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    Profile at a glance

    Name: Chase Gable

    Nick names: All of the insulting names that come with the territory of being a cop. None his is particularly fond of, but he doesn't let them offend him.

    Birth date: Feb' 14th, 1983 (30 years old)

    Appearance: 6' and 170 lbs. Well built, but not overly muscled. Deep blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Much lighter in the summer due to hours of sun exposure. Tanned skin. When not in uniform, Chase is a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, but can dress up nicely when the occasion calls for it.

    Personality: Generally laid back and easy going. He's slow to anger, and considering all he's been through, has a pretty decent sense of humor. He's suffered through so much negative in his life that he prefers to surround himself with positive people because they bring out the best in him. After dealing with his losses, he suffers from depression and has to take medication to keep it under control. He's a 'people person', and doesn't do too well on his own.

    History in Journal form

    "So I guess I'm supposed to be sayin' stuff about myself." He begins, speaking in a thick Brooklyn accent. " 'Name's Chase Gable, and I was born right here in the concrete jungle that is known as New York. My roots are firmly planted in this chaos, Sometimes I wish I could just pack up and go someplace else, but I know my job here isn't finished. There's so much crime, and the authorities need to pull their heads out of their asses and do somethin' about it. I've only been on the force for a few short months, but I've already put away a few dogs from the underground.

    Yeah, you got it. I'm a cop. A rookie, but a cop nonetheless. At 30 years old, most rookies are a tad bit younger than me, but I had other interests that prevented me from joinin' sooner. Street racin' was one of them. Yeah, I know. Highly illegal, but I've always loved fast cars and wasn't always for the law. I made damn good money because I was one of the best. My girlfriend Amber hated it, but she was always there to show her support. I made a decent livin' by bein' the first across the finish line. More than decent. I could afford the best for my family. A nice big house, a sports car for myself, and an SUV for my girlfriend. She wanted one, because she knew one day we would be married, and her dream was to have enough kids to fill a baseball team. That.. scared me, but I always laughed it off.

    When I turned 22, we got married and my son was born two years later. Justin. I couldn't have been happier. My own father was a sheriff, so I hardly ever saw him when I was growing up. This was my chance to make up for the father I never had. I would be darn good at it, and I think I did a pretty decent job. I had my little family and was doing what I loved. Life was perfect. But one thing I've learned, the moment you become too comfortable, life will yank the rug right out from under you.

    I lost my father when I turned 27. That's usually the fate of anyone in law enforcement, but the nature of the murder was brutal. He was gunned down in his own home by a gang called The Turks. Apparently he had arrested the gang leader, but because there wasn't enough evidence to put the thug away for the rest of his sorry life, the case fell through the cracks and he got an early release. Even though it was obvious who was responsible for my father's murder, once again there wasn't enough evidence. Even though my mother was there. The gang raped her and left her beaten. Guess they thought she would bleed out from her injuries. But she survived. Still, even with her description, the detectives said their was too many gangs in New York to pin the crime to just one. Besides, They resided closer to Dragon territory, so the investigation focused on the wrong gang, until the case went cold.

    My father and I were just starting to patch up our relationship. Because he had missed out on my childhood, he was tryin' to be a good grandfather to my son. I had forgiven him, knowin' that he was tryin' to keep my mother and me fed, takin' on extra shifts to cover rent, bills, and the necessities. Really saddens me that he didn't make it to his retirement. I know loose ends would have been taken care of, and we would have finally had that father/ son relationship. But this is an element of my life that I need to accept. Still strugglin' with it, but that would only be the fracture in the glass that would eventually shatter it.

    At 28, I was involved in a horrible wreck. Yeah, you guessed it. Street racin'. Both my car, and the camaro that I was shoved into burst into flames. My car flipped several times, as did the other. All the result of nasty drivin' of a greedy opponent.  My wife witnessed it all, and could only watch in horror as I was trapped in what would surely become my fiery tomb. A broken rib had penetrated my lung, so that combined with carbon monoxide literally suffocated me, and I lost consciousness knowin' I would burn to death.  Fortunately that didn't happen, but I had a long six month recovery ahead of me. Took me a while to get over the head trauma, and had to go through physical therapy to learn how to walk again.

    I was almost certain that the driver of the car  that mine had been shoved into had been killed. It took me a while to gather the nerve to ask about him, but luckily he survived, too. Juvanni.. I think that was his name. He suffered burns to his hands, a broken wrist and ribs, but I heard his recovery was quick. Still tryin' to figure out why that last name sounds so familiar....

    I promised Amber that I would give up racin' and find a safer job. I owed it to her and our son to do my best to be around for them. I knew I could have left her widowed and a single mother, all because I put my own dreams before her. It was hard, because I'm certain that gasoline runs through my veins, but I needed to stay around for her.

    I was without a job for a year, thanks to having to recover. Thankfully because of my good fortune in victory circle, we had enough in our bank account to live comfortably for awhile. I had entertained the thought of following in my father's footsteps and joining the force, but Amber quickly reminded me about my promise to find a safe occupation, so that was quickly thrown out the window.

    I was working night shift at a factory when my life was completely thrown into chaos. I was greeted by the blindin' red and blue flashes as I attempted to turn into my driveway. There had to be ten squad cars and a fire truck preventing me from returning to my family. I tried to run inside, but was tackled by two large detectives that had to pin me to the ground. Then came the news that caused my heart to stop. My wife and our six year old son had been brutally murdered. Gang related, but once again, no arrests were made.

    My world was over. I fell into a deep depression and tried to numb the pain with alcohol and pills. When that failed, I tried to take my own life. Gunshot to the chest, but I was too drunk to hit my heart. Should have placed the barrel to my temple. Of course I lied and told them that someone else had tried to kill me, because admittin' that I had attempted suicide would have put me away for a while.

    I had two choices. Allow the grief and pain to kill me, or do somethin' about it. I laid off the pills, got cleaned up and joined the force, determined to bring justice to my family, and all the helpless victims of the city. I would put away the gangs, one my one. Dragons, Turks, both would be on my list.

    I quickly found out that I wasn't alone in my vendetta. A few vigilantes had made a habit of takin' out thugs. It seemed that Turks were bein' more targeted than Dragons, but I came along cases of each. One thing I knew was, even though these unsung heroes were doing a justice, it was still murder as far as the law went. I had to do somethin' to make sure that they weren't taken off the streets. I tampered with evidence, makin' the cases look like gang wars. It would keep the vigilantes out of hand-cuffs, but my attempts won't save 'em from the gangs' wrath. Obviously the Turks and The Dragons knew that their fallen wasn't because of their rival gangs. I can only hope that they continue to stay one step ahead of their prey.

    I've caught glimpses of a few of them, but have only met one face to face. Turtle Titan. Well, accordin' to him, he's not a vigilante, but a super hero. He didn't seem too super to me. More of a klutz, really. That's how I met him. His cape had gotten snagged on a fire escape and he was just sorta hangin' there. The moment I approached to lend a hand, the cape ripped and he tumbled to the ground. His costume had been ripped from him, and I was in total disbelief of what I was starin' at. A large humanoid turtle. Yeah, it took a bit for that to sink in. He explained what he was, which I had a hard time believin', but I couldn't deny what was standin' in front of me.

    Yeah, New York is a strange place. Mike and I became friends, oddly enough. Turns out he's a pretty good gamin' partner, though, he gets a lil too involved I think. Seems like a strange friendship, but he initiated it, sayin' that a super hero needed at least one cop friend. Apparently it's in some super hero rule book somewhere. Guess I never read that book.

    Well... that's my story so far. Guess we'll see what comes next..."

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