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    Noah Dirac

    Age: 19

    Occupation: College student, book store attendant

    Stats: 5'10”, 156lbs, brown hair and eyes. He's thin, and his slight frame is maintained by the fact that he prefers walking to the NYC's congested traffic system.

    Sexuality: Homosexual, although he hardly thinks about it.


    Noah grew up in a small town in Rhode Island, and was raised by his grandmother after his drug-addled mother abandoned him in a hotel room when he was 9 years old. Having been raised by a woman who regarded him as a pest, he was not introduced to learning until after he was taken in by his grandmother. He didn't even know his ABCs.

    It was the social worker that handled his case, when he was found alone in a hotel room in a bad part of town, that originally introduced him to the wonders of books. She read him a children's book while he was being interviewed – the first time anyone had ever told him a story – and it was the impetus that lead to his obsession with stories.

    From that day forward, he was obsessed with books. Although he was incredibly behind in terms of school once he finally got to attend, his teachers were impressed with how quickly he learned and adapted. Children's books are filled with moral lessons – disobeying your parents will get you in trouble, telling lies will make people skeptical of you, and such other common life lessons children are introduced to at that age.

    He believed they were instructions on how to be happy, and that if you followed the lessons hidden in the pages, you would be guaranteed to be just as happy as the characters in the books. He tried helping his school's big bully overcome his problems at home by using these life lessons as a guide, working with the boy to write and draw a children's book that would help him reach his “happy ending”.

    The events that took place during this time are something he refuses to talk about or even mention; however, he still has the book and carries it with him everywhere, even though it is mysteriously missing the last page. The story of his attempt to save his friend will be chronicled in the Character Backgrounds section, and will be updated as the plot develops.

    He is currently attending Columbia University, and is pursuing a degree in Literature. He spends more time reading the books assigned than doing the homework, but when he does, his professors have remarked that it is exceptional. He works part time at a run-down used book store in rough part of town, and works in the tutoring center through Columbia's work-study program.

    Special Abilities and Talents:

    Noah is obsessed with reading, and thus research is something he is uniquely gifted with. He doesn't like to use the Internet, but when he does, he can find almost anything. He is also very good at giving advice, having learned from characters in books the best course of action for many different scenarios.

    He's gifted at discerning a person's character, and whether or not they are “good people”. He tends to compare people to characters in books, which allows him to create very accurate, hypothetical scenarios – for example, he's very good at knowing if two people are going to get along or not, and he can tell you exactly why he thinks so...if he's not buried in a book.

    There's something about him that he's very adamant about hiding. It's something that he may bring up when he's not paying attention, and will quickly change the subject, but it's something that he feels incredibly guilty about being able to do. This will be revealed as the plot progresses.

    Notable Characteristics/Personality Quirks:

    Noah is almost always reading something. Because he can't stand not to keep up with all of the books he's reading, he's developed a very good sense of multi-tasking. He can read while he rings up customers at his shop, while he tutors in the writing center, and even while he's walking. He hasn't bumped into anyone since he was a little kid.

    He is, however, a terrible conversationalist. He only half-listens to what people are saying if he's reading something, and seems fidgety and bored if he's forced to have a conversation without a book in front of him.

    He forgets long term commitments, like paying his rent, much more often than short-term commitments. He forgets to eat often, but carries a messenger bag filled with all sorts of stuff just in case he needs them, including books and snacks.

    His apartment is so filled with books that the floor is beginning to bend under their weight, but his landlord is an alcoholic and couldn't care less.

    Noah would be very attractive if he gave any thought to his appearance. He tends to wear clothes from thrift stores, and is always dressed for comfort rather than style. He almost always wears hooded sweatshirts, since the big pocket in the front is “like a pocket just for books”.

    He is never without a book.

    He tries to stay out of people's business, and is almost afraid to get involved in their affairs. He's very curious about people's life stories and what they're up to, however, and likes getting to know people. He doesn't like to talk about himself or his own opinions, and is more of an observer.

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    Book hoarder! LoL.. niiice profile, dude! I'm moving it to the current OC profile section, since this one is for out of date stuff. Wink Can't wait to see Noah in the game! Very Happy

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