Basics of Role-Playing

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    Basics of Role-Playing Empty Basics of Role-Playing

    Post by lost frequencies on Wed Sep 24, 2008 2:01 pm

    -General Forum-

    What's the forum about?
    The forum caters to TMNT fans and role-play (RP) enthusiasts. If you have a big imagination, a love for writing and drawing, this would be just the place for you to share your creativity and story ideas.

    What does role-play mean? And how do I role-play?
    It's like writing a big story, with other writers involved. Simply put, collaborative fiction that is spontaneous, unpredictable and addictive! Members are encouraged to create their own characters or play as existing characters. They are allowed to create their own stories or participate in one, or two, or a few more stories, if the player is able to focus on multiple role-playing games.

    I'm confused. I don't know what's going on around here...
    It can be confusing once you've stepped in for the first time. This is a general role-play forum, not restricted to any official plots. You could choose to participate in any existing games or create your own.

    Who runs the site?
    Rogue's the founder of the forum. She now runs the forum with Nad and Tobi. The forum is being moderated on a daily basis because we're all insomniacs, and zombies by day. You'll be seeing us on the forum regularly.

    May I sign up without participating in role-playing?
    Sure! If you're not ready to RP, you may share your writings and artworks. However, we do appreciate a little bit of interaction on the forum.

    How do I contact the Administrators?
    You can mail us at ---

    -Role Play-

    Frequently used role-play lingo:

    IC – “In Character”

    OOC – “Out of Character”

    OOG – “Out of Game”

    NPC – “Non-playable Character”

    GM – “Game Master”

    IRL – “In Real Life”

    RP – “Role-Play”

    (( )) - Parenthesis. This usually denotes that anything spoken within the double "bubbles" is an ((out of character)) saying.

    RP Styles:

    In a role-play setting, an action is considered something that your character does. It is usually enclosed in double colons ( :: :: ) or stars ( * * ).

    Some players write normally with common dialogues.

    Colors are sometimes used to indicate that a player is in character.

    What's the difference between freeform and structured role-play?

    Freeform: Usually, there is no fixed plot in freeform role-play, which makes it perfect for character development without being committed to a particular story. We call it the "rehearsal" pool where characters are allowed to interact with other characters. Of course, interaction and mini-plots between characters must make sense. It's just not as "heavy" as structured RP.

    Structured: A no-nonsense, organised RP game that typically involves a Game Master (GM), who organises/moderates the game, with plots that have been thoroughly discussed. You'd have to seek permission to join a structured RP and the GM would have to approve your character's profile before playing.


    I would like to play as a canon character…
    Although the forum has "official" canon players, members who are interested in playing a canon character may do so in their own RPG.

    For those who are interested in taking an "official" canon role, please contact the Admins. Once approved, all we ask is for you to be active in the community.

    Reijiro wrote:How do you create a new character on this forum? Do I just jump in creating a new 'member' for them, or do I need to post or PM a profile for them to be approved first? And if so where or to whom? And, I suppose an addendum to this is; is there a list anywhere of the Canon characters that are available?
    We have two sections meant for posting of character profiles:

    Work In Progress:
    If you have created a character with a background that still needs to be worked on, you can post the profile of said character in this section.

    The Characters:
    In this section are a list of profiles for characters who are already involved in the RPs -- Canon and Original.

    It is only for structured RPGs like Taste The Sun & Land of Sorrow that profiles of Canon/OC characters need to be approved by the Admins before RP-ing. After you've decided on which Structured RPG you'd like to join, you may send your character's profile via PM to Nineteenth Souljah or Rogue.

    As for Freeform RP-ing, you are not required to send a character's profile for the Admins to approve. In the meantime, you may post the profile on "The Characters" section, and you may start rp-ing anytime you like.

    [More updates soon...]

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