Post-Training Log: White Russians & Retro Gaming Night


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    Post-Training Log: White Russians & Retro Gaming Night Empty Post-Training Log: White Russians & Retro Gaming Night

    Post by Leonardo on Fri Jan 16, 2009 3:54 pm

    It looked as if a hurricane had swept through the room with magazines and empty soda cans scattered across the floor.

    While lying back in his hammock, Raphael lazily threw darts at the board that was mounted on the opposite wall below a motorcycle poster with a scantily clad woman posed leaning back against the seat. None of the darts met with the bullseye target in the middle. Instead, they landed on the edges with one actually hitting the wall. He didn't know if he was just tired, distracted, or both; either way, he just didn't feel like sleeping that night.

    He peered from his resting spot over to where his old, busted, but fully functional clock set, displaying the time.


    Raphael leapt from his hammock and headed outside. His curiosity was slightly piqued by the sight of Donatello sitting on the floor while rummaging through a recycled cardboard box. The old Sega Genesis console, controller pads and a few game cartridges were scattered around him as he noisily searched for something inside the box. The bright light from the computer screen soon switched to a screensaver; showing an animated graphic of the solar system.

    "Can't sleep?" Donatello acknowledged his brother, with his eyes still glued to the contents inside the old box. He didn't seem to mind being in the dark; relying on the glowing mini lava lamp that was placed on his work desk.

    "Bet I could still beat 'cha in Street Fighter."

    Donatello huffed in disbelief. "I clearly remember you sucked at that game."

    After rinsing the utensils he had used to make something, Leonardo finally emerged from the kitchen. "Could you quit pulling out cables from that box? You're messing up the floor..."

    Raphael eyed the two glasses Leonardo was holding as he approached them. There were cherries floating in the glasses filled with ice and milky beverage.

    "Drinking milk with cherries? And ice?"

    "This isn't just milk," Leonardo replied flatly, turning his attention to Donatello who was busy coiling up cables. "I might have added in a little too much vodka...but you can still taste the coffee."

    Raphael blinked in surprised. "Since when did we ever have alcohol in the home?"

    "Since Leo returned with a bottle of pure Mongolian vodka." Donatello grinned, and took a sip from his glass. "Not bad, Leo. You're pretty good at this."

    Raphael watched his brothers with shifty eyes. "You guys are nuts-- drinkin' milk with vodka," he muttered, "What's that on the bottom of the glass? Chocolate syrup?"

    "Coffee liqueur. I made it myself-- try it."

    "Uh..." Raphael eyed the glass; hesitant at first. He took a sip from Leonardo's glass, and pondered over the exquisite richness. "Call me old-fashioned, but beer's better," he told Leonardo. "But it ain't bad."

    "Alright, you guys ready for retro gaming night?" Donatello walked towards the main room, clutching the game console and cables under one arm. As he took another sip, he savoured the combined taste of ice-cold coffee, milk, liquor and the burst of cherry juice in his mouth.

    "Ain't Bonehead joinin' us? Where is he anyway?"

    "Out," Donatello replied. He then put the glass away to set up the game console. "According to my GPS receiver, I believe he's out for some late night supper at the Pizzeria."

    "Well at least he's keeping his cell phone on this time," Leonardo added. "If he isn't home by three...I'll let him sleep outside the door."

    Raphael sat next to his brother on the couch, looking through the old cartridges that were scattered all over the coffee table.

    "I can't believe you're still keeping long has it been since we last played this shit. Eight? Ten years?"

    "Eight." Leonardo remembered. "And you never played fair."

    Raphael nudged his brother gently with his elbow. "Hey, the biggest cheater has always been Donnie. He's always usin' them cheat codes to win. Where's the fun in that?"

    "Alright, Raph. I'm giving you a chance to redeem yourself," Donatello tossed a controller pad to his brother. "You and me, Street Fighter. High speed mode."

    "Put it on a harder setting," Leonardo suggested, while munching on a cherry.

    Raphael clenched his hands together, failing to suppress a devious smirk on his face. "Bring it on, Einstein."


    *Scene written by Nineteenth Souljah.

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