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    AFFA Competition Website and Forum

    Post by Reijiro on Fri Oct 17, 2008 10:21 pm

    The Adult Fan Fiction Awards (AFFA) are an internet-wide Competition that is held annually, and aims to support and promote the creators of Adult works within the TMNT Fandom. The AFFA usually starts in January of each year, and 2009 is sure to be bigger and better than ever before! The AFFA Staff have been busy revamping and streamlining the Rules, FAQ, nominating and voting processes, and adding even more Categories, including one for Artwork.

    The AFFA Competition Website currently boasts;
    Like a Star @ heaven links to all of the works ever nominated,
    Like a Star @ heaven the Winner's Listings for each year so far, and
    Like a Star @ heaven a gallery of all of the Certificates ever issued.
    The finalized Rules and FAQ for the 2009 Competition will also be available shortly.

    If you are 18 or older, you can check out the AFFA Competition Website - HERE

    This year the AFFA Competition also spawned a Forum dedicated to giving the Adult TMNT Fandom as much access and input into how their Competition is run. The AFFA Forum has grown quickly, and now encompasses much, much more.

    The AFFA Forum has a large section which is open to all ages, and you will find in both the Public and Age Restricted sections;
    Like a Star @ heaven Open sections in which to post both Fics and Artwork,
    Like a Star @ heaven TMNT Fandom-specific chat, news and reviews,
    Like a Star @ heaven General chat and games,
    Like a Star @ heaven Competitions; those run on the AFFA Forum and links to those run elsewhere, and
    Like a Star @ heaven General RPG with Forum Canon Characters.

    Sign up for the Age Restricted section of the AFFA Forum (18+) and you will also have access to;
    Like a Star @ heaven all of the documentation relevant to the AFFA Competition, available for you to peruse and comment upon at any time; including the Rules, FAQ, Categories and Mission Statement,
    Like a Star @ heaven a Writers' Workshop where you can give and ask for tips and advice, advertise for or to become a Beta-reader and find lots of links to on-line writing resources,
    Like a Star @ heaven Specific RP gaming, either start your own or join an existing game,
    Like a Star @ heaven Links to just about every site under the sun (and a few that aren't) that hosts TMNT-related Adult Works, and
    Like a Star @ heaven Individual Member Forums.

    Gaining access to the Age Restricted section of the AFFA Forum is straight-forward, with no minimum post number required.

    We invite you to check out the AFFA Forum - HERE

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