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    Monologue Empty Monologue

    Post by Mikko on Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:36 am

    This is a short monologue of Mikko on the phone with a very hysterical mother.

    You were suppose to be here an hour ago. You're lucky that I'm feeling so generous, I'll give you twenty more minutes. If you're not here by then, I'm afraid you're little girl will suffer. Now you know I don't like harming children. And I'll hate you if you make me kill this precious little girl. Looks like you only have fifteen minuets now. Better hurry.

    On a cell phone you say? On your way? oooooh but Rosedown is pretty far away. You know. I don't think you really care about your daughter. I'm starting to think that she would be better off dead. What? Now you're going to cry. HA!

    If it was my child, I would have been here a long time ago. Oh don't give me that excuse. Do you think this little one cares that you were hours away? Do you think she cares that her mother was caught in traffic? I don't think so. She'll know that her mother didn't come for her. Oh no. Stay on the phone. I want you to hear when you failed.

    Times a tickin. You have five minutes. Nope. I'm not giving you anymore time. five minutes and that's all.

    Why am I doing this? Because I can! I don't NEED to know you. What? Not having fun? I am! Oh and the little girl is to. She's shaking with excitement! Oh hang on I want you to repeat those sobs to your little one.

    Enough of that. and times up....


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