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    Name: Hamato Michelangelo
    Height: 5' 2" But he will argue that he is 5'3"
    Weight: 170 lbs
    Weapon of Choice Nunchakus.


    Noticeably shorter and leaner than his brothers, Mike likes to refer to himself as 'funsize'. His skin tone is a light shade of green, his cheeks and shoulders and upper thighs mottled with freckles. He possesses sky blue eyes that add to his 'adorable and little brother' factor. He has the usual nicks in his shell from various encounters and battles with the Foot and their leader, the Shredder. His most noticeable scar resides on his upper plastron chest scute where a sample of his shell was taken for testing after finding himself at the cruel hands of Bishop.

    Mike likes to think that he has the cutest fingers and toes out of his brothers, them being shorter and more adorable. He also likes to brag that he's the winner in the 'sexy tail department'.


    Michelangelo is the most care-free of the four turtles. His bubbly and outgoing nature makes him a much needed element among his family, and his ability to lighten tension even in the most gravest of circumstances has helped his family and friends out during some pretty rough patches. Granted, his sense of humor is not always condoned and sometimes ill placed, which often earns annoyance from the team, but his heart is always in the right place. He is the most trusting of the four, and wants to see the good in humanity.

    The young turtle is a practical joker and loves to test out new 'ideas' on his brothers. Raphael is his usual guinea pig since he is hot tempered and the easiest to get a rise out of. The consequences aren't always good, but the pummelings he has taken over the years from the hothead, and the discipline received from Master Splinter still hasn't detoured the youngster from his antics. This goes without saying, the youngest of the brothers has a mischievous streak a million miles long, but he also has a big heart and feels compelled to help those in need. He loves his family dearly, and his biggest fear is losing any of them.


    Skipping origins, since we all know that story! Michelangelo has experienced a lot over the last two years. Being the optimist, he wanted to expect the best of people, trial and error has taught him that not all humans are 'friendly'.

    Michelangelo's first encounter with a human, aside from April and Casey, was a young woman named Fal that he bumped into while visiting a comic book store. Unfortunately due to his heavy disguise, his flirting and pick up line of 'Nice toes!', the young woman shrugged him off as nothing more than another loser who probably lived in his mom and dad's basement. Even with their brief encounter, the young turtle developed a huge crush on the girl, and was able to keep tabs on her thanks to a sea turtle friend named Tobi, who had stumbled onto earth from an alternate world. Tobi was Fal's 'roommate', and eventually had to deliver the devastating news that the object of his desire had gotten engaged to a Purple Dragon named Gabriel.

    Needing a source of income, Mike revised his role as Cowabunga Carl, even though the job usually left him bruised and sore, thanks to rambunctious children. At one of his parties, he befriended a little girl named Annabelle, and was given the nickname 'Mr. Fluffy' by the birthday girl. He adored the little girl, but that birthday party would prove to be the worst one he had ever hosted. Unfortunately the young turtle had no way of knowing that Remey, Annabelle's father, was a member of the Foot, and some of his clan members had joined the party. All hell broke loose when Mike lost his mask, and Den, a Foot member that had some painful memories connected to the turtles, noticed that the party clown's disguise wasn't that far from the truth. The angry clan members attacked, outnumbering him and beat him to near death. Remey wanted no part in the turtle's capture, but didn't stop his friends from taking the unconscious reptile back to their leader.

    After being given to Bishop for testing and to take samples, the scientist broadcast the turtles' on the news, making the people of New York aware of their presence. Some would believe, others would remain skeptical, but everyone would know that Lexi was in cahoots with the mutant reptiles.

    After suffering at the hands of Bishop, Mike was kept in the dungeons and his care was overseen by a young woman named Fraya. She did her best to keep the prisoner alive, and that earned her the loyal respect and friendship of the orange banded turtle. She was beautiful and kind, attributes that resulted in Mike falling for her. Fraya would continue to prove herself when she assisted Mike's brothers in rescuing him, and even though the others were skeptical, Mike refused to let the young woman out of his sight, fearing what Shredder would do to her because of her betrayal.

    Fraya and Mike quickly grew close, and with similar personalities and their zest for life, it seemed like a match made in heaven... or hell depending on who you ask. His brothers may argue that having two Mikey's isn't a peaceful thing.

    Mike would fall victim to Shredder a second time, this time accompanied by his brothers. Once again he found himself near death, and Shredder and all his cruelness gave Donatello a choice. Inject his little brother with a substance that may stop the pain and save him, or it could kill him instantly. Luckily Mike survived the ordeal.

    It would seem smooth sailing after the latest run in with Shredder, but a mishap with The Foot sent him crashing through razor wire and landed in a dumpster. Luckily Mikko, repaying his kindness for once pulling her from a similar situation, attended to him until his brothers could arrive.

    More recently, The turtles' home was invaded by Bishop, Stockman and the mousers. It seemed the scientist wanted Phoenix back, and Lexi was badly injured trying to protect him. Lexi and Phoenix were taken, and after she was rescued, the Turtles and their extended family headed out to Northhampton where they lived for seven months.

    Eager to return, their homecoming would be met with more chaos. The mousers had returned...

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