Scream for me. (based on a dream I had)


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    Scream for me. (based on a dream I had) Empty Scream for me. (based on a dream I had)

    Post by Mikko on Fri Mar 16, 2012 6:25 am

    (This was a dream that I had last night. Takes place sometime in the future.))

    "What are thoes things!?"

    "I don't fucking know, just keep running!"

    The two criminals ran for their lives. The mutated turtles close behind them. They had came out of no where, stoping the couple from finishing off a poor woman who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Spike had wanted to stop and try to fight the turtles, but Mikko was able to convince him that that was a bad idea.

    So now they were running, and running out of breath and energy. They needed a place to hid and fast.

    "In that building!" Spike ordered pointing to one of the many old abandon buildings in the area. Mikko followed his direction and ran inside. Both of them hid behind a stack of crates and pulled their guns out. They then waited quietly in the dark.

    As susspected, the turtles followed them in. There was only two of them. The younger one looked around, peering into the darkness. "Leo, I think we lost them." The young turtle said, ready to just head home. They had saved the girl and he had video games waiting for him!

    Spike and Mikko stayed hidden until the turtles got too close for comfort. Guns aimed at the two turtles, the thugs stood up and opened fire. Leo tossed Mike out of the way, getting hit by one of the bullets. "Leo!" Mike called out in alarm. Leo shurged off the pain in his shoulder and chased after Spike and Mikko once more.

    The two humans were getting tired and was starting to slow down. Mike chased after Leo yelling for him to stop so that he could get his arm checked out, but Leo wasn't about to stop now. He had been shot and now it was on a personal level.

    Mikko slipped inside another building and Spike followed close to her. She motioned for him to get in a closet with her, and while he didn't like being told what to do, did as she asked. The peeked through the wooden blinds on the closet door. Watching and waiting for the two turtles.

    They didn't have to wait long. the two soon came into view. Mike was still trying to get his brother to back down and head back home, Leo was shrugging him off. In the closet Mikko could feel something crawling on her, she paniced and started swating at herself trying to stay quite.

    Spike grabbed her roughly and held her still against his body, covering her mouth with his hand. but the small commotion was noticed and Leo opened the door to the closet, grabbing Spike and tossing him out and to the floor. He then did the same to Mikko. Mike looked over at the two humans before quickly disarming them.

    "I thought you fuckers were all dead!" Mikko spat at Leo.

    The older turtle folded his arms across his chest. "Not all of us died." He said, trying not to remember that night. He couldn't lose his focuse now.

    "You guys are like, in SO much trouble!" Mike chimmed in.

    "Fuck you! Freak!" Spike yelled spitting on the floor in their direction. He stood up, but Leo was quick to block his path, grabbing him by the shirt.

    Mikko stood up and went after Leo. "Let him go you ugly fucker!" Mike shook his head and grabbed the girl around the waist, earning more yelling from both humans. "Get yer fuckin paws off my bitch!" Spike kicked and struggled but he was only wearing himself out.

    "What are we going to do with them?" Mike asked.

    "We're going to bring them to the police, With any luck they're wanted for something and will sit in jail for a while." Because they had no way to prove that they had attacked that woman.

    The two turtles carefully tired up the humans and rushed them to the police station and left them by the front door. It wasn't the first time that Mike and Leo had donw this, they had brought lots of criminals to the police. And tho the cops had no idea who they were, they were thankful for the help.

    it wasn't too long that Mikko and Spike were out there when an officer noticed them. They were taken in, untied and finger printed. Sure enough, they were wanted for a number of crimes. The cops had been looking everywhere for the two. And here they were, just dropped by the door.

    Mikko and Spike's crimes were horrible. They were suspected in a number of murders and rapes around the city. Finger prints left at the scenes pointed to them, the cops could just never find them.

    They were locked up in a cell together, there was no trial, not after Spike bragged about what they had done. They were sentenced to death. And now a days, the death penelty was carried out right away. They had no last meal, but had a last request.

    Spike requested his death be televised, Mikko requested that she die beside Spike. Both request were granted.

    It was a full 24 hours before their sentence was carried out. They were cuffed and lead to a large white room, In the midle of the room was a metal rod that they were attached to, back to back. the rod would fill the room with electricity, killing the two slowly.

    Mikko interlocked her fingers with Spikes and closed her eyes. A count down was sounded and at the count of zero the switch was pulled.

    Leo watched the whole thing. Mike couldn't stomach it and couldn't understand how Leo could watch it. Sure the two humans had done horrible things, but he still couldn't watch someone else die. It wasn't till Leo said it was over that he came out of his bedroom.

    Mike sat down on the couch and looked up at the screen. The news was on now. More crime, it never ended. And soon the brothers were on the streets again, keeping a watchfull eye out.

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