The day the whole world went away


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    The day the whole world went away Empty The day the whole world went away

    Post by Mikko on Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:17 pm

    I'd listen to the words he'd say

    But in his voice I heard decay

    The plastic face forced to portray

    All the insides left cold and gray

    There is a place that still remains

    It eats the fear it eats the pain

    The sweetest price he'll have to pay

    The day the whole world went away

    I can still remember that day, that moment. I know that I'll never forget it. I think a part of me wants it that way, to remember what happen, what I did. I'll always regret it. But I knew even then that it had to be done.

    It was so cold that night. So very cold. I could see my breath, white and hazy in the air. Even in my panic state I could feel the freezing chill in the air. The tree that I leaned on was hard, and rough. A bit of ice that was stuck to the bark touched my bare neck, but I didn't dare move, or react to it. He was after me. Part of me had always knew that this night would come. The night that Spike snapped and I became his pray. I thought I was ok with that. I thought I could handle it, handle death. I couldn't, Not like that.

    I could hear him getting closer to me. It was now or never. Fight or flight. I tried so hard to control my breathing. So hard to control my movements, but my body was shaking so much, It took everything that I had to grab the smooth handle of my knife. It's red handle shone as the street lamp hit it. The stain blade ready for it's next victim...But I wasn't ready.

    Maybe I should have kept running. But till what end? I couldn't spend the rest of my life running and worrying about my child. So I acted. Jumping from behind the thick tree ready to attack, to quench my blades thirst. I hesitated. He wasted no time in reacting and I was once again against the tree.

    I was going to die. I knew that, but I couldn't except it So I fought back, Thinking about that now, maybe it wasn't the best idea. Maybe I should have tried to talk to him. Then again. Maybe it all worked out for the best. But my fighting back aroused him, turned him on more then I probably ever had in the past. So I found my naked body pressed tightly against him and the tree.

    The tree was harsh on my skin, my pale flesh turning bright read from both the rubbing and bleeding. I tried to push away, but he was to strong. There was nothing I could do as he slipped himself inside of me. It was a feeling that any other time I would have loved and begged for more. But now it made me sick and hurt.

    I've been raped by men in the past. But this was different. This was...It was Him He wasn't suppose to ever do this to me. I closed my eyes so tightly that I could see white and colored dots behind my lids. His hands gripped my hips tightly, I could feel his fingers digging into me, each thrust pushing me roughly against the tree. I hoped for it all to be over soon.

    And it was. I fell to the cool ground, My cloths ripped and tossed on the ground. My body was shaking uncontrollably. He spoke, I didn't quite catch what he said though, I was looking for my knife in the thick grass. I didn't see the kick coming and soon it was even harder to breath. But I found my knife. My fingers wrapped around the cold handle. I looked up and watched as he too grabbed his weapon. There wasn't any time to think. It was me or him. I couldn't die. Not like this. Not here. Not now.

    I stabbed him. Then again, and again. Over and over. I finally made it to my feet. I no longer felt the cold, no longer tasted the blood on my lips. I saw nothing but him. My knife carved into his body even as he fell to the ground I fell with him my motions never stopping. I couldn't stop. He would come back, he couldn't die, he always came back.

    Then he spoke. He spike words that I never knew he was capable of speaking. I stopped and looked down at him. The world at once came back into view. My body was cold again. through teary eyes I looked down at his still form. My knife slipped from my bloody hands and I lifted my love from the cold ground.

    I begged him not to leave me. Begged him to come back! He never dies. he couldn't! He always comes back! Why?! Why wasn't he coming back!?

    I held on to him, cradling him in my arms as I cried over him. I loved him more then even I knew. I'll never forget that night. It'll forever haunt me, not only in my sleep, but in my waking hours as well.

    As He slipped away into what ever afterlife he was destine for, he took a part of me with him. And I'll never get that back...

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