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    Where the dead go to die Empty Where the dead go to die

    Post by Mikko on Fri Jan 18, 2013 5:42 am

    chapter 1

    It was cold in the room. I shivered and pulled the covers over myself and wondered how I ended up in bed. Not even my own bed. My bed didn't have sheets this soft. And something was sticking to my arm. My head was pounding and I felt sick but finally I managed to open my eyes. "Good morning." Came a soft spoken voice. I looked in the direction of the speaker, and through hazy vision, saw a woman smiling.
    "Morning." I said back, my voice barely a whisper. Then it registerd with me. This woman was a nurse. I looked at my surroundings, my vision becoming clearer. "Where am I?" I had a good idea of where I was but I wanted to make sure.

    "You're in the hospital. St. Mary hospital. Can you tell me your name, sweetie."

    Well at least the nurse seemed nice. I was in the hospital again. this was the third time this month. "Mikko McKinnon. " I answered with a dry mouth. "What happen?" Again, I had a good idea of what happen I just wanted to make sure.
    "You must have had a bit too much fun last night. You overdosed on quite a bit of medication." This nurse was way too cheerful for my taste. It was just what I suspected though. I overdosed again. I really needed to stop doing that. This was a different hospital though. Maybe the other place was tired of seeing me.

    "Oh." Was all I could come up with. "When can I leave?"

    "Today." The nurse, whose name I didn't catch and really, didn't care, said as she fluffed my pillow. "I'll have your paper work ready in a bit. The nice man that brought you in left some things for you. Cloths and a letter. Maybe he'll be back to pick you up."

    Nice man? I didn't know any nice man. He left cloths for me? "I had cloths on when I came in, right?" I ask worried about her answer.

    The nurse blushed a bit and shook her head. "No you were as naked as a wee baby." She must have seen the look on my face because she quickly continued. "But you weren't assaulted. the doctor ran all the necessary test. We were hoping you could tell us what you were doing out in the streets naked."

    I ran a hand down my face and shook my head. "It was just one of those nights I guess." Now I really wanted to get out of there. What the hell was I doing naked in the middle of the street. Maybe this 'nice man' could fill me in.

    The nurse left and I was alone in the white room. I looked over at the IV drip then at the clock. It was eleven twenty. Past eleven and I wasn't high yet, I could tell this day would only get worse.

    The same nurse came back in with a bag of cloths and a note tucked neatly in an envelope. She handed me papers to sign which I did and then handed me my backpack. "This was found laying next to you." She said.

    I took the items with thanks and, after removing my IV, she left the room so I could get dress. I opened the clear plastic bag and took out the cloths. black pants. I couldn't tell what they were made out of. Not leather, or jean. Some kind of stretchy fabric. The shirt was made out of the same fabric and had a small red symbol on the upper left side. it looked like a foot print. Maybe of a dragon or dinosaur.
    The shoes were one size too small, but they look nice. black leather boots. Who ever gave me the cloths had good taste at least. After I got dress I opened the note up.

    Come to the foot tower, tomorrow at seven am. Do not be late. And wear what was giving to you.

    that's all it said. I looked the paper over and there was no indication on who it was from, other then the foot. I knew all about the foot from Hun. The group was not to be messed with, and I was surprise with how much Hun got away with shit. I tossed the letter into my backpack and tossed the pack on my back. I then quietly slipped out the room and out the hospital.

    I wondered what actually happen last night. I've been high before. hell I've overdose twice just in this month, but I was never found laying around naked. Did one of the guys try something? Was I slipped some unknown drug? Maybe who ever 'saved' me last night had the answers. I was a little worried about going to the foot tower, but you just didn't say no to the foot. I had to go.

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    Post by Mikko on Fri Jan 18, 2013 11:07 am

    chapter 2

    Even came too soon. The alarm clock on my phone rang loudly and I slipped out of my bed. I had to climb over some drunken guys and find my phone, but I finally found it and shut it off. Luckily it didn't seem to wake anyone else. I slipped on the outfit I had been givin at that hospital and threw on my back pack. I then set out to the foot tower.

    The tower wasn't that far from Dragon headquarters. And thank god for that. I was still feeling the effects of last nights party. It started to drizzle as I got closer to the tower. I didn't have an umbrealla on me and used a tossed out newspaper for cover.

    When I got to the tower I looked up at the two large wooden doors. Two fighting dragons were etched into them. I ran my hand over the wood, I had never been this close to the tower before, there was never a reason to be. Finally I pushed the doors open and stepped inside.

    I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but the scene before me was intimidating. The lights were low, but even in the low light I could see the red carpet under my feat. I felt that I should take my dirty shoes off. The carpet had small golden details in it. the walls matched the carpet. Red, with Japanese inspired paintings along the wall. There was also a number of expencive looking statues.

    I walked up to one of the statues and ran a finger along the thin arms of the stone woman. Movement out the corner of my eye caught my attention and I quickly stepped away. "Hello?" I called out and walked further into the hall.

    "you made it." the voice was male, and sounded stern. It was loud but not so loud that it startled me. I turned on my heels and saw a tall man in front of me. I was sure that he wasn't there just a moment ago, and couldn't tell where he would have came from. "Yeah I made it. Are you the one who sent me the note?" I wanted to get right to the point.

    "Yes. you were quite a mess last night. those men would have surly killed you if I had not stepped in. You are lucky that I was in the area."

    He stepped forward causing me to take a step back. "Uh, thanks." I couldn't remember being attacked. That must have been why I was naked. "So, What did you need?"

    "You are one of those purple dragons, am I right?"

    I nodded at his question.

    "You can call me Shredder, master Shredder. And I need you to help me get inside the gang. I want to know what Hun is up to, I saved your life. Now it's time you repay me."

    Shit! This was THE Shredder. The one Hun always talked about. He was dressed in heavy armor, and his voice sounded threatening. I swallowed thickly. What was I going to say, no? No. "So you want me to spy on my boss?"

    "He's no longer your boss, I am. You will gather information for me to help me bring the gang down. they have grown too powerful. And too cocky. it time Hun and his followers learned a lesson. Of course you will be paid, and I will give you a roof over your head."

    The Dragons had grown powerful. they had destroyed every other gang in the city. they were more powerful then the police. And maybe they were getting more powerful then the foot. It made sense. and Shredder was offering a good deal, much better then Hun was offering me. "Sure I'll spy on Hun for you. How mush do you want to know though? Like, everything?"

    "Everything. Oh and Mikko. You have to get off the drugs, starting now."

    Of course there was a catch! He wanted me off my life line! I needed my drugs to function. I nodded my head, but there was no way I was quiting.

    "Go now. report back to me tonight. Then I'll show you were you will be staying."

    Shredder walked past me without turning back. I stood there for a moment, unmoving. I had to process what just happen. I was now a spy for the foot, to take down the most powerful force in the city. And then what? Then the foot would be the most powerful. I wasn't sure if that was a good thing. What I did know, I wanted to be on what ever team won this fight.

    I left the tower, eager to come back and see my room. If that hall was any indercator, the rooms had to be pretty awesome. I could sleep on a real bed, with real covers, and a pillow! That was exciting.

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    Post by Mikko on Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:53 am

    I left the tower and headed for Dragon HQ. I needed to get out of these cloths before I headed inside. I stopped at a gas station and went into the bathroom. I changed into a small light blue tank top and a pair of ripped faded blue jeans. I ran a comb through my purple hair which was styled in a small mohawk. After fixing myself up, I left the gas station and headed to HQ.

    Once I got to head quarters, I grabbed a beer from the mini fridge and sat on the couch. I hadn't even picked up the TV romote yet when Hun stuck his head out of his office and called my name. Yelled was more like it really. I looked over at him and with a sigh I stood back up and headed over to see what he wanted.

    "Yeah?" I asked taking a sip of my beer.

    "The drugs are coming in an hour I need you to drive the truck over to the docks and bring the shipment to vanderbilt. "

    Well a driving job was no big deal. Though I hated riding around with so much drugs. Made me nervous. "Is that all? Is there anything else going on that I should know about?" I asked trying to get that info for the foot. Shredder wanted something by tonight, I couldn't go back to the tower and tell Shredder that Hun is shipping drigs around. It didn't seem like something the foot would be interested in.

    "No. Now go." Hun said and slamed the door in my face. Well so much for getting more information. I left. taking another beer for the road.

    I found the unmarked white van in the back of the building. I slipped in the drivers seat and found the keys in the sun visor. I started the van and pulled out of the parking spot. Ok so I had to head to Dock B and pick up a shipment of...Well I didn't know what really. Probably crack or something. Hun didn't touch any drugs, he didn't even drink, but he would sell the shit out of any drug you could think of, it was all about money.

    I pulled up at the dock and the guys were waiting for me. I finished my second beer and backed into the loading dock. I rolled down the window and stuck my head out of the door. "Lets make this quick guys."

    "Why don't you come help us then!"

    "No I'm good in here thanks." The back doors open and I felt them start loading what ever it was into the van. Hun had gave me directions to this vanderbilt guy. Too bad it wasn't weapons or something. The foot would want to know about that I was sure. But I didn't get those jobs. Nope I was just the druggie that got druggie jobs.

    It took a while, two hours at the most so not too bad. The van was full and now I had to get from point A to point B without getting caught. I waited for the guys to close the back door and once I got the go ahead, I pulled out and headed back on the road.

    I followed the directions to drop of point. turned out vanderbilt wasn't a person, it was a place. A large building with no windows. This was different. I pulled around back and found their loading dock. I backed into it and waited. And waited. "Hello?" I called out.

    I got out the van and walked to the back of it. "Anyone here?" was I in the right place?

    Finally the back doors open and out walked a few men in all white. They looked like the guys from the nut house I was stuck in a few months ago. "Bout time. I have places to be, lets hurry this up." I demanded.

    The guys didn't respond, they opened the door and started taking boxes out of the van. These guys didn't look like the usaual drug dealers we did business with. And I started to wonder what was in the boxes. "So what's in these things anyway?" I finally asked.

    I got no answer, annoyed I hopped in the back of the van and started to open up a box. The guys didn't seem to notice or care. They just kept unpacking boxes. Once the box was open I reached in and pulled out a small glass tube filled with some liquid. It was a deep purple and was thick. "I'm going to take this ok?" I called to the men. Again they paid no mind to me. I tucked the tube in my pocket and closed the box back up. What was with these guys?

    It wasn't until I tried to go in the building that I was spoken to. I was grabbed from behind and pulled away from the door. "You are not alowed to go in there." The man said in a ver monotone voice. "yeah...sorry..."

    I walked back to the van just as they were done unloading everything. They closed the van doors and I got back in the drivers seat. Again I took off, I didn't know what that was all about but maybe Shredder would be interested in it. At least I had something to tell him when I went back to the tower. For now I was going to chill at HQ and relax for a while.

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