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    Post by Remey on Thu Nov 07, 2013 4:05 am

    Bonjour, mon nom est Remey Bouviar, et ceci est mon histoire.

    I was born in October on a cold night. Well they tell me it was cold, but it's not usually cold in October in Louisiana. Anyway. I was born and raised on my family's plantation. They grew sugar cane. I'm an only child, was home schooled and I didn't get out much. so I didn't really have any friends.

    But I was also a trouble maker. When I hit my teenage years I did take up boxing and fencing. So that got me out of the house and meeting new people. I was pretty shy at first, but I soon came out of my shell. I was really good at fight too. The best in my classes.

    Of course my parents wanted me to learn less violent hobbies. So I learned to play the piano and how to paint. I also learned my second language, French. So pretty much my whole childhood was schools.

    When I was 20 I did meet a woman. I was walking home from a boxing class and ran into her. We got to talking and then I asked her out on a date. By this time I had dropped some of my classes so I had more free time. She agreed to a date and after that we were never apart.

    Her name was Lu ann. She was pretty and smart and, as it turns out, totally insane. We had a daughter together, Annabelle. and after that Lu Ann just went off the deep end. She would come at me with knives and talked about killing Annabelle. I was ready to kick her out the house. (We still lived at my plantation) But I didn't have to. Lu Ann packed up her things and left. Annabelle was one at the time.

    My parents were disapointed that I hadn't married Lu Ann and that I had a child with her. Though they adored Belle. After a few years I felt it was time to make it on my own. So I tool Belle and we left for New York.

    Once in the city we got a small place and I started to paint to make ends meet. Of course if I ever really needed money my parents would help out, but I was trying to make it on my own.

    My paintings were a hit and soon we were able to move into a bigger apartment. I was also able to take up some fencing classes.

    Then the Foot showed up. Well I didn't know who they were at first. But I was in one of my classes and the came up to me. They handed me a real sword and I took to it like a fish to water. Impressed they offered me a job.

    I was excited I would be part of an orgnazation that helped the city, and I would be making more money. And Belle would be placed in a daycare for free while I was out.

    A few years went by and I was learning that the Foot weren't really in it to help people. I was in deep though and was frighten to leave. Shredder was a scary man and I didn't want to have to face him and tell him I was leaving. Plus the money was good.

    Things turned around however when I met Marley. She just fell into my lap. Marley is the most beautiful girl in the world. The moment I saw her I knew I had to have her. She's sweet and sexy and everything I need. And most importantly, Belle loves her.

    Unfortunetly a lot of shit went down after that. I almost died because I was helping my turtle friends out. Shredder is brutal when it comes to punishments. I ended up in the hospital and now i'm forever crippled. But Marley still stayed by my side.

    The turtles are great and Belle loves them dearly. Maybe that's why I risked so much for them. Because if one of them died, my daughter would be heart broken.

    Mike came to Belle's birthday party. It was the first time I met the turtles. It ended badly. My Foot friends were there and they beat the poor turtle up and took him to the tower. I was so angry at them for that, still angry about that actually.

    But in the end, everything worked out. Things calmed down and now I live With Marley and our two kids. Yep, Marley had a little boy, Loki. I'm so happy to have a son. And Belle is excited to be a big sister.

    My family lives on the beach with Laz and his family. And right now we're all living happily. But I'm sure at some point in the future there will be trouble. But i guess I shouldn't worry about things that haven't happen yet.

    So that's my story so far.

    Vous voyez les gars la prochaine fois!

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    Post by Rogue on Thu Nov 07, 2013 9:19 am

    This made my day!! ^^You did an awesome job! Love love loooove it!

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