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    (I found this while cleaning up files on my computer. I had attempted to write Lexi and Gabe's backstory for my own amusement, and for character development, but it seemed I had forgotten about it.. until now. It's something that I definitely plan on completing... hopefully. I plan on having it written from both Lexi and Gabe's POV. First up, Lexi. Comments, questions and feedback are welcome!))

    Chapter One

    Enter the Dragon


    The first moment I saw him, I knew he was trouble. But I've always been smart enough to realize that life is all about trials and tribulations that mold us into the people we're destined to become. Smart, or perhaps naive, as my parents were determined to believe. But what's life without a few good worthy challenges? I was 19 when true love finally hit me. Much older than most girls that experience that intense rush, but I was held up by deception. Before that fateful night, I had lived with the impression that I had the perfect guy. You know, the kind that every parent wants for their daughter. A very promising young man who possessed the brains that would pave his way through life, and for the life of any woman lucky enough to be at his side. I was that girl, and I had that perfect guy. However, I was never content with that 'meal ticket' that so many would've been grateful for. I've always been independent, a trait that some men find intimidating. A foolish flaw, so many had often told me.

    I met Blake at the age of 17. He was the most valued player on our Champion football team. Extremely built, strong, and his smarts were just icing on the cake. I couldn't deny that he was attractive, but I never would've given him a second thought if not for the encouragement and pressure from my parents. My father had gone to law school with his father, and the two had remained friends long after their college days were over. Blake was following the same path as his ol' man, which made him a prime candidate for me in the eyes of my father. Eventually I gave into their requests, and after a year of dating, things began to grow serious between us. It had taken a while, but I warmed up to him. It's funny just how much you will do to please your parents, even at your own expense. But at least things were turning out for the best, or so I thought.

    Eventually, a person's true colors will bleed through, no matter how many layers of lies they shade themselves beneath- or how blind you become to their true nature. When reality finally smacks you in the face, the blow can be devastating. Sometimes, it comes physically rather than figuratively. Mine came as a concoction of both, a violent blend that would've broken me, if I hadn't found my rock in the same instant.

    After each football game, Blake and his friends would throw a celebration party to gloat in their victory. It seemed the whole town would show up, allured by the promise of an endless supply of alcohol and deafening music. In the year I had been with him, I had attended my fair share of parties. After a while, they began to lose their appeal and became nothing more than a headache for me. When my interest began to fade, I was accused of being unsupportive. Perhaps it was true. Even though I was head cheerleader for our team, my enthusiasm for the sport was declining. If it ever was genuine enthusiasm to begin with.

    I often questioned my own intentions. Perhaps I had simply been 'blending', because you were nobody unless you were wielding pom-poms on the field and shaking your ass, or engaging in the ritual battle that was the game itself. I'll never understand my motives. It felt as if I was a robot, going with what had been programmed inside my brain. I often felt outside myself, but just as often told myself that I was happy, even though deep down I knew otherwise. This was what everyone else wanted, and I did my best, not wanting to let everyone down.

    It was mid October and proving to be another typical night after the game. The party was being hosted at Adrian's house tonight. He was Blake's best friend, and the two of them were often inseparable. It was also Adrian's birthday, which gave the party double meaning. Still, it took every ounce of my will power to even make a pitiful attempt at feign interest. I was exhausted after the game, and had slipped off upstairs to take a quick shower and freshen up. Katie, Adrian's 'part-time' girlfriend had been kind enough to lend me a black satin dress so that I could change out of my skimpy cheerleader skirt.

    The minutes ticked by, and I found myself still braced against the sink, staring almost blankly at my reflection in the mirror, dreading the decent downstairs. The loud rap music poured thickly through the walls, adding to my headache and irritation. As if someone could sense my dread, a knock soon came from the door, drawing my reluctant attention.

    "I'll be out in a minute." I replied dryly, the words coming out a little harsher than I had intended.

    "Is everything all right?" Katie's voice responded with concern. And yet, I sensed that Blake had sent her up to drag me out, kicking and screaming if need be. This only added to my irritation. I wanted to scream at her but despite how moody I was feeling, I couldn't bring myself to do so. I really liked Katie. She was a genuine person, and innocent in so many ways. She held firm to her beliefs, and had a strong determination that I had always admired. Many people ridiculed her for being a virgin, but I saw that as a strength. The world of teenagers was filled with so many temptations, and yet she remained head-strong.

    "I'm okay, Katie." I tried to assure, still trying to find the will to leave the small bedroom's bathroom. "I'm just feeling a little...unwell." Well, it wasn't a complete lie. Reluctance and dread could be considered an illness, I figured. "I'll be down shortly." I added, not giving her time to ask any more questions. "Go back down and enjoy the party."

    "There's some really cuuute guys down here!" She tried to encourage, and I could almost hear the smile in her voice. "C'mon!" She whined in a childish tone. "Let's make Blake and Adrian jealous! It'll be fuuuun!" That earned a massive eye-roll. Still, I had always found her spirit contagious. Despite my mood, a small grin began tugging at the corners of my freshly painted lips.

    "Okay, hootchie." I gently teased as I searched for my brush and began working the wet tangles out of my mussed hair. "Go stalk us some hotties, and I'll come join you in a minute." Though, I had no intentions of actually flirting with anyone. I would once again play the perfect and devoted girlfriend to my jock.

    "Hurry! Lionesses do better in twos, you know." She chimed, and skipped down the stairs. I sighed deeply, now dreading this even more. I certainly didn't want to be a buzz-kill for poor Katie, and I feared that my mood would do just that. Especially since I couldn't see myself getting flirty with the guys, as she was hoping I would. I spent a lot more time than needed brushing out my hair, more for the sake of killing time rather than achieving perfection. After lacing the long straps of my high-heels up my legs, I took a deep breath and finally opened the door. Time to face the music. Literally.

    The crowd was overwhelming. I could barely make it through the thick sea of compressed bodies, having no idea where I was going. I searched everywhere for Katie, trying to zero in on her cute pixie-cut that matched perfectly to her personality. I managed to force my way into the kitchen, finding only a beer-guzzling contest, and a loud, heavily intoxicated audience that cheered and bellowed, rooting their friends on. I wrinkled my nose in distaste. The smell of vomit hung thickly in the air, the aftermath of a previous participant's failure. God. I was beginning to hate these parties more and more. The smell made my stomach lurch, and I made a quick bee-line for the front door. I needed air, and fast.

    I stood on the front porch, braced against the railing as I allowed my lungs to expel the tainted air I had been forced to breathe in, now inhaling a healthy dose of the night's cool air. The chilled wind caused goose bumps to break out against my still damp skin. The dress was little protection against the elements, but I would take my chances. It certainly beat my previous situation.

    "Hey, there she is!" I heard a familiar voice call out from somewhere in the distance. I glanced up and stared out across the lawn, squinting in the direction Katie's voice had come from. "Lexi! Over here!" I could make out the shape of her pale hand as it waved frantically in the darkness. The moon's faint illumination reflected from the shiny black camaro she was leaning against. She was chatting happily with three guys. Only one of which I was familiar with. Shawn. He was another of Blake's friends and fellow ball player. The risk-taker. The rebel. Now, it seemed he was mingling with the outsiders.

    I finally found my balance again and carefully descended the steps. Just as carefully, I headed in their direction. I was feeling a little timid, for reasons I could not fathom. As I drew closer, my gaze fixated on the curly-haired youth who had his arm draped lightly over Katie's shoulders. Our eyes met and I could only stare at him for what must have been an eternity, drawn in by their immense warmth. His smile was radiating, almost as intense as the full moon above. He was lean, certainly not as heavily muscular as Blake, but his physique was definitely sexy. His body was toned, his face so beautiful that it would make angels cry.

    "This is my friend!" Katie's introduction managed to break me from my trance. I blinked a few times, trying to bring myself back to reality. I detected the amusement in the curly-haired youth's demeanor, but I was grateful that he played it off like a perfect gentleman. I returned his smile a bit timidly as I reached out my hand for a shake.

    "I'm Lexi." I managed to introduce, but the words were nearly impossible to produce. It seemed that merely standing this close to him had taken my very breath away. I felt my heart stall as his fingers brushed against my skin as he took it- then fluttered wildly as his luscious lips pressed a warm kiss against my knuckles.

    "Pleasure, Lexi." My hearing was treated to his voice for the first time. It was thickly accented, a definite indication he was from the wrong side of the tracks. It should have been a red flag. Still, despite the thugishness of his accent, I was surprised by just how gentle it sounded. How sexy. He winked at me, causing a rapid heat to spread cross my face. I began to worry that he was aware of what effect he was having on me. "I'm Gabriel." He introduced, giving my hand a gentle squeeze and treating me to another of his trademark winks that caused my heart to flutter. "Just call me Gabe."

    "You're not from around here, are you?" I asked almost suddenly, trying to avert the attention from my glowing face. I couldn't believe my own question. I was fumbling horribly. Thankfully he remained polite, not wanting to add to my humiliation. Katie glanced up at him, and I could easily detect the fondness she had for him. She was caressing his fingers that rested against her shoulder. She adored him. I couldn't understand the sudden tinge of jealousy and dejection I was feeling. Why did it even matter? I was engaged to Mr. Success himself. And this boy was nothing more than a street rat.

    "Nah." He replied simply, leaving his origin a complete mystery. It was only now that I realized I was still holding to his hand, long after the polite introduction had come to pass. I released a little too quickly, embarrassed by my clinginess. Again, I could see the polite amusement on his gentle features.

    "Oh. I know I've never seen you around campus." I replied as I leaned against the car, a little too closely to him. Close enough to smell his delicious scent. His Cologne, just like the rest of him, was pleasing to the senses. "Which college do you attend?" I asked curiously, but I could see that my question had caused a sense of awkwardness for him. I mentally kicked myself, figuring that he was afraid we would judge him if it wasn't one of the finer Colleges. And he would be right to think that. Most of our 'click' was harshly judgmental.

    Gabriel's slight frown soon softened once again. "The school of hard knocks." He replied softly, once again flashing me that wink I was growing to love. I admired his honesty. He could've easily lied to prevent being ridiculed. I decided to leave it at that, not wanting to make him uncomfortable. I had been so distracted by him that I hadn't really noticed his friend until just now. I spared him a warm smile, which he returned eagerly. He introduced himself. Trent, I believe was his name.

    "Would you guys like to come inside?" I invited, not understanding why they were out here, and not mingling with the crowd. "There's free booze, and enough loud music to deafen New York."

    I thought Shawn was about to burst out laughing. Obviously there was some inside joke that I was oblivious to. I gave him a look of utter confusion, afraid that I had missed some vital information. He tried to compose his amusement, but it still leaked with his words. "Do you want Adrian to shit a brick? He can't stand Juvanni!" He snickered like a little school girl.

    "..Juvanni?" I repeated, obviously not knowing which of these guys he was referring to. I glanced over in time to witness Gabriel's lop-sided grin, and instantly knew he was the culprit. He had trouble written all over him.

    "Heh.. he's just jealous." Katie was quick to inform, and she looked at Gabriel with a knowing expression. Indeed. I was a little out of the loop. I gave the two boys an apologetic look. "Sorry. If you can't come inside, how about a drink?" I offered.

    "Sure." Gabriel replied. His friend nodded eagerly in agreement. My gaze then fixated on Katie. "Kate, do you mind helping me grab the booze?" I asked with an underlying motive. I was dying to know why Adrian hated Gabriel so much. I could tell she was torn, not wanting to leave the warmth that was Gabriel, but she nodded and reluctantly untangled herself from his arm. Yeah, she really liked this guy. Any fool could see that.

    We pushed our way though the thick crowd and made a straight trip to the kitchen. I was relieved that the beer guzzlers had taken their competition elsewhere. Probably to avoid the thick stench of their defeat that still lingered within the area. Now that we were alone --or, as alone as you can be, given the occasion-- I spared an anxious glance at Katie, hoping she would fill me in on her little crush. A big smile was stretched across her burgundy lips.

    "He's sexy, isn't he!" She squealed in school-girl excitement.

    I shrugged my shoulders as I began pulling bottles of New York's finest booze from the fridge. "I guess." I answered in mock indifference. Katie's eyes widened slightly, and I could feel her look of disbelief as it bore into me. "Oh, whatever!" Obviously, she wasn't buying my act. "I saw the way you were looking at him!" She playfully nudged me and took a few of the bottles to lighten my load."I was just trying to figure out what side of the tracks he's from. The wrong one, I'm guessing." I lied, but I could tell she still wasn't buying it. "What's up with you and him, anyway?" I asked, genuinely curious.

    Katie smiled fondly, all too eager to share. "I met him a few weeks back." She informed with a dreamy look in her eyes. "Do you remember Brandon's party?" She asked thoughtfully. I had to think back. Hell, parties were a weekly thing, and it was nearly impossible to remember one to the other. "Yeah.. I think I was lucky and actually missed that one." I finally answered after a moment of silent thought.

    "Well, Gabriel was there.." A cheeky little grin slowly tugged across her angelic features with her reply. I looked at her in disbelief. If it had been anyone else, I would have suspicions of what happened. But not Katie- not little miss Innocent in its purest form.

    "So, what happened?" I finally nudged when it seemed as if she was waiting for me to speak. "Did.. you?" I couldn't bring myself to ask the question. If she had lost her virginity, I'm sure that I would be the first to know. And if I wasn't, well, that probably would've hurt my feelings. She was my best friend after all.

    Katie's expression hinted at disappointment, and part of me regretted my question. It wasn't my business. If she wanted me to know, she would've told me. "No, I didn't sleep with him. But I wanted to." A blush shaded her cheeks with her confession. She glanced around to make sure that her boyfriend was nowhere within earshot before once again giving me her full attention. "Laura fucked him, and she told me it was the most amazing sex she had ever had." Her tone was quiet as she told me her secret. Her face turned an even deeper shade of red. "I.. wanted my first time to be like that."

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing, and she must've seen the surprise on my face because she quickly explained her actions. "I was drunk. I mean, really drunk. And I ..wanted to lose my virginity." She took a deep breath. I could tell that it bothered her. The whole 'being different' bit, simply because she had chosen to stay pure. "I came onto him really hot and heavy... we slipped into Brandon's bedroom and made out.." She paused and met my gaze, a dreamy smile tugging across her face. "That boy is the best kisser I've ever met... but anyway. As things began to heat up, and he slipped his hands beneath my shirt to massage my breasts.. I made the mistake of telling him I was a virgin... because I didn't want him to be shocked when he... you know.." She trailed off, looking utterly embarrassed.

    She had my full attention. "Wait, are you saying that he wouldn't sleep with you because you are a virgin?" I quirked a brow. "Damn. Most guys would jump on the opportunity to deflower a girl. Bragging rights and all.."

    Katie nodded. "Yeah. You can imagine how embarrassed and upset I was, I mean, I practically threw myself at him, and he turned me down." She frowned. "I busted into tears, and was expecting him to just walk away.. like Adrian does when I'm upset. But he didn't. He was so sweet about it. He held me as I cried, nuzzling and soothing me in ways I've never experienced. And he explained to me why he'd rejected me. He didn't want to be the one responsible for taking that away from me. He didn't want to be the face of my biggest mistake. He said I should save that gift for the man that I love."

    Damn. Guys like that were few and far between. If I hadn't been attracted to the street rat before, this certainly would've done it. Still, the sceptic in me wondered if he had other reasons, and just sugar-coated the truth. And Gabriel had slept with Laura, then almost slept with Katie. He was a player, that much I could tell. I tried not to think too deeply into it. I couldn't afford to be drawn to this guy, in any shape or form. The less I thought about him and his motives, the better. And yet, I was anxious to return outside to him and his friend.

    It was obvious that Katie and Adrian were having problems. Otherwise she would've never considered sleeping with some stranger, drunk or not. Part of me hoped that she was seeing his true colors. He would cheat on her if opportunity presented itself. I had proof. A few weeks ago, he tried to smooth-talk his way into my panties, but I had rejected him-- hard. I still couldn't bring myself to tell my best friend about the incident. I was afraid of her reaction. Would she blame me? Whatever the case, eventually I would have to break down and tell her, before he ended up cheating on her and hurting her.

    I was silent for a moment, but eventually pulled myself from my thoughts and glanced over at Katie. C'mon..." I urged, and draped an arm around her shoulder. "Let's not keep the boys waiting."

    I couldn't believe just how much fun I was having with these guys. I was smiling more than I had in probably months. Both of the newcomers were nice, and a much needed breath of fresh air. Gabriel's laid back and gentle personality was soothing to me. Much like a warm blanket taking away its owner's cold ache. The curly-haired youth had eased the months of built-up tension I was feeling over the pressure of these parties, and the responsibility of being a football player's girlfriend.

    Hours ticked by like minutes as they always do when you're actually enjoying yourself. It was approaching 1:00 AM, but I had lost all concept of time. For the most part, Gabriel remained quiet. Part of me wondered if it was because of the fact that Trent and Katie were engaging in enough chit-chat for everyone. He was a mystery to me and I often found my gaze gravitating in his direction. I certainly loved a good mystery.

    It took some convincing on my part, but we eventually moved our little group to the massive front porch. The porch swing was more comfortable than standing, plus the growing wind made the cold almost intolerable. At least the house blocked some of the wind, but the thin dress I was wearing did little to protect me from the elements. Gabe was sitting beside me on the swing, and witnessed my subtle shivers. I protested as he pulled off his jacket, not wanting him to freeze on my account. But being the perfect gentleman he was, he draped it around my shoulders.

    "You didn't have to do that." I argued, but couldn't deny how wonderful the warmth felt against my once exposed arms. His scent clung thickly to the fabric, almost intoxicating. "But thank you."

    "No problem." He winked at me.

    Katie caught my gaze and I could see the excitement in her features. As if she was encouraging the interaction between me and this boy I hardly knew. I mentally rolled my eyes. It was no secret that she wasn't Blake's biggest fan, but even she would be smart enough to realize that it wasn't such a good idea for me to be getting too friendly with Gabriel. My boyfriend was possessive, and wouldn't think twice about causing a scene.

    Blake staggered his way out onto the porch, the scent of alcohol that accompanied him was almost staggering. It took him a moment to notice me, but when he did, his gaze turned into a glare. "Where the hell you been?" He slurred his words. His angered eyes moving from me only to fixate on the young man beside me. I glanced over at Gabe in concern and witnessed him glaring back at Blake. Oh boy.

    "I've been out here, Blake. It's too crowded in there, I couldn't breathe." I answered quickly, trying to distract them. Blake was the first to break the stare-off, refocusing his attention on me.

    "What the fuck you doing out here with the dope-suppliers?" He seethed, but didn't give me time to answer. "And you're wearing a fucking street-rat's jacket?"

    Gabriel stood up from the swing, obviously angry over Blake's degrading. Hell, I couldn't blame him, but I had to do something. I pushed myself up from the swing and positioned myself between the two, my angered gaze meeting Blake's. "That's enough!" I snapped. "I was cold, and he leant me his jacket!" I defended.

    I could tell that Blake wanted to say something more, but for some reason he didn't. For that, I was grateful. "Come inside." He finally spoke and reached for my hand, taking it against my will. "Come wish Adrian a Happy Birthday." He ordered. I managed to flash Gabriel an apologetic look as I handed back his jacket before being dragged back inside the house.

    Blake's grip on my wrist became tight as he led me upstairs. I struggled within his grasp, but he didn't seem to notice. He was probably too shit-faced to realize just how rough he was being with me.

    "Blake, that hurts.." I complained, and tried to snatch myself free to no avail. He was angry with me, I had no doubts about that. "Blake, let go of me!" But he didn't acknowledge me until we were in Adrian's bedroom. He slammed the door behind us, and finally released my sore wrist. I glanced up at him, both hurt and confused. Why were we in Adrian's bedroom? I certainly wasn't in the mood to have sex with him, and certainly not in his best friend's bed.

    "What are you doing?"

    "I told you." Blake answered as he slowly circled me, brushing a finger against my shoulder. His lips pressed against the back of my neck as his fingers gripped the straps of my dress, sliding them down. "You're going to wish Adrian a happy birthday." He breathed seductively against my ear. My brows knotted in confusion, but I suddenly realized what he meant. I jerked away.

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    "No!" I screamed at him in total disbelief and anger. "I'm not fucking your best friend!"

    "You're right." He agreed, just as Adrian stepped out of the bedroom's bathroom, along with Aaron, who was sporting a tiny camcorder. "You're going to fuck all three of us. And we're going to film it."

    "You're fucking sick!" I screamed at him as I angrily moved towards the door. Blake quickly blocked my path, causing me to stop short. Seeing the fierce predatory and lustful look in his gaze, I became fearful. I had never seen him like this, and obviously he wasn't taking no for an answer.

    "You know you want to. Admit it, Lex. Think of how good it'll feel.." He moved closer to me, causing me to stumble backwards. I glanced over my shoulder to see the camera was already rolling, and Adrian was unbuckling his jeans.

    Angry tears were burning at the back of my eyes. "You're fucking sick!" I spat angrily, and made another attempt for the door. Blake backhanded me. The force of the blow sent me backwards, into the awaiting arms of Adrian. "Let go of me!" I struggled against him, but I may as well be fighting with the Hulk. As I struggled and screamed, Blake ripped the dress, stripping me down to my underwear.

    "Please don't do this!" I tried to plead with them, but they were all too drunk, and too driven by their lustful quest. The camera was on me as I struggled against Blake's wandering hands as they ripped off my panties.

    Everything was happening in slow motion. I was struck again before being pinned to the bed by Blake, and Adrian roughly grabbed my thighs, spreading them apart with little effort, even against my desperate struggles. Aaron had placed the camera on the nightstand to catch all the action as he joined in, holding my legs secure while Adrian moved closer. I felt his warm lips against my inner thighs, and I lost what little reserve I had left. I sobbed and screamed for him to stop, screamed for help, but I was beginning to lose hope that anyone would hear. I was slapped again, and a large hand was placed over my mouth as I felt Adrian's breath caress my sensitive sex.

    "I've always wanted you, Lexi." I heard him say between my muffled sobs. "Blake's given me the best Birthday present ever..."

    I was growing nauseous with every flick of his tongue. I could hardly breathe, and in a desperate attempt to have myself be heard, I bit down on Blake's fingers, mustering everything I had, screamed out for help. I was once again repaid for my actions. Blake's fingers encircled my throat, threatening to tighten if I screamed again.

    Adrian had removed his jeans and underwear, and was about the make the decent when the door busted open. My vision was obscured with tears, but I could make out Gabriel's silhouette as he punched Adrian off me. Blake and Aaron were on him in a flash, freeing me for the moment. I clutched the covers over my naked and shivering form, too concerned for Gabriel to flee from the room. I was afraid they would tear him to shreds. He was outnumbered, and each of them outweighed him by at least fifty pounds. But to my surprise, he was holding his own. Hell, he was kicking their asses! The fight soon drew the attention of Katie and Trent. Gabriel's friend was quick to assist him, though I think Gabriel could've taken them all down on his own.

    Soon, it was all over. The three offenders were on the ground, completely defeated. I was still frozen in shock and fear, unable to move. Gabriel's gentle touch soon snapped me from my stupor. I was crying uncontrollably, my body shaken from the sobs. His arms encircled me.

    "Shh..it's okay now, babe..." He tried to soothe me. I clung to him, my face becoming a permanent fixture against his shoulder.

    "Someone call the police!" I heard him order the curious onlookers, obviously irritated by their lack of help.

    "Don't you fucking dare!" I heard the familiar voice of Adrian speak up from his spot on the floor. He was now leaning against the wall. "This was her idea! She wanted a gang-bang... she's fucking acting. Trying to get attention!" He lied. "It's my fucking house. You can't call the police."

    "I.. can't believe you!" I could hear Katie's sorrow-filled voice, but I couldn't look up. I was too shaken up, and still buried in Gabriel's arms. I thought she was talking to Adrian. "You were my best friend!" Her voice was now shaken with her sobs. She was talking to me. Obviously she believed her boyfriend over me.

    I finally forced myself to look up, trying to meet her gaze. "Kate.. you know me better than that.." I tried, but she wasn't listening. Now, I could see that we had attracted a crowd. I clung tighter to Gabriel, feeling really insecure and vulnerable.

    "I'm gonna get you outta here, Angel." He whispered against my ear. I could only give a small nod, my face once again buried against him. "Bring the car closer." I heard him speak to Trent as he tucked the cover securely around my naked form, and gently scooped me up.

    I couldn't will my arms to release him even as I felt myself being placed into the safety of the back seat of his car. He could've pried me off, but instead he slid in beside me. "Looks like yer drivin'." I heard him tell Trent.

    "Where to? Police station?"


    "No." I finally managed to look up, my gaze pleading. "It won't do any good. It'll only cause problems."

    Gabriel's arms gently tightened around me. "Babe, those assholes need to pay for what they did to you. If we just let 'em get away with it, they'll do it to someone else."

    "..but, Blake's dad and my dad are best friends..."

    "But they raped you.." Trent tried to reason.

    "No, they tried...I'm.... okay." I was trying to be strong. Gabe's finger gently brushed my bruised cheek. "No yer not, babe. They attacked you. I know yer afraid, but you have to report this. I'll be there with you."

    "We need to get that looked at, Gabe." I head Trent say, concern in his voice. At first, I was confused, but soon realized that he wasn't talking about me. "It's pretty deep."

    "It's fine. " Came Gabriel's reply. A small note in his tone demanding that Trent drop it.

    My tear-filled eyes checked him over, coming to a stop as I noticed the rip in his shirt, the area stained in blood. "Oh my God, you're hurt!" My trembling hand reached for the tail of his shirt, attempting to pull it up to inspect the wound. "I'm.. so sorry!"

    "It's nothin'." Gabriel tried to convince me as he gently pulled my hand away, and began kneading my knuckles in a soothing manner, "Don't worry about me, babe. It ain't serious."

    But I wasn't buying it. The upper abdominal region of his shirt was soaked in his own blood. One of the guys had obviously managed to either stab or slice him with a knife. Now, not only did I have shock, humiliation and a sense of betrayal to contend with, but guilt as well. He wouldn't have gotten hurt if not for me.

    I watched almost blankly as he dug through a backpack full of clothes, pulling out a pair of ADIDAS jogging pants and a gray hoodie. He offered them to me. "Here, you can have these." He offered gently. "If you wanna put them on now, I won't look... promise."

    "Thanks." I whispered weakly as I took the clothes from him. I was almost certain that Gabriel had already seen me naked back in Adrian's room, so it seemed like wasteful effort on his part to avoid seeing me now. But I was appreciative nonetheless. I had to keep what small amount of dignity I had left, which was almost nonexistent.

    I slowly pushed away the blanket and slid the hoodie over my trembling arms. The fabric brushed against my bruised cheek, causing me to wince in discomfort. I muffled a hiss, not wanting to draw attention to myself. But even in my silence, I could tell that Gabriel was concerned. Even as he sat there, his gaze trained in the opposite direction to give me my privacy.

    "You okay?"

    "Yeah. Just a little sore." I replied, but instantly felt selfish for even doing so. He was bleeding, his injury worse than my bruises. I felt a little hesitant to remove the blanket from my lower body. It was almost as if I couldn't will my arms to move. I took a deep breath and forced myself to slide into the pants, grateful for the instant sense of security they gave me.

    "I'm dressed now." I informed him, just as we arrived at the police station. The nervous butterflies were churning wildly within my gut. I wanted Blake and Adrian to pay for what they did to me, but I feared the consequences This would surely severe the life-long friendship between my father and Blake's.

    Gabriel placed a tender hand on my uninjured cheek, sensing my hesitation. "You have to, Lexi. If not, he'll think it's okay to do this to someone else. Next time, he might succeed." That sent a shiver up my spine. I didn't like carrying this responsibility. But I knew he was right. I had to do this. I gave a small nod and mustered up every ounce of will power that I had left, and stepped out of the car.

    I spent a good two hours inside the crowded police station. Trent had other obligations and had to leave, but Gabriel remained right by my side. For that I was extremely grateful. I couldn't even imagine doing this alone. His moral support was soothing. Retelling the night's events was extremely painful, and I broke down several times. But each time, I was comforted by his tender gestures.

    "Want me to take you home?" He offered, giving my shoulder a gentle squeeze. I found myself once again burying against him, my bruised cheek once again finding his shoulder. I couldn't answer and found myself bursting into tears again despite my attempts to pull myself together.

    "I.. don't want to be alone." I told him, feeling extremely vulnerable in the wake of my confession. I felt his arms tighten around me, giving me a reassuring and what I perceived to be a protective squeeze. "Where's your parents?" He asked, causing more tears.

    "They.. left for their annual vacation." I sniffled, trying to wipe away the tears. "They won't be back for two weeks...and... I was supposed to go with Blake on a trip." I explained. He was quiet for a moment, giving me a thoughtful and somewhat guarded look, I guess not wanting for me to get the wrong impression. "You can come stay with me 'til then, if you want." He offered, and I didn't even have to question his motives. His offer was a genuine attempt to help. How could I resist?

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    Gabe is so sweet and poor Lexi Sad great story so far! Can't wait to read more.

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