    He was almost in awe at his question he answered keeping his voice down.* 'She's human! Seriously ya know anyother turtles roamin' around 'sides us?!"

    Don rolled his eyes. "No need to get defensive, Raph," he stated, somewhat coldly. "Alright. I'll come along." 'If anything, to see what kind of girl she was,' he added silently. He was just looking out for his brothers like he'd been forced to do while Leo was away. Don pulled out a pen and a scratch piece of paper, preparing to write down the address. "So what's the address, Raph?" This time his voice was much more gentle.

    He told Don the address..* "Ya can meet us there a lil' after an' hour k?"

    Don adjusted the phone between his cheek and shoulder and quickly jotted down the address and nodded. "Thanks. I'll see you then. Is there anything else I would need?" Of course he would wear his topside gear. Girlfriend of Raph's or not, Don still wasn't comfortable revealing his true form to most humans. Exceptions were of course Casey and April.

    "Nah jus' show up. See ya Later." *He said before hanging up the phone and put it back in his trench coat pocket." Don's comin' but I couldn't get a' hold of Leo."

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    Wow, two out of three- not bad! Lexi honestly hadn't expected any of them to agree. Now, if they actually showed up.She flashed Raph a small smile, secretly feeling a little nervous about meeting his family. Less than two hours. That gave her little time to prepare for their arrival. "So, what kinds of snacks do your brothers like?" She asked, figuring mutant turtle males were no different that any other species. The way to their heart was through their stomachs.

    "Okay. Bye," Don said, then hung up. An hour to get ready, huh? Well, there wasn't much of a rush to get moving. He had plenty of time. So he sat back down and worked a little more on his program before closing it up and getting ready to leave.

    He thought a moment." The usual pizza, nacho's, pork rines.." *He trailed off trying to think of something Donatello would eat come to think of it what kinda food did he eat?* 'Eh, Don might eat a lil' healthier then that though." *He felt funny not knowing but it had been a long time since they ate at the same time. He then thought of something.* "Oh he likes coffee!"

    Lexi blinked at that. Well, that certainly was an odd combination, but she flashed him a grin. "Okay then. Perhaps we better make a few quick stops before heading back." One good thing about that disguise of his, even though she disliked the fact that she couldn't see the 'real' him. At least he could accompany her in places, though she tried to keep that as limited as possible, fully understanding just how dangerous it was for him.

    He nodded although he wasn't overly thrilled about going shopping, and was the least comfortable in crowds. He stood up looking down at her.*" Guess we better get goin'."

    Taking hold of his hand, Lexi stood from the bench. "I can call in the pizza." She suggested, as she led him out of the park and towards her car. At least that's one less stop they would have to make.

    He gripped her hand firmly as she lead him through the park and pulled his fedora down a little with his other hand. As they made it to the car he let go of her hand and climbed in the passengers seat.* "Sounds good ta meh, so where we headed?"

    Lexi climbed into the driver's seat and turned the ignition, having to give the question some thought. "Probably Carlisle's." She answered. The place was high scale and more expensive, but the upside was celebs could shop there without being mobbed by autograph-seekers. Nothing in her life was ever easy. Basic shopping included. Soon, the car pulled away from the park, headed towards their next destination.

    Carlisle's was a place he had never heard of before but he figured it had to be a place with food. When they arrived it all became clear the place was really ritzy! Soon they were able to grab everything they needed including some fancy wine and beer which was always a plus. Afterwards they went back to Lexi's apartment and Raphael got out of the car grabbing the bags out of the back seat.* "The guys outta have a good time wit' dis." *He grinned as he closed the back door with his elbow and followed Lexi into the building.

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    Lexi spared Raph a small grin as they entered her apartment, but despite her calm and collective composure, she was inwardly nervous about this meeting. Funny, she thought. She had always possessed the ability to not give a damn what people thought about her. But this was different. This was 'his' family. And their opinion was important. The fact that it mattered was a little scary. "Make yourself comfy." She said,hoping he would shed out of that disguise of his. She took the bags and headed into the kitchen to prepare the snacks that she hoped would win his brothers over.

    Raphael let Lexi take the bags and grinned as he followed her movements with his eyes as she walked away 'damn her ass looked good!' He didn't say a word as went towards the couch and started to peel off his clothing starting with his fedora and gloves. He wasn't nervous about the visit he already knew Mikey was crazy about her and Don wouldn't say anything to her that wasn't polite. The only problem he would have is dealing with Tobi being around, no doubt she'd take offence to something as usual and it will be difficult not to react to that.

    After preparing the nachos and pouring the massive bag of pork rinds into a bowl, Lexi put on a pot of coffee. Perhaps the first pot she had made in her expensive maker, which had been purchased and sat idle for months. It was just so much easier to grab something from Starbucks, rather than fool with a whole pot, for one person. Once everything was prepared, she returned to the den, watching Raph 'undress' as she called in the pizza. She couldn't suppress a cheeky little grin as she watched him, giving him a seductive look. As she conversed with the person on the opposite end of the line, she bend over, purposefully flaunting her curvy backside as she began to unravel the long straps of her heels.

    He turned his head as she entered the room and gave her a cheeky grin of his own as he realized what she was doing. His eyes ran over her curves as she bent down to undue her straps and he couldn't help but lust over her, he loved it when she did things like this but at the same time hated it. She was a big tease but enjoyed the show never the less. He finished taking off his clothes which revealed his dark scales and wasn't wearing much other then his elbow and knee pads.*

    After slowly undoing the straps of her sexy footwear, Lexis slid out of her uncomfortable heels, and walked barefoot across the carpet, closing the distance between her and Rapheal. She slowly slipped an arm around him, nuzzling his cheek as she finished the call, and tossed the phone onto the couch.

    *He watched in anticipation as she took off her heals and placed his arms around her resting his hands on the small of her back He returned her nuzzle with a kiss as she tossed the phone somewhere he didn't know nor care where it landed and seemed to be lost for a moment before pulling away.* "Mmmm, someone's feelin' playful.." *He said as he held her tighter.*

    Lexi closed her eyes, savoring the closeness and the feel of his strong hands against her back. She pressed a sweet grin against his lips as she replied with a soft 'mmhmm'. She squeezed him gently, and rested her head against his shoulder, needing this moment of contact but knowing it couldn't last. "You could say that.." She rose just enough to flash him a small wink, and allowed her hand to travel down, her slender fingers gently caressing his inner thigh. "Your brothers should be here soon, huh.."

    He leanned into her hand as she reached closer towards his inner thigh, there were so many things he wished he could do to her right now but restrained himself he knew she was wanting to take things slow its just she made it so damn hard sometimes! * "Yea I guess.." *He said reluctantly and was now regretting the invite.

    Lexi slowly slid her fingers along his inner thigh, advancing upwards. She loved teasing him, and seeing that unmistakable lust. True. She wanted to take this slow, but found herself wanting him more and more with each passing day. And that scared her. She wasn't sure how much longer she could resist him. Detecting the reluctance in his tone, Lexi met his gaze with sincerity as she pressed another soft kiss against his lips. "I know this hasn't been easy for you, babe." She cupped his cheeks, her fingers gently caressing his reptilian skin. "But thank you for being so patient with me." She once again rested her head against his shoulder, her fingers now tracing the contours of his plastron. Maybe after his brother's visit, she would show him some 'appreciation'.

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