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    Mikko stretched her tattooed arms and legs in the chair she was sitting in. She then pulled herself up to the computer that sat on the desk in front of her. It was time to write her first journal entry. She had decided to start keeping a journal, wanting to get everything off her chest in the form of writing. She cracked her knuckles and got to work.

    "Hello Journal. this is the first entry of my crazy life. So I guess I should start from the very very beginning. I was born on valentines day 1989. My mother was a whore. I don't mean that as an insult. I mean she was literally a whore. My dad, was one of her customers. Nine months and bam! I pop out. This part is fuzzy, I only know what I've been told."

    "So. I was born in February. My mother was much of a mother. She still worked. She let guys come to the house and, for a fee, these men got to play with me. Not in a good way. You would think that I would be in the hospital a lot, but no. Mother never brought me to a doctor and as far as I know, she never cared to sooth my pain."

    "What I do remember is when I was five. My mother left me. She just up and left the house. I remember waiting for her but she never came back. Neighbors found me alone in the house. I was starving and dirty laying in a filthy house. the neighbors called child serves and I was picked up. What happen to my mother you might ask? Nothing. I don't know. She just vanished no one ever heard from her since. "

    "So my journey in child serves started. I was lucky to be immediately taken in to a foster home. I mean, cute blonde head girl with dimples. Of course I was taken in. Who wouldn't want me? I did go through a shit ton of doctors though. it was horrible. But I soon found myself in a comfty home. I had a mother a father and a brother and a little sister. I was six by this time and I'll be honest. I had a bit of a temper. "

    The home was nice. I was the one that screwed it up. My sister and I didn't get along. She was four and wanted everything I had. I had never had anything before. No toys no food! Now I had it all and she wanted it. Ok so I might have over reacted. I cut her fingers off. Yeah, not a smart move but I was only six and knives shouldn't be where a six year old can reach them."

    "So the family didn't keep me. I was sent to a mental hospital for six months before I was sent to another foster home. I wish that i never would have did that to that girl. My life went to shit fast. "

    "Once again I had a mother a father and an older brother. It only took a week for the abuse to start. Tod. or, daddy as he liked me to call him. Would come into my room every night. And well, I don't have to go into details here. If that was all he did, maybe I could have handled it. Maybe if he was the only one doing it I could have handled it. But Jon, my new brother who was sixteen would have his turn with me. "

    "Not only was all this going, with, what I suspected was with my mothers knowledge, I was locked in a small hall closet for days, I was beat for any little thing. there was a box that Tod use to lock me in and slide me under his bed at night. And the worst part, never once did I step in a class room. Child serves never came to check up on me. Nothing. I had no help."

    "This lasted for nine years. Oh you might be wondering how I learned to read and write and do math things. Well turns out, I'm a fucking genus! No really, I actually am. I taught myself how to read, write, math, science. I learned that I'm very good with machines too."

    "I'm getting off subject here. So when I was fifteen I was in my room. If I remember right the time was around eight at night. Tod came in for his nightly visit. But this time I was ready for him. I was sitting at my desk my back turned to him. He placed a hand on my shoulder and I spun around. A shoved a crayon in his eye, grabbed my back pack that I had packed everything in and jumped out the window. I remember it was a blue crayon. Not that that is important."

    "I was out in the world. On my own. I thought it was better that way, but I quickly learned that I knew nothing of how to keep myself alive. The first week was hard. I got by by begging for money for food. then I met some boys. Some not so nice boys. They cornered me on the street and held me up against a wall. I hadn't even thought of bringing a weapon with me. Lucky me though. I grabbed a piece of glass and managed to slash through the leader boy's stomach. And when things got too heated, Two angels came to my rescue. "

    "No really angels! Gabriell and Ezekiel. Angels names, right? Yeah! They saved me and I clung to these guys for life. And it didn't hurt that both guys were very hot. They took me in, fed me, clothed me, gave me a place to shower. I tried to thank them the only way I knew how. But they didn't want sex from me. I was hurt at the rejection. But now I know they actually cared for me."

    "Through Gabe and Eze I met Hun. The leader of the purple dragons. There was only one other girl in the gang at the time and she was a tough cookie. I was only fifteen I had a lot to prove. Hun gave me a chance. I had to pass a bunch of test, of which my boys helped me with. and I was in! I got my first tattoo. a large purple dragon on my right arm."

    "I was proud to be in the gang. I felt protected, like I was part of a family. Yeah there were a few bad seeds in the gang, guys that wanted to harm me. But Gabe took care of them. I honestly didn't see much of Eze it was me and Gabe. I called him brother, and that man was my life. "

    "A year went by and Hun was questioning my loyalty. He also was wondering why I hadn't done anything lately for the gang. I mean what was I suppose to do? I hadn't been given a job! So I was sent on a mission. But not alone. I met Spike. Ladies and gentleman. Fucking, Spike. This man was a dream come true. To say he was attractive would be understatement. I fell fast and hard for this man. But we had a job to do. Get intel from some dead beat. Shipments were lost, or stolen, we didn't know it was my job to find out and Spike's job to make sure I didn't screw up."

    "We had a little side project first. burn down some apartments. By the time we got to the apartments I was high as a kite. Oh, did I mention I started using and drinking and was an all around party animal. Yeah that happen."

    "So I wanted to impress this guy badly. I mean, I was tempted to say fuck the job and take him right in the car. But I didn't. The job went smoothly. Kind of. We didn't actually get any info. Not anything that was the truth anyway. So we got in a bit of trouble. In fact, it wouldn't be the first time that Spike and me got into trouble."

    "So this all sounds good right. met a perfect man, hook up with him. no. Gabe and Spike hated each other. They were always trying to kill each other. And i was often put in the middle of it. Gabe didn't want me with Spike and Spike didn't want me hanging out with Gabe. Spike won in the end. I don't know why. To this day, I couldn't tell you why I picked that man over my brother. I was in love I guess. one of my doctors said I was brainwashed. Said I developed Stockholm syndrome."

    "Oh yeah. Side note, Journal. I'm crazy. Really. I've been diagnosed with lots of mental disorders. we'll get into that later."

    "So it was Spike and I against the world. I loved that man with everything I had. I believed that he loved me too. Even though he beat me and made me do things I didn't really want to do. I hurt a lot of people I cared about for Spike. Gabe almost died many times because of me. When Spike told me to do something I did it. I risked everything for him."

    "A lot of shit went down and suddenly Spike joined the Turks. a rival gang. Funny thing. Jencko. The Turks leader. was the same guy I cut with the piece of glass. I'm sure he still has the scar."

    "Then, Spike kidnapped me. He used me for bait to get to Gabe. It worked, of course Gabe would come after me. Gabe got beat up pretty bad. I almost lost him....The rest of what I'm going to say is fucked up. I did fucked up shit. I regret it now. but, when it was going on I...I don't know. It was all about Spike."

    "Spike ended up in prison along with some other turks. I hadn't seen Spike in a while and had missed him. So, I visited him in prison. I wont go into too many details here. But basically I helped Spike get out of jail. We held up in a little house outside of the city. There was a rooster who kinda looked like Spike."

    "we held out in the house for a while. Then after a few months of resting Spike wanted to go after Gabe, so I took him to where Gabe was living. I should explain myself here. I'm a fucking idiot. I just did what Spike told me to do, I didn't even think about it. we went there, there was a fight. Cops were called. shots were fired. Spike ended up in jail I ended up in the hospital. I also found out I was carrying Spike's kid. It was shock to me. Up till that point I didn't even think I could get pregnant. "

    "I had some help, Lexi. I haven't talked much about Lexi. She was Gabe's ex. or is. she's not dead or anything. and I developed a massive crush on her. In fact I still to this day have a crush on her. I was pretty shocked at my feelings for her. I had no idea I was Bi! But anyway. Lexi helped me and brought me to a home for the mentally chalanged and homeless. "

    "It was a pretty horrible place. the people were so annoying. and i had a roommate. Daisy. Daisy is...special. She use to get on my nerves so much. But she was sweet and innocent. I think she ended up taking to many drugs as a child or something I'm not sure. But, I call her a sister now. Daisy ended up being family."

    "I also met Chris...wait. I'm getting a head of myself. "

    "I visited Spike in prison again. This time they were more careful about my visits. they had no proof that I helped him out of prison the first time, but the cops had their suspicions. So anyway. I visited Spike in prison and there I met Kendall. He fell for me fast and i had him eating out of my hand. He was ok looking I guess but not my cup of tea."

    "So I had a plan, I was going to bust Spike out and Kendall was going to help. And help he did...well he tried. The breakout was a failure because Spike, as it turns out, is an idiot. "

    But kendall got out along with some other inmates. stuff happen and I met Chris. Chris was wonderful if a bit too nice for me. I wasn't use to it and it freaked me out. I mean Gabe was always nice to me, but not in a relationship kind of way. Chris was sweet to me and tried to court me I guess you could say. Yeah we hooked up. He didn't even care that I was carrying another man's baby. But like I said. he was too nice."

    "Daisy met Kendall and they pretty much hit off right away. and our little family lived together in a cabin in the woods. We had our ups and downs but we were family."

    "Enter prison break number three. This time it took all of us, the whole family to get Spike out. Thinking back on it, I should have just let Spike die. But back then, I couldn't, I couldn't think of a life with out the man. I know I'm spending a lot of time on Spike, but he was a huge part of my life! So anyway, we all had our roles and off we went to save Spike from death."

    "It worked. Not without injury. Daisy's leg got torn up by a dog. And me? I was shot in the face and stomach, I went into labor. Also. I killed Daisy's father. But, she doesn't know that. and at the time I didn't know that either. But he was a cop and had to go. So we all went back to the cabin in the woods. I had my baby in the back of a van and right away I knew something was wrong with him. "

    "The rest is a blur, Spike and I went somewhere. Chris took my child to the hospital. I blocked most of it out. I do remember I convinced spike that I no longer talked to Gabe, that way he wouldn't tell me to go to Gabe. I pretty sure we drove to the country house. "

    "Anyway My baby was fine. His name is Travis Black. My pride and joy. Things calmed down. I got closer to Chris. Spike went his own way. It wouldn't be the last I saw of him though. "

    "As for Travis. Well. Gabe was caring for him. then turns out surprise I have a twin brother. He came into my life to brag that our dad raised him and he was doing wonderfully he then took my child away from me. Yeah. it was rough. this is the same time as I decided to follow Spike and join the turks. Remember me saying I sliced open Jencko when we were young, Yeah, he didn't like me very much."

    "Then something happen. Something really really bad happen. The turks got Gabe. They beat him up. Took him to the docks to finish him off. I called the turtles. Oh yeah. The mutated turtles in the city. I met them. Got Mike's number. the turtles didn't like me much but I knew they would help."

    "I made it to the docks in time to see Gabe. I ran to him untied his hands. I should have, put him in the van and drove off. I should have done something. But I didn't. And Spike knew. He knew I called for help. I had to save face. If the turks found out I called for help, I would have been done for. So when help came. I fought back. I didn't fight too hard though. I mostly went after my crush. Lexi. I just wanted to put on a show. to say hey look, I'm on your side gang."

    "Gabe died that night. I lost the trust of the turtles. I lost all respect from Lexi. And Spike wanted to kill me. "

    "If it wouldn't have been for Dice. Spike would have finished me for sure. I ran away. I ran back to my small family. The only people I had yet to betray. The only people who still liked me."

    "that wouldn't be the end of Spike though. He set our home on fire. Thankfully Daisy and Kendall made it out alive. He tried to run me down with a truck. then it turned into a hunt in the park. In the end he found me. He raped me. Then I killed him."

    "His last words to me were that he loved me. But I'm not so sure. Part of me wants to believe it was true. Another part of me thinks he said it to make me hurt."

    "I was stuck. I was a turk. My dragon tattoo had been cut out of my arm by Hun's men. gabe was gone, Spike was gone. and Chris had moved on with someone else. I was alone. Daisy and Kendall had a child and were doing their own thing. But then, there was Dice. Dice was that perfect kind of crazy. He wasn't abusive. and he wasn't sweet either. I liked Dice. He was a good man."

    "Then a bit of more good news. Gabe survived the turks. He wasn't dead! But now Dice was after him. I hurt Dice. I did it to protect Gabe. In the end I killed Dice. Shot him dead. I ran away with his dog. But the dog ran off too. I was alone, again."

    "Oh shit on a stick. I almost forgot. ok back track a little. I was in the mental hospital for some time. and raph broke me out. Yeah! That might have been important. Dunno. but yeah that totally happen. I still owe him for that. anyway!"

    "My story does have a happy ending. well...mostly happy. I met another guy. Ryan. He took me in when I had no where to go. He gave me food, cloths, a warm bed. I fell in love with him, and him with me. I got Travis back! Got a job. I'm tattooing. And I've started taking up self defence classes with the foot. I hear they are the bad guys, but really I don't see anything wrong with them."

    "Yep. my life is coming together. But. I still don't have Gabe. Daisy and Kendall. I should call them. I'll make a note of that. and Lexi? She'll never talk to me again. I apologized to Raph. But, I'm not sure if he accepted it or not. There is Mike. Who I also have to call soon. I miss my friends. I miss my brother. I hope that one day. We can move passed everything. start a new. I'm seeing a doctor and I'm on medication. so. I'm thinking more clearly now. "

    "There was one little incident with the turks. They tried to kill me. slit my throat, just like Gabe. Fooled them though, I can't be killed so easily. Oh for fuck's sake. I forgot about Blaze! Oh. My. God. Blaze is Spike's twin. the better twin. nicest guy and a drummer. I had a piece of that ass. Even though I later regreat it and now I have to explain to my boyfriend why I fucked the drummer. "

    "Yeah it was at Ally and Ace's wedding. Ally's spike sister. so, I'm wanting her to be in Travis' life as much as possible."

    "Ok I read it all and I think that puts us to the present. Now I just have to find away to get everyone to like me again and I'll be set. "

    "see you next time journal."

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    I know that I told you this in chat, but I know that feedback is an awesome thing, and you certainly deserve it!! ^^ I really enjoyed reading this, and as I told you before, it helped to jar my memory on a few things that happened. It was inspiring, and hopefully it will be the push I need to complete my own profiles.

    I love how you tied Jencko into this, and her being responsible for his scar. I think it's fitting, and explains why he was so hell bent against her joining the gang. Again, awesome job, and I can't wait to read future installments!

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