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    Hello and welcome to our home. My name is Lazarus King. I'm in my early 30's and life is good. IN fact, Life has always been good.

    I was born in New York. And from what I'm told I was a good baby. I wasn't fussy and I slept all through the night. As an only child, I got everything I wanted. Even some things I didn't really want. I was very spoiled. But I didn't act it. I knew I was lucky to have what I did and I never took any of it for granted.

    School was easy for me. All but science. I just couldn't get into it. It bored me. But still I made good grades. I took up gymnastics and karate when I was still in elementary school. I was very good at both of them. I went to competitions and won trophies and ribbons it was great.

    In high school I stuck with my Karate and gymnastics. I was even an Olympic hopeful. That didn't pan out though. I ended up breaking my ankle and that was the end of that. I also had a girlfriend who was taking up a lot of my time. So I dropped Gymnastics but got a job teaching it instead.

    Me and the girlfriend didn't work out. Mostly because I was always busy and had no time for a relationship. When I got out of high school I thought about continuing my education, but an opportunity arose and I took it. The Foot wanted me. I was still young, just in my 20's but I had heard about the Foot and what an honor it was to be asked to join, so of course I said yes.

    The foot took up even more of my time. I ended up moving out of my parents house and into a small apartment. I was offered a place to live with the Foot but declined. I wanted to be on my own and do my own thing not have to live by strict rules all the time. The Foot was good to me though. We trained together and patrolled the city, fighting crime. I was like a super hero.

    I met Remey and we became fast friends. He showed me the ropes and explained things that I should and should not do while in the Foot. I had a brief relationship with a female Foot member but she was crazy and it didn't last.

    As time went on, however. I started to see that maybe we weren't the super heroes that I thought we were. I found out that Shredder was insane as was his kid, Karai. Being in the Foot didn't seem all that appealing anymore. So I quit. Shredder wasn't happy about it, so I had to move to a new apartment and lay low for a while.

    Being away from the foot was horrible. I wanted to know what they were up to. and because I was no longer in the foot I wasn't making any money. So I had to get a job. I found on as a bouncer at a strip club.

    There I met the purple dragons.

    The dragons were a gang of thugs ran by Hun. I had heard of them from the Foot. They worked together. I thought it was great idea to join the gang and that way I could keep an eye on the Foot. I met Hun at the club and we spent hours talking. I was in the gang, but only because the thought of a Foot member joining the dragons amused him.

    So my life as a street thug started. It wasn't as glamorous as being in the Foot, but friend ships where tighter and everyone had each other's back. At least it seemed that way. I met more friends. but Hun and I grew close as friends. This friendship allowed me to get away with a lot.

    I was still a bouncer at the strip club when I met Lexi. she was soooo. just. hot! Bootylicious for sure. High class, I don't know why she was at the club, she could have been doing better things then showing off her body to horny guys. We talked and became friends. I would stand watch outside of her dressing room and just make sure she was alright.

    I made a few moves on her, but they were subtle and I don't think she noticed. But then she moved away. She didn't tell me anything. Didn't call, didn't write. I didn't know where she was but I had to move on.

    I ended up quitting the dragons. I was just tired of the whole scene. Hun let me go but said that I owed him for it. I'm still in his debt.

    Lexi did eventually come back to the city. But we only accidently met up at a birthday party. That party was rough. It was for my friend Remey's daughter. One of the mutant turtles showed up and all hell broke lose. I felt back for Belle and for Mike.

    So anyway, turned out that Lexi hooked up with one of the turtles. Now, I'm not one to judge., but, isn't that like, beastiality? Seriously! It can't be legal. And the turtle she picked is a real asshole too. I can't stand the guy. Between me and you, I would gladly give him to shredder. But, Lexi would hate me so I don't do it. I just stay her beast friend and keep it all bottled up inside.

    Then, I had an opportunity to adopt a very beautiful and confused little girl. Ivy. Her mother was killed by the drug, Ruby. and Ivy was left alone. Leo was the one who found her. But I was the one who took her in with open arms. She has some issues, but she's the sweetest girl in the world.

    Lexi also adopted a child, kind of. Phin. A little turtle mutant, he's pretty adorable too. Bishop created him and for some reason gave him to Lexi. I love all the kids and would protect them with my life.

    A woman also came into my life. Areis. She is the greatest. We son't spend a lot of time alone with each other, with me taking care of everyone else. I think she understands but it's not fare to her. This woman is my life, I don't know what I would do with out her. I really need to start putting time aside for just the two of us.

    So my little family ended up moving in with Remey and Marley and their kids. I still do body guard work at night. It's fun, I meat interesting people and the money is good.

    Living on the beach is lots of fun. The kids love it. Life is good.

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