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    Gods among men Empty Gods among men

    Post by Mikko on Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:33 pm

    ((Intro to a story I'm slowly working on.))

    "Don't just stand there fool! Bring her to me!" Shredder demanded when he was informed that the scientist had been found. Her name was Dr. Gishio, but she went by Dr. G. She was head of the research team for a new found parasite that acted more like a virus. It was all very fascinating. The virus, which had been dubbed the G virus, both because it was the doctor that discovered it, and they were amused by the Resident Evil connection, was mutating humans.

    Not mutating them like you saw on movies, where the man turns into the swamp thing. No, this was all an internal change that didn't seem to harm the host at all. What interested the Doctor was the healing abilities that these people seemed to have. And it also appeared that animals were able to sense the virus in people, and was usually fearful though they could never figure out why.

    The government had no idea where this parasite came from or how it was transmitted. It just seemed that, some people where infected and some where not. Because of this, the government decided to hid this discovery from the public. They didn't want to cause an unnessasery scare among the masses.

    But Shredder had his informants. And he soon found out about this parasite. But to his dismay the informant couldn't tell him anything about the parasite other then it was called the G virus and sometimes jokingly called the God Virus because of the healing abilities that the infected had.

    And now, Shredder wanted more info. To get that he would have to speak to the doctor directly. But she wasn't doing interviews, and had decline even phone calls. But Shredder would not be denied.

    "I want her here. now!" He yelled and watched his men scatter out like roaches under florescent lights. He folded his hands behind his back and looked out of is window, at the top of his massive tower. He looked down at the people that were hurrying to were ever they were destine to, and couldn't help but wonder, Just how many damn mutants were in the city?

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