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    Post by Ivy K. on Sat Mar 30, 2013 12:22 pm

    Name: Ivy King
    Age: 23
    Parents: Lazarus and Aeris (Adoptive parents, real father Gabriel Juvanni)
    Siblings: None

    Ivy has always been a daddy's girl, and after Laz' accident, she became even more so, refusing to 'leave the nest', so to speak. She knows that Aeris is capable of looking after him, but she fears that if she goes away, something horrible will happen. She's almost lost him once. Her best friend is Belle, but she generally gets along well with everyone, except for Fiona.

    Ivy is shy and hardly ever mingles with those her age. She's a 'home body' and prefers painting over leaving her 'home'. She makes a decent living from selling her art.

    She loves animals but living in a boat house leaver her options limited. She occasionally keeps some of their 'catches', and has had several pet crabs throughout her life. He latest pet is 'Crusty', and the critter is often the 'model' for her art.

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