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    Mikey's Meme!!! Empty Mikey's Meme!!!

    Post by Michelangelo on Wed Jun 23, 2010 11:47 am


    Who are you?:Michelangelo..like, duh! Razz Mikey.. The Mikester.. Turtle Titan. *smiles* But, I'm best known as ... THE BATTLE NEXUS CHAMPION!!! ^.^

    How old are you?: 18!!! I'm TOTALLY legal now!!Woot!!

    Natural hair color? *blinks* Um... is this a trick question? scratch Reptiles don't have hair!! I'm bald and sexeh.. just like Vin Diesel!! ^.^

    Eye color? : Baby blues that'll melt glaciers. Wink

    Do you have any brothers or sisters?: I have three of the bestest brothers in the world!! Even though Raph likes to chase me around, threatening to do evil things to me. It's soooo good that I can outrun him!

    Glasses/Contacts? : Um.. *whips out his phone book* Here's my contacts, who you wanna call? And as far as glasses... I have some collector Justice Force mugs that I've had forever. But dude, I really don't understand why you would ask about both of these in a two word question? scratch Donnie! I need your help here!!!

    Piercing? : Does being pierced with a weapon count? If so... yes!!! ^.^

    Tattoos? : I have some lick-n-sticks!!! Buuut, I'm saving them for the convention.

    Braces? : It's better to brace yourself than fall...gah, these sure are weird questions. O.o

    What's your height?: Um... shorter than my brothers, but I'm still growing, dangit!!

    Are you a virgin?: Not by choice. :frown:

    Who's your mate/ spouse?: *sniffles*..okay, this is just cruel!

    Do you have any kids?: *quirks a brow, and whispers* Dude.. I think you have to not be a virgin in order to have kids...

    Have any secrets?: Um.. I'm not really that good at keeping secrets.


    Color? : Orange!! Duh!

    Song? : That changes from day to day. But right now, I reeeeally like Pocket Full of Sunshine!! ^.^

    Video game? Gosh... I have way too many to list! I like just about every video game out there, but ight now I've been pretty absorbed in Silent Hill! That game soooo gives me nightmares, but it's so much fun!!

    Anime? : Sonic!!

    Movie? : All the comic-booksie movies that's out there. Loooove Hell Boy, and Watchmen!!!

    Book? : Where the Wild Things Are

    Food? : Pizzah.. duh!

    Animal?: My Klunkers!

    Cartoon? : Scooby Doo!

    DO YOU…

    Play an instrument? : Yes! I'm pretty good at drums, but I've lost part of my set. Both due to misplacement, and Raph's tantrums. :frown:

    Like to sing? : Yes! I'm SO gonna be the next American Idol!! :biiig:

    Have any special talents/skills? : Dude, you're looking at the master prakster.. the Battle Nexus Champion.. what do you think? Razz

    Exercise daily? : Yeah. Sensei makes me.

    Love someone?: Mmhmm! I love my brothers, and Sensei!! ^.^ Annnd Casey and April.

    Like school? : I'm 'home schooled'. And no, I'm not that crazy about it. I end up falling asleep most of the time.

    CAN YOU…

    Stand on your tip toes without wearing shoes? : Of course!! *does so, and falls..*

    Speak any other languages? :Yep! I can speak some Japanese, though, I'm not as good as my brothers.

    Go a day without food? : I've done that before, and it's brutal!! I prefer not to! I neeeds foodeh!

    Stay up for more than 24 hours? : Yes! I've done that countless times when I get engrossed in an addictive game.

    Roll your tongue? : Yes! *gives the nice folks a demonstration*

    Eat a whole pizza? : One pizza is a piece of pie...get it.. pie? Razz


    Snuck out of the house? : Mmhmm..

    Cried to get out of trouble? : Yep! :biiig:

    Gotten lost in your city? : Yeah, but it was all Don's fault!!

    Seen a shooting star? : Yep! And I've made wishes on them, too!

    Been to any other countries?: Dude.. I've been to other worlds!

    Had a serious injury? : Too many to count.

    Have you ever killed someone?: *gives a sad look* I'm ninja.. it comes with the territory. But I try not to, if I can keep from it.

    Do you hate anyone? Gash, no! I'm too lazy to hate. Razz

    Stolen something important to someone else? : Yeah. Embarassed But I really wanted that comic!! I've stolen food, too. But I don't think that counts as important to the people I've taken it from. But it was important for me.

    Solved a Rubik’s cube? : Um.. does pulling off the stickers to align them all correctly count? :biiig:

    Cried over a girl/ boy? : I've cried over that cute-toed girl at the comic book store, but I've never told anyone.. until now.

    Hugged a random stranger? : I wish I could! But sadly I can't get too close to random strangers, since they'll scream and stuff..

    Been in a fist fight? : Duh...

    Been arrested? : I don't think being arrested would be an option for me. O.o More like, carted off to a laboratory or something... *shivers*

    Done drugs? : Just the herbal stuff that Splinter gives me when I'm badly injured.

    Had alcohol? : Tried it before!! ^.^ Gotta say, I don't understand why Raph and Casey are so crazy about it. *gags*

    Swore at your parents? : Shell no. O.o

    Got kicked where it hurts? : Yeah. Embarassed Mainly by kids at parties.

    Been in love? : Yeah. But the girl I had my eyes on hooked up with some street thug. *sighs*

    Ran over an animal and killed it? : No!! I totally break for animals!!

    Broken a bone? : Yeah. Sad A broken leg bites!!

    Gotten stitches? : Mmhmm

    Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour? Yes! Following the alcohol incident.

    Bitten someone? : Mmhmm. :biiig: It's a cheap shot, but it works!! Razz

    Been to Disneyland/Disneyworld? : No... but I wanna!!!

    Been to Niagara Falls? : Nope.


    Brushed your teeth? : This morning!!

    Took a shower?: A week ago! So, I'm still pretty fresh! ^.^

    Had sex? : Um... I made out with a poster last week.. scratch

    Saw a movie in theaters? : It's been a while. Sad

    Read a book? : Does comics count? Last night.

    Had a black-out?: Two days ago...

    Tripped in front of someone? : Two minutes.. forty nine seconds ago...

    Got sick? : Last month. Got some killer chicken noodle soup out of the deal, though. ^.^


    Pants/shorts: Nekkid!!!
    Winter break/spring break: Spring!! Turtles HATE winter!!

    Spring/Autumn: Spring!!

    Clouds/Clear sky: Clear Sky!!


    Boy or Girl?:Um.. I like girls! ^.^


    Do you believe there is someone for everyone? Yep!!

    What was your first kiss like? Um.. it tasted like paper. :?

    How old were you when you got your first kiss?: Lesse.. I made out with Cindy Crawford when I was fifteen!!

    What was your first sexual intercourse like?: Um..I haven't made it that far, yet..

    How old were you when you lost your virginity?:Um.. I guess I haven't made myself clear? scratch I haven't!!!

    Do you think love is a load of sh!t?: Nah. It's complicated.. but not a load of.. well.. what you said...

    What’s the best experience you've ever had with the opposite sex?That small chat I had with Tobi's friend at the comic book store!! ^.^ Even though she snubbed me. Sad

    Have you ever been dumped? : Um.. you have to be in a relationship to be dumped..

    Have you ever dumped someone? I don't think I could ever be that mean.


    Funny?: Of course!! ^.^ I amuse myself, at least!!

    Pretty?: I'm the prettiest turtle around!!

    Sarcastic? : Sometimes..

    Lazy? : My brothers think I am.

    Hyper? : Yes!! *bounces off the walls*

    Friendly? : Yes!! ^.^

    Evil? : Some of my pranks, maybe.. but not moi!

    Smart? : I'm Smarrrtuh!!

    Strong? : Mmhmm... I didn't become the Battle Nexus Champion by being a wimp, you know. Wink

    Talented? : Like duh!

    Dorky? : I'm too cool to be dorky!

    Calm?: When I'm asleep!! ^.^


    Sky dive? : Yes!!

    Run away? : Um.. I hope things would never get that bad! I love my family!

    Curse at a teacher? : Who, Sensei.. O.o Heck no!!

    Not take a shower for a week? : Dude! I've gone months!! ^.^

    Ask someone out? : Yeah.. Embarassed


    What kind of computer do you have?: Donnie's!! ^T.^ But shhh!! Don't tell him I'm on here...

    What's your job?: Keeping my brothers on their toes.. giving Sensei more gray hairs. Razz And I also work as a party clown. Super Hero by night. ^.^

    Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies? : Um, I'd much rather eat it! But if someone is being too loud, yes!

    How many posters do you have in your room? : Quite a few!

    How many CD's do you have? : More than a few. I even have some of Raph's. Razz But don't tell him!!

    What do you do to relax?: Play video games, or read comics. I also like to go watch people in Central Park... and prank them. ^.^ The ol' dollar bill on a fishing line never gets old!

    There's a person who's teasing you, what do you do?: Dish it out, ten fold!

    Let’s say you have a person who you really care about but she/ he doesn’t know about your feelings. How do you tell her/him? Um.. just tell them!! Though, I've never gotten a chance with that one that got away..

    Do you like your creator?: Duh! I wouldn't exist here if not for the one pulling my strings! ^.^

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