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    Rated R for future chapters, and warning:: Character death.

    Disclaimer: I don't own them. Bummer.


    Lost Souls
    Chapter 1

    A stream of crimson red seeped from deep wounds, trickling down his mottled reptilian skin, staining between his soft, almost microscopic scales. The innocent creature sat perched at the abandoned building's ledge, so far up into the darkened atmosphere that he would probably pass as a stone gargoyle overlooking the city and protecting against evil spirits.

    The cool wind pressed against his bruised skin, chilling him to the core. The young soul seemed oblivious to all the discomforts overwhelming his senses; unaware of the heartbroken tears streaking his dirt-covered cheeks.

    Large, chocolate brown eyes fixated on the streets below; innocent eyes that had seen more than his fair share of heartache, pain, and hardships shared with his beloved family.. but it was all falling apart too rapidly to comprehend. Ties seemingly unbreakable and tight-knit were unraveling before his eyes and he was powerless to stop it.

    Orange bandana tails flapped wildly in the wind, stained with his own blood... ripped and punctured by the weapon of his brother... same as his body; his soul.

    "He didn't mean it, I know he didn't. He wouldn't purposely hurt me... he didn't mean what he said....'s all my fault. I probably deserved it."

    A soft sniffle emitted from Michelangelo, but the young turtle was numbed to his tears, overwhelmed by his fears, and suffocating in his own grief. Too lost within himself and trying to make sense of things; searching for where he'd fucked up so badly, the advancing footsteps would go unheard. Even if they had been detected, why bother with running? He was tired and mentally waving the tattered flag of defeat.

    "There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you, Mikey." Came the soft and gentle voice of Donatello; the only brother that seemed to give a damn about him. Michelangelo didn't even flinch under the newfound knowledge of the new arrival. His gaze remained glued to the streets below, the occasional soft sniffle, his only response.

    So in tune to all his brothers, Donatello could sense the pain that his youngest sibling was harboring. It was staggering, overpowering and polluting. The brainy turtle quietly took a seat beside him on the ledge, opting to simply be there for him rather than nag or insist upon him returning to the lair. In truth, he wasn't too keen on the idea of returning either. The nasty wounds concealed beneath the cloak of darkness concerned him, but more-so was his brother's mental status.

    Silence passed between them, an unspoken understanding shared among the two youngest, more placid brothers.

    "I wish they would stop doing that, Donnie. It hurts to see them always at each other's throats." Michelangelo quietly informed, finally breaking the silence. Donatello softly nodded in understanding. His bigger concern was Mike's undying will to break up the vicious fights that frequently broke out between Leonardo and Raphael.

    A gentle hand rested upon Mikey's shoulder, squeezing gently and conveying his understanding. "Me too, Mikey. Me too." Don quietly replied.

    The purple-clad turtle sucked in a breath of cool air, reluctance building over what he was about to say, but the passive turtle was becoming worried for his little brother's welfare. "Mike, I know you mean well, but perhaps it's time for you to consider refraining from intervention. I know you love them and don't want to witness them ripping each other apart, but...."

    The fresh and vivid memories of the fight replayed in his mind, and the horrific turn of events which ended with Raphael turning his attack and targeting Mike. The physical attack had been bad enough, but the verbal assault was heartbreaking to witness, and possibly metally devastating to those they were aimed at.

    If it had affected Donatello, the cruelty not even directed at him, he could only imagine what it had done to his baby brother's mentality. The tears attested to the heartbreak, even if Mike wasn't voicing it.

    "He's always so quick to bury his own pain for the sake of others."

    A soft sniffle escaped the youngest as a trembling hand wiped fruitlessly at the falling tears. "I can't help it Donnie, I love them too much to watch them kill each other, or Raph self-destruct. I dunno what's happened to him, he and I use to be best buds. Now he hates my guts... wishes I would die even."

    He continued to wipe at his tears, smudging and streaking his cheeks with blood and grime. "I don't understand what I did that caused him to hate me so badly..."

    "He doesn't hate you ,Mike." Donnie interjected.

    "Yeah, he does. I can see it in his eyes..." A weak, pained chuckle escaped him. "Hell, I practically felt his hate tonight, unfortunately I don't have the tee-shirt that says 'been there, done that ~ felt the wrath of Raph', but I've got the wounds to prove it."

    Donatello frowned in response, not knowing how to respond. It saddened him that Mike was hurt so deeply, but what could he say? Sometimes he just didn't know about Raphael. The red-clad turtle didn't seem to give a damn about anyone, nor did he care who became pummeled in his journey of selfishness.

    The purple clad turtle opted to simply change the subject. Just the thought of the hothead was causing his own frustration to rise, something neither of them needed at the moment.

    "Well, whenever you're feeling up to it, perhaps we should head over to April's for tonight. Sound like a plan?" He knew the prospect of visiting their friend would raise his spirits some, as it secretly raised his for reasons his brothers were unaware of.

    "We can get you cleaned and patched up, then I'll call Sensei and tell him we're okay."

    "To hell with Leo and Raph." As he returned his gaze to his injured brother, he quickly noticed his saddened expression hadn't changed.

    "I guess." Came the orange-clad's whispered reply. He would have been content with staying right here, separating himself from everything... lost in his pain and drowning in the cruel words of his brother.

    Even as the cold rain begun to fall, stinging his numerous wounds and adding to the chill that coursed through him like the plague, he was reluctant to move. Donatello on the other hand knew the harsh elements could compromise their health.

    The brainy turtle gently grabbed hold of Mike's cold hand as he pushed up, his joints already becoming sore from the bitter coldness threatening to slow down his body. The rain had already soaked them both, the tiny beads falling with such force, each drop lightly stung as they collided with reptilian flesh.

    "C'mon Mikey, we need to get moving. I'm sure April will be happy to see her 'lil Sunshine'." He commented, hoping to bribe his little brother. In truth he knew that if anyone could cheer up Mike, it was April. The woman's mothering nature had helped the boys through some pretty rough times.

    Michlangelo was still reluctant to move, wanting to simply curl up right there on the ledge and call it quits, but deep down he knew that he couldn't. For Donnie's sake; to spare his brother of possibly falling ill due to the harsh December weather, he forced himself up, his action earning a tiny triumphant grin from the purple-wearing reptile.

    "Okay, but I'm so tired, Donnie. We can't stay there forever... and I can't go home, I'm not wanted there."

    Donatello would have argued the issue with Mike, but the cold rain was falling forcefully from the darkened heavens, urging him to get moving. They could continue this discussion in the comforts of a warm, cozy apartment.

    "Let's get some rest and discuss this with refreshed minds, okay? You're just weary, Mikey. Things wil become more clear with the start of a new day."

    Donatello walked in stride with his staggering brother, careful to keep his pace slow. The cold coupled with the blood-loss and mental turmoil had obviously taken it's toll on Mike.

    Their night at April's apartment would only be a temporary fix, but it beat the alternative; returning home.

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    Lost Souls[/b]
    Chapter 2: Falling

    Lyrical inserts; Whisper by Evanescence

    Catch me as I fall
    Say you're here and it's all over now
    Speaking to the atmosphere
    No-one's here and I fall into myself.
    This truth drives me into madness
    I know I can stop the pain if I will it all away..

    1:00 A.M.

    Light streaks of crimson poured from the superficial, self-inflicted gashes to his twitching, freakish wrists. Raphael lay crumpled in his own defeat and misery, his bitter and regretful tears going unseen...quiet sobs unheard. Michelangelo's horrified expression was burned into his hazy memory, the pained cry echoing and reverberating in his mind as his beloved sai penetrated his little brother's shoulder.

    The red-clad turtle had lashed out in his rage, emotionally and physically injuring someone he loved dearly. His own cruel words played over in his head like a broken record, and try as he might to silence his thoughts, his mind wouldn't allow it. Sometimes reality was harsher than any nightmare one's mind could conjure.

    I'm Frightened by what I see
    But somehow I know that there's much more to come
    Immobilized by my fear
    and soon to be blinded by tears
    I can stop the pain if I will it all away..

    "Raphael, let me in my son. I wish to speak with you." Came the gentle yet demanding tone of his father, breaking through the morbid thoughts. The red-clad turtle made no effort to move from his place on his littered bedroom floor. With the door locked and his bulky form acting as a door-jam, everyone would be denied access.

    "I don't wanna talk Sensei, go away. I know I fucked up, what's new? Jus' leave me alone." Raphael responded, voice quivering from the exertion of his earlier emotional outburst.

    Splinter, use to the vulgar nature of his son's colorful vocabulary, simply ignored the disrespect. Any possible anger was pushed to his core for now. What mattered most was two of his 'babies' were hurting. Unknowing where his youngest was at the moment, he focused on the one at hand.

    "I know that you are hurting, my son. But in your pain, do not forget what I told you years ago. Do not forget your family." The aged ninja master replied, but deep down, knowing his words wouldn't get through his son's thick walls of stubbornness.


    April sat curled on the soft cushions of her couch, green eyes fixated on the soft glow of her TV set, taking in the gory imagery as she hugged tightly to a small throw pillow. The human was usually asleep at these hours, but after receiving the frantic call from Master Splinter a few hours earlier, there was no way she could rest. Michelangelo was out there somewhere, wounded by his brother's sai. Even with the knowledge that Donatello had left out looking for him, the fear of the unknown was crippling.

    What if Donnie couldn't find him? What if the two ran into trouble? Hours had passed since the incident, and a number of things could have gone wrong.

    Suddenly a single, soft knock against the glass window of her apartment caused her to jump in her place, eyes quickly shifting in it's direction. The noise had been so brief that she wondered if perhaps her mind was playing tricks on her, or it could have been a limb forced against the glass by the violent winds.

    The harsh rain continued to fall and a flash of lightening lit up the sky as she finally forced herself up and silently walked across the cold floor of her den. Her weary eyes ever so vigilant for signs of movement outside on the fire escape.

    All hope began to deflate as her hands fumbled withe the brass lock, then grasped hold of the swollen wooden frame of the window. With great force she slid it open, her skin being met with cold, stinging rain as she did so. Ignoring the discomfort, she cautiously stuck her head out, searching for any signs of her friends.


    Moments passed with no response, and with a sigh, the young woman pulled back in, hands again gripping the frame and preparing to barricade the harsh elements. Before she could make a move, a gush of wind swooped past her, a blinding blur of reptilian colors followed by a soft 'thud' as the figure landed only inches behind her.

    Eyes wide with fear, April quickly spun to face the intruder, her nose only inches from his beak.

    At realizing it was none other than Donatello, her feared expression quickly melted away, replaced with a scolding glare. That goofy grin that she secretly adored was plastered on the purple-clad turtle's face, the embarrassed heat shading him in tones of brown.

    "Sorry Ape!" He quickly apologized, receiving a playful bap to his shoulder from the red-head.

    "You! Why don't you give me a heart attack next time!" She scolded, relieved eyes watching as Donnie moved back towards the window, leaning out and gesturing to his reluctant brother.

    "C'mon Mikey, you're going to freeze your ass off out there."

    "I don't want her to see me like this Don.. tell her to go to bed, or something."

    Donatello sighed at the response. "Mike, she's worried about you."

    "Eh... then tell her to turn her head?"

    Overhearing it all, April pushed Don away from the window, now leaning out and peering up towards the roof. "Hamato Michelangelo, you get your tail in here this instant! You're going to catch your death of cold out there!" The young woman demanded in her pleading, motherly tone.

    As much as he wanted to spare April of his gruesome injuries, he couldn't ignore her demands. With a reluctant sigh, he pushed up from the slick shingled roof of the apartment, soaked skin chilling him to the bone.

    Carefully he swung into the window, landing on his wobbly legs. The exertion of his efforts threatened to collapse him where he stood, but an arm looped around his waist, offering much needed support.

    "I've got you." Donatello quietly informed. The purple-clad turtle was once again acting as the youngest's 'rock', a strong foundation through the chaos that threatened to crumble him. With his concerned gaze fixated on his wounded brother, April's horrified expression was going unseen, but Michelangelo had taken notice and quickly dropped his head.

    A large gash in the youngest turtle's right shoulder laid the flesh open, nearly to the bone. Blood deluded by the rain ran in pink streams down his arm, dripping from his elbow and staining the carpet below. A large gash to that same side laid open the side of his head.

    "My God Mikey! What did he do to you sweetie!" April asked, almost in disbelief.

    "It's nothing Ape, don't worry about me. Besides, it's my fault." Mikey responded.

    Now with the lighting of the apartment, Donatello was made aware of the severities of the gruesome wounds. The placid turtle winced sympathetically, an overwhelming anger slowly building up within... a foreign emotion to the peaceful reptile, but something he was perfectly capable of. He had a damn good reason for feeling this way. Months of baring witness to Raphael's outrage had left him more than bitter.

    "Don't you dare take the blame for Raph's selfishness and stupidity! He's acting like a mindless monster, you're not taking the heat for his bullshit!" Donatello snapped, though not angry at his little brother. His anger was directed at the red-clad hot-head, and he silently prayed that he would cool down before facing the one responsible, otherwise all hell would break loose. He was that angry!

    April was a little taken aback by Donatello's rage, but she understood. She also had bitter feelings for the one who'd hurt her 'baby', but for now all that was important was getting Mike taken care of.

    She took hold of Mikey's hand and gently tugged him towards the couch. "Come, sit. We'll get those wounds taken care of, then get you cleaned up. How does a bubble bath sound? "

    Mikey only replied with a single, saddened nod of his head as he moved forward, aided by Donatello. April quickly tossed a blanket across her couch to protect the furniture from his wetness and blood, then gestured him down onto the couch. As the young turtle took a seat, April started to head for the first aid but Donatello gently grasped her wrist.

    "I'll get it." He wanted to spare her of the injuries as much as possible. "If you don't mind, go ahead and run that bath for him."

    With a nod of her head, April disappeared into the bathroom and soon the sounds of running water emitted from the area, the sweet scent of cherry blossom filtering through the air.

    Donatello returned moments later with the first aid kit in hand, a tiny grin tugging at the corners of his mouth as he knelt in front of his baby brother.

    "She's going to make you smell all girlie." He teased, hoping that a little light-heartedness would lift Mike's spirits.

    A tiny little grin broke through his despair. "Hey, I don't mind smelling pretty, especially if it's for April. She could paint my nails and lips if she wanted to... I'd do anything for her."

    That comment caused Donatello's smile to drop, clearly troubled and thoughtful for a moment but before he could regain himself, it was too late. Mikey had noticed.

    "What? Did I say something wrong?" The young turtle thought over his words as Don set about cleaning up his injuries. His jaw fell slightly agape as he speculated over what could possibly be going through his brainy brother's mind.

    "Ew, I didn't mean it like that Don. I'm not turning into a cross-dresser. I'm just sayin'.. I'd let April do whatever she wanted, I mean I love her attention. It's wonderful."

    Donatello nodded somberly, gently scrubbing away the dirt and grime from the deep laceration to Mike's shoulder. "Yeah, it is." He quietly replied.

    He heaved a deep sigh as he finished cleaning the shoulder wound and moved on to the one to his brother's temple. Mike winced and hissed in discomfort as the alcohol burned, feeling as if the liquid had made it into his sinuses.

    "Ow.. owie.. ouchie!" Mikey whined as he tensed and wiggled in place, but Donatello didn't seem to notice.

    "Mike, how do you feel about April? I mean, we all love her like family, but do you love her in other ways?" The question sounded so odd even to his own ears, and when his little brother fell silent, he feared the worst and dreaded the coming response.

    "What, are you askin' if I still have a crush on her?"

    Donatello wasn't sure how to answer, so he responded with a nod. Michelangelo was silent for a moment, glancing back in the direction of the bathroom before returning his attention to his brother.

    "She's beautiful Don. A real hottie... and yeah, I've had... um, dreams about her, but I know my limitations with her. I'll always be nothing more than a kid brother to her, but I'm okay with that because she makes me feel loved."

    Donatello again responded with a nod as he now set about medicating the wounds, preparing them to be sutured closed.

    "What about you? How do you feel about her?" Mikey asked. He wasn't dumb and had picked up on things over the last several weeks, but didn't let on like it. He figured it was nothing more than a crush on his brother's end and that April didn't share the same feelings.

    "She's a good friend." He replied simply, not offering up his true feelings.

    Michelangelo simply rolled his eyes. "Whatever Don. It's natural to want something more... I know I do, but I know it'll never happen with Ape. Hell, or with anyone for that matter. It's not like any girl's ever gonna want any of us."

    Those words slammed into Donatello like a ton of bricks. "True." And he was suddenly ready to drop the whole conversation. He suddenly felt selfish, his little brother was wounded and here he was trying to determine just how deep Mike's feelings for his 'love interest' were.

    But that saddened expression now worn on Don's face hadn't gone unnoticed by the youngest turtle and in that instant, his suspicions were confirmed. Mike started to say something but just then, the object of their conversation appeared before them, smiling motherly at the two.

    "Your bath's ready, Sunshine. As soon as Don's finished up with you, I'll help you in and treat you to a massage."

    Mikey eagerly nodded at April. He was looking forward to being treated like royalty. She always seemed to know just how to make a guy feel better.

    Once Donatello had finished up with the stitches, he helped Mike up to his feet, and with April's assistance, they led him into the bathroom and helped him into the tub of warm, bubbly water.

    "Just be careful and don't get the wounds wet." The brainy turtle warned.

    After his brother was settled in the tub, Donatello headed out, knowing April wouldn't need any help.

    "Um, Don? Why don't you go get some rest sweetie, you look about ready to fall out!"

    Donatello turned to address her, nodding his response. "Okay, good idea." He propped himself inside the doorframe, unintentionally staring as the young woman busied herself with scrubbing away the dried blood and grime from his brother.

    Even in her mussed and sleep-deprived state, she was simply gorgeous. Slightly damp red curls clinging to her face, her thin silk night gown hinting at her curves and breasts---

    He blinked, realizing that he was staring, and noticing she was looking at him, fully aware of his wandering gaze. A tiny mischievous grin crossed her lips as her cheeks heated up in time with the purple-clad's own blushing.

    Mikey had noticed the glances between the two, but surprisingly enough, he didn't comment or highlight the situation.

    "Um, Ape? Can I stay with you for a few days, please? I don't wanna go home.. not until Raph cools off." He asked, breaking the awkward silence.

    Both April and Don were thankful for the interruption. Donatello slipped off into the den, preparing the couch for him to sleep on, but before he could crash, he would have to call home... something he wasn't looking forward to.

    "Of course you can, Angel. I'll fix up the spare room for you. You're welcome here for as long as you want!" She replied warmly as she began working at his shoulders, kneading the tight muscles between her long, thin fingers.

    Mikey practically melted at her touch, purring at the pleasure and comfort. "Damn you're good. Maybe you should take up professional massaging for a living."

    April responded with a negative shake of her head. "Nah, my hands are reserved for those I care about."


    Inside the den, Donatello stared at the phone for a moment before reluctantly punching in the number to the lair. He silently prayed that Raphael wouldn't answer. The red-clad turtle was at the top of his shit list at the current moment and just the sound of his voice would surely be enough to set the usually passive turtle off.

    The phone only managed to get in a single ring before the anxiety-ridden tone of Leonardo picked up.


    "Yeah Leo, it's me. Listen, I found Mike, the wounds are deeper than initially thought, but not life-threatening. He was pretty emotional earlier, so I think it's best for me to keep him away from the lair... away from him for awhile." Donatello informed, knowing none of this would go over well with the unofficial leader.

    Leonardo breathed a much needed sigh of relief, thankful that both of his brothers were safe, but not pleased with Don's quick fix approach to the situation.

    "Listen Don, I understand you wanting to protect him, but this issue needs to be resolved, not avoided. By all means, stay with April tonight, but I want both of you home tomorrow. Am I clear?"

    Donatello knew that his brother was doing what he felt was best, but he too was acting with only Mike's well-being in mind. It was possible that just the mere sight of Raph would conjure up the emotions Mike had forced down.

    "I understand you Leo, but I think it's best to allow both Mike and Raph some distance. I'd prefer not seeing him at the moment. He's gone too far this time and I'm sure he feels no remorse whatsoever."

    Leonardo fell silent, knowing that his brother was probably right. With a sigh and an unseen nod, he finally responded. "You guys just get some rest, we'll talk in the morning. At least call if nothing else." He requested. It was best not to argue, he was simply too tired and perhaps it was best to allow things to cool down.

    "Goodnight Don." With that, Leo hung up, then relayed Donatello's message to his father who was standing nearby.

    "Yes, my son. It is probably best that they remain at Miss O'Neil's until things have settled." He agreed to Don's reasoning.

    Raphael listened, the conversation acting as an emotional oar, stirring the internal channels that he'd been struggling to overcome. The guilt was staggering but that was nothing compared to the anger he felt towards himself for not only hurting a brother, but being unable to control himself. It was frightening. Now, to make matters worse, he felt trapped. Splinter and Leo were practically right outside his bedroom door. Just the sound of the unofficial leader's voice was infuriating.

    "Go away! I'm sick o' you always treatin' me like a fuckin' child!" Raphael roared through the wooden barricade of his room. His bruised and bloodied fists clinched and released, muscles tensing and contracting beneath his skin. The anxiety was taking hold. He muffled his sniffles, wiping bitterly at the tears as he set about shoving a few essentials into his ragged pack.

    "Well you damn well act like one!" Leo shot back, adding fuel to the already raging fire.

    "Enough!" Splinter interjected, not wanting to witness a repeat of the earlier events.

    "You are both behaving like spoiled children!"

    Raphael suddenly emerged from his room, disguised and his packed backpack slung over a shoulder.

    "I don't have ta' stay around and be treated like this. I'm outta here!" Before I hurt someone else…

    Splinter reached to stop him, but the angered turtle snatched his arm away and headed for the ladder that led up and out of the main platform. Leo made to follow, but a bony hand stopped him.

    "Do not go, Leonardo." Pleaded his Sensei. While he worried for Raphael, he feared even more the consequences if Leo were to follow the hot-head.

    With a respectful bow, Leonardo headed off into his room to meditate and hopefully set his mind free. The aged ninja master headed off into the opposite direction and filed himself away inside his own room, he too searching for the peace that only meditation could provide.

    So much was happening, the times were changing and the bonds that had bounded the family were quickly unraveling, too weak to hold up to the trials and tribulations of this dark period in their lives. The future was now more foggy than ever before. In the past, they all had each other to guide them through the darkness, all contributing in pulling the weight of their shared burden. Now they'd grown so far apart that they couldn't even connect. Survival of the clan was looking very unlikely.

    To be continued...

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    Warning! Rated for adult content. Normal disclaimers apply.


    Lost Souls
    Chapter 3: Testing the waters

    3:00 A.M.

    Raphael seemed oblivious to the bitter tears that soaked the fabric beneath the eye holes of his bandana. The red-clad turtle ran across the roof-tops, disregarding the pain in his throbbing and sore feet, ignoring the freezing rain that drenched him, chilling him to the core.

    "Why can't I get a grip on myself?"

    The turtle suppressed the urge to scream in his mental torment, fought back the need to beat something. He couldn't understand it. The anger, the rage, never had it been this intense! He couldn't understand it and that scared him to no end. What if he went too far next time?

    "What if I kill a brother?"

    The mere thought was suffocating, yet a very likely possibility. The temperamental turtle had become a tool of his worst fear. He allowed the tears to fall freely. Being free from the prying eyes of his family, he could let it all out but as he neared his destination; Casey's apartment, he froze in his tracks atop a nearby building. His friend was the last person he wanted to expose his water-works to.

    Raphael crouched at the building's ledge, a trembling fist wiping bitterly at the tears. It was angering him that he had allowed himself to become so weak. "What the hell is wrong with me! Why can't I get my shit together!"

    He sniffled, sucking up his composure and taking on that 'tough guy' appearance, but that's all it was, a mask; a cover-up for the inner turmoil that threatened to subdue him.

    Minutes passed before he finally gathered himself enough to press forward. He leapt onto the fire escape of the old run-down apartment and without preamble; the turtle wedged the window open and climbed across the kitchen counter, completely ignoring the clutter of the bachelor's pad. The smell of molding food would have been enough to turn the stomach of most, but Raphael was use to far worse.

    The interior of the building was dark; cloaked in the early morning hours in which most sane people would be sleeping. It was quiet, save for the soft ticking of an old grandfather clock that had seen its better days.

    Raphael pushed himself from the counter, his large clumsy feet effectively taking out a few appliances. The loud racket caused by hardware hitting linoleum froze him in his place.

    Shit! Real smooth Raph!

    Eternal seconds passed but luckily his mishap had gone unheard by the vigilante. He made no effort to pick up the clutter, his contribution blinded perfectly with the rest of the debris of the small kitchen. It simply looked more 'in place' out of place.

    Raphael leaned back over the small counter, fighting with and swearing at the swollen window. He finally succeeded in securing it, but not without nearly smashing a digit. Friggin' old ass apartments… that's one good thing about the sewers, no fuckin' windows ta fight with!

    The red-clad turtle quietly turned and carefully stepped over the various cans and other litter that may cause a racket. He silently wondered why he was exerting so much effort in stealth, it wasn't like Casey was a light sleeper… but old habits died hard. His path 'ironically' led him to the corona-filled fridge. With the grace of a broken ninja, the mutant plucked two cold ones from their cooling confines, then headed off for his crashing destination; the den's rugged couch.

    The red-clad turtle carelessly dropped his backpack beside his makeshift bed, then peeled out of his trench coat and fedora before settling on the couch. His large green toes hooked beneath the old coffee table, pulling it within reaching distance. Placing one of his beverages on the wooden structure, he popped the cap on his first and took a nice long swig, the crisp liquid flowing down his burning throat almost instantly placing him into a state of contentment.

    It felt damn good to have a place to run to when things back at the lair became too much for him, but he was finding himself at Casey's frequently. Before, he hadn't given it much thought but after the nights horrific and gory events, he was forced to take a step back, open his eyes and try to resolve things in his mind.

    Before, it had been mere arguments with Leo, the occasional shoving between the two… Fuck you's and Go to hell! Sure, they had given each other a few superficial injuries and bruises, but nothing outside the realm of simple brotherhood bickering.

    But last night, he had been so blinded by his rage that he couldn't control himself. Mike grabbing hold of his arm and attempting to pull him away from Leo had added fuel to the already raging inferno. The events thereafter were a blur, segmented memories that could have passed for imagery in a gory horror flick. His heated and forceful voice reverberated within his mind like a bad tune, tormenting. The heartless and cruel words surely hurt his baby brother more than the physical wounds.

    I fuckin' hate you Mike!

    Raphael tightly closed his eyes, fighting against the tears that threatened him once more. God, did I really say that? Mike's look afterwards haunted him, burnt into his memory; a mental photograph that time surly wouldn't fade. The words had crushed his little brother and despite his obvious hurt, Michelangelo had said nothing. But that look…

    The red-clad turtle angrily shook his head, hoping to rid himself of the vision. Mike was his best pal and he'd hurt him. Before he knew it, the first brew was gone. As he reached for his second, the red lines across his wrist reminded him of his own form of punishment. The gashes weren't deep, but quite noticeable. He had fully intended on ending it all, but when it came down to it… I'm too chicken-shit. But in actuality, the only thing that had stopped him was knowing his father would probably be the one to find him. It would surely break his Sensei to find the corpse of one of his beloved babies.

    Though after the shit I pulled, he prolly don't think too highly of me. He was wrong of course, but in his state of mind, everyone hated him at the moment.

    After popping the cap on his second brew, be pulled the leather wristbands over the self-inflicted injuries, hoping to conceal his attempt, but unfortunately the cuts stretched far and peeked a good inch on either side of the material.

    A few minutes passed and with more emotional conflict, he finished up the second beverage which aided in relaxing him. After setting the bottle onto the coffee table, the fatigued turtle settled down into the cushions of the couch. While the furniture wasn't the most attractive, it was comfortable. It wasn't long before he finally drifted off to sleep… thankful for the piece that unconsciousness would bring him, but the nightmares would surely invade him; engulf him like a wet and chilled blanket.

    For nearly two hours the purple-clad turtle had fought for the release that sleep would bring him, but his efforts were rewarded with failure. Donatello tossed and turned on the soft cushions of the couch, pulling the blanket tightly around his fatigued form. The worry continued to consume him.

    How could he possibly take Mike back knowing that Raphael's next outrage could result in wounds much more severe than those already suffered? The enraged reptile could be lethal when the anger consumed him and Don feared the worst case scenario.

    "I have no other choice. We have nowhere else to go and I can't ask April to let us stay here, we're too much of a strain as it is!"

    A defeated sigh passed through his lips as he rubbed a hand across his brow. He hoped that Mike was sleeping better than he was. As the usually purple-clad turtle rolled on his side, facing the back of the couch, a warm hand gently brushed against his muscular shoulder. His groggy eyes looked upwards, locking onto the face of beauty itself; April.

    Despite the fatigue and the worry that had consumed him, Donatello spared the red-head a tiny grin as she softly spoke.

    "You can't sleep either, huh?" Her tone was low as to not disturb her other guest.

    Slowly, Donatello forced himself into a sit, again rubbing his throbbing forehead.

    "No." He replied simply, his soft tone not hinting at the turmoil within. But she knew. Sometimes she knew him better than he knew himself.

    April's hand continued to rub along his shoulder, the feel of his skin beneath her smooth fingertips felt wonderful. Who would have thought that reptilian flesh could be so desirable! She gradually flattened her palm, rubbing… enjoying his unique texture. Donatello's eyes closed for a brief moment, enjoying the feel of her soft and delicate skin against him. He secretly loved the feel of her, the gentle caressing, tiny warm hands against his flesh… intoxicating. His animalistic senses picked up on her pheromones and he fought to suppress the heat that threatened to invade him.

    The purple-clad turtle was forced to pull himself back, knowing giving into the sensations of her would be wrong. He couldn't allow himself to fall any further than he already had. He tried to ignore it, act as if she has no effect on him. But the heat spreading through his cheeks would surely betray him.

    "Uhm, h… how's Mike?" He stuttered his question as he tried to evade her touches.

    April smiled as she rounded the couch, taking a seat and facing him. Her hand never left his muscular bicep. She continued her gentle rubbing as she quietly responded.

    "I bathed him, gave him a massage, some pain killers, then put him to bed. He's sleeping like a baby, Donnie, don't worry about him, okay? I'm sure he'll be fine." She tried to sound convincing for his sake but probably failed.

    Donatello tensed as her fingers made their way down, brushing along the sensitive skin at the lip of his chest scutes.

    "I...I'm worried about him April." He slowly tried to edge away from her affectionate touches, not making his 'escape' too obvious, but his nervous voice and change in skin tone hinted at his unease.

    April seemed oblivious to the effect her attention was having on the reptile. She continued to touch him, her fingers tracing the sensitive areas where his scutes joined down his center.

    "I have some vacation days." She informed, edging in closer to the object of her desire. "I was wondering if maybe you and Mike would like a trip to the farm house? A little vacation away from all of this? "Her hands continued their forbidden journey, venturing outward to the turtle's well-sculpted outer thigh.

    Donatello again closed his eyes, savoring her touch. God how he loved the feel of her, the smell… his hormones were flooding his brain, making it nearly impossible to think. He wanted to vocalize, ask her to stop, but deep down, his hidden feelings for her begged her to continue. It was a waging war.

    "Hmmm...I like it." He finally responded, the pleasure seeping through his tone, the lust hinting in his large almond eyes. Realizing his response, he quickly corrected himself. "I mean, I would like that."

    Damn, you had better stop her while you can still think coherently!

    His eyes nervously locked with hers, not wanting to sound rude... but he couldn't allow this to continue, despite his desires and overwhelming lust.

    "Um, April?" He placed a hand on the one now rubbing along the sensitive skin of his inner thigh. "Y... you do know what you're doing, right?"

    April met eyes with his, moving in closer until her warm breath could be felt against his neck. "Yeah." Much to his surprise, the woman gently kissed the sensitive area, her body moving in closer to him, craving to feel his thick hands on her.

    A nervous hand cupped her cheek, the callused pads rubbing gently along her delicate skin. He wanted to kiss her, to feel her lips against his but he was setting himself up for a fall. But she had weakened his senses, draining his better judgment as if casting a spell upon him. Her scent and her touch were overpowering. Two factors were working against him; animalistic instinct, and despite his genius mind and polite demeanor, he was still male.

    Her plump lips finally met with his, her tongue demanding and succeeding in slipping past his, entangling with and tasting him. Don tensed at the aggressive move, scared and unknowing what to do. His body craved her, ached for her touches, but just enough coherency made it through the erotic haze in his brain to conceive that this was wrong.

    But despite his best efforts, tthe turtle's body momentarily won out over his mind. He was seemingly paralyzed, lost in her kiss as she straddled his lap, her thin silk panties doing little to block the heat of her sex as she grinded against his lap. A hand slipped underneath her gown, snaking upward and cupping her plump breast, gently squeezing as her kiss became more aggressive, demanding. The feel of his hand rubbing against her nipple ignited a fire within her, the heat spreading out of control.

    Oh god, what am I doing! This is wrong!

    The turtle's trembling hand finally slipped from beneath her gown and he tried to unlock his lips from hers, earning a confused and questioning look from April. His apologetic gaze met with hers, silently conveying his feelings. He was too choked up to form words at the moment.

    "Donnie? What is it?" She was suddenly feeling awkward. Perhaps she had been reading him wrong. Maybe he didn't desire anything beyond friendship with her. How embarrassing!

    She gingerly brushed the stray red curls from her face, painfully awaiting his reply. Donatello was silent for what felt like an eternity, his nervous eyes speaking volumes but she was having trouble comprehending.

    "It's just… well, this… I mean, it's wrong!" He finally replied, inwardly kicking himself for being unable to phrase himself better.

    April was a little disappointed with his response. She was silent for a moment, eyes averting his and suddenly finding the pattern on the couch very interesting. She sighed inwardly, mentally kicking herself for being so bold.

    "I see." She replied in almost a whisper, allowing her gaze to drift back to him. "You don't like me in that way? It's okay sweetie, I want you to be honest with me." Her eyes were soft yet demanding the truth.

    Donatello shook his head. "No… god no! That's not it at all! It's just… well…." He paused, concerned gaze never straying from her own. "What about Casey? I love him like a brother, Ape. I don't want to hurt him… or you!"

    April couldn't suppress the tiny little grin that erupted on her soft features. A hand gently cupped his cheek, her fingers splaying and rubbing gently.

    "Awww, Donnie. That's so like you. You put everyone else before yourself." She quietly commented, admiring one of the turtle's many wonderful traits. He definitely was a good catch. "Casey and I …well, let's just say there's no hope for us." She informed as she continued to stroke his cheek.

    "We've finally called it quits and have decided it's better this way. We'll always be friends, but nothing more." A saddened grin crossed her lips and she appeared lost in thought. "I'm too 'pushy' for him, as he puts it. He's insensitive to my needs." Her other had picked up where it had left off in massaging his bicep.

    "I need someone compassionate, caring and romantic." April dipped her head, her warm breath brushing the skin of his neck. "Someone sensitive…" She gently kissed along his wide jaw-line.

    Even with the newfound knowledge regarding Casey, there was still another issue of concern… his family. How would they take this? It could possibly spark jealousy and resentment, and god forbid if the relationship didn't work out. He could possibly lose a dear friend.

    Donatello tried to wiggle away from her determined advances, wanting nothing more than to give into her. "Ape… what about my brothers?"

    April continued working her magic on him, successfully intoxicating the reptile with her tender kisses. "Nothing will change Donnie. They're still my brothers… but you, you're something more." Her lips finally met with his again, kissing him deeply and meaningfully.

    In his moment of weakness, he fell for her words, his body reacting to her tender touches. It was amazing how something so soft could also be forceful and demanding.

    "Are you sure this is what you want?" The usually purple-clad turtle managed to ask in between heated kisses. The red-head replied with an eager nod of her head before forcing herself to break from his lips.

    "Yeah." April's reply was a heated whisper, the lust in her eyes nearly suffocating him. Both hands cupped his flustered cheeks, tipping his head to make eye contact with her.

    "What about you Donnie, what do you want?"

    Donatello stared back into her eyes, lost in all the beauty and glory of this exceptional person that had given his family so much, and now- offered to give him something beyond his wildest dreams. Something more desirable than the latest high tech electronics or gadgets; her heart. April had unknowingly had his for torturous years and now it was too much to process or believe.

    A silent eternity had passed with no response and April furrowed, eyeing the 'lost' reptile as she softly rubbed his cheek.


    "Hmmm?" Came his quiet reply as he broke himself from the chains of thought. He again looked at her, now paying her his full attention as the full weight of her question slammed into him like a ton of bricks. What do I want? That answer was simple, but his honest reply could come with consequences that could crush not only him, but April as well, not to mention his family.

    "What I want?" He mirrored her words as he struggled to mentally collect himself. "I want you to be happy, April. You deserve so much- ..."

    April knew what she wanted. She knew what would make her happy; Donnie. A grin slowly spread across her lips and she leaned in, not giving him time to finish. However, before her lips could meet with his, hands were gently planted on her shoulders, holding her back. She looked at him, a little confused but the look in his eyes, grief-stricken and pained, she swallowed thickly as she leaned back up.

    "You deserve more that I can ever give you, April." The turtle quietly finished. His gaze was sympathetic and his answer was torturous to him, but he truly loved her. He couldn't be selfish and deny her of all she deserved. She deserved the best; a loving husband that could some day bare children with her and support her financially.

    This was painful and Donatello was inwardly crumbling inside. It tore at his heart to see that pained expression on her, obviously she too was crumbling. He gently caressed her cheek, glossy eyes conveying his deepest apology. His attempts to spare her was killing her inside and she was near tears.

    "It's not fair." She quietly whispered as she dropped her head.

    Donatello knew he shouldn't do it, the gesture was a torturous tease but his desire to comfort her was too great. His muscular arms encircled her and he hugged her warm body against his, April buried her face in the crook of his neck and the tears finally came.

    "Life's never fair, April. I love you, I will always love you, but I can't do this to you. I'm sorry."

    To be continued...

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    Lost Souls
    Chapter 4

    6:00 A.M.

    The soft glow of lit candles illuminated the darkened interior of the ninja master's silent room. Splinter sat in lotus position, meditating on the recent events. So much was transpiring, so much chaos and despair. Never had things been this complicated. The Hamato family had faced may obstacles in their time, gone up against formidable foes, but nothing quite compared to the darkness of current times. Perhaps it was because of the separation, the bonds that once held strong viciously unraveling.

    Michelangelo's wounds concerned the father and stood at the forefront of his mind. All he knew is what Donatello had told him over the phone. The words had been hard to process, wanting to disbelieve that something so severe had finally happened. He worried moreso about the emotional wounds rather than the physical. His youngest had always had a positive outlook on life, but he'd seen that terrified expression etched into his innocent features. The rat had sensed the hurt. He could feel it now, swelling in his chest with each shallow breath, shattering his aching heart.

    Raphael's anger was next on his list of concerns. His son was growing more out of control as he aged. Splinter had always secretly feared this. The father had hoped that his teachings would restrict the aggression and loathing he felt towards being what he was, exempt from the world by his freakish exterior. He couldn't extinguish the feelings of failure where the second eldest was concerned.

    Then there was Donatello. The passive reptile was still his good-natured self, but Splinter had sensed something with his second youngest. A forbidden longing. At times, the purple clad turtle would seem distant, caught up in his thoughts more than usual. But it wasn't his latest project that was earning so much thought. The object of his desire was flesh and blood, considered a sister to the Hamato family. Splinter had noticed his son's behavior whenever the red-head was within their presence. It was only natural for young men of their age to desire companionship, but the father was fearful of the consequences if anything was ever pursued between those two. He wished all of his sons happiness, but Donatello could be treading on thin ice.

    Last but not least, Leonardo. The eldest seemed restless at times, his topside excursions lasting longer than usual. The blue-clad turtle was also becoming bitter and moody. Splinter knew this was probably due to the added strain that Raph's demeanor had placed upon his shoulders, but the family needed the leader to be strong, now more than ever.

    Splinter deeply inhaled, taking in the relaxing scents of burning incense and candle wax, comforting to his senses. His troubled eyes slowly opened, bringing to an end his meditation session. He sat there for a moment, watching the flame's silhouettes dancing gracefully on the walls, warding off the curtain of darkness that threatened to consume them. How ironic, Splinter thought. The symbolism display that played before him reflected their situation, dancing fruitlessly against the inevitable that would soon engulf them.

    Mustering up his will to begin the day, the old rat pushed himself up from his mats and quietly slid open the door of his train cart. He would join Leonardo in the dojo for their routine training session, then prepare breakfast for the two of them. It would be difficult not having his other three sons joining at the table, but he reminded himself that this was temporary, or so he hoped.


    It would've been a sleepless night for the youngest turtle if not for the aid of the pain killers April had given him. The medication had assisted Michelangelo in finding sleep. Unfortunately it couldn't suppress the nightmares or ward away the memories that played out in his dreams, distorted and manipulated by heartache.

    Raphael's words were like poison in his mind, venom breaking down all that he thought he knew. His red-clad brother hated him. In truth, that wasn't the case but trying to convince someone that had suffered such an attack would be a fruitless quest with the mental wounds still fresh and his soul bleeding.

    I fuckin' HATE you Mike!!

    The youngest twisted beneath the blankets, brows knotting as Raph's harsh words reverberated in his mind. The incident played out in his head, and despite already knowing the outcome, his dream-self placed itself between the two raging brothers. His efforts were rewarded by a sai's custom sharp point piercing thick reptilian skin, ripping through muscle and veins. The world went pitch-black soon after being violently slammed against the wall.

    Mike woke with a start, quickly sitting up, his frightened gaze darted wildly around the room. His heart pounded against his plastron and he struggled to catch his breath. His bandaged shoulder painfully protested against the sudden action, reminding the turtle that it had been more than just a nightmare.

    The early morning rays filtered through the white blinds of the bedroom window, casting a glow in the middle of the floor. Sunlight, such a rarity. It was beginning to register that he wasn't home, he was safe for now. Out of touch with his body at the moment, he was oblivious to the tears that streamed down his paled cheeks.

    Mikey struggled to collect himself, a trembling hand wiping at the salty secretions. The delicious smells emitting from nearby slowly registered and he glanced at the nightstand. A tray generously filled with sausage, eggs and toast had been left for him. In spite of the pain and torment, the young turtle couldn't help but allow a weak smile to cross quivering lips. April. He could always count on her to lavish him with kindness.

    The injured turtle sighed and rubbed a hand across his face as he propped against the pillows and headboard. Just the smell of food made him nauseous so he wouldn't even attempt it, but something else caught his attention. A pink card laid beside the tray. He picked it up, looking at the bright red rose printed on the front before flipping it open. Inside was a note written in the familiar, beautiful handwriting of their adopted sister.

    Mike, I hope you're feeling better, Sunshine. Always remember if you need a friendly ear, or somewhere to just hang out to get away from the lair, I'm always here for you, you're always welcome here.

    Love, April.

    Another tear fell, landing and slowly absorbing into her signature. Gah! I'm such a sap! But gestures such as these meant a lot to him.. more than anyone would ever know. Though he wouldn't admit it, he still had a crush on their friend but he knew nothing would ever develop between them. With that thought, he sighed sadly and placed the card back on the nightstand.

    Michelangelo wanted to return to sleep, but the fear of the nightmares consuming him again extinguished any hope of that. With much reluctance, he pushed up and slowly headed into the den.

    Upon nearing the kitchen, he paused at hearing the soft tone of April. He assumed the red-head was talking to his brother but it was her saddened voice that caught his full attention. His brows furrowed as he approached, quietly peeking inside.

    "I hope that I didn't offend you last night, Donnie. It's just... well, the feelings became too much for me. I needed to know where I stood with you." April softly informed, standing behind the sitting turtle at the table, both hands resting on each of his muscular shoulders."I yearned to know if we could be something more." The red-head added, the sorrow evident in her tone.

    Donatello could only stare blankly at his untouched breakfast, his own features saddened under the weight of the situation. God how he loved her, but what could he do?

    "No April, you didn't offend me." He finally placed the fork down on the table, shifting to face her.

    "I think no less of you." His almond eyes met with her emerald, tear-filled gaze. His frown deepened at seeing the tears. "Hey, don't do that sweetie." His soft tone tried to soothe as a gentle thumb brushed away the tears.

    "I messed up, Donnie. I feel stupid, practically throwing myself at you like that." She pressed into his hand.

    "You're not stupid, April. You didn't mess anything up." This was hard for him. His heart yearned to give into her, to throw all caution to the wind and live for the here and now, but love was like everything else to him. He thought out every aspect before plowing forward.

    April rounded on him, holding to the gentle hand that had so lovingly wiped away the tears, but couldn't stop her sorrow. Without uttering a word, she sat in Donatello's lap, resting her head against his chest. The sound of his heartbeat was soothing to her.

    Don tensed nervously under her weight, but relaxed with the realization that it wasn't a repeat of last night, she simply needed comforting. But just the scent of her was nearly too much for him. It was a curse having such a strong olfactory, that coupled with the nearly potent physical attraction...

    The turtle was silent, knowing words couldn't erase the heartache. A gentle hand slipped beneath the silk fabric of her night shirt, gently rubbing her back. April melted at the gesture, enjoying the feel of him. She allowed her mind to wander to the realm of forbidden pleasure, his hands caressing her naked form, lips journeying down the length of her body, lingering at her inner thighs...

    The young woman shook herself from her thoughts, shuddering a saddened sigh. "Do you believe in soul mates, Donnie? That everyone has one person that they're destined for?"

    Don momentarily closed his eyes, giving a faint nod in reply. "Kinda. But I'm exempt from all of that, April. I'm not human, I was never destined to be with anyone."

    April's gaze finally shifted upwards. "You're more human than most people I know, Donatello." A feminine hand reached up and caressed his cheek. "I never set out to love you, my heart was destined to be yours." She leaned up, her eyes again meeting with his.

    April's lips slowly moved towards Donnie's, pausing to await his reaction. His guard seemed to be down, his gaze almost pleading for his own common sense to voice his protest, but words wouldn't form. Did he really want her to stop? She took this as an invitation, closing the gap between them.

    Unseen by the two, Mikey's blood-shot eyes widened in shock and he suppressed a startled gasp, quickly covering his mouth. He quickly backed away from the doorway, tripping over a waste-basket in the process. The young turtle's carapace made hard contact with the floor, but he quickly sprung up and retreated to the den where he took up refuge on the couch.

    Holy crap! Donnie and April?!? Wha! Nah, I'm dreamin'.. delusional from the injuries, yeah! That's gotta be it! Michelangelo tried to reason with himself as he laid on the soft furniture, trying to merge with it.

    "Um, Mikey?" His purple-clad brother's voice issued from behind the couch. "Everything okay?" He asked, concerned over the earlier commotion.

    "Yeah, I'm okay Donnie. Just kinda flipped... I mean, tripped!"

    Don rounded the couch, completely oblivious to his youngest brother's observations. His face shown with concern as he took a seat on the edge of the furniture, then gently placed a hand on his baby brother's forehead.

    "You're freezing. Here," He draped the blanket over Mikey, tucking him in.

    "Good morning, Sunshine!" April suddenly appeared, leaning over the couch's back, a hand caressing her injured charge's cheek. "Did you sleep well? I hope that you liked your breakfast, I made it especially for you." She smiled warmly.

    Mikey tried to compose himself, still a bit flabbergasted by what he had witnessed, but he masked the shock. Before he could answer, the ringing phone suddenly broke the brief silence, causing him to tense.

    April rolled her eyes as she disappeared in the direction of the racket. Probably an annoying telemarketer, she figured. "I'll get it."

    Now with April momentarily gone, Mikey's full attention turned to his brother, his gaze quietly questioning. Don met his eyes with recognition. Mikey knew. Somehow his little brother knew. Had he seen them? Oh God!

    "Mikey.. I..." He began, but was suddenly cut off by April.

    "Donnie!" Her near frantic voice called out to the purple-clad reptile. She tried to remain calm as to not startle Mike, giving a gesture that could only be seen by him.

    Don obliged, quickly pushing up from the couch and following her into the bedroom, out of ear-shot. "Casey's on the phone." She offered him the receiver. "Something's wrong with Raphael."

    To be continued...

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