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    "konbanwa! Watashi no namae wa, Rini Yuriko Oroku desu." Rini gives a small bow. "At least. That is my name now. It was diffrernt before." She smiles warmly and claps her hands together in front of her. "I should start from the beginning, in English perhaps."

    My name is Rini. It means little Rabbit. I was born September 13. I'm 22 years old. When I was little, I had a great life. I lived with my mother and father in a small village. The village was called Tsurui. It has a population of about 2,000 people, and it's home to the red crown crane."

    "Back then my name was Rini Yuriko Niigata. We had a small house but it was warm, and comfortable. We didn't have much, but we had each other and that's what matter. We lived happily. Mother stayed home with me and father worked in the rice fields. On the weekends, we would go to the small zoo that was a town over. Sometimes I would go to work with father, but, most of the time I stood home and baked cookies with mother."

    "I did well in school, all A's. But, I didn't make friends very easily, no one really liked me. They called me names and picked on me for being smart, it wasn't my fault. Mother said they were jealous. She would tell me that one day I would make it in life and the ones that picked on me would have to eat their words. Well she didn't put it like that, but it's basically what she said."

    "I liked to read a lot. And would often hold up in my room with a book. My father would call me his little book worm. I didn't have any other family. No bothers or sisters. No aunts, uncles or cousins. It was just the three of us. Things were good...At least...For a while."

    "My Father changed. He started to drink and he would get angry at my mother. It was just yelling at first, but then he started to hit her. I wanted to help my mother, but I didn't know how. She became very depressed. We didn't bake cookies anymore, and she locked herself in her room a lot. I was scared for my mother, I didn't know what he would do to her."

    "One day, after father went to work. My mother came into my bedroom. I was reading a book on self defense, hoping I could protect my mother. She sat on my bed and ran her hand over my hair. She looked so sad. She told me that I had to take care of father because she couldn't any more. She said I had to be strong and be the woman of the house now. I had to grow up. I didn't understand, but I promised her I would."

    "I watched her leave the house with a small suitcase and i never saw her again."

    "Father missed her. He didn't say it but I could tell. I missed her too. for the first few weeks, father didn't talk to me at all, some nights he wouldn't even come home. I still kept the house clean and cooked the meals. I had to quit school which upset me. I was 13 at this point."

    "One night, father came home. I had dinner waiting for him. We both sat down to eat and he took a bite of his food. He got mad. Said the food was horrible and spat it out onto the floor. He then took his shoe off and started to hit me over the head with it. He said I was worthless and useless. That I couldn't even cook a decent meal. He threw everything on the floor then told me to clean up the mess. I did. And that night I understood why mother left."

    "The abuse continued through my teenage years. In fact it only got worse. Father frighten me. I was scared of what he would do to me if I messed up any more. I tried to hard to please him. To make him proud of me. But nothing worked. "

    "I thought about running away. But then who would look after Father? I couldn't just abandoned him. I was 16 now that's when I was saved."

    "I was outside sweeping as my father was hitting me, telling me to sweep faster. He wanted me to hurry up so that I could cook dinner. I told him I would stop to cook but he said i had to sweep first, then he told me I was doing it wrong. The neighbors were watching and pointing at us, it was embarrassing and painful. But there was a stranger in town, he saw what my father was doing and grabbed his arm before another strike could be made at me."

    "I was scared for this stranger. My father would kill him for sure. But that wouldn't be the case. Father fought but he quickly loss. The stranger looked at me and asked if I was alright, though I know he could clearly see I wasn't. Then father spoke up."

    "He said I wasn't alright. That I was stupid and useless. that I didn't know how to do simple task like cleaning and cooking. He said that my mother ran away because she was embarrassed of me. then he told the man, that he would gladly sell me to him. I was horrified. "

    "The stranger calmly introduced himself as Oroku Saki. He told my father that he could use a woman like me. At first I was scared. There were stories going around of sex slaves and trafficking woman. He said he had been looking for someone to do some simple chores for him at his home and that I seemed perfect for the job. I asked where his home was, and he said it was far away and that he was planing a move across the globe and would love to take me with him."

    "I was still unsure but father was angry. He pushed me out the door to saki and told him to take me, he didn't want me anymore. Father wouldn't even let me take my cloths or books. But Saki said that I would get new things and not to worry about it."

    "So I went with this man. To say I was scared was an understatement. I was impressed and excited though. He took me to his hotel where he was staying. He respected my boundaries and never did anything to harm me. He told me I was pretty and that I would love his daughter. He told me that I deserved better then to be treated the way I was. He listened to me as I told him life story up until that point. He slept on the couch so that I could have the bed. He was so nice."

    "The next day we left, We left in a helicopter. his helicopter. We few for a few hours before landing. Then a limo picked us up. I was more excited then ever. His home was beautiful. But, it was full of people. Ninjas. I got to work right away. Cooked, clean, and tried my best to befriend his daughter, Karai. But she was...busy, a lot so I didn't really get the chance to know her."

    "By my 18 birthday I had mastered most of what Saki taught me. Yeah, he showed me how to defend myself. Sparing with the others was a little scary and I wasn't very good at first. But after some practice and encourgment from Saki, who, by now told me to call him father, I got the hang of it."

    "yes. Saki took me in as his daughter. And I happily looked up to him as a father. We got my name changed on my 18 birthday."

    "The best part though. I had been living in New York for a year. I love the city. It's so big and full of life. I left the tower as often as I could. Shredder though was pretty protective of me. I knew he had his ninja watching me, making sure I was safe. I would catch glimpses of them. It didn't bother me. I liked feeling protected and safe."

    "Life in the tower was wonderful. Of course, I was oblivious to the bad things that were going on. Father shielded me from things like that. Karai and I never hung out. I think some times she was jealous of me. I was treated like a daughter. I got gifts often and was praised for doing simple task. Karai was a ninja. A warrior. She didn't get treated like I did."

    "When I was 19 a very strange thing happen to me. Strange, but wonderful. Father asked me to be the personal maid of a new employee. He told me I had to do it because the other maids in the tower were freaked out by the new comer and he knew I could handle it. He told me to get the man anything he wanted and to not disappoint him. Of course I said yes. And then I met Donatello."

    "My meeting with Donatello was a memorable one. He was a turtle! A talking, humanoid, turtle. His appearance took me by surprise and I realized why other maids didn't want to work with him. I'm sure they were scared. To be honest. He was intimidating. But if father trusted him, then I felt he wasn't bad. So, I became Donnie's maid. I gave him everything he wanted. and slowly. I fell in love with him."

    "I learned a little while later that Father and the turtles were actually enemies and that father was only using Donnie. One of the ninja showed me the dungeon. I didn't even know that was down there. I was scared for my new love. So I helped him leave the tower. I left with him."

    "Father was upset, and disappointed. But he still loved me. He told me so. I felt better knowing that. I met Don's family and friends. Leonardo didn't trust me at first. But I think he's come around. Shredder is still after the turtles. But I chose to believe that he wouldn't harm Donnie. Of course, I see the turtles as family now and don't want any of them hurt!"

    "We've has some problems with other people. Bishop and Stockman. Fathers little henchmen. But we stuck together. The turtles are a close family and I'm happy and proud to be a part of it. I don't see father anymore and to be honest I miss him. I would like to hang out with him again. I would also still like to get closer to Karai. I consider her a sister. "

    "My story ends here. I can tell you, though, I hope to some day marry and have a child with Don. I know he can't reproduce. But, stranger things have happen. and there are other ways of getting children. Either way, my future seems bright. I'm happy. and as long as i have Don it'll stay that way."

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