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    Post by Donatello on Sun Jan 24, 2010 2:23 pm

    Continuation from: The Tide Begins to Rise

    Lexi wrote:Moments after Raphael and Donatello slipped into the shadows, the ambulances and police flooded the area. They had come prepared, with enough back-up and medical workers to clean up the aftermath of the rumored gang-war. But Lexi was all that remained, still crumpled over Gabriel's still form. She didn't even register their presence, too caught up in the heartbreak that had completely overtaken her. The policemen quickly spread out across the area, making sure it was safe for the paramedics to do their job. Once their surroundings were secured, three paramedics approached the woman, one kneeling down and placing a hand against her uninjured shoulder.

    "Ma'am?" He spoke softly, trying to get her attention while the other two tried to examine the body, even though it was obvious they were too late. "We need you to let him go.." The paramedic's soft-spoken words had managed to grab her attention, and she glanced up at him with tearfilled eyes that verged on the lines of pleading.

    "I... can't let him go.." She sobbed, her grasp constricting around him. As if she could hold on to him forever, and doing so would keep his soul here.

    The man felt sympathy for the young woman, but time wasn't on their sides. If there was even a shred of hope for the victim, it was slipping away with each passing second. "We have to do our jobs." As he spoke his words, a policeman gently began prying her away.

    "No.." She protested the separation, finding it nearly suffocating as she was pulled away. "No!" She screamed even louder as she was dragged away towards one of the ambulances. She had all but forgotten her own injury. The ripping pain in her heart and soul had overshadowed everything. She struggled against them, but could only watch on in helplessness as the paramedics began working frantically on Gabriel, as if they had found a small shred of hope and were fighting against an inevitable fate.

    "Is he.. alive?" She choked out, but they were silent, not feeding that flicker of hope she had found in their actions. It was protocol to do everything within their means to resuscitate a victim until they reached the ER. Gabriel's lifeless form was strapped to a gurney, and loaded into a separate ambulance than the one Lexi had been directed to. She quickly vacated her designated area and shoved herself into the cramped space, alongside the paramedics that continued to work on the victim.

    "Ma'am.. you can't be in here.."

    Lexi's fingers entwined with Gabriel's as she knelt at his side, refusing to move. "I'm.. not leaving." She said firmly, her tear-filled eyes never straying away from the sight before her. As gruesome as it was, she was unable to tear her gaze away as they began cutting away his shirt, exposing the fatal puncture wounds that mangled his body. She felt sick.. numb...and slightly dizzy, but she refused to leave his side. The paramedics decided against arguing. It would be pointless.

    After disappearing from sight, Don stopped and turned around, watching Lexi from a distance. He felt absolutely terrible about the recent events--especially for his brother and Lexi. But there was nothing he could do. He wasn't exactly sure where Raph had gone to since they split up when they left the scene. Don stuck around and watched Lexi sadly until she left with Gabe's body in the ambulance. Knowing for sure that Raph was probably doing the same wherever he was.

    Raphael did stay to make sure she was alright but that didn't seem the case. He had to look away when they pried her off Gabe's body but he could still hear her screaming. He felt horrible and was now wishing he could have saved him for her, though he still felt a twinge of jealousy towards Gabe. As the ambulance left with Lexi in it, Raphael got up and soon saw Donnie on a nearby building. He jumped over the gap meeting his brother.

    Michelangelo had arrived back at the apartment almost an hour ago. He was baffled to find the place empty, but tried to shrug it off, figuring they had taken a trip to the downtown supermarket to pick up more snacks. It seemed a likely reason, but as he settled into his second game, he started to worry. The door had been left unlocked.. and why hadn't they left a note? He finally pulled his cell phone from his belt, and quickly punched in Don's number.

    When Raph joined him, Don turned his gaze towards his brother. "I'm so sorry, Raph. If it's any consolation, we did everything we could." He tried to sound optimistic even though he felt just the opposite right now. Suddenly he heard his cell ring and was thankful that it didn't go off a few minutes earlier or there probably would be even more trouble if the authorities spotted either of them. Taking a deep breath, he pulled it out and answered. "Hello?"

    Mike breathed a huge sigh of relief when his brother finally answered. "Where the shell are you guys?!" He asked as he popped another disc into the player. He had no way of knowing just how bad things had gotten. "Did you like, run out of munchies or something?"

    Don hadn't expected his younger brother to answer the phone since he never checked the caller ID this time. "Mikey?" With everything happening so quickly after they hastily left the apartment, it took a few moments for Don to remember what was going on before then. Finally, it hit him. "Oh, yeah, sorry about that, Mikey. Something came up. And no, it wasn't because we ran out of 'munchies', he added, rolling his eyes. "A friend of Lexi's was in trouble and unfortunately it didn't end well for him." He decided not to beat around the bush this time. "Raph and I are fine, however." 'Physically, anyway...' he added silently. He could only imagine what was going on in Raph's head at the moment.

    A friend of Lexi's was in trouble? Again, he had no way of knowing. That could be a huge array of things. "What happened?" He finally asked, figuring it wasn't too serious. "And when are you guys coming back? I hate fighting the computer thingy on the X-Box."

    *Raphael had heard Donatello and knew he was right but it didn't make him feel any better. He didn't say anything and listened as Donatello answered his phone and of course it had to be Mikey. Don's explanation was blunt enough, Raph walked away from Don back to the edge of the building. It looked as if the police were still collecting evidence in the distance.*

    "We'll be there as soon as we can," Don answered, once again looking over at his brother. The truth was he didn't know exactly when they would return. There really wasn't much else they could do there so he figured they would be heading back soon. At least he was. Raph would probably want to try finding Lexi and making sure she was okay before heading back.

    Mike was growing concerned when Don didn't answer his first question. Maybe it was pretty serious, or not serious enough to mention. Whatever the case, he was sure that he would find out soon. "Okay.. I'll see you guys soon!"

    *As much as he wanted to be with Lexi right now, he knew that the risk was just to great. Her celebrity status would make it impassable and he knew that better then anyone after the countless time's he had been her bodyguard. He gritted his teeth before taking a deep breath, and would wait for her to get home. She didn't need to be alone and was something he felt that he owed her. He finally turned around and walked past Donatello while saying.* "Let's get back before Mikey rip's the place apart."

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    Post by Raphael on Sun Jan 24, 2010 2:39 pm

    Don nodded to Mike, even though his brother couldn't see it. "Yeah, Mikey. We'll see you soon." And with that, he hung up and turned to Raph. "Alright, let's go," he agreed and started heading back. He was a bit surprised that Raph wanted to go back to the apartment before going to see Lexi. 'Must be more to this than I thought,' he said in his mind. He, now thanks to Raph and Mikey, knew about her celebrity status and understood how dangerous it could be for them to check on her. They would regroup at her apartment then take it from there, praying that she would return safely to them when she was ready.

    Raphael remained silent the whole time as they made there way back to Lexi's apartment. It took a while considering they were traveling by rooftops while using their ninja training to stay out of site. As they approached the apartment building Raphael stopped to look around. he wasn't sure if it was even safe here but he'd be damned if he didn't risk it. Since him and his brother had 'lost' their street clothes, they had to find a stealthy way to get in. He eyed the fire escape across the alley.

    Mike slid his phone back into his belt, and sunk back onto the couch. He was no longer in the mood for video games. Too anxious for his brothers to return, and hopefully Lexi would be back soon, too. He still wasn't sure what had happened, but it couldn't be good.

    Don headed across the rooftops with his brother. A million thoughts were running through his head as they made the trip back, keeping his mind occupied in the meantime. It wasn't long before they could see Lexi's apartment complex come into view. They stopped a few buildings from it and looked around. Don's gaze fell on the same fire escape as his brother. It looked like that would be the best way to get inside to avoid exposure. Slowly and cautiously, he made his way over to it and, still staying alert, found an open window to crawl through.

    Raphael followed Donatello to the fire escape and through the window. Inside was a fancy looking hallway complete with end tables and flowers. This was defiantly the right floor but didn't have anywhere to take cover, but luckily there didn't seem to be anybody there. Raphael walked ahead of his brother down the hallway looking for Lexi's room number.

    Don stealthily followed his brother, holding his breath. No cover for them wasn't good. He was hoping Raph would find the right room quickly before anyone spotted them. He was more concerned about being exposed than the fanciness of the hallway.

    Raphael walked quickly while looking from left to right at the doors. It sounded as if there was someone talking around the comer. Fortunately he found the right door opening it quickly.

    Mike was on the verge of panicking when the door finally swung open, and his brothers became visible. "It's about time!" He breathed a huge sigh of relief as he pushed himself up off the couch. "What took you so long?" And he glanced around his brothers, seeing no sign of Raph's girlfriend. He gave them both a confused look. "Where's Lex?"

    Raphael walked roughly past Mikey and was not in the mood to talk. He headed to the kitchen. "I need a' beer." He mumbles

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    Post by Donatello on Sat Jan 30, 2010 3:19 pm

    Mike could only watch on in bewilderment as Raph roughly shoved past him without answering his question. He spared a confused look at Don. What were they NOT telling him?! All of his questions had been ignored, both on the phone with Don, and now with Raph. "Um, oookay. Would SOMEBODY care to fill me in??! Is Lexi okay? What happened to her friend??!"

    Don sighed heavily and threw an arm around Mikey's shoulders. He had a right to know. "Mikey," he began, not sure how to phrase this. "Lexi's been hurt...both mentally and physically. Mostly mentally..." His voice held sadness, the visual of Lexi weeping and screaming over Gabe's body becoming fresh in his mind. He knew why Raph wasn't saying anything about it. He just hoped that this news wouldn't crush his little brother as well. Unless Mikey asked, he wasn't going to tell him what happened to Lexi's friend.

    And Don's expression was contagious. Mike frowned, saddened by the news that Lexi had been hurt. And not only physically, but mentally as well. His frown deepened as he realized what that probably meant. The outcome for the friend in trouble hadn't been good. But true to form, he just HAD to ask. "Well... is her friend okay?" His gaze met his brother's, searching for the answer that he, somehow, already knew."Did you guys catch the person responsible?"

    *Raphael walked quickly to the fridge and grabbed a beer. He then slammed the refrigerator door, he was pissed. He took a big swig of his beer as he started pacing around the kitchen, just dying to hit something! He wasn't paying attention to Mikey's question he was just to distracted. He wondered how Lexi was and wished she would come home. If he wasn't a damn mutant things would be so much easier but instead he was stuck waiting.*

    "No on both counts," came Don's reply. "We had to flee the scene before we were spotted by the authorities. But we did injure him. Then he took off with some friends of his, I guess. That's all we know." He swallowed hard before he continued, deciding to press on. "Lexi was holding the dead body of her friend and one of the people responsible came after her to finish her off. Raph and I stopped him. Then the sirens came and we had to take off. Last thing either of us saw was her climbing into an ambulance." He glanced over at Raph in the kitchen then turned back to Mike. "Let's not bother him for now, okay, Mikey?"

    Mike listened in sadness, sparing a brief glance in Raph's direction as his brother filled him in. He wasn't sure how close Lexi was to her now deceased friend, but his mind placed him in that scenario. What if it had been April, or Casey? His heart wrenched at the thought of that, and he felt deep sympathy for the young woman he'd met only hours before. He gave a quiet nod in response to Don's request, understanding that Raph probably needed to be a lone right now. "So, you got a good look at the guy who did this?" He asked in a quiet tone, not wanting to disturb his brother in the kitchen. If they had a positive I.D. on the guy, perhaps they could bring him to justice, for Lexi. For Raph.

    Donatello nodded. " his head. A very crazed individual." However, he didn't realize that this is the exact same person Mike had rescued two years earlier.

    Michelangelo blinked at his brother's reply. Spikes.. 'in' his head. His memories raced. The incident two years prior. The secret he'd kept to himself. The backlash he'd felt after learning of the local celebrity's rape. The celebrity... He suddenly felt sick as all the pieces started falling into place. That unknown celebrity had been Lexi, he only realized that now. His color paled as recognition settled within him. But a part of him, pleading for his sanity made desperate attempts to deny this could be the same guy. That HE was responsible. He just HAD to convince himself of that. Otherwise, how could he live with himself?! But a part of him just had to ask... had to know.. "Metal spikes?"

    Again, Don nodded. Then his saddened expression turned to one of confusion. " you know who this is?" Now it was Don's turn to get more information from his brother. Something in Mike's own expression told him that his little brother was hiding something from him. Normally he wouldn't want to pry, but with the person involved, he HAD to know what his brother did. "What did you do?" he asked, trying to keep the accusing tone out of his voice. Then he put a hand on Mike's shoulder, looking into his eyes. "Please tell me..." This time his tone was gentle, trying to be comforting. Whatever it was, he wouldn't judge until he got the whole story.

    Bingo. The overwhelming guilt was constricting, and try as he might to mask it all, Don would surely see right through him. And obviously he already suspected something. Mike's eyes widened at his brother's unexpected... accusing question. Was the guilt that obvious on his face? He suddenly felt like he had 'murderer' scribbled across his forehead, in all of Spike's victims blood. As much as he wanted to blurt it all out, to relieve the guilt's pressure on his chest, he feared his reaction. And moreso... Raph's. His hot-headed brother was already angry and upset, this would only set him off. He certainly didn't want to feel Raph's wrath once his brother found out that his actions had set off a domino effect which had ultimately harmed the person he loved... repeatedly. "I... didn't do anything.." Mike lied to his brother, and felt even more guilt for doing so. He tried to fake an offensive look, but there was something more mixed in his expression. He'd never been a very good liar, and this secret had festered beyond control.

    Donatello sighed and nodded. Not that he bought Mike's answer, but maybe now wasn't the time to talk about it. He gave the younger turtle a stern look and said, "We'll talk at home."

    *Raphael finished his beer and gripped the empty can in his hand as he came to a stop. This was driving him crazy! What the hell was taking so long? Her wound hadn't looked that bad at first glance, but he really had no clue. He took a deep breath before throwing the empty can of beer with much force. He didn't care where it landed but the loud sound of breaking glass caused him to do a double take. The damage wasn't much just the glasses his brothers were drinking out of earlier that were sitting on the counter.* "Fuck!" *He yelled *

    Mike was relieved when Don didn't press him any further, but his stern comment was indication that this wasn't over. Perfect. But he was fooling himself to believe that this was a secret he could continue to keep. It had done so much damage, and knowing the full extent of that was now eating away at him. A pain that he'd thought had subsided when the mad-man had been captured by the authorities, and was awaiting death-row. But now the man was once again at large, and it seemed his sights were constantly on Lexi. His chaotic train wreck of thoughts were broken when the unmistakable sounds of broken glass met his hearing, followed shortly by Raph's loud bellow. Mike frowned at Don, somewhat grateful for the distraction. "Uh-oh. I don't think Lexi's gonna have any dishes left when she gets home."

    As soon as Don heard the broken glass, he was heading for the kitchen. "Raph? Is everything okay in here?" He bit his lower lip, wishing he could take back those words. Of course, Raph wasn't okay. And frankly, Don couldn't blame him. But he still was concerned that his brother may have hurt himself in his rampage.

    Mike followed closely behind Donatello, also concerned about their rampaging brother. "I really hope that wasn't her fine China.."

    *Raphael glanced over at Donatello as he made it to the kitchen.* "Everythin's fuckin' great!" *He said in a sarcastic tone with his fists clenched. He then glared at Mikey's remark.*

    Don winced at Raph's harsh tone, but still expected it. Ignoring Mikey, he explained. "I meant physically, Raph. Did you get cut?" He was hoping his hotheaded brother would show him if he did--rather than having to find out for himself. He honestly didn't want to get near Raph when he was this outraged.

    "No!" *He nearly shouted its not like it was any of Donatello's business anyway, he could treat his own wounds. He wasn't harmed it was his empty beer can that did the damage. He took a few deep breaths before walking over to the mess, trying to clean it up. He didn't want to break Lexi's things. It was just hard to control himself and he started feeling guilty, though it didn't show in his features.*

    Raphael may be able to treat his own wounds, but in his current state, Don wasn't so sure he WOULD. With a heavy sigh, he gave up. He hated to see his brother this upset, but there wasn't really anything he could do right now. He turned to Mike and said softly, "Come on, Mikey. Let's go back into the other room and leave him alone." Clearly, Raph didn't want their help. And after finding out that their older brother wasn't physically injured, Don figured he wasn't needed. He gave Mike a light shove to get him into the other room again, glancing over his shoulder sadly at Raph.

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    Post by Michelangelo on Mon Feb 01, 2010 2:03 pm

    Mike would've braved a temper tantrum in order to help his brother, even though that probably wasn't the wise thing to do. Luckily, for his own safety, Donatello nudged him in the opposite direction. He too spared a sad glance at Raph before moving back into the den area. Though, his current mood for video games had completely disappeared. He flopped down onto the couch, and shot a helpless glance at Don. "I wish there was something we could do." He commented quietly, still trying to bury the guilt that was eating away at him.

    Dontello joined him on the couch, sighing heavily. "I know...I do too, Mikey. But this is something he has to deal with on his own, apparently. The best we can do is be as supportive as we can right now." He laid a comforting hand on Mike's shoulder, not sure what else to do right now. He wished he could find out what exactly was bothering Mike. He looked over at his younger brother again. "Do you want to talk about it, Mike?" Seeing one brother in pain was enough already, but two? Something had to be done. And Raph's problem was already known but still there wasn't anything they could do. But Mikey... Maybe if he talked...even just a little bit about what was bothering him, it would give him some peace of mind.

    An hour had passed, and the sedative had begun to wear off. The faint noises that buzzed outside her room slowly tugged at her subconscious. Her eyes began to flutter, taking great effort to will them open. She couldn't remember being so exhausted. Her chest felt tight, piercing needles stabbing into her broken heart. A part of her clung to hope, praying that this had all been just a horrible nightmare. But all the physical reminders were there. Her skin still stained in crimson, cheeks streaked with dried tears. And the emotional pain. She didn't want to move, too broken to will herself up. As if the world would stop turning if she refused. As if it would acknowledge the loss that it seemed that she would suffer alone. No-one else gave a fuck. And the world continued to turn. It would go on. And so must she. As difficult as it was, she finally forced herself up onto wobbly legs, using the night stand to steady herself. Her sore lungs inhaled a deep breath, choking back the sob that she couldn't allow to take her. She had to be strong, to convince the doctors that she could leave. It took everything she had, but she exited the room, ignoring the requests of the security to return to her room.

    Mike was fidgeting with his hands, until he realized what he was doing. He halted, clamping his anxious hands between his knees to steady them. He turned to Don, wanting to deny that anything was bothering him. But how could he? How could be possibly continue to harbor this secret when it brought him so much grief. His sudden resolve was reflected in his eyes. Sorrowful. As if he was already seeking an apology. Or reassurance. He glanced over his shoulder, making sure that Raph was still out of earshot before returning his attention to Don. He took a deep breath, trying to prepare himself for what he was about to say, searching for the right words. "This is... my fault.." His shaky words finally came in a quiet whisper.

    Donatello was taken aback by that response. There was no way... Mikey couldn't have... His little brother was the cause of this? Preposterous! Instead saying those words out loud, he gave Mike a reassuring look. He did ask to know what was bothering him. And if Mike was willing to open up to him, then he would listen to the fullest extent. "How is this your fault, Mikey?" he asked in a soft tone, wondering how the shell this was even possible.

    Lexi shoved past the guards, and ignored the doctor that pleaded with her to stay. The warm tears were once again stinging at the back of her eyes. People were talking, quiet whispers circulating as she past the crowds. Some.. not so quiet. "She's a mess.. " She overheard a woman say. "I heard it was gang related." Came another whispered reply. A low gasp was quickly followed by a very judgmental remark. "Well, he deserved it. If anyone is stupid enough to get involved in gangs, they deserve their fate. No good for nothing thugs are ruining our city. Let them exterminate one another. Good riddance." Lexi stopped in her tracks, her blood past the boiling point. Her fist clinched, and before she could even think about her actions, her right fist connected with the woman's nose, causing her to crumple in pain. "It's so easy for you to make your fucking remarks, to judge someone that you can't understand. Too caught up in your own fucking smug existence to care!" She screamed, drawing an even bigger crowd. "You know nothing about him." She choked out between angered sobs. Unfortunately the media had witnessed her loss in temper, and had caught it on film. The celebrity's mad gaze turned on them, flipping them off before turning to shove herself past the crowds and out the exit.

    Gah. That confession had been difficult. Perhaps the most difficult thing he'd ever done. Now, he wasn't so sure how to go on, of if he even could. He felt his emotions coming. Two years worth of guilt burning at the back of his baby-blue eyes. He once again spared a glance over his shoulder. The last thing he needed was for Raph to hear any of this. "Two years ago.. when I was patrolling the streets as Turtle Titan.... well... I kinda intervened .. in something.." His voice was becoming extremely uneven, his chest constricting, making it nearly impossible to go on.

    Donatello could sense how difficult this was for Mikey to talk about. He was again debating if this was the right time. Yet, his curiousity was nagging at him. He had to know. But one thing was for sure: Raph could NOT find out about this. Not right now, anyway. The hand that was on Mikey's shoulder, gave him a small squeeze, urging him to go on. He had to know the truth and he wasn't judging Mike anymore. He was listening to him and helping him deal with the guilt. He swallowed hard. "Go on, Mikey...only if you want to." His voice was equally a whisper, letting him know that whatever was said, it would just stay between the two of them for now.

    Lexi finally managed to exit the hospital and quickly flagged down a cab. The driver did a double-take, taken aback by her blood-stained appearance. It frightened him, but he pulled his gaze away from the mirror as she shot him an agitated glare, and threw a wad of money at him. "Just drive." She demanded and gave him the address. The soon arrived at the high-class complex, and Lexi willed herself indoors, making her way up to her room with great effort. The door slowly creaked open and she stepped inside, not expecting the guys to be there. She blinked as her watery gaze fixated on Mike and Don, unaware of the heaviness of their conversation. The tears were still falling, and she couldn't even will herself to find composure. It would be hopeless.

    Mike struggled with his words, unsure if he could even continue. Just then the front door opened, and he once again clammed up. Saved by the bell. But his relief was short lived, seeing the state that Lexi was in. She looked horrible. It seemed inappropriate to smile in greeting, so he conveyed his sympathy with an acknowledging glance, unsure of what to say. "I'm so sorry."

    *Raphael had managed to clean up the mess he made in the kitchen. He was well into his third beer as he heard the door creak open which caught his attention. He left the rest of his beer on the counter and went to investigate. While peeking around the corner he realized that it was Lexi. He was so happy to see that she was there but frowned at her appearance. She looked like she had been through hell and it was a grim reminder as to what had happened just hours ago. He stepped out of the doorway of the kitchen, unsure of what to say to her.*

    Just when Don thought he would get Mike to spill this secret, and Lexi walked in. He sighed, both in frustration and relief and stood up. Not knowing what to say to comfort her, he just gave her a gentle hug. "So glad to see you, Lexi. We were all worried about you." Then he let go of her and glanced over at Raph, standing back so those two could have a little time to themselves. They both deserved it. To talk...laugh or cry, it didn't matter. They needed each other. He rejoined Mike on the couch.

    Lexi was struggling hard to compose herself. She caught their sympathetic looks, and knew that she must have looked a mess. She couldn't speak as Mike gave his condolences. She returned Don's hug, giving him an appreciative squeeze before he rejoined his little brother on the couch. Then, she spotted Raph, hovering not too far from the kitchen entrance. She stood there for a moment, struggling with her tears, and unsure if her legs could even carry her the short distance to where he stood. But she did so, forcing her unsteady legs to move, closing the gap between him. Was he strong enough for this? She wouldn't blame him if he ran- if he decided this was more than he bargained for. But the fact that he was here eased some of those fears. She said nothing, still too choked up to form words. The tears were once again falling as she threw her weak arms around his neck and buried her face against his shoulder. Holding him, afraid to let go.

    *Raphael stayed where he was til he saw her stagger towards him which caused him to take a step forward to catch her. He was worried about her and welcomed her embrace. He wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. His head rested against hers as she buried her head into his shoulder and paid no attention to his brothers. He held her tightly just thankful that she had survived the ordeal.*

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    Post by Raphael on Wed Feb 03, 2010 2:09 pm

    Despite Lexi's desperate attempts to get herself under control, she cried against his shoulder. Even amongst the overwhelming pain in her chest and the sadness that had taken so much from her, she found a strange sort of comfort being home. Away from the paparazzi and the judgmental stares and comments from the public. Even though she felt she was suffocating, she drew strength from his embrace. Her mind was still on Gabe, already trying to mentally tie down any loose ends for him. Someone had to do it. Who else would even care? After a moment, she slowly pulled her face from his shoulder, her tear filled eyes meeting his gaze. She needed a shower. Her body was exhausted and broken and craving rest. But she couldn't, until she knew that something, or rather- someone- was taken care of. "I have to... go to his house." Her choked tone managed a quiet whisper. "I have to get Jigsaw." The tears became thicker as she thought of just how much that damn dog meant to him. Part of her feared that the pit had been killed trying to protect him, because the two were inseparable. But the other part of her clung to foolish hope. "If Gabe could've made one last request- it would've been for that dog to be taken care of. I have to make sure that happens."

    *He looked into her tear filled gaze as he kept his arms around her. She was in no shape to go anywhere, she could barely stand let alone drive. He had remembered the pit bull from Gabe's house and wondered if it was even still there if it was as protective of Gabe as it was when he was at his house the day before yesterday, it was a slim chance to none. He didn't want to put her through anymore heartbreak at the moment.* "Babe ya need ta stay 'ere I can go get 'em." *And that's if there wasn't any cops swarming his house yet.*

    Mike could overhear their whispers, feeling sorry for the poor woman. He really wished there was something he could say, or do. He wasn't accustomed to situations like this. Thank goodness he'd never lost anyone close to him, because it was just to painful. And then he actually thought about that. He HAD lost someone, and that thought ripped through his heart. But there was still hope that Splinter was still alive. So he tried to swallow his own pain, and spared a glance at Donatello. If Raph was going after the dog for Lexi, it was probably a good idea for them to go with him.

    Lexi weakly shook her head, but was grateful for Raph's offer. She really appreciated that he would be so willing to do that for her. "No, babe. I better go, he knows me. That dog is really protective... I wouldn't want him to attack you." She softly nuzzled his neck, her body craving nothing more than the comforts of him. But her job wasn't over. "But you can come with me."

    Don watched the couple in sadness. How could something like this happen to such a wonderful person? In the short time he'd known Lexi, she had made a good impression on all of them. He glanced over at Mikey and saw the pain in his eyes. Swallowing thickly, he slipped an arm around Mikey, pulling him into a hug. "Oh, Mikey...." he whispered softly.

    *Raphael didn't like the idea at all she wasn't in any shape to do this. A hint of annoyance crossed his face but was soon calmed when she nuzzled his neck, but he still wasn't going to give up that easily.* "Yer' in no shape ta be runnin' around, an' that dog ain't so tough. 'Side's Mikey's good wit' animals I'll bring 'em along."

    Mike leaned into his brother, trying NOT to think about it. But the harder he tried, the more determined his fears seemed to be to resurface their ugly heads. "Do you think... we'll see him again?" He asked in a quiet whisper. It was hard for him to bring up their Sensei... their father. But it seemed that Don had tapped into his thoughts.

    But Lexi was equally as stubborn as Raph. What if one of them got attacked, because of her quest? She couldn't lose two loved ones in one night. She would never be able to live with herself. But she sighed deeply, knowing Raph would be hard to crack on this. "Okay. But I'm going with you. I can wait in the car." That way, she would be close if she was needed. And if Jigs was alive, she was CERTAIN she could be needed. That dog didn't trust so easily, and with good reason.

    *He took in a deep breath she just wouldn't listen to him. He mentally cursed but wouldn't give in unless she played by his rules.* "Fine, but I'm drivin' an' if anymore asshole's show up ya drive off! I don' need ya gettin' inta' anymore fights." *He said sternly but his voice softened at his last comment while he began rubbing her back.*

    Their missing father had weighed heavily on all of their minds recently, but Don wasn't even thinking of that just now. His main concern was for his new friend and his two brothers with him. But when Mikey mentioned 'him', Don knew exactly who his brother was talking about. Being the optimist he was, he replied in a whisper. "Of course we will, Mikey." However, was trying to convince himself at the same time as his brother.

    Well, at least Raph had cracked a little. Enough to satisfy Lexi. "Okay." She replied weakly, and gave him an appreciative peck against the cheek. "Thank you."

    Mike drew strength from his brother's answer, so glad that Don managed to stay optimistic, even when he himself was finding it hard. Of course they would. They had too. It couldn't end like this, not knowing. "Yeah, you're right. He'll be back... I believe that, too."

    *Raphael smiled at her before breaking their embrace, and made sure she was steady before he approached his brothers with a more serious expression.* "Gabe had a' dog an' Lexi's wantin' ta go get 'em. I told 'er that I'm drivin' an' that she ain't leavin' the car but I'm gonna need some help he's a' big dog." *He didn't mention his thoughts about how the dog could be gone or worse even dead, but he didn't sound all that hopeful. He wasn't looking forward to this and the truth was that he needed his brother's more for keeping Lexi under control rather than retrieving the dog.*

    Well, he was certainly more convincing than he felt. This was a good thing. But still, Don was hopeful that they would see their father again. Moving back to the present, he looked up at Raph when he was speaking directly to both of them. Don nodded. "Sure, Raph. We'll do whatever you need." He spoke up for both of them, but hopefully he and Mike were thinking the same this time.

    Mike's attention also turned to Raph. He gave a nod in understanding, all too eager to help. And part of him was secretly excited to meet the dog. Of course, he had never met the pooch in question, therefore had no idea just how intimidating the animal was. "Sure, we'll help." He said while pushing himself up from the couch.

    Lexi followed closely beside Raph, listening as he spoke with his brothers. She was grateful that they seemed willing to help look for the dog, having no way of knowing Raph's true intentions for having them come along to 'babysit' her. She grabbed her keys, waiting to pass them over to Raph as soon as he was ready.

    *Raphael nodded and was glad that they were so eager to come along.* "Then let's get goin'." *He said as he turned around he then remembered that his disguise was in Lexi's car and Donatello's as well. He then turned back around looking at Mikey.* "Hey ya still got yer' street clothes?"

    "Mmhmm." Mike replied, then slipped into the kitchen. Moments later he reappeared in his bulky hoodie and pants he'd shed out of earlier that night. "So let's do this." Because he just couldn't wait to meet the pup! And if it brought Lexi even the slightest bit of comfort, it was definitely worth doing.

    Don gave Mike a small smile while rising from the couch himself. He cursed himself for discarding his clothes in Lexi's car. So how were they going to get them without being spotted in the process? Oh well, they'd figure that out when they came to it. Right now, it was time to head out. "Ready when you guys are."

    *He watched as Mikey slipped off to the kitchen and would have rather him answer his question besides walking off. But he was glad to see Mikey had them.* "Ok then ya help Lexi down ta the car an' me an' Donnie 'ere will take the fire escape." *He said figuring his over cautious brother would agree to this. He walked over to Lexi who was already near the door and took the keys. He smiled at her before motioning Donatello to follow him.*

    And Don did agree with this. He nodded to Raph then turned to Lexi and Mikey. "See you guys soon." Then he headed out with his older brother.

    Mike watched as Lexi passed the keys over to Raph, but wouldn't protest that HE was the better driver. This certainly wasn't the time. But at least he got to escort Lexi out to the car, a task he was quite proud of. So he did just that, looping his arm around her waist to help steady her, which she didn't protest. The poor girl looked as if it took every ounce of her strength to remain standing. He admired her will. Taking it slow for her sake, they soon arrived at the car. He opened the back door for her, then slid into the seat next to her. Part of him understood his brother's unspoken reason for having them come along. And it was a job he would take seriously. The girl was in no condition to get herself worked up again, or if worse came to worse, have a run-in with the trouble-makers.

    *Raphael headed to the same window Donatello and him used to get in. He opened it, struggling to get his bulky shell through but it wasn't enough to slow him down. Once he got out he ran down the escape stairs and jumped down instead of using the ladder at the end. The car was parked on the otherside of the building and he waited a moment for Donatello to catch up before continuing on. He stuck to the shadows staying out of the street lights reach as they finally made it to the other side. To his relief Mikey and Lexi were already there and he wasted no time running to the passengers seat to grab his trench coat and fedora.*

    Donatello was quick to follow in his brother's footsteps and successfully made it to the car, seeing Lexi and Mike already in there. He reached in the back and grabbed his street clothes and slipped them on. Then he waited for Raph to clear out of the way before sliding into the front passenger seat of the car, buckling in. He turned around and looked at both Lexi and Mikey. "We'll be there soon enough. Does Raph know where to go?"

    Lexi gave a small nod in reply to Don. "Yeah, he's been there before." She told him. She was anxious to get there, but reluctant at the same time. Would she be able to handle seeing all of the reminders of him? She knew it would be difficult. And part of her wanted to comply to Raph's conditions of her staying in the car. But only time would tell if she could actually follow through with those orders. But perhaps it was for the best. She wasn't sure if her heart could handle all of the reminders. His scent that would surely still be present, adding salt to festering wounds.

    *Raphael quickly moved out of his way and walked around to the driver's seat. Once he was inside he closed the door and fumbled with the keys for a moment before starting the car. He spared Donatello a glance as he backed up the car turning it towards the alley.* "No shit Don!" *He remembered it being in a strange neighborhood, and had a pretty good photographic memory.*

    Don rolled his eyes but said nothing to Raph's outburst. He should be used to it by now. He was just trying to make sure he had all the details. Yet his older brother reprimanded him for it. With a heavy sigh he sat back in the seat and stared out the window.

    Wow, so Raph had actually been to the place before? So this meant he actually knew Gabriel. But how well, he wasn't sure. It couldn't have been too well, obviously. He sat almost quietly, pondering that possibility. Raph had never been one to just randomly meet people, or show up at their house. So he wondered what the story was. But now wasn't the time to ask, though his curiosity was eating away at him. "So, you've met Gabe before?" He blurted out. So much for waiting. But it seemed a harmless question.

    Lexi remained quiet, too lost in thought to really register the conversation going on around her. Her tear-filled eyes stared blankly out the window as Raph drove, seeing nothing in particular. The feelings of anxiousness and reluctance still churned within her, making her nauseous. But as soon as she made sure the pit bull was safe, she could finally rest.

    *Raphael glanced into his rear view mirror to glare at Mikey. He just couldn't help but be a pain in the ass even on such a serious trip. He merged into the road and continued to drive, he kept his eyes on the road.* "Yea." *He said gruffly as if to warn Mikey to back off the subject. The meeting between him and Gabe hadn't gone well and had turned into a big argument. He didn't want to upset Lexi and kept his mouth shut on the details. As he came to a light he turned on his turning signal before turning right, he was a good driver no matter how his brothers would put it.*

    Don continued staring out the window--not looking at anything in particular. His mind was miles away. He knew that Raph would be testy under the circumstances, but was appalled on how he was acting towards questions that were so innocent. THAT was certainly uncalled for. But he refused to say anything more to Raph until he calmed down. When Raph's temper was so high, it was impossible to reason with him.

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    Post by Donatello on Thu Feb 04, 2010 8:59 am

    Mike wasn't trying to be a pain, but he was curious. And naturally, he had more questions. What had driven Raph to actually meet the guy? Surely it wasn't just some random thing. Their secrecy was way too important. There had to be a reason behind it, but catching that glare from his brother, he decided to hush... for Lexi's sake. He certainly didn't want to cause her any more grief. He couldn't even imagine what she was going through.

    Lexi's mind continued to wander, debating if she should even bother contacting Fal to let her know about Gabe. If she had left, she probably didn't care. Of course, she had no way of knowing of the meeting between her and Gabe only hours before his death. And what about Ezekiel? She didn't even know where to begin trying to find him. He was still away on business. That meant she would have to deal with this along. If she did go through with the memorial service.. who would even care. Some of his fellow gang members, perhaps. But it wasn't the same. She felt even more alone now, knowing she harbored this grief all by herself.

    *Raphael drove in silence, now that Mikey had stopped asking stupid questions, it had gotten very quiet. He soon made it to the neighborhood but was having a problem seeing Gabe's house, this was the right street wasn't it? He glanced into the rear view mirror seeing Lexi slumped over in her seat made him feel sorry for her, there was nothing he could do to help her. He didn't want to ask but did anyway.* "This the right street babe?"

    Lexi wiped away the tears and squinted out the window, but her eyes widened as she acknowledged the heavy clouds of gray smoke that still hung thickly in the air, where Gabriel's house should've been. Her heart sunk as they drove closer, the grizzly remains coming into view. There was hardly anything left. Just the crumbling foundation and a few charred boards, sticking erect from the burnt and still smoking debris.That suffocating pain had taken hold once again as the realization settled in. The Turks had found his place. "Oh God, No!" She choked out, as her trembling fingers fought frantically with the door handle. Hadn't she suffered enough without this? Not only had They taken him from her, but destroyed everything he'd owned. The firefighters had obviously extinguished the inferno, but it was too late. The house was gone.

    Donatello continued to stare out the window in silence. He glanced up when Raph spoke. He had a sickening feeling that something wasn't right and Lexi's cry confirmed it. Where a house was supposed to be, there was only destruction. He looked at Lexi. "Who could have done this?" Of course he didn't know about all the enemies Gabe had made or that many knew where he lived in the first place.

    Mike was shocked to see the destruction, and his thoughts mirrored Don's question. He noticed that she was having difficulties opening the door, and briefly wondered if he should stop her. He knew that Raph wanted them to 'baby-sit' her, but surely this threw everything out the window. The danger had been here, and left. They had left their mark.

    *It wasn't until they got closer that Raphael noticed that it was indeed Gabe's house..or at least it was. He winced at hearing Lexi's scream but would be damned if he let her out of the car! He pushed the automatic door locks hoping it was quick enough to stop her. There was nothing left those bastards must have really wanted Gabe gone and Raphael found himself briefly thinking about what it was Gabe could have done to piss them off that much! He started to shift the car in reverse and looked back over his seat facing Lexi.* "Let's get ya home." *He said as softly as his raspy voice could.*

    "The Turks..they..they.. found his place..someone tipped them off.." Lexi managed to answer in between body-wrenching sobs as she fumbled with the door. And then it clicked. There was only one person other than herself and Raph that knew where Gabriel lived. Mikko. "That.. fucking bitch!" She choked out, and soon realized why she couldn't get out of the car. "No!" She pleaded as Raph threw the car in reverse. "I have.. to find that dog." It took everything she had to produce words. Her gaze pleading with him. "It's all.. I have left of him.."

    *Raphael stopped for a moment, her pleading and sobbing was starting to get to him. He couldn't believe that after looking at this burned down house that she actually thought the dog was still alive. He knew she was delusional from grief and wasn't thinking clearly. It worried him to see her fall apart like this and he wasn't sure what it was that would let her put this wild goose chase to rest. He put the car in drive and roughly parked it at the side of the road before looking back at her again.* "Me an' Don will look around jus' sit tight fer' a lil while." *He had a habit of volunteering his brothers but at the time he didn't think he would disagree. He then reached for his own door handle.*

    This was bad. Don already knew that Lexi was near her breaking point and this just pushed her over the edge. He hadn't known her very long, but he knew that NO ONE deserved this kind of pain. He looked sadly at Lexi and swallowed hard, hating to be the barer of bad news. "The chances of finding him alive in those ruins are slim to none," he said, shaking his head. "But there's a small chance that he escaped before the flames consumed him." Then he looked over at Raph and nodded. "Of course I'll help." Then he turned to Mikey. "Mikey, stay here and keep her company. We'll be back soon." He unbuckled himself and opened the door, stepping out.

    It was breaking Mike's heart, to see anyone this way. He wished there was something he could say or do, to put her at ease. But what could possibly ease her pain? Only time could alleviate that. He gave a nod at Don's request and reached over, gently pulling her against him. He half-expected that she would retaliate, lash out and demand on going with them, but she was too broken. She leaned into him, burying her face against his shoulder and sobbed uncontrollably. Mike gently rubbed her back, trying to soothe her. And being the optimist he was, he just had to give her some shred of hope to cling to. "You know, I'm sure that dog is okay. Maybe he wasn't even in that house. We can make reward fliers..that's what I did when my kitty went missing." He gently squeezed her.

    *Raphael got out of the car and pulled his fedora down. As he came around the car he was relieved that Lexi had stayed put, it was really the best for her. He followed Donatello to the charred remains of the house. The burning smell that lingered was a little strong as he coughed in his sleeve. Now that they weren't near Lexi and Mikey, he was free to share his thoughts on the subject.* "Don that dog couldn't of survived this shit! Ain't sure if she'll ever believe it.." *It was too dark to even look around the yard, he was just out here to satisfy Lexi.*

    Donatello lead his brother to the ruins. The smell of smoke, and whatever other aroma was in the air, was overwhelming and he also covered his face. "I know, Raph, but was there a door or something he could have slipped out of?"

    "Hell if I know! The dog was a' fuckin' pit bull, doubt he'd run off. He wasn't exactly friendly the last I saw 'em." *He took a few steps further into the the yard and towards the back of the house. There just wasn't anything left and any evidence they could have used probably went down in flames along with the house. He wondered how long they would have to stay out here.*

    Lexi continued to sob against him, having no more reserve left in her. This was too much. She tried to listen as Mike attempted to give her hope, but she knew if Jigs wasn't here, then he had surely been with Gabriel, since he rarely left the house without him. And as Gabe's eyesight began to deteriorate due to the head trauma he'd received over a year ago, he relied even more on that dog. But Jigs hadn't been at the docks, and she knew the Turks would've had to kill him in order to get to Gabe. The thought was devastating. It took every ounce of strength she had left, but she forced herself to lift her head and hit the auto button to roll down the window. She tried to steady her shaky voice before calling out with lost hope. But if he was around, he would recognize her voice. "JIGS!"

    Donatello's patience with Raph was coming to an end. He was getting fed up with his brother yelling at him when he was just trying to get information. "There's no need to yell, Raph. I know you're upset too, but shouting at us isn't solving anything." He went over to his brother and laid a hand lightly on his shoulder. "I know what it's like to lose someone, Raph. And it's alright to let those emotions out. Just not directed towards anyone in particular." He gave Raph's shoulder a gentle squeeze. We'll all get through'll just take some time. Just make sure you stay with Lexi now. She really needs you, now more than ever." Of course he was also thinking about the absence of their own father as well. But right now, there were other things to worry about.

    *Raphael rolled his shoulder as Donatello squeezed it. It wasn't that Raphael didn't care he just wasn't into this mushy brother stuff. Don was just being over sensitive and Raphael thought it would do Don some good to toughen up.* "Jeeze get a' grip. Don'cha think i know that already. I ain't gonna leave 'er I jus' wanna get 'er home she's been through enough shit tonight!" *Raphael had a feeling that Donatello was talking about Splinter but he refused to talk about it there was no way their father would be gone forever. Raphael walked further into the yard and was getting frustrated, he was very close to calling this search off.*

    Don sighed heavily. He expected that reaction from Raph. This certainly wasn't getting either of them anywhere so he decided to drop it. "Fine. Once we get back to Lexi's, should Mikey and I leave so you two can be alone?" Don wasn't sure how comfortable he would be there if Raph hung out around Lexi the whole time. Not that it was a bad thing for Raph to do--in fact, that was the best thing for them. But with so many people there, it could be a good thing and a bad thing. And Don didn't want Lexi's already-delicate condition to backslide further because there were too many people around. Yet, he still wanted to be there for her. She needed as much support from friends as possible now.

    Mike didn't protest as she lowered the window and called out for Jigs. She needed this, he thought. To know that she tried. As time began to tick on, it was seeming doubtful that his brothers would find the dog, though he had really been hoping the poor girl could have that reunion. He watched out the window for any signs of that happening, frowning as he listened to Lexi's hoarse and shaky voice become weaker.

    "Hey someone's gotta go home an' explain this shit ta 'fealess leader'." *He said with a sarcastic tone, he was actually serious though. Leonardo would probably have a heart attack if none of them came home. He wanted time to comfort Lexi without being watched. He took one more glance around the burned down house before turning around and heading towards the car.* "Come on Donnie, it ain't doin' no good standin' a'round out 'ere." *He felt bad it wasn't like he wanted that dog to die, he just took it for how it was no clues no house meant no dog. Sometimes he was just to cynical for his own good. The only thing he hated was having to face Lexi and crushing what little hope she had left.*

    Donatello sensed the sarcasm in Raph's reply and nodded. He was right, of course. Someone had to report to Leo. Maybe not about this, exactly, but the eldest brother had to be wondering where they were. They had been gone much longer than Don thought they would. He was surprised that Leo hadn't called any of them to see what was up. Back at the task at hand, it seemed like they had hit a dead pun intended. With a sad sigh, he nodded again, heading back. "I wish there was something we could do for her, Raph. She needs some sort of closure..."

    *The car came into view as they continued walking.* "She can get that after some sleep.." *He said flatly, not exactly knowing what it was Donatello expected him to do.*

    "Maybe..." he replied. Although, if Lexi was anything like him, if he was really upset or worried, sleep would certainly not come easily. But after all the emotion she had expressed, she would probably exhaust herself in no time. Not the best way to get to sleep but the body could only deal with so much at one time.

    Lexi's strained voice finally gave out on her. She made several more times to call his name, becoming more frantic as she saw Raph and Don heading back towards the car, and her worst fears were confirmed. They hadn't found him. She slumped forward, burying her face against her hands, unable to muffle her cries.

    *Raphael walked around the car and could already here Lexi crying. Atleast now maybe she would accept it, his heart went out to her. He opened the driver's side door and climbed in, he then spoke confirming what she already knew.* "Sorry babe there's no sign of 'em." *He waited a moment longer before starting the car.*

    Donatello was right behind Raph and slid into the passager seat and buckled in. His heart really went out to Lexi. They had crushed the last of her hopes of the dog being alive. He once again stared out the window, eyes shining with unshed tears from the overwhelming emotions that threatened to consume him.

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    Mike's frown deepened as he watched his brothers return empty handed. His heart really went out to Lexi. That small shred of hope that she had been clinging to was now gone. As she broke down, he gently slid his arms around her, pulling her against him. It was all he could do to keep from crying, too. It was hard seeing this kind of emotion without being effected. 'Maybe we can make reward posters, or something.." He suggested to his brothers, obviously not willing to give up just yet.

    Donatello sighed deeply, still trying to keep powerful emotions at bay. But it was looking hopeless. Even if Mike was still trying to keep that hope alive. Not trusting his voice anymore, he didn't say anything else and just sighed again instead, still staring out the window.

    *Raphael turned the car around and headed back to Lexi's apartment. Mikey's words didn't mean anything to him and he felt it was stupid to give Lexi false hope. He slightly nodded and continued down the road out of the neighborhood.*

    Lexi sobbed into Mike's shoulder, wishing the pain would just stop. This was the pain she had tried to avoid years ago, when she'd fled to California. But fate had been patient. It had waited for her to return, and struck without mercy. She overheard Mike's suggestion, but if the dog wasn't inside the house, he was surely with Gabe. And she knew the gang would've had to kill the pit bull in order to touch their target. "I.. should've stayed..." Her voice finally broke, muffled against Mike's shoulder. "He was.. hurt...and I left.." She continued, feeling the guilt over leaving Gabe's house the night before.

    *He was actually grateful she didn't stay.* "Babe there was nothin' ya could a' done they'd of killed ya to." *He said bluntly, it was true. The bright lights of the city came into view as they reached the busy New York streets. Her apartment wasn't far now.*

    Well, it seemed that no-one was too keen on his poster idea. But that wouldn't detour Mike. He would do it himself, if he had to. For Lexi. Of course, he would have to find out what the dog looked like, but hearing Lexi's guilt-stricken outburst, now wasn't the time to ask. "He's right." Mike quietly agreed with his brother, giving her a small squeeze. He had no idea of this Gabriel guy's background. But he kept thinking to himself, it was too bad the guy didn't have brothers to have his back. 'Maybe we could've watched out for him, if we'd known he was in trouble.' He thought to himself. If this guy meant so much to Lexi, Mike would've gladly became a secret guardian.

    But Lexi couldn't see it that way. "I could've... at least.. called for help.." She replied in a weak and hoarse tone. Her body was spent, the emotions and heartache draining everything from her. "Mikko.. told them where he lived. She had to! No-one else knew.." She choked back a sob. "How.. could she hate him so much.. when he did.. nothing but love her!"

    Don also silently agreed with Raph's statement. Even staring out the window wasn't enough to completely distract him from hearing what was said inside the automobile. But there wasn't really anything else he could add...if he COULD speak without letting his emotions leak through. He really hated crying in front of people, but he would occasionally do it behind closed doors if he felt the need to. However, this was the closest he'd come to crying in a long time. Over the past several months he'd dealt with several different emotions but crying wasn't one of them. Maybe another part of the reason for himself teetering on the edge of his own emotional breakdown was because he was coming to terms with the fact that they may NOT see their father again. But there was still hope of that happening. Everything else had been piling up on him for a while and he could only hold it back for so long.

    *It stung to hear Lexi blaming herself and it seemed she wouldn't believe him no matter what she said. He let it go thinking she'd think clearly after a few days. He rolled his eyes as she mentioned Mikko 'Wha' was yer' first clue?' He thought to himself and was still pissed off after Mikko's little stunt earlier that night! They finally reached the apartment and Raphael drove back through the alley, parking in the same place as before.*

    Mike could only listen on in silence, wishing he knew how to comfort her. To put her mind at ease. Gabriel's pain was over, but Lexi's would linger for a while. He gave her another soft, comforting squeeze, hoping it would soothe her. He could tell she was spent, and hoped that she would give into sleep soon. She really needed it. Fortunately for him, he couldn't see Don on the verge of his own emotions. That would've surely been his own breaking point. He glanced out the window as Raph parked the car, only now realizing that they had made it back.

    Don knew they were back and he did his best to suck up his emotions for now. This was NOT the right time for a breakdown. He slowly unbuckled himself, still not able to face anyone. Although he did manage to keep his emotions in check...for now. He reached for the door handle and opened the door, stepping out. He quickly wiped his eyes as he did so with his back turned towards the vehicle, trying to be as discreet as possible.

    *Raphael couldn't help but notice Donatello wiping his face as he got out of the car or at least that's the way it looked to Raphael. Was he crying? Raph wondered but kept quiet as he climbed out of the car and walked to the side Lexi was sitting. On his way he patted Don on the shoulder which was his way of showing that he cared. He then opened the back door and reached in to help Lexi out.*

    Now that he had his emotions completely under control again, he turned and faced Raph when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He gave a small nod in response then waited for the others to get out of the car.

    Lexi didn't even acknowledge the fact that the car had come to a stop. Her body was too exhausted to keep up with the wrenching sobs. She was beginning to quiet, though the pain hadn't eased at all. She was spent. Too tired to continue voicing her guilt and the regrets that were eating away at her. She finally lifted her head from Mike's shoulder when she heard Raph open her door. She gazed up at him with tear-filled eyes, reaching a shaky hand out to take his as she forced herself out of the car.

    *He grabbed her hand and supported her. He would carry her if he had to she was starting to look worse.* "I got 'cha." *He encouraged.*

    Lexi gave up her grip on his hand for a more secure hold on his arm. She felt dizzy from the sudden vertigo and her legs felt weak beneath her. The night was definitely catching up to her fast. But as exhausted as she was, she would surely fight sleep. Afraid of the nightmares it would bring.

    *Raphael adjusted his stance by standing behind her with one arm around her hip and used his other arm to support hers. He then began leading her towards the building.*

    Once Lexi was out of the car, Mike slid across the backseat and exited the car. He watched in concern as Lexi tried to get her bearings as he moved closer to where Don stood. He too gave his brother's shoulder a light squeeze, but had no idea of just how close his Donnie had come to losing control of his own pent up emotions. He wasn't sure if they were staying here, or heading back home. While he wanted to stay and help in any way he could, a part of him realized that she might need some quiet time to get herself under control. He was certain Raph would stay behind to keep an eye on her.

    Swallowing thickly, he turned to Mike. "We should go," he said softly, the first thing he had said since entering the car. He hoped his voice didn't betray himself from being on the verge of tears moments earlier. He knew how hard it was for Mike to hold back those emotions. He was the most sensitive of the brothers and displayed his emotions on his sleeve, so to speak. So Don had be strong for his little brother, at least.

    With Raph's assistance, Lexi slowly made her way into the building. She climbed the stairs, then fumbled with her keys until finally unlocking the door. Dried blood was still caked to her skin and clothes. She desperately needed a bath, but was too exhausted to even consider that at the moment. "I.. think... I need to lie down." She told the others. Her tone weak and completely exhausted. "You're free to stay if you want. Make yourselves at home." And a part of her was hoping that Raph would accompany her. She needed to be held, now more than ever before.

    But Mike did detect something in his brother's voice. He looked into his eyes, detecting the grief that had been there, not too long ago. Like a bruise on the soul, taking color after the injury had been inflicted. He gave his brother's shoulder another light squeeze, and nodded in reply. "Thanks, Lexi. But I think we should go. Leo will be worried." He gave Raph a look, silently conveying that if he needed anything, they would be there in a heartbeat. He moved in to give the woman a gentle hug, then rejoined his purple-clad brother. "Get some rest."

    Don managed a small smile with his little brother's second squeeze then turned to Lexi. "Thanks for the offer, Lexi, but I think we'll pass. I'm sure Raph will stay with you. We need to report to our other brother." His smile became wider, but more forced. "Take care, and we'll see you later." He gave her a wave then looked at Raph. "We'll see you in a bit, Raph." And with that, he gave them a wave and started heading back with Mike.

    *Raphael helped her up to her apartment and he was surprised that she had made it. He nodded in agreement as she mentioned she needed rest, he would follow her where ever she went. Raphael glanced over as Mikey and Donatello prepared to leave. He then nodded at Mikey silently thanking him. He held tightly to Lexi's arm and was ready to escort her to the bedroom.*

    Lexi returned Mike's gentle embrace, and waved at the two before allowing Raph to escort her to the bedroom. She kicked out of her heels and began peeling out of her blood-stained dress, but was too exhausted to bother with dressing into her gown. Her underwear would just have to do. Besides, it wasn't anything Raph hadn't seen before. She pulled back the covers and tiredly crawled into bed, her hazy gaze meeting Raph's as she patted the spot beside her.

    *Raphael grinned as Lexi striped down to her underwear. He then mental kicked himself for even think of something like that right now. He took off his belt droping it to the floor his Sai's made clanging noise as it hit. He sat down on the bed before taking off the rest of his gear. He climbed under the cover's pulling her into his arms.*

    To be continued here:

    Don and Mike - Consult and Comfort
    Raph and Lexi - Painful Reality

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