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    Post by Donatello on Fri Jan 16, 2009 10:55 am

    A couple of weeks after Leo's departure...

    Minutes after their dismissal from the Dojo, Donatello was already leaning back on the couch, looking rather expressionless as he stared blankly at the television screen. Practice was alright--despite the absence of two of his brothers: Leonardo had left two weeks ago for his training and Michelangelo had been busy with his newfound job. With Don being home all the time, he'd rarely miss practice although his reluctance to train had become very obvious. Raphael had noticed since sparring with his brother wasn’t as fun as it used to be. As Raph walked over to the living room with a towel over his shoulders, he waved a hand in front of his brother's face to gain his attention...

    "Anybody home?" Raph called out to him.

    With his current project near completion, Don's excitement over his work had caused him to lose another couple of days' sleep. Sleep-deprived, he responded with a slight nod: "Shouldn't Mike be home by now?" he said without even glancing up at Raph.

    Raphael snorted, "The hell if I know; he's always messin' around wit' somethin'. I'm sure he'll be home soon though..." He took a seat beside Don and asked again, "Are you ok?"

    "Yes." (...and Don wondered why Raph even bothered to ask.) "Why?"

    "I dunno...yer' jus' actin' weird is all." Raphael hesitated a little before continuing: "So since yer' fine an' all I was wonderin'...if I could have a few bucks for tonight?" He rubbed the back of his neck while trying to sound as nice as possible; he just hated having to suck up to Don.

    Don turned to look at his brother with shifty-looking eyes. "How much exactly?"

    "Jus' about...sixty?"

    "SIXTY? You know that's more than 'a few'..."

    "Well it is for a good cause, an' I could help ya out or somethin' for it."

    Donatello gave his brother a questioning look, quirking his eye ridges as if trying to analyse just what exactly his brother needed the money for. "A good cause, huh..."

    Raphael nodded. "Yep," he said while forcing a smile.

    "Tell me a little more about this...'good cause' of yours..."

    Raphael was silently cursing himself. "Ya know...stuff...ta help out society an' all that?" He hoped Don would buy that, but wasn't holding his breath.

    Donatello frowned. Raphael was a terrible liar anyway. "Cut the bullshit, Raph. Just tell me what you wanted the money for..."

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    Post by Donatello on Fri Jan 16, 2009 11:41 am

    "Bullshit!?" Raphael was a little put off by Don's sudden attitude but would level with him at that point: "I was jus' gonna go out, and--"

    "I'm like...HOOOME!" Michelangelo bellowed the moment he entered the den. "Heh...I had a lightsaber nearly shoved up my tail today!"

    It had been another long and tiring day of having the crap pummelled out of him by a group of hyper seven-year-olds. He almost regretted taking the job but being a superhero alone just wouldn't buy those comics. Tired and bruised, he slipped quitely inside--at least the day hadn't been a total bummer: he had a bag full of birthday cake, and money to boot--and--would so be hitting up the comic convention during the coming weekend. Mike limped into the living room where his brothers were, and flopped down into the recliner, wincing as he elevated his poor throbbing foot. Raphael had barely noticed Mike's entrance and didn't look at him for his eyes were fixed on Don; still trying to get a 'yes' out of him.

    "I got cake!" Mike pulled out a few wrapped pieces, and tossed one to Don, and Raph. "Strawberry icing!" He then munched happily on his own piece, not really knowing what the two were arguing about. (At least their day had to be better than his, right? At least they weren't mobbed by kids...)

    "Why, Raph?" Don asked, "Are you bored sleeping in all day?"

    Michelangelo wiggled his toes, as if he was making sure that they both still functioned. "You know, I always thought Jedi were supposed to be the good guys!" Then, he realised, that things were slightly heated between his brothers...

    Raphael's temper was starting to show; he knew better then to ask Don for money but didn't expect him to be such an ass about it. He tossed the cake on to the coffee table and glared at Don. "Yeah Donnie, yer' right. I'm tired of staying in this shit-hole all day!"

    Michelangelo licked the last of the strawberry frosting from his lips, frowning. He wasn't in the shape to physically intervene between the two but would, if it came down to it, and was already missing Leonardo.

    "Then go get a job..." Don then turned to Mike, with his hand outstretched, asking for the money his brother had earned for the day.

    "An' what kinda job should that be, Don?" Raph argued, "Mail man? Waiter? Or maybe...I'll be a fuckin' janitor!!!"

    Michelangelo blinked at Donnie's outstretched hand. "But, Donnie...Comicfest is this weekend."


    With a defeated sigh, Mike handed over most of the money to his brother, but did manage to keep a little out for himself...

    "Is this all of it?" Don asked, "because the lady told me she'd pay us an extra hundred dollars..."

    Raphael huffed. "Guess ya have ta be broke too, Mikey!"

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    Post by Donatello on Fri Jan 16, 2009 1:33 pm

    “--buuut Klunk needs catnip! He gets all crazy without it!”

    “Look, guys. I don't mean to be a miserly pain, but I'm trying my best to save as much as we can here: Splinter's health isn't doing so good; I’d need the money to get the right meds. I'm also planning on improving the ventilation system--I think the air’s affecting him too much--and, we need money for groceries. I don't want us to become too dependent on April…”

    Although Raphael felt like an ass, he still didn't understand why Donatello needed all the money; it had never been that way before.

    Pouting sadly, Michelangelo dug the extra twenty from his pouch, and handed over to his brother. It looked like he would simply be 'window shopping' at that convention.

    Donatello took out a couple of fifty dollar bills, and handed one each to his brothers. “Fifty--that's all I can give right now…”

    Raph gladly took what he could get and was really surprised he gave them that much. He swallowed hard before mumbling, "Thanks."

    “ last you guys for the next few weeks.”

    Mike blinked. A few weeks!? Heck, he'd be lucky if it lasted him to the end of the convention! Maybe he could find a kick-butt costume, and become the next big superhero.

    I'll be lucky if it lasts ‘til tomorrow, thought Raphael. It seemed he'd have to talk to Casey about getting some more cash. With a sigh, he then stood up, pulled the towel off his shoulders and headed for his room.

    “I've got a few calls this afternoon,” Don told Mike.

    “For phone sex?”

    “No...I meant for you.”

    “They wanted me to phone sex with them? Was it Britney?

    Don sighed; obviously not in the mood to keep up with his brother’s random questions. “Mike. Can you please…just...listen.”

    Michelangelo eventually listened as he licked the frosting from the foil...noisily.

    “I've printed out the addresses; they're on my work table. And urm...there's one gig up in an elementary school. I'm really hoping you could make it for that.”

    Michelangelo winced at the thought. “Urm, could you ask that the kids be frisked before the party? No scissors, glue…rulers…or anything else that could be used to de-virginise my tail!”

    “They'd expect you to be there by nine--in the morning. So I'd suggest for you to turn in early tonight; no video games tonight, ok?”

    “Aww, but I gotta have at least one hour of Sonic! You know Donnie, you should try doing one of these gigs. It's a life changing experience." Michelangelo rubbed his throbbing toes before holding his foot out to his brother. "Rub it?"

    "Ugh..." Don hesitated, and he'd rather be working in the background. "I don't have your...finesse." He gritted his teeth in disgust before looking away. "Mike...your feet stink."

    "Oh?" Michelangelo gave him a sad sort of look, and wiggled his aching toes again. "I'm your brother! You'd walk through fire for me, right? A stinky foot should be a small feat!"

    “Why don't you try soaking your feet in warm water in the tub? That would help.”

    “It'd help even more if you'd rub it for me!”

    “Well, I could help take a look at it, after your feet are cleaned.”

    Michelangelo reluctantly pushed himself up off the recliner, wincing as he bared weight on his injured foot. “Man, I didn't know a seven-year-old Obi Wan could kick so hard!”

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    Post by Donatello on Fri Jan 16, 2009 2:31 pm

    Raphael was going through his room, trying to find some pants to wear with his trench coat. He pushed through the piles of junk on his floor and found a crumpled pair of sweat pants under some old magazines and beer cans. Raph sat on the edge of his mattress as he slipped one of his legs into his pants; it took another minute to get his other leg in (putting on clothes proved to be a harder task than he thought). Finally, he put on a big pair of boots then got up to wear his trench coat. Raph stuffed the money in his pocket and grabbed his hat before leaving his room.

    Michelangelo threw one arm around Don to help balance himself, and limped into the bathroom. “Are you gonna scrub me? Do we have any bubbles?”

    “We could lather it up…”

    “And a rubber ducky?”

    “I think so.” Since the past weeks, Don was still getting used to baby-ing his brother. He wondered how Leo could tolerate that, let alone, pamper Mike. However, he felt his brother did deserve a fair bit of pampering--since he'd been working so hard to earn some money for his family; the only way Don could show his appreciation was to make sure his brother wasn’t overworked.

    Michelangelo sat on the toilet, waiting impatiently for the water to fill. “It's kinda odd not having Leo around, huh?”

    Don took a bottle of aromatic liquid soap--one of the things the family received as a gift from last Christmas in a hamper. "Yeah," he replied weakly. Don turned the tap off and gestured for his brother to soak his legs in. “It's ready.”

    Michelangelo slowly placed his feet inside the water, sighing happily at the warmth. “So, where's the ducky?”

    Don rolled his eyes, after being reminded of his brother's request. He had completely forgotten about that. “I'll get it,“ and left the bathroom. He bumped into Raphael. “Going somewhere?”

    Raph paused for a minute, not turning around. "I'm goin' out,” he said flatly, then adjusted his hat tightly on his head.

    “Don't go spending all of your mon--”

    "Yes, Mother!" Raphael cut in sarcastically as he headed for the ladder...

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    Post by Donatello on Fri Jan 16, 2009 2:59 pm

    Rubber Ducky, you're the one! You make bath time lots of fun!“ Mike sang loudly, as he created tiny waves with his good foot. He hummed the rest of the song since he couldn’t remember the lyrics. Don couldn't suppress a small smirk on his face as he watched his little brother.

    “Do you miss him?” he asked Mike.

    “Who? My Ducky?”


    Michelangelo gave a faint nod as he tried to sink the duck with his toes. “Yeah. Deeply. But he'll be back…right?”

    "I hope so. I hope he's alright...where ever he is.”

    Mike knew that Leo wouldn't leave them forever. He finally looked up, flashing a faint, reassuring grin at his brother. “He's okay, Donnie. I know he is, and he's gonna come back.”

    Don smiled faintly at his brother, before sitting on the rim of the bathtub next to Mike. “So where does it hurt again?”

    “My ankle mostly, but even my toes hurt...mean ol’ kid!”

    “Are they really that bad?”

    It was ironic how one defenceless kid could cause such an injury. They had battled The Shredder, foot soldiers, aliens and monsters; they had had more near-fatal injuries, but the mischief of children, and their capability of bringing pain to one poor mutant turtle had unfortunately been underestimated.

    Michelangelo gave a small nod in response. “Yeah, most of 'em are vicious!”

    “I could bandage it up to ease the pain...if it's too painful for you we could cancel the two other gigs...but I really need you for the one in Brooklyn.”

    “Nah, I'll be okay. Who knows--maybe they'll take pity on a crippled party clown?“ Though Mike wasn't counting on it. Once again, he wrapped one arm around his brother's neck for balance, and stepped out of the tub. “It kinda stinks, ’cos I can't fight back...though taking one of those sponge bats to their noggins is really tempting.”

    As soon as they were out in the main room again, Don let his brother rest on the couch. He chuckled at Mike's comment. “You know you can't do that; unless you don't wanna get paid for it.”

    Michelangelo flopped down onto the couch, and fished for the remote. “Yeah, I know. I won't hit 'em. Promise.”

    Don disappeared for a bit and returned with the First Aid kit. He started wrapping Mike's calf and ankle with the bandage roll before adjusting the support around his brother’s injured ankle. Michelangelo yawned, his tired eyes fixated on some infomercial about hair re-growth.

    “You're such a good nurse, Donnie. Read me a bedtime story?”

    Don shook his head. “Now you're going too far with this…”


    *Scene written by Rogue, Animeghan and Nineteenth Souljah.

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