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    Rahzar [Formally known as Chris Bradford] Empty Rahzar [Formally known as Chris Bradford]

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    Name: Chris Bradford
    Age: 40
    Species: Human

    Former appearance:

    Rahzar [Formally known as Chris Bradford] Chuck%20Norris%20

    At a towering 6'2" and 260 lbs, Chris is an intimidating sight to behold. A lifetime of training in the arts conditioned his body to its current state of muscled proportions, but lean enough to avoid bulking him down and enable him to execute his moves with deadly precision.

    Rusty brown hair, Chris is (was!) usually adorned with a mustache and beard to match. Whenever he's not found in the dojo or on a mission for his master, Chris' wardrobe of choice is a pair of blue jeans and flannel shirt, or vest.  The older, the better! He likes to keep it casual because nothing else about him can be considered as such.


    Conniving and twisted, Chris possesses a personality that has not landed him many friends throughout the stint of his life. Most connections he usually quickly severs, either through his golden personality or intentions for the  fear of becoming too close to another living person. In his busy schedule, there is no time for such complications. Life is so much easier when you're not weighed down with the worry of someone else, after all. He lives for his mission and the excitement of victory, nothing more. He doesn't care who he has to hurt in order to get there and has proven that time and time again. Most that know him are wise enough to keep their distance, even those among his clan and throughout the martial arts tournament tour.

    (Work in progress...)

    Bradford had the ideal childhood with loving parents that supported his every endeavor. Realizing his love and talent for the arts, they enrolled him in classes with a seasoned and wise Sensei that took a liking to the boy. He had promise and great potential and the old man tried to mold that into something positive, but as the years went by and his level of expertise advanced, it was clear that with it was born a cocky and conceded personality with a dangerous side order of steaming hot temper.

    Try as he might, the aging sensei could not get through to the boy as he began hanging with the wrong crowds, and eventually joined the New York branch of the Foot at the age of 16. He quickly moved his way up in ranks and became one of Shredder's right hand men. He always did what was asked of him without failure or complaint. The loyalty that he showed Saki was a rarity for him, but genuine nonetheless.  Even after making it to the top in his tournaments and being obligated to travel the circuit, he somehow made it work, juggling both obligation and passion with the same precision that defined him.  

    His only other passion in life is a timber wolf hybrid that he purchased during one of his tours a few years back. Karma, as he was named, can often be found at his owner's side and shows loyalty only to him.


    Bradford lost his life on the night that Bishop infiltrated the Foot tower and bombed the structure. His life wasn't the only one claimed that night, but perhaps he was the only one that had been splattered with a dose of mutagen that had been deployed from a test tube that catapulted through the walls of Stockman's lab...

    Not only did the green substance bring him back to life, but left him with lasting effects of the mutant kind....

    Dazed and confused as the mutagen began to transform him into a hairy wolf creature, the thing formally known as Bradford ran out of what remained of the crumbling tower, and eerie howl cutting through the night air....

    Enter Rahzar...

    Rahzar [Formally known as Chris Bradford] Rahzarprofile_zpsbf5d5de1

    Name: Rahzar (given to him by Saki)
    Height: 7'
    Weight: 500 lbs
    Species:Mutant wolf


    Large, muscular and... shaggy. Brown fur adorns his entire body. Massive daggered claws protrude from each of his 'toes'. Enormous canines protrude from his mouth, hanging like deadly daggers. If his human counterpart was an intimidating force, his mutant form can drop one in its tracks. His eyes are hollow and yellow with nothing but rage reflecting through.

    Rahzar is capable of walking upright, but runs on all fours. His long shaggy tail rarely touches the ground unless he's in an Alfa roll, then the appendage usually thumps the ground in submission. There is only one person to ever bring this out in him... his master Shredder. Even as a ruthless monster, Rahzar's loyalty remains.

    Personality:  Violent and unforgiving, Rahzar would much rather rip out your throat than to be bothered with you. He tolerates his 'clan members', but that's about the extent of his patience. He's restless and angry due to his circumstance. Being an over sized wolf freak wasn't in his great plans, after all. It certainly could put a damper on anyone's mood. It ruined his career as a world famous martial artist, and clothes just don't fit... not that he tries anymore. Now his biggest hygiene issue is keeping his fur from matting,

    (A/N: ...yeeeeeah.. work in progress. More to come as he develops and his player has more sleep ^^; )[/u]

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