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    "OH. MY. GOD. HI!!!!" Fraya waves her hands vigorously. "My name is Fraya. Fraya Waters. I'm 26! I'm getting so old! Anyway. Uh, I guess I'm here to tell you my life story or something. Not sure how exciting that will be but I'll try to make it an awesome story anyway."

    "Sooooooo, I was born in New York on April 19. At Albany Hospital. At two in the morning. My childhood was great! I was an only child and got what ever I wanted. I even got a real pony once. Of course I was scared of it and wouldn't ride it. "

    "I went to the best private schools and had lots of friends. I did get in trouble a lot though. I was often skipping class or pulling some horrible deadly prank on someone. One guy ended up in the hospital once! I felt really bad. But it didn't seem to stop my antics. I never had a best friend though. Just people I would hang out with at school. I never hung out with anyone outside of school. But I didn't care. I had toys and video games and comics to keep me company."

    "I did get a dog. A little tiny fluffy dog. He get hit by a car and died though. His name was butter ball. I wish I could find another dog like him."

    "Anyway. Soon my teenage years hit and it was time for me to get a job. I worked everywhere! The hospital, a cafe, an animal shelter, fast food. The list goes on. But I didn't like any of the jobs so I never stuck with them. This upset my parents who were scared I would be some bum on the street, or worse, live with them forever. "

    "My job hopping continued till my 20's. when I was 22 My mom got sick with some strange illness. the docs said it was a bacteria. But they hadn't seen it before. So my parents had to move across the country to get treatment. I stood in new york. I guess I just couldn't handle watching my mom die. But, I didn't go with them, though sometimes I think I should have. But then the awesome stuff in my life wouldn't have happen."

    "I had to get a job. Without my parents help financially I needed work. Luckily an opening was available at this large tower. They needed maids and cooks. I could do both! So I applied and it was scary. Master Shredder was the single most scariest man I had ever met and I had second thoughts about working there. But then I heard My mom had passed away and my dad wasn't moving back home. I knew I needed the job and I needed to keep the job."

    "I didn't go to my mothers funeral and I never really mourned her death. I guess I just acted like it never happen. I still keep in touch with my dad though. As for other family. I don't care for them."

    "So I got the job at the tower. I started work right away and I loved! the outfits we had to wear. these traditional kimonos. Mine was red with cherry blossoms on it. every girl had a different pattern. My job was to keep things clean and neat, fold towels make beds things like that. the best part, I not only got paid well, but I got to live in this huge tower. I felt like I was part of some secret club, turns out, I kinda was."

    "Little did I know there was some really bad things going on at that tower. I met John Bishop. Another really scary man, but he was at lest attractive. All the girls thought so and he knew it. He was so smug when he talked to any of us girls. He was doing something in the basement of the tower and none of us knew what it was. Not even the other ninja. I even asked Rini and she had no clue."

    "Who's Rini? She's just my first ever best friend ever! Rini is Shredder's kid so I was surprised when she even gave me the time of day. Because Karai didn't even look at us. But Rini and I became best friends and would talk about everything!"

    "So anyway. One day Shredder came up to me and said there was a prisoner in the basement. I was a little surprised at that. I had no idea the foot had any authority to keep prisoners. So this prisoner needed to be supplied with food and water, basically it was now my job to keep this person alive."

    "So I figured I should get right on that. I had it in my head that who ever this person was had to be bad news. Someone that did something horrible. Why else would he be locked up? So I took some food to the basement. It was the first time I was allowed in the basement. And it was no basement. It was a dungeon. a torture chamber. "

    "I went over to the cell that the prisoner was in and was very shocked by what I saw. It was a turtle! and turtles happen to be my favorite animal. And this poor guy was looking really beat up. So I gave him food and water and then took care of his wounds."

    "I spent a lot of time with Mike. I tried to keep him warm, well fed and as comfortable as I could. I didn't tell Rini about Mike because I was scared that she would tell her father that I was getting too close to the turtle. Finally though, rescue came for him."

    "Bishop had been chopping Mike up. And learning what Shredder was really like I left. I told Rini I was leaving, though I didn't give her details. I left with the turtles, mostly because I didn't want to leave Mike's side and because I didn't want to be part of an organization that tortured turtles."

    "Mike and I grew closer together. And I love him to pieces. And lucky me. Rini soon left the tower with her own turtle! So we were able to hang out again. Now we're part of the turtle's family and very happy. "

    "I do worry though. I worry that shredder will attack, I worry that something will happen to the guys. I mean. Shredder put Mike on TV! The whole city knows about the turtles now, and I'm always worried that there are people out there trying to hunt them down."

    "we were attacked. By robots! Robots with teeth! They got Rini pretty bad, I came out unharmed. But I only got lucky. I think the turtles will be teaching us how to fight soon. I can't wait to learn. Rini showed me some things. But she's not a very good instructor. I wont tell her that though."

    "So that's it. That's been my crazy life so far. Oh that pony, we ended up giving away. Turns out having a horse in the city is more trouble then it's worth."

    "Ok that's it. you can all go now. I have to look for yet another job. BYE!!!"

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