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    Post by Serenity on Tue Oct 22, 2013 4:32 pm

    "Hello." Serenity waves shyly. "I baked cookies. help yourselves. I do't know why anyone would want to hear my story, but I'm happy to tell it. It wont be anything too interesting though, just warning you."

    "So. My name is Serenity Baits. I don't have a middle name. I'm 25 years old. Hummmm...Where to start. Well I lived in New York all my life. With my two older brother and younger sister. Dave, Dan and June. We all grew up in a very wealthy neighborhood. We always had money, So I never went without. I'm not bragging or anything, just, telling you my story."

    "See. My dad worked a lot. He was really secretive about his work too. Mom would tell us that he was a business man. But would never tell us what the business was, just that he made some very good investments. I always questioned it. But my siblings didn't care, as long as they were getting things."

    "I never asked for much. An easy bake oven and maybe a puppy. It was all I needed to be happy. I think my parents liked that I wasn't as demanding as my siblings. As we got older my brothers sorta became a loss cause. They got into drugs and joined a gang. My father cut them off financially and they stopped talking to the family.Last I heard they were both in jail."

    "June dropped out of school and became a stripper. So, my father cut her off too. She tried to sue him but lost. "

    "In the end it was me and my parents. We were close but as time went on it was time I made my own way. My father told me I didn't have to work, that he would take care of me. But I didn't want that. I wanted to pull my own weight so to speak. So I got a job at a bakery. Life was good. I got a new dog, a little poodle, and work was so much fun!"

    "We didn't talk about my siblings anymore. I missed them. Well, I missed June. My brothers never got along with me, so it was hard to miss them. "

    "Then one night my whole world turned upside down. My parents were killed. Least that's what I believe. They got into a car accident. My father's breaks stopped working. The police ruled it an accident. For a while I believed the cops. But what I learned later made me change my mind."

    "After their deaths I found out that I inherited everything. The mansion, the money. Now, when I say money. What I'm saying is I became a billionaire over night! I didn't know what to with that information. I knew we had money, but I didn't know we had that much money!"

    "I dug deeper in our family. What I found out was my mom was hiding a lot from me. So was dad. Dad was in the mob. It was true that he made lots of good investments, but at the cost of lives. He dealt with weapons and drugs and things overseas. I was amazed how well he hid all of it from us. But that's when I figured out. my parents were murdered. His breaks had to have been cut by someone. Which of course scared me. What if someone came after me?"

    "I laid low. For a year I kept to myself, moved into a small apartment and tried to not spend any of my parents money. Luckily no one came after me. After a year I relaxed and decided that I would help people with my new wealth."

    "I gave to homeless shelters and food banks. And I volunteered at the hospital."

    "Oh and I still worked at the bakery. In fact that's were I met Leo. Leo was a mystery. He hid in the shadows and didn't want me to see him. Of course I was super curious about him, but I kept my distance. I didn't want to scare or upset my new friend. He liked my cooking so I always made sure I had something to give him when we would meet."

    "Then one night he finally let me see him. He was a turtle! I mean. A human sized turtle. He was the most amazing person I had ever seen. He was scared that I would be scared of him, but I wasn't I was just amazed. we met up often and talked about everything. Then one night he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was faltered. But, I had to say no. It's not that he wasn't good looking. He was, and sweet and kind and funny. But, he's a mutant and I'm human. It wouldn't have worked out."

    "We didn't hang out as much after that. Then he had to go away from awhile. Even after he came back we don't really hang out anymore. It's sad."

    "So, like I said, I volunteered at the hospital. And there I was asked to take care of a patent that was in a coma. He was under police watch and only certain people were allowed in his room. His name, Gabriel Juvanni. He was beat up pretty bad. A gang tried to kill him, but he was a strong man, and survived. I stood with him everyday. I would talk to him and sing to him. I changed his sheets and bathed him. It was strange, but everyday I found myself falling for him and I hadn't even spoken to him. "

    "I knew it was wrong of me to develop feelings for a patent. I mean, if he woke up he would probably tell me all about his girlfriend. That he apparently had. Lexi. Well that's what she told people anyway, I would learn that that wasn't true."

    "I met some really nice people too. Mikko, Daisy, Kendall and Chris. I'm still helping out Daisy and Kendall. Chirs Kinda vanished and Mikko. Well, she's doing better."

    "Also around this time, my sister was killed. Stabbed to death by Turks. I had no emotion towards her death. And for that I feel bad."

    "So back to Gabe. He did wake up. With no memory of anything. I stuck by his side, helping him in every way that I could. Found out that Lexi was an ex. That he had a son with a woman who just up and left him. I learned a bit more about Mikko. though I still believe that she's changed. We all went to Lexi's beach house. It was so nice there. And Gabe and I hooked up. We became official. And I was so happy. I love that man so much."

    "But, he didn't want anything to happen to me so he left! I was so upset. So Lexi and I found him and dragged him back with us. I told him to never leave me again and he hasn't. "

    "I soon had a little bun in the oven and gave birth to Raven. Gabe's getting his memory back and we moved into our own place. I haven't done much with the bakery and hospital sense hooking up with Gabe. So much happen so fast! But it was all amazing."

    "I don't know where our lives are going to go next. But I'm excited for the future. I can't wait to get married and maybe have another child. I do hope that I see more of Leo, and I hope Mikko and Gabe can patch things up."

    "I hoped you liked my story. see you next time." Serenity ends the story with a wave as she hands out party favors at the door.

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