Pre-Training Log: Controversy Over Burritos


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    Pre-Training Log: Controversy Over Burritos Empty Pre-Training Log: Controversy Over Burritos

    Post by Leonardo on Wed Oct 01, 2008 1:29 am

    The faint glow from the computer screen was starting to get to him since he'd been toiling around at his workstation longer than he should. Donatello pushed his chair back, rubbed his eyes and made his way to the kitchen. He noticed Leonardo, who was looking inside the refrigerator.

    "Is there anything worth bothering with tonight?" Donatello asked flatly.

    Leonardo stared into the cold emptiness of the refrigerator. There was barely any food left, except the one remaining instant Japanese Udon pack, a few eggs and a half-cut steamed tofu. Although the family's been used to rationing food, it wasn't like before. Now, they had just enough funds to stock up on groceries. But no one had bothered to do the marketing.

    "We need to do some grocery-shopping," Leonardo informed his tired brother.

    "Whose turn is it to do the shopping?"


    Unfortunately, the brother who was supposed to be doing the grocery-shopping had been out, and Leonardo doubted he'd come back with food anyway. Before he could close the door, Michelangelo entered the kitchen and began digging desperately thorugh the empty refrigerator. "...I'm like, gonna starve!!! I want Nachos with mountains of cheeeeese!"

    Donatello took a seat at the table, and glanced over at his brother. "We obviously do not have nachos..."

    "We can swipe it from Taco Bell!"

    "You just had those yesterday. Don't you get tired of eating the same old junk food?" Leonardo asked, realising his brother's addiction to a less wholesome diet.

    Michelangelo flopped down in defeat. "Urm, no! How could anyone ever get tired of nachos??!"

    Although he already knew better, Donatello walked to the fridge to look for himself. He sighed inwardly and closed the door.

    "I suppose one of us should go and get food."

    "That, or we wouldn't hear the end of it from Mr.Nachos here..." Leonardo nodded in agreement. And they most certainly wouldn't hear the end of it.

    "Nachos and Ice-cream!"

    Despite Michelangelo's hungry cry for food, Donatello seemed hopeful. "Or maybe Raphael will suprise us and actually come back with something?"

    "No," Leonardo replied knowingly. "We'll go out. I'm sure we could find something in Chinatown. Mikey, you're coming with us. I want you to take a break from worshipping that game console of yours. You both have been so preoccupied lately."

    Michelangelo nodded excitedly as he sprung to his feet. "Oooh! Maybe we can go window-shopping too!! I wanna stop by the pet store, and Fat Joe's comics!! And ToysRUs!"

    "How do you have so much energy? Donatello asked, quirking a brow at Michelangelo.

    "Must be the nachos he's been consuming." Leonardo noogied his little brother. "Now, if only you could have that energy in training!"

    "Eeep! Hey, no noogies!" Michelangelo attempted to wiggle away. "Then maybe we can start having training at night or something? I don't function well in early mornings..."

    "You don't function in the afternoons, either..." Donatello argued.

    Leonardo gave a soft chuckle. "Like that time in the Dojo -- when you fell asleep while bending over..."

    "Wise guys..." Michelangelo rolled his eyes at his brothers, before disappearing into his bedroom. He returned minutes later, dressed in over-sized street clothes that gave him the appearance of a 'hood rat'. "So like, can we go now??!"

    Leonardo emerged from his room, fully disguised with the clothes April had brought over for them. Donatello threw on his duster and an over-sized hat. He hated wearing clothes but still, he appreciated the comfortable warmth it gave to his body. Leonardo then leaned closer to Michelangelo. "Maybe you should take the van before Don does..." he whispered, conveying his doubts on Donatello's driving skills.

    "What are you two whispering about over there?"

    "Oooh! I get to drive??! Sweet!" Michelangelo sprinted before his brothers through the sewers, destined for where the van awaited.

    "Wait, what?!" Donatello quickly ran after his brother. "Mikey!"

    "Zoinks!" Michelangelo picked up the pace, running at full speed. He then flew up the ladder, and quickly fished out the van key. "I'm driving!!!" he cried, beaming happily as he quickly climbed into the driver's seat. "Woot!"

    Leonardo finally caught up with the two, and took the seat next to Michelangelo.


    "FINE!" Donatello said as he climbed into the back. "Just don't get us killed, please."

    "I'm sure of that!" Leonardo grinned confidently at Michelangelo, knowing that he wouldn't be suffering from motion sickness due to Donatello's less than brilliant driving skills. Michelangelo chuckled at Donatello who was forced to take the oh so boring back seat. The engine soon fired to life, and they were on their way. Surprisingly, Michelangelo was a pretty good driver, but intentionally swerved, just for the heck of it.

    Donatello leaned over to the front seat. "Mikey, look out for the dog! Mikey the lamp post!" Not that he was near any of those things. He just couldn't believe his brother's good driving skills.

    "Someone sounds jealous back there," Leonardo commented.

    "Do not."

    Leonardo looked through the windshield, as he searched for a nearby grocery store.

    "Ok, so April said the best place to get some groceries in Chinatown is --"

    "Taco Bell!!!!!"

    "We'll get that later! Turn right!"

    However, the van wouldn't make it to Chinatown. Michelangelo took a left, and pulled into a vacant parking space, infront of the brightly lit shop. "Nachos!"

    "And you wanted HIM to drive?" Donatello complained.

    Leonardo looked at Michelangelo with shifty eyes, but said nothing as his brother pulled over near the fast-food joint. Since his little brother was in need of cheesy nachos so badly, he passed a ten dollar bill to him -- which he knew wouldn't be enough, but he wanted to make sure they would have enough for the groceries.

    "Nachos only, Mikey. Don't spoil your appetite."

    Riiight! As if he could go into 'The Bell' and come out with only Nachos! Michelangelo flashed his brother a wink as he took the money, and exited the van. "I'll be right back!" With that, he disappeared inside...

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    Pre-Training Log: Controversy Over Burritos Empty Re: Pre-Training Log: Controversy Over Burritos

    Post by Leonardo on Wed Oct 01, 2008 2:32 am

    "Maybe I should take the wheel now."

    "The last time you did, I spent the next few hours nursing a headache..."

    "It wasn't that bad, Leo."

    "Having Michelangelo puking in the vehicle wasn't that bad?"

    " was that bad..."

    Donatello leaned back in his seat, knowing he wasn't going to win the argument.

    "But that's what we both have in common -- we can't drive," Leonardo admitted. "And Mike better not be buying the whole store in there..." Of course, it wasn't possible. He hadn't given Michelangelo enough money. Probably Michelangelo had some of his own, and would add on to an already stingy allowance.

    "You know he is," Donatello said, now feeling his own hunger and the sudden craving for Tacos.

    "Are you thinking about Tacos?" Leonardo asked.


    Minutes passed, and Michelangelo suddenly reappeared, rushing toward the van. His arms were laden in bags full of goodness. His brothers would probably figure something was up, since he'd exited through the back way, and had emerged through the alley. Grinning like the Cheshire cat, he unloaded the bags full of nachos and tacos in between the seats before shoving the keys back into the ignition. "Dinner is served!" Obviously, he'd done a bad deed but wouldn't consider it 'stealing'.

    Donatello quickly noticed something wasn't right. And he was quick to point that out. "You seem guilty of something."

    "Ten dollars can't buy that much!" Leonardo cried, with his eyes widened in surprise. Already feeling hungry, Donatello then reached to the front for a Taco. Leonardo swatted his brother's hand away from the stolen food.


    "Mike." Leonardo's voice grew stern, as he demanded for an explanation. "I don't think they'd let anyone get inside their kitchen to exit through the backdoor, unless you're working there..."

    "I urm, borrowed it!"

    Donatello's stomach rumbled as he eyed the Tacos once more. "Well Leo, we already have the food..." he said, backing Michelangelo, and quickly grabbed a Taco.

    "I can't believe you guys! This isn't how Splinter had raised us."

    "I know..." Donatello acknowledged, but hadn't taken it too seriously. "Mikey, don't ever steal food again!"

    "Shut up, Don."

    Michelangelo frowned, knowing he'd done wrong. However, his stomach was hurting. It wasn't like money was easy for them to get. "Aww, Leo...but they just throw it out when they close, anyway! I'm saving them the effort!" The van was already pulling out of the parking lot, before the manager could figure out that stuff had been swiped from their kitchen.

    "I gave you money! What's the matter, can't stand waiting in line? You just have to steal? Is that how you've been getting your daily pizza fix? I'm telling you, Mike -- if you continue to do this, it'll be a hard habit to break."

    Michelangelo's frown deepened, listening to his brother's nagging. "It's not a habit, Leo...we gotta eat!" Besides, ten dollars wasn't enough to cover their bill. Watching his brothers argue suddenly made him feel less hungry He quietly agreed with Leonardo, though -- they couldn't be stealing food -- it wasn't right, even if they did have to eat. Michelangelo shoved a burrito at Leonardo, hoping that would keep him quiet. Instead, Leonardo threw the burrito out the window, into the direction where a random homeless person rested near the dumpster.

    "HE needs to eat!" Leonardo shouted, pointing a finger at the homeless person. "We have enough money for groceries...there's no room to complain about that."

    "You want me to take the food back?"

    "You do what you think it's right." Leonardo waved a hand, and looked away.

    "Look, guys -- let's just go back home." Donatello was just ready to go home since they had enough food to last for the evening. "Maybe tomorrow we can pick up some real food. There is no point arguing over the matter anymore..."

    Michelangelo was sulking to himself. The guilt had taken him full force, and Leonardo just had to be a sourpuss. All he wanted was some friggin' nachos, dangit! Enough to do for a week. Ten dollars would barely feed the three of them, but he knew it would've been the honest thing to do, though -- much less filling. He once again took a detour, returning to the place, which remained oblivious to his misdeed.

    The brief silence in the van was no doubt, a sign of tension between the two brothers. Leonardo seemed more interested in looking out the window. He knew the money wasn't enough to buy food for the three of them, but he never once thought about his own hunger. Since Michelangelo needed some nachos, he gave his brother enough to get some for himself. All Leonardo wanted that evening was some steamed rice and a cup of his favourite fruit-flavoured tea. And he knew Donatello would eat just about anything they could buy at the grocery shop -- thankfully, his brother wasn't as picky as himself and Michelangelo. He was fed up with the way his brothers misunderstood his intentions. Still, he left Michelangelo to decide, for he was old enough to think for himself and Leonardo, in all honesty, hated lecturing his brothers.

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    Post by Leonardo on Wed Oct 01, 2008 12:41 pm

    "I can't believe he returned the food."

    Donatello was surprised, but was proud of his little brother. Leonardo had the ability to make anyone feel guilty, and he too had felt the guilt for wanting to take the stolen food.

    "Others have it worse than us, Don, despite who we are. And I know Mike is capable of doing more good. He shouldn't resort to stealing. If life is that easy, I'd worry."

    "Yeah," Donatello replied, as he waited for his brother to return. And he desperately needed a change of subject. "So off to Chinatown then?"

    "Do you have any idea what Mike's favourite ice-cream is?"

    "I think Mikey would eat about anything...but, it's probably something strange like, mint strawberry? With chocolate chips?"

    Leonardo gave his brother a smirk. "You're talking about him or yourself..."

    "You know I don't eat that stuff."

    That was a lie of course, but Donatello liked his ice-cream pretty plain.

    "Well, I don't think he's that picky with dessert, but I'll try...besides, no good deed is left unnoticed."

    Donatello nodded. "What is taking him anyway?"

    Leonardo shifted his eyes to the side, wondering the same. Soon, Michelangelo reappeared, slipping quietly into the driver's seat, still feeling ashamed for what he'd done. Leonardo quietly watched, with a small smile on his face, despite his brother's sulking over the matter. He was proud of Michelangelo, but would want to reward him with a tub of quality ice-cream.

    "We'll make it quick, so we could head back soon enough to catch Saw 2 on cable..."

    Leonardo was trying his best to put a smile on his little brother's face, although he doubted Michelangelo would break from his sulky mood so soon. However, Michelangelo wasn't about to sulk all night. Besides, the prospect of watching a gory horror flick had won him over -- even if it would give him nightmares, and result in him sneaking into Leonardo's bed. Leonardo's heart was relieved at the sight of a small grin tugging at the corners of Michelangelo's lips. His smile grew even wider.

    "I likey Jigsaw, he's a mastermind! I'm sure he could even outsmart Donnie."

    "I don't know about that now. He's more insane then mastermind anyway," Donatello argued.


    "Alright then, off to Mr. Chong's Provision Store..." Leonardo reminded his brothers.

    "Insane," Donatello whispered.

    "He's smart!!!" Yeah, Michelangelo could argue about that all day.

    "Mr. Chong's! Guys!"

    And soon, they were on their way to Mr. Chong's, but he would still argue that Jigsaw was the most awesome mastermind, ever!

    "He's like...not insane!! He never REALLY killed anyone!"

    "He did so..."

    "Nuh uh!"

    Donatello knew it was pointless to argue, but was enjoying the petty debate anyway. At least Michelangelo was in a chirpy mood again. "People die...because of him. Hence, he killed people."

    "Nuuu! He just set the traps and stuff -- he didn't kill 'em! They kinda killed themselves...and that hot chick..."

    While his brothers continued their debate, Leonardo had already prepared a list of things to buy. He adjusted the collar of his jacket , and tipped the bill of his cap a little lower.

    "I thought the hot chick lived..."

    "Don! You're coming with me," Leonardo spoke to get his brother's attention.

    "Uh? Oh yes. Right."

    Michelangelo gave Donatello a look of disbelief. "What??! She died!!!" He exited the vehicle and followed them,

    Donatello took the paper. "She did?" He never really paid much attention to it anyway.

    "Mike...stay in the van." Leonardo then informed Donatello of his plan to make a quick grab for specific items listed on the piece of paper. "You take the dry goods section, while I take the frozen goods"

    "Why? Jigsaw will get me..."

    "Don't be silly, Michelangelo. Just wait outside."

    "Didn't you say he wasn't a killer?" Donatello reminded him, before heading toward the store.

    "Because..." Michelangelo mocked the guy's creepy voice, "...he wants to play a game!!!"

    "Ten minutes," Leonardo insisted. "That's all I'm asking. Look -- the counter's empty anyway..."

    Michelangelo huffed and slumped back against the seat. "Well, fine then..." The petshop down the way, was calling his name anyway.

    Donatello hurried to get what was on his list: a couple of Cereal boxes , rice, and some other goods. Leonardo swiftly grabbed a tub of ice-cream from the chiller, and a few other essentials. He should know which tasted good, since he had a sweet tooth and although chocolate was a personal favourite, he decided to grab the strawberry-flavoured ice-cream. He remembered Michelangelo loved strawberries, so he hoped he'd like it. He then met Donatello at the counter, trying his best to ignored being at stared at by a kid with a runny nose who was standing in line behind the opposite check-out counter.

    They checked out on time and headed out the store to where Michelangelo was waiting for them. That was when Leonardo noticed the doors were locked, and Michelangelo was missing.

    "Is there a problem?" Donatello asked. He looked over, after realising Michelangelo wasn't inside the van. "Isn't there a petshop down the road?"

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    Post by Leonardo on Thu Oct 02, 2008 1:16 am

    Michelangelo was too busy making kissy faces at the adorable puppies, that stared at him through the petshop's window.

    "Daww...I want one."

    "Mike!" his brother shouted as he saw Michelangelo from a distance, with his arms wrapped around a couple of paperbags filled with groceries. "The movie...we're running late."

    "Next time, I drive," Donatello reminded his brother, again and again. Michelangelo pressed his three digit hand against the glass, giggling as one of the furballs licked the window, trying to make a connection. "I...must...have --"

    "You have a cat, and five Tamagochi pets to take care of, now let's go," Leonardo insisted.

    "...but I don't have a puppy!"

    "A virtual puppy is still a puppy!"

    Michelangelo reluctantly pulled his hand from the window, sparing the tiny critter a sad wave as he joined his brothers. "But a virtual puppy can't give wet sloppy kisses!" reasoned the young turtle. "It doesn't even have a warm nose!"

    Still trying to balance his bags, Donatello impatiently waited as his brothers returned to the vehicle. "Someone, please open the door."

    "You can give Raphael wet sloppy kisses when he gets home," Leonardo suggested, clearly not buying his brother's pouty look. He wrapped his arms around the bags a little tighter, and waited for Michelangelo to open the doors for them.

    His arms were also getting numb from the frozen food he's carrying. Michelangelo could have offered his help, but his mind was on the cute litte furball he was leaving behind. The pup's muffled whimpers could be heard, emitting through the thick glass.

    "Michelangelo...the door..."

    "Aw, alright! Keep your shells on..."

    He finally opened the door, and flashed Donatello a cheeky grin as he offered his brother the van keys. "Wanna drive?" Maybe it was time to give Leonardo a heart attack.

    Donatello put the bags on the seat and quickly took the keys. "Finally," he said, as he willingly jumped into the driver's seat and smirked at Leonardo. "Seat belts, everyone." Leonardo glared at Michelangelo. "I hope you puke."

    And with those thoughtful words they were off. Donatello's driving might not have been the best, but he was sure he was better than the others. Sure, he got detracted alot. Still he kept it on the road -- mostly. "How are you doing, Mike?" he asked in a pleasing manner. Leonardo slowly turned to look, his shifty eyes fixated on Michelangelo who was currently suffering from motion sickness. Leonardo might just get his wish, and rewarded by scrubbing duties. The older brother cleverly emptied the groceries and shoved a paper bag at Michelangelo. "Or you could simply take the wheel, and get this over with..." he whispered sharply to his nauseated brother.

    "Would you guys quit fooling around? It's not that it?" Donatello made a sharp turn, nearly missing a trashcan. "Why was that on the road?" Although it had always been on the sidewalk.

    Donatello had a brilliant mind, but like Leonardo, he was in need of more practice in his driving skills. With paperbag clutched in one hand, Michelangelo attempted to take the wheel from his confused brother.

    " You're not supposed to drive on the sidewalk!!"

    Leonardo's eyes widened in horror, overhearing Donatello had taken the van on the sidewalk.

    "Mike! Take the wheel!

    "I've got this! Just let me do it!"

    "Face it, Don! You can't drive!" And now, he was practically sitting in his brother's lap, trying to take the wheel from him. "Learn from a pro... you'd be surprised what you can learn from video games."

    "Fine..." Donatello sighed and attempted to switch seats with the only good driver in the van. They were almost home anyway. Leonardo rubbed his temples with a generous amount of menthol oil he found somewhere in the hidden compartment beneath the bench he was seated on. Refusing to give up, despite the obvious fact that he needed to improve his driving skills, he proceeded to tell Michelangelo how he should drive...


    *Scene written by Mikko, Rogue and Nineteenth Souljah.

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