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    Post by Leonardo on Fri Oct 18, 2013 4:45 am

    The darken room is lit only by a dozen small candles set on a desk and dresser. The air is filled with the smell of sandal wood. The four brick walls are decorated with scrolls from another time. Handed down from Leonardo's master and father. On the neatly made bed sits the oldest of the four turtles, Leonardo. He breaths in deeply and exhales slowly. His closed eyes flicker open and he warmly smiles at the visitors. They are strangers, strangers that wish to learn more of the turtle.

    "Welcome." He starts off and gestures for his guest to sit on the pillows laid out on the floor. "You come to hear my story. I'll only tell it once, so be sure to listen closely."

    A sudden chill fills the air and the turtle begins...

    "My name, is Hamato Leonardo. I am the eldest of my four brothers, My story starts years ago. Before a time that I even remember. But I've been told the story countless times. My brothers and I were small house hold pets, fresh from the pet store. We were dropped and landed in the sewer. There we mutated to become what we are now."

    "Our father, Master Splinter, took care of us. He provided for us in every way. Food, shelter, and training.  At a very small age we started to learn to fight. It was important that we were able to defend ourselves from the outside world. Master Splinter knew that one day we would want to explore the world, and he did everything he could to prepare us for that day."

    "When we were a bit older. Father told us what had happen, how we became what we were. Mutagen. A company called T.C.R.I.  It was a Retromutagen ooze.  I don't know the details. You would have to talk to Donatello for that. But it was spilled into the sewer, and of course we, my brothers, got caught in it. Father tried to clean us off best he could. But it only ended up mutating him as well."

    "No, he's not a turtle like us. But a rat. A very proper rat mind you."

    Leo takes another calming breath before continuing.

    "We had a good childhood. Well, My brothers did anyway. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed my childhood for the most part." He paused with a sigh. "But...I was in charge of my brothers. I watched over them. I didn't join in their games because I had to focus on keeping my family safe. It was my job, still is, and I take it very seriously. More then once I've had to get my brothers out of trouble."

    "This of course, caused fights sometimes. Mostly with Raphael. I didn't mean to start fights, but Raph is just so hard headed at times and he doesn't listen. He's gotten me in trouble more times then I can count. When we were small, our fights were easily  broken up. But as we got older, things would get heated, and out of hand quickly. I always blamed Raph for the fights, but  it was my fault as well."

    "I'm sure all this is boring you. You want to hear the good stuff am I right? Battles, love, drama. very well."

    "We grew up, of course, as all kids do. And we wanted to see the outside world. Up above. The big city. Master Splinter was always hesitant to let us go. But we were old enough and with enough pleading we were finally allowed to venture topside.  We had promised to be careful, and I swore that I would watch out for my brothers."

    "So up we went. When I lifted that manhole cover and pulled my self onto the street I was in awe. Everything was bright and big. I had read books and seen pictures, but nothing was like the real thing. I only allowed myself a moment to be caught up in it all. Then it was time to lead my brothers to the roofs. It was not only the safest place we could be, but also a great way to view the city. Truly, If you really want to take in the city, Go to the roof tops. It's wonderful."

    "I was the first one to hear her screams for help." Leo smirks at the guest. "Now things get interesting."

    "It was the first time I was torn on what to do. Master Splinter had made it very clear. Do not, under any circumstance meddle with the humans. But, a woman was clearly in trouble and she didn't sound that far away. My mind was racing on what to do. obey orders, or follow my gut. Raph made the decision for me. He took off after the screams, all I and the rest of us could do was follow. Oh I didn't follow quietly mind you. I had never yelled at Raph so hard before. But inside. I knew he...We, were doing the right thing."

    "We found the woman, pinned up against the wall by some thugs. We watched silently from the rooftops. From what I could hear, they wanted money from her and she didn't have it. I jumped to the ground silently expecting my brothers to follow. "

    "The fight was short. Us against three thugs. The best part, we saved her and wasn't even seen. Or at lest that's what I thought. Before I could congratulate everyone on a job well done, this woman reaches out and grabs me by the shoulder. Turns out she wanted to thank us. But for the first time. I was truly scared. This woman was about to see what we were. Again my mind race on what to do, but it was too late. She walked up to us and used her phone to shine light in the darken alley way."

    "Personally. I expected more screaming. I was prepared to run out of there, get back home. Maybe Master Splinter was right. Topside is too dangerous. But, The woman only let out a small gasp. I finally gathered up the nerve and gave her a small wave and quite hello. She said hello back. I'll never forget that night. That's the night we met April O'Neil. The night I made my first friend. and the night I developed my first crush."

    "At this point you probably already guest that we invited April to our home and we became fast friends.  But what you don't know is why we risked taking her back to our home. "

    Hearing the tea kettle go off, Leo silently left the room only to come back with enough tea for everyone. He took his seat on the bed and returned to his story telling.

    "April was hurt. Not horribly but bad enough to need a few stitches. We tried to convince her to go get checked out. But she was as stubborn as Raph! She wouldn't go to the hospital. So, I made the decision to bring her to our home so Donnie could look at her. As you can imagine it didn't go over well with father. But. it didn't take long for April to prove that she was truly our friend and that we had done the right thing. But trust me. We knew not to bring anyone to our home without permission again."

    "I could go on about my relationship with April. But I wont bore you. Just know, nothing came from the crush I had. In fact it didn't take long for me to start seeing her as a sister and the crush went away. I never told her how I felt and I'm glad for it. it would have just made things awkward. "

    "We eventually met another human friend, Casey Jones. and we went topside almost every night. And every night I was amazed my the city. To this day, it never gets old."

    Leo looks over at the guest and sips from his tea, pondering on what part of the story to tell next. Finally, after a short time he sets his cup down and continues.

    "Now that you have the basic history of my family and I. This is where my story continues without my brothers. If you would like to hear their story, I'm sure they would love to tell you. As for me, my story continues topside. I was an adult by this time. Well. fifteen if you count that as adult. Anyway, I went topside on my own this time. I wanted to sit quietly with my thoughts as the city's sounds and smells filtered through me."

    "I was content. No bickering of my brothers. No one complaining, just me and my thoughts. And then. The smell. I had never smelled anything so delicious in my life. It was a mix of Pumpkin spice and something i couldn't put my finger on. And  it was coming from right below me. I leaned over the rooftops' edge and looked down onto the street. That's when I saw her. the most perfect, beautiful woman I had ever seen. "

    "I had to meet her. But I knew I had to be careful.  Sure, April and Casey were accepting of us, but that didn't mean everyone was. I didn't want to scare her but I knew, if I let this woman walk away without saying anything to her I would regret it. I would probably never see her again. Maybe it was a stupid decision. Maybe I lost my head for a moment. But I was quickly on the street and gathering up the nerve to talk to this girl."

    "I'm sure you're expecting something dramatic to happen. But that's not the case. Once she was away from other people I called out to her. I stood hidden of course. I didn't want to just jump out at her. I told her, her cakes smelled lovely. It was the only thing I could think of telling her at the time. It got her attention though. She went to walk towards me but I stopped her. Thankfully, she respected my wish and kept her distance."

    "I was able to get a better look at her and oh, she was a vision of beauty. She offered me a cupcake. I had never had a cupcake before so I asked her to place it on top the blue dumpster that was separating us. She did, pushing it as far as she could into the shadows. She even closed her eyes saying that she didn't want to upset me.  beautiful and considerate and she made an awesome cupcake."

    "Her name was Serenity. We talked almost everyday, at the same spot we met. It took me a month but I finally allowed her to see me. when she accepted me I was over joyed. I never invited her back to my home. Not because I was scared of what my family would say, but because I didn't want to share her with the others. No. Serenity was my friend. My love.  She was kind, sweet, everything I could dream of."

    "I did ask her out. She said no. I felt my first heart ache at that moment. She knew, and she did everything she could to make me feel better. With time. I learned to just be friends with her. I was thankful for that. Thankful that I didn't chase her away. She was always so understanding. "

    "This next part I'm about to tell you. Changed my life forever. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was seventeen, my father called me into the dojo and closed the doors behind him. I thought it was some private training. But no. My father was sending me on a journey. to seek spiritual, physical, mental and emotional enlightenment. I was to leave my family and all my belongings to find myself."

    "The travel was long, and hard. I had to stay hidden, of course. But I eventually landed in El Salvador. The jungles to be precise. There I quickly made myself home. "

    "There was not a single dull moment. I not only trained but made it my job to protect a small village that lived on the edge of the forest. Those people became my family. Even though they had never seen me. They knew I was there. Calling me Espíritu del Bosque. Or, Spirit of the forest."

    "I had been there a few months when A woman decided that she wanted to meet me. She lived in the village and had heard the stories. Of course, some of the stories were exaggerated. Unlike other times with humans. I didn't feel as guarded with this woman. She knew me as a spirit, a protector. She wan't expecting a human. So, I let her find me."

    Her name was Enesta and we became quick friends. She would bring me food and tell me stories of her people. I fell in love with her, and she with me. We had a wonderful relationship. It lasted a year. I believe it would have lasted forever if I hadn't decided to go back home. It was a hard choice for me. I begged her to come with me. But in the end we both knew it was best to part ways. She will always have a special place in my heart though."

    Leo re-lit one of the candles that had gone out and returned his attention to his guest.

    "So...I returned back home, my welcome was what i expected. What I didn't expect was in that year. The foot had dug their heels into the city. The shredder had his men everywhere. "

    Leo stopped to collect his thoughts. So much had happen in such a short amount of time, it was hard to keep everything straight.

    "The first year was uneventful. The foot had made themselves known, but they weren't harming the city, as far as we could tell. It was almost easy to think nothing of it. And maybe we would have if Master Splinter wouldn't have kept us on our toes. We trained extra hard, everyday. Master Splinter even taught April a few things. But she didn't stick with it. I understood. we worked hard, and our regime was hard to stick with. Things started to spiral out of control though. and fast. "

    "The foot started their attack. Shredder had a personal vendetta against us and we had to fight back. The foot is massive though and we were out numbered. Don and Mikey. They were taken from us. Mike was tortured and Don was convinced to work for the shredder. But, as hopeless as things seemed. Something good came from it. Don and Mike met their girlfriends in the tower. Who would have thought, the foot would play match maker."

    "I'll admit. I was jealous of them. that's not how I would want to meet me soulmate. but I thought back to Enesta and how I had to leave her. It hurt, but I hid it well. More trouble was coming our way and I didn't have time to dewl on the past. There were more enemies out there to get us. Not only did we have to worry about the foot, but we had to worry about a mad scientist and lunatic government agent. "

    "Baxter Stockman and John Bishop. We thought the foot were bad, the foot had nothing on these guys. Bishop was the one who tortured Mikey. And Baxter, he destroyed our home. We were forced to flee. Luckily Casey's grandmother had a farm house out in the country. It was small, but had a lot of land. we stood there. We hid. Because we didn't know what else to do. I didn't know what else to do. I felt like a failure. I couldn't protect my family. I jut, felt helpless."

    "We did make new friends though, both human and mutant, and alien. Two of our allies use to be foot members. I didn't trust them at first. But they proved themselves. All our human friends did. Don's girl, Rini. She's shredder's daughter. I watched her like a hawk. I thought for sure she was putting on an act to gain our trust. But no. She truly loves my brother. And I'm happy for that. I wont tell anyone this. But I still keep an eye out for her. Shredder can be persuasive and I never know if Rini will turn or not."

    "Speaking of daughters, Shredder has another. Karai. I've ran into her on more then once occasion. She's a strong fighter. I respect her and I've tried to pull her away from her fathers grasp, but she is loyal. I just hope her loyalty doesn't get her killed."

    "Anyway, We stood at the farm house for a very long time. The one thing I regret is that not once did we train. I would, by myself in the woods. But I never made the others. I felt they needed the vacation. that was foolish of me.  I did my fare share of relaxing though. I met Ally. Who was a breath of fresh air. I...hate to admit it, but I fell for her. She had a boyfriend though, so I never 'went for it' as they say. "

    "But with every thing bad, there is always a silver lining. And that came in the form of a little baby. Phoenix. He was the clone of Raph, and a pet project of Bishop's. He was given to Raph's girlfriend Lexi to raise. I'm still not sure why he gave the child up. But i'm grateful for it. Sadly the baby can't speak. But we're working on a way to communicate with him, or should I say, Don is working on that."

    "The other silver lining. Pepper." Leo shakes his head as he chuckles. "yes, Another woman. But pepper is everything I need. She's smart, attractive, excepting, caring. She's the whole package. But, Something happen to her. She lost her memory and Bishop did something to her too. Now she goes a little crazy sometimes and we don't know why."

    "Right now we're stay at April's place while I look for a new home for us. My story ends here I'm afraid. Who knows what's to come. But we'll be ready. We'll train hard everyone. even the girls. I'm going to make sure of it. It's my job to keep the family safe."

    With the story over Leo watches the guest get up and leave. He stays motionless in his room, remembering the past as his candles burn out one by one.


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    Dawww, Leo's certainly the most tragic in the love department. I love how you covered that!! ^^ Amazing job! I know how time consuming it was for you to sit down and write this out, and the thought you put into it really shows!

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