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    Post by Raven on Thu Mar 07, 2013 7:56 pm

    Name: Raven Juvanni
    Parents:Gabriel and Serenity
    Siblings: Jake

    Raven was an outgoing sweet little girl. She got along with everyone and looked up to her big brother. Her parents spoiled her, giving her everything that she could ever want and more. and for a while she was daddy's little girl. But all that changed once she hit high school. She got mixed up with the wrong crowed and started skipping classes to get high. She got kicked out of her school for fighting and punching out the principal.

    She moved to another high school where she soon dropped out. Raven has never worked a day in her life, having been handed things all her life. She's ended up in jail twice. once for robbing a house and another time for defacing public property with graffiti. all before she was 18.

    Once she turned 18 she moved out of her parents house into a nice apartment that her mother pays for. She also joined the purple dragons, her reason, it seemed like fun. Like her brother, Raven would often hit the club or bars and pick up women. She had her fun with them then tossed them away when she was done.

    her life style is sure to put her jail, or a grave.
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    Post by Travis on Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:09 pm

    Name: Travis Black
    Parents: Mikko and Spike (raised by Ryan)
    Siblings: none
    age 22

    Travis' life started hard. The child was born in the back of a van and was born sickily. But even though it was a rough start, things soon calmed down and his childhood was a happy one. Like Raven, Travis was also spoiled, getting everything he wanted. He spent a lot of his childhood at the tattoo shop his mother worked at, or with his grandmother who he grew very close to.

    In school Travis was the quiet one and would often get picked on. He ignored it though, focusing on his art and his music. He always knew what he wanted to do in life, and that was sing in a band. So in high school he put together a band. Toxic Asylum. They played at local events, bars, clubs, school dances. Anywhere they could get a job. Travis graduated high school with honors but decided against continuing his education. Why would he need it? He was going to be a rock star!

    When Travis' grandmother passed away, he took it hard. It would be a long time before he was able to move pass the lost. He found comfort with his friends and band mates.

    One of his closest friends, Raven, tried to get him to join the gang with her. But knowing with his mother had went through because of the gangs he declined the invite.

    Now he uses his art talents to make money while he waits for the band's big break.
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    Post by Tomo on Sat Mar 09, 2013 11:13 am

    Name: Tomo Hamato
    Parents: Don and Rini (adopted)
    Siblings: none

    Tomo was born in a small village in Japan. While still an infent her home caught fire, her and her parents were trapped inside. Her parents burned to death, but little Tomo was rescued. The fire left her with scars over most of her body and face.

    She was raised in a foster home for two years before being adopted by a couple living in America.

    From then on she lived happily with her adoptive parents Rini and Donatello. She also had many friends and other family. But some of the other kids started to notice her scars as they got older. they would ask her questions and some would tease her. As she grew into a teenager she covered up her body even on the hottest days.

    School was hell for tomo, no one liked her and she would off be teased. teased for the way she looked, for the way her father looked, and for hanging out with 'the weird' crowed. Of course the weird crowed consited of Tavis, Zoe, Raven, and Jake mostly. But she hung out with the other kids too.

    When she got into high school things only got worse. travis and Jake defended her as much as they could but the other students were horibly mean. Rini and Don pulled Tomo out of school and homed schooled her. It was then she became withdrawn and would even turn down invites to hang with her friends.

    She finished her schooling and decided against continuing her education. She just couldn't stand to be at another school. And her anxiety had gone up, enough so that she needed to start taking medication.

    She started working with her father, helping with his business. But she never went out and got a job of her own and she tried a few times but they never worked out.

    As she got older she also developed a crush on Jake. She would never tell him this though. She told her mother once and she frowned. Telling Tomo that Jake was no good, that he would only use her then toss her away. It didn't matter, it wasn't like she had a chance with him anyway.

    Rini tried helping her daughter, she would buy tomo make up and pretty cloths. To help with Tomo's lonelyness she got her a puppy. But nothing seemed to cheer Tomo up.

    Tomo's scars have faded though they are still visiable, the deep pink color covers the left side of her face. She's still a very pretty girl, it's a shame she doesn't see it.
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    Post by Dean on Sat Mar 09, 2013 11:55 am

    Name: Dean Jones
    Parents: April and Casey
    Siblings: none

    Deans childhood was filled with trucks, cars and antiques and books. Though he had more of an interest in the antiques then the cars or trucks. He did ok in school. but decided to drop out at 15. April tried to talk him out of it, but it was pointless. He got a job, for a week then quit. As far as his parents knew he never worked after that.

    But at 16 he got into drugs. He started to sell weed on the street before it became legal. Then he started selling harder stuff. At 17 he was introduced to the world of male prostitution. Women paying to have sex with younger men. It was odd at first but he soon got the hang of it. the best part about his work, is he could make his own hours.

    Dean, of course, hangs out with the other kids sadly he never learned sign and has trouble talking to phoenix. His friends know of his work and most have tried talking him out of it, saying that he was only going to get himself killed. But it's easy money. and Dean is all about taking the easy way out.
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    Post by Ashton on Tue Mar 12, 2013 12:17 pm

    Name: Ashton Daniels
    Nickname: Ash... and, his moody sister has a long list of profanities that she likes to call him. Wink
    Parents: Ace and Ally Daniels
    Siblings: Fiona.. or, Ammonia as he likes to call her. He couldn't pronounce her name when he was younger, and 'Amona' later became the less than pleasant nickname.
    Age: 17

    Ashton is the polar opposite of his sister. He's laid back like his father, but also has a bit of his mother's spunk. Fun loving and spirited, he enjoys pranking his sister whenever he can, but it's all in good fun. He loves his sister, even if it seems that she doesn't return that. Out of all the younger generation, he's the most tolerant of her, though, she does have a knack for hurting his feelings, but for the most part, he tries not to let it show.

    Unlike most of his friends, he isn't in a gang and has no desire to be. He does know martial arts, and is very experienced with a gun, thanks to his father. Though, he chooses to back down from an altercation if there's anyway possible. A pacifist by nature, but he will defend himself if need be.

    Ash delivers pizza part time, but also sells pot to supplement his income. A recent graduate from high school, he still lives at home with his parents and is taking a small break before plunging into the chaotic world of college.

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    Post by Gage on Sat Mar 30, 2013 5:45 am

    Name: Gage Cartar
    Nickname: none Gage is short enough
    Parents: Bones and some chick
    Siblings: none

    Gage is a mostly laid back kind of guy. Much to his fathers dismay, he joined the Turks and tries his best to please the gang. Two of his good friends, however, are Purple Dragons which makes things hard sometimes. But he manages to keep the Turks from knowing about the friendship. He has no siblings and was raised my Bones, his mother was a crack head that couldn't take care of him. He has no memories of his mother and doesn't really care about her.

    He works as a limo driver and loves it. He gets to meet interesting and sometimes famous people. Other times he just likes driving his friends around in style, as long as they don't mess the limo up or drink all the booze.

    On his off days he can be found working on his novel, a fictional story about life on the streets. And the hardships of gang life. He lives on his own and has a crush on Ivy. He's not shy about his crush on her and openly flirts. She has yet to respond to his flirtations.

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