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    [quote="Rogue"]The Ultimate Sacrifice

    Disclaimer: I don't own the TMNT, and that's a sad fact I'm faced with every day.

    I'm not good at ratings, but be warned of colorful language, and character death.

    Told from Leo's point of view

    Summery: After April is taken, the turtles walk into a trap that will change their lives forever. Someone will make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save another. (Okay, cheesy summery, sorry!)

    W.O.W. (word of warning: I don't have spell check and my grammar is anything but perfect~ but hopefully with time, I'll improve. Embarassed )


    This fic was inspired by The Offspring's 'Gone Away' which.. along with the turtles, I don't own!

    Gone Away

    Maybe in another life
    I could find you there
    Pulled away before your time
    I can't deal it's so unfair

    And it feels
    And it feels like
    Heaven's so far away
    And it feels
    Yeah it feels like
    The world has grown cold
    Now that you've gone away

    Leaving flowers on your grave
    Show that I still care
    But black roses and Hail Mary's
    Can't bring back what's taken from me

    I reach to the sky
    And call out your name
    And if I could trade
    I would

    And it feels
    And it feels like
    Heaven's so far away
    And it stings
    Yeah it stings now
    The world is so cold
    Now that you've gone away

    I'll Save Your Soul

    I reach to the sky
    And call out your name
    Oh please let me trade
    I would

    And it feels
    And it feels like
    Heaven's so far away
    And it feels
    Yeah it feels like
    The world has grown cold
    Now that you've gone away

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    The Ultimate Sacrifice
    Chapter 1

    After a tiring day of intensive training, I was looking forward to a night of nothing but relaxation. My brothers and I had previously planned to go topside on a practice run, but due to Master Splinter being sick with the flu, we all decided to stay home and keep an eye on him. Don and I were watching a documentary on Samurai warriors when Raph came into the den, completely disregarding that fact. He flopped down on the couch, and then picked up the battered remote and flipped the channel to MTV, turning the volume up as loudly as it would go. He had been looking forward to going topside and I guess now that the plans had been changed, he was rebelling.... or just trying to piss me off....same difference! I glared over at him, angered at his disrespect for the rest of us. The ear-bursting volume of the music only added to my annoyance.

    "Raph, we were watching that!" I shouted out over the raging angsty rock music.

    "Yeah, we'll this is far more and learn!" He sarcastically smirked.

    "Besides, I don't think Mikey or Don were enjoying that bullshit......majority rules!" He added.

    I snatched the remote from his hand and flipped the channel back to it's previous number, then shot him an angered stare. I should have known that I was provoking the demons by doing so, but I didn't care. I couldn't just disregard his rudeness and let him win.

    Enraged, he snatched the remote away from me once more and chunked it with extreme force against the crumbling wall. It exploded into several pieces, each flying into a different direction before falling to the ground. After his little outburst, he jumped up from the couch and shot me a cold stare before storming off into the dojo. Though in the back of my mind I knew it would be best just to let it go at that, I was too angered to just shrug it off. I jumped up from the couch and headed in his direction, but a hand grabbed my ankle, causing me to stop and look down at my brother who sat on the den floor, his carapace propped against the couch.

    "Just let it go Leo, It's not like I haven't had to fix that remote before!" Donnie calmly advised. He had been forced to fix many things after Raph's tantrums. That fact alone even further infuriated me.

    I shook my head in anger. "No Don, it's not fair for you to have to constantly fix things!"

    Donnie's eyes were pleading. "Leo, don't! It's not worth it! I can fix it! It's not that big a deal!" He continued in his attempt to stop me. I know that it tore him apart each and every time Raph and I butted heads, but if I allowed Raph to get away with his actions, he would think they were acceptable.

    I released an exasperated sigh. "I have to set him straight." I informed my peaceful brother before continuing, despite his request.

    I stood in the doorway of the dojo, angrily watching my brother as he beat the stuffing out of an old, ragged practice dummy. There was so much force behind each anguished strike that I almost felt sorry for the inanimate object. I started forward, but felt a tap on my shoulder. I hadn't even noticed my little brother slip up behind me. He joined me as I stood there in the doorway. He held a melting ice cream cone in his hand, the pink liquid dripping down between his fingers, then to the floor. I snarled up my nose in disgust at his sloppiness. Seeing my action, he held the cone in my face, offering it to me.

    "No thanks!"

    He shot me a look of disbelief, then childishly pouted. "Wha... It's strawberry!" He chimed as if doing so would make it more appealing, but I was anything but amused!

    I disregarded his gesture and returned my focus to my red-clad brother. Mikey took notice to my intense and angered stare. Then, a mischievous grin crossed his pink-coated lips. I gave him a questioning look, wondering what could possibly be so great. His elbow lightly nudged me in my side in a joking manner. "You know what he calls that practice dummy of his don't ya?" He asked in a teasing manner.

    "What?" I asked, though I had a pretty good idea.

    His smile only grew larger. "Leo." He answered before snickering.

    I was not amused. In fact, I found it a bit disturbing. Did he really hate me that much? I suddenly envisioned my face plastered on the demolished dummy. As quickly as the image appeared, I shook it away. Though part of me wanted to wait until Raph cooled down a little before confronting him, I felt that it was now or never. The more that I thought about the remote and his lack of respect for his brothers and I, the more the anger built up inside of me. I released an exasperated sigh before pushing myself away from the doorway and heading towards him.

    "Um, Leo.... I wouldn't do that if I were you!" Mikey warned, but I paid my baby brother no attention and continued towards my enraged brother.

    I stopped and stood there, only about a foot away from him. I know damn well that he knew that I was there, but he ignored me like he always does. I faked clearing my throat to gain his attention, but instead of turning to face me, his punches to the 'Leo dummy' became even more forceful than before. "What was that all about Raph?" I asked him, my voice alot louder than I had intended it to be. Though I was angry, I was doing my best to keep this as peaceful as possible.

    " I dunno' what you're talkin' bout!" He snarled his response as he continued to beat the dummy.

    "Stop playing dumb! You know damn well what I'm talking about Raph!"

    Then, he hit the dummy with such force it caused the iron pole that held the object erect to snap. The sand-filled dummy flew back a few feet before colliding with the punching bag, then sliding to the floor. He heavily panted from the amount of energy that he had poured into the intensive workout. "Just fuck off Leo! I'm not up for your bullshit right now!" He snapped in between pants.

    His cussing only added to my anguished state. "Why do you have to be like that Raphael? Why is it that every sentence that comes out of your mouth has at least one swear in it?"

    I guess I finally managed to catch his attention. He turned to face me, his brown eyes reflecting his own anger. "What can I say Leo, just something bout' you that brings out the worst in me!" He answered as he stormed towards me, his shoulder purposely bumping into me as he passed. God, sometimes I just want to choke him!

    "Yeah, there's absolutely no way that you could have saw me standing there, right bro?!" I shouted at him with an air of sarcasm. He responded by simply giving me his famous 'middle finger salute'.

    Raph stopped at the table and picked up a fresh towel, then began to wipe the sweat from his body. Afterwards, he folded it and placed it back in its position along with the fresh, unsoiled ones. My stomach turned at the dirty gesture, had he no respect at all?

    "That's just disgusting!" I snarled before rushing over to where he stood. I picked up the dampened towel and slung it in his face. "You know better Raphael!" I angrily scolded him as if he were a five year old child. He slung the towel to the ground, then kicked it before heading for the exit. I grabbed hold of his shoulder, forcing him to face me. My eyes met with his, the anger exchanging from one pair to the other.

    "Pick that up and put it in the hamper!" I ordered, my finger pointing to the crumpled cloth.

    He folded his arms against his chest, signaling that he would not comply to my request. "Make me!" He smirked.

    "You put that up right now or I'll..." I trailed off, not knowing how I would actually make him do it.

    "Or you'll what? Speak up Leo, I can't hear ya! Ya gonna' tell Master Splinter on me? For Christ sake Leo, grow up!" He mocked.

    I furiously snatched up the sweaty towel and held it out in front of him. "Here!" As I had figured, he made no attempt or even hinted at taking the object from me. I nudged his chest with my palm, my fingers still clinging to the towel. "I said take it!" I ordered.

    Raph wasn't too appreciative of being shoved. Even though it was lightly and for a purpose, it was still a challenge in his eyes. He returned the 'nudge' with much more force and meaning than mine. I stumbled backwards a few steps, my carapace bumping the table's edge. I dropped the towel to free up my hand, then returned the shove.

    Without uttering a single word, Donatello calmly walked into the dojo and picked up the soiled towel and then placed it in the hamper where we keep the dirty laundry. "Okay guys, problem solved! Will you please stop fighting?" My peaceful brother asked, giving Raph and me a disappointed glare.

    "Don, put it back! He's going to do it!" I ordered my purple-clad brother. Don simply rolled his eyes at me, then shook his response.

    "Put it back! " I ordered again, my voice more angry than I had intended.

    "No, this is ridiculous Leo! I salved the problem, so you guys just cut it out! I'm sick of hearing the two of you bickering over stupid little things like a towel!" He shouted. I rarely saw Donnie so worked up, but it was clear just how annoyed he was. I have to admit, it was a trivial matter, but it irritated me. Deep down though, I knew this matter wasn't over a measly little towel, it was more to do with his lack of respect of my request.

    I knew that Donatello was trying to resolve the heated issue, but I felt that he had missed the point. It wasn't that placing a towel in the hamper was that complicated, the fact was Raphael had been the one to dirty it, therefore he should put it where it belonged. "Don, it's not your place to fix every little thing that comes along! We all need to pull our own weight and give a little, but Raph is just plain slacking! He has absolutely no respect for anyone, he only cares about himself! I'm sick of...." Before I could finish my anguished rant I heard a loud racket. I couldn't be sure, but it sounded like someone had fallen down the ladder that led in and out of our lair. Before I could even move, my eyes grew in horror as a battered and bruised Casey Jones staggered into the dojo. His body was littered with deep gashes, blood, dirt, and grime. My angered state of being had been replaced with panic and fear.

    His body trembled from both anxiety and pain. His wobbly limbs threatening to give out from underneath him at any given moment. Raphael quickly rushed over to his injured friend and helped him over to the weight bench to sit him down. "Casey, what the hell happened to you?" Raphael asked, his eyes prying his human friend for answers. Casey's hands trembled so erratically that he had absolutely no control over them. Tears welled up in the corner of his blue eyes, but he didn't even offer to wipe them away.

    "They... they got her! I tried to hold em' off, but I just couldn't, there were so many of em'! She's...she's gone!" He finally responded once he had found his shaky voice.

    To Be Continued...[/quote][/quote]

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    Chapter 2

    My entire body went numb at hearing the distress in Casey's usually critical tone.

    "Casey, what do you mean they got her?" I asked once I had managed to find my voice. Part of me had feared the worst, that April had been killed. Casey's uncharacteristic actions gave merit to that dreadful speculation. We had been lucky so far throughout our 17 years, and I knew it was only a matter of time before our luck ran out and we were forced to deal with loss.

    "Freakin' Foot goons. they took er'!" Casey finally managed to spit out, now seemingly on the verge of a breakdown. "They broke into her apartment.. I tried ta fight im' off but there were too fuckin' many of em'! They took er' and jus' left me there!" He continued, the anguish in his voice reflecting his self blame over the incident.

    "It's okay Case', you tried.. what more could you do? You were outnumbered! We'll get her back, you can bet your sweet hockey sticks on that!" Mikey tried to comfort our friend.

    I watched in disbelief as the macho vigilante reached out and wrapped his muscular arms around our little brother, pulling him into a tight, vice-like embrace. He buried his face into Mike's shoulder and released the floodgates. It seemed Mikey was just as bewildered by the man's actions as I was. He looked at me for a split second, his eyes nearly as wide as saucers, but quickly refocused on our distressed friend.

    "It'll be okay Case man, just take it easy, k? And like.. if it's not too much trouble, could you loosen that grip of yours a bit? Cause I'm like two seconds away from collapsin' completely oxygen deprived!" Mikey attempted to joke, but his own cheerful tone was laden and shaken with despair.

    This is an act of a cowered! The Shredder is using our strongest weakness... our friends to get at us! He will not get away with this!

    "What more Case, there's more ain't there? No need beatin' around the bush about it, spill it so we can get this lil' show on tha' road!" Raph's impatient and angered tone broke through my anguished thoughts. But the hot-head was right, why else would The Shredder allow Casey to live if not to deliver a message? This entire fiasco was about us, not them.

    Casey rose his face from Mike's tear soaked shoulder and looked directly at me, his gaze both pleading an apologetic. It was discomforting to say the least. "It's a trap!" He answered in almost a whisper. He was reluctant to set the wheels in motion to what could ultimately be our demise, but time was of the essence, a fact Raphael was very well aware of. But he was never the type to display patients, even under normal circumstances.

    "No shit Sherlock!" Raph angrily snapped, earning stern stares from both Mike and myself. I guess it was then that he'd realized the harshness in his own tone. I could see the regret reflecting in his eyes. Raph moved over closer to Casey. "Sorry man, didn't mean ta' snap like that, but we're runnin outta' time!" He continued to urge." Please, I know it's hard, but tell us where they took er'!"

    Casey removed his death-grip from Mike and sighed in defeat. I could tell he was trying to pull himself together, though his efforts were met with failure. "One of the Foot goons said for you guys ta' meet with Saki at the old abandoned slaughterhouse on the outskirts.. the one that got closed down last month" He paused, his brows twitching and furrowing as he fought back his emotions. "If ya' don't show up... by midnight, Saki's gonna' kill er'!"

    Raph once again became enraged. "I'll kill that son-of-a-bitch!" He snarled to no-one in particular. Without further warning, my hot headed brother stormed towards the exit. I headed to stop him, but Don had beat me to it. He grabbed Raph's arm and forced him to a stop.

    "Hold on Raph! We need to come up with a strategy! It would be too dangerous to simply rush in unprepared!" My level headed brother tried to reason, but we all knew Raph was never one to wait around for a plan.

    Raph jerked his arm away from Don and then pulled his sai from his belt and twirled them around menacingly. "I got ya' strategy right here... me!" He sharply replied, tapping his plastron with the blunt metal for emphasis. With that said, he continued for the exit. This time, Don didn't try to stop him. Grabbing him twice would surely lead to a confrontation and my purple clad brother was much too peaceful to knowingly provoke a conflict, but I couldn't let him rush out on his own. I braved what could have resulted in another turtle-tantrum and grabbed his arm. It was a very bold move on my part simply because he was already angry at me.

    "Raph, wait! We're going to... just give us a few minutes to take care of Casey!"

    Raph puffed up in anger and I could have swore he was about to lay me out right then and there, but instead he sighed in frustration. Surprisingly, he obeyed my request which was highly unusual. Though he wouldn't admit it, he probably stuck around to make sure Casey was going to be okay. After all, Casey was Raphael's human replica with the exception of his clumsiness. Raph cared a great deal for him, but my brother was never very good at displaying his 'caring' side.

    Master Splinter must have been awaken by the commotion for he came into the den to investigate the chaotic happenings. It caused me great concern to see him up and moving about, his frail form slightly swaying as he made his way over towards us. I rushed to his side, grabbing his arm and draping it over my shoulder to offer him support as we made our way over to the couch. "Master Splinter, you shouldn't be up!" I voiced my opinion, but a bony hand quickly flew up in the air, silently ceasing me to continue.

    All of my years of training and discipline had taught me to remain calm and focused in any given situation, but seeing the worry and dread reflecting in the old man's eyes caused an overwhelming sense of dread to sweep over me. His senses were far more acute than my own and I could sense that he had picked up on something that I had been unaware of. Perhaps it was nothing more than the concern of a worried parent, but despite my attempts to chalk it up as such, a sense of sorrow loomed thickly in the air, chilling me to the very core.

    "Sensei?" I whispered, my eyes almost pleading for some kind of reassurance. Suddenly I felt like a lost 5 year old who desperately sought his father's guidance. The fear in my own gaze hadn't gone unnoticed to the aged rat. I watched as his expressions slowly shifted and he forced away the look of dread and sorrow, replacing it with a look of confidence. Despite what he had obviously been feeling prior, he forced a smile.

    "I know what you must do, my sons, but I beg you to use extreme caution. Please, you and your brothers must return to me safely!" Splinters tone was low and almost pleading. An awkward chill washed over my body upon hearing that unusual tone. He always worried for us on our outings, but it was almost like he expected the worst on this particular night.

    "Sensei.. wha.." My question was cut short by an angry rant.

    "Either you guys get your shit in gear, or I'm goin' without yas! I ain't waitin' around for that slimebag to do somethin' terrible to Ape!" Raph snorted loud enough to wake the dead. I sighed, glaring over at him for a few short seconds then back at Sensei. He was clearly still sick and I simply hated the idea of leaving him by himself.

    "What about you? We can leave Donnie behind to look after you and Casey!" I offered, though I knew we would greatly need our brainy brother.

    I knew that he desperately wanted to keep Donnie home, not in order to watch after him and Casey, but just to know that at least one of us would be safe, but he knew as well as I did that we would need Donatello's quick thinking in this matter. "No, I will be fine. I will tend to Casey's injuries." He replied, though I knew it broke his heart to release us.

    "I'll take care of them Sensei, you have my word." I said, trying to set his troubled mind at ease. I just hoped that I would be able to keep that promise! God, if I lost one of them.... I don't think I could ever live with myself! Releasing a sigh, I shook my head in understanding and gave a respectful bow before sheathing my katana, and leading my brothers out and topside where we quickly loaded the old van April had given us.

    Don quickly hopped behind the driver's seat and fired up the engine, and after a short trip of speeding, among several other traffic violations, we arrived at the said spot. This was it. My heart began to beat wildly with anticipation, I rarely let my nerves get the better of me but I could not deny the fact that dread had overcome me. Don parked the van far enough away as to not draw any unwanted attention to our arrival, though we were expected-- I clung to the hope that we would be able to slip in unannounced. Hopefully our stealth would work to our advantage. The large abandoned structure stood alone, with nothing but heavy chain-link fence to surround the vicinity.. there were no other buildings within sight. The gate was unlocked and slightly open. We were expected.

    After we had all piled out of the van and descended enough to see the slaughterhouses' entirety, we all took notice to the door ajar just enough to indicate that it was in fact unlocked-- and this would have been an easy entrance point, but we all knew better than to just rush in there unprepared. Well, everyone except Raphael that is. The hothead knew better, but the biggest majority of the time, he doesn't think things through.

    "Raphael!" I called out, hoping by some strange unknown force he would, for once, listen to me-- but of course, he did not. I could do nothing but watch helplessly as he rushed through the open door, throwing his safety to the wind, as always.

    "Raphael, you son-of- ahhh crud!" I had no choice but to go rushing in after him. I quickly pulled my katana and readied myself for the possible attack, and my two youngest brother's followed suite.

    In the back of my mind, I was expecting the floor to give way underneath us or a net to snatch us up, for this all seemed so cliche', but none of that happened. The building appeared to be empty, save for the large menacing hooks that hung from the ceiling, but I knew things weren't always what they seemed.

    We all met up in the middle of the main section of the seemingly dead factory-- all poised and ready for an attack, but the place was quiet.. too quiet for that matter. The room was dark, the only lighting being what poured through the few windows on the far side of the walls. There were endless places for our enemies to be hiding, I was well aware of this fact, but Michelangelo was obviously second guessing the location. I watched as his defensive posture quickly melted away, and he gave each of us a look of disbelief.


    I tensed at the sound of Mikey's voice... I knew this was coming!

    "Are you guys sure this is the right place?" He asked, his doubtful tone ringing out into the silent atmosphere. I gritted my teeth, fighting back the urge to clobber him! I inhaled a deep breath and released it slowly in a futile attempt to calm myself. "Focus Mikey! And yes, I'm sure!" I replied in almost a whisper. I desperately tried to keep my mind focused, for I knew at any moment, we would be fighting for our lives.

    Donnie leaned against his bo staff, seemingly dropping his guard as well. It's times like this that I absolutely hate being the leader! All choices rested heavily on my shoulders. I glanced over at him, and could almost hear the wheels turning inside that genius head of his, and after a long moment of silence- he spoke in a whisper. "You know, I bet the Shredder is outside the facility somewhere, watching us stumble around in the dark via some high tech surveillance system! This building in certainly of no importance and I'm sure he wouldn't hesitate to blow it up!" I frowned. It was definitely a possibility. The slaughterhouse was far enough away that an explosion wouldn't result in the authorities reaching it right away, and it was a given there were no buildings nestled close by. These were all factors to The Shredder's advantage, making an unnoticed escape childsplay for him and his devoted followers. The Shredder never traveled solo. My train of thought was interrupted when I took notice to how tense Mikey had become.

    "Um, call me crazy, but I don't want to stick around for that!"Mikey verbally expressed his uneasiness. He turned and started towards the door, however he only made it a few feet before Raphael grabbed his arm and pulled him to a stop. Mikey tried to pull away, but Raph's hold on him remained firm.

    "We're not going anywhere Mikey, not until we get April, got it? This ain't the time for you to go turnin' chicken on us!" Raphael snapped at our younger brother.

    "Well, when we're blown into a million itty bitty tiny turtle pieces, it will be TOO LATE to turn chicken! Don't take away my last chance to grow feathers and cluck! Those that cluck and run to cluck another day! Ape probably isn't even in here, what would we gain by sticking around for the 'big boom'?!? It certainly won't help her none if we're turned into bar-b-que!! " Mikey responded.

    Rapheal released an exasperated sigh at our youngest brother's list of reasoning. "Fine! Go cluck your ass back to the van and stay there, chicken!" We would greatly need Mikey, but I guess Raphael had realized that if Mikey did leave, he would at least be out of harm's way.

    Mikey started to say something, but before the words could form and pass his lips, the heavy steel door slid shut and the lights suddenly flickered on. We all poised ourselves, waiting for the attack.. but still, our enemy was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly the loud squeak of metal hinges drew our attention up towards the ceiling, the star-filled sky now visible through a 5X5' section of what must have been a ventilation door in the roof... but still, I could see no-one. No Saki, no Foot minions, nothing. But something was tickling my sense of smell.. something pungent and unmistakable... gas.

    To be continued...

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    Chapter Three

    "I smell gas!" Donatello stated the obvious.

    Mikey shot our purple clad brother a cockeyed glare. "Don't look at me! He who smelt it.. dealt it!" I guess Mikey just couldn't resist getting in a wise crack, despite the serious nature of our predicament. His humorous efforts were rewarded with a smack upside the head from Raph.

    "Knock it off dip-shit!" My temperamental brother snarled.

    My eyes continued to survey the surrounding area, hoping to see some sign of our human friend and her captor, however the factory seemed void of any life. This was a trap, I knew it! They're not in here! Just as I had came to that conclusion, I noticed movement from outside the warehouse. Glancing at the heavily barred windows, I saw the silhouettes of our adversaries-- alot of adversaries. The smell of gasoline becoming stronger with each passing second, and in the back of my mind, I knew where this was heading. But I tried to remain focused. I closed my eyes momentarily, trying to clear my jumbled senses, taking in and releasing slow- steady breathes. Before I could gather myself, I felt someone lightly nudge my side. I opened my eyes.

    Without bothering with words, Donatello pointed in the direction of the roof's only ventilation door. A few figures were barely noticeable, but I didn't need a full glimpse to know who they where.

    "They're soaking this place with enough gasoline to suffocate us, however I think they have something else in store!" Don finally spoke, his voice remaining calm, however his eyes reflected his obvious panic. I gave a slight nod and it was just then that I realized all eyes were fixated on me. Both Don and Mikey questioning, Raph giving me the critical glare. I had grown accustomed to that gaze, the one that's silently asking 'now what, fearless?' It's almost as if he's waiting for me to slip up, just so he can rub it in my face.

    "Okay guys, we split up. Look for April and an escape route. Please, be careful!" I instructed simply. Amazingly my brothers complied without any questions, however Raph stared me down for a few seconds longer, smirking. I guess he was still feeling bitter over our earlier confrontation, but this was not the time to dwell upon trivial grudges. When he finally chose to break off his hate stare and depart, I grabbed his arm, forcing him to look at me.

    "What!" He snapped in response.

    "Let it go Raph! Focus everything on the 'here and now' and getting out of here alive! And be careful!" I replied, but mindful to keep my tone non-preach-y.

    "You need ta' stop worryin' about me and look after your own ass!" He replied angrily and pulled his arm from my grip. I released a sigh and watched him head off. Don and Mikey had already headed in different directions.

    The search was on, and no sooner had it started, results had been achieved. Leave it to Donatello! My purple clad brother was off in the corner, tossing aside large barrels that had been used in collecting animal blood and organs. Like moths attracted to a bright flame, we all flocked in that direction. The desperation reflecting in Don's eyes caused a cold hard lump to form in my throat.

    "Guys, help me get these off of her!" Don's request was laden with urgency.

    "Don't tell me she's under.. oh god! April!" Raphael howled as he set in helping Mikey, Don and me remove the heavy objects. I tried to remain positive, but the barrels were heavy, and there were so many piled on top of her small frame. Surely she had been crushed. I wasn't sure how Don had managed to find her, but that wasn't important at the moment.

    Once enough of the barrels had been removed to actually see her, my heart nearly stopped right then and there. Though it was a gruesome sight, I couldn't pull my eyes away from her. Don was at her side in a heartbeat, checking her pulse with one hand while the other gently stroked her cheek in a soothing manner. I could hear Mikey off in the background, vomiting. It was a shock to take in and I guess his stomach just couldn't handle it.

    "Is she dead?" I asked in almost a whisper, finally able to pull my gaze from her broken form. It was only then that I noticed the shackles holding her captive.

    "No, but it doesn't look too promising. Her pulse is barely noticeable. She's lost alot of blood... someone beat her up pretty badly!" Don informed. He was now trying to figure out a way to free our friend of the shackles. As he worked on the locks, he pulled April against his body. He was attempting to keep her warm with what little heat his own body was emitting.

    "Someone? It wasn't 'someone that did this shit Don, it was Shredder! When I find that sack of shit, I'm gonna give him a reason for wearing that damn mask of his! I'm personally gonna neuter him and hand over his family jewels on a platter! That fucker is mine!" Raph was all wound up now, and I knew this would only lead to trouble.

    "Raph, check on Mikey! Don will free April, and I'll be searching for a way out of here! This is not the time to lose control! Focus!"

    "No! You guys take care of April, get her outta' here, but I ain't leavin' until my business with that slime-ball is finished! NOBODY lays a finger on our sister and lives to tell the tale! He's going down, this time, for good!"

    For once, I felt the same as my hotheaded brother, but our biggest priority at the moment was getting April to safety. "Raph, I'm with you one hundred percent! I want to make him pay just as much as you do, but right now, April needs us! We get her out of here, then we make him pay!"

    As I tried to reason, I saw Mikey returning to April's side. Thankfully he'd managed to pull himself together and was assisting Donatello.

    "What if his trail runs cold? Dammit Leo, ever since he made his last return from the dead, that bozo's been givin' us the slip! This ends here and NOW!" Raphael was practically growling at this point. I stared into his eyes, hoping to convey my personal feelings, but he broke the gaze and stormed off.

    I sighed and then looked back over to where my other two brother's were tending to April. Mikey sat on the floor, April's limp form pulled into a slouched sitting position, leaning against his plastron. His arms wrapped protectively around her as Don continued to work with the locks. Luckily he had brought along his 'bag of tricks', as he liked to call it, and it would surely aid in April's rescue.

    Seeing our friend was in capable hands, I went after Raph. Before I could even take two steps forward, a noise coming from behind caused me to spin, once again unsheathing my katana. Foot ninja's were descending thru the ventilation door by ropes. "Guys!" I called out to my brothers, and in a flash, Raph was right there beside me, his sai poised and ready for battle. I glanced over at him for a split second, then returned my attention to our opponents. "Keep them off of Don and Mikey!!" I breifly informed.

    "My pleasure!" Raph replied, venom practically dripping from his words.

    The ninjas continued to come in through the opening in the roof. Raph and I immediately started working on eliminating the thugs. If we were to have a fighting chance, we needed to keep things in check, but unfortunately, no matter how much effort we exerted into our survival, the black clad ninjas continued to fill the slaughterhouse. I was beginning to worry, at this rate, we wouldn't be able to cover Don and Mike for very long.

    We wasted no time with simply disabling the ninjas, it wouldn't be practical at this rate. We were forced to kill and Raphael did so mercilessly. Every ounce of his raw and un-channeled anger drove his furious attacks. This is a fact that also worried me. At the rate he was going, he would surly exhaust himself. To hell with the countless breathing techniques Sensei had taught us, he was doing it his way as always, and I feared he was allowing his anger to blind him.

    "Focus Raph!" I shouted out as he began to drift into the quickly growing crowd. "Stay close!"

    "Stop barkin' and start biting dammit!" Raphael retorted with a hiss. I watched as the blunt tips of his sai both impelled advancing attackers and being extracted just as quickly. A cold shiver ran up my spine for killing was not my style, but again... we had no choice. I swallowed my remorse and dread, covering it with a bitter expression and I too set in on taking out The Shredder's misguided followers. My katana slashed and jabbed, occasionally decapitating and disemboweling. The metallic smell of blood soon began mingling with that of the gasoline. It was nauseating to say the least.

    On the surface I was that unfazed warrior, doing what I must and seemingly without reluctance. But in the back of my mind-- in the depths of my soul, I was sympathetic. I knew that each of these thugs.. despite their crimes-- they were all someone's children. We were in turn effecting the lives of everyone they knew-- everyone that cared for them, and this was more sickening than the 'in your face' smell that engulfed and polluted our physical senses. It's ironic, here I am telling my brother to focus and yet, I'm finding that task difficult myself.

    The Foot ninjas continued to descend, the crowd becoming thicker, my hope for escape thinning-- but I couldn't show my doubt, the others were depending upon me to keep up that strong demeanor.. to not buckle under my unseen stress and worry. I continued to fight my way towards the entrance point. I was almost certain that it would be locked tight, but I had to try, at least. I left lifeless bodies in my path, slashing and stabbing, blood spraying my skin, trickling onto my body as a shower of red rain. I took a few hits, but nothing serious and the adrenaline had masked any and all physical discomforts.

    I continued my quest for the metal door, dispatching the ninjas, but my efforts were seemingly futile. For every one I took out, five more quickly filled his or her place. The crowd continued to thicken, making it nearly impossible to maneuver my strikes, their sounds became deafening. It was hot, extremely hot.. beads of sweat collecting on my skin, mingling with the blood and trickling down is streams of pink and red. Some dripped into my eyes, stinging and aggravating but I had no time to wipe them. I so desperately wanted to look back, to see how my family were holding up-- but my survival required my undivided attention, for me to go down surely wouldn't be doing them any favors. Katanas slashed at me from all directions, but I held my ground, returning the strikes with determination and a lifetime of training, driven by my desperation to get my family out of here.

    Finally, I had reached the metal door, spinning to defend myself as my carapace slammed against it, pressing the lever that should have opened it- if it weren't locked that is. Shit! I swore inwardly, it was in fact locked. Not a shocker by any means, but I held to that small gleam of hope that something would work in our favors. My back still pressed firmly against the cold hard metal, I was encircled by ninjas .. now feeling a bit trapped. I rocked backwards, applying more pressure to the lever, but still nothing. In between strikes, I managed to press my elbow to it, giving my attempts one final try but again was met with failure. We definitely wouldn't be leaving from this point. My next destination would be over to the barred windows. Removing the prison-style covers that bolted to the outside wouldn't be easy, surely taking much time in which we didn't have, but I saw no other option. Dealing with such tasks was Donatello's field of expertise, but at the moment, he had his hands full.

    I pushed myself forward, continuing to dispatch the ninja who stood in my path, slicing through their numbers and leaving death and suffering in my passing. Adrenaline was building, but through its mist, I could feel exhaustion building up. The fumes from the gas were dulling my senses, my nerves twitching, head swimming in dizziness. This sent a new rush of urgency coursing through my body. The intensity of my strikes increasing, anger building as my desperation tugged away at me. If I died tonight then so be it, but my family.. I had to get them out of here!

    I had made it halfway across the main room when a loud and pained yelp cut through the air, the tone above any beyond the rest of the noise. My heart leaped into my throat, my eyes franticly trying to reach its source, one of my brothers were in trouble. This was the ultimate torture! Someone I loved and was responsible for protecting was being harmed and I was powerless to reach them.

    "NOOOOOO!!!!" I heard the unmistakable voice of Michelangelo cry out, fearful and desperate. I feared it was my little brother being attacked and possibly killed.

    "Mikey!!! Hang on bro, I'm coming!" I shouted, hoping to offer some form of comfort but in the back of my mind, I knew I probably wouldn't reach him in time.

    "DONNIE!!!" Another scream soon filled the air, this time Raphael. I momentarily froze, panic and dread almost handicapping me, causing my legs to nearly buckle beneath me. I hate this! I hate being out of control! My worst fear was quite possibly happening, my family was being killed and I was powerless to reach them! I couldn't see.. only hear their pained cries and desperate shouts. I plowed my way through with newfound determination, my only goal now was to reach them.. somehow protect them or die trying. I don't know how I managed to do it, but now I stood thirty feet away. I could see everything and my blood went cold, heart nearly stopping at the sight I was greeted with.

    Saki's hand squeezing tightly on Don's neck, threatening to crush the vital structures that laid within. The fear in my brother's eyes was almost more than I could bare! Mikey and Raph were also trying to reach him, but both were also being held off by the hordes of ninjas. I watched in horror as our enemy picked Don up by his delicate throat, dangling him high and staring menacingly into his fearful gaze. Saki drew back his daggered hand, aiming directly at Don's chest and preparing to deliver a killing blow. That's when I lost all control- I pushed and stabbed wildly, desperate to reach my brother in time, but even without the many obstacles in my path, I would be unable to sprint the distance in time to save him.

    Saki laughed psychotically, his grip tightening around Don's throat. The laugh suddenly halted and the demon stared directly at me, his eyes shinning with hate that would be difficult to convey with words.

    "Leonardo." He hissed venomously. My eyes dug into him as I fought my way towards the metal menace. Don's struggles were growing weak, his face turning a sickening shade of brown and veins surfacing near the skin, begging for oxygen.

    "You will witness the demise of your family before you too perish!"

    "Put him down you son of a bitch!" Yeah, I was pissed. Angry enough to do something I despised, cuss. I knew my request would be denied, but yeah, I had to try.

    An evil cackle filled the air and I could only watch in horror as that daggered hand plunged forward, directly at my brother's chest, surely intending to impale his heart.

    "NOOOOO!!!" My desperate cry came in unison with someone else. Suddenly a streak of green seemingly came out of nowhere, pouncing onto the Shredder with a fierceness that would surely rival any large predatory animal. I could only watch as my brother tore into Shredder like a rabid pitbull, now I had two brother's in immediate danger! Great!

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    Chapter Four

    My heart skipped a beat upon seeing the rage and determination burning wildly in Mike's usual carefree eyes. He had quickly attached himself to Saki's back, his nunchuck chain wrapping around the villain's throat and he pulled hard on the handles, tightening the hold.

    It would have surely resulted in a fatal injury if not for the metal collar that protected our enemy's neck. Only a small opening in the front of his armor would allow a fatal injury to that area, however, nunchucks weren't the weapon to deliver it. It did what had been intended, however.

    Shredder's attention had been diverted from Donatello, his focus now on my orange-clad brother who clung to him for dear life. The villain bucked his shoulders, attempting to sling Mike off, swinging his daggered hand in futile attempts to impale him. Luckily he was unsuccessful. Raph and I were both struggling to reach them-- Don was still within Saki's cruel and crushing grasp, barely clinging to consciousness at this point.

    That all changed within a matter of seconds. Furious, Shredder slung Donatello forward, directly into a nearby window. The glass shattered upon impact, sending a shower of jagged fragments showering down on and around our now grounded brother. Surely he would have went straight through if not for the metal bars in which he had bounced off of with a sickening 'crack'. Despite his near brush with death and lack of oxygen, he struggled to stand, but the action was proving difficult.

    Foot ninjas were quickly advancing, eager to take advantage of his unfortunate moment of weakness. I continued my furious attacks on the ninjas in my path, desperate to reach Don before they could finish him off- but I feared that I would be too late. My eyes franticly darted over to Raph, he too wouldn't be much help at this point.

    "Hang on Don!" I shouted, as if my words would offer some form of lifeline. It was difficult keeping a check on both Mike and Don, and worry about keeping myself from going down as well.

    Mikey was still clinging to Saki, refusing to loosen his grip on the nunchucks. He pulled the handles tightly together, twisting them- practically tying the chain around the angry villain's neck. I silently prayed for a miracle- that somehow he would manage to break The Shredder's neck, but I knew I was praying for too much.

    "You fool!" The Shredder howled venomously. He continued to jerk, swing, and attempted to elbow Mike from his back. He quickly spun, his back now towards the wall-- rushing backwards in an attempt to smash my brother into the unforgiving solid steel barriers of the slaughterhouse.

    At the last second, Mikey kicked off of Saki's back, flipping over and now in front of the enemy. His hold on the nunchucks still firm, twisting and pulling him forward. His efforts were rewarded by a clashing 'thud', and our enemy now lying face down on the littered ground.

    Mikey stood at the ready, waiting for Saki to return to his feet, nunchucks poised in a threatening manner. Don, meanwhile, was still struggling to push himself up with his arms, his body seemingly too heavy and he collapsed onto his plastron again.

    Foot ninjas had encircled my grounded brother, and I cried out as a katana quickly advanced down upon him, but luckily he managed to roll onto his side, quickly shielding himself with his Bo staff. The attackers katana embedded into the center of my brother's weapon, quickly pulled out and attempted to slash again. I worried. Don was weak, and wouldn't hold up against the vicious attacks.

    Thankfully I wasn't the only one aware of this. Before my brain had enough time to register what had happened, Mikey was standing over Don protectively, that determined and furious fire still burning angrily in his gaze. It's hard to imagine a creature capable of displaying such rage was also capable of pulling off something as innocent as his patented 'puppy-dog eyes'. Either way, those eyes were a force to be reckoned with.

    The handle of Mikey's nunchuck smashed into the attacker's face, the loud sickening crack of the assailant's nasal bone could be heard among the chaos and the never-ending battle. A quick roundhouse to the ninja's head finished him off. The enemy landed backwards-- taking an advancing ninja with him.

    Our little brother quickly dispatched of around ten ninja, buying enough time to allow him to crouch down beside Don. Mikey hooked his arms underneath Don's and began pulling him up. "Upsie Daisy Donzie Lazy!" Mike chimed as he assisted our purple clad brother in trying to stand.

    "Dude, you sooooo gotta name your first born after me, cause I just saved your tail!" Mikey joked. That vicious fire had extinguished and the more familiar twinkle of mischief returning to his eyes.

    "Does... does that mean..." Don's attempt at a response was cut short by a violent coughing fit. "... I have to name him 'pain in the ass'?" Don finally managed to respond in a shaky tone, a smirk worn on his pale face.

    "I'd be flattered!" Mike snickered, but quickly added in a more serious tone. "But what makes you so sure it'd be a boy?"

    "You two boneheads knock it off and start figgerin' out how we're gonna get ourselves outta this!" Raphael angrily cut in. Our red clad brother had somehow managed to return to April's side. After quickly kneeling down and checking her pulse, he returned to full stance, eliminating the ninja as they foolishly charged and attacked him.

    I continued fighting my way forward. I was so far away from them, and this was aggravating me! A mad growl escaped my lips as I viciously plowed through my many dangerous obstacles. I had been so distracted, my focus on my brothers-- that's all it took was a split second, a quick break in my concentration. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain slice through the back of my thigh. I winced, buckling at the shock and turning to see my attacker. One of the ninjas I had failed to properly terminate, lying on the ground, his katana slashing wildly like a crazed and determined animal. I had already felt it's bite once and I despise painful repeats.

    I managed to keep my footing despite my gaping wound. With one slice of my katana, my attacker's head separated from his body, rolling almost comically and stopping at the feet of one of his former allies.

    I couldn't see my injury, no time to survey the damage... my brother's were in danger. I glanced back towards Mike and Don, thankfully Don was back on his feet with the help of our little brother, but The Shredder was quickly advancing. I screamed out-- but it was too late.

    Shredder lashed at Mike with his gantlets, the blades making contact and slicing through his face. My heart instantly leapt into my throat and a numbing feeling washed over me. Mikey yelped in pain, stumbling back in shock as he clutched a hand to the gaping wound. I had no idea how serious it was, but I feared that he had just lost an eye.

    "Noooo!" My scream was delayed by shock and fear. Saki paused briefly, sparing me an evil glare before turning his focus on my baby brother once more. I could only watch helplessly as Mike unknowingly backed himself into a corner, only becoming aware of this as his carapace bumped the wall.

    "Ah shell!" I heard him breath in regret of his own actions. Saki raised his claws, preparing to deliver a fatal blow, but he had forgotten about Donatello. An anguished howl escaped my peaceful brother as he rushed in front of Mike, holding his Bo upwards and allowing it to take the full force of the strike. Before The Shredder could recoil and launch another strike, Don side-kicked his armor-plated chest with newfound strength and determination, surely driven by raw adrenaline. His attack did little in the means of harming our adversary.. but it had bought much needed time and allowed Mike an opening to remove himself from the corner. But didn't travel far. Don and Mike always seemed to stick together, even in heated battle.

    I was growing increasingly frustrated! No matter how much effort I exerted into my seemingly fruitless attack, I was getting nowhere fast. Their strategy seemed to be for the Foot to keep me separated from my family-- to force me to witness their exaction.

    The space between me and my brothers was quickly being filled by the black clad ninjas, visibility now poor at best. I could no longer see Raphael. This only added to the tension. I hate being out of control! But I was about to be completely out of control in one of the worst ways possible. Losing control over myself.

    Before I knew what had hit me, I was laying face down on the cold, blood-soaked floor of the slaughterhouse. Shocked, startled, enraged, and frightened, I tried to push myself up-- but a hard object smashed into the back of my skull. I collapsed yet again, my beak making hard contact with the concrete floor. My nasal bone had probably been broken for I heard something crack, and now felt a warm stickiness rolling down my snout.

    Everything began to go black, and despite my attempts to cling to consciousness~ I knew it was a losing battle. I felt myself being rolled onto my carapace, a heavy weight now pinning me to the ground. As my eyes fluttered against my futile efforts to hold them open, I could just barely make out the blurry figure practically sitting on my chest. The cold sharp blade of a knife pressed firmly to my throat. Both of my arms were pinned to each side of me with the attacker's knees. The only weapon I had at this point were my legs. I tried to lift them, attempt to grab him between my ankles and sling him off-- but my limbs felt like chunks of led. Completely useless.

    I'm sorry Sensei, I have failed you! My fate seemed sealed at this point, and I only hoped that my brother's would find a way out of all this. I struggled, but my body wasn't complying with my mind. Slowly, I began to lose consciousness. Before my eyes fluttered closed, I heard our Saki's cold and harsh tone echo throughout the warehouse.

    "No! Leonardo is mine!"

    I couldn't see the sea of ninja parting, allowing their Sensei through, but I surely heard each metallic step he took, approaching me and insuring death. I could not see my brother's attempting to stop him, only to be tossed off by either him- or a surrounding ninja. I could hear each of their voices calling out to me- so recognizable, yet distant and submersed. I heard the fear, sorrow and despair from both Mike and Don. I heard the anguished snarls of Raphael. Yet, I could not open my eyes. A new threat tickled my senses, adding to the already immense tension. Smoke. It seemed faint, but detectable even to my dulled awareness. Mustering up what strength I had left, I formed the words that would probably go unheard due to chaotic noise, and my inability to speak above a trembled whisper.

    "Please.. get ....get out of here! Leave me."

    There was so much more I wanted to say- tell each of my brothers how I truly felt about them... how much I truly loved them. I feared that I never said those words as often as I should have. I rarely breathed those words at all. I wanted to send Sensei my apology, hand over the reigns of leadership to Raphael. But I didn't have time for any of that. The thoughts of my family slowly and painfully faded away against my will to cling to them, and the inevitable darkness soon overcame me, sparing me of whatever cruel fate Saki had in store.

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    Chapter Five

    "Leo... Leo, wake up bro!" Michelangelo's frantic tone penetrated my subconscious. I clung to his words, hoping to be dragged out from the depths of emptiness, but the simple task of opening my eyes were beyond my abilities. My body was drenched in my own sweat, I don't think I've ever been so hot in all my life.

    I felt my brother patting my cheeks, still franticly calling my name in his attempts to wake me. I forced a groan, my mind spinning out of control as I tried to grasp what was going on. Had it all been just a dream? A horrible nightmare?

    After what seemed like forever, my heavy eyelids finally fluttered open- but my vision was blurred. I could see Michelangelo hovering over me, fear shown clearly on his features; the expression was recognizable even through my haze. A smile erupted across his face at seeing me now awake.

    "Oh thank God!" He exclaimed, turning briefly to shout at the others who were obviously quite a distance away, if his raised voice was any indicator. "Hey, Leo's awake!" He informed and then turned his attention back to me.

    As he did so, I caught a glimpse of his face and for the first time was aware of the damage Saki had done. I was relieved that our enemy had missed Mike's eye, but the damage was still gruesome nonetheless. Two large and gaping gashes laid open the flesh; the wound still dripping crimson and would undoubtedly require stitches and leave behind nasty scars.

    Unfortunately I was unable to hold my heavy eyelids open for very long. They fluttered shut against my will, but I clung to consciousness.

    "M..Mike, your face ... you're bleeding." I was sure he was fully aware of that fact, but still I found myself worrying and stating the bluntly obvious.


    I winced in both discomfort and annoyance as I felt Mikey's hands patting my cheeks again. "Leo, dude, you need to stay awake, okay bro? Just say no to the wickedly-evil sandman dude! Ya' hear? " The 'cheek patting' never seised and in fact, I believe he was becoming a little carried away!

    "I'm awake Mikey!" I hissed, swatting away the offending hand as I fought to open my heavy eyelids. I rubbed them in the hopes of ridding my gaze of the snowy reception, for I desperately needed them. Confusion had overtaken me as my vision was met yet again with Mikey hovering only inches my face; so close that I could feel his warm strawberry scented breath upon my skin.

    Why was he able to spare me the time and his undivided attention? Why wasn't he fighting? Were we out of the warehouse? How long had I been unconscious?

    "Where's Raph and Don?" My mind was racing out of control at this point. I quickly stood up, but was back on the ground in almost the same instant.

    "Careful Leo! You've got enough problems without adding a bruised tail to the list!"

    Without bothering with a response, I pushed myself up -- more careful this time. My wounded thigh throbbed, reminding me of my earlier misfortune. I brushed a hand against the area, feeling a fabric wrapped around the cut. Obviously one of my brothers had cut a strip of cloth from one of the many grounded ninja and formed a makeshift bandage. Then I saw it.

    I fought back a mad howl at seeing the Foot emblem now worn on my body like a beacon. I felt disgusted, filthy, and without a second thought-- I ripped the loathsome symbol from my bleeding thigh.

    "Leo.. but you're bleeding!" Mikey quickly reminded me.

    My head snapped angrily in his direction, though I wasn't mad at him-- just the situation. "I'd rather bleed to death then be graced with their filth and dishonor!" I seethed, and I meant it too.

    It was only then that I noticed April lying in the corner, still unconscious and probably not too far from death. My eyes then traveled to my front, attracted to the battle that was still underway. We were currently hidden behind several large wooden shipping crates.

    Obviously Raph and Don had left Mike in charge of watching after April and me. But there was so much information missing. The last thing I was aware of before losing consciousness was Saki heading for me. How did my brothers manage to get me out of danger? So many questions, but I had no time to retrieve answers. My brother's needed my help.

    I quickly retrieved my katana from the floor, and after sparing Mikey a parting glance-- I walked back into the heated battle ... literally. The slaughterhouse was becoming hotter by the minute, and as I rounded the large crates, I could see why. The building had been set a blaze. It was rapidly burning from the outside, the orange flames dancing wildly up the sides and leaking in through the busted window that Don had almost gone through.

    I knew it was a matter of time before all of the windows would burst under the heat, showering the inside with glass. I could hardly believe my eyes, the hordes of ninja had disappeared, only around ten remained, and the countless corpses of their fallen comrades. Obviously they didn't want to stick around after this place had been set on fire, which how and why that had come to be was still a mystery to me. But our biggest threat remained, Saki.

    Raphael was keeping him busy while Don tried to secure us a way out of this mess. Our only escape route was the large opening in the roof, and he tried several times to successfully lounge a grappling hook out the opening. His success was rewarded with the hook being returned with great force by one of the ninja who had obviously escaped minutes earlier. I guess a few were hanging around on the roof, making sure we would be unable to escape.

    "Dammit!" Don hissed in frustration as he grabbed the object and quickly tossed again, but this time the metal door closed with a loud thud, securing us inside the deathtrap and likely sealing our fate. I could see all hope deteriorate from Don's once determined gaze, replaced with fear as the realization of no escape set in, polluting his mind more-so than the offending gas and smoke.

    "What the shell are ya ' waitin' on Don? A freakin' invitation? Get that rope secure so we can get outta here!" Raph hissed as he continued trying to wear the Shredder down. Obviously he had been so occupied that the closing of the ventilation door had gone completely unnoticed.

    "We're not getting out." Don replied flatly, all hope drained from his tone.

    Raphael continued fighting, holding his ground and keeping our enemy at bay. "What kind of talk is that? Of course we're gettin' outta this, all o' us! Leo, Mike and Ape are countin' on us bro! We're not gonna let 'em down!"

    My eyes never left Don as I advanced, limping towards him. I worried about him. The loss of hope is never a good thing in these situations. It tends to cloud your mind, make you give into defeat. As soon as he noticed me approaching, his gaze shifted and fixated on me; his eyes silently begging for a solution.

    Suddenly a ninja rushed at my purple clad brother, katana poised and ready to sever his head from his shoulders. Before I could form the words to warn him, I heard a sickening thud and the ninja froze in his tracks and almost in the same instant, crumbled onto the ground. Raphael rushed over and sparing a smirk at our brainy brother, pulled his sai from the back of the thug's skull.

    "You'd better wake the fuck up, Don!" The red-clad turtle warned, before rushing back at the Shredder, attacking him in a rage of raw fury.

    I spared Donatello a quick glance before joining Raphael in the quest of taking down Saki. Hopefully we could finish him off once and for all. Surely we would all perish here on this night, we might as well go down fighting. I watched out of the corner of my eye as Mikey rushed towards the battle, taking down three ninja who dared to attempt stopping him.

    Don headed for one of the windows and after pulling various items from his bag of tricks, started in on trying to loosen the bars. It seemed to be our only hope, but I knew it wasn't too promising. The bars were secured and bolted from the outside, and the raging fire would surely keep his hands from reaching the screws. But I knew better than to underestimate Donatello.

    In the blink of an eye, Mike went sailing across the room and made hard contact with the wall. He slid to the ground, unconscious and blood pouring from his mouth.

    "Shit, MIKEY!" Raphael started towards him, but before he could move a step in our little brother's direction, Shredder backhanded with such force that Raphael was thrown off course, and now our enemy was quickly advancing towards our baby brother. I viciously lashed out at Saki with my katana, but my steel blades only clashed with his metal armor, achieving nothing more than noise, and a small vibration tickling my palm as the hilt slightly danced within my grip.

    The Shredder's powerful fist came flying in my direction, but I quickly ducked and executed a sweep-kick. The villain stumbled but unfortunately quickly regained his balance, avoiding a collision with the hard floor.

    The Shredder lashed out with his gauntlets and barely missed my snout- luckily I had managed to roll away just in time. He attempted to stomp me, but again I rolled. I watched as Raphael made his way over to Mikey and began attempting to wake him.

    "Mikey! Shit, Mikey wake up!" The desperation in Raph's usual tough tone was unnerving to say the least.

    "Is he okay?" I called out as I continued fighting.

    "Damn it Leo, he ain't breathin'! "

    At hearing this, my eyes shot over in his direction and I watched as he rolled Mikey onto his carapace, and after clearing his mouth of as much blood as possible, he began CPR. My gaze then traveled over to Donatello, and my eyes nearly popped out of my skull at the sight! My purple-clad brother's arms were protruding into the flames, through the bars in his quest to enable an escape route. He was braving the pain of his burning flesh, forcing himself to endure torture beyond my comprehension. I started to call out to him, but realized that it may distract him so I bit back my concern.

    My attention was pulled back in Raph and Mikey's direction when I heard a blood-gurgling cough. Raphael had been successful in bringing our little brother back, but I had no time to sigh with relief. Saki was advancing towards me at an unnerving rate, one of his fallen ninja's katana held tightly within his grasp.

    I poised, readying myself for the oncoming attack, but unfortunately he was on me sooner than anticipated. My blurry vision had portrayed me but luckily I had been trained for such situations. With the deterioration of my sight, my hearing had became more acute, alerting me to his movements.

    Saki's katana came plummeting down towards my skull, but his advance was quickly blocked by my left blade. My right made hard contact with his armored head, again, doing little in the means of harm. As I pushed his offending sword with my own, I side kicked his abdomen, followed quickly with a roundhouse. He stumbled a few feet, but again, refused to go down. Like a blood thirsty carnivore yearning for the taste of flesh, he charged at me again.

    Everything was wearing on me; the suffocating smoke was becoming thicker, the temperatures unbearable. My body was beyond tired; my achy muscles screaming out for a break. My head throbbed in rhythm with my well-timed strikes, and the worry for my brothers weighing heavily on my mind.

    I had no idea how well Mikey was holding up, but my acute hearing picked up on his violent coughing and the rattling of fluid in his chest. I could hear Raphael talking to him, encouraging him to remain awake. I also heard Donatello as he grew closer to where Mike and Raph were.

    "Is he okay?" I could hear Donnie's panicky tone above the metallic clashes of my heated struggle.

    "He's breathin', if that counts." Raphael responded angrily.

    "Mm..m'okay Don.." Michelangelo tried to assure, but his unconvincing effort was rewarded with a violent coughing fit.

    I wanted to go to my brothers, but I was engaged in the fight of my life. One slip in my concentration would surely be the end of me. I wasn't counting on getting out of this situation alive, but I hoped that my death wouldn't be for nothing. I could rest peacefully within my cold grave if I died with the peace of mind that Saki had been destroyed, once and for all.

    To be continued...

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    What happens next! Shocked

    great job, I envy your writing skills.

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