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    Post by Splinter on Fri Jan 16, 2009 3:51 pm

    "I'll let Master Splinter know we're going topside. You guys go first." Leonardo pointed a finger as he turned to look at his brothers again. "And keep your cell phones on," he reminded them with an assertive tone of voice.

    It had only been months since Leonardo's return to New York and Splinter had already planned to leave. Although peace had been restored in the household, Leonardo wasn't ready to let his father go. He spent hours in the Dojo on reflective meditation, wondering if he could manage to keep the family together without his father's support. His exposure to the outside world had made him a more confident leader, but he wasn't prepared for his next challenge: Globe-trotting was different. Keeping the "sibling drama" to a mininum held more of a challenge than the many times he'd been in battle.

    As he came closer to Splinter's room, he took a deep breath before knocking gently against the sliding door. "Master Splinter?" Leonardo waited, eyes staring blankly at the tattered straw mat on the floor.

    The abandoned Subway control room had been Splinter's private den for a long time. With the help from his sons, the wires around the room had been neatly organised and the huge sewage pipe was checked regularly for any signs of leakage. He had grown to love his own private space. The rat Master was used to keeping his den free from clutter; keeping only what was needed. Splinter had never been fond of luxury. Although material possessions were unimportant to him, he cherished a few: He surrounded himself with good memories that were preserved in the photos he took during the years of his youth. There was a portrait of himself in which he once appeared young, and human. He never once felt a pinch of regret. His transformation wasn't a curse. Although it wasn't the life he expected but he was grateful to be surrounded by the love and care of his sons. There were also displays of Japanese and Chinese calligraphic artworks on the walls. Some were presented to him as a gift during the yesteryears, while the rest were hand-made. In the centre of his room, was a long wooden table. Its lacquered finish was flaking off but it was still usable and strong. A porcelain teapot adorned with Japanese calligraphy was placed on the side, with a couple of candles stood at both corners of the table.

    The gentle, glowing atmosphere was essential to him. It aided him with his nightly meditation and sleep. He would usually spend hours in meditating and less for sleep. Splinter stared idly at the calligraphies on the wall. He slowly turned to look at the door the moment he heard Leonardo's voice and gentle knockings.

    "Come in..."

    Leonardo slid open the door and bowed respectfully before entering. He was aware that his father hadn't eaten, and it worried him.

    "Is everything alright, Sensei? We were hoping for you to join us for dinner."

    "Ahh, well there is nothing for you to worry about, my son. I am well," Splinter said with a reassuring smile. "However, Leonardo. Now that you are here, I would like to speak with you..." Splinter motioned for his son to come closer.

    He had expected it since Splinter informed the family of his decision to return to Japan. "Yes, Sensei." Leonardo knelt before Master Splinter on the tatami mat. His hands rested on his knees, and his face, downcast. He fell silent.

    "How are you feeling?"

    Leonardo blinked, slightly taken aback by his father's question. "I--I'm not sure, Master," he admitted. "There are so many things I need to know..."

    Splinter nodded, and placed a hand on Leonardo's. He was about to let his son in on a long-kept secret.
    "Leonardo?" Splinter's watery, yet gentle gaze rested on his son. "Do you think it's selfish to seek your own freedom?"


    *Scene written by Nineteenth Souljah.

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